Pleased Quotes

Pleased Quotes by Rowan Williams, Yolanda King, Mahesh Babu, Ed Balls, Cristina Saralegui, Greg Rutherford and many others.

I am pleased that Prince Charles and Mrs Camilla Parker

I am pleased that Prince Charles and Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles have decided to take this important step.
Rowan Williams
My father was not really pleased when I told him of my choice to train as an actress, when he was with us in this dimension.
Yolanda King
I have been very pleased at the response we have got for ‘SVSC.’
Mahesh Babu
Saddam Hussein was a horrible man, and I am pleased he is no longer running Iraq. But the war was wrong.
Ed Balls
Like Winston Churchill said, ‘Never give up,’ and I won’t give up. It’s a miracle that we even got on the air, and I’m very pleased with the ratings and the response.
Cristina Saralegui
I am pleased I went from fourth back into a medal position, but bronze is not good enough for me.
Greg Rutherford
Nature should have been pleased to have made this age miserable, without making it also ridiculous.
Elizabeth Hardwick
I am pleased for Poland as a country, that new motorways are being constructed, new businesses, new stadiums.
Lukas Podolski
I think sports and bodybuilding were the only things that saved me from getting beat up. People are not pleased, for whatever reason, when you can answer all the questions in class. If not for the respect I got from track, cross-country, wrestling and bodybuilding, it would have been a disaster.
Aaron Patzer
I am pleased about making a comeback in Bollywood, but then I really cannot think about leaving South Indian cinema. Whatever I am today is because of South films, and I cannot give up on that.
The earth was made so various, that the mind Of desultory man, studious of change, And pleased with novelty, might be indulged.
William Cowper
Audiences are always better pleased with a smart retort, some joke or epigram, than with any amount of reasoning.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
I knew Jim was going down, but was very pleased that somehow, despite his self-destruction, when we rehearsed, wrote songs and recorded, he showed up. He pulled it together.
John Densmore
23andMe is pleased to bring public funding to bear on data and research driven by the public – our more than 180,000 customers.
Anne Wojcicki
If you ask the Polish people, I believe that a vast majority of them would say they are pleased with E.U. membership, but also a majority consider very highly the sovereignty and independence of Poland – they are very attached to Polish tradition.
Andrzej Duda
I was very pleased that the positive things about me and my game outshone the aggressive style of play I use. I would never tone that down, because I believe in that style of play, and I believe that you can play rough on the court and still be a good sport.
Sue Wicks
Finishing overall champion at the World Series in both the individual and synchro events has given me great confidence and I’m pleased I’ve been diving with consistency.
Tom Daley
I am pleased to be endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Like Sheriff Joe, I believe that illegal immigration is a major problem that undermines the rule of law.
Ron DeSantis
I got a little bit pleased with myself. I didn’t buy a Rolls-Royce or anything like that but I didn’t see my biological family for a while. I was getting a bit self-important and they told me. They dragged me back.
Les Dennis
My birth neither shook the German Empire nor caused much of an upheaval in the home. It pleased mother, caused father a certain amount of pride and my elder brother the usual fraternal jealousy of a hitherto only son.
Conrad Veidt
Now being in such grace and favor by reason I learned him some points of geometry and understanding of the art of mathematics with other things, I pleased him so that what I said he would not contrary.
William Adams
I was very pleased, obviously, to have outsold such great writers. But I’m not insane – I do realize that I am a popular writer who people buy to take on vacation.
Maeve Binchy
That’s what I paint, I paint people. They’re portraits, but you won’t always be pleased with the way you look in my paintings. Which is fine, I guess. Unless you’re buying it, and it’s of your kid!
Jemima Kirke
I performed in Sydney some years ago for the Sydney Festival and I am just so pleased to be returning to the wonderful Sydney Opera House and also performing in Melbourne for the first time.
Lesley Garrett
If you like your brother and he’s prospering, you’ll be pleased for him.
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
I’m rather pleased with the new manuals. I see Inform now as a gauche young adult, having got past the stage of growing out of his shoes every few months.
Graham Nelson
It’s quite difficult to explain, but I really enjoyed playing against Arsenal, and I’m really pleased that we had great results against them during my career.
Park Ji-sung
We measure very carefully what the positives are and I think it is less than one tenth of one percent, so we are very pleased with the accuracy of our biometric checks and we continue to monitor that.
Asa Hutchinson
I’ve been pleased to work with so many wonderful stars through the years. This has been an amazing journey. I hope it continues.
Keanu Reeves
One question you ask as a writer or any kind of artist when you start making something is, ‘Does this have reason to exist in the world?’ And you’re reassured when you get little confirmations that people are pleased it did exist – whether they buy a ticket, whether it gets good reviews, whether it transfers.
Mike Bartlett
We need comprehensive immigration reform. Dr. King wouldn’t be pleased at all to know that there are millions of people living in the shadow, living in fear in places like Georgia and Alabama.
John Lewis
We were on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily, which was hardly rock ‘n’ roll, but it pleased me.
Gary Kemp
I chose to dive into a pool of cold water in ‘Ooty’ though the director suggested that we use a stuntman. I was pleased with the applause but I took precautions.
Delhi Ganesh
If anyone ever asked me what I had to complain about it would not have taken long to tell them. Maybe I was just easily pleased.
Len G. Murray
You mentioned the Free Trade Agreement and yes I can’t tell you how pleased we are that Morocco is one of the countries that our country is going to begin negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with.
Donald Evans
I was so pleased to be offered ‘Doctor Who.’
William Hartnell
I look for a sense of reality with everything I did. I didn’t work in a studio, I didn’t light anything. I found a way of working which pleased me because I didn’t have to frighten people with heavy equipment. It was that little black box and me and ВЈ5 worth of film in my pocket or maybe it was only ВЈ2 in those days.
Eve Arnold
Flirting is the gentle art of making a man feel pleased with himself.
Helen Rowland
I was always attracted most to joining City, and I am pleased to be at such a good club with such a big ambition as Manchester City.
Edin Dzeko
I imagine a child. That child is me. I can reconstruct and vividly remember portions of my own childhood. I can see, taste, smell, feel, and hear them. Then what I do is, not write about that kid or about his world, but start to think of a book that would have pleased him.
Daniel Pinkwater
A huge number of real ‘Chase’ fans have taken me to their hearts and people are recognizing me out and about and are saying how pleased they are with me making a refreshing change to the lineup – not that they don’t like the other guys but people like that we’re all different.
