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Outfits Quotes by Demetri Martin, Apolo Ohno, Michael Kors, Ariana Grande, Lana, Lily Collins and many others.

Like a lot of people, I’ve always enjoyed commenting on

Like a lot of people, I’ve always enjoyed commenting on strangers’ outfits. Unlike a lot of people, I now had a new megaphone to do it with. And, let me tell you, commenting on people’s hilarious clothing choices through a megaphone makes it so much better.
Demetri Martin
I wanted to play football or be a boxer, but my dad didn’t want that because of all the impact. But in 1992 I was watching short track, and it was obscure, but they looked like superheroes in their tight outfits, and I thought it was amazing. I wanted to do that. I made the national team at 14.
Apolo Ohno
I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.
Michael Kors
My performance outfits are very Marie Antoinette, sparkly corsets… and full skirts. And then we do another look that’s ’50s-inspired. Poufy skirts, big bows. Very fun, girlie and young, but otherwise, when I’m not in costume, I dress really normal.
Ariana Grande
If people know anything about Russians, we do things really over the top. We wear high heels everywhere. We show up in the most extravagant outfits. I am just embodying how I was raised and what I grew up in. Some people might think we’re extra; I just think we’re ravishing.
I never go with something in mind. I like having an array of generations in my outfits!
Lily Collins
I’m fanatical about movies: African, European, Viking, Roman. I got into witchcraft and magic from watching ‘Bewitched’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ which shows in some of my outfits. I dress to reflect the whole spectrum of the universe.
Afrika Bambaataa
I don’t have time to devote to putting outfits together before picking up the kids. I’m a creature of habit and in that way, I tend to just go towards what works for me and what’s comfortable. It’s really important to be comfortable when you’re running around after kids.
Gwyneth Paltrow
I think I have to laugh about the fact that I grew up in public. All these weird stages in my teenage years are documented. Why did no one tell me how terrible some of those outfits were?
Justin Timberlake
I love Ali MacGraw and her style – I’m into vintage ’70s outfits at the moment.
Kim Kardashian
Texture is something we forget – it makes outfits look very expensive. You can do a monochromatic outfit, if you’re afraid of things that are more colorful and printed, and still create interest.
Stacy London
Im a geek – I read fantasy novels, I play World of Warcraft, Im a massive gamer, I have Star Trek outfits.
Robert Kazinsky
Falling head over heels in love with women was a habit I thought I’d thoroughly grown out of in middle school, when a group of about five girls and I color-coordinated our outfits and spent weekends and even some weeknights sprawled out in each others bedrooms.
Jenna Wortham
My whole style mantra is that outfits should be comfortable.
I can pull off a range of outfits from nice, edgy suits to more rugged, casual looks. Your look one day can be totally different than the next day, and for me, it’s all about owning that.
Mookie Betts
I love dressing up in superhero outfits and in fact, when I dress up as Wonder Woman, I actually think that I’m more powerful.
Olivia Munn
Gay icons usually have some tragedy in their lives, but I’ve only had tragic haircuts and outfits.
Kylie Minogue
Gays have always been in the military. Alexander the Great was originally Alexander the Fabulous. A gay man invented C-rations. He claims he could never talk anyone into the cilantro garnish. Obviously, gays were not allowed to design the outfits, because we never would have stayed with the earth tones for so long.
Kate Clinton
I still get excited by the same clothes I did when I first started going to vintage shops. But I think as I get older, I realize how much nicer it is to have 10 great outfits rather than 1000 tops and dresses that are all in a pile I cry in every time I get ready to go out.
Lolly Adefope
I used to do kickboxing, because I liked the cute outfits.
Monica Keena
I pick up pieces at Fabindia or The Deccan Story in Hyderabad. The owner of the store, Keerthi Reddy, does lovely customised outfits, including khadi kurtas with a soft lining.
Amala Akkineni
I choose my outfits based on the shows on a particular day. If there’s an edgier designer, it might be a slightly edgier outfit. I don’t think it matters, but still that’s how I think about it.
Aslaug Magnusdottir
I feel that when you want to seduce a man, you really need your legs. Since all my outfits were long dresses, I have to say that I really didn’t feel sexy at all.
Jennifer Coolidge
Of course, we wore silly outfits, the pictures were corny, and some people still focus on that. But ABBA wasn’t a big intellectual thing. We were a pop group.
Bjorn Ulvaeus
I own thousands of capes and suits that are a fashion designer’s dream. They will eventually be displayed in a museum. The colors, styles, outfits, boots, and brooches of my wardrobe were representative of the signs of the zodiac.
Walter Mercado
On tour and on event days, we usually wear fancy outfits, so in everyday life, I prefer wearing comfortable clothes.
I believe in classics. I like keeping it simple, whether its colours, cuts, or the outfits I wear.
