Recognise Quotes

Recognise Quotes by Alessandro Michele, Abi Morgan, Mariella Frostrup, Avery Brundage, Anthony Albanese, John K. Samson and many others.

There is something special about the beauty in the uncl

There is something special about the beauty in the unclear, the ambiguity, the in-between that you can’t totally recognise.
Alessandro Michele
‘Splendour’ broke through to new territory for me. It exposed my commitment to writing for women: my desire to recognise that they can be as aggressive, violent, mercurial, and complex as men.
Abi Morgan
I recognise my old self in a lot of the letters I get from single women who are unrealistic about what they want.
Mariella Frostrup
For too long the world has failed to recognise that the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement are about fine athletics and fine art.
Avery Brundage
True conservatives fear anything that is at odds with the status quo, even to the extent of being unable to recognise when the status quo represents injustice. And reactionary conservatives actually want to tear down the gains of the past.
Anthony Albanese
I’ve always viewed my career with some suspicion, like I don’t want to count on it to be the only thing I do. Partly that has to do with feeling like an imposter, like we all do sometimes, and partly I like doing other things, and being a full-time artist takes a focus I recognise I don’t have.
John K. Samson
It’s time to recognise the internet as a basic human right. That means guaranteeing affordable access for all, ensuring internet packets are delivered without commercial or political discrimination, and protecting the privacy and freedom of web users regardless of where they live.
Tim Berners-Lee
I saw a lot of haute couture all my childhood, and without knowing it I’ve learned from when I was a child to recognise beautiful fabrics.
Ines de La Fressange
Those people who recognise that imagination is reality’s master, we call sages, and those who act upon it, we call artists.
Tom Robbins
Everybody recognises that giving young people competitive outlet through sport is a very good thing.
Sebastian Coe
It feels nice when people recognise you and talk about your work.
Hazel Keech
I like the way that different people recognise me for the roles I done
Casper Van Dien
I never fail to find it weird when people recognise me.
Mollie King
One of the reasons I chose to come to Liverpool was because of the mentality of the club. It’s a working club and a working city. I don’t know why, but I feel like one of the people here. They recognise me and wish me luck, but in Spain, they surround you and you can’t do anything. I think they’re happy with me here.
Fernando Torres
I do recognise I have a responsibility to the audience. They feel fairly confident that if I’m in something, they can sit down with their family and be entertained by it. I don’t desperately want to change that.
David Jason
I’ve always waitressed between roles. When ‘Black Mirror’ was on, I was still flipping burgers. Customers would recognise me while asking for extra ketchup, which was pretty embarrassing.
Chloe Pirrie
I also recognise that the mandate was given by hundreds of thousands of ordinary people joining in the political process.
Jeremy Corbyn
Once when we were holidaying in Singapur, a fan did not recognise me as I had shaved my head. The fan approached Nagarjuna and asked him ferociously, aren’t you married to Amala? Nagarjuna then explained to him that this lady is Amala!
Amala Akkineni
When we recognise the virtues, the talent, the beauty of Mother Earth, something is born in us, some kind of connection; love is born.
Nhat Hanh
To be successful you must recognise your weaknesses and employ people with complementary skills.
Duncan Bannatyne
I think I knew acting was what I wanted to do. But I was from this small town and there was no place for an adult to recognise it.
Joan Allen
Fortunately, historians are now beginning to recognise the historic role of Islam as a liberating force for peoples oppressed by the burdens of unjust social systems.
Aly Khan
It’s very difficult when there are pictures taken on the red carpet. I find those things so terrifying that another persona just kicks in. I don’t recognise myself.
Joely Richardson
In time, we will have to recognise that it is not ‘nature’ that we need to protect, but ourselves, and we can only do this by abandoning the old, grandiose, profit-seeking schemes so beloved of our masters and learning to till the soil, live to scale, and live within our means.
John Burnside
Are you still thinking, looking, living, as from an imaginary phenomenal centre?
As long as you do that you can never recognise your freedom.
Wei Wu Wei
Luck is a component that a lot of people in the arts sometimes fail to recognise: that you can have talent, perseverance, patience, but without luck you will not have a successful career.
Bryan Cranston
I’m glad movies aren’t going to please everybody, they can’t. But what they have to be is recognisable. I don’t equate myself with a master painter, but I think you can recognise my films.
Kevin Costner
Do you recognise me?” he asked. Willie looked hard and considered before finally replying “Lie down so I can recognise you.
Willie Pep
We all have to recognise – no matter how great our strength – that we must deny ourselves the licence to do always as we please.
Harry S. Truman
I still wear my trousers baggy as I did in my teens. But in a different way. I’ve loved trainers since my youth – limited edition, vintage, whatever. You could recognise people and judge their character through their trainers. I’m a Nike man.
Vincent Cassel
Acting, when you don’t want to do it or you disagree with everything, is almost like having sex with someone you don’t like. I had one experience like that on stage, in a terrible version of The Cherry Orchard. I put on a wig, dark-coloured contacts and just hoped no one would recognise me.
Sofia Helin
Only recently have people begun to recognise that working with suppliers is just as important as listening to customers.
Barry Nalebuff
We are always full of the types of people who retire or die. But they are never saying ‘This guy is really unbelievable; we’re alive to witness an exceptional performer.’ I think we should recognise that while we are still racing.
Toto Wolff
It took a generation for companies to recognise their responsibilities in terms of labour practices and another generation for them to recognise their environmental obligations.
Rebecca MacKinnon
I recognise that fishing is perhaps not the most high-employment industry in this country, but it’s a symbol of what we lost when we entered the E.U.: control over national resources that, if we retained them, we could have husbanded in our interest and, indeed, in the interest of others.
Michael Gove
One of the reasons I chose to come to Liverpool was because of the mentality of the club. It’s a working club and a working city. I don’t know why but I feel like one of the people here. They recognise me and wish me luck but in Spain they surround you and you can’t do anything. I think they’re happy with me here.
Fernando Torres
I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognises because of a nose job.
Jennifer Grey
When I was young, an eccentric uncle decided to teach me how to lie. Not, he explained, because he wanted me to lie, but because he thought I should know how it’s done so I would recognise when I was being lied to.
Brian Eno
Our homes do not have to offer us permanent occupancy or store our clothes to merit the name. To speak of home in relation to a building is simply to recognise its harmony with our own prized internal song. Home can be an airport or a library, a garden or a motorway diner.
Alain de Botton
For me, there’s a subtlety in focusing on the right shape of T-shirt and pant. I recognise that it’s boring, but the idea is to catch people off-guard and reward them in some valuable way.
Virgil Abloh
To love, you have to admit your lack, and recognise that you need the other, that you miss him or her.
