Senior Citizens Quotes

Senior Citizens Quotes by Steve King, Andrew Shue, Jeanine Pirro, Rose George, Carl Karcher, Loretta Lynch and many others.

All Americans have a sacred duty to guarantee Social Se

All Americans have a sacred duty to guarantee Social Security benefits to our nation’s senior citizens.
Steve King
Michael Sanchez and I grew up in New Jersey, not far from here, playing soccer together. When I was in high school, I worked to start an organization to help senior citizens, which I learned a great deal from.
Andrew Shue
There are crimes occurring against senior citizens in this country that are horrendous, that we don’t hear about.
Jeanine Pirro
Perhaps we believe that everything travels by air, or magically and instantaneously like information (which is actually anchored by cables on the seabed), not by hefty ships that travel more slowly than senior citizens drive.
Rose George
In addition we also hire many senior citizens.
Carl Karcher
Housing programs designed to help young families and senior citizens purchase homes should be available to people of all races, including African Americans.
Loretta Lynch
I represent poor people, I represent working people. I represent senior citizens. I represent family businesses. I represent people who don’t have the wherewithal to hire overpriced Washington lobbyists and lawyers. I want to send the powers back to the states and the people.
Paul Broun
Nobody wants to pay higher taxes. But do you want your kids to get a good education? You have to pay for that. Do you want Medicare for senior citizens? I do. We have to pay for it.
Shelley Berkley
The nation’s children, families, poor, workers, and senior citizens deserve more than lip service. They deserve more than outrage. They deserve real support, protection, and solid action.
Blase J. Cupich
Stages of life are artifacts. Adolescence is a useful contrivance, midlife is a moving target, senior citizens are an interest group, and tweenhood is just plain made up.
Jill Lepore
Most of the State of the Union will not be about Iraq. Most of the State of the Union will be about improving America’s economy and providing greater access to health care for millions of American people, including senior citizens.
Ari Fleischer
My favorite comedians were Jimmy Durante, George Burns, senior citizens.
Joseph Bologna
There are too many senior citizens and good residents in Chicago who are sick and tired of having to walk several blocks out of their way when they leave their homes just to avoid the gangs and drug dealers on the street corner.
Rahm Emanuel
We have an opportunity, but we have an obligation to senior citizens and to the younger people who are entering the workforce today to help ensure that they are going to be able to trust the government to have a workable program that benefits them as well.
Thad Cochran
What we need is to make our senior citizens feel secure once more with their own Social Security and Medicare. But going forward, we need to personalize that program in a way that the government can’t go in and raid it any more.
Sharron Angle
Enrolling in the Medicare Prescription Drug Program will be a great savings for most senior citizens.
Paul Gillmor
After a lifetime of working, raising families, and contributing to the success of this nation in countless other ways, senior citizens deserve to retire with dignity.
Charlie Gonzalez
I have a great affinity for senior citizens.
Bonnie Hunt
If your audience is young, it’d be youth culture, if your audience is older, it’d be older people, if it were senior citizens, it’d be senior citizen issues. So you try and hit the target audience.
Kurt Loder
We’re sober now, and we all have families and obligations of being senior citizens. Oh, that’s hard to say. We have grown-up responsibilities. We used to all live in the same car.
Joe Walsh
Medicare and Social Security have created the healthiest and most financially secure generation of senior citizens in American history.
Jim Walsh
Building a home for neglected senior citizens is my long time dream.
Hansika Motwani
And because of these programs like Medicare, Medicare prescription drugs, Social Security, we now have the healthiest and wealthiest group of senior citizens that the world has ever seen. This is a continuing commitment to that.
James T. Walsh
An energy tax punishes senior citizens, it punishes rural Americans, if you use electricity it punishes you. This bill will increase your cost of living and may kill your job.
Newt Gingrich
Before Social Security existed, about half of America’s senior citizens lived in poverty.
Bernie Sanders
It is important to note that there are no age limitations on who can donate organs and tissue. Newborns as well as senior citizens have been organ donors.
Vic Snyder