Kubra Sait
I am comfortable in all kinds of outfits. I prefer Indian wear, but there are days I step out in a short dress. It depends on my mood.
Sriti Jha
I’m a mother of three. I don’t really have the time to put very elaborate outfits together, so I keep it casual but dress it up with shoes, a bag, and jewellery.
Camila Alves
I think with boys… it’s all about shoes. I’ve seen so many little boys, and their outfits are so cute, and then their moms put kind of dorky shoes on them.
Kourtney Kardashian
In the single group format, where each team plays against the other, it gives a chance to the established outfits to make a comeback if they falter in the early games.
I just like putting outfits together without much thought and seeing what the outcome is.
Vanessa Paradis
I design for a woman who is on the go. Women are busier than ever, and I wanted to design a collection that can go from day to night and be fashionable. Sometimes I wear three outfits in one day.
Giuliana Rancic
I would do Bollywood, but I don’t know if I could do that – the dance, the singing, the kind of flirting with your eyes, the outfits.
Sarita Choudhury
I like to be creative with my red carpet outfits, but equally, sometimes I am just in the mood to go all out with a ball gown and heels – but only If you get me on the right day!
There were episodes where I would wear seven or eight outfits. It took a lot of time to get those together. What the character wears is very essential to how I create the character.
Donna Mills
Especially in the world of fantasy and superheroes, it’s great to have role models that aren’t in skimpy little outfits, in impossible poses. That’s so important for young women.
Kelley Armstrong
Dear God, I’ve done so many crazy hair colors and outfits and makeup looks where I look back and it’s like, What the hell was I doing? You can’t be afraid to make mistakes, you have to take risks. We all have those moments we look back on and wish weren’t captured on film, but we’re not alone in that.
Evan Rachel Wood
I think the sexiest thing about a woman is confidence, but confidence in a humble way, not in an arrogant way. Sense of humor is definitely important. And sunglasses always hide a multitude of sins. Sunglasses and a great pair of heels can turn most outfits around.
Victoria Beckham
I’m having so much fun getting to play around with a lot of different looks, a lot of different outfits, a lot of motifs.
EJ Johnson
I hate to admit it to my wife, but I only wear two outfits on the road, and then a third one during the day, but I carry about 20.
John Prine
In high school, I had a singing group, and I designed the outfits and made my friends’ prom dresses.
Tina Knowles
I don’t see the point of having a favorite sari or a favorite outfit if I know that I won’t repeat it. I’m glad Kate Middleton has been repeating her outfits and talking about sustainable fashion. Celebrities must set an example and repeat their clothes.
Shabana Azmi
I love funky shoes and hats. I’m into large-brimmed fedoras with big feathers in fun colors like purple and lime-yellow. I just think hats add pizzazz to your outfits.
Kim Kardashian
I think I will be the most dressed [contestant and have] the most modest outfits for sure because that’s who I am.
Bristol Palin
I plan my golf outfits for the tournaments, I recycle some for the practice rounds, but I always have new ideas for my golf attire, and I like to dress nice after the rounds, so I have to bring all my heels. It’s terrible. The worst part about being on tour is living out of a suitcase.
Paula Creamer
My wife is the host of Big Brother. Her name is Julie Chen, and she’ll say, “Da da da,* but first* we do this.” So they mashed together her saying “but first” a couple dozen times. Literally. In different outfits. And when you cut it together like that, it appears very robotlike. They called her the Chenbot.
Leslie Moonves
As I see it, fast food outfits have targeted small children with their advertising in a very effective way. You know, it’s clowns and kid’s toys and bright colors and things like that.
Anthony Bourdain
Serena and Blair from ‘Gossip Girl’ got to wear such awesome outfits, and being on a show like that, where you’re getting to wear incredible designers all the time, would be a lot of fun.
Sydney Sweeney
I’m a massive Trekkie. I’ve got original artwork from the ’70s. I’ve got outfits. Yeah, I have actual ‘Star Trek’ outfits that I wear. I’m a massive, massive ‘Star Trek’ fan.
Robert Kazinsky
Another thing I take issue with are people who take their dogs on “play dates,” or even worse, people who choose to dress their dogs up in outfits better suited for homosexuals participating in a gay pride parade. Dog costumes are right up there with something else I find particularly offensive: sweater vests.
Chelsea Handler
All it takes are a few simple outfits. And there’s one secret – The Simpler The Better
Cary Grant
I’ve been lucky enough to do a few roles where you get to be crazy and wild, put on contacts and different wigs and different hairpieces and dresses and outfits and embody the craziness of it all.
Erica Durance
I have some flamboyant outfits. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. But I’m married now. I’m not allowed to wear those outfits.
Hugh Douglas
Every day, I bring out something new. You got to be prepared – you got to have a few outfits laying out for when you wake up, in case you want to change, to set the mood.