Jenny Ryan
We’re very pleased to be on a show which is known and loved around the world.
Harry Shearer
I’m pleased with our state’s willingness to support responsible off-shore energy production while also giving special focus to enhance the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Cindy Hyde-Smith
I’m astonished to say, but people are really pleased to hear what happened to me, the way I got a little bit more confident, the people I’ve met, and the things I didn’t know.
Roger Rees
Increased funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program is a priority for the Bush Administration, and I am pleased that many families in North Carolina will benefit from this increase.
Richard Burr
When I lament and darken over my diminishments, I accomplish nothing. It’s better to sit at the window all day, pleased to watch birds, barns, and flowers.
Donald Hall
I’m just very pleased and thankful that there was a receptive audience of people that I was able to connect with.
Fab Five Freddy
One day it hit me: Truest friends, God bless their hearts, could not care less. They love you, they’re pleased you’re getting married and, ultimately, they don’t give a fig how you get it done.
Lynn Coady
If players are pleased to come off the pitch, that says they are not interested and don’t want to be on there.
Rob Page
I’m very pleased to play for Manchester United. I want to hep the team get into the Champions League.
Angel Di Maria
I am completely grateful and pleased for the attention and the recognition I’ve received for playing the roles that I’ve played.
Sara Ramirez
The story was such that I couldn’t make a graceful ending and then make a graceful new beginning. I could have, but I didn’t want to. So, it isn’t the most graceful way of writing a story. This new story is, I think, is pretty good stuff. I’m pleased with it anyway.
Jack Vance
When the new ownership came in, they made some decisions I wasn’t pleased with. And when they changed the whole aspect of it, I just totally lost interest.
Alonzo Mourning
I’m very pleased how my children have turned out.
Carol Vorderman
I am much pleased to find how very well I stand work & how my powers of attention & continued effort increase.
Ada Lovelace
It has pleased no less than surprised me that of the many studies whereby I have sought to extend the field of general chemistry, the highest scientific distinction that there is today has been awarded for those on catalysis.
Wilhelm Ostwald
Mitch and I have known each other for such a long time, and we’re both so pleased to be given this opportunity at this point in our lives to play characters that we’ve never really had a chance to play before. It’s a great gift. Plus we’re wise enough to appreciate it.
Susan Sullivan
What I’m most pleased about is that there’s no particular decline. The songs I wrote 40 years ago are no worse and no better – there’s a consistency.
Randy Newman
The only advantage of not being too good a housekeeper is that your guests are so pleased to feel how very much better they are.
Eleanor Roosevelt
A cat can be trusted to purr when she is pleased, which is more than can be said for human beings.
William Inge
I’ve always been interested in medicine and was pleased when my brother became a doctor. But after thinking seriously about that field, I realized that what intrigued me was not the science, not the chemistry or biology of medicine, but the narrative – the story of each patient, each illness.
Lois Lowry
I would love it if every talk show let me say whatever I pleased.
Chris Bell
I am really pleased to sign permanently with St. Etienne. It was my ambition in coming to St. Etienne. This is one of the finest passages of my young career.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
I remember as a kid being asked if I was Jewish or Irish. I said, like the glib little 15-year-old I was, ‘You can be both.’ Feeling very pleased with myself. Before they smacked me.
Lenny Abrahamson
If someone wants to eat healthy, they can do that and get the sandwich exactly right. I’m so pleased we’re able to influence so many people and their eating habits.
Fred DeLuca
For the scientists, they’re kind of puzzled and pleased that somebody finds their work interesting. It makes it fun for me. I feel like I’ve sort of turned over a stone that hasn’t been turned over.
Mary Roach
It has pleased and interested me to see how I could get along under difficult circumstances and with so much discomfort but as I say I was not sent out here to improve my temper or my health or to make me more content with my good things in the East.
Richard Harding Davis
I started in an asbestos filled room on some thin judo mats and the first time I was in a ring was my first match. We did shows for 50 people and were pleased with that.
Pete Dunne
Tonight, I am pleased to announce that I have secured $1 million from the Convention Host Committee to fund the beautification of Boston’s neighborhoods.
Thomas Menino
I try to do everything to say, ‘OK, will my mother like this? Will she be pleased? Will she be proud of that? How do I know she’s happy and she’s smiling down at me from heaven?’ And that’s what I try to go by and walk by.
Jennifer Hudson
I’m pleased to be a part of a ‘new breed’ of models who perhaps don’t exactly fit the status quo.
Devon Aoki
Clearly I am pleased to be of interest to a club like Juve, but I repeat I am very happy in Paris.
Marco Verratti
Everyone I built a course for thinks they have the best golf course in the world and I’m very pleased and proud of that.
Arnold Palmer
Most of the time, I’m pleased that people don’t recognize me. But I don’t hate it when they do.
Peter Finch
From a child I was fond of reading, and all the little money that came into my hands was ever laid out in books. Pleased with the ‘Pilgrim’s Progress,’ my first collection was of John Bunyan’s works in separate little volumes.
Benjamin Franklin
I am grateful my own eternal companion served a mission in Hawaii before we were married in the Salt Lake Temple, and I am pleased that I have had three granddaughters serve full-time missions.
Ezra Taft Benson
I think I subconsciously put myself in these situations where the girlfriend isn’t pleased with me. I’m useless as a boyfriend. That’s how I managed to write all these songs.
Tom Odell
As a kid, I had a lot of energy; but the ballet lessons made me calm – this pleased my mother.
Penelope Cruz
Our father was a farmer and an entrepreneur as well as a musician, and we’re pleased to deliver the fine taste of Jamaican coffee and our family’s heritage to people everywhere through Marley’s One Drop.
Rohan Marley
I’m pleased to say I grew up in a happy family in Dublin. I feel we’re very close.
Domhnall Gleeson
I am pretty pleased. I will be on the Olympic podium, so you can’t be more happy.
Emma McKeon
Our Heavenly Father is pleased when we don’t compromise our faith and principles in times of desperation.
David Green
The Reformers, therefore, as instruments in the hands of God, in delivering the Church from bondage to prelates, did not make it a tumultuous multitude, in which every man was a law to himself, free to believe, and free to do what he pleased.
Charles Hodge
The paso doble is my favourite dance on ‘Strictly,’ so I’m so pleased I get to do it.
Rachel Riley
I’m also very pleased that we were able to include a full orchestrated score for Dragon’s Lair 3D. The 40 different music pieces blend with the action to make you feel more a part of the whole adventure.
