Producers Quotes

Producers Quotes by Don King, Donald E. Westlake, Mike Gordon, Benedict Samuel, Hugh Downs, T. S. Eliot and many others.

I can't believe what I said about myself. What I said i

I can’t believe what I said about myself. What I said in my own private conversations with myself to an ESPN producer are my business, and I had no business saying them to someone else.
Don King
If you think of movie studio executives, say, as society, then I root for the independent producers.
Donald E. Westlake
We have access to more resources in general, and they are not going to force a situation on us, whether its the producer, or the cover, or what songs we have to play. And it’s a small enough company that it seems like the people there care about music and not just about business.
Mike Gordon
‘The Walking Dead’ producers are really in touch, and appreciative, of their viewers.
Benedict Samuel
A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.
Hugh Downs
Playwriting gets into your blood and you can’t stop it. At least not until the producers or the public tell you to.
T. S. Eliot
I think I’m a people person. I get very attached to people. And I’ve become so attached to all the people on my show, the cast, the crew and the producers.
Victoria Pratt
If two men on the same job agree all the time, then one is useless. If they disagree all the time, both are useless.
Darryl F. Zanuck
There’s no point in me meeting with a bunch of producers or studios, because I’ll write my own scripts in my own time.
Martin McDonagh
DJ Sliink is amazing, and his production is on the next level. There are a lot of EDM producers that Id like to work with, not for the sake of having an engineered record, but for the fact that I love their production and music.
Travie McCoy
In some ways, many of the skills you have as a producer on independent films also apply to making big tentpole films: You surround yourself with a brilliant director, great script and talented people in every department who are smarter than you.
David Heyman
To help producers serve larger institutional customers like schools and hospitals, USDA has helped fund new regional infrastructure like cold storage warehouses, commercial kitchens and local slaughter facilities.
Tom Vilsack
I tell a story, and therefore I exist.
Shekhar Kapur
It’s a shame, she had me convinced that she could’ve been a dime. I guess I lost another one to the wintertime.
They’re making a movie about Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date, called ‘Southside With You,’ and the producers say they’ve already cast someone to play young Barack Obama. Now, I’m not saying the president has aged a lot but that young actor is Morgan Freeman.
Jimmy Fallon
I grew up during apartheid; there was never a day in South Africa that was just great. I love that I’ve had success as an actor and producer, but I know the thing my children will know most about is the work I’ve done with HIV. Success in life is all about humanity.
Charlize Theron
We tend to think of Steam as tools for content developers and tools for producers. We’re just always thinking: how do we want to make content developers’ lives better and users’ lives a lot better? With Big Picture Mode, we’re trying to answer the question: ‘How can we maximize a content developers’ investment?’
Gabe Newell
I think the French and the Japanese are both obsessed by seasons, small producers, freshness.
Alain Ducasse
If I do become more successful, either as a producer or a rapper, I’m going to do everything I can to help whoever I can on the label.
Kanye West
From 2013, I started pushing myself again by approaching producers and directors, but nothing great came my way. I held back and waited for the right opportunity. ‘Mental Hood’ in 2017 followed by ‘Hostages’ and ‘Tandav’ was a warm up to ‘The Empire.’
Dino Morea
Becoming a producer enables you to empower yourself, to make the film that you want to make. I have desires to make movies – I have movies I’m developing, and things that I’m interested in.
Andy Garcia
I hate the idea of people thinking that I’m just a little girl who goes into studios with pop producers, and they work their magic.
Charli XCX
With ‘Light,’ I collaborated with a lot of different producers and musicians I respected, and we all wrote and worked on material which I then took to an old-school producer, David Kahne, and we put it all together. The lyrics came first – they were written before the music.
When I do an album I try to find a producer that’s excited about something that they want me to sing, and I check with the record company to find out what they think they can sell – which is their No. 1 priority.
Johnny Mathis
My goal is to leave the producer with so many good takes, that he or she has a tough time deciding on the best one.
Rob Paulsen
I don’t have one role that I want to play. I guess… I want to be a producer. I want to be an activist. I want to be proactive in bringing about work for men, women, boys, girls, everybody who is good at what they do and deserve a shot at it.
Octavia Spencer
I see the artist as a participant, a co-producer of reality. I do not see the artist as a person who sits at a distance and evaluates.
Olafur Eliasson
It has absolutely no meaning to me to be an executive producer on a film that I have nothing to do with except come to the wrap party or the premiere on; it’s just meaningless.
Rick McCallum
Compassion is an action word with no boundaries.
I like to make records sound good. I’m more like a reducer than a producer. If an artist cannot produce themselves, what’s the point?
Branford Marsalis
[As a producer] [Big Little Lies] is the stories of women that I know, and it was a way in which we could go to other women and say, “Here’s a great role. There’s five great roles here. They’re all complicated. They all deserve to be told, and are you interested?” And that is rare.
Nicole Kidman
I know, just from directing television, where you have a huge support system of producers and writers and a script supervisor – not just the cast but a crew of 100 people – there are, as a director, hundreds of questions that you have to answer every day.
Scott Foley
The curse of comic book adaptations, when I was younger, was that the director or producer would go, “Don’t worry about it, it’s just a comic book.”
Len Wein
Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it.
Louis C. K.
We started with Denny Cordell, and he was a great record producer. He knew exactly how to take a band that knew absolutely nothing, and guide you without trying to tell you what to do.
Benmont Tench
What does a tax do? It takes either from the producer or the consumer a more or less sizable portion of the product destined in part to consumption and in part to savings, in order to apply it to less productive or even destructive ends, and more rarely to savings.
Gustave de Molinari
I write 1,000 words a day first thing in the morning but I cannot write 240 characters to describe a piece that I spent six weeks working on with a producer.
Daniel Alarcon
In my opinion, the BBC are one of the best producers of drama in the world, and it made me incredibly happy to get the opportunity to be one of the leading men in one of their productions.
Luke Pasqualino
I’m a producer. I’m a musician. And my job is to come in and, you know, put – you know, I treat all of the artists that I work with, like, you know, the way da Vinci was looking at Mona Lisa, you know, there’s an interesting backdrop.
Pharrell Williams
What is qualified? What have I been qualified for in my life? I haven’t been qualified to be a mayor. I’m not qualified to be a songwriter. I’m not qualified to be a TV producer. I’m not qualified to be a successful businessman. And so, I don’t know what qualified means.
Sonny Bono
Phil Ramone and Quincy Jones were very close. Phil Ramone was one of the greatest record producers of all time. I don’t know if they talk about him enough in the film, but he produced [Frank] Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, all of Billy Joel, Paul McCartney – Phil Ramone was one of the major record engineers and producers.
Robert Davi
I was in a commercial when I was three. My godfather was a director and a producer of commercials. He took me in along with his kids and I couldn’t remember my lines. I giggled my way through the commercial and they kept it.
A Fine Frenzy
I keep thinking how young can you die from old age
A lot of producers cookie cut movies one after another, but I’ll be a little more careful, and have the opportunity to be, because I have the acting career to subsidize the producing.
Ryan Phillippe
I wanna show you I can out-rap your favorite rappers. I wanna show you I can out-produce your favorite producers. So I’m constantly getting better and I understand that there’s always room for growth, especially in quality, sonic quality.
J. Cole
Producer’s Surplus is a convenient name for the genus of which the rent of land is the leading species.
Alfred Marshall
Even in the early stages, you can tell who thinks you’re an idiot singing songs someone else has written for you. We never wanted to be two producers and a girl who wears some shoes.
Lauren Mayberry
Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.
Chuck Norris
There seem to be more women producers than men.
Claire Denis
Well, I started years ago with Flashdance and we also did Coyote Ugly, so I have put my toe in the water before with romantic comedies. I love making them and I love making people laugh. That’s a trademark that I don’t think any producer would turn down.
Jerry Bruckheimer
Actors can become very involved in a role, but for a director or producer, that’s your life for many years.
Joseph McGinty Nichol
I was always critiquing my work. I let everybody else around – producers, directors, other actors – they give the nod of approval or the praise. Because I tried to always bring the best, so even if they were happy with it, I was still scrutinizing it.
Demetrius Shipp, Jr.
When a movie is about to come out on its initial debut, there are a lot of people involved – the financiers, the studio and the producers and also, many times, the foreign distributors. So it is a time of tremendous pressure and uncertainty.
Francis Ford Coppola
The best complement I ever got from the public or producers or directors is that I just totally blend in and become the character and they don’t notice me and that the play happens or the movie happens or the TV show happens.
J. K. Simmons
I know I can’t do everything myself. So I know I specialize in my melodies and I do some of my demo work. I pass it on to my producers who are much better at the production level
Paul Taylor
I played Big Brother in a Studio One presentation of ‘1984,’ and that should have marked me as a villain to American producers. But I went straight from that to placing a saint – St, Peter in ‘The Silver Chalice,’ which may have been one of the worst movies ever made.
Lorne Greene
Every producer in Hollywood had set me down as a type. I was both amused and disappointed.
Bela Lugosi
Friends of mine were the creators and executive producers of ‘Damages,’ people I knew from graduate school.
David Costabile
God gave me a voice to sing with, and when you have that, what other gimmick is there?
Whitney Houston
The difference with doing a play is that you are in control. In film you are in the hands of the director and the editor and the producer
Kyle MacLachlan
I got to try things that I might’ve been uncomfortable doing if I had been in a larger setting with a studio and producers looking at me.
Ashly Burch
Are you a producer or a looter? If diversity were always and everywhere good we would be clamoring for more midgets in the NBA.
Jonah Goldberg
I wrote, recorded and produced everything myself. I played the guitars and keyboards while the drums were programmed. As a producer, I think music technology has reached a point, where the results that can be achieved in this way, allows me to create the music and sounds I envision.
Paul Wardingham
‘The Alesha Show’ was done with production crew Xenomania, and this time, I’ve worked with a lot of upcoming new producers.
Alesha Dixon
What the oil producer gets paid is about 16 percent. The majority of it is tax, which in fairness to the government of this country they have accepted and admitted.
Olusegun Obasanjo
I don’t think that a lot of my favorite producers or bands would produce our albums or even play on them, unfortunately.
Chad Gilbert
I’ve recorded 25 or 30 albums. I know that sometimes when you work with producers who are kinda dictators, it doesn’t help you make a better record.
Ace Frehley
You have to start at the very bottom and you’ve got to do every job. I did that so I could understand what everybody does. I didn’t become this huge producer overnight. It took many, many years.
Jerry Bruckheimer
The whole thing with comedy is that you are always in control. Writer, director, actor, producer, and sometimes bouncer. And you are just a piece of their puzzle.
Dane Cook
Hollywood’s best producers and directors are in film, not TV.
Tim Pigott-Smith
I get to go to so many different countries and hear so much music and collect totally different records. It’s all very inspiring, and I’m trying to embrace that experience because not that many producers get to have that.
Jamie xx
I’m interested in colour-blind hiring of directors, producers, and writers. Go to the source. Then we won’t need to have conversations about colour-blind casting.
O. T. Fagbenle
It took the producers a while to realize I wanted a full-bodied life. I wanted to get out before I felt I’d sacrificed so much to get somewhere that I couldn’t afford to leave.
Sherry Stringfield
Music TV in the U.K. is disappearing. ‘Top Of The Pops,’ ‘CD:UK’ and shows like that have gone, and it’s bringing down the music industry. We should do as much as we can to keep our music TV and producers need to be more willing to accommodate live music.
Leona Lewis
When people think of diversity, they think people of color, but it also means women, who are severely underrepresented as directors, writers and producers.
Eva Longoria
The difficulty lies, not in finding a producer, but in finding a consumer.
Jean-Baptiste Say
I don’t think I’m a great singer myself. I’m all right. I’ve worked with different writers, different producers… I’ve just been blessed with the caliber of people I’ve been able to work with.
Melanie Chisholm
Most people want to become movie stars and I just want to be in the business. I already was a star. If I get the part of a lifetime and it blows up, then that’s wonderful. But if the acting doesn’t work, fine. I’ll just be a producer. And if the producing doesn’t work, fine. I’ve got a lot of other stuff.
Carl Lewis
As an actor, you’re in the hands of producers and directors. It’s important to find out who you’re working with.
Sean Bean
When I’m writing my album, it’s totally my world. Even though it’s myself and another producer creating the project, Conceptually it’s more under my power and on my own terms. At the same time, it’s a different type of pressure because I’m ultimately speaking, I’m solely responsible for the end result.
Rick Rubin had his hair – I don’t think it’s ever been cut and very – dresses like a hobo, usually – clean but . Was the kind of guy I really felt comfortable with, actually. I think I was more comfortable with him than I would have been with a producer with a suit on.
Johnny Cash
Getting back to inflation, it is important to note that the producer price Index does not reflect wage pressures – and that is where the inflation threat really lies.
Larry Wachtel
I toured around the country and met all these Broadway producers who put me in all these Neil Simon plays like ‘Brighton Beach Memoirs’ and ‘Biloxi Blues.’
Jon Tenney
Artists in not only country but other genres usually make four or five albums, then they change producers to keep their sound moving forward.
Juice Newton
For a director and a producer to be named on the writing credits is practically unheard of.
Terry Southern
Here, we have female directors and producers; in fact, one whole channel is run by a woman. Pakistani TV is progressive, and hence, characters that are shown are of today as well.
Umera Ahmad
It’s understanding the intention of a composer that allows a producer and an arranger to make those moments speak
Michael Bolton
Most cornmeal producers don’t tell you when their cornmeal was milled, which makes it difficult to know how long the product has been sitting in the store before you bought it.
