Positive Impact Quotes

Positive Impact Quotes by Rex Hudler, Clarence Seedorf, Tyler Oakley, Goapele, Jason Witten, Granit Xhaka and many others.

Be a fountain, not a drain.

Be a fountain, not a drain.
Rex Hudler
What I strive for is that everywhere I go, I leave a positive impact.
Clarence Seedorf
Every video I make, I want to make sure that it’s doing something entertaining or hopefully inspiring or maybe teaching somebody something or sharing my mistakes so that they can learn from them or anything that will make a positive impact in the world.
Tyler Oakley
When I decided to be a musician I was hoping that it would be one of my contributions in having a positive impact on the world. That’s always what I wanted to do.
There’s nothing better than having a positive impact on kids.
Jason Witten
I think, when a manager has been at a club for more than 20 years, he can only have a positive impact.
Granit Xhaka
That’s what I try to base my life on is being a positive impact for the community… and everything I put my hands on.
George Hill
I’m hoping that these next 20 years will show what we did 20 years ago in sequencing the first human genome, was the beginning of the health revolution that will have more positive impact in people’s lives than any other health event in history.
Craig Venter
I didn’t have that growing up as a kid, people who gave back to the community and things like that. It was a dream of mine when I made it to always give back and be a positive impact and great role model.
George Hill
I wasn’t a vegan when I came to Congress. It was a decision I made soon after I got here, and it’s had such a positive impact on my life that I decided to try to help others as well.
Ted Deutch
Strong automotive and enterprise sales and the positive impact of our expanded license agreement with Microsoft more than offset the loss of revenue from the former devices and services business.
Rajeev Suri
Fighting malaria not only has a positive impact on improving health services in developing countries, it also increases their economic growth and productivity.
Penny Mordaunt
We invest in things like the future, like our children, like education. In other words, we invest in things that we understand we will not see an immediate return of investment but everybody knows it will have a positive impact and you can easily measure it over the course of time. Your why is exactly the same thing.
Simon Sinek
Tennis has had a very positive impact on my life.
Gabriela Sabatini
For me, I just want to be a role model, put a positive impact on the kids that are watching the sport, that want to be a part of the sport, and leave a good everlasting impact on the sport, continue my legacy down the road.
Bubba Wallace
The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.
Bob Marley
I learn stuff from making music every time I go in the studio. I’m continuing to try to find new ways to play in a song or be in a song and have a positive impact on a song.
Stone Gossard
Even if only a few individuals try to create mental peace and happiness within themselves, and act responsibly and kind-heartedly towards others, they will have a positive influence in their community.
Dalai Lama
I wanna have a positive impact and bring in artists on the come-up. It gets me hyped!
Craig David
There are a lot of ways to make a positive impact on the community without necessarily being a politician.
Theo Epstein
The more you teach positive ideas to others, the better you learn them yourself.
Brian Tracy
Just like it’s not healthy to think overly negative thoughts, exaggeratedly positive thoughts can be equally detrimental. If you overestimate how much of a positive impact a particular change will have on your life, you may end up feeling disappointed when reality doesn’t live up to your fantasy.
Amy Morin
As a vegan body-builder I want to show others that it is possible to gain significant muscle and strength on a vegan diet and I want to inspire others to follow this lifestyle. I love being vegan and knowing that I am having a positive impact on our society.
Robert Cheeke
Healthy children are born from healthy, respected, well-nourished and educated mothers and it is imperative that they have a voice in the decisions which affect them. If you empower a mother and let her have her say towards a poverty-free future, the positive impact this would have on ending hunger will be immense.
Dionne Warwick
Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Never waste a good crisis…Don’t waste it when it can have a very positive impact on climate change and energy security.
Hillary Clinton
If you want to have world peace – peace in your family, peace in your town and peace in your own bedroom – you simply begin with whatever creates peace within yourself. This vibration will go out from you in waves, and these waves have a very positive impact on the world.
Christiane Northrup
Design can have such a positive impact on the way people live and on their relationships and moods.
Genevieve Gorder
But I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful.
Elizabeth Edwards
If being complicit is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit.
Ivanka Trump
I just do not hang around anybody that I don’t want to be with. Period. For me, that’s been a blessing, and I can stay positive. I hang around people who are happy, who are growing, who want to learn, who don’t mind saying sorry or thank you… and [are] having a fun time.
John Assaraf
Let’s find those areas where modest and reasonable tax cuts will have the biggest positive impact on our economy, and which will improve the lives of those who need it most: working families, retirees, and small business owners.
Larry Hogan
Every now and then I love to invest in a company that may not set the world on fire, but has the chance to establish itself, create jobs and have a positive impact.