Don Bluth
I am pleased to see portions of my own robocall bill, the ‘Stopping Bad Robocalls Act,’ incorporated in the TRACED Act.
Jeff Van Drew
I was very excited and pleased when I got the opportunity to play Lisa Hayden’s role. I saw the original version of ‘Queen’ and feel the role has so much to offer.
Shibani Dandekar
If there is dissatisfaction with the status quo, good. If there is ferment, so much the better. If there is restlessness, I am pleased. Then let there be ideas, and hard thought, and hard work. If man feels small, let man make himself bigger.
Hubert H. Humphrey
There was always a piano in the house when I was growing up – my dad played, and I thought it was cool – and when I was eight, I begged my parents to let me have lessons. After a couple of weeks, I wanted to give up, but my parents were very focused and made me keep going, which I’m very pleased about now.
Laura Mvula
I’m incredibly pleased to be working with Marco Palmieri and Tor Books on ‘The Geek Feminist Revolution.’ This was an exciting book to pitch and is proving to be a lot of fun to put together.
Kameron Hurley
I was suffering a divorce, and I was very unhappy because my children were very young. It hit me when a woman, a fan, was chatting with me. She was pleased to meet Big Bird because her children liked him and liked the show, but she didn’t know that my face was streamed with tears.
Caroll Spinney
I guess I’m pleased and proud of the respect of my peers, and that when I disappear from the scene or from this earth, I will have left a mark. They’ll say, ‘He did it well.’ I like being funny; it opens people up.
Robert Klein
Help me by whatever you are pleased to do in your provinces.
Muqtada al Sadr
I think a lot of it had to do with, you know, I was always a daddy’s girl. I was always wanting to please him, and I think he was pleased when he’d walk past my room and I was listening to those records.
Lee Ann Womack
You will be pleased to know I stand obediently for the national anthem, though of course I would defend your right to remain seated should you so decide.
Ira Glasser
The problem with looking in the mirror is that you never know how you will feel about what you see. Sometimes, when my hormones are out of sync, I have no interest in the mirror, and if I do look I think everything is all wrong. Other times, I am quite pleased with what I see.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I am pleased, with a feeling of good fortune, to be from Selanik. If you want to know the truth better, I feel that my chest is overflowing with a feeling of pride.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
I’ve come to Milan because I think I can play; otherwise, I wouldn’t have come here. I’m pleased they were interested in me.
Gerard Deulofeu
You hear a lot of horror stories about proposing and things going horribly wrong – it went really, really well and I was really pleased when she said yes.
Prince William
I think Dr. King would be pleased to see the number of elected officials of color – African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and progressive whites.
John Lewis
Sometimes we deny being worthy of praise, hoping to generate an argument we would be pleased to lose.
Cullen Hightower
Success is a funny thing. It means different things to different people. For me, I am always pleased when people connect to our brand. It means we are executing in a manner that speaks to a wide variety of businesses.
John Varvatos
I’m sorry that I haven’t won the PGA Championship. That would be something that would have pleased me very much. I suppose when I look back, I have a lot of reasons and excuses for not having won the PGA.
Arnold Palmer
I started writing my own symphony. I wrote about a page and a half. My mum and dad took it into music class and gave it, pleased as punch, to the teacher, Miss Montgomery. She played it on the piano for them. So I think they’re the only ones that ever heard it.
Mark Bonnar
I don’t think I prefer writing for one age group above another. I am just as pleased with a story which I feel works well for very small children as I do with a story for young adults.
Margaret Mahy
I was very pleased with the way that the show ended creatively and personally. It just feels like we’ve completed the piece. And now to be able to step back a little bit and look at it from beginning to end, I feel good about the complete story that is ‘Battlestar Galactica.’
Ronald D. Moore
The great gift of conversation lies less in displaying it ourselves than in drawing it out of others. He who leaves your company pleased with himself and his own cleverness is perfectly well pleased with you.
Jean de la Bruyere
I’m just part of a tradition of people who aren’t pleased. I would never think anyone else who has the same attitude was getting it from me. I’d just think they’re… sensible.
Jack Dee
I have been pleased to receive petitions from groups that seek a range of new gun control measures and groups and individuals who believe additional laws are unnecessary or unwise.
Rodney Frelinghuysen
‘Devdas’ is the first Hindi commercial film to be seen at Cannes. And ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ is getting a whole lot of appreciation abroad. I’m pleased.
Sanjay Leela Bhansali
I cannot be much pleased without an appearance of truth; at least of possibility I wish the history to be natural though the sentiments are refined; and the characters to be probable, though their behaviour is excelling.
Frances Burney
I have somewhere met with the epitaph on a charitable man which has pleased me very much. I cannot recollect the words, but here is the sense of it: ‘What I spent I lost; what I possessed is left to others; what I gave away remains with me.’
Joseph Addison
I am pleased to say that I am not a tortured comedian – I laugh a lot. My twenties weren’t particularly happy, but it’s the same for a lot of people. In your thirties, you realise that your life and your worries are really insignificant, and you have to force yourself to be more positive and take each day as a gift.
Miranda Hart
I’m always pleased when people respond to the work.
Edward James Olmos
I am always pleased to be asked to write a poem.
Carol Ann Duffy
Working as a teaboy may have helped my confidence, but not everyone else was so pleased. I could never remember who had milk or how many sugars, and I had an unusual talent for spilling tea on the recording console.
Rick Astley
I thought it would be interesting to try something in Hollywood after a movie like ‘Valhalla Rising,’ which I was really pleased with, personally.
Nicolas Winding Refn
I’m pleased that some economists and sociologists are beginning to talk about, for example, alternative measures of human well-being – alternative, that is, to GDP, on which the world runs.
John Sulston
I’m very pleased with being a part of the Bean Pole family. It’s a relationship that makes sense to me. I’m very pleased to have my name associated with Bean Pole Jeans.
Wentworth Miller
No, I’m never pleased if we don’t win some type of championship, meaning Big 12 or national.
Bob Stoops
I am very pleased to be back in F1 and to have signed to drive for Minardi.
Jos Verstappen
My father was placid and easygoing. He owned a small shoe store where I helped out on Saturdays. I think he’d have been pleased if I’d made a career of working in the shoe store. But my mother was ambitious. She encouraged us to read books, and she pushed us toward a musical education.
Alan W. Livingston
I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Behold the child, by Nature’s kindly law pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw.