On ‘Good Morning Britain’ I regularly re-wear outfits, and my wardrobe at home is the same few jumpers and jeans.
Susanna Reid
I don’t see Republicans flipping their lids trying to burn down buildings in Ninja outfits when a Democrat, progressive, or socialist tries to speak.
Jeanine Pirro
Being acknowledged by ‘Vogue’ and invited to do ‘Today I’m Wearing’ was a really great moment for me, and the photo diary of my outfits was a really fun thing to do.
Suki Waterhouse
I like skiing and surfing with kids. They are the cutest little skiers out there, in their little outfits. I just want to eat ’em up!
Tom Brady
The older I get, the more I like the idea of utilitarianism. I think that I’m not a trend-driven person. I really believe in keeping your canvas very basic and sort of adding the accouterments from there. I look at creating intrigue with outfits through accessories.
Erin Wasson
One of the things I liked so much about the women artists I saw in Nashville was that they were appreciated for their music and their talent, not because they were wearing skimpy outfits and showing a lot of skin.
Lari White
God does not choose those who are fit. He outfits those whom He chooses.
Jack Hyles
It’s one of my favorite seasons of the year: Back to School. As a kid, I loved fresh school supplies, new outfits, the change of seasons, and the chance to crack open a new textbook.
Dana Perino
I do not subscribe to the idea of actors Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Pawan Kalyan, and Upendra launching political outfits just because they are actors, though I am a fan of all these stars.
Prakash Raj
In CrossFit I really I stood out because I made all my outfits.
Bianca Belair
I like to take my time when I’m designing and constructing outfits.
Katya Zamolodchikova
When you’re surrounded by feathers and sequins and ridiculous Lycra outfits, it’s impossible not to have a smile on your face.
Catherine Martin
I miss my Dad. My Dad loved cheesy monster movies, so we’d have Godzilla movie marathons. Those are some of my favorite memories, laughing at how the monster outfits were so bad, like black garbage bags for heads.
Ahmet Zappa
I love hats, shoes, outfits, handbags, and ethnic jewelery.
The Japanese tend to be far more co-operative and docile and group-oriented. It would be easier to get the entire population of Tokyo to wear matching outfits than to get any two randomly selected Americans to agree on pizza toppings.
Dave Barry
I don’t feel comfortable talking about the specifics of how it all comes together, but the truth is, I don’t ever know when Michelle Obama is going to wear my clothes! She, like everyone else, picks her outfits and wears them when she wants – sometimes two or three times. It’s not ever calculated.
Jason Wu
The Twenties outfits are all about freedom and loose, flowing lines, whereas in ‘Cinderella,’ I had to wear corsets and big huge skirts.
Lily James
Thrift shopping is really just an extension of me being that same kid and going into a place that’s completely unconventional that has really endless possibilities in terms of outfits that you can put together and really just expressing yourself.
What we thought brings us a disadvantage, brings us an advantage against the American black rappers, because they look all the same, with their training outfits and sneakers, you know? But we didn’t know this, it wasn’t calculated.
Rob Pilatus
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t need to explain my outfits.
Gemma Collins
In one week, I went from being a girl who owed a guy thousands of dollars – my manager Anthony was paying for my outfits, paying for my food; I was sleeping in his parents’ basement – to taking meetings with every major label in America. The next morning, I had a record deal and wrote him a cheque to pay back all that money.
Every girls’ night needs a funny movie and a good conversation about guys! My friends and I also love picking outfits out for each other to try on at slumber parties. It’s so fun.
Jennette McCurdy
The padded outfits, the bad scripts, the phony-looking sets… he dealt with it all. He had to. He was Superman.
Jerry Seinfeld
I wanted women wearing my sweaters to give the impression they were naked. The aim wasn’t to impose outfits but to stay as close as possible to women’s bodies and their freedom of movement.
Sonia Rykiel
My mother knew if you bought a couple of really good architectural outfits and put your money into accessories, you could create a million different looks. She taught that to me, which I think was invaluable.
Iris Apfel
If a great outfit gets you one step closer to feeling good about yourself, then it’s worth every penny.
Rachel Roy
I don’t like clothes shopping and trying on outfits in stuffy cubicles in men’s shops, looking hideous in the wrap-round mirrors, is something I attempt as seldom as possible.
Charles Saatchi
Editorial outfits are now advertising agencies.
Tina Brown
My great-grandmother was in one of the first girl bands, in the 1920s. Their outfits were mental: velvet bloomers with big ribbons and headpieces. They were brilliant.
Daisy Lowe
Before joining the industry, my impression of Kannada films was red and yellow outfits, hilarious sets, and dance movements. But I’m glad I’m wrong.
Radhika Pandit
Typically, middle-class educated parents’ search for their children’s schools takes on the feel, if not of teen girls trying on different outfits, of adolescents trying on various selves.