Mark Cuban
Federal rules and regulations too often become seemingly insurmountable obstacles to simple changes that can have a positive impact.
Cindy Hyde-Smith
When you grow up, as I have, in the shadow of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others, success is defined as the total global transformation of a market. To achieve that, you need low prices and an attractive offering. It’s about trying to make a positive impact on a big scale.
Reed Hastings
I certainly like to go out and seek out interesting challenges, and I try to highlight a very worthwhile cause and make a positive impact along the way.
Jared Isaacman
I’m confident that the commitment of the co-chairs of the Ferguson Commission – along with the work of other local leaders and the Missouri General Assembly – will have a very positive impact as this community works to move forward.
Roy Blunt
E-Motion will have a very positive impact on the evolution of human consciousness
Bruce H. Lipton
When you love people and have the desire to make a profound, positive impact upon the world, then will you have accomplished the meaning to live.
Sasha Azevedo
No matter how bad any situation, cynicism has no positive impact. Watching the news, you might notice that cynicism and victimhood often seem to go hand-in-hand, but not for veterans.
Jim Mattis
The fact that our message and my lyrics can have a positive impact on someone’s life is really astounding. It definitely makes me appreciate what I do even more because I’m not just doing it for self-gain, I’m doing it to help others.
Beau Bokan
You were created to make somebody else’s life better. Somebody needs your smile. They need your love, your encouragement & your gifts.
Joel Osteen
It is pretty damn obvious that there are positive impacts of climate change, even though we are not always allowed to talk about them.
Richard Tol
A sour corporate culture can actually make an entire society unhappy. This means that a strong corporate culture can have a positive impact on a society.
Simon Sinek
If we can produce more ethanol and bio-diesel to help fuel our vehicles, we will create jobs, boost local economies and produce cleaner burning fuels. This will keep dollars here at home where they can have a positive impact on our economy.
Rick Renzi
There’s a good amount of research out there that shows generous parental leave policies have a significant positive impact on employee retention and morale.
Christine Tsai
I believe the continually advancing Information Revolution will lend us the wisdom and strength to address humanity’s previously unsolvable problems and help us make a positive impact on all of society.
Masayoshi Son
When you’re put in a position to really affect young people who are going to run the world one day, if you’re able to be in their life at a young age and make a positive impact, I think that’s a beautiful thing.
I was blessed with certain gifts and talents and God gave them to me to be the best person I can be and to have a positive impact on other people.
Bryan Clay
I believe I have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on society.
Anthony S. Fauci
Your positive impact on the generations to come will be directly related to the ministry you have in that little place called home.
Jim George
I retire from competition with great pride at having had a positive impact on my sport. I intend to keep training and practicing martial arts for as long as I live, and I look forward to watching the new generation of champions carry our sport into the future.
Georges St-Pierre
Climate change is not an excuse for the EPA to ignore the bounds of law and issue illegal regulations that will cost jobs, shutter industries, and have little to no positive impact on the environment.
Luther Strange
Every child must master empathy-based ethics because the rules are changing; the less they apply the less learning them has positive impact
Bill Drayton
If you want to make a positive impact, no matter how far-reaching, start at home. Treat your family members like treasures.
John C. Maxwell
There will be a huge, huge positive impact for society when driverless cars become a thing.
Travis Kalanick
I felt Facebook had a lot of what I appreciated about government – being around a collection of really bright, thoughtful people motivated to have a positive impact.
Marne Levine
I believe I have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on society.
Anthony Fauci
We have many companies, I say pouring back into America. I think that’s going to have a huge, positive impact on race relations. You know why? It’s jobs. What people want now, they want jobs. They want great jobs with good pay. And when they have that, you watch how race relations will be.
Donald Trump
Today’s investors want to see a positive impact on society and the environment as well as solid financial returns.
Sergio Ermotti
The mistake we made in the 1990s was overestimating the potential of NAFTA’s positive impact.
William M. Daley
A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.
Jackie Robinson
I think if we continue to create jobs at levels that I’m creating jobs, I think that’s going to have a tremendous impact – positive impact – on race relations.
Donald Trump
In many ways, I think the WNBA is changing the way America views women and is having a positive impact on the way America views professional athletes. We’re showing the world what women can be as athletes and what athletes can be as citizens.
Laurel J. Richie
Life is short, youth is finite, and opportunities endless. Have you found the intersection of your passion and the potential for world-shaping positive impact? If you don’t have a great idea of your own, there are plenty of great teams that need you – unknown startups and established teams in giant companies alike.
Justin Rosenstein
The most precious gift that marriage gave me was the constant impact of something very close and intimate, yet all the time unmistakably other, resistant – in a word, real.
