Police Quotes

Police Quotes by Vladimir Putin, Dolores Huerta, Mike Lee, Pedro Pascal, Homer, Cam’ron and many others.

I can't believe that OMON [Russia's riot police] would

I can’t believe that OMON [Russia’s riot police] would hit a girl. I simply can’t imagine it.
Vladimir Putin
Especially as a teenager, I was always being racially profiled by the police. You just see all this injustice, and you want to do something about it, but you don’t know how.
Dolores Huerta
Congress constitutionally lacks general police powers.
Mike Lee
I just went to your typical public schools, and my dad would take us to the movies every week, or he’d buy scalped tickets to San Antonio Spurs games. I remember I was four or five years old and my parents, who were very young, took us to see The Police in Austin, and Iggy Pop opened.
Pedro Pascal
We live in a society of laws. Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies? For fun? Well, I didn’t hear anybody laughing, did you?
Where I come from, once word gets out that you’ve cooperated with the police, that only makes you a bigger target of criminal violence. That is a dark reality in so many neighborhoods like mine across America. I’m not saying its right, but it’s reality.
The sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church is the result of what police call “noble cause corruption,” the belief that because you are dedicated to doing good, you can do no wrong.
Alex Gibney
Slavery, our country’s original sin, sat on a foundation codified by laws enforced by police, by slave-catchers.
William Bratton
I was still a recruit in the Boston Police Academy when I attended my first police funeral. It was September 28, 1970. I remember it still.
William Bratton
You can truly grieve for every officer who’s been lost in the line of duty in this country, and still be troubled by cases of police overreach.
Jon Stewart
With police wielding unprecedented powers to invade privacy, tap phones and conduct searches seemingly at random, our civil liberties are in a very precarious condition.
Walter Cronkite
I’d never been in a police state. I didn’t know what it was. I knew that it was, in the general way that people know that two and two is four, but it had no emotional value for me until I found myself in the middle of it.
Alan Furst
When a young non-white male is stopped and searched at the whim of a police officer, his idea of personal space, privacy and self esteem are shattered, to say nothing of his Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment protections. The damage goes deep quickly and stays. Stop & frisk, as well as a tactic, is also an incitement.
Henry Rollins
Many police officers watch for vehicles without headlights because it’s a telltale of a drunk driver.
Robert James Thomson
Is it a bad sign when you see the person you’re dating and get the same feeling as if you just saw police lights in you’re rear view mirror?
Dov Davidoff
The objective of the demonstrators is to win the affection of the armed agents of the government… Most of the Kiev police have now pledged their support for the people…
Bob Schaffer
I’M FRUSTRATED, because pop culture, music and movies glorify these types of police citizen altercations and promote an invincible attitude that continues to get young men killed in real life, away from safety movie sets and music studios.
Benjamin Watson
-Who knows about this? -Just me, the police, the killer, and now you.
Steig Larsson
I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and to feel like you’re not good enough just because of where you’re from. I know what it’s like to be profiled and to be abused by the police. I know what it’s like to be racially profiled, treated unjustly and abused by the police just because of how you look.
Being a good police officer is one of the most difficult, dangerous, idealistic jobs in the world.
Thomas Hauser
When I am on E! for the ‘Fashion Police,’ I only care about being a critic. It loses me many friends.
Joan Rivers
There’s nothing like turning on the radio and listening to the high-speed chase that you’re leading police on!
Danny Bonaduce
Anywhere, anytime ordinary people are given the chance to choose, the choice is the same: freedom, not tyranny; democracy, not dictatorship; the rule of law, not the rule of the secret police.
Tony Blair
In the same way that we want to expand mental health service for people with mental illness, we also need to make sure that our police officers are getting the mental health help they need.
Brian Lindstrom
Truths begin by a conflict with the police – and end by calling them in.
Emil Cioran
Radical conservatives want to police bedrooms.
Robert Reich
No organization, whether it’s police or physicians or whatever, wants to have its errors held up to the light of day, but it’s wrong, as is coming out so well.
William P. Leahy
We all must make hatemongers unwelcome in our towns and communities. And we must stand by the heroes in this struggle, the police and county prosecutors who stand up to the extremists.
Max Baucus
An 83-year-old male prostitute was arrested. Police say he only charged $20 an hour, but for most of that time, he just talked about his grandkids.
Craig Ferguson
When the culture of police departments is sometimes infused with bias or preconceived ideas against certain groups, there needs to be reform and retraining throughout. And unfortunately, we cannot rely on local departments to police themselves; we need intervention from the top.
Al Sharpton
Initially charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest I was held for 36 hours, was beaten by cops and made to stand spread eagled against the cell wall for 12 hours with no food or water, until I collapsed. Everyone was strip searched on the way in.
John Blair
Police and prosecutors and the courts have got to talk together.
Janet Reno
We are not advertising ourselves as a secure platform. It’s a communication platform. It’s not our job to police the world or Snapchat of jerks.
Evan Spiegel
Having lived in London since the 1980s, I would have come across, or my friends across, cops who were in the Metropolitan Police who had been in the RUC.
Adrian Dunbar
We live in an era where pizzas show up faster than the police.
Claude Chabrol
I was always a drama queen. I remember playing in the kitchen, trying to get my mom to think I was dead and call the police. When she didn’t, I would cry. I was always theatrical. I don’t think any of my relatives are surprised.
Amy Lee
I think it is important that independent government agencies be put in charge of investigating misconduct so that police departments are no longer allowed to police themselves. There is a conflict of interest there which, I believe, allows police to excuse their own behavior.
Bernie Sanders
New York police force seems like unlike any other in America and even the world. There’s a very specific culture dynamic, a specific chemistry. There’s almost a specific set of rules because of the city and the size of it.
Theo James
The Thought Police: To censor and protect.
Craig Reucassel
Punitive murder by the police and by vigilantes has existed in all societies at some point, and probably still exists in most.
Teju Cole
I can’t think of a bigger waste of police time than chasing somebody who has said something offensive on Twitter.
Tony Parsons
Be prepared for the creation of an intrusive bureaucracy to police the ordinance by examining the books and payroll ledgers of businesses.
Randy Hamilton
You can limit the number of invitations to an in-person fashion show, but you can’t police the Internet.
Erin McKean
I won’t talk to the D.C. police.
My most embarrassing moment was when I was a student at Tufts University and decided to go ‘streaking’ with a group of girls in the middle of January. Somehow I lost them and ended up being chased by the campus police.
Meredith Vieira
We’re trying to publicize this one and make people realize that the gun industry can clean up its act and can operate in a way that can reduce the likelihood of guns killing police officers and other innocent people.
Michael D. Barnes
People call us heroes, but we are nothing compared to our police force and fire fighters and everybody who protects us and makes sure our freedom is held to the highest standard.
Roman Reigns
When only cops have guns, it’s called a “police state”.
Claire Wolfe
I shy away from showing cruelty on the page. A lot of the violence in my books actually happens off stage. The police come on to the scene after the event has occurred.
Tess Gerritsen
The police are not taking accountability for the violence that they enact in our communities, and yet there isn’t as much outrage about that as there is about some broken windows and lost property.
Alicia Garza
Religion is run by thought police. ‘Obey. Listen. This is what you do. Don’t ask questions. Go die for your country.’ The spirituality says, ‘Okay, you can die for your country, but know what you’re doing while you’re doing it.’
Tommy Chong
Criticism always seemed to me a lot like police work. You look for clues, fingerprints, motives. You need to construct an airtight case.
Nathaniel Rich
I never let anyone pluck, including myself, unless my mom approves. She guards my eyebrows. She’s like the eyebrow police!
Isabelle Fuhrman
When we advocate for violence against women to be eliminated on campuses, we say, ‘Well, actually, it’s not just on campuses we have to worry about.’ We might have to worry about high schools. We might have to worry about police precincts and cars. We might have to worry about public housing.
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
The most experience I had in the criminology field is playing a thug as an actor. That was my first paid job. The police academy at the college was paying people to reenact the calls that potential cops would get. So I got to play thugs and people who were unruly.
Jeremy Renner
Whether you watch ‘Law and Order’ all the time or not, everyone knows what it looks like. Everyone knows what the courtroom looks like, what the police precinct looks like.
Samira Wiley
The congress of the United States possesses no power to regulate, or interfere with the domestic concerns, or police of any state: it belongs not to them to establish any rules respecting the rights of property; nor will the constitution permit any prohibition of arms to the people.
St. George Tucker
Congressman Lacy Clay and I believe that there’s no excuse for shooting at police officers, law enforcement officers who get up in the morning and go out and put their lives on the line to protect us.
Emanuel Cleaver
I think the only thing that’s really going to make a change in terms of how we feel as citizens in terms of safety and our relationship with the police is if we start seeing more federal indictments, arrests, and convictions of police officers.
Chance The Rapper
Every woman wants to be wanted – just not by the entire Metropolitan police force.
Kathy Lette
When we talk about justice in America we’re really talking about justice brought about by the people, not by judges who are tools of the establishment or prosecutors who are are equally tools of the establishment or the wardens or the police officers.
William Kunstler
In West Virginia yesterday, a man was arrested for stealing several blow-up dolls. Reportedly, police didn’t have any trouble catching the man because he was completely out of breath.
Conan O’Brien
Every day, in every city and town across the country, police officers are performing vital services that help make their communities safer.
Eric Schneiderman
There will always be situations in which conflicts arise between individual and communal values – Catholic police officers deployed to enable women to enter abortion clinics without harassment and doctors who oppose performing abortions. No social role is free of such potential conflicts.
John Kleinig
Saudi Arabian police arrested seven teenage boys for leering at women. In accordance with Saudi law, the boys will be whipped and the women will be stoned to death.
Tina Fey
Democracy and dependence on the military and police are incompatible.
Mahatma Gandhi
If the police believed that they were planning any form of resistance against the state, then you were just gone. Nobody knew where you were, and you just hoped to see that family member again.
Trevor Noah
Police officers put the badge on every morning, not knowing for sure if they’ll come home at night to take it off.
Tom Cotton
Police officers, firefighters, EMTs – they are all out there every single day – literally just a phone call away for anyone who needs them.
Doreen Cronin
Pity the planet, all joy gone from this sweet volcanic cone; peace to our children when they fall in small war on the heel of small war–until the end of time to police the earth, a ghost orbiting forever lost in our monotonous sublime
Robert Lowell
How, possibly, could the police have made the ‘mistake’ of charging the wrong man with the notorious Red Light Bandit crimes? That also is something that is fully revealed in the Pandora’s Box of facts I have prepared.
Caryl Chessman
If Hillary Clinton can be president, then one girl can be mayor. And someone else can be a police chief, and someone else can be a U.S. senator.
Amy Klobuchar
I wouldn’t call it “police reform,” but I would say that police procedure enhancement could be helpful – these police shootings are absolutely horrible.
Nancy Grace
When George Hirsch ran the New York City Marathon in 1976, the first year the course snaked through all five boroughs, the event was a lean affair. He and two thousand others dodged wayward bicycles and pedestrians on the streets, with little help from an anemic police presence.
Mary Pilon
If a police officer is looking for a criminal, he or she might stop a number of people in that particular area and ask to see their driver’s license. No one bellyaches about civil rights or privacy issues. We’re just happy the cops are trying to find the bad guy.
Mike Gallagher
Have I ever had sex with a hooker? I’d like to answer that question with a question of my own. Can just anyone look up police records?
Zach Braff
Throughout the United States, at the dawn of the Progressive era, dozens of laws and regulations were established to empower police officers, public-health officials, and even the armed forces to vaccinate at will, and, if necessary, at gunpoint.
Michael Specter
When we got to the hotel, the Hawaiian Village, there were 500 screaming women there. The police were trying to keep the crowd back. It was very dangerous.
Minnie Pearl
We have to work to make sure that our police are using the best training, the best techniques, that they’re well prepared to use force only when necessary.
Hillary Clinton
You don’t need any indictment in order to arrest someone; probable cause is sufficient to arrest civilians, so it must be enough to arrest police.
Al Sharpton
The danger to a black child in America is not a white police officer. The danger is another black.
Rudy Giuliani
The attacks on our police and the terrorism of our cities threaten our very way of life.
Donald Trump
There are now that 20 consent decrees in place like the one in Baltimore that are helping put broken police departments on a path to reform. And this is long work. Baltimore is just embarking down this road.
Al Sharpton
What do you mean you have my children at the police station? Why are my kids at the police station?
O. J. Simpson
Every single day, we have hundreds, if not thousands of police officers protecting the lives of not just New Yorkers, but the millions who come to New York City to work and to vacation.
Vito Fossella
You built a factory out there, good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on the roads that the rest of us paid for. You hired workers that the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for.
Elizabeth Warren
I know there are those in the community who, rather than have us invest more in policing, even for community policing, instead want us to disinvest in the police department. We need a police department. We are going to have a police department.
Betsy Hodges
Mexican police will round up illegal American migrants surging into Mexico seeking work as field hands.
Michael Oppenheimer
It depends on the generation and gender. The males usually go for ‘Police Academy,’ and the young women now in their late 20s or so go for ‘Punky Brewster.’ I am recognized quite frequently because they’re still playing that stuff on television!
George Gaynes
When we were talking about this, an idea for this master vigilante, it was an urban guerilla. One of my ideas was that he would be a member of the police force who turned on the government.
David Lloyd
F. Scott Fitzgerald has an indespensible quote: ‘The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at once and still retain the ability to function’. Or, as I like to call it, ‘O.J. killed his wife, and the police are corrupt.’
Bill Maher
If it were possible to make an accurate calculation of the evils which police regulations occasion, and of those which they prevent, the number of the former would, in all cases, exceed that of the latter.
Wilhelm von Humboldt
Freddie Gray was a story I followed closer than others, for whatever reason, in this larger narrative of police brutality.
Stephen Malkmus
In communities of color, such as Ferguson, it often feels like the police are protecting the white community from us instead of protecting our communities from the criminal element.
W. Kamau Bell
Bush can talk about 100,000 people wanting to go work in the police or in the army. It’s because there’s nothing else for them to do. They’re willing to stand in line to get bombed because they want to take care of their family.
Seymour Hersh
I gave the prescribed Metropolitan Police “first greeting”. “Oi!” I said “What do you think you’re doing?
Ben Aaronovitch
A police state finds that it cannot command the grain to grow.
John F. Kennedy
I think there should be a law – and I know this is extreme – that no one can have a gun in the U.S. If you have a gun, you go to jail. Only the police should have guns.
Rosie O’Donnell
To one who believes that really good industrial conditions are the hope for a machine civilization, nothing is more heartening than to watch conference methods and education replacing police methods
Frances Perkins
My father became the technical advisor for ‘The Desert Fox,’ with James Mason as Rommel. They wanted an Aussie who had been in North Africa with the English, and found my father on the Pasadena police force.
Jamey Sheridan
The drug problem is in the United States, not in Mexico. It’s a demand problem and that is to be dealt with here, and it is not being dealt with. It’s been shown over and over that prevention and treatment are far more cost effective than police action, out-of-country action, border control, and so on.
Noam Chomsky
In this era of mass incarceration, the police shouldn’t be trusted any more than any other witness, perhaps less so.
Michelle Alexander
People are not afraid to be very direct with police. And I think that’s part of the problem is that people are angry at the cops and then the cops are stressed out and they, you know, pay it backwards, so to speak.
Jeff Ross
I hear a creak in my house, and I’m calling the police immediately, but at the same time, I do know that when I call them, I’m going to make sure to say, ‘I’m a black guy, and this is my house.’
Kenya Barris
You can’t tell what’s aboard a container ship. We carried every kind of cargo, all of it on view: a police car, penicillin, Johnnie Walker Red, toilets, handguns, lumber, Ping-Pong balls, and IBM data cards.
Christopher Buckley
How do you know love is gone? If you said that you would be there at seven and you get there by nine, and he or she has not called the police yet – it’s gone.
Marlene Dietrich
Probation is a less-well-known branch of our justice system, compared with, say, police and prisons, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Hundreds of thousands of offenders each year are rehabilitated back into society by probation, which is crucial for the public’s safety.
Sadiq Khan
I just got the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police.We have endorsements from, I think, almost every police group, very – I mean, a large percentage of them in the United States.
Donald Trump
Wrongful convictions happen every week in every state in this country. And they happen for all the same reasons. Sloppy police work. Eyewitness identification is the most – is the worst type almost. Because it’s wrong about half the time. Think about that.
John Grisham
POLICE, n. An armed force for protection and participation.
Ambrose Bierce
The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I call on Congress today to act immediately, to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every school – and to do it now, to make sure that blanket of safety is in place when our children return to school in January.
Wayne LaPierre
I know a lot of police officers who are on the force to do the right thing to protect people. But how can you deny this pattern, this disturbing pattern, Alton Sterling, Mr. Castile in my own community, Philando Castile, but then Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland?
Keith Ellison
The police of a state should never be stronger or better armed than the citizenry. An armed citizenry, willing to fight, is the foundation of civil freedom. That’s a personal evaluation, of course.
Robert A. Heinlein
From the Million Man March to this day, the crime and murder rates have significantly decreased in the major cities of America, according to police reports. I believe that the Million Man March was a significant part of the reason for the decrease.
Louis Farrakhan
This particular consent decree not only looks at the police department, but it also looks at how we engage our community.
Catherine E. Pugh
People say we need religion when what they really mean is we need police.
H. L. Mencken
It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that is no excuse. I was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. I have nothing but respect for the police and I’m very sorry for my behavior.
Reese Witherspoon
I think in the end the big issue is that the private sector still needs more help. And the answer is not more big government. I know in my state our reforms allowed us to protect firefighters, police officers, and teachers.
Scott Walker
Directors always used to be like the police to me – the enemy, the people to tell me what to do when I didn’t want to do it. But I’ve lived with one for a while now and I guess I can put myself more in their position. You shouldn’t be too sympathetic to them.
Helen Mirren
In Los Angeles, the Police Department buys a 40-foot refrigerated trailer truck every six months just to hold DNA evidence.
Bill Dedman
What stands out to me in America was all the police vs. citizens turmoil. It’s decades of bad policing, bad schooling, racism, bigotry and other factors finally spilling into mainstream culture. I would like to see America evolve on how the laws are enforced on the streets.
Henry Rollins
The appropriate response to terrorist crimes is police work, which has been successful worldwide.
Noam Chomsky
I was an online service provider. It’s not my job to police what people are uploading. It’s the job of the content owners, and the law is very clear. If you create content, and you want to protect your copyrights, you have to do the work.
Kim Dotcom
Afghanistan can’t police its borders, and its neighbors give sanctuary and assistance to insurgents.
George Packer
Vietnam was the defining event for my generation. It spilled over into all facets of American life – into music, into the pulpits, in churches of our country. It spilled over into the city streets, police forces. And even if you were born late in the generation, Vietnam was still part of your childhood.
Tim O’Brien
The average career span for a TV writer is 11 years. The only other thing I could find that had the same career span was a police dog.
Nell Scovell
Marriage, laws, the police, armies and navies are the mark of human incompetence.
Dora Russell
Any time you demonstrate against segregation and a man has the audacity to put a police dog on you, kill that dog, kill him, I’m telling you, kill that dog. I say it if they put me in jail tomorrow, kill that dog. Then you’ll put a stop to it.
Malcolm X
There was an insurgency under President Hosni Mubarak in the 1990s. Egyptian police and soldiers fought weekly battles with Islamists in the sugarcane fields and thick reeds along the Nile in rural southern villages like Minya, Sohag, Enna and Assiout.
Richard Engel
Well can I just make a point about the numbers because people talk a lot about police numbers as if police numbers are the holy grail. But actually what matters is what those police are doing. It’s about how those police are deployed.
Theresa May
Despite my mum being from a small village in the middle of a forest, I’m not a country person. I don’t like my bacon sandwich to be curiously snuffling at my fingers. But sometimes being police means holding your breath and fondling a pig.
Ben Aaronovitch
If any person – white, black, brown or yellow – objects to having a police officer potentially ask them for their ID, it makes me wonder what that person is trying to hide.
Mike Gallagher
I’m tired of living in a police state.
L. Neil Smith
On a bus ride through China, my family and I had talked for hours before a police officer boarded to conduct an inspection. My mother and brother couldn’t speak Chinese, so they pretended to be deaf and mute, and none of the Chinese passengers said anything, sparing us.
Lee Hyeon-seo
My father was a sergeant with the Connecticut state police. My mother was a hairstylist.
Michael Bergin
I’ve seen villages in South America with no police whatever. Then the cops would arrive, then the sanitary inspectors, and before you know it they’ve got all the problems – crime, juvenile delinquency, the whole works – just like us.
William S. Burroughs
The only reason I would call the police is if someone is getting aggressed in the street and I’m behind a window.
Gaspar Noe
Because the Nazi venom worked its way even into our thoughts, every accurate thought was a conquest; because an all-powerful police sought to force us into silence every word became as precious as a declaration of principle; because we were persecuted, each of our gestures carried the weight of a commitment.
Jean-Paul Sartre
I am deeply worried because we are seeing an unleashing of violence by 2,000 to 3,000 thugs who come to smash and loot. My objective is to avoid mistakes by the police, so that people can protest in safety.
Nicolas Sarkozy
Communities of color don’t understand what it means to be a police officer, the fear that police officers have in just being on the streets.
Eric Holder
The party where humorless thought police work to enforce a rigid ideological discipline isn’t made up of Democrats. It comprises Republicans.