Jeremy Jackson
I was one of the first women producers in Hollywood.
Betty White
I never aspired to be a television producer and a movie director, and I’m shocked that this idea is still going on.
Jeff Tremaine
Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
John Hughes
If I feel the part is right, and I know that the producers and the director want me, I’d go for broke. Always.
Anne Archer
Some call me director, producer, filmmaker. I prefer to call myself pube-king.
John Waters
One of the things that gives me a lot of pleasure about both the solo show and the book is that it tells people about my dad. He really was an important man. He was a kind of pioneer of regional theater. He was the first American producer to ever produce all of Shakespeare plays.
John Lithgow
A lot of times, actors give so much power to the producers and the producing companies because, quite frankly, they have it. But we don’t take the limited power that we have, which the power you initially have is to say ‘no.’ But ‘no’ in a positive way.
Michael Cudlitz
I really want my career to be as an actor-writer-director-producer, you know? I don’t know what will be stronger than the other.
Danny Strong
The film producers have to understand that melody is the base of Indian music – they have to come back to that. Else, we’ll have short lived chart toppers which dim on public memory that moment the film if off screens.
Kumar Sanu
And people say it all the time: ‘You’re a celebrity.’ No, I’m an actor. I’m a producer. I’m a director. I’m a toad. I’m roadkill. I’m anything but a celebrity.
Drew Barrymore
I did my acting performance in ‘Roger Rabbit.’ I think I did a voice-over also in ‘Osmosis Jones’ and I directed an episode of my show years ago, ‘Tales from the Crypt’ and that’s my endeavors in the non-producer oriented ranks.
Joel Silver
The thing is, I would need the right producer [for dance-music album ], right? “Calling all dance music producers! I’m available.
Kristin Chenoweth
Humans are producers of their life circumstance not just products of them.
Albert Bandura
The slapdash way producers used to assemble a show seems a little unbelievable when we talk about them now
Ethel Merman
I love to work with producers who are very good with their chord progressions.
One thing about being a stand-up is it’s a one-man show. You gotta do everything. You’re the producer, writer, director, and the actor. You just gotta be out there and perform and give your all. It’s such an honest form of art that it just taught me so much, and it kind of prepared me for manhood at an early age.
Nick Cannon
The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.
B. B. King
I’ve been working with a lot of different producers.
Jay Rock
I don’t think content matters at all. Content won’t matter unless it matters to the stars. Producers are helpless people… They don’t dictate or guide content. It is dictated purely by stars.
Vivek Agnihotri
Once there are more African Americans and Asian Americans behind the scenes as producers, writers, and directors, I think more inclusive casting will happen.
Nicole Ari Parker
I mean that’s my entire life right there. I re-evaluted everybody in my life. I narrowed it down to the people that really cared about me. And did away with everybody else. Just kind of distanced myself. Same thing with the producers.
Willa Ford
When I came down south and was put together with big producers, I always thought that they knew best. I never thought for a minute that they might have another agenda.
Chris Rea
For every film that I have believed in – from ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ to ‘Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein’ – it was very difficult to find producers.
R. Madhavan
There’s no great technical expertise in being a movie producer.
Mick Jagger
Things maybe take longer usually when it comes to TV – especially network TV. There are usually multiple levels that you have to go through in terms of the casting director, the producers, the studio, the network, reading with other people.
Andre Holland
A disk unbeknownst to the director can go to the producer in another city or in another office and that producer can edit behind the director’s back much easier than in the old days. Since these dailies are now put on videotape, more kinds of people have access to dailies.
John Frankenheimer
My childhood friends and I would have been featured in ‘The Achievers: The Story of the Big Lebowski Fans,’ but I never signed the release form we received from the producers. I am both proud and ashamed of this fact.
Josh Gondelman
We had a missionary zeal about blues music, and I felt, particularly, that Mickie Most was attempting to homogenize, sweeten, and make it accessible for the mass market. Which is understandable if you’re the producer, but aggravating if you’re the artist.
Alan Price
Most people when they rap usually have their homies in the studio who rap with ’em, but they homies don’t usually be producers.
Tay Keith
Along the way, I’ve had different advice from different music producers. I’ve been told to tone it down, that the quiet parts of my voice are appealing and there’s harshness to the loud part of my voice.
Patty Griffin
Any new producer starting up is to get investors’ confidence. Investors are still very very wary of anything to do with the arts world.
Ann Macbeth
I’m inordinately proud of Smash, on so many levels. The complexity of producing that show, every week, is just incredible. As a television producer and as a Broadway producer, which I once was, I am in awe of what we can do on that show, every week.
Robert Greenblatt
It’s not that I find it hard to meet girls – they do come up and chat me up from time to time. Sometimes I’m interested, I tend not to go for the prettier ones. I prefer the quirkier types.
Rupert Grint
Ted Templeman, the producer, and Donn Landee, the engineer, are the same team that signed Van Halen, when they were called Mammoth. Donn convinced them to change it to the last name of the guitar player and drummer.
Sammy Hagar
After you shoot a day’s work, you gotta see rushes, and then you have more meetings with the budgets, with your producers, with your designers. It’s never-ending.
Ng Chin Han
The answers to the human problems of ecology are to be found in economy. And the answers to the problems of economy are to be found in culture and character. To fail to see this is to go on dividing the world falsely between guilty producers and innocent consumers.
Wendell Berry
A producer is a saboteur who tries to infiltrate the passivity of viewers and to create impressions that are lasting.
Bill Moyers
Athol Fugard became famous as a playwright, so although ‘Tsotsi’ the book was written in the ’60s, it was only published in the ’80s. It was then optioned pretty much every year by producers. I think the problem was that holding onto its period setting made it very hard to get finance.
Gavin Hood
I think you have to have different tools for each job – you know producer is very different from a director and very different from an actor.
Renee O’Connor
I was too heavy to be a jockey and too honest to be a producer, so I became a writer
Leon Uris
I think that what ‘Oz’ did is it spawned a great generation of television production. But people know its place in television and just in great dramas. It’s the foundation of my career. Most producers, show runners, directors, and casting directors put me in movies based on my performance in that show.
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
The successful producer of an article sells it for more than it cost him to make, and that’s his profit. But the customer buys it only because it is worth more to him than he pays for it, and that’s his profit. No one can long make a profit producing anything unless the customer makes a profit using it.
Samuel B. Pettengill
So he was opening night… I was out of a job, and I’d been to every producer in Hollywood trying to get a job singing. But nobody wanted to know me.
Barry McGuire
The hard part was when I went into the studio with co-producer Eric Broucek, and he started slashing my demos. I always sweat that.
Britta Phillips
Most of the producers I work with are decent mixers. We’ll wind up in these spots where I’ll get the mix back and I’ll put a few more pieces of production together and send it back to the mixer. It’s so easy to change the entire perspective of the song by changing the mix.
Yukimi Nagano
The oil companies are really making a very lucrative amount of profit from the high price of oil. I don’t that they’re very keen to reduce the price of oil. The consumers are those who are the victims so I think that the producers, the governments, some of them, they’re enjoying the high revenue that they get.
Ahmed Zaki Yamani
Men are even afraid to say, ‘You look nice,’ or, ‘You look pretty,’ when you come out of hair and makeup to walk on set. And before, men would constantly – producers would constantly say things, but that’s kind of a way that they would butter the actresses up and make them feel secure.
Shiri Appleby
Our agricultural economy in the Hudson Valley continues to face historically low prices and producer income, as well as losses due to weather and other disasters.
Sue Kelly
From my experience as an actor, choreographer, action director, and producer, I understand the elements and the dynamics of being a film maker.
Donnie Yen
The rule of thumb for a director or producer – which prevents them from just sticking their names on everything – is that you have to contribute substantially more than 50 percent of the character dialogue and story.
Harold Ramis
I’m at the mercy of others because I’m not a director. I’m not a producer. I’m not a writer.
Julianne Moore
I thought that it would be easier to learn that if I worked in motion pictures. So I went to work with one motion picture producer who was developing a color system. This didn’t do to me much good. All I did was pick filters for the camera.
John Hench
I think having women behind the cameras is exciting – whether it’s as a director or a writer or a producer – because it does feel like we’re in the middle of this awakening of realizing that it’s important for women to have a voice.
Mary Elizabeth Ellis
The producers felt that 24 would be good for the audience, to really get to know who these 12 and 12 are.
Paula Abdul
There were times I was told, ‘You are too gay.’ I turned down a lot of things because producers said they wanted me to be different. I said, ‘It’s not going to happen.’
Ross Mathews
Ultimately, Bollywood producers only think of one thing: Who is saleable.
Dino Morea
I don’t care what studio I’m in, I don’t care what producers is producing it and I don’t care what song it is because they taught me those things I feel so protected wherever I go as far as music.
Ben E. King
Most of my friends in Nashville – almost all of them – seem to have had hits in the ’70s, either as artists or songwriters or producers.
Dan Hill
A composer like me finds it impossible to work with today’s producers. They want to tell you exactly how to compose, which notes to play, which rhythms to put in which part of the song.
Rajesh Roshan
I can’t think of any musician or producer who has influenced me more than Brian Eno. From when he was in Roxy Music, producing Devo, the Talking Heads and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.
I’m probably tougher on myself than I used to be. I’ll revise my lyrics more. Part of that is working with the right people and producers who will say, ‘How can you make that better?’ Allowing yourself to collaborate with people will push you toward transcendence.
John Legend
We’re going to see a lot of companies that have been portals of entertainment become producers.
Kevin Spacey
It was an honour to be asked to do ‘The Gift.’ The producers took a risk asking me because, coming from a comedy background, I am not known for this kind of highly-charged, emotional show.
Mel Giedroyc
Is it perfect? Absolutely not! But there was an audience for ‘Wicked,’ and our producers were smart enough to reach that audience.
Joe Mantello
Unlike the on-air talents in the NFL where they have producers figuratively joined at their hip, providing them with info and tidbits of data, we WWE announcers are responsible for getting ourselves ready for every broadcast.
Jim Ross
Because I’ve always aspired to direct and produce, I’ve literally worked with about 200 directors and countless producers, so what I appreciate is how, through osmosis and through actually asking questions and through people offering wisdom, there’s a lot in there.
Malik Yoba
For too long, the producers of non-dairy beverages, such as almond and soy products, have unfairly benefited from the ability to label their products as milk.
Elise Stefanik
Since I met Starsmith, my producer, I really feel like I’m making music because we write it together and produce it together. I’ve got a proper involvement in the end product as opposed to just writing a song and finding someone else to produce it.
Ellie Goulding
The moment this brilliant young producer Miss Verity Lambert started telling me about Doctor Who, I was hooked. I remember telling her, This is going to run for five years. And look what’s happened!
William Hartnell
The producers want us to sell, sell, sell. That’s my little joke. That’s what we do by day; by night, we’re artists.
Mike Nichols
As a producer, you can’t break up w/your own project. It’s like sleeping with someone that you don’t like… Forever.
Nina Jacobson
You know, when you’re a producer, you’re a bit of a lackey. You’re just making cups of tea and making sure they’ve got newspaper, stuff like that.
Karl Pilkington
Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t let yourself get pushed around, and don’t be afraid to be the bad guy. Find a producer who will be there to back you up when things get difficult. Make sure you work with key crew that you trust.
Ruba Nadda
When I did a sitcom and played a postman, I was brought to tears playing that postman, because I felt like one. I didn’t grow up even wanting to be a post man. Now, I understand the meaning of the term “postal.” I was bored to tears. And what was funny was that the producer actually looked like a bug.
Andrew Dice Clay
Too often, farmers and producers are left out of the national conversation on the climate crisis – or even dismissed altogether. But in reality, their expertise is a big part of the solution.
Abigail Spanberger
Hollywood has known this for quite a while: Cable is the place to go because they truly have a supportive network and they want to do things that cannot be seen on broadcast. That stimulates the writer-producer. Cable is king.
Bryan Cranston
One of the reasons the producers’ credit has been so weakened in recent years, and given to people who didn’t deserve it, was that people didn’t understand what producers did.
Marshall Herskovitz
Hollywood producers aren’t going to say, ‘Get me that swearing, grey-haired, headless chicken. We need him for our new ‘High School Musical’ movie!’
Peter Capaldi
I performed it all the way through for people. People would say, “We love you, we want to sign you,” and then there’d always be one person who’d say, “He’s just a producer.”
Kanye West
Composers and lyricists are making songs that are approved by the producers and directors.
I’ve learned a lot of tricks from working with a lot of great producers over the years, and I think I should write a book about it!
Ace Frehley
The idea that American producers and directors are choosing black British talent to save themselves a buck or two is ridiculous – it’s because we’re damn good.
David Harewood
We like to think that every month, that Roblox game page is showing off some of the most innovative, intelligent, and creative programmers, artists, producers, and developers around the world.
David Baszucki
Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to, only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consumer.
Adam Smith
I only got to be able to act, because I gave myself a job as a producer.
Griffin Dunne
Kylie Minogue is just a demonic little idiot as far as I’m concerned. She gets cool dance producers to work with her for some bizarre reason, I don’t know why. She doesn’t even have a good name. It’s a stupid name, Kylie, I just don’t get it.
Noel Gallagher
Casting me as King Arthur was quite bold of ‘Spamalot’s producers, although it has been historically proved Arthur was Asian, and that Sunday trading started with Asians in 11th-century Britain.
