Second Chances Quotes

Second Chances Quotes by Lara Spencer, Cam Newton, Lili Reinhart, Julian Baggini, Katie Pavlich, Joe Harris and many others.

Being on TV is similar to being an athlete. You get no

Being on TV is similar to being an athlete. You get no second chances.
Lara Spencer
I’m an example of why people deserve second chances.
Cam Newton
Our Betty Cooper is still the girl next door – she literally lives next to Archie. And she’s the blonde all-American girl; she’s so sweet and forgiving, gives people the benefit of the doubt and second chances, wears her heart on her sleeve. But she’s also incredibly broken on the inside, for many different reasons.
Lili Reinhart
Atheists have to live with the knowledge that there is no salvation, no redemption, no second chances. Lives can go terribly wrong in ways that can never be put right.
Julian Baggini
People make mistakes and poor decisions in life and sometimes deserve second chances.
Katie Pavlich
There aren’t a lot of second chances for second-round picks.
Joe Harris
You don’t get any second chances.
Oksana Masters
I believe in second chances and I have strong faith in God that he forgives our sins.
Donovan McNabb
I’m Christian. I’ve made mistakes. I believe fervently in second chances.
Tucker Carlson
I like second chances. I’ve given people second chances. You have fall-outs with friends, and forgiveness is a great thing to have. It’s not easy to forgive. I definitely don’t forget, but I do forgive.
Odette Annable
I believe in second chances in life.
Jennifer Winget
When you’re on the road, there’s no time for second chances and messing yourself up.
Shaun Alexander
Everyone deserves second chances.
Logan Paul
Now, America is a land of second chances, and I gather you have room for the estimated 6 million of us who know we got it wrong in 2008 and who want to fix it.
Artur Davis
Suffice to say, many women find their first appearance on a comedy panel show to be their last. Second chances seem to be given less often to the female of the species.
Jo Brand
I’m a strong believer in second chances.
George Pelecanos
In books, as in life, there are no second chances. On second thought: it’s the next work, still to be written, that offers the second chance.
Cynthia Ozick
I like second chances; I’ve had a few myself.
Jess Phillips
I will get an opportunity to play again. Why? Because this is the NFL and there’s always second chances.
Chad Johnson
While I believe in second chances and giving players an opportunity for redemption, I also believe that playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right.
Robert Kraft
I’ve outlived my parents, and I’ve had some wonderful second chances in life. I feel remarkably uncheated.
Thomas McGuane
Temptations, unlike opportunities, will always give you many second chances.
Orlando Aloysius Battista
I know television. I’ve done it for a while, and I know that most of the time, you don’t get second chances.
Michelle Visage
We get second chances. We get 19th chances.
Tom Sizemore
We all think people deserve second chances. None of us are perfect.
Christine Quinn
They haven’t given too many gamblers a second chances in the world of baseball.
Pete Rose
I have realised I do not have any back up, or filmi background, or any influential person who is making movies for me. I have to take this journey on my own, and be careful. For me, if I do something wrong, I am not going to get second chances.
Zareen Khan
The business of second chances is everybody’s business.
Greg Boyle
It’s encouraging to watch bipartisan leaders from different states recognize the need for fair and rational legislation focused on creating second chances for those in the criminal justice system.
Michael G. Rubin
In life, there’s second chances. But that doesn’t mean everyone gets a second chance with your team. That’s where your moral compass comes in.
Herm Edwards
I mean this country is all about second chances. Look at me.
Ryan Leaf
We’re not willing to give black leaders second chances because, in most cases, we’re not willing to give them first chances.
Al Sharpton
The U.S. is supposed to be a nation of second chances, but for the 70 million Americans with a criminal record, we’re not doing such a great job. Even among those whose crimes were nonviolent and committed long ago, too many still bear a scarlet letter.
Cass Sunstein
You don’t get second chances in the real world.
Gail Simmons
America might be the land of second chances, but it ain’t the land of third chances.
Michael Finkel
What we need to do is fundamentally shift the justice system by bringing redemption to the forefront and making sure that second chances are possible in this country.
John Fetterman
It seems to me America is the country of second chances.
Rob Pilatus
As a boss I can’t complain, I know Vince has given a lot of guys that had differences with him second chances. I know when I left to go to WCW he wasn’t particularly happy with me but he brought me back, we buried that hatchet and everything is fine.
Ted DiBiase Sr.
Fiction gives us the second chances that life denies us.
Paul Theroux
A lot of people don’t get second chances.
Tamar Braxton
A lot of people don’t get second chances.
There are no second chances in the volatile Middle East.
Naftali Bennett
When I saw the generosity of spirit of the people who live in America and their willingness to give second chances, it had a very wonderful effect on me.
Yu Darvish
I’m walking proof that second chances work. I want to help others get the same opportunities I’ve been given.
Angela Stanton-King
Sport, like life, hardly gives you second chances, certainly not in a pandemic era.
Abhinav Bindra
You don’t get many second chances in life.
Mike D’Antoni