Reform Quotes

Reform Quotes by Cal Cunningham, John Cornyn, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton, Jeb Hensarling, George Ayittey, Joe Sestak and many others.

We need to hold accountable anyone who has misused powe

We need to hold accountable anyone who has misused power, and put that power to work for the common good. That includes, but goes beyond, police reform.
Cal Cunningham
Why is it that half of the households in America pay zero income tax? We need some real tax reform.
John Cornyn
Remedy your deficiencies, and your merits will take care of themselves. Every man has in him good and evil. His good is his valiant army, his evil is his corrupt commissariat; reform the commissariat and the army will do its duty.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Nothing says ‘economic growth’ like fundamental tax reform.
Jeb Hensarling
Dictators are allergic to reform, and they are cunning survivors. They will do whatever it takes to preserve their power and wealth, no matter how much blood ends up on their hands. They are master deceivers and talented manipulators who cannot be trusted to change.
George Ayittey
In the face of a rising China, along with authoritarian regimes from Brazil to the Philippines to Turkey to Russia, and the constant presence of belligerent non-state actors, we need to reform our military to deal with asymmetrical threats.
Joe Sestak
The Bolshevists would blow up the fabric with high explosive, with horror. Others would pull down with the crowbars and with cranks–especially with cranks. . . . Sweating, slums, the sense of semi-slavery in labour, must go. We must cultivate a sense of manhood by treating men as men.
David Lloyd George
Workers who come to the U.S. see their wages and their standard of living boosted sharply simply by crossing the border. That’s a good thing, and one of the best arguments for immigration reform, even if you’ll rarely hear a politician make it.
James Surowiecki
I came to office promising major ethics reform to end the culture of self-dealing. And today, that ethics reform is a law. While I was at it, I got rid of a few things in the governor’s office that I didn’t believe our citizens should have to pay for. That luxury jet was over-the-top. I put it on eBay.
Sarah Palin
He’s [Louis Brandais] so suspicious of bigness in government as well as business that he mistrusts even really top-down reforms at the state level. The most inspiring part of his legacy to me is his belief in the imperative and duty of self-education on behalf of citizens.
Jeffrey Rosen
Tomorrow is the day when idlers work, and fools reform, and mortal men lay hold on heaven.
Tax reform is taking the taxes off things that have been taxed in the past and putting taxes on things that haven’t been taxed before.
Art Buchwald
There is a consensus of willing leaders from both parties coalescing around the right way forward in health care. Reform should address government-imposed inequities and barriers to true choice and competition.
Paul Ryan
Fool, nothing is impossible in Russia but reform.
Oscar Wilde
Beneath a mask of selfish tranquility nothing exists except bitterness and boredom. I am one of those whom suffering has made empty and frivolous: each night in my dreams I pull the scab off a wound; each day, vacuous and habit-ridden, I help it re-form.
Cyril Connolly
Most reformers, like a pair of trousers on a windy clothesline, go through a vast deal of vehement motion, but stay in the same place.
Austin O’Malley
I firmly believe Americans are far better off under tax reform than they ever were sticking with this old, messed up, outdated tax code.
Kevin Brady
The American people… want change. They want big ideas, big reform.
Rahm Emanuel
With a host of proposals on the table and a President examining new ideas for health reform, we have an obligation to give real reform our best shot.
Ron Wyden
War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.
William Tecumseh Sherman
For reforms ameliorate the situation of the working class, they lighten the weight of the chains labour is burdened with by capitalism, but they are not sufficient to crush capitalism and to emancipate the workers from their tyranny.
Clara Zetkin
Whatever we do, it is definitely time that we reboot the health care reform attempt. It’s time to completely start over.
Jaime Herrera Beutler
We will not reform the yuan until the time is right even if there is external pressure.
Wu Yi
The government in which I believe is that which is based on mere moral sanction…the real law lives in the kindness of our hearts. If our hearts are empty, no law or political reform can fill them.
Leo Tolstoy
What people really haven’t thought about with real estate is, if you get tax reform, you’re going to see real estate now… the velocity of selling and buying real estate will just kick.
Howard Lutnick
I welcome the Democrats’ ideas on Social Security. I think it is very important to make a bipartisan reform.
Jack Kingston
It’s correct that I wanted health reform to do more to create choices and promote competition.
Ron Wyden
Society during the last hundred years has been alternately perplexed and encouraged respecting the two great questions: how shall the criminal and pauper be disposed of in order to reduce crime and reform the criminal on the one hand and, on the other, to diminish pauperism and restore the pauper to useful citizenship?
Dorothea Dix
It’s not enough to be famous. You have to be professional enough to make reform.
Vitali Klitschko
Having decisions made not in midnight deals but in the light of objective evidence and after consulting those who will be affected should itself provide some reassurance that the EU is trying to reform itself.
John Hutton
We’re not going to reform our moronic land-use laws, which mandate suburban sprawl one way or another. They’re simply going to be ignored when it becomes self-evident that we cannot build stuff that way anymore.
James Howard Kunstler
People who have reformed themselves has contributed their full share towards the reformation of their neighbor.
Norman Douglas
It is vitally important that we implement immigration reform. We need a bill that strengthens our borders and protects this nation, but that also makes it simpler for good people to become Americans.
Dave Reichert
A coalition with Tories and Liberal Democrats together is a golden opportunity to create the sort of planning reform that means not only can we have more environmentally sensitive planning, but we can have more homes and more schools.
Michael Gove
Hunger does not breed reform; it breeds madness and all the distemper’s that make an ordered life impossible.
Woodrow Wilson
I have been very careful to put forward new ideas – on tackling inequality, extending democratic reform and the green agenda, because I think these are all absolutely fundamental to a successful next period of office for Labour
Peter Hain
We reform the system. We save capitalism from its own excesses.
Robert Reich
Emancipation came to the colored race in America as a war measure. It was an act of military necessity. Manifestly it would have come without war, in the slower process of humanitarian reform and social enlightenment.
Wendell Willkie
We have a serious structural deficit problem. And it needs to be addressed. The president is trying to address it through reforms of Social Security, but the problem is there with other entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid.
John W. Snow
If Japanese companies don’t reform drastically and implement English as their daily business language, the economy will only continue to contract.
Shuji Nakamura
The main thrust of the Social Security reform was to get the benefit structure in line with the realities of the Trust Funds.
George W. Bush
The tax issue is the most powerful issue in American politics going back to the Tea Party. People say, ‘Oh, Grover Norquist has power.’ No. Grover Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform focus on the tax issue. The tax issue is a powerful issue.
Grover Norquist
I work with the president and speak with him multiple times a week. This is a man, he didn’t become the president by accident. And as much as everyone wants to talk about stability, was he unstable when he passed the tax reform? Was he unstable when we finally hit back at Syria and said no more chemical weapons?
Nikki Haley
I see nothing easy in Washington. I see either analytically simple things that are politically complex or those that are politically complex and analytically complex. I mean, look at immigration reform, you know? It is, I think, analytically easy, but politically very, very complex and very difficult.
Henry Paulson
While the ACA’s insurance expansions and reforms represent a great leap forward for the U.S., it is also true that when fully implemented by 2018, the U.S. will still have the most inefficient, wasteful, and unfair health insurance system of any advanced nation, even with the ACA reforms.
John E. McDonough
I ran on forming broad coalitions with people throughout the caucus and across the aisle, and so that involves the Blue Dogs, people who are talking about tax reform.
Mikie Sherrill
Tax reform means, ‘Don’t tax you, don’t tax me. Tax that fellow behind the tree.’
Russell B. Long
To reason with goverments, as they have existed for ages, is to argue with brutes. It is only from the nations themselves that reforms can be expected
Thomas Paine
Its time to stop defending a system that is clearly in dire need of reform, stop issuing reports and setting up new roadblocks, and start providing Americans with prescription drugs that are both safe and affordable.
Herb Kohl
Expect the rapidly expanding homeschooling movement to play a significant role in the revolutionary reforms needed to build a free society with Constitutional protections.
Ron Paul
Immigration reform is for those thousands of people in my district and the millions of people across the country who want nothing more than to work hard, provide for their families, and reach for the American Dream.
Jan Schakowsky
Comprehensive immigration reform would reduce the deficit and help grow the economy.
Scott Peters
Ah, you miserable creatures! You who think that you are so great! You who judge humanity to be so small! You who wish to reform everything! Why don’t you reform yourselves? That task would be sufficient enough.
Frederic Bastiat
The need for comprehensive reform must not blind us to the urgency of addressing the massive debt that’s already crushing our young people.
Elizabeth Warren
Immigration reform almost happened under President George W. Bush. Twice. And it was comprehensive.
Mark McKinnon
In one sphere above all others, Anne Boleyn still had the power to influence him, and that was in the case of church reform. Anne was a passionate and sincere evangelical, the owner of a library of controversial reformist literature, and she was sympathetic to radical and even Lutheran ideas.
Alison Weir
Paranoia is an illness I contracted in institutions. It is not the reason for my sentences to reform school and prison. It is the effect, not the cause.
Jack Henry Abbott
I have campaigned for reform efforts all over the country, … What happens in California has significant effect in states like mine that are nearby. It’s just a reality.
John McCain
I basically believe the medical insurance industry should be nonprofit, not profit-making. There is no way a health reform plan will work when it is implemented by an industry that seeks to return money to shareholders instead of using that money to provide health care.
Dianne Feinstein
I urge North Koreas leaders to reflect on Burmas experience. While the work of reform is ongoing, Burma has already broken out of isolation and opened the door to a far better future for its people.
Thomas E. Donilon
It is essential to the triumph of reform that it should never succeed.
William Hazlitt
In 2013 Citigroup had profits of $6.4 billion in the United States. They paid no federal income tax and, in fact, received a rebate from the IRS of $260 million. That same year J.P. Morgan had $17.2 billion in profits in the U.S. They also paid no federal income tax. Do you think it’s time for tax reform?
Bernie Sanders
I say this idea of chokin’ folks to death to reform ’em, is where we show the savage in us, which we have brought down from our barbarious ancestors. We have left off the war paint and war whoops, and we shall leave off the hangin’ when we get civilized.
Marietta Holley
The bottom line is, what are we doing to Obamacare? We eviscerate the law in our bill, and then we do things like expanding health savings accounts, which give families real flexibility. We reform Medicaid.
Steve Scalise
Meaningful ethics reform is vital to restoring public confidence in Missouri’s political system.
Josh Hawley
I’d like to continue being involved with issues that animated my time as attorney general – criminal-justice reform and civil rights especially. I don’t just want to give speeches; I’d like to involve myself in this work in a systematic way.
Eric Holder
You don’t get real reform by pandering to every special interest. With cap and trade we wound up with a bill that didn’t accomplish much, was enormously complicated and expensive.
Brian Baird
[We need reforms] to make the Negro church a place where colored men and women of education and energy can work for the best things regardless of their belief or disbelief in unimportant dogmas and ancient and outworn creeds.
W. E. B. Du Bois
Instead of working to undo POTUS exec action, we need to workcollaboratively to achieve comprehensive immigration reform.
Mazie Hirono
The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God.
Mary Baker Eddy
Mexico urgently needs a series of structural reforms that will detonate its true economic potential for once and generate more public welfare.
Enrique Pena Nieto
The example alone of a vicious prince will corrupt an age; but that of a good one will not reform it.
Jonathan Swift
For the states that take the lead on reform – asset recycling, deregulation, service innovation – the Federal Government could step back, and allow greater flexibility in how we deliver our responsibilities.
Gladys Berejiklian
Time and time again, the obstinate refusal of the tsarist regime to concede reforms turned what should have been a political problem into a revolutionary crisis… the tsarist regime’s downfall was not inevitable; but its own stupidity made it so.
Orlando Figes
We Muslims in the West, like Jews before us, grapple with the same issues that Jews of the past did: integration or isolation, tradition or reform, intermarriage or intra-marriage.
Hamza Yusuf
A lack of reform – particularly in international tax – has hurt our ability to compete in a global economy by keeping U.S. corporate cash overseas and reducing domestic investment, slowing economic growth.
John Delaney
Legal reform has significant dangers: changing only the window-dressing of harmful systems but leaving the violence of the systems in tact, failing to provide actual relief for those facing the worst conditions, and legitimizing or expanding systems of harm.
Dean Spade
Self-reform is the only kind that works.
Mason Cooley
I support health care reform in this country, but the current bills we have before us are too big, too costly, and the people who send me to Washington to be their voice are opposed to them and this process.
Mike Ross
Nobody wants campaign finance reform more than me. It would save me a fortune.
Andrew Tobias
The question for immigration reform is not if we’ll get it done, it’s when we’ll get it done. It’s going to get done.
Xavier Becerra
Today I can announce a raft of reforms that we estimate could save over 2.5 million police hours every year. That’s the equivalent of more than 1,200 police officer posts. These reforms are a watershed moment in policing. They show that we really mean business in busting bureaucracy.
Theresa May
If we did not have Obamacare, we could’ve addressed the healthcare crisis in a comprehensive but segmented fashion – meaning that we could have promoted a health savings plan. We could’ve pushed for tort reform, which added so much more cost to healthcare.
Elaine Chao
Trump’s corporate tax reform would restore America’s position as the most hospitable investment climate in the world. For a change, businesses and their cash would come back home.
Lawrence Kudlow
The best thing we can do to secure the future of the global system, trading system, is to redouble the efforts to improve the system, to reform the system.
Roberto Azevedo
Tax reform likely will be the first policy action in a Trump administration. A close second will be a thorough repeal and rewrite of Obamacare, restoring a freer market with true consumer choice and competition among providers.
Lawrence Kudlow
It is important to remember the purpose of health care reform: to make sure Americans have access to quality, affordable health care – especially those individuals who were being denied by their insurance companies because they weren’t profitable customers.
Bill Foster
The key to U.N. reform is giving Americans a clearer picture of what the U.N. is and what it isn’t, what it can be and what it can’t be.
Samantha Power
If Democrats in Washington haven’t got enough sense to own the issue of political reform, I give up on them entirely.
Molly Ivins
Those who are fond of setting things to rights, have no great objection to seeing them wrong.
William Hazlitt
The lunatic fringe in all reform movements.
Theodore Roosevelt
For a long time I was ashamed of the way I lived. Did I reform, you ask? No. I’m not ashamed anymore.
Mae West
The number one lobby that opposes campaign finance reform in the United States is the National Association of Broadcasters.
Robert Waterman McChesney
I know theres a great deal that Arnold Schwarzenegger could teach me about making movies. Theres a great deal I could teach him about the fiscal reforms that are needed – desperately needed – to set California back in good order.
Tom McClintock
We have a lot of folks who talk about immigration reform but haven’t put their name on a bill.
Suzan DelBene
Never say any man is hopeless, because he only represents a character, a bundle of habits, which can be checked by new and better ones. Character is repeated habits, and repeated habits alone can reform character.
Swami Vivekananda
Remorse begets reform.
William Cowper
I care more about getting this right [NHS reform] than I do about getting it done.
Nick Clegg
We shouldn’t be debating whether to deal with the current code by allowing it to be extended or not. We should have a president who shows leadership and comes to Congress and says: ‘You know what? We need to reform this whole tax code.’
Rob Portman
Reform is born of need, not pity. No vital movement of the people has worked down, for good or evil; fermented, instead, carried up the heaving, cloggy mass.
Rebecca Harding Davis
There are two important things to remember about ‘entitlements’: They are hugely popular programs for a very good reason, and actual sensible ‘reform’ would mean improving them, not sacrificing them at the altar of ‘fiscal responsibility.’
Alex Pareene
Reducing the budget for Amtrak makes no sense unless the Administration is prepared to implement a reform strategy which can be supported by the budget request.
Christopher Bond
I hope I’ll have the opportunity to debate how we reform and update our immigration system. I will relate my own story and that of the countless immigrants whose American Dream stories have helped build our country into the greatest nation in the world.
Ami Bera
Banking and after-dinner speaking are two of the most nonessential industries we have in this country. I am ready to reform, if they are.
Will Rogers
One of the achievements of the reform movement is that people realize that they can be democrats and remain faithful Muslims. Democracy is now an established idea.
Abdolkarim Soroush
I think one of the things that I don’t think people focus on is that there are some red states that have done some really innovative things when it comes to criminal justice reform, including on rehabilitation, reentry efforts. I think one of the things that we have seen in that regard is that you save money.
Eric Holder
I think in the end the big issue is that the private sector still needs more help. And the answer is not more big government. I know in my state our reforms allowed us to protect firefighters, police officers, and teachers.
Scott Walker
I am for peace, retrenchment and reform, the watchword of the great Liberal Party thirty years ago.
John Bright
The constitutional reform is supposed to give autonomy to eastern Ukraine and to be adopted by the end of 2015. This has not happened, and the year is over. That’s not Russia’s fault.
Vladimir Putin
Oxfam believes that any global talks to reform tax rules must include all countries, including the poorest.
Winnie Byanyima
A man who marries a woman to educate her falls victim to the same fallacy as the woman who marries a man to reform him.
Elbert Hubbard
For a free country to continue thriving, there have to be regular reforms, because any society, any economy that stays in place, you’re going to see repeated attempts to exploit the openings for twisting policy to the advantage of those who already have wealth and power.
Al Gore
The budget caps were busted, mightily so. And we are reviewing with people like Judd Gregg from New Hampshire and others some budgetary reform measures that will reinstate – you know, possibly reinstate budgetary discipline. But the caps no longer – the caps, I guess they’re there. But they didn’t mean much.
George W. Bush
You’ve tried to reform what will not learn. Shut doors on traits that you wish were dead; They will open a window and return.
Jean de La Fontaine
This [health care reform] cannot pass. What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass.
Michele Bachmann
I was very heartened by Rupert Murdoch’s passionate interest in immigration reform. He is an immigrant himself. He understands from a business perspective how important immigration reform would be to our economy.
Valerie Jarrett
Texas is a national leader in education reform and student achievement. Through our college- and career-ready standards and assessments, strong school accountability, and a focus on educator development, we have created an education system that prepares our students for success after graduation.
Rick Perry
[Castellani’s testimony] clearly illustrates the concern we have that there is no way to separate the efforts to proselytize from the efforts to reform people.
Abraham Foxman
I think, overall, India is today on the move. The economic reforms that our salvation lies in – operating an open society, political system, an open economy, economic system – this has widespread support.
