Reasonably Quotes

Reasonably Quotes by Maggie Haberman, Colin Powell, Adam Cohen, Jack Hemingway, Alan Furst, Jonathan Swift and many others.

Twitter has stopped being a place where I could learn t

Twitter has stopped being a place where I could learn things I didn’t know, glean information that was free from errors about a breaking news story or engage in a discussion and be reasonably confident that people’s criticisms were in good faith.
Maggie Haberman
President Assad, I worked with. I know him reasonably well, met with him a few times, and he’s a liar.
Colin Powell
When the government takes video of people in public places, the images should only be kept as long as they may reasonably be needed to investigate a crime. After a few days, if there has not been a report of a crime, they should be destroyed.
Adam Cohen
At the time of his death and the few years before, I was just starting to pull myself together and make a reasonably good living after years of dismal failure. I think he would be delighted to know that I’ve stuck to one thing and have done it well.
Jack Hemingway
Yes, I’m a reasonably good self-taught historian of the 1930s and ’40s. I’ve never wanted to write about another time or place. I wouldn’t know what to say about contemporary society.
Alan Furst
Once kick the world, and the world and you will live together at a reasonably good understanding.
Jonathan Swift
Richard Hammond is a reasonably fit bloke who looks after himself. Me and Jeremy aren’t.
James May
I was one of the first practitioners of social engineering as a hacking technique, and today it is my only tool of use, aside from a smartphone – in a purely white hat sort of way. But if you don’t trust me, then ask any reasonably competent social engineer.
John McAfee
My initial desire to blog came from something that’s always been my approach to investing – I’m a nerd, and I love to play with the technology, and part of my approach has really been to understand things both at a user level and at a reasonably deep tentacle level.
Brad Feld
Sometimes I can see the whole painting from the outset in my mind’s eye. But more often than not, that idea doesn’t last the duration of the painting. Sometimes it comes out easy, just as I had envisaged. But that is reasonably rare.
Gary Hume
I had always fancied a go at the comedy and when it started to go reasonably well and the opportunity arose for me to move into it full time, I just couldn’t turn it down. I just took the risk, and I just wanted to see if it would work and thankfully it did.
Jo Brand
The greatest luxury now in being reasonably well-off – overlooking the Ferrari and the aeroplane – is that I can always go for a curry without worrying if I can afford it.
James May
I think the greatest reward you get as a writer is finding that people who are reasonably receptive and intelligent have liked your book.
Christopher Koch
If we harm civilians when it could reasonably have been avoided, and if we fail to fairly and promptly help the innocent victims, the local population will turn against us – and make the fight against violent extremists even more difficult.
Patrick Leahy
I don’t want to be put on a pedestal. I just want to be reasonably successful and live a normal life with all the conveniences to make it so.
Althea Gibson
In 2004, I wrote ‘What We’ve Lost,’ a book about the Bush administration. It sold only reasonably well, in part, I think, because the book was a horrific downer, an unrelenting account of the administration’s actions, bungles, deceptions, half-truths, untruths, and downright corruptions.
Graydon Carter
Never attribute to malice, that which can be reasonably explained by stupidity.
Spider Robinson
I’m reasonably headstrong about what I believe in, and what I go for, and I’ve got fantastic people around me who give me great support and advice.
Prince William
It’s a controversial issue: many feminists reasonably worry that by taking the concentration off gender as an independent locus of oppression, we dilute the strength of a women’s movement, or of women’s rights advocacy.
Rebecca Traister
Human divisions would be child’s play for any reasonably competent alien overlord to exploit – check the masterful ‘Twilight Zone’ episode ‘The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street’ for an example of how that might play out.
Nick Sagan
For a rich and reasonably successful guy, it is impossible not to enjoy your job; otherwise, why would you spend so much time and effort doing it? I am a great fan of Norilsk, and I like this kind of challenge.
Vladimir Potanin
It is not white nationalism to believe that countries like the United States would be better off with more babies. That belief can be held for racist reasons by racists, but it can also be held, reasonably and righteously, by people who worry about the economic consequences of demographic decline.
Ross Douthat
I am reasonably happy, providing I keep busy.
Burt Lancaster
I used to be a reasonably good student.
Rajiv Menon
A mediocre mind thinks it writes divinely; a good mind thinks it writes reasonably.
Jean de la Bruyere
Technological innovation has dramatically lowered the cost of computing, making it possible for large numbers of consumers to own powerful new technologies at reasonably low prices.
James Surowiecki
I consider myself a reasonably intelligent guy. Made straight A’s in high school (except for driver’s ed and typing).
Skip Bayless
Belize suits me because I’m active and I like diving. I learnt when I was 18, in Thailand, and I have dived in Vietnam, which wasn’t great, the Red Sea, which was incredible and reasonably priced, and then the Maldives, which is like being submerged in an aquarium.
Georgina Chapman
A reasonably new theme in the western world, Indian culture has known how to heal the body through food for thousands of years.