Alexander Pope
I am pleased to tell you that he is finally getting some rest and is regaining his appetite as well.
LaToya Jackson
I was a bit worried coming back to the Premiership from America, but I have been pleased with my form, and the interest I have received has been good for my ego. I have no worries about my fitness, and I am really looking forward to the season starting now.
Richard Gough
This one, even though it called for San Francisco, I think they wanted to initially shoot part of the film up here, you know get the exteriors and then go back to L.A. We really fought to get it up here and I think Paramount was really pleased.
Philip Kaufman
There are a lot of women at my gigs. The first show I headlined was a sea of women, which I can’t complain about. I’m pleased these 18-year-old girls like my music.
Tom Odell
I was growing up in England and England was the only national team I knew, so I was actually very pleased to play at the national level.
Alex Iwobi
I was pleased Melissa Leo won Best Supporting Actress for ‘The Fighter’ at the Oscars. I hope that her outfits are maintained in some cinema museum.
Frank Skinner
I sat with him for three hours and we did not exchange a single word. At the end he handed me, as he had done before, an envelope with money in it. It would have been much nicer if he had enclosed a greeting or a loving word. I would have been so pleased if he had.
Eva Braun
I’m pleased to offer analysis of public policy and politics to the millions of Americans who get their news from Fox.
Evan Bayh
Rush has done some top-notch quality work, and we’re very, very pleased with them. We really enjoy working with them. They are on time and on budget, which makes me happy.
Mark Russell
I sublimate different parts of my personality through my characters. Which is worrying, as some of them can be a bit nasty. I’m pleased the stuff on the page isn’t inside me any more.
Joanne Harris
I guess I judge my films by how pleased I am with the work I do, so it’s kind of on another level. If they do well at the box office, then that’s great. Then I’m really pleased about that too.
Hugo Weaving
I wasn’t thinking of the longevity of any of my songs, but I am extremely pleased with the lasting effect.
Graham Nash
Pleasure is a necessary reciprocal. No one feels, who does not at the same time give it. To be pleased, one must please. What pleases you in others, will in general please them in you.
Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield
Our judgments when we are pleased and friendly are not the same as when we are pained and hostile.
NSS is pleased that VP Pence has provided a strong endorsement for public-private partnerships in space.
Bruce Pittman
When I was in elementary school, I was very interested in science already. I must have been ten or eleven years old. I started experiments with chemistry sets at my home in Mexico. I was able to borrow a bathroom and convert it to a laboratory. My parents supported it. They were pleased. My friends just tolerated it.
Mario J. Molina
I was scared I was going to have some weird shape to my head and I was pleased that I didn’t.
Edward Furlong
In LA I was watching At the Movies with Ebert and Roper, it was, nice to see them differentiate between the subject matter and the art form of making the film, and they both gave it thumbs up, and I was kind of pleased at their honesty as far as reviewers go.
Michael Berryman
Back when I was young, lists seemed like fences on the open range. But secretly, I was pleased to be corralled among other literary thoroughbreds.
Clive Sinclair
I’m very pleased with how far I’ve come, and I see my injuries and my scars and all my buddies and everybody that was at Walter Reid with me, you know I see it almost as a form of character.
Kyle Carpenter
When you work on a movie, you just have no idea how it’s going to come out; you hope it’s good, but you don’t really know, and you don’t see it until about six or nine months afterward, and I saw it and was pretty pleased.
Rachel True
I will stay very focused on my responsibilities as Secretary of Commerce and the economy’s doing well. I mean, you asked about some of the challenges that we have or what is going on in the world and you know I, I’m pleased to report that the economy is doing extremely well.
Donald Evans
The two most common charges against the older fiction, that it pleased wickedly and that it taught nothing, had broken down before the discovery, except in illiberal sects, that the novel is fitted both for honest use and for pleasure.
Carl Clinton Van Doren
I am remarkably pleased with Obama. I had grave misgivings about him.
Pat Robertson
I enjoyed working with Peter, I was very pleased when I heard he was going to be the Doctor.
Sarah Sutton
Burroughs was never really that pleased with the way popular culture and society treated his character. He tried to make a few movies of his own as a result, but they weren’t very good.
Brendan Fraser
I’m supremely grateful and seriously pleased that readers enjoy my words.
Alison Tyler
Some songs take months to get right, but ‘Let Her Go’ was so easy. I was no more pleased with it than any other song I’d written.
I’ve spoken several times with Prime Minister Erdogan about relations between Turkey and Israel. I’m pleased that, following President Obama’s visit to Israel, talks between Israel and Turkey are again taking place and hope that relations between them will further improve in the interest of both countries.
Angela Merkel
One of the things I sort of dreamt about awhile ago is that if Einstein were still alive, it would be absolutely wonderful to go to him and tell him about the discovery, and he would have been very pleased, I’m sure of that.
Rainer Weiss
I’m very honored and pleased to receive the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.
Tasuku Honjo
It pleased the public to think I lived the easy, carefree life – the playboy of golf.
Walter Hagen
I did a geography degree, and if you told me whilst I was ignoring my geography degree revision in order to watch another episode of ’24’ that one day I wouldn’t need that geography degree and I’d actually be in ’24,’ I’d have been quite pleased, I think.
Emily Berrington
Outside boxing, I did well in cross country competitions and I won a schoolboys’ doubles badminton tournament at once. I was pleased because it was a hobby to me.
Chris Eubank Jr.
When we went to cover it I thought we would change it to a song of loving and longing instead of the sex machine song Kylie turned it into. I’ve met Kylie and told her we were covering her song and she was pleased.
Wayne Coyne
I do feel that there is a little confusion in people’s minds between the real me and sitcom Miranda. I am pleased that people identify with the character, but I think they want me to be her and are disappointed that the real Miranda doesn’t actually fall into graves or be that rubbish at life.
Miranda Hart
It’s hard for me to just say, ‘Wow, this is amazing – I’m famous. I’m living the dream.’ I sit there and think, ‘I’m scared – this can go away tomorrow.’ My dad always says that I’m a tortured soul because I’m never pleased; I never feel like I deserve what I’ve achieved.
Shawn Mendes
I’m pleased to say my knee feels a lot better. It’s still not back to normal, and I don’t know if it ever will be, but I’m learning to deal with it instead of expecting it to be like it was before.
Shawn Johnson
I wrote a very bad play about Prince William when I was 23 in which he went off to the island of Iona to discover himself. It was very long, and audiences should probably be very pleased that the computer it was on blew up.
