Shirts Quotes

Shirts Quotes by Jerry Stahl, Lily James, Madonna Ciccone, Kanye West, Robert Bly, Paul Weller and many others.

For me there was never a lot of glamor involved in bein

For me there was never a lot of glamor involved in being a junkie, it was about trying to hide the puke and bloodstains on my shirt.
Jerry Stahl
I live in dungarees, and I love denim – I wear denim shirts a lot.
Lily James
Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots cause it’s okay to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading cause you think being a girl is degrading
Madonna Ciccone
When I say ‘Clean water was only served to the fairer skin,’ what I’m saying is we’re making product with chitlins. T-shirts! That’s the most we can make.
Kanye West
Siblings tend not to care much about boundaries and borders. Having worn each others’ T-shirts, it’s unlikely that they’d go to war over a border.
Robert Bly
I wear jeans and a T-shirt sometimes. I just like clothes – since the first time I can remember, like age ten or eleven; I was just obsessed with music and clothes. Just like a lot of people in England from my generation.
Paul Weller
I think a lot of people know me for just wearing cut-off denim shorts, an oversized white T-shirt with a pair of high-heels. I usually do wear basic stuff. Jeans and a white T is my go-to look.
Erin Wasson
By the dawn of the millennium, the hallways at Microsoft were no longer home to barefoot programmers in Hawaiian shirts working through nights and weekends toward a common goal of excellence; instead, life behind the thick corporate walls had become staid and brutish.
Kurt Eichenwald
I was not – even the notion of “could not” seems to suggest a moment of recognition, but it was such a repressed dimension – I was not able to NOT wear a shirt like my brothers could. My brothers would, in the heat, run around shirtless, and I wouldn’t do that, obviously.
Shirley Geok-lin Lim
I have known a German Prince with more titles than subjects, and a Spanish nobleman with more names than shirts.
Oliver Goldsmith
We want to keep extending our brand into different places, into movies and soundtracks and our music will live on through licensing and our brand lives on through merchandise and new generations will get to wear our clothing and our T-shirts and stuff that’s associated with us.
Nikki Sixx
I’ve always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet, … The White T.
Giorgio Armani
I do not mean to suggest for a moment that all it takes to be a top executive is a custom-tailored European suit. You also need the correct shirt and tie.
Dave Barry
Something I owe to the soil that grew-More to the life that fed-But most to Allah who gave me two Separate sides of my head. I would go without shirt or shoes, Friends, tobacco, or bread Sooner than for an instant lose Either side of my head.
Rudyard Kipling
I think a fragrance is more of a signature than even what you wear – something you’ll remember more down the road than a shirt.
Ryan Reynolds
I prefer simpler shirts, like a solid oxford or pinstripe, and with a solid cashmere crewneck or V-neck.
Michael Bastian
Tom Ford, who is my all-time favourite, once said to me, ‘Here’s the thing about dress shirts, Rob. You need white, and you need black.’ ‘What about blue,’ I asked. He said, ‘Have you ever seen Cary Grant in a blue dress shirt?’
Rob Lowe
Percy looked at his friends. “I’m getting tired of this guy’s shirt.” “Combat time?” Piper grabbed her horn of plenty. “I hate wonder bread,” Jason said. Together, they charged.
Rick Riordan
So, what did you get for me?” Angeline paused for a beat. “Jeans.” “What?” croaked Artemis. “And a T-shirt.
Eoin Colfer
My daughter made me a Jerry Springer-watching kit, with crackers, Cheez Whiz, polyester stretch pants and a T-shirt with two fat women fighting over a skinny guy.
Roseanne Barr
I was sitting here without a shirt on, absentmindedly scratching my back with a pen for about five minutes and I just looked in the mirror and saw that I had drawn a nice mural on my back. It looks kind of like a map of Wyoming, with all the rivers and mountain ranges, or maybe a portrait of Bob Marley. Yes. Tablature
Jade Puget
I love white shirts because they feel like a security blanket. You can wear them with anything. It’s the person and the way that they wear it that makes it different. I have been designing white shirts forever, but I don’t get tired of it.
Carolina Herrera
I have no problem at all taking my shirt off to tell a story.
Justin Hartley
In corporate levels, it’s all about tailoring your shirt and which tennis club you belong to and which watch you are wearing and what did you shoot last week?
Ron Livingston
Morelli grabbed the front of my shirt, pulled me to him, and kissed me. It was a great kiss, but I didn’t know what the heck it meant. It seemed to me a breaking up kiss would have had less tongue.
Janet Evanovich
Take on the pain and wear it as a shirt.
Amanda Palmer
I’ve always worn a lot of Ralph Lauren, and plaid shirts in general have been a signature piece for me. With plaid, you can look super-relaxed or you can look a bit dressed up.
I never get to wear a suit in my life, much less a tuxedo. It’s kind of really fun to get to dress up, because you take yourself a little more seriously if you dress nice in a starched shirt.
Lee Pace
I don’t wear plaid shirts.
Larry Gagosian
The Monte Carlo casino refused to admit me until I was properly dressed so I went and found my stockings, and then came back and lost my shirt.
Dorothy Parker
I tend to move between turtlenecks and shirts and ties. I don’t really have a uniform in the sense that some people might.
Norman Foster
To me the work is so much more interesting, the parts that don’t require you just to take your shirt off.
Morris Chestnut
I think my style is classic – I like wearing jeans and a white button-up shirt.
Kim Kardashian
[Trading] With the French one had to be especially careful. French oarswomen were known to take men aside, point to whatever they wanted, and then peel off their own shirts. It took great presence of mind to bargain with a half-naked Frenchwoman.
Stefan Kieszling
In the war room, love? What if someone comes in?” I stood and removed his shirt. “Then they’ll have a good story to tell.” “Good?” He adopted the pretense of being offended. “Prove me wrong.
Maria V. Snyder
Hello, Aaron,” Brigid said, sliding up to him and running a finger down his chest. “You’re looking good . . . as always.” Aaron lifted her finger off his shirt and let it drop. “Put some clothing on, Brigid.” She smiled up at him. “Why? Tempted?” “Yeah, to cover my eyes.
Kelley Armstrong
My dad is adorably optimistic, positive, pie-in-the-sky. He thinks every new song I write is my best. He sells T-shirts at my merchandise stands and hands out guitar picks to fans.
Taylor Swift
Whenever I see people with their collars up, I’m tempted to point it out to them like you would for someone who has a food stain on their shirt or food in their teeth, as if to say, ‘Your fashion sense is so offensive I’m assuming it’s some sort of accident you’ll want to fix.
Stephan Pastis
When I left Middlesbrough I went back there and bought a lot of shirts from the club shop and signed them for the fans. They were very good to me and I wanted to say thank you.
Adama Traore
I have a great plain blue shirt from APC, and a denim one from Dolce that I wear constantly. It’s hard to find the perfect denim shirt, but this is it.
Felicity Jones
I stop fighting my inner demons. We’re on the same side now. T-shirt
Darynda Jones
The best dresses are like t-shirts – you just put them on and forget about them.
Marc Jacobs
I go from a full working day to making sure I am home for dinner with my kids. I couldn’t do that in a 10cm mini skirt but I am not going to resort to sweatpants and an old t-shirt.
Donatella Versace
My standard uniform is a T-shirt and jeans.
Matt Bomer
Many years ago, I concluded that a few hair shirts were part of the mental wardrobe of every man. The president differs from other men in that he has a more extensive wardrobe.
Herbert Hoover
A nicely fitted two-button suit is the best thing any guy can have. Guys are lucky: We can wear a suit over and over, just with different shirts and ties.
Ryan Reynolds
There’s nothing like it, but it’s not as good as you think it’s going to be. . . . I was disappointed because there are records of people finding things that have been there for years. I was hoping for a shirt button, or my club’s badge – but not a sausage.
Billy Connolly
Tris,” Tobias says, crouching next to me. His face is pale, almost yellow. There is too much I want to say. The first thing that comes out is, “Beatrice.” He laughs weakly. “Beatrice,” he amends, and touches his lips to mine. I curl my fingers into his shirt.
Veronica Roth
Anormal day looks like, you know, shower, put on the same jeans, the same tattered Gucci loafers I got at the thrift store, white socks, and my t-shirt and my very beat-up Helmut Lang blazer. Im in the exact same outfit every day.
Natasha Lyonne
I hate ready-made suits, button-down collars, and sports shirts.
Bobby Fischer
I’m a T-shirt-and-Levi’s type of a guy.
Norman Reedus
I like your glasses,” he said. “I like your Simon Snow T-shirts. I like that you don’t smile at everyone, because then, when you smile at me.… Cather.
Rainbow Rowell
The one thing I will never do is buy a shirt because of its name, especially when it’s $600 for that shirt. To me, that’s ridiculous. It’s just a shirt; it’s not worth the money.
We had a food store at the theatre and I used to pinch food. I pinched some trousers and shirts to keep me going but they would wear out. I was virtually on the breadline.
Brian Blessed
I feel like jeans and a T-shirt have become Establishment. Everyone’s dressed down. So actually putting on a jacket is the anti-­Establishment stance.
Thom Browne
You’re nothing but an apple, a silly t-shirt, a catchphrase and a stupid haircut.
Randy Orton
I find my dress sense tends to be a bit of a mixture between high fashion and unique vintage pieces with a little bit of street trends. For example, I might find a really nice, suede dinner jacket that I’d wear with a basic plain white shirt and some chinos and a pair of Nike trainers.
Tinie Tempah
I do sometimes think what outfit will make me happy. It’s one of those self-care things. If I don’t have time to do yoga in the morning, then I have a certain sweater/shirt combination that makes me feel put together.
Kathleen Hanna
If I walk down the street in jeans and a plain t-shirt, I don’t feel like the world sees me as I want to be seen or as what I am.
Rachel Trachtenburg
T-shirt and stretchy pants? Yup, that’s fine. It’s pajama-y, good night.
Rebecca Romijn
I sat up in bed. My T-shirt was soaking wet. My pillow was wet. My hair was wet. And my room was sticky and humid.
Kami Garcia
I tend not to wear ties very often. I’m usually in old stuff: Hermes or Marc Jacobs boots and jeans and a T-shirt and a leather jacket or a jean jacket.
Nate Berkus
I myself identify as a recovering Blockhead. You’d be surprised how many twenty- and thirty-something hipster chicks have the NKOTB skeleton in their closet, albeit artfully concealed by stacks of Ksubi skinny jeans and ironic Judas Priest T-shirts.
Diablo Cody
I like comfortable clothes, so I get most of my pants and shirts made.
Gary Payton
Readers re-create any story to suit their own needs. They re-clothe the story in their own shirts. Put simply: just as we write the story we need to write, they read the story they need to read.
Jane Yolen
I didn’t really play dress up when I was a kid, and I’m really T-shirt and jeans-y.
Ellen Page
I stole a shirt off Jacques (Kallis) and a pullover off Harry (Paul Harris) that still had his hamburger stain on the front left side of it.
Graeme Smith
I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything other than black jeans and shirts. Quite simple, really, and quite casual.
George Ezra
The first thing I ever bought for myself was a green Lacoste shirt.
Mary-Louise Parker
By no means do I want to be a piece of meat for the rest of my career. It’s funny when you get asked to do a talk show, and then they follow it up with requesting you take your shirt off.
Kellan Lutz
Two primary ways to keep volunteers motivated – Food and T-shirts.
Andy Stanley
The kids of America, please get a damn job. Get out of the house, leave the refrigerator alone. Stop wearing my shoes. Leave my shirts alone, get a job. Spend your own money.
John Witherspoon
The most attention I get is in a book store or video shop when I go to the foreign film section. Sometimes that can be fun, but usually those women want to talk about philosophy or something very dense. It’s not like they’re tearing off my shirt, you know.
Tobey Maguire
Larry had brought me blue jeans, a red polo shirt, jogging socks, my white Nikes, an extra cross from my suitcase, the silver knives, the Firestar complete with inner pants holster, and the Browning and its shoulder holster. He’d forgotten a bra, but hey, except for that it was perfect.
Laurell K. Hamilton
For me, it’s just a pleasure to be out in the community wearing my Ducks logo on shirts and hats and so forth in representing the team.
Henry Samueli
I love Prada shirts because they’re so decorative and figure-hugging, but I also like Reiss shirts because they’re clean, simple and look as if they’ve come off the peg from a design house.
Jamie Bamber
When I go home, I am a slug. I want to do everything completely opposite of what I do on the red carpet. I like to take off all my makeup, put on a t-shirt, be completely unassuming and just do stuff with my husband and my daughter.
Viola Davis
Providence has a wild, rough, incalculable road to its end, and it is of no use to try to whitewash its huge, mixed instrumentalities, or to dress up that terrific benefactor in a clean shirt and white neckcloth of a student in divinity.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
All of my life, actually, I had a real strong relationship with God, but I was always in the closet about it. The only distance out of the closet I really want to come there is having my tattoo or wearing my t-shirt.
Sinead O’Connor
Alec watched them through the half-open door, Jace leaned against the sink as his adoptive sister sponged his wrists and wrapped them in a white gauze. “Okay, now take off your shirt.” (Isabelle) “I knew there was something in this for you.” (Jace) ~pg. 329~
Cassandra Clare
You’re amazing, and I so want to be your boyfriend, because of what you just said, and also because that shirt makes me want to take you home and do unspeakable things while we watch live-action Sailor Moon videos
John Green
When I moved to New York, leggings were always a staple piece in my closet and I’m always with leggings, a T-shirt, a cool jacket and shoes cause that’s what would be easier for me when I was a kid.
Gigi Hadid
I like having the vinyl, but it’s not like we’re going to sell an umbrella or something. I don’t like the idea of selling something that’s not music – I mean, I like going to shows and buying the shirt, but beyond that, I don’t know. There’s a lot of crap in the world.
Robin Pecknold
The loss of wealth is loss of dirt,
As sages in all times assert;
The happy man’s without a shirt.
John Heywood
I’m more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl.
Tara Reid
There comes a moment when you know you just aren’t going to do anything esle productive for the rest of the day.-T-Shirt
Darynda Jones
Ladies love a man with shirt off, so my shirt stays off
Soulja Boy
I have some special things at home, but not too many. I’ve got two shirts framed – that’s all – my first Premiership final with Saracens and my first England cap. They’re not signed by anyone; they’re not even washed. They stink!
Owen Farrell
The thing about the basics is they don’t really change – it’s the details and the proportions that change. The shirt may be cut slimmer or looser, the suit might be darker or lighter, the sneakers might not have laces, but you’re still talking about shirts and suits and sneakers.