Jacques-Alain Miller
Lie down so I can recognise you
Willie Pep
The future belongs to brands that do more than pay lip-service to real dialogue and recognise that their customers want them to believe in something.
James Murdoch
I do not believe it is in the character of the British people to begrudge the lion’s share to those who have genuinely played the lion’s part. They are ready to recognise that those who create the wealth – and I mean not only material but intellectual wealth – enrich the whole nation.
Margaret Thatcher
Europe can’t rely on a Trump-led U.S. for its defence. But, at the same time, it should recognise that the cold war is over – however unwilling to acknowledge it America’s industrial-military complex may be.
Joseph Stiglitz
Quite often I can be in a bookshop, standing beneath a great big picture of myself and paying for a book with a credit card clearly marked John Grisham, yet no one recognises me. I often say I’m a famous author in a country where no one reads.
John Grisham
Every time you walk through a doorway today, whether at work or at home, know that on the inner planes you are walking through a doorway to heaven. An that is every doorway, as long as you recognise this in your consciousness.
Harold Klemp
I had a year of therapy and I swear to God, I went in that with a certain level of self-love, but not enough to keep me out of bad relationships, not enough to try and save people who were toxic for me, not enough to recognise when something was bad, to walk away.
Nicola Roberts
If I walked down a street back home people would recognise me, but they wouldn’t approach me.
Teemu Pukki
No one ever recognises me. Everyone says, ‘You don’t look like your pictures.’
Alison Goldfrapp
I get messages from people telling me all the time through Twitter or Instagram about how my path has inspired their path. It’s good for them, for people who have a certain amount of mental problems, suffering from depression or anxiety, being able to have someone who recognises them and helps them.
Aleister Black
Everyone at home is so supportive. People recognise me, say how proud they are of me. It’s awesome to hear, it’s amazing to know I can touch so many people in a positive way.
Kirsty Coventry
What drew me to Cyborg was the tragic nature of his origins and how grounded he is in a reality that I recognise. As an actor, it really gave me a lot to chew on.
Ray Fisher
He who retains unchangeable in his heart the rule of the truth which he received by means of baptism will doubtless recognise the names, the expressions, and the parables taken from the Scriptures [by the gnostics], but will by no means acknowledge the blasphemous use which these men make of them.
Irenaeus of Lyons
Meeting Helen Mirren was a fabulous experience. I had played it out in my mind, how I should greet her when we would be introduced. But the way we met was funny because I just didn’t recognise her!
Om Puri
As commentators like the American psychologist Gary Marcus have noted, it’s extremely difficult to teach a computer to recognise cats. And that’s not for want of trying.
Tom Chatfield
The inner voice is something which cannot be described in words. But sometimes we have a positive feeling that something in us prompts us to do a certain thing. The time when I learnt to recognise this voice was, I may say, the time when I started praying regularly.
Mahatma Gandhi
The most delightful surprise in life is to suddenly recognise your own worth.
Maxwell Maltz
I would like to see the Iraqi government guarantee social insurance for the Yazidi women who were enslaved and to recognise their status as prisoners of war.
Yanar Mohammed
I usually get freaked out if I’m in a situation where a lot of people recognise me at once.
Steve Buscemi
I think the more you understand myths, the more you understand the roots of our culture and the more things will resonate. Do you have to know them? No, but certainly it is nice to recognise how deeply these things are embedded in our literature, our art.
Rick Riordan
Tell me, why is the media here so negative? Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognize our own strengths, our achievements? We are such a great nation. We have so many amazing success stories but we refuse to acknowledge them. Why?.
Abdul Kalam
No one recognises me in the street.
Francesca Hayward
Men only act in a state of necessity and usually only recognise necessity in a situation of crisis.
Jean Monnet
The world is in dreadful need of men who will assume the new leadership – who will have the courage of their own visions and who will recognise clearly that we are only at the beginning of the voyage, and have to learn an entirely new system of seamanship.
Hendrik Willem van Loon
People in these places don’t know Audrey Hepburn, but they recognise the name UNICEF. When they see UNICEF their faces light up, because they know that something is happening. In the Sudan, for example, they call a water pump UNICEF.
Audrey Hepburn
I knew that the world around you is only uninteresting if you can’t see what is really going on. The place you come from is always the most exotic place you’ll ever encounter because it is the only place where you recognise how many secrets and mysteries there are in people’s lives
David Malouf
Glamour cannot exist without personal social envy being a common and widespread emotion. The industrial society … recognises nothing except the power to acquire … No other kind of hope or satisfaction or pleasure can any longer be envisaged within the culture of capitalism.
John Berger
I think the government must recognise that the wounds of conflict are even more grievous on the mind than the body, and indeed may even serve to fuel further conflict. Where conflict cannot be avoided, provision of adequate psychosocial services to prevent the adverse mental health consequences should take priority.
Vikram Patel
Before ‘Laila Majnu’ released, I would tell friends that after the movie will release, I won’t be able to buy groceries freely because people will recognise me. But that didn’t happen. I was heartbroken but I dealt with it.
Tripti Dimri
I have had a few people recognise me in public. But I wouldn’t like everybody to recognise me. I can still walk across the street and not be noticed.
Bonnie Wright
I think sometimes you can be around somebody and take in certain energy and read certain things and you don’t know why your neck is stiff. But if you can recognise the negativity, once you identify it and you know what you are dealing with you can make a point to counteract it with a different energy.
Gregory Porter
Everyday I strive to, at least, recognise my short-comings and the things I have to do to be the best person that I can possibly be.
Alexander O’Neal
Sure, nobody ever recognises me. I’m always scurrying around London under a hat and looking like a homeless person.
Jessie Buckley
Tolerance, openness to argument, openness to self-doubt, willingness to see other people’s points of view – these are very liberal and enlightened values that people are right to hold, but we can’t allow them to delude us to the point where we can’t recognise people who are needlessly perpetrating human misery.
Sam Harris
When everybody recognises you, going out is difficult. But you deal with it.
Rishabh Pant
I recognise why I have such a strong inability to forgive certain people who betray me. It’s chiselled in, like a name on a tomb stone.
Amy Tan
I never thought I would hear Labour and Scottish Nationalist ministers in both Westminster and Holyrood publicly recognise the environmental benefits of good grouse moor management.
Nicholas Soames
We recognise in the finished art, which is the result of these conditions, the best words in the best order – poetry; and to put this essential poetry into different classes is impossible.
John Drinkwater
When you’re doing well, a lot of people will recognise it, and when you’re not doing well it’s the same. It is about how you deal with it and control your mentality.
Danny Ings
I’ll be out shopping, and all it takes is for one person to recognise me and it can get scary.
