Rogers Quotes

Rogers Quotes by Ruthie Ann Miles, Rodney Crowell, Eileen Ford, P. J. O’Rourke, Marilyn Monroe, Glen Campbell and many others.

Rogers and Hammerstein were such a genius pair. They we

Rogers and Hammerstein were such a genius pair. They were able to touch on subject matter so far ahead of its time.
Ruthie Ann Miles
As a poet, Will Rogers just had this natural conversational style.
Rodney Crowell
I live in a wonderful world of make-believe. A world of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. A world of Winnie the Pooh and Edward Bear. Things like that. Wonderful things. Funny things.
Eileen Ford
A lot of newspaper columns used to be written in a rat-a-tat-tat, fast-paced style – and they tended to be funny. They were a little relief from the grimmer, grayer parts of the newspaper, and one of the best people at doing this was Will Rogers.
P. J. O’Rourke
I’m looking forward to becoming a marvelous – excuse the word marvelous – character actress. like Marie Dressler, like Will Rogers.
Marilyn Monroe
I just wanted to do a music show, with the whole realm of music from Ella Fitzgerald to rock bands like Cream to Kenny Rogers. We had a lot of country, but we did every kind of music. The Monkees were on, and so was Johnny Cash.
Glen Campbell
Unfortunately, I had to pull out of Vancouver. I’m really sorry; I didn’t expect to go this far in Rogers Cup, and I just wanted to say, just apologize.
Denis Shapovalov
When I was living in the projects, I had a mop stick for my horse. I wanted to be Gene Autry or Roy Rogers, so I would ride my mop through the projects.
Aaron Neville
In those days I was new to covers; merely felt pleased that a story of mine had been honored. I later met Rogers who did some of my early covers and I was impressed with him.
A. E. van Vogt
Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers’s Centre Georges Pompidou of 1971-1977 – the true prototype of the modern museum as popular architectural spectacle – wound up costing so much more than planned that the French government solved the shortfall by cutting support for several regional museums.
Martin Filler
While I was making my solo films, RKO was busily trying to get me and Fred Astaire back together. The studio wanted to capitalize on the success of ‘Flying Down to Rio’ and realized that the pairing of Rogers and Astaire had moneymaking potential.
Ginger Rogers
It’s funny because you start watching Mister Rogers so young, it’s sort of in this subliminal part of your brain. I think that’s why people have such a visceral reaction to him.
Marielle Heller
It was somewhere in doing the last season of ‘Leverage’ that John Rogers and I became confident that we had developed an all-new production technique where we could put more on the screen with very little money. So we started to get more comfortable with the idea of trying to tackle ‘The Librarians.’
Dean Devlin
People would say I really loved Buck Rogers until the Hawk guy came on.
Gil Gerard
When I was young, I ran to see Astaire and Rogers, Huston, Lubitsch – they were formative for me. I also read ‘Flash Gordon’ when I was 6, but if I were still reading it when I was 16, I’d have been an imbecile.
Lina Wertmuller
His name was Fred Rogers. He came home to Latrobe, Pennsylvania, once upon a time, and his parents, because they were wealthy, had bought something new for the corner room of their big redbrick house. It was a television.
Tom Junod
We were only allowed to watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers and 3-2-1 Contact!
Rachael Leigh Cook
I can’t believe that I’m sitting in meetings with Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Annette Bening. I want to take on that responsibility to represent all the Rogers out there who don’t have a seat at the table. People of colour were not at the table, and now I am there, I want to change things.
Roger Ross Williams
It’s always been a dream of mine to be Ginger Rogers or Cyd Charisse, and here I am performing alongside Robert Lindsay and being directed by a major Broadway producer. Who said dreams don’t come true?
Samantha Bond
Suddenly Star Wars came out while we were on hiatus, and we looked like the old Buck Rogers series, where they had cigarette smoke blowing out the back of the rocket ship.
Gregory Harrison
I’m the oldest of three kids and I remember my brother and sister still watching Mr Rogers while I felt too big and too sophisticated to watch it.