Jacob Weisberg
I talked to a lot of Black Lives activists in various states. What I learned is that the relationship of police departments around the country with the black community is far, far more severe and awful than I had originally known.
Bernie Sanders
“Subterranean Homesick Blues” [of Bob Dylan] captures, in word-salad format, life in an encroaching police state.
Bob Dylan
Nothing escapes the vigilance of the New South Wales police; their reputation is known the world over.
Joshua Slocum
If the saying “the Temple Mount in our hands,” is portrayed as incitement to the police, there’s no need to change the saying, but the police.
Uri Orbach
Along came a police lieutenant named Columbo, and my life would never be the same.
Peter Falk
I think you have to be extremely strong to be in the police and I couldn’t do that at all. I get nervous when a police car is driving past me when I’m in the car, pondering what they’re doing or going to.
Yasmin Paige
The first view is “bad apple.” Bad apple is excusable. It’s sort of like, something went bad with this man. But the second option is police corruption, so it’s a problem with the department.
Oren Moverman
I think we’ve got three that we have to play, and that would be ‘Surrender,’ ‘Dream Police’ and ‘I Want You to Want Me.’
Robin Zander
A crowded police docket is the surest of all signs that trade is brisk and money plenty.
Mark Twain
Further, an excess of legislation defeats its own ends. It makes the whole population criminals, and turns them all into police and police spies. The moral health of such a people is ruined for ever; only revolution can save it.
Aleister Crowley
I’ve been pulled out of my nice new car and laid out in the street by the police, interrogated and then have them get in the car and roll off leaving me lying in the street without even saying ‘Get up.’ The humiliation that they can put on a black man because they determine that you ain’t got the money.
Ice T
The Musharraf government has declared martial law to settle scores with lawyers and judges. Hundreds of innocent Pakistanis have been rounded up. Human rights activists, including women and senior citizens, have been beaten by police. Judges have been arrested and lawyers battered in their offices and the streets.
Asma Jahangir
Wow. I feel like in this riot of people, I have been kicked in the stomach, but by the giddy police. Forget about the need for oxygen. My mouth wants to go back to the place it just left.
Rachel Cohn
Angela Merkel can’t travel to any European country without being protected by hundreds of police. That is not brotherhood.
Marine Le Pen
In the papers this morning: ‘Police closing in on Ian Holloway.’ Sorry, it’s ‘Palace closing in on Ian Holloway.’
Alan Brazil
I know what it’s like to be afraid of the police. When you see a police officer, you don’t immediately feel safe. You wonder what you’ve done wrong and what could happen to you.
Stacy Brown-Philpot
Okay. Now you have to move your arms and legs.” “I know how to make a snow angel.” “Then do it! Otherwise, you’re more like a chalk outline at a police crime scene.
Richelle Mead
The truth of the matter is that the problem of police shootings and reactions in the community.
Barack Obama
When police are shutting down cameras, it is a sign that they know the truth is not going to be kind to them.
Alexandra Petri
Washington has incentivized the militarization of local police precincts by using federal dollars to help municipal governments build what are essentially small armies – where police departments compete to acquire military gear that goes far beyond what most of Americans think of as law enforcement.
Rand Paul
We have to bring back law and order in this country and I think the police are phenomenal people.
Donald Trump
I think that Eric Holder has an animosity, a genuine hostility, toward local law enforcement – specifically toward white police officers. He truly believes that every white police officer is a stone-cold racist.
David A. Clarke, Jr.
We have passed the time of … the laisser-faire [sic] school which believes that the government ought to do nothing but run a police force.
William Howard Taft
You could make a case for job creation or education, police on the street, but none of those things can happen unless we got our financial house in order.
Mike Quigley
There is no reason for anyone in this country, anyone except a police officer or a military person, to buy, to own, to have, to use a handgun… and the only way to do that is to change the Constitution.
Michael Gartner
On Broadway, only the fire doors separate you from the sidewalk and you’re lucky if the sound of a police car doesn’t rip the envelope twice a night.
Tom Stoppard
An invitation to a wedding invokes more trouble than a summons to a police court.
William Feather
The police are people as well. All those nasty people aren’t really nasty if they’d realise it.
George Harrison
If we would end the war on drugs, you would see the end of the militarization of our police forces and you would see an end to a lot of the shooting violence that’s going on when people are being pulled over for traffic stops and then suddenly executed right in the street.
Jesse Ventura
The internet has no government, no constitution, no laws, no rights, no police, no courts. Don’t talk about fairness or innocence, and don’t talk about what should be done. Instead, talk about what is being done and what will be done by the amorphous unreachable undefinable blob called the internet user base.
Paul Vixie
Local law enforcement agencies, national police authorities, and other state-operated surveillance has created a hostile environment for communities at the margins.
Patrisse Cullors
It’s about time law enforcement got as organized as organized crime.
Rudy Giuliani
As a nation, we have been responsible for the murder of literally hundreds of thousands of people at home and abroad by fighting a war that should never have been started and can be won, if at all, only by converting the United States into a police state.
Milton Friedman
Good police officers are ugly.
Jo Nesbo
The police stopped me when I was out in my car. They told me it was a spot check. I admitted to two pimples and a boil.
Chic Murray
I read Freud because I find him an excellent writer… a writer of police thrillers that can be followed with great passion.
Italo Calvino
What the police in their ignorance have not figured out is that they have lost all credibility since World War II. They are sort of parasites on the fringe of society and do no particular good for anyone except possibly themselves.
Gore Vidal
People see police officers and think they’re such bad people. We have some who can be some bad people. But we have some great ones out there, that are here to protect us.
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Fifty thousand people in Mexico have been murdered. Puerto Penasco, 60 miles south of our border, just had five people and a police officer killed. That is like part of Arizona, and it is spilling over into our state.
Jan Brewer
The Police and the Society of Jesus posses in common the virtue of never forsaking their enemies as friends.
Honore de Balzac
The police are on the way to arrest you for stealing my heart, hijacking my feelings, and driving me crazy.
Harriet Morgan
I’d watch the news with my dad, and he’d quietly mock the anchors. An anchorman might say, ‘Police are searching for…’ and my dad would say in the anchorman’s voice, ‘the man who gave me this haircut.’ This was in the real Ron Burgundy ’70s. And I would laugh and start doing it myself.
Steve Rushin
And if you want to know why great editors scare the pants off of writers everywhere, read ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’ by Lynne Truss. The punctuation police are everywhere!
Dorothea Benton Frank
You’re an investigator – can’t nobody find stuff out like a woman. Y’all put the police to shame, make the little investigative tricks they show on CSI and Law & Order: SVU look like counting lessons on Sesame Street.
Steve Harvey
We’re a country that allowed waterboarding and indefinite detention, and we’re a country where the NYPD Intelligence Division has police files on what Muslims think of the State of the Union address.
Matt Apuzzo
I think people have always had ambiguous relationships toward the police because of the position in society they occupy. But that anxiety and that animosity isn’t as strong in other places as it is in the U.S., partially because the police are armed here.
Clare-Hope Ashitey
Towards the end of the Lord Chamberlain’s era, when his hold was being loosened, private prosecutions began to happen. A member of staff at the Royal Court ordered to stop the play, and the police were brought in.
Timothy West
My life had become a catastrophe. I had no idea how to turn it around. My band had broken up. I had almost lost my family. My whole life had devolved into a disaster. I believe that the police officer who stopped me at three a.m. that morning saved my life.
Trey Anastasio
I got in trouble with the police, and that was a rude awakening. That was it. I’d seen the bottom of the pit, and it was time to scrape myself out of it.
Bryan Adams
We have a lot of people that are oppressed. We have a lot of people that aren’t treated equally, aren’t given equal opportunities. Police brutality is a huge thing that needs to be addressed. There are a lot of issues that need to be talked about, need to be brought to life, and we need to fix those.
Colin Kaepernick
What my parents taught me was that the hallmark of a thriving democracy was an effective and respectful police force.
Tom Perez
As big a problem as gun violence is for Chicago, it is not beyond our ability to solve. Ending this string of tragedies is our top priority as a city. We are infusing our police department with the manpower, technology and training to meet this challenge head on.
Rahm Emanuel
Europe is war. Economic war. It is the increase of hostilities between the countries. Germans are denigrated as being cruel, the Greeks as fraudsters, the French as lazy. Ms. Merkel can’t travel to any European country without being protected by hundreds of police. That is not brotherhood.
Marine Le Pen
Protecting Americans from harm goes beyond police and national defense. It’s imperative that we not destroy the commons, the physical environment on which we rely.
Kevin O’Leary
In the US, you even lose legal rights if you store your data in a company’s machines instead of your own. The police need to present you with a search warrant to get your data from you; but if they are stored in a company’s server, the police can get it without showing you anything.
Richard Stallman
Growing up as a little kid, you’re always told, ‘If you see the police, tell us.’ So you’re like, ‘Whoa, are they the bad people or not?’ It makes you think.
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
It’s not that I dislike the police, but I would never go to the police for anything. It’s just that I prefer not…, not calling them.
Gaspar Noe
If the word gets out, if the perception exists that by speaking to a CBS journalist you are, therefore, inevitably, immediately speaking to the police, I don’t think there’s any doubt but that people won’t talk. And, therefore, the public won’t learn.
Floyd Abrams
who are the brain police?
Frank Zappa
As soon as I go out into the world, I belong, in a way, to everyone else. It’s legal to follow me. It’s legal to stalk me at the beach. And I can’t call the police or ask them to leave.
Lady Gaga
I have a special interest in children who have lost a parent or loved one in the line of duty as they served their country as a police officer, firefighter, federal agent or member of the military, but children all over the word need help and an opportunity to flourish.
Larry Wilcox
The market is like the police: of course you need it, but if it becomes the central organizing principle of your culture then you’re in deep trouble.
Philip E. Agre
A police uniform is just a piece of clothing sewn by the same tailors who sew your clothes.
Fela Kuti
Even though the crime rate has dropped in recent years, the United States has more police per capita then any other nation in the world.
Michael Parenti
Sometimes you want to have a talk about race, about police violence. It’s very hard to get through to somebody. Everyone’s got their side staked out. They don’t want to talk about it. But you can break the ice with a little humor.
Colton Dunn
I think the answer to civil disorder in America, the answer to police problems in America, the answer to jail overcrowding and all the problems that we see is – the one answer is that government must go back to its people.
Janet Reno
Today anyone on the Internet can find out more about what you read, think, and earn than the secret police of Stalin or Hitler could have learned.
Robert Scheer
Russia spends enormous, senseless amounts of money on the army and the police. We have one of the top rankings in the world when it comes to the number of police officers – but when it comes to the number of murders, we are also right at the top.
Alexei Navalny
Remarkable. . . . Moskos manages to capture a world that most people know only through the distorting prism of television and film, where police officers are usually portrayed as quixotically heroic or contemptibly corrupt.
Daniel Horan
Are they really gods?” “I never worry about theological questions,” said Nightingale. “They exist, they have power and they can breach the Queen’s peace – that makes them a police matter.
Ben Aaronovitch
No nation ought to keep a navy larger than is necessary to do police duty.
George William Norris
The problem is that the atmosphere does not yet exist in which honest police officers can act without fear of ridicule or reprisal from fellow officers.
Frank Serpico
I would like to think that we are on a move that could be like [Ronald] Reagan. Reagan appealed to the average working American: their patriotism, their love of country, the belief in their schools and their communities and their loyalty to the military and police, and the things that create stability and a good life.
Jeff Sessions
I’m not sure how healthy it is to shoot police helicopters with bazookas.
Racial profiling punishes innocent individuals for the past actions of those who look and sound like them. It misdirects crucial resources and undercuts the trust needed between law enforcement and the communities they serve. It has no place in our national discourse, and no place in our nation’s police departments.
Benjamin Jealous
Learning about crime in great detail forces us to ask ourselves how it happened, how the victims and perpetrators got to that point, how the law works, how the police force functions.
Robert Rinder
The police are asking through the bedroom door, why did I make a batch of strawberry daiquiris before I called them? Because we were out of raspberries. Because, can’t they see, it just does not matter. Time was not of the essence.
Chuck Palahniuk
I have the appetite to do different roles that have different backdrops. I’d like to show that there’s more to people sitting in cars for reasons other than being police officers.
Romany Malco
Our family really didn’t have a car; we had my dad’s police cruiser. Later he got a Buick, and that’s what I was driving when I had a wreck. I’m lucky it was as big and strong as it was, because that Buick is what saved my life.
Burt Reynolds
Well, I’m not going to go into what the letter says, because the police are looking at that. But as you say it’s in Bahasa. But of course that’s not to suggest that the letter came from outside of Australia. It came from in Australia. It came from Victoria.
Alexander Downer
Under a decades-old agreement, Palestinian refugee camps are supposed to administer and police themselves. Lebanese troops are technically not allowed to enter them.
Richard Engel
The police force were outstanding in their field. But all they did was stand in their field. They kept passengers on board while they played with a suspect package for two and three quarter hours. Extraordinary.
Michael O’Leary
You see there are people who believe the function of the police is to fight crime,
and that’s not true, the function of the police is social control and protection of
Michael Parenti
Speed Limit – A sign that tells you at what speed the car that’s rapidly fading from view in your rearview mirror is going; a law that provides the sole means of support for many small-town police departments.
Richard Turner
It’s really frustrating when you’re an identity-theft victim, and you go to the police and you say, ‘This guy in Florida, he stole my name and got a credit card – this is his address,’ and they say, ‘We don’t have jurisdiction in Florida. You need to go to the FBI.’
Frank Abagnale
School is the cheapest police.
Horace Mann
I don’t think cops should wear mirrored sunglasses; the whole time the guy was chewing me out, all I could think was I should cut my bangs.
Bonnie McFarlane
Yeah, it’s legal in the United States. It’s part of our Constitution. You know, the right to bear arms is because that’s the last form of defense against tyranny. Not to hunt. It’s to protect yourself from the police.
Ice T
The owner of a Florida massage parlor has been arrested by police. “There weren’t any serious violations,” said the officers, “she just rubbed us the wrong way.”
George Carlin
When it comes to police officers, I have concerns about the training that they receive. This whole notion of implicit bias, looking at people and having stereotypical reactions to them on the basis of their ethnicity.
Eric Holder
You have to remember the police used to raid and arrest the audience for seeing Scorpio Rising (1964), or Jack Smith movies. Wouldn’t that be exciting today, if you see went to the movie and everyone at the IFC was arrested in a paddy wagon and taken away?
John Waters
The acknowledged legislators of the world take the world as given. They dislike mysteries, for mysteries cannot be coded, or legislated, and wonder cannot be made into law. And so these legislators police the accepted frontiers of things.
Ben Okri
The police officers, so far as discipline, organization, pay, and orders were concerned, came exclusively under the German Reich police system and were in no way connected with the administration of the Government General.
Hans Frank
The overwhelming number of police officers in Chicago are doing good work under difficult conditions. They put their lives on the line every day in situations none of us can fully comprehend or appreciate.
Rahm Emanuel
A diplomat had been kidnapped, a cabinet minister had been kidnapped, they were under threats of murder. The police forces were rather tired. After a whole week, we were unable to find those that had effected the kidnappings.
Robert Bourassa
Avoid being seized by the police. The cops are not your friends. Don’t tell them anything.
Hunter S. Thompson
Policemen so cherish their status as keepers of the peace and protectors of the public that they have occasionally been known to beat to death those citizens or groups who question that status.
David Mamet
Arizona Senator John McCain announced that he plans on running for a sixth term because he is concerned about the nation’s security. He plans to help just like any other 80-year-old: by sitting on his porch with a police scanner.
Jimmy Fallon
Taxes are how we pool our money for public health and safety, infrastructure, research, and services-from the development of vaccines and the Internet to public schools and universities, transportation, courts, police, parks, and safe drinking water.
Holly Sklar
I went home one afternoon to pick up a script without bothering to change, and a half an hour later the Beverly Hills Police were at my door because a neighbor had reported a suspicious stranger lurking around Ross Martin’s house. I had to peel off my beard to prove who I was.
Ross Martin
To read of human depravity in the police reports is one thing, to see it fall like a black shadow across one’s life is another.
William John Locke
I intend to introduce legislation that will make police accountable for their actions and limit uses of force in cases where it is unnecessary.
Bernie Sanders
The idea that anyone can use drugs and escape a horrible fate is anathema to these idiots. I predict in the near future right-wingers will use drug hysteria as a pretext to set up an international police apparatus.
William S. Burroughs
I have never paid a policeman myself. I have never sanctioned, knowingly sanctioned, a payment to a police officer.
Rebekah Brooks
Having a police presence on public transport is vital to ensuring customers are safe.
Gladys Berejiklian
What I’m really praying is that we, as a people, understand that we are interdependent upon each other. We don’t want police to leave; we want policing in our world. But I think that people aren’t comfortable with each other.
Lynn Whitfield
The police must obey the law while enforcing the law.
Earl Warren
Every place in the country you should get a license that shows you know how to safely store it, keep it away from your children or grandchildren. You should have to license it so the police can trace it if it’s used in a crime. [On keeping guns]
Michael D. Barnes
Congress should consult experts and consider alternatives and make 100% sure that any step it takes to police the Internet doesn’t change the Internet as we know it.
Ron Wyden
In a police state, referencing one’s rights is seen as an act of aggression.
Philip Schuyler
There is police brutality. People of color have been targeted by police.
Colin Kaepernick
We don’t give our criminals much punishment, but we sure give ’em plenty of publicity.
Will Rogers
The web of influence which News Corporation spun in Britain, which effectively bent politicians, police and many others in public life to its will, amounted to a shadow state.
Thomas Watson, Jr.
Mental health is one of the biggest concerns, because now police are having to handle a lot of really difficult mental health problems on the street.
Hillary Clinton
It is important for us to be able to meet and greet the people that we serve. And if we start having police presence everywhere we go, it’s going to create a chilling effect on discourse, and it creates an incredible assault on the democratic process.
Jackie Speier
To insure the adoration of a theorem for any length of time, faith is not enough, a police force is needed as well.
Albert Camus
The police and other law enforcements agencies are going to concentrate their efforts on organised crime, especially organised aggravated robbery
Charles Nqakula
In the Vortex that lies beyond time and space tumbled a police box that was not a police box.
Stephen Baxter
I am a military police officer and I have served on two deployments my first was to Iraq, in a medical unit, and my second deployment was to Kuwait, as a military police platoon leader.
Tulsi Gabbard
I thank the officers of the Minneapolis Police Department, who work hard every day to help people in their most vulnerable moments, keep our communities safe, and build relationships and trust with the public.
Betsy Hodges
This was a nightmare scenario for any bodyguard: stuck in the middle of a transparent tube, several miles underwater, with a murdering band of fugitives at one end and an enthralled but still highly skilled police officer at the other.
Eoin Colfer
When a police officer tells you to stay in the car, you stay in the car.
Reese Witherspoon
My point of view, while extremely cogent, is unpopular. . . . That the repressive nature of the legalities vis-a-vis drugs are destroying the legal system and corrupting the police system.
Jack Nicholson
After years of police work, officers often can’t help but be influenced by the cynicism they feel.
James Comey
Reason exercises merely the function of preserving order, is, so to say, the police in the region of art. In life it is mostly a cold arithmetician summing up our follies.
Heinrich Heine
Wait!” What?” I lowered my cup hastily, wondering if maybe there was a stray hair, or worse, a newly boiled bug inside my cup. You got to smell it first. It’s the proper way to cup coffee.” Cup coffee?” Taste it.” What? Are you the coffee police or something?
Justina Chen
In England, we have such good manners that if someone says something impolite, the police will get involved.
Russell Brand
While Democrats in Congress have surrounded themselves with a wall with razor wire, the NG, and they demand security literally from federal law enforcement, they are going to take away police rights.
Marjorie Taylor Greene
Police violence is the tip of the iceberg when it relates to the conditions overall of black people across the globe.
Alicia Garza
Cops should not be separate from the black community or any community. Their salaries are paid for by the communities they police. They should be working for the communities they police. But as we saw in Ferguson, Missouri, they are not always doing that.
W. Kamau Bell
She has been kissed as often as a police-court Bible, and by much the same class of people.
Robertson Davies
[J.Lo] found us a police car. Sort of. ‘It’s not a police car,’ I said. ‘It is,’ said J.Lo. ‘Looknow. Lights for flashing.’ ‘That’s true.’ ‘Writing on the sides.’ ‘Yeah, but the writing? It says ”BullShake Party Patrol.” Yes. Whatnow?
Adam Rex
Communism in Cuba will collapse sooner or later because you can’t control the free flow of information. Communism prevents organizations from developing by stopping the flow of information. The system is based on police and listening devices and triggers the worst characteristics in humans.
Lech Walesa
The amount of gender violence that I experience is absolutely extraordinary. And a significant part of my day today will be spent filing police reports at home about gender violence that’s directed at me in social media.
Ashley Judd
Following the attacks in Paris, French President François Hollande has a completely different set of concerns. France needs more police, more security personnel and a greater emphasis on integration. He says that security is more important than the Stability Pact.
Martin Schulz
I’ve got hundreds of friends who are police officers. I work with the police.
Danny K. Davis
An act of violence against any innocent person eludes moral justification, disgraces the millions of Americans and people throughout the world who have united in peaceful protest against police brutality, and dishonors our proud inheritance of nonviolent resistance.
