Pupils Quotes

Pupils Quotes by Jonathan Kozol, C. S. Lewis, Zora Neale Hurston, Nalini Singh, Juvenal, Bel Kaufman and many others.

Nationally, overwhelmingly non-white schools receive $1

Nationally, overwhelmingly non-white schools receive $1,000 less per pupil than overwhelmingly white schools.
Jonathan Kozol
The basic proposal of the new education is to be that dunces and idlers must not be made to feel inferior to intelligent and industrious pupils. That would be ‘undemocratic.
C. S. Lewis
We must learn to be honest with ourselves, and know our shortcomings. We will acquire cohesion but we will pay dearly for being a slow pupil.
Zora Neale Hurston
Venom’s pupils contracted the instant before he slid his sunglasses back on. She couldn’t help it. “Why isn’t your tongue forked?” “Why can’t you fly?” A smirk. “Those things on your back aren’t accessories you know.
Nalini Singh
The pupil will eclipse his tutor, I warrant.
Learning is a process of mutual discovery for teacher and pupil. Keep an open mind to their unexpected responses.
Bel Kaufman
That is the difference between good teachers and great teachers: good teachers make the best of a pupil’s means; great teachers foresee a pupil’s ends.
Maria Callas
Wherever there are beginners and experts, old and young, there is some kind of learning going on, some kind of teaching. We are all pupils and we are all teachers.
Gilbert Highet
We’re spending, on average, three times more for prison than for public-school pupils. That’s the dumbest investment policy. It doesn’t make us safer.
Marian Wright Edelman
I’d propose that each central-city child should have an entitlement from the state to attend any school in the metropolitan area outside his own district – with per pupil funds going with him.
James S. Coleman
A genius is always a teacher, never a pupil; he is always self-made.
Ludwig von Mises
You yourself are the teacher, and the pupil, you’re the master, you’re the guru, you are the leader, you are everything! And, to understand is to transform what is.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
I am a pupil of Pissarro.
Paul Cezanne
Art, as far as it is able, follows nature, as a pupil imitates his master; thus your art must be, as it were, God’s grandchild.
Dante Alighieri
My objective in teaching my pupils is that they should be fitted for any kind of art.
Howard Pyle
The pupil dilates in darkness and in the end finds light, just as the soul dilates in misfortune and in the end finds God.
Victor Hugo
She couldn’t tell where his pupils ended and the irises began; looking into those eyes was like looking into a well where children had drowned.
MaryJanice Davidson
Tutors should behave reverently before their pupils.
Roger L’Estrange
Man is a pupil, pain is his teacher.
Alfred de Musset
Salieri was a pupil of Gluck. He was born in Italy in 1750 and died in Vienna in 1825. He left Italy when he was 16 and spent most of his life in Vienna. He’s the key composer between classic music and romantic music. Beethoven was the beginning of romantic music, and he was the teacher of Beethoven and Schubert.
Cecilia Bartoli
The aim of education is to make the pupil like and dislike what he ought….The little human animal will not at first have the right responses. It must be trained to feel pleasure, liking, disgust, and hatred at those things which really are pleasant, likable, disgusting, and hateful.
We should seek to be fellow students with the pupil, and should learn of, as well as with him, if we would be most helpful to him.
Henry David Thoreau
There is no more wild, free, vigorous growth of the forest, but everything is in pots or rows like a rococo garden… The pupil is in the age of spontaneous variation which at no period of life is so great. He does not want a standardized, overpeptonized mental diet. It palls on his appetite.
G. Stanley Hall
You are rewarding a teacher poorly if you remain always a pupil.
Friedrich Nietzsche
As the true object of education is not to render the pupil the mere copy of his preceptor, it is rather to be rejoiced in, than lamented, that various reading should lead him into new trains of thinking.
William Godwin
My world was completely different to other boys my age. When I was six I was earning money, and by 10 I was paying more tax than the parents of other pupils. I feel a lot older than my years. Because I was working with adults, I had to mature a lot quicker.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
The mind of a bigot to the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour on it, the more it contracts.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
Admitting that it is the profession of our sex to teach, we perceive the mother to be first in point of precedence, in degree of power, in the faculty of teaching, and in the department allotted. For in point of precedence she is next to the Creator, in power over her pupil, limitless and without competitor.