Mike Bartlett
Corney & Barrow are proud to have the royal warrant, meaning that they provide the Palace with some of the greatest – and necessarily most expensive – wines from around the world. I am pleased to say that they also hold my own warrant, for providing exceptional wines at – surprisingly – modest prices.
Simon Hoggart
I am honored to have heard from so many voters, supporters, and local elected officials who have been pleased with the work I have done on their behalf. They want and deserve a leader who will aggressively pursue strong conservative policies and get results. That’s exactly what I have done.
Paul Gosar
I’ve been actually really very pleased to see how much awareness was raised around bullying, and how deeply it affects everyone. You know, you don’t have to be the loser kid in high school to be bullied. Bullying and being picked on comes in so many different forms.
Lady Gaga
When Cristiano burst on to the scene here in Manchester, he spent a good chunk of his early career here and enjoyed so much success. That’s why it was a dream of mine to play for Manchester United and I’m very pleased to be here because it’s a childhood dream come true.
Bruno Fernandes
Among the remedies which it has pleased Almighty God to give to man to relieve his sufferings, none is so universal and so efficacious as opium.
Thomas Sydenham
I was quite pleased that Prince Philip didn’t say anything like, I hate queers! He was quite well behaved.
Allan Carr
I have a terrible temper. I have absolutely no problem with getting shouty or a bit physical. It’s not something I’m pleased about and it doesn’t happen very often, but it’s very much there.
Michael Sheen
I’m never pleased with anything, I’m a perfectionist, it’s part of who I am.
Michael Jackson
I suppose the thing I’m quite pleased about is that I am, I would hope, a role model for girls and younger women who are thinking about doing science.
Alice Roberts
I am pleased with the fitness that I have.
Lin Dan
No, I was pleased that it is possible for somebody who makes full disclosure as I’ve done, not only of the contributors, but also how the money is spent.
Bill Scott
In almost everything that touches our everyday life on earth, God is pleased when we’re pleased. He wills that we be as free as birds to soar and sing our maker’s praise without anxiety.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
I’m really pleased with WPS and the quality of players and the teams.
Tobin Heath
I think it’s important that there is a change, especially in fashion. I’m pleased to be part of a ‘new breed’ of models who perhaps don’t exactly fit the status quo.
Devon Aoki
In those days I was new to covers; merely felt pleased that a story of mine had been honored. I later met Rogers who did some of my early covers and I was impressed with him.
A. E. van Vogt
You only can do what you can do. Just make sure you’re pleased with it as a individual and then you know some people gonna like it some people ain’t, that’s just part of the game.
I’ll be pleased when I’m dead. That will let me off worrying about all these wars.
Doris Lessing
The art of pleasing consists in being pleased.
William Hazlitt
Public humiliation comes to us all, and never so surely as when we’re just a little bit pleased with ourselves and feel, just for once, that everything is going our way.
Kate Reardon
I have been extremely pleased to support the Trust’s work in the Lupus Unit ever since. Personal experience also motivated me to become involved to help raise the awareness of the disease and hopefully thereby improve the speed of diagnosis.
Elaine Paige
We younger Negro artists who create now intend to express our individual dark-skinned selves without fear or shame. If white people are pleased, we are glad. If they are not, it doesn’t matter. We know we are beautiful. And ugly too.
Langston Hughes
I mean, I am relatively pleased with myself and the world. But I don’t assume that I’m liked.
Gyles Brandreth
I grew up in a home where I was literally told from a young age, ‘No daughter of mine will ever wash a man’s socks,’ and I am pleased to say I never have. It was made clear that whatever I wanted to do I should aspire to, regardless of my gender.
Noreena Hertz
It’s totally different. I usually don’t tell people about the Pleased if they know me from the harp. And if they are there to see the Pleased, I usually don’t tell them about the harp. I am nervous that these people will expect something similar.
Joanna Newsom
I am pleased now that I have lived in a gay as well as a religious ghetto, though it hasn’t been very comfortable. Taken together, their limitations cancel each other out and I have seen the world more kindly and more honestly.
Lionel Blue
Our farmers round, well pleased with constant gain, Like other farmers, flourish and complain.
George Crabbe
The short English miles are delightful for walking. You are always pleased to find, every now and then, in how short a time you have walked a mile, though, no doubt, a mile is everywhere a mile, I walk but a moderate pace, and can accomplish four English miles in an hour.
Karl Philipp Moritz
You can have your country and be pleased to welcome others to it. You can have your country and still enjoy living elsewhere.
Howard Jacobson
I was pleased that two very disparate photographs, two images that each worked in their own way had appealed enough to other people for them to buy them. I was also relieved they weren’t the last ones purchased, and that they sold for a pound more than the frame was worth.
Graeme Le Saux
I’ve tried to figure out ways to be less pleased other than the search for perfection. Talk about a thing that’ll make you have a miserable life. On that quest, on that journey, down that path, there’s a lot of feelings of, ‘Why am I doing all this?’
Dennis DeYoung
Always feeling secondary and just being a voice rather than known as the song writer and artist… it’s been a challenge to even get music videos of most of the features I’m on, so I’m pleased people are starting to recognise me as an artist in my own right.
Becky Hill
Reaching out to other people is important work. I am so pleased and honored that I’m getting the attention from the young people on social media. It’s been missing.
Maxine Waters
The strength in our third-quarter financial results is cause for excitement. I’m particularly pleased that we continue to demonstrate impressive growth at the same time we are engaged in important merger discussions.
Bernard Ebbers
Obama routinely pushed policy that pleased the tech-savvy, including his successful effort to keep broadband suppliers from giving preferential treatment to bigger web companies over individuals.
Jenna Wortham
If trade deficits are good, why is China so pleased that they run a huge trade surplus? It’s perfectly obvious that if China hadn’t been such a huge net-exporter, it never would have grown at the rate that it did.
Wilbur Ross
Being elected to Congress, though I am very grateful to our friends for having done it, has not pleased me as much as I expected.
Abraham Lincoln
I’m very pleased to be part of the XCOR team and look forward to working with friends and colleagues on many of the exciting development efforts at XCOR, including the family of Lynx vehicles.
Brian Binnie
I’m living my life for an audience of one. I live my life to please God. And I believe if He’s pleased, that people like my mother and my daddy, my grandparents, you know, my husband, my children, they’ll be pleased.
Anne Graham Lotz
Happiness for me is totally just being at peace knowing that, everything I’m doing, God is pleased with that. It’s complete peace for me.