Benjamin Crump
Why do the police need to know where I am? In the hands of a benevolent government, they could be looking after your interests, but what if the next government isn’t so benevolent?
Val McDermid
Coercion is as much the tool of the welfare state as it is of communism. The programs and edicts of both are backed by the police force. All of us know this to be true under communism, but it is equally true under our own brand of welfare statism.
Leonard Read
The wild open-market theory that died in 1929 had a run of just over thirty years. Communism, a complete melding of religious, economic, and global theories, stretched to seventy years in Russia and forty-five years in central Europe, thanks precisely to the intensive use of military and police force.
John Ralston Saul
The fact that our legal system has become so tolerant of police lying indicates how corrupted our criminal justice system has become by declarations of war, ‘get tough’ mantras, and a seemingly insatiable appetite for locking up and locking out the poorest and darkest among us.
Michelle Alexander
When you say you want to talk about racial justice, that`s not the same as I want to do something about racial justice. Saying I want to hold police accountable is doing something. Saying that I want to take money out of politics, big money, is doing something.
Killer Mike
Arming domestic police forces with paramilitary weaponry will ensure their systematic use even in the absence of a terrorist attack on US soil; they will simply find other, increasingly permissive uses for those weapons.
Glenn Greenwald
The police have asked for my help. There’s been a murder.” “A murder! Oh, my. Let me just change my shoes,” Evie said excitedly. “It won’t be a minute.
Libba Bray
My relationship with my father had been on the proverbial fritz since the time I was fifteen and called the police to report him for child molesting. He had never molested me, but I wanted to have a party that weekend and needed him out of the house.
Chelsea Handler
We have to know what we’re doing. Right now, our police, in many cases, are afraid to do anything.
Donald Trump
We will make the law clearer on parents’ liability for failing to prevent their child being subjected to FGM, and we are working to improve the police response.
Theresa May
Marriage: A friendship recognized by the police.
Robert Louis Stevenson
Well I grew up in England, and I was in the London police.
Tony Greig
I still believe that at any time the no-talent police will come and arrest me.
Mike Myers
Broadly speaking, there are two approaches to crime: the realistically detailed police procedural, usually grim and downbeat, and the more left-field, joyous theatre of ideas in which past masters once specialised. Knowing that I would never be able to handle the former, I set about reviving the latter.
Christopher Fowler
If the Police could do a reunion… One of the biggest jerks I ever met was Sting. If he can do it, then anyone can do it. It’s not that big a deal. And the Eagles! They did it! They severely hated each other. It’s just rock and roll
Steven Adler
I don’t have an issue with whether – from a legal standpoint, with whether or not government can impose the ultimate punishment on people. We do it in capital cases. Police officers shoot fleeing felons.
Trey Gowdy
I vote Democrat because I’m way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers and thieves. I am also thankful that we have a 911 service that gets police to your home in order to identify your body after a home invasion.
David Letterman
Finally, this case should serve as yet another reminder of just how dangerous and volatile these police home invasions really are, and why we should stop using them to serve search warrants for nonviolent crimes. They offer no margin for error.
Radley Balko
To live in poverty is to live with constant uncertainty, to accept galling indignities, and to expect harassment by the police, welfare officials and employers, as well as by others who are poor and desperate.
Barbara Ehrenreich
Why wouldn’t the police officers be on edge? Why wouldn’t they be alert? And why wouldn’t people in the community trust police officers? Because they are consistently harassing them, and they have experience with police officers doing awful things.
Tyron Woodley
There weren’t many weapons in Egypt in the 1990s. Police controls on guns were very strict back then. That is no longer the case in Egypt today.
Richard Engel
There is no accounting for tastes, as the woman said when someone told her her son was wanted by the police.
Franklin P. Adams
We run into police brutality often and it’s always a problem that we always have to protest and speak out.
Polo G
I’m not threatening you. I’m just informing you of police procedure. If you continue to obstruct me, I remove the obstruction, in this case you, and proceed to the next command.
Eoin Colfer
The larger the state, the more callous it becomes… the colder its heart. It is also true that the bigger the corporation, the more callous its heart. But unlike the state, corporations have competition and have no police powers.
Dennis Prager
The duties which a police officer owes to the state are of a most exacting nature. No one is compelled to choose the profession ofa police officer, but having chosen it, everyone is obliged to live up to the standard of its requirements. To join in that high enterprise means the surrender of much individual freedom.
Calvin Coolidge
Protestantism has actually put a man in the position of a country governed by secret police. The spy and eavesdropper, ‘conscience,’ watches over every motion of the mind, and all thought and action is for it a ‘matter of conscience,’ i.e. police business.
Max Stirner
I grew up listening to the Police, I grew up performing in bars, singing Police songs.
Bruno Mars
Racism is a moral catastrophe, most graphically seen in the prison industrial complex and targeted police surveillance in black and brown ghettos rendered invisible in public discourse.
Cornel West
All of the civil rights problems during the past years have created a situation where America right now is moving toward a police state. You can’t have anything otherwise. So that’s your supposition.
Malcolm X
I’m a huge stadium rock fan, but I’m also a fan of everything from Massive Attack to Peter Gabriel, U2, the Police, Radiohead, and Coldplay. I’ve realized that I love all forms of music and get excited when any artist goes crazy and creates something that is an experience.
Tom DeLonge
Black Lives Matter is the ultimate divisive movement. They aren’t shy about what they don’t like, which is western civilization, capitalism, and the rule of law. They really dislike the police, and certainly get the credit for the war between black men and police.
Milo Yiannopoulos
The right of the police of Boston to affiliate has always been questioned, never granted, is now prohibited…. There is no rightto strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time.
Calvin Coolidge
I’ve heard many reports of police attending scenes of domestic violence where they’ve had to turn off music and televisions and radios. Noise tends to drive us a bit crazy.
Julian Treasure
When we talk about women’s struggle to balance their lives, certain men growl, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get back to the kitchen.’ Men who have never changed a nappy, mainly, and couldn’t pick their child’s teacher out in a police line-up.
Allison Pearson
Police officers and firemen are so visible in their daily work, there’s no mistaking they’re there – and that presence makes people feel secure.
Irwin Redlener
I don’t want the books to become PR exercises for the police; I want to have the freedom to write about cops who cross the line: bad cops.
Ian Rankin
My father was a police officer with the New York Police Department; I’ve always had a high respect for officers. I want to give back to the community, and I want to work with young kids, help them get off drugs.
Lou Ferrigno
I’ve been offered a lot of police series, but I’m very good at staying away from them. They’re usually based on such a boring formula.
Stellan Skarsgard
The feminist movement is way bigger than the word. I don’t police people on what they call themselves, but equality and a general sense of togetherness are really important to me.
Petra Collins
I am willing to consider powers which would ban known hooligans from rallies and marches and I will look into the powers the police already have to force the removal of face coverings and balaclavas.
Theresa May
‘Detroit 1-8-7’ – the numbers are police slang for murder – is filmed in that blue-collar Michigan city, providing a flavor of authenticity. Detroit offers a unique visual landscape that tells the story of the city and what it’s been through.
Michael Imperioli
Communism may be over as an economic system, but as a model of state domination, it is very much alive in the People’s Republic of China and in Putin’s police state.
Michael Ignatieff
There was no doubt that there was a vast organization which was making fools of all the liberals in Hollywood and taking their money, that there was a police state among the Left element in Hollywood and Broadway.
Elia Kazan
There was a military police brigade with over 3,400 soldiers getting ready to go home because their mission – prisoner-of-war operations – was finished.
Janis Karpinski
When you get frisked by the police at the age of 10, and they empty your schoolbag out in the street and kick your books around and calling you names because of where you live, you just get an anger towards everyone who is outside of your neighborhood.
Lukas Forchhammer
Obedience simulates subordination as fear of the police simulates honesty.
George Bernard Shaw
I think America should amass a strategy for success, and set out the milestones. We need to help the Iraqis get their democracy up and running, we’ve got to help them train their military and police and security people, and we’ve got to start moving out.
Barbara Boxer
Only the police should have handguns.
William J. Clinton
Our first experience of God is so important, we either experience Him as the police guard that wants to punish or as Creative Love that awaits.
Pope Benedict XVI
People misunderstand what a police state is. It isn’t a country where the police strut around in jackboots; it’s a country where the police can do anything they like. Similarly, a security state is one in which the security establishment can do anything it likes.
John Lanchester
I was a student in London in the ’70s, so CBGB really wasn’t on my radar at all. Obviously, I was aware of the emergence of the Police in England and as an art student, I was very aware of David Byrne, but I suppose my musical taste at that time certainly didn’t stretch towards the Dead Boys or the Ramones.
Alan Rickman
It is a lot harder now to be a police officer than what it used to be.
Steven Seagal
I want police to be protected.
Marc Veasey
Suspects who are innocent of a crime should. But the thing is, you don’t have many suspects who are innocent of a crime. That’s contradictory. If a person is innocent of a crime, then he is not a suspect.
Edwin Meese
We are very grateful for what the Ontario provincial government is doing, and for cooperation from provincial and local police forces all across Canada.
Paul Cellucci
The real evil of the Russian communist state is not communism. It is the secret police and the concentration camp.
John Boyd Orr
I couldn’t be a police officer. It’s a very difficult job to put your life in the face of danger for someone else, and that is extremely selfless. To now vilify cops is not really the way I think it should be looked at.
Reginald VelJohnson
The Police could get away with doing an entire record with really no audible reverb, which I have always admired and thought would be a lot of fun to try to re-create.
Jason Isbell
When the police came, they found my brother asleep on the roof. Nobody knows how he got there.
Stephen Chbosky
If labor mainly, or to any considerable degree, serves the purpose of a police, to keep men out of mischief, it indicates a rottenness at the foundation of our community.
Henry David Thoreau
There’s a larger conversation we need to have about the role of police officers, their relationship to the people as enemy or executioner, when they’re not supposed to be either.
Chance The Rapper
When teachers try to teach, nurses try to nurse, small businesses try to serve their clients and the police try to arrest criminals, there is always a regulator or three breathing down their necks. Conservatives want to make people’s lives easier.
John Redwood
We’re here because we want to go to the Orient House. We’re here because this is our city. It’s an occupied city, I know. They have arms, they have weapons, they have police, they have mortar guns, but it is Palestinian and it is under occupation.
Hanan Ashrawi
There is insufficient support for the police and safety and law enforcement, in general, in the city council.
Steve Chabot
One thing about a police state, you can always find the police.
L. Neil Smith
People were encouraged to snitch. [South Africa] was a police state, so there were police everywhere. There were undercover police. There were uniformed police. The state was being surveilled the entire time.
Trevor Noah
It’s one of the roles of a lifetime to be able to play someone like Mr. Cochran who was so influential. People knew about his work in regard to police brutality. He was very much a staple in the community – someone who, if there was trouble, people knew, ‘Go get Johnnie Cochran.’
Courtney B. Vance
‘Blackish’ is set in current times. So, doing a police brutality episode in current times when kids are watching our show, it gives them an access point to have these kinds of conversations as family.
Tracee Ellis Ross
As gas-light is found to be the best nocturnal police, so the universe protects itself by pitiless publicity.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
When you have police officers who abuse citizens, you erode public confidence in law enforcement. That makes the job of good police officers unsafe.
Mary Frances Berry
I think our police do an excellent job, day in and day out, working to keep us safe.
Theresa May
I saw in the Nineties that we were increasing police power with get tough policies and 3 strikes laws, but without additional oversights.
Van Jones
They cannot count on the press and they cannot count on Congressional committees to bring the problems of the scientific community to their own attention, or to police the scientific community.
Serge Lang
Because of ‘Line Of Duty’s proper adherence to police procedure, by definition we end up doing some very long interrogation scenes which are difficult to learn, and require lots of concentration to sustain them across shooting.
Adrian Dunbar
The Anarchists set off World War I with a gunshot in Sarajevo – but they faded away. It wasn’t that the police drove them out of business. The ideology had nowhere to go except into permanent negativity.
Pete Hamill
In essence, Clinton’s Anti-Terrorism Act would set up a national police force, over the long-dead bodies of the founders.
Gore Vidal
A lot of things sound neutral, but they’re not. A typical example would involve police violence. It’s usually forbidden to call police “murderers,” even if they’re convicted of murder. People will say that it sounds hysterical and unobjective.
Molly Crabapple
Officials are the only guys who can rob you and then get a police escort out of the stadium.
Ron Bolton
I miss dating only for that final moment you kiss goodnight, watch her get out of your car and run into the police station.
Dane Cook
Where blackmail is involved, telling the police is always a good option.
Ruth Rendell
We’ve all had some level of injustice, whether 20 years in prison, or 20 minutes sitting in your car waiting for a police officer to determine your future. Or even a few moments in an elevator with some woman clutching her purse thinking you’re going to rob her Вѕ regardless of celebrity, that has happened to me.
Denzel Washington
I will maintain the presence of a Mexican Army, and the Navy and police in the states of the Mexican Republic, where the problem of crime has increased.
Enrique Pena Nieto
In Huntington Beach, California, three police instructors lost their jobs after ordering two cadets who were caught smoking to eat cigarette sandwiches as punishment. And of course the tobacco companies are thinking, ‘Cigarette sandwiches – what a great idea.’
Jay Leno
Such an atmosphere is un-American, the most un-American thing we have to contend with today. It is the climate of a totalitarian country in which scientists are expected to change their theories to match changes in the police state’s propaganda line.
Harry S. Truman
Michael Jackson is a very weird impulse. It was the exploration of something overtly pop, to the point where pop is kitsch. It’s also an exaggeration when placed across from the race riots. Because again you have the police department and you have Michael Jackson.
Kelley Walker
[I]f you want instant, reflexive support for the US government’s police and military powers, MSNBC is the place to turn these days.
Glenn Greenwald
They [the police] learned something from them Harlem riots. They used to beat your head right in public, but now they only beat it after they get you down to the station house.
Langston Hughes
I think that the response to the OJ Simpson trial was based on a kind of sensibility that emerged out of the many campaigns to defend black communities against police violence.
Angela Davis
The ingrained image of black men being searched by the police feeds into the collective illusion that black men everywhere need to be policed more than others.
David Lammy
Ending police brutality and mass incarceration. There is a growing left-right support for criminal justice reform.
Ralph Nader
I have two younger brothers, and I know my parents have spoken to them about driving and interacting with police. They didn’t have those conversations with me, but they did have conversations about being exceptional black people.
Opal Tometi
The most credible police shows I’ve ever seen were ‘Barney Miller’ on TV and ‘The French Connection’ movie. They showed the tedious side of police work.
Dennis Farina
The people of Baltimore are great. I love Baltimore. What I looked forward to, every year, was getting a new apartment in a different part of town and hanging out. People started to see you in the character that you were, so everyone thought I was real police.
Wendell Pierce
They really do feel under attack, rank-and-file officers and much of American police leadership, that they feel they’re under attack from the federal government at the highest levels. So that’s something we need to understand also, this sense of perception that becomes a reality.
William Bratton
When we came out from the Elysee palace, there was a gigantic limousine waiting for us and four police on motorcycles. It is probably one of the few times I have experienced my fame. I thought it was so fantastic that I laughed to the point of shouting.
Ingmar Bergman
Let me be clear about this. I don’t have a drug problem. I have a police problem.
Keith Richards
One young man asked me a simple question that gets to the core of what we`re talking about. He said, do you think the police would ever treat you the way they treat me? And the answer is, no. And that is wrong. And that has to change in this city.
Chris Hayes
Our military, police forces, fire fighters … those are the real Hall of Famers.
Chris Hanburger
It is extremely hard to bring a claim for compensation against the police or the Crown Prosecution Service, even when a person has been charged with an offence and later cleared.
Robert Rinder
Universities are not places where police can come and arrest people. Let the children have a discourse as they want to. They will learn as they move on in life. But to target individuals and institutions is dangerous.
Kapil Sibal
You used to think the suspect was the guy with the cornrows; now you see the police officers with the cornrows.
Allen Iverson
They say no one knows if we all see red the same way. Except traffic cops.
Greg Fitzsimmons
Like when that man was running down Broadway stark naked and we all had to eat in the cafeteria while the police tried to catch him.
Rebecca Stead
Imagine feeling like every kiss goodbye to your loved ones each day might be your last kiss. Police officers and their families feel this way every single day.
Karen Salmansohn
When you have an individual that is committed to killing someone else, you can`t expect a restraining order or the police to provide 24-hour protection.
William Bennett
Without the right tools, we can’t police our markets from illegal trade.
Chris Chocola
In the American political lexicon, ‘change’ always means more of the same: more government, more looting of Americans, more inflation, more police-state measures, more unnecessary war, and more centralization of power.
Ron Paul
If a sanctuary city means that our police department does not enforce federal immigration laws, then we are one. But declaring yourself a ‘sanctuary city’ also signals to a lot of people that you are protecting hard-core criminals, which I don’t, and I don’t believe in.
Eric Garcetti
When African-American police officers involved in a police action shooting involving an African-American, why would Hillary Clinton accuse that African-American police officer of implicit bias?
Mike Pence
I haven’t reported my missing credit card to the police because whoever stole it is spending less than my wife.
Ilie Nastase
New York has done an excellent job. And I give credit – I give credit across the board going back two mayors, two police chiefs, because it has worked. And other communities need to come together to do what will work, as well.
Hillary Clinton
The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory.
Jeff Cooper
I want our police officers to have the resources and training they need to investigate hate crime fully, and to ensure we have neighborhood police teams that understand and reflect the communities they serve.
Sadiq Khan
Governments are out of control, irresponsible, never have enough money, never tighten their own belts, and when they are forced to, they always threaten to shut down police departments and teachers and all these things.
Rush Limbaugh
If I did things for the money, I’d have done adverts in the 1980s, when I was hot enough to be offered them, and ‘Police Academy 6,’ which I was asked to write.
Ben Elton
In The Police, in a trio situation – which I’ve come back to now – it’s just so wide open that it does actually provide this arena where you can play with a certain freedom.
Andy Summers
We need to work for a day when police shootings are rare and not the stuff of our daily news.
David Horsey
My mother’s a police officer, so there was only so much trouble I could get myself into. But my father grew up on the other side.
Corey Hawkins
The key is to commit crimes so confusing that police feel too stupid to even write a crime report about them.
R. K. Milholland
President [Barack] Obama did put together a task force on 21st Century Policing, led by Philadelphia police chief Charles Ramsey, to look at some of these issues after Ferguson.
Julianne Malveaux
Gloucestershire police must be the envy of the human rights-abusing cop world. From Turkey to Indonesia they will say, ‘Kidnapping peace protestors! How did they get away with that one?’
Mark Thomas
The death is unfortunate. It is an accident. It is not police atrocity . It is a small and petty matter.
Mamata Banerjee
Gun control responsibilities are taking police officers off the street and adding to crime.
Stockwell Day
I went to Annapolis for tougher laws to hold cops accountable. I’m fighting to bring back the trust between the police and the community.
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
I have no enemies and no hatred. None of the police who monitored, arrested, and interrogated me, none of the prosecutors who indicted me, and none of the judges who judged me are my enemies.
Liu Xiaobo
I can’t think of an experience I’ve had with police that I felt was based on race, which is one difference between England and the U.S.
Clare-Hope Ashitey
I’m sure that all the drivers and motorcycle police had once been racing drivers and were eager to get back to that profession.
Eleanor Roosevelt
We call for a welcoming path to citizenship, an end to police violence, and a transformed foreign policy based on international law and human rights – not based on these policies of regime change and economic and military domination.
Jill Stein
Police ought to protect communities as well as individuals…. Just as physicians now recognize the importance of fostering health rather than simply treating illness, so the police – and the rest of us – ought to recognize the importance of maintaining, intact, communities without broken windows.
James Q. Wilson
In 1933, the Gestapo was founded to become – to be a secret police agency to keep tabs on political opposition and so forth. Brand-new as of April 1933.
Erik Larson
So, he reasoned, if you can identify the sources of a government’s power – people working in civil service, police and judges, even the army – then you know what a dictatorship depends on for its existence.
Gene Sharp
Unlike most European countries, the police in the US are decentralized; even the FBI has regional offices. Amending the constitution is a long and tedious process.
Anne Applebaum
Sometimes things need to get really bad before they can ever get better. Really bad can become untenable if enough people get sick of it. That was a big thing about why I ended up taking part in that rally [against police brutality] and ended up voicing my opinion and declaring what side I was standing on.
Quentin Tarantino
CBS fought very hard on this because it believed and believes that there’s a principle at stake here. The principle is that Dan Rather doesn’t work for the police, and that people that speak to Dan Rather understand that he’s a journalist and not a police agent.
Floyd Abrams
In no way have we contemplated the intervention of the army in tasks that belong to police at the different levels of government. What is contemplated .. is support from the army in these tasks but not in direct actions that correspond to municipal, state and federal police.
Ruben Aguilar
My police record says I went to Panama City, but I don’t recall it.
Brantley Gilbert
How did we win the election in the year 2000? We talked about a humble foreign policy: No nation-building; don’t police the world. That’s conservative, it’s Republican, it’s pro-American – it follows the founding fathers. And, besides, it follows the Constitution.
Ron Paul
Society questions the police and their methods, and the police say: ‘Do you want the criminals off the street or not?’
Kurt Russell
Instead of the international police action we had hoped for during the war in Kosovo, there are wars again – conducted with state-of-the-art technology, but still in the old style.
