One Thing Quotes

One Thing Quotes by J. K. Rowling, Jessica Simpson, Marlo Thomas, John Lennon, Cris Carter, Steve Lukather and many others.

If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it i

If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love.
J. K. Rowling
I really don’t look at myself as just one thing. I’m kind of scattered and like to have my hands in a lot of different projects. It makes me who I am.
Jessica Simpson
If it’s one thing we learned from the first book, it’s that you don’t have to be a prizefighter, or a world-renowned architect, or a concert violinist to have been affected by the power of words.
Marlo Thomas
I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.
John Lennon
The one thing you have to address with Randy Moss is not a conditioning thing. It’s not an age thing. It needs to be addressed. I believe it’s the elephant in the room. It’s that thing called quit. And Randy, not like any other superstar I’ve met, he has more quit in him than any of those other players.
Cris Carter
Playing live is one thing. Playing under a microscope is another.
Steve Lukather
The basic thing you have to understand is everything that happens on that spaceship, from the time you crawl into that seat to the time it touches down, is controlled from the ground. There’s no one thing that makes a good astronaut. I don’t know any person with determination and will that can’t go to space.
Ed Dwight
I believe in being honest with myself. If there’s one thing I hate it’s when a comedian is great and won’t admit it. I’ve never met one like that, but if I did, I’d hate them.
Jack Benny
I love acting. I really do. I think that’s maybe the one thing that is known about me.
Melissa Leo
I think one thing I’ve learned over the years is just that you’re not going to ever please everyone, and the most important person to please is yourself.
Jeremy Scott
I never did one thing right in my life, you know that? Not one. That takes skill.
Samuel L. Jackson
It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.
Paul Caponigro
One thing that I’ve learned over the years with eggs is that you don’t want to cook them too long. You want to make sure they’re still soft, because in a big quantity, they’re easier to eat if they’re a little bit softer.
Brian Shaw
If there is one thing I learned by reading Epstein’s “The Sports Gene” it is that world-class athletes are, by definition, abnormal: that is, the kind of person capable of competing at that level is necessarily very different from the rest of us physiologically. They are outliers.
Malcolm Gladwell
One thing I do know is that we are fortunate to be here and we’re here to try and better ourselves and to be good.
Stephanie Ellis
One thing that feeds into the way you experience the social world is your mood – and one thing that affects your mood is the weather.
Leonard Mlodinow
Good manners spring from just one thing – kind impulses.
Elsa Maxwell
A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other.
Abraham Lincoln
One thing that is great about India is the freedom to speak and the spaces available in our democracy to protest which doesn’t exist in many places in the world.
Arvind Kejriwal
I know one thing: that you can do a lot of things but if you don’t educate people into conscious anarchism it gets frittered away.
Murray Bookchin
Whatever may be the reason, whether it was that Hitler thought he might get away with what he had got without fighting for it, orwhether it was that after all the preparations were not sufficiently complete–however, one thing is certain: he missed the bus.
Neville Chamberlain
I owed Lewis one thing, at least. Once you had suffered the experience of presenting a case at one of his Monday morning conferences, no other public appearance, whether on radio, TV or the lecture platform, could hold any terrors for you.
Anthony Storr
There is only one thing infamous in love, and that is a falsehood.
Paul Bourget
There is one thing in the world more wicked than the desire to command, and that is the will to obey.
William Kingdon Clifford
When you read a book by its cover, you see one thing, and then you find out so much more about them as a human.
Madeline Brewer
For nothing was simply one thing.
Virginia Woolf
One thing is for sure: most of the people admitting candidates to universities for technical subjects are pretty dissatisfied with the level of math education.
Conrad Wolfram
I usually have more than one thing I’m working on at once – I’ve been working on three different novels. When I get stuck on one, I hop back and forth.
Dan Chaon
It is the veiled angel of sorrow who plucks away one thing and another that bound us here in ease and security, and, in the vanishing of these dear objects, indicates the true home of our affections and our peace.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
The goal is to live in such a way that our lives will prove worth dying for… The one thing that can’t be taken from us, even by death, is the love we give away before we go.
Forrest Church
Hateful to me as are the gates of hell, Is he who, hiding one thing in his heart, Utters another.
I’m the type of guy where one thing leads to another and eventually it gets awful. If I put a $5 bet on a roulette table tonight at 10 o’clock, by tomorrow at noon I would be running guns to Cuba.
Artie Lange
We want to do one thing and do it really well. For us, that’s communications between people who are friends and relatives.
Jan Koum
You know how someone – something – surprises you. You wake up a little bit. That’s done through Chinese cuisine – for example, through dishes of artifice. That’s a whole sub-tradition in Chinese cuisine. To create a dish that comes to the table looking like one thing but actually is something else.
Nicole Mones
People in motion are wonderful to photograph. It means catching the right moment… when one thing changes into something else.
Andre Kertesz
Unfortunately there was one thing that the white South feared more than Negro dishonesty, ignorance, and incompetency, and that was Negro honesty, knowledge, and efficiency.
W. E. B. Du Bois
And finally, in our time a beard is the one thing that a woman cannot do better than a man, or if she can her success is assured only in a circus.
John Steinbeck
One thing I’m always thinking about myself is what am I willing to make up? And the answer is not much.
Pam Houston
Wherever I am in the world, I never get Sunday night blues. I suppose it’s because I’ve never worked at any one thing long enough to start hating it.
Hayley Mills
The gulf between the information we proclaim & the information we know to be true is vast. In other words: we say one thing & do another.
Steven Levitt
But there’s one thing I’m sure about. An opening line should invite the reader to begin the story. It should say: Listen. Come in here. You want to know about this.
Stephen King
One thing that influenced me in the States when I was doing this recording was American people feeding me things like Arnold Dreyblatt, even things I should’ve heard back in New Zealand like Peter Jefferies and Jono Lonie ‘At Swim 2 Birds.
Roy Montgomery
I’ve had a lot of people come up to me after shows and tell me that “Dollhouse” really helped them with whatever they were going through with their families. I thought that was really amazing, that it could mean one thing for me but another thing for someone else.
Melanie Martinez
I have Type-1 diabetes, so Team 1 Diabetes is one thing I’ve been a part of for a while, empowering kids who have diabetes to know they can do anything they want to do. It’s amazing, how much guilt and sadness comes with a kid when they find out they’re diagnosed with diabetes.
In the spiritual life only one thing produces genuine joy and that is obedience.
Richard J. Foster
As I got more into gay rights, I got more into equal pay, and you just see that it’s all connected. You can’t really speak out on one thing and not another without it not being the full picture.
Megan Rapinoe
There is a continuity about the garden and an order of succession in the garden year which is deeply pleasing, and in one sense there are no breaks or divisions – seed time flows on to flowering time and harvest time; no sooner is one thing dying than another is coming to life.
Susan Hill
If one is master of one thing and understands one thing well, one has at the same time, insight into and understanding of many things.
Vincent Van Gogh
An artist’s failures are as valuable as his successes: by misjudging one thing he conforms something else, even if at the time he does not know what that something else is.
Bridget Riley
There is only one thing that stands in our midst, attenuated and threatened, but enthroned in some power like a ghost of the Middle Ages: the Trade Unions.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
It’s hard, transitioning from one thing to another. That’s with anything you do.
There is only one thing that you write for yourself, and that is a shopping list.
Umberto Eco
One thing worse than self-hatred is chiggers.
Edward Abbey
The one thing I was good at was winning scholarships and prizes, and that era was coming to an end.
Sylvia Plath
Reviewers are usually people who would have been, poets, historians, biographer, if they could. They have tried their talents at one thing or another and have failed; therefore they turn critic.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
One thing we have to do: Repeal and replace the disaster known as Obamacare.
Donald Trump
I think that the Internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing, but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash – a method whereby on the Internet you can transfer funds from A to B without A knowing B or B knowing A.
Milton Friedman
Science and literature are not two things, but two sides of one thing.
Thomas Huxley
Haven’t you always been more than yourself? Haven’t we all? We are none of us just one thing.
Rachel Hartman
Songwriting is too mysterious and uncontrolled a process for me to direct it towards any one thing.
James Taylor
The one thing you never integrate at the ruin of your own pleasure is your institutions.
John Henrik Clarke
One thing I love is to do children’s hospital visits.
James Maslow
The one created thing which we cannot look at is the one thing in the light of which we look at everything.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
It is bad when one thing becomes two. One should not look for anything else in the Way of the Samurai. If one understands things in this manner, he should be able to hear about all Ways and be more and more in accord with his own.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Acting is one thing, but actually trying to change the world and the way people think to make people’s lives better? That’s the stuff I’m most proud of.
Josh Hutcherson
One thing I agree with Donald Trump on is, there’s something going on in the Muslim world.
Michael T. Flynn
One thing for me that modeling definitely did was that you go to do a different job every day, and you are working with a completely new team of people. You have to learn how to talk to people and how to creatively achieve the same goals. I think it just hones your people skills.
Cat Deeley
Women have demanded and gotten better jobs and more power. But the one thing we deserve is a better relationship with ourselves.
Ann Curry
Ignore your mistakes. The number one thing to worry about is -Am I doing what I’m good at?
Max Levchin
Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned. They’re only powerful when you got your back turned.
Donald Trump has got unlimited number of insecurities. But the No. 1 one thing, I would say, is his insecurity with his intellect. There’s a reason why he always refers to where he went to college and, you know, that, ‘I’m a smart person.’ You know, it may be narcissism. But I think it really reflects an insecurity.
Mark Cuban
One thing you learn in this job [being US President] is that even if something’s not your fault, you’re still responsible. And that’s how it should be.
Barack Obama
Fast movement during exercise does not produce fast muscles, or strong muscles, or large muscles, it produces only one thing, a thing to be avoided, it produces injuries.
Arthur Jones
A chef’s palate is born out of his childhood, and one thing all chefs have in common is a mother who can cook.
Marco Pierre White
One thing that’s interesting is that whenever something starts, like the school year when you were a kid, it feels like such a significantly huge time in your life and how much life has changed. What’s surprising is how quickly it’s going by.
Donal Logue
You are sitting and smoking; you believe that you are sitting in your pipe, and that your pipe is smoking you; you are exhaling yourself in bluish clouds. You feel just fine in this position, and only one thing gives you worry or concern: how will you ever be able to get out of your pipe?
Charles Baudelaire
No, moral conscience is one thing, the law is another. We have to hold onto this difference.
Rocco Buttiglione
Farming, if you do one thing late, you will be late in all your work.
Cato the Elder
The spinning wheel is the one thing to which all must turn to in the Indian clime for the transition stage at any rate and the vast majority must for all time.
Mahatma Gandhi
The one thing that I know is that you win with good people.
Don Shula
I think that the game is the game. I think that expansion is good for the game because it gives more jobs to the people and more ballplayers can play, but I think the game is still the game. The ballplayers, they come into the game with one thing in mind – it’s their job.
Tony Oliva
Man, I wouldn’t know where to begin on education reform, but one thing we have to do is add teacher accountability WITHOUT stressing standardized test scores.
Raheem Jarbo
Character is the one thing we make in this world and take with us into the next.
Ezra Taft Benson
I sometimes worry that maybe it’s better to be really good at one thing than be okay at a couple things.
Abbi Jacobson
One thing lots of Christians do have in common is that they can’t help coming across as smug. This winds lots of people up, particularly because famous Christians pronounce on the life of the poor from their very lovely affluent homes filled with their very lovely families and attractive pets.