Melissa Leong
I think I would have been a reasonably good lawyer. I have a faculty for making sense of mountains of information.
Hilary Mantel
What would it be like to live 500 years? Healthy years, of course; no one wants to live 500 years in a coma on a respirator. But reasonably healthy all that time? That would be awesome!
Ann Leckie
I’m a reasonably articulate individual.
Amanda Marshall
I exercise, and I eat reasonably, and I don’t want to look at myself being out of shape. That would depress me.
Judy Sheindlin
There once was a time when employers could be reasonably certain that college graduates had a basic sense of the world and, as a minimum, could write a coherent business letter. That is simply no longer the case, as some academic leaders appear ready to admit.
Charlie Sykes
MF Global used to be known as Man Financial, and it had a reasonably good reputation. It did a humdrum business placing commodities trades for fund managers as well as farmers, grain dealers and others whose livelihoods depend on the vagaries of commodity prices.
Gary Weiss
Etiquette is all human social behavior. If you’re a hermit on a mountain, you don’t have to worry about etiquette; if somebody comes up the mountain, then you’ve got a problem. It matters because we want to live in reasonably harmonious communities.
Judith Martin
I mean, I like to consider myself a reasonably athletic guy.
Zachary Levi
I, Jeffrey Wright, the actor, actually signed on to the ‘Westworld’ Delos website. My profile came back as a Libertine, which is probably reasonably accurate.
Jeffrey Wright
I’m not a total chump. I write stuff that’s reasonably musically complex.
Tim Minchin
Oftentimes, small business owners are unable to obtain reasonably priced financing and instead turn to higher priced forms of capital, such as credit cards.
Melissa Bean
The economy is not an abstraction. The economy consists of people, and it will only grow if people feel secure and are reasonably free.
John Bruton
Confronting a dangerous pandemic requires containing spread wherever it is reasonably possible. Sensible measures such as universal masking, testing and widespread and rapid contact tracing can help. The best way to protect the vulnerable is to try to protect everyone.
Scott Gottlieb
I’m reasonably optimistic about the future, especially the future of the United States – for the century, at least.
Elon Musk
Each generation, as it seeks to advance the common good, must ask anew: ‘What are the requirements that governments may reasonably impose upon citizens, and how far do they extend? By appeal to what authority can moral dilemmas be resolved?’
Pope Benedict XVI
The Indians may have in their religion and culture a reverence for the land. But then they get into the pressures created by modern society. Unless they are reasonably well-educated, they can’t deal with them.
Stewart Udall
The nature of catastrophe is, after all, reasonably unvarying in the way it ruins, destroys, wounds and devastates. But if something can be learned from the event – not least something as profound as the theory of plate tectonics – then it somehow puts the ruination into a much more positive light.
Simon Winchester
My parents were reasonably affluent in Kabul. In the States, we were on welfare. My mom became a waitress, and my dad became a driving instructor. That part of the American immigrant experience applies to people of any nationality.
Khaled Hosseini
As a player, when you get beaten, you can comfort yourself by saying you did reasonably well. As a manager, when you get beaten, you think it’s all your fault, but 70,000 people and all those watching on television know it’s your fault.
Mark Hughes
The Internet is a fantastic, strange place where you can write an open letter and be reasonably assured that people are going to read it.
Chris Weitz
You no more have to come to the city and access a laboratory to make a film. If you have a DSLR and a reasonably powerful laptop, you could be making films anywhere.
Rajiv Menon
It is folly to expect men to do all that they may reasonably be expected to do.
Richard Whately
I was reasonably interested in mathematics in school. Typically what happens is… when you start playing chess, it takes up a lot of your attention. But about 10 years ago, I found that the Internet is very good to start learning about a lot of subjects.
Viswanathan Anand
Beating cancer is personal battle. It was one of the toughest opponents I have faced so far, and I think I did reasonably well. Touch wood.
Yuvraj Singh
The explosion in the number of available personal services says a great deal about changing ideas of what we can reasonably expect from whom.
Arlie Russell Hochschild
I don’t think anybody can reasonably say I am a sycophant for Trump, because I’m not.
Stephen Moore
My official field was Tudor-Stuart England; I also considered myself reasonably competent when it came to Renaissance and Reformation Europe.
Lauren Willig
Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.
Zig Ziglar
Man may aspire to virtue, but he cannot reasonably aspire to truth.
Nicolas Chamfort
Having enough to eat, being able to educate your children, have reasonably stable employment, and being able to live in a society which isn’t collapsing around you-all of these things have been generally eroded.
Susan George
My top most priority is to deal with India’s massive social and economic problems, so that chronic poverty, ignorance and disease can be conquered in a reasonably short period of time.
Manmohan Singh
No one can reasonably deny that Medicare is headed for insolvency, and that Medicare’s insolvency, if not rectified, will lead to the federal government’s insolvency.
David Limbaugh
I am single, successful, and reasonably attractive. Whether I decide to have relationships that end in taking the plunge or not, they are my decisions.
