Self Quotes

Self Quotes by Sam Walton, Edgar Mitchell, Moby, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Mark Twain, Albert Bandura and many others.

It was almost as if I had a right to win. Thinking like

It was almost as if I had a right to win. Thinking like that often seems to turn into sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Sam Walton
I think of the universe as the body of God, and the creative capability we see and can exhibit as the mind of God. I will use this phrase to describe our system, that it’s a creative, intelligent, self-organizing, learning trial-and-error, interactive, non-locally interconnected evolutionary system.
Edgar Mitchell
These new metal bands are going out, getting drunk and going to strip clubs, and they’ll be doing the same in thirty years. There isn’t even an interesting self-destructive quality to it . . . it’s just dumb.
I see the meaning of apocalypse as an unveiling of our deeper self.
Barbara Marx Hubbard
A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.
Mark Twain
People who are insecure about themselves will avoid social comparisons that are potentially threatening to their self-esteem
Albert Bandura
Self-pity is, perhaps, the least becoming of all emotions, and we often indulge in it only beause we are too exhausted to resist.
Ivy Baker Priest
A guy who’s actually self destructive is quite fun to play.
Chris O’Dowd
Self-love, as it happens to be well or ill conducted, constitutes virtue and vice.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
I can never tell what I’m doing when I’m in the middle of publication because I have no confidence. I have terrible self-esteem, along with boundless narcissism.
Anne Lamott
[James Bond’s qualities of] self-containment, his powers of decision, his ability to carry on through till the end and to survive … I like to think I acquired them before Bond.
Sean Connery
We have both a weak self and a strong self; the two are completely different. If we allow our weak side to dominate, we will be defeated. The thought ,”I am still young and have a lot of time, so I can relax and take life easy” is a function of our own weakness.
Daisaku Ikeda
Women need real moments of solitude and self reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.
Barbara De Angelis
Consciousness turns out to consist of a maelstrom of events distributed across the brain. These events compete for attention, and as one process outshouts the others, the brain rationalizes the outcome after the fact and concocts the impression that a single self was in charge all along.
Steven Pinker
[My work] is a love song to our mongrel selves.
Salman Rushdie
People are just self-centered-it’s all about them. And we’re telling people it’s okay to be ‘all about you’ because you’re a victim and it’s not your fault. That’s why society has gotten more and more belligerent and selfish.
Jim Norton
Under whatever name or form we worship It, It leads us on to knowledge of the nameless, formless Absolute. Yet, to see one’s true Self in the Absolute, to subside into It and be one with
“It, this is the true Knowledge of the Truth.
Ramana Maharshi
An image, a dance step, a song may function from time to time as entertainment, but the root and full practice of the arts lies in the recognition that art is power, an instrument of communion between the self and all that is important, all that is sacred.
Peter London
People’s weaker side is not necessarily their truer self.
Ivy Compton-Burnett
Well, guess what, I’m Cuban! And no self-respecting Cuban man of the era would let his wife work.
Ted Cruz
A man has only one escape from his old self: to see a different self in the mirror of some woman’s eyes.
Clare Boothe Luce
The primary object of non-co-operation is nowhere stated to be paralysis of the Government. The primary object is self-purification.
Mahatma Gandhi
The more in vibrational sync you are with who you really are, then the more you are allowing only those things that you’re wanting, and the less resistance there is. And the less resistance there is, then the less delay between the idea of the thought and the receiving of it.
Esther Hicks
True self-love and social are the same.
Alexander Pope
Discipline is the virtue that begins in obedience and flowers in self-control.
Ted Malloch
Will, therefore, is the unbroken determination to exercise free choice as well as self-restraint, in spite of the unavoidable experience of shame and doubt in infancy.
Erik Erikson
It was humanly impossible for the disciples to free themselves from their selfish pursuit of self-exaltation, just as it’s impossible for us to free ourselves from the very same sins.
C. J. Mahaney
In its flawless grace and superior self-sufficiency I have seen a symbol of the perfect beauty and bland impersonality of the universe itself, objectively considered, and in its air of silent mystery there resides for me all the wonder and fascination of the unknown.
H. P. Lovecraft
The self-righteous rule out the possibility that they are what has gone wrong.
Mason Cooley
Every individual is in touch with the deeper level of being, the aware consciousness. If these humans form groups, they do not derive their sense of self from the group, which does not mean there cannot be a sense of being part of this group. But the group itself does not become an egoic entity.
Eckhart Tolle
Christ removed self as the force in His perfect life. It was, ‘Not my will, but thine be done.’
Ezra Taft Benson
My heart goes out to the Lindsay Lohans and Britneys who have really had childhood taken from them and probably missed important developmental steps. They have become sort of ‘public domain’ and something to be made money on. There’s no sense of self there, I’m sure of it.
Genie Francis
Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.
Jim Rohn
I came to realise that Darwinian evolution had no explanation of me as an experiencing self.
John Eccles
Self-interest is an ineffable feeling which shall follow us into God’s very presence since they say there is a hierarchy even among the Holy Saints.
Honore de Balzac
No matter how I might feel about myself or my self-image, there is still a part of me that wants to fight to the end.
Willie Aames
I have – often say to people that you really don’t get to decide your own legacy. I mean, what you do is, you try to be your own authentic self. And then people decide how they’re going to interpret that and what it means to them.
Anita Hill
You play to different parts of yourself when you take on various roles. Like, you are your confident self when you’re playing this person, and you’re your sad self when playing another person – but it’s all a part of you somewhere.
Riley Keough
Love is not about others; love is a practice of self-mastery.
Bryant H. McGill
What is the holding of breath? It is a flight from the Self, it is a temporary escape from the torment of Self. It is a temporary palliative against the pain and folly of life.
Hermann Hesse
Humans, the only self-regarding animals, blessed or cursed with this torturing higher faculty, have always wanted to know why.
Nadine Gordimer
It seems to me that information is the thing which uses matter, uses light, uses spirit, uses whatever it can put its hands on to organize itself into higher and higher levels of self-reflection.
Terence McKenna
The idea which man forms of beauty imprints itself throughout his attire, rumples or stiffens his garments, rounds off or aligns his gestures, and, finally, even subtly penetrates the features of his face.
Charles Baudelaire
If you do not master the art of self discipline- you will succumb to the emotions and reality of regret.
John Assaraf
Fear is being used by the political class as an excuse to accumulate more power and self-importance – and collect a lot more taxes to support their agenda.
Doug Casey
… I think that I was too self-centered to ever develop good skills as a peacemaker. In my younger days, I assumed that it was because I was smarter than everyone else, with no patience for explaining things in short words for mouthbreathers who just didn’t get it.
Cory Doctorow
… the school should be an appendage of the family state, and modeled on its primary principle, which is, to train the ignorant and weak by self-sacrificing labor and love; and to bestow the most on the weakest, the most undeveloped, and the most sinful.
Catharine Beecher
The Christian religion and morality extols the glory of the Hereafter, and therefore remains indifferent to the horrors of the earth. Indeed, the idea of self-denial and of all that makes for pain and sorrow is its test of human worth, its passport to the entry into heaven.
Emma Goldman
There is nothing so depressing as a constant contemplation of one’s self, and the greatest moral cowardice in the world’s opinion comes from consulting one’s own personal convenience.
Marie Corelli
The self-sufficient does not pray, the self-satisfied will not pray, the self-righteous cannot pray. No man is greater than his prayer life.
Leonard Ravenhill
I wish my 15-year-old self had known about my allure to the opposite sex!
Benedict Cumberbatch
What makes you weep, my friend? In you is all power. Summon up your all-powerful nature, O mighty one, and this whole universe will lie at your feet. It is the Self alone that predominates, and not matter.
Swami Vivekananda
Manhattan has generated a shameless architecture that has been loved in direct proportion to its defiant lack of self-hatred, has been respected exactly to the degree that it went too far.
Rem Koolhaas
Writing is an art but also a craft, which means it’s a job. I don’t teach. This is how the groceries get on the table. You sometimes make creative sacrifices to get the job done. All that said, I’m looking forward to getting out of the two-book-a-year schedule I’m on and to getting some self-indulgence going.
Charlie Huston
You must learn to perceive as your self that which lies outside you. Looking only within oneself leads to a hardening in oneself, to a higher egotism.
Rudolf Steiner
my lazy little shadow, like an arrant sleepy-head,
Had stayed at home behind me and was fast asleep in bed.
Robert Louis Stevenson
When a human being becomes so still that they begin to lose awareness of their gender, and they are simply looking into that abyss where there is no notion of self whatsoever, the world disappears. And that’s really the only place to go. It’s the only place to remain.
Andrew Cohen
Colonialism deprives you of your self-esteem and to get it back you have to fight to redress the balance.
Imran Khan
We all have a dark side. Most of us go through life avoiding direct confrontation with that aspect of ourselves, which I call the shadow self. Theres a reason why. It carries a great deal of energy.
Lorraine Toussaint
Maybe love is just about finding the person you can be your weird self with.
Matt Haig
Having a self, even a simple self, allows you to look into the world and put a mark over what is more important and less important. It’s a way of classifying the world in terms of your own needs.
Antonio Damasio
Self interest determines loyalty or betrayal.
James Cook
When you put loving thoughts and behavior into the world, you plant seeds of self-respect. When you put unloving thoughts and behavior into the world, you destroy seeds of self-respect.
Susan Jeffers
Stan Ulam was lazy, … He talked too much … He was self-centered … . He had an overpowering personality.
Gian-Carlo Rota
One thing Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t is self-effacing. Everything has to be the biggest. His money, his muscles, his movies and his machines.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Note to self… Sex with blow-up doll is not as good as advertised.
Norm MacDonald
Self-blame usually has an undertone of self-congratulation.
Mason Cooley
Art is an affirmation of life, a rebuttal of death. And here we blunder into paradox again, for during the creation of any form of art, art which affirms the value and the holiness of life, the artist must die. To serve a work of art, great or small, is to die, to die to self.
Madeleine L’Engle
It is the imagination pressing back against the pressure of reality. It seems, in the last analysis, to have something to do with our self-preservation; and that, no doubt, is why the expression of it, the sound of its words, helps us to live our lives.
Wallace Stevens
Capitalism has destroyed our belief in any effective power but that of self interest backed by force.
George Bernard Shaw
I don’t dictate particular styles of dress. I do teach classes in self discovery.
Frederick Lenz
The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat one’s self. All sin is easy after that.
Pearl Bailey
The basis of good manners is self-reliance. Necessity is the law of all who are not self-possessed.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Frankly, I have always dreaded writing – there always seemed to be pain involved, unpleasant self-examination and a lot of fear.
Trent Reznor
Washington has always had a pretty healthy amount of self-loathing.
Mark Leibovich
What does a life of total dedication to truth mean? It means, first of all, a life of continuous and never-ending stringent self-examination. We know the world only through our relationship to it. Therefore, to know the world, we must not only examine it but we must simultaneously examine the examiner.
M. Scott Peck
Researchers here in New York created a robot that actually passed a self-awareness test. So if you’re keeping score, that’s robots: 1, Donald Trump, 0.
Jimmy Fallon
Deliberate long before thou consecrate a friend, and when thy impartial justice concludes him worthy of thy bosom, receive him joyfully, and entertain him wisely; impart thy secrets boldly, and mingle thy thoughts with his: he is thy very self; and use him so; if thou firmly think him faithful, thou makest him so.
Francis Quarles
This business switching styles can’t be done honestly by one man. As soon as he can play his instrument well, he can express himself, and all his life he has only one self.
Jimmy Rushing
We are not saved by denying self, or taking up our cross, or doing anything else, we are saved by simply believing in Jesus.
R. A. Torrey
If you are hoping to find your self-worth and fulfillment in other peoples’ opinion of your writing, you will never find it.
Anne Lamott
The challenge life presents to each of us is to become truly ourselves–not the self we have imagined or fantasized about, not the self that our friends want us to be, not the self our ego would have us be, but the self God has ordained us to be from before we were in our mother’s womb.
Matthew Kelly
Even a good self will create another good self in the next life, and another one, and that good self will never be enlightened. You’ll be bound, life after life, by good karma.
Frederick Lenz
It’s a real smug self-righteous punk kid saying nobody has the right to tell him what to do and how dare you put a sign up saying that I can’t go on your property?
Dave Barry
Be yourself, but always your better self.
Karl G. Maeser
Nothing is more dissimilar than natural and acquired politeness. The first consists in a willing abnegation of self; the second in a compelled recollection of others.
Lord Chesterfield
Too many people are confusing charisma with autocrat, fat cat. So I think we have to be a little more sophisticated when we hold up or tear down these stereotypes. Whether we call it charisma or not, a leader cannot be self-effacing to the point of being wimpy.
Noel Tichy
Mr. and Mrs. Boffin sat staring at mid-air, and Mrs. Wilfer sat silently giving them to understand that every breath she drew required to be drawn with a self-denial rarely paralleled in history.
Charles Dickens
I have a 15-year-old daughter who thinks that I always had this self confidence that I have now at the age of 60. And I always tell her that what she is going through – the low self-esteem as a teenager – that is a right of passage.
Frustration, discouragement, and depression mean you are working against yourself.
Jaggi Vasudev
It is evident from their writings that the Founding Fathers would never have tolerated the separation that we have embraced today. They knew that religious principles provided morality and self-control – the lifeblood for the survival of any self-governing community.
David Barton
Many people identify their sense of self with the problems they have, or think they have.
Eckhart Tolle
It is a certain sign of an ill heart to be inclined to defamation. They who are harmless and innocent can have no gratification that way; but it ever arises from a neglect of what is laudable in a man’s self.
Richard Steele
Admiration from my readers inspire me, and the only ‘formula’ I believe in towards making a good writer is: ‘to thine own self be true!’
Ashwin Sanghi
Vidal gives the impression of believing that the entire heterosexual edifice – registry offices, ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ the disposable diaper – is just a sorry story of self-hypnosis and mass hysteria: a hoax, a racket, or sheer propaganda.
Martin Amis
Self-care means accepting some risk, and accepting much responsibility. It is not for all people or all cases.
Andrew Saul
As years passed away I have formed the habit of looking back upon that former self as upon another person, the remembrance of whose emotions has been a solace in adversity and added zest to the enjoyment of prosperity.
Simon Newcomb
Unfortunately, in self-discovery, you get the culty types who want the father figure or mother figure to tell them everything to do. They don’t want to do any work. They want to hang on your energy and try to drain it.
Frederick Lenz
I can hardly find the words to describe the peace I felt when I was acting. My dysfunctional self could actually plug in to another self, not my own, and it felt so good. It was the first time that I existed inside a fully-functioning self – one that I controlled, that I steered, that I gave life to.
Thandie Newton
Writing, playing, composing, painting, reading, listening, looking-all require that we submit to being swept away by Eros, to a transformation of self of the kind that happens when we fall in love.
Stephen Nachmanovitch
And I live on, but in grief and self-contempt,
Left here without the light I loved so much,
In a great tempest and with shrouds unkempt.
I have an accountant, obviously, because I’m self employed, and I use an independent financial adviser. I trust my accountant because we have worked together for a long time now.
Richard C. Armitage
Sports nurtures dreams of achieving self confidence and masculine striving for the skinny kid watching a boxer dance around the ring with sublime ease.
Armstrong Williams
You can’t be everybody’s friend, you can’t save the world, I learned this word: self-preservation. Once you do that, you can be friends with people, but how would you be a friend to anybody if you’re not a friend to yourself.
Mike Tyson
So many people among non-scientists see science as an unassailable monolith of truth, and it’s not. It’s an ongoing self-correcting process.
Kitty Ferguson
Righteousness cannot be born until self-righteousness is dead.
Bertrand Russell
Born to myself, I like myself alone.
John Wilmot
Until we have the right knowledge of God, the knowledge of self and our need for grace remains distorted.
Steven J Lawson
If you’re in a band or think of yourself as a slightly creative person, you can get quite self-indulgent, so sometimes it’s nice to have those people who bring you down to earth, but in a pleasant way.
Jarvis Cocker
Lovemaking surely must be, for human beings at our present state of development, one of the more private enterprises. Who would want a witness to that entire self-abandonment and helplessness?
Katherine Anne Porter
Religion creates community, community creates altruism and altruism turns us away from self and towards the common good… There is something about the tenor of relationships within a religious community that makes it the best tutorial in citizenship and good neighborliness.
Jonathan Sacks
As individuals, I just think that our biggest responsibility is to be self-aware, and some of us are not.
Pharrell Williams
If I can be my crazy, wild self in front of a person, and he still likes me, that’s romantic.
Preity Zinta
I am a little klutzy and self-deprecating. I fit in with the rest of the losers.
Kirstie Alley
If you don’t like yourself, you’re going to have a really hard time getting along with anyone else.
Joyce Meyer
Not only does travel give us a new system of reckoning, it also brings to the fore unknown aspects of our own self. Our consciousness being broadened and enriched, we shall judge ourselves more correctly.
Ella Maillart
People who are involved in self-discovery lead different types of lives. The lives they lead are not necessarily the lives of renunciation. Rather, it is a structuring of the elements in your life in a particular way.
Frederick Lenz
Control cannot be called conscience until we are able to take it inside us and make it our own, until–in spite of the fact that the wrongs we have done or imagined will never be punished or known–we nonetheless feel that the clutch in the stomach, that chill upon the soul, that self-inflicted misery called guilt.
Judith Viorst
An awkward consequence of heightening experience when one is inexperienced, of self-transcendence when one has not much world to lose, is that afterward one cannot be sure that one was somewhere or had newly experienced anything. If you aren’t much in the world, how do you know you are “out of this world”?
Paul Goodman
The most disturbing and wasteful emotions in modern life, next to fright, are those which are associated with the idea of blame, directed against the self or against others.
Marilyn Ferguson
The greatest victory is over self.