Jo Brand
When I was pregnant with Future, one thing I learned quickly was, don’t ever let a pregnant lady be hungry, because when I was, I was like the Tasmanian Devil!
If I practised sex, out of moral conviction, that was one thing; but to enjoy it… seemed a defeat.
Martha Gellhorn
I suppose if you could have only one thing, it would be that-energy. Without it, you haven’t got a thing.
John F. Kennedy
Money and one of its embodiments, social class, are both riveting and mysterious to children. And if we don’t challenge today’s stigma around class status, it will warp a new generation’s experience of an even more important class – the kind in which they learn. And that’s one thing we simply can’t afford.
Alissa Quart
We have met the enemy and have learned nothing more about him. I have, however, learned some things about myself. There are things men can do to one another that are sobering to the soul. It is one thing to reconcile these things with God, but another to square it with yourself.
Robert Leckie
Hollywood is full of guys who say one thing, and then do another.
Brendan Fehr
One thing is certain, whatever choices we make: we will not miss out on some critical purgation by seeking treatment for depression or any other form of physical suffering. If we are ripe for what the dark night brings, God will find a way to bring the process to fruition no matter how hard we try to avoid it.
Tim Farrington
In the Anthropology Club, as I understood it, you were permitted, if not required, to despise only one thing, and that was your own culture, that of the West.
Charles Portis
The world doesn’t end just because one thing goes wrong.
Shelley Duvall
I think all in all, one thing a lot of plays seem to be saying is that we need to, as black Americans, to make a connection with our past in order to determine the kind of future we’re going to have. In other words, we simply need to know who we are in relation to our historical presence in America.
August Wilson
One thing I’ve found that I can do that I really enjoy is rereading my own writing, earlier stories and novels especially. It induces mental time travel, the same way certain songs you hear on the radio do … the whole thing returns, an eerie feeling that I’m sure you’ve experienced.
Philip K. Dick
In art, there is one thing which does not receive sufficient attention. The element which is left to the human will is not nearly so large as people think.
Charles Baudelaire
I shall do one thing in this life-one thing certain-this is, love you, and long of you, and keep wanting you till I die.
Thomas Hardy
I think that one thing fiction can offer, and must offer, is a place where someone’s mind and their imagination can come to rest for a little while.
Ben H. Winters
I tell you one thing that’s great about children. They don’t need a show to have fun. What do they need? A book of matches, some oily rags, a little brother… that’s all they need.
Dave Attell
I knew one thing: as soon as anyone said you didn’t need a gun, you’d better take one along that worked.
Raymond Chandler
One thing I probably share with everyone else in the astronaut office is composure.
Sally Ride
We’re gonna be in a world of hurt if we don’t get it fixed, because there’s going to be billions of people out there – they’re hungry, they’re mad. One thing that they can get their hands on is guns.
P. J. O’Rourke
The one thing that I would say that defines me is I love to learn. I get excited about new things. I buy more books than I read or finish.
Satya Nadella
We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but one thing is guaranteed-God’s overarching care for His children. We can be sure enough of that. In a world where nothing is sure, He is sure.
David Jeremiah
Don’t be afraid to spend money to make money. That’s one thing I’ve never been afraid of… to invest in myself.
Georges St-Pierre
My biggest regret was letting my lifetime average drop below .300. I always felt I was a .300 hitter, and if I could change one thing that would be it.
Mickey Mantle
If we’re going to be friends let’s get one thing straight right now. I hate snoops.
Holly Golightly
One thing living in Japan did for me was to make me feel that what is left out of a work of art is as important as, if not more important than, what is put in.
Katherine Paterson
The one thing you’ve got to say about Columbia is that it has courses that are famous. It has alumni who come back and say it was the best thing they ever did.
William Scott
I value my Catholic background very much. It taught me not to be afraid of rigorous thought, for one thing.
Terry Eagleton
there is only one thing we do know and that is that we do not know anything.
Gertrude Atherton
One thing, however, I must premise, that without the assistance of natural capacity, rules and precepts are of no efficacy.
I simply think things through, and I look at problems. One thing I pride myself on is the ability to connect unconnected thoughts and come up with new, unique thoughts.
Bode Miller
Justice is the one thing you should always find.
Toby Keith
In our society, growing food yourself has become the most radical of acts. It is truly the only effective protest, one that can-and will-overturn the corporate powers that be. By the process of directly working in harmony with nature, we do the one thing most essential to change the world-we change ourselves!
Jules Dervaes
Calling one thing ‘literature’ and another ‘fiction’ is a way to create status where there is none.
Tucker Max
I try to do one thing at a time to utilise my time well.
Gwyneth Paltrow
Getting to the top is one thing, but staying there is quite another. That’s the difficult bit.
Charlotte Dujardin
How can you give something to someone who has everything? If you think men are tough to shop for at Christmas, try God. God has everything except one thing, friends. God doesn’t have friends.
Frederick Lenz
Sometimes with certain writing, you feel like you’ve got to be literal, hit it hard on the nose, just to get the point across. Good writing is more subversive I think – or good scenes. They are about one thing on the page but you can make it about something completely different.
Chace Crawford
One thing my wife says is bad about me is that I still care too much.
Aaron Spelling
One thing you learn about the novel as a form is that it’s always smarter than you are.
Zadie Smith
It’s one thing to fail with something you utterly believe in, but to fail with something you don’t believe in? You just feel so sordid.
Steven Wilson
I’m just trying to grow. That’s one thing I told myself is, ‘Don’t worry about who people say is the best player.’
Kevin Durant
I don’t ever want to be caught up in a system of thinking I can do one thing ‘cos that’s just… that’s just telling yourself a lie.
Frank Ocean
The one thing worth living for is to keep one’s soul pure.
Marcus Aurelius
When you argue with your inferiors, you convince them of only one thing: they are as clever as you.
Irving Layton
When I speak of The Case for Equality I mean human equality; and that, of course, can only mean one thing: it means equality of income.
George Bernard Shaw
One thing I have learned is, if people tell you they had a “frank” discussion with someone, it is usually code for a yelling match with clenched fists.
Larry King
Being dead was one thing, getting ready for a wedding another.
Gene Stratton-Porter
Two weeks before his death, a friend asked him half jokingly if he had discovered any meaning in life. “Yes,” he replied, “there is a meaning; at least, for me, there is one thing that matters – to set a chime of words tinkling in the minds of a few fastidious people.”
Cyril Connolly
It is one thing to read about the world, but quite another to see and hear for oneself.
Mary Travers
In every society, the definition of marriage has not ever to my knowledge included homosexuality. That’s not to pick on homosexuality. It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be. It is one thing. And when you destroy that you have a dramatic impact on the quality.
Rick Santorum
I say things, like every other parent, that reminds you of your own parents. One thing I do know about being a parent, you understand why your father was in a bad mood a lot.
Adam Sandler
If there’s one thing Gus Uhlenbeek’s got, it’s pace and determination.
Ray Houghton
One thing about the entertainment industry – it’s not something that people need to survive.
Satoru Iwata
The one thing about players today is that they’re very sensitive, and very fragile. They didn’t grow up with tough coaches.
Doug Collins
One thing that stays pretty consistent for all my jobs is, I listen to a lot of music while I’m working.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
When Abraham Lincoln was murdered The one thing that interested Matthew Arnold Was that the assassin shouted in Latin As he lept on the stage This convinced Matthew There was still hope for America.
Christopher Morley
To many, Homer may appear lazy and a loser, but he’s just much misguided. He’s boorish, sure, but well meaning and, I guess, the one thing we have in common is the pursuit of lousy diets.
Dan Castellaneta
We’re in a celebrity culture, and when I turn on the news today I hear about Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods and Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters and ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ one thing after another, Kate Gosselin’s new body.
Philip Yancey
When everything else is looking so grim and the world is changing so fast that it’s scary, one thing that remains consistent is kindness.
Danielle Colby
Referring to the NFL Players’ Association: I have one thing to say about the union: It’s like Christopher Columbus. He didn’t know where he was going. He didn’t know where he was when he got there. He lost two-thirds of his ships along the way. And he did it with someone else’s money.
Matt Bahr
A human being is not one thing among others; things determine each other, but man is ultimately self-determining. What he becomes-within the limits of endowment and environment-he has made out of himself.
Viktor E. Frankl
The people of Ohio are not happy with what he’s doing. I can tell you that. They’re not happy with what he [John Kasich] is doing. But the Republican Party more than any other thing has to have a victory, a presidential victory, for one thing, if nothing else: Supreme Court justices.
Donald Trump
Let us be clear about one thing: The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it.
Matt Kibbe
You see, one thing is, I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing. I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of certainty about different things… It doesn’t frighten me.
Richard P. Feynman
[It’s] not one thing this year, one thing another year.
Hedi Slimane
I know one thing you don’t. I know the difference between Right and Wrong. They didn’t teach you that at school.’ Rose didn’t answer; the woman was quite right: the two words meant nothing to her. Their taste was extinguished by stronger foods–Good and Evil.
Graham Greene
Green in nature is one thing, green in literature another. Nature and letters seem to have a natural antipathy; bring them together and they tear each other to pieces.
Virginia Woolf
… one thing I’ve learned in caving is always to be two hundred percent sure.
Caroline Llewellyn
There’s nobody you can point to in the world that doesn’t make a mistake. The best players, the best business people, the best coaches. So one thing is not going to make or break a person.
Dan Gilbert
For the life of the believer, one thing is beautifully and abundantly true: God’s chief concern in your suffering is to be with you and be himself for you.
Tullian Tchividjian
It is an anomaly that information, the one thing most necessary to our survival as choosers of our own way, should be a commodity subject to the same merchandising rules as chewing gum.
A. J. Liebling
There is a kind of universality in the human condition, masculine or feminine. That’s one thing I continue to believe.
Simone de Beauvoir
Many of the customers here are traveling all over the world so they need multiple types of clothes. That’s one thing about Urban Zen – it is seasonless and it is timeless. So it’s not about the fashion of a moment saying, “I have to have it now.” It’s something that you become a part of…sort of like a sari.
Donna Karan
If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s gathering people together to do something fun.
Dave Grohl
Preachers say, “Do as I say, not as I do.” But if a physician had the same disease upon him that I have, and he should bid me do one thing and he do quite another, could I believe him?
John Selden
The very phrase ‘Oscar night’ used to accelerate my pulse. For one thing – dating myself – it meant Bob Hope. He always had good, strong jokes, that faultless delivery, and always a new joke about his own films’ failure – once again – to be honored.
Dick Cavett
When I take my last breath, will there be a wish that I had more stuff? I’ll wish for only one thing, I think. That I loved better. That I had been better at loving and not being distracted by stuff or accomplishment. This life is so short and it will soon be over. What will we use it for?
Colin Beavan
One thing that all the totalitarian states did was make the great leader’s face everywhere.
Tim Wu
People have one thing in common; they are all different.
Robert Zend
One thing that keeps me awake at night: I am a mother and, I have to confess with great delight, a grandmother of five girls, which gives me great hope for the future – girl power! Can I say that without alienating all of the men?
Queen Noor of Jordan
If your house is on fire and you can only escape with your life and one thing, what one thing would you take out of your house? I got to think my laptop is the one thing that is totally irreplaceable. Either that or my son. Laptop. I’ll go laptop.