Lydia Sigourney
One has to seek Beauty and Truth, Sir! As I always say to my pupils, you have to work to the finish. There’s only one kind of painting. It is the painting that presents the eye with perfection, the kind of beautiful and impeccable enamel you find in Veronese and Titian.
William-Adolphe Bouguereau
A young man had become possessed by a devil. The thing within him burst into loud lamentation and departed from the man. At once the youth’s eye fell out on his cheek, and the whole of the pupil which had been black became white.
Saint Augustine
Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.
Leonardo da Vinci
The pupil wants not so much to learn, as to learn how to learn.
Samuel Boden
I taught principally German language and literature at Eton. But any master with private pupils must be prepared to teach anything they ask for. That can be as diverse as the early paintings of Salvador Dali or how bumblebees manage to fly.
John le Carre
We should, if possible, prove a teacher to posterity, instead of being the pupil of by-gone generations. More shall come after us than have gone before; the world is not yet middle-aged.
Herman Melville
If you become a teacher, by your pupils you’ll be taught.
Oscar Hammerstein II
The good teacher discovers the natural gifts of his pupils and liberates them by the stimulating influence of the inspiration that he can impart. The true leader makes his followers twice the men they were before.
Stephen Neill
Communists should set an example in study; at all times they should be pupils of the masses as well as their teachers.
Mao Zedong
You teacher, teach your pupils freedom in thought and deed, honesty in thought and deed, and tolerance in thought and deed.
Ameen Rihani
Wit,–the pupil of the soul’s clear eye.
Sir John Davies
How much longer are you going to be a pupil? From now on do some teaching as well.
Seneca the Younger
Little girls, I am in the business of putting old heads on young shoulders, and all my pupils are the crГЁme de la crГЁme. Give me a girl at an impressionable age and she is mine for life.
Maggie Smith
What is a good definition? For the philosopher or the scientist, it is a definition which applies to all the objects to be defined, and applies only to them; it is that which satisfies the rules of logic. But in education it is not that; it is one that can be understood by the pupils.
Henri Poincare
I’m going to smile, and my smile will sink down into your pupils, and heaven knows what it will become.
Jean-Paul Sartre
There is no teaching until the pupil is brought into the same state or principle in which you are; a transfusion takes place; he is you, and you are he; then is a teaching; and by no unfriendly chance or bad company can he ever lose the benefit.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
To me education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil’s soul.
Muriel Spark
If I were a headmaster, I would get rid of the history teacher and get a chocolate teacher instead and my pupils would study a subject that affected all of them.
Roald Dahl
In every man there is something wherein I may learn of him, and in that I am his pupil.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A true teacher should penetrate to whatever is vital in his pupil, and develop that by the light and heat of his own intelligence.
Edwin Percy Whipple
The good pupils are often brilliant, and they keep you on your toes and take you to the limits of your knowledge. The worst pupils provide a unique insight into the criminal mind.
John le Carre
One repays a teacher badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I shall no longer be instructed by the Yoga Veda or the Aharva Veda, or the ascetics, or any other doctrine whatsoever. I shall learn from myself, be a pupil of myself; I shall get to know myself, the mystery of Siddhartha.” He looked around as if he were seeing the world for the first time.
Hermann Hesse
I have become a pupil of the AA movement rather than the teacher.
Bill W.
A pupil is a great resource.
Hudson Stuck
We should never pretend to know what we don’t know, we should not feel ashamed to ask and learn from people below, and we should listen carefully to the views of the cadres at the lowest levels. Be a pupil before you become a teacher; learn from the cadres at the lower levels before you issue orders.
Mao Zedong
I want to see far more decisions taken far closer to the patients, the passengers and the pupils. Far more power for locally and regionally elected politicians who understand best the needs of their areas. And far more say too for the dedicated staff at all levels in health and education.
Charles Kennedy
The pupil who is never required to do what he cannot do, never does what he can do.
John Stuart Mill
A teacher is frequently the only adult in the pupil’s environment who treats him with respect.