Manmohan Singh
I sought to reform minstrelsy among refined people by making words suitable to their taste, instead of the trashy and really offensive words which belong to some songs of that order. … Some of my songs should be performed in a pathetic, not a comic style.
Stephen Foster
We can’t really have a serious debate about reform on immigration if we don’t have operational control of the border. … With the executive order out there, with the urgency of the threat, I think it’s very likely that we’ll get something passed, later this year.
Michael McCaul
There are people with vested interest who do not want us to reform our energy sector so that we remain dependent on imports. All reform moves are resisted. Bureaucrats are hesitant to take bold decisions.
Veerappa Moily
For years, comprehensive tax reform has eluded legislators.
John Delaney
In pursuing reform, we have to navigate uncharted waters. We may also have to confront protracted problems because we will have to shake up vested interests.
Li Keqiang
Lost in much of the national debate about immigration reform is how Democrats ultimately stand to gain electorally with any legislation or executive action that would put the newly legalized residents on a path to voting.
Aaron Klein
We desperately need comprehensive immigration reform in this nation, and yes, comprehensive immigration reform proposals are nuanced and complicated, but you know what shouldn’t be? Our capacity to see each other’s humanity.
Ayanna Pressley
…feminism differs from reform of any kind, even franchise reform. Feminists, I should say, are not reformers at all, but ratherintellectual biologists and psychologists.
Rheta Childe Dorr
I am totally in favour of reform – but it must be reform that changes the nature of British politics, not simply the makeup or operation of parliament.
David Blunkett
Maybe I should get back to the music-writing phase and write one on tax reform.
Orrin Hatch
We are now preparing for the reform of the yuan’s exchange rate system. For such reforms to take place, we need good economic conditions… and we need to do it under tight control.
Wu Yi
Inspiration is not garnered from the litanies of what may befall us; it resides in humanity’s willingness to restore, redress, reform, rebuild, recover, reimagine, and reconsider.
Paul Hawken
The lobbyists, the special interests, the special pleaders, if you will, the super PACs the billionaires, these people are apoplectic about the rise of Trump. He can’t be bought. He can bring sweeping conservative reform.
Roger Stone
‘Reform’ is a word you always aughta’ watch out for. ‘Reform’ is a change that you’re supposed to like. And watch it – As soon as you hear the word ‘Reform’, you should reach for your wallet and see who’s lifting it.
Noam Chomsky
Throughout the 19th century, when there was a laissez-faire mentality and insufficient regulation, you had one crisis after another. Each crisis brought about some reform. That is how central banking developed.
George Soros
I think we can have some tax reform, but that doesn’t mean tax increases. We ought to make the, the rates flatter. We ought to get rid of a bunch of those loopholes.
John Kasich
I actually believe that one of the lessons of 1993 and 1994, as well as 2009 and 2010, is that when a Democratic president has the opportunity – with a Democratic Congress – that you shouldn’t wait to push significant legislation, whether it’s health care, immigration reform, other measures.
Julian Castro
I’ve always been fond of the saying that when it comes to oversight and reform, the federal government does two things well: nothing and overreact.
Darrell Issa
In order to truly get deficit spending and federal debt under control, the Trump administration is going to have to eventually address entitlement reform. If not, Trump will not only become part of the Washington status quo on the issue, but will leave burdensome and expensive problems for future generations.
Katie Pavlich
Immigration reform should mean something else entirely. It should mean improvements to our laws and policies to make life better for American citizens.
Donald Trump
In order to make reforms sustainable, the Greek economy needs the space to return to growth and start creating jobs again.
Barack Obama
Every reform was once a private opinion, and when it shall be a private opinion again, it will solve the problem of the age.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Medical liability reform is not a Republican or Democrat issue or even a doctor versus lawyer issue. It is a patient issue.
John Ensign
I was a truant. And if you’re a truant in New York City, the truant officer gets after you, and then you get into the courts, and then things happen which they really shouldn’t. But I ended up in a very sweet reform school. It’s the place you go to if you’ve got a really kind judge.
David Carradine
I wouldn’t call it “police reform,” but I would say that police procedure enhancement could be helpful – these police shootings are absolutely horrible.
Nancy Grace
Those who advocate either slavery or income taxation should be ashamed of themselves. Genuine freedom entails the abolition, not the reform, of income taxation and the IRS, just as genuine freedom entailed the abolition, not the reform, of slavery.
Jacob G. Hornberger
We all want our border to be secure. However, certain individuals use this argument to stop us from ever enacting immigration reform.
Pete Gallego
America has an obligation to secure its borders, but it is wrong to pass laws that treat human beings as something less than human. If my father were alive, he would be in the forefront of the struggle for a fair and humane reform of our immigration laws.
Martin Luther King III
Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe.
Theodore Roosevelt
What we’re putting forward is the most radical reform of the welfare state… for 60 years. I think it will have a transformative effect in making sure that everyone is better off in work and better off working rather than on benefits.
David Cameron
In every industrialized nation, the movement to reform health care has begun with stories about cruelty.
Atul Gawande
The old welfare system was hurting people by discouraging work and marriage. Welfare reform, and now this legislation, will build on the understanding that work and strong families are the foundation upon which we build our future.
Jim Talent
We need long-term tax reform that promotes private sector job creation. And legislated mandates that kill jobs by raising the cost of payrolls need to be eliminated.
Elaine Chao
I have been for border security for years. I voted for border security in the United States Senate. And my comprehensive immigration reform plan of course includes border security.
Hillary Clinton
Here’s my thinking: Since tax reform only occurs once a generation, let’s not tweak what we have and call it a day.
Kevin Brady
The United Nations has a critical role to play in promoting stability, security, democracy, human rights, and economic development. The UN is as relevant today as at any time in its history, but it needs reform.
Chuck Hagel
Grown-up politicians talk to each other across party lines. Over the last few weeks I have had lengthy conversations with Ed Miliband, David Miliband, with Tony Blair, with Peter Mandelson… talking about Europe, talking about political reform.
Nick Clegg
If you say, I’m for equal pay, that’s a reform. But if you say. I’m a feminist, that’s a transformation of society.
Gloria Steinem
Not a single reform effort in Russia has ever been completed.
Boris Yeltsin
Repeal the entire Banking Act of 1933, and Austrian School economists will cheer, especially if the current system were replaced by a 100%-reserve competitive banking with no central bank. That banking reform would give us a sound money system, meaning no more business cycle, bailouts, or inflation.
Llewellyn Rockwell
All zeal for a reform, that gives offence To peace and charity, is mere pretence.
William Cowper
What we need is fundamental tax reform.
Rob Portman
It is often in the name of cultural integrity as well as social stability and national security that democratic reforms based on human rights are resisted by authoritarian governments.
Aung San Suu Kyi
Go to the ant, thou sluggard, learn to live, and by her busy ways, reform thy own.
Elizabeth Smart
Reform is a work of time; a national taste, however wrong it may be, cannot be totally changed at once.
Joshua Reynolds
Like all of my colleagues, I believe financial reform is necessary now.
Scott Garrett
I’m intending to work on juvenile justice reform, sentencing reform, reentry, drug treatment, access to mental health care.
Cory Booker
People like me who are reform-minded ignore the people who say, ‘Just criticize and don’t do anything and let’s win by default.’ That’s ridiculous.
Paul Ryan
I rise today to discuss the National Intelligence Reform bill. I commend my colleagues in both Houses for their hard work in coming to an agreement. As with any conference, each voice is heard, but none can dominate and compromise must be achieved.
Theodore Stevens
I’m willing to work with all parties to reform Indonesia.
Joko Widodo
Pension reforms, like investment advice and automatic enrollment, will strengthen the ability of Americans to save and invest for retirement.
Steve Bartlett
But here’s what I would tell people of my generation. I turn 40 this year. There isn’t going to be a Social Security. There isn’t going to be a Medicare when you retire. Forget about what your benefit is going to look like. There isn’t going to be one if we don’t make some reforms to save that program now.
Marco Rubio
If we were all to chase every squirrel that comes running along in the form of a personal dispute or a mischaracterization of someone, or someone’s integrity or intent, we’d be very busy doing that and not focusing on the government, on that which we need to reform internally.
Mike Lee
To reform the Secret Service, the agency needs a director from outside the agency who will be immune from that culture and not beholden to entrenched bureaucrats within the agency.
Ronald Kessler
Well, Diotallevi and I are planning a reform in higher education. A School of Comparative Irrelevance, where useless or impossibe courses are given. The school’s aim is to turn out scholars capable of endlessly increasing the number of unnecessary subjects.
Umberto Eco
No true reform has ever come to pass Unchallenged by a liar and an ass.
Arthur Guiterman
It is critical that we pass legislation to dramatically reform our health insurance system, and this reform should include a genuine public option, universal coverage, an end to insurance policy rescissions, and no restrictions against covering people with pre-existing conditions.
Jerrold Nadler
The President’s budget pays for only six months of the war in Iraq and completely overlooks the transition costs of Social Security reform. The Administration always lied about the cost of the Medicare drug bill.
Jim Cooper
Although everyone wants to change the teacher, it’s time for the agents of educational reform to change themselves.
Andy Hargreaves
I am pro-life. I am also supportive of health savings accounts, which ensure that women have the freedom to control their own health-care decisions, among numerous other reforms – like purchasing across state lines – to give Americans more control over their own health care.
Donald Trump
It is what makes the reform process an art, not just a science. You have to develop a strategy that tells you what reform measures you should follow and in what sequence.
Vaclav Klaus
It was clear that VA was in need of reform, and when the president asked for help, I could not say no. First, I felt I could help, and my private sector experience was relevant. Second, that this was my chance to give back to those that had stepped up to serve our country.
David Shulkin
I admit it: I had fun watching right-wingers go wild as health reform finally became law.
Paul Krugman
We cannot conduct reforms that affect the people adversely. If therapy drags out for decades and no gleam of light is seen, it is certainly not in the interests of the country, not in the interests of the people.
Yevgeny Primakov
My excuse for not lecturing against the use of tobacco is, that I never chewed it; that is a penalty which reformed tobacco-chewers have to pay; though there are things enough I have chewed which I could lecture against.
Henry David Thoreau
Tax reform should happen rather quickly.
Donald Trump
After a century of striving, after a year of debate, after a historic vote, health care reform is no longer an unmet promise. It is the law of the land.
Barack Obama
The truth is that health-care reform will always be a nuisance, with version 2.0 followed by next year’s 2.1. As long as it boosts productivity, it’s worth it.
Jim Cooper
But such IMF pressure is very much helpful for me to push such a, you know, reform. So in this sense I think IMF is very much helpful for alien society.
Kim Dae Jung
I think comprehensive immigration reform while securing your border and dealing rationale with 11 million is the only way we’re going to solve this problem.
Lindsey Graham
That is what I want: I want a better Saudi Arabia. I don’t see myself as an opposition. I’m not calling for the overthrow of the regime, because I know it’s not possible and is too risky, and there is no one to overthrow the regime. I’m just calling for reform of the regime.
Jamal Khashoggi
Forward, always moving forward, from the time I can remember – a kid. I was short, and the big guys would take advantage; I had to turn myself into a body puncher. By that time I was in reform school, they’d have a boxing match every week; they’d bring guys in from outside to fight me.
Jake LaMotta
Today, we are announcing that agencies are releasing their final regulatory reform plans, including hundreds of initiatives that will reduce costs, simplify the system, and eliminate redundancy and inconsistency.
Cass Sunstein
Whether we are in or out of the E.U., we must deliver reform at home in order to compete abroad in the 21st century.
Dominic Raab
Do you remember any instance where tyranny was destroyed and freedom established on its ruins, among a people possessing so small a share of virtue and public spirit? I recollect none, and this more than the British arms makes me fearful of final success, without a reform.
Patrick Henry
I talk to people in the ACLU office in New York all the time. I’m able to participate in the debate and to campaign for reform. I’m just the first to come forward in the manner that I did and succeed.
Edward Snowden
Welfare reform was a good-faith effort to break the cycle of intergenerational dependence.
Heather Mac Donald
Only in Washington can the pursuit of a conservative agenda, with centrist policies, be depicted as liberal reform.
Ari Melber
Liberal that I am, I support health-care reform on its merits alone. My liberal blood boils, for example, when I read that half of the personal bankruptcies in this country are brought on, in part, by medical expenses.
Thomas Frank
The interests of the United States are better served by demanding reform and seeing that reform takes place than by removing our influence from the UN.
Jesse Helms
Social Security’s future has gotten worse, and each year we delay reform adds to the cost we are pushing off onto our children.
John Goodman
Pension reform can be hard to talk about. In the long run, reform now means fewer demands for layoffs and less draconian measures in the future. It’s in the best interest of all Californians to fix this system now.
Jerry Brown
Input of public judgement for any major tax reform.
Newt Gingrich
Americans need accurate information in order to consider Social Security reform. Too bad the media can’t be counted upon to provide it.
Herman Cain
If you attempt to implement reforms but fail to engage the culture of a school, nothing will change.
Seymour Sarason
You can’t be a progressive and be opposed to pension reform.
Gina Raimondo
All men now allow that if any human power could have stemmed the avalanche of the French Revolution, it would have been the reforms of Turgot.
Evelyn Beatrice Hall
I have a message for the world, which I will deliver without fear and care for the future. To the reformers I will point out that I am a greater reformer than any one of them. They want to reform only little bits. I want root-and-branch reform.
Swami Vivekananda
We need to enact comprehensive immigration reform, to bring people out of the shadows and empower them to more fully and freely participate in their communities and the economy. And we need to invest in our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure – investments that would create jobs and benefit all sectors of the economy.
Tom Perez
Senator Obama and I had been on the same side of many fights, and we had worked together on the issue that is most urgent to me – comprehensive immigration reform.
Luis Gutierrez
The people who support Mr. Curbelo’s campaign are people who oppose Medicare and Social Security, want to reform it to take it away from our seniors, and oppose a minimum wage.
Joe Garcia
I believe in health care reform. I don’t believe in the way this bill was passed.
Joe Manchin
If someone really wanted to end Medicare, they wouldn’t propose a reform: they would do nothing.
Tim Griffin
But I can tell you another engine for growth and job creation would be comprehensive immigration reform.
Hillary Clinton
If the states and territories do not sign up to fundamental reform, then my message is equally simple: we will take this reform plan to the people at the next election – along with a referendum by or at that same election to give the Australian Government all the power it needs to reform the health system.
Kevin Rudd
The Bush administration and Congressional Republicans have failed to bring up comprehensive energy reform or any piece of legislation for that matter that would lower gas prices, opting instead to give massive subsidies to the oil and gas industry.
Rosa DeLauro
As I’ve long said, the farm bill is in need of major reform. At first chance, I voted to remove direct payments. Both the House and the Senate passed bills that end direct payments, and as we move forward, I hope we can work out the rest of the issues to implement the necessary reforms.
Stephen Fincher
for me, the beauty of feminism is that it is a social and political movement that has redefined the power and obligation of the self: self-possession and self-regulation as a tool for social reform.
Vivian Gornick
The promise of education reform can never be fulfilled without adequate funding, and by shortchanging our schools, President Bush is breaking his promise to our children.
Joe Lieberman
The important thing about tax reform is you make the tax code less complicated, easier for people to understand.
Grover Norquist
Reform Judaism is like mock turtle soup-turtle soup without the turtle
Heinrich Heine
I got my masters in social sciences and education at Stanford, and initially – this is back in 2002 or 2003 when I graduated – I wanted to move to D.C. and work on education reform, specifically with No Child Left Behind.
Jessica Mendoza
We invite our friends who hold high positions in the legislative branch of government and state institutions to master the skills of administration, so they could, when the time comes, reform the Turkish state and make it more fruitful at all its levels in the name of Islam.
Fethullah Gulen
I’m not saying we don’t need health care reform. We do need health care reform.
Jim Renacci
Health reform should be open and transparent.
Charles Boustany
In the course of the reform, some new circumstances that we had not anticipated have appeared.
Zhu Rongji
Welfare reform passed in the 90s worked because states were given maximum authority along with adequate funding. This model can work for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.
Kim Reynolds
What are we having this liberty for? We are having this liberty in order to reform our social system, which is full of inequality, discrimination and other things, which conflict with our fundamental rights.
B. R. Ambedkar
Those life experiences that helped shaped my political beliefs are with me in every position I take and every vote that I cast – whether it be in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, strengthening Social Security and Medicare, or improving our nation’s education system.
Mark Takano
Despite the deep reforms we are making, traders and speculators have forced interest rates on Greek bonds to record highs.
George Papandreou
Personally I do not resort to force – not even the force of law – to advance moral reforms. I prefer education, argument, persuasion, and above all the influence of example – of fashion.
Rutherford B. Hayes
We are for pension reform, jobs, the flat tax, and justice reforms.
Matteo Salvini
I know from my days working on education reform in government that it’s almost impossible to exaggerate how little those who work on education policy think about ‘how to improve learning.’
Dominic Cummings
During the New Deal, liberals recognized that the ballot box and elected branches are generally the appropriate engines of social reform, and liberals used both to spectacular effect – instituting profound social changes that remain deeply ingrained in society today.
Neil Gorsuch
Mark Zuckerberg has started an advocacy group for immigration reform.
George Packer
Although the church has often been far too slow to follow his lead, Jesus’ insistence that women, as well as men, bear the full image of God has had a way of sparking reform movements across the centuries.
John Ortberg
I’m one of those that have said, one of my key principles is I will not support a health care reform bill that is not deficit-neutral, period.
Mike Ross
I will only vote to confirm a nominee for attorney general who is truly independent and who will guarantee reforms that restore and uphold the Constitution.
Christopher Dodd
Kennedy was the driving force of reform in America.
Hugo Chavez
I started getting more and more active around immigration reform because this was such a waste of lives, such a waste of potential, such a waste for our country not to have the human capital that we developed – geared toward improving our entire society.
Laurene Powell Jobs
Republicans are willing to support and vote for realistic, meaningful financial reform.
Marsha Blackburn
Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.
Mark Twain
It would be a mistake to view Camacho as the beacon of democracy in Mexico. He has played by the PRI’s rules for more than 15 years. As mayor of Mexico City, he was recognized as a political broker, not as an apostle of substantive political reform.
Denise Dresser
As Congress focuses on comprehensive health care reform, one thing needs to be clear: We cannot fix health care if we do not address America’s nursing shortage.