Bonnie Wright
Government has learned a lot from the business world – and I hope that some companies will recognise they can learn from each other, too.
David Lidington
Everyone thinks I’m a smart arse who can solve any bloody problem. I’m not. I’m just a very old businessman and a very experienced businessman who made every mistake in the book and can recognise one when I see one.
John Harvey-Jones
It’s an individual waste and it’s an economic waste for Australia not to recognise dyslexia.
Maryanne Wolf
The wounded recognized the wounded.
Nora Roberts
I’m used to politics at an international level: people put together an argument and, even if you vehemently disagree with them, well, you can recognise it’s an argument and respond.
Mohamed ElBaradei
I am one of those from the green movement who recognises the low carbon benefits of nuclear generation.
Ed Davey
Elephants are very sensitive to smell and they tend to recognise us by our body odour.
Thalaivasal Vijay
People are so busy anyway they don’t see you or recognise you in the street.
Andrea Corr
It’s a two-way street: breastfeeding women should never be embarrassed by staff asking them to stop, and most mums will recognise the need to be discreet in certain limited circumstances.
Nigel Farage
I’m perhaps not the most tribal of politicians. Working in a mature and adult way where you recognise what your shared goal is and you manage to work towards that… that is not something which I think would be particularly more difficult with Labour than it is with the Conservatives.
Jo Swinson
It’s important to recognise that opposing racism isn’t just about presenting an alternative set of values; it’s about looking at how the far right play on people’s hardships in order to nurture a sense of enmity between white people and those racialised as migrants.
Ash Sarkar
Social honour recognises no distinction between the employer and the unemployed.В  All of them work for a common purpose and are entitled to equal honour and respect.
Adolf Hitler
My life may be much happier to-morrowHunger and love that press against the body,The two eternal needs we recognise,Desires that so relentlessly pursue one,May get me down or raise me to the skiesAnd make me a Don Bradman or Don Juan.
Gavin Ewart
I fight because international law recognises my right.
Xanana Gusmao
I was a workaholic, I had food issues, and I had body issues. I was in a lot of pain. My parents didn’t recognise what was going on.
Amanda de Cadenet
Sometimes I wonder where I am from. I am either way ahead or I come from another world. I don’t recognise this world.
Waris Dirie
I can understand my popularity with the Indian diaspora, but I do get surprised when non-Indians recognise my music.
Asha Bhosle
In times of prosperity we are apt to forget God; we imagine it does not matter whether we recognise Him or not. As long as we are comfortably clothed and fed and looked after, our civilisation becomes an elaborate means of ignoring God.
Oswald Chambers
We recognise the link between environmental failure and social injustice. When the energy sector is privatised and deregulated, it not only tends to pollute more, it also charges the poorest more per unit!
Barry Gardiner
I learned to recognise the thorough and primitive duality of man; I saw that, of the two natures that contended in the field of my consciousness, even if I could rightly be said to be either, it was only because I was radically both.
Robert Louis Stevenson
When we recognise that reflective processes are no more outside the causal net than unreflective processes, and that they are bound by similar constraints, we may come to understand the nature of reflection for the first time.
Hilary Kornblith
A fool who recognises his own ignorance is thereby in fact a wise man, but a fool who considers himself wise – that is what one really calls a fool.
Gautama Buddha
A man up in front of a judge says “I don’t recognise this court.” “Why not?” “It’s been redecorated since the last time I was here.”
Frank Carson
Only when we recognise our privilege, we will be able to make a change for others.
The most important thing as a comic and a writer is to have a strong point of view. I have one and can recognise it in others which is why I can write for other people and different characters that I perform.
Heather McDonald
Marriage equality does not diminish the worth of your relationships; it simply recognises the worth of ours.
Penny Wong
I do recognise that, where recruitment difficulties persist, teachers can be put under great pressure.
Estelle Morris, Baroness Morris of Yardley
Christianity is strange. It bids man recognise that he is vile, even abominable, and bids him desire to be like God. Without such a counterpoise, this dignity would make him horribly vain, or this humiliation would make him terribly abject.
Blaise Pascal
I think people have to recognise that the traditional modes of authority weren’t that great.
Jimmy Wales
Growing up in Dumfries, I got no sun – I spent all my time in my room making records. When I came to America, it made me recognise the benefits of sunlight. Oh, and I also got a good haircut. I used to have a terrible haircut.
Calvin Harris
You can’t understand European history at all other than through religion, or English literature either if you can’t recognise biblical allusions.
Richard Dawkins
If you are not a feminist in love, you fail to recognise someone who does not love you. Feminism makes love easier. Otherwise, there is the danger of feeling romantically drawn to someone who does not see you as an equal.
Gloria Steinem
I think people should recognise that I’m one of the best defenders in the world and not just talk nonsense, I will say.
Dejan Lovren
I used to do homophobic material that I didn’t recognise as homophobic. It’s the only stuff I really look back on and think, ‘I just wouldn’t do that again.’
Frank Skinner
Every sane man recognises that unlimited liberty is anarchy, or rather is nonentity. The civic idea of liberty is to give the citizen a province of liberty; a limitation within which a citizen is a king.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
It’s easier for the former masters to put aside the masks that hid their humanity than for the former slaves to recognise the faces underneath. Or to trust that this is not a new mask these are wearing.
Nadine Gordimer
What we need to do, however, is figure out what our best available theories of the mind suggest about epistemological issues, while we recognise that we may need to change our views on these questions as new evidence comes in.
Hilary Kornblith
A number of politicians have failed to recognise the consistent truth of history: that we’re both an emotional and a rational species, and that we make decisions very emotionally.
Bettany Hughes
You have to be narcissistic to be an artist. You have to think you are the centre of the whole thing; otherwise, why do you create? The only thing is to recognise it, and then you make the best of it.
Marjane Satrapi
It seems that most of us could benefit from a brush with a near-fatal disaster to help us recognise the important things that we are too defeated or embittered to recognise from day to day.
Alain de Botton
One recognizes one’s course by discovering the paths that stray from it.
Albert Camus
Others may recognise their world in ‘Eat Sleep Work Repeat’. This podcast is the side project of Bruce Daisley, who works at Twitter. It consists of him talking to experts about what makes us happy at work and why.
David Hepworth
There is no such thing as an accident, only a failure to recognise the hand of fate
Napoleon Bonaparte
This does not mean that I fail to recognise that Lisp is still #1 for key algorithmic techniques such as recursion and condescension. It just means that I have no idea how, or indeed if, Lisp handles exceptions.
Verity Stob
We have always been a great national party, with views on all the main issues. We recognise that what matters to people most are those things that affect their daily lives: schools, hospitals, transport and law and order and we have plenty to say about them.