Bel Kaufman
Let our pupil be taught that he does not belong to himself, but that he is public property … He must be taught to amass wealth, but it must be only to increase his power of contributing to the wants and demands of the state… [Education] can be done effectually only by the interference and aid of the Legislature.
Benjamin Rush
Be pupils of the masses as well as their teachers.
Mao Zedong
Teachers are directed to instruct their pupils… and to awaken in them a sense of their responsibility toward the community of the nation.
Bernhard Rust
Do you think nobody would willingly entrust his children to you or pay you for teaching them? Why do you have to extort your fees and collect your pupils by compulsion?
Isabel Paterson
Pupils may learn many things when a teacher is not in fact teaching.
Paul Q. Hirst
As Michael (Chekhov)’s pupil, I learned more about acting. I learned psychology, history, and the good manners of art – taste.
Marilyn Monroe
If you are not prepared to look at your pupils strength’s, don’t touch their weaknesses.
Reuven Feuerstein
The Judo pupil, therefore, must cultivate his mind; he must never feel fear, never lose his temper, never be off his guard; but he must be cool and calm, though not absent-minded; he must act as quick as thought, according to circumstances. He must also be dexterous as well as bold both in attack and in defense.
Yokoyama Sakujiro
So far has Athens left the rest of mankind behind in thought and expression that her pupils have become the teachers of the world, and she has made the name of Hellas distinctive no longer of race but of intellect, and the title of Hellene a badge of education rather than of common descent.
Wit is the refractory pupil of judgment.
William Shenstone
I was watching Maury Povich the other day. He had these people on who say that they’ve had near death experiences. Do you ever notice they always say the same thing? ‘I remember seeing this really bright, white light.’ It’s like, of course, you pinhead, it’s the paramedic looking in your pupils with a penlight.
Carol Leifer
Nothing can be done about it: every master has but a single pupil–and he will not stay loyal to him–for he is also destined to become a master.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Select such subjects that your pupils cannot walk out without seeing them. Train your pupils to be observers, and have them provided with the specimens about which you speak. If you can find nothing better, take a house-fly or a cricket, and let each one hold a specimen and examine it as you talk.
Louis Agassiz
Many a bad habit is developed through overindulgence, and many a good one by chastisement; therefore, beat your son as well as your pupil; never indulge them.
We saw one school-house in our walk, and listened to the sounds which issued from it; but it appeared like a place where the process, not of enlightening, but of obfuscating the mind was going on, and the pupils received only so much light as could penetrate the shadow of the Catholic church.
Henry David Thoreau
Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.
Hector Berlioz
Since Pawlow [Pavlov] and his pupils have succeeded in causing the secretion of saliva in the dog by means of optic and acoustic signals, it no longer seems strange to us that what the philosopher terms an ‘idea’ is a process which can cause chemical changes in the body.
Jacques Loeb
For every one pupil who needs to be guarded against a weak excess of sensibility there are three who need to be awakened from the slumber of cold vulgarity. The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts.
C. S. Lewis
Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished
Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Teaching, I find, is not the most amusing thing on earth; in fact, with a stupid lump for a Pupil, it is about the most irksome.
Jane Welsh Carlyle
The same is true of Love, and the instinctive desire to please those whom we love. The teacher who succeeds in getting herself loved by the pupils will obtain results which one of a more forbidding temperament finds it impossible to secure.
William James
I must remain a child and pupil of the Catechism, and am glad so to remain.
Martin Luther
I have always felt that the true text-book for the pupil is his teacher
Mahatma Gandhi
I must try to remember that a boy’s heart is not a man’s, and perhaps a teacher must learn from his pupil, too, eh?
David Clement-Davies
PERIPATETIC, adj. Walking about. Relating to the philosophy of Aristotle, who, while expounding it, moved from place to place in order to avoid his pupil’s objections. A needless precaution – they knew no more of the matter than he.
Ambrose Bierce
I believe that our own experience instructs us that the secret of Education lies in respecting the pupil.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
[Aristotle] was the most eminent of all the pupils of Plato…. He seceded from Plato while he was still alive; so that they tell a story that [Plato] said, ” Aristotle has kicked us off, just as chickens do their mother after they have been hatched.