Marielle Heller
I practiced drawing all the time and became very interested in it. If I was at a meeting that wasn’t getting anywhere – like the one where Carl Rogers came to Caltech to discuss with us whether Caltech should develop a psychology department – I would draw the other people.
Richard P. Feynman
I really missed what I’d done on Rogers Cable, which was shooting and editing all my own stuff.
Tom Green
I am George Rogers Clark. You have just become a prisoner of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
George Rogers Clark
I had an AM radio and listened to Al Green, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder, Charley Pride and Cheap Trick – sometimes in the same hour on the same station!
Darius Rucker
Will Rogers wasn’t helpful to me at all. He was just concerned with his way of doing things. He didn’t like me much because I used to wear slacks to the studio, and that was not done much in those days, so I guess he thought I was rather fast.
Maureen O’Sullivan
I loved old black and white movies, especially the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals. I loved everything about them – the songs, the music, the romance and the spectacle. They were real class and I knew that I wanted to be in that world.
Sharon Stone
I really want to be the black Mr. Rogers – that’s my goal. I would do everything the same but with a hip-hop feel to it.
Biz Markie
Growing up, I was fascinated with Buck Rogers’ airplanes. As I began to mature in World War II, it became jets and rocket planes. But it was always in the air.
Buzz Aldrin
One thing led to another and I didn’t have to take tickets any more because I now worked for Mr. Rogers. He said if I was going to take care of his horses than I’d better learn how to ride. He was very kind to me.
Glenn Ford
When I was nine, I was singing western swing: Roy Rogers and Patsy Cline. It got me noticed because no one my age was doing it, but it made me feel inferior because none of my friends could relate to it.
Kacey Musgraves
I can’t tell you how many spot shows little Johnny Nitro, like, pulled the chair out in the arena in Shelbyville Fair and did a moonsault only to get chewed out by Rip Rogers and Jim Cornette about it. I mean, I did years of it.
John Morrison
Inside my heart, there’s a 12-year-old girl who has always wanted to be Ginger Rogers.
Samantha Bond
Once upon a time, a man named Fred Rogers decided that he wanted to live in heaven.
Tom Junod
No more flying knees against Fedor Emelianenko, no more getting back with my hands down like how it was against Rogers. I just can’t do that anymore.
Andrei Arlovski
As a kid, I loved any guitarists, whether it was Elvis Presley, Lonnie Donegan, Chuck Berry or even the cowboy guitarists like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. The image of the guitar appealed to me.
Rory Gallagher
I had never been much of a science-fiction or Buck Rogers fan. I was more interested in what was going on right now than in the centuries to come.
Gus Grissom
I was staying with my sister and messing around with the guitar every day for my own amusement. Then she took me around and introduced me to Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers, Little Walter, and the first time I saw that onstage, it inspired me to play. I thought that was the world.
Otis Rush
Detroit is drunken idiots. It was no surprise to me. I performed with Kenny Rogers for one year as his opening act, and I got to visit every major American city and notice the audience, and Detroit was one of the worst.
There was Pauline de Rothschild, who I thought was very fabulous, and Millicent Rogers, the Standard Oil heiress, very chic, very clever, very original. I admired both those women very much. And I had a great example with my mother, who was extremely chic.
Iris Apfel
As far as my contribution to this industry, I want to be like Dean Devlin, John Rogers, and Chris Downey. I want to give people jobs and put them on great shows. I want to create careers for people.
Aldis Hodge
Eight years ago, you may remember Hillary and I were rivals for the Democratic nomination. We battled for a year and a half. Let me tell you, it was tough, because Hillary was tough. I was worn out. She was doing everything I was doing, but just like Ginger Rogers, it was backwards in heels.
Barack Obama
I love a good Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple, and I had to give those up. And Philly cheesesteaks. I love Philly cheesesteaks, and now they really aren’t around anymore.
Ron Funches
Buddy Rogers and I never liked each other to be honest, however I take nothing away from him.
Bruno Sammartino
You sail into the harbor, and Staten Island is on your left, and then you see the Statue of Liberty. This is what everyone in the world has dreams of when they think about New York. And I thought, ‘My God, I’m in Heaven. I’ll be dancing down Fifth Avenue like Fred Astaire with Ginger Rogers.’