Brain scans show synchrony between the brains of mother and child; but what they can’t show is the internal bond that belongs to neither alone, a fusion in which the self feels so permeable it doesn’t matter whose body is whose.
Diane Ackerman
British fashion is self confident and fearless. It refuses to bow to commerce, thus generating a constant flow of new ideas whilst drawing in British heritage.
Alexander McQueen
All nature, then, as self-sustained, consists
Of twain of things: of bodies and of void
In which they’re set, and where they’re moved around.
It’s true that necessity is the mother of invention. But for those of us without fathers, there is a deeper truth – necessity is the mother of self-invention.
Michael Hainey
Assurance is not to be obtained so much by self-examination as by action
Jonathan Edwards
Because when the Creator of matter, tell you you matter, then you have a purpose and then you have self-esteem.
Brad Stine
Information is just simply bootstrapping itself to higher and higher levels of self-reflection and self-coordination using whatever means are necessary.
Terence McKenna
Living in a small town anywhere means preserving one’s self behind a mask.
Doris Lessing
I was terrified to be my true self because I felt that it wasn’t enough. But I allowed myself to break down those walls.
Hannah Brown
Searching nature I taste self but at one tankard, that of my own being.
Gerard Manley Hopkins
With material wealth and in a culture where many of us defines our self-worth by what we have and what we own and what we achieve, it’s very hard to comprehend that there are enclaves all over our big country in which people are very purposefully choosing to maintain different values.
Debra Granik
life lived only for oneself does not truly satisfy men or women. There is a hunger in Americans today for larger purposes beyond the self. That is the reason for the religious revival and the new resonance of ‘family.
Betty Friedan
No one is self-sufficient.
And it’s not a one-way thing-
-the generosity of spirit from one side provokes a response in kind from the other side.
Desmond Tutu
I had so many secrets and so much social repression throughout my life. I guess I’m just a shy person and feel like my true self is unacceptable to most people.
Ezra Furman
Don’t abuse yourself or withhold self-love or self-care.
Bryant H. McGill
It is hardly possible to suspect another without having in one’s self the seeds of baseness the party is accused of.
StanisЕ‚aw I LeszczyЕ„ski
I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.
Doing projects really gives people self-confidence. Nothing is better than taking the pie out of the oven. What it does for you personally, and for your family’s idea of you, is something you can’t buy.
Martha Stewart
When I compare myself, my being-myself, with anything else whatever, all things alike, all in the same degree, rebuff me with blank unlikeness.
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Keep your sense of self; don’t get caught up in what people want you to be.
LeAnn Rimes
The highest culture is not obtained from the teacher when at school or college, so much as by our ever diligent self-education when we become men.
Samuel Smiles
It is the fine souls who serve us, and not what is called fine society. Fine society is only a self-protection against the vulgarities of the street and the tavern.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The self has the characteristic that it is an object to itself, and that characteristic distinguishes it from other objects and from the body.
George H. Mead
Religion is the call to confront reality; to master the self.
Huston Smith
If you don’t know yourself, you don’t know your nature. If you don’t know your nature, you don’t know where to exist. By knowing your nature, knowing yourself, you know what to be and how to live. And that only comes from knowledge of self, knowing yourself.
A wonderful pastor I know once told me, “Perfectionism is the highest order of self-abuse.” So now I try to remind myself that if I engage in perfectionism, I am abusing myself. Period.
Ashley Judd
I think of the part of me that writes as the most private self. It’s the part that’s engaged the least with the rest of the world’s needs.
Bill Clegg
The neutralizer to fear is self belief.
Mark Bouris
I did some years of therapy and self-realization, and I just move and think at a slower pace – doesn’t make me sound very smart! But really not reacting and doing more listening than talking, and letting people say what they need to say, and then maybe not saying anything at all.
Natalie Maines
It’s easy to be loud, outspoken, and play to the gallery. It’s difficult to underplay one’s self.
Namrata Shirodkar
Keep thinking, keep interested, keep praying, keep dreaming. Be mentally sensitive at all times so that the magic word that motivates you may one day speak to your deep inner self.
Norman Vincent Peale
A poor self-image is the magnifying glass that can transform a trivial mistake or an imperfection into an overwhelming symbol of personal defeat.
David D. Burns
Self-confidence is something caught and not taught. And, risk-running and chance-taking are the only ways to catch it.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Careers, children and homemaking all come above preserving your appearance. Self-preservation is at the bottom of the scale.
Trinny Woodall
The idle man stands outside of God’s plan, outside of the ordained scheme of things; and the truest self-respect, the noblest independence, and the most genuine dignity, are not to be found there.
J. G. Holland
The master of any craft is first a master of self, cooperating with innate intelligence within.
Bryant H. McGill
But that’s something that I like about scoring film: it makes me reach out of the parameters of my self, it requires me to do things musically that I wouldn’t normally do left to my own devices.
Jim Coleman
Running Makes you more spiritually aware and in tune with your inner-self.
Fauja Singh
Constancy, far from being a virtue, seems often to be the besetting sin of the human race, daughter of laziness and self-sufficiency, sister of sleep, the cause of most wars and practically all persecutions.
Freya Stark
Best friends might loathe us, if what things perverse we know of our own selves they also knew.
Richard Chenevix Trench
When you start becoming really successful, the demons start to tempt you – the demons of vanity and self importance, drug abuse, the feelings of fraudulence. But, it’s also a thrill. That’s what I found weird.
Ethan Hawke
I believe that the plight of life and all existence is to master one’s self, you know, one day at a time.
CeeLo Green
A nonviolent life is an act of self-examination and self-purification, whether by an individual, group or nation.
Mahatma Gandhi
It’s funny: I spend time in the book criticizing social media, but I’m also aware that a lot of my success is because of social media. I can broadcast myself and my work to thousands of people that are following me or my friends. I do think that social media can be good for self-promotion.
Kim Stolz
Laughter is the great antidote for self-pity, maybe a specific for the malady, yet probably it does tend to dry one’s feelings out a little, as if by exposing them to a vigorous wind.
Mary McCarthy
Evil deeds are the fruit of an evil heart. They are not an aberration from our true self but a revelation of it.
Sinclair B. Ferguson
As international support for Obama’s decision to attack Syria has collapsed, along with the credibility of government claims, the administration has fallen back on a standard pretext for war crimes when all else fails: the credibility of the threats of the self-designated policeman of the world.
Noam Chomsky
Up, then, with speed, and work;
Fling ease and self away–
This is no time for thee to sleep–
Up, watch, and work, and pray!
Horatius Bonar
The vocabulary of one’s self-criticism is so impoverished and clichéd. We are at our most stupid in our self-hatred.
Adam Phillips
In the hall of mirrors, you are everywhere. Which is the real you? Find your original Self, the one who perceives all the reflections and is amused by them. Then you will recognize your path and walk it.
Alberto Villoldo
If I was having a bad day, eating was like self-medicating. But if you abuse food, you still have to use that substance that you abuse every day. You have to learn to use it responsibly.
Al Roker
There is no real joy that does not involve self-denial and self-discipline
Joseph B. Wirthlin
The faith in which I was brought up assured me that I was better than other people; I was saved, they were damned…. Our hymns were loaded with arrogance – self-congratulation on how cozy we were with the Almighty and what a high opinion he had of us, what hell everybody else would catch come Judgment Day.
Robert A. Heinlein
We humans, you see, have an infinite capacity for self-rationalization.
Charles Colson
Self esteem and a healthy body image for people with disabilities are so often hard-fought.
Stella Young
Successful people are able to rise above crises by relaxing no matter what the external situation. Their belief in themselves, the strength of their self-image is impenetrable armor, which protects them against shattering events.
Maxwell Maltz
Self-knowledge is an anchor that makes unpredictability tolerable.
Deepak Chopra
The life of man is a self-evolving circle, which, from a ring imperceptibly small, rushes on all sides outwards to new and largercircles, and that without end.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
It is difficult for me to imagine the same dedication to women’s rights on the part of the kind of man who lives in partnership with someone he likes and respects, and the kind of man who considers breast-augmentation surgery self-improvement.
Anna Quindlen
Most apparent conspiracies result from consistent local self-interest with no need for global coordination.
Patri Friedman
One’s own self is well hidden from one’s own self; of all mines of treasure, one’s own is the last to be dug up.
Friedrich Nietzsche
There’s a lot of movies about self absorbed white men and I just figured it’s about time to make a movie about self absorbed black men.
Neil Drumming
The short story packs a self in a few pages predicating a lifetime
Bernard Malamud
Whatever pretended causes we may blame our afflictions upon, it is often nothing but self-interest and vanity that produce them.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
In connection with death, or birth, or love, modesty is only a rather puerile self-consciousness.
Margaret Deland
To love one that is great, is almost to be great one’s self.
Samuel Johnson
I think [music and acting], they are connected, all that stuff. It’s your emotional self, is pretty much how you do it, I think, from whatever place you do it, whether you’re acting or you’re singing.
Dolly Parton
The only real help is self-help. Anything else is just designed to get you to the point where you can help yourself.
Donald Trump may not speak explicitly of ‘who we are,’ but with his promise to make America great again, he engages in his own kind of identity politics, signaling that the nation has lost its sense of self. That gets to people.
Cass Sunstein
Robots will someday, or maybe, wake up. They may be really smart. They may be as creative, smart and capable as human beings, and fully conscious, and self discerning with free will.
David Hanson
In real life, you just work for the ordinary self, but in the front of audience you become the superself. That’s a completely different thing.
Marina Abramovic
The quest of Truth involves tapas-self-suffering-sometimes even unto death.
Mahatma Gandhi
The self driving car is not self-aware. It’s just driving; it’s not thinking.
Eric Schmidt
Do not make an effort to impress others. When you come from the self, your expression is perfect and your impression lasts for ages.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
All authority must be out of a man’s self, turned . . . either upon an art, or upon a man.
Francis Bacon
It turns out that our notions of what a ‘self’ is and how it might feel fulfilled have no more objective status than most of the rest of reality. It seems we make ourselves up as we go along.
Maureen O’Hara
We can know nothing of humankind without knowing something of ourselves. Self-knowledge is the property of those people whose passions have their full play, but who ponder over their results.
Benjamin Disraeli
The world has been tragic since the day Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. From that moment murder, mayhem and war entered the scene and we are still suffering the consequences of a man-driven, self-serving, short-sighted environment.
Louie Giglio
I don’t read reviews, There’s no value for me in reading them. Whether they’re good or bad, they’ll just make me self-conscious.
Mary Stuart Masterson
My appearance when I show up at the salon after washing my hair and going to bed the night before is my true self.
Scientists have long known that Darwinism is false. They have adhered to the myth out of self-interest and a zealous desire to put down God.
Phillip E. Johnson
By His trials, God means to purify us, to take away all our self-confidence, and our trust in each other, and bring us into implicit, humble trust in Himself.
Horace Bushnell
…boredom is all about perception. It’s a self-diagnosis, plain and simple. If you don’t realize you’re bored, you’re not.
Susan Maushart
Sense (for a particular art, science, human being, and so forth) is divided spirit; self-restraint is consequently the result of self-creation and self-destruction.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
Carl Jung
There is always one thing to be grateful for – that one is one’s self and not somebody else.
Emily Dickinson
I think that actors are terrible communicators as people by and large. I think our tendency is to kind of be self-centered and tune people out and just kind of get really me-focused, so I think communication for actors is a big challenge actually.
Rainn Wilson
If I told my 16-year-old self that, at 34, I’d have no kids and not be in a movie in America, I wouldn’t think I was still successful.
Aisling Bea
We are all the same person trying to shake hands with our self.
Wavy Gravy
Books that children read but once are of scant service to them; those that have really helped to warm our imaginations and to train our faculties are the few old friends we know so well that they have become a portion of our thinking selves.
Agnes Repplier
I am more more terrified of living a comfortable life in a self-serving society and failing to follow Jesus than I am of any illness or tragedy.
Katie Davis
If one’s sense of self is obtained through the eyes of another it is always subject to being lost.
Brenda Shoshanna
Rebuffed, but always persevering; self-reproached, but ever regaining faith; undaunted, tenacious, the heart of man labors toward immeasurably distant goals.
Helen Keller
We are such lovers of self-reliance, that we excuse in a man many sins, if he will show us a complete satisfaction in his position, which asks no leave to be, of mine, or any man’s good opinion.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Going from idea to production is a huge hurdle. It took me a while to overcome it. It’s basically all about self discipline, right?
Gene Luen Yang
The Self is the one Reality that always exists, and it is by the light of the Self that all other things are seen.
Ramana Maharshi
I’m really fascinated by the self and how our selves shift and change over time and in relationship to different people.
Lynn Shelton
A moment of self-giving lifecan conquer the sorrowsof many long years
Sri Chinmoy
[Europe has] this tradition of self revelation in popular music. We have it here – it’s called Country Western Music… I think that’s where the deeper and more complex subjects are treated.
Leonard Cohen
Most self-laceration is more noisy than painful.
Mason Cooley
As long as you think of your real self as the person you are, then of course you’re going to be fearful of death. But what is a person? A person is a pattern of behavior, of a larger awareness. You know, the two-year-old dies before the three-year-old shows up, the three-year-old dies before the teenager shows up.
Deepak Chopra
I am very interested in the enlightenment of women. Very few teachers of advanced self discovery work with women, and if they do it’s usually in a very second handed way. They treat women as second class citizens.
Frederick Lenz
To give the theory plenty of ‘rope’ and see if it hangs itself eventually is better tactics than to choke it off at the outset b abstract accusations of self-contradiction
William James
The key to making healthy decisions is to respect your future self. Honor him or her. Treat him or her like you would treat a friend or a loved one. A Stanford study showed that those who saw a photo of their future self made smarter financial decisions.
A. J. Jacobs
I remember walking out in front of that crowd, all the parents faces and the applause, and folding my little self in half and thinking, I could get used to this. And I just never stopped.
Dallas Roberts
Senator Kerry recovering very nicely after having shoulder surgery. The doctors said the senator was fully awake, lucid and joking after the surgery was done, but cautioned that that was just the drug. He went back to his boring self soon afterward.
Jay Leno
You can find God if you will only seek – by obeying divine laws, by loving people, by relinquishing self-will, attachments, negative thoughts and feelings. And when you find God it will be in stillness. You will find God within.
Peace Pilgrim
The wounds of self-love turn incurable when the oxide of self-love gets into them.
Honore de Balzac
The fact that I’d never really seen myself on screen allowed for a blissful ignorance. It didn’t feel like a movie. I didn’t have that self-consciousness. It was a game that I was playing.
Ellar Coltrane
The great lesson that nature seems to teach us at all ages is self-dependence, self-protection, self-support. In the hours of our keenest sufferings all are thrown wholly on themselves for consolation.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
I found one remaining box of comics which I had saved. When I opened it up and that smell came pouring out, that old paper smell, I was struck by a rush of memories, a sense of my childhood self that seemed to be contained in there.
Michael Chabon
Censorship is the commonest social blasphemy because it is mostly concealed, built into us by indolence, self-interest and cowardice.
John Osborne
The emblem of equal rights. It means free hands, free lips, self- government, and the sovereignty of the individual.
Robert Green Ingersoll
I write for ‘Self’ magazine sometimes.
Dylan Lauren
You are given the gift of the gods; you create your reality according to your beliefs; yours is the creative energy that makes your world; there are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.
For the artist, fulfillment of self consists not in marching in the ranks of the liberators but in being entered in the roll of the Masters. The artist tends to find himself in the position of a deserter from his social group or, at best, one who collaborates, with secret reservations.
Harold Rosenberg
I think somebody who is more self-reflective should ask why they personally aren’t going on that path. If amateurism is so great, why didn’t you stay one? You have to look at the larger economy, a backdrop of unemployment; it’s shitty out there.
Astra Taylor
Presumption is our natural and original malady. The most vulnerable and frail of all creatures is man, and at the same time the most arrogant.
Michel de Montaigne
Absurdities die of self-strangulation.
Thomas Chandler Haliburton
We have a God-given commission, but it is not a commission to be self-righteous know-it-alls- quite the contrary. Our work in God’s world begins with the acknowledgment that we are not God, and that our most bitter rivals are made in God’s image.
John C. Danforth
All great enterprises are self-supporting.
Henry David Thoreau
There is a way to again be in real time with the universe,
but it is not through force, imagination or manipulation.
It is by finding your true Self.
When you do, you will not need to manipulate life, it will simply flow.
The most altruistic and sustainable philosophies fail before the brute brain stem imperative of self-interest.
Peter Watts
There are wounds of self-love which one does not confess to one’s dearest friends.
Jean Antoine Petit-Senn
That which has not a real excellency and value in it self, entertains no longer than the giddy Humour which recommended it to us holds.
Mary Astell
I do believe in my national identity. I’m very proud, of what I come from and where I come from, and there are values up there that I like and that I hold on to: loyalty I suppose, and a sense of humour, and a lack of self pity.
Douglas Henshall
The theater let me dramatize inner struggles, the push-pull between the inner life and the world, the various selves I presented according to what each world required. And it let me use my body.
Margo Jefferson
I think surfing and music are both places of release and self expression where there are no rules, and you can find a different form of freedom that you can’t anywhere else.
Jon Foreman
We ‘rid ourselves of conceptual thought’ when, by persistent observation, we recognize the unreality of our self-centered thoughts. Then we can remain dispassionate and fundamentally unaffected by them. That does not mean to be a cold person. Rather, it means not to be caught and dragged around by circumstances.
Joko Beck
Not one example of significant self-generation or self-organization can be found in the entire realm of nature…. Without causation, nothing happens and without organization by an intelligent being, systems tend to lower and lower levels of complexity.
Hugh Ross
Were it possible for us to wait for ourselves to come into the room, not many of us would find our hearts breaking into flower as we heard the door handle turn.
Rebecca West
Artists are the worst [people]. They are selfish, self-centred; they don’t care what happens.