Anthony Jeselnik
We are all living history, and it’s hard to say now what will be important in the future. One thing’s certain, though: if we throw it away, it’s gone.
Marilyn Johnson
One thing that fiction does is it allows us to take big picture questions, big issues, big moral and socio-political changes and see how they play out on real people’s lives, with real individuals.
Ben H. Winters
There’s one thing about baldness, it’s neat.
Don Herold
One thing is clear – demons know they must submit to the superior authority in the name of Jesus Christ!
T. B. Joshua
Ultimately the way to win the game of life, is found in only one thing: Our ability to choose meaning in any life circumstance. Become the master of meaning and you master your life.
Tony Robbins
Truth could never be wholly contained in words. All of us know it: At the same moment the mouth is speaking one thing, the heart is saying another.
Catherine Marshall
I never smoke grass and drive my car because, for one thing, no matter how many letters I write to the road commissions, they still refuse to start designing highways with second-chance exits.
Arj Barker
Only one thing is necessary in your anguish: bear everything with resignation to the Divine Will; for this will help you to attain your eternal salvation. Hope with a lively faith and you will receive everything from Almighty God.
Gerard Majella
It’s better to do one thing well than ten things poorly.
Heather Hart
There was one thing Beethoven didn’t do. When one of his string quartets was played, you can believe the second violin wasn’t improvising.
Wynton Marsalis
Find one thing every day to forgive the other person for. Don’t let them know what it is…just forgive them and let it go.
Deepak Chopra
Politics is when you say you are going to do one thing while intending to do another. Then you do neither what you said nor what you intended.
Saddam Hussein
Well, I started thinking about what you were saying about how your movies need to make a profit. Now, what is the one thing, if you put it in a movie, it’ll be successful?
Ed Wood
One thing that improved my cooking skills was being a poor student in California… If you don’t have much money, you have to learn to cook.
Diane Mott Davidson
It didn’t matter, anyway. There was only one thing she could ask for, in the end, only one real choice. She raised her eyes to the Angel’s. “Jace,” she said.
Cassandra Clare
Cause if there’s one thing Islamic terrorists don’t have is….(seriously thinking about it)….%#@&!
Jon Stewart
There are several differences between a footballl game and a revolution. For one thing, a football game usually lasts longer and the participants wear uniforms. Also there are more injuries at a football game.
Alfred Hitchcock
We are all dropped into our lives on this planet with a limited amount of time and cosmic understanding, yet we know one thing for certain: we wish to live. We share this yearning for life and love with all the beings that fly, grow, slither or swim amongst us.
Ian Somerhalder
I think we do live in a very specialized society, where once you think about somebody as one thing, it’s hard to change that. But I do a lot of things. I act, I write, I sing.
Molly Ringwald
One thing I love is to stop doing. When I just STOP and start looking, I enter a state that is much more dreamy, and find I look at things quite differently. It seems like a change in scale – both very close up, and simultaneously very distant.
Amy Hardie
It is one thing to take as a given that approximately 70 percent of an entering high school freshman class will not attend college, but to assign a particular child to a curriculum designed for that 70 percent closes off for that child the opportunity to attend college.
James S. Coleman
When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.
Abraham Lincoln
It occurs to her that there is one thing about people you can never understand well enough: how entirely inside themselves they are.
Barbara Kingsolver
The most important thing is just like creativity and music. It’s the one thing that you never lose if you just stay loyal to that.
Pharrell Williams
It’s all about one thing: creative problem-solving to get the story out.
Robert Greenberg
One thing is clear to me, that no indulgence of passion destroys the spiritual nature so much as respectable selfishness.
George MacDonald
Even on casual days, wear at least one thing that makes you happy.
Chrishell Stause
The Devil hinders me. You know I say
Just what I think, and nothing more nor less,
And, when I pray, my heart is in my prayer.
I cannot say one thing and mean another.
If I can’t pray, I will not make believe!
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
One thing I am quite passionate about is the absence of dark-skinned women in the media, so I have a passion to show dark-skinned women as beautiful, as vulnerable, as people who can be sexually desired and loving people, because it is never really seen on TV.
Michaela Coel
Pornography warps the way a man sees all women and girls. […] Young females learn they are useful for one thing only and try to get love the only way they know.
Henry Makow
There’s just one thing I can’t figure out. My income tax!
Nat King Cole
One thing I point out is, a lot of people tooting the horn of amateurism, actually, these people were professionals. Some are professors who are employed full time. Others are marketers or business consultants.
Astra Taylor
To do art, one thing should always remember – subjects of people in misery have deep meanings.
Zhang Yimou
One thing I’ve learnt recently: how to think nothing. Here’s the trick: don’t have any interest in the world around you, don’t have any hope for the future, and be warm.
Ned Vizzini
If I had to change one thing about my life, it would probably be, I wouldn’t be famous. Because when you’re famous it’s so hard.
Willow Smith
That’s one thing about me, and I think that’s what most of my fans enjoy about me, that I don’t hold nothing back. I do exactly what I want to do, and say exactly what I want to say.
Lil Wayne
You can’t just be in one thing and be comfortable in that one thing. You have to understand multiple things and how they all connect.
Maria Rodale
One thing that I get from a lot of people with American Gods is people saying that they would love some kind of glossary with a list of all the Gods and who they are, so that they can look them up.
Neil Gaiman
I really liked the idea of focusing on one thing for, hopefully, a long time to come. I also like the idea of a consistent lifestyle, as opposed to not really knowing where on the planet you’re going to be at any given moment.
Anna Paquin
If I could teach my children only one thing, it would be the skill of marketing. For with that skill, they could be successful at anything they chose for the rest of their lives.
Howard Ruff
One thing is fact. The events of your life are created by you, and those events come to you through your feelings.
Stuart Wilde
The Bible says the fruit of the spirit is longsuffering. I’ll tell you one thing about fruit: you will never see a fruit factory. Isn’t that right? You see a shirt factory, but you see a fruit orchard. You see, there is no fruit without life. You cannot manufacture patience. The fruit of the Spirit is patience.
Adrian Rogers
If God’s people are to be living examples of one thing, that thing ought to be – it must be – compassion.
Charles R. Swindoll
One thing I’ve learned about vampires–they keep pulling new rabbits out of their cloaks. Big, fanged, carnivorous bunnies that’ll eat your eyeballs if you’re not paying attention.
Laurell K. Hamilton
[Music] is the one thing that connects the dots in all kinds of ways. No matter how you were brought up, no matter what your religious background or political beliefs, people still love to sing along with somebody.
Kenny Chesney
The one thing we all have in common is that we’re human. Why pay more attention to the things that make us different over the things that bring us together?
One thing a lyricist must learn is not to fall in love with his own lines. Once you learn that, you can walk away from the lyric and look at it with a reasonable degree of objectivity.
Hal David
Just because you start out as one thing, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow into something else.
Jim Butcher
Try not to do too many things at once. Know what you want, the number one thing today and tomorrow. Persevere and get it done.
George Allen, Sr.
It’s one thing to buy a copy of ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ You actually have to read it to get anything out of it.
Henry Rollins
If you are a gay couple living in Alabama, you know one thing: your family has no standing under the law; and it can and will be violated by strangers.
Andrew Sullivan
The one thing I want to leave my children is an honorable name.
Theodore Roosevelt
One thing that has gone away from civil discussion in America is this idea that our neighbors are not out to ruin the world. We need to come at it from a civil place.
Alison Pill
Music is still the one thing that ties people together.
People can come together from all different religions,
walks of life, colours, creeds and enjoy the same song.
That’s still the most incredible thing to me about performing live.
Dave Gahan
Our enemy sees us clearly. They will not start a war. They’re worried about one thing: If democracy develops here, if we succeed, we will win
Bill Vaughan
What I pick for my blog and what I pick for Twitter are different things. One thing that is true for both, by and large, is that it has to feel like something that leaves you with more than just a moment of gawking.
Maria Popova
It is those who concentrates on but one thing at a time who advance in this world. The great man or woman is the one who never steps outside his or her specialty or foolishly dissipates his or her individuality.
Og Mandino
I have loved movies as the number one thing in my life so long that I can’t ever remember a time when I didn’t.
Quentin Tarantino
It’s one thing to be certain, but you can be certain and you can be wrong.
John F. Kerry
When we observe contemporary society one thing strikes us. We debate but make no progress. Why? Because as peoples we do not yet trust each other.
Albert Schweitzer
A lot of my best stuff is just ad libs on stage and that’s one thing that I’ve gotten back to at the live show.
Jeff Dunham
Learning a play is one thing, but to learn to play Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ without music: that’s brilliant.
Roger Moore
You should give up.’ ‘Why?’ ‘For one thing, you’ll live longer.’ ‘Oh, you don’t live longer. It just seems longer.
Stephen Fry
There are times when you get frustrated, but the one thing you always focus on is treating people well. You just cannot storm off and freak out.
Taylor Swift
I mean if you look at the Charger and you compare it to other cars, the way the lines work, the tires, in 3-D it’s gorgeous. One thing that we found was that the reflective surface was weird. It does funny things in 3-D. So you have to deal with that.
Todd Farmer
Thinking is one thing no one has ever been able to tax.
Charles Kettering
I’ve learned that one thing about my life that is certain is trouble.
A cross between a foreign legion boot-camp and a secret-society initiation ritual, the ordeals were grounded in pain. One thing was obvious: the agenda, which was dedicated to grave discomfort, had been drawn up by a passionate sadist.
Tahir Shah
Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.
Josh Billings
You get a feeling on certain trails, when you’re reacting like you and your machine are just one thing. It’s the feeling of physical exertion and speed and technique all wrapped into one.
Ned Overend
I can never be safe; I always try and go against the grain. As soon as I accomplish one thing, I just set a higher goal. That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am.
Beyonce Knowles
My parents gave me a small telescope, then I built my own, and one thing led to another. So thats how I ended up going from being a hobby astronomer to a professional astronomer.
Dimitar Sasselov
I always come to conclusions very fast. Well, that is one way of thinking, and the other way would be that I lack the necessary perseverance to stick to one thing that really fits me. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing.
Takeshi Kitano
One thing that’s great about firefighters: If they don’t have the equipment they desperately need, they don’t have the help, they don’t care. They’ll do it on their own.
Denis Leary
I am always able to keep a laser focus on one thing at a time without getting distracted. It helps that I try to break everything I do into small, achievable tasks.
Luis von Ahn
One thing I could tell you is that I’m all over the place.
Lil Uzi Vert
Whatis the root of all these words?
One thing: Love.
But a love so deep and sweet it needed to express itself with scents, sounds, colors that never before existed.
It is easy for men to talk one thing and think another.
Publilius Syrus
Actor is just a strange profession, it really is, that you could be in front of the same people for years, and all of a sudden one thing happens, and it finally clicks.
Viola Davis
By exercise. I’ll tell you one thing, you don’t always have to be on the go. I sit around a lot, I read a lot, and I do watch television. But I also work out for two hours every day of my life, even when I’m on the road.
Jack LaLanne
One thing I’ve noticed is that I can tell when a young actor or a young actress is going to become a huge star. Everybody else will say, “Oh come on, Michelle Pfeiffer, are you kidding?” and I’m pretty much always right about that.
David Carradine
One thing that I am sure of, and which I can answer truthfully, is that whatever the contingencies that may arise here, wherever I am there will be no communism.