Sandra Tsing Loh
I like to wear more traditional work outfits like pants and a blouse, but I want the blouse to have something that is a little bit different and interesting – like with some studs on it or a little bit of lace. I want to feel comfortable and confident and don’t want to have to think too much about what I wear every day.
Katrina Lake
I’ve thought for a long time that my body type would have worked well in the ’70s. The idea that you could be a broad-shouldered, small-breasted woman and still wear really great outfits.
Olivia Wilde
I have always admired the way women put outfits together.
Rachel Roy
I was changing my outfits, my looks, my wig, sometimes several times a day. That’s when I know my soul is restless.
Lady Gaga
I worked at an ice cream parlor called Chadwicks. We wore old-timey outfits and had to bang a drum, play a kazoo, and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to people while giving them free birthday sundaes. Lots of ice cream scooping and $1 tips.
Amy Poehler
We all need relaxed outfits in our arsenals.
Brad Goreski
I grew up wearing a uniform to school, and now I have my stylist come to my apartment and create outfits for me to wear. Otherwise, I’d never get dressed.
Tyra Banks
The Dishh has everything, not just gossip; cool places and cool outfits, cool places to travel, cool things to see and do.
Jonathan Cheban
Fashion for me is another way I get to express myself creatively. It is one of the fun things I get to do: to play dress-up, and create outfits and looks that aren’t typical. I am an artist, so I like creating things. Shoes are my favorite thing.
I grew up in San Diego, California, and I spent a lot of time in the summer basically living in a bathing suit, you know, get in the car and drive straight to the beach and spend the entire day in that thing, so I always approached bathing suits thinking that they are very much like outfits.
Emily Ratajkowski
I appreciate art in any form. So it applies to clothes as well. On stage, I think people prefer me in Indian outfits… in fact, it goes with the kind of songs I sing as well. Indianness in the form of a sari, or a chaniya choli or jeans with something interesting, matches my style of singing.
Shreya Ghoshal
I’m kind of obsessed with Bruce Springsteen – the T-shirt and jeans look for me is appealing. Prince was great as well. He designed all of his outfits himself and looked exactly how he wanted to look. He was in complete control of his image.
Christine and the Queens
Life as a poet and actor truly became full circle as I stood on stage as host of ‘Verses & Flow’ and lived in both of these outfits. It was one of the best experiences of my professional life.
Omari Hardwick
As I get older, I’m starting to find myself liking clean, fitted outfits, so I like a button-down. I’m seeing supermodels and what fashion is really like in real life. There’s more than just Atlanta with the saggy pants.
Shameik Moore
If for no other reason than it’s just fun to watch people age, and it’s fun to watch what happened to ’80s hairdos and outfits, and what they look like now.
Alex Borstein
I tend to wear monochromatic outfits – all one colour from head to toe. I did that when I was younger and still do that to this day.
Suzy Amis
I’ve always tried to make outfits that bit more special and unique. I think it’s my way of expressing myself, because I’m not a big talker. I’m not really expressive in that way, but I am in the way that I dress.
Divock Origi
I’ll get up there and I’ll do my guitar solos in one of those space outfits.
Ace Frehley
I grew up in Tennessee. We didn’t know what Louis Vuitton was. I had to order all my prom outfits out of catalogs.
Reese Witherspoon
N.W.A were the audio-documentarians of their time. They were trying to shock people with the violence of their language and the subjects they were talking about. The fact that they dressed in guerilla outfits like the Black Panthers made them shocking by their appearance as well.
Jerry Heller
I have always been very conscious of my way of dressing. During my years as a ballet and flamenco dancer, I outshone everybody with my embellished and beautiful clothes. The designers who created my clothing loved making outfits that were extravagant and out of this world.
Walter Mercado
On nights that I’m feeling a need to stretch personally and artistically, I tend to put together outfits that are very quirky, mismatched and over-the-top eclectic.
Esperanza Spalding
In case you’re wondering what we all do here during the commercial breaks, mostly we just sit around making catty remarks about the outfits you’re all wearing at home.
Jon Stewart
You may or may not believe me, but in my personal life, I don’t enjoy revealing outfits.
I’ve been spending this last month trying to find four outfits to wear to the different premieres of The Two Towers. It’s hard work.
Liv Tyler
My wife is the host of ‘Big Brother.’ Her name is Julie Chen, and she’ll say, ‘Da da da, but first we do this.’ So they mashed together her saying ‘but first’ a couple dozen times. Literally. In different outfits. And when you cut it together like that, it appears very robotlike. They called her the Chenbot.
Leslie Moonves
I travel light obsessively. I take hardly any clothes or shoes because I think that all I need is a couple of work outfits, rehearsal outfits, a pair of trainers and one glamorous outfit you can re-wear and re-wear.
Arlene Phillips
[Adrienne Shelly] explain exactly what she was looking for. This was her movie [Waitress].She also wrote the songs that I sing in it. She wrote everything. She chose the colour of our outfits; she designed the set of the diner. She was very, very involved at every level.