Tyler Perry
People are getting famous now for serving food out of a truck, or for, well, pork buns. I don’t know if I’m really pleased to be a part of that. I’m somewhat terrified of what the future holds, especially in America.
David Chang
For it pleased God, after he had made all things by the word of his power, to create man after his own image.
George Whitefield
I am particularly pleased to see that the Bendheim Center for Finance is thriving.
Ben Bernanke
If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.
Katharine Hepburn
I wanted to just come out and continue to improve my game, continue to improve my mental capacity to play well in tournaments. I’ve had a slow year compared to last year, but I’ve been pleased because I felt like I was getting better.
Webb Simpson
I’m so happy that the first time Russell and I saw ‘Annette’ with an audience was at the Cannes Film Festival, and even more pleased that it got such a strong positive reaction because that’s pretty much the top honor when it comes to screening a film.
Ron Mael
People would say, ‘Boy, I really loved you in Ferris Bueller,” and it would really aggravate me. I thought I was a one-trick pony, and people had seen the trick. Now that things have worked out and I’ve gone on to other things, I’m really pleased that people enjoy it.
Alan Ruck
There’ve been lots of positive changes in the city since I worked at Salford Tech in the seventies, and I’m pleased to be known as Salford’s Bard and to have helped put it on the map.
John Cooper Clarke
It was inevitable at some point that I would bump into one of my father’s plays. The reality of the situation is that I’m a jobbing actor, and any actor would give their eye-teeth to have one of those roles. It’s a no-brainer! I’m pleased the stars have aligned around ‘Arcadia.’
Ed Stoppard
Michael was very specific during rehearsals. When he was pleased, he always had this charming grin.
Madeleine Stowe
The eye must be easy, before it can be pleased.
William Shenstone
I am pleased to see that many of the world’s leaders have publicly recognized that the crisis in the Middle East was deliberately incited by terrorist organizations.
Alcee Hastings
July 2. A beautiful day for Labrador. Went ashore and killed nothing, but was pleased with what I saw. The country is so grandly wild and desolate that I am charmed by its wonderful dreariness.
John James Audubon
We have been so pleased with the response to our unique schools in the Nashville area, and we are confident that other areas will embrace our concept, as well.
Scott Thompson
I would have to say honestly I was very pleased to be in a film whether it was good or bad with De Niro, Norton and Brando even if I don’t have any scenes with them, I thought it was pretty good company to keep.
Angela Bassett
I certainly know that on our first tour of America in 1968, David Crosby came to see us backstage at the Fillmore East in New York, and I was very pleased to meet him from Buffalo Springfield and that kind of stuff. He didn’t ask me anything about the music, but he said, ‘Where’d you get your clothes, man?’
Justin Hayward
All of us who are convinced that our military needs all the support the government and public will provide are pleased that he will have his chance to do just that.
Alex Morrison
Thou knowest how long and loyally I served the king in his worldly affairs. For that cause, it pleased him to promote me to the office which now I hold. When I consented, it was for the sake of the king alone. When I was elected, I was formally acquitted of my responsibilities for all that I had done as a chancellor.
Thomas Becket
I’m pleased with my life, with the journey.
Tina Turner
I think it’s doing very well. I’m pleased to see the concentration on semiconductors. I think this will help.
Jack Kilby
In 1914, there were two countries in the world that required you to have a passport if you wanted to enter – Czarist Russia and the Ottomans. Anywhere else, you could come and go as you pleased.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
I’m really pleased with the way my career is shaping up. How many actresses get a chance to work with legends like Mani Ratnam and Sanjay Leela Bhansali?
Aditi Rao Hydari
America wasn’t founded so that we could all be better. America was founded so we could all be anything we damned well pleased.
P. J. O’Rourke
My brother was always going to go in the direction of football. With me, it was more between school and football. Eventually, it worked out for both of us. We’re pleased to have gone down that path. I’m proud that my parents always supported us, in good and in bad times. You need that.
Granit Xhaka
France is a pretty stable democracy, but incidents occur. And I was pleased to have police accompaniment.
James Douglas
At the age of 16 I started performing with a dance band in the evenings and began earning more money than my father, but he was pleased for me.
Jack Bruce
English clubs should not be pleased to go to places like Barcelona and get away without a thrashing. They should be able to compete. They have the resources.
Paul Scholes
I’m always pleased with my work. Absolutely.
Tom Jenkinson
He makes people pleased with him by making them first pleased with themselves.
Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield
Beauty, like ice, our footing does betray; Who can tread sure on the smooth, slippery way: Pleased with the surface, we glide swiftly on, And see the dangers that we cannot shun.
John Dryden
I discovered that in a story I could safely dream any dream, hope any hope, go anywhere I pleased any time I pleased, fight any foe, win or lose, live or die. My stories created a safe experimental learning place.
Donald Davis
I have fantastic memories. It was a memorable time in my life, and I was pleased to get the chance to come to Barcelona and help the team.
Edgar Davids
As much as I don’t want to admit it, my fans are the only ones that can hurt my feelings when they’re not pleased with what I’m presenting. I want it to be perfect for them. I want them to have a different sense of pride in my music.
‘Philomena’ was even better than I had expected. I was so pleased to see the evil Irish nuns thoroughly exposed, and I thought Judi Dench gave a flawless performance, as did everybody else.
Claire Tomalin
I explained to the president that I’ve been pleased with my conversations with the Attorney General and Civil Rights Division regarding their helpful understanding that they aren’t taking over this investigation, but are conducting a parallel review of the events that led to Michael Brown’s death.
Roy Blunt
The Lord knows that I could not open scripture; he must by his prophetical office open it unto me. So after that being unsatisfied in the thing, the Lord was pleased to bring this scripture out of the Hebrews.
Anne Hutchinson
Witticism. A sharp and clever remark, usually quoted and seldom noted; what the Philistine is pleased to call a joke.
Ambrose Bierce
I’m pleased to have the support of working men and women throughout the state of Wisconsin. And I found in the primary I did. Now the key is to get that turnout activated. And we know we can do that. Again, the temperature here is very, very high on both sides of the aisle.
Tom Barrett
One thing I learned is that the park by the river in a recent story, ‘Getting Closer,’ is the same park by the river that appears for a moment near the end of ‘The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad,’ a story first published 23 years earlier. This echo at first irritated me, then pleased me deeply.
Steven Millhauser
I did a pilot for a show about community support officers, and all the community support officers were pleased that we didn’t portray them as idiots.