Sanjeev Bhaskar
I don’t usually collab with producers, because I don’t need to. I never have, because I don’t want to break my style of how I do things.
DJ Premier
After working as a producer on many pop, electronica and some soundtrack, incidental music projects, I became more focused on film and TV scores.
Paul Wardingham
I’m interested in bridging and filling in space that hasn’t already been filled, so when it comes to making music, I’ve just always wanted to be able to reference things that producers in the big pop major label context do, without compromising the entire sound of the record.
The society that will organize production on the basis of a free and equal association of the producers will put the whole machinery of the state where it will then belong: into the museum of antiquities, by the side of the spinning wheel and the bronze axe.
Friedrich Engels
Everything I make as a producer, I visualize it as a DJ first. And all those beats, I test them as a DJ.
David Guetta
There is a fun, flippant side to me, of course. But I would much rather be known as the Ice Queen.
Siouxsie Sioux
Working on ‘Laguna’ was great because just being in production and shooting stuff and having to go back and relive some things, and there were some lines here and there that the producers would want us to say, and just kind of, you’re forced to recreate moments, and just working on the show was so much fun.
Stephen Colletti
For ‘Filth,’ we had about 12 producers on the thing. The opening credits go on for months. Most of them are actually financers rather than producers. And the only way that we could raise the budget without interference from a studio was to have a lot of different financers on board.
Irvine Welsh
There are wonderful composers and librettists out there. It’s the lack of creative producers that is troubling.
Harold Prince
I like aiming for the producers who are hungry. I don’t chase the wave.
Lil Durk
When I started producing it was right at the beginning Channel 4 in England. Nicholas Nickelby which was my first credit as a producer was Contract 001 at Channel 4 – that was the start of independent production in England and the emergence of an independent sector.
Colin Callender
I moonlighted during a two-week vacation, doing a month’s worth of work in two weeks; it almost killed me, but I wanted to stretch my muscles and the letter from the producer says, “Your storyboarding is Eisensteinian,” referring to the famous Russian filmmaker.
Mike Royer
I always write as I like to write, and I’ve been thinking about it because I honestly didn’t realize how different my stuff is, until I started looking at other people’s scripts as a producer.
William Monahan
Nobody is the author or producer of his own life story … somebody began it and is its subject in the twofold sense, namely, its actor and sufferer … but nobody is the author.
Hannah Arendt
Me and success are two things you don’t wanna find yo ass between. Back against the wall like plasma screens.
Well, Kevin Downes is the producer of Mom’s Night Out. He was a fellow actor with me in the movie Courageous. He plays my police partner and we have been friends for several years. He came and helped me on Courageous and said ‘Would you come help me on Mom’s Night Out?’
Alex Kendrick
As producers, we can influence where the budget goes, but only the director really controls what tone, what type of movie you are trying to make.
Michelle Yeoh
It’s not like I just take the beat, rap on it and take it for what it is, I always have the producer send it to me, loop the track out, move some stuff around.
Kid Ink
People think that by living on some mountainside in a tent and being frozen to death by freezing rain, they’re somehow discovering reality, but of course that’s just another fiction dreamed up by a TV producer.
J. G. Ballard
I want to give producers more financial security.
Estelle Morris
I’m an athlete; I’ve got an ego when stunt doubles have to come in. Not an ego like that, but when it comes to physical stuff, if I didn’t have to have a stunt double, I would always probably do it myself unless the producers were jumping in and stopping me.
Michael B. Jordan
The producer and writers [ of X-Men: Apocalypse ] were kind of feeling me out with, “Are you okay with the fact that you die?” and I was, like, “Yes.” That’s something that people would talk about, so I thought it was cool that I died. Havok was in three movies and then I get to be remembered.
Lucas Till
I see what other people do and what songwriters don’t. They don’t get out and take care of themselves. Producers turn themselves into a massive brand. Songwriters tend to be under someone else’s umbrella. If you’re building your own legacy, it can’t be under an umbrella.
Ester Dean
I always try to make work that activates the viewer to be a co-producer of our shared reality.
Olafur Eliasson
I have a very large forehead. I have a pronounced skull. Maybe producers think that there is a lot going on up in there.
Neil Patrick Harris
I got a job at Metro and went in to see Louis Mayer, who told me he wanted me to be a producer. I said I wanted to write and direct. He said, “No, you have to produce first, you have to crawl before you can walk.” Which is as good a definition of producing as I ever heard.
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
As a producer, I’m trying to challenge myself to just make something that is of a professional quality – not necessarily pop music, but maybe in the sense that Nine Inch Nails is professional quality.
Not only my favorite producers, but those are actually brothers, they’re part of our We The Best family. To me, they’re the biggest guys out, and the music they produce and the records they put out are phenomenal records.
Ace Hood
When I got signed to the ‘Fader’ Label, they got really excited about having me as their new artist. They were promoting my music everywhere. Pharrell was one of the producers who wanted to work with me, so I was really lucky to be one of those people who got to work with him.
I don’t sit around listening to beats all day. There’s so many producers, and so much of it is derivative.
Flying Lotus
It’s a tremendous way of getting people to buy more at lower cost to the producer. There’s no question that that’s an incentive to buy. Everybody loves a bargain.
Marion Nestle
Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple
Gene Wilder
Producers get very jittery about things.
James Nesbitt
My wife Jennifer Todd, who’s a producer. She runs Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s company, and she produced Memento, and Boiler Room, and Prime, and Across the Universe… and Alice in Wonderland… She’s really smart, and very helpful. That was nice, because I was super neurotic and worried.
Chris Messina
The law is against us music composers. We have no legal control over our compositions. Music companies are selling our songs to producers at throwaway prices. We are helpless.
Rajesh Roshan
No I.D. is actually married to my cousin, and my cousin is my manager. So I met him when she met him many years ago. I was in the studio and he hooked me up with a bunch of producers that he knew.
Snoh Aalegra
‘The Producers’ is a sort of a once in a lifetime kind of phenomenon, and I was grateful to be a part of it.
Nathan Lane
I have a team, the same team of filmmakers I worked with on ‘Pi’ and ‘Requiem’. Which is my cameraman, and my composer, and my producer. We’ve all worked together for a number of films.
Darren Aronofsky
I really didn’t even pick producers. I just picked beats, except for Dre – he’s the only producer I knew I wanted to work with.
Nate Dogg
When I was young, I believed in three things: Marxism, the redemptive power of cinema, and dynamite. Now I just believe in dynamite.
Sergio Leone
We’re big fans of the show on BBC, and some of the greatest actors in film and television have done this character, from Basil Rathbone to Nicol Williamson to Michael Caine. (Executive producer) Rob Doherty came in with the pitch last season, it was immediately a show that we gravitated towards.
Nina Tassler
I think if you contribute to a job, and it’s repeated and repeated, and sold over the world, and the producers are making millions, you should benefit from it.
Dervla Kirwan
Best things in life aren’t things.
Mike Ness
Most cornmeal producers dont tell you when their cornmeal was milled, which makes it difficult to know how long the product has been sitting in the store before you bought it.
Jeremy Jackson
Dying to meet your girlfriends that you said you might bring. If they’re the ones that tell you that you do the right thing.
It was all to do with the change of producer as well as political reasons I don’t really comprehend.
Louise Jameson
We’re in the same company as 2NE1 and we get our songs from the same producers, so the influence is natural. Since they’ve done a lot of things before us, we want to emulate them. But at the same time, we hope there will soon be an opportunity to show our own unique color. We want to succeed with our own unique color.
I will never become a director or a movie producer. I was always looking at picture directing because I didn’t know what to do! You can’t be a movie director without real preparation.
Liam Neeson
I told them [the producers] I couldn’t compound the lie that Black fathers don’t care about their children. I was proud of the family life I was able to introduce to television.
Esther Rolle
I still can’t quite believe it. Although there was something about the fact that it was a first-time writer, a first-time producer, and a first-time director all at the same time.
Sam Mendes
A distinguished producer called Kenith Trodd actually lived in his office for over a year – the cleaners refused to go in because it was such a tip.
Andrew Davies
If there are no stars in your film, nobody will look at you. If you have Sunny Leone in the film you will get hundreds of dollars but if you have a honest story to tell it’s difficult to find producers.
Vivek Agnihotri
There are producers, like the late Geoffrey Perkins, who have truly great ideas that will fire up your synapses and show you that handing in your first draft is not the end of a horrible process, but the beginning of a beautiful one.
Graham Linehan
I think women have always been funny. But when Tina Fey became head writer at ‘Saturday Night Live,’ the culture shifted, and women gained a bigger voice in comedy. It’s not as if Hollywood producers are feminists. It’s more that Hollywood said, ”Bridesmaids’ made us so much money, all we want now is funny women.’
Cecily Strong
The first role that I got on Broadway was supposedly for a white man. But I had some producers who fought for me and allowed me to come in.
Tituss Burgess
As actors, when you can’t be in the room with the casting director or the producers, you put yourself on tape and send it off.
Ricky Whittle
Most producers get into it because they were just never handsome or charismatic or talented enough to be the star.
Patrick Stump
There’s a kind of unwritten rule: Don’t say anything at all, and everything will be fine. It’s a producer’s medium. The directors aren’t there to make any decisions. They’re not going to change anything.
Robert Carlyle
Whenever any actor comes into a producer session, they have so many questions, and we still can’t really tell them that much until they get the job. I feel badly for them. But, it’s a fun show to work on. Once they’re on, it’s fun.
Maurissa Tancharoen
When you are doing stand-up comedy, you are the writer, producer, director, sometimes bouncer.
Dane Cook
The KXL pipeline would make it easy and cost effective for oil producers in Canada to transport oil to the Gulf of Mexico where it could be shipped to customers – not just in the United States – but around the world.
Ron Wyden
I am tired of kissing on screen. I have to do it because it is synonymous with me. Also, the producers and directors want to add that element. I don’t give it too much importance.
Emraan Hashmi
Let’s start spreading work experience and opportunities a little wider so that the photographers, writers, and TV producers of tomorrow are drawn from a broader section of society.
Robert Rinder
I’m obviously really opinionated, but as a producer, you don’t necessarily want the person you’re working with to try to impress you – you want them to just be themselves. Then you can edit or mess around with what they’ve come up with. But you have to allow the artist that space.
Danger Mouse
The hardest thing, as a producer, is to find a director who does the picture for all the right reasons, and not just because they know it’s successful or that they can do a good job, but in their bones, they love that genre.
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
And ‘Sex Drugs Rock Roll’ was a very transitional film for me in that I was one of the producers and you know, came up with the idea with the writer and the producer, as well. But, it was a very collaborative event. You know, I really love working in that way.
Andy Serkis
I don’t really dig for answers from the producers and writers that much. I let things happen the way they’re going to happen.
Candice Patton
Premier was one of the first producers that we reached out to, and he was like, ‘Hell yeah! Let’s get to work.’ He was showing us love and giving young, new artists a chance.
Larry King and his producers ought to go back to school and learn what ‘fair and balanced’ really means.
Mike Gallagher
Let the music diffuse all the tension.
I had actually sent an audition tape for Simon Pegg’s movie ‘Hot Fuzz,’ which came to nothing. Four years after the film released, out of nowhere, I got a call saying the producers of ‘Game of Thrones’ wanted me to play Hodor after they had seen that particular tape.
Kristian Nairn
The producers had seen “In a World…” and that’s where they found me out and consequently sought me out for this role [in Man up].
Lake Bell
I did a series called Ned and Stacey for two years for Fox back in the 90s. I was writer on it as well as a producer, and it was very important to me that there were no contemporary references.
Thomas Haden Church
But I really am very active in the choice of the line producer with the producer of record and the distributing company, because I’ve had some terrible, terrible experiences with some line producers, particularly in cable.
John Frankenheimer
When you’re dealing with a bunch of different producers, you gotta make sure the chemistry fits.
Well, it’s basically the viewers who determine it. We – well, basically the producers and myself chose the people we felt had the best reaction, you know, through the press, the Internet, the people we thought deserved a second chance. And they’ve chosen a winner, I believe.
Simon Cowell
My relationships with producers or photographers – these are relationships that took years.
Alexander McQueen
I heard you good with them soft lips.. Yeah you know word of mouth.
The vast majority of our film producers are independent producers who live hand to mouth trying to get projects made that they love. They are not owners, they’re not money people, and in fact, those who just have the money don’t always get a producer credit.
Marshall Herskovitz
I don’t think the subject of a documentary film should be producers on it.
Michael Rapaport
The vast majority of the rich in this country did not inherit their wealth; they earned it. They are the country’s achievers, producers, and job creators.
Rush Limbaugh
If you’re a producer, you always spend too much money because you want that shot – and you’re willing to spend a bundle to get it.
Bill Kurtis
A consistent anarchist must oppose private ownership of the means of production, and the wage-slavery which is a component of this system, as incompatible with the principle that labor must be freely undertaken and under the control of the producer.
Noam Chomsky
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not knowing how to play an instrument, but the rise of the non-musical producer has done away with musicianship and focused attention purely on the song’s hook.
I like working with great talent, in every capacity. I have a rule of thumb, in any creative endeavor – whether I’m doing music and playing in a band, or working with producers, or directing – where I generally like to work with people who are smarter than me or better than me.
Malik Yoba
Specificity is what makes good storytelling, and good storytelling is what makes money, and making money is then what encourages new producers to invest in different stories about Asians.
Constance Wu
I wrote and concepted 99% of the ideas for Crash Landing and we reached out to a lot of different popular producers like Jahlil, KE, Kajmir Royale, Hit-Boy etc.