Ai Weiwei
We all know that the theater and every play that comes to Broadway have within themselves, like the human being, the seed of self-destruction and the certainty of death. The thing is to see how long the theater, the play, and the human being can last in spite of themselves.
James Thurber
Self-respect governs morality: respect for others governs our behavior.
Joseph Alexandre Pierre de Segur, Viscount of Segur
In Christ we see a maturity of love that flowers in self-sacrifice and forgiveness; a maturity of power that never swerves from the ideal of service; a maturity of goodness that overcomes every temptation, and, of course, we see the ultimate victory of life over death itself.
Vincent Nichols
Self-pity shortens your life.
Joan Rivers
Whenever you’re making a movie, especially when you’re writing, you always have self-doubts.
George Lucas
Writing is grunt work – you need to have self-motivation, perseverance, and faith… talent is the smallest part of it.
Jodi Picoult
Self-censorship, the most important and most successful form of censorship, is rampant. Debate is identified with dissent, which is in turn identified with disloyalty. There is a widespread feeling that, in this new, open-ended emergency, we may not be able to ‘afford’ our traditional freedoms.
Susan Sontag
Find it within you to love exactly who you are and to know you’re capable, you’re loved and you’re beautiful. The world is a better place, because of you! You are unique, because there is only ONE of you!
Shantel VanSanten
I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time.
Anna Freud
Whatever your plan, you never invest your own self-worth in its ultimate success or failure.
Wayne Dyer
The master not only governs the slave without his consent, but he governs him by a set of rules altogether different from those which he prescribes for himself. Allow ALL the governed an
equal voice in the government, and that, and that only, is self-government.
Abraham Lincoln
Your higher self is always nudging you toward a resolution of the conflicts that you experience in your life, so that you will have room for serenity and harmony.
Wayne Dyer
We must learn to be self-reliant and independent of schools, courts, protection and patronage of a Government we seek to end, if it will not mend.
Mahatma Gandhi
It’s funny because sometimes one doesn’t actually consider these things for one’s self until one’s in a situation like this press conferece where one has to kind of think about it.
Gillian Anderson
One must accept the fact that we have only one companion in this world, a companion who accompanies us from the cradle to the grave – our own self. Get on good terms with that companion – learn to live with yourself.
Agatha Christie
Love yourself not in some egocentric, self-serving sense but love yourself the way you would love your friend in the sense of taking care of yourself, nourishing yourself, trying to understand, comfort, and strengthen yourself.
Frederick Buechner
I’m channelling my 14-year-old self. She’s thinking about putting on her big hoop earrings and baggy pants and going to the mall downtown.
Nelly Furtado
Ordinary mind includes eternal perceptions. Notice what you notice. Observe what’s vivid. Catch yourself thinking. Vividness is self-selecting. And remember the future.
Allen Ginsberg
Most novelists I know went through a period of intense self-examination and self-loathing after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. I certainly did.
Jay McInerney
[The human mind] finds more facility in assenting to the self-existence of an invisible cause possessing infinite power, wisdom, and goodness, than in the self-existence of the universe, visibly destitute of these attributes, and which may be the effect of them.
James Madison
I just like watching people who really are not self-conscious, who aren’t aware, because I fear that one could become too self-conscious, too artful, as an actor. Sometimes if you look at somebody, you can extrapolate from their exterior what might be happening in their interior. I’m nosy.
Harriet Walter
Do we not realize that the basic condition for a spiritual walk is to fear our self and its wisdom and to rely absolutely upon the Spirit?
Watchman Nee
The attitude of foreign to English musicians is unsympathetic, self-opinionated and pedantic. They believe that their tradition is the only one (this is specially true of the Viennese) and that anything that is not in accordance with that tradition is “wrong” and arises from insular ignorance.
Ralph Vaughan Williams
[Attributional] factors serve as conveyors of efficacy information that influence performance largely through their intervening effects on self-percepts of efficacy
Albert Bandura
All other love is extinguished by self-love; beneficence, humanity, justice, philosophy, sink under it.
To do is hard, but to teach is still harder. Do not teach only to teach. Teach to improve the pupil. To be a teacher requires tremendous, vigorous discipline on oneself. We are teachers because somebody demands it from us. But the teacher should first rub his own self, and teach afterwards
B.K.S. Iyengar
Jealousy is always born with love, but does not die with it. In jealousy there is more of self-love than of love to another.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
To be cured, we must rise from our graves and throw off the cerements of the dead. Nobody can do it for another – it is a private affair which is best done collectively. We must die as egos and be born again in the swarm, not separated and self-hypnotized, but individual and related.
Henry Miller
Sometimes it takes all my resolution and power of self-control to refrain from butting my head against the wall. I want to howl and foam at the mouth but I daren’t.
Joseph Conrad
Total self acceptance is empowering. It means allowing others to see you as they choose, without being offended.
Deepak Chopra
We are in our Self. We are not in the world.
Ramana Maharshi
Welfare culture is bad not just because, as in Europe, it’s bankrupting the state, but because it enfeebles the citizenry, it erodes self-reliance and resourcefulness.
Mark Steyn
Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.
Harvey Fierstein
The anti-pleasure movement in self-discovery is very strong. I have big news for them, if they ever get to enlightenment, which is unlikely the way they’re approaching it, they’re going to find that enlightenment is very pleasurable.
Frederick Lenz
I think there is something a little too self conscious about enjoying being an outsider.
Jhonen Vasquez
The secret is within your self.
I do not care about my own appearance, but I would hope that people could see into my soul, and that is presented better in these photographs than in others. (On his self-portraits)
August Strindberg
the tormented world cries out for internationhood, for co-existence in a harmony of diversity and mutual aid, for an end to self-segregation along secondary or superficial or downright imbecilic lines.
Clara Fraser
The shift in American society from admiring Christians to fearing and criticizing them provides an opportunity for self-reflection. How have we been presenting the message we believe in? Might there be a more grace-filled way?
Philip Yancey
The mastery of nature is vainly believed to be an adequate substitute for self mastery.
Reinhold Niebuhr
The body creates health daily. It is inherently self-healing.
Christiane Northrup
Since I’ve started fighting it has taught me a lot about self respect, self confidence and self control.
Gina Carano
Of course, people say maybe there are some self-published books out there that shouldn’t be out there. Well, it’s the same with conventional publishing.
Patti Davis
self-interest usually brings injustice with it.
Catherine the Great
French existentialism is an unhelpful philosophy in which to couch modern feminism: born from the ravages of the Second World War, it is a cynical, individualistic school of thought that posits the self and personal choice as the measure of life’s entire meaning.
Naomi Wolf
Self-respect cannot be hunted. It cannot be purchased. It is never for sale.
Alfred Whitney Griswold
The needs of babies and toddlers were constant and drained the life out my sense of self and my familys relationship with each other.
Mika Brzezinski
My cats, the ones that I have, were feral when I found them so the relationship that I have with them 10 years in is very mutual, earned, and evolved over time. It was never an easy thing. I like that they have a certain distance and have their own sense of selves.
Marc Maron
I think it’s important to have your own individual style and sense of self. It’s kind of what I do.
Kat Graham
I wrote when I was a young teen, but I didn’t put an eye on the available markets until I was seventeen. The next ten years felt like a self-centered experiment in personal abuse.
Robert Reed
The habits of feeling, action and judgment that comprise good character depend on personal self-discipline and powerful aspiration to become a good person, all of which must be drawn from within.
Edwin J Delattre
My real self, the self I have always been from a child, is a loner and nerd, slightly overweight, with a very heavy fringe. That is who I was as a kid. I don’t think I will ever be anything other than that.
Hayley Atwell
the mysterious moment of death proves to be a moment of waking. How one longs to take it for one’s self!
Sarah Orne Jewett
Peace has been variously defined, but perhaps we might think of it as ‘harmony within one’s self, and with God and man.’
Marion G. Romney
Self-realization is effortless. What you are trying to find is what you already are.
Ramesh S Balsekar
Maybe it’s because I have too much pride or self-respect, but I thought, `Why does a guy who has thinning hair and who is overweight have to be a loser or a joke?’
Paul Giamatti
I was obsessed with ‘The Velvet Rope’ for a year straight, letting Janet Jackson’s confessional lyrics lull me to sleep and comfort me when I felt lost. I felt that the album was the vehicle onto which Janet finally expressed her full self.
Janet Mock
To bring one’s self to believe in a truth that has just dawned upon one is the first step towards progress; to persuade others is the second.
Louis Pasteur
When a country has the skill and self-confidence to take action against its biggest problems, it makes outsiders eager to be a part of it.
Bill Gates
It’s no good being too easily swayed by people’s opinions. You have to believe in yourself.
Donatella Versace
The man who counts his hours and kicks about his salary is a self-elected failure.
Charles M. Schwab
For the world is only governed by self-interest.
Friedrich Schiller
The spirit for me is the eternal self. And when one incarnates, an aspect comes with that incarnation, that’s called the soul. And together the mind, the emotional body, and the soul form the energy field that lives within this thing called the human body.
Caroline Myss
When time and space and change converge, we find place. We arrive in Place when we resolve things. Place is peace of mind and understanding. Place is knowledge of self. Place is resolution.
Abdullah Ibrahim
I was always empathetic with animals. It’s a terrible and self-involved point of view that we do something because someone else is exploitable.
Lily Tomlin
People who relax by watching TV instead of going out to engage with the world tend to be far less energetic. the benefits of exercise in protecting against depression and mental ill-health are huge. Those around you can also affect your energy levels. Self-talk also works wonders on energy levels.
Liz Miller
Self-approbation, when founded in truth and a good conscience, is a source of some of the purest joys known to man.
Charles Simmons
A girl must have an indefinable magic, real character, a strong sense of self. Her role is to respond to the brief of a photographer or communicate the vision of a designer – while making whatever she does look utterly effortless and whatever she wears utterly seamless.
Erin O’Connor
One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.
Arthur Ashe
You try to steer a course in American society that’s not self-destructive. But America is a country that inflicts injury. It does not like to see anything that comes in response, and accuses one of anger as if it were an unnatural response.
Randall Robinson
A vice utterly at variance with the happiness of him who harbors it, and, as such, condemned by self-love.
James Mackintosh
Remember that you will never reach a higher standard than you yourself set. Then set your mark high, and step by step, even though it be by painful effort, by self-denial and sacrifice, ascend the whole length of the ladder of progress.
Ellen G. White
An adolescent is both an impulsive child and a self-starting adult.
Mason Cooley
The goal of spiritual practice is full recovery, and the only thing you need to recover from is a fractured sense of self.
Marianne Williamson
I’ve done a lot of bad things in the past, and that troubles me. It is often before I could say I was a self.
Malcolm Morley
When you release the wrongdoer from the wrong, you cut a malignant tumor out of your inner life. You set a prisoner free, but you discover that the real prisoner was yourself.
Lewis B. Smedes
And yet because of my attempt at sincerity I have been condemned, hooted at, reviled; filthy rumors have been circulated about me, not about my characterizations but about me personally, my private self.
Erich von Stroheim
Where character forbids self-indulgence, transcendence still hovers around.
Richard M. Weaver
God demands nothing less than self – surrender as the price for the only real freedom that is worth having.
Mahatma Gandhi
But when you become a slave to a public persona and don’t feel comfortable without it, it becomes a shield and it shouldn’t come at the expense of your self-worth.
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Social issues have been used to distract Americans from their own self interests since Nixon’s southern strategy, and now people are paying the price.
Deborah Kass
In a tribal organization, even in time of peace, service to tribe or state predominates over all self seeking; in war, service for the tribe or state becomes supreme, and personal liberty is suspended.
Arthur Keith
The evolutionary struggle for survival is really a self-serving series of blows and stabs, and yet it can lead to extremely social animals like dolphins, wolves or, for that matter, primates.
Frans de Waal
Listen to any self doubt for anything that needs to be addressed, address it, and keep rocking!
David Schlussel
Self-development is the only thing that keeps a person from burning out. We all have many needs – the need for certainty, the need for variety, the need for significance, and the need for connection. But, ultimately, we must grow, and we must contribute in a meaningful way in order to feel fulfilled.
Tony Robbins
You do not wake up one morning a bad person. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest.
Robert Breault
But self-satisfaction, if as buoyant as gas, has an ugly trick of collapsing when full blown, and facts are stony things that refuse to melt away in the sunshine of a smile.
Agnes Repplier
Purge me from every sinful blot;
My idols all be cast aside:
Cleanse me from every evil thought,
From all the filth of self and pride.
The hatred of the carnal mind
Out of my flesh at once remove:
Give me a tender heart, resigned,
And pure, and full of faith and love.
John Wesley
After generations of living under medical tutelage, which provides us with protection (albeit illusory) against “dangerous drugs”, we have failed to cultivate the self-reliance and self-discipline we must possess as competent adults surrounded by the fruits of our pharmacological-technological age.
Thomas Szasz
Self-sabotage is the smartest thing you can do if you’re sabotaging a self that is not really you.
Armand DiMele
My work is an exploration of the self. I’ve always been concerned with how I’m living and how that reflects in the painting.
Jose Parla
Love of self comes first. The one who loves everybody is the one who does not love anyone.
Elijah Muhammad
The challenge to America is to extend to Asia the defensive shield of American power in forms consonant with Asian freedom and self-respect.
Ferdinand Marcos
The school of relationships is where you learn self-knowledge. I just don’t know how you could learn it sitting alone in the desert on a rock by yourself. You have to see where you fail at it. And that confrontation with your own ability – “I was again not able to love” – those are the teachable moments.
Richard Rohr
It is only by remembering that ‘Another lives in me’ that we can die daily to that old, false, usurping self, and that we can continue to be drawn further in and higher up into the life of God. To ‘practice the presence’ is to continually call to mind this great reality.
Leanne Payne
The philosophical I is not the human being, not the human body or the human soul with the psychological properties, but the metaphysical subject, the boundary (not a part) of the world.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Never value anything as profitable to thyself which shall compel thee to break thy promise, to lose thy self-respect, to hate any man, to suspect, to curse, to act the hypocrite, to desire anything which needs walls and curtains.
Marcus Aurelius
Self-righteousness is the devil’s masterpiece to make us think well of ourselves.
Thomas Adams
You thought that you were the permanent part of your own experience, the net that held it all together – until you discovered that there were many selves, dissolving into one another so quickly over time that the buildings and the trees and even the pavement turned out to have more substance than you did.
Nell Freudenberger
To get away from one’s working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one’s self; and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change.
Charles Horton Cooley
Self-preservation and self-denial: the basis of all political economy.
Lord Acton
The Who, England’s most self-conscious band, have released ‘Quadrophenia,’ which in turn freezes in time our image of the mid-Sixties Mod sensibility.
Jon Landau
Communist propaganda would sometimes include statements such as “we include almost all the commandments of the Gospel in our ideology”. The difference is that the Gospel asks all this to be achieved through love, through self-limitation, but socialism only uses coercion. This is one point.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
The mental game of business is understanding this Paradox: the better you think you are doing, the greater should be your cause for concern: the more self-satisfied you are with your accomplishments, your past achievements, your ‘right moves’, the less you should be.
Mark McCormack
If you were not full of self-pity you would soon observe that we ourselves are to blame for all this evil, because we refuse to understand that it is in reality a good thing.
Tito Colliander
Hey, don’t knock Judy Blume. Without her, my younger self would never have been able to decode the random acts of madness perpetrated by the fascinating creature known as the teenage girl.
Ken Marino
The Indian gods are imposing, the Greek gods are not. Indeed they are not brave, not self-controlled, they have no manners, they are not gentlemen and ladies.
Gerard Manley Hopkins
lack of self-esteem is what causes wars because people who really love themselves don’t go out and try to fight other people … It’s the root of all the problems.
Oprah Winfrey
Self fulfillment thinks of how something serves me. Self development thinks of how something helps me to serve others. With self fulfillment, feeling good is the product. With self development, feeling good is the by-product.
John C. Maxwell
It is the ability to focus our attention on self-motivating thoughts, rather than being mesmerised by negatives, which rests at the very heart of a healthy approach to life.
Nick Baylis
Religion, in its purity, is not so much a pursuit as a temper; or rather it is a temper, leading to the pursuit of all that is high and holy. Its foundation is faith; its action, works; its temper, holiness; its aim, obedience to God in improvement of self, and benevolence to men.
Jonathan Edwards
Over the years of much self-hate, I came to realize that whether sexuality was in my life or not, it didn’t seem to matter. I just surrendered the whole thing to God.
Frederick Lenz
Before, I thought I was actually fighting for my own self-worth; that is why I so desperately wanted people to like me. I thought their liking me was a comment on me, but it was a comment on them.
Hugh Prather
When we are angry, our anger is our very self. To suppress or chase away our anger is to suppress or chase away ourselves. When anger is born, we can be aware that anger is an energy in us, and we can change that energy into another kind of energy. If we want to transform it, first we have to know how to accept it.
Nhat Hanh
The more the development of late capitalism renders obsolete or at least suspect the real possibilities of self, self-fulfillment and actualization, the more they are emphasized as if they could spring to life through an act of will alone.
Richard Rosen
My great-grandfather was a self-taught man, and his library was extraordinary. I read the lot.
Alan Garner
I planted my self in the middle of a great many Glasses full of Dew, tied fast about me, upon which the Sun so violently darted his Rays, that the Heat, which attracted them, as it does the thickest Clouds, carried me up so high, that at length I found my self above the middle Region of the Air.
Cyrano de Bergerac
Find your true self. The old question, asked in many ages, “Who am I?” Once you figure out who am I, and you know who am I, then you have that knowledge of self.
Any system, biological, economic, or social, that gets so encrusted that it cannot self-evolve, a system that systematically scorns experimentation and wipes out the raw material of innovation, is doomed over the long term on this highly variable planet.
Donella Meadows
Stringent standards of self-evaluation [can] make otherwise objective successes seem to be personal failures
Albert Bandura
[Travel seems] not just a way of having a good time, but something that every self-respecting citizen ought to undertake, like a high-fiber diet, say, or a deodorant.