Kirsten Gillibrand
Your mothers get mighty shocked at you girls nowadays, but in her day, her mother was just on the verge of sending her to reform school.
Will Rogers
There are big issues, like the reform of the Security Council. These kinds of questions are something the President of the General Assembly must keep his eye on.
Harri Holkeri
Every Congressman, every Senator knows precisely what causes inflation… but can’t, [won’t] support the drastic reforms to stop it [repeal of the Federal Reserve Act] because it could cost him his job.
Robert A. Heinlein
Reforms are slow, but they never go backward.
Belva Ann Lockwood
I want to have a good vote in the Senate so we send the message that the Republicans and the Democrats are together in favor of immigration reform.
Bob Menendez
Our immigration system is a broken system that needs to be fixed. We need reform that provides hardworking people of good character with a real path towards citizenship.
Joe Baca
Over and over again, I hear from Oregonians that we need real health care reform that provides every American with access to quality, affordable care.
Jeff Merkley
Revolt is not reform, and one revolutionary administration is not good government.
Lincoln Steffens
The problem with the West is that they start with political reform going towards democracy.
Bashar al-Assad
Singapore and China, which don’t want to encourage democratic citizenship, are expanding their humanities curricula. These reforms are all about developing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Martha C. Nussbaum
School reform is not enough. The notion of schooling itself must be challenged.
John Taylor Gatto
Long-term, Congress needs to replace Obamacare with market-driven health reform that’s affordable for everyday Iowans and empowers consumers.
Kim Reynolds
The stark reality facing us today is that without the labour reforms, workers will get neither the income nor jobs in the face of cut-throat global economic competition.
Kim Young-sam
Exalt the Cross! God has hung the destiny of the race upon it. Other things we may do in the realm of ethics, and on the lines of philanthropic reforms; but our main duty converges into setting that one glorious beacon of salvation, Calvary’s Cross, before the gaze of every immortal soul.
Theodore L. Cuyler
Have you ever noticed how statists are constantly “reforming” their own handiwork? Education reform. Health-care reform. Welfare reform. Tax reform. The very fact that they’re always busy “reforming” is an implicit admission that they didn’t get it right the first 50 times.
Lawrence Reed
Going forward, as we work to strengthen our border in the interests of homeland security, we must also recognize the economic importance of immigration reform.
Dave Reichert
Health care has gotten really weird politically. We’ve sort of tied ourselves in knots on this issue in a way that we don’t do… for criminal-justice reform or tax policy or climate policy.
Brian Schatz
When politicians talk about immigration reform, they usually mean the following, amnesty, open borders, lower wages.
Donald Trump
A bold reform agenda is our moral obligation. If we make the case effectively and win this November, then we will have the moral authority to enact the kind of fundamental reforms America has not seen since Ronald Reagan’s first year.
Paul Ryan
I… now see a rare opportunity to push across the goal line much of the unfinished business of America: investing in our infrastructure and workers, universal healthcare, comprehensive immigration reform and scrubbing a tax code that’s out of shape and behind the times.
Xavier Becerra
An institution or reform movement that is not selfish, must originate in the recognition of some evil that is adding to the sum of human suffering, or diminishing the sum of happiness.
Clara Barton
I think we’ll build a consensus for action on Social Security reform which will reduce that long-term unfunded obligation and put the system on a sustainable basis.
John W. Snow
The conversation has become so divisive now on all types of immigration reform that it is really hard to move anything.
Suzan DelBene
I am only doing now what I have ever done; and ever will continue to do – that is adapting past experience to present reform in the light of high ideals and future objects.
John Burns
In my mind, there is no reason public school reform should be a partisan issue.
Michael Bennet
And I managed to arrange to get some research support and to stay in Hong Kong for another year and a half, interviewing people coming out of China, both Westerners and Chinese. And that was my first real research study on thought reform or so-called brainwashing.
Robert Jay Lifton
While I support a more comprehensive bill and hope a more extensive package will eventually past the Senate, I also am a realist and know that we must not let the perfect bill be the enemy of real reform.
John McCain
Every man is a reformer until reform tramps on his toes.
E. W. Howe
Until we reform our laws and until we fix the excesses of these old policies that we inherited in the post-9/11 era, we’re not going to be able to put the security back in the NSA.
Edward Snowden
The function of violence is to obtain reform by external means, the function of passive resistance, that is, soul-force, is to obtain it by growth from within, which, in its turn, is obtained by self-suffering, self-purification.
Mahatma Gandhi
What I always say with these things, when you`re trying to do comprehensive things like tax reform, there will be 20,000 lobbyists in Washington trying to work their will on that piece of legislation so, you know, people think it`s going to be a lot easier than it will end up being.
John Yarmuth
We would certainly encourage the Italian government to put forward an ambitious agenda of reform.
Rodrigo Rato
Sen. Robert Menendez’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2010 would try to nullify every single state and local law that fights illegal immigration. Congressman Luis Gutierrez’s CIR ASAP Act with over 100 Democratic co-sponsors does the same thing.
Russell Pearce
The United Nations is an indispensable but deeply flawed organization. It is valuable to the United States, and the United States is invaluable to it. We need to reform it.
Richard Holbrooke
Ten years ago, Republicans decided it was time to reform our broken welfare system and give welfare recipients the tools they needed to escape the system and build a better life.
Todd Tiahrt
I think Kamala Harris would be a fantastic president. I’ve known her for many years. We’ve worked on a lot of issues together, including criminal justice reform and also specifically on bail reform. I think she is the leader we need who can unite the American people.
Ted Lieu
The number one lobby that opposes campaign finance reform in the United States is the National Association of Broadcasters.
Robert McChesney
Cruelty hardens and degrades, kindness reforms and ennobles.
Robert Green Ingersoll
On Immigration policy and reform [Republicans] are on the wrong side of the track. … They would have you believe that if they get into office, they are going to make sure that they are going to get rid of everyone in our society who was not born in America.
Maxine Waters
We need election reform because our elections are being stolen. And these huge powerful voting machine vending companies have privatized the election process in our country.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
I’ve always worked on bipartisans, whether it’s on healthcare, drug reform, et cetera. All my work is bipartisan, because what I’m – as nonpartisan actually, because I look for solutions. I’m very practical.
Teresa Heinz
I think [Donald Trump] s got the votes for [tax reform]. I think he’s definitely has the Republican votes for it, in House and Senate, and I think he probably has maybe 20 percent of the Democratic vote for it. So he could get it done with a bipartisan majority.
Rudy Giuliani
I think the Greek people, although it is difficult and challenging and the politics of it I know are not good, should appreciate the fact that in this global economy, the Greek economy was going to have to go through some structural reforms.
Barack Obama
I’m not a fan of the #DeleteFacebook campaign. I think that they can reform.
Brittany Kaiser
We pledge to you that we will create jobs. End economic uncertainty and make America more competitive. We will cut Washington wasteful spending and reduce the size of government. And we will reform Congress and restore your trust in government.
Kevin McCarthy
In terms of all kinds of things, in terms of educational reform, in terms of health care, transportation, Colorado has a chance to be a national model.
John Hickenlooper
Conservatives have always wanted border security before we had immigration reform.
Rand Paul
There comes not seldom a crisis in the life of men, of nations, and of worlds, when the old forms seem ready to decay, and the old rules of action have lost their binding force. The evils of existing systems obscure the blessings that attend them, and, where reform is needed, the cry is raised for subversion.
Benjamin N. Cardozo
I think U.N. organizations are important organizations. They exist for good reasons. And we also admit that there is room for us to improve the way we do business. The WHO will be a very positive and proactive partner in the overall U.N. reform, which is also important.
Margaret Chan
I am happy and proud that during one year of presidency, my initiatives have been strongly supported by the people and society and we have launched the process of vitally important state reforms.
Dalia Grybauskaite
If election is your goal, you’re never going to engage in reform. Reform has to be your goal. Election is the means. You run for office in order to do something, not in order to perpetuate yourself.
Ashraf Ghani
The bottom line: health care reform is about the patient, not about the physician.
Abraham Verghese
The U.S. government has been preoccupied with health care ‘reform,’ but this refers to improving access and insurance coverage and has little or nothing to do with innovation.
Eric Topol
You have one of two choices. Either you can panic and start making frantic attempts to reform under the glare of these awful critical eyes, or you can just say, “The hell with you! I know what I’m doing. If you don’t yet, it’s because you haven’t given me an attentive reading.
Saul Bellow
The federal government should encourage rather than micromanage market reform in all 50 states. Since health care is local, private-sector innovation in conjunction with state-level reform of the individual and small-group markets is a better approach.
Ron Williams
Our entire judicial system in Liberia has broken down because of the many years of lawlessness, indiscipline and warfare. We need more training to get more qualified judges. We need infrastructural reforms. All of our laws need to be re-examined by a law reform commission.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Punishment is not for revenge, but to lessen crime and reform the criminal.
Elizabeth Fry
Regulatory reform must move beyond limiting the damage that the financial sector can do and ensure that the sector genuinely serves society.
Joseph Stiglitz
We passed welfare reform. All of you know I believe we were right to do it.
William J. Clinton
Men must be capable of imagining and executing and insisting on social change if they are to reform or even maintain civilization, and capable too of furnishing the rebellion which is sometimes necessary if society is not to perish of immobility.
Rebecca West
Obama wants to raise the issue of immigration reform so that he can demonize Republicans as anti-Hispanic. That’s why Obama ignores the broad support for an immigration plan that would provide border security once and for all and then deal with the illegal immigrants who live here.
Ben Shapiro
America’s future as the global leader in innovation remains in the balance until our immigration system is fixed. A large portion of a reform package should focus on updating our system to better reflect the business landscape and market realities of the 21st century.
Brad Feld
BC is not going to replace the hierarchy, and BC is not going to lead some major reform in the Catholic Church – that’s got to come out of the whole Catholic community.
William P. Leahy
The problem with the West is that they start with political reform going towards democracy. If you want to go towards democracy, the first thing is to involve the people in decision making, not to make it.
Bashar al-Assad
The deeper question… is not whether ancient religious forms can reform… but whether new forms of nature-related spirituality might emerge.
Robert Bly
Our panaceas cure but few ails, our general hospitals are private and exclusive. We must set up another Hygeia than is now worshiped. Do not the quacks even direct small doses for children, larger for adults, and larger still for oxen and horses? Let us remember that we are to prescribe for the globe itself.
Henry David Thoreau
Our public education system does a great job. I don’t think it’s broken. We aren’t interested in doing reform for reform’s sake. I believe in public education; it did a great job for me. It deserves our support and encouragement.
Denise Juneau
The only kind of reform usually possible is reform from within; a more intimate study and more intelligent use of the traditional forms.
George Santayana
The reason we have such a reform budget is because we’ve been thinking about these things for a long time.
John Kasich
To reform society, and with it humanity, there is only one mean; to transform the mentality of men, to direct them (“les orienter”, Fr.) in a new spirit.
African Spir
I think conventional wisdom is that time is not on our side. But there are a number of members of Congress who have primaries and when those primaries are done, they may be more inclined to address the issue of comprehensive immigration reform.
John McCain
Every single stage of reform becomes more difficult because you use political capital.
Jose Angel Gurria
We have seen in the past where leaders have not been open-minded or have not been flexible. That’s why the people came out to the streets and shouted and chanted for more reforms and more freedoms.
Ban Ki-moon
The people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government and to reform, alter, or totally change the same when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.
Alexander Hamilton
Yes, I do agree we need health care reform; however, this bill badly misses the mark. Congress can and must do better for the American people.
John Mica
No reform ever came from the bottom, and it was always people who understood how the ruling class worked who turned out to be the reformers.
Gore Vidal
African countries lose the most from tax dodging. African governments must, therefore, do more to push for a full reform of the global tax system and demand action from countries, such as the U.K., whose financial centres sit at the heart of the global network of tax havens.
Winnie Byanyima
Should we attempt border security first, which I believe we should, we still need to face the fact that comprehensive reform is necessary. This must include a guest worker program and dealing with the 11 million people who are here today that are contributing to our economy.
Jim Costa
Reform immigration to make it easy for individuals to come over here, be documented, pay taxes – immigration reform is needed to state that its about work, its not about welfare… Set up a grace period where they can get a work permit… social security card so that they can pay income tax, social security, Medicare.
Gary Johnson
So what is so strange about saying I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to reconstruct and reform this nation so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation? I want the country to survive. I want the country to succeed.
Rush Limbaugh
Oil-for-food shows the need for reform. There was fraud, corruption, mismanagement
Norm Coleman
In order to create real, long-lasting reform, we must create a pathway to legal status for the millions of undocumented immigrants who have made lives for themselves and their families in the United States.
Jared Polis
Only reform and opening up can develop China. We must not be afraid of any risks, and not be confused by any distractions.
Hu Jintao
We must move from revenue-neutral to revenue-reducing tax reform, because the federal government spends far too much money.
Carly Fiorina
We have to change economic policy: create confidence, foster investment, cut the public deficit, restructure taxation, and reform the labor laws.
Mariano Rajoy
For years, President Obama has chastised Republicans, used immigrants as props for political purposes, and time and again deflected responsibility from his own party’s failure to act on immigration reform.
Mark Meadows
Life is hard and astonishingly complicated…. No one great reform will make it easy. Most of us who work — or want to work — will always have trouble or discontent. So we must learn to be calm, and train all our faculties, and make others happy.
Sinclair Lewis
It is only proper that our employees share in the savings generated by tax reform and that we openly acknowledge the resulting improvement in the U.S. business environment by investing in our industrial footprint accordingly.
Sergio Marchionne
We must pass immigration reform.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Please be assured that as we move along through the implementation of health insurance reform, making sure that we find efficiencies within the existing system, is foremost on the President’s mind.
Valerie Jarrett
Our challenge, our opportunity is to pass common-sense solutions … that repeal ObamaCare and replace it with patient-centered reforms that will help our constituents have better access to high-quality health care in America.
John Boehner
Electoral reforms are necessary if India has to be rid of black money.
Narendra Modi
On trade, our hypocrisy is at its most appalling. Trade reform isn’t about charity, it’s about justice, and this campaign, Trade Justice is an unstoppable idea.
Edward de Bono
If there were two candidates, a Democrat and a Republican, who each committed to the same kind of fundamental reform, then the election would be an election between the vice presidential candidates. It’d be just like the regular election, except it would be one step down.
Lawrence Lessig
People understand that any major reform to pensions is likely to create losers as well as winners.
Angela Rayner
There’s nothing good about being certain about things. And I don’t think there’s any real talent in using language in a manipulative way, with phrases like “tax relief” or “Social Security reform.” It’s politically clever, but it’s also completely disingenuous, and it’s not something to aspire to.
Jonathan Safran Foer
In terms of immigration, we’re seeing a lot of Democrats and Republicans use the really elastic term, ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform,’ and they don’t totally understand what that means. For us in El Paso, it’s part of a larger discussion about the nature of the border.
Beto O’Rourke
The Congress talks and talks and talks and talks, but doesn’t act. I’m going to continue to work with my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to bring about comprehensive immigration reform.
Luis Gutierrez
What the Bronx and Queens needs is Medicare for all, tuition-free public college, a federal jobs guarantee, and criminal-justice reform.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
They realize at last that change does not mean reform, that change does not mean improvement.
Frantz Fanon
Under my contract with the American voter, we are proposing a series of ethics reforms on day one to end government corruption. They include a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.
Donald Trump
The healthy Christian is not necessarily the extrovert, ebullient Christian, but the Christian who has a sense of God’s presence stamped deep on his soul, who trembles at God’s word, who lets it dwell in him richly by constant meditation upon it, and who tests and reforms his life daily in response to it.
J. I. Packer
The legislator should keep two things constantly before his eyes: 1. The pure theory developed to its minutest details; 2. The particular condition of actual things which he designs to reform.
Wilhelm von Humboldt
We are accustomed to say, that the mass of men are unprepared; but improvement is slow, because the few are not materially wiser or better than the many.
Henry David Thoreau
There’s a nastiness to conversations about U.S. education reform, which are characterized by the kind of stark taking-of-sides that’s usually reserved for debates over guns or abortion rights.
Laura Moser
I would like to be a terrorist for music education – to make a complete reform, all over the world.
Daniel Barenboim
Efforts to reform are often met with resistance because the system always tries to fall back to the status quo and what is comfortable.
Robert Fritz
Let’s cut the top rates of stamp duty to enable more movement to take place and also looking at the broader tax reform, simplifying our tax system.
Liz Truss
I stated that I’m a libertarian Republican, which means I believe in a series of issues, such as smaller government, constraint on budget deficits, free markets, globalization, and a whole series of other things, including welfare reform.
Alan Greenspan
It is foolish for Republicans to continue opening the door to job-killing tax hikes while Democrats refuse to explain how they propose to reform mandatory spending – mostly entitlements – that makes up almost two-thirds of the federal budget.
John Fleming
The greatest obstacle to those who hope to reform American education is complacency.
Diane Ravitch
I think [Pope] Francis intends to forge ahead with his reform agenda.
Sylvia Poggioli
One of the best aspects of health care reform is it starts to emphasize prevention.
Anne Wojcicki
To begin a reform, go not into the places of the great and rich; go rather to those whose cups of happiness are empty–to the poor and humble.
Lew Wallace
Leaders need to compromise, negotiate with members of both parties and ideologies, and reform health care the right way – by developing a strong plan that encompasses the needs of all Americans.
Charles Boustany
I’m serious about this. The Republican Party needs to reform or die. President Bush did three things. He destroyed the Republican majority, he crippled the American conservative movement and he weakened the country. That’s a hell of a trifecta.
Joe Scarborough
If at the end of May we don’t, we’ll reform, regroup, decide how we’re going to go about it, but if the task force can’t come up with the bill, I’m going to push mine, and go ahead and make the changes in it that we’ve been working on now for a year or two and just go for it.
Charlie Norwood
Our broken tax code is one of the main reasons the United States lags behind when it comes to economic growth, job creation, and competitiveness. Without pro-growth tax reform, our workers and our businesses will continue to suffer.
Kevin Brady
Agrarian reform should not merely subdivide misery, it must raise living standards. Ownership raises the farmer from his, but productivity will keep him on his feet.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
There are a lot of people who are eager to assign blame. I think we’re [USA] eager to try and find some solutions. One thing that would help would be comprehensive immigration reform legislation.
