Properly Quotes

Properly Quotes by Stephen Jay Gould, Greig Fraser, Ricky Whittle, Douglas William Jerrold, Dominic Raab, Richard Rohr and many others.

Creationist critics often charge that evolution cannot

Creationist critics often charge that evolution cannot be tested, and therefore cannot be viewed as a properly scientific subject at all. This claim is rhetorical nonsense.
Stephen Jay Gould
The reason I loved doing films like ‘Rogue One,’ ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and ‘Lion’ was that there was enough breadth and difference in those projects to properly represent my interests.
Greig Fraser
We need to sort the kids out and educate them properly. After all, they are our future.
Ricky Whittle
Marriage is like wine. It is not be properly judged until the second glass.
Douglas William Jerrold
Of course, we must properly equip our troops.
Dominic Raab
Yes, the natural world is the first and primary Bible. We have not honored it, so how could we, or would we, know how to honor and properly use the second Bible, when it was written.
Richard Rohr
Usually it is uses of words, not words in themselves, that are properly called vague.
J. L. Austin
If my father Ninoy Aquino were alive today, he would say that he is not superman or superboy. In effect, heroes are really just ordinary people caught up in extraordinary times and respond properly.
Benigno Aquino III
It’s very hard to reflect properly when you’re still playing but the hundreds one – when I got my 23rd in Kolkata – felt the most special because it broke a benchmark that had stood for a very long time. It felt good to do something no Englishman has done before.
Alastair Cook
I always mention stacking the dishwasher – any opportunity. But it’s the consequences – it’s the food poisoning and the potential death that will come with not loading the dishwasher properly.
Jon Richardson
While we teach our daughters about self defense, we should teach the sons about being respectful as well. A society cannot function properly if only one gender is rising. It has to be in tandem. It cannot be unequal. There has to be balance for upliftment.
Jennifer Winget
My early memories of ‘Who’ are clouded by time and confused by repeats and reissues. I have no direct recollection of the first two Doctors and none at all of the first season of the Pertwee era. By the last two seasons of the Third Doctor, I was properly hooked.
Alastair Reynolds
Most friendly fire incidents aren’t investigated properly because of neglect or a natural inclination to cover up the embarrassing fact that they killed one of their own.
Jon Krakauer
I wish football, as a culture, bred more than just a football player. It has the ability to be an incubator and transition players properly.
Spencer Paysinger
I have decided to give up competition. I cannot train properly for the Tour de France which I had hoped to ride for the last time as apotheosis to my career. Doctors are forbidding me to ride anymore in high level competition and I bow to them.
Eddy Merckx
To understand the future properly, it’s crucial that we listen to geologists as often as we do computer scientists.
Annalee Newitz
I remember lying in bed one night when I was 15 and deciding I was ready to go into acting properly. I’d put it off until then because I didn’t feel I was ready to handle the rejections.
Lily Collins
There were no gifts. Everything is properly accounted for. I provided testimony and evidence to the committee… This was all stuff that was previously known.
Robert Torricelli
You have to defend properly.
Graeme Souness
As long as I manage investments properly and don’t spend recklessly, Tumblr has given my family a strong safety net and given me the freedom to work on whatever I want. And that’s exactly what I plan to do.
Marco Arment
Interns can be hard on me and I’m hard on them. They have no experience and I have little patience when they don’t know how to address an envelope or can’t put a date in the calendar properly (I mean literally, like with the right floor number or proper cross streets).
Sonja Morgan
I don’t feel comfortable with violence, and I’m not sure that I film violent scenes properly, and it’s something I’m reticent to do, and yet violence is sort of in all of my films.
Jacques Audiard
Two birdies and a lot of bogeys doesn’t really help. I say if you’re going to do it, do it properly and be dreadful on all fronts.
Tommy Fleetwood
You have to know how to move properly. A lot of these heavyweights go out there and they’re fighting like it’s a street fight. They’re trying to win in the first 30 seconds.
Frank Mir
There are some people who have had no pay rises for a very long time, and, working in highly skilled and highly responsible roles and in the health services and education, they deserve to be properly remunerated.
Jeremy Corbyn
I like to peruse the Full Contact Poker online forums to read and comment on posts about interesting poker hands and whether they were played properly. I find that many of the contributors consistently suffer from the same problem: they are far too preoccupied with statistically insignificant aspects of a poker hand.
Daniel Negreanu
Lady Justice doesn’t have empathy for anyone. She rules strictly based upon the law, and that’s really the only way that our system can function properly under the Constitution.
Wendy Long
Usually after a shot, we look for a chair to rest our feet. In ‘Oopiri,’ it was the other way around. After every shot, I was on my feet, walking around the set trying to get the blood circulation in my legs working properly.
Akkineni Nagarjuna
Always think twice before you decide to do anything for a film. It may seem like a career-changing idea, but think of your family and your future before doing anything risky. Train properly, because looking strong and being strong are two different things.
Akshay Kumar
Dogs are not ‘people’ of another species. They are another species. To train and care for them properly, to show them how to live in our complex world, requires first and foremost that we understand that.
Jon Katz
I’ve never thought of myself as having that much of a temper. But it’s true that I can’t stand it when things are not done properly. When that happens, I cannot control my reaction.
Joel Robuchon
I’ve been reluctant in doing press stuff – even my Instagram isn’t properly managed; I manage it myself. It’s kind of by design. I knew that would be what people see first.
John David Washington
Karma, when properly understood, is just the mechanics through which consciousness manifests.
Deepak Chopra
I love surprises – champagne and strawberries, all that pampering, romantic stuff. Guys ought to know how to pamper their women properly.
Danica McKellar
I always had a sense of discipline in me. However, there was a time when I couldn’t divide my time properly between off-field things and on-field assignments. The focus would be missing at times, and that would affect my preparation for matches. I managed to change that.
Virat Kohli
The woman I am currently crazy about was a vegetarian for a year until I started dating her. As is the case with most vegetarians, she had never eaten properly prepared meat, only commercially packaged or otherwise abused flesh.
Steve Albini
Be content to remember that those who can make omelettes properly can do nothing else.
Hilaire Belloc
I think, though, if I had to look at the role of government and what it does in people’s lives, I see the EEOC as having much more legitimacy than the others, if properly run.
Clarence Thomas
That’s one of the problems with the Zeppelin stuff. It sounds ridiculous on MP3. You can’t hear what’s there properly.
Jimmy Page
Properly targeted public investment can do much to boost economic performance, generating aggregate demand quickly, fueling productivity growth by improving human capital, encouraging technological innovation, and spurring private-sector investment by increasing returns.
Michael Spence
I was never taught how to raise a child, because I wasn’t raised properly.
Corey Feldman
From what I’ve heard, Paris did a little bit more prep work as far as making bike lanes and all of that stuff. They really did it properly, which New York is getting to little by little.
David Byrne
I think there’s a joy to be had in taking readers where they just don’t want to go. If you are writing a properly realist novel, then don’t blink. Why not see something for what it is and render it truthfully? I find it a good way of going about writing – not to blink.
Neel Mukherjee
Being a CEO requires a specific skill set, and a background in engineering equips individuals with the ability to plan logically and make decisions that fit properly within the context of the business.
Dinesh Paliwal
Who would want a face that hasn’t seen or lived properly, hasn’t got any wrinkles that come with age, experience and laughter? Not me, anyway.
Cate Blanchett
I obviously want to give a healthy body image to my own daughter. I think having good examples, eating properly, that’s all one can do – and just be really loving around her. I’ve tried to give her confidence in who she is. I think she’s all right in the confidence department.
Geri Halliwell
Derivatives in and of themselves are not evil. There’s nothing evil about how they’re traded, how they’re accounted for, and how they’re financed, like any other financial instrument, if done properly.
James Chanos
The main functions of intelligence, that of inventing solutions and that of verifying them, do not necessarily involve one another. The first partakes of imagination; the second alone is properly logical.
Jean Piaget
I found, after the experience of making ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ and then returning to the blank page – because ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ was the first screenplay I ever wrote properly – the experience of returning to the blank page and having nothing in the drawer was intensely painful.
Edgar Wright
You can rest a lot in an hour or have a whole day and not do it properly. One way I get a quality recharge is to connect with nature. To experience something that’s bigger than me.
Lili Taylor
Some golfers, we are told, enjoy the landscape; but properly, the landscape shrivels and compresses into the grim, surrealistically vivid patch of grass directly under the golfer’s eyes as he morosely walks toward where he thinks his ball might be.
John Updike
I saw ‘The Shining’ in eighth grade. I watched it on VHS at a sleepover and was petrified, totally petrified. And I didn’t really start to digest the movie properly and understand it from a filmmaking perspective until I got older. But it pretty much defined what it meant to be scared of a movie for me.
Mike Flanagan
Our trademark asymmetrical hairstyle came about by accident. My sister was trying to get her beautician’s licence, and I was her guinea pig. She permed my hair and didn’t wash out one of the sides properly, so the whole right side of my hair was eaten out. After she washed it, I was half bald.
Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.
Mahatma Gandhi
When people asked me, ‘What are you going to do?’ I’d say, ‘I’m going to be an actor,’ without really thinking about it. And I started acting without really thinking about it. I only thought about it properly a bit later.
Martin Clunes
Like other countries in the world, China must uphold its own sovereignty, territorial integrity and development interests. At the same time, we are willing to properly handle differences and disagreements in state-to-state relations.
Hu Jintao
If the government can afford luxury travel for its cabinet officials, then surely we can find the resources to invest in quality education, jobs skills training, and properly fund the State Department and foreign aid programs.
Seth Moulton
Until and unless we could disband these militias, this country won’t be able to function properly.
Adnan Pachachi
Until the building of Solomon’s temple the unity of worship according to it had, properly speaking, never had any existence; and, moreover, it is easy to read between the lines that even after that date it was more a pious wish than a practical demand.
Julius Wellhausen
The vast majority of people who watch baseball can properly call 95% of all plays that happen on the field. My job is to teach you how to call the other 5%.
Jim Evans
I didn’t get paid enough money really to live properly, sleeping on people’s sofas and stuff, but that was the moment when I thought, ‘I just wanna play football professionally; whether I get paid 10 euros or 10,000 euros, I just wanna play.’
Lucy Bronze
I was causing trouble in high school, and in order to get me to stop and to pass, they put me into theater, and I ended up winning a Shakespeare competition. All I had to do was imitate people properly, and I ended up going to the finals when I was about 16.
Keala Settle
All human laws are, properly speaking, only declaratory; they have no power over the substance of original justice.
Edmund Burke
I hope we can get to a point where women players are being paid properly all around the world so the only thing they have to worry about is playing football and playing football alone.
Abby Wambach
Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.