John Varvatos
God, I always just think of myself as a jeans and T-shirt kind of person.
Joan Jett
I can’t see going onstage wearing a long-sleeve shirt in the dead of summer. I work out hard during the day with a trainer who monitors everything I put in my mouth when I’m on tour. When I first got a record deal, you can tell by my early album covers that working out wasn’t that much a part of my life.
Kenny Chesney
Kizzy wanted it all so bad her soul leaned half out of her body hungering after it, and that was what drove the goblins wild, her soul hanging out there like an untucked shirt.
Laini Taylor
For me, it’s important that a fan can buy something that is related to me. Like in soccer, you buy a shirt and it’s got somebody’s name on the back. That’s kind of a cool thing.
Roger Federer
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.
Steig Larsson
I’m a T-shirts, sweatpants and jeans kind of gal, I dress really simply and comfortably.
Sutton Foster
I’m just saying, ‘Hey, throw me a bone. How about a smile, cute t-shirt? Look at me.’ Nothing – unless it’s a turn to their friends to go, ‘Hey, why is that weird guy looking at us?’
Marc Maron
I’m a bit of a contrarian, so I like the idea of going on stage without makeup, without the hair being done, in the jeans and shirt I’ve been wearing all day. At first that was an issue, because I didn’t want to be disrespectful.
Lou Doillon
When people realize you’re not the stuffed shirt they think you are it’s such a relief and you have people who really like to be around you.
George Hamilton
I love walking into a closet and smelling lingering perfume, so I always spray my clothes. And at the end of the bottle, when the atomizer no longer reaches the tiny little dribble that is left, I unscrew the top and pour the remainder onto a t-shirt or dress.
Sarah Jessica Parker
It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such–such beautiful shirts before.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
I don’t really care if my clothes are wrinkled or there’s a stain on my shirt. Going out on the road, your clothes are dirty.
Avril Lavigne
The door opened, and we were met by a fifty-something man with a grizzled blond beard. He was wearing Bermuda shorts and a Lynyrd Skynyrd T-shirt. Also, he had an eye patch. “This is incredible,” I heard Adrian murmur. “Beyond my wildest dreams.
Richelle Mead
Are you high? Why are you never wearing a shirt?” “I sleep naked,” Cole said. He put both milk and sugar in my coffee. “As the day goes on, I put on more and more clothing. You should’ve come over an hour ago.
Maggie Stiefvater
I always tell Cristiano before training, ‘If you do stepovers on me, I will break your legs and rip up your shirt.’ I have no wish to have the mickey taken out of me all week.
Patrice Evra
Sweet Jesus. It was The Delicious in the dark shirt and jeans.
Julie James
When I was a young boy I wanted to play for Newcastle United, I wanted to wear the number nine shirt and I wanted to score goals at St James’ Park. I’ve lived my dream and I realise how lucky I’ve been to have done that.
Alan Shearer
It’s really gratifying to see, after all these years, and I’ve been in the business for 30 years, and after all of these years, to see fans wearing nWo shirts and fans of WCW who still remember make me feel good.
Eric Bischoff
Shave your head, wear a ‘ZERO’ shirt. Take away your identity. What do you have? You still have yourself.
Billy Corgan
Mr. Darcy was in Pride and Prejudice and at first he was all snooty and huffy; then he fell in a lake and came out with his shirt all wet. And then we all loved him. In a swoony way.
Louise Rennison
I love jeans, T-shirts, boots, and tennis shoes.
Ashley Benson
Dear Teens at Starbucks wearing ‘Abstain from Sex 2 Attain Ur Goals’ t-shirts: Doesn’t it depend on what my goals are?
John Green
Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they will remember the name on the back
Tony Adams
I was getting close to thirty and was trying on the idea of becoming more mature. I was reading more. I had gone out and bought a lot of shirts.
Joe Meno
Whenever I go back home to Nigeria now, I always bring a bag full of Manchester City shirts for the kids.
Kelechi Iheanacho
If your shirt isn’t tucked into your pants, then your pants are tucked into your shirt.
Nick Offerman
I do not exchange my shirt with ASSASSINS
Cristiano Ronaldo
I showed that I wasn’t just at Real Madrid to sell shirts.
David Beckham
I loathe the idea of going onstage in a T-shirt and jeans.
Martin Gore
A typical ‘Larry King Live’ is a pastiche whose absurdism defies parody. Wearing his trademark suspenders and purple shirts, he looks as if he’s strapped to the chair with vertical seat belts, unable to eject.
James Wolcott
Gently I stir a white feather fan,
With open shirt sitting in a green wood.
I take off my cap and hang it on a jutting stone;
A wind from the pine-tree trickles on my bare head.
Li Bai
Oxford shirts. Definitely more oxford shirts.
Mao Zedong
Every band sells t-shirts and plays certain auditoriums, but I’m sick of being like everyone else, because I’m not.
Justin Vernon
I buy five of the same shirts. I literally have six blue shirts. Now I have six green shirts.
Patrick Carney
You can put a new shirt on your back, slide a fresh chain around your neck, and accumulate all the money and power in the world, but at the end of the day those are just layers. Money and power don’t change you, they just further expose your true self.
… because he was going to marry her. “It is customary to ask,” she now said as she turned to watch him button up a black shirt over that chest she’d licked and sucked and kissed not long ago. “Why?” He shrugged. “I’m not giving you a choice.
Nalini Singh
I gotta lose weight. I got stretch marks on my stomach and I never had a baby. So now when I take off my shirt in front of women, I tell them I was attacked by a mountain lion.
Felipe Esparza
Jon Davis was a fan and came out on stage with us somewhere in the Midwest and came out in a Suicide Silence shirt and a kilt and did his thing.
Mitch Lucker
I usually like loud T-shirts and band shirts, so I just try to keep it as simple as possible with jeans and white kicks that are worn in and, like, a simple jacket.
Antoni Porowski
All fashion brands are about looking good. Being Human is also about doing good. And you can do good by the simple act of slipping into a t-shirt or a pair of jeans.
Salman Khan
In junior high P.E., I was way too shy to take a shower in front of the other kids. It was a horribly awkward time – body hair, odors… So I’d go from my sweaty shirt back into my regular clothes and have to continue the day.
Will Ferrell
But it was sure a privilege to love him, huh?” I nodded into his shirt. “Gives you an idea how I feel about you,” he said. My old man. He always knew just what to say.
John Green
A boy and a girl, dressed in the T-shirts and denim that are the shabby uniform of this age.
Michael Scott
I’ll use men’s shirts, I love men’s shirts, but you have to get them altered because they’re shaped differently and I like them to be fitting.
Jackee Harry
What’s this? You’re wearing the shirt of the band you’re going to see? Don’t be that guy.
Jeremy Piven
You know you have ADD when Look A chicken – T-shirt
Darynda Jones
He also knows what king of protein I like, what T-shirts I like, how I like my dry cleaning to be done. He also knows how I like my stuff folded and put away into drawers.
The Miz
She spilled whiskey on her shirt, she gon have to get it cleaned. She been going way to hard, someone has to intervene.
Finish this lecture, go outside, and unexpectedly get gored by an elephant, and you are going to secrete glucocorticoids. There’s no way out of it. You cannot psychologically reframe your experience and decide you did not like the shirt, here’s an excuse to throw it out – that sort of thing.
Robert M. Sapolsky
Quite literally, you would not have put your shirt on him two weeks ago.
Clive Tyldesley
British people still wear clothes. By clothes I mean actual clothes: jackets and shirts and ties and suits. The spirit of Beau Brummell is still visible. English men make an effort. We’ve lost that in the US. Everyone is more concerned with being comfortable.
Tom Ford
They both smiled at the picture of Albert in his chinos and button-down shirt exhorting kids from atop a bike.
Michael Grant
I even like when girls wear printed Minnie Mouse T-shirts with a cool ball gown skirt, or a ripped up pair of jeans – it’s all about how you style it.
Christian Siriano
My first real business was bootlegging T-shirts – I was just a dumb kid. You go to a concert and pay $25 for a cotton T-shirt that says ‘Rolling Stones,’ ‘Lollapalooza,’ or whatever. On the outside they’re 10 or 15 bucks. We were the guys selling them for 10 or 15 bucks.
Kevin Plank
You might be a redneck if your handkerchief doubles as your shirt sleeve.
Jeff Foxworthy
Kate Moss. She looks good in anything. She would look good in one of your t-shirts, in her t-shirt, in a man’s suit, in a huge gown. She looks amazing naked. She even makes nude look stylish. That, to me, is a style icon. She could put a barrel on and it would be some sort of statement.
Justin Timberlake
Oh yeah, the heartbreak diet…. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.
Alexandra Potter
When Pandora doesn’t pay, and bars don’t pay, and weddings don’t pay, and nobody buys CDs or shirts or concert tickets or lessons, then the musician can’t make a living making music.
Kent Beck
If you have bought one of those T-shirts with Maxwell’s equations on the front, you may have to worry about its going out of style, but not about its becoming false. We will go on teaching Maxwellian electrodynamics as long as there are scientists.
Steven Weinberg
At the beginning of my career I was going through a really weird phase of dressing in boys clothes. I would only wear one American Apparel T-shirt and shorts and brogues the whole year round. Not the same T-shirt, obviously, but one style of American Apparel T-shirt. I think I was going through a tomboy stage.
Florence Welch
I like Billy Beane for the fact that he – his idiosyncrasies, that he can’t watch the games without getting too emotional, that he often has food down his shirt, that he tends to break a few chairs now and then. I mean, these things make him human.
Brad Pitt
Sometimes in tournaments I’ll see Argentinians with Boca shirts and flags and that gives me a boost.
Juan Martin del Potro
I’ve always loved wearing a suit. When you have on a crisp shirt and a tie you always feel like you’re going somewhere. It feels like a bit of an occasion.
Jamie Redknapp
I’m a bit of a traditionalist; the ballroom is all about tails and I never mess about with that. But for the Latin you can have a bit fun: tight trousers, gold shirt open to my waist, be a bit ridiculous.
Anton du Beke
I like to accessorise shirts with a little ribbon tied round my collar or a country style ascot. I’ve also sewed little hearts on some of my sleeves which I’ve done for years because I always wear my heart on my sleeve so if you see a little embroidered heart on my clothes, that’s why!
Jessica Brown Findlay
How come, when people wear half shirts, it’s always the top half?
Dana Gould
You don’t have to want to be in a relationship for a little bow-chicka-bow-wow.” Brittany looked at him slowly. “Did you really just say that?” “I did. And I owned it . Gonna make me a shirt that says that.
J. Lynn
I see fat kids on the street all the time and I give them free radiohead t-shirts with bullseyes on them. Later when I see them wearing the t-shirts I shoot at them with bb guns while riding a very large dog and singing kicking squealing gucci little piggy over and over
Thom Yorke
Here’s a newsflash from the only High Preistess you have left at this dang school: Zoey isn’t dead. And believe me, I know dead. I’ve been there, done that, and got the frickin’ T-shirt.” – Stevie Rae
P. C. Cast
I see no reason to have my shirts ironed. It’s irrational.
Barry Commoner
Just wearing all black comes from Johnny Cash. I’m on the road so much that if I wear all black my clothes never get dirty. You can’t tell if I’ve worn the same shirt twice.
You can make jeans and a t-shirt super stylish. It’s what you make of it, you know?
Phillip Lim
You can’t fix stupid, but you can numb it was a 2 by 4.–T-SHIRT
Darynda Jones
I’m really not a fascist. Everyone wears what they feel great in, or comfortable with. It’s a beautiful day, you have an armless shirt: it goes with flip-flops.
Christian Louboutin
And what’s with the shirt? You think you’re in Fiji?” “It’s like being on vactaion. all of the time.
Gerard Way
Unfortunately, everyone thought that Teri Hatcher was my wife. Matter of fact, I would be with my wife, holding my wife’s hand at a football game, and someone would come up to me and say, ‘Hey, I love those commercials you do with your wife.’ My kids almost had shirts made up that said, ‘Teri Hatcher is not my mom.’
Howie Long
Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress.
Karl Lagerfeld
Fashion will take on added stature one day, but try not to be stifled by it. You will learn, as you mature, to swap heels for Stan Smith trainers, minidresses for crisp white shirts. And you will never be one of those people who just roll out of bed.
Victoria Beckham
I was doing science,” Giddon said. “He threw a bean.” “I was testing the impact of a bean upon water,” Bann said. “That’s not even a real thing.” “Perhaps I’ll test the impact of a bean upon your beautiful white shirt.
Kristin Cashore
I didn’t invent hot water. But when I approach menswear, I do it in a very honest way. And my menswear and womenswear are very similar, in the sense that I put men in leggings and lace shirts.
Riccardo Tisci
I know end might be near as this is only day of my adulthood I’ve seen my mother and she hasn’t asked, ‘Why that shirt?’
Scott Simon
If you two were going to be that obvious about it, why didn’t you guys come down in your Team Daniel and Team Miles T-shirts?” “We should order those,” Shelby said. “Mine’s in the laundry,” Arriane said.
Lauren Kate
You do know it cost money to put a t-shirt on your back? You do know it cost money have a house? You do know it cost money to eat? Get money, don’t let these people fool you.
DJ Khaled
Every time we get into an argument about cooking or laundering shirts, she shakes her Oscar at me, and I’m dead in the water. It would be a great equalizer now after 33 years.
Paul Newman
When I found myself facing jeers by wearing the shirts of Juventus and Milan, I always accepted them.
Leonardo Bonucci
I love when I get compliments on my shirts all the time. I’m a t-shirt guy, and I think nine times out of 10, they have some kind of super hero character on them.
Cress Williams
I don’t want to be carried out of a club wearing a tie-dye T-shirt and a cap on the wrong way around when I am 70, but I would like to settle down a bit. Maybe with a partner.
Rupert Everett
Ninety percent of a shirt that not only was bright purple and green but with a design on it that, if you moved too quickly, might cause a seizure in an unsuspecting onlooker.
Lewis Black
I did make a lot of my own clothes. I used to love to sew, so I made my own shirts and bell bottoms and modified my own clothes, which is what we did during the punk period.
Chrissie Hynde
When I’m in the field, when I’m working, I keep very careful notes. I wear big shirts with big breast pockets, and I carry in them two little spiral notebooks.
Peter Matthiessen
I don’t really have a specific Olympic crush. There were a couple of guys during the Olympics in Sochi that were super fit. And during the summer games, any of the sports where people have their shirts off if they’re diving or swimming or whatever, it’s like eye candy.
Gus Kenworthy
All my stuff is men’s fashion. It’s always oversized shirts, boyfriend blazers and trousers.