Jurgen Habermas
A libertarian is someone who can believe that the police are no more than a gang of thugs without realizing that in the absence of police, thugs will gather into gangs.
S.M. Stirling
It’s a police mantra that all members of the public are guilty of something, but some members of the public are more guilty than others.
Ben Aaronovitch
The writing that most interests me isn’t about narcos or sicarios or police or whatever. It’s about the victims and the survivors, and about the suffering and trauma that so many in Mexico and Central America endure, and that is all around us whether we notice it or not.
Francisco Goldman
A good society is characterised not just by liberty but by mutual respect and responsibility. When this breaks down it takes a lot more than police officers to put things right.
David Lammy
Nobody wants zealotry in a police force, you know? You do want to know that the guy who’s got that badge, is confident enough to judge a certain level of benign corruption. Like a man steals some food to feed his starving children.
Russell Crowe
Authority can be faked. That’s why impersonating a police officer is a crime. Sometimes the outward appearances of authority can be deceiving.
John Ortberg
I think that the dialogue between police officers and the black community has to get better, but not better in a way where, ‘Oh, let’s talk about it when something horrible happens.’ The dialogue has to be going on consistently, every day.
Antoine Fuqua
Order always weighs on the individual. Disorder makes him wish for the police or for death. These are two extreme circumstances in which human nature is not at ease.
Paul Valery
Crime is a human behavior problem, not a mechanical problem. Furthermore, if firearms were not very useful for self-defense, then police wouldn’t carry them. In a free country, if the government can go armed, so should the citizens, if they so choose.
Charley Reese
Military police know what to do, they know the Geneva Conventions, and their objective is to provide a safe, secure, fair environment for prisoners under their control.
Janis Karpinski
When I was growing up, I did not exercise at all. I was raised in the French Quarter in New Orleans. If I saw someone running, I would call the police because I thought they stole something on Royal Street.
Richard Simmons
I am very cynical. That is absolutely what police is doing. But you don’t even have to be cynical. I mean, politicians don’t even pretend they’re doing otherwise. The problem is the other side is not screaming bloody murder and saying, you know, “This is immoral, this is slavery, you’re profiting from human bondage.”
Peter Moskos
He was in Poland to participate in the NATO conference, President [Barack] Obama did respond well to the back-to-back killings, as well as to the attacks on Dallas police officers that followed.
Julianne Malveaux
I`m a former mayor. I know that being a cop is not an easy job. But when
police officers misbehave, they`ve got to be held accountable.
Bernie Sanders
If something like one in nine Londoners is a Muslim, then I want one in nine police officers to be a Muslim. Which means we are currently about 2,000 short.
Ian Blair
In New York City we have the biggest police force in the country. We have 35,000 uniformed officers. We’re able to mass officers in significant numbers if we had to.
Raymond Kelly
The students wanted to speak to the government, and the police answered with bullets.
Vusi Mahlasela
I’m playing my first urban character in ‘Thirudan Police.’ It’s an important film because I’ll be breaking the stereotype that I’m only fit for rural characters with this role.
Aishwarya Rajesh
It’s like the journey of a police official, who starts from a low rank and goes on to have a high rank. After doing Punjabi films, even I plan on joining Bollywood as a lead actor.
Ammy Virk
If only the authorities could be made to realize that the forces leading them on in the armament race are just insane.
Alva Myrdal
We Americans have no commission from God to police the world.
Benjamin Harrison
It seems to me that as economics drives politics and money markets set policies, what we have is an enormously powerful emergence of both a police state on the one hand and an incredible culture of cruelty on the other. All of the sudden, shared hopes are replaced by shared fears.
Henry Giroux
Overturning police cars is a super-intense workout. It’s probably the only sport I enjoy.
Ai Weiwei
I was worn out, broken: He had taken almost everything. But he’d been all I’d had, all this time. And when the police led him away, I pulled out of the hands of all these loved one, sobbing, screaming, everything hurting, to try and make him stay.
Sarah Dessen
Surely the fact that a uniformed police officer is wearing his hair below his collar will make him no less identifiable as a policeman.
Thurgood Marshall
In almost all cases now the police are as much an enemy as the others.
Tom Metzger
I’m a huge stadium rock fan, but I’m also a fan of everything from Massive Attack to Peter Gabriel, U2, the Police, Radiohead, and Coldplay.
Tom DeLonge
Has the Ministry assessed what manpower savings or cost efficiencies have been derived from such use of new technologies, and how policing capabilities have been enhanced? What new initiatives can we expect, and how will the police guard against their officers being “de-skilled” by over-relying on technology?
Sylvia Lim
Most citizens viewing the tape of Rodney G. King being beaten by police officers were stunned and uncomprehending. Most citizens, that is, but the urban poor.
Greg Boyle
I was knocking on people’s doors. I knocked on a white couple’s door, and I told them, I says, ‘Excuse me, but I’ve been born again.’ The guy said, ‘Hon, call security. There’s a little black guy here talking about how he been born again. Call the police.’
Al Green
Revolt and revolution both wind up at the same crossroads: the police, or folly.
Albert Camus
We’re not being invaded by undocumented immigrants who are coming to kill police officers and commit crimes. And I don’t think most Americans think it’s true.
Mark Shields
Now, can some cops be overbearing, rude? Yeah. But we have a process for that. Do what the officer tells you to do, and file a complaint. That’s the process. You don’t attack a police officer on the street or resist arrest because you think you’re being hassled.
David A. Clarke, Jr.
I’ve spent my life in the police profession, and I’m proud of that. But I am also very cognizant of the profession’s limitations, its potential for abuse, and its potential negative impact.
William Bratton
It would be a stultification of the responsibility which the course of constitutional history has cast upon this Court to hold that in order to convict a man the police cannot extract by force what is in his mind, but can extract what is in his stomach.
Felix Frankfurter
I used to have a gun made every month; I would get another pistol made that I would design. I’m very into the military and police stuff like that.
Steven Seagal
Some people, when they’re called before the police, like nothing better than to spill everything, fact and fiction alike, hoping to create a good impression.
Kobo Abe
The share of Americans who say race relations are bad in this country is the highest it’s been in decades, much of it amplified by shootings of African-Americans by police, as we’ve seen recently in Charlotte and Tulsa.
Lester Holt
The Palm Beach Police Foundation is a client of Trump’s. They pay to rent out Mar-a-Lago every year.
David Fahrenthold
It is not true that the perfection of police power is the result of the state’s Machiavellianism or of some transitory influence. The whole structure of society implies it, of necessity. The more we mobilize the forces of nature, the more must we mobilize men and the more do we require order.
Jacques Ellul
One positive command he gave us: You shall love and honor your emperor. In every congregation a prayer must be said for the czar’s health, or the chief of police would close the synagogue.
Mary Antin
France is a pretty stable democracy, but incidents occur. And I was pleased to have police accompaniment.
James Douglas
Every year Swedish society produces a new generation of threatened women who can testify to the lack of legal rights and the lukewarm interest shown by the police and other authorities.
Steig Larsson
I put a lot into it, and when I am done playing, I plan on going undercover and then being the sheriff or chief of police somewhere, either Miami or Orlando, I don’t know yet.
Shaquille O’Neal
Whether Iranians are drinking wine in the evening or painting something “offensive,” they choose not to dwell on the fact that they could receive some seventh-century punishment. Laws are inconsistently enforced, and you can usually pay off police to look the other way.
Azadeh Moaveni
Michael Brown’s tragic death has revealed a deep distrust between some in the Ferguson community and its police force. It also developed a need to develop and widely disseminate law enforcement best practices for responding to public demonstrations.
Eric Holder
I think we’re all safer when the police respect the communities they’re supposed to serve, and the communities respect the law.
Hillary Clinton
The police are not here to create disorder, they’re here to preserve disorder.
Richard J. Daley
We were like heroes, to stand there and observe the police, and the police were scared to move upon us.
Bobby Seale
In the 1970s, New York City defaulted on its debt, and yes, the consequences were painful. Enrollment plummeted at City University campuses, which until then had offered free education. Seven thousand police officers were laid off. Crime skyrocketed. Services for the poor disappeared.
Charles Duhigg
My father was convinced the Taliban would hunt him down and kill him, but he again refused security from the police. ‘If you go around with a lot of security the Taliban will use Kalashnikovs or suicide bombers and more people will be killed,’ he said. ‘At least I’ll be killed alone.’
Malala Yousafzai
If the police ever try to pick me up, Michael Jackson told me I can hide out at his house.
Gilbert Gottfried
I’ve enjoyed the accommodations offered by police departments from Florida to Hawaii. Any time I saw a badge, something in me would snap.
Grace Slick
Stop-and-search has the potential to cause immense resentment and honesty to the police, with all the implications that has for generating distrust and ending co-operation from the public, if it is not used fairly.
Theresa May
The toilets at a local police station have been stolen. Police say they have nothing to go on.
Ronnie Barker
Let me be clear: as I have said repeatedly, I do not believe that all police officers are bad, nor do I believe that most are bad. But there must be a transparent, impartial and fair system to judge those that engage in criminal or unethical acts.
Al Sharpton
America can be a very hysterical country intellectually and very puritanical, too. You probably have fun in private, but to the rest of the world you seem to hate fun – to be big on agendas and short on spontaneity. The image you present is one of appalling conformity. The thought police is what you are ruled by.
Doris Lessing
We felt that the police needed a label, a label other than that fear image that they carried in the community. So we used the pig as the rather low-lifed animal in order to identify the police. And it worked.
Huey Newton
I never understood society. i undersand that it works somehow and that it functions as a reality and that its realities are necessary to keep us from worse realities. but all i sense are that are plenty of police and jails and judges and laws and that what is meant to protect me is breaking me down.
Charles Bukowski
Just like Hillary Clinton is against the miners, she is against the police, believe me. Those peddling, the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society have fostered the dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America.
Donald Trump
We must honor, protect and support our police officers and their families every day of the year.
Janet Reno
While there are many wonderful police investigators out there doing some very fine work, the majority of the time it is not brains that catches serial killers.
Pat Brown
I got nothing against the honest cop on the beat. You just have them transferred someplace where they can’t do you any harm. But don’t ever talk to me about the honor of police captains or judges. If they couldn’t be bought they wouldn’t have the job.
Al Capone
We talk about civilization as though it’s a static state. There are no civilized people yet, it’s a process that’s constantly going on… As long as you have war, police, prisons, crime, you are in the early stages of civilization.
Jacque Fresco
In the fight against terrorism, national agencies keep full control over their police forces, security and intelligence agencies and judicial authorities.
Gijs de Vries
Yet civil rights issues are very much on the front burner in South Carolina between the Black Lives Matter movement and police shootings.
Ari Shapiro
It was better walk with dignity than ride in shame. A lot of people in Cincinnati are saying, “Rather than have the continual problems of police brutality and economic disparity, I’m willing to make some sacrifices.” And I think that they ought to be respected for doing that.
Al Sharpton
Ma’am,” Augustus said, nodding toward her, “Your daughter’s car has just been deservingly egged by a blind man. Please close the door and go back inside or we’ll be forced to call the police.
John Green
The broken image of Man moves in minute by minute and cell by cell…. Poverty, hatred, war, police-criminals, bureaucracy, insanity, all symptoms of The Human Virus.
William S. Burroughs
It wouldn’t matter whether you were Latino or Hispanic or Norwegian. If you didn’t have proof of citizenship and if the police officer had reasonable suspicion, he would ask and verify your citizenship. I mean, that’s the way that it is. That’s what the federal law says. And that’s what the law in Arizona says.
Jan Brewer
Hollywood is obsessed with police stories.
Ice Cube
I’m from Anderson, S.C., but I grew up in the South. So I know what it is to ride to school and have Confederate flags flying from trucks in front of me and behind me, to see a parking lot full of people with Confederate flags and know what that means. I’ve been stopped by police for no reason.
Chadwick Boseman
I’m from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. So, you grow up around police officers. Some of them are in your family, some of them you have encounters with. I had a young police officer we were friends with in our group.
Tracy Morgan
You are able to monitor and police your standards of quality once you have defined them.
John Kao
I originally worked as an archaeologist in North Carolina, and when bones were found police would take them out to the bones lady at the university, and that was me.
Kathy Reichs
It’s what you do when you have Allison Janney.My jaw-dropped at her performance. You think that part is sort of a regular part until she steps into the shoes of the officer. She just filled it with such dimension and by giving her the whole shebang, the whole police thread, I think it was the right choice.
Erin Cressida Wilson
I am not a police fan at all.
Gaspar Noe
I knew police officers have a very difficult job. They have to make split second decisions that will impact not only the communities they serve but their families, their own personal lives.
Doug Baldwin
We have to have armies! We have to have military power! We have to have police forces, whether it’s police in a great city or police in an international scale to keep those madmen from taking over the world and robbing the world of its liberties.
Billy Graham
Police and firefighters are great, but they don’t create wealth. They protect it. That’s crucial. Teaching is a wonderful profession. Teachers help educate people to become good citizens so that citizens can then go create wealth. But they don’t create the wealth themselves.
Rush Limbaugh
I think police officers can work with social workers and public health nurses to do so much in terms of addressing the problem of American families, of children in American families as a whole, and giving them an opportunity to get off to a fresh start, to become self-sufficient, to lead safe, constructive lives.
Janet Reno
When I was a kid, there was kind of a given that there were some really bad, racist police out there. That’s just what America was like when I was a kid.
Larry Wilmore
My family was all police and hard hats at the refineries; they didn’t know what to think about me. So I became a closet writer.
Robert Crais
It seems appropriate that the author of ‘1984’ was a British citizen. George Orwell must have seen how easily the great British public’s lamb-like disposition toward its leaders could be exploited to create a police state.
Heather Brooke
Every bullet fired from the barrel of a police pistol was my bullet. If you call that murder, then I am the murderer.
Hermann Goring
We do not accept the Western way of thinking that there are two ways of life. At the same time, the police (here) are not chasing gays. In Africa, sexuality is something very private, even for heterosexuals. Heterosexuals are not parading! But gays want to behave like exhibitionists.
Yoweri Museveni
Police work wouldn’t be possible without coffee.
Henning Mankell
Like many resisting oppression, Palestinian Gandhis are likely to be found in prisons after being repressed by Israeli soldiers or police or in the hospital after being brutally beaten or worse.
Yousef Munayyer
My first day in the police was July 16, 1972. I was the only woman in the IPS. I remember getting a lot of questions. Are you sure you want to do this? Have you thought about your family? Why did you choose to be here? There was a lot of amazement and doubt.
Kiran Bedi
If you don’t have any individuality and you’re happy just being one of the girls (or boys) be my guest. I’m not the fashion police. I won’t fault you.
Iris Apfel
Liberalism had come to mean spending more on everything-speech police, failed poverty programs that reward dependence, a bigger nanny state telling us we cannot eat fatty foods, workplace roles that stifle opportunity, and absurd environmental regulations.
John Stossel
There is no reason for anyone in the country, for anyone except a police officer or a military person, to buy, to own, to have, to use, a handgun. The only way to control handguns use in this country is to prohibit the guns. And the only way to do that is to change the Constitution.
Michael Gartner
Privatizing our public schools makes as much sense as privatizing the fire department or or the police department
Diane Ravitch
Soccer matches in Europe have riot police. Metal is just people sloshing around drunk and sloppy and having fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is a great outlet for aggression.
Chris Reifert
One of the consequences of the Iranian revolution has been an explosion of history. A country once known only from British consular reports and intrepid travelogues is now awash with historical documents, letters, diaries, grainy video, weblogs and secret police files of questionable authenticity.
James Buchan
Thousands of people plead guilty to crimes every year in the United States because they know that the odds of a jury’s believing their word over a police officer’s are slim to none.
Michelle Alexander
I think sports has done a disservice for a lot of black kids thinking they can only be successful through athletics and entertainment. I want them to know they can be doctors, lawyers, teachers, fireman, police officers, etc.
Charles Barkley
I never saw anything more like real warfare in my life – only the attack was all on one side. The police, in spite of their numbers, apparently thought they could not cope with the crowd.
Walter Crane
Every country in the world has its own security system and its own security forces, its own police and its own army.
Osama bin Laden
You learn that you either are going to have a police state where you don’t have any freedom left, or you’re going to build a world that doesn’t create terrorists – and that means a whole different way of ‘getting along.’
John Shelby Spong
You seem to have quite a taste for discussing these horrible subjects,” she said, rather scornfully; “you ought to have been a detective police officer.
Mary Elizabeth Braddon
I am a military police officer and I have served on two deployments; my first was to Iraq, in a medical unit, and my second deployment was to Kuwait, as a military police platoon leader.
Tulsi Gabbard
When they see you on the street, I was at the bottom of Highgate West Hill the other day and the police came down the hill with blue lights and screeched to a halt and went, ‘Oi, ‘Line Of Duty!’
Adrian Dunbar
The police are very mean people sometimes.
Vince Staples
It is a truism throughout the civilized galaxy that when you go to the police, your troubles really begin.
Robert Sheckley
A police officer wears a uniform. They’re sworn to uphold the law. They’re public servants. And they should not be above the law.
Marc Morial
I’ve developed this love of trashy Russian literature. There’s a women’s detective series that I was obsessed with for a while, written by Aleksandra Marinina, the former chief of police.
Elif Batuman
We know the secret police’s methods, and the way the archive and registry were run – that’s how we know. We’ve also found evidence from the Bolek file cited in other files.
Slawomir Cenckiewicz
If the police need more help to do their work, I will not hesitate in granting it to them.
Theresa May
Even the police have an unlisted number.
Morey Amsterdam
I have quite a few good friends in Philadelphia who were police officers.
Bobby Seale
The main political problem is how to prevent the police power from becoming tyrannical. This is the meaning of all the struggles for liberty.
Ludwig von Mises
With Stewart International Airport located here, the New Windsor Police Department has an added responsibility to take anti-terrorism precautions while protecting our area.
Sue Kelly
If I could tour with anyone, I’d go with either Maroon 5, or Dave Matthews. No lets go with Sting, he will be my all time favorite…wait no I want to go on tour with the Police.
Ryan Cabrera
There is no such thing as the State And no one exists alone; Hunger allows no choice To the citizen or the police; We must love one another or die.
W. H. Auden
If I could police every other social platform in the world, I would.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
If you take away religion, you can’t hire enough police.
Clayton Christensen
The criminal justice system in the United States is designed to do two things really well: to railroad black and brown bodies into prison, and to keep police officers out of it.
Joy Reid
It has always struck me that one of the readiest ways of estimating a country’s regard for law is to notice what arms the officers of the law are carrying: in England it is little batons, in France swords, in many countries revolvers, and in Russia the police used to have artillery.
Lord Dunsany
The minimum that most minimalists want leaves in place just the institutions who protect their interests. That’s libertarians for you – anarchists who want police protection from their slaves.
Kim Stanley Robinson
I can see that in certain political situations you have to use force to overthrow police states.
Pierre Trudeau
There’s an examination for young people to go to university. I failed it three times. I failed a lot. So I applied to 30 different jobs and got rejected. I went for a job with the police; they said, ‘You’re no good.’ I even went to KFC when it came to my city. Twenty-four people went for the job. Twenty-three were accepted.
Jack Ma
I’m not the comedy police, but you watch a movie, and everyone’s laughing, and then you shake it out, and you realize, ‘There’s no joke there!’
Maria Semple
I’ve been in several situations where police officers and district attorneys have had the cooperation of people in the news media without either endangering the reporter or compromising their sources.
Edwin Meese
We’ve prosecuted police, dozens of them over the years.
Robert P. McCulloch
I went to Ferguson and walked with the demonstrators and saw this heavily armed police force, tactical units pointing sniper rifles at my constituents who were there exercising their constitutional rights.
William Lacy Clay, Jr.
Right now – and this is something Donald [Trump] has supported, along with the gun lobby – right now, we’ve got too many military- style weapons on the streets. In a lot of places, our police are outgunned. We need comprehensive background checks, and we need to keep guns out of the hands of those who will do harm.
Hillary Clinton
I come from a rare place. It’s a different culture, different atmosphere, police crooked. Different emojis, and when I say emojis, I mean personalities.
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
My father was a police officer before he retired. One of my brothers is also a police officer, and I think they kind of expected I would do something along those lines, like become a fireman or something.
Ryan Reynolds
Incarceration has become a business. It is in the interest of the police and the prisons to keep locking people up.
Sam Branson
As governor, I came to believe that the death penalty would be a just punishment for certain, especially heinous crimes, such as the murder of a child or the murder of a police officer. The events of September 11 convinced me that terrorists also deserve the ultimate punishment.
Howard Dean
If the word police want to come and get me, they can come and get me. If someone wants to blog about me, fine. The bloggers can come and get me. I clearly say the n-word in public, eight times. I think that’s the count.
Neal Brennan
So the first task of a police force is not to fight crime and enforce the law. It is to establish legitimacy with the law-abiding citizenry and then fight crime and enforce the law.
Malcolm Gladwell
The London police have discovered that the best way to neuter demonstrations is not to move everyone on, or disperse troublemakers, but hold them close, cordon them into a diminishing space for hours and hours, as a sort of arbitrary al fresco arrest.
A. A. Gill
I hate how all the hip hop bands of today will put crazy sound effects into their songs. You know what I mean, like a police or ambulance siren in a tune? Because I could own the CD, I could listen to it 50 gamillion times in my car – I still fall for it every time.