Josh Earnest
Ending police brutality and mass incarceration. There is a growing left-right support for criminal justice reform.
Ralph Nader
Africans… their tired. They’re tired of being the subject of everybody’s charity and care. We are grateful, but we know that we can take charge of our own destinies if we have the will to reform.
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Every time I reform in one direction I go overboard in another.
Mark Twain
If our focus in immigration reform is exclusively on high-skilled or STEM immigrants, where do the rest of the millions yearning to join our ranks fit in?
Cedric Richmond
…the transition from capitalism to Socialism and the liberation of the working class from the yoke of capitalism cannot be effected by slow changes, by reforms, but only by a qualitative change of the capitalist system, by revolution. Hence, in order not to err in policy, one must be a revolutionary, not a reformist.
J. Stalin
In Burma, we need to find out what we have to do in order to keep the democratization process on track. Economic reforms have to be taken one by one. You see it’s not just speed that’s important, it’s sequencing as well. You’ve got to get the speed right; you have to get the sequencing right.
Aung San Suu Kyi
Prosecutors committed to reform need talented staff members who share that commitment, and our best legal talent should flock to their offices.
James Forman, Jr.
Now that this legislation has passed the House, I look forward to the vote in the Senate that will bring us to Conference, where we can resolve any outstanding issues and make this postal reform reality – for the Postal Service and for all Americans.
John M. McHugh
Together, undocumented people like me and our relatives, friends and allies wait for broader immigration reform, not just for Dreamers but also for undocumented workers of all ages and backgrounds who contribute to our economic security and prosperity.
Jose Antonio Vargas
The United States has to go through structural reforms in terms of improving our education system or revamping our infrastructure or, you know, looking at some regulations that weren’t properly controlling excesses on Wall Street.
Barack Obama
The future of the Republican Party, all the different folks looking to lead the Republican Party at the national level in the future, recognize we should do immigration reform.
Grover Norquist
The incentives are still rotten, and people are still paid to do things they shouldn’t be doing. The reforms did not really address the incentives, the system is still dysfunctional and there are still behavioural issues that need to be addressed.
Michael Lewis
I thought for a while, Barack Obama, although he wanted comprehensive reform had less a good chance of getting it than Donald Trump because of the Nixon goes to China factor here, where Trump can secure the border and get people on board, I think he could see comprehensive reform. Not this year, but maybe next year.
Mark Halperin
We have made major reforms in Greece. When I took over after a landslide victory we had a mandate for change and I knew my major focus would be re-organizing the state.
George Papandreou
We cannot reform our forefathers.
George Eliot
I’m proud of my record of reform, taking on my own party.
John McCain
And some of what we’re doing in Government even now, some of the welfare reform programs that are helping lone mothers come into work are based on things that were very new under the Labour Government in the eighties.
Patricia Hewitt
Political reform need not go hand in hand with economicВ liberalization.. I hold unconventional views about this.. I do not believe if you are a libertarian, full of diverse opinions, full of competing ideas in the market place, full of sound and fury, therefore you will succeed.
Lee Kuan Yew
What we clearly need is experimentation with market reforms and private delivery options [in health care].
Stephen Harper
Our choice of a reform framework dictated that we looked at the fundamental assumptions that had driven Nigeria’s economy, society and policy hitherto and to seek ways of either abandoning or transcending those assumptions and their supporting institutions.
Ibrahim Babangida
The desire to understand the world and the desire to reform it are the two great engines of progress, without which human society would stand still or retrogress.
Bertrand Russell
We need to pass comprehensive immigration reform, period.
Kamala Harris
The idea was never for me to be a career bureaucrat or career technocrat; it was more about where I could implement ideas and reform programs.
Raghuram Rajan
I support comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to full and equal citizenship for undocumented immigrants who are playing by the rules, staying out of trouble and contributing to our economy.
Jacky Rosen
Democrats’ desperate attempt to focus on campaign finance reform instead of laws that may have been broken by the Clinton-Gore campaign is like Mike Tyson demanding a reform in boxing regulations after biting off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear.
Cal Thomas
I still believe the momentum is there to accomplish comprehensive immigration reform, and I think there is a bipartisan coalition that would pass right now, a pathway to citizenship if Speaker Boehner lets it come to the floor.
Joaquin Castro
It is hard to know exactly when the Arab Spring, a phrase used to describe the beginning of the Arab peoples’ demand for democracy and human-rights reform, started.
Richard Grenell
Turn where we may, within, around, the voice of great events is proclaiming to us, Reform, that you may preserve!
Thomas Babington Macaulay
Womankind suffers from three delusions: marriage will reform a man, a rejected lover is heartbroken for life, and if the other women were only out of the way, he would come back.
Myrtle Reed
The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system.
Barack Obama
With an agenda dominated by global security and U.N. reform, it appears that the decisions needed to lift millions of people from abject poverty are not being given the prominence they deserve.
Kumi Naidoo
In the first two years this is a man [Clinton] who tried his best to balance the budget, to reform health care, to fight for gay rights, to support personal freedoms. Couldn’t those be considered doing the right things, evidence of true character?
Bryant Gumbel
The health care reform legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives last night clearly violates the U.S. Constitution and infringes on each state’s sovereignty.
Bill McCollum
We’ve got to have comprehensive tax reform.
Bill Flores
The tea party movement and its passion arose in response to trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see and out of a sense that Washington is in need of dire fiscal reform.
Ari Fleischer
But a people unable to reform will not be able to preserve its old culture either.
Lu Xun
We wouldn’t even be where we are had it not been that 70% of Hispanics voted for President Obama, voted Democratic in the last election. That caused an epiphany in the Senate, that’s for sure. So all of a sudden we have already passed comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate. That’s a big victory.
Barack Obama
Our government declared that it is conducting some kind of great reforms. In reality, no real reforms were begun and no one at any point has declared a coherent programme.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Governments have always tried to crush reform movements, to destroy ideas, to kill the thing that cannot die. Without regard to history, which shows that no Government have ever succeeded in doing this, they go on trying in the old, senseless way.
Emmeline Pankhurst
As long I still have a breath left in me I will dedicate myself fully to China’s reform.
Wen Jiabao
Each generation doubtless feels called upon to reform the world. Mine knows that it will not reform it, but its task is perhaps even greater. It consists in preventing the world from destroying itself.
Albert Camus
Actually, I’m a strong supporter of comprehensive tax reform.
John S. Watson
I admired the way McCain worked on campaign finance reform. I admired the way Nancy Pelosi stiffened the Democrats’ spine during the health care debate. I admire the way Barack Obama has raised a dog in the White House without ever putting it on the roof of the car for a vacation drive.
Gail Collins
Cost is the spectre haunting health reform. For many decades, the great flaw in the American health-care system was its unconscionable gaps in coverage.
Atul Gawande
But it is a worry that there have been so many delays in the reform of China’s state-owned enterprises. We all know that private companies are run more efficiently than state ones. These reforms are very much anticipated for the potential dynamism they could create.
Zhang Xin
I am not shy. I am for an open society. I am for a progressive world. I do not propose to reform France; I propose to transform it at its deepest level.
Emmanuel Macron
We must reform society before we can reform ourselves.
George Bernard Shaw
As a scientist in charge of space sensors and entire space missions before I was at NASA, I myself was involved in projects that overran. But that’s no excuse for remaining silent about this growing problem or failing to champion reform.
Alan Stern
Democratic socialism means that we must reform a political system that is corrupt, that we must create an economy that works for all, not just the very wealthy.
Bernie Sanders
Saudi Arabia isn’t the enemy, but it is a problem. It could make so much positive difference in the Islamic world if it used its status to soothe Sunni-Shiite tensions and encourage tolerance. For a time, under King Abdullah, it seemed that the country was trying to reform, but now under King Salman, it has stalled.
Nicholas Kristof
Indebted countries can only grow out of their debt troubles through strong economic growth; austerity measures alone cannot work. It is imperative to engage in deep structural reform to spur growth.
Lou Jiwei
It is important to combine structural reforms and good fiscal stewardship with a growth strategy, because when your economy’s growing and more revenue’s coming in, that helps relieve debt.
Barack Obama
Many-have too rashly charged the troops of error, and remain as trophies unto the enemies of truth.
Thomas Browne
From 1976, Judy to 1996, we had six presidential elections. And it was run under the Campaign Finance Reform Act of 1974. In all six of them, every candidate agreed to limits of what he could collect in contributions and what he could spend in seeking a nomination. And they all abided by it.
Mark Shields
In the immigration debate, some things are constant. They never change. One is that opponents of immigration reform will use it as a wedge issue and will blame everything from unemployment to rising health care costs on immigrants.
Luis Gutierrez
We can pass practical, comprehensive immigration reform.
Jared Polis
Democrats cannot win elections without capturing the votes of independent-minded swing voters. And that is where writing off the Tea Party as a bunch of racist kooks becomes self-destructive. The Tea Party outrage over health-care reform, deficit spending and entitlements run amok is no fringe concern.
Juan Williams
Maybe you’re not going to be able to pass sweeping health care reform in your first year in Congress. But you can help someone with a social security settlement that’s going to change their life… That’s pretty cool.
Katie Hill
The IBC is a very deep reform. It is almost as deep a reform as GST or demonetisation. It changes the fundamental character of Indian business.
Kumar Mangalam Birla
By making bold cuts in spending and commonsense entitlement reforms, we will make our government simpler, smaller, and smarter.
Mitt Romney
Any government that has a sincere desire for reform and progress should understand the benefit of objective and constructive criticism.
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
Both referred to the Affordable Care Act, which is the accurate title of the health care reform law, as ‘Obamacare.’ That is a disparaging reference to the President of the United States, it is meant as a disparaging reference to the President of the United States.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
It is one of the ironies of history that reformers so often misjudge the consequences of their reforms.
John W. Gardner
We need to have comprehensive immigration reform and that means there should be a path for citizenship. And certainly I support the DREAM Act to help all of these young people who were brought here.
Mazie Hirono
Reform must come from within, not from without. You cannot legislate for virtue.
James Gibbons
This bill [Immigration Reform and Control act of 1986] is a gamble, a riverboat gamble. There is no guarantee that employer sanctions will work or that amnesty will work. We are headed into uncharted waters.
Charles Schumer
Paranoia is an illness I contracted in institutions. It is not the reason for my sentences to reform school and prison. It is the effect, not the cause.
Jack Abbott
The real reform Japan needs is decisive politics when we face issues that need to be decided.
Yoshihiko Noda
The forces that have worked hard to stoke populist anger against reform are the very ones that benefit from a health system which puts profits ahead of quality care for its patients.
Jerrold Nadler
The Liberal Party abandoned the principles of reform and social liberalism and has become, instead, just another piece of political machinery in the service of corporatism.
Eric Kierans
A major part of the conservative plans to reform Medicaid turn on the assumption that states will be better able to manage the program, and deliver its benefits, free from all the intrusive regulation that Washington imposes.
Scott Gottlieb
When you’re dealing in situations that are uncontrollable and combustible, you try to stabilize the situation as quickly as you can and then work toward and work out toward democratic reform.
Chuck Hagel
There is an analogy between conservation and education reform. The coalition around education reform is the biggest bipartisan thing going in this state right now. We need to recapture the big bipartisan spirit for conservation.
Rob McKenna
When I hear about Mainers rationing their medication or losing their life-savings despite being insured, I know our health care system requires major reform.
Sara Gideon
And in terms of entitlement reforms, we have to save them from themselves, because if we don’t reform social security and we don’t reform Medicare, they’re going to actually implode.
Ben Quayle
Don’t attempt to reform man. An adequately organized environment will permit humanity’s original, innate capabilities to become successful.
R. Buckminster Fuller
Reform Jews are the children of Conservative Jews, or as they are sometimes known, Christians with curlier hair.
Jon Stewart
Whenever Congress undertakes large-scale reform, there are times when disaster appears certain – only to be averted at the last minute by the good sense of its sometimes unfairly maligned members.
Bill Bradley
The people in Poland had to deal with painful reforms.
Lech Walesa
I am a Democrat and disagree with virtually all of President Trump’s policy positions, including those on healthcare, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, immigration, global warming, gun control, and tax ‘reform.’
Eva Moskowitz
Real lobbying reform must end the practice of corporate lobbyists writing our laws.
Marty Meehan
The list of non-democratic regimes that have seen significant reforms since 2001 is long and significant.
Ginny Brown-Waite
I would rather eat my own testicles than reform The Smiths, and that’s saying something for a vegetarian.
Steven Morrissey
The outward freedom that we shall attain will only be in exact proportion to the inward freedom to which we may have grown at a given moment. And if this is a correct view of freedom, our chief energy must be concentrated on achieving reform from within.
Mahatma Gandhi
I want to be a figure for prison reform. I think that the criminal justice system is rotten.
Henry Louis Gates
In 2008, I was one of millions united for hope and change. As 2010 dawns, change looks to me like more of the same. Instead of peace, we got more war. Instead of health care reform, we have an industry win that requires Americans to buy health insurance without any real cost controls.
Jodie Evans
During the summer of 2009, the debate on health care reform was emotional and intense. At its best, it represented the free exchange of ideas that makes this country great. At its worst, it generated death threats and acts of violence.
Chellie Pingree
I’ve seen how the left has used it to accuse opponents of their version of reform of being bigots and racists.
Marco Rubio
When Dr. Johnson defined patriotism as the last refuge of a scoundrel, he ignored the enormous possibilities of the word reform.
Roscoe Conkling
We cannot reform the world…. Uncle Sugar is as dangerous a role for us to play as Uncle Shylock.
John F. Kennedy
Time and again a close election leads to hand-wringing about the need for Electoral College reform; time and again, politicians and parties respond to the college’s incentives, and more capacious and unifying majorities are born.
Ross Douthat
I don’t think it was progressive to vote to give gun makers and sellers immunity. I don’t think it was progressive to vote against Ted Kennedy’s immigration reform.
Hillary Clinton
Fundamentally, I’ve always been a fan of actually looking at our whole state tax system and really figuring out how we reform our tax system so that everyone’s paying their fair share but we don’t have a lot of nickel and diming with 100 taxes that end up hitting people that maybe can’t bear it the most.
Pramila Jayapal
I promise, before God and my community, to seek reforms so that the powerful and corrupt are no longer above the law.
Andrew Thomas
We need to reform the health code so that people are incentivized to buy their own health insurance rather than have to get it through an employer.
Monica Crowley
While Democrats fussed with the details of health care reforms, conservatives spent months telling the nation that the real issue is freedom, that what’s on the line is American liberty itself.
Thomas Frank
But such IMF pressure is very much helpful for me to push such a, you know, reform. So in this sense I think IMF is very much helpful for alien society.
Kim Dae-jung
Every reformation ruins somebody.
Amelia B. Edwards
The national debate on health-care reform wildly misses the mark, with Democrats and Republicans alike arguing about who’s going to pay rather than about what would actually make people healthy.
T. Colin Campbell
The subordinate’s job is not to reform or reeducate the boss, not to make him conform to what the business schools or the management book say bosses should be like. It is to enable a particular boss to perform as a unique individual.
Peter Drucker
He had fallen into the error of all liberals: the belief that men are prepared to reform themselves, that good will attracts good will, that truth has leavening virtue of its own.
Morris West
When hopes of reform are dashed, people will rise up and seek revolution.
Xu Zhiyong
I think the Australian people are very conscientious. During the 1980s and 1990s we proved they will respond conscientiously to necessary reforms. They mightn’t like them but they’ll accept them. But reforms have to be presented in a digestible format.
Paul Keating
So was it a political mistake for Obama to put so many eggs in the health-care-reform basket? Well, a negative decision from the Supreme Court will certainly make it appear so.
Eric Alterman
To be successful a person must attempt but one reform. By urging two, both are injured, as the average mind can grasp and assimilate but one idea at a time.
Susan B. Anthony
In my opinion, real reform, which lowers costs and ensures all Americans get the quality, affordable health care that they deserve, cannot be accomplished without a robust public option.
Jared Polis
It is right and natural that generous minds while in the twenties should think the books which try to reform the world’s wrong the greatest of all.
Laurence Housman
Costs for liability insurance are higher than costs for many procedures. There is a need to reform liability laws to stop out-of-control health care costs.
Temple Grandin
We are spending hundreds of billions of dollars maintaining 5,000 nuclear weapons. I think we need major reform in the military, making it more cost effective, but also focusing on the real crisis that faces America.
Bernie Sanders
All the punishment in the world will not reform a man, unless he knows that he who inflicts it upon him does it for the sake of reformation, and really and truly loves him, and has his good at heart. Punishment inflicted for gratifying the appetite makes man afraid but debases him.
Robert Green Ingersoll
Ladies, we must remind ourselves that the weapon of the vote will be for us, just as it is for man, the only means of obtaining the reforms we desire. As long as we remain excluded from civic life, men will attend to their own interests rather than to our.
Hubertine Auclert
We must restore faith in politics. Reform of the House of Lords is only one part of the answer, but it is a vital one.
Charles Kennedy
We are the reformers. Reform ends if we leave, not just for us but also our friends in Europe who want our voice heard in Europe.
David Cameron
To restore the trust of the people, we must reform the way the government operates.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Putin has reversed all the liberalizing reforms carried out by his predecessor.
Alexei Navalny
Until we in the community have made up our minds that what we really want is expiation, or removal, or reform, or or the discouragement of potential criminals, we shall get none of these, but only a confusion in which crime breeds more crime.
Norbert Wiener
No laws, however stringent, can make the idle industrious, the thriftless provident, or the drunken sober. Such reforms can only be effected by means of individual action, economy and self-denial; by better habits, rather than by greater rights.
Samuel Smiles
It is just as impossible to help reform by conciliating prejudice as it is by buying votes. Prejudice is the enemy. Whoever is not for you is against you.
John Jay Chapman
Nurses are on the front lines of our care. And they need to be at the foundation of health care reform. Let’s get health care done – and done right – by ensuring the amount of nurses we need to provide quality care for all.
Kirsten Gillibrand
Tomorrow is the day when idlers work, and fool reform, and mortal men lay hold on heaven.
Andrew Young
We have to do immigration reform while the pro-deportation crew is still reeling.
Hillary Clinton
We need a reform of the Security Council. It must be perceived as truly representative by all the 191 member states, to uphold the credibility and legitimacy of the UN as the main political arena.