Bella Heathcote
My rule of thumb is to strike a balance by sticking to the classics and playing with color, texture, and print to give them a modern update. On any given day, I keep it simple with jeans or chinos and a comfortable dress shirt.
Tommy Hilfiger
Why are we, as a nation so obsessed with foreign things? Is it a legacy of our colonial years? We want foreign television sets. We want foreign shirts. We want foreign technology. Why this obsession with everything imported?
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
And of course there is nothing better than wearing the same T-shirt for days and not brushing my hair for weeks.
Daria Werbowy
I’m really into Noel Gallagher’s lad culture vibe. I used to wear Fred Perry polo shirts a lot. In fact, I went to an Oasis concert, which I believe was the band’s penultimate gig before they disbanded, and I would say about 80 per cent of the audience were wearing the same polo.
Nicholas Galitzine
I am of the generation of segregation. Black Lives Matter is post. I said today, and I will say all the time, “If Nina [Simone] were here, she’d have her Black Lives Matter [T-shirt] on.” I think they’re great kids. They don’t need me or anybody else to tell them what to do.
Nikki Giovanni
I still love the skinny jeans thing and I wear my favorite leather jacket constantly. I like being kind of a rock star. I love that I can feel comfortable in a small dress or I can feel comfortable wearing a baggy T-shirt.
Ellie Goulding
She slid out from under his arm, and picked up his shirt from the floor. When she put it on, it failed to meet in the middle over her chest. that always worked in the movies, she thought, disgusted, and dropped it on the floor.
Jennifer Crusie
I have always found it an honor that people have wanted to buy my shirt and an honor that fans turn up to watch the team I am playing in. I have always found that a huge honor.
David Beckham
The Frenchman invented the ruffle; the Englishman added the shirt.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I put the number 7 on my t-shirt because this is the number of my championships but also because it was the number of Barry Sheene, who was a great hero of mine and a truly great racer.
Valentino Garavani
The Beatles exist apart from my Self. I am not really Beatle George. Beatle George is like a suit or shirt that I once wore on occasion and until the end of my life people may see that shirt and mistake it for me.
George Harrison
In high school I spent most of my time in jeans and T-shirts or Juicy sweats. We’re such a laid-back town. I mean, people wore bikinis under their clothes half the time, so you didn’t really get dressed up to go to school.
Lauren Conrad
Our editor came to work today in a vibrant pink shirt. Vibrant. Several members of staff have had to go home sick.
Eddie Mair
At war a Russian man puts on a white shirt. He may live in sin, but he dies like a saint.
Vasily Grossman
If life hands you lemons,keep them. Because, hey, free lemons.-T-Shirt
Darynda Jones
There’s Beatles books and T-shirts and rings, and one thing and another. To buy my daughter all these things, I had to sell her brother.
Allan Sherman
Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong. -T-Shirt
Darynda Jones
Be wary when a naked person offers you his shirt
Maya Angelou
There won’t be any revolution in America … the people are too clean. They spend all their time changing their shirts and washing themselves. You can’t feel fierce and revolutionary in a bathroom.
Eric Linklater
[Kagura is doing laundry and tries to wring out Kyou’s shirt, causing it to rip in two]
Kyo Sohma: Tell me what I think just happened didn’t just happen!
Kagura: My love!
Kyo Sohma: My shirt!
Natsuki Takaya
First there was a young guy sitting in front of television in a T-shirt drinking beer with his mother, then there was an older fatter person sitting in front of television in a T-shirt drinking beer with his mother.
William S. Burroughs
I do not trust people who don’t love themselves and yet tell me, ‘I love you.’ There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.
Maya Angelou
I wear tweed jackets and button-down shirts. I am a 1955 graduate of Harvard University who drives a 1968 Mercedes.
J. Anthony Lukas
One U.S. hit single and a hit T Shirt in 1985 does not a celebrity make.
Holly Johnson
I once had a boyfriend who couldn’t write unless he was wearing a necktie and a dress shirt, which I thought was really weird, because this was a long time ago, and no one I knew ever wore dress shirts, let alone neckties; it was like he was a grown-up reenacter or something.
Susan Orlean
Spelling mistakes in a letter is like a bug on a white shirt.
Faina Ranevskaya
I have been called Taylor Lautner a few time which I’m quite happy about. You only have to look at us to see how funny that is but it’s nice to pretend I might be hiding a Taylor six-pack under my shirt.
Robert Pattinson
Ah! how annoying that the law doesn’t allow a woman to change husbands just as one does shirts.
When I was younger, I had some close friends who always loved European football, and Real Madrid at that time were the dominant force. I remember family holidays when we used to go to Spain, and we’d bring back replica shirts of Real Madrid and pretend to be the players when we played in the park.
Gareth Bale
I like shirts and sweaters that fall off the shoulder or plaid button-ups.
Taylor Swift
I have a few girlfriends, but nearly all my friends are guys. I don’t think I ever wore girl clothes. I wore baggy jeans, baggy T-shirts, sweaters, just to avoid the looks that everyone gives you when you’re a young female in the world.
Katharine Isabelle
I’m tight with Zack Ryder so I’ve had a Zack Ryder t-shirt for quite some time.
Josh Mathews
There’s nothing terribly wrong with feeling lost, so long as that feeling precedes some plan on your part to actually do something about it. Too often a person grows complacent with their disillusionment, perpetually wearing their “discomfort” like a favorite shirt.
Jhonen Vasquez
People care about my personal life. But really I’m dorky! I drink beer and go to football games. And ya know, sit in my house in a t-shirt on the weekends and play with my dog!
Sophia Bush
My heart was a little bit broken, but I still had to go to school. I buttoned my dress shirt over it and my winter coat, too. I hoped it didn’t show too much.
Gabrielle Zevin
At 13 years old, I realized I could start my own band. I could write my own song, I could record my own record. I could start my own label. I could release my own record. I could book my own shows. I could write and publish my own fanzine. I could silk-screen my own T-shirt. I could do this all myself.
Dave Grohl
LinnГ¦us, setting out for Lapland, surveys his “comb” and “spare shirt,” “leathern breeches” and “gauze cap to keep off gnats,” with as much complacency as Bonaparte a park of artillery for the Russian campaign. The quiet bravery of the man is admirable.
Henry David Thoreau
I’m constantly paranoid that I’ll be unemployed for the rest of my life… and have to go back folding shirts at the Gap, which you know… you gotta do what you gotta do.
Constance Wu
It finally happened, he thought as he burrowed under his shirt and took hold of his heavy cross. All his life he’d wondered why he’d never fallen in love, and now he knew: He’d been waiting for this moment, this woman, this time. The female is mine, he thought. – Manny
J.R. Ward
I think it’s more like a shirt that says, ‘I’m going to have to end this date early so I can go prepare my Power Point presentation
Richelle Mead
I can’t cut out a piece of cloth and make a lovely dress, but I can mend tears in shirts and sew on buttons.
Joanna Lumley
We don’t have T-shirts with my face, but there I can see the beginnings, especially young girls seeing me as sort of a icon in that way. And in that regard I’m more than happy to step in.
Emily Haines
I stroll along serenely, with my eyes, my shoes, my rage, forgetting everything, I walk by, going through office buildings and orthopedic shops, and courtyards with washing hanging from the line: underwear, towels and shirts from which slow dirty tears are falling.
Pablo Neruda
Girls don’t really recognize me on the street. No one has tried to serenade me or rip my shirt off.
Mark Salling
When a pastor continually makes light of the character of our Lord by speaking in scatological tones about the Son of Man’s bodily functions in incarnation or wearing T-Shirts that rather mock the King of Righteousness rather than glorify Him, then something is terribly awry.
Steve Camp
We used to play football on the levee, with no shirts on in the summer – August in New Orleans – and my skin would turn red. They’d call me Redskin, Red Apache, then it turned around to Apache Red.
Aaron Neville
Sloppy casual has always been my default look. My preppier classmates in high school would sometimes sport two, three, even four shirts at a time – Lauren, Izod, Brooks Brothers, all collars-up – while I wore secondhand faded olive German-army fatigues and this cool T-shirt with a troll on it.
Michael Paterniti
The only bubble in the flat champagne of February is Valentine’s Day. It was no accident that our ancestors pinned Valentine’s Day on February’s shirt: he or she lucky enough to have a lover in frigid, antsy February has cause for celebration, indeed.
Tom Robbins
I’ve always been someone who’s extremely relaxed in my everyday life. I’m not the girl who can wear awful seven-inch heels all night. I keep it simple – I consider myself to be a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl who just accessorizes a lot.
Nicole Richie
You don’t change the world by hiding in the woods, wearing a hair shirt, or buying indulgences in the form of ‘Save the Earth’ bumper stickers. You do it by articulating a vision for the future and pursuing it with all the ingenuity humanity can muster.
Alex Steffen
That leaves Decker and what’s his name, Mr. I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt.
Suzanne Brockmann
I shop a lot from the children’s section and, sometimes, from the men’s section. You’ll find skirts, shirts and shoes from the children’s section. My friends buy me more adult-like clothes, and I love those. But I cannot do away with the colourful stuff.
Shweta Tripathi
If you will notice, there is seldom a telegram in a paper which fails to show up one or more members & beneficiaries of our Civilization as promenading with his shirt-tail up & the rest of his regalia in the wash.
Mark Twain
If this were the fifties, she’d be checking Sam’s collars for lipstick stains. (Did people do that anymore? Why did women kiss collars, anyway? Besides, Sam almost always wore T-shirts.)
Charlaine Harris
When I was younger, all I wore was ill-fitting corduroys with large shirts and caterpillar shoes.
Kubra Sait
There are other measures of self-respect for a man, than the number of clean shirts he puts on every day.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
My vibe is a bit boyish: rock shirts, trousers.
Sonoya Mizuno
I like to wear short-sleeved collared shirts and high-waist trousers with shiny shoes. And at night, when I’m playing, I’ll often wear suits. But it started with my uncle’s vintage clothes.
Leon Bridges
We weren’t raised to take, we were raised to give the shirt off our back to anyone in need.
Brantley Gilbert
You can be addicted to White Supremacy and all of the benefits, you can be addicted to male privilege and all of the benefits that comes from it. It’s like someone pointing at you and you have a stain on your shirt and you don’t even know it.
Nate Parker
Every time I walk by a spy shop, I think that I need to put some surveillance on somebody. Rick’s been acting fishy! I need to buy a safe that looks like a Spray ‘N Wash can. “Hey, Mitch, can I use the Spray ‘N Wash?” “Yeah, if you want to spray your shirt with documents!”
Mitch Hedberg
I like all like classic rock bands like The Beatles and The Who and stuff and Led Zeppelin so I kinda dress like that. Kinda retro I guess. Well not retro but, like tight. I don’t know. Like just jeans and shirts. I don’t know. Kinda rock and roll I guess.
Drake Bell
I want to hold you like a kitten in my shirt, and still I want to spread your thighs and plow ye like a rotting bull. I dinna understand myself.
Diana Gabaldon
He felt warm and familiar. He felt solid and safe. I wanted to cling to his shirt, bury my face into the warm curve of his neck, and never let go.
Becca Fitzpatrick
I, like most women, I dress for other women, I think. If I was going to dress for men, I think in general I would be just wearing, like, a fitted black T-shirt and tight jeans every day.
Mindy Kaling
It’s true I’ve got no shirts to wear;
It’s true my butcher’s bill is due;
It’s true my prospects all look blue –
But don’t let that unsettle you.
W. S. Gilbert
If commercialization is putting my art on a shirt so that a kid who can’t afford a $30,000 painting can buy one, then I’m all for it.
Keith Haring
I’m sure every film it’s going to be like, ‘Okay, this is the scene where your shirt gets ripped off.’ I’ll never be able to keep my shirt on.
Alex Meraz
Men: don’t wear the untucked shirttail. It cuts you in half, which is a very bad proportion. Think of yourself as a series of thirds. So when the shirt is tucked in, you’re 1/3 on top, 2/3 on the bottom.
Tim Gunn
Gary, who’s wearing a coral shirt and white pants, growls to look tough. It doesn’t work.
Simone Elkeles
Most nights I end up wearing a wife beater T-shirt and boxers.
Jessica Alba
I’ve been in clothes-making for 32 years. Think how many times I’ve made a blazer in my life, how many shirts I’ve made. What’s interesting is to strive for a certain perfection, and what’s perfect is nothing.
Tomas Maier
I can’t even tell you how good it felt to see him. It felt even better when he reached through the metal grate, wrapped his fingers around the front of my shirt, dragged me forward, and kissed me through the bars. “Sorry” he said-only not looking to sorry, if you know what I mean.
Meg Cabot
1974 meant big cuffs, bell-bottoms, platform shoes with two-tone colors, and body-conscious shirts.
Kyle MacLachlan
When I see guys in bars wearing the real fitted kind of Calvin Klein v-neck t-shirts I just want to go up to them and be like, ‘Oh, do you work out? Your tricep looks so great – thank you.’
Janeane Garofalo
A man may have strong humanitarian and democratic principles, but if he happens to have been brought up as a bath-taking, shirt-changing lover of fresh air, he will have to overcome certain physical repugnance before he can bring himself to put those principles into practice.
Aldous Huxley
I have like 20 snap-up shirts in my closet, and I never, never would have thought before FNL would I have had that.
Taylor Kitsch
I wake up in the morning and sometimes I just want to wear a T-shirt and blue jeans and now I have to force myself to do that, because I can’t care what people think, you know?
Hayley Williams
I talked to my agent and said that, basically, I’m the Taylor Lautner of TV. We both have our shirts off a lot. And we have the same agent, so we goof around about it. I’m waiting to open a script and see my shirt on.
Chord Overstreet
Sin met Mae and Alan coming into the flat. Mae frowned. “Is it no-shirts festival day?” “Every day with Nick is no-shirts festival day,” Alan said absently, but he was frowning too.
Sarah Rees Brennan
When I walk around on the street and someone comes up to me, I have just as many full-grown men with large beards in Slipknot shirts saying he likes my band as much as I do girls with bright pink hair.
Andy Biersack
I was raised on Nirvana and flannel shirts and Rage Against the Machine, and I sort of describe my youth as rebellious and always fighting the system.
Casey Neistat
It’s just an ice bucket with a bottle in it. The two flute glasses are little tray. I got to shut the curtains. I’m in my boxer shorts and shirt. I’m going to take a bath and go to bed. But I want to shut the blinds so it’s really dark in the room.
Danny DeVito
You might be a redneck if your favorite T-shirt is offensive in thirteen states.
Jeff Foxworthy
I was so involved in my boy-rhythms that I never came to grips with the fact that I was a girl. I was twelve years old when my mother took me inside and said, “You can’t be outside wrestling without a T-shirt on.” It was a trauma.