Doug Benson
The biggest enemy of an artist is apathy… A kid gets killed by the police and I buy a T-shirt and before I can wear that one, there’s another kid (killed) and I’m running out of closet space.
Dave Chappelle
If you find yourself talking to the police, my advice is to stay calm but look guilty; it’s your safest bet.
Ben Aaronovitch
I myself have been scrutinized by militarized police, but I know officers who actually handle themselves in a certain way that makes me feel safe.
You might be a redneck if your parakeet knows the phrase Open up, Police!
Jeff Foxworthy
I think that as the guardian of justice elected by the people it’s our duty to use whatever forms of force, police, army, to make sure that at least the freedom of choice is preserved.
Pierre Trudeau
“Gun-wielding recluse gunned down by local police” isn’t the epitaph I want. I am hoping for “Witnesses reported the sound up to two hundred kilometers away” or “Last body part finally located”.
James Nicoll
I grew up in an environment where it was permittable to use violence to solve a problem. But it was not permittable ever to call the police under any circumstances. That was the kind of doctrine of my household. My dad was a career-long criminal, and you weren’t calling the police for any reason.
Charlie Hunnam
When I was about 16, I got my ball taken off me by the police for playing in the street – which is pathetic really.
Wayne Rooney
Dada is the sun, Dada is the egg. Dada is the Police of the Police.
Richard Huelsenbeck
For target shooting, that’s okay. Get a license and go to the range. For defense of the home, that’s why we have police departments.
James Brady
You’re some special kind of hostage, that’s for sure. Maybe, well, do you think my purpose in life is to give myself up to the police? Do you think God wants me to spend the rest of my life paying for my sins?
Brian Nichols
People don’t seem to make the connection between their tax money and the benefits that they get from their tax money, like free education, and the fire department, and police protection, and everything else. It drives me bonkers, because it’s pretty straightforward to me.
Michael Schur
I don’t agree with the Black Lives Matter organizers. They are stated as anti-capitalists. And it’s much more than just the police to them. It’s about changing society entirely.
Glenn Beck
Educated men – “civilized,” as Fourier used to say with disdain – tremble at the idea that society might some day be without judges, police, or gaolers.
Peter Kropotkin
She’s in a situation she tried to, that’s what’s complicated. She followed orders; she called off the raid. This is a dangerous situation. Somebody in DC police went ahead and started.
Julianne Moore
If SOPA were to pass, Imgur would not be able to exist. We survive on user-generated content. It would be impossible for us to police the amount of traffic we get for what is or isn’t copyrighted material. It’s just not possible.
Alan Schaaf
When the trust between the police and the communities they serve breaks down, everyone is at risk.
Eric Schneiderman
I’ve never been given a ticket by a police man.
Lisa Vanderpump
See, ma’am, frankly speaking this problem can’t be solved by us police or military. The problem with these tribals is they don’t understand greed. Unless they become greedy there’s no hope for us. I have told my boss, remove the force and instead put a TV in every home. Everything will be automatically sorted out.
Arundhati Roy
We should start with the basics: Police officers are unlikely to be held accountable if the prosecutors investigating and potentially prosecuting them feel indebted to them.
Chesa Boudin
The Wire’ was from a police perspective – in terms of the streets and that, it was probably like, thirty per cent. ‘Top Boy’ is really from the perspective of the quote-unquote criminal. It’s getting into the mind of these people and why they do what they do. It’s bigger than just ‘Woke up and wanted to be bad one day.’
As far as police go, if officers are really that scared or timid [on the streets], maybe they shouldn’t be police officers. Their job is to protect and serve and they’re supposed to be the bravest of the brave.
Brandon Marshall
This non-proletarianised plebs has been racialist when it has been colonialist; it has been nationalist – chauvinist – when it has been armed; and it has been fascist when it has become the police force.These ideological effects on the plebs have been uncontestable and profound.
Michel Foucault
Take off all your clothes and walk down the street waving a machete and firing an Uzi, and terrified citizens will phone the police and report, There’s a naked person outside!
Mike Nichols
There’s going to be a time when MS-13 fires an RPG into an Alexandria [Va.] police car, and [Americans] are going to say, ‘What the hell happened?’
Roger Noriega
Campuses that were once havens of free speech are now patrolled and regulated by thought police. Intellectual dishonesty has become a job requirement for university administrators.
Michael Barone
The police didn’t afford you a phone call. You just disappeared for a while. And what was scary was we lived in a state where some people disappeared forever.
Trevor Noah
New York is great though. If you?re here and want a one of a kind souvenir be sure to take home the police sketch of your assailant.
David Letterman
My father’s a police officer, and he’s told me numerous times about his training and how they’ve gone through what they call verbal judo, which is essentially them trying to de-escalate the situation.
Doug Baldwin
What we need is a plan B … independent of the Internet. [It] doesn’t necessarily have to have the performance of the Internet, but the police department has to be able to call up the fire department.
Danny Hillis
Understand, our police officers put their lives on the line for us every single day. They’ve got a tough job to do to maintain public safety and hold accountable those who break the law.
Barack Obama
You can be stopped if a police officer reasonably suspects a crime is about to be committed, is being committed or has been committed. Every law enforcement agency does it. It’s essential to policing.
Raymond Kelly
Effective policing relies on the police having the confidence of the communities they serve, and this consultation gives the public an opportunity to contribute to the values and standards they expect of police officers.
Hazel Blears
I don’t pick up people. This is the work of the police. If there’s anybody with a case, it’s the police, not me.
Yoweri Museveni
There was a knock on our dressing-room door. Our manager shouted, ‘Keith! Ron! The Police are here!’ Oh, man, we panicked, flushed everything down the john. Then the door opened and it was Stewart Copeland and Sting.
Keith Richards
Whenever justice is uncertain and police spying and terror are at work, human beings fall into isolation, which, of course, is the aim and purpose of the dictator state, since it is based on the greatest possible accumulation of depotentiated social units.
Carl Jung
The government’s only functions are to protect the rights of the individual; therefore, you need a police force and an army.
Neil Peart
Television is a powerful medium that has to be used for something better than sitcoms and police shows. On the other hand, if you don’t recognize the forces that play on what people watch and what they don’t then you’re a fool and you should be in a different business.
Roone Arledge
You know you’ve reached middle age when you’re cautioned to slow down by your doctor, instead of by the police.
Joan Rivers
Gene police! You! Out of the pool, now!
Charles Stross
Soviet power is a new type of state in which there is no bureacracy, no police, no standing army.
Vladimir Lenin
I would make myself head of the style police and we would fight fiercely against sloppiness.
Karl Lagerfeld
I got my head bashed in at a demonstration against the Vietnam War. Police were losing control because they were up against a world they really didn’t understand.
Terry Gilliam
I want to be sure…that nothing is done on these veterans. Is that understood?…Is the word out? That they are not to touch em, they are not to do a thing?…Get a hold of the district police; they’re not to touch them, they’re to do nothing: Just let em raise Hell.
Richard M. Nixon
It’s fun to be in California. The police are kind of weird here. They ask you stupid questions. ‘Do you know why I pulled you over?’ Because I have pot in the glove compartment?
Robert Schimmel
Well, intuition isn’t much help in police work. Facts are what we need.
Crane Wilbur
This is not just an agreement for the police department, this is an agreement that gets the police department working with the community and the community understanding its role as it continues to work with the police department.
Al Sharpton
It is human agitation, with all the vulgarity of needs small and great, with its flagrant disgust for the police who repress it, it is the agitation of all menthat alone determines revolutionary mental forms, in opposition to bourgeois mental forms.
Georges Bataille
Where I grew up – I grew up on the north side of Akron, lived in the projects. So those scared and lonely nights – that’s every night. You hear a lot of police sirens, you hear a lot of gunfire. Things that you don’t want your kids to hear growing up.
LeBron James
We adults protect ourselves with laws, police, workplace regulations and social norms and there is no conceivable reason why children should be left more vulnerable, other that laziness or callousness in considering what life is like from their point of view.
Steven Pinker
I found while driving in Wyoming that wearing a stetson and driving a beat-up pickup meant you could go as fast as you like, while the police picked up Californian winnebagos that went one mph over 55. After all, they wanted to bring money into the state, not merely circulate it.
Terry Pratchett
There is not one single police officer in America that I am not afraid of and not one that I would trust to tell the truth or obey the laws they are sworn to uphold. I do not believe they protect me in any way.
Henry Rollins
A militarized police force facing down innocent protesters with sniper rifles and machine guns is totally unacceptable in America.
William Lacy Clay, Jr.
FAY: The British police force used to be run by men of integrity. TRUSCOTT: That is a mistake which has been rectified.
Joe Orton
I like to customize things. I customized the back of old Lincoln to be my mobile office. I had one of those little laptop desks like in a police car, and I had a cooler in there, so that was my mobile office.
Matthew McConaughey
I wanted to be a police officer for a long time so I could be just like my dad!
Doreen Cronin
We, the American people, owe the nation’s police officers our deepest gratitude, our best efforts, and our strong support, for they have done so much for us against such great odds.
Janet Reno
Ironically, the only gun control in 19th century England was the policy forbidding police to have arms while on duty.
Don Kates
HELL: A place where the police are German, the motorists French and the cooks English.
Bertrand Russell
On a royal birthday every house must fly a flag, or the owner would be dragged to a police station and be fined twenty-five rubles.
Mary Antin
I just put myself in a hotel and was smoking coke for a while. Then I met up with the wrong people. I ended up getting in a hassle. I had to call the police and get myself arrested or get attacked, ripped off and got to jail. So I called the cops on them and myself.
Marc Wallice
I think that’s an incredibly overwhelming reality that is really at the basis of how we’re going to deal with this. Looking at the film, people will say, “Oh yeah, you’re criticizing the police.” I say, “No.”
Oren Moverman
Certainly, we have to make sure our police forces do not have weapons of mass destruction with which they can terrorize our communities.
Alicia Garza
I think that one of the other lessons about what happened here is that open carry laws, even though many police, sheriff departments in Colorado support them, make it much harder for law enforcement to do their jobs.
Jonathan Michel Metzl
Police are reluctant to label a murder as a possible serial homicide.
Pat Brown
Looting is a natural response to the unnatural and inhuman society of commodity abundance. It instantly undermines the commodity as such, and it also exposes what the commodity ultimately implies: the army, the police and the other specialized detachments of the state’s monopoly of armed violence.
Guy Debord
We are demanding police transparency and accountability so we can build trust and work together to make our communities safer.
Malcolm Jenkins
I always like to have faith that an audience will suspend their disbelief, if you present it to them in the right way. I find it peculiar when people scoff at one bold idea, and yet they’ll then turn over and watch a man travel through time in a police phone box. I think it’s just how you present the idea.
Tom Mison
Bathtub falls and police officers kill more Americans than terrorism, yet we’ve been asked to sacrifice our most sacred rights for fear of falling victim to it.
Edward Snowden
An administration without a police executive is powerless and there were many proofs of this.
Hans Frank
It’s an unfortunate fact that in the male black population, a very significant percentage of them, more so than whites or other minority candidates, because of convictions, prison records, are never going to be hired by a police department. That’s a reality. That’s not a byproduct of stop-and-frisk.
William Bratton
I think when you write songs, you write about people… People are the source of my material. And London is a wonderful place to be for people. So, the next time you’re sitting in a park somewhere, and you see someone like me looking at you, don’t phone the police. I’m just writing
Ray Davies
I made two movies before The Police had a hit record: I did Quadrophenia and a film called Radio On.
Los Angeles for many years had operated with a police department that was far smaller than other police departments had in areas of comparable or larger size, New York and Chicago being the most obvious examples.
Scott Turow
Our emphasis here is based not only on the growing seriousness of drug-related crimes, but also on the belief that relieving our police and our courts from having to fight losing battles against drug use will enable their energies and facilities to be devoted more fully to combating other forms of crime.
Milton Friedman
Americans have no idea why they have been at war in the Middle East, Asia and Africa for a decade. They don’t realize that their liberties have been supplanted by a Gestapo Police State. Few understand that hard economic times are here to stay.
Paul Craig Roberts
The police were also ready with more formidable tools of intimidation. The office also assigned a veteran homicide prosecutor to oversee the investigation. All this activity sent a signal to Condit. If he didn’t play ball, he might find himself called to testify before a grand jury under oath.
Wolf Blitzer
Every cop will tell you that their real job is being a social worker. That’s what they do all day. The large majority of police officers in this country never even draw their gun, let alone fire it. They do conflict resolution, right? And if that’s their job, why do they need to look like they’re an occupying force?
Malcolm Gladwell
The police can go to downtown Harlem and pick up a kid with a joint in the streets. But they can’t go into the elegant apartments and get a stockbroker who’s sniffing cocaine.
Noam Chomsky
If Dr. Mahathir thinks that by ordering the police to act like gangsters he will frighten the people from supporting this reformation movement, he is dreaming. I think he has cut himself off from reality.
Wan Azizah Wan Ismail
I come from a police family. Both my parents are police officers.
Vignesh Shivan
The police can’t protect consumers. People need to be more aware and educated about identity theft. You need to be a little bit wiser, a little bit smarter and there’s nothing wrong with being skeptical. We live in a time when if you make it easy for someone to steal from you, someone will.
Frank Abagnale
Peaceful circulation has been interupted by barbed wire and concrete blocks. For a city or a people to be truly free, they must have the secure right, without economic, political or police pressure, to make their own choices and live their own lives.
John F. Kennedy
The fact that we live in a world where black people have to strategize so they’re not brutalized by police is insane.
Larry Wilmore
How can I make a movie about the violence of the police if the police aren’t going to let me film it?
Jose Padilha
You don’t get black power by chanting it. You get it by doing what the other groups have done. The Irish kept quiet. They didn’t shout “Irish Power”, “Jew Power”, [or] “Italian Power”. They kept their mouths shut and took over the police department of New York City, and the mayorship of Boston.
Whitney M. Young
A police force, wherever they are, is made up of amazing people, and I respect them a great deal.
Nancy McKeon
I think our police are excellent, probably because I have not done anything that has occasioned being beaten up by these good men.
Clement Freud
It seems to me that before we give federal funds to police departments, we ought to mandate that they have body cams.
Claire McCaskill
Police officers know that each time they put on their uniform, they are taking on risks to protect others.
Mike Parson
Gun control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.
L. Neil Smith
If the Police could do a reunion… One of the biggest jerks I ever met was Sting. If he can do it, then anyone can do it. It’s not that big a deal. And the Eagles! They did it! They severely hated each other. It’s just rock and roll.
Steven Adler
At a certain point, we saw the police cracking down on the Occupy Wall Street activists. I won’t call the actions of police appropriate or inappropriate.
Vladimir Putin
I am who I am. I have a low voice, and I look like somebody’s dad or boss or a police chief, and those roles come my way.
J. K. Simmons
It seems to many of us that if we are to avoid the eventual catastrophic world conflict, we must strengthen the United Nations as a first step toward a world government patterned after our own government with a legislature, executive and judiciary, and police to enforce its international laws and keep the peace.
Walter Cronkite
Unless we abandon elements which resemble a police state, we can’t meet the demands of being a modern society.
Ahmet Necdet Sezner
I think there’s always bad apples [in police], and I’ve seen things that I don’t like. But we have to bring back law and order. You have policemen now that are afraid to talk to anybody because they don’t want to lose their job.
Donald Trump
My politics were pretty anarchistic until 1969 when the Montreal police went on strike. Within hours, mayhem and rioting broke out and the Mounties had to be called in to restore order. It instilled in me that one’s convictions can be subjected to empirical test.
Steven Pinker
Although police terrorism plays a specific role on behalf of the state, it is not the totality of what state violence looks like or feels like in our communities.
Alicia Garza
Fighting crime requires a partnership between the police and the community. And we all know that this partnership has been tested in Chicago. It is a problem that has festered in this city for decades.
Rahm Emanuel
Police work was fascinating, and I didn’t imagine that acting was something a kid from San Mateo, California, could really pursue.
Michael Trucco
Strength, the American way, is not manifested by threats of criminal prosecution or police state methods.
Leadership is not manifested by coercion, even against the resented. Greatness is not manifested by unlimited pragmatism, which places such a high premium on the end justifying any means and any methods.
Margaret Chase Smith
Soon it began to drizzle for the second time that night. The drops grew heavier and became visible in the headlights of the cars. It was said by some of the police on the scene that God was crying for the girl in the garden. To others, it was only rain.
George Pelecanos
Unquestionably, it was going to be highly dangerous. Yet I felt it was quite natural to jump at the task. After all, if you don’t like action and excitement, you don’t go into police work. And, what the hell, I figured, nobody lives forever!
Eliot Ness
There’s nothing really to talk about with the police. I mean, for what?
Harton thought that if one squeezed humanity through a wine press, its essence would flow out as drops of policemen.
Georges Limbour
[Ayn] Rand accepts that when she supports military conscription, even indirectly. Also, she starts her politics from the premise that the State must have police power. She fails to take into account the inevitability that once you start with police power you’re going to have a police State.
Murray Bookchin
What impressed me particularly in Vienna was the strict order everywhere. No mob disturbances of any kind, in spite of the greatly increased liberty and relaxation of police regulations.
Fritz Kreisler
I actually wanted to be a police officer like my dad for the longest time, up until my sophomore year in high school when I started doing plays. I did plays when I was little, but in high school, I started getting into acting.
Chad Lindberg
Now, I don’t see color. People tell me I’m white and I believe them because police officers call me ‘sir’.
Stephen Colbert
One of the great things about Houston is that they police themselves. It’s the way Boston was in the ’80s. No hacks or thieves are tolerated in the community, and that’s HUGE.
Joe Rogan
For me to come in as the mayor already recognizing some of the problems that we were facing and also having put some of those reforms in place, I recognize what the advocates were talking about. I also recognize what the police department`s concerns were and what the community in general was concerned about.
Catherine E. Pugh
If the new military elite is anything like the old one, it would, in any great crisis, tend to side with the Old Order and defend the status quo, if necessary, by force. In the words of the standard police bulletin known to all radio listeners, These men are armed -and they may be dangerous.
Ferdinand Lundberg
I remember thinking about how fun it would be to be a reporter. I had a dream, when I was little, to become a police officer and a crime investigator. It depends on what kind of stories you’re reporting, but it’s very similar. You’re finding out the truth.
Katia Winter
I have a new show now called ‘The Bridge,’ where I play a guy who’s a real-life guy. My character’s based on the life of a guy named Craig Bromell who was a cop for 12 years and then became head of the police association, so basically the president of the union for 85,000 cops.
Aaron Douglas
When I’m walking around, I’m sometimes just perplexed at people who seem like everyday people, people who are on juries, who are in the police force, who are in control of my life in many ways.
Parul Sehgal
I think The Police made five great records and then called it a day. They went out on top.
Art Alexakis
I am always looking for stories that have not been told too much, and one story that I think is really gripping and important is what police officers go through.
Sam Jaeger
After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.
William S. Burroughs
I once went to a demonstration in Aachen against fare increases on public transport. A police officer pulled out a bunch of my hair, and there were a lot of violent beatings. That’s when I thought to myself: You’d better leave it alone.
Wolfgang Beltracchi
African-Americans want to be safe in their community, like any other nationality that lives in America. They don’t want to be robbed. They don’t want to be beat. They don’t want to be shot down in their neighborhoods, whether it’s by police officers or people who live there.
Ras Baraka
I got it, I dove on the floor, he dove on my head and I hit my teeth on the ground. It was just one of my police reactions to get that criminal off me.
Shaquille O’Neal
That policy was abandoned very quickly, and the military police were tagged with the responsibility of conducting training, which they did. We were not equipped or set up with personnel to recruit new Iraqi guards.
Janis Karpinski
Representative Willis has introduced a bill, modeled after a Chicago law, to hold gun stores accountable for flooding our streets with weapons. Thousands of guns recovered by the Chicago Police Department can be traced back to just a handful of stores.
Rahm Emanuel
Lenin had just reflected that the revolution would never happen in his lifetime when in February 1917, hungry crowds in Petrograd overthrew Nicholas II while the revolutionaries were abroad, exiled, or infiltrated by the secret police.
Simon Sebag Montefiore
We cannot ‘fix’ the police without a revolution of values and radical change to the basic structure of our society.
Michelle Alexander
Peppo!” I yelled, pulling at my cousin’s suspenders. “I really don’t want to be arrested, okay?” “Don’t worry!” Peppo turned a corner and accelerated as he spoke. “I go too fast for police!
Anne Fortier
There are many cases and layers of racist behavior in the US – from police treatment to the issues of education and job opportunities. In America, however, such cases are being discussed publically.
Ai Weiwei
A good metaphor is something even the police should keep an eye on.
Georg C. Lichtenberg
Sympathy for the enemy — a weakness of police and armies alike. Most perilous are the unconscious sympathies directing you to preserve your enemy intact because the enemy is your justification for existence.
Frank Herbert
The busybodies have begun to infect American society with a nasty intolerance – a zeal to police the private lives of others and hammer them into standard forms – A Nation of Finger Pointers.
Lance Morrow
If you are a police dog, where’s your badge?
James Thurber
When residents feel like they can talk to the police, officers can stop crime before it starts.
Kevin Faulconer
Abusers are engineers and architects and janitors and police officers and any other walk of life. There’s not a job or profession that is exempt.
Kim Gandy
I sit my three sons down and say, ‘Listen to me. When the police stop you, immediately comply. Don’t walk away, don’t smart-mouth; get your hands up and get down on the ground.’ If you’re not black, you might not have to have that conversation, but I go over and over it with them because I don’t want that phone call.