Pooja Bhatt
The idea of ensuring that federal research dollars should be reasonably spread around is an arguably useful goal. But it should be done per person, not per state.
Bill Foster
The Affordable Care Act’s requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax.
John Roberts
If debtors can reasonably expect that the government will swoop in from time to time to bail them out, no one has any incentive to pay his debts.
Michael J. Knowles
I will certainly not join politics. I would like to be remembered as a clean businessman who has not partaken in any twists and turns beneath the surface, and one who has been reasonably successful.
Ratan Tata
A mother cannot reasonably expect her grown-up children to boomerang back, gushing cosiness and make up for lost time. Absentee Mum, then Gran in overdrive is not an equation that balances.
Carol Thatcher
I am imprinted with the whole sense of European history, especially German history, going back to World War I, which really destroyed all the old values and culture. My grandparents had been reasonably well-off but they became quite poor, living in an attic apartment.
Lisel Mueller
Having now reached a point where danger might be reasonably apprehended from strolling war parties of Indians, spies were kept in advance and strict diligence observed in the duty of sentinels.
William Henry Ashley
Mr. Mr. Mr. Trump… You’ve been in New York real estate and global real estate and the gaming industry and with politicians. You can’t say, reasonably, that Ted Cruz is the biggest liar you’ve ever seen.
Steve Bannon
I will stay living in Staffordshire. Other people would be moving offshore. I am reasonably happy to help support the British economy. I have done very well out of Britain.
John Caudwell
I enjoy popularisation and I think I’m reasonably good at it. I also think it’s a duty. It’s just so pedagogically stupid to forget how difficult one found these ideas oneself to begin with.
Terry Eagleton
It’s certainly true that I was brought up in that British amateur tradition, the one which always held that if you were reasonably good at cricket, knew one or two Latin texts and a few zingy Oscar Wilde quotes for dinner parties, you were pretty much ready to go and run some outpost in Hindustan.
Damian Lewis
It was difficult for me to feel my feelings, so I just buried them. Then I found that acting was a way for me to get them out. But now that I’m a reasonably sane adult, acting is more about my trying to engage other people: Acting is cathartic for the viewer as well.
Adelaide Kane
I’m not that bothered about press nights as an actor or, particularly, by what people say about me, because I see myself as a reasonably small cog.
Rory Kinnear
You can get along very well in this world by simply coming up with a quantity of reasonably valid statements.
B. F. Skinner
My dresses are very reasonably priced, for dresses that are cut on the body.
John Galliano
The most anyone could reasonably say about institutional racism is that the ‘evidence is far from conclusive.
Munira Mirza
Should slavery be abolished there, (and it is an event, which, from these circumstances, we may reasonably expect to be produced in time) let it be remembered, that the Quakers will have had the merit of its abolition.
Thomas Clarkson
One could reasonably argue that the Turkish pogrom against the Armenians during World War I qualifies as a crime against humanity, as does the United States’ ethnic cleansing of Native Americans.
Sebastian Junger
While the world may feel entitled and have the power to pronounce an individual crazy, are there times when the innocent genius, the insightful individual or just the old grandmother may reasonably declare the world to be mad? Probably, but what hope or happiness would such an individual have?
Michael Leunig
Even though I’ve been reasonably well known for quite a long time, I still can’t get a record on daytime radio or on MTV.
In these days, it is doubtful that any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life if he is denied the opportunity of an education.
Earl Warren
I have, I think, afforded every opportunity that could be reasonably expected, to judge of my credibility.
Maria Monk
That no government, so called, can reasonably be trusted, or reasonably be supposed to have honest purposes in view, any longer than it depends wholly upon voluntary support.
Lysander Spooner
Golf is supposed to be fun, but I don’t think anything is fun if you’re not doing it reasonably well.
Fred Couples
The English are a tolerant bunch and, outside elements of the London elite, never much minded the rise of the Scottish Raj: after all, we were British, well-educated, reasonably cultivated and spoke with clear, classless accents.
Andrew Neil
I’m a reasonably accomplished journalist. I’ve worked as an investigative journalist, I’ve done crime beat stuff.
Brianna Wu
A married woman has the same natural right to acquire and hold property, and to make all contracts that she is mentally competent to make reasonably, as has a married man, or any other man.
Lysander Spooner
Apple’s iTunes program was once the envy of the world. A combined digital music store and player, it could also sync your iPod. And it worked on both Mac and Windows. It was reasonably fast and very sure-footed.
Walt Mossberg
For unflagging interest and enjoyment, a household of children, if things go reasonably well, certainly all other forms of success and achievement lose their importance by comparison.
Theodore Roosevelt
The most efficient way to live reasonably is every morning to make a plan of one’s day and every night to examine the results obtained.
Alexis Carrel
If I were the president, I would be very concerned… and I would do what was reasonably necessary to find a way to get my people confirmed.
Max Baucus
We are not facing great economic difficulties. The Indonesian people are faring reasonably well – just compare us to India or some other countries.