Rhys Thomas
To represent your country at a home Olympics is something special and I’m over the moon to be selected for Team GB. I was pleased to get the qualifying time in Berlin earlier this year and my sole focus is getting in the right shape for London.
Paula Radcliffe
The man who seeks to please God is the man who people are pleased with. The man who seeks to please others won’t satisfy anyone.
Edwin Louis Cole
Well, unfortunately, my father passed away before my first book was published, so he never lived to see me as an author. But I think my mum was suitably pleased because she was mad about words. If she ever came across a word that she didn’t know, she would always look it up in the dictionary.
Geraldine McCaughrean
The economics favour one-man comedy shows: all you need is one person, a microphone and a PA system. But I’m pleased so many people are making a living out of comedy – it’s a wonderful business to be in.
Paul Merton
In a way, sometimes I was quite pleased when I got beat, ‘cos then I could do my antics.
Jimmy White
She viewed us as being married. There were times in order to avoid confusion that she would present me as, ‘My husband, Rob,’ but never as, ‘my partner,’ or ‘my life partner,’ or anything like that. What always pleased me or always sounded so nice was, ‘Have you met my Rob?’ Or, ‘This is my Rob.’
Robert Wolders
I think about the audience in the sense that I serve as my own audience. I have to please myself the way, if I saw the movie in a theater, I would be pleased. Do I think about catering to an audience? No.
Shane Black
We are worried about the size of the deficit, which is why the president is pleased that the House and Senate have followed his lead in cutting the deficit in half over the next five years.
Ken Mehlman
If you go forward in the spirit of the original apostles and followers of Jesus Christ, trusting not in man but in the living God, he will enable you to pull down the strong holds of sin and Satan, and that work by which he is pleased will prosper in your hands.
Adam Clarke
It will really break my heart when I say bye to ‘Breakfast’… but I will be pleased to get my life back.
Sara Cox
I am very pleased with President Trump’s selection of Judge Neil Gorsuch as his first appointee to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Luther Strange
I’m pleased to support legislation to guarantee Israel has the resources to protect itself from existing and evolving threats from Iran, Hezbollah, and other bad actors.
Cindy Hyde-Smith
We are pleased to have acquired remake rights of ‘Comali’ for all languages in the world.
Boney Kapoor
Women spend their lives trying to look good for men. So a woman who feels she’s sending the right visual signals is pleased with herself.
Helen Fisher
War is one of the scourges with which it has pleased God to afflict men.
Cardinal Richelieu
I am pleased that my work has been recognized, and I hope to be a role model.
Guler Sabanci
As I have said many times – my father was a great fan of Bill Dickey’s and he certainly loved the Yankees. I hope that he would be pleased.
George Steinbrenner
It’s valid that the Strokes and the Pleased have been influenced by some of the same bands. But it’s invalid in the sense that we listen to the Strokes and try to sounds like them. I think that they are a good band.
Joanna Newsom
I’m a great lover of children. I never thought that one day I’d actually be a father, but I’m very pleased that I changed my mind. Children are extremely important. They are the future of the world.
Elton John
I’ve been to L.A. before, and I love the sunshine and the fact that people seem so genuinely nice and pleased to see you – which is so different from London. Maybe I’ll end up so tired of smiles and helpfulness that I’ll long for the rudeness and cynicism of home.
Helen George
I must say I am not pleased to have to arrange the Senate schedule around the availability of Senators who are running for President.
Arlen Specter
To say that a man is vain means merely that he is pleased with the effect he produces on other people.
Max Beerbohm
Pray God in the bowels of his mercy to send you his Holy Spirit; for he hath given you his great gift of utterance, if it pleased him also to open the eyes of your heart.
Jane Grey
I’m very pleased with the job President Bush is doing and he’s off to a terrific start.
John Engler
Everywhere I go, I am The Doctor, and everyone smiles at me – they are pleased to see Doctor Who, who’s far more exciting than I am.
Peter Capaldi
We’re never pleased when our ratings aren’t growing at the rate we would like, but we understand that circumstances will always have us going one way or the other from time to time.
Brian France
I am very pleased to recognize the important contributions of Vermont’s employee-owned companies by proclaiming October as Employee Ownership Month.
Phil Scott
I’d love to be one of those people who, whenever you see them, you feel pleased.
John Hurt
If we get to shoot the third one, which I’m really hoping we do, the third one’s great. There’s a big uprising and rebellion, and my character Gale’s a big part of that. If we get to shoot that, I’ll be very, very pleased.
Liam Hemsworth
When I was a boy, I was a worrier, and so was my son, Joe. I used to tell him that worrying meant he had an imagination and that one day he’d be pleased.
Anthony Browne
I’ve always thought a hotel ought to offer optional small animals. I mean a cat to sleep on your bed at night, or a dog of some kind to act pleased when you come in. You ever notice how a hotel room feels so lifeless?
Anne Tyler
I was actually very pleased that they let me do it, because I feel very deeply for breast cancer survivors. I don’t have it, but it is in my family. I’ve always been very aware of it. I go for mammograms and checkups.
Erika Slezak
I’ve always been pleased with the investments I’ve made with my friend Albert Frere and I regret not having followed him more, because I would have been a lot richer.
Bernard Arnault
To the house of a friend if you’re pleased to retire, You must all things admit, you must all things admire; You must pay with observance the price of your treat, You must eat what is praised, and must praise what you eat.
George Crabbe
When I was somewhere between child and adult, my father left us. My first family broke apart, but this liberated me to create a new family as I pleased.
Rumaan Alam
I am so pleased and happy, and I believe that the Almighty God has a plan for our nation by putting us in strategic positions in politics, business, and everywhere.
Yemi Osinbajo
My Uncle, of course, would have been pleased to see someone with brown skin holding the office of president.
Alveda King
When I got the invitation to be part of ‘The Ghost’ or ‘The Ghost Writer,’ as it’s now known, from Mr. Roman Polanski, my interest level was very piqued. I was very excited and pleased to get such an offer from Mr. Roman Polanski.
Pierce Brosnan
I’m real pleased and humbled by the support that the fans show.
Andy Biersack
There is no greater compliment for a writer than to have pleased a troubled child.
Rodman Philbrick
I am pleased that the President has signed an Executive Order this week requiring federal agencies to disclose information about prices and quality of healthcare services.
Timothy Murphy
I’m really pleased to have signed with Activate Management and am really looking forward to exploring my commercial opportunities with them around the world.