Jan Morris
All education is self-discovery.
Ray Bradbury
In Zen, and in other forms of self discovery, we do have a transference that occurs where psychically, information, blocks of attention, are transferred to the student.
Frederick Lenz
For a company to excel, employees must be reassured that self-interest, not the company’s, is their foremost priority. We believe an employee who puts himself first will be motivated to perform.
Ricardo Semler
Today is the day to break free from the prison of the person you know yourself to be and step into a self you have yet to know. Will it be comfortable? No, but do it anyway.
Debbie Ford
Rejoice in the works of your hands, be happy and thankful that you are valuable, that what you say and do insn’t taken for a ride, that you have rejected the notion of self-doubt and fear, that God isn’t blind towards propagating your positive influence, and finally that you’ll leave a meritorious legacy.
Michael Bassey
I recognise my old self in a lot of the letters I get from single women who are unrealistic about what they want.
Mariella Frostrup
The self as the essence of individuality is unitemporal and unique; as an archetypal symbol it is a God-image and therefore universal and eternal.
Carl Jung
A pure mind in a chaste body is the mother of wisdom and deliberation; sober counsels and ingenuous actions; open deportment and sweet carriage; sincere principles and unprejudiced understanding; love of God and self-denial; peace and confidence; hol
Jeremy Taylor
… photography, like all camera-made images such as film and video, effaces the marks of its making (and maker) at the click of a shutter. A photograph appears to be self-generated – as though it had created itself.
Abigail Solomon-Godeau
Secular artists see themselves with performance; they are more self involved, presentational.
Boris Kodjoe
In every decade rock and roll starts to get very serious and navel gazing and kind of self serious and every once and a while it kind of needs a kick in the pants.
Rainn Wilson
Well, I’m quite a self-deprecating person.
PJ Harvey
There is a part of ‘Wonder Woman’ inside me and inside every woman, kind of that secret self that women share. We are all caretakers, giving birth, caring for our children and companions and loved ones.
Lynda Carter
To know is not too demanding: it merely requires memory and time. But to understand is quite a different matter: it requires intellectual ability and training, a self conscious awareness of what one is doing, experience in techniques of analysis and synthesis, and above all, perspective.
Carroll Quigley
The Bible constantly warns against a merely mercenary relationship with God – a friendship of convenience or self-interest. We should not love God simply because doing so will produce many consolations in our life. We must enter a true relationship, were we fall in love not with His benefits, but with Him.
Robert Barron
Whenever you complete a task of any size or importance, you feel a surge of energy, enthusiasm, and self-esteem. The more important the completed task, the happier, more confident, and more powerful you feel about yourself and your world.
Brian Tracy
It is in his pleasure that a man really lives; it is from his leisure that he constructs the true fabric of self.
Agnes Repplier
Courage is always greatest when blended with meekness; intellectual ability is most admirable when it sparkles in the setting of a modest self-distrust; and never does the human soul appear so strong as when it foregoes revenge and dares to forgive an injury.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
We learn by watching. That’s what concerns me a little about the society we’re in now because so much of what we’re watching is entitled, self-centered, brats with no talent becoming very, very famous for literally no reason.
Laura Benanti
As you step into your limitless self, you might be confronted with old habits and patterns that are not necessarily based in truth. These old ways of being show up because you have repeated many of them thousands of times.
Debbie Ford
We manifest character when self-sacrifice for the sake of our principles becomes more important than compromise for the sake of popularity.
Myles Munroe
Every Tory is a coward; for servile, slavish, self-interested fear is the foundation of Toryism; and a man under such influence, though he may be cruel, never can be brave.
Thomas Paine
The easiest person to deceive is one’s self.
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
The negro has within him immense power for self-uplifting, but for years it will be necessary to guide and stimulate him.
Booker T. Washington
We should exhibit no self doubt to our friends, … Credibility is a strategic asset.
John McCain
This is not to say that becoming a father automatically makes you a good father. Fatherhood, like marriage, is a constant struggle against your limitations and self-interests. But the urge to be a perfect father is there, because your child is a perfect gift.
Kent Nerburn
With a fractured sense of self, we come to depend on what people feed back to us – often mediated through social networks – not what we are. We have complex identities but may become less able to act as a subject – confident in what we really are.
Geoff Mulgan
A man’s sense of self is defined through his ability to achieve results.
John Gray
With greater confidence in yourself and your abilities, you will set bigger goals, make bigger plans and commit yourself to achieving objectives that today you only dream about.
Brian Tracy
What I mean by living to one’s self is living in the world, as in it, not of it.
William Hazlitt
When you write a novel, there’s a level at which you are much more revealing about who you are because you’re less self-conscious about how you’re presenting yourself. You are accidentally leaving your DNA all over everything in a novel because it’s all coming from you.
Elizabeth Gilbert
We can enjoy a self-assurance that doesn’t depend on the state of things outside ourselves, be it downturns or booms or whatever.
Desmond Tutu
True politeness consists in being easy one’s self, and in making every one about one as easy as one can.
Alexander Pope
The false self lives mainly through memory and anticipation. Past and future are its main preoccupation.
Eckhart Tolle
Self-control is completely necessary for increasing and raising your attention level. One of the places you practice that is at work.
Frederick Lenz
You think you can go into all those auditions not knowing who you are? The work came after I found my sense of self – when I wasn’t so manic and desperate.
Jenifer Lewis
When we were children, there was a silent part of us watching the child. When we were adolescents, there was that same witness watching the adolescent. Middle age, and so on. Every one, now and again, has discovered the self, the one who is watching.
Deepak Chopra
I would rather take the role and work and make my own money and self respect than to have sex with someone who has a lot of money.
Kristy Swanson
Don’t you love nobody better’n you do yo’self. Do, you’ll be dying befo’ yo’ time is out.
Zora Neale Hurston
Togetherness, for me, means teamwork. It makes us reflect how completely dependent we are upon one another in our social and commercial life. The more diversified our labors and interests have become in the modern world, the more surely need to integrate our efforts to justify our individual selves and our civilization.
Walt Disney
Self-pity makes people callous.
Mason Cooley
I maintain an ongoing survey of Internet Publishing and self publishing, so that it is now possible for any writer with a book to get it published at nominal cost or free, and to have it on sale at booksellers like
Piers Anthony
If you connect with a greater part of yourself, I call it higher self, but that’s an experience, and when you do this, knowledge comes in, including intuition, and it’s always about, ‘What’s my heart’s sole desire?’
James Redfield
Nothing is loathsomer than the self-loathing of a self one loathes.
John Barth
We can build influence by self promotion, but God will only promote those who do not promote themselves. That which is built on self-promotion will have to be maintained by human striving. Those who allow God to build the house have taken a yoke that is easy and a burden that is light.
Rick Joyner
The complacent, the self-indulgent, the soft societies are about to be swept away with the debris of history. Only the strong, only the industrious, only the determined, only the courageous, only the visionary who determine the real nature of our struggle can possibly survive.
John F. Kennedy
You can lie to your wife or your boss, but you cannot lie to your typewriter. Sooner or later you must reveal your true self in your pages.
Leon Uris
I don’t profess to be a healer, a minister, a priest. I feel as an entertainer I can do more good for the world than I would if I were a soapbox orator or a self-made politician.
Don’t compromise your self, you’re all you got.
Janis Joplin
I started to understand that for me, art was no longer about self-expression but about creative engagement with the world. I started to respond in an excited way to making work inside an industry and not feeling the constraints of audience expectation as some kind of thing that I should avoid.
Ayad Akhtar
At the centre of nonviolence is a force which is self-acting.
Mahatma Gandhi
I felt a complete willingness, without any reservations, to give my life, to dedicate my life to service. I tell you, it’s a point of no return. After that, you can never go back to completely self-centered living.
Peace Pilgrim
Humility is the forgetfulness of self.
Thomas Keating
Philosophically, what I have learned is to thy own self be true. That is the biggest lesson of all. Relax; music is fun. To many people take it to seriously because of the money involved.
Greg Lake
In my youth I studied for ostentation; later, a little to gain wisdom; now, for recreation; never for gain.
Michel de Montaigne
I try to be self-analytical, both to outline the mistakes I made in my life and try to explain why I did, and the things that on balance I did pretty well on.
William J. Clinton
Most of my favourite guitarists are self-taught, because in a way there’s less of a reverence for the instrument itself, so you end up finding and inventing however you want to play it.
Bryce Dessner
Is she not more self-sacrificing, has she not greater courage? Without her, man would not be. If nonviolence is to be the law of our being, the future is with women.
Mahatma Gandhi
There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.
Nelson Mandela
For a large corporation to be effective, it must be simple. For an organization to be simple, its people must have self-confidence and intellectual self-assurance. Insecure managers create complexity, real leaders do not clutter.
Jack Welch
All knowledge, is ultimately, self knowledge.
Bruce Lee
As comedy presents the vital rhythm of self-preservation, tragedy exhibits that of self-consummation.
Susanne Katherina Langer
My self-image it still isn’t that alright. No matter how famous I am, no matter how many people go to see my movies, I still have the idea that I’m that pale no-hoper that I used to be. A pale no-hoper that happens to be a little lucky now. Tomorrow it’ll be all over, then I’ll have to go back to selling pens again.
Johnny Depp
And I’ve come to the place where I believe that there’s no way to solve these problems, these issues – there’s nothing that we can do that will solve the problems that we have and keep the peace, unless we solve it through God, unless we solve it in being our highest self. And that’s a pretty tall order.
Glenn Beck
There is a knowingness that is as much a part of us as flesh and blood and bones. It’s intuition, the deepest natural knowing. … Intuition is the voice within forever pressing us to stretch ourselves, to take risks, to keep loving and giving birth to a new self, regardless of circumstances.
Susan L. Taylor
Absolute faith is not the place of self-affirmation, but the place of self-negation. Life of faith is not limited to our spiritual life. What is important is how our spiritual sensitivity is applied to our relative environment.
Sun Myung Moon
Blessed be all metrical rules that forbid automatic responses, force us to have second thoughts, free us from the fetters of Self.
W. H. Auden
To design an easy-to-use interface, pay attention to what users do, not what they say. Self-reported claims are unreliable, as are user speculations about future behavior.
Jakob Nielsen
Often a healing takes place in ourselves as we pray for the healing of others.
Michael E. DeBakey
I’ve always been into sports and yoga and running. I actually study a martial arts self-defense program called Krav Maga. I can’t quite say it’s easy, but it’s fun for me and I love to do it.
Kari Matchett
I’m still trying to find out who Paula Cole is. I always am – and I always will be – my real, inside self, which has no name.
Paula Cole
Ultimately though, we are not responsible for another’s happiness. The unhappy person almost always suffers from self-inflicted pain.
James Dillehay
When I tune into my beautiful self, I get happiness.
Everything in the universe belongs to me.
Dick Gregory
With whomever you feel yourself as if you are with your very self, he or she is surely your true Valentine!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
There are certain jobs I don’t take because I feel no connection to the person. But if somebody is open with me, and honest about their motivations, and has some level of self-awareness, then I’m going to understand them.
Hilary Liftin
You identify with your self. You have a personal history. You have commitments. There are things that you want to experience and other things that you want to avoid.
Frederick Lenz
Nothing can be so bad as to be displeased with one’s self.
Helen Hunt Jackson
Self-love leads men of narrow minds to measure all mankind by their own capacity.
Jane Porter
The performances of others are often selected as standards for self-improvement of abilities
Albert Bandura
It’s flattering that people think I’m sexy, but it’s not the end-all, be-all. The minute I put my self-esteem on what they think I am, I’m screwed, because one day they’re not going to think I’m sexy.
Eva Mendes
Self-confidence results, first, from exact knowledge; second, the ability to impart that knowledge.
Napoleon Hill
Scarcity of self value cannot be remedied by money, recognition, affection, attention or influence.
Gary Zukav
If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
Dalai Lama
The number one goal in resolving a conflict is to make sure both sides maintain their self-esteem. Resolving conflict is rarely about who is right. It is about acknowledgment and appreciation of differences.
Thomas Crum
All is the Self or Brahman. The saint, the sinner, the lamb, the tiger, even the murderer, as far as they have any reality, can be nothing else, because there is nothing else.
Swami Vivekananda
Acting requires absorption, but not self-absorption and, in the actor’s mind, the question must always be ‘Why am I doing this?,’ not ‘How am I doing it?
Maureen Lipman
I suppose everyone continues to be interested in the quest for the self, but what you feel when you’re older, I think, is that you really must make the self.
Mary McCarthy
If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.
Mo Willems
Self-righteous victims invite extra nails.
Mason Cooley
I’m self-centered, inconsiderate, and what was the third adjective? Oh, yes, and I have this infantile fantasy that one day I’ll amount to something as an actress.
Jay Presson Allen
The most steady, the most self-sufficient nature depends, more than it knows, on its few chosen stimuli.
Elizabeth Bowen
If I could do my life over, I would try to cleanse at least my pleasures of self-pity.
Mason Cooley
I wake up and play a different person every day. Playing all these different characters and trying to figure out who your true authentic self is at the core of that as you’re playing all these different roles, and man, that self-awareness starts to come into effect. And you start to see who you really are.
Eliza Dushku
If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.
Napoleon Hill
It was a very, very intense and long casting process [for The Killing] because we really had to find the right people who could carry the weight of this story, who had the chops and who had the spirit, where they could bring in so much of their own selves to these characters. So, the casting process took many months.
Veena Sud
There are far too many self esteem problems in the world as it is. No sense taking on plant guilt, too.
Janet Macunovich
[Salvation] is a curious process of divine burglary. The first thing to be wrested from one by a God who said ‘Thou shalt not steal’ is one’s good opinion of one’s self.
Elizabeth Goudge
You have to work on forgiveness and love, and that includes your own self.
Brian Welch
The virtues prized in free countries are honesty, self-discipline, a sense of responsibility to one’s family, a sense of loyalty to one’s employer and staff, and a pride in the quality of one’s work. And these virtues only flourish in a climate of freedom.
Margaret Thatcher
We can more easily avenge an injury than requite a kindness; on this account, because there is less difficulty in getting the better of the wicked than in making one’s self equal with the good.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
I suspect anyone self-satisfied enough to refuse lawful pleasures: we are not sufficiently rich in our separate resources to reject the graces of the universe when offered.
Freya Stark
A genius is always a teacher, never a pupil; he is always self-made.
Ludwig von Mises
Virtues lose themselves in self-interest, as rivers in the sea.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Bad religion is arrogant, self-righteous, dogmatic and intolerant. And so is bad science. But unlike religious fundamentalists, scientific fundamentalists do not realize that their opinions are based on faith. They think they know the truth.
Rupert Sheldrake
Self-expression is something that you’ve crafted, something that you’ve found. You’ve practiced on that piano for hours, you didn’t hang out with your buddies, you didn’t go after the girls, you stayed in your own little geeky room or you wrote for hours.
John Leguizamo
Those who don’t have a life filled with luxury may have a home filled with compassion, based on their choice to be content and to practice self-discipline. Even when we have physical hardships, we can be very happy.
Dalai Lama
Generosity is self-existing openness, complete openness. You are no longer subject to cultivating your own scheme or project. And the best way to open yourself up is to make friends with yourself and with others.
Chogyam Trungpa
Brummies run themselves down, they’re very self-deprecating. Whereas Yorkshire people certainly aren’t.
Jonathan Meades
In every moment, we make a choice about which direction we are going to go. Once we realize that this is a self-correcting and self-organizing universe, then we don’t have to look any further than our own life circumstances, the relationships and situations that we are in, to begin the transformation.
Marianne Williamson
The promises of this world are, for the most part, vain phantoms; and to confide in one’s self, and become something of worth and value is the best and safest course.
The notion of the infinite expanse and copiousness of the cosmos is the result of the mixture, carried to the extreme limit, of laborious creation and free self-determination.
Franz Kafka
If you are a great news organization, you can’t have the best obtainable version of the truth if your vision and your scale is reduced to a fraction of its former self.
Carl Bernstein
For many, life has become more about what they can’t do rather than what they can do. The truth, however, is that you are far greater than you think and have truly amazing potential. The key is to tap into your higher self and unleash your full capacity for success and happiness.
T. Harv Eker
Repentance is replete with radical implications for a fundamental change of mind not only turns us from the sinful past, but also transforms our life plan, ethics, and actions as we begin to see the world through God’s eyes rather than ours. That kind of transformation requires the ultimate surrender of self.
Charles Colson
Armstrong lives as he rides – surrounded by a cocoon of aides and helpers, his gimlet eyes focused on victory…. The self-described atheist has become a deity… but the inquiry’s findings may cause the Armstrong faithful to ask, Was the miracle a mirage?
Selena Roberts
Let us resist the opinion of the world fearlessly, provided only that our self-respect grows in proportion to our indifference.
Sophie Swetchine
I don’t write for a particular audience. I work as an artist, and I think the audience of one, which is the self, and I have to satisfy myself as an artist. So I always say that I write for the same people that Picasso painted for. I think he painted for himself.
August Wilson
In the supremacy of self-control consists one of the perfections of the ideal man.
Herbert Spencer
The effects of outcome expectancies on performance motivation are partly governed by self-beliefs of efficacy
Albert Bandura
See not perfection in self. Seek it not in others. One being a false perceptionThe other, an endless quest.
Mary Summer Rain
The self has the characteristic that it is an object to itself, and that characteristic distinguishes it from other objects and from the body.
George Herbert Mead
Indecision is a form of self-abuse – be ready to step up!
Suzanne Evans
Fighting for ourselves means manufacturing our own weapons of self-defense.
Mike Huckabee
Without asceticism, self-indulgence would be insignificant.
Mason Cooley
You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.
Khalil Gibran
American’s could be any more self absorbed if they were made of equal parts water and paper towel.