Francisco Franco
There is only one thing I will not concede: that it might be meaningless to strive in a good cause.
Vaclav Havel
There’s no one thing you can do to have success, but if you have a plan and you keep doing things, you’ll eventually build to a success.
M.J. Rose
I have Dalinian thought: the one thing the world will never have enough of is the outrageous.
Salvador Dali
I mean, if you are directing actors to do one thing and then directing them to do something else entirely because the one thing you wanted them to do may not work, then you are just shattering their confidence in the project.
Atom Egoyan
One thing I’ve learned is that preschool teachers really have seen it all – and they can be a wealth of information! If you have any questions about a certain behavioral hurdle with your child or if you have a question about a certain age or phase, ask them!
Eva Amurri
Faith is so rare-and religion so common-because no one wants to live between first base and second base. Faith is the in-between space where you’re not sure you’ll make it to second base. You’ve let go of one thing and haven’t yet latched into another. Most of us choose the security of first base.
Richard Rohr
Senior year in college, a kind of confluence of events came together to have me pursue a career in acting. I was planning on being a lawyer; I double majored in history and political science. I took the LSAT and did horribly on it, and that was one thing that made me rethink a new direction.
Matt Czuchry
Why write for the orchestra? For one thing it’s a very challenging problem.
Elliott Carter
Law school taught me one thing: how to take two situations that are exactly the same and show how they are different.
Hart Pomerantz
Well I don’t know how many pounds make up a ton, Of all the nobel prizes that I’ve never won, And I may be the mayor of simpleton, But I know one thing, And that’s I love you.
Andy Partridge
I didn’t believe in a guardian angel when I was young. I was brought up in the Protestant faith, and the one thing you had over your Catholic friends was that you didn’t have those awful saints chivvying you around.
Jennifer Johnston
MAGNITUDE, n. Size [that is] purely relative. If everything in the universe were increased 1,000 diameters nothing would be any larger than it was before, but if one thing remain unchanged all the others would be larger than they had been.
Ambrose Bierce
Never do but one thing at a time, and never put off till to-morrow what you can do today.
Lope de Vega
one thing I don’t need is any more apologies i got sorry greetin me at my front door you can keep yrs i don’t know what to do wit em they don’t open doors or bring the sun back they don’t make me happy or get a mornin paper didn’t nobody stop usin my tears to wash cars cuz a sorry.
Ntozake Shange
Fate never promises to tell you everything up front. You aren’t always shown the path in life you’re supposed to take. But if there was one thing she’d learned in the past few weeks, it was that sometimes, when you’re really lucky, you meet someone with a map.
Sarah Addison Allen
As we move forward to debate our economic and fiscal challenges in the weeks and months ahead, one thing is clear: Our economic agenda, choices and decisions, will be viewed through the perspective and the eyes of our nation’s women and their needs and those of their families.
Nancy Pelosi
There is only one thing worse than boredom, and that is the fear of boredom.
Emile M. Cioran
I do know one thing – while success has a lot to do with hard work, luck also plays an important role.
Shamita Shetty
One thing that has made a big comeback just recently is this business of speaking with the dead. To my innocent mind, ‘dead’ implies incapable of communicating.
James Randi
One thing I’ve learnt is you should never fight it. They’re natural emotions and when you try and bottle everything up, that’s what can make you depressed. Luckily I have fantastic memories [about my parents] and they really help.
Simon Cowell
My kids have lived experiences that could have never been duplicated otherwise. That’s one thing about people who get involved in activism, you live so many experiences that otherwise they wouldn’t be there. This is why peoples’ lives are so enriched.
Dolores Huerta
Whatever comes cannot alter one thing.
Frances Hodgson Burnett
It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness.
Paul Strand
Laughter, song, and dance create emotional and spiritual connection; they remind us of the one thing that truly matters when we are searching for comfort, celebration, inspiration, or healing: We are not alone.
BrenГ© Brown
I will say one thing has changed dramatically which is this Supreme Court vacancy, and it will reshape the race on my side, because I’d rather lose an election than lose the Supreme Court.
Hugh Hewitt
There is no pain worse than not achieving a dream when it is your fault. If God did not want you to have it, that is one thing. But if you do not get what you desire because you are lazy, there is no pain worse than that.
Will Smith
That’s one thing I like to do before going in for a read – doing research once I actually have been granted the role – is to look up people’s names.
Amanda Warren
It is one thing to be blind, and another to be in darkness.
Coventry Patmore
I remember one thing that marred this time for me; the movie “Gone with the Wind.” When it played in Mason [MI], I was the only Negro in the theater, and when Butterfly McQueen went into her act, I felt like crawling under the rug.
Malcolm X
I learned one thing; you never do anything for fame or money. You only do things ’cause they’re fun or good. If you can combine the two at the same time, you can make a contribution to the world and have a lot of happiness.
Abbie Hoffman
If I could snap my fingers and do one thing in science, I would get more funding for basic science. But the level of funding that needs to be done is not on the order of millions, like the cost of the Breakthrough Prizes. It’s billions to tens of billions.
Mark Zuckerberg
The one thing that scares me the most is failing. It scares me that one day I won’t be at this level. But while I’m here and while I’m having success early, I’m trying to do everything to stay on this level.
Terrell Davis
the whole way down, I was only thinking one thing . . . L E N A
Kami Garcia
It’s one thing to go through a crisis grandly, yet quite another to go through every day glorifying God when there is no witness, no limelight, and no one paying even the remotest attention to us.
Oswald Chambers
Every man has one thing he can do better than anyone else–and usually it’s reading his own handwriting.
J. Norman Collie
One thing that I learned is this – once a Braves fan, always a Braves fan. No matter what. And as a player, that means more than you could understand.
Tim Hudson
The touchstone of the Holy Spirit’s work in us is the answer to our Lord’s question: “Who do men say that the Son of Man is?” Our Lord makes human destiny depend on that one thing, Who men say He is, because the revelation of Who Jesus is is only given by the Holy Spirit.
Oswald Chambers
If there’s one thing I really want for my birthday, that is for the mining company not to mine my daddy’s reserve.
Bindi Irwin
I never want to be just one thing – I want to be multidimensional.
Katy Perry
One thing in the Buddhadharma is that we are not our body, we are not our gender.
Tenzin Palmo
There’s one thing you don’t put in a trap, if you’re smart, if you value your continued existance, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there is one thing you never ever put in a trap. And what would that be sir? Me
Steven Moffat
Madame Lefoux shrugged. “I do not know about that, my lady. I mean to say, one’s life is one thing; one’s technology is an entirely different matter.
Gail Carriger
I’ve heard all the things – ‘their marriage is not real,’ ‘he’s gay,’ ‘she’s gay,’ ‘they swing’. But at the end of the day, people have to believe what they have to believe. … But I’ll tell you what, it’s too hard to be in a pretend marriage. Life’s too short for that one.
Jada Pinkett Smith
It is one thing to want money-everyone wants more-but it is something entirely different to be worth more!
Napoleon Hill
Only one thing is certain: if pot is legalized, it won’t be for our benefit but for the authorities. To have it legalized will also be to lose control of it.
Germaine Greer
But thought is one thing, the deed is another, and the image of the deed still another: the wheel of causality does not roll between them.
Friedrich Nietzsche
That one thing you do give up when you get married is that magic moment of meeting someone, and the sparks and the spontaneity.
Katie Aselton
It was supposed to be a year or two just to refresh my batteries, but I moved to Silicon Valley in the early 90’s, and one thing let to another, got very involved in high tech, and formed a company and it ended up doing pretty well.
Thomas Dolby
We’re in a strange situation where people either don’t read at all or they read a lot. There’s a huge gap in between. That’s something that would be good to bridge so it doesn’t have to be one thing or the other. Books could be part of life in a more relaxed way. I’d like to see that.
Jeanette Winterson
I believe in only one thing and that thing is human liberty.
H. L. Mencken
You have to remember one thing about the will of the people: it wasn’t that long ago that we were swept away by the Macarena.
Jon Stewart
The reason I love comics more than anything else is that the longest story will be just a few pages. With a novel, it takes so many pages to get to one thing happening.
Sergio Aragones
That’s one thing about me: I’m not greedy. I buy things for my friends if I buy them for myself. I make sure my friend’s rent is paid.
Lil’ Kim
When your opponent’s sittin’ there holdin’ all the aces, there’s only one thing to do: kick over the table.
Dean Martin
To me, if life boils down to one thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving.
Jerry Seinfeld
Whatever comes,” she said, “cannot alter one thing. If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside. It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal more of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it.
Frances Hodgson Burnett
I never saw the point in listening to only one thing. The low art/high art distinction comes from the establishment telling me how I’m supposed to think.
Matt Tong
If you can design one thing, you can design everything.
Massimo Vignelli
Im an extremist so Im either hated or loved. I think its down to when I first got to Formula One not always knowing what I was saying, saying things that mean one thing but people were taking the other way and then people dont forget.
Lewis Hamilton
In the end, the difference between a published writer and an unpublished one comes down to one thing: The unpublished writer gave up, and the published writer didn’t.
Judy Delton
Tofu is the root of all evil, and there’s only one thing that can change a man’s mind, and that’s a modified Uzi with an extra-long clip.
Robert Downey, Jr.
We who feel that justice is not being done have but one thing to do: that is fight, by argument, by example, by insistence on fair play wherever we have the power to do so. The rest is in the hands of the Lord, or nature, which swings, apparently, from one extreme to another.
Theodore Dreiser
If someone picks up one thing you’ve written, you want them to go, ‘Wow, this is pretty good.’
Jim Gaffigan
It is easier to do many things than to do one thing continuously for a long time.
I’m always going back to one thing – my family… It’s my family, my religion, my fighters. Put them in any order you want.
Lou Duva
Cows is one thing. But one man telling another man where he can go in this country is something else.
Robert Duvall
The turkey – my number one thing that people don’t get is take that sucker out of the refrigerator about three hours before you plan on cooking it.
Alton Brown
You are able to do many things. But be sure you find the one thing you must do.
Howard G. Hendricks
Never, no never, did Nature say one thing, and wisdom another.
Edmund Burke
You’ve got to believe in yourself. really is true, because that’s one thing about the Beatles…Man, we believed in ourselves. We knew we were good.
Paul McCartney
I’m not a big fan of identity politics and sort of picking one thing and defining yourself with it.
Andrej Pejic
I become obsessed with one thing or one look, a Bohemian look for instance, and then I wear that for a while.
Odeya Rush
One thing that’s great about the sax is that you can always get better with the horn and improve upon what you did.
Eddie Money
It was not one folly that Shakespeare talked about. If Love truly is but a myriad of follies then I have committed them all, that can mean only one thing – I loved her truly, madly, deeply!
Faraaz Kazi
Now, one thing I tell everyone is learn about real estate. Repeat after me: real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk.
Armstrong Williams
That was not the biggest battle that ever was, but for me it always typified one thing; the dash, the ingenuity, the readiness at the first opportunity that characterizes the American soldier.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
If there is one thing all Fascists and National Socialists agreed on, it was their hostility to capitalism.
Eugen Weber
Chris Christie has officially endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Christie said President Obama is ‘shrinking the American pie.’ And believe me, if there’s one thing Christie hates, it’s a small pie.
Jay Leno
That’s one thing you hear in my voice today. I could yodel from one octave to another octave. It always fascinated me.