Anna Lindh
We should put hardworking families first by voting on legislation to create jobs, raise wages, provide equal pay for women, invest in education, protect voting rights, and pass comprehensive immigration reform.
Jan Schakowsky
We reform others unconsciously when we walk uprightly.
Sophie Swetchine
When Mitt Romney says he wants to reform the tax code, hold on to your wallets.
Charles Schumer
We`re not going to end the Medicaid. We`re going to give the governors more control and leeway to bring innovative reforms to make Medicaid work.
Paul Ryan
I regret that we weren’t able to reform Social Security. The fact that we weren’t able to when we had majorities in the House and the Senate I think reflected poorly on our political party.
George W. Bush
I think the only way that political system can be corrected is for the American people to see very vividly that it needs repair. If things are going to worse in the future, the American people, in every congressional district in the land, might demand that reforms take place in the political system.
Jimmy Carter
I thought if anyone need a leg up, it was our foster children. So, I started getting involved in education reform, and that was back in 1998. And as a result of all the reform work that I had done, people urged me to run for the Minnesota state Senate. I did, I was there for six years.
Michele Bachmann
We cannot reform institutional racism or systemic policies if we are not actively engaged. It’s not enough to simply complain about injustice; the only way to prevent future injustice is to create the society we would like to see, one where we are all equal under the law.
Al Sharpton
Let us remember that all reforms are interdependent, and that whatever is done to establish one principle on a solid base, strengthens all.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Whatever religious people may say about their love of God or the mandates of their religion, when their behavior toward others is violent and destructive, when it causes suffering among their neighbors, you can be sure the religion has been corrupted and reform is desperately needed.
Charles Kimball
When enacted, health care reform provides generous tax credits to help people afford their health insurance premiums.
Ted Deutch
It is clear we can make reforms to better ensure we are giving law enforcement all of the tools they need while maintaining the appropriate safeguards to protect the very freedoms we cherish.
Leonard Boswell
Avoid openly trying to reform people. Every man knows he is imperfect, but he doesn’t want someone else trying to correct his faults. If you want to improve a person, help him embrace a higher working goal-a standard, an ideal-and he will do his own ‘making over’ far more effectively than you can do it for him.
David Packard
Defense leaders should be searching for ways to reform out-of-date procurement processes, to collapse layers of Pentagon bureaucracy, and to restrain the growth in personnel and benefits costs. A critical first step in that process should be to conduct a full Pentagon audit to determine how DOD spends taxpayer dollars.
Pete Hegseth
Reform is born of need, not pity.
Rebecca Harding Davis
I deem we have still much to do and will of course strive for stabilizing the situation in the country and continuing reforms. I am confident in success. All we need at this point is public order.
Serzh Sargsyan
A man is the sum of his ancestors; to reform him you must begin with a dead ape and work downward through a million graves. He is like the lower end of a suspended chain; you can sway him slightly to the right or the left, but remove your hand and he falls into line with the other links.
Ambrose Bierce
Repeal of the individual AMT has been a fundamental element of Republican tax reform campaign promises for years.
Richard Burr
The amelioration of the world cannot be achieved by sacrifices in moments of crisis; it depends on the efforts made and constantly repeated during the humdrum, uninspiring periods, which separate one crisis from another, and of which normal lives mainly consist.
Aldous Huxley
There’s no doubt that in the last two to three decades, American democracy has been hacked. It was based on the regular harvesting of the wisdom of crowds, but now big sources of special interest money are able to prevent the passage of almost any meaningful reform that’s aimed at the public interest.
Al Gore
I encourage everyone to pay attention to the issues that matter to you, from jobs and the economy, to education and our schools, to criminal justice reform. Whatever it is that you care about, make sure you use your voice.
2 Chainz
Until you’re grown-up they send you to reform school. After you’re grown-up they send you to the penitentiary.
Ernest Hemingway
Reversing the escalation of health care costs is going to need more than legislation, yet it can be done without imposing rationing, as critics of reform fear.
Mitch Kapor
A conservative is someone who believes in reform. But not now.
Mort Sahl
I agree with just about everyone in the reform debate when they say “If you like what you have, you should be able to keep it.” But the truth is that none of the health reform bills making their way through Congress actually delivers on that promise.
Ron Wyden
As a civil servant in charge of the government’s Strategy Unit, I brought in many people from outside government, including academia and science, to work in the unit, dissecting and solving complex problems from GM crops to alcohol, nuclear proliferation to schools reform.
Geoff Mulgan
The War on Drugs, cloaked in race-neutral language, offered whites opposed to racial reform a unique opportunity to express their hostility toward blacks and black progress, without being exposed to the charge of racism.
Michelle Alexander
At Concerned Veterans for America, we’ve made the case that the defense budget could be targeted for spending reform, but in a targeted fashion that genuinely changes unsustainable spending trajectories while preserving U.S. defense capacity.
Pete Hegseth
On the strength of strong public support, I will have (the postal reform bills) passed within this session.
Junichiro Koizumi
We must continue to stand up for what’s right and push for bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform.
Sharice Davids
Don’t marry a man to reform him – that’s what reform schools are for.
Mae West
The American economy is driven by small business. And there’s nothing basically to create incentives for small businesses. We’ve done no tax reform. They’re the highest-taxed group in the country. And corporations can go anywhere they want and do whatever they want. Small businesses have to stay.
Ed Rollins
We need comprehensive immigration reform. Dr. King wouldn’t be pleased at all to know that there are millions of people living in the shadow, living in fear in places like Georgia and Alabama.
John Lewis
There’s a big debate in the U.S. about immigration reform. We need to reflect on who’s feeding this country today, why this community has been ignored.
Diego Luna
I have always been a critic of government policy. I was in government for more than five years. Before that I was a critic. Within the government I was a critic, pushing for reform and always at odds with power brokers within the party.
Jonathan Moyo
Tax reform done right will improve incentives to invest in U.S. production and to repatriate profits.
David Autor
There is such a thing as commonsense middle-ground gun reform, and most gun owners support it.
Mike Quigley
If we were going to default, we would have decided that many months ago. It would be wrong for the Greek economy, it would be wrong for the European economy, it would make things worse in the end. That’s why we’re taking the pain and making these structural reforms, and we’re on target.
George Papandreou
The regime which is destroyed by a revolution is almost always an improvement on its immediate predecessor, and experience teaches that the most critical moment for bad governments is the one which witnesses their first steps toward reform.
Alexis de Tocqueville
We need legislation that encourages increased competition and tort reform and combats fraud, waste, and abuse. This would drive down health care costs, provide more ‘bottom line’ for our small businesses and lead to more private sector job growth.
Chris Gibson
The hallmark of an authentic evangelicalism is not the uncritical repetition of old traditions but the willingness to submit every tradition, however ancient, to fresh biblical scrutiny and, if necessary, reform.
John Stott
We are certain that Ukraine needs profound constitutional reform. In all fairness, we can’t see any other way to ensure the stable development of Ukraine but to sign a federal agreement.
Sergei Lavrov
An open, market-oriented, and peaceful Iraq could also advance reform and growth across the entire region.
Richard N. Haass
We never can create a public sentiment strong enough to suppress the dram-shops until God’s people take hold of the temperance reform as a part of their religion.
Theodore L. Cuyler
To make a crooked stick straight, we bend it the contrary way.
Michel de Montaigne
Our people have proven their desire for continuing with reforms. We complete the march today with those who have an honest patriotic desire for more progress and reform.
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
We’ve got to have major health care reform because that is the 800-pound gorilla. That is the thing that can swamp the boat fiscally for the United States.
Kent Conrad
On the subject of money and politics and the rest, I have a DARE: Disclose who are these people; Amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United; Reform: let’s have public financing of campaigns; and Empower.
Nancy Pelosi
President Obama and Secretary Duncan have made stronger teacher evaluation a key part of their education reform efforts. Under their signature plan, called ‘Race to the Top,’ states can win federal support for schools by improving teacher evaluations.
Juan Williams
The nonchalance and dolce-far-niente air of nature and society hint at infinite periods in the progress of mankind.
Henry David Thoreau
There was a whole group that really welcomed me: George Mitchell was one, Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, the reformers were really delighted to see me. So if you were one of those squeaky clean, shiny bright, let’s reform the world, you were very glad to see Barb Mikulski, and George Mitchell was in that category.
Barbara Mikulski
How much it is to be regretted, that the British ladies should ever sit down contented to polish, when they are able to reform; to entertain, when they might instruct; and to dazzle for an hour, when they are candidates for eternity!
Hannah More
I want immigration reform to come into fruition, and I want it to be comprehensive, and I want it to have a path to citizenship, and I want to be involved politically every day.
Diane Guerrero
It’s no surprise that Mitt Romney bent himself into a pretzel to disavow the portions of Obamacare that derive from his own reform in Massachusetts.
Timothy Noah
If man is only a little lower than the angels, the angels should reform.
Mary Wilson Little
Everywhere, you have a fatigue for reform… that’s very serious.
Jose Angel Gurria
We should begin at the very root from which we spring, we should effect a radical reform in the character of the food.
Nikola Tesla
To think that land reform is going to somehow automatically create an equitable system, I think that’s just wrong. It’s a very technical view of the world.
Pankaj Mishra
This country, of course, needs fundamental reform of our financial regulatory system, as I, and many other financial institution executives, have publicly advocated for a considerable period.
Stephen A. Schwarzman
To introduce a whole new tax regime, that would be modern tax reform. But that’s too big a task.
Chuck Schumer
To speak or do anything that shall concern mankind, one must speak and act as if well, or from that grain of health which he has left.
Henry David Thoreau
Social reform is the desperate decision to remove corns from a person suffering from cancer.
Karl Kraus
I still passionately support comprehensive immigration reform legislation with a path to full and equal citizenship.
Hillary Clinton
I am not opposed to intelligence reform on its face, but any changes should reflect the current context.
Theodore Stevens
All that is deformed ought to be reformed. The Word of God alone teaches us what ought to be so, and all reform effected otherwise is vain.
Francis Lambert
The virtues of society are vices of the saint. The terror of reform is the discovery that we must cast away our virtues, or what we have always esteemed such, into the same pit that has consumed our grosser vices.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Why is the tao so valuable? Because it is everywhere, and everyone can use it. This is why those who seek will find, And those who reform will be forgiven; Why the good will be rewarded, And the thief who is cunning will escape.
But having said that, what’s happening with campaign finance reform and our political culture is devastating.
Robert Waterman McChesney
Unfortunately, the media, which are not at all reluctant to act in their own self-interest, have succeeded in equating reform in the public mind with further restrictions on just about everyone else’s freedom of political speech.
James L. Buckley
[Barack Obama failed to sell a health care reform plan to American voters] because the utter implausibility of its central promise – expanded coverage at lower cost – led voters to conclude that it would lead ultimately to more government, more taxes and more debt.
Charles Krauthammer
While we still live in a capitalist society, we of course will fight for whatever reforms help make life better for working people.
Kshama Sawant
In fact, the most important reforms are those needed, without new laws, at various levels of Government, in work practices and procedures.
Narendra Modi
The message of the free world to any potential Palestinian leadership should be a simple one: Embrace democratic reform and we will embrace you.
Natan Sharansky
Do we need Medicare reform? Yes we do.
Wayne Rogers
No amount of rationalisation, reform, or Freudian analysis can quite annul the thrill of the chimney-corner whisper or the lonely wood.
H. P. Lovecraft
Man, I wouldn’t know where to begin on education reform, but one thing we have to do is add teacher accountability WITHOUT stressing standardized test scores.
Raheem Jarbo
I balanced the budget for four straight years, paid off $405 billion in debt – pretty conservative. The first entitlement reform of your lifetime – in fact, the only major entitlement reform now is welfare.
Newt Gingrich
You cannot simply put more money into the same system and get better results, so we will need to reform and innovate in the delivery of education.
Rob McKenna
I think, definitely, this country needs a lower corporate tax rate and tax reform so that we can get our profits that we’ve made overseas back into the country without heavy penalties. And if that happens, I think that would be very good for the market and all of that.
Julian Robertson
We know that the United States Senate has passed comprehensive immigration reform. We know it can happen. And that, to me, is what we need to do. We have a broken immigration system. And I say this because we are a country that has always opened our doors. That’s who we are.
Catherine Cortez-Masto
The reason I entered the election race was to promote reforms. For us who engage in business, we will be severely affected if financial and structural reforms don’t proceed.
Takafumi Horie
There is no such thing as accomplishing a righteous reform by the use of “expediency.” There is no such thing as sliding up- hill.In morals the only sliders are backsliders.
Henry David Thoreau
It’s clear that we need comprehensive immigration reform.
Bob Inglis
Let’s drive the message home: we need health insurance reform, we need a strong public option, and we won’t settle for less.
Jerrold Nadler
We need for America to get back to basics and focus on the middle class’s quality of life. Healthcare reform is vital to restoring that standard of living.
Sander Levin
I can guarantee you this, that more pension and benefit reforms which I will consider arbitration reform to be one of them, are things that when they come to my desk, they will be signed.
Chris Christie
Reducing the budget for Amtrak makes no sense unless the Administration is prepared to implement a reform strategy which can be supported by the budget request.
Kit Bond
I want to do everything in my power to ensure the equality between all movements of Judaism in the state of Israel: Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform. In conversions, in budgets, in the eyes of the law. No one can claim ownership over the Jewish God.
Yair Lapid
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have deep ties to corporate money. They both have a detailed and complexed view of how some on Wall Street manipulate the game. They know where the excesses are and who is to blame. If willing to take on their friends, they both could reform Wall Street from the inside.
Richard Grenell
If you look at the way all of the new reform movements dedicated to the public interest are living and thriving on the Internet, I do think there is still some considerable hope that the full participation of individuals in that conversation of democracy can once again restore the integrity of the way our democracy works.
Al Gore
I have, ever since the first day of my campaign, called for criminal justice reform.
Hillary Clinton
There is a need for financial reform along ethical lines that would produce in its turn an economic reform to benefit everyone. This would nevertheless require a courageous change of attitude on the part of political leaders.
Pope Francis
We shall one day learn to supersede politics by education. What we call our root-and-branch reforms of slavery, war, gambling, intemperance, is only medicating the symptoms. We must begin higher up, namely, in education.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Truly, matters in the world are in a bad state; but if you and I begin in earnest to reform ourselves, a really good beginning will have been made.
Peter of Alcantara
The science of constructing a commonwealth, or renovating it, or reforming it, is, like every other experimental science, not to be taught a priori. Nor is it a short experience that can instruct us in that practical science, because the real effects of moral causes are not always immediate.
Edmund Burke
In addition to encouraging us to participate in narratives of “deservingness” that cast large parts of our constituencies as “undeserving,” legal reform strategies encourage us to valorize harmful systems that our movements should be seeking to dismantle.
Dean Spade
I?m not even sure I?d go into a reformed House of Lords. But let?s put it like this, the decision would have been easier had there been not even complete reform but a substantial stride.
Neil Kinnock
Obama is capable – as evidenced by his first-term success with health care reform. But mandate-building requires humility, a trait not easily associated with him.
Ron Fournier
Rather than passing a thousand pages of tax reform legislation and restarting the tax code manipulation process, we should change the paradigm. It is time to eliminate the IRS and repeal the 16th Amendment.
Jim Bridenstine
I didn’t become leader to transform the Liberal Democrats into an enlarged form of the Electoral Reform Society. It’s not the be all and end all for us. There are other very, very key ambitions in politics, not least social mobility and life chances, that I care about as passionately if not more.
Nick Clegg
As soon as the people fix one Shame of the World, another turns up.
E. W. Howe
By itself, the question of the liturgy’s essence and the standards of the reform has brought us back to the question of music and its position in the liturgy. And as a matter of fact one cannot speak about worship at all without also speaking of the music of worship.
Pope Benedict XVI
We must reject all notions of ‘reform’ that serve up more of the same: more testing, more ‘standards’, more uniformity, more conformity, more bureaucracy.
Tom Peters
I was a co-sponsor of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
Elizabeth Esty
China will continue to adopt multiple measures to advance the reform and opening up of its financial sector so that its financial market can better adapt to financial modernization and globalization.
Xi Jinping
Our immigration policy should be driven by what is in the best interest of this great country and the American people. Comprehensive immigration reform will strengthen U.S. security and boost economic growth.
Charles Rangel
We all want a simpler code, but tax reform is about much more. It is about ensuring that everyone pays their fair share. The tax code is also used to promote behavior that we as a nation support, such as home ownership or charitable contributions.
Charles B. Rangel
The function of criticism should not be confused with the function of reform.
Roger Zelazny
The vision of personalised public services – meeting the individual needs of all our citizens – requires continuing reform in the way services are delivered
Gordon Brown
Climaxing a movement for calendar reform which had been developing for at least a century, in 1582 Pope Gregory ordained that October 4 was to be followed by October 15.
Daniel J. Boorstin
Work for legal reform takes place only within the framework of the social form created by the last revolution.
Rosa Luxemburg
The Reagan tax reform delivered real fairness, closing loopholes for Washington special interests so that all Americans could keep more of their hard-earned paychecks.
Kevin Brady
Ten years ago I said, you know, my goal is to be able to get food on the table. What I’m trying to say by that is trying to create a vibrant, capable and effective middle class. The quicker and stronger that we can be able to do this, the easier it is for political reform to move forward.
Abdallah II
We need to reform our land use policies to build more housing in urban centers and near transit.
London Breed
Police reform is working, and crime is falling.
Theresa May
Reform is for people who have government connections, revolution is for the people!
Malcolm X
Nature is entirely indifferent to any reform. She perpetuates a fault as persistently as a virtue.
Charles Dudley Warner
If Congress wants to reform our nation’s air traffic control system, it must do so without creating new mandatory user fees and additional layers of regulatory bureaucracy.
Mike Pompeo
Within just a few years immigration as a share of national population is set to break all historical records. The time has come for a new immigration commission to develop a new set of reforms to our legal immigration system in order to achieve the following goals.
Donald Trump
This formidable censor of the public functionaries [the press], by arraigning them at the tribunal of public opinion, produces reform peaceably, which must otherwise be done by revolution. It is also the best instrument for enlightening the mind of man and improving him as a rational, moral, and social being.
Thomas Jefferson
Far too many well-connected businesses are feeding at the federal trough. By addressing corporate welfare as well as other forms of welfare, we would add a whole new level of understanding to the notion of entitlement reform.