Steve Harvey
I hate The Police so much I’d probably assassinate Sting,
My System of a Down Rages Against the Machine.
Tie you up in a Slipknot and hold Alice In Chains inside her dreams.
Chino XL
My two sisters were always cooking. I wanted to be in the police force, but I didn’t get in because I just so happened to procrastinate a bit, and I hadn’t gotten my application in at the right time.
April Bloomfield
[Police chiefs ] want support, they want more training, they want more assistance. And I think the federal government could be in a position where we would offer and provide that.
Hillary Clinton
I crashed my bicycle on the way to my first date with my ex-girlfriend and was cautioned by the police.
James Norton
We loathe mass incarceration. We loathe police brutality. But most of us have absolutely no idea how to address the critical flaws in our justice system.
Shaun King
I’d rather have a daughter in a whorehouse than a son in the police force,’ Esther used to rage to anyone who would listen.
John Waters
Our manifesto to the British people promised to finish the job of police reform. And that is exactly what I intend to do.
Theresa May
Except for cases that clearly involve a homicidal maniac, the police like to believe murders are committed by those we know and love, and most of the time they’re right – a chilling thought when you sit down to dinner with a family of five. All those potential killers passing their plates.
Sue Grafton
Bulgaria is fascinating. Because it had been a Communist country until the mid-80s, so it had just recently transitioned. And there were still the police towers on the street corners, where they look down – they were still there, although no one was in them.
Joan Cusack
Hitler had a police state of the first order. And those who showed any sign of being weak-kneed faced prison or often summary execution. That prevented a lot of people who knew that the war was not going to turn out well for Germany from giving up.
Rick Atkinson
I’m not one who wants to micromanage the Capitol Police whatsoever. However, if they see or feel that there are some greater opportunities to provide the same, if not better, safety and security for folks, I think Capitol Police should explore all those options – but not just focus that from a cost perspective.
Tom Graves
There are so many police series that we all end up playing a cop of one hue or another eventually.
Adrian Dunbar
Let me be clear – no one is above the law. Not a politician, not a priest, not a criminal, not a police officer. We are all accountable for our actions.
Antonio Villaraigosa
If you ask a young man from my team, ‘Would you rather deal with police or with White?’ they’ll tell you ‘police’ every time.
Jesse White
I went into journalism to learn the craft of writing and to get close to the world I wanted to write about – police and criminals, the criminal justice system.
Michael Connelly
The soldiers feel that the Police are not serious with the criminal elements and that they are corrupt. The army had to come in and insist that criminals must be punished. It happens in all countries, there is a time when the army assumes the duty of internal security.
Yoweri Museveni
London has a 50 per cent female population so we want to aim long term to have 50 per cent female officers. It’s good for police to reflect the public that we serve.
Cressida Dick
When you loot or behave violently, you give grounds to those that try to justify illegal police abuse. You become the poster child for them to say, ‘See, we have no choice but to shoot and kill, or use a chokehold, because just look at the way they behave.’
Al Sharpton
Putin is not a mass murderer. But, having said that, he is a product of the KGB, and the KGB was, of course, the secret police force of the Soviet Union.
Anne Applebaum
There is civil disobedience against the military machine, protest against police brutality directed especially at people of color.
Howard Zinn
I do not believe in people owning guns. Guns should be owned only by the police and military. I am going to do everything I can to disarm this state.
As liberals in charge and a media question the capabilities of police, they then limply ask why there is an anti-police atmosphere or why cops are holding back.
Greg Gutfeld
So we want to make sure that happens is that we build a relationship with the police department and the community that results in better policing and better cooperation with the community.
Al Sharpton
Once on the streets of New York a woman called the police because her child spoke to me.
Theda Bara
I want to go to police academy, I want to actually go out and make a couple of arrests. I want to go undercover.
Shaquille O’Neal
The police are not entrusted with a mission which differentiates them from those they serve. Being unconcerned with ultimate purposes, they are inseparable from the persons and interests of their masters, and shine with their reflected glory.
Claude Levi-Strauss
A realistic recognition of the human condition is that it is corrupt beyond belief. What do you suppose would happen if the police all took a week off?
Frederick Lenz
Most of my relatives are police marksmen, apart from my grandad who was a bank robber. He died recently, surrounded by his family.
Milton Jones
We have paid the police for information in the past.
Rebekah Brooks
The attractive idea that we can now have a parliament of man with authority to control the conduct of nations by legislation or an international police force with power to enforce national conformity to rules of right conduct is a counsel of perfection.
Elihu Root
every seven miles, in America, there is at least one McDonald’s. Not a hospital, mind you, or a police station, but a McDonald’s, every seven miles. I mean, that’s sort of scary, if you think about it.
Meg Cabot
Unfortunately, in places like Ferguson, in New York City and in some communities across this nation, there is a disconnect between police agencies and the citizens they serve, predominately in communities of color.
James Comey
Natalie’s estate is handled by Global Icons, and they police the world so her picture isn’t on a T-shirt or coffee cup unless we approve of it.
Robert Wagner
The State has but one face for me: that of the police. To my eyes, all of the State’s ministries have this single face, and I cannot imagine the ministry of culture other than as the police of culture, with its prefect and commissioners.
Jean Dubuffet
It’s certainly an interesting moment to try to talk about, ’cause you could make a great show about the police force right now, with all that’s happening in the news and Ferguson and all of it.
Ethan Hawke
On one occasion in 1987 the security police came looking for me because of a drawing that I’d published.
Jonathan Shapiro
To call the police is a really big deal because you don’t snitch – that’s the culture you grow up in.
Sonja Sohn
You have to accept that Batman is a fact of life in Gotham City, and on top of that, you have to accept that somehow this city manages to function with a police force that’s 90% corrupt.
Greg Rucka
Poor Dimitri Shostakovich: In the Soviet Union, he was condemned as being too radical; in the West, for being too conservative. He could please no one but the musical public. He revenged himself on both by writing a short piece called ‘March of the Soviet Police.’
Edward Abbey
I urge you to examine in your own mind the assumptions which must lay behind using the police power to insist that once-sovereign spirits have no choice but to submit to being schooled by strangers.
John Taylor Gatto
A profoundly disturbing thing you discover very quickly traveling in Cuba is that the most dangerous person for Cubans isn’t the police or even the secret police; it’s their neighbor. Anyone can report you for anything ‘outside’ the revolution – even if you haven’t done it yet.
Brin-Jonathan Butler
I’ve physically seen profiling. I’ve seen me walking up the street with my friends, and the police officers get out of their car and bust the hell out of my friends. And they can’t do anything about it, and the cop gets back in his car and drives off.
Tyron Woodley
Incidentally, our railroad facilities are under video surveillance by the federal police. However, the federal and state governments will have to determine whether video surveillance shouldn’t be significantly expanded to a certain degree.
Otto Schily
I think most Americans have an innate respect for the police and for their authority.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
A source of embarrassment for Libyans, Gadhafi has never been a joke: disappearances, a police state, zero freedom of expression, and poverty for at least a third of the population of country tremendously wealthy thanks to oil.
Mona Eltahawy
I grew up on a mixed diet of mass and class, and I still read that way. I hate it when people apologize for what they read. Some bestsellers aren’t exactly literary. So what? They’re fun and rip-roaring, Who instituted the book police and why do we have to answer them? Grrrrr!
Jennifer Donnelly
We need to rebuild bonds of trust between our police officers and our communities.
Hillary Clinton
Polygraphs are not allowed as evidence in most U.S. courts, but they’re routinely used in police investigations, and the Defense Department relies heavily on them for security screening.
Bill Dedman
The Second Amendment was passed in an era when organized police forces were few and citizen militias were useful in maintaining the peace.
Blase J. Cupich
There are 40,000 Iraqi police on duty around the country. If they detect an attack about to happen, the police are the ones who are supposed to stop it.
Paul Bremer
Freedom and liberty always mean freedom from police interference.
Ludwig von Mises
The whole reason behind my album ‘Free TC’ is seeing all that police brutality, injustice, mass incarceration.
Ty Dolla Sign
Police are supposed to protect and serve, but sadly, they protect their self-interest first and foremost.
Seph Lawless
When it comes to policing, since it can have literally fatal consequences, I have said, in my first budget, we would put money into that budget to help us deal with implicit bias by retraining a lot of our police officers.
Hillary Clinton
No go sections of the city and they work on law and the police don’t go in there. That is not helping anything [in immigrants’ assimilation]. That creates a situation like France, unfortunately.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
However low a man sinks he never reaches the level of the police.
Quentin Crisp
In Africa, there is much confusion…. Before, there was no radio, or other forms of communication…. Now, in Africa … the government talks, people talk, the police talk, the people don’t know anymore. They aren’t free.
Youssou N’Dour
Either the USSR was not the country of socialism, in which case socialism didn’t exist anywhere and doubtless, wasn’t possible: or else, socialism was that, this abominable monster, this police state, the power of beasts of prey.
Jean-Paul Sartre
The vast silence of Buddha overtakes
and overrules the oncoming roar
of tragic life that fills alleys and avenues;
it blocks the way of pedicabs, police, convoys.
Denise Levertov
Police work in major cities – and New York is no exception – has always been vulnerable to corruption. Teddy Roosevelt built his career on it.
Don Winslow
Everybody in New York, including police horses, dresses fashionably, and whenever I’m there, even in my sharpest funeral-quality suit with no visible ketchup stains, I feel as though I’m wearing a Hefty trash bag. And it’s last year’s Hefty trash bag.
Dave Barry
The Pakistani Army, the Frontier Corps, the Frontier Scouts and Police have carried out quite impressive counter-insurgency operations.
David Petraeus
We need to be critical of the police and power structure, we need to stand back and solve these problems, and films need to point to that. There are too many stories that end happily and say very little about life.
Charles Burnett
Just as Hitler used the Reichstag burning, the U.S. government now uses the so-called two wars, the War on Drugs and the War on Terrorism, to fuel fear in the population and establish a police security state.
Ralph Metzner
Prohibition, like so many other policies imposed from the moral high ground, typically by those who do not drink, disproportionately affects the poor who resort to illegally brewed alcohol when they want a drink, not infrequently leading to their death, and are more likely to be harassed by the police.
Vikram Patel
There are bad people in all walks of life, including police.
Mike Lindell
If you get arrested, you`re supposed to know why you`re arrested. So, Freddie Gray should have known why he was arrested. His friends, his family, his community, they should have known what he was charged with, why he was arrested. And the police should have come out with that right away.
Hillary Clinton
I think police officers are modern day heroes. I think they protect us.
Cuba Gooding, Jr.
“Godling? Demigod?” Lysis nearly howled. “You’d be beaten black and blue in Thebes, and staked out overnight for claims like that. In Sparta, the secret police would ambush you, violate you, skin you alive and use your skull for a drinking cup.”
Janet Morris
A journalist can make or break a case, in a way, because they can figure out things the police can’t, or they can destroy people’s lives.
Vicky McClure
I am an atheist. I was born a Catholic, but after I had traveled to Northern Ireland with some Catholic friends, and we had a horrible experience with the English Protestant police, I lost all taste for formal religion.
Guy Laliberte
There’s one in every family. When the police calls in the middle of the night and says “We’ve got a family members of yours under arrest” and you know directly who it is. In my family we have seven of those… And they are all my *Mom*!
Christopher Titus
Movies like ‘The Interview’ and ‘Team America: World Police’ don’t often show the realities of life in North Korea and the human rights violations perpetrated by the government there.
Jennifer Armintrout
There’s no book to figure out how not to become a victim of police brutality.
Mike Colter
The federal government should not be an accessory to the unconstitutional actions of the Arizona state government. By continuing to work with Arizona police departments operating under SB 1070, the Department is implicitly condoning the shameful tactics authorized by the new law.
Lucille Roybal-Allard
We must always remember that the police are recruited from the criminal classes.
Gore Vidal
The mugger who is arrested is back on the street before the police officer, but the person mugged may not be back on the street for a long time, if ever.
Mario Cuomo
Government regulators are another name for police.
James Cook
I am going to give the moral support of the presidency to the police and firemen.
George Wallace
I was a police officer in Augusta, Ga.
Forrest Griffin
I used to deal with high-profile criminal cases that were covered extensively in the media, and one of the things I quickly appreciated was there was a gulf between what really took place in the middle of a case, the impact on victims, the effect on the police and how they solved crimes, and the way it was reported.
Robert Rinder
Police boxes, tweed blazers and bow ties feel quite English, but I think that is one of his virtues, one of the strengths of ‘Doctor Who.’
Matt Smith
Tolerably early in life I discovered that one of the unpardonable sins, in the eyes of most people, is for a man to go about unlabeled. The world regards such a person as the police do an unmuzzled dog.
Thomas Huxley
Absolutely, it’s a Sunni area. So the key here, once Ramadi is taken that you have the Sunni tribal fighters, Sunni police in there patrolling the city.
Tom Bowman
There has to be a readjustment of resources that is being diverted to police and policing as opposed to community health services, and there certainly has to be control over the police by the communities that they are supposed to protect and serve.
Alicia Garza
All the suspects have been arrested. police are looking for them
Joseph Ole Lenku
A decent government with an effective, but not gratuitously violent, police force and a fair court system are essential. This deters and incapacitates psychopaths, bullies and hotheads – and if it earns the confidence of the people, they don’t have to become violent in self-defence.
Steven Pinker
I have a recurring dream where I’m on the run for a horrible thing I did years and years ago. Like, in the dream… because the thing I did was so long ago that it’s just a faint memory in my dream, so I’m sort of remembering it as I’m on the run from the police. And I’m totally guilty of it.
Adam Scott
There’s a lot of things that need to change. One specifically? Police brutality.
Colin Kaepernick
Making it [police movie] as realistic as possible. I’m honored to be here because it doesn’t happen that often from what I hear. They keep people like me away. “Come down and say ‘Hello’ and get out!”
Ralph Sarchie
I used to think that my career was to be a police officer, and that is what I was put here to do. But I always kept the faith and always worked hard on my goals and I finally found out on Sept. 25, 1998, why I was put here – (God) called me here to be Mr. Olympia.
Ronnie Coleman
We live in fear when we’ve forgotten how to act from a place of love. Remember that, and set intention to act from a place of no comparison, jealousy, or fear. Police yourself on this!
Kathryn Budig
Police officers must act quickly to seize wrongdoers and obtain evidence while protecting themselves and bystanders. It is easy to second-guess their search-and-seizure decisions in a secure courtroom.
William Barr
The way they were writing Christine as this older woman who got married, which she shouldn’t have. Obviously got divorced right away. Reached the glass ceiling in the police precinct. So there is a part of her that died because she knows she couldn’t go any farther.
Sharon Gless
I don’t mind payin’ for the police and for streets and sanitation, or road work, bridges, trains, food subsidies and welfare. But I don’t wanna pay for bombs to fight proxy wars in the middle of nowhere against enemies in the night.
Lupe Fiasco
The United States isn’t a dictatorship ruling with a brutal army and an iron fist, so our police departments must understand that they are there to serve and protect us – all of us. And when they do commit crimes, they must be arrested and prosecuted like anyone else, bottom line.
Al Sharpton
International institutions are composed of governments. Governments control their own military forces and police.
Samantha Power
Civil servants and priests, soldiers and ballet-dancers, schoolmasters and police constables, Greek museums and Gothic steeples, civil list and services list — the common seed within which all these fabulous beings slumber in embryo is taxation.
Karl Marx
Unless you work in HR, it’s not your responsibility to necessarily police and monitor workplace conversation.
Judy Smith
With so much racial tension and issues between the police and black and minority ethnic groups, there needs to be more in-depth conversations if we’re going to fix anything.
Clare-Hope Ashitey
You have extreme poverty and high crime and you have to admit that the governance of the Kabul regime has been poor and has been losing its popular legitimacy. You have a corrupt police force, not to mention homelessness, joblessness. The problems are huge.
Khaled Hosseini
I’m so excited I had a seven-car police motorcycle escort. I’ve had escorts before, but nothing like this… I’m really in awe, coming here and seeing so many cars, so much enthusiasm.
Tommy Lasorda
Prosecution I have managed to avoid; but I have been arrested, charged in a police court, have refused to be bound over, and thereupon have been unconditionally released – to my great regret; for I have always wanted to know what going to prison was like.
Laurence Housman
And across Afghanistan, every single day, Afghan soldiers, Afghan police and ISAF troops are serving shoulder-to-shoulder in some very difficult situations. And our engagement with them, our shoulder-to-shoulder relationship with them, our conduct of operations with them every single day defines the real relationship.
John R. Allen
If there was special interests affecting police work, I believe that would be called corruption. So, if it has do with donating money versus a popular vote, I think we have a bigger problem in this country and somebody’s gotta wake up to that.
Garry McCarthy
Under Superintendent Johnson’s leadership, our police department is on a path to earn the respect of every community in the City of Chicago.
Rahm Emanuel
In England, if you commit a crime, the police don’t have a gun and you don’t have a gun. If you commit a crime, the police will say ‘Stop, or I’ll say stop again.’
Robin Williams
If you’re quiet, knowing that there’s a culture of racism inside most police departments, and you’re not saying anything, you are on the wrong side of history.
Alicia Garza
The police need to come down to street level.
Alexander McQueen
We all hope that the police and prosecutors are objective. That’s their job, but sometimes it’s not true.
John Ridley
Give the park police more ammo.
Newt Gingrich
The question is not whether there is intelligent life out there, the question is, whether there is intelligent life down here. As long as you have war, police, prisons, crime, you are in the early stages of civilization.
Jacque Fresco
In general, we as police officers – at least the good police officers – like to look at each situation case by case and always pay close attention to the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law.
Steven Seagal
Cameras have really made people question the police. People, especially white people, are saying, ‘Oh my God, we had no idea.’
Stanley Nelson Jr.
The mob became unruly and the police were forced to resort to sex.
Dick Cavett
Today I can announce a raft of reforms that we estimate could save over 2.5 million police hours every year. That’s the equivalent of more than 1,200 police officer posts. These reforms are a watershed moment in policing. They show that we really mean business in busting bureaucracy.
Theresa May
Why is it that the same people who have the least confidence in the police and the military are the most willing to allow only the police and the military to have guns?
Ann Coulter
You know, before when (the police went) to work, they used to be like, ‘I’m gonna kick somebody’s ass today and so I hope I can catch somebody in a bad situation or breaking the law, because I’m gonna beat someone’s ass in a big way, I think that attitude has changed.
Rodney King
California always struck me as a police state.
Leon Russell
…to continue to be one of the world centres for scientific research, we have to stand up and be counted in support of researchers, go on marches and demonstrations, and back even tougher action by the police and the courts against these terrorists.
Jack Straw
What the media does to Trump is what they did the cops – say the police are really harmful, then later ask why people are so scared of the police.
Greg Gutfeld
It’s an interesting situation to be in to play a cop on TV and to know so many police officers through our training and our advisors.
Jesse Lee Soffer
The gun dealer is not only paying these two police officers, but more importantly, the gun dealer has said he will never again sell more than one gun to a customer. This is exactly what we’re trying to get the gun industry across the country to do.
Michael D. Barnes
There is plenty of law at the end of a nightstick.
Grover Whalen
We just were saying no more police brutality. And we had enough of police harassment in the Village and other places.
Marsha P. Johnson
Every time my children see the police come in and sweep our home and yard looking for bombs, it disturbs them.
Anita Bryant
Since 9/11, the Bush administration has used that tragic event as a justification to rip up our constitution and our civil liberties. And I honestly believe that one or two 9/11s, and martial law will be declared in our country and we’re inching towards a police state.
Michael Moore
There is all the difference in the world between the nonviolence that the ordinary Christian should embrace and the duty of civic authorities to police their communities. The end of Romans 12 is quite clear about the first; the start of Romans 13 is quite clear about the second.
N. T. Wright
A hundred years ago the American white men used to put on a white sheet and use a bloodhound against Negroes. Today they have taken off the white sheet and put on police uniforms and traded in the bloodhounds for police dogs, and they’re still doing the same thing.
Malcolm X
I love race car drivers, I love gymnastics, I love UFC, I love police officers, I love firefighters. I just try to give them the same enjoyment they give me.
Shaquille O’Neal
Well, I don’t throw things. This particular night I brought one from the floor so to speak, and he ended up getting a cut over his head, and the police came, took him to another side of the hotel, and that was like September 6, 1981.
Tanya Tucker
There is fear, police in fear, people if are in fear, children are fear, but fear and hate must not drive our agenda, love and hope and healing must drive the agenda.
Jesse Jackson
To survive in a lot of male-dominated situations – the police, the military, what have you – you put on a bit of the crass, blowhard thing, because you just can’t survive being the nice guy in those environments.
Dean Norris
There are always risks in challenging excessive police power, but the risks of not challenging it are more dangerous, even fatal.
Hunter S. Thompson
It is quiet here and restful and the air is delicious. There are gardens everywhere and police spies lie in the bushes. There are nightingales in every garden, but police spies only in mine, I think. They sit under my windows in the darkness of the night and try to get a glimpse of how I spread sedition in Russia.
Maxim Gorky
Unless you’re trying to make a movie on the sly, there’s no way to get around this. If you want to use public spaces, film on the streets, have the cooperation of the police, you have to have a permit.
Asghar Farhadi
If waterboarding’s OK, why don’t we let our police do it to suspects so we can learn what they know? We only seem to waterboard Muslims… Have we waterboarded anyone else?