Kid Ink
I started using this outlet of creativity – you know, going to the studio, writing, meeting these writers and producers – as the best form of representing myself to my fullest potential.
Dinah Jane
When historians write the last pages of their books, and the producers of history documentaries sit down to edit the final minutes of their programmes, there is often a strong urge to look to the future and emphasise the positive.
David Olusoga
I got a unicorn horn on my head once. I said, “Can you really see that on camera?” My producer said, “You can see it from space.” I would have to angle my head a certain way so that I didn’t look misshapen on camera.
Jancee Dunn
I used to be younger than my producers but now I’m older than my producers and I think that works for me, that works better cause you get a good kick up the … everyday.
Damon Albarn
Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do.
Denzel Washington
Honestly, I want to do films. I want to make that move from actor to producer, like Will Smith.
Michael B. Jordan
When I wrote Chuky script, I was a student at UCLA, an undergraduate and my biggest aspiration for it was that I would get my foot in a door somewhere, that I would get an agent or something and it was just beyond my wildest dreams that this big-time producer, David Kirschner.
David Kirschner
Producers have stopped hiring Blacks just because of pressure. They see there’s a market out there. The name of the game is money, and we’re making money for them. That’s all.
Paula Kelly
I was interested in theatre and media and came to Mumbai to get a job. I imagined that the film industry would be a white building with producers sitting in different rooms, and you could walk in and meet them, and they would interview you and select you.
Imtiaz Ali
My advice for other female directors is look for people who really appreciate your vision and are willing to genuinely support you. When it comes time to taking notes on various cuts, if you have a smart producer, listen to her notes!
Linda Hoaglund
I think somewhere in the ’90s, it started to shift, and you started to see a lot of film and television actors doing theater, and producers using the notoriety of the film and television actors to sell tickets.
Zachary Quinto
It’s tougher for women than men in Hollywood, period, if you ask me. As with most professions, women have generally not found equality with men when it comes to income and influence. There aren’t as many female directors, producers, and writers, which translates to fewer complex roles for women.
Nazanin Boniadi
Where is it written that a smart woman can’t also be stacked?
Padma Lakshmi
In the case of ‘News Radio,’ I loved that show. I loved the actors and the producers, but I was longing very much for something more to sink my teeth into me. I think it was an incredibly smart show, but I found myself on the peripheral of a lot of it.
Khandi Alexander
When something is based on an iconic film, and we found this out with “The Producers” too, you’ve got to pay homage to what I’d call the greatest hits. … People expect certain lines and moments they love.
Roger Bart
When producers want to know what the public wants, they graph it as curves. When they want to tell the public what to get, they say it in curves.
Marshall McLuhan
I think I’m an extremely conscientious producer and now equally as a director and it gives me the opportunity to look at the entire movie and really allow the movie to be the creative vision of the actors, the writer and myself, because I’m in charge of it from a producer and a director point of view.
Tony Krantz
But I’m a historian. I wasn’t interested in just being a producer, I was interested in doing research and presenting that research to a general public
Bernice Johnson Reagon
I guess it really is just me, myself and all my millions.
When American producers see my film, they think that I had a big budget to do it, like 23 million. But in fact I had 10 percent of that budget. I did Mars et Avril for only 2.3 million.
Martin Villeneuve
I had very few skills. If I hadn’t been a producer I’d been a failed actor. That would have been really disastrous.
Laura Ziskin
After Star Trek, I was with the top agencies, but producers and directors did not know what to do with me.
Persis Khambatta
I do a lot of co-writing with my producer RedOne, and then a lot on my own. I just like to be creative.
Austin Mahone
There were a couple of companies that wanted to put me with a producer, and I said, “Well, I just produced my last album,” and I wasn’t about to go backwards.
Shuggie Otis
When I was a producer, the fun of the show was waking up with a hit and enjoying the period after the show opens. The fun of a director stops the day it opens. No matter if it’s a success or a failure, it’s not a whole lot of fun anymore.
Harold Prince
To make a record requires a strategy; it’s not just throwing somebody in the studio and seeing how it goes. Some artists are self-contained, but they still need advice about producers and collaborations and single choice. They need an army and a perspective and creative friction, because nobody has all the ideas.
Tom Corson
I’ll always be attached to telly in one way or another, whether it’s a character or producer or director, I just love the medium.
Idris Elba
It just burns my heart that there’s such a massive discrepancy in the number of male producers in the industry, versus female producers.
When I started in the business there were no women in executive positions, no women producers or directors and certainly no camerawomen and we were destined to do very archetypal roles, very cliched things, so I was a dizzy blonde for years.
Sheila Hancock
Three quarters of producers don’t even know who I am. The other quarter think I am dead.
Ernest Borgnine
I had admired the way the producers of the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise had found David Yates, who ended up doing their four final movies, and he’d come from television.
Kevin Feige
I liked being able to work with all the different producers and take what they brought to the table and bring my own style to it.
Clay Aiken
I definitely made friends with the people I like to write with, but I’ll also write with people I haven’t met before or producers I haven’t met before because how are you supposed to make those friends without trying?
Noah Cyrus
To say someone is a producer… it’s kind of a slippery term.
J. Robbins
What defines Web 2.0 is the fact that the material on it is generated by the users (consumers) rather than the producers of the system. Thus, those who operate on Web 2.0 can be called prosumers because they simultaneously produce what they consume such as the interaction on Facebook and the entries on Wikipedia.
George Ritzer
I hold it to be our duty to see that the wage-worker, the small producer, the ordinary consumer, shall get their fair share of business prosperity. But it either is or ought to be evident to everyone that business has to prosper before anybody can get any benefit from it.
Theodore Roosevelt
When I came back to California in the early ’60s I was hanging out with Jimmy Bowen, Phil Spector, and I wanted to be a record producer and work with other artists.
Johnny Ramistella
When it comes to the producers’ song choices versus the judges’ song choices, the producers just suggest stuff.
Guy Sebastian
When I joined Bollywood, I too wanted decent and challenging roles but there were no offers. Directors and producers look at me as a woman who is willing to expose and that is the only reason they want to sign me.
Payal Rohatgi
Grooves are important to John Talabot – they’re pivotal. That’s the case with most dance-music producers, but there’s something especially sleek about the Spanish producer’s debut album, ‘fIN.’
Anthony Fantano
A lot of producers don’t have any musical education. I couldn’t make the music I make without playing the piano.
I love acting and I hope I’m fortunate enough to get good, interesting roles and I hope directors and producers will keep giving me the opportunity to act as I really love doing this.
Sophie Nelisse
The usual key to getting films made seems to be a producer’s terrier-like determination not to let it go. Unfortunately, such producers often seem prone to sinking their claws into mediocre projects.
Whit Stillman
Directors, producers can make you look good or make you look bad.
Aaron Eckhart
There’s one thing which I hate about color films… people who use up a lot of their despairing producer’s money by working in the laboratory to bring out the dominant hues, or to make color films where there isn’t any color.
Claude Chabrol
I took a chance with my heart and I feel it taking over
The beauty of having a producer is that you have someone who says, You’re finished.
Sheryl Crow
The real producers back in the day didn’t sit there and play every single instrument. They made sure the record had the best performance out of everyone involved possible.
Kenny Beats
I have three lives: actress, model, producer. Sometimes I’m aware that there’s a fourth life, which is somewhat neglected, which is living a bit.
Elizabeth Hurley
As a producer, I’m an objective observer, helping a band form their ideas into a cohesive album. It’s a step back from the intimacy of creation.
Mark Hoppus
I certainly hope that we will get more women in power, when it comes to executives and producers and directors, because the problem is not a shortage of females who are qualified to do the job. It’s just that women are not favoured or chosen.
Shannon Purser
You know, in the days when I started, if you had Chet Atkins’ name on your record as a producer and it was on RCA, you could work the road. It didn’t have to be a big hit record, it just
had to have that on it.
Waylon Jennings
Civil rights icons, famous journalists, big-time movie producers may all have credits to their name that we can recognize and be grateful for, but their record of good works cannot excuse their harassment of women.
Pramila Jayapal
A good producer brings out the best in the artist he’s working with. You shouldn’t be able to listen to something and say, ‘So-and-so produced this album.
Eddie Van Halen
We’ve played producers almost our entire lives in everything else we’ve created. But when working on a feature and even dealing with something like Warner Bros. or another production company, or other details that you can worry about – we definitely learned a lot
Mary-Kate Olsen
I made mistakes like working with producers who did not complete their film, producers who did not market their films well and those who were frightened to spend money on promoting a film.
Dino Morea
I hope to be a producer, a musician, a painter, a photographer – I’m going to push myself to do as many things as I can and see where it goes.
Lucas Grabeel
It’s just unfair that talent of color aren’t given the same opportunities as white and male actors, directors, producers, writers, et cetera.
Darnell M. Hunt
I’m transitioning from being a starving artist. My producers had success outside of the Daniel Caesar brand, so they invested money, time and resources. They funded the first video, and a lot of other things that I’m so thankful for.
Daniel Caesar
On every movie I’ve done as a director, I look at the producers and having done it, I don’t envy them, at all.
Griffin Dunne
The kids today have these fresh faces. It’s like they’re on pins and needles, waiting to see what I’m going to do. They’ve never seen me. In the 1960s, those were hippies. They were wired up already. The kids today know me because I’ve worked with Jeff Tweedy and other young producers.
Mavis Staples
Because of ‘The Birds’ and ‘Marnie’ I was, as the expression goes, hot in Hollywood and producers and directors wanted to hire me.
Tippi Hedren
The foreign-language Oscar is something that doesn’t go to the producer or the director; it goes to the country.
Deniz Gamze Erguven
I do think I’m lucky I met Michael. Not just Michael Douglas the actor and producer with two Oscars on the shelf, but Michael Douglas, the love of my life. I really do think it was meant to happen.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Producers don’t really have any authority because you are paid by the artist, and if they choose to ignore you, they can. Your power only hangs by the tiniest thread. If you pull it too hard it will snap.
Trevor Horn
You can’t make money on Broadway. You make nothing. You maybe make like $1,350 a week after you pay out all the producers.
Colin Quinn
Art inspires, produces an unwillingness to settle for what we have and a desire for something better. It is the product and producer of creative activity, change; it is essential for continuous development.
Russell L. Ackoff
In this day and age, love is temporary and marriage is unnatural–the product of Madison Avenue advertising executives and television producers.
Michael Palmer
Films have bigger budgets unlike singles, so producers benefit more from them.
Ankit Tiwari
There were not fifteen people in the story department and twenty-five producers and stuff. And Roger had produced 1,000 movies and directed a couple of hundred, and their comments were always very, very specific.
John Sayles
Oh, well, in Los Angeles everybody is an actor, or a producer, or a writer, or a director, or an agent, or… So everybody understands the hours.
Julie Benz
For me, always, the big inspiration really comes from talking with my creators, my showrunners and my producers, and seeing what is their vision for their project.
Ramin Djawadi
The director of the [Grimm] pilot called me in. I had worked on a pilot called Love Bites with him, and the producers I worked on with on Hot In Cleveland, so they knew me from comedic worlds, and they wanted someone who could be light too. Because it is pretty heavy.
David Giuntoli
My dad is a director/producer and my mom is a dancer; she performed with Alvin Ailey, but I didn’t even think about becoming an actress.
Sanaa Lathan
As a director, I’ve been able to combine with what I’ve learned as an actor and as a producer: it melds quite nicely into what I feel like I should have been doing all along.
Griffin Dunne
As a producer, sitting on the other side of the desk, I have never once had an agent go out on a limb for his client and fight for him. I’ve never heard one say, ‘No, just a minute! This is the actor you should use.’ They will always say, ‘You don’t like him? I’ve got somebody else.’ They’re totally spineless.
Orson Welles
Fortunately, when it comes to meat and poultry, I have the really wonderful situation of having producers and processors that produce and process a very high-quality product.
Mike Johanns
Uruguay is one of the biggest producers of software. We are breaking with the neoliberal model. We do not believe in free trade.
Hugo Chavez
The producers of ‘The Hobbit’ take the welfare of all animals very seriously and have always pursued the highest standard of care for animals in their charge.
Peter Jackson
Large-scale hog producers are a greater threat to the United States and U.S. democracy than Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
How did I end up right here wit you after all the things that I been through. It’s been one of those days you try and forget about take a shot and let it out.
When I listen to scripts, I never ask who my co-star is – instead, I ask about the characters and the producers of the particular venture.
R. Madhavan
A film just doesn’t involve actors, a director and a producer, there is also the cameraman, the sound engineer, the music composer, the lyric writer. So many people come together to make a film. When we all feel satisfied with the film that we have created it’s a win for all of us.
Aamir Khan
My aesthetic is not a Disney aesthetic at all, but when I met with the wonderful producers at Disney, they weren’t looking for me to do their aesthetic. I’d already spent 20 years in the theater, so if they were going to hire me, they’d be hiring me for what I have to offer.
Julie Taymor
I can’t change what casting directors do or what producers do. I can only change what I do.
Mena Massoud
I think a lot of people who watch TV don’t realize when they’re watch TV shows and it says ‘produced by’ and producer, producer… there are all these producers. What the hell does a producer do? It’s funny how much you have to worry about as a producer.
Demetri Martin
Premo is one of those producers that I’ve always had a lot of respect for. I’ve always thought that he’s just extremely talented. More importantly, he’s one of those dudes that just sticks to his formula, like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Big Daddy Kane
Record labels and producers are not looking to change you: they are looking to make a star. And what they might think is a star may not be you.