An impression which simply flows in at the pupil’s eyes or ears and in no way modifies his active life, is an impression gone to waste. It is physiologically incomplete… Its motor consequences are what clinch it.
William James
To George Gershwin, on refusinghim as a pupil: You would only lose the spontaneous quality of your melody, and end by writing bad Ravel.
Maurice Ravel
It appears to me that if one wants to make progress in mathematics, one should study the masters and not the pupils.
Niels Henrik Abel
So long as public schools are treated as places that exist to provide guaranteed jobs to members of the teachers’ unions, do not be surprised to see American students continuing to score lower on international tests than students in countries that spend a lot less per pupil than we do.
Thomas Sowell
Let our pupil be taught that he does not belong to himself, but that he is public property. Let him be taught to love his family, but let him be taught at the same time that he must forsake and even forget them when the welfare of his country requires it.
Benjamin Rush
I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.
Albert Einstein
Your scare me rather. My reflection in the glass never did that; of course, I knew it so well. Like something I had tamed…I’m going to smile, and my smile will sink down into your pupils, and heaven knows what it will become.
Jean-Paul Sartre
I am reminded of the professor who, in his declining hours, was asked by his devoted pupils for his final counsel. He replied, ‘Verify your quotations.
Winston Churchill
Too rarely is the individual teacher so free from the dictation of authoritative supervisor, textbook on methods, prescribed course of study, etc., that he can let his mind come to close quarters with the pupil’s mind and the subject matter.
John Dewey
Most teachers waste their time by asking question which are intended to discover what a pupil does not know whereas the true art of questioning has for its purpose to discover what pupils knows or is capable of knowing.
Albert Einstein
Teaching can be compared to selling commodities. No one can sell unless someone buys … yet there are teachers who think they have done a good day’s teaching irrespective of what the pupils have learned.
John Dewey
Enlarge the pupil of the eye, so that the body with its attendant personality will no longer obstruct the view. Immortality is then experienced as a present fact.
Joseph Campbell
The refractory pupil of Socrates, Aristippus the Cyrene, who believed happiness to be the sum of particular pleasures and golden moments and not, as Epicurus, a prolonged intermediary state between ecstasy and pain.
Cyril Connolly
From the age of about five to twelve I was very bad, a hideous little terror who beat people up. I was a member of a Rough Gang – we went around and terrorised all the pupils in school.
Joseph Fiennes
I am too old to fawn upon a nurse,
Too far in years to be a pupil now.
William Shakespeare
Twentieth pupil of the centuries knows its stuff and bird-changed this century like Jesus climbs the sky.
Guillaume Apollinaire
Naturally, it is with some temerity that the pupil speaks before the master, because you know more about the Common Market than anybody.
Margaret Thatcher
The coach’s job is twenty percent technical and training, and eighty per cent inspirational. He may know all there is to know about tactics, technique and training, but if he cannot win the confidence and comradeship of his pupils he will never be a good coach
Franz Stampfl
Far from wishing to awaken the artist in the pupil prematurely, the teacher considers it his first task to make him a skilled artisan with sovereign control of his craft.
Eugen Herrigel
Making disciples isn’t about gathering pupils to listen to your teaching. The real focus is not on teaching people at all–the focus is on loving them.
Francis Chan
I abhor the supreme folly of those who blame the disciples of nature in defiance of those masters who were themselves her pupils
Leonardo da Vinci
Master and Doctor are my titles; for ten years now, without repose, I held my erudite recitals and led my pupils by the nose.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The enthusiast always finds the master, the masters, whom he seeks. Always genius seeks genius, desires nothing so much as to be a pupil and to find those who can lend it aid to perfect itself.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.
John Dewey
Once you look past the hype, actors are nothing more than fugitives from reality who specialize in contradiction: we are both children and hardened adults—wide-eyed pupils and jaded working stiffs.
Bruce Campbell
The teacher’s prime concern should be to ingrain into the pupil that assortment of habits that shall be most useful to him throughout life. Education is for behavior, and habits are the stuff of which behavior consists.
William James
Education should turn out the pupil with something he knows well and something he can do well.
