Really Scary Quotes

Really Scary Quotes by Sara Paxton, George Saunders, Tom Noonan, Pattie Mallette, Michael Pitt, Kate Ashfield and many others.

I'm terrified to go in lakes because you can't see the

I’m terrified to go in lakes because you can’t see the bottom, and not knowing what’s there watching you is really scary to me.
Sara Paxton
I see that being looked at askance as a form of elitism now, which is really scary.
George Saunders
Making “bad people” seem human is the key to making them really scary.
Tom Noonan
One day I was 17 years old and I ended up trying to commit suicide and I ended up in the hospital. As a teenager, that was a really scary thing.
Pattie Mallette
Acting is really scary, but it’s also challenging, fun, hard work. There’s always an element of improvisation with every actor, even when something is really scripted.
Michael Pitt
I find celebrity really scary.
Kate Ashfield
When we finally have this recall election in October, there could be as many as 200 people on the ballot. And you know what’s really scary? Most of them don’t know the first thing about driving a state into bankruptcy. They’re not experts like Governor Gray Davis.
Jay Leno
Every so often you might have an outburst in the gallery. That’s one of the most exciting things that happen because then you can say, ‘Unless there’s order we will call the Sergeant at Arms.’ And that sounds really scary.
Amy Klobuchar
It’s hard to give up that amount of control. It’s scary to make yourself that vulnerable. Because you might do all kinds of things that are unplanned or are unexpected that maybe don’t work, and you have to trust the director to see that and work around those things. I find it really scary.
Sarah Polley
I think in general, it’s just an interesting age to be at, after college. You spend so much of your life, being on this academic trajectory – and then when it’s done – all of a sudden the whole world is maybe open to you. But you’re the one that’s really in charge of your path. And that can be a really scary thing, I think.
Chris Baio
When you wrap up your self-worth with your talent, and suddenly you might not be the most talented, that’s really scary. And I think that fear is in part why I turned to comedy because I had no expectations of being a comedian. It was exciting to get good at something where I wasn’t afraid of not being the best.
Rachel Bloom
If you ever go behind the glass and look at the focus groups that are deciding what you’re gonna watch, it’s scary. This cross-section of people they just happen to bring in to decide the fate of mankind on television is really scary.
Adrian Pasdar
Love is a really scary thing and you never know what’s going to happen. It’s one of the most beautiful things in life, but it’s one of the most terrifying. It’s worth the fear because you have more knowledge, experience, you learn from people, and you have memories.
Ariana Grande
Water is an issue, and, clearly, what’s happening with the filth in our environment and the levels of carbon monoxide in our atmosphere are the really scary issues right now, the very troubling ones.
Don Cheadle
It’s such an intimate experience, being a director, artistically. It’s deep and it’s satisfying and it’s wonderful, on so many levels, but it’s also really scary.
Russell Crowe
I think that by telling the truth and by attempting to be a good citizen, somehow I’ve ended up playing with fire. And that’s really scary.
Cecily McMillan
I had to go for a mammogram – my first mammogram ever – and It was really scary and I didn’t know what to expect.
Monica Potter
It’s always really scary to release new work.
Alex Prager
Nobody’s going to like my next movie because they liked Trainwreck [2015]. It has to work on its own, and that keeps it really scary.
Judd Apatow
Malina looked incredulous. “Are you anything more than a Druid?” “Of course I am. I own this shop and I play a mean game of chess, and I’ve been told that I’m a frakkin’ Cylon.” “What’s a frakkin’ Cylon?” “I don’t know, but it sounds really scary when you say it with a Polish Accent.
Kevin Hearne
For the really scary stuff to work at the end you have to fall in love a little bit with the family and want then to be ok. And once you get the audience to buy in on that then they care. They want them to be okay.
Ron Livingston
A very small group of powerful people is deciding what’s going to happen with your data, and they’re using bots to help implement what they want to do. That has nothing to do with democracy. It’s all about efficiency. And that’s the really scary thing about it.
Daniel Suarez
I personally always find something really scary about watching little girls learning to manipulate their dads by baby talking. Then they grow up and use the same technique on their boyfriends or husbands. That scares me because it’s just so sick on so many levels.
Megan Fox
Scary movies scare me. The Exorcist is really scary.
John Molina, Jr.
In America, to have news that has explicitly taken a position is a very strange place to be in, and it’s a very dangerous place to be in. And that’s happening on Facebook, as you saw, and that’s happening online. People are just being given their news and not the news, which is really, really scary.
Trevor Noah
AIDS is a global problem and there should be a global solution found by the entire international community. It is really scary to see and imagine our world fall into pieces because we refuse to share and put in the common vestiges of our civilizations.
Sarah Polley
The pedigree’s pretty high. For people who are really scary movie fans, this is nirvana. If you’re in the mood to get scared, just watch this every week. It’ll creep you out.
John Landis
I just told the whole truth and that felt really incredible and really scary.
Emma Stone
Since 2001, people have been scared. There’s been some really scary stuff that’s been happening – 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Katrina, anthrax letters, D.C. sniper, global warming, global financial meltdown, bird flu, swine flu, SARS. I think people really feel like the system’s breaking down.
Max Brooks
Sarah Palin is an empty vessel ready to be filled by ideology that she doesn’t even understand, and that is really scary. Nothing is more frightening than an empty vessel in power.
Chris Matthews
I’m hungry for a cold and mean character – I’d love it if someone thought I could play gritty. I want to play a baddie, someone really scary.
Jessica Brown Findlay
I’m really scary in reality. Most of the time.
Robert Pattinson
I got my heel stuck in a drain as I was crossing the street and cars were coming. It was really scary. A girl in heels in New York is a hard combination.
Sasha Pieterse
I always say: ‘Share your happiness with the world, give other people that happiness and let it come back,’ but some things make me question it. I don’t know if I want some people to know that I am happy. I think a lot of people want to take it away from you, and that’s really scary.
Iggy Azalea
We’re all vulnerable, and it’s all hackable. If someone wants you and has targeted you, you can be taken down, and that fact is really scary.
Seth Gordon
I’m interested in the feeling of getting to zero after a play, like you’re never going to do it again. That’s a really scary feeling.
Greta Gerwig
A DARK MATTER is a page-turning thriller of every sort: psychological, sociological, epistemological . Plus, it’s really scary.
Lorrie Moore