Jesse Ventura
Why should we girls not have the same privileges as men? Why do we police ourselves so stringently- whittling each other down with cutting remarks or holding ourselves back from greatness with a harness woven of fear and shame and longing? If we do not deem ourselves worthy first, how shall we ever ask for more?
Libba Bray
We need better police training.
Hillary Clinton
We now in the United States have more security guards for the rich than we have police services for the poor districts. If you’re looking for personal security, far better to move to the suburbs than to pay taxes in New York.
John Kenneth Galbraith
The right place for a person suffering a mental health crisis is a bed, not a police cell. And the right people to look after them are medically trained professionals, not police officers.
Theresa May
We also have to recognize, in addition to the challenges that we face with policing, there are so many good, brave police officers who equally want reform.
Hillary Clinton
Where are the cops when you need them? (Nick) Probably eating beignets. As the old saying goes, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away. (Caleb)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I’m really interested in, who’s booked the guests, who’s decided to have Lena Dunham and to have the mothers of sons who were shot – sons and daughters who were shot by the police and, you know, the other performers, Paul Simon and Alicia Keys.
Terry Gross
Police use of deadly force is rare in America. You wouldn’t know that by listening to some of the blowhards out there: the newspaper, the mainstream media, the race hustlers. They make it seem like this stuff happens several times a day. It’s rare.
David A. Clarke, Jr.
You have this response of angry young people, with a war going on in Vietnam, a poverty program that was insufficient, and police brutality.
Danny Glover
This anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology called Black Lives Matter has fueled this rage against the American police officer.
David A. Clarke, Jr.
I think that when we start thought-policing people and idea-policing people, then that’s crossing a line. And I think, you know, everybody’s so afraid of this imaginary line of thought police that they forget their own personal safety.
Ashton Kutcher
And the whole schtick of the psychedelic experience, I think, is reclaim immediate experience, realize that you out vote all parliaments, police forces, and major newspapers on the planet because, who knows, they may be illusions.
Terence McKenna
That means I can drive a flock of sheep through the town centre, drink for free in no less than 64 pubs and get a lift home with the police when I become inebriated. What more could you want?
Andrew Flintoff
I don’t want my kids going through what I went through – police stopping you, searching you and all that malarkey.
John O’Neill
Marriage laws, the police, armies and navies are the mark of human incompetence.
Dora Russell
In the midst of the heartbreak and wreckage of 9-11, the world also witnessed what is America’s greatest strength. Firefighters, nurses, police officers, first responders and local residents worked around the clock to rescue and care for those injured.
Dan Coats
I’m afraid that this is me getting on my high horse now but we have yob television, yob newspapers, and funny enough whereas it was my mum and dad, school, police, church who used to set the standards, now it’s tabloids and yob television who set the standards by which people live.
Gordon Strachan
We need a strong police force – the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Chechnya. We have to get rid of the traitors who have managed to penetrate into the law-enforcement department.
Akhmad Kadyrov
If a police officer arrests a mime, does he need to tell him he has the right to remain silent.
Jess Walter
Sarah Palin’s whole family got into a drunken public fistfight. Something police are calling a ‘tragic case of trash-on-trash violence.’
Bill Maher
I am for police function that protects citizens of this great Nation, not a police function that is used to terrorize them.
Dennis Kucinich
Our police, our hard-working police, that our extraordinarily committed and dedicated military personnel, I’m really pleased that they are getting a good paid parental leave scheme.
Tony Abbott
I was in the Square at the time. The crowd was a most good-humoured, easy going, smiling crowd; but presently it was transformed. A regiment of mounted police came cantering up.
Edward Carpenter
Issues like immigration, police brutality, and other onerous laws put in place by local and state governments are prime avenues for active clergy to work with their parishioners on the issues that affect their daily lives.
Anthea Butler
In my opinion, the only people who should have handguns are the police.
Johnny Van Zant
I guess a lot of police keep their sanity by developing black humour.
Peter James
History buffs expect historical background in historical fiction. Mystery readers expect forensics and police procedure in crime fiction. Westerns – gasp – describe the West. Techno-thriller readers expect to learn something about technology from their fiction.
Edward M. Lerner
When you couple this militarization of law enforcement with an erosion of civil liberties and due process that allows the police to become judge and jury – national security letters, no-knock searches, broad general warrants, pre-conviction forfeiture – we begin to have a very serious problem on our hands.
Rand Paul
‘The Secret Agent,’ Joseph Conrad’s 1907 novel about an anarchist plot to blow up the Royal Observatory at Greenwich – in fact, a scheme by a secret police agent to stir up a government backlash – has acquired a kind of cult status as the classic novel for the post-9/11 age.
Tom Reiss
I wouldn’t want to have the thought police going to people’s homes, dictating what they teach their children. I don’t want to be Big Brotherish. I would hate that.
Richard Dawkins
My epiphany came in that police cell: I realized I was about to lose everything and it didn’t bother me, not in the slightest. I’d come to hate cycling because I blamed it for the lie I was living.
David Millar
I am excited to be doing ‘SVU’ – I think there’s a lot of inherent drama and a lot of inherent conflict in procedural shows. I have a lot of respect for police officers and the work that they do. There’s a lot of nobility to depicting what these officers do on a day to day basis.
Danny Pino
He may be a very nice man. But I haven’t got the time to figure that out. All I know is, he’s got a uniform and a gun and I have to relate to him that way. That’s the only way to relate to him because one of us may have to die.
James A. Baldwin
There is no requirement that police stop a person who enters a police station and states that he wishes to confess a crime or a person who calls the police to offer a confession because volunteered statements of any kind are not barred by the 5th Amendment.
Earl Warren
When making public policy decisions about new technologies for the Government, I think one should ask oneself which technologies would best strengthen the hand of a police state. Then, do not allow the Government to deploy those technologies.
Phil Zimmermann
In the racialized space of capitalist gentrification, police are not only arbiters of the peace, they are the muscle of retail racism: You can only be in this space if you transcend your blackness by showing us some green dollars. Even then, there is no guarantee that green will transcend your black skin.
Anthea Butler
I loveВ ‘Last Friday Night’ by Katy PerryВ almost as much as ‘Karma Police’,
and if you want to straddle that line, you have to take the slings and arrows.
Chris Martin
There’s a rumor that there may be an attempt at organizing a possible script for a series on my life, which, when you look at my police record, you’d have to have more than one hour to tell the story.
Merle Haggard
The free state offers what a police state denies – the privacy of the home, the dignity and peace of mind of the individual.
William O. Douglas
#BlackLivesMatter brought a new sense of urgency, audacity, and outrage to the issue of police violence against black men that has made it impossible to ignore, to cover up, or to justify.
Danny K. Davis
Let’s say you are driving in the U.K., and you are pulled over by the police for speeding, and you try to bribe the police officer with ВЈ300 to walk away. I guarantee you that at least 99 times out of 100 you are going end up in handcuffs, and you will be charged with the crime of trying to bribe a police officer.
Bryan Fogel
When you have to pass a law to make a man let me have a house, or you have to pass a law to make a man let me go to school, or you have to pass a law to make a man let me walk down the street, you have to enforce that law and you’d have to be living actually in a police state. It would take a police state in this country.
Malcolm X
I try to bridge the gap between police and local communities.
Danny K. Davis
They have accorded me my constitutional rights, and that is to their credit because the media hate campaign against me has been so intense and so vicious that it’s a miracle that the police have taken such a professional approach.
Ernst Zundel
I don’t want to scare anybody here but we just received word from police that Howard Dean is loose and may be armed with a microphone.
Craig Kilborn
The desire for freedom resides in every human heart. And that desire cannot be contained forever by prison walls, or martial laws, or secret police. Over time, and across the Earth, freedom will find a way.
George W. Bush
You can’t be afraid to put out a fire if you’re a fireman. You can’t be afraid to be a police officer and carry a gun if you’re afraid to get up and go out there. So you’ve got to put that fear to the side and go out in faith to overcome that.
Duane Chapman
Every place in the country you should get a license that shows you know how to safely store it, keep it away from your children or grandchildren. You should have to license it so the police can trace it if it’s used in a crime.
Michael D. Barnes
Let us hope our weapons are never needed – but do not forget what the common people of this nation knew when they demanded the Bill of Rights: An armed citizenry is the first defense, the best defense, and the final defense against tyranny.
Edward Abbey
Not being invited in is one of the boxes on the “suspicious behavior” bingo form that every copper carries around in their head along with “stupidly overpowerful dog” and being too quick to supply an alibi. Fill all the boxes and you too could win an all-­expenses-paid visit to your local police station.
Ben Aaronovitch
Democrats literally hate all police officers.
Marjorie Taylor Greene
We need to support our police officers and make sure that community policing becomes something that becomes the standard across the country.
Chris Christie
When I say, ‘I am supporting the police or the army,’ I am talking about the army in general and the police in general. In general, those institutions are good institutions.
Mohammed Morsi
The surest path to safe streets and peaceful communities is not more police and prisons, but ecologically sounds economic development. And that same path can lift us to a new, green economy – one with the power to lift people out of poverty while respecting and repairing the environment.
Van Jones
The reason I’m voting for Barack Obama is that it’s either him or a police state – someone who’s carrying on policies that are clearly stated and directed at subverting liberty. He’s definitely the lesser of two evils.
Naomi Wolf
Let’s dig deep to build the kind of police force that our fatherland really deserves. We need a revolution of the police force here in Venezuela, and I will carry it out without delay, without excuses.
Nicolas Maduro
If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.
Jeff Cooper
If I had to describe my remarks this evening frankly as if I were in police court and on oath, so to speak I should have to call it a ramble over several subjects, portions of which may seem to you to be impudent, and portions of which will be ignorant, and portions of which may contrive to be both at once.
Robertson Davies
I did not defund the police as mayor. I increased the budget. If we want the best and brightest men and women to protect us, we better darn well give them the tools, the training, and the support necessary to be successful.
Kevin Faulconer
The problem I have these days is that women are often cast in a role – as a police officer, for example – and then are invariably perceived by the other characters as succeeding in a man’s job, as if they’re doing it in spite of being women.
Kathy Bates
The police who did our training said ‘Happy Valley’ is one of the only police programmes they can watch and not burst out laughing, saying, ‘As if you’d do that.’ They think it’s really authentic.
Katherine Kelly
I know what it means to be stopped by police. I’ve been stopped by police a lot.
Daniel Kaluuya
My literature is much more the result of a paradox than that of an implacable logic, typical of police novels. The paradox is the tension that exists in my soul.
Paulo Coelho
Taking legislative authority away from the federal government doesn’t necessarily mean freer individuals. It might just mean granting vastly more authority to the states–which already have far broader police powers than most of us would care to admit.
Dahlia Lithwick
I was raised to be very wary of the police. I was raised to stay away from them unless you absolutely have to. Because they’re dangerous.
N. K. Jemisin
One of the things we do not want is to become a complete fortress. This is not going to happen with military on every street corner or armed police officers everywhere. We do not want that so we have to be intelligent in our response and to be proportionate in our response.
Cressida Dick
Either we need to redefine what probable cause means and say that police are not subject to it, or we arrest officers right away just as we would with any other person accused of committing a crime. Either we write new laws or enforce existing ones; we cannot have it both ways.
Al Sharpton
When eras die, their legacies Are left to strange police. Professors in New England guard The glory that was Greece.
Clarence Day
As a child, I’ve always been in trouble with men and the police have always had to get involved, through no fault of my own.
Katie Price
MAC gave me 55 lipsticks to test. These are the same lipsticks I got caught stealing by the police when I was 15. How ironic.
Eddie Izzard
The police are the public and the public are the police.
Robert Peel
Without Police Woman I wouldn’t have had a career. The show started about the same time the women’s movement was taking off. Ours was the first prime-time one-hour show featuring a strong, professional woman. It paved the way for other series to follow.
Angie Dickinson
We watch so many TV shows and movies about jaded or corrupt policemen, we forget people join the police force to do good, and they really care about that.
Enrico Colantoni
I didn’t want to do ‘Fashion Police’ because I thought, ‘This is stupid, this is beneath me, who wants to talk about fashion?’ It has taken off. We are the number one show in England on E! Who knew?
Joan Rivers
My grandmother, in her retirement home, actually has a picture of me from ‘Star’ magazine on their fashion police list. I think that’s hilarious, but if Grandma approves, then I feel like I am all good.
Brad Goreski
When you are younger and more radical, the police seem like the enemy.
Adrian Dunbar
In high school, a teacher’s friend in the police department asked me to go into a bar and flash a fake ID saying I was 21 even though I wasn’t. They were assuming the bar wasn’t carding people. Anyway, she forgot to ask for it back. I used it all freshman year in college.
Betsy Brandt
The experience of the past lives little doubt that every economic system must sooner or later rely upon some form of the profit motive to stir individuals and groups to productivity. Substitutes like slavery, police supervision, or ideological enthusiasm prove too unproductive, too expensive, or too transient.
Will Durant
Experts and the educated elite have replaced what worked with what sounded good. Society was far more civilized before they took over our schools, prisons, welfare programs, police departments and courts. It’s high time we ran these people out of our lives and went back to common sense.
Walter E. Williams
We have a right to expect a police force that protects our citizens and behaves in a responsible manner… in the American conscience there is no room for bigotry and racism.
George H. W. Bush
We can’t do much about ensuring that the homeland is safe if our local police and sheriffs’ departments don’t have the personnel they need to keep our streets and neighborhoods secure.
Dick Durbin
Donald Trump is going to lower taxes, Hillary Clinton’s going to raise taxes. He’s going to add to our military, she’s going to decrease our military. He’s going to support the police at a time in which we’ve had the biggest increase in crime in the last 41 years. He’s going to take on radical Islamic terrorism.
Rudy Giuliani
Christians don’t steal or lie, they don’t get divorced or have abortions. If the Ten Commandments were followed by everyone we would be able to fire half the police force and in six months the prisons would be all half empty.
John Hagee
In 1975, no State or Church guidelines existed in the Republic of Ireland to assist those responding to an allegation of abuse against a minor. No training was given to priests, teachers, police officers or others who worked regularly with children about how to respond appropriately should such allegations be made.
Sean Brady
If I were just your average 23-year-old girl, and I called the police to say that there were strange men sleeping on my lawn and following me to Starbucks, they would leap into action. But because I am a famous person, well, sorry, ma’am, there’s nothing we can do. It makes no sense.
Jennifer Lawrence
Offence is no longer defence – it’s a full-time profession. Everyone is so offended all the time. The new police force that we weren’t told about: the moral police. No qualifications, no training, no understanding of actual morality, but they have a degree in the art of being offended.
Karan Johar
When a number of crimes – for instance, burglaries – can be linked to the same offender, police often plot the locations on a map. The art of finding the location of the criminal’s home based on the crime sites is a key objective in what is known as geographical profiling.
Daniel Goldstein
During waves of terror attacks, Israel’s national police chief will call on all concealed-handgun permit holders to make sure they carry firearms at all times, and Israelis have many examples where concealed permit holders have saved lives.
John R. Lott Jr.
Remember, only a policeman is allowed to express himself on an expressway.
Phyllis Diller
The majority of information I gave police was about my wife and her family, which is what they wanted.
Robert Blake
I quit working in the police force full time only after I won my third Mr. Olympia.
Ronnie Coleman
As I said last week in the wake of the grand jury decision, I think Ferguson laid bare a problem that is not unique to St. Louis or that area, and is not unique to our time, and that is a simmering distrust that exists between too many police departments and too many communities of color.
Barack Obama
Money can buy the necessary police order. Justice is sold to the highest bidder
Rohinton Mistry
I’m right-handed, and the police report said I was jerking off with my left hand. That would have been the end of the case right there, proof it couldn’t have been me.
Paul Reubens
The more democratic and open a society is, the more it’s exposed to terrorism. The more a country is free, not governed by a police regime, the more it risks hijackings or massacres like the ones that took place for many years in Italy and Germany and other parts of Europe.
Oriana Fallaci
Rebuilding our communities where the police and citizens all see themselves as being on the same side will require contributions from all of us.
Hillary Clinton
In this prison camp, the Gestapo state brain-police planet Earth, what is normal is insane and what is insane is normal. But it doesn’t pay to tell that to the local politicians or other organizational structures that run the place that. They didn’t crucify Christ because they liked what he said.
Frederick Lenz
I think it’s fun to serve comfort food because it’s an instant ice-breaker. If somebody’s expecting fancy food, and you whip out some fried chicken, they feel like, you know, they can put their elbows on the table, and the etiquette police aren’t going to come out.
Katie Lee
[Computer viruses] switch from one country to another, from one jurisdiction to another – moving around the world, using the fact that we don’t have the capability to globally police operations like this. So the Internet is as if someone [had] given free plane tickets to all the online criminals of the world.
Mikko Hypponen
A police state is a country run by criminals
Robert Harris
From zoning to labor to food safety to insurance, local food systems daily face a phalanx of regulatory hurdles designed and implemented to police industrial food models but which prejudicially wipe out the antidote: appropriate scaled local food systems.
Joel Salatin
What police officer would dare ticket Death’s minivan?
Augusten Burroughs
One of the things I think the police have to do is to stop behaving like armies.
Malcolm Gladwell
I’ve always been kind of a mutt creatively. I started off in journalism, and I’ve actually done more police and procedural shows than I’ve ever done science fiction shows. I was on ‘Murder She Wrote,’ I was on ‘Walker, Texas Ranger,’ I was on ‘Jake and the Fat Man.’
J. Michael Straczynski
Who snitched?” “We have people monitoring police radio frequencies. They gave Jim a heads-up in case our security had to storm PAD offices and bust you out of there. I found out when I saw Jim walking down the hallway snickering to himself.
Ilona Andrews
My belief, for what it is worth, is that city dwellers cannot understand the world. Insulated from reality by complex and expert systems of provision and police, baffled by fashion and spectacle, city dwellers can distinguish neither the sources of their existence nor the consequences.
James Buchan
If those extra-social brains are so potent, why after all do they effect so little? A dull police-officer, with the machine behind him, can afford to laugh at most experiments in anarchy.
John Buchan
While I understand the passions and the anger that arise over the death of Michael Brown, giving into that anger by looting or carrying guns, and even attacking the police only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos.
Barack Obama
I know when I was here prosecuting homicides in the District of Columbia, one of the most effective units here was the cold case squad, which had on it FBI agents, as well as Metropolitan Police Department homicide detectives working together.
Robert Mueller
Say my husband had a dangerous job and I wasn’t with him, I don’t know how you go, ‘Oh honey, how was it with the police department today? You got all your fingers and toes today?’ It would scare me. I’d have to become a police officer and work with him; I couldn’t do it.
Terri Irwin
Building codes are a good thing. People who throw rocks at inspectors are being naive. It’s a lot like police officers; we want them around unless they stop us for a ticket. It’s the same with inspectors.
Dan Phillips
I have protection. I have police protection. I have personal bodyguards. I have three sets of them. But believe me, this is really psychological for the family. If they want to get me, they can get me. And every time that I have been saved, it’s been by coincidence.
Asma Jahangir
The government hates rap. That’s why they don’t arrest anybody that kills rappers! Only the good ones are dead, man! Only the good ones: Biggie dead, Tupac dead, Vanilla Ice still alive! They don’t fill out a police report. They don’t even have a chalk line when it’s a dead rapper, they just take a piss around the body.
Chris Rock
I feel that I had been rescued from the gutter by America. One day I was under the gutter, chased by police, thinking dogs were going to get me. I laid there listening to the dogs and the gutter. The next day, there I am standing on the Olympic platform, and you hear the anthem. I was proud.
George Foreman
One time, a burglar came to my apartment, so we called the police. My son was here, so I think they left before they tried to steal something. So the police come to my apartment, and they say, ‘Oh my God, did they steal everything?’ I was like, ‘No, it was like that!’
Carine Roitfeld
You show me a highly unequal society, and I will show you a police state. Or an uprising. There are no counterexamples. None. It’s not if, it’s when.
Nick Hanauer
Our government has to be held accountable for enforcing the law. Tamir Rice, the fact that they could exonerate that police person [who killed him], and Tamir’s family was charged for the ambulance to take him [to the hospital]. It’s inhumane.
Marian Wright Edelman
In the liberal remake of ‘Casablanca,’ the police captain comes upon the scene of the shooting and orders his men to ’round up the usual weapons.’ It’s always the weapon and never the shooter.
Charles Krauthammer
European Muslims need to feel ownership of security, rather than viewing the police as an occupying army.
David Ignatius
It is the everlasting disgrace of the Clinton Administration that it has chosen to betray America’s heritage as a beacon of freedom, and instead to act as the ally and agent of a police state in retrieving one of its prisoners.
David Horowitz
If every school would hire two more music teachers, we would need two fewer police officers.
Kurt Masur
I wonder why no one called the police about the rocket launcher? God knows my neighbors usually report it if I so much as fart in my backyard. (Bubba)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
If it’s crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our school to protect our children, then call me crazy.
Wayne LaPierre
I confess I am at a loss to discover what temptation the persons entrusted with the administration of the general government could ever feel to divest the States of the authorities of that description. The regulation of the mere domestic police of a State appears to me to hold out slender allurements to ambition.
Alexander Hamilton
We remember the surge and we remember the Awakening — when the abyss of chaos turned toward the promise of reconciliation. By battling and building block by block in Baghdad, by bringing tribes into the fold and partnering with the Iraqi army and police, you helped turn the tide toward peace.