Omar N. Bradley
If it is properly done, the ‘as told to’ autobiography represents how the subject wants his story told.
Albert Murray
I’ve experienced being properly lost in my desires, and it’s really influenced my writing.
Christine and the Queens
Beauty, whether moral or natural, is felt, more properly than perceived.
David Hume
I’ll be excited when I get my heart broken properly for the first time. I’ll be like, ‘Thank God I’ve experienced something. Someone wanted to kiss me.’ That’s when it’s going to be interesting: When you break up, they’re taking a piece with them.
Sam Smith
I think all you can do is prepare properly for every game but you also have to be realistic. Be realistic about what you are as a team.
Chris Hughton
I’ve been a waitress for events, but a lady at the Victoria hotel in Yorkshire showed me how to do it properly.
Vicky Krieps
I’ve always liked my clothes, even before I could properly afford them. Clothes for me were never a cloak, a cover. They were how I chose to express myself.
Paul Weller
Once I’ve properly finished a book, my ideal state of being would be to never think about it again. But with ‘Capital,’ I felt I’d spent so much time with the characters that they were very, very real, and I definitely had a sense of loss about leaving them behind in a way I’ve not quite had before.
John Lanchester
We are a constitutional democracy. We must deal with things properly within the framework of the law and then the constitution.
Jacob Zuma
It’s not that I’m afraid to be tagged with the label of right-wing or even centre-right; I just don’t believe it properly describes either the choice that we face politically or what I’m trying to say.
Leo Varadkar
If you manage things properly – and, listen, I’m a business guy. I’ve got to prioritize spending in all my business career to prevent my business from going bankrupt. The federal government has got to start doing that eventually as well.
Ron Johnson
LOVE: A word properly applied to our delight in particular kinds of food; sometimes metaphorically spoken of the favorite objects of all our appetites.
Henry Fielding
I think cameras should be in the courtroom, but they need to be managed properly. You need a judge to hold the line.
Marcia Clark
It’s true of models in general – I don’t think they eat and fuel properly throughout the day.
David Kirsch
We must fix our broken immigration system. That means stopping illegal immigration. And it means welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants, regardless of their race or religion. Just like we have for centuries.
Nikki Haley
In order to properly understand the big picture, everyone should fear becoming mentally clouded and obsessed with one small section of truth.
Xun Kuang
Positive rights are the right to shelter, the right to education, the right to health care, the right to a living wage. These things are – these are, I would call them, more properly, political rights rather than positive rights. And they are extremely tricky, because now we are dealing with things that are zero sum.
P. J. O’Rourke
I used to go to a Gaelic class on a Saturday morning, but I never felt myself that I could speak it properly.
Johann Lamont
You can’t understand old Diana – older Diana – properly without understanding a 19-year-old living with her flatmates, going on her first date with Charles. You need to understand the trajectory that she underwent.
Emma Corrin
Unfortunately, tools that transfer risk can also increase systemic risk if major counterparties fail to manage their own risk exposures properly.
Blythe Masters
Drawing teaches you to look at things properly and to understand form and structure.
Michael Foreman
I came out to myself when I was about 15 or 16, and to my parents when I was 18. When you come out to your parents, that’s when it’s properly official.
Russell Tovey
I have a condition called Aspergers Syndrome, which is like a mild form of autism It means I don’t interact properly in certain social situations.
Gary Numan
I don’t think I can live a life of compromise. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to sleep properly.
Ishaan Khatter
I turned to God but for a while I wasn’t doing it properly.
Nigel Benn
Love exercised while duty is neglected will make children headstrong, willful, perverse, selfish, and disobedient. If stern duty is left to stand alone without love to soften and win, it will have a similar result. Duty and love must be blended in order that children may be properly disciplined.
Ellen G. White
But I’ll never be one of those women who feel that they always have to wear earrings and aren’t properly dressed without them.
Jennifer Garner
With a nation at war against terrorism and our men and women on the front line defending our homeland from abroad, resources need to be prioritized and allocated properly.
Jeff Miller
I genuinely didn’t start sleeping properly until I had kids of my own. And then that was just sleeping because of exhaustion.
Tom Fletcher
All of the exercises in the world won’t give you that buff bikini body if you are not eating and hydrating properly.
David Kirsch
With the help of modern technology, I can compose intricate keyboard parts and then I have to go back and learn them in order to perform them properly.
Geddy Lee
I am very proud to have kept my commitment to introduce the married couples’ tax allowance. I think it will prove very popular. I think it’s absolutely right that we recognise marriage in the tax system properly, and I would like to see that expanded.
David Cameron
Anger, if used properly, might be for a cause, like helping feed children or stopping abuse somewhere. When we understand that every quality has importance and value, then we open up to this. Shining a light on these shadow qualities gives it balance.
Debbie Ford
To properly prepare to receive personal revelation, we must repent, ask through prayer, be obedient, search the scriptures, fast, think pure thoughts, and develop a spirit of reverence.
L. Lionel Kendrick
If not managed properly, owning a company and running a business with multiple locations can make you feel constantly overwhelmed.
Elizabeth Chambers
Brussels sprouts are misunderstood – probably because most people don’t know how to cook them properly.
Todd English
People don’t talk to you properly. It’s the way they talk to you; they dismiss you. I think it’s a combination of me being a woman and a foreigner.
Zaha Hadid
Because of their size, parents may be difficult to discipline properly.
P. J. O’Rourke
I don’t think you can work properly if you have anxiety about something; it stops you doing the work you’re paid to do.
Shaun Evans
As a captain, I just want to lead the team properly.
Prithvi Shaw
I didnt travel properly until the year before university when I went backpacking around the US, circling around from New York up to Boston, then travelling on the Canadian Pacific Railway to Montreal and going down the west coast of America.
Hugh Dennis
Al Qaeda has overplayed their hand. What the al Qaeda do when they go into a town or village or a neighborhood inside a major city is they get a stranglehold on the people themselves. They force the men to wear beards and the women to be properly costumed and essentially completely covered up.
Jack Keane
If I get a well-defined role and properly etched scenes, then I feel motivated to perform better.
Johnny Lever
Libertarian socialism is properly to be regarded as the inheritor of the liberal ideals of the Enlightenment.
Noam Chomsky
India is a big country. Here people are talented, they are motivated. If they train properly, I see no reason why India won’t produce world class cyclists in 10 years.
Eddy Merckx
A goal properly set is halfway reached.
Zig Ziglar
We are going to secure this country. We are going to manage it properly. We will continue to improve the situation, security, economy, and fighting corruption.
Muhammadu Buhari
When I don’t have control of the ball, what do I do? I press to get it back. It’s a way of defending. But more important is that I like to have the ball. That’s why I believe in individual coaching sessions to prepare players properly.
Johan Cruyff
I want to learn how to ride a bike properly – not like a runner.
Kadeena Cox
We don’t spend money properly in Washington, D.C. We jump these massive bills to massive bills.
Mick Mulvaney
By taking the time to learn how to blog properly, you’ll be doing your business an incredible favor, as you will be able to drive a lot of business to your website for your blog.
Fabrizio Moreira
So in order to make a large volume of sausage, you need to have a dedicated refrigerated room, where you can grind and mix and stuff and everything, because if sausage mixture gets too warm while you’re forming it, it doesn’t bind properly, and your sausages end up crumbly and dry.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
The State should have made sure the money given to the NGOs was used according to a global plan for Haiti; not doing whatever they want. They should be supervised and have to report and make sure the money is being used properly. They are here, but we are seeing no results.
Michel Martelly
If you train people properly, they won’t be able to tell a drill from the real thing. If anything, the real thing will be easier.
Jessamyn West
With each decision of ours that takes from the People a question properly left to them – with each decision that is unabashedly based not on law, but on the ‘reasoned judgment’ of a bare majority of this Court – we move one step closer to being reminded of our impotence.
Antonin Scalia
My job is to make people laugh. If I’ve upset them instead, then I haven’t done my job properly.
Dominic Holland
Until the governments don’t have a clear law against piracy and the digital downloads are not working worldwide properly, the record industry will keep on suffering.
Tarja Turunen
Trying to get the sentences right and the structure of the narration right is about as big a job as I can handle. But I also know that if you handle that job properly, everything else just clicks into place.
Bob Shacochis
The case for socialism is always made based on an ideal and a promise. The ideal is that humans can lovingly coexist in a sharing and peaceful way. The promise is that this time, unlike failed attempts elsewhere, socialism will be implemented properly, and no citizen will suffer as a result.
Charlie Kirk
Like most of the world’s population I’m into coffee, but in a properly big and important way. My perfect weekend would start with a pint of coffee.
Jimmy Carr
Every so often, I feel I should graduate to classical music, properly. But the truth is, I’m more likely to listen to rock music.
Tony Blair
I’d say I got into Marvin Gaye properly in college.
Nick Hornby
When the Constitution gave us the right to bear arms, it also made us responsible for using them properly. It’s not fair of us as citizens to lean more heavily on one side of that equation than on the other.
Jesse Ventura
Someone taught me how to eat properly. Learning from others is important when it’s not working for yourself.
Geri Halliwell
I don’t have the slightest idea of how to do vocal exercises or scales or anything like that, but I did always know to breath properly from the stomach. I’m a pop singer and never really felt I needed more.
Engelbert Humperdinck
I’m a bit cynical that it ever will be addressed properly. I think it is healthy to get some sort of copyright protection. But some of it has gone on forever.
Peter Gabriel
The media, when it’s functioning properly, protects the public against marketers and their ceaseless attempts to trick people into buying things.
Ryan Holiday
There’s nothing wrong with having a collection, but it becomes a problem when it overwhelms your space. When you’re not displaying it properly, you’re not enjoying it and it turns into clutter.
Niecy Nash
We like to engage in a normal publishing effort, which is to act in a responsible manner and make sure the material is not likely to harm anyone, that it is properly investigated by quality news organizations, and by lawyers and human rights groups and so on.
Julian Assange
I imagine a future with no waste; material innovations have already become exponentially more vast, and I do think the future needs to be cradle to cradle. If designed properly, one product could be used for many years before needing to be recycled, or its components reused.
Yves Behar
If Mohammed bin Salman wants to deal properly with corruption, he must preserve two elements vital to the Saudi economy: trust in the state and the role of national companies.
Jamal Khashoggi
I used to hate working out – until I learned how to do it properly.
Rachel Nichols
The first time that I came to New York to work properly was the mid-’80s, but I was doing eight shows a week. You have no life. Going to a punk rock club – or whatever the music was at that time – would not have been on my agenda.
Alan Rickman
I can’t close my left eye properly. I have to sleep with a little eye mask and my mouth still goes to the side when I talk, although people don’t really notice.
Scarlett Moffatt
My big idea is that democracy can only work properly if you have truly representative people at the table.