Keri Russell
I’m a big fan of matching outfits in general.
Clark Duke
We played in bars and other such establishments and anywhere where people would listen. Sometimes they did, and sometimes not. The outfits we wore were classics of the 50’s.
Phil Harris
I think I tried on the hardcore scene’s outfits maybe once, and then I just figured I’d stick to Hawaiian shirts.
Dave Sitek
I always loved Michelle Kwan’s outfits. Most of them were designed by Vera Wang, and they’re just so simple, but the fabric that they used and the way that it was sewn together look so elegant and rich. You could tell that time had been put into it. It wasn’t just another spandex, stucco-covered costume.
Ashley Wagner
I wear black on the outside
‘Cause black is how I feel on the inside.
Steven Morrissey
Britney and I wore matching denim outfits [to the 2001 American Music Awards]. Yeah, another bad choice. I’d probably pay good money to get some of those pictures off the internet.
Justin Timberlake
Somebody had given me a copy of ‘Hunky Dory,’ which had yet to be a hit, although it was starting to percolate. I’d seen a couple of pictures of David, with his interesting hairdo and outfits, and I decided to seek him out, which wasn’t difficult back then, as he was eager to do any kind of publicity.
Mick Rock
Great leaders understand that historical success tends to produce stable and inwardly focused organizations, and these outfits, in turn, reinforce a feeling of contentment with the status quo.
John P. Kotter
I enjoy the preparatory elements of travel – packing my bags and choosing my outfits – but my favourite part is getting there.
Dominic Monaghan
For ‘Singin’ in the Rain,’ I bought most of the costumes – the ‘Fit as a Fiddle’ costumes and the ‘Make Them Laugh’ Donald O’Connor outfits and the ‘Good Morning, Good Morning’ clothes we danced in.
Debbie Reynolds
I’ve started a line of Manila dolls and they’re all going to be wearing my favourite outfits – the spaghetti and meatballs one is the first one, I’m really excited.
Manila Luzon
When I have a good pair of shoes, I wear them over and over. Whether it’s nice sneakers or a cool pair of combat boots, splurge on a pair you love that you can wear over and over with totally different outfits.
Bethany Mota
My mother was a seamstress, so I always grew up with her making clothes. I knew how to construct outfits. I knew how to sketch. I knew how to customise. But I could never imagine it as a career.
Edward Enninful
If you have to ask if a clothing item is a dress or a top, it is always a top.
Tim Gunn
Yes, I would (be a big hit on Dancing with the Stars), but I don’t think I can be wearing those tight outfits they have on there. I’m a very good dancer. I’m the John Travolta of Venezuela. If I was one of the ‘Jersey Shore’ guys and I had their stomach, then hell yeah I would do it.
Ozzie Guillen
I have always considered that my collection must have an international flair so it can be at the service of the European public. Or to people in Asia. Yes, there are tiny little alterations I notice in the proportions of the outfits, but fundamentally, the collection is that way.
Giorgio Armani
To me, being grown-up meant smoking cigarettes, drinking cocktails, and dressing up in high heels and glamourous outfits.
Lorna Luft
Everyone in my grade is turning 13, so there are bunches of bar and bat mitzvahs. They’re very dressy. It’s fun picking out outfits. One girl, for her bat mitzvah, wore a huge red ball gown!
Elle Fanning
I do myself up kind of like a doll. I have a doll collection and I look at their outfits and kind of imitate them.
Taylor Momsen
I always knew what I wanted to dress like but that’s when I became really passionate about it. We’d be in class and Google outfits or I’d doodle what I wanted.
Iman Shumpert
Sunglasses always hide a multitude of sins. Sunglasses and a great pair of heels can turn most outfits around.
Victoria Beckham
The women I grew up with didn’t have a different purse to match all their outfits.
Rhea Seehorn
I leave the world in terrible turmoil. I come back, same turmoil. Nothing at all different. Well, outfits are a little different.
Joss Whedon
At the end of a movie, all my outfits are missing. They even call: ‘Tara, those were $700 shoes.’ What are they going to do, search my house?
Tara Reid
Knitwear can play a vital part in layering. The simplicity of a lightweight cardigan makes it one of the best ways to layer outfits. I love granddad cardis for winter, worn over a vintage lace shirt, waistcoat and full skirt with slouchy boots.
My outfits also need to be low-key. I’m a huge fan of boots, sandals, jeans and tank tops! Anything I can move in easily.
Jennifer Nettles
I definitely look back at certain moments and don’t think I look good…but I know why! I didn’t have a hair stylist, I did all my own makeup, and I was going to the local fabric store for all of my outfits.
Gwen Stefani
I think every woman has this point in her life where she’s like, ‘I have a great job, great outfits and great friends, but something’s missing.’