Dennis Miller
If mankind is to escape its programmed self-extinction the God who saves us will not descend from the machine: he will rise up again in the human soul.
Lewis Mumford
When the red wrath perisheth, when the dulled swords fail, These three who have walked with Death these shall prevail. Hell bade all its millions rise; Paradise sends three: Pity, and Self-sacrifice, and Charity.
Theodosia Garrison
Good teachers join self and subject and students in the fabric of life.
Parker J. Palmer
I think we need to grow in our self-assurance that is not scared of being challenged, that the truth we uphold can stand up to the closest possible scrutiny.
Desmond Tutu
[With R-rated movie] you’re not dealing with the restrictions imposed by the FCC. They’re self-imposed. In a way, that does make it harder. You actually have to think about it, as opposed to just taking for granted that you’re not going to be able to do this.
Seth MacFarlane
A father acts on behalf of his children by working, providing, intervening, struggling, and suffering for them. In so doing, he really stands in their place. He is not an isolated individual, but incorporates the selves of several people in his own self.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
He who busies himself with things other than improvement of his own self becomes perplexed in darkness and entangled in ruin. His evil spirits immerse him deep in vices and make his bad actions seem handsome.
Ali ibn Abi Talib
A depression is a situation of self-fulfilling pessimism.
Joan Robinson
In any given instance, behavior can be predicted best by considering both self-efficacy and outcome beliefs . . . different patterns of self-efficacy and outcome beliefs are likely to produce different psychological effects
Albert Bandura
We have a habit of turning to scientists when we want factual answers and artists when we want entertainment, but where are the facts about the nature of the self? Neurologists peering at PET scans and fMRIs know they aren’t seeing the soul in there.
James Gleick
I’ve come to believe that total nakedness, that is absolute transparency, that is utter and unfettered and profound visibility, is the only way that we can truly love. Anything less, is self-defense.
Neale Donald Walsch
He knows himself, and all that’s in him, who knows adversity.
Herman Melville
Humility does not mean to think yourself less, but to less think of yourself.
Bhakti Tirtha Swami
Part of being an actor is almost self-hypnosis during those brief moments when the cameras are rolling. You want to actually believe you’re Chris Gardner or Muhammad Ali.
Will Smith
It seems a strange thing, but once I was able to get past that kind of self-image problem, I was able to open up in my comedy work and just go all out, take chances, and have fun with the performance aspect of that.
Amy Poehler
To experience love, we must go inside. When you experience real love you get into a state which is beyond words. You are filled with a joy that goes beyond all emotions. True love is the love of the inner Self.
Swami Muktananda
Unconsciousness of self is not so much unselfishness as it is the mental ability to extinguish all thought of one’s self – exactly as one turns out the light.
Emily Post
My deep belief is that all of us have the same lifelong work: to learn honesty, courage, and love. To learn, in other words, how to be our best selves.
Martha Beck
Education must award self-confidence, the courage to depend on one’s own strength.
Sai Baba
I’ve always wanted to take self-defense classes and I never did, for whatever reason. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it was fear or time, or whatever stops people from doing things that they want to do.
Zoey Deutch
There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.
Aldous Huxley
Far more quickly than reason and logic, irony can penetrate rage and puncture self-pity.
Moss Hart
I felt that the beach portraits were all self-portraits. That moment of unease, that attempt to find a pose, it was all about me.
Rineke Dijkstra
What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve with Positive Mental Attitude. It is a form of self-suggestion. It is a self-motivator to success. When it becomes a part of you, you dare to aim higher.
W. Clement Stone
A final word on self-criticism: Do not beat up on yourself. Even if you think you know your flaws, there is no need to advertise them. Most people won’t have noticed.
Philip Toshio Sudo
It horribly skews the meaning of the cross when contemporary prophets of self-esteem say that the cross is a witness to my infinite worth. The biblical perspective is that the cross in a witness to the infinite worth of God’s glory, and a witness to the immensity of the sin of my pride.
John Piper
The only advice [for new writers and poets] I can offer is to be yourself: not the self someone else wants you to be, but the self you are. Enjoy yourself and your life. But most of all travel and eat. That’s how we learn.
Nikki Giovanni
Nothing looks as self-satisfied as a contented cat.
Barbara Mertz
Martial art is a form of expression, an expression from your inner self to your hands and legs.
Donnie Yen
A person likes to think of himself in a certain way, and when something happens that makes that no longer possible, you mourn the old self. The person you thought you were.
Laurell K. Hamilton
I’m a self trained, autodidactic artist, so all I was ever trying to do was to draw as realistically as possible – but that’s what comes out, because I don’t really know how to draw! I think when I draw characters, I’m able to reduce them down to little marks that capture the most distinct elements of them.
Box Brown
True living is not found in one’s self or in things. It is found in Someone else, in the One who created everything that is good, true, and beautiful in the world. True living is found in God and you discover God in the person of Jesus Christ.
Pope John Paul II
I like it when characters are some combination of appealing and maybe flawed or self-interested. I think in terms of scenes, and what I want a scene to achieve, and I think that the psychological realism arises from that.
Curtis Sittenfeld
We can so reconstruct society that it will be self-perpetuating instead of as now, self-exhaustive.
Charles Lindbergh
Self-government can succeed only through an instructed electorate.
Herbert Hoover
Woman cannot be free until man’s mind is liberated from the megalomania! His self-exaltation is the mother of the gender inequalities. Till we eliminate his exacerbated narcissism, woman will remain unfree!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
For what we don’t realize today is just what the typical self of every previous stage failed likewise to comprehend: this is not the highest and greatest mode of consciousness which can be attained – there lie ahead the realms of the superconscious and the pitiful ego, by comparison, is as a speck of nothingness.
Ken Wilber
The academic mind, as we know, is sometimes capable of assuming an aggressive attitude. The official mind, on the contrary, is and has to be, expert in the art of self-defence.
Ronald Fisher
Art’s primary social function is to define the communal self, which includes redefining it when the community is changing.
Thomas McEvilley
Night, the beloved. Night, when words fade and things come alive. When the destructive analysis of day is done, and all that is truly important becomes whole and sound again. When man reassembles his fragmentary self and grows with the calm of a tree.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
If you look at the public opinion polls even, support for all the issues, people who self-identify as feminists are as least as many as those who self-identify as Republicans.
Gloria Steinem
I’m not as self-destructive as Dylan Thomas, but I’ve certainly been around that behavior enough to have found it a release. The thing that I really enjoyed was being able to play misery.
Tom Hollander
To me photography can be simultaneously a record and a mirror or window of self-expression.
Eikoh Hosoe
There are no such self-deceivers as those who think they reason when they only feel.
Anna Brownell Jameson
If you first fortify yourself with the true knowledge of the Universal Self, and then live in the midst of wealth and worldliness, surely they will in no way affect you.
What we get in punk these days is the “anti-anti”: Someone comes up with something, then the next generation is against that, and then the next generation is against that, and then that thing becomes a problem. There’s these layers of anti-, and so many of them are just so self-serving. It’s not about larger freedom.
Geoff Rickly
I don’t know how to sit outside myself and test against a hypothetical self who stayed home.
Thom Gunn
‘All the gods are one god and all the goddesses are one goddess, and there is one initiator.’ The one initiator is one’s own high self, with which the personality becomes more and more integrated as the path of spiritual evolution is followed.
Doreen Valiente
Violence is a cleansing force. It frees the native from his inferiority complex and from his despair and inaction; it makes him fearless and restores his self-respect
Frantz Fanon
Like so many other recovered alcoholics, I am to this day bewildered that it took so long for me to understand that there was no such animal as ‘social drinking’ for me; that it had nothing to do with my willpower or self-respect or moral fiber, that it was a simple biochemical intolerance to a drug.
Mercedes McCambridge
Excesses are essentially gestures. It is easy to be extremely cruel, magnanimous, humble or self-sacrificing when we see ourselves as actors in a performance.
Eric Hoffer
The delights of this life are not its own, but our fear of the ascent into a higher life; the torments of this life are not its own, but our self-torment because of that fear.
Franz Kafka
When we learn to read, it’s a real product of civilization and a civilized society. It affects your brain. It affects the way you think, and it gives you that capacity for self-reflection that you simply do not have without the agency of books.
Jeanette Winterson
Had I a careful and pleasant companion that should show me my angry face in a glass, I should not at all take it ill; to behold man’s self so unnaturally disguised and dishonored will conduce not a little to the impeachment of anger.
Whatever terrible things may have happened to you, only one thing allows them to damage your core self, and that is continued belief in them.
Martha Beck
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!
Bob Marley
One of the marvels of personality is its resistance to prediction. One man’s paralyzing trauma is another man’s invitation to take control of his life; one woman’s grounds for insanity is another woman’s ground to a dramatic shaping of self.
Rosellen Brown
My story is a freedom song of struggle. It is about finding one’s purpose, how to overcome fear and to stand up for causes bigger than one’s self.
Coretta Scott King
There’s a real self-serving element to hip-hop that threatens its life span.
John Mayer
He who laughs does not believe in what he laughs at, but neither does he hate it. Therefore, laughing at evil means not preparing oneself to combat it, and laughing at good means denying the power through which good is self-propagating.
Umberto Eco
Bowing is a very serious practice. You should be prepared to bow, even in your last moment. even though it is impossible to get rid of our self-centered desires, we have to do it. Our true nature wants us to.
Shunryu Suzuki
My show is my statement. What I have to say is on the screen. My life is my own. I don’t want to talk about my private self. Why should I?
Flip Wilson
Do whatever work feeds your true self, even if it’s not a safe bet, even if it’s like a crazy risk, even if everyone in your life tells you you’re wrong or bad or crazy.
Martha Beck
What destroys more self-confidence than any other educational thing in America is being assigned to some remedial math when you get into some college, and then it’s not taught very well and you end up with this sense of, ‘Hey, I can’t really figure those things out.’
Bill Gates
I just can’t believe that there won’t come a day when people won’t be fed-up with being overfed. That they won’t get fed-up with the self-deception that all this fantastic food is the whole point of life.
Gudrun Ensslin
Ceaseless work, analysis, reflection, writing much, endless self-correction, that is my secret.
Johann Sebastian Bach
The business of writing a novel is a long, meandering road into the self, into the imagination. And it’s a road the writer travels alone.
Lisa Unger
The entire concept of pessimism crumbles the moment one human being puts aside thoughts of self and reaches out to another to minister to her suffering. The experience of either person can neither be denied nor adequately explained by a negative philosophy.
Michael J. Nelson
The secret is to have a sense of yourself, your real self, your unique self. And not just once in a while, or once a day, but all through the day, the week and life.
Bill Murray
Socialism is, among other things, the political habitat of low self-esteem, incompetence, self-loathing, and a willingness to steal – or have stolen for you what you are unable or unwilling to work for. Socialism is a philosophy fit only for slugs, leaches, and mosquitoes.
L. Neil Smith
There are good points about all… wars. People forget self. The virtues of magnanimity, courage, patriotism, etc., are called into life. People are more generous, more sympathetic, better, than when engaged in the more selfish pursuits of peace.
Rutherford B. Hayes
A man’s attire is only an outward projection of his inward self.
Chris Brown
I, of whom I know nothing, I know my eyes are open, because of the tears that pour from them unceasingly.
Samuel Beckett
Whether it’s a letter, song lyrics, part of a novel, or instructions on how to fix a kitchen sink, it’s writing. You keep your craft honed, you acquire the discipline to finish things. You turn into a self-taskmaster.
Jimmy Buffett
The ultimate mystery is one’s own self.
Sammy Davis, Jr.
The God worth worshipping is the one who pays us the compliment of self – regulation, and we might return it by minding our own business.
Roger Rosenblatt
COURAGE is not a quality you teach. Courage is the by-product of self-discipline. It is an ATTITUDE.
Gerry Lindgren
I think the best kind of comedy is the least self conscious. I think if you just sort of let the comedy happen without the elbow nudge, did you get it, did you get it. I love straight face comedy or subtle – relatively subtle comedy.
Betty White
Genius is inconsiderate, self-relying, and, like unconscious beauty, without any intention to please.
Isaac Mayer Wise
I have always admired women that have a strong sense of self, complemented by femininity. I especially appreciate the presence of these women in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as real estate.
Ivanka Trump
I feel I’ve always been writing about self-identity. How do we become who we are? So I’m just writing from experience what’s concerned me.
Amy Tan
The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.
William Jennings Bryan
I’m on the path to being someone I’m equally terrified by and obsessed with. My true self.
Troye Sivan
Self-forgetfulness in creativity can lead to self-transcendence.
Sylvia Ashton-Warner
Sometimes we choose a friend who mirrors our fantasies, dreams of a self we wish we could be.
Lillian B. Rubin
How do we give credible hope to the billion poorest people in the world? It requires compassion to get ourselves started, and enlightened self-interest to get serious… If economic divergence continues, combined with global integration, it will build a nightmare for our children.
Paul Collier
I’ve always preferred writing about grey characters and human characters. Whether they are giants or elves or dwarves, or whatever they are, they’re still human, and the human heart is still in conflict with the self.
George R. R. Martin
As coercive monopolies that spend other people’s money taken by force, governments are uniquely unqualified to solve problems. They are riddled by ignorance, perverse incentives, incompetence and are self-serving.
John Stossel
You can’t make Christ funny. He’s self-aware, he’s too flexible within the situation. It’s rigidity, it’s when the ego takes over and the behavior becomes inappropriate that it becomes funny.
John Cleese
If you’re looking for self-help, why would you read a book written by somebody else?
George Carlin
My favourite writer is Beckett and I keep going back to wallow in his work like a deep pool of dark humour or like an oxygen tank when you can’t breath in a world consumed by piety, hypocrisy and self-satisfaction.
Simon Critchley
The buddah can reside in the gears of a motorcycle as easily as in a flower on a mountaintop. To believe otherwise is to demean the buddah; which is to demean one’s self.
Robert M. Pirsig
Perceived self-efficacy and beliefs about the locus of outcome causality must be distinguished
Albert Bandura
A solid sense of self will help a person to lead a full and happy life.
Kimberly Elise
True humility is intelligent self respect which keeps us from thinking too highly or too meanly of ourselves. It makes us modest by reminding us how far we have come short of what we can be.
Ralph W. Sockman
Self-love seems so often unrequited.
Anthony Powell
The self was a very strange concept to me until I came to America, and my child was born with that entitlement, and that just thrilled me.
Anchee Min
The steadily inward look leads us all to death, nations as well as persons, and is equally infantile in them all. Perhaps the most useful thing I have learned in my lifetime is that the process of maturing gradually turns the mind away from the small-self to the greater-self that is only served by serving others.
Margery Wilson
Each component of the organism, like the individual in the social body, possesses the capacity for enjoyment of the self through sharing with others.
Raoul Vaneigem
Success isn’t based on ‘look what I can do!’ but more on an inner sense of self and believing you have something to say in your own consistent way. And I think we all have to fight to maintain our unique style and taste in a world that would have us conform.
Ralph Lauren
Government does best when it helps people help themselves. Human dignity is found not in a handout but in being able to do for one’s self.
Trent Lott
So many people have asked me how I could possibly be a role model and dress like a tramp and get implants… all I have to say is that self-esteem is how you look at yourself and I feel good enough about myself so wear that kind of clothing… the breast implant issue has nothing to do with that.
Britney Spears
Any material form, or thought, or feeling, past or present, should be regarded as, ‘This is not mine, this is not what I am, this is not my self.’
Gautama Buddha
There’s a word like overprotective to describe some parents, but no word that means the opposite. What word do you use to describe parents who don’t protect enough? Underprotective? Neglectful? Self-involved? Lame? All of the above.
R. J. Palacio
Psychotherapy is what God has been secretly doing for centuries by other names; that is, he searches through our personal history and heals what needs to be healed – the wounds of childhood or our own self-inflicted wounds.
Thomas Keating
Language itself is a mask. It’s the first mask in the series of invented selves – they’ve come right out of language. The way you speak changes you, because when you are speaking, you are representing yourself in a certain way.
Vijay Seshadri
O, if there be any kind of life most sad, and deepest in the scale of pity, it is the dry, cold impotence of one, who has honestly set to the work of his own self-redemption.
Horace Bushnell
We appear to be programmed with the idea that there are ‘things’ outside of our self, and some are conscious, and some are not.
Ray Kurzweil
The word which can never die on this earth, for it is the heart of it and the meaning and the glory. The sacred word: EGO.
Ayn Rand
Money by Martin Amis. I read it when I was 15, I read it hundreds of times since then and it always makes me laugh. Amis has managed to create a world that is both funny and abrasive. I’d love to play John Self, the depraved hero, who’s without illusions, he created.
Robert Pattinson
Self-discipline is the No. 1 delineating factor between the rich, the middle class and the poor.
Robert Kiyosaki
The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity.
Frank Serpico
Deepak Chopra, look at him. He’s probably the most successful self-help guru in the world. I don’t think he’s struggling for any marketing or exposure. You’ve just got to know where your audience is.
Being a mother is complicated because its not just a paternal culture making demands on you; its those internal demands and expectations that women have and are self-generated.
Siri Hustvedt
When it comes to the draft process, I’m going to be – I’m not going to say anything stupid – but I’m going to be my authentic, true self, and hopefully someone in an organization says, ‘That’s my guy.’
Josh Rosen
Watch yourself. Every minute we change. It is a great opportunity. At any point, we can step out of our frozen selves and our ideas and begin fresh.
Natalie Goldberg
When we persist in looking for and finding what there is to value within our self, we discover a pure and loving being.
Hugh Prather
My self-absorption warms me; yours boils me.
Mason Cooley
The basis of self-discipline: Don’t allow the edges to blur.
Michael Johnson
It’s not like my old self – I’m not in character anymore, I’m me. I’m not hiding behind that anymore.
Damon Albarn
I spent a lot of time in the clouds. Becoming a mother has really helped me put my feet on the ground and given me a very powerful sense of self and a powerful sense of priority in life.