Pramila Jayapal
If you’re going to play the game properly, you’d better know every rule.
Barbara Jordan
I did Justin Timberlake when I was 18 and I was so nervous I couldn’t breathe properly. It was the first time I’d done an interview where I realized the scariest bit is the part before.
Miquita Oliver
If you are going to do a film properly you have to give yourself completely to it.
Bob Hoskins
I have a harder time eating properly than I do exercising. It’s easier for me to add an activity than to deny myself something. And when I do lose the weight, I don’t like that it makes me feel good about myself. It’s not who I am.
Carrie Fisher
‘Raging Bull’ was just a dream to work on, but it took a lot of work to get all those fights to work right and incorporate them properly into the story.
Thelma Schoonmaker
You can cry about death and very properly so, your own as well as anybody else’s. But it’s inevitable, so you’d better grapple with it and cope and be aware that not only is it inevitable, but it has always been inevitable, if you see what I mean.
David Attenborough
I can’t remember what made my dad take us karting for the first time, I can’t remember really. I was into motorsport by then and I knew everything, and every driver, it was around 2009, 2008. That’s when I first properly knew about Formula One. Those were the days.
Lando Norris
I am opposed to the wholesale giving away of the public lands to railroad corporations and other like institutions; at the same time, I believe that the government can encourage, by gifts, great national enterprises which are for the common weal and are so placed that they cannot properly expect local support.
Ambrose Burnside
Properly, we should read for power. Man reading should be man intensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in one’s hand.
Ezra Pound
I contribute to public candidate campaigns, and there’s a federal limit on how much you can contribute to each individual candidate. I obey the law in that regard, and I feel like I’m doing it properly.
David H. Koch
My mother taught me everything I know; how to speak properly, posture, enunciation.
Jonathan Krohn
My father was a really good athlete, so his pop-ups really were sky high. Eventually I learned how to judge them properly and catch them well. It was great training for when I started to play on teams, which I did all through school.
Artie Lange
Music is an extremely powerful force if used properly to uplift people. I believe music should be uplifting and not downgrading… it’s a very, very powerful tool.
Gary Wright
When we direct our thoughts properly, we can control our emotions.
W. Clement Stone
Romanticism has never been properly judged. Who was there to judge it? The critics!
Arthur Rimbaud
Increasing extremism – across Africa and the world – must be understood in the context of the failure of our leaders properly to manage diversity within their borders.
Mo Ibrahim
Few people wear out before their time. Mostly they rust out, worry out, run out – spill out. A machine must have care and its different parts must be adjusted properly. No machine has ever approached the human machine. When it is right, it is in health.
George Matthew Adams
Long hair, for me, is actually less maintenance. I went through a phase when I was kid where I wanted a pixie cut. At the time I thought it looked awesome, but I look back and I looked like such a dork! When I have short hair, I feel like I have to blow dry it, or it doesn’t sit properly.
Mallory Jansen
I properly enjoy what I do, but I know it’s not brain surgery. I don’t take myself too seriously.
Kelly Macdonald
Until fishing is properly regulated and contained, we should withdraw our consent. Save your plastic bags by all means, but if you really want to make a difference, stop eating fish.
George Monbiot
I love being a mom. I love singing. Why can’t you have both? A lot of people would say you can’t, but I think you can balance it; if you work hard, and you plan everything out properly, it works.
Kyla Reid
Brunch, for me, is an extended breakfast that should be enjoyed whenever you have time properly to engage in cooking and eating.
Yotam Ottolenghi
I try to be regimented and try to stay healthy and work out and eat properly and go to sleep. And not get too caught up in the industry in my regular life, so I can save all my expression and energy for my art.
The failure to manage economic migration properly has put further pressure on transport and housing.
Dominic Grieve
To footnote properly takes time.
David Starkey
Put together, what we want is a system that supports, protects, and properly pays good teachers and makes it possible in a responsible and fair way to remove teachers judged to be incompetent or abusive – that’s it.
Campbell Brown
The Republican movement have not behaved properly over the years. They have not themselves implemented the Agreement. If they had implemented the Agreement then they would have disarmed completely in May 2000, that is what they undertook to do, that is what they failed to do.
David Trimble
In one notorious episode in 2002, in the holy city of Mecca, the religious police prevented girls from fleeing a school that was on fire because they were not properly dressed.
Peter Bergen
My sleep is very important, and I have to have at least eight hours every night in order to function properly the next day. Unfortunately, flying through several time zones makes me disorientated, and it takes several days to readjust.
Olly Murs
The pocket square, properly contrived, finishes a man’s look. With good tailoring and well chosen neckwear, the look connotes power, taste, refinement, manners. The naked pocket connotes the opposite: working class, tasteless, base, crude, ignorant.
Roger Stone
But if we have been willing to give our lives to this enterprise, which is for the honour of our country, I appeal to our countrymen to see that those who depend on us are properly cared for.
Robert Falcon Scott
When my dad toured in ’91, I think my first gig properly was the Tokyo Dome, 50,000 people indoors. That was pretty scary. I was 12, or 13.
Dhani Harrison
One might almost say that the history of geographical discovery, properly so called, begins with Captain Cook, the motive of whose voyages was purely scientific curiosity.
Joseph Jacobs
I know that a song is working when I can properly dance on it.
Christine and the Queens
It’s funny, we make all these sacrifices for our nation, but are we really getting looked after properly at the end of the day?
Liz Cambage
I had my hearing aid fixed today so that I could properly hear you. I can’t see as well. I now have – this has stopped me from smoking – a pacemaker, have for about the last 15 years. No, I don’t like getting old.
Mike Wallace
If I don’t understand something properly, every single component, it really bugs me.
Terence Tao
There’s no way to measure or properly express what a family like mine can mean. Mom, Dad, Cooper, Eli, extended family, you are the best.
Peyton Manning
Anyway, I collapsed in France in the middle of a tour. I hadn’t been eating properly, I was getting very phobic about audiences, and I collapsed in pure fright.
Andy Partridge
Some kind of affirmative action is important in a democracy and for economic competitiveness and national security. The Army was the first to realize that you had to have desegregation of a military to have it working properly.
Andrew Young
Fitness will be a major factor in the first race and I think that will play into the hands of drivers who have been racing recently, rather than people like me who haven’t raced properly for a decade. I’am not one of the favourites to start with.
Nigel Mansell
I eat properly and work out a lot.
Raashi Khanna
Writing and directing might be a red herring, and really I’m just re-examining what it is to act, to do it well and do it properly.
Damian Lewis
If you don’t have work for a border collie or time to train it properly, your bright young border collie will invent his own work, and chances are you won’t like it.
Donald McCaig
We are not exercising our democratic rights properly. We need to stop looking for solutions in others.
Kamal Haasan
I learned to approach racing like a game of billiards. If you bash the ball too hard, you get nowhere. As you handle the cue properly, you drive with more finesse.
Juan Manuel Fangio
I don’t think I’ve ever properly been in love. I’ve had a few girlfriends and have liked them loads, but I’m not sure it was love.
Luke Pasqualino
There is a certain amount of dissatisfaction that goes with knowing your time, talent and abilities are not being properly used.
Zig Ziglar
Antarctica is a very alien environment, and you can’t survive here more than minutes if you’re not equipped properly and doing the right thing all the time.
Jon Krakauer
My mother was a waitress in a Lyons Corner House, but she married up. She was keen on bettering herself. She taught me how to use the right knives and forks and behave properly.
Charles Dance
The functional uses of machines and innovative computer programs is not to isolate us but, rather, to promote coexistence. If used properly, it brings us together, granting unimaginable opportunities, magnifying the most quintessential and exclusively human capabilities.
Saroo Brierley
We could have a political movement going if it had been properly organized but the Monarchy’s done itself enormous damage possibly beyond the point of long-term recovery.
Anthony Holden
Institutions – government, churches, industries, and the like – have properly no other function than to contribute to human freedom; and in so far as they fail, on the whole, to perform this function, they are wrong and need reconstruction.
Charles Horton Cooley
I got to do school properly and all the stuff that you should do when you’re young and teenage: first friends, first girlfriends. It wasn’t like I needed to be doing acting.
George MacKay
I just watched a James Brown video of him singing ‘I Feel Good,’ and then I kind of just copied off his moves. But I couldn’t do them properly, so they turned into my own moves.
Courtney Hadwin
Human beings, in their present evolved state, have a limited capacity to digest, understand, and then properly and accurately disseminate events and information to other nodes of discourse.
Shervin Pishevar
And so we try to address those concerns in every way possible, recognizing, again, in the final analysis, everybody on that flight wants to be assured with the highest level of confidence that everybody else on that flight has been properly screened, and including me and you and everybody.
John Pistole
I haven’t really learned how to play great forceful golf. I sort of go with the flow, and if I handle my game properly, not too many mistakes should be made.
Xander Schauffele
Take some elocution lessons; you can joke with Ebonics, but the truth is, nothing beats the King’s English. Learning how to speak properly, and the art of delivery can take you very far in life!
Wendy Williams
The people of Zimbabwe have a responsibility to ensure that the government that they elected behaves properly.
Thabo Mbeki
Sometimes, a remix is good because it reaches a whole new generation. But when it gets too much, it’s irritating. Also, the original composer needs to be credited properly.
A. R. Rahman
Well, I went through some emotionally abusive relationships and allowed myself to not be properly respected as a lady, as a human being even, though I tried everything I knew to be a lady.
Gloria Gaynor
I think tax breaks for diversity is a good thing. In film now, what happens is you get huge tax breaks if you can prove via your hiring practices and via casting, that the film is British, you get a tax break. Wouldn’t it be great if you got a tax break because the film was properly diverse?
Lenny Henry
I can tell you I didn’t feel good when I could not articulate properly. Getting my GED was important and I want other women to feel that.
Mary J. Blige
I don’t think the public want to see loads and loads of firearms officers everywhere, what they do want to know is that we are able to respond well and prevent things and we will protect them properly.
Cressida Dick
Acting gives me the opportunity to be fascinating on stage or, I suppose; properly speaking, pretend to be fascinating.
Nigel Hawthorne
During ‘Bullets Over Broadway,’ there was a part where we performed the ‘play within the play’ facing upstage. It was me, Karen Ziemba, Brooks Ashmanskas, and Marin Mazzie. I don’t think we got through it properly a single time.
Helene Yorke
The reality is that there are simply not enough skilled humans available to properly plan, manage, integrate, and optimize security devices, strategies, and protocols.
Ken Xie
You are not going to put 100,000 police officers on the streets overnight and do the right job. To put them on the streets, to see that they’re properly trained; you have to do it in an orderly way over a period of time.
Janet Reno
The infinite in mathematics is alway unruly unless it is properly treated.