Charles Koch
When you stop and look at so much of the kind of activism that has been triggered, the Tea Party and the like, as a result of Obama’s efforts – TARP, the stimulus package, and now the health care reform – there is a lot of sense this government is changing.
Juan Williams
Tomorrow is the day when idlers work, and fools reform.
Edward Young
Labor has a proud history of tackling discrimination and introducing important social reform.
Lara Giddings
We’ve seen an economy stifled by more taxes, more regulation, a war on coal and a failing health care reform come to be known as Obamacare and the American people know that we need to make a change.
Mike Pence
It is in our national interest for Congress to act on immigration reform in a comprehensive manner.
Dan Lipinski
There is a growing acceptance and interest in publicly funded school choice as a catalyst for education reform in general and a way to empower parents to be education reformers.
John T. Walton
Trying to explain the First Step Act in prison reform in a tweet or Facebook post is not easy.
Brad Parscale
Welfare reforms and the whole “happy” exploitation movement are not “baby steps.” They are big steps–in a seriously backward direction.
Gary L. Francione
All the evil in the world is the fault of the self-styled pure in heart, a result of their eagerness to unearth secrets and expose them to the light of the sun.
Jean Giraudoux
Latinos care about education, yes, so we need reform, not just money.
Susana Martinez
I was part of the gang of eight in the house in 2013 that was working on comprehensive immigration reform. We talked a lot about border security and what was effective and what was not. Walls are not effective when you`re out in the desert and you don`t need them.
John Yarmuth
One who previously made bad karma, but who reforms and creates good karma, brightens the world like the moon appearing from behind a cloud.
Gautama Buddha
Immigration reform doesn’t impact me personally; nothing my foundation works on does. But the truth is I have a long history of ties to Latin America. Some of my best friends are in Latin America.
Howard Graham Buffett
It is simple impertinence for any man, or any body of men, to begin, or to contemplate, reform of the whole world.
Mahatma Gandhi
I’m really not one about reform, I’m about tearing it down, revolution
Aja Monet
We should interact with legal reform tactically, knowing that it will not meet our ultimate goals but asking whether there are ways that engaging with particular reforms might benefit our work and help reduce certain harms or dangers.
Dean Spade
Even if we didn’t have a single person in the USA in violation of immigration laws, we’d still have to do immigration reform, because our legal immigration system is broken. It’s not good for anybody.
Marco Rubio
Trade reform has also been linked to increased income disparity as skilled workers have captured more benefits from globalization than their unskilled counterparts.
Stephen F. Lynch
It would be a great reform in politics if perception could be made to spread as easily and as rapidly as foolishness.
Winston Churchill
We need earmark reform, and when I’m President, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.
Barack Obama
Health care is a far more serious, immediate and destructive problem than social security. . . . The upfront investment needed to fund system wide [health care] reform . . . would be far offset by the savings.
Henry Simmons
Hillary Clinton and I believe in comprehensive immigration reform. Donald Trump believes in deportation nation. You’ve got to pick your choice.
Tim Kaine
We recognize that real educational reform is essential if today’s and tomorrow’s children are to live in a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world.
Marshall B. Rosenberg
Sometimes going to jail is just the price you have to pay for social reform or social change.
Paul Watson
Support for peaceful reform by the people themselves is the right way to promote democracy, not the use of force.
Paul Wolfowitz
I would argue that you’re only going to get the conservatives, particularly a Republican House, to pass immigration reform if we, as conservatives, are reassured that the border is controlled and that we get to vote on whether the border is controlled.
Rand Paul
It is hard to miss the irony in the fact that the very same week that Republicans were publicly heralding Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to inject market forces into the American health care system, they were crafting a budget deal to strip them from the health reform law.
Ron Wyden
As long as we, in the United States, continue to insist that our politicians have to spend all of their time raising millions of dollars for television ads, it will be corrupt. If we leave it up to the politicians to clean up lobbying and finance reform, nothing is going to change.
Kevin Spacey
This election [2016], and I believe this, is our last chance to secure the border, stop illegal immigration and reform our laws to make your life better.
Donald Trump
O Luther, you had 95 theses . . . The matter is far more terrible-there is only one thesis. The Christianity of the New Testament does not exist at all. Here there is nothing to reform.
Soren Kierkegaard
Americans spend 6 billion hours a year filling out their tax reforms.
George W. Bush
Economic conservatives like immigration reform, and in fact, many of them supported the bill that John McCain and I put together in the Senate.
Chuck Schumer
Armenians and Azerbaijanis in Stepanakert, capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh autonomous region, rioted over much needed spelling reform in the Soviet Union.
P. J. O’Rourke
And that means that no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.
Barack Obama
Reform is the mission from which we shall not digress; it is an expression of belief and determination between us and our people. With the help of Allah, we will proceed forward in this promising national process within the natural progress of the life cycle and the development of people and nation.
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
What I’d like to do is be able to work with Democrats to reform current entitlement programs for future generations, grandfathering all the grandparents.
Jeb Hensarling
America needs education reform on all levels to expand quality schools, build on past successes, and lower college debt.
Kevin McCarthy
If you’re in favour of any policy – reform, revolution, stability, regression, whatever – if you’re at least minimally moral, it’s because you think it’s somehow good for people. And good for people means conforming to their fundamental nature.
Noam Chomsky
I don’t think anybody really thinks that one should get rid of the World Bank. Reform is one thing, but getting rid of it I think would be wrong.
Joseph Stiglitz
Let’s start fresh with Russia on some real help and some real reform.
Jeffrey Sachs
True repentance always involves reform.
Hosea Ballou
The only real solution is comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders and provides a path to legal status for non-felons who are here without proper legal documentation.
Jon Ossoff
A reform is a correction of abuses; a revolution is a transfer of power.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Rest assured that my support for any eventual reform package will be based firmly upon what is in the best interests of the people of Upstate New York, not any party or president.
James T. Walsh
In the long run, we need to build a leadership force of people. We have a whole strategy around not only providing folks with the foundational experience during their two years with us, but also then accelerating their leadership in ways that is strategic for the broader education reform movement.
Wendy Kopp
We need to enact fundamental tax reform. The weight and complexity of our 73,000-page tax code are crushing everyday Americans. We need to radically simplify the tax code so that we can re-start the real engine of growth in our economy. That means our tax code needs to go from 73,000 pages down to about three pages.
Carly Fiorina
Reforms to our complex and dysfunctional immigration system should not in any way favor those who came here illegally over the millions of applicants who seek to come here lawfully. Additionally, the framework carves out a special exception for agricultural workers that has little justification.
Mike Lee
Tax reform has been a congressional priority for decades. It should be a bipartisan issue. I don’t know why anyone in Congress would want their constituents to pay more.
Matt Gaetz
If you have to change the law to get more money, that’s a tax increase, and Americans for Tax Reform supports all efforts of tax reform, getting rid of deductions or credits, or something that’s misclassified, as long as you at the same time reduce rates so that it’s not a hidden tax.
Grover Norquist
I’m not talking about reforming is to reform the #Muslim minds & the Muslim understandings of the texts.
Tariq Ramadan
There are now that 20 consent decrees in place like the one in Baltimore that are helping put broken police departments on a path to reform. And this is long work. Baltimore is just embarking down this road.
Al Sharpton
As part of Social Security reform, I believe that private savings accounts are a part of it – along the lines that President Bush proposed.
John McCain
Drinking beer with friends is perhaps the most underestimated of all Reformation insights and essential to ongoing reform; and wasting time with a choice friend or two on a regular basis might be the best investment of time you ever make.
Carl R Trueman
Internal reform in Russia would require a better relationship with the West.
Daniel Fried
The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race. Until that task is accomplished, even partial reform will prove elusive, because white influence permeates every issue in U.S. society, whether domestic or foreign.
Noel Ignatiev
It is doubtless wise, when a reform is introduced, to try to persuade the British public that it is not a reform at all; but appearances must be kept up to some extent at least.
George Bernard Shaw
We are the ones who work every day with people who are suffering because they don’t have health care. We cannot turn our backs on them, so for us, health care reform is a faith-based response to human need.
Simone Campbell
We need to reform the political system, or we’ll lose the democracy. I don’t think it’s that hard. It doesn’t take rocket science. We’ve done it before successfully at the presidential level and tried it several places at the state level.
Molly Ivins
When Mitt Romney says he wants to reform the tax code, hold on to your wallets. We know Mitt Romney never met a tax haven he didn’t like. But his new favorite tax haven is actually not the Cayman Islands – its Paul Ryan’s budget.
Chuck Schumer
France’s economy is stagnant, statist, and uncompetitive and urgently needs reform.
Zanny Minton Beddoes
That’s what healthcare reform is about: the middle class’s economic security.
Sander Levin
The history of reform is always identical; it is the comparison of the idea with the fact. Our modes of living are not agreeable to our imagination. We suspect they are unworthy. We arraign our daily employments.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
We are implementing an in-depth reform on labor market, not to reduce rights for workers but to provide more visibility and more efficiency to investors and employers because it’s the key for job creation.
Emmanuel Macron
Tax reform has been used as a crutch, as a smokescreen and as candy coating for the hard choices that have to be made.
Sir Arthur Sullivan
A politically astute president who understood deeply the economics and politics of corporate tax reform could conceivably muscle Congress toward a reform package that made sense. Trump is not that leader.
Joseph Stiglitz
One thing I have frankly decided is that when it comes to political reform we have two conservative parties in British politics. Both the Labour and Conservative parties have constantly and repeatedly failed to honour promises they have made about reforming, cleaning, modernising our clapped-out system.
Nick Clegg
Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery.
Robert Green Ingersoll
Environmental laws give power to the people. Republicans can huff, puff and scream about what they consider strict regulations, but when they cry out for reform, for a quicker process, they’re really calling for a restriction of the rights of people to be involved in the planning process.
Daniel Kammen
What I heard was that Bush is now positioned to have victory after victory. He’ll have Social Security reform passed, that he’ll have tax reform passed, that he’ll have conservative judges on the courts.
Pat Robertson
You’ve taxed too much, borrowed too much and are a roadblock to reform.
David Cameron
Educational reforms are like ripe fruit. They rarely travel well.
Andy Hargreaves
Law reforms in the US, ostensibly enacted to prohibit racism, have proven ineffective because they focus on bad intentions of individuals and fail to comprehend population-level conditions.
Dean Spade
We should insist that governments receiving American aid live up to standards of accountability and transparency, and we should support countries that embrace market reforms, democracy, and the rule of law.
Lee H. Hamilton
Sudden and slashing reforms are as perilous as sudden and slashing surgery.
Russell Kirk
I sadly want a reform in the construction of children. Nature’s only idea seems to be to make them machines for the production of incessant noise.
Wilkie Collins
Reform has to be based on opening your mind and opening the mind does not come from decrees or laws. It comes from a whole set of circumstances, which if you do not have, anything you do will be not productive or will be counter-productive.
Bashar al-Assad
The 2016 presidential election is ripe for the emergence of a game-changing political leader who either dramatically reforms one of the existing parties or mounts an independent bid.
Ron Fournier
I’ve decided that the political context is such that the only way reform will finally come about in the Russian military is that the deterioration goes beyond the point to which these old generals can stand up there and resist it.
William Odom
Our nation’s Social Security Trust Fund is depleting at an alarming rate, and failure to implement immediate reforms endangers the ability of Americans to plan for their retirement with the options and certainty they deserve.
Pete Sessions
The Reformation in the sixteenth century narrowed Reform. As soon as men began to call themselves names, all hope of further amendment was lost.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
If you would reform the world from its errors and vices, begin by enlisting the mothers.
Charles Simmons
Middle-class-led reform movements, from the Progressive Era to the War on Poverty, have been marred by an elitist distance from the would-be beneficiaries of reform.
Barbara Ehrenreich
In the democratic western countries so-called capitalism leads a saturnalia of ‘freedom’, like a bastard brother of reform.
Wyndham Lewis
We don’t we agree that litigation reform to lower the cost of healthcare would be a good starting point?
Newt Gingrich
In my view, Reform and Opening Up began with the abandonment of the ‘using class struggle as guiding principle’ government policy of the Mao era and, in its place, a commitment to economic development and social harmony.
Liu Xiaobo
If you have political reform in the Islamic world, the spiritual reform would follow.
Imran Khan
It is important that we enact immigration reform.
Susan Collins
The American Communists had thrived as champions of domestic reform.
Earl Browder
Greece could default on its debts and even exit currency bloc if it cannot deliver reforms.
Lucas Papademos
Conservatives were sure that if you eliminated welfare for single moms, it would eliminate – or at lease greatly reduce – single motherhood. So in 1996 we had welfare reform. Did not change the trend in the least. Soon half of all babies will be born out of wedlock.
Gail Collins
I believe the benefits of tax reform should flow to those who most need them most – hard-pressed working families struggling to reach or stay in the middle class.
Raja Krishnamoorthi
We should try to keep our mothers in the home and that’s where the whole Reform platform hangs together.
Garry Breitkreuz
It became obvious to me that the generation who changed the world were my parents’ generation, and not only in terms of the Second World War, but if you look at all the social legislation of the ’60s – abortion, homosexual law reform, equal pay – it wasn’t done by my generation; it was done by people who were adults.
Linda Grant
Already we’re seeing graduates of U.S. higher education going back to their home countries and contributing to societies there, where in the past they would have stayed in the U.S. and built new companies here. We have to have immigration reform that allows talented foreigners to become Americans.
David Malpass
Experience has two things to teach. The first is that we must correct a great deal and the second, that we must not correct too much.
Eugene Delacroix
As for America, it is the ideal fruit of all your youthful hopes and reforms. Everybody is fairly decent, respectable, domestic, bourgeois, middle-class, and tiresome. There is absolutely nothing to revile except that it’s a bore.
Henry Adams
Reform cannot be cosmetic.
Sushma Swaraj
Social reforms are never carried out by the weakness of the strong; but always by the strength of the weak.
Karl Marx
America draws tremendous strength from its diversity, which prompts the question, as Congress contemplates comprehensive immigration reform, why are some lawmakers aiming to curb diversity instead of promoting it?
Cedric Richmond
President Obama has ignored or dismissed proposals that would address our anti-competitive tax code and unsustainable trajectory of federal debt – including his own bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform – and submitted no plan for entitlement reform.
Glenn Hubbard
That the poor are invisible is one of the most important things about them. They are not simply neglected and forgotten as in the old rhetoric of reform; what is much worse, they are not seen.
Michael Harrington
We’ve seen more reform in the last year than we’ve seen in decades, and we haven’t spent a dime yet. It’s staggering how the Recovery Act is driving change.
Arne Duncan
Tax reform and expanded trade are going to be so important to the economy of Illinois, particularly the 11th Congressional District, which is a major manufacturing and a major agricultural district.
Jerry Weller
We will have health care reform in America.
Dick Durbin
My campaign will focus on the core values that matter to the voters of the 5th District – job creation for minority communities, economic growth, criminal justice reform, faith and family, and supporting our active military and veterans.
Angela Stanton-King
But God will have a people upon the earth to maintain the Bible, and the Bible only, as the standard of all doctrines and the basis of all reforms.
Ellen G. White
There is no better protection against the euro crisis than successful structural reforms in southern Europe.
Mario Draghi
At present the globe goes with a shattered constitution in its orbit…. No doubt the simple powers of nature, properly directed by man, would make it healthy and a paradise; as the laws of man’s own constitution but wait to be obeyed, to restore him to health and happiness.
Henry David Thoreau
My work is heavily influenced by critiques that many critical intellectual traditions, especially Critical Race Theory, have made of reform projects focused on legal equality.
Dean Spade
From the very beginning, I said there are two tracks of reform: there’s the political and the technical. I don’t believe the political will be successful, for exactly the reasons you underlined. The issue is too abstract for average people, who have too many things going on in their lives.
Edward Snowden
When you look at what I’ve done here, you see a consistent theme of reforms which is not driven by any dogma from across the water, but a radical agenda to make sure Northern Ireland’s people enjoy equal opportunities, driven by the values of social justice.
Peter Hain
If corporations and rich people who made fortunes out of us during the boom are not paying their fair share then reform the tax system and close down the tax havens.
John McDonnell
I pledge to put patriotism over party, and commit to the hard work of real reform over cheap political wins, quick fixes, and empty promises.
Tom Malinowski
The Liberal Democrat Party and the Conservative Party come at things very differently when it comes to Europe. When it comes to political reform, we have a much greater tradition in the Liberal Democrats of social justice and fairness than the Conservatives do.
Nick Clegg
There have been no voices against the structural reforms that I have proposed, especially the energy reform.
Enrique Pena Nieto
If I had a dream, it would be that most of the countries in the world, and especially in Europe and the U.S… have more alignment on a set of principles of tax and economic reform that would create an environment that would be more consistent first, definitely more stable.
Pierre Nanterme
However, the religious extremists, especially the pro-Taliban organizations, they mobilized and instigated the Islamists to come on the streets and put pressure on the government to stop any reform on the blasphemy law.
Shahbaz Bhatti
I agree with President Obama and Attorney General Holder that we need to reform our criminal sentencing laws.
Raul Labrador
More and more parents and voters have rejected the teachers’ union antiquated, top down, one-size-fits-all approach to education and continue to elect candidates who embrace reform that celebrates students and empowers parents.
Campbell Brown
Reform keeps many scores of newspapers in its service, but not one man.
Henry David Thoreau
I’m not only a lawyer, I have a post-doctorate degree in federal tax law from William and Mary. I’ve worked in serious scholarship … my husband and I have raised five kids, we’ve raised 23 foster children. We’ve applied ourselves to education reform. We started a charter school for at-risk kids.
Michele Bachmann
We have to have structural entitlement reform, major spending cuts and not tax increase-retardants on economic growth to reverse our current course toward national bankruptcy, but Obama steadfastly remains on the wrong side of all these solutions.
David Limbaugh
In fighting the debt crisis, E.U. countries have enhanced co-operation and carried out reform with tremendous courage. This is laudable.
Li Keqiang
Those who refuse to reform may not make mistakes, but they will be blamed for not assuming their historical responsibility.
Li Keqiang
It’s important to remember, when we’re out there aggressively working for reform, that, even if our particular issue doesn’t get resolved, we are adding peace to the world. We have to do our best and at the same time give up all hope of fruition.