John Redwood
In our families we learn to love and to recognise the dignity of all, especially of the elderly
Pope Francis
One of the main things I look for in a guitarist is in the sound itself. I go for a certain sound, and I think it’s an important thing for making a player more identifiable in the big giant pool of musicians out there. You want a sound that people will recognise just as much as your playing.
John Petrucci
I love ghost stories, and I also have a great fondness and love for ‘Quatermass,’ which in many ways is the show that preceded ‘Doctor Who.’ ‘Doctor Who’ borrowed quite a bit from ‘Quatermass’ and probably wouldn’t have existed in anything like the form we recognise today if ‘Quatermass’ hadn’t come before it.
Neil Cross
Sweden formally writing back to the United Nations to say, ‘No, we’re not going to [recognise the UN ruling], so leaving open their ability to extradite.
Julian Assange
Here in the U.K., I want basketball to get better. I want the kids to have more playgrounds. I want the kids to have more attention. I want basketball to be on TV more often. But I really don’t care if I walk down the street and somebody recognises me or not.
Luol Deng
See, even if you’re stuck in life, if you can describe just exactly the way you’re stuck, then you will immediately recognise that you can’t go on that way anymore. So, just saying precisely, writing precisely how you’re stuck, or how you’re alienated, opens up a door of freedom for you.
David Whyte
I suppose what happened is that I spent my whole life wanting to be cool but eventually came to recognise the mechanism of how coolness works. So it’s not really that I don’t want to be cool anymore – it’s more like I’ve come to realise that coolness doesn’t exist the way I once assumed.
James Murphy
I do like to fly under the radar. When I walk around town, the only people I want to recognise me and call me by my name are the folks at Starbucks.
Pierre Omidyar
Scotch beef, salmon and shellfish are recognised the world over for their excellence and Scottish provenance. People recognise the Scottish brand. They associate the country with quality food and drink, and clearly other Scottish sectors, such as dairy, can benefit from that, too.
Nicola Sturgeon
Hollywood needs to recognise all shades of African American beauty.
Gabrielle Union
I don’t think, in international cricket, there is a need for coaching. The real coaching is to recognise your players’ strengths and weaknesses. You always remain positive with your players.
Shahid Afridi
Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.
Ann Landers
I’m shocked at being recognized. You go to places you don’t think you would be and still, you are. Taxi drivers often recognise me… but I haven’t got a free ride yet.
Dan Stevens
This constitution recognises the need for social dialogue involving labour and management; it involves trade unions in the decision-making process; it has a social vision founded on social dialogue.
Jean-Pierre Raffarin
In some ways I believe music is the more convincing communicator of ideas than words. For instance, we can hear of Kordaly and Bartok and recognise them as Hungarian, but very few of us speak Hungarian, but the music itself speaks to more people.
Leonard Slatkin
I recognise no God except the God that is to be found in the hearts of the dumb millions.
Mahatma Gandhi
‘The Interceptor’ has an excitement and grittiness to it, but it’s also very entertaining. It lives in this sphere of a slightly heightened reality where, although you completely identify and recognise all the characters in it, they’re fun and exciting to watch.
O. T. Fagbenle
Kill them all, God will recognise his own.
Arnaud Amalric
It is one thing to recognise certain potentially useful affinities, and another to act on them.
John Burnham Schwartz
We recognize that there are no trivial occurrences in life if we get the right focus on them.
Mark Twain
I’ve known white Australian girls from wealthy families who were sent to posh private schools, who knew all of that stuff, and I think would recognise much in Jefferson’s book. What I related to most strongly was the sexism and misogyny Margo Jefferson had to battle.
Justine Larbalestier
It’s one thing to be bitter about something, but it’s another thing to recognise the growth and the change that you made.
I want my books to force readers to recognise the fact that a woman is a human being just like them.
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Today, Church policy in Ireland is to report allegations of abuse to the civil authorities. It recognises the Gardai and H.S.E. as those with responsibility for investigating such allegations and that any Church investigation should not take place until the investigation by the civil authorities has been completed.
Sean Brady
Everywhere I go in the world, people know me and recognise me and really show affection for me.
Tony Curtis
Nothing makes you look older than attempting to look young. You can fool anyone, apart from the young. The worst are the lip operations. There are people who have it done and I don’t recognise them afterwards. They look like they flew through the windscreen during a car accident and were patched up badly afterwards.
Karl Lagerfeld
I am a fan of the Coen brothers. I’m not a fanatic. I’m a big admirer. They create unique worlds, and there is a real atmosphere to their films. Not everyone can get that. That’s a massive part of their appeal: you can recognise them. Like all the great directors or artists, you know it when you see it.
Martin Freeman
I’ve realised that it is pretty awesome that people recognise you – but you’ve also got to keep grounded. I do miss being able to just walk down the street with my friends.
Julian Dennison
I recognise the pure gold that runs in Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin’s work for ‘Outnumbered’ on TV. And on radio, I really enjoy John Finnemore.
Denis Norden
Sometimes it’s difficult to accept, to recognise one’s own mistakes, but one must do it. I was guilty of overconfidence and arrogance, and I was punished for that.
Mikhail Gorbachev
It is of the highest importance in the art of detection to be able to recognise out of a number of facts which are incidental and which are vital.
Arthur Conan Doyle
Always feeling secondary and just being a voice rather than known as the song writer and artist… it’s been a challenge to even get music videos of most of the features I’m on, so I’m pleased people are starting to recognise me as an artist in my own right.
Becky Hill
Sexa as a character was fun to play. My mother couldn’t even recognise me in the get-up of an older guy. In fact, it surprised me also. It’s easily one of the most special characters I have ever played.
Varun Sharma
When you’re so consistent, people have to stand up and take notice. I don’t think people recognise or praise consistency enough.
Katie Taylor
The Ballon d’Or is nice, but at the end of the day, I want to have success and play good, and if people recognise me, then I’m happy.
Jerome Boateng
I like to jot down ideas on the back of envelopes and to recognise the potential value in small things. I also like the freedom to think without feeling compelled to write too early. Stories are often better if we can hold back and get to know the characters and the sounds of language.
Nick Earls
You have to know how to use the accident, how to recognise it, how to control it, and ways to eliminate it so that the whole surface looks felt and born all at once.
Helen Frankenthaler
When we recognise the virtues, the talent, the beauty of Mother Earth, something is born in us, some kind of connection, love is born.
Thich Nhat Hanh
99 per cent of your life recognises things without definition, a baby recognises its mother’s face without having it defined. It’s just an arbitrary rule this rule of definition that Socrates set down.
Robert M. Pirsig
Sometimes I have no hat, no glasses, and people don’t recognise me. When I can work, chill, and no one knows who I am, this is good.