Evangeline Lilly
Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self.
Alfred North Whitehead
Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. A successful business owner never stops learning. They educate themselves on the things they need to learn, and they never stop growing. They never arrive at a certain point and think, ahhh… now I don’t need to learn anymore.
Jim Rohn
One of the most empowering things about being a self-employed actor is also one of the hardest things; I get to set my own goals.
Benjamin Stone
Immaturity is the inability to delay self gratification.
Mike Murdock
I had no contact with my contemporaries in the photographic field, nor even knowledge of their work. So I was influenced by no-one and there were no short cuts for me. I was self-taught the hard way, by trial and error.
George Rodger
There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.
Ernest Hemingway
I believe in self-defense and self-determination for Africans and other oppressed people in America.
Assata Shakur
Will not a tiny speck very close to our vision blot out the glory of the world, and leave only a margin by which we see the blot? I know no speck so troublesome as self.
George Eliot
I always stayed in tune with my own ambitions and attitudes and I’m still my intractable old self, for better or worse.
LeRoy Neiman
If you’re going to self – publish, you need to know why you’re doing it, what you want to accomplish, and how you plan to implement that.
Victoria Strauss
The world came so close to self-destruction during my lifetime. I was serving in the American Army, in the Pacific, at the time they bombed Hiroshima and then Nagasaki, and I felt there something like a foretaste of the end of the world.
Gore Vidal
I am the most fortunate self-taught harpist and non-speaking actor who has ever lived.
Harpo Marx
When there is a choice about it, a great sacrifice is preferable to a small sacrifice, because we compensate ourselves for a greatone with self-admiration, which is not possible with a small one.
Friedrich Nietzsche
In social cognitive theory, perceived self-efficacy results from diverse sources of information conveyed vicariously and through social evaluation, as well as through direct experience
Albert Bandura
Music has always been such an amazing tool for me to access self and emotion.
An artist needs to become familiar with that which is most hidden from the self by the self. For this one thing which one fears to know is often the driving force in one’s life. These recognitions seen in art are the difference between decent, extraordinary and great.
Pat Steir
Every fascist state like Germany, France, or modern Poland takes away citizen’s right to self-defense. Fascist Americans such as Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton want to take arms away from American society.
Janusz Korwin-Mikke
The world is living today in what might be described as an era of carnality, which glorifies sex, hates restraint, identifies purity with coldness, innocence with ignorance, and turns men and women into Buddhas with their eyes closed, hands folded across their breasts, intently looking inward, thinking only of self.
Fulton J. Sheen
A shepherd, in whom the spirit of God works, is more highly esteemed before God than the wisest and most potent in self-wit, without the divine dominion.
Jakob Bohme
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
Will Durant
There is but on virtue–the eternal sacrifice of self.
George Sand
Our biggest enemy is our own self-doubt. We really can achieve extraordinary things in our lives. But we sabotage our greatness because of our fear
Robin Sharma
I confess my own leisure to be spent entirely in search of adventure, without regard to prudence, profit, self improvement, learning, or any other serious thing.
Aldo Leopold
The mirror is the tool of the one who wants to do a self-portrait. And if you want to make a photo you need a mirror.
Agnes Varda
Most people think of poise as calm, self-assured dignity; but I call it “just being you”.
John Wooden
Mathematics in general is fundamentally the science of self-evident things.
Felix Klein
I definitely have a spiritual outlook. I don’t usually read self-help books, but I read a great book by a guy called Wayne Dyer, ‘The Power of Intention,’ which I loved. I’m not a religious guy, in fact I’m probably agnostic but I thought what this writer had to say was really powerful.
Chris Pine
What I love about believing in a living God is that I believe God is constantly revealing God’s self to us over time, and with each succeeding generation, we come a little closer to understanding the mind of God.
Gene Robinson
An artist’s work is almost entirely inquiry based and self-regulated. It is a fragile process of teaching oneself to work alone, and focusing on how to hone your quirky creative obsessions so that they eventually become so oddly specific that they can only be your own.
Teresita Fernandez
Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.
Helen Keller
The Self when it appears behind the universe is called God. The same Self when it appears behind this little universe-the body-is the soul.
Swami Vivekananda
Art requires, above all things, a suppression of self, a subordination of one’s self to an idea.
Henry James
Obviously all writers, all artists, have their own internal critics; as they write they are being self-critical.
Edna Longley
We completely deny the existence of a self-existent I, or a permanent, independent soul. Every aspect of your body and mind is impermanent: changing, changing, changing.
Thubten Yeshe
The most important, overriding arc of my career has been that I would never be self-deprecating.
Sandra Bernhard
Waste begets self-will; thrift begets meanness: but better be mean than self-willed.
The real reason Cuba poses a threat has nothing to do with my being here or anyone else being here. It’s because Cuba is an example of a country that is actively fighting against imperialist domination and insists on its own right to self-determination and sovereignty.
Assata Shakur
When you rest in the weakness of your heart, your being moves and your self becomes quieted.
John de Ruiter
There is graciousness and a kind of urbanity in beginning with men by esteem and confidence. It proves, at least, that we have long lived in good company with others and with our selves.
Joseph Joubert
You have to be an ally in a difficult time and not turn on yourself with self-shaming thoughts, which makes facing pain intolerable.
As a human being Plato mingles regal, exclusive, and self-contained features with melancholy compassion.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Through it all I have learned that parenting is basically a life of self sacrifice.
Stephen Covey
It is great to be introspective, self analysis can be useful, but only if it results in action.
Joe Sacco
Oh, Alexander Hamilton fell short of his best self every now and again, and he still managed to do these wonderful things – well, so do I. So what am I capable of?
Leslie Odom, Jr.
Sheldon Vanauken wrote that the strongest argument for Christianity is Christians, when they are drawing life from God. The strongest argument against Christianity? Also Christians, when they become exclusive, self-righteous, and complacent.
John Ortberg
One of the main tasks of adolescence is to achieve an identity–not necessarily a knowledge of who we are, but a clarification ofthe range of what we might become, a set of self-references by which we can make sense of our responses, and justify our decisions and goals.
Terri E Apter
He that is truly dedicated to war hath no self-love
William Shakespeare
The Management of money is, in much, the management of self. If heaven allotted to each man seven guardian angels, five of them, at least, would be found night and day hovering over his pockets.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
If you don’t have some self doubts and fears when you pursue a dream, then you haven’t dreamed big enough.
Joe Vitale
The only love language is ‘die to self.’
Christine Caine
Enthusiasm springs from the imagination, and self-sacrifice from the heart. Women are, therefore, more naturally heroic than men. All nations have in their annals some of these miracles of patriotism, of which woman is the instrument in the hands of God.
Alphonse de Lamartine
Prayer makes a godly man, and puts within him “the mind of Christ,” the mind of humility, of self-surrender, of service, of pity, and of prayer. If we really pray, we will become more like God, or else we will quit praying.
Edward McKendree Bounds
The Republicans have a high Beady-Eyed Self-Righteous Scary Borderline Loon Quotient, as evidenced by Phyllis Schlafly, Pat Robertson, the entire state of Utah, etc.
Dave Barry
People who are advanced meditators don’t worry about liberation and self-realization; they instead are interested in the welfare of others and aiding others in their liberation.
Frederick Lenz
I see the American experience as being defined by the immigrant paradigm of rupture and renewal: rupture with the old world, the old ways, and renewal of the self in a bright but difficult New World.
Ayad Akhtar
Every time you encounter something that forces you to “handle it,” your self-esteem is raised considerably. You learn to trust that you will survive, no matter what happens. And in this way your fears are diminished immeasurably.
Susan Jeffers
Thus God and nature linked the gen’ral frame, And bade self-love and social be the same.
Alexander Pope
The process of writing a poem represents work done on the self of the poet, in order to make form.
Muriel Rukeyser
Self-realization sounds good. But what if only an enraged dwarf emerges?
Mason Cooley
Surely the United States Senate is big enough to take self-criticism and self-appraisal. Surely we should be able to take the same kind of character attacks that we “dish out” to outsiders.
Margaret Chase Smith
If you take racism away from certain people – I mean, vitriolic racism as well as the sort of social racist – if you take that away, they may have to face something really terrible, misery, self-misery, and deep pain about who they are.
Toni Morrison
Tears are the symbol of the inability of the soul to restrain its emotion and retain its self command.
Henri Frederic Amiel
It is not recognized in the full amplitude of the word that all freedom is essentially self-liberation – that I can have only so much freedom as I procure for myself by my owness.
Max Stirner
Keeping a diary is like closing your bedroom door and refusing to come out until dinnertime: it is a declaration of self.
Caitlin Flanagan
The ultimate self is free from sin, free from old age, free from death and grief, free from hunger and thirst, which desires nothing and imagines nothing.
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Writing is a good example of self-abandonment. I never completely forget myself except when I am writing and I am never more completely myself than when I am writing.
Flannery O’Connor
We may think that justice is everyone being equal, having the same rights, sharing the same kind of advantages, but maybe we have not had the chance to look at the nature of justice in terms of no-self. That kind of justice is based on the idea of self, but it may be very interesting to explore justice in terms of no-self.
Nhat Hanh
What I dislike least in my former self are the moments of prayer.
Andre Gide
You should never give up your inner self.
Clint Eastwood
To be nobody-but-yourself – in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else – means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
e. e. cummings
An ideal is merely the projection, on an enormously enlarged scale, of some aspect of personality.
Aldous Huxley
True life is creativity, not development: it is the freedom for creative acts, for creative fire, rather than necessity and the heaviness of congealing self-perfection.
Nikolai Berdyaev
Fame is a by-product which you have to deal with in a sensible way. To believe that it is anything more significant than that is deeply self-deceptive.
Jodhi May
The most insignificant people are the most apt to sneer at others. They are safe from reprisals. And have no hope of rising in their own self esteem but by lowering their neighbors.
William Hazlitt
People who want a sane, static, measurable world take the first aspect of an event or person and stick to it, with an almost self-protective obstinacy, or by a natural limitation of their imaginations. They do not indulge in either deepening or magnifying.
Anais Nin
You cannot have democracy without the institutions. You cannot have a democracy that is built on the moods of self-interested people.
Bashar al-Assad
We lost because we told ourselves we lost.
Leo Tolstoy
My real self is probably more creative and more frightening than any sort of drink or drug-induced state.
Ronnie Wood
A man’s inner nature is revealed by what he praises-a man is self-judged by what he says of others. Thus a man is judged by his standards, by what he considers the best. And you can’t find a more crucial test. It reveals the soul.
Hugh Black
I respect self-giving and I’ve tried to lead my life with that as the ideal. But real self-giving is when we take our being, that which is most precious to us, and we throw it into eternity with a total sense of offering.
Frederick Lenz
There are two sides to self-discovery, as in most things, an outer more popular side and an inner side. The popular side presents more of a simplified form.
Frederick Lenz
Our brains have been designed to blur the line between self and other. It is an ancient neural circuitry that marks every mammal, from mouse to elephant.
Frans de Waal
We have become a society where the artist is regarded as a self-indulgent superfluity, and the person who juggles stocks and shares is an essential part of the economy.
Pam Brown
To those human beings who are of any concern to me, I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill treatment, indignities, profound self-contempt, the torture of self-mistrust, and the wretchedness of the vanquished.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Obedience is detachment from the self. This is the most radical detachment of all. But what is the self? The self is the principle of reason and responsibility in us. It is the root of freedom, it is what makes us men.
Bede Griffiths
May I consider the wise man rich, and may I have such wealth as only the self-restrained man can bear or endure.
I stood up as best I could to their disgusting stupidity and brutality, but I did not, of course, manage to beat them at their own game. It was a fight to the bitter end, one in which I was not defending ideals or beliefs but simply my own self.
George Grosz
We are becoming a nation of sissies and hypochondriacs, a self medicating society easily intimidated by pain and prone to panic. We understand almost nothing about the essential robustness of the human body or its ability to meet the challenge of illness.
Norman Cousins
There’s no such thing as a self-made man. I’ve had much help and have found that if you are willing to work, many people are willing to help you.
B. C. Forbes
Among the wise and high-minded people who in self-respecting and genuine fashion strive earnestly for peace, there are the foolish fanatics always to be found in such a movement and always discrediting it the men who form the lunatic fringe in all reform movements.
Theodore Roosevelt
We all have a dark side. Most of us go through life avoiding direct confrontation with that aspect of ourselves, which I call the shadow self. There’s a reason why. It carries a great deal of energy.
Lorraine Toussaint
Each individual is more or less dimly aware of his significance, is aware that he’s something innately superior, something eternal–and lives, is obligated to live, in the moment and for the moment.
Ivan Turgenev
Muqtada leads the only real mass movement in Iraq. It’s a mass movement of the Shia, who are 60 percent of the population, and of poor Shia – and most Shia are poor. Otherwise the place is full of sort of self-declared leaders, many of whom spend most of their time outside Iraq.
Patrick Cockburn
You need to search your awareness and consider the limitless possibilities of existence in all things and not be so narrow-minded in your self-discovery.
Frederick Lenz
One is what one remembers: no more, no less.
Jan Struther
You’re your truest self when you’re young, and when somebody says something, and you’re like, ‘Oh, maybe I’m not normal,’ you shut it down. It’s always a process to rediscover those parts of yourself.
King Princess
Certainly I’m still mining my experiences as a journalist. I think it’s no coincidence that all three of my novels basically are about how people act in a time of catastrophe. Do they go to their best self or their worst self?
Geraldine Brooks
The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches: you are the goal. You are the answer. It’s never outside.
Eckhart Tolle
Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.
The man who must brag for himself knows that no one else will
Robin Hobb
The extreme self-sacrifice characteristic of group-selected species such as ants and bees can often be found among soldiers.
Jonathan Haidt
Only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
To certain temperaments, especially when previously agitated by any deep feeling, there is perhaps nothing more exasperating, andwhich sooner explodes all self-command, than the coarse, jeering insolence of a porter, cabman, or hack-driver.
Herman Melville
My quarrel with the advocates of contraceptives lies in their taking for granted that ordinary mortals cannot exercise self-control.
Mahatma Gandhi
Don’t judge your success by other peoples opinions. Have self belief.
Nigel Godrich
I knew that, without killing the creative mood, I had to keep the balance between my emotional outburst and the merciless discipline of a super-personal control, thus submitting myself ti the self-imposed law of dance composition
Mary Wigman
… the self respect of individuals ought to make them demand of their leaders conformity with an agreed-upon code of ethics and moral conduct.
Mary Barnett Gilson
There are a lot of forms of exercise where you have to leave yourself out of the room while you force yourself to do this thing. With Pilates, I get to bring my true self. I cry, I laugh. I get to go, ‘Where is my body today? What do I need today? How can I take care of myself and push myself past my comfort zone?’
Kerry Washington
Apathy is the self-defense of the powerless.
Letty Cottin Pogrebin
But what many psychologists have done, probably because they did well on a test themselves and everyone wants high self esteem, is to create this little box and then do their research inside it.
Robert Sternberg
For me art and chess are closely related, both are forms in which the self finds beauty and expression.
Vladimir Kramnik
The boundary line between self and external world bears no relation to reality; the distinction between ego and world is made by spitting out part of the inside, and swallowing in part of the outside.
Norman O. Brown
The larger the ego, the less the need for other egos around. The more modest, humble, and self-effacing we feel, the more we suffer from solitude, feeling ourselves inadequate company.
Barbara Holland
The power of the Plus Factor is potential but it is not self-activating. It is latent in human beings and will remain latent until it is activated.
Norman Vincent Peale
We’re self obsessed and mad and stupid – not that other people can’t be the same way – but the extremes are kind of honest in some mad way. Anyway, I like them.
Kenneth Branagh
The basic of all morality is duty, a concept with the same relation to group that self-interest has to individual.
Robert A. Heinlein
O abyss! O eternal Godhead! O deep sea! What more could you have given me than the gift of your very self?
St. Catherine of Siena
In 1999, I said that in about a decade we would see technologies such as self-driving cars and mobile phones that could answer your questions, and people criticized these predictions as unrealistic.
Ray Kurzweil
History is like self-reflection through the medium of language propelling itself into self-recognition.
Terence McKenna
Writing itself is a dream. There are days of self doubt and deadlines and wondering how you’re going to pay the bills until you write that bestseller. But it’s still the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve also been able to help a lot of people and even inspire a few and that feels great.
Graham Brown
I am the center of the world, but the control panel seems to be somewhere else.
Mason Cooley
After death the soul possesses self-consciousness, otherwise, it would be the subject of spiritual death, which has already been disproved. With this self-consciousness necessarily remains personality and the consciousness of personal identity.
Immanuel Kant
To be able to throw one’s self away for the sake of a moment, to be able to sacrifice years for a woman’s smile – that is happiness.
Hermann Hesse
Play is the most natural method of self-healing that childhood affords.
Erik Erikson
I saw that publishing all over the world was deeply constrained by self-censorship, economics and political censorship, while the military-industrial complex was growing at a tremendous rate, and the amount of information that it was collecting about all of us vastly exceeded the public imagination.
Julian Assange
Everybody likes to get as much power as circumstances allow, and nobody will vote for a self-denying ordinance.
Lord Acton
Whoever will be free must make himself free. Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man’s lap. What is freedom? To have the will to be responsible for one’s self.
Max Stirner
Russia sees itself as a country that is self-sufficient.
Sergei Ivanov
How wonderful to know that when Jesus Christ speaks to you and to me, he enables you to understand yourself, to die to that self because of the cross, and brings the real you to birth.
Ravi Zacharias
[ New York ] is a place that worships incompetence particularly if it’s combined with energy and paranoid self-confidence. Only in a city like New York could Truman Capote have made it, or John Simon.
Gore Vidal
I can hardly find the words to describe the peace I felt when I was acting. My dysfunctional self could actually plug in to another self, not my own, and it felt so good.