Pema Chodron
China’s reform and opening-up programme and Europe’s integration process have both contributed significantly to global peace, development, and prosperity. China firmly supports the integration of Europe and regards the E.U. as a strategic partner that deserves our confidence.
Li Keqiang
We can try to reform healthcare, but the fact is if we don’t have a healthy food source, we are only treating the symptoms and not the problems.
Daphne Oz
I am going to give the American people a huge helping of unbridled truth: that we can’t continue to spend what we are spending, that we can’t avoid entitlement reform because we are afraid of third rail politics.
Rick Perry
There is an ongoing debate about the reform of the U.N. system.
Joschka Fischer
If the goal of health-care reform is to provide comprehensive, universal health care in a cost-effective way, the only honest approach is a single-payer approach.
Bernie Sanders
Many of the worst cases that triggered the campaign for libel reform involved corporations suing critics, so these particular sections of the bill are vital to reduce future abuses of libel law.
Simon Singh
Barack Obama has talked a lot about changing the way America relates to the world, and few areas are as ripe for reform as our policies on foreign aid.
Iqbal Quadir
You reduce illegal immigration by making it harder to get jobs here, or easier to get jobs south of the border. This idea that we can’t pass an immigration law until we hit some imaginary security target is just a way to derail reform.
Gail Collins
We want to do this methodically, smart, starting with border security then looking at immigration reform measures.
Michael McCaul
If we value children and family, there’s a great need for change, and we should try immigration reform – create a path for citizenship for people already here, update the visa system.
Diane Guerrero
I ask unanimous consent that I be able to deliver a floor speech on immigration reform in Spanish.
Tim Kaine
For Republicans, tort reform and its health care analogue, malpractice reform, speak to the goal of stronger economic growth and lower costs.
Bill Bradley
While he was in Utah, Obama discussed immigration reform with leaders of the Mormon Church. Obama introduced the first lady. Then the church’s president introduced HIS first lady. And his second lady. And his third, fourth, and fifth ladies.
Jimmy Fallon
With a post Brexit economic policy that sets our economy and country on the right track, with new freedoms, the U.K. will exercise greater fiscal flexibility and regulatory reform to transform our country into a dynamic engine of prosperity, job creation and growth.
Priti Patel
I will not contest my parliamentary seat in a sad election that will not produce a Parliament capable of endorsing a realistic reform agenda for Greece.
Yanis Varoufakis
On the most recent battles on health insurance reform, the women led the battle to end gender discrimination by the insurance companies [where] women paid more and got less of a benefit, and also the whole issue of prevention.
Barbara Mikulski
We can lift standards of living for working families in this country. We can help small businesses create jobs. And we can have a beneficial impact on the economy as a whole if we do tax reform right.
Susan Collins
One of the major goals of health insurance reform is to bring down the cost.
Valerie Jarrett
He that rectifies a crooked stick bends it the contrary way, so must he that would reform a vice learn to affect its mere contrary, and in time he shall see the springing blossoms of a happy restoration.
Roger Chamberlain
As chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee – the chief tax-writing body in Congress – I understand that true comprehensive tax reform is tremendously difficult.
Kevin Brady
There seems to be a lot of momentum behind immigration reform.
Justin Amash
First thing we’re going to do with the benefits of tax reform is we’re going to invest in innovation. We’re going to invest in capital, new product lines. It’s going to create more manufacturing jobs and our shareholders are going to benefit, too. We’re going to improve dividends, share repurchase.
Dennis Muilenburg
I want to be really clear that the Hispanic Caucus – well before my time on that caucus, and certainly before my time as chairwoman – has been very clear that a guiding principle for comprehensive immigration reform, and for issues related to Dreamers, is that a wall is a nonstarter.
Michelle Lujan Grisham
Maybe when they no longer receive Sierra magazine in their mailboxes, journalists will understand how campaign finance reform abridges free speech.
Matt Welch
Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform. Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world’s estimation.
Susan B. Anthony
Look at what the Omar of Qatar is doing, for example – the King of Morocco, Jordan, Bahrain. There are reform movements taking place, efforts to broaden the political participation of the populations of the region.
Frank Carlucci
When Hillary Clinton was in the Clinton White House as first lady, the left – the right accused her of being wide eyed radical lesbian feminist and in some issues, like welfare reform, she pushed back against the new .
David Corn
Every woman who has any margin of time or money to spare should adopt some one public interest, some philanthropic undertaking,or some social agitation of reform, and give to that cause whatever time and work she may be able to afford.
Frances Power Cobbe
Healthcare reform is a paradigmatic case. It is self-evidently necessary and inevitable and has been on the agenda for 35 years, and the political class seems completely unable to respond to it.
Tony Judt
The reform of a college English department cuts no ice down at the corner garage.
Camille Paglia
The words, ‘penalty,’ ‘restrict’ and ‘violate’ appeared more times in President Clinton’s health care reform bill than in his crime bill.
Steve Forbes
The Board of Inquiry report fails to recognize that the central problem in the Los Angeles Police Department is the culture. The reality is there will not be meaningful reform in the Los Angeles Police Department until the culture is changed.
Erwin Chemerinsky
Any time you do tax reform, you really need to have a transition period.
Thom Tillis
When the NRA wants to prevent gun reform, they funnel money into the campaigns of candidates nationwide to make sure they don’t vote for common sense gun reform. Insurance companies do the same to block Medicare for All and prevent us from guaranteeing health care as a right, not a privilege.
Kirsten Gillibrand
Twenty-first century policing reform will require increased investment in law enforcement, not defunding it.
Cal Cunningham
I actually think there are more Republicans than people realize who would be sympathetic to immigration reform in the rank and file. I think the lesson for Jeb Bush is politicians shouldn’t write books with long lead times.
E. J. Dionne
The economy is the start and end of everything. You can’t have successful education reform or any other reform if you don’t have a strong economy.
David Cameron
As a first generation American myself, I know that comprehensive immigration reform is good for our country. I know it will reduce our deficit, grow our economy, reaffirm our values, advance our ideals, and honor our history as a nation of immigrants.
Jan Schakowsky
The healthcare reform bill now includes a tanning booth tax of 10 percent. You know what this means? This whole thing could be funded by the cast of ‘Jersey Shore.’
Jay Leno
it is better to inspire a reform than to enforce it.
Catherine the Great
A modern man may disapprove of some of his sweeping reforms, and approve others; but finds it difficult not to admire even where he does not approve.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Some often repent, yet never reform; they resemble a man traveling in a dangerous path, who frequently starts and stops, but never turns back.
Bonnell Thornton
I am for keeping the thing going while things are stirring. Because if we wait till it is still, it will take a great while to get it going again.
Sojourner Truth
Reform and exchange in English poetry are as slow as in the British constitution itself.
Austin Clarke
We need first of all the reform of our justice system. We need reform of the education system, because of quality of education because of innovation and technology. And we need administrative reform. Too much bureaucracy.
Iveta Radicova
Big Oil, Wall Street and big business as a whole – they stand in the way of the kinds of change needed. They are fiercely against the radical reforms Bernie Sanders is popularizing.
Kshama Sawant
I think in 2012 one of the primary issues that will get a lot of discussion will be comprehensive tax reform.
Tom Reed
Without significant reform, the Social Security Administration will be legally and financially unable to pay full promised benefits within a generation.
Ron Lewis
I spent 10 years fighting for reform in Cook County, and I didn’t change my DNA when I got to Washington.
Mike Quigley
Laws are getting passed in states like Alabama that basically would punish American citizens who are ‘harboring’ people. Since the federal government hasn’t been able to muster or to get comprehensive immigration reform passed, states are taking it upon themselves to police and enforce laws.
Jose Antonio Vargas
History’s lesson is to make the most of reform opportunities when they arise because they do not arise often and they do not last long.
Christopher Bond
Guide them by edicts, keep them in line with punishments, and the common people will stay out of trouble but will have no sense of shame. Guide them by virtue, keep them in line with the rites, and they will, besides having a sense of shame, reform themselves.
My dream is to reform the legal system over the next 20 years.
David Eagleman
Why don’t you reform yourselves? That task would be sufficient enough.
Frederic Bastiat
A nation without means of reform is without means of survival.
Edmund Burke
Conservatism has always been about reforming government and solving problems, and that’s why the conservative movement should lead on immigration reform.
Marco Rubio
The inherent right in the people to reform their government, I do not deny; and they have another right, and that is to resist unconstitutional laws without overturning the government.
Daniel Webster
Do we need farm program reform? Absolutely.
Stephen Fincher
I found that there is very little interest in Washington for true election reform. That neither the White House nor either house of the Congress seems to be as committed to guaranteeing democratic participation in this country as we seem to be in other countries.
DeForest Soaries
The myopic obsession of the Tea Party with destroying health care reform and wounding the president has led Republicans astray.
Hank Johnson
We are committed to doing trade, tax reform, infrastructure. All we need is someone that wants to work with us.
Kevin McCarthy
As a prisoner of conscience committed to peaceful transition to democracy, I urge Europe to apply economic sanctions against Ethiopia. What short-term pain may result will be compensated by long-term gain. A pledge to re-engage energetically with a democratic Ethiopia would act as a catalyst for reform.
Eskinder Nega
Essentially we need a new social consensus for economic reform as New Labour has achieved in Britain.
Peter Mandelson
You know, Roland and I were just talking about how we don’t have any pyromaniac friends. And everyone knows you need a good pyro to pull off any reform school prank worth the effort.
Lauren Kate
We are the friends of reform; but that is not reform, which, in curing one evil, threatens to inflict a thousand others.
William Lloyd Garrison
We will push through health care reform regardless of the views of the American people.
Jay Rockefeller
Reform is a process, and not an event.
Kofi Annan
The Indian Bureau system is wrong. The only way to adjust wrong is to abolish it, and the only reform is to let my people go. After freeing the Indian from the shackles of government supervision, what is the Indian going to do: leave that with the Indian, and it is none of your business.
Carlos Montezuma
Lost in the often-vitriolic national quarrel over immigration reform is any examination of proposed measures that would result in excessive punishment, such as detention and deportation, for the most minor offenses.
Rashida Tlaib
If the Iraqis fail to implement the reforms, if they fail to get a handle on the violence, there’s nothing the United States can do, militarily or otherwise, that can solve those problems. They have to assume the primary responsibility to govern themselves.
Leon Panetta
Our immigration law sucks, and we need to redo the whole thing, comprehensive immigration reform. And what that’s gonna be is anybody who wants to come and vote Democrat, we’re gonna send ’em a limousine and bring ’em in.
Rush Limbaugh
Reform can be accomplished only when attitudes are changed.
Lillian Wald
Turn where we may, within, around, the voice of great events is proclaiming to us, Reform, that you may preserve!
Thomas B. Macaulay
I want immigration reform to pass, I want people to be able to come out of the shadows.
Marco Rubio
Mere political reform will not cure the manifold evils which now afflict society. There requires a social reform, a domestic reform, an individual reform.
Samuel Smiles
Reform of the medical liability system should be considered as part of a comprehensive response to surging medical malpractice premiums that endanger Americans’ access to quality medical care.
Lincoln Chafee
When Mitt Romney says he wants to reform the tax code, hold on to your wallets. We know Mitt Romney never met a tax haven he didn’t like. But his new favorite tax haven is actually not the Cayman Islands – its Paul Ryan’s budget.
Charles Schumer
The tone and tendency of liberalism…is to attack the institutions of the country under the name of reform and to make war on the manners and customs of the people under the pretext of progress.
Benjamin Disraeli
Islam doesn’t need reform, we need to reform the Muslim mind.
Tariq Ramadan
Corporate tax reform should include not just large C-corps but also smaller business S-corps and LLC pass-throughs. And nearly as important as cutting business tax rates is the need to simplify the inexplicably opaque and complex system.
Lawrence Kudlow
A nation will rise no higher than the strength of its homes. If you want to reform a nation you begin with families.
Gordon B. Hinckley
We will battle day and night to pass social security reform.
Michel Temer
I will continue to decisively promote reforms that will promote growth, and at the same time, I will continue to negotiate hard in order to avoid any reforms that would undermine growth.
Alexis Tsipras
Actually criminal sanctions that are given could be up to five years for violating the rules and regulations under the campaign finance reform. This is like the Alien and Sedition Act of years and years ago, decades ago.
Jay Sekulow
Moral reform is the effort to throw off sleep.
Henry David Thoreau
Benedict’s spending down his energy was a function of his fighting against the Space/Information Age’s relentless pressure on the concept of hierarchy, the restoration of which he had, following John Paul II, made a central part of the program that has come to be known as the reform of the reform.
Eugene Kennedy
I think, from the broad political spectrum, not just the Freedom Caucus, I think there is a need for internal reform that is how we bring bills up, getting back to regular order, how we offer amendments or don’t offer amendments.
Jason Chaffetz
[…] There is none that disperses its control more complexly through the voting system, the work situation, the church, the family, the school, the mass media – none more successful in mollifying opposition with reforms, isolating people from one another, creating patriotic loyalty.
Howard Zinn
The vast majority of Greeks accept the need for reform and want to keep our country inside the euro zone.
Evangelos Venizelos
The man who is so run down that he needs a vacation can never adjust or reform himself in two weeks. What he really needs is to re-transform his life.
Elbert Hubbard
We deserve quality jobs that pay a living wage, lower college tuition, action on climate change, and comprehensive immigration reform.
Joe Garcia
From 1801, Napoleon began an ambitious programme of civil reform to standardise law and justice, centralise education, introduce uniform weights and measures and a fully functioning internal market. That achievement alone makes him one of the giants of history.
Saul David
The Socialists did not want to work with us, so we created an alliance with the FPO, and we are making good policies of reform for our country.
Sebastian Kurz
My administration’s policies on regulatory reform, tax reform, trade policies, will return significant manufacturing jobs to our country.
Donald Trump
There is no doubt that this government and this country are benefiting from the reforms that we brought in the 1980s, and that couldn’t have been done without the co-operation of the trade union movement.
Bob Hawke
He who reforms himself has done more towards reforming the public than a crowd or noisy, impotent patriots.
Johann Kaspar Lavater
This is about systemic, institutional corruption, not personality. To ask the Democratic leadership to clean things up would be like asking the old Soviet bureaucracy under Brezhnev to reform itself. It ain’t going to happen.
Newt Gingrich
President Obama, through health care reform, strengthened Medicare. How did he do that? Well, he found savings by cutting subsidies to insurance companies, ensuring we were rooting out waste and fraud, and he used those savings to put it back into Medicare.
Stephanie Cutter
There are lots of statements that have been made and haven’t led to change and reform. For me, the broader discussion around racism – education is key.
Gareth Southgate
When I was elected to Congress, this was the No. 1 issue businesses brought up. They said that if we want this country to succeed, we need immigration reform.
Elizabeth Esty
You know in fairness Gary [Johnson] and I have not agreed on a number of substantive issues in this campaign, tax policy, we’ve had some influence on each other, I think I’ve had some influence on him, on constructive engagement around the world, he’s had some influence on me in criminal justice reform issues.
William Weld
The GOP doesn’t seem particularly afraid of being perceived as blocking reform, despite efforts by the Obama White House to establish that narrative.
Timothy Noah
Former Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming, the co-author of the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli immigration reform bill, has said the failure of that bill was a function of the lack of an ID card system.
Lawrence Kudlow
After two years of fighting, government shutdowns and little to no agreement on anything except welfare reform in 1996, President Clinton was re-elected and decided it was time for compromise.
Ari Fleischer
Too many of our children cannot read. Reading is the building block, and it must be the foundation for education reform.
George W. Bush
Fundamental [tax] reform almost always runs the risk of making things worse.
Dan Rostenkowski
You have a sense that [Donald] Trump will probably reimagine where the Republican Party is on that issue and some others. But then I think conservatives may win in some areas, too – tax reform. So it’s just – it’s an enormously exciting time in terms of the possibilities.
Margaret Hoover
The exposГ©, the compassion and outrage, of documentary fueled by the dedication to reform has shaded over into combinations of exoticism, tourism, voyeurism, psychologism and metaphysics, trophy hunting – and careerism.
Martha Rosler
Somewhere I put it this way: first drafts are for learning what one’s fiction wants him to say. Revision works with that knowledge to enlarge and enhance an idea, to reform it. Revision is one of the exquisite pleasures of writing.
Bernard Malamud
I articulate the deepest need of the Filipino people, which is reform of a corrupt culture.
Miriam Defensor-Santiago
John the Baptist, who we are told was related by blood to Jesus, was preaching the impending judgement of God, urging repentance and moral reform, and baptizing in the Jordan River those who responded.
Kenneth Scott Latourette
My opposition to the socialist and the other consists in attacking violence as a means of effecting any lasting reform.
Mahatma Gandhi
Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes.
Ramana Maharshi
None more deceive themselves than they who think their religion is true and genuine, thought it refines not their spirits and reforms not their lives.
Benjamin Whichcote
We are going to enforce the law of America and strengthen immigration and customs enforcement with more resources and personnel to be able to do that, and then Donald Trump has made it clear. Once we have done all of those things, then we are going to reform the immigration system that we have in this country.
Mike Pence
With regard to the ballot, it is worthy of remark that no meeting has been held in favour of Reform at which the ballot has not been strongly insisted upon.
John Bright
We see considerable strain in Russia, and that’s obviously a matter of concern to us. It’s in the very strong self-interest of Russia to continue on the reform path.
Warren Christopher
The major reform legislation, Dodd-Frank, was named after two guys bought and sold by special interests, and one of them should be shouldering a good amount of blame for the crisis.
Michael Burry
I’m excited about seeing a bipartisan plan to reform education in the United States. The only other option is to protect the status quo and I really don’t think anybody wants to do that.
John Rowland
The reform [of the civil service] should be thorough, radical, and complete.
Rutherford B. Hayes
One of the peculiarities of Delhi is that the term ‘reform’ is associated only with passing of laws in Parliament. In fact, the most important reforms are those needed, without new laws, at various level of the government, in work practices and procedures.
Narendra Modi
Created by Congress as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, the CFPB was a direct response to the financial crisis and ensuing Great Recession that began with the subprime mortgage debacle and the unraveling of Lehman Brothers investment bank.
Joe Sestak
The administration will look at Glass-Steagall and what I referred to as the 21st-century Glass-Steagall as part of regulatory reform.