Alexandre Lacazette
In remembering the appalling suffering of war on both sides, we recognise how precious is the peace we have built in Europe since 1945.
Queen Elizabeth II
My work is not my life. I started writing quite late, I didn’t have that ‘writing is everything, my art is all.’ You have to be able to recognise the difference between the two.
Kate Atkinson
Art to me means lot of things – images and words. I may be no artist myself, but I recognise the pleasure you get from a new proverb or a new painting. It puts you in a particular frame of mind. Visually I like art, philosophically I like art.
Chris Eubank Sr.
We recognise that Soul is eternal; It has no beginning or ending. Therefore, when a person leaves his physical body, he continues to exist, usually on a higher plane of consciousness.
Harold Klemp
We have to recognise that rights are being violated. The United Nations actually filed a report that found that that was the case, that mass surveillance is a violation of rights.
Edward Snowden
It’s important to recognise every player is different in their own characteristics, personality, and what they respond to.
Gareth Southgate
We must begin to make what I call “conscious choices,” and to really recognize that we are the same. It’s from that place in my heart that I write my songs.
John Denver
A prince being thus obliged to know well how to act as a beast must imitate the fox and the lion, for the lion cannot protect himself from snares, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves.
Niccolo Machiavelli
I think you’ve got to talk to the director, see the director’s films and recognise that it’s important that the work fits right in and see if as part of the movie.
Dennis Muren
It’s important to recognise that humans are not the measure of all things… The Earth is the measure of all things.
James Balog
You have to be able to hold up a mirror to your personality at drama school and recognise the flaws. That’s hard to do as a 17-year-old. But it’s easier to cope with when you’re a little bit older.
Phoebe Fox
VCE exams do not showcase students’ abilities. By this, I mean that the system fails to recognise the diversity of skills, and most subjects do not allow students to demonstrate skills in a form other than a written exam.
Alexandra Adornetto
Many European countries, as well as Australia, Canada, Israel, and New Zealand, have adopted legislation that creates a ‘public lending right’, where the government recognises that enabling hundreds of people to read a single copy of a book provides a public good, but that doing so is likely to reduce sales of the book.
Peter Singer
I think you have to recognise where you are as a player. I knew I had to go out to learn – to sit around at Liverpool wasn’t going to do me any good.
Conor Coady
The government is right to recognise the importance of science and technology, but I think it is a mistake to ringfence funds.
Mark Walport
I like to tell myself people look at me for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they’re staring because they’re shocked or maybe they recognise me from TV, or maybe they just like my shoes – especially women, because we all look at each other’s clothes and hair.
Katie Piper
The free market is the epitome of life itself. This is something that all scientists recognise because science itself operates on free market lines.
John Sulston
Angels are not complete, they need their counterparts, the dark needs the bright, the hidden needs the open, and vice versa. Sometimes they meet and recognise each other. Sometimes, as with Horatio and me, the pairing occurs over spaces of time and distance.
Barry Unsworth
One must recognise what all religious people know, which is that human beings are imperfect and fallen and there’s no way in which they alone can surmount the problems which they create.
Roger Scruton
Novelists, it seems to me, are the very last people who should be asked to comment on the news of the day, and sooner or later, when they have been pilloried for their views, most of them recognise this.
Hilary Mantel
Scarlett Johansson was wonderful in ‘Lost in Translation,’ and then, seemingly within a couple of weeks, she became completely Hollywoodised. I was shocked. I didn’t recognise her. I hope to God it’s just a phase.
Ian Holm
At home, people very rarely recognise me.
Nicola Walker
The supreme challenge of Labor is to recognise our ‘revolutionary moment’ when it arrives. And to have the courage to seize it – wholly, boldly, and completely.
Bill Shorten
I’ve got to keep on writing. That’s non-negotiable. At the same time, one has to look at the world and recognise that writing is not the only thing to be done – I want to have an effect on the world.
Uzodinma Iweala
We should recognise that only around a third of the population can be in internationally competitive jobs. So we need to develop a middle-band craft economy like the one the French have so cleverly maintained.
David Starkey
A society that does not recognise that each individual has values of his own which he is entitled to follow can have no respect for the dignity of the individual and cannot really know freedom.
Friedrich August von Hayek
When I choose a role it’s either because I recognise the man, or that I’m very curious to know him. If I neither recognise nor know him, then it is better that I don’t play him.
Ben Kingsley
I love long sentences. My big heroes of fiction writing are Henry James and Proust – people who recognise that life doesn’t consist of declarative statements, but rather modifications, qualifications and feelings.
John Burnside
Even though now I’m pretty popular in my country and tennis is the No. 1 sport, and I’m very flattered that the people recognise me and come up and give me compliments, I’m more a person who likes to have privacy and peace.
Novak Djokovic
It is time to recognise that austerity alone condemns not just Greece but the whole of Europe to the probability of a painful and protracted era of little or no economic growth. This would be a tragedy not just for Greece and for Europe, but for the world.
Charles Dallara
Encouraged, we recognise the importance of living artistically, aesthetically and creatively as creative creatures of the creator.
Edith Schaeffer
I think there are universal principles that we should want to understand, but that are not necessarily good for us. We could recognise universal propensities which current cultures can’t fully eradicate, which we would want to eradicate if we could. Let’s say, a tendency for tribal violence. Or racism.
Sam Harris
If we are serious about Global Britain, we must recognise that international students bring huge benefits to our universities, our local economies and our soft power.
Jo Johnson
We need to recognise that the whole edifice of our fifth estate, of our journalism, has been built on a foundation of newspaper journalism and that that foundation is crumbling. The management of the media companies will deny that the end is nigh. I hope they are right.
Malcolm Turnbull
Give up identification with this mass of flesh as well as with what thinks it a mass. Both are intellectual imaginations. Recognise your true self as undifferentiated awareness, unaffected by time, past, present or future, and enter Peace.
Adi Shankara
To see something spectacular and recognise it as a photographic possibility is not making a very big leap. But to see something ordinary, something you’d see every day, and recognize it as a photographic possibility – that is what I am interested in.
Stephen Shore
To gaze into another persons face is to do two things: to recognise their humanity and to assert your own.
Lawrence Hill
I don’t think of literary novels as self-help documents, although literature undoubtedly saved my life when I was young, enabling me to disappear into all manner of stories, to recognise feelings that I felt alone in.
Bill Clegg
When the most important things in our life happen we quite often do not know, at the moment, what is going on. A man does not always say to himself, “hullo! i’m growing up.” It is only when he looks back that he realises what has happened and recognises it as what people call “growing up.
C. S. Lewis
It is important for big names such as Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri to get on board and recognise that women do actually understand the game and they can play as well.