Aaron Neville
I’m not religious, but I put it that way because I feel so strongly. It’s the one thing you do not ever do. You’ve got to have standards.
James Lovelock
I want to be remembered for only one thing: my contribution to aviation.
Howard Hughes
One is called to live nonviolently, even if the change one works for seems impossible. It may or may not be possible to turn the US around through nonviolent revolution. But one thing favors such an attempt: the total inability of violence to change anything for the better
Daniel Berrigan
I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid, but it’s not something I love to do every day. If there’s one thing I love to do every day, it’d probably be acting. I can act every day. I’d happily do it, you don’t have to pay me. But that’s one thing I’d love to do and get paid for.
Vinny Guadagnino
Courage is one thing that no one can ever take away from you.
Chris Colfer
One thing I learned working at the Brooklyn Navy Yard was to be on time. If the day begins at 8 A.M., be there early, get there, punch the time clock; don’t just stand there like an oaf.
Pete Hamill
Insult me all you want. Judge me as much as you want. Say what you think, everything you want. But one thing. Dont touch my fans.
Michael Jackson
I want to think quietly, calmly, spaciously, never to be interrupted, never to have to rise from my chair, to slip easily from one thing to another, without any sense of hostility, or obstacle. I want to sink deeper and deeper, away from the surface, with its hard separate facts.
Virginia Woolf
One thing I’m not is a moralistic filmmaker. I’m not trying to tell people what to do, and I’m not trying to lead.
Mary Harron
It would be one thing if I had been cursed so that everyone I loved would die,” said Will. “I could keep myself from loving. To keep others from caring for me–it is an odd, exhausting procedure.
Cassandra Clare
If there’s one thing I believe more than I believe anything else, it’s that you can’t fake the core. The truth that lives there will eventually win out. It’s a god we must obey, a force that brings us all inevitably to our knees.
Cheryl Strayed
Pasta with melted cheese is the one thing I could eat over and over again.
Yotam Ottolenghi
There is only one thing keeping us from having heaven on earth: we can’t believe it! Why? Because we don’t want to be wrong – so we’ll be right and make it hell!
Patricia Sun
There’s only one thing in life for a woman; it’s to be a mother… A woman artist must be… capable of making primary sacrifices.
Mary Cassatt
I didn’t know the organization, but the one thing you can say about the FBI, it’s tremendously professional.
Robert Mueller
Because there was only one thing worse than dying. And that was knowing you were going to die. And where. And how. (“Death Ship”)
Richard Matheson
It’s much harder, much more work to be your own artist, and it’s hard for me to just want to do one thing. I love doing my own music, but I really have to get into a groove with it, which has been difficult over the last few years because I’ve had so much great work coming in.
Gail Ann Dorsey
I think that a lot of women are made to feel that they have not done the one thing that they were put on the earth to do if they didn’t do the normal thing, if they didn’t take the most traveled path. And it’s unfortunate.
Nanci Griffith
Everything lives and perishes through magnetism; one thing affects another one, even at great distances, and its “congenitals” may be influenced to health and disease by the power of this sympathy, at any time, and notwithstanding the intervening space.
H. P. Blavatsky
I always felt that a scientist owes the world only one thing, and that is the truth as he sees it. If the truth contradicts deeply held beliefs, that is too bad. Tact and diplomacy are fine in international relations, in politics, perhaps even in business; in science only one thing matters, and that is the facts.
Hans Eysenck
Poetry relishes ripe fruit – but ripe is one thing and overripe quite another. That’s something poetry doesn’t like, so it couldn’t care less if I were to fall overripe to the ground.
Kiki Dimoula
The one thing in my films, I only kill people who need to be killed, or killers killing killers. And I believe that the violence is very justifiable.
Sylvester Stallone
The one thing that flies in the face of all human history and experience, is that the government can do a superior job than the private sector.
James Cook
I’ve only ever written about one thing in my life, which is the fact that we, as human beings, have a responsibility to one another and that it’s important that we empathize with others, that we organize society so that we all become happier and we all get the life we really want.
Roger Waters
What’s good about March? Well, for one thing, it keeps February and April apart.
Walt Kelly
One thing, all things: move among and intermingle, without distinction. To live in this realization is to be without anxiety about non-perfection. To live in this faith is the road to non-duality, because the non-dual is one with the trusting mind.
It’s the one thing, a compromise I guess. On network it’s the one thing you can’t smoke on network. That’s one of his character traits. We’re working around that. We’re trying to get aspects of it in there as much as possible. We’ll see.
Neil Marshall
I’m inspired by a lot of stuff. I always was interested in sculpture and painting and music and literature and all those things. There’s no one thing.
Frank Gehry
It’s one thing to be writing in South or Latin America, where, except for Brazil, every country, however small and hard to find on a map, speaks Spanish, but quite another to be writing in, say, Hungary, a landlocked nation of 10 million people, with a language that very few people outside Hungary can read or speak.
Michael Korda
The one thing I’ve always had going for me was people’s low expectations. Nobody ever expects a whole hell of a lot from me.
Chris Isaak
What a silly thing love is! It is not half as useful as logic, for it does not prove anything and it is always telling one things that are not going to happen, and making one believe things that are not true.
Oscar Wilde
One thing I can tell you for sure is this: we only regret what we don’t do in life.
Kristin Hannah
One thing’s for sure: now when I look at Funny Girl, I think I was gorgeous. I was too beautiful to play Fanny Brice.
Barbra Streisand
The one thing that I know government is good for is countervailing against monopoly. It’s not great at that either, but it’s the only force I know that is fairly reliable.
John Perry Barlow
One thing that writers have in common is that they are readers first. They have read lots and lots of stuff, because they’re just infested with lots of stuff.
Terry Pratchett
Before I can live with other folks I’ve got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.
Harper Lee
So I have loitered my life away, reading books, looking at pictures, going to plays, hearing, thinking, writing on what pleased me best. I have wanted only one thing to make me happy, but wanting that have wanted everything.
William Hazlitt
I work using the Brian Eno school of thinking: limit your tools, focus on one thing and just make it work… You become very inventive with the restrictions you give yourself.
Anton Corbijn
If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that God is a very creative author, and He writes a different story for every person. No two lives or stories alike.
Robin Jones Gunn
This vacation tip: If you see a gas station with a sign that says Clean Rest Rooms, it means one thing–the door is locked and no one can find the key.
Pat Williams
Only of one thing I am sure:
when I dream
I am always ageless.
Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
Aspects that we consider normal today could very well be repugnant in the future – eating animals, for one thing, or abundant choice, or invasive surgery. I was simply trying to demonstrate that what is acceptable today may not be acceptable forever, and vice-versa.
Jasper Fforde
Whoo-hoo-hoo, look who knows so much. It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there’s usually only one thing you can do. Go through his clothes and look for loose change.
Billy Crystal
I have been in many countries, and I have found there people examining their own love of life, sense of peril, their own common sense. The one thing they cannot understand is why that same love of life, sense of peril and above all common sense, is not invariably shared among their leaders and rulers.
William Golding
If you want to understand the nature of something, to find out the truth, that is one thing. If you want to play semantics, make up wild thought ‘experiments’, that is another thing. I am not so interested in the latter, though I do appreciate that it can be fun, however unproductive.
Patricia Churchland
I don’t write poetry or short stories. I don’t like to write articles usually. I tend to really only want to be focused on writing novels. It’s one of the real advantages I’ve had over the years. I’ve only been good at one thing. It helps to be limited.
Markus Zusak
Whether it’s repro rights, violence against women, or just plain old vanilla sexism, most issues affecting women have one thing in common – they exist to keep women ‘in their place.’ To make sure that we’re acting ‘appropriately,’ whatever that means.
Jessica Valenti
I liked the idea of being a photographer, just that you take this one picture of this one thing that’ll never happen again – it’s a bit weird when you think about it.
Courtney Barnett
I only live in my music, and I have scarcely begun one thing when I start on another. As I am now working, I am often engaged on three or four things at the same time.
Ludwig van Beethoven
One thing about humans is that we all have them – lifestories. We live by and through them. But writers of memoir are particularly good at bringing literary strategies and form to experience (at least the good ones are).
Lidia Yuknavitch
When I look back on it now, I am so glad that the one thing that I had in my life was my belief that everything in life is a learning experience, whether it be positive or negative. If you can see it as a learning experience, you can turn any negative into a positive.
Neve Campbell
If settled means that it cant be re-examined, thats one thing. If settled means that it is a precedent that is entitled to respect then it is a precedent that is protected.
Samuel Alito
I always say that in order to appreciate warm weather, you must experience cold. I wouldn’t change one thing – all the embarrassing moments, the defeats, all of everything – through all of this, I have learned me.
Floyd Patterson
The one thing an aspiring writer must understand is that it’s hard. If you think it’s not hard, you’re not doing it right.
Gene Weingarten
In the beginning was the thing. And one thing led to another.
Tom Robbins
One thing I can say – and anybody can say from any team I’ve ever played on – is that when I get out there I’m going to play as hard as I possibly can, whether it’s on one leg or two legs or whatever.
Jermaine O’Neal
Love is the one thing on which you should never compromise
Lori Nelson
We talked, she and I. She asked about my work and it was a pretense, she was not interested in my work. And when I answered, it was a pretense. I was not interested in my work either. There was only one thing that interested us, and she knew it. She had made it plain by her coming.
John Fante
By the end of the time I’m writing a book, I’m tearing my hair out and I want to go do stand-up. And then I want to do something else. I don’t know why it is true with me that I can’t just be satisfied doing the one thing, but I’m constantly flitting from one thing to another.
Michael Ian Black
Wherever you go, in every country, on every continent, people yearn and hunger for one thing: to love and be loved.
Michael Jackson
One thing I hear from fans is, ‘My Dad’s got one foot in the grave, and he wants to see the Pirates win ‘ I’ve heard that more than anything. That’s our goal.
Clint Hurdle
I had the one thing you need to be a blues singer, I was born with the blues.
Lightnin’ Hopkins
I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.
Jeff Bezos
It is this impulse to change the quality of experience that I recognize as central to creation. . . . Out of all that could be done, you choose one thing. What that one thing is, nothing else can tell you–you come at it over unmarked snow.
William Stafford
Maybe it was wrong, or maybe impossible, but I wanted the truth to be one thing. One solid thing.
Deb Caletti
When punk rock came along, the one thing you were not supposed to be was musical.
Nick Lowe
Once I accomplish one thing and I’m satisfied, I try something else. I may be 50 and doing something totally outside of music and acting. Maybe I’ll become a kindergarten teacher.
Kid Cudi
When you’re stuck in a spiral, to change all aspects of the spin you need only to change one thing.
Christina Baldwin
Saying is one thing and doing is another
Michel de Montaigne
One thing we know for sure is that we know very little about what will happen next.
Kezia Dugdale
Mort was hurt by this. It was one thing not to want to marry someone, but quite another to be told they didn’t want to marry you.
Terry Pratchett
One thing I can’t do is do anything half-assed. I want to make sure everything is right, that the song is fully realized.
Billie Joe Armstrong
One thing about trust is that everyone’s for it.
Stephen Covey
I don’t want to be an artist that gets stuck doing one thing. I don’t want to be an artist who people look back at and say, ‘His early work was really great.
Ryan McGinley
The one thing that I know from the personal experiences that I’ve had with hackers and from people in tech who are brilliant at this thing, is there’s a lot of angst.