James Newman
No group and no government can properly prescribe precisely what should constitute the body of knowledge with which true education is concerned.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
A good espresso to me is a little bit salty; you just become used to a good taste. Anytime I go into a new place and they don’t clean their machine properly or the water temperature isn’t right, it tastes awful.
Andrew Bird
A wonderful but kind of a terrible truth about acting is that you actually get to a point where you become content with an impossible task: it is really impossible to properly prepare. You kind of have to start over every time.
Val Kilmer
My father was the nurturing one, the one who always made sure my sister and I ate properly and that our hair was brushed… He really took care of the logistics of our upbringing.
Kenza Fourati
We’re always learning about our bodies and learning how to take care of them properly and how to perform at our best.
Tessa Virtue
I was still going out when I was younger – drinking – and I wasn’t looking after myself properly.
Kieran Trippier
To me, wearing glasses is no pleasure, but once I conceded that I simply couldn’t properly judge distance without them, I began to experiment. I tried glasses and found them uncomfortable. I switched to contact lenses, and they also bothered me.
Arnold Palmer
With ‘The Soup,’ obviously it has to be totally scripted out, and then, within that, I improvise punchlines and sometimes setups if I can’t read the teleprompter properly.
Joel McHale
I have been taking pictures for a long time but not without learning properly. I have learnt it from Himanshuu Sheth.
Waheeda Rehman
When wheat is ripening properly, when the wind is blowing across the field, you can hear the beards of the wheat rubbing together. They sound like the pine needles in a forest. It is a sweet, whispering music that once you hear, you never forget.
Norman Borlaug
I don’t like the cold. But as along as you warm up properly and you build up a nice sweat and keep your body warm, your arm warm and loose, you should be fine.
Aroldis Chapman
Typically, highway bridges have about 50 years. But over in England, they have iron bridges approaching 250 years. In France, there are Roman aqueducts that are approaching 2,000 years old. So a bridge can last a very long time if it’s built properly in the first place and then maintained properly.
Henry Petroski
In this financial year we will be spending at least $1.5 billion on foreign aid and we cannot be sure that this money will be properly spent, as corruption and mismanagement in many of the recipient countries are legend.
Pauline Hanson
We have the American people properly concerned about the future of our country and the world.
Hamilton Jordan
One of the biggest challenges is that once somebody realizes that they’re ready to buy a home, then they realize that they haven’t prepared properly, and it takes a while.
Scott McGillivray
Writing, when properly managed, (as you may be sure I think mine is) is but a different name for conversation.
Laurence Sterne
I’m about challenging people. Like, properly challenging them and their assumptions.
Steven Rodney McQueen
I do think it is the responsibility of parents to feed their children properly.
Prue Leith
All Church power is, therefore, properly ministerial and administrative. Everything is to be done in the name of Christ, and in accordance with his directions.
Charles Hodge
The only way to learn a language properly, in fact, is to marry a man of that nationality. You get what they call in Europe a ‘sleeping dictionary.’ Of course, I have only been married five times, and I speak seven languages. I’m still trying to remember where I picked up the other two.
Zsa Zsa Gabor
I’d hate to have a spoilt brat – I’d think I hadn’t done my job properly.
Tess Daly
When I go with different producers, and they’ve thought about what they want to do, I think they feel a little bit more free, because they know almost any sound will work on my record if we pull it together properly – so they don’t feel so limited.
For me personally, it is one of my biggest priorities to build a sustainable city that can respond properly to the climate change.
Park Won-soon
There are times when you feel like you give a great effort, you have prepared properly, and you got less than what you wanted. So on the one hand, you should feel really good about that and just let the results be what they are. On the other hand, you can’t be happy with it when you finished 19th.
Tom Lehman
Libertarians understand a very simple fact of life: Government doesn’t work. It can’t deliver the mail on time, it doesn’t keep our cities safe, it doesn’t educate our children properly.
Harry Browne
Players talk about pot odds all the time, especially when they try to justify a call that they made. Whenever I hear this line of reasoning, though, I can’t help but wonder if they properly thought through the consequences of their call.
Phil Hellmuth
My father was brought up in a theatrical background, just as I was, and his father instilled in him the need to do everything properly and take responsibility for money.
Sean Pertwee
Properly speaking, history is nothing but the crimes and misfortunes of the human race.
Pierre Bayle
I thought that the Bulls were an undermanaged, under-operated team and that it could be a very successful franchise if run properly.
Jerry Reinsdorf
It’s important to have people around you with enough confidence to say if you are not acting in a good way. Normally, when you are at the top, people say everything is fantastic. Probably in that moment it is what you want to hear, but it’s best to be reminded how to act properly.
Rafael Nadal
I am trying to write novels for properly clever people, but I also want them to be proper novels that also stick in a person’s mind and have an atmosphere about them.
Sophie Hannah
The art of medicine was to be properly learned only from its practice and its exercise.
Thomas Sydenham
Just think, if I had understood my lawyer and if he and I had communicated properly in January 1958, this whole history would have been entirely different .
Gordon Gould
It is in the interest of the government and also the interest of the nation that things are done properly and that there is due process and that we are not unfair.
Yemi Osinbajo
We’re so used to everything being properly manicured, like you can hear every footstep in a movie, you can hear every bit of dialogue, and everything is in its place.
Jon Brion
My dad dying was actually a reason for me to stop music properly for about a year, because he was a big supporter. All I wanted to do was write a song about him and, you know, when something’s too fresh, you can’t quite word it.
Gin Wigmore
Since childhood, my mother made sure I oiled my hair and conditioned them properly every week. I still follow that regimen. Plus, I have naturally good quality hair.
Disha Patani
If you properly clean a room, it gets dirtier before it gets cleaner.
Chris Rock
In properly organized groups no faith is required; what is required is simply a little trust and even that only for a little while, for the sooner a man begins to verify all he hears the better it is for him.
George Gurdjieff
I’ve been fascinated by the Internet from the very start. In 2001, I had made a funny black-and-white film called ‘How to Dance Properly,’ a short video of me dancing to a Madonna song. I sent it to 17 of my friends on a Thursday, and by Monday, one million people a day were logging on to view it.
Ze Frank
The thing I thought about doing it was it’s Comic Relief and you’ve got to be funny. So although I did try to sing properly it obviously has hilarious results when you can’t sing.
Jo Brand
Banks properly established and conducted are highly useful to the business of the country, and will doubtless continue to exist in the States so long as they conform to their laws and are found to be safe and beneficial.
Martin Van Buren
The public properly relies upon FDA classification of drugs as nonprescription as a reflection of the agency’s judgment regarding the safety and proper use of a drug without a doctor’s prescription.
Loretta Lynch
It is just the start of your professional career and you have to handle it properly and realise that it is not always like that. There will be ups and downs. It is important that you keep humble, keep working hard and see it as the first step on a long journey.
Hector Bellerin
Ever since I was a young girl, even in school, I was always a perfectionist, and I always wanted to do my homework as soon as I got home. Everything had to be done properly.
Ana Ivanovic
If we don’t start representing women properly on screen now, we’re never going to change our opinion of them as a society.
Sophie Rundle
Though every legal task demands this skill, it is especially important in the effort to frame public policy in a way that is properly responsive to human needs and predicaments. The question is always: How will the general rule work in practice?
Elliot Richardson
I function properly, feel better, do better, look better, and treat others better when there’s less clutter.
If a brain is exercised properly, anyone can grow intelligence, at any age, and potentially by a lot. Or you can just let your brain idle – and watch it slowly, inexorably, go to seed like a sedentary body.
Michael Merzenich
Our education system teaches the young what to think, not how to think. And if you ever wonder why so many things don’t work properly any more, or why you can’t get any sense out of so many organisations, this is one of the main reasons.
Peter Hitchens
I like to be prepared enough to be completely unprepared. I don’t know if I make sense, but I have a fantasy of living someone else’s life. And to do that perfectly, I need to prepare myself just as properly.
Nimrat Kaur
All I care about are my children and that they are brought up properly and that they don’t try to play their dad and mom against each other because they know we don’t get along.
Brandi Glanville
Because let’s be clear about this: birthdays are for children. It’s the one day of the year where they get properly spoilt and are the centre of attention, and they get the presents they really, really want.
Romesh Ranganathan
You know, if you have a zoo you don’t want the other creatures to see you. You want them to hang out and act properly and, you know, when the monkeys will come and ask for the bananas, they won’t act like monkeys. If you want them to act on what their true nature is, you’ve got to leave them alone.
Tarsem Singh
I adore gardening and plan to take it up properly when I have a bit more time on my hands. Until then, I love pottering in garden centres. I’m totally low maintenance. I don’t ask for fancy plants, just basic, long-lasting shrubs that look nice. But I am particular about flowers.
Shilpa Shetty
If I’m going to do something, I’ll do it properly or not at all.
Prue Leith
Preaching is God’s great institution for the planting and maturing of spiritual life. When properly executed, its benefits are untold; when wrongly executed, no evil can exceed its damaging results.
Edward McKendree Bounds
I was expected to sit at the table, learn how to eat properly.
Temple Grandin
It’s really important that policy be properly designed. It’s not enough just to.. .get angry over a subject.
Jamie Dimon
For someone making a pilot, assuming the talent is there and you can maneuver the system properly, it’s just a matter of standing your ground and trying to make something great until you are making enough money for the studio that they let you keep making it.
Alex Graves
You can’t really dance properly to James Brown. If you dance to James Brown, you look like an idiot. There’s a lot of jerking.
Sandra Bullock
One important part of scientific training is that scientists learn the boundaries, the safety issues, how to properly deal with and dispose of chemicals and reagents.
Craig Venter
I’ve been on sets where I broke my ankle on a television show doing a stunt playing Arthur in ‘Camelot.’ That was because it was really rushed, and it hadn’t been thought through properly.
Jamie Campbell Bower
Fame changes you and I suppose I stopped biting my lip for a while. I started to point out when people weren’t doing their job properly.
Frank Skinner
The opportunities for black cultures need to change and we need to get more culture in higher positions in football, because I think the racism that happens on football fields hasn’t been addressed properly and it’s been brushed under the carpet.
Andre Gray
I started playing on a tiny table when I was 3 and then started playing properly when I was 10 or 11.
Judd Trump
When a person is dispossessed of his land, there is a reaction and you have to deal with the reaction properly. You just can’t deal with the reaction by giving him money.
Kushal Pal Singh
Maybe one day I’ll make a record that’s really mysterious and no one knows where it came from or what I wrote it about. But thus far, I’ve just wanted to explain everything properly.
Ellie Goulding
My parents are super westernized. My mom listens to western music, my dad was like a pub landlord so he properly embraced English life. But the truth is they both came from tiny villages in Sri Lanka.