Isa Guha
Things are neither clear nor clean in the world of football right now and many people recognise this reality.
Diego Maradona
My legal wife is to me dead; the only ecclesiastical authority I recognise pronounces me free; the attacks and threats of men do not disturb me. I am acting according to a clear conscience, and am doing hurt to no man. For my conduct, I will answer to my maker.
William the Silent
You can access that on many levels and the human spirit and the human mind responds to those themes because they recognise the veracity of them. That they are real things. Sometimes it even goes beyond logic, it’s just a sense of something.
Mel Gibson
What he’s done is recognise the cinematic nature of the book. It’s beautifully realised – it’s a beat film.
Tilda Swinton
Many black people I know are proud of the Irish part of their heritage – an Irish grandparent, say – but they recognise that many people believe in a form of racial purity. And it is from that belief that prejudice starts.
Tom Paulin
Experience – the wisdom that enables us to recognise in an undesirable old acquaintance the folly that we have already embraced.
Ambrose Bierce
I spend most of my life in sports kit, so it usually shocks people when they see me in casual clothing – let alone dressed up with make-up on. I’ve walked past people from my own family who don’t recognise me.
Johanna Konta
You grow up and recognise that in an educated, secular society, there’s no excuse for ignorance. You have to recognise in yourself, and challenge yourself, that if you see racism or homophobia or misogyny in a secular society, as a member of that society, you should challenge it. You owe it to the betterment of society.
If someone asked if I I’d want no one to recognise me anymore, I’d take that option, I think.
Rag’n’Bone Man
Parents, first and foremost, it is important to… understand and recognise the activities your child is naturally gravitating towards. It’s important also to ensure that your child likes what he or she is doing. I believe in exposing children to as many hobbies and extracurricular activities as possible.
Viswanathan Anand
I am a living example of Modi’s capacity to recognise talent and to reason.
Smriti Irani
I am a very judgmental person. Of myself and other people. I recognise it’s a great fault, but I have no power over that.
Richard E. Grant
I can walk around, no problem. Sometimes, someone will recognise me and ask for a picture.
Lucas Moura
Sometimes a poem appeals to me technically, just because of the way a line feels on my lips. Sometimes it is because it says something I have felt, or sometimes something that I suddenly recognise. Other times it can change the way I see something.
Frank Skinner
I removed ‘cyberspace’ from my vernacular. The idea, which I grew up with, of going into a place separate from the real world, is something my students just don’t recognise.
Clay Shirky
The Internet is a giant ‘lab experiment’ for corporate America, and those companies that recognise this and play well within the rules of ambiguity and fluidity will survive and win.
Dan Pena
From infancy, I had been accustomed to hear pro and con discussions of slavery and the American Civil War. Although the British government finally decided not to recognise the Confederacy, public opinion in England was sharply divided on the questions both of slavery and of secession.
Emmeline Pankhurst
Thinking through how you look to your enemies is helpful. That doesn’t mean that your ideology is wrong and theirs is right, but maybe you have to recognise that they have one – and that it may be logically coherent. Which may be uncomfortable.
Mary Beard
My dad has spent 20 years of his life working in child protection and writing policy for organisations across Australia in order to recognise and safeguard against abuse.
Luke Hemsworth
It gives me the creeps when I see a frame for a building going up and recognise the architect. You shouldn’t know who a project is by.
Thomas Heatherwick
It’s time to recognise the Armenian Genocide.
Kim Kardashian
These powerless people at the bottom are the ones with whom we must begin. They must have the insight and the knowledge to work together and recognise that they are on the right track.
Dorothy Day
Innovation has a lot to do with your ability to recognise surprising and unusual phenomena.
Herbert Simon
The Carrion Crow and Turkey-Buzzard possess great power of recollection, so as to recognise at a great distance a person who has shot at them, and even the horse on which he rides.
John James Audubon
Education must open the eyes and enable them to recognise the One behind the many.
Sai Baba
A lot of people recognise me now, especially the younger generations, definitely. But it’s not that common.
Fran Kirby
If we understand the past, we are more likely to recognise what is happening around us.
Helen Dunmore
Actors do movies because you want to make a connection; you want an audience to recognise themselves in what it is that you’re depicting.
Holly Hunter
I recognise a lot of myself in these kids who enter shows like Pop Idol. It’s very hard to get into the music industry and you have to take every opportunity that you can. Something like Pop Idol is a great opportunity but unfortunately, I think it’s tainted by the people that make these shows.
Melanie Chisholm
Scotland has chosen to remain in partnership with our neighbours in the U.K. But Scotland is distinct, and colleagues must recognise that.
Johann Lamont
There are lots of wonderful actors doing animated films these days, but I prefer it when you can’t recognise them – it means they’ve really become the character.
Imelda Staunton
I’ll reshoot a corridor 13 different ways, and you’ll never recognise them.
Ridley Scott
Too much of British business and industry feels similarly secure in the warm embrace of the European single market and is failing to recognise that today’s great export opportunities lie in the developing world, particularly in Asia.
Nigel Lawson
I am a woman, and I am proud to say that I work in technology. But I also recognise that the combination of those two facts puts me in the minority.
Gillian Tans
Part and parcel of trying to understand and recognise your strengths and weaknesses is to be brutally honest with how you reflect on what you are yourself. I can’t fundamentally change what I am.
Nigel Pearson
I live out in the country in Scotland and know that if I close my eyes, I can recognise every sound.
Rory McCann
I hope that the kind reader recognises this as a despairing attempt at humour.
Nancy Springer
In Africa today, we recognise that trade and investment, and not aid, are pillars of development.
Paul Kagame
Are you an Israeli? I don’t debate with Israelis. I have been misled, sorry. I don’t recognise Israel and I don’t debate with Israelis.
George Galloway
I always bump into people that Ive met. Not great friends, but if I bump into somebody Ive known and I wont recognise them. It can be embarrassing at times.
Dario Franchitti
I like my privacy. I was completely okay when people didn’t recognise me.
Varun Tej
I’m lucky that I can walk down the street, and maybe one person will recognise me from ‘The Simpsons,’ and another person will recognise me from ‘Spinal Tap,’ and it’s always surprising.
Harry Shearer
The transsexually constructed lesbian-feminist feeds off woman’s true energy source, i.e. her woman-identified self. It is he who recognises that if female spirit, mind, creativity and sexuality exist anywhere in a powerful way it is here, among lesbian-feminists.
Janice Raymond
People have to recognise I’m a working-class lad. Forget what I’ve done and where I’ve been. I’m a working-class lad. I’ve come from nothing and I’ve not forgotten that.