Sam Esmail
There’s certain lines you just don’t cross. You know the one thing that will get a man out of pocket is when you mess with his children.
Damon Dash
I learned many things from Professor Brown, including his philosophy toward research, but there is one thing he said that I recall with particular clarity: ‘Do research that will be in the textbooks.’ It is not easy to do such work, but this has remained my motto.
Akira Suzuki
Basically, high protein, low carb. I work out three to four times a week. I definitely don’t do the same thing every day, whether it be spinning or hiking or walking or doing the treadmill. I try to do something different every day. But definitely the one thing is, I sweat.
Molly Sims
One thing that success has taught me is censorship.
Tracey Emin
In any case, I would never make a film that was only one thing. Even if it’s my warmest, most romantic film, I still want it to have the more cynical view of things, showing the irony and absurdity of things that we consider normal.
Yorgos Lanthimos
I don’t think ministering requires a religious context. The number one thing is that every parent is extremely worried about their kid. Of course, when a chaplain shows up, that can exacerbate this worry rather than calm it.
John Green
The longer I live and the more experience I have of the world, the more I am convinced that, after all, the one thing that is most worth living for-and dying for, if need be-is the opportunity of making someone else more happy.
Booker T. Washington
There aren’t many sure things in life, but one thing I know for sure is that you have to deal with the consequences of your actions. You have to follow through on some things.
Cecelia Ahern
Agents and publishers only want one thing – good writing.
Jasper Fforde
For one thing, there’s an essential human factor in every business endeavor. It doesn’t matter if you have a perfect product, production plan and marketing pitch; you’ll still need the right people to lead and implement those plans.
Bill Gates
I love ice, when I was in Antarctica many decades ago, I got to see a lot of ice. And the one thing that impressed me -because I love to talk about ice – is that it has a color.
Ira Flatow
It’s one thing to tolerate a boring marriage; a boring affair does not make sense.
Jane Wagner
The one thing sure about politics is that what goes up comes down and what goes down often comes up.
Richard M. Nixon
Always as a musician you must have one thing you do well.
Mick Jagger
It was one thing to snuggle a little when the world seemed about to end, and quite another to explain to her parents that she wanted to date an ancient magical horse.
Brandon Mull
If there was one thing I refused to be, it was an insignificant footnote in some boy’s history.
Justina Chen
You can see all sorts of things in film acting if you know where to look and what to look for. One thing I often notice is that the actor is looking for his mark, the place where he has to stand to be in the right place in the shot.
Michael Caine
The one thing that I really appreciate about being a runner is the incredible friendships and camaraderie that we, as runners, share. Although it will always be a cutthroat competition for every spot on every team, our companionship transcends these competitive rivalries.
Jennifer Rhines
One thing has always been true: That book or that person who can give me an idea or a new slant on an old idea is my friend.
Louis L’Amour
There is one thing in this world that is dumber than playing golf. That is watching someone else playing golf. What do you actually get to see? Thirty-seven guys in polyester slacks squinting at the sun. Doesn’t that set your blood racing?
Peter Andrews
I can’t go to sleep at night if I didn’t accomplish at least something. That’s the one thing that keeps me up.
Marilyn Manson
We wish to become one thing or another, rather we wish to become everything and in this pursuit of becoming everything we only end up becoming idiots.
Wasif Ali Wasif
The number one thing I am earnestly attracted to is intelligence. Writers are thus the pinnacle of intelligence. While actors are great and awesome, writers literally create new worlds from scratch. What is sexier than that? Personally, I don’t know why every person out there isn’t dating a writer.
Rachel Bloom
In this world the one thing supremely worth having is the opportunity to do well and worthily a piece of work of vital consequence to the welfare of mankind.
Theodore Roosevelt
One thing about being famous is the people around you, you pay all their bills so they very rarely disagree with you because they want you to pick up the check.
Charles Barkley
One thing you learn from surfing is how to operate in the present. It’s really what the surfing experience is all about.
Gerry Lopez
I just want fans to walk away knowing that no matter what’s going on, no matter how happy you are, no matter how sad you are, we did it. We’re strong in this. We’ve come a long way, and life is not just one thing.
Mary J. Blige
The number one thing is creating this world [“Trolls” ] – what the world is going to look like, feel like and what technology will we need to use to get there.
Walt Dohrn
God will put up with a great many things in the human heart, but there is one thing that He will not put up with in it–a second place. He who offers God a second place, offers Him no place.
John Ruskin
A solid theatrical education can only improve a screen performance. It gives you a fuller capacity to read a script and understand a character, for one thing. Its important to alternate between the two activities.
Toni Servillo
Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.
One thing I would never photograph is a dog lying in the mud.
Diane Arbus
The camera is first a means of self-discovery and a means of self-growth. The artist has one thing to say – himself.
Minor White
The one thing man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by a World Government, a New World Order.
Henry A. Kissinger
…remember one thing only: that it’s you-nobody else-who determines your destiny and decides your fate. Nobody else can be alive for you; nor can you be alive for anybody else.
e. e. cummings
In terms of the frustration of my character, I suppose any teenager has probably gone through that, in terms of telling their parents, I want to do one thing, and their parent says no. I think parents sometimes forget that they were children.
Parminder Nagra
The one thing that is absolutely essential is that there shouldn’t be any governmental control [of the media] directly or indirectly.
Tony Benn
You know, it’s one thing about intellectuals, they prove that you can be absolutely brilliant and have no idea what’s going on.
Woody Allen
It’s one thing to play a Muddy Waters song. It’s another thing to play with him.
Keith Richards
There is one thing, and only one thing, in which it is granted to you to be free in life, all else being beyond your power: that is to recognize and profess the truth.
Leo Tolstoy
The one thing that Via Dolorosa has is no opinions. To me, curiosity is 50 times as valuable as opinion.
David Hare
The blockchain does one thing: It replaces third-party trust with mathematical proof that something happened.
Adam Draper
It’s one thing to run across Canada, but now, people are really going to know what cancer is.
Terry Fox
This conflict is one thing I’ve been waiting for. I’m well and strong and young – young enough to go to the front. If I can’t be a soldier, I’ll help soldiers.
Clara Barton
Anybody wherever I’ve ever been in my life, one thing they can always say good or bad, I was always doing music and I always wanted to be a rapper.
The Kid Laroi
I’m an extremist so I’m either hated or loved. I think it’s down to when I first got to Formula One not always knowing what I was saying, saying things that mean one thing but people were taking the other way and then people don’t forget.
Lewis Hamilton
And the basis on which we agreed to operate with them involved a manifesto, where it states that we proceed from different ideologies and policies. One thing that we insisted on was that they should take an oath to reject racism and discrimination.
Mangosuthu Buthelezi
I really think I ambled through a lot of my life, or ambled from one thing to the other.
James Earl Jones
I work with a lot of mathematicians, and one thing I notice about them is that they are not particularly fast with numbers; in fact some of them are rather slow. This is not a bad thing; they are slow because they think deeply and carefully about mathematics.
Jo Boaler
Brothers are a blessing for one thing. There is no possibility of any young lady getting unreasonably conceited if she be endowed with them.
Arthur Conan Doyle
Success is a continuing thing. It is growth and development. It is achieving one thing and using that as a stepping stone to achieve something else.
John C. Maxwell
Change is one thing. Acceptance is another.
Arundhati Roy
Sometimes when almost everything is wrong, one thing is so right you would do it all again.
Alice Randall
Tell people that biology and the environment cause obesity and they are offered the one thing we have to avoid: an excuse. As it is, people who see more fat people around them may themselves be more likely to gain weight.
Andrew Lansley
The fact that there is always a positive side to life is the one thing that gives me a lot of happiness. This world is not perfect. There are problems. But things like happiness and unhappiness are relative. Realizing this gives you hope.
Dalai Lama
I realized what interested me as a student of film was one thing and the movies that I liked were another.
Sam Raimi
But one thing the New Age folks and those who pursue alternative spiritual visions need to be aware of is how easily we can become and at times in my experience are like the religious right.
David Spangler
Killing a pig for a good old fry-up is one thing. But there’s no excuse for being cruel, even if you’re a bored teenage kid.
Ozzy Osbourne
One thing about me, as far as my career is concerned, is that I’m very confident. I know I’m good.
Persis Khambatta
I think, for one thing, all of us remember those teenage years and those songs that we fell in love with and the music scene that we were part of. So, in a certain way, music cuts through time like almost nothing else. You know, it makes us feel like we’re back in an earlier moment.
Jennifer Egan
I think my parents were really smart parents. I think they were, actually, pretty progressive for the time. The one thing that they really wanted me to know is what makes me tick, what I am about, how I approach life. And I think what my parents really wanted for me was for me to be who I am.
Rich Mullins
One thing I have seen over and over again in life is that there is virtually no correlation between intelligence and common sense. IQ doesn’t seem to translate that way.
Vincent Bugliosi
Whenever I’m stressed out or having a bad day, the one thing that gets me happy or back into like a good place of mind is being on the golf course. I love being out there, especially really early in the morning getting the first tee time out and just playing by myself. It’s so peaceful.
Paige Spiranac
I figured, when I make a movie, especially earlier in my career, one thing I was going to make sure was that the movie doesn’t cost a lot and that it has potential to make a lot of money. That’s how you get respect in Hollywood.
Ice Cube
Scientists say because of global warming they expect the world’s oceans to rise four and a half feet. The scientists say this can mean only one thing: Gary Coleman is going to drown.
Conan O’Brien
The one thing that I really dislike, is being alone.
Cristiano Ronaldo
If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s not being noticed.
Steve Sabol
If you can do one thing you thought was utterly impossible, it causes you to rethink your beliefs. Life is both subtler and more complex than some of us like to believe. So if you haven’t done so already, review your beliefs and decide which ones you might change now and what you would change those beliefs to.
Tony Robbins
I wanted to be an actress. In college I was a serious feminist and very political. I was determined to get one thing out of my career and that was respect. I didn’t want money. I didn’t care about fame.
Christine Lahti
Gold adulterates one thing only,–the human heart.
Margaret of Valois
If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother.
Sigmund Freud
Often one goes for one thing and finds another
Neem Karoli Baba
The man who has acquired the habit of study, though for only one hour every day in the year, and keeps to the one thing studied till it is mastered, will be startled to see the way he has made at the end of a twelvemonth.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
I’m sometimes called a ‘documentary photographer’ but… a man operating under that definition could take a sly pleasure in the disguise. Very often I’m doing one thing when I’m thought to be doing another.
Walker Evans
Bruce’s band is so different from the Grateful Dead; there’s no lead guitar player, for one thing.
Phil Lesh
One thing worse than an America that is too strong, the world will learn, is an America that is too weak.
Michael Mandelbaum
Words are one thing, deeds are quite another.
Ivan Bunin
I think the number one thing Black women and all Black people should be paying attention to is our health.
Bell Hooks
I have now disposed of all my property to my family. There is one thing more I wish I could give them, and that is the Christian religion.
Patrick Henry
One thing I’m not going to do is change up anything. Like, I’m always gonna be me.
Trippie Redd
A conclusion I’ve come to at the Idler is that it starts with retreating from work but it’s really about making work into something that isn’t drudgery and slavery, and then work and life can become one thing.
Tom Hodgkinson
One thing was certain, that the white kitten had had nothing to do with it– it was the black kitten’s fault entirely.
