Pubic Hair Quotes

Pubic Hair Quotes by Hadley Freeman, Peggy Orenstein, Dylan Moran, Tia Carrere, Lisa Kleypas, William H. Macy and many others.

Pubic hair is proof of sexual maturity and if your part

Pubic hair is proof of sexual maturity and if your partner finds that a turn-off, you should probably reconsider that partner.
Hadley Freeman
Girls are removing pubic hair before fully having it. They would say I feel cleaner, it’s for me, but then they’d say if a boy saw pubic hair down there they’d head for the hills.
Peggy Orenstein
I can’t relax here. These people have no pubic hair anywhere. We have pubic hair on the ceiling.
Dylan Moran
I’m waxed clean – hairless as the day as I was born. But don’t say ‘Tia has no pubic hair.’ That’s so clinical. Use a nice euphemism. Say ‘She’s mowed her secret garden’ or ‘She’s cleared the way to the Promised Land.’ Because that’s what it is, right?
Tia Carrere
Haven, don’t ask me to define the boundaries of normal. You know how I was raised. My father once struck strands of his own pubic hair onto a painting and sold it for a million dollars.
Lisa Kleypas
All girls over age 14 remove pubic hair. The only touching is to remove hair. That’s grim.
Peggy Orenstein
Somebody’s gotta stand up and say pubic hair is good, murder is bad. Sex is good, violence is bad.
William H. Macy
We’re Jews. When you look at our pubic hair, it should look like Ewoks should be in there.
Jon Stewart