Tracy McMillan
My mother worshipped at the alter of accessories and I got the bug. She always said, if you have a good, little, simple black dress and you have different accessories, you can have 27 different outfits.
Iris Apfel
I was a dramatic kid. I was always like, ‘Watch me put on my play, Mom and Dad! You have to watch me put on all these outfits and do this play!’ But my family is very academic and straightforward and normal Midwestern people, so the idea that I could act as an actual job wasn’t really there.
Laura Harrier
Because of my career I have a huge wardrobe of fantastic costumes and they take up almost an entire house. Many of my stage outfits are worth a lot of money. To save cash I buy my more practical outfits from Primark.
Toyah Willcox
When I was in grade school in L.A., I really loved Cyndi Lauper. I did everything I could to look like her. I had wild outfits and always wore different coloured socks. I wore loads of ribbons in my hair and let them fall in my eyes.
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Personally, I loved our performance for the 2018 MAMA’s. I loved our outfits and choreography.
Momo Hirai
My mom and I shopped for my ‘X Factor’ outfits at La Cantera. We went to Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. I live really close to the mall, so I’d always go there to shop.
Ally Brooke
I have been a bridesmaid. Fortunately, the outfits were pretty tame. They were cream and black, but I still wouldn’t wear them out in public, though.
Juliana Hatfield
My favorite way to style outfits is to really use a lot of pieces in your closet.
Elsa Hosk
Men own basketball teams. Every year cheerleaders’ outfits get tighter and briefer, and players’ shorts get baggier and longer.
Rita Rudner
For me, getting older doesn’t mean throwing away a favourite-coloured lipstick or a fabulous pair of boots; instead, it’s about harnessing all the great things I have learnt over the years about what does and doesn’t suit me, and enjoying the way in which cleverly selected outfits can enhance the nice bits.
That’s pretty much how I feel on stage, like I can let go of all kinds of baggage, or even disappear and change outfits. I want to remind people that they can grant themselves the license to do the same.
Christine and the Queens
For me, getting older doesnt mean throwing away a favourite-coloured lipstick or a fabulous pair of boots; instead, its about harnessing all the great things I have learnt over the years about what does and doesnt suit me, and enjoying the way in which cleverly selected outfits can enhance the nice bits.
I have witnessed boards that continued to waste money on doomed projects because no one was prepared to admit they were failures, take the blame and switch course. Smaller outfits are more willing to admit mistakes and dump bad ideas.
Luke Johnson
I definitely was in the sequined, bedazzled era. We would put blue eye shadow up our eyebrows and glitter all over our faces. I probably put more effort into my skating outfits than my clothes.
Rachel McAdams
Someone once bought me loads of clothes from a charity shop – and sent them to me in a black bin liner. That was weird. I went through it and it was full of bizarre outfits like Abba costumes.
Suzanne Shaw
After years of buying clothes I intend to diet into, I’ll say this: the skeleton in my closet has some really nice outfits.
Robert Breault
A lot of new girls are arriving every day – let them do the glamour roles! I am done with ultra glam outfits and five song routines – hereafter, I want to do meatier roles, now that I’ve acted with all the biggies.
Samantha Akkineni
My mum used to work in New York in Spike Lee’s shop; she did the outfits for the video for P.M. Dawn’s ‘Set Adrift on Memory Bliss.’
King Krule
Everybody can remember outfits like Celine Dion’s backwards Dior tuxedo… these ‘worst’ dresses become part of pop culture, and we keep referencing them.
Brad Goreski
My guilty pleasures are the websites where you can look at the fashions and see how different outfits will look. You can even take a picture of yourself and download it and play with the fashions! I love playing with these websites to see what I can learn.
Indra Nooyi
But I’d love to have a uniform to wear every day and not have to worry about expressing myself with my outfits – which is also fine once in a while.
Konkona Sen Sharma
Dressing up and doing photo shoots was a side of the industry I really didn’t think I would like. But now I’ve got a glam squad; I love trying on new outfits and experimenting with different looks.
Ella Henderson
I tend to wear outfits that match the walls.
Debra Winger
I don’t like to be rushed. I plan my outfits for the week in advance. I find the appropriate outfit for each occasion, try it on, make sure it is in good condition and have it all ready with shoes, handbag and accessories laid out in my dressing room. Fashion is such a huge part of my career, I have to think ahead.
Jerry Hall
I was pleased Melissa Leo won Best Supporting Actress for ‘The Fighter’ at the Oscars. I hope that her outfits are maintained in some cinema museum.
Frank Skinner
Nancy Drew was always changing her outfits. I despised girls’ clothing, I couldn’t wait to get home from school and get out of it. The last thing I wanted to read was minute descriptions of Nancy’s frocks.