Lewis Carroll
People use the Method as a shield; it shields them from being vulnerable. I hear all these young actors who are like, ‘I’m Method, I’m gonna go live in the house, you know, I totally get it, I’ve done it, I’ve been there’, but one thing I know is it kills spontaneity.
Mark Ruffalo
But I tell you one thing, I don’t want to be immortal if it mean living forever, cause then everybody else just die and get old in front of you while you stay the same, and that’s just sad.
Rebecca Skloot
It’s one thing to want money, but if you find yourself choking on a coin as you wake, the money is slightly less desirable.
Neil Gaiman
One thing my teacher taught me about getting psychic information with my intuition was to say, “Just show me the truth of this situation, God.” That helps us to be able to read it more clearly.
Echo Bodine
If there’s one thing I would like to see, it’d be for us to be able to price the cost of carbon emissions.
Barack Obama
Wanting to do one thing can require that you take on other interests.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
One thing, change, is what everyone says. The question is, what type of change? What’s the right change to produce a different outcome for the people left behind by globalization?
Tony Blair
There’s one thing very important to me in business and for the long-term: always be honest with people. For the past 60 years, I always pay my debts.
Andrew Gotianun
You have to get past the idea that music has to be one thing. To be alive in America is to hear all kinds of music constantly: radio, records, churches, cats on the street, everywhere music. And with records, the whole history of music is open to everyone who wants to hear it.
Jerry Garcia
The people that are around me that give me ideas that I pass along or we try, the one thing I never do, I never give credit to anybody but myself. So I take all of the ideas. So everybody thinks that all of the ideas are mine.
John Calipari
One thing is forever good; That one thing is Success.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
God only made one thing in this world that’s perfect – and that’s my boxing record.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
As individuals, we will be judged in our lives by the totality of our actions. Not one thing will stand out. And I think that’s how we get judged by our colleagues and that’s how we get judged by the good lord.
Rahm Emanuel
If a movie isn’t released, it’s one thing, but if you know it will be, it’s nice to have closure and see it come out.
Gus Van Sant
I think I always knew that I would do something with art because it was the one thing that I knew I was really good at.
Brian Selznick
We often want one thing and pray for another, not telling the truth even to the gods.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
The whole point of being an actor is to get satisfaction out of a role – unless you’re just vain about celebrity. You’re always looking for the one thing that will surprise you.
Jonny Lee Miller
Working with people, the musical part is one thing but the personal part is totally different and just as critical. If the friendship is there and it’s a lasting friendship, then it will take care of itself.
John Mayall
Meditating on the nature and dignity of prayer can cause saying at least one thing to God: Lord, teach us to pray!
Karl Rahner
There is one thing in life that you can always rely on: life being as it is.
Joko Beck
I never have time to myself; it’s the one thing about my life I would probably hope to change.
Juliet Stevenson
If I learned one thing working at Facebook: If users are trying to use your app in a certain way, get out of their way and let them.
Dave Morin
Every once in a while, when the audience is expecting to see one thing, you have to show them something else.
Conrad Hall
But you can’t kill me, Lord Tyrant. I represent that one thing you’ve never been able to kill, no matter how hard you try. I am hope.
Brandon Sanderson
The problem is we are left only with empathy – which is critical, if it can be developed – without substantive manifestations of that empathy. It’s one thing to attain it intellectually, but it’s another thing to do something about it.
Michael Eric Dyson
It’s one thing to be this ‘tough chick,’ but you also have to be likeable.
Lauren Lee Smith
If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s somebody doing something because I pushed them in that direction.
Leslie Fiedler
I had wanted for so many years to feel that writing really was at the center of my life, not something I did in my spare time. So the writing and teaching feel in some way to be one thing – the personal engagement and the social engagement good partners.
Alison Hawthorne Deming
No matter what you think about the Iraq war, there is one thing we can all agree on for the next days – we have to salute the courage and bravery of those who are risking their lives to vote and those brave Iraqi and American soldiers fighting to protect their right to vote.
Hillary Clinton
One thing my and mother and dad shared completely was their approach to money – they just didn’t spend it.
Sam Walton
Genuinely great humour recognises the world it’s describing and yet we are also called into question by it. That’s what great art should do. That’s what great philosophy should do. The one thing about humour is that this is an everyday practice that does this.
Simon Critchley
When we say that the persistence of competition is ensured by fate, we mean that individual freedom is so guaranteed. The one thing to which fate binds us is liberty.
John Bates Clark
Saxophone is one thing, and music is another.
Steve Lacy
There’s one thing about weights with action movies: Once your muscles get that tight, it’s sometimes hard to stop your movement, especially if you’re trying to move with some strength, and with the swords in the film.
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
There is only one thing in life which never changes, and it is change.
The one thing that teams can’t endure in the NFC any more is injuries. Good teams become bad teams just because they get spread thin with injuries.
Trent Dilfer
One thing about these storms, we know how disruptive things can be when we depend on the system to keep working. What would happen if the terrorists do it? Knock down the power, destroy bridges, cut the water supply?
Geraldo Rivera
Flirting with madness was one thing; when madness started flirting back, it was time to call the whole thing off.
Rohinton Mistry
One thing I fear, that you Americans will do the same thing that you did after the last war. I mean that you will pull out of here and leave Europe, then Russia will have her way. Private enterprise and individual rights will be lost just as much as under a Nazi government. Frightful!
Hjalmar Schacht
There’s only one thing that will make them stop hating you. And that’s being so good at what you do that they can’t ignore you
Orson Scott Card
Everybody is of course free to interpret the work in his own way. I think seeing a picture is one thing and interpreting it is another.
Jasper Johns
Me being in Houston, I wanted to leave there because it was only known for one thing. That’s why I hit N.Y.; that’s why I hit L.A. That’s why I hit Paris, London. I just picked up basically everything, but I morphed it into what Travi$ Scott is and into what I know is fresh.
Travis Scott
Most people past college age are not atheists. It’s too hard to be in society, for one thing. Because you don’t get any days off. And if you’re an agnostic you don’t know whether you get them off or not.
Mort Sahl
When you’re faced with a choice, remember this: Everything else will pass away. Your family. Your friends. Your material possessions. Your beauty. Your youth. Your life. And there is only one thing that remains. Ask yourself: Which are you chasing?
Yasmin Mogahed
For one thing, I don’t pun excessively in real life.
Tim Vine
The one thing I’ve learned is that stuttering in public is never as bad as I fear it will be.
John Stossel
One thing that’s clear in the Scriptures is that the nations do not lead people to peace; rather, people lead the nations to peace.
Shane Claiborne
It’s a big deal when you finally get the chance to do the one thing you want to do – need to do – more than anything. It can kind of scare the crap out of you.
Sarah Dessen
If there is one thing in life that I have learned about life it is… it goes on.
Robert Frost
There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time as come.
Victor Hugo
It’s my calling to tell stories. It’s the one thing that scratches the itch for me.
Kit Williamson
I’m afraid one thing – I don’t like heights. Heights bug me out. I’m not cool with heights. I refuse to do a comedy show 12 stories up. I’m fearless about everything else.
J. B. Smoove
Everything in this world can be robbed and stolen, except one thing; this one thing is the love that emanates from a human being towards a solid commitment to a conviction or cause.
Ghassan Kanafani
One thing I don’t like is those three-star kitchens where they force the cooks to do exactly the same thing again and again. There has to be an element of chance in cookery.
Rick Stein
The one thing I know through experience … is that people don’t know why they come to work until they don’t have to come to work.
Ross Perot
I get really bored if I don’t have more than one thing going on.
Style; all who have it have have one thing: originality.
Diana Vreeland
I was left with myself and had to do the one thing I could to survive. I knew it would be difficult to write, very difficult, but I set about doing it.
Frederick Seidel
I don’t want to be known as a serial entrepreneur. I like doing one thing at a time and making sure that gets my full attention until it’s well established. I enjoy the initial years of a company because they are the most dynamic, and that is when I can give the best of myself.
Silvio Scaglia
The crusade is never off my mind – the exercise I do, the food I eat, the thought I think – all this and how I can help make my profession better-respected. To me, this one thing – physical culture and nutrition – is the salvation of America.
Jack LaLanne
It was one thing to contain the Soviet Union in Europe because Britain, France, and Germany were all willing to join in. But will Japan and other Asian countries be willing to join in the containment of China?
Samuel P. Huntington
If you choose to do something, attack it. You can hate me, but there’s one thing you can’t say about me – that I didn’t attack it.
David Goggins
I really just love to read, period, whether it be books or magazines or the back of the cereal box. It’s the one thing I can always count on to calm me down, take me away and inspire me,
all at once.
Sarah Dessen
It is really intolerable that we can say only one thing at a time; for social behavior displays many features at the same time, and so in taking them up one by one we necessarily do outrage to its rich, dark, organic unity.
George C. Homans
I was in love with a beautiful blonde once. She drove me to drink. That’s the one thing I’m indebted to her for.
W. C. Fields
One thing about being a children’s poet or a versifier, is that there is a large market for your wares. These things really made the rounds. I would meet people and they’d quote my poems to me. It’s great.
Mary Ann Hoberman
It is probable that there is no one thing that it is of eminent importance for a child to learn.
William Godwin
The one thing about ‘Beautiful Creatures,’ ‘The Host’ and ‘The Mortal Instruments,’ which are all well-made movies, is that they were all infected with a dreadful sincerity.
Mark Waters
Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do one thing, but you are bound to do somehing else. Something hurts you, yet you know it shouldn’t. You take certain things for granted, even when you know you should never take anything for granted.
Mitch Albom
I don’t have a lot of skills, but one thing I can do is, I can compartmentalize. I can make that a little world that I can go back to, so I can be a waitress, or I can be a teacher, and then go and work on my book.
Dana Spiotta
It’s one thing to have an eye for the sport, and it’s another to have a feel for the sport. He has both.
Andre Ward
I just spent my whole life training and focused on one thing, I really don’t even think about after the fact! It’s like, oh yeah, I have to do something after!
Gabby Douglas
Anger, as long as it is controlled anger, is no obstacle to efficiency. Self-control is one thing the sociopath does not usually possess. Use yours to his undoing.
Jeff Cooper
The history taught in our schools is scandalous. We grew up believing that Columbus actually discovered America. We still celebrate Columbus Day. Columbus was after one thing only – gold.
Woody Harrelson
If I had to name one thing that differentiates me from the other women, it’s that I get free stuff at restaurants or get discounts.
Song Hye-kyo
I got a lot of support from my parents. That’s the one thing I always appreciated. They didn’t tell me I was being stupid; they told me I was being funny.
Jim Carrey
The one thing that will be the bane of my existence with my kid will probably be the way he or she is most like me in some ways.
Matthew McConaughey
When making a painting, only one thing counts: what you do next.
Walter Darby Bannard
On one thing professionals and amateurs agree: mothers can’t win.
Margaret Drabble
Lumps are caused by one thing and one thing alone – the improper addition of a starch.
Alton Brown
The one thing the Allman Brothers Band does not do is phone it in. They bring it every night and that’s something I draw from.
Derek Trucks
One thing we’ve learned about Donald Trump – this candidate first, president-elect, and now president – is that he has this sort of reptilian instinct for rooting out supposed enemies and finding people he can whip up distrust into rage.
Ben H. Winters
There was one thing Bridget like about guys. They took insults well.
Ann Brashares
I tell you one thing – if you want peace of mind, don not fault with others.