Grace VanderWaal
It is nice to be out there, amongst contemporaries on a global scale. You meet different people, see different things, meet different producers, eventually grow to collaborate in different ways. The world is getting smaller. It’s nice not to be insular.
Zoya Akhtar
I just felt drawn towards the kind of music that really needed a strong female presence female writers, female producers, female figures and that just kind of unfolded on its own.
Anoushka Shankar
Opulent, civilized, and industrious nations, are greater consumers than poor ones, because they are infinitely greater producers.
Jean-Baptiste Say
You really have to bring your game and know what you want to do. And then, there are the producers and the writers and the director on the other side of the glass, and what they want. You have to be malleable to what’s going to work, and you have to stay in the framework of the context.
Adrian Pasdar
I never had any problem with my producers or directors.
Sanjeeda Sheikh
I got a call from somebody who used to be the president of Little Persons of America. She got called from some producers who wanted someone of a certain size in the John Hughes film ‘Baby’s Day Out.’ So that was my big break, as the stunt double of a nine-month-old.
Verne Troyer
When the EPA says that property owners, farmers, and livestock producers must stomach higher costs, longer delays, and bigger headaches, it’s up to Congress to put up a roadblock.
Sam Graves
The ‘Dangerous’ album has producers like Tiny, who to me is very special. Also, Luny Tunes, Nesty La Mente Maestra, Nelly La Arma Secreta, Haze, and El Ingeniero. I wanted to use everyone who makes music in Puerto Rico and beyond to have variety.
My role as a producer is very specific. It’s maintaining the creative truthfulness, day in and day out.
Jeffrey Donovan
You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood, place it in the navel of a fruit fly and still have room enough for three caraway seeds and a producer’s heart.
Fred Allen
When we were discussing ‘Holby City, ‘I told the producers that I wanted the Art Malik character to be honourable, and my other requirement was that he be a Muslim, because we need Muslims on TV.
Art Malik
If you have more negative things than positive things in your life, then something is very wrong and you know it.
Rhonda Byrne
I’m reteaming with the producers of ‘Twilight’ on an awesome script. It’s very serious, dramatic and different for me. I’m excited to see what’s next. I love all aspects of film and all genres.
Taylor Lautner
My family had this dream where we would meet producers and songwriters, and it was not what we thought it would be.
Ava Max
You’re in the business – when you’re a writer, producer, director – to get ratings.
Norman Lear
Hope you’ll forgive me, never meant wrong. Tried to be patient, but waited too long. But I would’ve came back.. But I would’ve came back for you.
I am working with writers and producers to have a more proprietary relationship over shows, having more ownership and creative control.
Jeremy Podeswa
When I do any stand-up, you’re the writer, director, and producer. You’re alone.
Andrew Dice Clay
For the producers, there was no reason to produce. You get money, but you couldn’t use this money. For consumers, you could have money, but you have no way to use it because you go to the shop and see nothing.
Anatoly Chubais
I have only one loyalty – to my writing. I never wanted to be the head of a studio or a producer.
Joe Eszterhas
It took a long time to get out of my contract. The producers thought I was negotiating for more money.
Sherry Stringfield
Evil or not, the recording industry kept Auto-Tune on the down-low. Cher’s producer forced Auto-Tune to jump suddenly from one pitch to the next.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I’m not a – I’m beautiful, but I’m not working because I’m drop-dead gorgeous with a fantastic body. I think I continue to work because I’m good at my craft. I’m dedicated to bringing to life what the author is trying to portray. I try to make the producers cry and the crew laugh.
Adina Porter
In the early days, some producers and directors saw me in the musical ‘Evita’ and cast me in their movies. They heard me singing on stage also, but they couldn’t translate that into a Hindi movie song.
Dalip Tahil
The highest grossing films have great, moral messages – not dirty, base themes, so we’re trying to get producers to make more of the uplifting movies.
Morgan Brittany
I collected men with interesting names. I already knew a Socrates. He was tall and ugly and intellectual and the son of some big Greek movie producer in Hollywood, but also a Catholic, which ruined it for both of us.
Sylvia Plath
Hallmark has been really, really good to me. It is very much like a family. I’m friends with producers here, not because ‘maybe if I befriend this person they’ll give me a job,’ but because they’re good humans and we became friends in the process of working together.
Ryan Paevey
Hollywood studios bury that stuff – actors who punch directors in the face and try to run producers over with cars – insanity, criminal behavior. But the studios are invested in that star, they can’t have that person’s name dirtied up.
Alec Baldwin
I get to play with pop music and mix up the style. It’s fun to play with party music and nice to get into the club. My big love is songwriting. I write the lyrics and the vocals, and I work with the producers.
Nomi Ruiz
I’ve always treated my city like some shoulder pads.
Everyone wants to work with the big new producer or the hot new singer. The key is to find them before they’re hot.
Find out who you are and be that person. That’s what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth and everything else will come.
Ellen DeGeneres
Art has to be severe. It cannot be commercial. It cannot be for the producer or even for the public. It has to be for oneself.
Vittorio De Sica
It’s a battle between record company, between producer and between mastering engineer. Because the louder you make your record in a digital process, the more dynamics are squished out of it. Nobody knows exactly what happens, but the dynamics in the performance disappear, and everything is at the same volume.
Geddy Lee
Japanese animation tends to need high budgets. If I have a high budget for a movie, I usually make animation, but if the project has a low budget, then I would ask the producer to consider live action.
Mamoru Oshii
I met all these important people and did all these stories, but I always had such excellent producers and assistants. I could show up to interview a world leader or a criminal and they would have things so well prepared anyone could have done it. It wasn’t about ‘me,’ it was about ‘us.’
Mike Wallace
We’re all unique as actors. To yourself, you are unique, you have to think ‘I’m me, I’m not going to bunch myself with other people.’ Agents and producers have to get you into a box, to accommodate their limited imaginations.
Imelda Staunton
With ‘Suffragette,’ I was emboldened that there were so many women around me. We had a female writer, producers, production and costume designers.
Sarah Gavron
I detest producing. I mean, I feel like I do it to enable myself to do all the other stuff that I do love, but I find it’s in conflict with the other roles because the producer needs to be the one who says “No” and the director and the writer need to let their mind be free.
Julie Davis
We have a history of great producers – ABBA and Max Martin – we have proof of people being successful from Sweden.
Zara Larsson
I’m not only a writer, but have directed and produced, know the difficulties of the line producer, can deal with the studio, can talk with the director and get his or her vision and help exact that. I think it just gives you more tools.
John Lee Hancock
When I make my own music, there is no external producer. I just do everything as quickly as possible. I try not to overthink things.
John Congleton
As producers, you always have to go with the flow and be ready to embrace change, and drama and whatever happens.
Chris Harrison
I love the producer, Joel Rice. We worked together years ago putting a project together.
Marilu Henner
I could not do Satyajit Ray’s ‘Kanchenjunga’ because I had already committed the daters he wanted to shoot on to other producers.
Asha Parekh
Ultimately I’m making movies because of the producers and I don’t want to disappoint my producer. It’s always a tough balance to figure out how far I listen to them though.
Ryuhei Kitamura
The roster of ‘Lucha Underground’ would definitely be excited about a fifth season. Same thing with the producers and everybody.
John Morrison
I was producing a series about Sir Winston Churchill, about which I was extremely proud, and earning a lot of money as a producer.
Patrick Macnee
What’s up wit these new niggas? And why they think it all come so easy?
There are certainly producers I hang with and directors I hang with and actors I hang with.
Michael Keaton
I’m a producer… I am a Hollywood producer. That is so weird. And it’s not lame. But it’s just like, how did that happen?
Matt Stone
Kenya doesn’t have much of an infrastructure for hosting a film of this scale. Our producer decided that for the film to really work it had to be in Kenya.
Ralph Fiennes
I had never met Woody Allen before Melinda and Melinda. My agent knew the producer of the movie and he suggested that we would work well together and then we did. We had a great time on that film.
Vilmos Zsigmond
Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.
Gene Wilder
The ‘Bachelor’ producers have scripted and are responsible for certain events: the first moon landing, the end of the cold war, Astro-turf, and the Internet (sorry, Al Gore, it was us). But we are not responsible for, nor have we ever scripted, the ending of this show.
Chris Harrison
Starbucks goes to a great effort, and pays twice as much for its coffee as its competitors do, and is very careful to help coffee producers in developing countries grow coffee without pesticides and in ways that preserve forest structure.
Jared Diamond
I had this producer who became a friend, named Lou [Stellato]. Maybe it was a budget thing, but he never wanted to do any retakes. The more I would have a mental breakdown on the air.
Jancee Dunn
All producers and directors want to make good films.
Naga Chaitanya
Festive seasons are good for releases, but we have to leave some festival dates for other producers to release their films as well. We cannot take away all the holiday releases.
Sajid Nadiadwala
There was a time not long ago when stories about Internet crimes were a tough sell for TV newsmagazines. Executive producers were wary because images of people typing on keyboards and video of computer monitors did not make especially compelling TV, even when combined with emotional interviews with victims.
Chris Hansen
I believe there is no other way to create decent livelihoods for the world’s poorest people than to connect them to global markets as producers, and on fair terms.
Leila Janah
I started working with James [Schamus] early on, and my role as an executive producer was more about being involved in the conversations of putting the film together. I didn’t have to do much work because James is the most experienced first-time director you could imagine.
Logan Lerman
In England, I’ve never had to drive myself to work. I don’t think the English producers trust actors to get up at five A.M. and get to the set on time.
Gina Bellman
I famously had a huge television producer say to me one time, ‘Can you please stop doing that to your face? It’s very distracting and unattractive.’ And I was like, ‘You mean move it? Okay, sorry, I guess we’re not going to work together.’
Katee Sackhoff
I get a lot of love from Delhiites. My producers tell me that my films do really well here.
Diljit Dosanjh
Actors, producers and directors have a responsibility. My personal pledge, since I became a mother 12 years ago, is that I won’t be in any project my daughter can’t watch. I’m trying to prepare her for the world.
Tichina Arnold
I encountered producers who wanted to hang out after we worked, and when I refused, they wouldn’t let me come back and work again… I would’ve have way more opportunities if I had succumbed. But it never felt right. I always felt like I was going to be successful, and I didn’t want to compromise my morals.
I would like – either as an actor, or producer or even director – to do something sci-fi or action-related. I like sci-fi, always have, ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’ and all that stuff.
Queen Latifah
In war, the army is not merely a pure consumer, but a negative producer.
Lewis Mumford
I’m a producer in the old-school way – not just some slacker working on Pro Tools.
Michael Gira
Our role as producers is mainly limited to borrowing money from friends when we run short of cash.
Texas has long been known as the nation’s largest energy producer, but we are equally proud of our distinction as the nation’s leading energy innovator.
Rick Perry
The pressure is only from the producers and the labels. No composer, no singer would ever want to sing a remix.
Amit Trivedi
I will be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created.
Donald Trump
I think that I’m a pretty great producer, but the vision behind Batman is Chris Nolan. I’m there to do my best to help execute that vision, and I think I do a really good job, but the vision is Chris Nolan.
Charles Roven
As a producer, I really get to tell stories that I care about in a way that I want to. I get to shape them. I get to choose the collaborators. That’s really gratifying as a storyteller. And also, frankly, it’s really fun to create jobs for other people.
Elizabeth Banks
When I came up, one of my favorite groups and producers was Three 6 Mafia.
Metro Boomin
From my years of work with so many game show production companies and their producers I’m probably no longer eligible to be a contestant on any American game show.
Randy West
Newt Gingrich said that this executive producer is weird and it raises – does raise questions about possible conflicts. The FCC regulates NBC corporations can try to curry favor with the president by placing their products on the show [Celebrity Apprentice].
George Stephanopoulos
Judd Apatow is pretty good, both as a producer and as a director.
Mel Brooks
Conspiracies are a perennial favorite for television producers because there is always a receptive audience.
Michael Shermer
I’m one of the best producers, one of the best singers. You hear me? I’m not just one of the best rappers. I’m one of the greatest ever.
I believe in the producers at Constantin, and I know that they have a really good taste level when it comes to the creative side.
Lily Collins
The “executive producer” title either means that you’re the person who created, or co-created, the show, or you’re the person who’s in charge of day-to-day operations. Whereas “producer” is often just a writing credit.
Mitchell Hurwitz
I have met vegetable growers who offer seasonal produce grown for taste rather than the ability to survive weeks in cold storage; meat producers who rear fantastic rare-breed pork, lamb and beef; and delis that stock local produce that will never find its way into supermarkets because it is not made in bulk.
Rick Stein
Times of calamity and distress have always been producers of the greatest men. The hardest steel is produced from the hottest fire; the brightest star shreds the darkest night.
Andy Andrews
I’m working with a producer, Scott Jacoby, who co-wrote “Trouble” off No Beginning No End. Without giving away too much, it’s a definite pop/r&b vibe, pretty strong melodies, and definitely about songs.
Jose James
I had to beg to get out of my contract with Capitol. They wanted me to work with big producers. I wanted to produce my music, and they weren’t having that. I’m sure they were happy to let me go. I just didn’t want to do what they wanted me to do.
Hope Sandoval
I’ll be there for you, I will care for you, I keep thinking you just don’t know. Tryna run from that, say you’re done wit that, on your face girl it just don’t show.