Alison Bechdel
I think since I’m not particularly well-known as myself, it’s funny all the different perceptions people have of me. Like, if someone’s only seen me in ‘Death Proof,’ they think I’m sort of a ditzy girl who says stupid things and wears revealing outfits all the time.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Obviously when you’re a teen you have no money, so you make, like, three outfits out of one dress. You’re like, ‘OK cut the arms here. Alright: New party, cut them to here.’
Marina and the Diamonds
Before I got Madeline, I used to see dog people who were so obsessed, and I’d think, Oh, that’s so sad. But now, here I am, talking about her all the time. I even dress her up in little outfits; I’m madly in love with her.
Kristin Chenoweth
I have a ‘glamour job’ on the Hill. That is, I could not care less about gov or politics, but working for a Senator looks good on my resume. And these marble hallways are such great places for meeting boys and showing off my outfits.
Jessica Cutler
I can go all over the world with just three outfits: a blue blazer and gray flannel pants, a gray flannel suit, and black tie.
Pierre Cardin
In ‘Shivalinga,’ I don’t appear in uniform, but only in trendy outfits.
Raghava Lawrence
Baseball outfits went through their gaudy period during the disco ’70’s, when the White Sox looked like softball players and the Athletics looked like ‘Saturday Night Fever’ personified.
George Vecsey
I think to be a true style icon, you just have to dress yourself. There are so many actresses floating around who have people picking out their outfits for them; that’s hard for me to wrap my head around or celebrate.
Chloe Sevigny
I have seen how payday lenders and check cashing outfits set up in towns around military bases to take advantage of young service members, whose starting salaries are barely over $20,000 per year.
Joe Sestak
I’ve played for the Miami Heat my whole career under Pat Riley. Mr. GQ himself. So when I pick out my outfits before a game, I’m already feeling confident. And some of that swagger stays with me when I take the court.
Dwyane Wade
I do not like going to the dressing room and trying on millions of outfits. I just look at something and hope that it will work. I try it on at home, since I don’t like going through the whole process.
They just brought it up to me and said, ‘Hey, this is what we’re going to do.’ They’re going to put out a section and call it Judge’s Chambers and give them little judge outfits, and we’ll see what happens. I think it turned out great.
Aaron Judge
I’m excited to show people I’m not just a girl who wears glitzy outfits and cheers on her man every week.
Summer Rae
Escape plan #5: Open an alpaca ranch in Texas, one that requires all blond-haired, brown-eyed, brainy girls to wear sexy cowgirl outfits.
Richelle Mead
Some of my fans want me to just dance and go crazy and wear flashy outfits.
One of the things I like best about the Halloween show is that I change outfits about six times in the show. It is a lot of fun to play the different characters.
Nancy Kerrigan
I’m happy with all of my past outfits, as they have felt right at the time, and your style always evolves.
Chiara Ferragni
I’ve designed multi-purpose outfits that women can wear at resorts, cocktail evenings or as cover-ups on beach wear.
Nandita Mahtani
I know the trend I would love to bring back is floral. I think that it’s just so much fun, whether it’s with shoes or outfits or even pants.
Alex Morgan
Even when I was a young kid, I always told my uncle that, when I became a wrestler, I wanted to be Rey Mysterio, Jr. and I wanted to wear the mask. I always pictured myself wearing a mask. I dreamed about it for so long. I wanted to be one of those luchadores who wore the mask, the cape, and the fancy outfits.
Rey Mysterio
I look back on some of my outfits, and I’m like: ‘Why did I wear that? Where are my friends and why didn’t they tell me not to leave the house?’ If they had, I probably would’ve said, ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about. This looks amazing.’
Zoe Kravitz
That’s the trouble with playing a cutting-edge narcotics detective – you’ve got to wear what’s topical at the moment. My kids tease me about outfits I was wearing last week, let alone in the eighties.
Clark Johnson
I hope that I’m sexy in a different kind of way than I think that a lot of girls are right now. I think a lot of girls in the public eye, especially musical artists, are just kind of objectified a little bit and wearing super-skimpy outfits and leaving nothing to the imagination.
Emmy Rossum
If people think I’m a dumb blonde, because of the way I look, then they’re dumber than they think I am. If people think I’m not very deep because of my wigs and outfits, then they’re not very deep.
Dolly Parton
If you are turning 40, just be graceful, don’t get into teenager outfits, put two hair bands and go ‘aww.’ Don’t do that! Don’t be stupid. I don’t want to live that life. It is so fake, so manufactured. I am not interested.
Richa Chadha
I don’t think I extend my hatred to other people’s outfits.
Alexa Chung
Halloween means that young girls dress up in highly sexualized outfits that would never be acceptable if it weren’t Halloween.
Rachel Zucker
You will not see me dressed in plain, modest outfits.
Anna Netrebko
I do like a red carpet. Unfortunately I’m always under-prepared when it comes to outfits. I’m so busy running around I don’t get time to do fittings.