Thandie Newton
My opinion is that I follow what the Lord says. Or I try to. Others are following what they want to do, basically. They are living for their self. I am living for God.
Tyson Fury
When a young non-white male is stopped and searched at the whim of a police officer, his idea of personal space, privacy and self esteem are shattered, to say nothing of his Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment protections. The damage goes deep quickly and stays. Stop & frisk, as well as a tactic, is also an incitement.
Henry Rollins
I am absolutely and inherently self-destructive in that I am always making sure I’m doing what I want to do.
Dan Harmon
My mother really wanted me to be in possibly a beauty pageant, not only for if I could win, but it helped improve my self-image because of trauma in my childhood and other issues.
Pam Grier
Swords don’t glorify the creator-God. Love does. Self-giving love, best of all.
N. T. Wright
That the self advances and confirms the ten thousand things is called delusion; that the ten thousand things advance and confirm the self is called enlightenment.
Because I’ve been so blessed with a background in nursing and spent so much time with patients at a really intimate, vulnerable time in their lives, the one lesson I’ve learned is that you never turn down a challenge where you can keep your creative integrity and your heart and soul and your sense of self.
Bonnie Hunt
I’m trying to educate people about things that I believe are right, and some of the things that I believe are right might not be right, so I live in constant self-doubt. I think that creates a kind of search that you have to have, and it prevents you from doing a lot of stuff that you would normally do.
James McBride
There is a terrible blindness in the love that wants only to accommodate. It’s not only to do with omissions and half-truths. It implants a lack of being in the speaker and robs the self of an identity without which it is impossible for one to grow close to another.
Alexander Theroux
Other than life experience, nothing left a deeper imprint on my formative self than the movies.
Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Fighting with self!! Why not? If we can live in harmony with self, we also have a full right to fight ourselves as well.
Mahesh Babu
It could be the make-or-break of getting that job. Obviously, your appearance matters. It helps with your self-esteem. You definitely, definitely want to put your best foot forward.
Keith Anderson
The guys who stick around are the smartest guys and the guys who are the most self-driven. You have to have drive. The coaches can only take you so far. You have to want to learn and work.
Aaron Rodgers
An act of renunciation is an act of union with God. The Divine Master looks lovingly upon a person who gains a victory over self.
Madeleine Sophie Barat
Stop asking for directions so much. Assuming that you’re in a safe environment, pay attention and figure things out for yourself. Have the nerve to take a wrong turn now and then. You’ll develop better working instincts and have more self-esteem too.
Marilyn vos Savant
The spontaneous power of the child, his demand for self-expression, can not by any possibility be suppressed.
John Dewey
The first six years of my career, I got more comments on my weight than on my singing. So I think I became so self-conscious that I started working on it harder.
Kenny Rogers
I’m not incredibly self-conscious. I don’t really feel like I walk around making fashion or my appearance the most important thing in the world. It’s certainly not the way that I live my life. I’m not really sure how the magazines perceive me because I don’t read them.
Jessica Alba
The physical ego, the active consciousness in man, should uplift its body-identified self into unity with the soul, its true nature; it should not allow itself to remain mired in the lowly delusive strata of the senses and material entanglement.
Paramahansa Yogananda
Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.
Henry David Thoreau
Happy Tuesday! We are responsible for peace and order in our lives! When your world is CONSTANTLY filled with chaos, then it’s time to take a look at SELF!
Tracey Edmonds
Humans have a soul which is their real higher self; a Divine, Mighty, Being.
Edward Bach
Even if this advice to portfolio decision makers to drop dead is good advice, it obviously is not counsel that will be eagerly followed. Few people will commit suicide without a push. And fewer still will pay good money to be told to do what is against human nature and self-interest to do.
Paul Samuelson
My uncomfortable duty as a Christian is to confess the truth, so lethal to our self-centered human nature: ‘Jesus, who suffered your sin unto his own death, calls you likewise to forgive, so that God’s purposes may be accomplished in both you and your offender.
Gordon Dalbey
Like blind hens, we are ignorant of our own self and the depths within us.
Johannes Tauler
He that attends to his interior self,
That has a heart, and keeps it; has a mind
That hungers, and supplies it; and who seeks
A social, not a dissipated life,
Has business.
William Cowper
I think that we are supernatural. We are unique. We’re the only animals in the universe that we know of that actually have self-consciousness, a sense of time and our own mortality.
Anne Rice
Being our Self is the wisest philosophy, the bravest action, the kindest consideration and the greatest act of healing imaginable.
Robert Holden
The world of the egotist is, inevitably, a narrow world, and the boundaries of self are limited to the close horizon of personality…. But, within this horizon, there is room for many attributes that are excellent.
Ellen Glasgow
Believe in some beneficent force beyond your own limited self. God, god, god: where are you? I want you, need you: the belief in you and love and mankind.
Sylvia Plath
If someone harmed or tortured or killed one of my children I’d feel everything almost anyone else would feel. I’d probably have intense feelings of revenge. But these feelings would fade. In the end they’re small and self-concerned. Only the grief would last.
Galen Strawson
The artist who makes himself accessible is self-destructive.
Howard Barker
I like to be comfortable. And I don’t like to have to worry about having to adjust things if things are too short; I don’t want to feel self conscious, so I like to wear things that make me feel empowered.
Gwendoline Christie
There are two persons in the world we never see as they are,–one’s self and one’s other self.
Arsene Houssaye
How often it is that the angry man rages denial of what his inner self is telling him.
Frank Herbert
No day-to-day mishaps or indignities can really compromise your sense of self after you’ve survived a deep tragedy.
Kelsey Grammer
In keeping with original Mormon teachings, much of the property in Hildale and Colorado City is held in trust for the church. Striving to be as self-sufficient as possible, the community grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and everyone, including children, is expected to help bring in the yield.
Scott Anderson
It is important to have the attitude and self confidence to be Barca’s goalkeeper, and that I’ve got.
Marc-Andre ter Stegen
Self-expression is a hallmark of an artist, of art, to get something off one’s chest, to sing one’s song. So that element is present in all art. It is the key to even standing up and saying, “Hey, listen to me.” Self-expression can be based on looking at the world and making observations about it.
George Carlin
The problem is that we as a society simply accept these unrealistic standards: that you have to be thin to be perfect, to be beautiful, to be successful at work and to have a good relationship. And it is making us sick. This self-loathing is crippling women.
Crystal Renn
With acting I am being led by the script, other actors, the director, etc. But with songwriting I feel it is much more self reliant and allows me to be in the creative experience without being as dependent on others.
Helen Slater
I started acting long before I decided to pursue it. I started acting as an amateur when I was a kid, but I wanted to become a diplomat. It was self-centered and weird, but I had this idea of going out in the world and solving conflicts and making the world a better place.
Stellan Skarsgard
If happiness comes at all: which is by no means prearranged; it comes by the way, while you are seeking for something else. Something outside yourself, beyond yourself: in a brief absorption of self-forgetfulness.
Caitlin Thomas
My anatomy was self-taught. I feel everybody has that ability. I drew instinctively. Mine was an instinctive style.
Jack Kirby
My definition of bad-ass is that I’m a force of nature and true spirit. I’m self-admitting that, and it sounds vain to say that, but I am.
Idris Elba
Men have better self-images than women. You know what I’ve never seen in a men’s magazine? A makeover.
Rita Rudner
One’s own flowers and some of one’s own vegetables make acceptable, free, self-congratulatory gifts when visiting friends, though giving zucchini – or leaving it on the doorstep, ringing the bell, and running – is a social faux pas.
Barbara Holland
And so I tell you this: be now and forever centered upon your Self. Look to see what you are being, doing, and having in any given moment, not what’s going on with another.
Neale Donald Walsch
When you talk to a young teenage girl, they’re just full of self-loathing. The reason they feel self-loathing is they don’t feel normal. It is a world that has not been built for them. It’s been built for men, and that’s why they feel bad.
Caitlin Moran
Every time a man rises from defeat, he becomes mentally and emotionally stronger. Thus, in time, one may actually find his self – his true, inner self – through temporary defeat.
Napoleon Hill
It takes nearly as much ability to know how to profit by good advice as to know how to act for one’s self.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Is it not the artist who – like our dreams – dissolves the pretenses that hide us from ourselves, disclosing both our self-serving fantasies and our unsuspected potentialities?
Dorothy Norman
I’m suspicious of dreams in books too. Because they’re boring and too self-serving.
Jill Alexander Essbaum
Uncontrolled temper is soon dissipated on others. Resentment, bitterness, and self-pity build up inside our hearts and eat away at our spiritual lives like a slowly spreading cancer.
Jerry Bridges
Your own self, your personality and existence are reflected within the mind of each of the people whom you meet, … into a likeness, a caricature of yourself, which still lives on and appears to be, in some way, the truth about you. Even a flattering picture is… a lie.
Isak Dinesen
What kind of man reads Playboy? He is fastidious about his appearance, his home and his possessions. He wants as much sex as possible and chooses sexual partners mostly on the basis of appearance. He is self-absorbed and doesn’t want emotional involvement or commitment. He thinks a woman and children would be a burden.
Henry Makow
It’s a hell of a thing to be born, and if you’re born you’re at least entitled to your own self.
Louise Berliawsky Nevelson
Advice from others is always filtered through self interest.
James Cook
I don’t recognize my former self. Like I’m on the outside looking in at my life. Who is that guy?
Victor Cruz
Self-tragedy is always a great way to dramatize yourself – ask any teenager.
David Lee Roth
Obamas foreign policy is strangely self-centered, focused on himself and the United States rather than on the conduct and needs of the nations the United States allies with, engages with, or must confront.
Elliott Abrams
Self-confidence is a must for a fulfilled life. If you have a divine self-confidence, you know how fortunate you are. Study yourself, you have awareness and infinite power within you. choose to build an image in your marvelous mind of what you want to do. Happiness, health and prosperity will be your rewards.
Bob Proctor
Salvakalpa samadhi is absorption in eternity to the point where there is no real concept of self but there’s still a karmic chain. Nirvikalpa samadhi is absorption in nirvana; concepts of self and no-self go away completely.
Frederick Lenz
People whose lives are barren and insecure seem to show a greater willingness to obey than people who are self-sufficient and self-confident. To the frustrated, freedom from responsibility is more attractive than freedom from restraint.
Eric Hoffer
Without trying to get too self-indulgent, there’s a fine line between making something that’s soundtracky and cinematic, or making it sound like a bad 70s prog-rock record.
Jason Reece
A book is solitude, privacy; it is a way of holding the self apart from the crush of the outer world.
Sven Birkerts
Novel-writing is a settling, lovely space. I call it self-indulgent – I feel mildly guilty about it.
Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
Self-hate is a form of mental slavery that results in poverty, ignorance, and crime.
Susan L. Taylor
…self-consciousness is a man’s worst enemy.
Nick Hornby
Everyone’s always like, ‘Be your best self!’ And that drives me bananas, because when you’re not, it makes you feel really bad.
Tracee Ellis Ross
Growth is transcending yourself, your habitual self, which is none other than ego.
Lester Levenson
To have no heroes is to have no aspiration, to live on the momentum of the past, to be thrown back upon routine, sensuality, and the narrow self.
Charles Horton Cooley
To be agreeable, all that is necessary is to take an interest in other persons and in other things, to recognize that other people as a rule are much like one’s self, and thankfully to admit that diversity is a glorious feature of life.
Frank Arthur Swinnerton
Most comedians want to be the architect of their own embarrassment. They have horrible self-esteem issues. I would rather push myself into the mud. I don’t want to be pushed into the mud. I think that is probably true. I think most people struggle with self-acceptance. But comedians get a chance to self externalize.
Mike Myers
Apocalypse can mean the unveiling of the deeper self of humanity.
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Birth is a shadow. Courage, self-sustained, outlords succession’s phlegm, and needs no ancestors.
Aaron Hill
I think your self emerges more clearly over time.
Meryl Streep
Fame can be very disruptive. It can be like a drug. It gives you the feeling that you’re happy, it gives you the feeling of self-importance, it gives you the feeling of fullfilment; but it can distract you from what is really important.
Madonna Ciccone
A country whose culture is based on nonviolence will find it necessary to have every home as much self-contained as possible.
Mahatma Gandhi
Everyone makes a difference. Someone who does something for others makes a big difference. A person who has no self-interest to do things for others makes a bigger difference. But, one who does everything for everyone for the sake of humanity without vested interest makes a real big difference for sustainability.
What does God hate or punish except self-will? Let self-will cease, and there will be no hell. On what does that fire feed except on self-will?
Bernard of Clairvaux
And of all illumination which human reason can give, none is comparable to the discovery of what we are, our nature, our obligations, what happiness we are capable of, and what are the means of attaining it.
Adam Weishaupt
Every single girl in the world has had to fight to have herself heard, to have space, and to have a self in societies that try their best to deny them all three.
Marjorie Liu
True happiness comes from gaining insight and growing into your best possible self. Otherwise all you’re having is immediate gratification pleasure, which is fleeting and doesn’t grow you as a person.
Sexy at the millennium means having a solid sense of self but never taking yourself too seriously.
Rebecca Romijn
A protest meeting on the issue of environmental abuse is not a convocation of accusers, it is a convocation of the guilty. The realization ought to clear the smog of self-righteousness that has always conventionally hovered over these occasions, and let us see the work that is to be done.
Wendell Berry
Two and two only supreme and luminously self-evident beings, myself and my Creator.
John Henry Newman
On any high-performing team I’ve been a part of, putting mission first, and team before self, was always key to collective success.
Chris Fussell
We are all more similar than we usually realize. So much of the suffering we do in our life is because of obsession with self.
Michael Adam Hamilton
Is it against justice or reason to love ourselves? And why is self-love always a vice?
Luc de Clapiers
I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I’d have done it a lot earlier.
Oprah Winfrey
The journey into self-love and self-acceptance must begin with self-examination. … until you take the journey of self-reflection, it is almost impossible to grow or learn in life.
Iyanla Vanzant
Identity is gradual, cumulative; because there is no need for it to manifest itself, it shows itself intermittently, the way a star hints at the pulse of its being by means of its flickering light. But at what moment in this oscillation is our true self manifested? In the darkness or the twinkle?
Sergio Chejfec
To counter the fixation on a rhetoric of victimhood, black folks must engage in a discourse of self-determination.
Bell Hooks
That is a Nazi expression. The Nazis called Germans who defended Jewish rights self-hating Germans.
Israel Shahak
When I lead essay workshops, I ask students to come up with at least five topics, which they’ll narrow down to one. The winning idea should be the story the student is most excited to tell because it honestly reflects his or her best self.
Kate Klise
There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity.
Nathaniel Branden
I run each day to preserve the self I attained the day before and to secure the self yet to be.
George A. Sheehan
So I went to a club the other day, which is timely because my self esteem had been hovering right around ‘normal’ and I had been meaning to knock it down to negative 1000.
Mike Birbiglia
It’s thrilling and it’s an honor to be part of something bigger than your own self.
Venus Williams
Refinement is the lifting of one’s self upwards from the merely sensual; the effort of the soul to etherealize the common wants and uses of life.
Henry Ward Beecher
I think human self-hatred may be the great untold story of the millennium. It’s the common thread linking deep ecology and animal rights, the love and money we lavish on pets, the uneasy longing for extraterrestrials to be meddling with us.
Annie Gottlieb
Girls’ inner critics are starting to reveal themselves at a younger and younger age. And body image issues are an aspect of their lives which is causing them low self esteem and day-to-day suffering.
Elizabeth Berkley
Self-deceit is a most damaging trait. The remedy, for an artist, is to paint a self-portrait!
Scott Kahn
Officers are taught to use all the tricks and lies that courts permit within the scope of the Fifth Amendment’s shield against self-incrimination.
David K. Shipler
Self-importance requires spending most of one’s life offended by something or someone.
Carlos Castaneda
I don’t have a lot of self-confidence. I’m getting there. Before I had zero confidence, but it’s one of those things you learn and accept.
Eliot Paulina Sumner
Making our goal anything other than peace is emotionally self-destructive.
Marianne Williamson
To lose one’s self in reverie, one must be either very happy, or very unhappy. Reverie is the child of extremes.
Antoine Rivarol
There is as much vanity in self-scourgings as in self-justification.
Storm Jameson
The black church often has reinforced certain self images that are damaging to black peoples’ beauty, black peoples’ confidence.
Cornel West
Nowadays, with history not being taught anymore in American public schools, self-esteem is taking its place.
Dennis Miller
What the neurology tells us is that the self consists of many components, and the notion of one unitary self may well be an illusion.
Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
Art today is a new kind of instrument, an instrument for modifying consciousness and organizing new modes of sensibility . . . . Artists have had to become self-conscious aestheticians: continually challenging their means, their materials and methods.
Susan Sontag
I was trying to break out of the suburbs, and when I did break out, I don’t think I took my whole self with me – I think I played a role of being too cool and hip.
Liz Phair
Some of the more popular life-centers for teens include Friends, Stuff, Enemies, Self, and Work. They each have their good points, but they are all incomplete in one way or another, and they’ll mess you up if you center your life on any one of them to the exclusion of the others.
Sean Covey
Swaraj of a people means the sum total of the Swaraj (self-rule) of individuals.
Mahatma Gandhi
I am assuming my father learned at an early age that there is nothing more dangerous than showing your true self. I think a lot of us learn that, and it actually may be true.
Bruce Eric Kaplan
It was essentially for self defence that we went to war in Afghanistan and would go to war in Iraq.
Douglas Hurd
The sovereignty of one’s self over one’s self is called Liberty.
Albert Pike
Self-realization is a process of permanent auto-creation, an elaboration of the new man at the expense of the old.
Nikolai Berdyaev
True self-esteem is realizing that you are valuable because you were born. No matter where you came from, what color your skin is, what people say about your family or what mean things people may have done to you, because you were born, you are important and you matter.