Alfred North Whitehead
A teacher is never too smart to learn from his pupils. But while runners differ, basic principles never change. So it’s a matter of fitting your current practices to fit the event and the individual. See, what’s good for you might not be worth a darn for the next guy.
Bill Bowerman
But as Nature is the best guide, teaching must be the development of natural inclinations, for which purpose the teacher must watch his pupil and listen to him, not continually bawl words into his ears as if pouring water into a funnel. Good teaching will come from a mind well made rather than well filled.
Michel de Montaigne
The secret of sound education is to get each pupil to learn for himself, instead of instructing him by driving knowledge into him on a stereotyped system.
Robert Baden-Powell
It is because they have no Oyarsa,’ said one of the pupils. It is because everyone of them wants to be a little Oyarsa himself,’ said Augray.
C. S. Lewis
Children in school are not students, they are pupils. It is typical of certain kinds of politicians that they should regard children as adults, the better subsequently, and consequently, to regard adults as children.
Anthony Daniels
An academical system without the personal influence of teachers on pupils, is an arctic winter; it will create an icebound, petrified, cast-iron University, and nothing else.
John Henry Newman
I am showing my pupils details of an immense landscape which they cannot possibly know their way around.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
The most important method of education always has consisted of that in which the pupil was urged to actual performance.
Albert Einstein
I was for two years a pupil at the Model School in Fort street which was then conducted upon the Irish national system, and if any special religious instruction was given in connection with that system, I do not recollect it.
Edmund Barton
A teacher is never too smart to learn from his pupils.
Bill Bowerman
The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil. It is not for you to choose what he shall know, what he shall do. It is chosen and foreordained and he only holds the key to his own secret.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Look deep into the pupil stare into the black, you’ll be able to see the soul what is it doingLaughing? Dancing? Crying? Screaming?
Shannon Leto
The way in which modern German poetry follows theories reminds me of pupils who, scolded by their teacher for their insubordination, justify themselves by saying that they invented new rules of propriety according to which they are quite well- behaved.
Franz Grillparzer
If we are any good we must always be working towards the moment at which our Pupils are fit to become our Critics & Rivals
C. S. Lewis
Teachers should be very careful not to spoil their pupils’ taste for poetry for all time by making it a task and an imposition.
Ernest Shackleton
Nature is schoolmistress, the soul the pupil; and whatever one has taught or the other has learned has come from God – the Teacher of the teacher.
At times God’s best pupils experience the most rigorous and continuous courses. Eventually those who prove to be men of Christ will thereby become distinguished alumni of life’s school of affliction, graduating with honors.
Neal A. Maxwell
There is a gap between the knowledge, skills, or state of mind of the learner and what he is to learn, which it seems to me any teaching activity must seek to bridge if it is to deserve that label. Teaching activities must therefore take place at a level where the pupil can take on what it is intended he should learn.
Paul Q. Hirst
What parts had she discarded for the sake of her sanity? What had she cut from herself? Had he stared into her pupils he would have emerged, bewildered and blinking, on the far side of the earth. Was he awed by her? Absolutely. Did he respect her? Unequivocally. Want to be anything like her? No, never, not at all.
Anthony Marra
It is normal for politicians in all countries to profess themselves the pupils of history, anxious to draw the right lessons from her teaching.
Douglas Hurd
Listen to a man’s words and look at the pupil of his eye. How can a man conceal his character?
The good teacher discovers the natural gifts of his pupils and liberates them.
Stephen Neal
I am now of all humors that have showed themselves humors
since the old days of goodman Adam to the pupil age of this
present twelve o’clock at midnight.
William Shakespeare
But, because my private lectures and domestic pupils are a great hinderance and intteruption of my studies, I wish to live entirely exempt from the former, and in great measure from the latter. … in short, I should wish to gain my bread from my writings.
Galileo Galilei
A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron.
Horace Mann
When God means you to be a healer he sends you patients; when he makes you a teacher he sends you pupils; when he destines you to be a Master he sends you stories.
Anthony de Mello
The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence. He inspires self-trust. He guides their eyes from himself to the spirit that quickens him. He will have no disciples.
Amos Bronson Alcott