Romesh Ranganathan
How many women have the courage to start properly with a cold, cold bath early in the morning? I jump in, throw the water, cold as ice, and after the first plunge I am happy.
Anna Held
It may be doubtful, at first, whether a person is an enemy or friend. Meat, if not properly digested, becomes poison; But poison, if used rightly, may turn medicinal.
Saskya Pandita
FISA is a powerful tool – and we’ve got to be sure we’re using it properly, at every step in the process. But we couldn’t do our jobs without it.
Christopher A. Wray
No matter how expensive an item is or how good it looks, if it doesn’t fit you properly, it’s not going to deliver the same image that it should.
Jeannie Mai
Every round I have three little targets. Maybe it is just ‘talk to myself properly’ or ‘stand up straight on the greens.’ One day I might say, ‘Don’t talk to anyone.’ On another I’ll be a lot chattier. Or I might say, ‘smile all the way round.’ Little things. But little things turn into bigger things.
Tommy Fleetwood
States that have experienced revolutions or have acquired their independence from empires – such as the U.S. or Australia – tend to celebrate their constitutional documents and put them on show in special galleries so that every citizen can become familiar with them. In the U.K., this is not properly done.
Linda Colley
One of the main lessons I have learned the last five years as Secretary-General is that the United Nations cannot function properly without the support of the business community and civil society. We need to have tripartite support – the governments, the business communities and the civil society.
Ban Ki-moon
While we can’t begrudge companies for maximizing cost efficiency, we need to empower and properly train our workforce for the skilled jobs demanded in the 21st century.
Anthony Scaramucci
To my irritation, you still can’t flick through an ebook properly; you can’t riffle the pages, you can’t look at more than one page at once.
Nick Harkaway
My whole thing now is I know how to think properly to be successful in all aspects of my life. It’s not about ultra running or being a SEAL or pull-up records: it’s about if you want to be better you, have to change your perceived limitations and take the barriers down.
David Goggins
They said my voice was terrible, nervous, and spotty and that I must go away and learn how to use it properly. I must admit I was rather agape, since I had never thought about making my voice better.
Roger Rees
There are generations of people who don’t know how to eat properly.
Jami Attenberg
I wear mascara, eyeliner, a bit of foundation and blusher. I always think lip gloss makes you appear properly made-up. Slap it on and suddenly you look glamorous.
Konnie Huq
Using these unnamed sources, if done properly, carefully and fairly, provides more accountability in government.
Bob Woodward
I have only prepared properly for the World Championship three or four times in my life. If I had gone about it professionally I would have won the title 10 times.
Jimmy White
The only substance properly so called is the soul.
Henri Frederic Amiel
As you get older, you mellow, but there’s a natural propensity to watch what you say, ’cause you learn that you want more time and space to craft what you want to say because you’re less likely to want to say impetuous things, or things that aren’t thought-out properly.
Gord Downie
Unlike life, you’ve got more or less complete control over what’s going on in your stories. That’s not to say you can make characters do whatever you want them to – they usually have a life of their own if you’ve done your job properly.
Paul Kane
Clearly, any issues about breaching of expenses rules should be properly investigated.
Nicola Sturgeon
I’d love to master another language properly.
Sophie Dahl
Commencement speeches were invented largely in the belief that outgoing college students should never be released into the world until they have been properly sedated.
Garry Trudeau
I traveled to many countries when I played. But wherever I went, it was a journey between an airport, a hotel, a stadium and a railway station or a bus terminal and I didn’t have a chance to experience these places properly.
On a local level, hunters in states around the country have provided billions of dollars for conservation efforts. Money collected from hunting license sales, taxes on ammunition and firearms and other hunting equipment often goes directly to properly maintaining land and conservation efforts.
Katie Pavlich
Her friends say she is very funny. At a family dinner, she stood to go, and the footman very properly pulled her chair away. At that moment I asked her a question and she sat down again, except there was no chair. Everyone, including the Queen, laughed and laughed.
Prince Andrew
Everybody knows how to get prepared for an MMA fight. Everybody knows what the other person is going to do. Whereas when I did it, MMA was really style against style. Things you hadn’t seen before, you’d see for the first time. People didn’t know how to train properly for it, and the coaching wasn’t there yet, either.
Ken Shamrock
Clothes are not frippery. Properly done, they can be an art form.
Iris Apfel
Hendrix was a perfect guitarist. And that’s all I wanted to do as a kid. Play a guitar properly and jump around.
Syd Barrett
Used properly, cinema is the coolest thing in the world.
Jacques Audiard
Access to justice is a fundamental part of a properly functioning democracy.
Kenneth Clarke
Shooting on location and dressing locations in Los Angeles is shockingly expensive, especially when you’re talking about webseries-level budgets, so the opportunity to build our sets in YouTube’s space gives us a lot more room in our budget in being able to create the world of ‘VGHS’ properly.
Freddie Wong
We need to spend more money to insure that our troops are properly equipped.
Brian Higgins
I put my foot in my mouth more than I speak properly.
Scott Adsit
Part of me still feels like I’ve never had the opportunity to properly express all my earliest influences, so for now, I find isolation to be my biggest influence.
Sturgill Simpson
There was a general consensus to go for the nuclear test. The whole nation wanted it, and it was done properly.
Abdul Qadeer Khan
Kasha is the hardy starch of a Slavic winter – buckwheat, in fact – but when cooked properly, it gets a nutty, deep-brown crust.
Bill Buford
As long as it’s good music. I love all music. It’s got to be constructed properly.
Aretha Franklin
In the 1970s the government propped up managers who couldn’t run their industries properly. Nowadays they prop up our lousy managers who can’t run our services properly.
Harry Enfield
Certainly tears are given to us to use. Like all good gifts, they should be used properly.
Loretta Young
A well-seasoned and properly cleaned wok will always have micro-pores in the metal that hold some oil or food particulate, etc. – that’s a good thing.
Andrew Zimmern
Faith properly informs the religious lawyer or judge, and morality is not in tension with fidelity to the law.
William H. Pryor
I’ve got absolutely no real perception, properly, of time.
Sade Adu
I’m all for whatever transitions the book properly to a movie.
Gillian Flynn
There is no greater privilege in living than bringing a tiny new human being into the world and then trying to raise him or her properly during the next eighteen years. Doing that job right requires all the intelligence, wisdom, and determination you will be able to muster from day to day.
James Dobson
I joined the board of Chipotle because no company has ever been able to scale fresh, properly sourced food in the history of America.
Kimbal Musk
My father was a certain kind of man – I saw how he treated my mother and his family and how he treated strangers. And I vowed I would never make a film that would not reflect properly on my father’s name.
Sidney Poitier
Though actually the work of man’s hands – or, more properly speaking, the work of his travelling feet, – roads have long since come to seem so much a part of Nature that we have grown to think of them as a feature of the landscape no less natural than rocks and trees.
Richard Le Gallienne
When the world has 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 nuclear plants, can we call that a safe world? I think we need to properly have this debate.
Naoto Kan
I think it’s much harder to make dramatic films, and much harder to create a film that’s engaging, where you’re actually properly looking at real characters and subtleties.
Eoin Macken
That’s the most important thing – once you’re on the pitch, you need to do your job properly.
Danny Welbeck
The problem is not getting rid of fear, but using it properly.
Zig Ziglar
A writer may tell me that he thinks man will ultimately become an ostrich. I cannot properly contradict him.
Thomas Malthus
A talk show is about having a look at a famous face, a bit of stand-up comedy, knockabout stuff – an interview is what Barbara Walters or Connie Chung does in the States, in-depth, done properly.
Terry Wogan
If you don’t wash dishes properly, you will get ill. And you will lose friends because they’ll come to your house, you’ll give them tea in a filthy cup, and they’ll never see you again.
Jon Richardson
I’d say Eden Hazard is the best player I’ve trained with. But the best trainer has to be Frank Lampard. And John Terry, too. Their attitude to training. They train properly every day. They really stood out for me.
Ruben Loftus-Cheek
The Democratic Party, the mainstream media are using fear to control people and to control African Americans in particular. You cannot function properly if you live in an irrational fear.
Jason Whitlock
Yoga puts us back in touch with our bodies’ needs and equips us with the tools we already have: the intuition and awareness to nourish our bodies properly with wholesome, healthy foods. Yoga doesn’t show us how to starve ourselves. That is a terrible disorder, as terrible as overeating.
Tara Stiles
I’ve been travelling around the U.K., actually getting to see places. I’m so lucky that I am able to travel with work, but you don’t often get to experience them properly.
Freja Beha Erichsen
Newspapers are the second hand of history. This hand, however, is usually not only of inferior metal to the other hands, it also seldom works properly.
Arthur Schopenhauer
The UPA government talks more and works less. Most of its schemes look impressive on paper while they are not implemented properly at the grassroots level even in Congress-ruled states.
Jaya Prada
Even though I was sitting on the bench at Arsenal, I made myself prepare like I was going to play, thinking about the game properly. I had to be ready.
Lukasz Fabianski
Film, if properly cared for, will last almost 100 years, but digital will not.
Thelma Schoonmaker
Properly funding federal research at Argonne National Labs and Fermi National Accelerator Labs will also create jobs and directly benefit the Eleventh District.
Bill Foster
TV news dominates politics and is extremely low-bandwidth: it contains a few hundred words and rarely uses graphics properly.
Dominic Cummings
If you don’t eat properly, it affects your energy level. You are an athlete when you’re onstage. You can’t get tired.
Faye Dunaway
The Bible was written in several languages, embraces many literary forms, and reflects cultures very different from our own. These are important considerations for properly understanding the Bible in its context.
Troy Perry
There’s a lot of hours in the week if you use them properly.
Melvyn Bragg
When I turned 30, six years ago, I decided to run the London Marathon and I did not even really train. I thought that it was not even that difficult. I completed it in 5hr 15min, I could have got closer to 4hr 30min if I had trained properly.
Miquita Oliver
I remember growing up singing; even when I was just three years old, I was singing all the time in the house. My parents said I was singing before I could even talk properly.
Tori Kelly
Culture is properly described as the love of perfection; it is a study of perfection.
Matthew Arnold
Society may be likened to a rod, which only a just government can balance properly.
Ameen Rihani
I think my proper response is complete amazement and awe at the universe that we are in, and how it works is just far more complicated than humans will ever properly understand.
John C. Mather
Knowing how to paint and to use one’s colors rightly has not any connection with originality. This originality consists in properly expressing your own impressions.
Thomas Couture
When I was younger you think you know it all and after games you probably just go for some food or sit on your PlayStation. Now I take it a lot more seriously and recover properly because I know I need to give myself the best possible chance to be as fresh and as fit as I can for the next game.
Phil Jones
If someone thinks of something, some new innovation that benefits us all, and the market works properly, they get richly rewarded for that, and that’s just terrific, and that creates inequality.