Sol Campbell
Genuinely great humour recognises the world it’s describing and yet we are also called into question by it. That’s what great art should do. That’s what great philosophy should do. The one thing about humour is that this is an everyday practice that does this.
Simon Critchley
I beg your pardon I didn’t recognise you – I’ve changed a lot.
Oscar Wilde
We recognise that, with time, every human being will cease being, will only have been. And so we seek to resist time. We rebel against it. We are drawn like lovers to the unreachable past, to imagined memories, to nostalgia.
Mohsin Hamid
I never get recognised here in London, which I like. Once a year, someone comes up to me and asks if I am ‘so-and-so’s niece’ because they think they recognise me from somewhere. I like that.
Carey Mulligan
I don’t think people should be priced out of going to the theatre… But we have to recognise that it is a show business.
Jamie Parker
I’m sorely disappointed that girls don’t recognise me in a normal tee and jeans.
Prithviraj Sukumaran
Linguistics will have to recognise laws operating universally in language, and in a strictly rational manner, separating general phenomena from those restricted to one branch of languages or another.
Ferdinand de Saussure
As opposed to a movie [Real Steel] where everything feels fantastical, it was really important to me, and I recognise it’s not the first movie with robots in it, but that blend of naturalism in performance, writing and design with the futurism of this sport. That was the idea.
Shawn Anthony Levy
Bless everything in existence with your entire being and immediately you recognise your inner state of completeness and harmony.
I think it’s important to recognise that ‘The Da Vinci Code’ opened up a vast new audience for a general readership interested in historical detective stories and research into history.
Elizabeth Kostova
I don’t really recognise success. I don’t see myself as on an upwardly mobile trajectory. I see myself as on the edge of a cliff about to fall off.
Jonathan Ames
It is something I recognise in myself. I do eavesdrop. I do people-watch, a lot.
Jon McGregor
No one recognises me on the street, ever.
Julia Holter
People recognise me for my role as S.P. Brahmanand in the serial ‘Maryada – Lekin Kab Tak.’
Vishwajeet Pradhan
In Spain you can’t do anything. If you drive, everyone recognises you; at a restaurant you have paparazzi outside.
Nicolas Anelka
My Marathi is indeed very bad and whenever I try to call my friends Sandeep Kulkarni or Sayaji Shinde, they immediately recognise my weird accent and all my efforts to surprise them go down the drain.
Ashish Vidyarthi
The British people have decided to leave. It is a sad decision but one which I respect. The vote puts the European Union in difficulties. It must recognise its shortfalls.
Francois Hollande
I’m not a hero or a superstar. I’m an everyday guy. I feel happy when children approach me. I feel that something good is happening in life when little kids recognise me.
Boman Irani
The skin is a true symbol of our health because it’s the last place to get nutrition and if you can drive all those nutrients all the way through to the skin then you know it’s gotten everywhere else too and that’s something that we all recognise.
David Wolfe
America is woven of many strands. I would recognise them and let it so remain. Our fate is to become one, and yet many. This is not prophecy, but description.
Ralph Ellison
I hope when I’m 80 that I get to Heaven and God doesn’t recognise me.
Pete Burns
There is a reciprocal respect for [ Elizabeth II], for her interest in the Commonwealth. The members of the Commonwealth recognise that here is a genuine interest from the top. So, that’s one reason. I’m not putting it necessarily in order of importance.
Bob Hawke
Being with the mainstream isn’t very difficult – the tide is powerful, and it is easy to let it sweep us along with it. But going against the tide is very difficult. First of all, one must recognise very exactly what the tide is and where it is going.
Peter Brook
I do not know at what moment in life, if ever, we realise that we are neither George Sands nor Juliets. Of course, if we are not beautiful, we recognise early that beauty is nothing.
Elizabeth Bibesco
I always thought we ought to recognise the blood, sweat and tears – and the sacrifices in being away from home – of former England players, and that current players should know what has come before.
Andrew Strauss
My kids love Ibiza and we feel committed to it because we keep coming back to the same area. People recognise us in shops now and we have a social life here. We cook at home and have friends around.
Neneh Cherry
I think people looked at me as one of them – an ordinary girl from an ordinary family with a voice they could recognise.
Vera Lynn
Get involved and learn how to recognise a story happening in front of you. Learn how to ask questions and be curious. That’s probably my biggest piece of advice.
Jill Douglas
People recognise me now. I’ve got so much fan mail.
Charlotte Dujardin
It makes me happy that people recognise me and want to click pictures with me. But sometimes, I want to be a common person. I want to go to a coffee shop and just chill. I miss driving my car with the windows rolled down.
Sonam Kapoor
Covid-19 teaches us that we are all global citizens connected by a single virus that recognises none of our natural or man-made diversity: not the colour of our skin, nor our passports, or the gods we worship.
Abiy Ahmed
For me, a great fantasy is real people, a world I recognise, human struggle and magic. You’ve got to have magic to make a fantasy work. But I like my magic to be subtle. I don’t want magic coming out of the hands of wizards. I want it to be pervading, sinister somehow.
Fiona McIntosh
When you fall in love you recognise you’re not the most important person in the world, and your focus becomes another person.
Russell Brand
I don’t shout from the rooftops or blow my own trumpet. But I take a lot of satisfaction from the players and staff at clubs who recognise what I’ve done.
Steve Clarke
You’d like more people to recognise what you do is special. But I take the attitude that the best thing I can do for my sport is to be the best at it. The best way people will come to recognise that track and field is a great sport is to see athletes excelling at it. Which is what I intend to do.
Maurice Greene
We must recognise that duty and morality vary under different circumstances; not that the man who resists evil is doing what is always and in itself wrong, but that in the different circumstances in which he is placed it may become even his duty to resist evil.
Swami Vivekananda
A mathematician will recognise Cauchy, Gauss, Jacobi or Helmholtz after reading a few pages, just as musicians recognise, from the first few bars, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert.
Ludwig Boltzmann
We need to recognise that what really matters isn’t buying more and more consumer goods, but family, friends, and knowing that we are doing something worthwhile with our lives. Helping to reduce the appalling consequences of world poverty should be part of that reassessment.
Peter Singer
All comedy is funny because it tells us truths that we recognise through laughter, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be unnerving. Think of ‘Fawlty Towers’; it can be very, very dark, but by God, it’s funny. The two things are not in opposition.
David Farr
It seems to me that the Swedish Academy of Science may be qualifying for the Nobel Peace Prize. It recognises no nationality; it discourages unworthy national feeling and prejudice.
Charles Glover Barkla
You will surely smile with me when I say, ‘Thank God one can still recognise self-pity as such and not give it any greater dignity than just that.
James Fox
Well, I think people don’t recognise my face because I’m so much older now, but it is astonishing that people can recognise a voice. I do sometimes get recognised, and indeed a lot of people do come and see me.