C. S. Lewis
Governor Sanders showed true leadership and character by supporting civil rights for all during a time when many were not, His lasting positive impact on our state will be felt by many future generations of Georgians.
Nathan Deal
There are so many local nonprofits making a positive impact every day, and yet, oftentimes we don’t hear enough about them or their needs.
Sylvia Mathews Burwell
A holistic solution to income inequality is going to take a lot of work, but every time you prove that one of the strands is achievable and that it has a positive impact on people’s lives you take another step towards proving the bigger theory of the case.
Bill de Blasio
I would like to think that I will be remembered as someone who had some positive impact on the sociosexual values of his time. And I think I’m secure and happy in that.
Hugh Hefner
Keep the weeds of negative influence from your life. ‘Farm’ the seeds of constructive influence.
Jim Rohn
It’s never clear to me why it’s so hard for people to say sorry. It’s a simple word, just two syllables and its positive impact is enormous.
Katty Kay
It’s nice to have a positive impact on someone’s else’s life, and I feel like with my actions that I’ve had a positive impact on someone’s else’s life.
Jason Collins
Exceptional businesses sustain bottom-line results, which they invest to create meaningful, positive impact for their stakeholders.
Punit Renjen
This is a huge thing if you are going to have a positive impact on your spouse. You have to not only realize this, but you have to practice this.
Gary Chapman
Laurence Olivier said if you have ambition to be a serious classical actor, you must be as fit as an athlete. For me, the breakthrough was going to live in California. I exercised. I drank less. It was one of the things about California that had a positive impact on me.
Patrick Stewart
Our intention is that people use MakerBots to have a positive impact on the world.
Bre Pettis
A positive impact stems from our admission that we were wrong or our thinking was wrong. ‘I’m wrong’ are two little words that can help improve our own positive attitude.
Richard M. DeVos
It is really important that we get more women doing exercise and being active, and those that have taken up boxing or boxing training will definitely find that it has a really positive impact on their health, fitness and well-being.
Nicola Adams
I wasn’t aware of the impact that I had made on the lives of Aboriginal people until I did a bit of travelling and visited various communities throughout Victoria. To see the way that my people looked at me and to know that I made a difference to them was an honour.
Lionel Rose
And we can see the positive impacts right here at Solyndra. Less than a year ago, we were standing on what was an empty lot. But through the Recovery Act, this company received a loan to expand its operations. This new factory is the result of those loans.
Barack Obama
When you think about the day-to-day, positive impact on the lives of U.S. citizens, there is no relationship that we have in the world that is more important than our relationship with Canada.
Paul Cellucci
I want to do what I love, which is act, and hopefully through that, leave a positive impact somehow, someway, with somebody.
Justin Lee
The only way I can have a positive impact on this football team is for me to dedicate myself to doing my job.
Mike Webster
When we were creating Warby Parker, for us it was about having a positive impact on the world and having a strong social mission.
Neil Blumenthal
Each of us can play a role in eradicating hunger in our communities, and together with Feeding Wisconsin we look forward to raising awareness and having a positive impact on the work to help this important cause.
Mike Budenholzer
More Americans own their home than ever before. Nearly 70 percent of American’s are homeowners. So it is a good time for us to asses the positive impacts of homeownership on families, communities and on the nation’s economy.
Randy Neugebauer
If your desire is to be successful or to make a positive impact on your world, you need to become a person of influence.
John C. Maxwell
Leaders are less interested in their position and more interested in their positive impact on others.
John C. Maxwell
A focus on regulatory overreach, things that the benefit doesn’t outweigh the cost, is probably the single greatest opportunity we have for having a positive impact on job creation.
Thom Tillis
We expect all our businesses to have a positive impact on our top and bottom lines … Profitability is very important to us or we wouldn’t be in this business.
Jeff Bezos
No matter how dysfunctional we are, we can still have a positive impact on each other’s lives.
Eddie Griffin
With Fresh Healthy Vending growing by the day, my role is ever-evolving, just as the company is, and I intend to take on any necessary responsibilities in order to make a positive impact and spread a message we all believe in so strongly.
Steve Finley
I wish BTS could set up a model for k-pop with the best music and content so we have a positive impact on the U.S. music scene.
In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.
Les Brown
Life is short, youth is finite, and opportunities endless. Have you found the intersection of your passion and the potential for world-shaping positive impact?
Justin Rosenstein
People resisted having weapons on airplanes, but I oversaw the federal air marshals. It’s a deterrent. No one sees that weapon, but they are protected on that airplane, and it’s a huge positive impact on safety.
Asa Hutchinson
To the extent that we can shine a light on the bad things being done, that’s going to have a positive impact.
Ezra G. Levin
Being a good writer may result in your being nicer to more people, having a bigger positive impact.
Marty Nemko