Simon Mignolet
I’m very pleased to be here. Let’s face it, at my age I’m very pleased to be anywhere.
George Burns
A pleased audience member is a pleased audience member, whether they’re in New York or Mumbai.
Paul W. S. Anderson
The U.K. courts were very clear that Abu Qatada posed a threat to our national security – that’s why we were pleased as a government to be able to remove him from the United Kingdom.
Theresa May
I often haven’t heard the music since I’ve recorded it. I don’t listen to it. When I do hear it, like at someone’s house, I’ll listen. I’m probably the most pleased with the stuff I did with New Grass Revival.
Leon Russell
If we have been pleased with life, we should not be displeased with death, since it comes from the hand of the same master.
Most of my childhood memories of my father are of being ignored. I was his namesake, but nothing I did ever pleased or even interested him. He enjoyed telling me I couldn’t do anything right.
Marlon Brando
If we take care of the customers and associates and grow the business, Wall Street will be pleased.
Lee Scott
My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.
Ronald Reagan
I’m pleased about representing any portion of Montclair.
Rodney Frelinghuysen
Success for me is to write what I think is a good song. When I’m pleased with it, that, for me, is a magical moment. I never lost that buzz.
Gilbert O’Sullivan
I am pleased to be part of Promontory’s steady efforts to assist banks and other financial firms in meeting legal and regulatory obligations and challenges.
Laurence D. Fink
As it is I’m very pleased at PSV.
Dries Mertens
If God is pleased in making you sick and unhappy, I hate God.
Ernestine Rose
I am very honored for all the distinctions and accolades, but what I am most sensitive to is my clientele and the fact they are pleased with my food and my restaurants.
Joel Robuchon
Life is having its way with me now. And I’m really pleased.
Jeff Bridges
Culture is the habit of being pleased with the best and knowing why.
Henry Van Dyke
I think I’ve had a certain amount of success at making phrases. I’m a good writer. But obviously, I’m incredibly flattered and pleased when people remember things that I say.
Robert Christgau
God, I hate the whole ladette thing. The more distance I get and look back at my party days, the more I’m kinda pleased I did it because it’s the last thing I’d want to do now.
Sara Cox
At the end of the day I’m pleased with the site I created.
Benjamin Cohen
There were moments in ‘Malala,’ I felt very moved by the storytelling, and ‘pleased’ would be the wrong word, but the music could be part of what moved me: that I was trying to contribute to something that was meaningful outside the realm of creative work but just more in terms of the world.
Thomas Newman
Well, the bottom line is that I’m extremely pleased with ‘The Stupids.’ I’m pleased that it’s coming out, and it should look good. It’s nice looking, with the colors and stuff. I made it for kids, and I really would like them to see it.
John Landis
Although it hath pleased God to hasten my death by you, by whom my life should rather have been lengthened, yet can I patiently take it, that I yield God more hearty thanks for shortening my woeful days.
Jane Grey
The process of putting the DVD and the CD together was great fun, because it provided a good excuse for the four of us to make time to get together again. I am especially pleased with the end result of these two projects.
Dave Blood
It’s special – when you start playing, you are aware of names like Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie; you have seen them playing and know what great players they are. So it’s fantastic to have a chance to line up with them. I’m really pleased with how that understanding has started off.
Angel Di Maria
No matter how many frustrations come along, or how many problems arise, I never lose the feeling of how lucky I am. I’m so pleased to be doing a job that makes me laugh every day. I’m aware that it’s a huge privilege.
Sharon Horgan
It is an honor to be awarded with such a high rating from an organization as well respected as the NAACP. I am pleased that the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the nation, has recognized my voting record.
Joe Baca
I’m really pleased that women like me as well as men. My fanbase is quite evenly split.
Kelly Brook
I was very pleased to see that things have come far, far away from the Diva Search days where it was, ‘Let’s have a bunch of girls in bikinis flop around and look stupid so the public can vote them on or off the show.’
Australia is my birth home, so it will always be a home of some sort. But I’m very happy, very pleased to be representing Great Britain. That is my home, and that is where my heart is. That is where I grew up, essentially. So when people ask me where I’m from, where is home, that’s where it is.
Johanna Konta
When I did it, I was a starving musician in London in a basement flat, but a simple tune with the right singer or the right situation can become very well liked and accepted. I’m only too pleased to say it happened with that one.
Mick Ralphs
But I can only write what the muse allows me to write. I cannot choose, I can only do what I am given, and I feel pleased when I feel close to concrete poetry – still.
Ian Hamilton Finlay
If the work is pure then you have to think it could be understood. If it is not understood it doesn’t mean that your work is not accessible. It doesn’t worry me, but, of course, I would be pleased if people liked my work.
Ian Hamilton Finlay
I was condemned to be beheaded, or burnt, as the king pleased; and he was graciously pleased, from the great remains of his love, to choose the mildest sentence.
Sarah Fielding
I met my husband at the rehearsal of a play. We were introduced, and he shook my hand without looking at me and said perfunctorily, ‘Pleased to meet you.’
Rebecca Pidgeon
Wine makes a man more pleased with himself; I do not say it makes him more pleasing to others.
Samuel Johnson
To have been selected to represent Team South Africa at the London 2012 Olympic Games in the individual 400m and the 4x400m relay is a real honor and I am so pleased that years of hard work, determination and sacrifice have all come together.
Oscar Pistorius
It was all so far away – there was quiet and an untouched feel to the country and I could work as I pleased.
Georgia O’Keeffe
When you’re drowning, you don’t say ‘I would be incredibly pleased if someone would have the foresight to notice me drowning and come and help me,’ you just scream.
John Lennon
The Lord is pleased with every effort, even the tiny, daily ones in which we strive to be more like Him.
Ezra Taft Benson
The Paramount executives were so pleased with Sunset Boulevard that they asked me to do a publicity tour.
Gloria Swanson
I know some really outstanding Turkish journalists, and have been pleased and honored to be able to join with them a few times in their courageous protests against state terror and repression.
Noam Chomsky
I’m really pleased to form part of the Barca family.
Ousmane Dembele
But after he was pleased to reveal himself to me I did presently, like Abraham, run to Hagar. And after that he did let me see the atheism of my own heart, for which I begged of the Lord that it might not remain in my heart.
Anne Hutchinson
Judge me on what I do and I think you will be pleased and proud of me.
Catherine Ashton
God has been pleased to prescribe limits to his power and to work out his ends within these limits.
William S. Paley