Patti Smith
Wait, so am I allowed to put my shirt back on? Or did you want me to remove my pants, too?
Kiersten White
Did he only wear a shirt during class? Oh my God, he seriously lived across the hall. Jacob was going to flip… and probably move in. That would be fun. I really liked Jacob, but I had a feeling he’d borrow my clothes.
J. Lynn
Michael held me when I got inside, because I was shaking all over. That felt so good. Warm all the way down. Did I mention Michael’s feet? They’re all the way sexy, and he’s always barefoot – he hates shoes. I wish he hated pants and shirts, too.
Rachel Caine
If my shirt’s off all the time on national TV, with 20 million people watching, I want to look my best.
Jesse Metcalfe
I know I exaggerated things, now I got it like that. Tuck my napkin in my shirt cause I’m just mobbin like that.
360 deals are the new things of the industry. It’s not about selling records; it’s about selling T-shirts, getting a piece of your publishing, getting a piece of your touring, and all these other kind of properties.
Lupe Fiasco
Shirts don’t grow on trees.
Joe Teti
Referees don’t come down here with a particular flavoured shirt on.
Steve Coppell
Well that’s what Andy wore to bed. You know, the oxford button-down Brooks Brothers shirt that he’s been wearing all day and his big long socks. He’d just take off his jeans and his boots and go to bed. Then he’d change into a fresh ensemble after he had breakfast the next morning.
Bob Colacello
He and the girl had almost nothing to say to each other. One thing he did say was, ‘I ain’t got any tattoo on my back.’ ‘What you got on it?’ the girl said. ‘My shirt,’ Parker said. ‘Haw.’ ‘Haw, haw,’ the girl said politely.
Flannery O’Connor
Generally speaking, I’m a jeans, T-shirt and boots man but I do own an Armani suit, which gets a regular outing. It’s nothing fancy – just a classic, well-cut suit with clean lines and beautiful tailoring. It’s timeless and you can mix and match it with anything to dress up or dress down.
Matthew Rhys
He told me this while ripping through his duffel bag, throwing clothes into drawers with reckless abandon. Chip did not believe in having a sock drawer or a T-shirt drawer. He believed that all drawers were created equal and filled each with whatever fit. My mother would have died.
John Green
You know it’s a perverted crowd when a guy is screaming at you to take your shirt off.
Jared Leto
You’ve got two sets of teenagers in England – the mods and the rockers. The rockers are motorcycle addicts. The mods dress like we do. We wear four-button jackets, cuban heel boots, shirts of our own design, with high collars and a tab underneath the collar.
Dave Clark
So, ah, I’m not sure if you know this, but you’re not wearing a shirt.” “Distracting, isn’t it?
Lisa McMann
I always pack lots of loose linen shirts and denim cut offs, Converse, vintage Reformation sun dresses, gold jewellery, and statement shades. Plus a trunk full of swimwear, of course.
Poppy Delevingne
I’m glad you like him,” he murmured, his hands tugging up her shirt. “Because the two of us are yours. For as long as you’ll have us.” “That would be eternally,” she said as she let herself go. And reveled in all the love.
J.R. Ward
I feel a bit awkward playing in a red shirt out at Wimbledon. But I don’t dislike it.
Roger Federer
I really like the idea of being utilitarian. My dream is to edit down my wardrobe and be very Japanese, where you have one rolling rack and it’s like your four T-shirts, your five dresses, your two pairs of jeans.
Erin Wasson
You know, I’ve got a confession to make myself. I’m not really a priest, I’ve just got my shirt on backwards.
Ryan Stiles
If the college you visit has a bookstore filled with t-shirts rather than books, find another college.
Albert Mohler
The United States was a big country where everybody wore funny t-shirts and ate too much.
Adam Rex
My summer time tip is to wear shorts and light shirts; everything in summery fabrics such as linen and cotton. And don’t think about work.
Domenico Dolce
I like to see the kids in my area wearing England shirts, not Pakistan or India ones. A lot of it comes from the older generations but it’s changing slowly, especially if people like myself and Ravi Bopara are playing for England.
Moeen Ali
I got live tweeted once by someone who was opposite my home in some rented accommodation. He was actually describing on twitter what I was doing. ‘I took a shirt off, I went to the window, I put a shirt back on… ‘ And I’ve got blinds in my flat!
Benedict Cumberbatch
Everyone loves my sayings like, ‘happy wife, happy life,’ ‘delicious and juicy,’ ‘love love love,’ ‘fabulous.’ So I’ve made T shirts with that and hats and I’ve started a custom-made jewelry line.
Teresa Giudice
We’ve always known we’d eventually be called upon to open our shirts and save the day, and the superhero was a crude, hopeful attempt to talk about how we all might feel on that day of great power, and great responsibility.
Grant Morrison
Girls are telling me to take my shirt off. It’s like, ‘Hello! I’m a person, too!
Alex Meraz
Usually when I see Matthew [McConaughey] at a show, he’ll be down in front with his shirt off with two beers just going mental, lit up and having an amazing time.
Ian Astbury
I love suits, but onstage it’s too hot. So, I like a nice T-shirt!
I’ve got two shirts still missing from the Bahamas. I’m sure they are part of a youth camping programme somewhere in Tanzania by now.
David Lange
Oh my gosh,Nick. You’re not wearing a shirt! This must be one of those exciting days ending in Y.
Sarah Rees Brennan
Rae burned me. She has matches or something. Look, look…” Tori pulled down the collar of her T-shirt. “Leave your cloths on, Tori,” Simon said, raising his hands to his eyes. “Please.
Kelley Armstrong
I first heard Personville called Poisonville by a red-haired mucker named Hickey Dewey in the Big Ship in Butte. He also called his shirt a shoit.
Dashiell Hammett
I am what they call a chubby-skinny guy. I appear to be normal and have the look of an in-shape man, but if we were to go to a pool party I would go with my shirt on.
Adam Pally
The way I see it, life is a jelly doughnut. You don’t really know what it’s about until you bite into it. And then, just when you decided it’s good, you drop a big glob of jelly on your best T-shirt.
Janet Evanovich
Politics is everywhere. It’s in your shirt, it’s in your pants. It’s everywhere.
Rahul Gandhi
To be on television and have my nieces and nephews see me, and seeing them wear my shirt to the games and be proud, it’s so sweet. Sometimes it feels like it’s just a dream.
Sue Wicks
Rule number one of anime,” Simon said. He sat propped up against a pile of pillows at the foot of his bed, a bag of potato chips in one hand and the TV remote in the other. He was wearing a black T-shirt that said I BLOGGED YOUR MOM and a pair of jeans that were ripped in one knee. “Never screw with a blind monk.
Cassandra Clare
I went to a Catholic School, and underneath my school uniform, I wore a metal shirt.
George Stroumboulopoulos
Science is, on the whole, an informal activity, a life of shirt sleeves and coffee served in beakers.
George Porter
I’m boyish with a feminine twist. I definitely gravitate toward oversized things like shirts and jackets. I like a good trouser, but then I might mix it up with something more feminine, like a pointy boot or pumps.
Jacquelyn Jablonski
No offense but I don’t relish being someone’s science experiment. Been there, done that, and sold the T-shirt for profit. (Sebastian)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl.
Cameron Diaz
I like to carry a nice bag because then I can wear t-shirts and jeans all the time!
Christa Miller
Life is not about finding yourself. It’s mostly about chocolate. T-Shirt
Darynda Jones
I have these lacy shirts that look kind of like my grandma’s curtains that I wear.
Being a footballer is not just about wearing the shirt and playing football on the pitch. You have to be clean, you have to do right things, you have to show courage, you have to show many many things you know. I always say that you play the same way on the pitch as you do in life.
Emmanuel Petit
I’ve got a 20 inch neck, a narrow waist and big bulging thighs so stuff off the rack doesn’t fit. It’s a nightmare to shop for shirts and trousers that are going to fit, because they’ll be tight in one place and all baggy everywhere else.
James Haskell
Every time we give a musician the advice to give away the music and sell the T-shirt, we’re saying, “Don’t make your living in this more elevated way. Instead, reverse this social progress, and choose a more physical way to make a living.” We’re sending them to peasanthood, very much like the Maoists have.
Jaron Lanier
I’ve kept all of my shirts that wore in the World Cup games, and I’ll be giving them to my family to keep.
Sadio Mane
I hung my head, and I felt someone, Fang, gather me gently to him. My cheek rested on his shoulder, and my silent tears soaked his torn shirt.He felt warm and strong and heartbreakingly familiar. And at that moment, not a single thing in my life was certain, strong, or whole. Nothing. Least of all Fang.
James Patterson
You know how it is when you put on your best friend’s shirt. You feel weird, even if everyone tells you that it looks good. You know that it isn’t right.
Brie Larson
My suggestion for a fast style upgrade would be to embrace a pop of color or pattern. Try layering a bright, pullover knit on top of a dress shirt with a subtle or bold pattern.
Cam Newton
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev can no longer attend concerts by his favorite group Deep Purple without having to fear that the musicians will wear T-shirts with Pussy Riot written on them.
Alexei Navalny
It’s all fun and games until someone loses a testicle. —T-SHIRT
Darynda Jones
If you’re into the brand and the heritage of the brand, you can always remember where you got your first Fred Perry Shirt, and for me I was nine years old
Bradley Wiggins
I’m a sucker for good black skirts and pretty little shirts and kooky tops. I have to admit that shopping satisfies my craving for immediate gratification.
Sophie Ellis Bextor
Ill-fitted T-shirts stretched over a gut are my pet hate. And if the colour’s faded – ugh.
Joanne Froggatt
For years, the company was known as a women’s shoe company. Then we added men’s clothing, shirts and shoes, and people thought of us as a men’s brand.
Kenneth Cole
I can’t believe that women have got to put on so much in the morning. What time do women wake up? Man, I put a t-shirt and jeans on, and that’s it. To see what women have got to go through in the morning, it’s more of a respect factor.
Brandon T. Jackson
Should I pull on a shirt?” he asked with hint of amusement. I WILL NOT BLUSH. “No.” He’d be doing the world a favor if he never wore a shirt again, but I wasn’t going to tell him that part. “You’re fine.
Gena Showalter
If you show up in L.A. with your shirt inside out or socks mismatched, people start putting change in your cup.
Casey Affleck
If you have a counterculture band, you put a name on it, you call them beatniks, and you can sell something – books or bebop. Or you label them as hippies and you can sell tie-dyed T-shirts.
Jim Jarmusch
I remembered something. There’s a man. He is bald and wears a short sleeve shirt. And somehow, he is important to me… I think his name is… Homer.
Jack O’Neill
Yeah, a lot of people ask me to take my shirt off, which is aggressive. I wish that I were just one of those guys who was just like, “You know, look, when I was seven I had a six-pack, and it just never went away.”
Max Greenfield
One modest suggestion for my friends in the academic community: the next time a mob of students, waving their non-negotiable demands, starts pitching bricks and rocks at the student union- just imagine they are wearing brown shirts or white sheets- and act accordingly.
Spiro T. Agnew
My sense of style is an old Polo shirt, jeans and, unfortunately for the longest time, white running shoes, which was not attractive. The one thing I’ve learned about clothes is to ask a girl.
Matthew Perry
I think for a lot of people, bowling is sort of a joke. But I love it, and it means a lot to me, so any chance to help promote it or celebrate it or not make the hackiest jokes – ‘Bowlers are like plumbers and they wear the craziest shirts!’ – I’m way into.
Chris Hardwick
There’s not a shirt and a half in all my company, and the half
shirt is two napkins tacked together and thrown over the
shoulders like a herald’s coat without sleeves.
William Shakespeare
I love challenging the notion that, in order to be a tech founder, you have to be holed up in a dark room wearing a T-shirt and baggy jeans.
Kevin Systrom
For as long as I could remember, he had never worn a single piece of clothing that could be considered casual. Khaki shorts and golf shirts, to Umberto, were the garments of men who have no virtues left, not even shame.
Anne Fortier
I like a girl to look relaxed. Tight jeans and rock t-shirts are cute!
Devon Werkheiser
He who accepts his poverty unhurt I’d say is rich although he lacked a shirt. But truly poor are they who whine and fret and covet what they cannot hope to get.
Geoffrey Chaucer
Are you okay?” I sighed,my sodden coat chilling me to the bone. “Peachy.Made a new friend.” He pulled me up by the hand,unzipping my coat and yanking it off me. “Shirt,too,please.” “No!” “It’s only fair. I seem to recall you making me strip the first time we met.
Kiersten White
I like the authentic object, and I have no problem paying sixty dollars for a T-shirt if it fits me really well and it’s really well made. I like unassuming clothes.
Micah Lexier
I wonder what you look like under your t-shirt. I wonder what you sound like when you’re not wearing words. I wonder what we have when we’re not pretending.
Ani DiFranco
What we are now doing with the victory, and I agree with you if you condemn that and I condemn whole-heartedly the trivial bullshit it is to go after a man who makes a scientific breakthrough and all that we as women — organized women — do is to fret about his shirt?
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
The world expected girls to pluck and primp and put on heels. Meanwhile, boys dressed in rumpled T-shirts and baggy pants and misplace their combs, and yet you were suppose to fall at their feet? Unacceptable.
Libba Bray
Songs, and songwriting keeps me inspired, moving forward. I tend to scribble down notes, lyrics or just random thoughts on pieces of paper, backs of cigarette packs, sometimes on my shirt cuff. Rock n’ roll is closest thing I’ve got to a spiritual power. It’s been the higher voice in my life and it’s never let me down.
John Waite
Women show off their personality and character through accessories more than with low-cut shirts and skirts with huge slits.
Sarah Lafleur
I want purple trews, lass,” Drustan called over the door. “No,” she said irritably. “And a purple shirt.
Karen Marie Moning
One can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt to dress up any look. Styled with rolled sleeves and a front tuck creating a chic look for day and night.
George Kotsiopoulos
I find that the ‘moms club’ is a very, very exclusive club! It’s the club of mothers who wear skinny jeans and white button-down shirts and wash their hair twice a day! I do not, and mothers who do make me feel really bad. You know who I am talking about!
Marissa Jaret Winokur
I have always loved sneakers and sweaters, and I wear a lot of them. And a good t-shirt or a pair of jeans can make you feel so good. And then I love great coats, and I pay a lot of attention to them and own a lot of them. I think a great piece of outerwear can really make you stand out.
Garance Dore
I have several close friends who have run marathons, a word that is actually derived from two Swahili words: mara, which means ‘to die a horrible death’, and thon, which means ‘for a stupid T-shirt.’ Look it up.