Barack Obama
What is reflected in the way this behavior is happening – in the way that minorities are treated, and the way that the incarceration system works, and the way that even the police are treated, and the way they’re paid, and the way they’re trained, and the whole educational system.
Oren Moverman
Nobody wins when the police are sent to look after people suffering from mental health problems; vulnerable people don’t get the care they need and deserve, and the police can’t get on with the job they are trained to do.
Theresa May
I come from a law enforcement family. My grandfather, William J. Comey, was a police officer. Pop Comey is one of my heroes. I have a picture of him on my wall in my office at the FBI, reminding me of the legacy I’ve inherited and that I must honor.
James Comey
The police protect us, and we’re going to protect the police.
George Osborne
I’m Charlotte Davidson: private investigator, police consultant, all -around badass. Or I could’ve been a badass, had I stuck with those lessons in mixed martial arts. I was only in that class to learn how to kill people with paper.
Darynda Jones
A lot of police shootings are justified, but many others are not.
Nancy Grace
I tell people I’m on a diet. If somebody sees me with a muffin, they’ll think I’m off my diet. It’s like secret little police that I’ve made for myself.
Stephen Furst
You can’t say you’re going to ban something in the name of good taste, because then you have directed someone to play the role of good-taste police. We – Americans – permit bad taste in this country. In fact, we even encourage it.
John Irving
I do not believe in people owning guns. Guns should be owned only by the police and military. I am going to do everything I can to disarm this state.
Michael Dukakis
We need nearly every department, with the exception of police, fire and rescue, to look at what they can cut. Maybe there are some projects we need to put on hold.
Don Williams
I’m a strict materialist – but the police are brutal materialists.
Jack Williamson
September 11th does not justify ignoring the Constitution by creating broad new federal police powers. The rule of law is worthless if we ignore it whenever crises occur.
Ron Paul
Every time a boy falls off a tricycle, every time a black cat has gray kittens, every time someone stubs a toe, every time there’s a murder or a fire or the marines land in Nicaragua, the police and the newspapers holler ‘get Capone.’
Al Capone
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and CSIS have provided extraordinary co-operation, as I mentioned earlier.
Paul Cellucci
Police do get obsessed with solving crimes. You know, particularly if there’s been a murder, it becomes personal for the police officer very quickly, and it gets to the family. Even after they’ve retired, they carry on, not letting go.
Peter James
You’ve got to teach your children to be respectful to the police and you’ve got to teach your children that the real danger to them is not the police, the real danger to them 99 out of 100 times, 9,900 out of 1,000 times are other black kids who are going to kill them.
Rudy Giuliani
You see people in the left lane, and as long as they are on the speed limit, they stay there. Get in the right lane and let people pass you – let the police worry about somebody who wants to speed. Don’t force them pass in the right lane and zig zag, which can create an accident, just because you think you’re correct.
Mario Andretti
I have spent 30 years working with police officers, doing everything I can to help them do their jobs, honoring the sacrifices they make every day.
Jeanine Pirro
A black, a Puerto Rican and a Mexican are in a car. Who’s driving? The police.
Muhammad Ali
Kickback is a police thriller which I wrote. I’m very proud of it. I did it in two parts for France because when I wrote it, there wasn’t the audience demand for crime stuff that there is now.
David Lloyd
Kid gets caught with marijuana, that kid has a police record. A Wall Street executive destroys the economy, $5 billion settlement with the government, no criminal record. That is what power is about. That is what corruption is about. And that is what has to change in the United States of America.
Bernie Sanders
In the 1920s, we thought the problems associated with alcohol could be solved by police and jails. Prohibition taught us we were wrong. The strategy of the present drug war is Prohibition redux.
Rodney S. Quinn
I probably saved more black lives as mayor of New York City than any mayor in the history of this city. And I did it by having to use police officers in black areas where there was an astounding amount of crime. If that crime was in white areas, police officers would be in white areas.
Rudy Giuliani
I’ve been with police on patrol. When you have a gun, you just feel different. There’s a protective level and you feel all those feelings. You feel a little bit macho and a little bit frightened.
Matt Servitto
When I had the job of police commissioner, 20 years ago, I was more sensitive, more cognizant of complaints and concerned about public opinion. I’ve learned to do what I think is the right thing. That lessens the impact of criticism. You get used to a pressurized environment and expect it every day.
Raymond Kelly
You are thought here to the most senseless and fit man for the job.
William Shakespeare
I added to my mental list of the odd things I’d done that day. I’d entertained the police, sunbathed, visited at a mall with some fairies, weeded and killed someone. Now it was powdered-corpse removal time. And the day wasn’t over yet.
Charlaine Harris
The people that are serving you gas, the people that are in your restaurants serving you, the firefighters, and police officers are members of the gay and lesbian community. They’re members of our broader community.
Gavin Newsom
The same actor plays the role of a thief and a police officer on-screen. It’s not fair to look for role models in them.
Diljit Dosanjh
I know I’m getting older because yesterday I called the police on my neighbors.
Felipe Esparza
I love our country. My dad served in the army. I always grew up with a song sense of belonging as an American. But I was also in the counterculture and I was coming from a place of fearing the police. So I was anti-establishment, but also loving your country. It’s kind of an ironic sort of upbringing.
Mike Dirnt
You cannot have free and fair elections while one party controls completely and monopolizes the instrument of power and .. Tsvangirai is in and out of police cells almost on a daily basis, when people are being arrested, people are being beaten up.
Raila Odinga
When our response to all trauma is to call the police, then that gets us into a cycle of perpetuating trauma. Mental health trauma is different from somebody breaking into a store. Those are not the same things, and our response has to be different.
Deray McKesson
We had a lot of riots. We came under attack from many of the police departments. It certainly wasn’t some publicity thing. I was afraid for many years. We couldn’t play in LA for many years. A lot of people got very cynical.
Greg Ginn
People in Indonesia are scared of being assaulted, insulted, robbed or raped. Again, it is because they are unprotected. Police and even the legal system are corrupt or/and on the side of the rich. Victims see no justice. How could you not be scared in almost total lawlessness?
Andre Vltchek
I don’t have individuals that are heroes per say but I will suggest that teachers are heroes for me, our firefighters are heroes for me, our police departments are heroes for me and our leaders are heroes for me.
John Assaraf
Nothing will ever replace good old fashioned police work, but Facebook and Twitter have been like a tool on our belt, In some ways it can help them in their investigations and in some ways it can hinder
William Bratton
I feel very sorry for the one or two North Korean defectors who were caught by Chinese police while entering South Korean or foreign embassies in Beijing, but their arrest drew the whole attention of the world.
Kim Young-sam
Whether it’s police officers, firefighters, first responders, or 911 dispatchers, many dedicated Americans work long hours, and often in difficult conditions, to make sure that when someone’s in need, they can help.
Ajit Pai
You can be as critical as you want of Black Lives Matter. I’m critical of him, too. But to say that they have caused shooting of police officers, I think is a bridge too far.
Joe Klein
Our military, police, and first responders risk their lives to protect ours, and so today – and every day – we should thank those who serve and honor those we’ve lost.
Kim Reynolds
The terrorist and the policeman both come from the same basket. Revolution, legality–counter-moves in the same game; forms of idleness at bottom identical.
Joseph Conrad
Along the borders to Ethiopia and Somalia, anarchy reigns, the police and military have retreated quite some distance.
Richard Leakey
We police in America in communities of color and economically challenging community, we police based on the behavior of the numerical minority that is committing crime. That small percentage of people who commit crimes in a community becomes the methods that’s used for the entire community.
Eric Adams
People who travel should be on guard. All our military, our police and I think the word has been spread. And people know to be careful to watch, to report. Something that looks suspicious to you, don’t be embarrassed to go to an authority and say, “Look, I saw this and it seems suspicious to me.”
Dianne Feinstein
When my dad first started out in the police force, wearing the uniform was a sense of pride, and it was respected in the community for what the police force was all about. Unfortunately today, the uniform is a target.
Jerry Doyle
My epiphany came in that police cell: I realised I was about to lose everything and it didn’t bother me, not in the slightest. I’d come to hate cycling because I blamed it for the lie I was living.
David Millar
There’s an enormous amount of corruption, and as one American adviser put it to me, “The police in Afghanistan are thugs. We equip them, we train them, and now they are equipped and trained thugs.”
Jeff Merkley
I think the police are a major part of the glue that holds civilised life together. They’re not highly paid.
Peter James
It used to be that a fellow went on the police force when everything else failed, but today he goes in the advertising game.
Kin Hubbard
We’re not anti-police… we’re anti-police brutality.
Al Sharpton
Not even the most heavily-armed police state can exert

Not even the most heavily-armed police state can exert brute force to all of its citizens all of the time. Meme management is so much subtler; the rose-tinted refraction of perceived reality, the contagious fear of threatening alternatives.
Peter Watts
Shirley’s gonna be pissed,” Gazarra said. “She hates when I get shot.” To my recollection, the only other time Gazarra was shot was when he was playing quick draw in the police station elevator and his gun accidentally discharged. The bullet ricocheted off the elevator wall and lodged in Gazarra’s right buttock.
Janet Evanovich
Kids have to be tough to survive on the streets of Kathmandu, where older gang members often beat and rob them. They face cold winters, hunger, homelessness, and unsympathetic police. But under each hardened shell there is still a child.
Craig Kielburger
Your hair is so white now it can talk back to the police.
Cecily Strong
A man who is a politician at forty is a statesman at three score and ten. It is at this age, when he would be too old to be a clerk or a gardener or a police-court magistrate, that he is ripe to govern a country.
W. Somerset Maugham
There is no such thing as a Flower Police, so please feel free to experiment. Or stick with one type of flower; for instance, do bunches of white tulips or a mix of flowers that are all yellow in color. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it can’t be dramatic!
Clinton Smith
A vague uneasiness: the police. It’s like when you suddenly understand you have to undress in front of the doctor.
Ugo Betti
I had this radical idea that the police should obey the law. My view was that any human system without adequate checks and balances will tend towards corruption and abuse. That’s why you have meat inspectors. Not because you hate butchers, but because of an understanding of human nature.
Van Jones
We see the corrupt prison system, we see the corrupt police system, we see the corruption in the government, from the top on down. You know, it’s built based on lies. However, the marijuana industry itself, because it was an underground industry, showed us the way we could exist on this planet.
Tommy Chong
No matter what the situation, I try to have fun. I get pulled over by the police, I’m like, ‘Oh, this going to be the best arrest ever.’ And I end up making friends with these police officers.
Tiffany Haddish
We both grew up in the atmosphere of struggle, both Ossie and me, … I come out of Harlem and Harlem comes out of me – wailing police sirens and street parties, rumors and landlords, that cultural, spiritual scene. And Ossie came up from the South, where struggle and dying were part of everyday life. That is who we are.
Ruby Dee
Every time a police agency pepper-sprays or uses pain-compliance holds against our people, their cars should burn.
Rod Coronado
The potential savings in the national budgets from the elimination of police, criminal courts, standing armies, pollution control agencies, drug enforcement, and many poverty programs is almost beyond calculation.
Pat Robertson
The aim of all struggles for liberty is to keep in bounds the armed defenders of peace, the governors and their constables. The political concept of the individual’s freedom means: freedom from arbitrary action on the part of the police power.
Ludwig von Mises
I’m the one who gets called up about a problem. I’m the one who gets called up about the street lighting and the abandoned car. I’m the one who gets blamed if the police don’t arrive. I’m the one they blame if a city truck is broken down.
Richard M. Daley
Did you know Richard Nixon is the only president whose formal portrait was painted by a police sketch artist?
Johnny Carson
Pray for someone else’s child, your pastor, the military, the police officers, the firemen, the teachers, the government. There’s no end to the ways that you can intervene on behalf of others through prayer.
Monica Johnson
I’ve always had a natural fear of the police, or abuse of their power
Terrence Howard
Whatever the police or politicians may tell us, this is a violent and threatening place. Living here is dangerous.
Peter Bruce
If I win and get the money, then the Oakland Police department is going to buy a boys’ home, me a house, my family a house, and a Stop Police Brutality Center.
Tupac Shakur
I could envision it all to clearly: Stuart or Debbie finding the dented door off its hinges, lying in the snow. “She came in, ravaged the boy, stole plastic bags, and ripped off the door in her escape,” the police would say in the APB. “Probably making her way to bust her parents out of jail.
Maureen Johnson
I don’t know if it’s true or not that folks are less likely to tell police when they see things.
James Comey
tanith: have you called the police? fergus: they, uh, they said theyd call by this afternoon. tanith: tell them not to bother… im his doctor. beryl: what kind of doctor dresses in brown leather? tanith: the kind that looks good init
Derek Landy
I’ve been jailed once, put in police lock-up twice, and was under house arrest twice.
Asma Jahangir
You are not going to put 100,000 police officers on the streets overnight and do the right job. To put them on the streets, to see that they’re properly trained; you have to do it in an orderly way over a period of time.
Janet Reno
The police force cannot be completely independent of the executive government.
P. Chidambaram
The E.U. has data systems that enable police and border guards to work together in real time to intercept wanted persons; and the European arrest warrant ensures their speedy return.
Keir Starmer
The passed Pawn is a criminal, who should be kept under lock and key. Mild measures, such as police surveillance, are not sufficient
Aron Nimzowitsch
The coffers are full of money and equipment for the Ferguson Police and the Missouri National Guard to put down a potential uprising, but no money for actually uplifting the people of Ferguson, St. Louis, Missouri and around the nation.
Jesse Jackson
I don’t know why liberals want to disarm the law-abiding population, but I do know that not a single argument proffered stands the light of facts. Armed citizens deter far more crimes than the police, and far more lives are saved by the intended victim being armed than are lost in firearm accidents.
Paul Craig Roberts
Most well-known serial killers have victims numbering in the dozens, have sent taunting letters to the police or have done bizarre things to the bodies.
Pat Brown
Women can say anything they want to men, or blacks to whites, with impunity. But strong words in the other direction can bring down on students the wrath of the campus thought police – as well as punishments that can extend to suspension or expulsion.
Thomas Sowell
In a dictatorship there is no choice, the elections are controlled, the police are the military, fear equals control, speech is suppressed, the economy is looted, the people are slaves.
Alex Jones
It’s probably why the 330,000 members of the fraternal order of police endorsed Donald Trump as the next president of the United States of America, because they see his commitment to them.
Mike Pence
Well, Mr. Speaker, if so many of these Iraqis are ready to come up and to provide the security, the police work in the country, then surely there should be no problem with putting American forces into the background instead of having them up front.
Marty Meehan
Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? (She made this remark in February 1936, at the railway station in Los Angeles upon her return from Chicago, when a Los Angeles police officer was assigned to escort her home)
Mae West
Police on my drawers
I had to pause
40 ounce in my lap
And it’s freezing my balls
In terms of experience with the police, everybody got those. It’s such a reality.
Michael B. Jordan
And your police are like our police in the Realm?’ Blue said. ‘They flog you if you do something wrong and cut off your hand if you’re caught stealing?’ No, they don’t do that, Henry said uncertainly. Why not? It’s pretty silly not to, isn’t it?’ Blue said.
Herbie Brennan
Gays have become colossal bores. Once interesting and iconoclastic, all they seem to crave nowadays is the State’s pension and seal of approval. They ought to go back to the days of the Stonewall Riots, when the police’s violations of privacy and private property were the object of their anger and activism.
Ilana Mercer
Our bodies can be mobilized by law and police and men with guns, if necessary-but where shall we find that which will make us believe in what we must do, so that we can fight through to victory?
Pearl S. Buck
The U.S. Supreme Court has eviscerated Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures, giving the police license to sweep communities, to conduct ‘stop and frisk’ operations.
Michelle Alexander
With any new civilization… they have to have their own officers and police and governments and all that.
Jimi Hendrix
I hadn’t realized until I covered the police beat just how seedy crime is.
Jessica Savitch
If you’re ringing my doorbell eight times every three minutes and hiding behind my garbage cans, I will call the police. That is literally harassment.
James Charles
Bain also asked Kansas City for a $3 million tax break. The Bain executives were taking home $36 million in borrowed funds and were asking Kansas City to forfeit $3 million in public money for police officers, roads and schools? More free stuff!
Jennifer Granholm
My family are police officers, detectives. My brother Mitch is FBI. Mitch is like that – a stern enforcer.
Bernie Mac
Cinematic icons of the police detective are more male role models than female.
Frances McDormand
I love the police, contrary to many people.
Gerard Depardieu
I want to be president mainly for what I don’t want to do: I don’t want to run your life, I don’t want to run the economy, and I don’t want to police the world.
Ron Paul
Crime is going down everywhere but in the New York City Police Department.
Al Sharpton
Getting into a fight with a popular senior. Pissing off a school teacher and the local chief of police. Hanging with two major-league losers.” She slapped my back. “Welcome to high school.
Harlan Coben
But even if we take matrimony at its lowest, even if we regard it as no more than a sort of friendship recognized by the police, there must be degrees in the freedom and sympathy realized, and some principle to guide simple folk in their selection.
Robert Louis Stevenson
As my father-in-law once said, when they talk about taxes it’s always for teachers, firemen, and police – but when they spend your taxes, it always seems to go to some guy in a leather chair downtown you never heard of.
Glenn Reynolds
Never sue the police. The odds are in their favour.
Paul Gambaccini
Writing is like this — you dredge for the poem’s meaning the way police dredge for a body. They think it is down there under the black water, they work the grappling hooks back and forth.
Paul Engle
Society questions the police and their methods, and the police say, Do you want the criminals off the street or not?
Kurt Russell
Hillary Clinton tweeted “Charlotte should release police video of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting without delay. The Clinton campaign has since announced that Clinton will travel to Charlotte.
Chris Hayes
Freedom of speech is a two way street, man. You have the right to say whatever you want and the Boss has a right to tell the police to arrest you.
Lenny Bruce
The former police chief of Houston once said of me: “Frank Abagnale could write a check on toilet paper, drawn on the Confederate States Treasury, sign it ‘U.R. Hooked’ and cash it at any bank in town, using a Hong Kong driver’s license for identification.”
Frank Abagnale
I believe that the human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only the slaves to this imposed thought behavior, but we are also the police force of it.
David Icke
The United States’ job is not to police the whole world.
Keith Ellison
The name Bei Dao was actually given to me with the help of friends. When we were publishing our unofficial magazine, Today, we wanted to avoid being harassed by the police so we were trying to think of names that we could use. It was done very casually.
Bei Dao
I’ve got four or five records in my head at a time that I try to work on and I would like to do a guitar trio record next – since The Police I’ve mostly made records with keyboards.
Andy Summers
The New York Police Department says Iran has conducted surveillance inside New York City. They say Iranian operatives are using special mobile surveillance units. I believe they’re called taxi cabs.
Jay Leno
For those of us in the opposition movement under dictatorships, part of our job is confronting police and spending time in prison. So, a dissident not only needs to learn how to oppose oppression but also how to face the crackdowns and time in prison.
Liu Xiaobo
The tragedy is that the police and inner city communities should be allies. Who suffers most from violent crime in America? Inner city communities. Who has a personal and professional interest in lowering that violence? Cops.
Don Winslow
Serial killers kill for the power and control they experience during the murders and for the added ego boost they get in the aftermath from community fears, media coverage, and the police investigations.
Pat Brown
John Howard turned the prime ministership into something like a state police minister. He’s at the scene of every crime, twice a day on radio, the guy did no thinking.
Paul Keating
We knew that if the photos of CIA officers conducting authorized EIT (enhanced interrogation techniques) ever got out, the difference between a legal, authorized, necessary, and safe program and the mindless actions of some MPs (military police) would be buried by the impact of the images.
Jose Rodriguez
Well, Kevin Downes is the producer of Mom’s Night Out. He was a fellow actor with me in the movie Courageous. He plays my police partner and we have been friends for several years. He came and helped me on Courageous and said ‘Would you come help me on Mom’s Night Out?’
Alex Kendrick
I think we get into very dangerous territory when we start to define who can and cannot be a feminist. It’s such a slippery slope, and I have no interest in being the feminist police!
Jessica Valenti
The dream police will not let me have sexual fantasies.
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
Secondly, as a result of this political favoritism, the FDA has become a primary factor in that formula whereby cartel-oriented companies in the food and drug industry are able to use the police powers of government to harass or destroy their free-market competitors.
G. Edward Griffin
A number of years ago, I found a book of photography by Weegee; he was a crime photographer in the 1930s in New York. He was the first person to put a police scanner in a car and drive around.
Dan Gilroy
I don’t mind being identified as any character as long as I’m doing a good job as an actor. I have done all kinds of roles – from an editor, judge, police officer, murderer to a corrupt businessman.
Boman Irani
In millions of encounters each year between the police and the public, it may be too much to expect that every officer will always get it right. But it is not too much to expect that we can put the right safeguards in place to hold officers accountable when they get it wrong.
Rahm Emanuel
I am certain that my white colleagues, when faced with an emergency situation, wouldn’t think twice about calling the police. This, however, may not be the case for their black and Latino students.
Carl Hart
Most pastors railing against gay marriage have never cried out on racism, any type of injustice or police brutality. They’ve never once made a statement about health care. Many of them are silent on community issues. They are very silent, but they have become the leaders of this particular movement.
Otis Moss III
Police brutality is definitely still very alive and active.
Algee Smith