Angus Deaton
Always cleanse your skin at night. So much bacterial build-up happens over the day so at night you really need to take your time and cleanse properly.
Sarah Harding
People simply don’t have room, physical room, to keep, for instance, 2-inch tape in the sort of quantities that are required to hold a full archive. It’s not just a matter of having three or four boxes, it’s 40, 90 boxes of 2-inch tape, and very few people have the resources that sort of stuff properly.
Nick Mason
I think an interview, properly considered, should be an investigation. You shouldn’t know what the interview will yield. Otherwise, why do it at all?
Errol Morris
The swim at Deception Island was by far the hardest swim I’ve ever done. Antarctica is a very unforgiving environment. If you don’t train properly, you’ll die.
Lewis Gordon Pugh
I hate belongings. I hate clutter. It really bothers me because I can’t think properly. If you’ve got distractions in front of you, your mind goes nuts.
Simon Cowell
Through watching my friends do their makeup, I learned how to properly blend eyeshadow. That’s the hardest thing out of everything to me.
Jordyn Woods
Everyone looks better in clothes that skim the body. Items that fit properly make you look better than wearing something oversize.
Nick Wooster
Once you learn to choose your belongings properly, you will be left with only the amount that fits perfectly in the space you own.
Marie Kondo
I’m a basket case. Yeah, you know, I put my foot in my mouth more than I speak properly.
Scott Adsit
Our failure to properly deal with Germany and Japan early cost the world dearly later on. We dare not make the same mistake with China.
Steve Forbes
The thing about awards is that a lot of those moments are about the whole world telling you that you deserve it and rah, rah, rah. I’m very appreciative of that, but I love experiencing stuff by myself. Because it feels different. You know the truth, and you can hear what the voice in your head is saying properly.
The intellectual who wants to do her work properly must today go back to the starting point: the woman whom she knows, and first of all to herself. It is at that level, and at no other, that she ought to begin to think about the world situation.
Jacques Ellul
Any time you experience adversity, whether you lose a game or maybe have an official who makes a poor call that costs you the game, you’ve gotta handle yourself properly. Just like in life, not everything will go your way.
Bob Stoops
Mel Gibson taught me to run properly. You’ve got to pump your arms and move your feet faster, or you just don’t look cool.
Glen Powell
I cite my own example to all those who say they are depressed! I couldn’t even move my hands properly and was given a few years to live. Youngsters need willpower to fight depression.
Sangram Singh
Believers are right when they say that to understand a religion properly you need to get under its skin. But to understand it fully, you cannot stay there: you have to take a more objective view, too.
Julian Baggini
It may be vain to care too much how you look, but it is impolite to care too little. You do a generous thing for the world when you present yourself properly.
Victoria Coren Mitchell
Deep-frying properly requires you to keep the oil at a precise temperature range depending on the food. If you’re frying in more than an inch of oil you really should invest in a deep-fat thermometer so you can monitor the temperature and know when to adjust the heat.
Claire Saffitz
I just think if you’re going to do something, do it properly.
Douglas Booth
But if I played well and prepared myself properly, then all I had to do was control myself and put myself in a position to win.
Jack Nicklaus
In order to properly measure the impacts of climate change on our Financial system they must first be identified and disclosed.
Barry Gardiner
I had a born-again experience at the age of 33. As a result of that I found a church where I felt I was being fed properly. I don’t say that as a reflection on Catholicism. But once I was born again, I got an evangelical spirit.
Bill McCartney
It is our duty to see that our future citizens are well born; that they are properly nourished, and are reared in that environment most likely to develop in them their full capacity and powers.
Arthur Capper
My view is that targets, properly constructed and applied across public services have been fundamental to past successes and will be an essential part of sustaining progress into the future.
John Hutton
During the debates for mayor, I was continually pressed on my position on the policing procedure known as ‘stop and frisk’ – which is actually in law enforcement known as ‘stop, question and frisk’ – and why I believed that, if used properly, it could reduce crime without infringing on personal liberties and human rights.
Eric Adams
Marco van Basten – I never saw him properly play but I know he was pretty good.
Virgil van Dijk
The Queen and Electric Light Orchestra harmonies are so distinct and fit in our songs so well sometimes, but we don’t know how to do them properly.
Nate Ruess
The best security for civilization is the dwelling, and upon properly appointed and becoming dwellings depends, more than anything else, the improvement of mankind.
Benjamin Disraeli
I like to think that the Internet and file sharing, if utilized properly and embraced, and I emphasize properly, is a high-powered marketing design.
The idea of critical windows extends beyond just vision, of course: almost every system in the brain has a critical window when it needs to experience certain stimuli, or it won’t get wired up properly. The most obvious example is language: if you don’t learn a language early on, it’s nigh impossible to become truly fluent.
Sam Kean
I look for what responsibility the character has in telling the story. If you remove the role from the story, can you still tell the story properly? And if the answer is no, then I’m interested.
Jonathan Majors
When a lot of players come to a club, it can be difficult to gel because you don’t know each other properly.
Georginio Wijnaldum
It can be a quick career if you don’t perform properly. If some of these pros don’t do something to reinvent themselves, they’re going to go down the rankings as quick as anything.
Phil Taylor
We have to take care of ourselves if we are going to take care of anyone else properly.
Victoria Osteen
‘Business,’ properly understood, is so central to every aspect of our civilization that Republicans should proudly announce that they are indeed ‘the party of business.’
Jacob K. Javits
The United States is the most innovative country in the world. But our leadership could slip away if we fail to properly fund primary, secondary and higher education.
Jeff Bingaman
I think I was always subconsciously driven by an attempt to restate that faith and to show where it was properly grounded, how it grew out of what a great many young men on both sides felt and believed and were brave enough to do.
Bruce Catton
It’s not an excuse, but I’d say I didn’t perform well in the big fights because I wasn’t prepared properly.
Derek Brunson
I don’t think you can let comments affect you too much as then you are not doing your job properly.
Stuart Broad
My mum won’t speak to me unless I speak properly on the phone. I have to speak ‘American’ for work, so often the accent comes through when I’m not at work.
Hannah Simone
I’m a 12-14. I don’t think ‘plus size’ is a shameful term at all, I just feel that it’s important to label me properly as to not send incorrect messaging about my size.
Lauren Ash
God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.
Farrah Fawcett
Man is, properly speaking, based upon hope, he has no other possession but hope; this world of his is emphatically the place of hope.
Thomas Carlyle
People with disabilities can grow up thinking they have a weakness because they are told,You will never do this properly; you will never walk properly or talk properly.’ That’s all they hear. But you have to look past that.
RJ Mitte
Phone screens are too small to properly appreciate YouTube videos.
Ann Makosinski
My first secondary school was in East Finchley, and I was one of only five white people in the year. I was really skinny and flat-chested with frizzy hair. I don’t consider myself posh, but my mum brought me up to speak properly, and they picked up on that, as all kids do.
Kaya Scodelario
If you’ve never mixed paint, you aren’t going to be able to paint properly.
Chris Milk
I am a better listener than talker – but that’s partly because I believe rows are often caused by saying things you haven’t thought through properly.
Greg Wise
I had too many big passions in life and it gets in the way of work. You can’t concentrate properly on the one thing.
Omar Sharif
People appreciate and follow the person who can persuade them properly. Make that person you.
Vernon Howard
We spend our lives trying to get along with people so we can keep our jobs, keep our marriages together, so that we can raise our kids properly.
Helen Fisher
It can bum you out when your intentions aren’t, like, translated properly.
It costs a lot of money to make an album in a studio in New York with a producer and musicians. I have to pay a publicist every month. I have to pay for mastering, production, the manufacturing of the discs. Then, to promote an album properly, you have to spend a lot of money.
Juliana Hatfield
When the Senate ceases to engage nominees in meaningful discussion of legal issues, the confirmation process takes on an air of vacuity and farce, and the Senate becomes incapable of either properly evaluating nominees or appropriately educating the public.
Elena Kagan
I’ve grown from being around other singers. I’ve learned not to be afraid. A part of that is from writing my own songs and discovering how to tell my own story properly.
Luke James
I think it’s really important that we see women represented properly in TV, and that’s a multi-dimensional person: a real human being who’s flawed, who’s weird, who’s awesome.
Kylie Bunbury
I’m the sort of person who has to learn something properly before I show anyone.
Rachel Riley
It takes time to love someone properly, and in this business, you get very wary of people.
Mark Roberts
I agree with the Speaker and have concluded that my other activities do not permit me to devote the time that membership of the Lords properly requires.
Michael Ashcroft
I didn’t start singing and writing songs properly until I was 19.
Tom Walker
I can’t properly explain it, but I don’t mind admitting I suffered a breakdown.
Michael Ball
If this liberal potential is properly channeled, we may expect the area of freedom of the United States to increase. The problem is to spend up our rate of social invention in the service of the welfare of all the people.
Henry A. Wallace
Their eagerness for the big-band music and their ability to grasp the essence of it made me realize that today’s generation has not been properly exposed to the big-band sound.
Illinois Jacquet
I’m afraid sometimes certain individual cases of defaults are unavoidable. What we should do is to step up monitoring, properly handle relevant matters, and ensure there is no regional and systemic financial risk.
Li Keqiang
As voters and taxpayers, we must demand that our local governments properly prioritize libraries. As citizens, we must invest in our library down the street so that the generations served by that library grow up to be adults who contribute not just to their local communities but to the world.
Karin Slaughter
This was a tragic event in human history, but by paying tribute to the Armenian community we ensure the lessons of the Armenian genocide are properly understood and acknowledged.
Jerry Costello
Corn is the leading food and feed crop of the United States in geographic range of production, acreage, and quantity of product. The vital importance of a large acreage of this crop, properly cared for, therefore, is obvious.
David F. Houston
It takes two years on the stage for an actor or an actress to learn how to speak correctly and to manage his voice properly, and it takes about ten years to master the subtle art of being able to hold one’s audience.
D. W. Griffith
If you are not an accredited investor, you only have one option: to buy and hold bitcoin on your own. The process of acquiring bitcoin is risky and requires a lot of due diligence to navigate the landscape properly.
Perianne Boring
Philosophy is properly home-sickness; the wish to be everywhere at home.
Don’t buy furs: that’s No. 1. You can start with that. Then spay and neuter your pets. We destroy millions of them a year. Go to an animal shelter for a cat or dog. And read a book about how to care properly for your particular pet.
Loretta Swit
You didn’t eat some days for two days you didn’t eat properly.
I wasn’t properly performing in Canada. I was just starting out, and when everyone starts out, they’re terrible. I’m sure there are some Kellyanne Conway videos of me just really dying on a stage.