Celia Rivenbark
No, if I wore a sleeveless shirt, people would try to feed me after the match. If you got the guns, go for it. I got two breadsticks sticking out of my sleeve. I’ll stick with sleeves.
Andy Roddick
Sydney, this is the kind of shirt that says, ‘You’re never getting in here.
Richelle Mead
The high point of my career was winning the Champions League. No one will ever erase that from my memory, in the same way that no one will ever erase the fact that I did it in a Manchester United shirt.
Cristiano Ronaldo
I saw School of Rock, and I was like, why haven’t I worked with Richard Linklater already? Then by the time I got him I was like, I’m really pissed off I feel like you owe me some retroactive swag. He gave me the 10-year anniversary “Dazed and Confused” T-shirt, which I still wear with relish.
Robert Downey, Jr.
What I’ve always loved to do is build a brand that’s so cool that you want to wear their T-shirt.
Lee Clow
Me and my friends would drive for eight hours to play for twenty people. That was cool, and if a couple of people bought t-shirts, that would be the greatest thing. We could go eat some hamburgers that night.
Girl Talk
Summers are the best. And I figured summer was my best time for meeting someone, too, because in the summer people are looking for someone to snuggle up with for the winter. And because in the summer I could take off my shirt.
Andrew Tobias
The Mississippi coast is not like south Florida, but it always seems warm enough for sandals and short-sleeved shirts, except for now and then.
Ellen Gilchrist
He was going to take a dive into this lake. He just didn’t know it. Cerise rose, finding footing in the soft mud. The water came up to just below her breasts and her wet shirt stuck to her body. William’s gaze snagged on her chest. Yep, keep looking, Lord Bill. Keeeeeep looking.
Ilona Andrews
I want to go to a place where I can go to a football game, take off my shirt, paint my chest and major in beer.
Andrew Ferguson
Fortunes made in no time are like shirts made in no time; it’s ten to one if they hang long together.
Douglas William Jerrold
My golf swing is a bit like ironing a shirt. You get one side smoothed out, turn it over and there is a big wrinkle on the other side. Then you iron that one out, turn it over and there is yet another wrinkle.
Tom Watson
I want young people to be able to buy into what I design. When I was young, I wanted to buy designer brands even if all I could afford was the cheapest wallet, the cheapest pen, the cheapest T-shirt because I wanted to be a part of it.
Nicola Formichetti
If Stephen Harper took off his shirt in public, I’m not sure he’d raise any money for charity.
Margaret Trudeau
I have a wardrobe full of expensive clothes, but wear the same two T-shirts. I’ve never found a look.
Juliet Stevenson
If in doubt, anything looks good with a white shirt.
Victoria Beckham
I can see it, Ed, I leaned deeper into you, felt you nodding along with the sounds in the room, and your warmth signaled through to me from under your shirt, lovely strong, safe and right.
Daniel Handler
My heart born naked was swaddled in lullabies. Later alone it wore poems for clothes. Like a shirt I carried on my back the poetry I had read. So I lived for half a century until wordlessly we met. From my shirt on the back of the chair I learn tonight how many years of learning by heart I waited for you.
John Berger
He was dressed just like on TV, with lots of silver chains and bracelets, ripped jeans, and a black muscle shirt (Which was kind of stupid, since he didn’t have any muscles).
Rick Riordan
I remember watching Mike [Michael Jordan]. I remember him having a royal blue blazer and all black t-shirt and he came out of a blue Corvette. That was dope to us. We were like, ‘Yo, Michael killed today.’ He didn’t even talk to the media and walked straight into the arena. Everyday’s like Mike.
Iman Shumpert
We’re the ones causing global warming. In fact, what we ought to be saying is population growth is a major cause of it, so I hope to have a T-shirt out very, very soon: Stop global warming, use condoms.
Mechai Viravaidya
Such dainties to them, their health it might hurt; It ‘s like sending them ruffles when wanting a shirt.
Oliver Goldsmith
You might be a redneck if you work with a shirt off… and so does your husband.
Jeff Foxworthy
Take away Toto Wolff’s Mercedes shirt and send Sebastian [Vettel] down a street – nobody would recognize him.
Bernie Ecclestone
I’m very different to my mum. I’m not as beautiful as she is, nor – she probably despairs about this – as groomed. I certainly rebelled against her idea of looking well turned-out. I spent several years with a shaved head in jeans and baggy shirts.
Natascha McElhone
If you leave here, War can find you again. What are you going to do if that happens? (Tory) Leave bloodstains on his best shirt. (Acheron)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
When you go to a nice restaurant, you want to be relaxed and have a drink and everything, you want to look at people who look well. You don’t want to look at some slob with an open shirt and a hairy chest. At least I don’t.
Iris Apfel
Green business is not about tie-dyed T-shirts. It’s about transforming the industrial system itself into one that looks at all the connections.
Paul Hawken
Slippery slope. I carry a spare shirt, pretty soon I’m carrying spare pants. Then I’d need a suitcase. Next thing I know, I’ve got a house and a car and a savings plan and I’m filling out all kinds of forms.
Lee Child
Science should have no less lofty a goal. My ambition is to live to see all of physics reduced to a formula so elegant and simple that it will fit easily on the front of a T-shirt.
Leon M. Lederman
As time goes on you are given responsibility and other things to deal with. You become a husband and a father and there’s another shirt of stuff.
Mike Ness
My friends in Kennington always ask me, ‘can I have a shirt for my little brother or cousin,’ and I always send them shirts. I will never forget where I have come from, because I know what it is like growing up in that area, and it is not nice.
Jadon Sancho
I started designing and getting into cutting and sewing, I also started learning how to do patterns and tech packs. From there I transitioned from challenging myself to make T-shirts to starting to make custom pieces for celebrities.
Fred Foster
My dad wears girls’ clothes – it’s so funny. Sometimes I see him and I’m like, ‘Nice shirt!,’ because it’s from my closet.
Liv Tyler
I’m glad that as a 33-year-old working mother, I can still choose to wear a Hello Kitty T-shirt or stay up late scrolling through the Twitter feed of my junior-high crush.
Diablo Cody
See, being a woman, I have to wear attractive dresses – not boring shirts, ties and trousers!
Shibani Dandekar
I often enjoy wearing loud and outspoken clothing on stage, so off it, I usually wear loose-fitting vintage shirts, jeans, or track suits I’ve had forever. I just add styling to those pieces.
If you’ve got a bloodstain on your T-shirt, maybe dirty laundry isn’t your biggest problem.
Jerry Seinfeld
So the laughs had to come from the character, not because we had balloons in our shirts or were speaking in high voices. That was very important to us.
Kevin McDonald
When I was a kid I was the king of mullets. If you’re wearing a rock T-shirt and you’re a fan of Rush – one of the greatest bands in the universe – you’ve got to have a mullet.
Jared Leto
The weirdest moments for me are in Los Angeles when I go to a mall that I’ve shopped at since I was 12, and now there’s like, massive pictures of our faces everywhere, at my local coffee shops now there’s these billboards of people wearing the T-shirts and stuff. It’s very strange, but it’s really exciting.
Lily Collins
Striped shirts and printed shorts, jeans, and trousers are all items I buy and wear a lot in my private life.
Liu Wen
At home, a T-shirt and something loose like harem pants would do. If I’m stepping out, a pair of blue jeans and a white tee are just fine.
Genelia D’Souza
There is a difference between looking all right in a shirt and taking the shirt off. The older that us dudes get, the more the paunch has to be worked on. It’s hard.
Stephen Moyer
I know that’s an endorsement I’ve been waiting for,” Skye added. “Perfectly adequate in bed. They should make that into a T-shirt
Susan Mallery
Once when I was golfing in Georgia, I hooked the ball into the swamp. I went in after it and found an alligator wearing a shirt with a picture of a little golfer on it.
Buddy Hackett
I still have the shirt I wore my first time on Johnny Carson’s show. Only now I use it as a tablecloth at dinner parties. It was very blousy.
Ellen DeGeneres
If you were a woman, all I’d have to say is ‘Colin Firth in a wet shirt’ and you’d say ‘Ah.
Shannon Hale
This is my trademark: I rip my T-shirt. I’m into the whole showing-a-bit-of-chest-hair thing.
Ed Westwick
Doubts are like stains on a shirt. I like shirts with stains, because when I’m given a shirt that’s too clean, one that’s completely white, I immediately start having doubts.
Antonio Tabucchi
I see kids in Cradle of Filth shirts at our shows, which is awesome.
Matt Skiba
Mostly every shirt and cover you see has come from my mind.
Charlie Benante
Well, he was wearing those really bad pants ant that awful shirt. Clearly he did need some things explained to him bya teenager, but i didn’t think it was the right time to mention his unforunate and obvious fashion impairment.
P. C. Cast
The Army, as usual, are without pay; and a great part of the soldiery without shirts; and though the patience of them is equally threadbare, the States seem perfectly indifferent to their cries.
George Washington
The difference being that a nerd would wear a D&D shirt because he loves D&D while a hipster would wear a D&D shirt because it’s ridiculous that he is wearing a D&D shirt.
Chris Hardwick
The thing about my high school, which I loved, is that we had uniforms. But whenever we had a free dress day, it was prep-ville, with sweater vests and polo shirts and khakis and Dockers.
Vanessa Lachey
Is your inner vampire different from your…outer vampire?” “Definitely. He wants me to wear midriff-baring shirts and a fedora.” “So your inner vampire is Magnus?
Cassandra Clare
I have so many pieces that once belonged to my mom and both of my grandmothers. All of these pieces are very sentimental, and I love to wear them. I also have many pieces from my father that I probably cherish the most. I love wearing his dress shirts.
Kourtney Kardashian
Darynda Jones
It’s not a bad day at work when you just have to take your shirt off for a big franchise movie. There are worse jobs out there!
Chaske Spencer
I’m from the old school, so I was wearing button-up polo shirts way back, with the sweater to match.
Pimp C
It’s very important to have the right clothing to exercise in. If you throw on an old T-shirt or sweats, it’s not inspiring for your workout.
Cheryl Tiegs
Yellow shirts have brightened immigration demonstrations across the country
Pablo Alvarado
I wanted to be Deco, Titi Camara, or Pascal Feindouno when I was young, and now there are kids with my name on the back of their shirts! That is such a big motivation for me, and I hope I continue to show them that, with courage and determination, they can achieve anything.
Naby Keita
I like vintage clothes, a lot of ’80s band shirts. I wear a lot of my boyfriend’s clothes, too.
Sarah Hay
I’d rather throw a viper down my shirt front than hire a compensation consultant.
Charlie Munger
Britney Spears became my talisman. I became obsessed with wearing Britney T-shirts. I felt it would bring me luck. And it did.
Madonna Ciccone
I would never wear anything with a logo. That I really find difficult. It’s a frustration that I’ll find a nice shirt or something and it’s got 50 prints of the logo on it – why do they do this?
Norman Foster
To be the name on somebody’s shirt that they’ve made themselves in preparation for one of your shows – it doesn’t get much cooler than that.
Hunter Hayes
When you get to be a certain size as a man, all the shirts end up having giant dogs on them or things like that!
Ron Funches
When I dress up, I have to have a lot of help. I was in a T-shirt until a few minutes ago.
Kristen Stewart
Reducing your life down to three pairs of jeans, two skirts, a couple of shirts, and a few pairs of shoes was so nice for me. I really loved living in this tiny room where I didnt have space for anything. It sounds really lame, but it made me feel a lot more free, because I just didnt have as many choices.
Emma Watson
The shirt may be cut slimmer or looser, the suit might be darker or lighter, the sneakers might not have laces, but you’re still talking about shirts and suits and sneakers.
John Varvatos
When I first started, you could go to a college campus and it was not cool to wear a country artist’s shirt on campus. It was taboo, and there was a stigma involved. In the time from then till now, I’m amazed at how much things have changed. It’s young now, it’s cool, it’s hip
Eric Church
Knitwear can play a vital part in layering. The simplicity of a lightweight cardigan makes it one of the best ways to layer outfits. I love granddad cardis for winter, worn over a vintage lace shirt, waistcoat and full skirt with slouchy boots.
Don’t hide behind the Constitution or the Bible. If you’re against gay marriage, just be honest, put a scarlet ‘H’ on your shirt, and say, ‘I am a homophobe!’
Henry Rollins
I wanted a T-shirt that says ‘USA National Team’. It turned out to be a very smart decision.
Mark Warkentin
There can be no whiter whiteness than this one: An insurance man’s shirt on its morning run.
Gwendolyn Brooks
If there’s ever a kid out there that can’t afford to buy the music, I still want them to hear it, and hopefully they’ll go to the show, or buy a T-shirt from the band. That’s the idea.
Conor Oberst
I’m chillin in my sweats and sneakers and t-shirt. I can do that all day.
I’m extremely self-critical. Although I try not to be ridiculous about it, wearing horsehair shirts and all that. It’s a private exercise I don’t necessarily share with other people.
Gina McKee
I do not believe in a label on a shirt or a dress should tell me that I can’t wear a T-shirt or a pant because it should say “women’s”or “men’s” on it, you know? That’s just not how it should work.
The Bible says the fruit of the spirit is longsuffering. I’ll tell you one thing about fruit: you will never see a fruit factory. Isn’t that right? You see a shirt factory, but you see a fruit orchard. You see, there is no fruit without life. You cannot manufacture patience. The fruit of the Spirit is patience.
Adrian Rogers
People called me a tomboy. That was the term used then. I was very much someone who was comfortable in male clothing, and even later when I grew up, I was constantly wearing dungarees, wearing guy shirts.
Shirley Geok-lin Lim
Sometimes I feel like putting on a blazer with just a T-shirt.
Big Sean
I have been doing merch’ since I was 15 and in bands when I was a teenager – silk-screening shirts, making the emulsion in my mom’s closet I converted into a dark room, through college. That’s essentially how us bands survived was selling homemade t-shirts.
Steve Aoki
Did you know babies are nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt? You put on something from the cleaners, they’re gonna spit up just like that. My wardrobe looks like we have condors living in our yard.
Jeff Foxworthy
Flannel shirts, denim, Converse, a guitar, messy hair? That’s literally me.
Alessia Cara
Even though I’m resting I’m accomplishing something by sewing that shirt that I’ve been meaning to sew for weeks. And it’s relaxing. It’s so very meditative and quiet and enjoyable. But at least I’m producing something. I’m being productive in some way. I have a very hard time being completely idle.
Evangeline Lilly
Well, the thing about my high school, which I loved, is that we had uniforms. But whenever we had a free dress day, it was prep-ville, with sweater vests and polo shirts and khakis and Dockers.