Stefflon Don
I was doing space girl outfits way before Katy Perry or Gaga!
Kate Pierson
I always save a few special outfits for the final rounds of a tournament, because they put me in a more positive mindset and I then make better decisions.
Camilo Villegas
I always take my time when picking out outfits at home, but I will say I can change pretty quick when I’m in a hurry.
Chanel Iman
I love dressing Mason more than dressing myself. It’s so much fun picking out his clothes and making outfits and giving him style.
Kourtney Kardashian
Celebration has many different outfits but she always wears the same beautiful dancing shoes.
Mary Anne Radmacher
I’m a larger lady, a plus size with a bit of belly fat, but I know what suits me, clothes-wise: blouses, tailored jackets and pencil skirts. One of my favourite outfits is jeans, riding boots and a fitted velvet jacket.
Jo Frost
Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonald’s, wearing heels to play football. It is personality, confidence and seduction.
John Galliano
I had an argument with my students on why they want to present their work in an iBook, it’s like your sister who has no design training, put on some outfits in the bedroom, took some pictures, sent them to Apple and after paying 40 quid, you have a portfolio! I can’t believe it.
Louise Wilson
Goering was known to wear togas, fur coats and faux-medieval hunting outfits.
Richard Overy
I put on three or four outfits a day during Fashion Week.
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff
I am in Deepak Ramsay’s ‘Koi Mere Dil Mein Hain,’ where I am a modern girl who wears bold outfits. She makes heads turn wherever she goes. She is not a brat. She nurses this false belief that she can get any man she wants.
Dia Mirza
In India’s eastern side, there are communist terror outfits and in the western side there are Islamic terror organisations. These outfits ensure that there is always a state of anarchy.
Vivek Agnihotri
When I left for college, my mom really latched on to the dog; She started buying him little outfits and calling him our brother, but that’s as far as it got.
Jennine CapГі Crucet
Guys don’t do that when they go out. Guys don’t wear outfits that feature the dong.
Brian Posehn
When I buy clothes, I like to buy them in outfits so I know they go together. I like a very simple, natural style. I never like to be the attention getter; I like to come under the radar and be cool about my look, very classic and stylish. I’m not into fads.
Rena Sofer
I know this sounds terribly shallow, but I’ve been mapping out my outfits for the next day every day since I was little, even before high school.
Rachel Bilson
I like to wear a lot of one-tone color outfits – same color trousers, same color shirt.
Theophilus London
Terror outfits like ISIS don’t believe in a plural society and diversity of faith, which reflects inherent beauty of human beings.
Rajnath Singh
I’ve never really spent money on or known how to wear coats, so I’ll ruin outfits by putting a coat on.
Dawn O’Porter
One of my favorite outfits is one I picked up on a trip to Chandigarh. I’ve worn it once and am skeptical about wearing it again in spite of loving it so much, thanks to the ‘fashion police’ who won’t wait a second to splash it out in the papers or feature me in the ‘same to same’ blog.
Raveena Tandon
That’s been my goal since I was a child and saw the Spice Girls on TV: I was like, I want to wear those fancy outfits and sing my heart out on a big stage.
Saara Aalto
If Lady Gaga didn’t put on all those outfits, she probably wouldn’t have made it in show business. She put a show behind her voice.
Andrew Dice Clay
The American soldier is quick in adapting himself to a new mode of living. Outfits which have been here only three days have dug vast networks of ditches three feet deep in the bare brown earth. They have rigged up a light here and there with a storage battery.
Ernie Pyle
During The Hills, we were not allowed to wear outfits twice, so I asked [MTV] to supply me with a wardrobe, but apparently I had to buy it all myself.
Heidi Montag
But I think it shortsells any idea when you say there’s a similar part to something else, like ‘aw man, ‘The Avengers’ is ripping off ‘Batman.’ You’ve got people running around in outfits.’ Of course, there are outfitted people and there’s superhero stuff, but it’s not just ripping off ‘Batman.’
Cory Barlog
I’m not to be confused with Natasha Henstridge in ‘Species,’ where I just emerge out of the weird alien womb looking amazing. I really rely heavily on my black outfits and my gold chains to give me sort of a thing.
Natasha Lyonne
So I plan to prepare thoroughly and have several outfits waiting in the wings in case of inclement weather.
Lisa Guerrero
There’s always a mismatch between small entrepreneurial outfits and large companies, which often don’t have the same outlook.
Walt Mossberg
I went through phases of odd hairstyles and tank top-over-tee outfits and stuff like that.
Jamie Lynn Sigler
Being young, and having your mom come to school with the laced-up hats and the crazy outfits are definitely moments to remember.
The bikini scenes in ‘Billa’ were vital because they showed me as a seductress. I’d like to say here that outfits define a character and help an actor, say, 30 per cent, the rest depends on one’s histrionic skills.
Anushka Shetty