Katherine Ryan
I hope that a move toward clemency with Judge Afiuni would be a step towards the importance of maintaining a properly functioning justice system.
Noam Chomsky
I didn’t go to university, and I always had in my mind that I hadn’t studied properly.
Elena Roger
I believe always you should have a philanthropic heart inside but business way. Because you have to get things done. That is what scientists tell us how to do properly. Business should tell us how to get things done efficiently. And government should have the good environment and the foundations of researching.
Jack Ma
The idea that in the system, if you manage it in an optimum way, all of the constituent parts of the system also win, flourish, and benefit, is intrinsic to business and even to capitalism itself, properly understood. But people don’t understand it because we’re not taught to think that way.
John Mackey
I’m pedantic about lip balm. I’ve been chomping through Lip Smackers since age 11. So the lip balm called Lips! is a personal favourite. I also really love the Properly Clean cleanser. Women are wearing primer, sunscreen and makeup, so a cleanser needs to work hard these days.
Zoe Foster Blake
James Agate, a great critic of the day, advised me that the way to learn your job properly was to learn Shakespeare, so I went to Stratford. It really sorts out the men from the boys.
Donald Sinden
For small businesses in Kansas and across the country, the coronavirus has the potential to cause devastating financial hardship that would have a ripple effect throughout our economy. These businesses make up the backbone of our communities, and we have to ensure they are properly supported and protected.
Sharice Davids
I got into cello in the fourth grade, and I played that for years. I adored playing it. I got an opera coach when I was 12 because I really wanted to learn how to sing properly. The only proper way to sing, I thought at that age, was opera.
Beth Hart
I was a beat-the-system sort of player, but you can’t beat the system, you have to prepare properly.
Jimmy White
If I am not mistaken, it was a British poet who said that ‘no one is properly dressed unless he wears a smile.’
I think you should love your body. Train it properly because the result is always amazing.
Rahul Dev
In the business world and the volunteer world, each job has certain requirements that must be met in order for that job to be done properly and for that organization to survive and prosper.
Ron D. Burton
The first, that their pretensions to this possession of an art properly so called in their art of speaking are entirely unfounded; and the second, that they are involved in a profound mistake in their confusion of the good with the pleasant.
Friedrich Schleiermacher
Education, when delivered properly, can benefit a lot of people and make productive citizens out of those otherwise given no hope.
John Murray
Properly practiced creativity can make one ad do the work of ten.
William Bernbach
When I began modelling in my late teens, I started to earn a lot of money very, very quickly, but I’d never been shown how to manage it properly.
Marie Helvin
There won’t be any miracles. We never promised any. But as we have said before, when things are done properly, the results come in.
Mariano Rajoy
There’s a certain steely resolve when you decide to live in a city and decide to raise children in the city. And if you’re doing it properly, you have sort of a heightened awareness anyway.
John Ross Bowie
When I was little, my oesophagus was too small, so I had to get it operated on to help me eat properly.
Perrie Edwards
I’m going to the gym and really taking care of myself and trying to stay fit, eating properly.
Sondra Radvanovsky
I need insulin to stay alive. It’s just therapy to keep going. What I can do is make sure that I keep my blood sugar down to a reasonable level. I can exercise, and I can eat properly. And insulin plays a very big part in that.
Mary Tyler Moore
I’ve done maybe twelve of Shakespeare’s plays. I was with the Royal Shakespeare Company for years. Whatever influence that has never leaves you. If you learn to drive a car, and you learn the right way if there is ever a right way. You learn the good aspects, you learn to drive properly. And that never leaves you.
Charles Dance
A cook never knows if the dish he perfected for hours was described properly or if a guest even liked his food. It’s hard to spend hours perfecting a dish only to relinquish control. But chefs need to put aside their egos and trust the people serving the food.
Daniel Humm
Every night I go over what I did in the day, in ethical or moral terms. Have I treated people properly? Did I tell the truth?
Jeanne Moreau
Come rain or shine you look out onto your garden every single day, so it’s important and uplifting to have it done properly.
A. J. Odudu
When I’m interviewing someone, I want to make sure that he thought enough to take care of himself – to dress appropriately and to groom himself properly.
Bill Rancic
A lesser but still fundamental rule of racing is that you properly enter the event. Anyone who doesn’t but still insists on running interferes with the paying customers.
Joe Henderson
I know just enough Japanese to get by if I get lost and greet an audience properly, just from having a lot of Japanese friends and being there over the years.
Janis Ian
You’re coming off the training pitch properly tired. You’d be empty. You couldn’t go and do extra finishing.
Kemar Roofe
Behind the keyboard, it doesn’t matter that physically my body doesn’t work properly.
Fredrick Brennan
There was a time when I was not able to speak properly because of my medical condition. But I managed to fight against all those odds.
Sangram Singh
The rise of China as a new power is another great challenge for the US. Our failure to properly handle Germany and Japan earlier in the 20th century cost us and the world dearly. We must not make this same mistake with China.
Steve Forbes
If properly dried and trimmed, New York-style pizza could be used to make a box for Chicago-style pizza.
Nick Offerman
I don’t think enough players channel the energy of the crowd. If it’s done properly, and you don’t let anger overwhelm and distract you, it’s like a shot of adrenaline in the arm, and it gets the crowd pumped up.
John McEnroe
If you believe you are right, then you should believe that you can make the case that you’re right. This requires you to deal with serious objections properly.
Julian Baggini
We are properly ready for marriage when we are strong enough to embrace a life of frustration.
Alain de Botton
Every generation brings something new to the workplace, and millennials are no exception. As a group, they tend to be highly educated, love to learn, and grew up with the Internet and digital tools in a way that can be highly useful when leveraged properly.
Kathryn Minshew
It was a great learning curve because I knew I could put on a session, but I couldn’t set out cones straight! That’s one of the hardest things to do in coaching, little things like that to be able to prepare a session properly.
Harry Kewell
Once you take a role, you have to do it properly and do it justice.
Tamsin Egerton
If your user base engagement is fledgeling, a token may not be the panacea unless it is properly threaded into the product, and user behavior is accompanying the token utility.
William Mougayar
In some ways, writing a novel, especially a novel set in the past and about characters who once lived, is about amassing enough details and arranging them properly in order to offer the reader a verisimilitude that satisfies his or her curiosity about the story at hand.
David Ebershoff
Our failure as a society to properly acknowledge and confront the psychological, social, and political effects of white privilege has perpetuated racial inequality and race-based political resentments.
Tim Wise
It takes a big voice a long time to develop properly; the bigger it is, the harder it is to develop the technique.
Richard Bonynge
Writers aren’t born properly labeled so it is hard to know one when one appears.
Julianna Baggott
You really only understand whether a song’s good or not when you properly play it out in public for the first time.
Alex Kapranos
It’s kind of like a midlife crisis kind of thing. When you turn 40, you have to run the marathon, while all the parts still work properly.
Joe Bastianich
Whether it is a super PAC or not, I have been blessed with wealth, and I think I have responsibility to use it properly.
Foster Friess
I never thought I want to do anything, really, except not go to work properly and turn up at the same place every day and eat sandwiches in the same canteen, if I can possibly help it, as I don’t think I’d be very good at it.
Dylan Moran
The player can only compete with the best internationally when they’ve committed themselves to this goal. They have to be properly supported until that point.
Jurgen Klinsmann
It doesn’t change the way I am, but I do totally understand how you’re looked at as a footballer, especially by children. I don’t claim I can shape their lives, but there’s no harm in having good manners and being seen to play the game properly.
Joe Hart
My father had several strokes and heart attacks. I was with him when he died, and it was a horrible death. He had been a very articulate man, and to lose that, never to be able to speak properly and to be unable to move – he had always been a very vigorous man, so to be in a wheelchair and mumbling – was terrible.
Ruth Rendell
I stayed with a family in the bush in Alaska and there were absolutely swarms of mosquitos. The crew were wearing full body nets but the family weren’t, so I decided that if I was going to do things properly I wouldn’t wear them either. I was eaten alive!
Ben Fogle
I have a disturbing problem with losing things. My vulnerability to loss-distress could properly be labeled not only inordinate, but neurotic.
Dick Cavett
I think players tend to get anxious if they’ve not really done things properly – like eating, resting or training. If you’re fully prepared you’ve got nothing to worry about – it’s just a game of football.
Roy Keane
I make time to exercise. It’s not being indulgent. I think it’s got a lot to do with your ability to manage properly and stay focused. There’s no doubt about that.
Ginni Rometty
There have been weeks when I’ve not been hydrating properly or not eating properly or training too hard. When I do that, I don’t feel good. It has to be the exact formula.
Landon Donovan
I don’t care about the rules. In fact, if I don’t break the rules at least 10 times in every song then I’m not doing my job properly.
Jeff Beck
My strength is in finding ways to make the government work for the people: finding waste, or money that is not being properly used… or finding opportunities that are out there and making them work for the community.
Tammy Duckworth
I felt that needed to be addressed: the idea that anything a man tries to do properly or thoroughly is dismissed as either metrosexual or OCD. But why can’t you be practical and artistic at the same time, which was considered perfectly normal in the Renaissance?
James May
I’m changing lineups obviously to give everybody their best opportunity to show what they can do. Just giving everybody their fair chance to assess that properly.
Michael Cooper
I guess I’ve never been introduced properly to Pink Floyd. I know they’re great, don’t get me wrong. Excellent, excellent musicians; great band; awesome harmony; great song writers; I just don’t know anything besides, I guess, the popular songs on the radio.
Phil Anselmo
Properly practiced creativity must result in greater sales more economically achieved. Properly practiced creativity can lift your claims out of the swamp of sameness and make them accepted, believed, persuasive, urgent.
William Bernbach
Sometimes people think that I’m maybe pretentious or just weird, a fraud, or fake, because I have a formal education and speak properly and give people respect.
Princess Nokia
I am very nice to those who do their job properly.
Yoshihide Suga
To do a band properly does kind of mean you don’t really get to do anything else.
James Murphy
Skateboarding teaches you how to take a fall properly. If you try to kickflip down some stairs, it might take you thirty tries – and you just learn how to take a tumble out of it without getting hurt.
Bam Margera
The American free enterprise system is the greatest tool to lift people out of poverty ever created in human history and when applied properly, does not discriminate by race, religion, or skin color.
Markwayne Mullin
I ought to be groovy and be able to say the enemy is this and the enemy is that… but I’ve never been very good at… I don’t want to have to answer questions I don’t know the answer to properly. I have an opinion.
Rik Mayall
If you do something as simple as 15-minute ice baths three days a week, and you time those baths properly, you can significantly multiply your fat loss.
Tim Ferriss
The place where we were operating was not fit to be called an operating room. Aseptic work had not been done in it for some years. The floor could not be scrubbed properly, or the water would go through on the laboratories below.