Vanessa Lachey
President Obama is in China now for an economic summit in Beijing. The president wore a traditional purple silk shirt along with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. That’s after they taught Putin how to put a shirt ON.
Jimmy Fallon
Say “no” only when it really matters. Wear a bright red shirt with bright orange shorts? Sure. Put water in the toy tea set? Okay. Sleep with your head at the foot of the bed? Fine. Samuel Johnson said, “All severity that does not tend to increase good, or prevent evil, is idle.”
Gretchen Rubin
I’d much rather dress like a 5 year old than a 21 year old. I’d much rather wear a puffy sleeved shirt than some low-cut top.
Elle Fanning
I remembered staffing a volunteer table for ACT UP in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood in 1991, on the corner of Castro and 18th Street, and on my table were posters, stickers, and t-shirts that bore the same slogan in all caps – ACT UP slogan house style. I wore one of those shirts to model for passers-by.
Alexander Chee
There’s a certain amount of one-way shirt swapping going on.
Adrian Chiles
As I moved deeper into the room, his gaze dropped to my feet, and worked its way back to my face. I was wearing faded jeans, boots, and a snug pink Juicy T-shirt I got on sale at TJ Maxx last summer that said I’m a Juicy girl. “I bet you are,” he murmured.
Karen Marie Moning
Somehow, Sydney had an internal clock that told her when time was up. I think it was part of her inherent ability to keep track of a hundred things at once. Not me. In these moments, my thoughts were usually focused on getting her shirt off and whether I’d get past the bra this time. So far, I hadn’t.
Richelle Mead
Beware of the naked man who offers you his shirt.
Navjot Singh Sidhu
Got to say, dying would really wreck my best day. Been there, done that, and now that I think about it, Artemis forgot to give me the t-shirt.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I feel like Hawaiian shirts have definitely made a comeback.
St. Lucia
They can’t expect anyone to actually pay for a shirt that says, ‘I (picture of an elephant) the San Diego Zoo.’ What does that even mean?
Adam Rex
I meant to behave. There were just too many other options.–T-SHIRT
Darynda Jones
Usually you’d do the summer scenes in the winter. So you’re out there with a T-shirt and hope nobody sees your air that you’re breathing out. We put ice cubes in our mouth to stop that from happening.
Jamie Farr
Of course there are many ways we can reuse something. We can dye it. We can cut it. We can change the buttons. Those are other ways to make it alive. But this is a new step to use anything – hats, socks, shirts. It’s the first step in the process.
Issey Miyake
Despite his crimped shirts and flowing mane (or perhaps because of them) I had seen no evidence as yet that Nathaniel even knew what a girl was. If he’d ever met one, chances are they’d both have run screaming in opposite directions.
Jonathan Stroud
This shirt is “dry-clean only”… Which means it’s dirty.
Mitch Hedberg
If you have two shirts in your closet, one belongs to you and the other to the man with no shirt.
Tailored jackets with jeans is a great look for all ages. Dress up with a heel and pretty shirt, or just wear a smart T-shirt under the jacket.
We know that listening to Black Veil Brides, wearing Black Veil Bride shirts, or being in Black Veil Brides isn’t always the most popular thing in the world.
Andy Biersack
Just saw a t-shirt at the gym said, body by torture. That’s a lot less ironic if you’re a political prisoner in the Middle East.
Dov Davidoff
With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he’ll never know.
Hunter S. Thompson
Girl, there ain’t a boy in this town who can hold a candle to Beau Vincent with his shirt off.
Abbi Glines
There is a preppy wabi-sabi to soft, faded khakis and cotton shirts, but it’s not nice to be surrounded by things that are worn out or stained or used up.
Gretchen Rubin
The Confederate flag is one of those things that should only be seen on t-shirts, belt buckles and bumper stickers to help the rest of us identify the worst people in the world.
John Oliver
I’ll look through ‘Us Weekly’ and I’ll see a picture of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. And I’m like, ‘Wow, they just… they look so good. Even if they’re like just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, they still look great.’
If you’re a man and you have big tits, don’t wear a tight T-shirt, okay? It confuses the children!
Dennis Miller
This week Disney opened its first ever theme park in China. More than ten thousand children showed up on opening day. And that was just to make the T-shirts.
Conan O’Brien
Alcohol whipped me. Alcohol and I had many, many marvelous times together. We laughed, we talked, we danced at the party together; then one day I woke up and the band had gone home and I was lying in the broken glass with a shirt full of puke and I said, ‘Hey, man, the ball game’s up’.
Harry Crews
When you go to work, if your name is on the building, you’re rich. If your name is on your desk, you’re middle class. And if your name is on your shirt, you’re poor.
Rich Hall
I’ve done films where you have to get in shape for purely vanity reasons, when you read a script, turn to page 87 and it says: “Rips his shirt off and casually throws it onto chair” – and you’re going to go to the gym the next day because nobody wants to see your big fat arse out there taking your shirt off!
Bruce Willis
You can wear them with anything. It’s the person and the way that they wear it that makes it different. I have been designing white shirts forever, but I don’t get tired of it.
Carolina Herrera
Antarctica, one of the things that was so remarkable about it was that the ice itself is a kind of pure geometry, so say, for example, if I was facing someone wearing I don’t know, a Joy Division t-shirt with the mountains on it or something like that.
DJ Spooky
I think there’s a percentage [of the audience] that don’t realize, that don’t know that [standup] is how everything began. We planned it, we work hard, rehearsals to get this. It’s more of a … it’s not just coming in there in a T-shirt and holding a microphone.
Tim Allen
He’d (Reggie Jackson) give you the shirt off his back. Of course he’d call a press conference to announce it.
Catfish Hunter
Diesel coming down with shades, being seven feet tall with an all-black outfit on and the gloves; The Rock when he was wearing $800 Versace shirts; and Stone Cold, obviously, with the way he carried himself and the way he spoke and holding the microphone – these are the things that made me want to become a pro wrestler.
Enzo Amore
I am always looking for a cool tee shirt; maybe one with a rock band or an old advertisement.
Bridget Hall
Elegance is always in style for men. There are all different kinds of elegance. It can be silk, it can be a T-shirt.
Donatella Versace
He wore a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the good place, and a heart-shaped leaf lay trapped in the hollow if his throat as though it were planned, though of course it was so perfect it couldn’t have been planned.
Elizabeth Berg
You’re barely even wearing a shirt! What are you going to do if a mugger jumps out at you, flash them?
Sarah Rees Brennan
Outside of white button-down oord cloth shirts, Trickers brogues, 501s, and Ray-Ban Aviators, the single item of clothing that I have had in my closet consistently since 1982 is a pair of black-and-white checked Vans. They are the lazy man’s shoe – perfect for dog walking and security lines at the airport.
Nick Wooster
People have always worn Cleveland shirts and supported Cleveland no matter how bad the teams were or how close we were. It didn’t matter. That’s really all about the city. We’re just hardworking people that love the city and don’t care how the teams do.
Stipe Miocic
My first date has been…mythologized as ‘Bieber’s Dating Disaster.’ I took her to a buffet restaurant. Yes, I wore a white shirt. Yes, I got spaghetti.
Justin Bieber
My label is just “good farming”, which isn’t something you can put on a t-shirt.
Wendell Berry
One of my favorite facts about Jason [Benjamin] is that he collects shirts from tattoo parlors. He has a bunch of tattoo parlor T-shirts, but no tattoos. And then he wears, like, vans and jeans. My boyfriend said he looks like a modern Bruce Springsteen, which is a pretty high compliment.
Lena Dunham
The grunge thing was a little bit atrocious. ‘Let’s all put on plaid shirts and be as dirty as possible!’
Neve Campbell
Sharks are as tough as those football fans who take their shirts off during games in Chicago in January, only more intelligent.
Dave Barry
Kylie watched as his shirttail upward, exposing a very hard abdomen. The hem of his shirt inched higher, and she took in the cutest inny belly button she’d ever seen. And then his chest. Solid. Hard. A few drops of water glistened against his skin. Hear heart beat to the sound of passion again.
C.C. Hunter
…his gaze met hers. It was crazy. Dressed down in worn blue jeans and a black shirt, he was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. And the moment was sort of perfect. Even with the deer head staring over his shoulder like a total creeper.
J. Lynn
You can bet there’s something fishy going on. I guess some large mouth bass left that lipstick on our shirt.
Dolly Parton
You know what I hate about rock? I hate tie-dyed tee shirts. I wouldn’t wear a tie-dyed tee shirt unless it was dyed with the urine of Phil Collins and the blood of Jerry Garcia.
Kurt Cobain
His fingers leave streaks of cold on my skin, invisible to the eye, and I think about wrapping his shirt around my fist and pulling him in to kiss me; I think about pressing myself against him, but I can’t, because all our secrets would keep a space between us.
Veronica Roth
And I was victim to that very early in my career, where I would go into auditions, and I’d be wearing a big T shirt, a big baggy T shirt and loose jeans. You know, to try and show people that there was more to me than just that.
Charlize Theron
My overcoat is worn out my shirts also are worn out. And I ask to be allowed to have a lamp in the evening it is indeed wearisome sitting alone in the dark.
William Tyndale
It was awkward at times, especially at first. But I think the reality is they actually saw me with a Razorback on my shirt, and it kind of hit home that, hey, he is over there, he’s not at Springdale anymore.
Gus Malzahn
Producers and studios know what sells. It’s nice to be one of the guys that can help sell a movie by taking his shirt off.
Kellan Lutz
When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack-boots. It will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts. Germany lost the Second World War. Fascism won it. Believe me, my friend.
George Carlin
My shirt got torn in a fight. Yours evidently has a fast-release tab.
Rachel Vincent
I had to give Justin Bieber a lot of shirts – he’s a friend of the team, and we got a lot of love for Justin Bieber. I like the apparel business. That’s another $100 million per year, easy.
What was Dionysus going to go? Send him back to his hellish isolation? He’d been there, done that, and had the Ozzy T-shirt to prove it.’ (Styxx)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I tell ya, I knew my morning wasn’t going right. When I put on my shirt the button fell off, when I picked up my briefcase, the handle fell off, I tell ya, I was afraid to go to the bathroom.
Rodney Dangerfield
I’m not big on flak jackets and tie-dyed shirts. You know, that’s not me.
Joe Biden
This is a team of gay dudes, isn’t it?” What gave it away? The pink shirts, or half our team drooling over you?
Simone Elkeles
I often look at women who wear great jeans and high heels and nice little T-shirts wandering around the city and I think, I should make more of an effort. I should look like that. But then I think, They can’t be happy in those heels.
Kate Winslet
We having nothing to fear but fear itself. That, and maybe getting mugged by someone wearing a “No Fear” t-shirt.
Lev L. Spiro
Fire in your belly comes from pride and passion in wearing the red shirt. We don’t need to motivate players because each of them is responsible for the performance of the team as a whole. The status of Liverpool’s players keeps them motivated.
Bill Shankly
T-shirts for ten dollars are even more fashion today than expensive fashion.
Karl Lagerfeld
The fear we throw about danger is always as disproportionate as a paternal shirt on an infant.
Austin O’Malley
When I was a teenager, I worked at the Gap for a summer folding shirts. That was pretty mindless and soul-sucking.
Constance Wu
Fine, dandy, she thought. Then lose the shirt, peel off those leather pants, and lie down on my tile. We’ll take turns being on the bottom.
J.R. Ward
The laundry has its hands on my dirty shirts, sheets, towels and tablecloths, and who knows what tales they tell.
Joseph Smith, Jr.
Love is the unfamiliar Name
Behind the hands that wove
The intolerable shirt of flame
Which human power cannot remove.
T. S. Eliot
I’m much more comfortable in pants and shirts, running around. There was a typical construction about womanhood when I was growing up that I rejected.
Shirley Geok-lin Lim
If a girl wears a shirt and a skirt, does she become more sensuous? I think a girl in a sari is more sensuous than a girl in a skirt. In my opinion, a wet sari is the most sensuous.
Bipasha Basu
So how was Christmas for you guys? Did you all get lots of nice black t-shirts?
Gerard Way
I did a whole concert in Atlanta with my fly open, and I had a black suit on and a white shirt. My white shirt was protruding from the fly.
Al Green
I’m the guy in the crowd making fun of the hero’s shirt.
Seth MacFarlane
As long as you enjoy investing, you’ll be willing to do the homework and stay in the game. That’s why I try to make the show so entertaining, because if you aren’t interested, you’ll either miss the opportunity to make money in the market or not pay enough attention and end up losing your shirt.
Jim Cramer
When everyone just shook their heads, he unbuttoned his shirt and, oh good Lord, shrugged out of it, bunching it up to slip beneath her head like a pillow. Don’t look at him, she told herself. Don’t look— She looked. Sweet Jesus.
Jill Shalvis
Many companies are disappointing the citizens of this world by manipulating labor rates, putting horse meat instead of beef out there, or thinking it’s totally acceptable to make a T-shirt from a collapsing factory. Increasingly, people don’t want to work for these companies, and consumers don’t want to buy from them.
Paul Polman
[Lloyd George] said that Harding’s speech on American naval aspirations made him feel that he would pawn his shirt rather than allow America to dominate the seas. If this was to be the outcome of the League of Nations propaganda, he was sorry for the world and in particular for America.
David Lloyd George
I would recommend if you come to Ocean Grove and you’re not from around here, don’t wear rubber pants, a pink shirt and a blue jacket. Leave that for Asbury Park.
Peter Noone
Hollywood must be the only place on earth where you can be fired by a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a baseball cap.
Steve Martin
There is no shortage of ways that people profit indirectly from the misery and cruelty in other places. Even now, the shirts we wear and the tomatoes we eat. There are unfortunately unfair and inhumane conditions – including literal slavery – all over the world.
Ben H. Winters
I garden a lot in LA, so fashion consists of boots, work pants and T-shirts, unless I’m going out.
Kyle MacLachlan
I’m not my name. My name is something I wear, like a shirt. It gets worn. I outgrow it, I change it.
Jerry Spinelli
Turn on the faucet. Wash yourself with the emotion. It won’t hurt you. It will only help. If you let the fear inside, if you pull it on like a familiar shirt, then you can say to yourself, “All right, it’s just fear, I don’t have to let it control me. I see it for what it is”.
Mitch Albom
I can mix and match a cute shirt with some skinny jeans under a leather jacket and it looks fun and unique.
Miley Cyrus
A blonde girl wearing a man’s shirt but in all other visible respects unmanly to the point of outright effeminacy.