It’s about finding what’s next. I’m hesitant to let people know what producers I’m f—ing with, what I’m rapping about. I’d rather drop that winning hand out of nowhere.
I like a sensitive script, interesting and respectful directors and co-actors, producers who understand the creative needs of a project. A happy unit in which everyone collaborates to try and make something compelling.
Rasika Dugal
I’d love to be in the Bollywood movies. The producers here can call me – collect! I’m a Punjab da munda.
Deep Roy
We were very creative. There was nothing contrived about us. No one telling us what to do, what to wear, what to sing. We wrote our own material, chose our producers.
Keren Woodward
It was always very important for us that we presented ourselves as a band, because it’s a three-part writing process and it’s a three-part decision making process, it’s not two producer guys and a girl that sings the songs. It’s startling how many people make that assumption.
Lauren Mayberry
A screenwriter heard me read from my novel ‘The Wishbones’ when it was still in progress and mentioned me to some producers in Hollywood. They called, and I told them I had a novel in my drawer about a high school election that goes haywire. They asked to take a look, and my life changed pretty dramatically as a result.
Tom Perrotta
I thought I had played Ted for the last time when he left Sacred Heart Hospital to be with the love of his life. But the producers of ‘Cougar Town’ had other ideas.
Sam Lloyd
I’m such a copycat.”I want to try and do this like the Donovan song ‘Changes’,” or “I want to do this bit from Van Morrison.” I don’t know how else to illustrate something, because I’m not a super-great musician. In that way, I’m more like the producer.
Eleanor Friedberger
A lot of actors want to do a solo release, but not many people go and watch it. The more you work with different actors and producers, the more your work reaches people.
Angad Bedi
As a producer, you really have – you’re able to hand-pick all the talent that you want to be surrounded with.
Hilary Swank
On the free market, everyone earns according to his productive value in satisfying consumer desires. Under statist distribution, everyone earns in proportion to the amount he can plunder from the producers.
Murray Rothbard
On ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats,’ myself, Jimmy Carr and Jason Manford have got the producers around to our way of thinking – which is to trust us and allow us to ad-lib.
Sean Lock
Do you know that fat little guy from Seinfeld? He has become the main pitchman for KFC, Jason Alexander. And beginning in May he is going to star in the West Coast production of ‘The Producers.’ It’s made for us. We can be slamming him as the play opens. If we do this properly, he will wish he never saw a chicken.
Dan Mathews
Once I accumulated a bunch of sounds and learned how to use Logic, I was like, ‘Wait a second, I don’t need to work with any producers. I can do this on my own.’
Amber Mark
To economists, prices serve as crucial signals to producers and consumers. In a regulated market, the state sets prices high enough for private companies to cover their costs and earn a guaranteed profit for their investors. But in a deregulated market, prices should vary with demand and supply.
Alex Berenson
Whether a person is spiritual or not, we all seek to get away from the stress, anger, and anxiety of everyday life. Some people drink, do drugs, or do worse to escape, and they hurt themselves in the process. Some people listen to music, mine included, and feel better.
You can put together an album with a bunch of producers, but your vision has to be clear. If you just grab a track from this person and this person and put them on a CD it doesn’t mean that they go, just because you are rapping over them.
Young De
Producers now look at the talent and if they believe that the director has the potential, they are willing to shell out the money irrespective of the gender.
Aishwarya R. Dhanush
I’m developing some screenplays at the moment with my Australian producer.
Rachel Griffiths
It is not entirely true that a TV producer or reporter has complete control over the contents of programs. The interests and inclinations of the audience have as much to do with the what is on television as do the ideas of the producer and reporter.
Neil Postman
She live in a mindset that I could never move to
On a practical level I’m a TV producer and storyteller who’s gone about as long as you can go without achieving a mass audience.
David Simon
You can’t say you’re happy either. You don’t even smile for me.
It’s about very talented writers, directors, producers, and actors being in a position for their projects to be supported, but there’s just not enough black projects being made.
Mahershala Ali
I’ve been in the studio experimenting on making a CD of my own. I’m trying out different producers, styles, sounds. With music, as opposed to acting, you are not playing a character. You are showing people who you are. I really want to have my spirit in it.
Emmy Rossum
By the ’40s, Sam Goldwyn is a very serious man. By the ’50s, he’s the dean of American producers. To the end, he was Hollywood’s gray eminence.
A. Scott Berg
When I perform, I don’t think about the haters, the Internet trolls, or anyone else. I care about giving the person in front of me something they won’t forget. And that’s why I bring the cake and raft out.
Steve Aoki
The problem is that to be a producer, one must be a gambler, and the greatest French producers were gamblers.
Marcel Carne
If you start from the farm sector, we need much better investments and capital creation on land. We need logistics support; we need cold chain and processing capability. We need proper pricing at various stages to ensure that the producers are not left out in the value-chain.
Arundhati Bhattacharya
We’re always open to working with other writers, producers, and contributors for channelAPA. In hindsight, the goal is to develop our content and connect with people who have similar visions as we do.
Steve Nguyen
A lot of solo directors have a really strong creative producer with them. Jay and I have less of a need for that because we have each other.
Mark Duplass
What must never be lost sight of is that a public functionary, in his capacity as functionary, produces absolutely nothing; that, on the contrary, he exists only on the products of the industrious class; and that he can consume nothing that has not been taken from the producers.
Charles Dunoyer
Pushing me away so I give her space, awww. Dealing wit a heart that I didn’t break.
I used to struggle a lot with the depiction of violence in ‘EastEnders.’ I had more meetings with producers about that than anything else. Because it’s kind of cartoon violence, and I worry when my little boy watches it.
Martin Kemp
Because of free trade, producers across Missouri can compete at a global level, and – due to the quality and variety of goods our state produces – we have become very successful at exporting.
Mike Parson
When you do a movie in the studio system, there’s a committee. A committee of six or seven people you answer to. There’s two or three producers, a studio executive and one or two people above that studio executive.
Thomas Lennon
‘Switched at Birth’ has an amazing cast, including an Oscar winner and two Emmy nominees. The writing is very innovative, and the show’s producers have redefined U.S. TV by launching a mainstream show which includes multiple deaf cast members whose characters communicate only in ASL (American Sign Language).
Rachel Shenton
If I’m on set and I’m in character, I’m not thinking like a producer. If I’m on set and I’m not in character, wardrobe and make-up, and I’m just coming on set for the moments that I’m not shooting, then I’m able to be the producer.
Vin Diesel
I don’t stay in my trailer. I like to sit in video village, probably to the annoyance of some producers and directors, because they really love to talk about actors, and they can’t in front of me.
Elizabeth Banks
I have kissed in almost all the films except in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai.’ I’m not sure if my kissing on screen has anything to do with the success of a film, but producers make sure to put a kissing scene or two. They feel my kissing scenes are my lucky streak.
Emraan Hashmi
Every time a film comes together, usually the studio executives come up for a day to the set. If you’re out of town, they’ll fly in or wherever you are – the cast, the director, the producers – all get together and have a big dinner and celebrate the fact that we’re about to start shooting.
Nicholas D’Agosto
After all, at end of the day, when you’re breathing your last, it’s not your producer, director, or cast mates by your bedside; it’s your children. Keep that in mind.
John Ratzenberger
We must begin to make what I call “conscious choices,” and to really recognize that we are the same. It’s from that place in my heart that I write my songs.
John Denver
I think one of the reasons movies are the quintessential modern art form is that it is partially a business. The director needs a crew – the writer, the producer, etcetera – and to have that, he needs money.
Roger Corman
Making African American films are hard in Hollywood. We need to rely on a support network and bring more cohesion to different filmmakers, actors, producers etc. It’s a very difficult business. There aren’t a lot of Africans Americans or people of color in high positions in Hollywood that we can green-light films.
Paula Patton
I sing when both directors and producers compel me. I’d rather give that opportunity to a gifted newcomer, to whom it makes a huge difference. There are a lot of talented youngsters out there, who can do with such opportunities. Helping them matters to me more than my singing.
D. Imman
I think the more open-minded people we have – like casting directors and producers – the better things are going to be.
Letitia Wright
I think it’s really important these days to be able to relate to how the music flows and be able to speak the same language as your bandmates and the producer, rather than just talking drums.
Matt Cameron
Oh, I’m going to miss everything. It’s been the most amazing and significant job of my life obviously and I’ll always have it near and dear to my heart. I’m so grateful and appreciative that I worked with the best crew and the best writers and producers and cast and I love them all.
Alyson Hannigan
The thrill of hearing your own voice recorded is still there, I still love it, going into the studio and thinking how can I sing this song and between the producers and the musicians you find a way of doing it.
Cliff Richard
In the earlier part of the 90s, I was really hell-bent on discovering how new technology works and how to make records entirely without a producer, which isn’t necessarily what fans wanted. But I had to do it because I felt it was in my destiny or whatever.
Johnny Marr
Gene Wilder made his movie debut in “Bonnie And Clyde,” starred in the Mel Brooks films “The Producers,” “Young Frankenstein” and “Blazing Saddles,” played opposite Richard Pryor in “Silver Streak” and “Stir Crazy” and portrayed the candy-maker in “Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.”
Terry Gross
I’ve literally been in sessions with producers, writing for other people, and they’re like, ‘We need a song for this artist, and we need it to sound like this song.’ They’re literally saying, ‘Rip off this song that was no. 1 last week,’ and that’s just so uninspiring.
Kate Nash
I produce the records. I don’t hand over control to some really expensive producer who then talks to the record company and then tries to bend me to their will – for commercial purposes.
Tori Amos
I don’t think there’s any problem with working with a songwriter or a producer, but I just don’t think you should completely hand it over to them.
Howard Lawrence
I also think it’s still easy for us – as women, as writers and as directors and producers – to let it fall into the same patterns. Like, “and then the woman brings in the food, because the woman’s the one who makes food.” It’s easy for that to happen, because that’s what we’ve always known.
Mary Elizabeth Ellis
All it took was one good role to convince producers all over again that I could act.
Jackie Coogan
A lot of producers and creative types want to see you be you. Throw something else out there and show them where you would take this part. A lot of them are launching shows for the first time, so they’ve got a lot riding on this, too, and they want you to be their flight.
Michael Mosley
There were all us baby boomers who had a grammar school education, started to learn, then went on the pill, the whole thing, and so there are today a lot more women writers, editors, producers, and so a lot more women’s stories. God, the BBC’s practically run by women.
Julie Walters
We like to be involved vaguely in the creative process so we know what’s going on and we have some input, but actually, ‘Top Gear’ is at its best when the producers spring something on you and we respond naturally to it. The more you know, the less realistic your reactions.
Chris Harris
When you’re a writer and you’re a producer, traditionally the junkets are really focused on the beautiful people and nobody wants to talk to you.
Damon Lindelof
With comedies, I like to be a producer, because comedies can get corny and go off track real fast.
Ice Cube
It’s like I know what I gotta say, I just don’t know how to say it to you.
Under chattel slavery and feudalism, exploitation was concrete and personalized in the producer’s relationship with his master. The slave and peasant knew exactly who was screwing them. The modern worker, on the other hand, feels a pounding sensation, but has only a vague idea where it is coming from.
Kevin Carson
Everybody gets typecast in movies, but you have to make wise choices. I’d say around 90 percent of movie casting is about the way you look, so you have to fight that. If producers had their way, I’d only be in action films, but I’m interested in a more varied career than that.
Famke Janssen
I think having a coach or an editor or whatever the novelist’s producer is could help. If you finish a chapter and you turn it in to him, and he or she said, “That was pretty good, it might go better.” Maybe that’s what I’ll try to find.
Craig Finn
I think the producers or whoever’s doing the show are tripping so hard. They must be on acid. They live in this, like, weird grass mound and there’s this ‘sun’ in the sky with this little baby’s face that’s just, like, bleaaargh-aarghagh. It’s just so totally insane. It’s such an acid thing, man. For kids!
Dave Grohl
But when I did think about it and looked at the whole package – the producers behind the show, the writers, the cast I would be working with – I would have been a fool to turn it down just because the role for me was another gay role.
Sean Hayes
When producers and directors were courting Sivaji Ganesan, MGR directed and produced ‘Nadodi Mannan’ and showed that he can do it alone. He created history and stood his ground against one of the best actors in history, Sivaji Ganesan.
There are a lot of women – directors, producers, writers – involved in my career. They are all interested in telling good stories, and good stories involve men and women.
Nicola Walker
[I did impressions] of relatives because I heard so many different sounds. My dad was in the music business and of course my uncle was a giant [music producer], but my dad in particular had the house filled with these Dixieland jazz stars.
Billy Crystal
If you don’t take it personally, the partnership between producers and directors is very intimate.
Guillermo del Toro
I never liked the whole thing about pictures with the artists. You look back at an Elvis Presley record, and you don’t see any producer credits, because the audience is not supposed to know about the producer credit.
Chris Blackwell
On a radio drama I’d like to feel that I had just as much chance of playing Mr Darcy as anyone else because I can sound like him, yet many radio producers find it very difficult to extend their imaginations to employing anyone who’s non white.
Sanjeev Bhaskar
People have curiosity, they have intelligence, they have interest in understanding their peers. But producers and directors of cinema have decided that the seats in the theaters have been made to transform people’s minds to lazy minds.
Abbas Kiarostami
I’m a SoundCloud, online kind of artist. It’s not like back in the day when everyone was like linking up physically to do music. But with the album, I did have my first experience with meeting with a producer and us making things from scratch.