Frank McCourt
Prince Rogers Nelson was the most gifted artist of the rock era. Not the greatest genius – just the most musical in the broadest sense.
Robert Christgau
My childhood hero was Roy Rogers.
Keith Allen
I lost my fight against Brett Rogers because… I didn’t follow my game plan.
Andrei Arlovski
He was very commanding, and you had to know what you were doing to work for Mr. Rogers. I learned how to ride very quickly with him as my riding teacher.
Glenn Ford
Star Wars’ was derivative of ‘Buck Rogers’ and ‘Flash Gordon,’ wasn’t it?
Lorne Greene
I’m really 95 percent Mr. Rogers, and only 5 percent Oscar the Grouch.’
George Steinbrenner
Then I got the offer to play Buck Rogers, but I turned it down thinking it was a cartoon character. Well I was wrong, it wasn’t at all. So I read the script and decided I liked the character, it had a good concept.
Gil Gerard
There were some great clinicians in the 20th century – great men. Freud was a genius; Jung was a genius, Carl Rogers was a genius – there’s a half-dozen psychologists of the 1950s and humanists of the 1960s.
Jordan Peterson
As a little girl, I didn’t dream of being a ballet dancer; I dreamt of being a movie star like Ginger Rogers and dancing with Fred Astaire. I used to watch the Sunday double-bills on TV and Iong to be part of what seemed a perfect Disneyland world. Astaire was a genius.
Darcey Bussell
PBS was just such an awesome resource for a child’s early development. And now I realize Mister Rogers is also an awesome resource for an adult’s development because his philosophies are just timeless and are so relevant and are so important and are so simple and just something we can all grasp onto easily.
Susan Kelechi Watson
When I think of a video game, I think about how I’d love to have Buddy Rogers vs. Ric Flair, something like that, where you can wrestle these Legends against each other from different periods and stuff.
Bret Hart
And knife making is as much art as science, as far as I’m concerned: Forging metals from an old farm tool into a blade thin enough to effortlessly cut a tomato yet strong enough to mince ginger, all while looking beautiful, is comparable to Ginger Rogers dancing backwards in heels.
Brad Leone
Lee Ann Womack is from near where I grew up in East Texas, so I’ve always looked up to her. I sang a lot of Dolly Parton as a kid and a lot of traditional western swing, like Patsy Cline and Roy Rogers.
Kacey Musgraves
When you’re a kid, regardless of the age you grew up, everything is high opera. With hormones raging, you have to fight external and internal battles that you’ve never had to deal with before. Unlike Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, who have seen it all and been through it all, everything heightens the drama.
Mark Waid
I think Edmonton’s Rogers Place is still the nicest arena I’ve ever been to.
Ariel Helwani
Mr. Rogers would not make a good protagonist of a narrative film. He’s without conflict, he’s too far along on his journey toward enlightenment to be a good protagonist. Our protagonists have to be struggling with demons in a certain way.
Marielle Heller
John Rogers has an encyclopedic mind. Having John as our showrunner is the gift that keeps on giving. He knows more trivial information than anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life.
Dean Devlin
I met fred rogers in 1998, when ‘Esquire’ assigned me a story about him for a special issue on American heroes. I last spoke with him on Christmas Day 2002, when I called him to talk about an argument I’d had with my cousin; he died two months later, on February 27, 2003.
Tom Junod
I grew up as a Roy Rogers fan, of course.
Phil Everly
Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne – these men had the code of the West.
Chuck Norris
This person should not be directly connected with the President Ford Committee nor should he be seen as a member of the liberal wing of the Republican Party. He should be someone like Laird or Rogers Morton.
Robert Teeter
I just never fantasized about Mr. Rogers, but I like his whole vibe.
Catherine Keener
In a way, I’m like Will Rogers, never having met a man I really disliked. I’m not a vamp. I just like men.
Dorothy Stratten
When Ginger Rogers danced with Astaire, it was the only time in the movies when you looked at the man, not the woman.
Gene Kelly