Kingsley Amis
One of the coolest things to me about going to a show is you look over, and the guy next to you is sitting there drinking a beer and he’s wearing a Donkeys t-shirt. And you’re like, “Dude, I love The Donkeys.”
Craig Finn
To John Cena after the fans kept throwing his shirt back in the ring : They didn’t throw my shirt back.
CM Punk
He was wearing a plain white oxford unbuttoned over a T-shirt, but something about the way they fit made him look put together, like an Abercrombie model (well, like an Abercrombie model who had remembered to put on a shirt that morning).
Claire LaZebnik
…the last player I truly idolize… No other footballer is more worthy of the number 10 shirt than him.
(on Maradona)
Hristo Stoichkov
I have so much freedom to put whatever I want on a t-shirt, and it’s cool because I get a lot of fan feedback so I like to see what kids like to wear and I like to use some of their ideas to make t-shirts.
Jack Barakat
There was actually some serious time in front of the mirror, checking yourself out, checking out your shirt, checking out your pants.Combing that hair. Really putting some thought and effort behind it and it’s astounding how terrible I used to make myself look. Still to this day I don’t really know how to dress myself.
Rob Huebel
Apart from anything else, I find boots are too hot except in wintry weather. At home I usually wear a sweater, shirt and slacks.
Honor Blackman
When I started in the league, I went to a tailor and told him I wanted long t-shirts. But they were like, “You know, you don’t know what the trend is.” I was like, “Look dog, I don’t care about trends or your fashion sense. If I’m going to pay you money, this is where the shirt is going to end.”
Iman Shumpert
Don’t worry about your future lives, past lives. Button up your shirt! Stand up straight! Go out and do something. Go out and have some fun. Be alive, change, dissolve, explode!
Frederick Lenz
I love soft-cotton white T-shirts.
Kevin Hart
I like to wear a lot of one-tone color outfits – same color trousers, same color shirt.
Theophilus London
Many of the Iranian players show their Christian names on their shirts.
Clive Tyldesley
I think certainly after every show I headline, I will be available to the fans. When I’m headlining a show, I don’t walk off stage. I’ll walk to the front of the stage and sign hats and shirts and tickets for 15 to 30 minutes, until everyone has everything signed.
Luke Bryan
I recently adopted for my own a good motto I saw somewhere, on a barroom mirror or possibly a washroom wall: ‘The time you enjoyed wasting wasn’t wasted.’ I think I’ll have that printed some day on a T-shirt or the bedroom ceiling.
Peg Bracken
In a big Bollywood romantic film, taking my shirt off and spreading the hand towards the mountain with dancers behind me are not my cup of tea.
Vir Das
You know, Taylor Lautner, with a body like that, he should be taking his shirt off. For me, it’s not so essential.
Max Irons
I am loving visible bras with shirts, high-waisted pants and oversize blazers.
Leandra Medine
Being a good Hans Haacke student, part of his influence on me is that there’s no difference between a gallery show and a film – or even an ad and a T-shirt-in terms of cultural legitimacy. They’re just different contexts in which to have some sort of communication.
Mike Mills
I think good-looking people seldom make good television. And American television studios almost concede before they start: ‘Well, it won’t be good, but at least it’ll be good-looking. We’ll have nice-looking girls in tight shirts with F.B.I. badges and fit-looking guys with lots of hair gel vaulting over things.’
Hugh Laurie
If you live in Ohio and you don’t wear scarlet and gray now, you’re an oddball. And it used to be that you could go around town even in Columbus and see a bunch of people in Michigan shirts … And that’s horrible, isn’t it?.
Dave Foley
If you hear a “prominent” economist using the word ‘equilibrium,’ or ‘normal distribution,’ do not argue with him; just ignore him, or try to put a rat down his shirt.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The idea of being on television is to wear your T-shirt so people see it and maybe buy it.
CM Punk
I would never play in England in another shirt other than Arsenal’s.
Patrick Vieira
I like suits. I mean, I always feel good in a suit; I’m more of a suit guy than a shirt-and-jeans-type guy, probably. You know, like, I love Brad Goresky’s style. And sometimes he’ll wear a pair of, like, leopard pants, and I’m like, I couldn’t pull that off, but I appreciate it from afar.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
One day she told me that they’d decided that my gender was divvied into two neat piles-Men and Guys. Basically, all the saints of the world: Men. The jerks, the players, the wet T-shirt contest aficionados? They were Guys.
Gayle Forman
First thing, I throw on some jeans, a T-shirt and my Keds sneakers and make coffee. That is actually my favorite time of day. That is when I do my songwriting, when I am in writing mode.
Lucinda Williams
The Japanese tend to communicate via nuance and euphemism, often leaving important things unsaid; whereas Americans tend to think they’re being subtle when they refrain from grabbing the listener by the shirt.
Dave Barry
Penance does not require hair shirts today; our neighbors are hair shirts.
Fulton J. Sheen
I usually always start with the jeans, which is weird because most guys, I would say, start with a shirt and build around the shirt. I always start with the jeans and I have so many jeans. I have an entire rack of just jeans.
Blake Michael
My dad has totally taken my Cat Stevens T-shirt, but it’s OK; I have his Black Flag one, and that’s amazing.
Zoe Kravitz
Shrugging out of the damaged shirt, Jake said roughly, “I still dream about you.” “I have nightmares about you.” I dragged my T-shirt over my head, threw it aside.
Josh Lanyon
When I see hipsters wearing Mao hats or Lenin T-shirts, I’m grateful. It’s like truth-in-labeling. For now I know you are: Woefully ignorant, morally stunted, purposively asinine, or all three.
Jonah Goldberg
There’s always [on women’s magazines] that great photo of the actress or model lifting up her shirt just to show you the bone structure and the six-pack of her own. It’s almost like when horses are auctioned and they show you their teeth. ‘Am I good enough?’
Janeane Garofalo
I think when you take off that jacket and they see that ‘I LOVE GRANDMA’ T-shirt, they’re going to rip your heart out.
Elayne Boosler
I’m a blue-shirt guy.
Billy Bush
I was a mod when I was a kid. I’d be in Italian pencil-leg trousers with those bowling shoes you wear outside and a Fred Perry polo shirt with a V-neck sweater. It was like an Essex uniform – a very specific look.
Stephen Moyer
been there done that, bought the t-shirt” Chapter 2
Jeff Lindsay
Never wear a red t-shirt to Target. I enjoy helping people, but not every two minutes.
Kevin Nealon
I think I tried on the hardcore scene’s outfits maybe once, and then I just figured I’d stick to Hawaiian shirts.
Dave Sitek
My mom was a garage sale person, save money. Come on in to the garage sale, you might find a shirt. She’d get in that garage sale and point stuff out to you. There’s a good fork for a nickel. Yeah, that’s beautiful. It’s a little high. If it were three cents I’d snap it up.
Louie Anderson
If you want to have clean ideas, change them as often as your shirts.
Francis Picabia
A healthy body means a healthy mind. You get your heart rate up, and you get the blood flowing through your body to your brain. Look at Albert Einstein. He rode a bicycle. He was also an early student of Jazzercise. You never saw Einstein lift his shirt, but he had a six-pack under there.
Steve Carell
As she turned to concentrate on the portal, Eve tugged on Claire’s shirt. “What?” “Ask him where he got the boots.” “You ask.” Personally, Claire wanted the vampire bunny slippers.
Rachel Caine
When I go out or to an event, I’ll wear blue jeans and a shirt. And sometimes when I go to an event I’ll wear camouflage. It depends what kind of mood I’m in.
Si Robertson
Christopher Columbus discovered America in a blue-and-white sailor shirt, and since then, men have been wearing blue and white shirts.
Mickey Drexler
I live a dual life. On the red carpet, it’s complete glam. But at home, I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. Simple can be beautiful.
Ashley Greene
The accommodation for the players to dress themselves, to change into their club shirts, are in most stadiums not so good.
Louis van Gaal
I like to pick one piece that pops against everything else. I like flashy shirts, or I’ll wear a simple shirt with a fancy tie. I also like vintage pieces, more stand-out ones.
Kim Tae-hyung
When you see somebody walking down the street wearing a Superman t-shirt, you just want to shoot them in the chest … when they start to bleed go, I guess not
Dane Cook
Lacey shrugged bashfully. “Do you think I’m superficial?” “Well, yeah.” I thought of myself standing outside Becca’s bedroom, hoping she’d take her shirt off. “But so am I,” I added. “So is everyone.
John Green
Headbangers’ are people who like heavy-metal music, which is performed by skinny men with huge hair who stomp around the stage, striking their instruments and shrieking angrily, apparently because somebody has stolen all their shirts.
Dave Barry
Sometimes I’m so tired, I look down at what I’m wearing, and if it’s comfortable enough to sleep in, I don’t even make it into my pajamas. I’m looking down, and I’m like, ‘T-shirt and stretchy pants? Yup, that’s fine. It’s pajama-y, good night.’
Rebecca Romijn
We need to be just before we are generous, as we need shirts before ruffles.
Nicolas Chamfort
I remember getting a Phoenix Suns T-shirt. I had that Phoenix Suns T-shirt forever. It’s the funny things you remember as a kid, but it was a blast.
Jonathan Lipnicki
You can be 24 and continue to live like you’re at college, or even continue to live like you’re in high school. Or you can put on a shirt and tie and pretend to be an adult.
Ezra Koenig
Snub end of a dismal year,
deep in the dwarf orchard,
The sky with its undercoat of blackwash and point stars,
I stand in the dark and answer to
My life, this shirt I want to take off,
which is on fire . . .
Charles Wright
It has become clichГ© to say I laughed until I cried, but when I’m done reading one of [Kupperman’s] underground comics my shirt is literally soaking wet. This guy may have one of the best comedy brains on the planet right now.
Conan O’Brien
In my everyday life, I just wear jeans, t-shirts and trainers – if I can go barefoot, that’s even better. But for the events I have a stylist, and in two hours we have selected a whole outfit.
Penelope Cruz
If God didn’t want man to hunt, He wouldn’t have given us plaid shirts.
Johnny Carson
I watched him pull his t-shirt over his head. I could put hin on replay doing that and watch it all day.
Tammara Webber
I’ve got a clothing sponsor that helps me out with my clothes. It’s called Bulky Boy Clothing, and they pretty much provide me with most of the shirts that I wear.
Brian Shaw
The comma, if it’s left out, sometimes can be a problem. There’s a slogan on a T-shirt going around that “Let’s Eat, Grandma,” and “Let’s Eat Grandma.”
Mary Norris
And for our fans, they’re just crazy people anyway. I always look at people in a Green Day shirt, and I think, ‘What’s wrong with that person? What kind of hang-ups does that person have?’ Obviously, it’s not just the catchy songs, it goes deeper than that.
Billie Joe Armstrong
Whenever I go to Germany I find that my readers have T-shirts with my book covers printed on them. They come to all the events, they have gifts and they come with their families. They are always very open to sharing their personal stories.
Cecelia Ahern
Besides, Southerners are hospitable. They’ll probably offer me lemonade.” Excuse me? You’re going to sit on a porch and drink lemonade while I plow a swamp with a goat’s horn?” Yes, ma’am. And I aim to wear my seamless shirt while you do it.
Nancy Werlin
I’m a third-generation American, so I like that American-looking, Northwestern style with a flannel or jean shirt.
Cody Horn
Football hasn’t got better, it has just evolved, from the ball to the boots to the shirts to the training methods – everything around them.
I like guys who wear nice clothes, nice jeans, nice trainers – I hate skinny jeans and those T-shirts that are really low-cut.
Georgia Salpa
If Ive got a clean pair of jeans and a T-shirt, thats usually a good day for me.
Jessica Lange
the juniors were acting different because they are now the seniors. They even had T-shirts made. I don’t know who plans these things.
Stephen Chbosky
My closet is in perfect order at home. All my dress shirts, all my casual shirts. All my suits, they’re color coordinated. All my ties are color coordinated.
Mark Teixeira
Nearly all the Brazilian supporters are wearing yellow shirts – it’s a fabulous kaleidoscope of colour.
John Motson
I take my dog to the vet a lot because he’s old and sick, and I always step on the scale when I’m there. Let’s just say shirts that were once button-able are no longer. I’m constantly being roasted by my wife.
Ike Barinholtz
[My father] was generous with his affection, given to great, awkward, engulfing hugs, and I can remember so clearly the smell of his hugs, all starched shirt, tobacco, Old Spice, and Cutty Sark. Sometimes I think I’ve never been properly hugged since.
Linda Ellerbee
Percy looked at his friends. “I’m getting tired of this guy’s shirt.
Rick Riordan
I find it hard to relax around any man who’s got the second button on his shirt undone.
Bill Nighy
I think we were promoting New Moon just as I was finishing The Runaways, and I remember going to Comic-Con with a Minor Threat T-shirt on. I was really happy and excited to be there, but I was so defensive and crazy.
Kristen Stewart
I want to prove that he’s wrong – he’s wearing a t-shirt that says he won the last two fights.
Manny Pacquiao
I used to wear sweats and a T-shirt to auditions, but my agent would yell at me and tell me I had to look nice and presentable. So I had to drop that habit.
Kellan Lutz
Just saw a woman with a t-shirt that said southern and sassy, it’s all good. Well madame, I beg to differ, it is in fact, not ‘all good’.
Dov Davidoff
If I ever wear a Chelsea shirt, you have permission to kill me.
Cesc Fabregas
I saw a transvestite wearing a T-shirt that said ‘Guess’.
Demetri Martin
A book, a book full of human touches, of shirts, a book without loneliness, with men and tools, a book is victory.
Pablo Neruda
In high school, girls started wearing high-waisted pants with their shirts tucked into them. I don’t get what that’s about.
Dylan O’Brien
If you don’t put out a shirt for eight months, that doesn’t mean it took you eight months to make the shirt.
Vince Staples
People want it to be red, like blood. It’s kind of funny. When I used to throw meat into the audience, I’d get letters from kids’ mothers saying, “What’s the best way to get blood stains out of my son’s shirt?”
Ozzy Osbourne
Of this diversion the Scots are so fond, that, when the weather will permit, you may see a multitude of all ranks, from the senator of justice to the lowest tradesman, mingled together, in their shirts, and following the balls with utmost eagerness.
Tobias Smollett
Where’s my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal? It’s my most capable-looking outfit!
If you think you have a better mousetrap or car, or shirt, or whatever, you’ve got to tell people.
Lee Clow
I love my black shirts; I have usually 14 of them at any one time.
John Rocha
Often something more simple would be better. Sometimes I put things together – a shirt, a sweater, a jacket – and it’s too complicated. I would have worn only a v-neck sweater, it would have been better. It’s not the clothes but it’s how you wear them sometimes.