Sarada Devi
I remember when we kissed. I still feel it on my lips. The time you danced with me with no music playing. I remember the simple things. I remember till I cry. But the one thing I wish I’d forget, the memory I wanna forget is goodbye.
Miley Cyrus
If I run into someone on the street, that’s one thing. But answering mail for a living? I like a job where you can play and act kind of goofy and have some fun.
Bill Murray
The media and my opponent discuss one thing and only one thing, the needs of people living here illegally. In many cases, by the way, they’re treated better than our vets.
Donald Trump
One thing about whoring: It put a chicken on the table.
Jeannette Walls
All these people helped make this book possible. But let me make one thing clear: If there are any errors or omissions in this book, these people are not responsible. In the end, there is only one person responsible for what I write, and that person, of course, is: Donald Trump.
Dave Barry
Eating any of these things, goat testicles or what have you, isn’t going to be nice, but you get into that zone, you become focussed and you do what you need to do. It’s all about one thing: coming home in one piece.
Bear Grylls
Animals have one thing that puts them way ahead of people: they don’t dissemble, and you don’t have to pretend in front of them.
Ivan KlГ­ma
I was rather disappointed, because the one thing I wanted to gain from that opportunity was to add something to his music, and have him add something to mine.
Michael Nyman
I just like music all the way around the board. I can’t stick to one thing – I’ve got to move around.
If I’m working on one thing, then that’s all that there is going on, and there’s no such thing as a side project to me. It’s 100 percent.
Alison Mosshart
To a Brit of my generation, one of the most objectionable things about [Margaret] Thatcher is her falsity. She is a total construct. For one thing, she had a made-over accent.
Hilary Mantel
All things are manifestations of one thing only.
Paulo Coelho
from one thing, know ten thousand things
Miyamoto Musashi
Everyone is passionate about something. Usually more than one thing. We are born with it.
Mark Cuban
Men … are not agreed about any one thing, not even that heaven is over our heads.
Michel de Montaigne
Nothing is so clear in history that is it happens for any one thing. It seems that a lot of things come together to make great changes.
Jane Jacobs
Am I one part R&B? Sure, but I’m also part soulful, and I’m old school funk, I’m pop, I’m rock, I’m hip hop, I’m all of those things. I don’t wanna be categorized or labeled as just one thing. Don’t put me in the box because I’ll break out of the box.
Kevin michael
Think about everything you read and everything you see. The one thing we can learn from all the horrible things that have happened in the last 15-20 years is that hysteria is the last thing we need. Cool thinking, pragmatism, and analytical thought are most important at this point.
Greg Proops
I don’t know how to say easily what I learned. One thing I can say I learned is how amazing photography could be.
Garry Winogrand
I always wanted, and still aspire, to be something more than just one thing, just one performance.
Kevin Bacon
If there’s one thing I can’t bear, it’s when hundreds of old men come creeping in through the window in the middle of the night and throw all manner of garbage over me. I can’t bear that.
Peter Cook
Love is the one thing stronger than desire and the only proper reason to resist temptation.
Jeanette Winterson
One thing that we have learned is that piracy is not a pricing issue. It’s a service issue.
Gabe Newell
One thing that these Buddhists have certainly gotten right is that attention to attention is the key to taking control of your mental life.
Terence McKenna
But as long as you know you’re nobody special, you’ll be a very decent sort of Horse, on the whole, and taking one thing with another.
C. S. Lewis
To be able to do one thing at a time is the whole art of life.
One thing I congratulate everyone on is the great explosion which has occurred in Washington’s Black House and the very important scandal which has gripped leaders of America.
Ruhollah Khomeini
You really don’t understand the first thing about writing…for one thing, early in the morning is the worst possible time. the brain is like a wet sponge at that hour. And for another, real writing is a question of staring into space and waiting for the right ideas.
Cornelia Funke
If technology and medicine are used by women to have children or not to have children or to have healthier children – that’s one thing. But if it’s used to say, ‘You’re not a real woman unless you have a child, therefore take all these dangerous hormones and have one at 54,” then it’s another story.
Gloria Steinem
You look for one thing and you find another.
Muriel Spark
He could do only one thing at a time. If he held her, he couldn’t kiss her. If he kissed her, he couldn’t see her. If he saw her, he couldn’t feel her.
Arundhati Roy
The fact that there is always a positive side to life is the one thing that gives me a lot of happiness.
Dalai Lama
Only a country that is based upon an extremely primitive religion, which is Christianity, I am a devoted enemy of monotheism in all of its forms, could have come with a categorizing of people as one thing or the other.
Gore Vidal
What I’ve lost in years I’ve gained in wisdom. Bullshit, I haven’t learnt one thing in the last 15 years that hasn’t just depressed me more.
Doug Stanhope
The one thing you learn is when you can step out of your comfort zone and be uncomfortable, you see what you’re made of and who you are.
Sue Bird
So my advice to startups in this particular category is if you’re going to put your product in beta – put your business model in beta with it. Far too often we are too product focused and not business-model focused. That’s one thing I definitely would have done differently with JotSpot.
Joe Kraus
If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, it’s that curiosity might kill cats, but it doesn’t kill people.
Tracy Morgan
After the Cold War, to rally the American people to understand that we had to be a part of solutions. It’s one thing to say that we have to run everything, it’s another to say we don’t want anything to do with it.
Madeleine Albright
I focus on one thing and one thing only – that’s trying to win as many championships as I can.
Kobe Bryant
Conservative coaches have one thing in common; they are unemployed.
Chuck Knox
One thing is certain: We can’t go back. The musical will never be the same as it was.
Harold Prince
The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.
James Brown
Your musical soul is like facets of a jewel, and you stick out one facet at a time … (and) I tend to work real hard on whatever it is I do, to get it up to speed, up to a professional level. I tend to bury myself in one thing for years at a time.
Linda Ronstadt
Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing. So be careful what you get good at.
Matthew McConaughey
An artist, if he is truly an artist, is only interested in one thing and that is to wake up the minds of men, to have mankind and womankind realize that there is something greater than what we see on the surface.
Marvin Gaye
No matter when, at whatever moment, if she were asked what she was thinking about she could reply quite correctly – one thing, her happiness and her unhappiness.
Leo Tolstoy
Evil comes in many forms and seems to reinvent itself time and again. But whatever it calls itself – Nazism, Marxist-Leninism, today, terrorism – they all have one thing in common: the destruction, the end of human liberty.
Stephen Harper
A truly obedient man does not discriminate between one thing and another, since his only aim is to execute faithfully whatever may be assigned to him.
Bernard of Clairvaux
The one thing that I appear to have been given, bearing in mind that I am capable of being very, very scatty and extremely lazy, is the ability to concentrate on something I choose to give my time to.
Daniel Day-Lewis
Trump’s election means that you have a US government that will no longer do one thing and say another.
Lawrence Davidson
When you reach that competing point, when you reach that time when the gun is about to go off, everyone’s level is pretty much the same. The one thing that’s going to separate you from everybody else is how you deal with those pressures, how you stay relaxed.
Apolo Ohno
When I’m on stage, I’m trying to do one thing: bring people joy.
James Brown
As I have traveled throughout my Congressional district, the one thing I heard loud and clear was simply please stop spending money you do not have, rein in spending, live within a budget.
Tim Scott
One thing my parents always taught me was to maximize my options.
Monica Raymund
One thing in life is for certain, the more profoundly baffled you have been in your life, the more open your mind becomes to new ideas.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
The nicknames – people say they couldn’t understand it, but look, I have really enjoyed my time away from 3AW, and I have discovered one thing – that I am more than just a yelling fanatical football follower who makes up nicknames.
Rex Hunt
I can do only one thing, like a little dog follow closely the Master’s footsteps. Pray that I be a cheerful dog.
Mother Teresa
There is one thing I know about creative conflict: once my argument is exhausted, I am not going to be unhappy whether it moves in my direction or away.
Jack Nicholson
What seems different in yourself; that’s the rare thing you possess. The one thing that gives each of us his worth, and that’s just what we try to suppress. And we claim to love life.
Andre Gide
Tintinnabulation is an area I sometimes wander into when I am searching for answers – in my life, my music, my work. In my dark hours, I have the certain feeling that everything outside this one thing has no meaning.
Arvo Part
If there is any one thing that will bring peace and contentment into the human heart, and into the family, it is to live within our means. And if there is any one thing that is grinding and discouraging and disheartening, it is to have debts and obligations that one cannot meet.
Heber J. Grant
And one thing the void certainly can teach us is how to wait, how to become truly patient, and how to let go of superfluous intellectual baggage – all of which is a good lesson for hyper-agitated multi-tasking goal-focussed contemporary human beings.
George Pattison
The magical story is not a microscope but a mirror, not a drop of water but a well. It is not simply one thing or two, but a multitude. It is at once both lucid and opaque, it accepts both dark and light, speaks to youth and old age.
Jane Yolen
The Romneys have a horse competing in the Olympics. Ann Romney’s horse failed to win a medal in the dressage event today, which is a shame because if there’s one thing that family needs, it’s more gold.
Conan O’Brien
You give all your life to doing this one thing. It sounds grim, it sounds frightening – it isn’t – it has a great gaiety at times and a great wonder.
Martha Graham
One thing is certain, that when you die and are resurrected you belong to the earth and whatever is of the earth is yours inalienably. You become an anomaly of nature, a being without shadow; you will never die again but only pass away like the phenomena about you.
Henry Miller
The one thing about being a dude and writing from a female perspective is that the baseline is, you suck. The baseline is it takes so long for you to work those atrophied muscles – for you to get on parity with what women’s representations of men are.
Junot Diaz
But if there is one thing clearly and plainly laid down about election, it is this: that elect men and women may be known and distinguished by holy lives.
J. C. Ryle
With my art, it’s the one thing that I know will outlive me and outlive my feelings. It will outlive my depressive seasons.
Frank Ocean
When, in the autumn of 1947, I was fired from the first and only job I have ever held, I wanted one thing out of life: to become a writer.
William Styron
One thing you gotta know about me is I have absolutely no filter. I have no problem saying what the hell I think of someone.
Kobe Bryant
Doing one thing by yourself, for yourself, that creates joy is such an important habit.
Jay Shetty
As a busker, one thing that does not work is self-consciousness. A busker needs to be working. A busker needs to shed all ego and get down to work. Play your songs, play them well, earn your money, and don’t get in people’s way.
Glen Hansard
…there is one thing that all Satan’s cunning and all the snares of temptation cannot take by surprise – an undivided will.
Soren Kierkegaard
One thing that I don’t know if people have come to grips with yet is just how serious ISIS is, just how serious militant Islamists are about Sharia. There is no compromise. There is no halfway. There is no mutual cohabitation plan.
Rush Limbaugh
We see things based on autopilot. Our mind identifies something in a certain way, no matter what the eye sees. The eye tells you one thing and the brain tells you another.
Jerry Andrus
One thing people often forget when making a documentary is that, in a sense, you still have to cast, find a star, and it has all of those built-in challenges.
Brian Lindstrom
Not even God can make something fair out of what is intrinsically unfair. Only one thing can be done. Something must break through the crust of unfairness and create a chance for a new fairness. Only forgiveness can make the breakthrough.
Lewis B. Smedes
I’m a patient person. I think that’s one thing that I feel comfortable I can deal with – the downfall and the errors, as long as I see progress and people trying.
Phil Jackson