Frederick Banting
Business has to have a seat at the table. Infrastructure isn’t going to be built properly if business doesn’t have a seat at the table. A school is not going to happen if businesses don’t work with schools about what kind of jobs they really need.
Jamie Dimon
Everyone that I have taken the mick out of, or told a story about, is someone I know properly or someone who has been a team-mate, and I know can take it. I am not stitching anyone up.
Peter Crouch
I’ve met lots of interesting people, but Lucian Freud is the one who sticks out because I spent so much time with him. He taught me discipline, which I hadn’t been taught properly before. If I was, like, two seconds, late, he would kick off. Once, I was three minutes late, and he went absolutely berserk.
Kate Moss
I look for a great story. One that I would like to watch, or tell, or that I think needs to be told, because I know that, as an actress, I have a responsibility to tell certain stories and to tell them properly.
Mandip Gill
Learn to cook brown rice with a little salt and butter or olive oil. Learn to boil noodles properly or saute onions right. Once you get those basics down, you’ll be all good and feel more confident.
Damaris Phillips
The great secret is that an orchestra can actually play without a conductor at all. Of course, a great conductor will have a concept and will help them play together and unify them. But there are conductors that actually inhibit the players from playing with each other properly.
Joshua Bell
Searching for alternative life on Earth might seem misconceived, because there is excellent evidence that every kind of life so far studied evolved from a common ancestor that lived billions of years ago. Yet most of the life that exists on Earth has never been properly classified.
Paul Davies
You have to tackle. Football is not composed of just taking the ball, or clearing the ball, properly, without touching the opponent? No. If you clear the ball and the opponent is in the middle of it… I feel sorry for the opponent!
Davinson Sanchez
Well-written plays deserve to be learned from and understood properly, both by actors and audiences alike, and Rattigan’s very human characters help us do that.
Roger Rees
Politicians are easy to attack, but frankly, we are all guilty of not meeting the needs of Africa’s young people properly.
Ama Ata Aidoo
When labor migration is properly managed, it is a conduit for skills and wages to flow where they are most needed. It can, and must, be a triple-win, benefiting migrants and their families, their home country, and their destination.
Guy Ryder
I’m optimistic, and I have a lot of goals. And I obey the laws of nature: I eat, exercise, and rest properly. But mostly it’s about keeping the mind engaged. My grandmother lived to 104, and she had all of her faculties. I’m physically active and devout – just not as Buddhistic as she was.
George Takei
I sleep five or six hours a night, then crash at the weekend. I’m learning to eat properly and exercise. I relax by watching silly sitcoms like ‘Scrubs’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother.’
Elise Andrew
I have been using Victorinox Cutlery since I was a young man, when my parents gave me a block set to properly equip me for my culinary apprenticeship.
Daniel Humm
Reason and science allow us to properly think about the necessary data that are required in order to answer a given question. This is precisely why the scientific method is the most powerful framework for understanding the world.
Gad Saad
To put on a corset properly is as much of an art as to make a corset properly.
Anna Held
I use humour a lot because humour is a great equaliser. Everyone laughs at the same things if you set them up properly, and that makes everybody equal. At the end of the day, I see my job as being there to entertain as well as inform and provoke.
Gurinder Chadha
If you lose emotion, and you gain it back, you realise that hate and love are very important to distribute properly. So I’m not going to waste any kind of emotion on things that aren’t related to me.
Marilyn Manson
Government needs to get out of the way, focus more on affordability, manage taxes properly so we get the services we expect.
Caroline Mulroney
It’s hard. It’s hard to get a film made properly.
Bennett Miller
My first time to Rome was when I was backpacking with my best friend around Europe for a month at 18 years old, so I remember that excitement of being away from home properly for the first time.
Natalie Dormer
I don’t make much distinction between being a stand-up comic and acting Shakespeare – in fact, unless you’re a good comedian, you’re never going to be able to play Hamlet properly.
Ian Mckellen
Of course I had written a film about Elizabeth I, and I loved the Tudor period, and I think at the time Working Title and I had debated on whether to do Elizabeth I or Henry VIII. I’d always wanted to do Henry VIII. Like Elizabeth, I’d had this feeling that it had never properly been addressed.
Michael Hirst
The Valley is a place that takes itself too seriously, and it has yet to be properly lampooned. So it’s time for a wedgie.
Thomas Middleditch
The perplexity of life arises from there being too many interesting things in it for us to be interested properly in any of them.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
We can even sing off key, but if it’s produced properly it can be a hit.
Grandmaster Flash
I have been a business guy all my life, and I know that when you have a real problem, you can’t cut your way out of the problem. Too often we try to skinny everything down and not fund it properly.
Jim Justice
The best training program in the world is absolutely worthless without the will to execute it properly, consistently, and with intensity.
John Romaniello
If black people use their resources properly, they can become as competitive as any group in society – take control of our neighborhoods, our businesses, our schools, including our teachers. The only thing keeping black people from doing it is this idiotic idea about integration, about being racially balanced.
James Meredith
The politician and the government expert receive their revenues, not from service voluntarily purchased on the market, but from a compulsory levy on the populace. These officials, therefore, wholly lack the pecuniary incentive to care about serving the public properly and competently.
Murray Rothbard
Following a trend too closely is a risky thing. If not properly executed, you could easily end up looking uncomfortable, over-styled, and downright foolish.
Dan Levy
So I had a ghostwriter, they call them, or somebody who is an experienced writer, to help. I’ve got the ideas in my head, it’s getting them properly on paper.
Bruce Boxleitner
Right now, there could well be messages from the stars flying right through this room. Through you and me. And if we had the right receiver set up properly, we could detect them. I still get chills thinking about it.
Frank Drake
It was in San Diego and I was onstage and couldn’t remember how to play the guitar properly. I was in terrible pain and my nervous system was just going wild, like somebody had just run a car over me.
Andy Partridge
As an artist who performs on the stage, I try to express my feelings and convey my inner thoughts through the looks I give the audience. So, I tend to focus on making sure that my makeup highlights my eyes properly.
Lee Tae-min
When I was around 13 or 14, there were visits to the theater, which really ignited my passion. Going to see live theater is when I properly got the bug and hoped I’d be able to do it for a living one day.
Genevieve O’Reilly
I think that whenever businesses harm the economy, harm workers, harm consumers, or undermine human rights in any way, then it is the role of the government to make sure that they don’t do that and to make sure that markets are fair and they operate properly.
Keith Ellison
I want to explore the world properly, to be able to write about and take pictures of all kinds of different cultures. Just be an explorer or adventurer. I also love extreme sports.
Cara Delevingne
We shouldn’t waste any more time in making sure that democracy is properly rooted in our political life and the supremacy of the law becomes an integral part of our state’s structure.
Ahmet Necdet Sezner
I feel quite sad for the young musicians coming up because they may never get to pay their rent properly. It doesn’t matter what the genre; nowadays, it’s so much harder than it ever was.
Bryan Adams
I was 15 when I started making music properly.
Charli XCX
If a company is second rate, the logo will eventually be perceived as second rate. It is foolhardy to believe that a logo will do its job immediately, before an audience has been properly conditioned.
Paul Rand
I think quite a lot of people have a friendship or a love that’s gone like that and it never quite reconciles properly.
Tim Finn
To edit someone from your life must be a properly evaluated decision. After all, the act of distancing yourself is difficult and, if executed improperly, could prove even more troublesome than if you were to have done nothing at all. The key is to create the distance gradually – a ‘fade out’ as I like to call it.
Dan Levy
When you waste a moment, you have killed it in a sense, squandering an irreplaceable opportunity. But when you use the moment properly, filling it with purpose and productivity, it lives on forever.
Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Uninsured care happens in this country, and here’s the problem. It’s not properly accounted for. The people who pay for uninsured care at the moment are the hospitals and the doctors and all of the medical providers.
John Fleming
It’s silly to work hard the whole week and then spoil it by not preparing properly before the game.
Arsene Wenger
Properly used, positive reinforcement is extremely powerful.
B. F. Skinner
There are moments when television systems are young and haven’t formed properly, and there’s room for lots of original stuff. Then things become more and more top-heavy with executives who are trying to guarantee the success of things.
Terry Gilliam
My own kids are absolutely allowed to help me cook it. They of course have the added bonus of knowing how to bake. That wasn’t really a concept when I was a kid – I learned it at school in home economics, then started properly when I was home with my children. They love helping me.
Nadiya Hussain
You know when you’ve hit a good shot. I use a bat that weighs two pounds and nine ounces, and it makes a reassuringly solid sound when I connect properly. The ball pings off the middle.
Jonny Bairstow
Sometimes, what’s not said is just as important to the writing as what is said. As a writer, we have our voices heard. I think that, at oftentimes, the ability to allow the dialogue to recede properly into the world of the film is also a really valid sort of way to be a writer, I think.
Joel Edgerton
The legitimacy of coercive acts in a democracy arises from the process by which they are justified and by the degree to which we regard decisions as rational. If the justifications proceed properly, through recognized public institutions, and if they make sense to us, they are legitimate.
Michael Ignatieff
It is not questioned that the Federal Government is one of limited powers. Its powers are such, and such only, as are expressly granted in the Constitution or are properly incident to the expressly granted powers and necessary to their execution.
James K. Polk
When I was 18 or 19, I started writing raps properly.
Stefflon Don
I really rely on knowing how to apply make-up properly, rather than slapping it on and hoping for the best.
Emma Willis
Any time you are inverting yourself three times in a single air trick, you have to be cautious to execute properly and avoid injury.
Scotty Lago
My mom would always travel with us to everything; my dad introduced us to the weight room and showed us how to properly work out.
Rob Gronkowski
I had done a lot of running in ‘Texas Chainsaw’ and sword-fighting in ‘Percy Jackson,’ which taught me to fall properly.
Alexandra Daddario
When you combine something to say with the skill to say it properly, then you’ve got a good writer.
Theodore Sturgeon
Young girls look to me as a role model and think I crash diet to keep slim. That’s not true, I always eat properly.
Denise Van Outen
Of course, it is extremely difficult to maintain this healthy lifestyle when youre travelling constantly at odd hours, not able to catch ample sleep and work out properly. I try to make sure I eat healthily and create time for my fitness routine every day.
Harrdy Sandhu
I think that continuity is the most important way to create a city that functions properly and has a competitive edge in the international era.
Park Won-soon
Trying to do Christianity properly is tough. Life as a priest is rigorous and disciplined. It involves sacrifices.
Richard Coles
Everytime there’s an NXT show, people are like, ‘Oh, that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.’ It’s the greatest show on Earth. One of things that they have going for them is the fact they make you wait. They build to it properly. That’s a good way to go at this.
Cody Rhodes