Oprah Winfrey
Self-love knows no impediment.
Lynda Obst
This religion takes away the courage of thinking of unusual things and prohibits self-examination above all as the most egregiousof sins…. It is one step away from protestantism.
Reality TV is the perfect antidote to people who don’t have enough self-centered douchebags in their life.
Dana Gould
My library is my kingdom, and here I try to make my rule absolute-shutting off this single nook from wife, daughter and society. Elsewhere I have only a verbal authority, and vague. Unhappy is the man, in my opinion, who has no spot at home where he can be at home to himself-to court himself and hide away.
Michel de Montaigne
Sacrifice does not mean that, by giving, we lose something. We sacrifice our limited self to our highest and largest Self, and at that time we immediately become the largest and the highest Self.
Sri Chinmoy
I learned the technology and tradecraft of electronic security in self defense, with a lot of expert help.
Barton Gellman
What is needed is the development in men of that particular type of skill which will enable them to make social use of knowledge already in their possession; enable them to apply simple, sometimes self-evident, truths to the guidance of their common life.
Norman Angell
When we are away from home, our only constant companion is our self.
Rory MacLean
Friendship with ones self is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Self-restraint is feeling your oats without sowing them.
Shannon Fife
For me, art really starts with acceptance, self trust. Wherever you come to with art, it’s perfect. You don’t have to come with anything. What you bring to something is the art. That’s where it’s found. It’s found within you.
Jeff Koons
Your real self – the ‘I am I’ – is master of this land, the ruler of this empire. You rightfully have power and dominion over it, all its inhabitants, and all contained in its realm.
Robert Collier
Writers are doubters, compulsives, self-flagellants. The torture only stops for brief moments.
Erica Jong
The practice of any art demands more than ‘mere savoir faire’. One must not only be in love with what one does, one must also know how to make love. In love self is obliterated. Only the beloved counts.
Henry Miller
Our own private intuition is the catalyst for self-improvement and self-realization, because when it comes to making deep and lasting changes in one’s personal life, it is only subjective experience, not facts, that registers as real.
Penney Peirce
Nothing is eternal but that which is done for God and others. That which is done for self dies.
John H Aughey
Self-loathing doesn’t keep me from being happy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle.
Megan Fox
You’ll say I’m self-destructive I constructed all this tragedy. Go tell them all it’s all my fault You’ll tell them I was crazy . And anyway it’s over now Nothing left to say.
Alicia Witt
My only thrill is self inflicted hickies.
Rodney Dangerfield
In other words, knowledge of the external world begins with an immediate utilisation of things, whereas knowledge of self is stopped by this purely practical and utilitarian contact.
Jean Piaget
The life of a Christian is nothing but a perpetual struggle against self; there is no flowering of the soul to the beauty of its perfection except at the price of pain.
Pio of Pietrelcina
Well, you can say there is a self driving car. I’m seeing the automation of vehicles. Really, computer-assisted driving. I think that is really interesting to us because we are taking all of the sensors technologies and putting them in cars and making people safer.
Tony Fadell
I know my 17-year-old self would read my bourgeois fiction, full of metaphors and rhythmic prose, with a sinking heart.
Jim Crace
I really work on paying attention to the clues my self is giving myself. For instance, I think of myself in the third person. That allows me to manage myself better.
Gretchen Rubin
We dream of a day when India is completely self-reliant in defence production & exports defence equipment worldwide.
Narendra Modi
Tantra means the avoidance of a set or defined form of spirituality. Tantra is intuitive self-discovery.
Frederick Lenz
To know one’s self, one must go all the way to horror.
Jacques-Benigne Bossuet
Forget the cringing selves you sometimes are and remember, instead, the magic essence of your own being that sings even now through your fingertips. That is the reality which you are seeking. Experience it fully.
All the four stages in a man’s life are devised by the seers in Hinduism for imposing discipline and self-restraint.
Mahatma Gandhi
Without seeing the origin of light, the true form of one’s Self, the ordinary man sees by the mind different things and is deluded.
Ramana Maharshi
Tuskegee is a state of mind as it is a place, a place of possibility, hope, promise, self-empowerment, and where dreams come true.
Where art is concerned, it is the process of creating – exploring, discovering, and experimenting — that has the greatest value. Through self-expression and creativity, children’s skills will develop naturally, and their ability to create will soar.
MaryAnn F. Kohl
In 1968 I frequently would sit in a photo booth and practice self mirror images which I then documented photographically. Curious types would always open the curtains and chase me away. Today I work with a photographer.
Arnulf Rainer
The best thing about bugs is their lack of self consciousness, also the ability to fly doesn’t hurt.
Dov Davidoff
To deny our pasts is to burn the bridge we must cross to self-understanding.
Richard Paul Evans
The self holds both a hell and a heaven.
Lewis Mumford
I think it’s increasingly hard to have deep self-knowledge without entering the darkness in some way.
Sam Keen
I invest because I love helping entrepreneurs and watching them learn and succeed. In my opinion your motives are driven by self serving factors around ego satisfaction and “making a buck”. My motives and values are very different.
Ron Conway
So much of my self worth was tied with my position. It felt like I was being enveloped in darkness. It was a sense of loss of enthusiasm, a loss of happiness, a significant decline in self worth.
Tom Johnson
Love of others is the appreciation of one’s self.
Mina Loy
Boys with a failure to launch are invisible to most girls. With poor social skills, the boys feel anger at their fear of being rejected and self-loathing at their inability to compete.
Warren Farrell
I think we are able to keep active provided we approach our lives with creativity. I think the mere fact that we keep doing is self-creating.
Jessica Tandy
Cats … are completely self-sufficient and can leave you at any time and go off and make a living. And yet cats can have warm and loving relationships with humans.
Jean Craighead George
To really ‘live,’ that is to find life reasonably satisfying, you must have an adequate and realistic self-image that you can life with. You must find yourself acceptable to ‘you.’
Maxwell Maltz
Self-knowledge is essential not only to writing, but to doing almost anything really well. It allows you to work through from a deep place – from the deep, dark corners of your subconscious mind.
Meg Rosoff
Among all the tragic consequences of depression and war, this suppression of personal self-expression through one’s life work is among the most poignant.
Henry Wriston
There can be no place for self entirely
Horatio Nelson
Think nothing profitable to you which compels you to break a promise, to lose your self respect, to hate any person, to curse, to act the hypocrite.
Marcus Aurelius
Words in the mind are like colors on the palette of the artist. The more colors we have access to, the easier it is to create a captivating picture on the canvas, and the more practice we give to using those many colors appropriately and uniquely, the more likely we will be to create a masterpiece of self expression.
Jim Rohn
Man’s rights are evident branches of, rather than deductions from, the duty of self-preservation, commonly called the first law of nature.
Samuel Adams
Contact with the sacred occurs in the stillness of the heart and mind. If there is any real destination to the spiritual quest, it is this point of silence, the middle of the spiral, the center of the self. … The only map that does the spiritual traveler any good is one that leads to the center.
Christina Baldwin
To be interested in the public good we must be disinterested, that is, not interested in goods in which our personal selves are wrapped up.
George H. Mead
Awareness of the self is more acutely at the heart of things than it has ever been before. On the foundation of self-awareness alone rest all our hopes for a new politics, a new society, a revitalized life. If we do not genuinely know ourselves, the void will now, at last, surely rise up to meet us.
Vivian Gornick
Agreeable then to my present inclination, I formed the object of my own worship, which was no other than my own understanding.
Sarah Fielding
We [Jews] have no other means of self-defense than our solidarity
Albert Einstein
Marilyn Monroe seemed to have a kind of unconscious glow about her physical self that was innocent, like a child. When she posed nude, it was ‘Gee, I am kind of, you know, sort of dishy,’ like she enjoyed it without being egotistical.
Elizabeth Taylor
Just as my fingers on these keys make music, so the self-same sounds on my spirit make a music too.
Wallace Stevens
The greatest possession is Self-possession.
Ethel Mumford
It wasn’t until we got over the self pity that we were able to accept suffering as apart of our life with Christ. A man or woman reaches this plane only when he or she ceases to be the hero.
Corazon Aquino
I have never admitted the right of an elderly author to alter the work of a young author, even when the young author happens to be his former self.
George Bernard Shaw
Ours is the one ever-present voice in our lives. Therefore, it is crucial that our self-talk instill confidence within us and is supportive, not submerging, and that our attitudes toward ourselves help keep our spirits afloat through acceptance and trust. We are our own most important and influential buoy.
Sue Thoele
Self carries grief as a pack mule carries the side bags, being careful between the trees to leave extra room.
Jane Hirshfield
In commitment, we dash the hopes of a thousand potential selves.
Lord Byron
Writers don’t always know what they mean – that’s why they write. Their work stands in for them. On the page, the reader meets the authoritative, perfected self; in life, the writer is lumbered with the uncertain, imperfect one.
John Lahr
I think because I did become a well-known face in my thirties and not in my twenties, I was pretty settled in my boots and I knew who I was. And I think there’s a sort of Scottish thing, too, where you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you don’t get carried away with your own sense of self-importance.
Ashley Jensen
The promotion of “self-esteem” in our schools has been so successful that people feel free to spout off about all sorts of things – and see no reason why their opinions should not be taken as seriously as the views of people who actually know what they are talking about.
Thomas Sowell
Lovers may be – and indeed generally are – enemies, but they never can be friends, because there must always be a spice of jealousy and a something of Self in all their speculations.
Lord Byron
Human institutions depend for their existence and stability on the impulse of self-preservation and its close associate, – the fear instinct.
Boris Sidis
We’re all human so of course there are days when I’m feeling insecure. When that happens, I take time to reflect on how far I’ve come and how far I will continue to go – it helps me feel empowered and self-assured.
Demi Lovato
Pride is a fault that great men blush not to own: it is the ennobled offspring of self-love; though, it must be confessed, grave and pompous vanity, Iike a fat plebeian in a rove of office, does very often assume its name.
Joanna Baillie
I began to go into samadhi, not just occasionally, but every day many times a day until I reached a point where I could no longer distinguish between ordinary and non-ordinary reality. For me it is all the same. I am in a state of continuous absorption in the Self.
Frederick Lenz
True genius, in strategy or anywhere, lies in self-control, self-mastery, presence of mind, fluidity of thought.
Robert Greene
An eagerness and zeal for dispute on every subject, and with every one, shows great self-sufficiency, that never-failing sign of great self-ignorance.
William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham
Fire and Water are archetypes, the split sides of consciousness; one aware, the other, not. The two parts of us that desire synthesis, yet resist it: the self and the shadow. But they are also the element of chance, of the random roll of dice.
Chris Abani
If happiness in self-content is placed, The wise are wretched, and fools only blessed.
William Congreve
Stand up for who you are. Respect your Self and ignite the divine sparks in you. Access your powers. Choose your rights and work together with others to bring blessings into the lives.
Amit Ray
There is a core of people who know and love Madam C.J. Walker, but there’s a much larger audience who don’t really know about her. I think ‘Self Made’ will give people a window into her life.
A’Lelia Bundles
There are so many people with great work ethics that I’ve been around. I try and take the best qualities from the people I admire and apply it to my own self.
Big Sean
Everybody wants confidence but you don’t find it in self help books. You find confidence in the Holy Spirit.
Rick Warren
By removing that which is petty and self-seeking, we bring forth all that is glorious and mindful of the whole.
Eknath Easwaran
When you write you in a way write out of what you think of as your best self, the part of you that is lacking in foibles and weaknesses and egotism and vanities and so on. You’re just trying to really say something as truthful as you can out of the best that you have in you.
Salman Rushdie
Remove the heavy clothing of your self-definition. You are not woman, you are not American, you are not son, you are not spiritual seeker, executive, teacher, unemployed, you are not wounded, you are not highly respected, you are not productive, you are not blah-blah-blah-blah.
Jan Frazier
No satisfaction based upon self-deception is solid.
Bertrand Russell
It’s normal for human beings to identify with their own separate self. The problem is that we get caught in that notion of ourself as a separate individual and caught in that individual self’s agenda.
Thich Nhat Hanh
Why are you lying awake, thinking that you’re a terrible person? To keep my mind occupied when I can’t sleep. Some people count sheep. I self-loathe.
Rainbow Rowell
Many of us get many messages in our lives, or think we get them. As long as the message is regarding our own selves, go on doing what you please. But when it is in regard to our contact with and behavior to others, think a hundred times before you act upon it-and then you will be safe.
Swami Vivekananda
Major theme of the book [“Hotels of North America”], from my point of view: what is persona, what is self, in the digital sphere, and/or what is the effect of it on self in a prolonged interaction.
Rick Moody
I was young and irresponsible, a silly woman laden with sin, not caring for anything except fame and fortune and self. But I have lived seeking truth in Jesus Christ and found it has made me free.
Follow your own path, no matter what people say.
Karl Marx
Metafiction says something. It has to do with taking a large fiction itself and writing within it; that kind of self-reflecting writing that emerges from it can be thought of as metafictional.
Robert Coover
For pride, which is the inordinate attribution of goods and values and glories to one’s own contingent self, cannot exist where there is no contingent self to which anything can be attributed.
Thomas Merton
Man’s conditioning has been so powerful that It has all but distroyed his ability to be self aware.
Herb Goldberg
If we cannot count on ourselves to do the right thing how can we count on anyone or anything else? Self-government won’t work without self-discipline.
Paul Harvey
When I draw my caricature self-portrait, I always do a huge smile.
Rolf Harris
Do not take someone’s silence as his pride, perhaps he is busy fighting with his self.
Ali ibn Abi Talib
The movie industry has ignored the success of films that look favorably on faith with the same sort of self-destructive stubbornness that has led to its continued sponsorship of antireligious-message movies.
Michael Medved
Rather than attend to a world considered as if it’s out there, I have to start to attend to me. That led to some things that I never wanted it to lead to, person as a sort of psychological miasma. I started to get wrapped up in self, and then, for the first time, self did become an autobiographical self.
Vito Acconci
If I could give my teenaged self any advice, it would be ‘Calm down!’
Zooey Deschanel
To know what that true self is without social pressure is to know your true nature.
Martha Beck
It is never the thing but the version of the thing:
The fragrance of the woman not her self,
Her self in her manner not the solid block,
The day in its color not perpending time,
Time in its weather, our most sovereign lord,
The weather in words and words in sounds of sound.
Wallace Stevens
The real friend is another self.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
I think Bush is amateurish and self-serving, and frankly, it’s disgusting.
Sandra Bernhard
“Getting away from it all,” many people want that, and of course ultimately the only way to get away from it all is to go within, now.
Eckhart Tolle
Indeed there are many competent people who are plagued by a sense of inefficacy, and many less competent ones who remain unperturbed by impending threats because they are self-assured of their coping capabilities
Albert Bandura
Art is a war – between ourselves and the forces of self-sabotage that would stop us from doing our work. The artist is a warrior.
Steven Pressfield
You’ve got to believe in your damn self and do the damn thing, so I’m a big believer in self-belief, man, and going out there and working hard and sacrificing.
Max Holloway
If a man has lost a leg or an eye, he knows he has lost a leg or an eye; but if he has lost a self – himself – he cannot know it, because he is no longer there to know it.
Oliver Sacks
My dad was a self-taught stride piano player. The myth is – I don’t whether it’s true or not – that he taught himself to play by watching a player piano.
Mose Allison
Everyone needs a strong sense of self. It is our base of operations for everything that we do in life.
Julia Alvarez
The more I focused on my need to get better the worse I actually got – the more neurotic and self-conscious and self-absorbed I became.
Tullian Tchividjian
People are less self-conscious in the intimacy of family life and during the anxiety of a great sorrow. The dazzling varnish of anextreme politeness is then less in evidence, and the true qualities of the heart regain their proper proportions.
Note to self: Never ride a motorcycle in stilettos and a miniskirt.
Maggie Grace
Take away a man’s actual sense of manhood – which is conventionally based on the ability to work, to earn money, to be self-sufficient, to provide for children – and you’ve got to give them something else. And they did.
Fran Lebowitz
This is the nature of going forward into being: A series of self-transforming ascents of level.
Terence McKenna
Winning the men’s confidence requires much of a commander. He must exercise care and caution, look after his men, live under the same hardships, and-above all- apply self discipline. But once he has their confidence, his men will follow him through hell and high water.
Erwin Rommel
Society at present suffers far more from waste of money than from want of it. There is dignity in every attempt to economise. It indicates self-denial and imparts strength of character. It produces a well-regulated mind.
Morarji Desai
To be an actor, a lot of times it’s a strange combination of high confidence and low self-esteem. Which is a weird combination to have, but I think it’s sort of very common among actors.
Kurt Fuller
I was fortunate to sell at a time of great sea change in the romance genre; suddenly heroines were allowed to be portrayed as having rich, fulfilling lives. They didn’t need a man for security or self-esteem, but having that one very special man in their lives proved the icing on the cake.
JoAnn Ross
Our self image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become.
Maxwell Maltz
The peace you seek is there, it’s there between all the traffic in your mind, stop and rest for peace will find you if you let it.
Michael Dolan
I’m not going to spend two years on a film or four years on an opera if I don’t feel like I can put my own self into it. That doesn’t mean it has to be about myself.
Julie Taymor
I’m not looking for self-control.
Maggie Stiefvater
People always say theres no such thing as bad publicity, and you always think theyre right, because it seems self-evident: nobodys going to buy a magazine that nobody ever talks about, so people should want to buy a magazine that everybodys talking about.
Rachel Johnson
Self-pity gets you nowhere. But insight to see that something can be done with the second-bests and adventurous daring to try might be a handle to take hold of.
Harry Emerson Fosdick
True art and true science possess two unmistakable marks: the first, an inward mark, which is this, that the servitor of art and science will fulfil his vocation, not for profit but with self- sacrifice; and the second, an external sign, his productions will be intelligible to all the people whose welfare he has in view.
Leo Tolstoy