Cakes da killa
Sometimes I wonder will God ever forgive us for what we’ve done to each other? Then I look around and I realize God left this place a long time ago.
Leonardo DiCaprio
I am a writer (and one day I’ll be an author). For a long time I was a bookseller (who wrote) or a TV producer (who wrote), but for the last decade or so, its been “writer.”
Michael Scott
I also have experience working with American producer Roger Corman who knows a lot of secrets in making movies look bigger than their budget.
Timur Bekmambetov
I love music with my soul, but I’m also a student of it, so it’s very important to me to earn the respect of my peers, my fellow musicians and producers.
Lari White
Somebody once said that Hollywood is based on a lot of producers deliberately making bad movies, and every now and then somebody gets lucky.
George Carlin
Joe Roth, who ended up becoming president of 20th Century Fox, he was the producer of Our Winning Season. This was one of his first movies. It’s just a really great, great little film, a lot of good people in it. I don’t know whatever happened to that movie, and why it didn’t get the success it deserves.
P. J. Soles
I worked with the same producer from The Freebie, my cinematographer was one of my shooters from The Freebie. I was really aiming to tackle a genre, but sorta tackle it in my own way, and put my stamp on it, and the way that I like to see movies made.
Katie Aselton
I struggled more with my identity. Let’s be honest – early on in my first records, I didn’t have the power to tell David Foster or other producers what to do.
Michael Buble
In 2011, agricultural exports hit a record high and producers saw their best incomes in nearly 40 years.
Tom Vilsack
I was doing this children’s theater play, and it was non-Equity. We were out of town to do it at the Kennedy Center, and it was always kind of, ‘Well, the producers may have to turn this into Equity,’ and that’s what happened. It was kind of a silly children’s theater play, but that’s how I got my card.
Bill Pullman
Let me tell you about being executive producer. It is not a job, it’s a title. Don’t go around asking executive producers what they do because they don’t do anything, alright?
Morgan Freeman
I’m always on tour, so I’m always trying new tracks out live before they’re released. That’s more necessity than anything, because I don’t get a proper chance to sit in a studio and work on tracks like other producers do.
I have a lot of friends in Kollywood. I enjoy a very warm relationship with many actors, actresses, directors, and producers here.
Vivek Oberoi
The music industry is dominated by guys. I work with men 98 percent of the time – producers, arrangers, musicians, engineers.
I asked the producers when I was doing ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ if they could give me a VHS recording of the film that I could show to my family, because in Mexico and Latin America, when you do a film, you don’t expect anybody to see it, especially not in the cinema.
Gael Garcia Bernal
I’ve had lengthy discussions with European farm leaders. It is clear they have an agricultural strategy to support their producers and gain dominance in world agricultural trade. They’re gaining markets the old-fashioned way – they’re buying them.
Kent Conrad
As a director/writer/producer, all you ever want is to work with actors who make you look better, who make the work you do seem as good as it can be and even better than it is.
J. J. Abrams
A film will have many events such as audio release, promotional activities. I did not have that fancy-looking clothes to look good before the camera. So I used to ask my producers for the clothes I wore in the film. I still have my ‘Yevadu Subramanyam’ clothes in my wardrobe.
Vijay Deverakonda
A producer is someone who actually calls the shots. An executive producer is just a guy that eats more food at craft service.
Ryan Reynolds
On every film, there are producers all over the place, and everyone’s got to have an opinion. I think the screenplay is a beautiful form with great potential, but the environment around it is awful for a writer.
Sam Shepard
She could have a Grammy I’d still treat her ass like a nominee.
The reason producers make stupid movies is because there are stupid people who will pay to see them.
Jessica Zafra
I think that if there can be considered racism it’s to do with the lack of opportunities for writers and producers and the people behind the camera.
Denzel Washington
Negro producers, Negro distributors, Negro consumers! The world of Negroes can be self contained. We desire earnestly to deal with the rest of the world, but if the rest of the world desire not, we seek not
Marcus Garvey
SoundCloud was my first break I guess. I got a little bit of a following.That whole bedroom producer genre was kind of kicking itself into gear, and SoundCloud was becoming more of a hub for producers at the time.
Mura Masa
The relationship with producers has always, in my experience, been, uhhh – tense. Challenging. But the actors and crew become like family. You’re there all those hours – more than on a movie. You come to depend on each other.
David Morse
When you look ahead and darkness is all you see, faith and determination will pull you through.
Besides entertainment and action, I want to educate. You know, as a producer or director, we do have a responsibility to society.
Jackie Chan
Every man is a consumer, and ought to be a producer. He is by constitution expensive, and needs to be rich.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
There’s actually a lot of producers that I like to listen to.
Dr. Dre
Good acting is about being as natural and calm as possible. These days producers have such definite ideas that you have to be prepared to do whatever they ask.
Bryn Terfel
Some of the best art in the world is collaborative, a mix of voices that are stronger together than separate. Take the Beatles, for example. Or every great movie ever made. We like to say they’re the director’s vision, but really, they’re huge collaborations between directors, writers, actors, even producers.
Ted Naifeh
To be an author, and an executive producer, and a host, and I don’t even know, I mean I actually have a resume now, which is pretty cool.
Sophia Amoruso
In England, there’s a lot of people producing their own work and becoming producers and filmmakers, so they’re not constantly waiting around. It can be very scarce for work, so it’s important to create the work.
Aml Ameen
As a first-time director, you cannot have final cut. But as a producer, you can have final cut.
Guillermo del Toro
I tried to get Adam Sandler hired on a movie called “Brain Donors” and the producers wouldn’t hire him. And a few years later, he was doing “Happy Gilmore” and he remembered I had fought for him, so he hired me.
Dennis Dugan
My dad never had a bank balance of more than three lakh and was always extremely compassionate towards his producers.
An exploration of the challenges Korea faces in transforming its economy from a government-directed, low-cost producer to an innovative world economic power based on its own scientific and technological development.
Lewis M. Branscomb
Frequently producers have partners that they never let the public know about.
Katherine Dunham
Like the producers of crops, airplanes, and books, producers of natural gas provide goods to meet the size of their available market. The larger the market, the more they can produce, and the more revenue they can obtain to cover their fixed costs and invest in future development.
Robert Zubrin
Often, American audiences are underestimated by producers and movie studios. They often think we’re dumber than we are.
Ben Feldman
The customer invents nothing. New products and new services come from the producer.
W. Edwards Deming
There are lots of good producers out there.
Andrew Lau
I actually met a producer of Stanley Kubrick’s who told me that Kubrick had never even thought about doing Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer. He just read it and didn’t want to do it – that’s it. There’s a myth around that he said it’s not filmable. But he never wanted to film it.
Tom Tykwer
I don’t hang out with agents and producers and I’m not into the business side at all.
Winona Ryder
Producers and directors think they have the power, but what they think of as the weakest link, the actor, is all-powerful.
Ken Stott
I’m just happy that ‘Idol’ producers gave me a shot on the show and to be able to show who I really was, because I feel like I’m every single woman.
Nicki Minaj
My producers and I worked with these consultants and came up with seventy [stories] which we think are exemplary of the larger arc of African-American history between 1513 and 2013. We covered half a millennium, and it’s amazing.
Henry Louis Gates
Most states, for all their rhetoric in favour of free trade, are adept at trying to manipulate markets to protect and advantage their own producers.
Dominic Grieve
Ever since I started, I think Bollywood has gone through a lot of changes. Film producers now want to experiment with their movie’s music and that’s why you see many of them working with independent musicians.
Amit Trivedi
Every single discussion I have with a first AD, or producers, is time of day. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve fought for early-morning calls. The light is 90 percent of our job; we as humans respond to light and where it is at different times of day and not only in positive ways.
Greig Fraser
I terribly miss – we all miss, I think – somebody like the great producer Irving Thalberg. He had a foot in both camps: He understood us creative people. And he understood the money people.
Kevin Spacey
Producers are the people behind the biggest artists in the game. We definitely deserve that title to be considered as an artist, because producers don’t get the recognition and the credit that they really deserve a lot of the time.
Murda Beatz
It’s nice, because after you’ve worked with various directors and producers enough times, they start to know your voice and what you’re capable of.
Laura Bailey
The only reason to make a million dollars in this business is to tell some fat producer to go to hell.
Humphrey Bogart
A strategy is something like, an innovative new product; globalization, taking your products around the world; be the low-cost producer. A strategy is something you can touch; you can motivate people with; be number one and number two in every business. You can energize people around the message.
Jack Welch
The day the producers aren’t minting money, or the fans are done with me and, most of all, I as a person get bored of acting, I will stop and pursue my other interests. There is a lot to do: painting, writing, direction.
Salman Khan
On every movie I’ve done as a director, I look at the producers and having done it, I don’t envy them, at all.
Griffin Dunne
I could never work in that kind of commercial environment where the stars have a lot to say, where the producers kind of push you around and tell you who to cast and who not to cast. I’m just not interested in that at all.
Pawel Pawlikowski
Of course I am aware that there is a level of sexism in any large institution, but I find, in television and film, most of the producers are women.
Abi Morgan
Today a record producer is even more involved and is often the production’s sole musician, one person playing all the instruments one-by-one.
Tony Visconti
I’m reading Joe Eszterhas biography; it’s fabulous. Every time he made a movie, he fought with the director or the producer over the ending.
Chris Matthews
The Stones are not the kind of band that want to get in the details. That’s why they have a producer and engineer – to pull the magic out of them and make them sound so great.
Nikki Sixx
If you read a part that you want to play, and you already know you have actors you want to work with but it’s not on the page, it’s not going to be on the screen. So that is the most difficult thing to do for a producer, is to get a script that attracts this kind of talent.
Jerry Bruckheimer
I do want to do TV, but I’m looking to be a creator, writer, and producer, and perhaps I could be a recurring character. Do 10 shows a year, something like that.
William H. Macy
I never want to be the producer that I too often got.
Clive Barker
I came home in the afternoon to sleep, and there was this e-mail from Comedy Central saying they were interested in having me be part of this new show called ‘Jump Cuts’! So I called them right away, and the producer started laughing and said, ‘We sent that e-mail one minute ago – you’re so fast!
Lev Yilmaz
I remember when James Wan and I did the first ‘Saw’ movie, a lot of people would say to us, ‘Well, you left the door open for a sequel.’ And we would say, ‘No, we literally closed the door!’ We thought it was a nice ending. Little did we know that the producers had other ideas once the film was a hit.
Leigh Whannell
Americans, indeed, often seem to be so overwhelmed by their children that they’ll do anything for them except stay married to the co-producer.
Katharine Whitehorn
Right now, there are a limited number of customers for Canadian oil. Due to simple geography – and without the pipeline – it’s really only cost effective for Canadian oil producers to sell their oil to North American customers, mostly American Midwesterners.
Ron Wyden
As an independent artist it is so easy to get caught up in websites, social media, merchandise, when I am going to put out an EP, fining a producer, finding a studio to record in and you have to remember at the end of the day you should be writing music.
Tyler Hilton
I’ve also worked with various producers and artists around the world, which has helped with my international recognition. We’ve sold a lot of albums online in places like Norway and France. Sometimes we track my hits online daily and we are getting regular hits from people all over the place.
I don’t want to criticize any other designers, but I have to say that many of the people involved in this industry – directors and producers – are trying to make their games more like movies. They are longing to make movies rather than making videogames.
Shigeru Miyamoto
Most producers I’ve known were writers first, and writing is a vital part of any game show. You could easily argue that the writing is the key ingredient that makes ‘Jeopardy!’ so great.
Randy West
Isn’t Timbaland a make of shoe? It’s a producer? I don’t know who that is. Oh well.
Eddie Vedder
When I did my first Hindi film, ‘Sargam,’ I had to play a dumb girl. Critics went to town saying that since I was a south Indian and didn’t know how to speak Hindi, producers of the movie decided to make me play dumb.
Jaya Prada
Someday hopefully it won’t be necessary to allocate a special evening to celebrate where we are and how far we’ve come…someday women writers, producers and crew members will be so commonplace, and roles and salaries for actresses will outstrip those for men, and pigs will fly.
Sigourney Weaver
When you work for Bruckheimer, you don’t get it any better. He’s the ultimate producer. I’ve had the good fortune of working with some great producers over the years.
Joe Pantoliano
The stories that are most unfamiliar, the ones that seem to come out of the blue about people that aren’t well known, usually come from producers that have really done a lot of homework and looked around. Other stories come from the correspondents.
Frank Deford
I went to see ‘Listen to My Heart: The Songs of David Friedman.’ I have been a fan of his music for years, and I was invited to opening night because I know one of the producers.
John Edward
Actually, after the release of the Bond film, the producers came back to me to offer me another one, but I didn’t have any juice left for an immediate encore.
Roger Spottiswoode
Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.
Oprah Winfrey
My second record I used a producer, which was frustrating in a way, because I think a lot of the punky spirit and provocative nature of the lyrics didn’t come across – the music was pretty.
To my knowledge, there is no blacklist. But there is a mindset, even among liberal producers, that says ‘He may be difficult so let’s avoid him.’
Ed Asner
People who say “it is impossible”, should not interrupt those who are trying to make it possible.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
I have to admit that I am not great at selecting music for CDs! I have a few personal favorites, and then I let my producer take it from there!
Karen Mason
The leader is the one who climbs the tallest tree, surveys the entire situation, and yells, ‘Wrong jungle!’ … Busy, efficient producers and managers often respond … ‘Shut up! We’re making progress!’