Steve Mnuchin
Well, Luce, my dear, you may have gone to boarding school parties, but you’ve never seen a throw-down like reform school kids do it.
Lauren Kate
All of the candidates agree that the Democratic Party needs to undergo fundamental reforms.
Martin Frost
The Congress is virtually incapable of passing any reforms unless they first get permission from the powerful special interests who are most affected by the proposal.
Al Gore
Times are tough but they are tough because the government is trying to do the right thing, whether on public service reform, education, health, anti-social behaviour and welfare, or in counter-terrorism.
Tony Blair
He who reforms himself, has done much toward reforming others; and one reason why the world is not reformed, is, because each would have others make a beginning, and never thinks of himself doing it.
Thomas Adams
Many of the received models of modern architecture and planning owe their ultimate origin to the building code and public health reform movements of the second half of the 19th century.
Kenneth Frampton
When Congress talks of tax reform, grab your wallet and run for cover.
Steve Symms
The ACLU’s record, far from showing a momentary wavering from impartiality, is replete with attemps to reform American society according to the wisdom of liberalism. The truth of the matters is that the ACLU has always been a highly politicized organization.
William Anthony Donohue
Those who oppose reform will also tell you that under our plan, you won’t get to choose your doctor – that some bureaucrat will choose for you. That’s also not true.
Barack Obama
The E.U. needs renewal, and we need a strong U.K. at the table to help to drive the reform agenda that can help the union regain competitiveness and growth.
Enda Kenny
Principle #6: Recognition that change and reform are not identical, and that innovation is a devouring conflagration more often than it is a torch of progress.
Russell Kirk
Marriage is not a reform school.
Ann Landers
The system designed to study, diagnose and treat cancer in the United States is broken, and it is in urgent need of reform.
Margaret Cuomo
Higher education should be based on quality, not quantity; receive merit-based funding; and be free of unnecessary bureaucracy. Not the least of the benefits of educational reform is to foster the pride of achievement at national and international levels.
Ahmed Zewail
The introduction of a substantial Government transfer tax on all transactions might prove the most serviceable reform available,with a view to mitigating the predominance of speculation in the United States.
John Maynard Keynes
Serious research and development efforts are required to produce technologies, strategies, organizations, and trained personnel who can go into failed states, work with our allies and friends, and promote the political and economic reforms that will meet popular needs and reduce the sources of terrorism and conflict.
Wesley Clark
I’m very proud to have joined with conservatives in both the Senate and the House to reform how we target bad guys.
Ted Cruz
Waiting for a long-term solution to immigration reform will not make Americans safer.
Bruce Braley
The elections are the greatest symbol of participation and political reform.
Mohammad Khatami
Truth reforms as well as informs.
William Jenkyn
Whatever reforms are carried out in the economy, without deep going changes in men?s mentality ? in their opinion about femininity ? women?s equality may not be possible.
Velupillai Prabhakaran
I believe same-day registration has to be part of comprehensive reform of our voting systems that will also restore pre-clearance, shorten lines at polls, and ensure that no one who wants to vote is denied their constitutional right.
Amy Klobuchar
Capitalism cannot reform itself; it is doomed to self-destruction.
W. E. B. Du Bois
For most people reform meant relief from ecclesiastical extortions.
Barbara Tuchman
When you’re a member of Congress, you can become an expert in a couple of subjects. For example, I’ve worked on federal procurement reform, the Armed Services Committee, manufacturing, and women’s health care.
Tammy Duckworth
The UN Commission on Human Rights, whose membership in recent years has included countries – such as Libya and Sudan – which have deplorable human rights records, and the recent Oil-for-Food scandal, are just a few examples of why reform is so imperative.
John Linder
In the 1980s, I was working to reform the schools in Arkansas. Donald Trump was borrowing $14 million from his father to start his businesses. In the 1990s, I went to Beijing and I said women’s rights are human rights. He insulted a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, called her an eating machine.
Hillary Clinton
I have no problem with military and entitlement reform, lower costs raise freedom.
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
I heard today that the White House isn’t even backing its own bill, because Democrats on the Hill pushed back against it. So now what they’re asking for is just a clean $4 billion to help deal with the crisis with no policy reform. And I think that contributes to people having less confidence in their government.
Dana Perino
Speaker Boehner needs to understand the urgency for reform. Until the House passes a bill that includes a pathway to citizenship, we will continue to be in the streets, at town hall meetings and on the phones, demanding justice for the 11 million aspiring Americans in our country.
Eliseo Medina
A man’s sentiments are generally just and right, while it is second selfish thought which makes him trim and adopt some other view. The best reforms are worked out when sentiment operates, as it does in women, with the indignation of righteousness.
Leland Stanford
There is a need for Social Security reform to ensure its stability, and Congress must act.
Grace Napolitano
You can be sure that I will always consider how changes to Social Security will impact people with disabilities when considering the various proposals offered for reform.
Steve Israel
I will appoint an attorney general who will reform the Department of Justice like it was necessary after Watergate.
Donald Trump
Senator Marco ‘amnesty’ Rubio, while proponents of immigration reform say the Florida Republican was quick to retreat when the going got tough.
Donald Trump
There must be renewed recognition that societies are kept stable and healthy by reform, not by thought police; this means there must be free play for so-called subversive ideas – every idea subverts the old to make way for the new. To shut off subversion is to shut off peaceful progress and to invite revolution and war.
I. F. Stone
I don’t think school reform should be motivated by missionary zeal. I think it should be motivated by evidence of what works.
Dana Goldstein
The fact is I tried for years to work with the financial industry on reasonable swipe fee reform, but the industry wouldn’t have it.
Dick Durbin
Drop this mean and sordid and selfish devotion to the saving of your shabby little souls, and hunt up something to do that’s got some dignity to it! Risk your souls! Risk them in good causes; then if you lose them, why should you care? Reform!
Mark Twain
Governments and nations should sit together and resolve issues. Reforms must be reached through understanding. But others should not interfere.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
I salute all the nations of the Arab Spring and I salute the heroic people of Syria who are striving for freedom, democracy and reform.
Ismail Haniyeh
We do need curriculum reform. And it should happen at the state and local level. That is where educational policy belongs, because if a parent is unhappy with what their child is being taught in school, they can go to that local school board or their state legislature, or their governor and get it changed.
Marco Rubio
One of the reforms to be carried out during the incoming administration is a change in our monetary and banking laws, so as to secure greater elasticity in the forms of currency available for trade and to prevent the limitations of law from operating to increase the embarrassment of a financial panic.
William Howard Taft
Every reform means awakening. Once truly awakened, the nation will not be satisfied with reform only in one department of life.
Mahatma Gandhi
When you’re talking about long-term deficit reduction, $4 trillion worth, entitlement reform needs to be part of it.
Dick Durbin
Republicans get a lot of money from big business, but they are not tied to the union dollar. As a result they have been aggressive advocates of school reform, charter schools and vouchers for private schools.
Juan Williams
I can think of few important movements for reform in which success was won by any method other than that of an energetic minority presenting the indifferent majority with a fait accompli, which was then accepted.
Vera Brittain
The most dangerous moment for a bad government is when it begins to reform.
Alexis de Tocqueville
Throughout the health-insurance reform process, we have had a frequent and consistent dialogue with the business community – small, medium, and large – to analyze and evaluate the impact that reform would have on them. It has been a very instructive and productive dialogue.
Valerie Jarrett
The issue I highlight in the book is welfare reform.
Robert Scheer
I am glad to see the wheels are moving at last toward comprehensive immigration reform after last year’s election. I am glad that immigrants are speaking up.
Andrew Lam
I’m an atheist .I was raised in British reform Judaism, which is not like American reform Judaism, much less any other strain of organised religion. So: no cults here.
Charles Stross
The Tea Party knows that continuing to delay charting a course to spending reform hurts everybody.
Bob Barr
I think another crisis, which is being predicted now and which will be worse than what we saw in 2008, could bring the European Union down unless there are huge reforms from within to democratize, to give more power to the regions, etc. If this doesn’t happen, the European Union will fall.
Tariq Ali
The swipe fee reform law that Congress enacted in 2010 was a huge step forward in bringing transparency, competition, and choice to a debit card system that had been rigged by Visa, MasterCard, and the banks.
Dick Durbin
There’s no doubt that when the Republican Party took over in 1994, the ‘Contract with America’ was an opportunity to implement some things – like welfare reform and some of the other initiatives. Then, it kind of lost its steam.
Marco Rubio
The Hindu nationalists see a religion near perfection save for the tampering of Muslims and Christians. So they fall upon these groups, rather than try to reform their own practices by drawing on India’s sophisticated philosophical traditions.
Karan Mahajan
People who know the economy is rigged in favor of big money, people who know that our middle class continues to decline and we have to go outside of establishment politics and economics, people who know that we need to reform a broken criminal justice system and we need comprehensive immigration reform.
Bernie Sanders
Self-centered anger generates evil, but wrath at social injustice becomes the driving force for reform. Strong language that censures and combats a great evil often awakens adverse reactions from society, but this must not intimidate those who believe they are right. A lion is a lion because he roars.
Daisaku Ikeda
A billion dollars every week for Iraq, $87 billion for Iraq. We can’t get $5 billion for childcare over five years in welfare reform.
Jim Wallis
Ours is not the first generation to understand the dire need for health reform. And I am not the first president to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last.
Barack Obama
I don’t know why anyone would want businesses and families and individuals nationwide to suffer. But by voting against tax reform, Democrats showed that was exactly what they stand for: less money for families and more money into Washington, D.C.
Matt Gaetz
If we don’t get reform in campaign financing, then we can write this country off.
Frances Farenthold
In view of our public pledges, we public officials can never again go before the public merely promising election reform. The time for promises is past.
Charles Edison
Reform is not a period of retreat.
David Remnick
Attending that Convention and talking with those people and many others convinced me that I should become a blogger in my efforts to reform the government and uphold the integrity of the Constitution and the laws made in furtherance thereof.
John Jay Hooker
Now, the president would like to do tax reform, which would obviously lower rates for most people in America and make the tax code fair and get rid of loopholes and special treatment. But absent tax reform, the president believes the right way to get our fiscal house in order is ask the wealthy to pay their fair share.
David Plouffe
If a university announced that henceforth, it would be offering a three-year bachelor’s degree, in one stroke it would cut the cost of a college education and provide a distinctive way of competing for students – as well as put the institution on the cutting edge of reform.
Charlie Sykes
I am an independent reform candidate. I do not represent the past.
Lori Lightfoot
My purpose is to call on my colleagues, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, to get behind the agenda of trying to reform the government and make it work for the people rather than the other way around.
Mike Lee
At twenty a man is full of fight and hope. He wants to reform the world. When he is seventy he still wants to reform the world, but he know he can’t.
Rodney Dangerfield
Conservatism stands on man’s confessed limitations; reform on his indisputable infinitude; conservatism on circumstance; liberalism on power; one goes to make an adroit member of the social frame; the other to postpone all things to the man himself.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Reforms often fail because politics favors symbols over substance.
Michael J. Schmoker
Moreover, from reforming the tax code to our immigration system, to commonsense legal reform, President Bush put America on notice that he will continue fighting to make the country, and the world, a better place for future generations.
Jim Sensenbrenner
If Republicans and Democrats alike truly believe DACA should stay and be a permanent part of immigration reform, then they should use their elected power to make it so.
Katie Pavlich
A balanced program for tax reform based upon the common sense idea of lowering taxes out of surplus revenues.
Andrew Mellon
The social side of Washington was to be taken for granted as three-fourths of existence. Politics and reform became the detail, and waltzing the profession
Henry Adams
It is a dangerous thing to reform anyone.
Oscar Wilde
Every abuse ought to be reformed, unless the reform is more dangerous than the abuse itself.
It’s an embarrassment that we don’t have a broad enough consensus among political leaders that true reform should take place. I could count the members of Congress on one hand that took these issues seriously.
DeForest Soaries
A reformer is one who sets forth cheerfully toward sure defeat.
Lydia M. Child
Any Reform Bill which is worth a moment’s thought, or the smallest effort to carry it, must at least double, and it ought to do much more than double, the representation of the metropolitan boroughs and of all the great cities of the United Kingdom.
John Bright
Obama the President needs to stand up for what Obama the candidate and what Obama the Senator and what Obama the Chicago community organizer stood for and lead the Congress towards reform.
Luis Gutierrez
Emancipation of belief is the most formidable of the tasks of reform and the one on which all else depends.
John Kenneth Galbraith
I think it’s a pity that in many people’s minds constitutional reform and PR have come to mean much the same thing.
Ferdinand Mount
I know that on trade and on enforcement and rules of origin, on autos, on issues like taxation, on outsourcing of jobs, I know that – and on Wall Street reform, Hillary Clinton’s going to do the right thing.
Sherrod Brown
There has to be a reform within the government that is tangible, that we can actually measure and that we have confidence is going to provide some of the differences that I think are essential to our troops to be able to carry out their mission and to the longer- term interests of our country.
Rahm Emanuel
We need criminal justice reform. You have heard people talk about that all over the country. I was able to work on that specific issue at home.
Brad Schneider
I’ve been able to stretch myself, covering policy, looking at tax reform, looking at the broader economy [being at Fox]. It’s no longer [just] about the stock market. I’m having a ball. And, the glamor of TV also makes it fun.
Maria Bartiromo
The careful reader of the New Testament will find three Christs described: – One who wished to preserve Judaism – one who wished to reform it, and one who built a system of his own
Robert Green Ingersoll
Devolutionary reform will not provide a factory, a machine or jobs, build a school, train a doctor or put a pound on pensions.
Neil Kinnock
We in America were worried about many problems dealing with economic inequality and political inequality. The Communist Party seemed to be the only political force, both concerned and willing, to take action to stop the threat of fascism abroad and to work for economic and political reform in this country.
Sidney Buchman
The Bush administration and Congressional Republicans have failed to bring up comprehensive energy reform or any piece of legislation for that matter that would lower gas prices, opting instead to give massive subsidies to the oil and gas industry
Rosa DeLauro
America is exceptional, it is asserted, because, with the exception of the abolition of slavery, it has been able to extend the promise of liberal reform mostly peacefully, through its democratic institutions.
Greg Grandin
As reforms have come into India, as India has started opening up, prosperity is increasing, as is demand for urban housing.
Kushal Pal Singh
Jeb Bush is the foremost authority on education reform in the Republican Party, and I will look to reform the ballooning costs of our higher education system along the lines that he has advocated.
Ron DeSantis
He [Deng Xiaoping] said that he did not understand why we failed to grasp that the alternative was not democracy, but total chaos and risking all the reforms that had been achieved.
Henry A. Kissinger
A man is the sum of his ancestors; to reform him you must begin with a dead ape and work downward through a million graves.
Ambrose Bierce
Everything Republicans once claimed to advocate – entitlement reform, free trade, standing up to dictators, encouraging the march of freedom around the world – turns out to be negotiable and reversible, depending on Donald Trump’s whims and the furies of his base.
Bret Stephens
The message I would say to China is, ‘Carry on with the reform; carry on with the change you are making.’
George Osborne
What Bernie Sanders is calling for is incredibly important. Things like a $15/hour minimum wage, single-payer healthcare, taxing the rich, and free education. The radical reforms he has popularized are a key part of any socialist program today.
Kshama Sawant
We were good reformers, but we weren’t good enough. We elected a candidate and then, busy with our own affairs, we left him hanging in mid-air. Reformers are such part-time pillars of society!
Margaret Case Harriman
Certainly, packets of sea ice, in say the Arctic, which have failed to fully reform in the last couple of years.
Bill McKibben
I will make utmost efforts to conduct regulatory reform by tearing down bureaucratic sectionalism, vested interests and notorious habit of following precedents.
Yoshihide Suga
Is a democracy, such as we know it, the last improvement possible in government? Is it not possible to take a step further towardsrecognizing and organizing the rights of man?
Henry David Thoreau
The Daily Caller has obtained an advance copy of a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee report set to be released Tuesday morning that definitively proves malicious intent by the IRS to improperly block conservative groups that an IRS adviser deemed ‘icky.’
Patrick Howley
If there are people who feel that God wants them to change the structures of society, that is something between them and their God. We must serve him in whatever way we are called. I am called to help the individual; to love each poor person. Not to deal with institutions. I am in no position to judge.
Mother Teresa
It’s nice to have a lot of people in the field. Independent, third party, Libertarian, Reform and other party candidates can do what they want to do. I welcome them to the race.
John Murray
Part of comprehensive immigration reform is not just the path to citizenship for undocumented workers, but also the ability for families to be together.
Pramila Jayapal
A lot of people don’t believe that Kirk-Heitkamp is a real reform bill.
Richard Shelby
There are over 170,000 pages of regulations in Washington, D.C. I want to streamline the rules in the federal government to basically allow businesses to grow without fear of burdensome federal regulations. That’s a passion to me, regulatory reform.
Jason T. Smith
Rights are not the language of democracy. Compromise is what democracy is about. Rights are the language of freedom, and are absolute because their role is to protect our liberty. By using the absolute power of freedom to accomplish reforms of democracy, we have undermined democracy and diminished our freedom.
Philip K. Howard
Only in America does ‘health’ ‘care’ ‘reform’ begin with the hiring of 16,500 new IRS agents tasked with determining whether your insurance policy merits a fine.
Mark Steyn
Social Security must be preserved and strengthened. But we need to be candid about the costs and willing to make the tough choices that real reform will require.
Lindsey Graham
We should not assume that Russia is doomed to live according to its worst traditions. In fact, in Russian history, failed efforts at external aggression, when they fail, usually bring on areas of internal reform.
Daniel Fried
The good news is that we really do think that … on the immigration issue, that we will, before summer, have comprehensive immigration reform.
Nancy Pelosi
When it comes to the health of our families, Barack refused to listen to all those folks who told him to leave health reform for another day, another president. He didn’t care whether it was the easy thing to do politically – that’s not how he was raised – he cared that it was the right thing to do.
Michelle Obama
I’m for immigration reform. I think the system’s horribly broken, and we need to do something about it.
Rand Paul
It is incorrect to say there have been no reforms at all in Burma; there have of course been reforms, but we still need to do more for the people. To become a democratic society we have to continually be reforming.
Aung San Suu Kyi
We are the in midst of a bipartisan moment as it relates to criminal justice reform and dealing with mass incarceration in America which disproportionately impacts the African-American community.
Hakeem Jeffries