Tom Baker
Whatever the universal perspective one adopts, it is important to recognise that some form of universalism is politically and ethically necessary.
Alison Assiter
I did have the odd person recognise me, but Australia is massive. I did ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and the odd thing for magazines, but that’s about it.
Vogue Williams
You can recognise when a film-maker really, really cares about what they’re doing.
Kathleen Kennedy
Sometimes fitness is a good thing to have, but you have to recognise that fitness takes you only so far, and skills are the most important thing. Fitness just helps you execute those cricketing skills for longer and more consistently, maybe.
Rahul Dravid
We recognise the need for government to provide a clear and stable regulatory framework so as to release the investment power of business in order to deliver progressive public policy.
Barry Gardiner
I’ve never wished for people to recognise me or anything.
Diljit Dosanjh
We must not fail to recognise that television can be a hugely positive influence in children’s lives, one of the greatest educators in contemporary society and an increasing influence on all the children followed in ‘Child of Our Time.’
Robert Winston
Tell me, why is the media here so negative? Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognise our own strengths, our achievements? We are such a great nation. We have so many amazing success stories but we refuse to acknowledge them. Why?
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Individuals fail to recognise how their perennial state of sleep deficiency has come to compromise their mental aptitude and physical vitality, including the slow accumulation of ill health.
Matthew Walker
When the hypocrisy of life appears we often fail to recognise it or the question it raises
Jeremy Griffith
I think our stance on Brexit has perhaps been one of the most powerful things in helping people to recognise the values of the Liberal Democrats.
Jo Swinson
No one used to recognise me at all but now it’s different. So many more people come up to me, all on the back of playing for England.
Wayne Bridge
I recognise that the whole issue of downloading and intellectual property rights is not an easy one, but on the whole, I’m a fan of downloading, both legal and illegal, and the open-source ethos that it harbours for the future is a good one.
Lee Ranaldo
Do I wake up every day and thank God that I live in 21st-century Britain? Of course not. But from time to time, I recognise it as an unfathomable privilege.
Robert Webb
I’m disappointed people don’t recognise what I did in Test cricket. For an opening batsman to get two triple centuries? A lot of greats haven’t got one.
Chris Gayle
Whoever desires Paradise, proceeds towards goodness; whoever fears Hell, refrains from the impulses of passions; whoever believes firmly in death, detests wordly life; and whoever recognises the worldly life, the trials and tribulations (of life) become slight for him.
Ali ibn Abi Talib
It is the lack of knowledge of, or the unwillingness to recognise, or the deliberate denial of the existence of the serial bully which is the most common reason for an unsatisfactory outcome for both employee and employer.
Tim Field
Politicians have been spreading fear, saying if we’re letting in refugees, we’re letting in terrorists. It’s not the truth. We’ve got to recognise the difference between terrorism and people who are refugees; people who are struggling.
Jimmy Barnes
I am very proud to have kept my commitment to introduce the married couples’ tax allowance. I think it will prove very popular. I think it’s absolutely right that we recognise marriage in the tax system properly, and I would like to see that expanded.
David Cameron
If I wear make-up, then people recognise me, but the rest of the time, no one really bothers.
Michelle Ryan
I recognise my responsibility, and it’s funny when I read people who say they never asked to be a role model, and I understand that, but as soon as you have influence over people, you have a responsibility with what you do with that influence.
Brooke Fraser
To understand why dictators fall, it helps to recognise factors that produce a perfect anti-dictatorial storm. Barring missteps such as those that led to Gaddafi’s undoing, a dictator’s survival can be at risk because of newness in office, poor health, or old age combined with economic trouble.
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
I think what you have to recognise is everybody has their own deal, and everybody has challenges. Do I think that it was easier for me because at a certain point in my career I didn’t have children? Yeah, I think absolutely so. But everybody has their own deal.
Beth Brooke
You should choose organisations that are going to be flexible and supportive and recognise people are going through different stages in their careers and actually need different sorts of support.
Gail Kelly
I am beginning to rub my eyes at the prospect of peace. I think it will require more courage than anything that has gone before … One will have to look at long vistas again, instead of short ones, and one will at last fully recognise that the dead are not only dead for the duration of the war.
Cynthia Asquith
The point is not that I don’t recognise bad people when I see them — I grant you I may quite well be taken in by them — the point is that I know a good person when I see one.
Enid Blyton
I do recognise that, where recruitment difficulties persist, teachers can be put under great pressure.
Estelle Morris
My face changes when I wear make-up; I don’t recognise myself.
Olga Kurylenko
A thought may arise: ‘It’s okay now, but it’s going to be different when I step out the door’. Already you are anticipating your downfall. Recognise these as just thoughts. You can just watch them, feel their pull yet observe them as a movement in consciousness. Stay put as formless awareness.
When we recognise that unity of all living things, then at once arises the question – how can we support this life of ours with least injury to the lives around us; how can we prevent our own life adding to the suffering of the world in which we live?
Annie Besant
I find the parallels between how some investors refuse to recognise the trends and our reaction to some of our environmental challenges very powerful. There is an unwillingness to process unpleasant data.
Jeremy Grantham
Every time I do a film, I have to make sure that when someone looks at me, they can’t recognise Disha. It has to be a character. I want to do strong roles.
Disha Patani
I can go everywhere and no one recognises me.
Jim Davis
I certainly don’t recognise myself as the horrible sexist portrayed in media reports, and I don’t think the women who have worked with me throughout my career do either.
Tim Hunt
We are our own worst enemies and as a coach you can help people recognise that, raise their self-awareness and then see if they change or do anything about it.
Graham Potter
The thing is, if one person recognises you and takes a picture, then four other people who don’t even know you want to do the same.
Radhika Apte
I treat every song like a different character. It is good that people recognise my voice instantly, but as an artiste, I always try and bring some variety with each of them.
Neha Kakkar
We do recognise that there are areas where the current financial services market, the banking market, just isn’t working for chunks of the British economy.
Vince Cable
I should like to suggest to you that the cause of all the economic troubles is that we have an economic system which tries to maintain an equality of value between two things, which it would be better to recognise from the beginning as of unequal value.
Paul Dirac
It’s difficult to tell whether people are looking at you because they recognise you from your work or just because you’re 6 ft. 3 in. and have the eyebrows of Satan. It’s difficult to distinguish between the two.
Will Poulter
Knowing that the teams in front of us are sometimes better than you, you have to recognise that and be humble. It’s part of the game.
Nuno Espirito Santo
A few people thought I was Bill Clinton, because of the name. I’ve never complained. Just the fact that you recognise me is enough. Even if you think I’m Chaka Khan.
George Clinton