Stephen Covey
I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. It’s obviously the central tool of how I work, and how I keep in touch with all the writers and then producers that I’m collaborating with. Skype saves my life, you know.
Daniel Alarcon
I was not the producer of ‘Vaanaprastham’ earlier. The first producers backed out when they became doubtful about the monetary benefits. I do not blame them. But as an actor, I wanted to make the film. So, I told Shaji sir that I would produce the film. It was only then we started shooting.
I think that they had afforded me many opportunities to do good work there, and I think I did. It was a wonderful four years. I really worked with some great people, terrific producers, terrific editors
Connie Chung
Producer and consumer are always one and the same person, merely considered from two different viewpoints.
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
We can be inspired by and renew our ancient culture of sustainable design and living. Why not set standards for producers and importers of all goods and services sold in India?
Rohini Nilekani
I can’t be bullied by producers.
Rajesh Roshan
Intrapreneurs work and lead with the Producer mindset. They run their department, team, or company with an abundance mentality, an attachment to true principles, and a fearless and informed faith in people and quality.
Oliver DeMille
Obviously the shift to gas and the need for large amounts of gas in the United States is going to be a major focus of attention on the part of producers.
Andrew Gould
I take pride in being one of the most successful producers in hip-hop history, having the most successful record in hip-hop history, I have the most number ones.
Sean Combs
Being the executive producer of a film is not that difficult. It just means that you have some power. There’s not a huge amount of skill involved, I don’t know how much I’m giving away here. I feel like that guy on Fox, giving away the magicians’ tricks. It’s not rocket science, being an executive producer of a film.
Craig Ferguson
In our time producers were the main pillar of any show.
Amita Nangia
I don’t like begging money from producers.
David Byrne
I like working together with different producers. Of course the process is different, producing a new track is like creating something all new, while reworking an already existing track is more like giving your own twist to the record.
Martin Garrix
“Embrace Of The Serpent” has been a big deal for Colombians outside the Amazon. It’s been showing continuously there for more than three months. And the Oscar nomination, the film’s producer says Colombians are comparing it to having the national team in the World Cup.
Tom Cole
I suppose one thing that’s always fascinated me is that thing where you’re a band and you want to start recording and you get a label and a producer, and then there’s that pressure to go out there and really toil.
Thom Yorke
Well a lot of females complain about getting into the business, like men producers always wanna get (in bed) with them before, but it wasn’t like that for me, I was good from start so I had no problems when it came to recording.
Lady Saw
I’m not so bothered by the audition process anymore; in fact, I use it. It’s a time for the actor to actually get to the know the director and the producers a little bit, too.
William Sadler
There are so many artists, so many songs, so many producers, that it’s hard to keep track of whose music is worthwhile.
Anthony Fantano
I believe the digital world presents tremendous opportunities for the producers who understand it, and I am launching a digital production company, iMan Productions, to take advantage of this opportunity.
Ian Ziering
Tragedy is a close-up; comedy, a long shot.
Buster Keaton
One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.” ~ (1919-), American writer, producer, humorist.
Andy Rooney
I became producer so that I could work with persons like him and to rock the world of Hong Kong Cinema a bit.
Andy Lau
Lucky me, the producer was arriving, and when he saw me [dressed as an old lady], he didn’t know what to think. I told him, ‘I’m your grandma here’s your lunch, honey,’ and I got my first TV show in Mexico.
Omar Chaparro
The VCR is to the American film producer, as the Boston Strangler is to the woman home alone.
Jack Valenti
You can ask any Latin actor: inevitably, if they get a part meant for a white guy, producers will change the character’s name to sound more Latin.
Nicholas Gonzalez
I’m camera shy. I don’t necessarily like being front and center. I’d rather not have my face all up in everything. I’m not trying to be some mysterious producer or anything like that.
Galcher Lustwerk
We would make songs, and the producers said we should play it for my dad. I was kind of scared, I didn’t know what to think cuz we were just joking around.
Romeo Miller
I’m certainly no Cleopatra. I have legs like a schoolgirl and I don’t know how I acquired the knack of attracting producers with very attractive offers for very attractive film roles.
Rita Tushingham
A lot of times, in music especially, it’s producers making a political decision.
Reggie Watts
Electronics, samples and vocals are all fed into The Log.Os’ music, and a fresh take on soul comes out. The band’s songs splash around in the same gene pool as neo-soul artists like Erykah Badu, but they reach forward to pull ideas from glitch-hop producers such as Flying Lotus and Prefuse 73.
Anthony Fantano
Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy): A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.
Morgan Philpot
The whole action of the laws tended to increase the number of consumers of food and to diminish the number of producers, was due the invention of the Malthusian theory of population.
Henry Charles Carey
I’ve learned that if you can keep it calm and keep it fun and loose, then that allows for ideas from the crew. I don’t care where an idea comes from, whether it’s the crew or my producer or the actors or anybody. I just want it to be fun, and if that’s the case, then I think you make a better movie.
Will Packer
I do like the idea of pulling in different producers to get new perspectives. That’s what I did with Vows and I feel it just gives variety and makes for a more exciting journey for the listener.
So, this is my plea to all Western editors and producers: Display the Muhammad cartoon daily, until the Islamists become accustomed to the fact that we turn sacred cows into hamburger.
Daniel Pipes
A franchise gives a sense of security to everyone – the director, producers, exhibitors, and even the audience feels that they are watching something close to the first part.
Mahesh Bhatt
Assumptions are the termites of relationships.
Henry Winkler
They just give me head while the haters give me promo.
We had a bond creatively that came out of ‘Lady Marmalade.’ It was our link. And people don’t know this, but P!nk and I actually met when we were both 16 years old in Philadelphia. I was recording my first album, and we were working with the same producers, so I originally knew her as Alecia.
By now, we all know that Hollywood producers always chase after the same properties, that the sharks circle simply because the other sharks are circling.
Jeff Giles
The C+ amps is vintage at this point, and it definitely has a certain sound to it. I wanted something that was going to keep Dream Theater in more of a current musical landscape, as far as being the producer and producing the type of album I wanted to hear.
John Petrucci
I love working with producers, like doing the record with Laidback Luke on ‘Turbulence’ and working with Afrojack on ‘No Beef.’
Steve Aoki
Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.
John Green
When I was 17, my producer Rodney Jerkins was working with Michael Jackson at the time. He knew how much I wanted to meet Michael Jackson, so he says, ‘Would you like to come and meet him?’ I’m like, ‘Are you serious? Of course I want to meet Michael Jackson! Where do I meet you? Where do we come?’
Brandy Norwood
The lead actress is like the host of the party, but when you’re the lead actress and you’re a producer, you’re really throwing the party. You have so much control in making sure everyone is having a really good time and everyone is heard.
Shiri Appleby
On ‘R&B Divas,’ there were times when we wanted to just sit and laugh and the producers created drama.
The producers of ‘Chernobyl’ should tell the truth: the accident demonstrates the relative safety, not danger, of nuclear power.
Michael Shellenberger
Producers and studios want to make movies that are more appealing internationally and I think that you have to use your different cultures as an advantage to be able to make those movies.
Jaume Collet-Serra
And this thesis is somewhat connected with general social and political observations, because it establishes the fact that the number of consumers is considerably larger than the number of producers, a fact which exercises a not inconsiderable social and political pressure.
Hjalmar Schacht
I really enjoy helping a band form their sounds and ideas from initial spark to completed album. Being a producer is different in that, at the end of the day, it is not my art. It’s THEIR art, THEIR ideas, THEIR message.
Mark Hoppus
Think of it: television producers joining with newspapers to tell stories. It’s journalism of the future. Advertising will follow the crowd – the ‘crowd’ being viewers and readers, of course, which could bring revenue back into journalism.
Bill Kurtis
It is very difficult to convince producers about a script without having the backing of a star.
Vivek Agnihotri
Well, most of my sessions have been with Hit-Boy and London, so I haven’t had the opportunity to really vibe a lot in person with the other producers. But they’re super open to experimenting and taking direction really well and they have good energy.
Simon Collinson, of digital publisher Canelo and Гјber-cool Aussie mag The Lifted Brow, is our digital producer; Sarah Shin, Verso’s comms director, is helping us out with press publicity; Soraya Gilanni, who mainly does production and set design for films and commercials, is our art director.
Deborah Smith
The art of marketing is the art of brand building. If you arenot a brand, you are a commodity. Then price is everything and the low-cost producer is the only winner.
Philip Kotler
My approach to making music has always been making ideas and developing them. Sometimes I develop them all the way by myself. The other part of development is I will work with my friends who are just some of the best producers in the world, give them an idea.
Frank Dukes
As well as being a vulgar producer of her own spectacle, and an embarrassment to her family, Cindy Sheehan is at best a shifty fantasist.
Christopher Hitchens
And I love it when your hair still wet cause you just took a shower. Runnin on a treadmill and only eating salad. Sound so smart like you graduated college, like you went to Yale but you probably went to Howard.
But our waste problem is not the fault only of producers. It is the fault of an economy that is wasteful from top to bottom-a symbiosis of an unlimited greed at the top and a lazy, passive, and self-indulgent consumptiveness at the bottom-and all of us are involved in it.
Wendell Berry
I got out of high school, bought a recording studio and started operating it as an engineer and a producer.
T Bone Burnett
I feel like Travis [Stevens] is just a Midas touch producer. Seemingly everything he touches turns to gold lately, so that was quite exciting looking at that prospect.
Barbara Crampton
War is both the product of an earlier corruption, and a producer of new corruptions.
Lewis Mumford
As more delivery systems for entertainment producers come on board, you have all these different formats where people are compensated.
Marsha Blackburn
Temperamentally I’m not a natural producer, because I don’t have the patience.
Damian Lewis
Baby I’ll never forget none of that. Girl I told you I was comin back.
And while dollars have little to do with it, the fiction writer should be asking the same question any capable film producer would ask: Is this scene truly necessary? It is the kind of thinking that, put into practice, results in a story with a sense of energy and direction.
Les Standiford
Everytime you put an album out with any producer you do the same thing.
Back 20 years ago, I was recording with Bruce Springsteen, and his producer called me and said I had to be in the studio the next day to finish the sessions, and I couldn’t. I had to be in court, in California. All this took like 10 years out of my life.
Ronnie Spector
The levels of poverty in 1933’s rural America were unimaginable to us now. The 1933 Farm Bill, which introduced unprecedented government control over agriculture, was a reaction to the specific problems facing producers at that time.
Debbie Stabenow
My husband himself is a producer, so we know the practical difficulties of producers.
It’s about removing the barriers between producers and consumers. I want to get rid of that mindset so that people realize in order to create, you have to participate.
Peter Sunde
Stupidly, in our industry, producers pay precious money to sign stars whom they might not even use in the film. Producers believe stars make hits; actually it is the script that makes a film successful.
Vikram Bhatt
Some of the closest friends you make in TV are the producers who travel on field assignments with you – you’re together 24/7.
Kayla Tausche
Director and producers have to take all the risks they can. We developed this film with the possibility to create departing from a blank page and to discover things as the process went along and as we understood the things that at first we couldn’t understand in words.
Alex Abreu
I come from a musical family. My dad was in a group in the 70s, The Hudson Brothers. Now he’s a songwriter and producer. So, I just kind of grew up with music and it was something I always knew I wanted to do.
Sarah Hudson
Don’t be sad by what you see
It’s true life has it’s miseries
But one thing’s always worked for me
Worry ends when faith begins.
Sami Yusuf
For some producers who are technical-minded, making the song sound good is easy, and getting the emotion into the song is harder.
Jamie xx
Needing nothing attracts everything.
Russell Simmons
There’s one white powder which is by far the most lethal known, it’s called sugar. . . . The Caribbean back in the 18th century was a soft drug producer: sugar, rum, tobacco, chocolate. And in order to do it, they had to enslave Africans.
Noam Chomsky
But how can the characters in a play guess the plot? We are not the playwright, we are not the producer, we are not even the audience. We are on the stage. To play well the scenes in which we are “on” concerns us much more than to guess about the scenes that follow it.
C. S. Lewis
I think that during the shoot, you should never be there, unless something goes really wrong and as producer, you’re responsible. The sign you did your job right is if you are not there.
Guillermo del Toro
I’m about to reach my dreams and I aint even got my arms stretched.
I think producers hate me because I will sing something 20, 30 times before I feel it. I always know when I hit it the way I want to, but it’s really all in my head and no one else can understand it.
Vic Fuentes
Wayne put me right here, that’s who I get the paper wit. I hope that my success never alters our relationship.
We are not the playwright, we are not the producer, we are not even the audience. We are on the stage.
C. S. Lewis
It’s normal; Arab women have always been very active at the forefront of culture – as film producers since the 1920s; as singers, dancers, choreographers, writers for much longer than that.
Yasmine Hamdan
Economic depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement. Economic wounds must be healed by the action of the cells of the economic body – the producers and consumers themselves.
Herbert Hoover
The ill effects of thought come about when we forget that thought is a function of our consciousness… an ability that we as human beings have. We are the producers of our own thinking.
Richard Carlson
When the government pays, health care’s lack of affordability becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In health care, as in other things, government is the high-cost producer.
Arnold Kling
I’d like to work with Florence and The Machine, Little Dragon, Frank Ocean, Miguel, Calvin Harris… there are so many artists and producers.
Wynter Gordon
The only person who really impressed me with making new music is Cudi. Everyone else seems to be jumping on the same music, the producer-made stuff, but the one person that’s made new music to me is Cudi.
Lupe Fiasco