Ines de La Fressange
Well, you know, with every character, if you’re going to expose yourself, you’ve got to figure out every detail that you’re going to play. So there’s no character that you can just go put on his shirt and be fully prepared.
Albert Brooks
Is that an invitation?” “I suppose it is.” “Good.” Cade’s voice dropped lower, adding one last thing before hanging up. “And tell your friend in the striped shirt that he’s in my seat.
Julie James
I’m rockin’ PJ’s and no shirt. I smoke weed, eat yogurt
Mac Miller
It was impossible not to admire him, not to want to do something to contain that kind of beauty- drink him, ingest him, sneak into his shirt and hide for the rest of one’s natural life.
Jane Hamilton
I simply adore ‘The Simpsons.’ I go to bed in a ‘Simpsons’ T-shirt.
Steven Spielberg
Foul!” yelled Jamie, who seemed extremely happy not to be the one facing a blade. “Distracting technique! Put your shirt back on right now.
Sarah Rees Brennan
I hate watching me. I hate watching me. It just makes me feel awful. I think, ‘I look stupid from that angle. I wish I didn’t let them put that shirt on me.’
Jesse Eisenberg
Always been purple. Like I remember being in the first grade, looking up at the color charts, and saying, ‘Man, purple is the best color, man, it’s the best color, it just is the best color.’ I have a lot of purple shirts and stuff, I’m always wearing purple.
Synyster Gates
People always expect Hulk Hogan to be standing up straight, or to have the bandanna on, or to not have my arms covered up. If I have an extra large shirt on people go ‘oh yeah you look small.’ It kind of ruins the mystique.
Hulk Hogan
People sometimes wear shirts that are really boxy, and you can see them over the top of their trousers, which doesn’t look right to me.
Tamer Hassan
I have never had a pair of knickers sent in the post. I’ve had jams, lemon drizzle cakes, West Ham football shirts and footballs and books. I’ve had pillowcases with my face on, tea towels with my face on, face flannels with my face on, towels with my face on.
Jeremy Kyle
A guy’s biggest style mistake is definitely trying to look too cool. As long as you’ve got a good pair of jeans, a good pair of boots and a few good shirts, you’re fine.
Luke Evans
I was thrust, excitingly, via ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ into a position one can only dream of, but it was startling, too. I was offered a multitude of roles riding horses in flouncy shirts, and I just thought, ‘Hang on, I’ve just done that. What next?’
Joseph Fiennes
Naked I came into the world, naked I shall go out of it! And a very good thing too, for it reminds me that I am naked under my shirt, whatever its colour.
E. M. Forster
I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy it hurts.
Ward Churchill
Iran may have attacked ISIS. Do you know how long it’s been since I have been able to wear my “Go Iran” T-shirt?
Conan O’Brien
This is very much part of my style, I work a lot on the back В­ – I love the back of clothes for men. I love even T-shirts printed behind. I think, “Why do you want to show only the front?”
Riccardo Tisci
I love Tris the Divergent, who makes decisions apart from faction loyalty, who isn’t some faction archetype. But the Tris who’s trying as hard as she can to destroy herself … I can’t love her.
Veronica Roth
As long as I didn’t have to put on the tiara and the chains and the big yellow shirt for the whole series, I was up for anything.
Mike Colter
Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short and wear shirts and boots because it’s okay to be a boy; for girls it’s like promotion. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, according to you, because secretly you believe that being a girl is degrading.
Ian Mcewan
Don’t spend two dollars to dry clean a shirt. Donate it to the Salvation Army instead. They’ll clean it and put it on a hanger. Next morning buy it back for seventy-five cents.
Billiam Coronel
You’re beautiful this morning,” Archer said, stopping before her, kissing her nose. “You’re impossibly sweet in my shirt.” That might be but she felt like death. She would gladly make the trade; how blissful it would be to feel impossibly sweet and look like death.
Kristin Cashore
I was working at the store on the Sony studios in Culver City. And I was literally holding a shirt when they came in and told me I’d got the part! It just shows dreams do come true.
Derek Luke
I’m in a weird position, because I like rainbows, but I’m not gay. So whenever I go out wearing a rainbow shirt, I have to put “Not gay.” But I’m not against gays, so under that I’ll have to put “… but supportive.” It’s weird how one group of people took refracted light. That’s very greedy, gays.
Demetri Martin
I still have the Antonio Banderas outfit from when I toured with Noel Fielding. I kept that outfit, and if you guys want it back, forget about it. It’s mine. Silky silky. My silky, silky shirt is mine. My black pants are mine. And the boot is mine!
Rich Fulcher
A simple life is good with me. I don’t need a whole lot. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy.
It is an impressive place that smells like the 1950s, when everyone wore starch white shirts and black slacks and perfect crewcuts and worked on massive industrial projects
Elf Sternberg
I don’t have any elaborate uniforms; I come to the ring in a T-shirt, a pair of sneakers and some shorts.
John Cena
My style when I was 17 was very low-key with jeans, T-shirts, and Converse. I was signed to a major record label by then, so I had stylists helping me.
Michelle Branch
You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans – it’s up to you.
Karl Lagerfeld
Forget trendy designer labels. Jeans, a sweater or a t-shirt worn under a jacket that seems welded to you. When it’s just right, when you don’t see the effort, it’s irresistible.
Emmanuelle Alt
I’m a Hawaiian shirt guy. I’ve made that life decision.
Chris O’Dowd
What exactly did you find in Atlanta?” Frank unzipped his backpack and started bringing out souvenirs. “Some peach preserves. A couple of T-shirts. A snow globe. And, um, these not-really-Chinese handcuffs.” Annabeth forced herself to stay calm. “How about you start from the top—of the story, not the backpack.
Rick Riordan
If I meet somebody and I’m like, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ And you give somebody a hug, or a half-hug, and they stank and it rubs off on me, that is contagious ’cause I’ll be smelling like roses and then it’s like, ‘Wait a minute.’ I’ll change shirts and I’m still funky.
Paul Wall
And speaking of scary things, I need to leave. My guides are fading even as we speak. (Talon) I hate when you commune with the dead in front of me. (Kyrian) Are you the asshole who sent the ‘I See Dead People’ T-shirt to me? (Talon) That would be Wulf. (Kyrian)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I find that a shirt is most similar to a napkin when I don’t have a napkin.
Demetri Martin
As far as comfort and convenience, men have it all over the girls. A man can wear the same suit every day of the week with different shirts and ties, but a woman needs an extensive wardrobe. I can understand how women on the go wear pantsuits and slacks.
The average age in the U.S. is now thirty-three, whereas Mexico gets younger and younger, retreats deeper and deeper into adolescence. Mexico is fifteen. Mexico is wearing a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt and wandering around Tijuana looking for a job, for a date, for something to put on her face to take care of the acne.
Richard Rodriguez
If your stomach blocks your view of your feet, cover it up! The only people who should be wearing belly shirts are people who don’t have bellies. Now those little baby spare tires are kinda cute; tractor tires aren’t! Especially if they’ve got hair on them!
Jeff Foxworthy
With each concept, we change it up completely and the styles have been so diverse. For ‘Boy in Luv,’ we wore school uniforms. For ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears,’ it was a range of suits and white shirts.
Kim Tae-hyung
And also, there are so many times when you need to make a quick escape, but humans don’t have their own wings, or not yet, anyway, so what about a birdseed shirt?
Jonathan Safran Foer
I was wearing like, a Juicy Couture men’s polo shirt. We weren’t there, like, ready for war.
Kanye West
I used to wear sleeveless T-shirts all the time on court, but now I’ve got a brand new look – I’ve moved on to polo shirts. Sleeveless T-shirts give you real freedom of movement and they keep you cooler in matches, but I just thought it was time for a change.
Rafael Nadal
Ramil met Tashi’s eyes with a mischievous look. “Now Wife we have a long voyage ahead of us with no interruptions, no affairs of state to sidetrack us.” He brushed his fingers againist the lacings of her neck. “Isn’t it time you returned that shirt to its owner?
Julia Golding
I tore open the closet door and began feverishly sorting through the shirts piled on the floor in the vain hope that inside that pile there might be some wondrously perfect shirt down there, a nice and tough but I’m also a surprisingly good listener with a true and abiding passion for cheers and those who lead them.
John Green
Is this the part where you start tearing off strips of your shirt to bind my wounds?” “If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked.
Cassandra Clare
Basically, I’m in a kilt and a white shirt every day. So, you know, I don’t have a lot of scope, and I’m really picky about what I wear. Even if it’s weird, it’s very particular to me. And you can’t make a business out of what I would wear. We’d be out of business.
Marc Jacobs
What is it about the cut of certain clothes that signals ‘VIP?’ Men’s Brioni suits and Charvet shirts are famous for it.
Christina Binkley
I always wear my dad’s shirts.
Ananya Panday
My fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner. Their classic looks and clean lines should be the cornerstones of your wardrobe – white cotton shirts, black Capri pants, pencil skirts and ballerina skirts.
Marie Helvin
I like when a guy wears a T-shirt, and you can see a little curve of the muscle sticking out. That’s sexy!
Jennifer Morrison
I’m a jeans and t-shirt type of girl.
Nicole Richie
Modernized by tin roofs and T-shirts, Third World poverty is no longer picturesque.
Mason Cooley
Start your own revolution, cut out the middleman In a perfect world we’d all sing in tune But this is reality so give me some room So join the struggle while you may The Revolution is just a t-shirt away
Billy Bragg
I opened the door. He looked down at my shirt and smiled. “Funny,” he said. “Don’t call my boobs funny,” I answered.
John Green
I like to find those shirts that they only made one of. That’s my approach to style. But my vintage T-shirt collection is a little ridiculous.
Josh Henderson
I just wear jeans, big motorcycle boots and T-shirts that are way too big for me. I like anything that has lived a little bit, that has traces of life on it. Knitwear that’s a tiny bit too long because you’ve pulled it with your hands, or jeans that are starting to get holes.
Clemence Poesy
Your clothes smell heavily of clothing. Your den is filled with low-hanging palls of fresh air. The only rattle in your car is the sound of toll change in the ashtray. The absence of telltale tobacco stains on your shirt collar tells the tale – you’ve licked the smoking habit.
Robert Breault
Only Jace, Clary thought, could look cool in pajama bottoms and an old T-shirt, but he pulled it off, probably through sheer force of will. -pg. 329-
Cassandra Clare
I wouldn’t wear a tie-dyed tee-shirt unless it was dyed with the urine of Phil Collins and the blood of Jerry Garcia.
Kurt Cobain
I love shopping; I’m a jeans and a T-shirt kind of girl, but I go classy when I dress up – with a little bit of sexy.
Adrianne Palicki
In the trunk of her car, my mother used to keep a collapsible easel, a clutch of brushes, a little wooden case stocked with tubes of paint, and, tucked into the spare-tire well, one of my father’s old, tobacco-stained shirts, for a smock.
Jill Lepore
You guys take over while I go put on a shirt.” Mrs. Kulavich had edged close enough to hear him. She beamed at him. “Don’t bother on my account,” she said. “Sadie!” Mr. Kulavich said in rebuke. “Oh, hush, George! I’m old, not dead!” “I’ll remind you of that the next time I want to watch the Playboy Channel,” he growled.
Linda Howard
Kingsley did the same, except he also removed his T-shirt, showing off his broad chest, tan and smooth. When had Kingsley had time to work on his tan? Mimi wondered.
Melissa de la Cruz
… And drinking neat liquor from the bottle, with all my long hair and my shirt undone and my beads, not so much the lizard king, more a gecko duchess, I fitted in nicely with their idea of what a creative person should be.
Russell Brand
For me there’s nothing better than putting the white shirt on for England and playing for England. I’d get worried if it wasn’t like that.
Michael Owen
When I wear the national team shirt, its sole contact with my skin makes it stand on an end.
Diego Maradona
In the intermission, between group one and group two, you go to your dressing-room and change every stitch you have on you: underwear, shirt, tie, socks, pants and tails. Your other clothes are soaking wet.
George Antheil
Since I was a child, I hated having to deal with my hair. I hated having to change my clothes. As a kid, I had a sailor shirt and the same old corduroy pants, and that’s what I wanted to wear everyday.
Patti Smith
He leaned back for a moment to tug her shirt down her arms, with the same wicked, lovley smile that had first stolen her breath years ago.
Melissa Marr
I think somebody like Wes [Anderson] has a very good sense of style and is original. I think my sense of style got a little bit better after I was exposed to you guys at Valentino. Because I’m just in Hawaii and Malibu; it’s just kind of T-shirts and surfing-type stuff.
Owen Wilson
Insanity does NOT run in my family. It strolls through, takes it’s time, and gets to know everyone personally – T-Shirt
Darynda Jones
Sailing is the closest I can get to nature – it’s adrenaline, fear, a constant challenge and learning experience, an adventure into the unknown. And of course there is nothing better than wearing the same T-shirt for days and not brushing my hair for weeks.
Daria Werbowy
I’m upset. There was nothing like putting on the red shirt.
(on retiring from international football)
Robbie Savage
I had this fantastic collection of Grateful Dead T-shirts and live concert music the band had give me over all these years, decades of material, and when our boys became teenagers they started going through everything and wearing the shirts and listening to the music and that’s what the Grateful Dead is all about.
Bill Walton
It’s true, I don’t like the whole cutoff-shorts-and-T-shirt look, but I think you can look fantastic in casual clothes.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
The British invented the classic look. Men’s apparel was created in London, the great English style. You have to respect this country’s suits, shirts, shoes, luggage.
Mickey Drexler
I live in jeans and own a lot of them. I’m much more comfortable in trousers and T-shirts, and I don’t often wear dresses.
Hayley Mills
Some people have the meat-market mentality, so you’ve got to take your shirt off because it will bring girls into the theater. When that comes up on set, I challenge it.
Josh Hartnett
I got 304’s in 310 on Section 8, with multiple 187’s…
Sport a Marilyn Manson t-shirt when I die and go to heaven.
Ras Kass
Europe has memories, America has t-shirts.
Jean-Luc Godard
Popular music is like a big party, and it’s a thrill sneaking in rather than being invited. Every once in a while, a guy with his shirt on inside out, wearing lipstick and a pillbox hat gets a chance to speak.
Tom Waits
My uniform is sweatpants, so crusted over with dried paint that they’re as hard as a table. I wear T-shirts that are also covered in paint, and Crocs.
Caio Fonseca
If you weren’t there, how do you know someone pushed her?” Sergeant Kenn asked. “Well …,” said Jared. “And what were you doing, running through a strange town at night?” “I was jogging?” Jared offered. “Without your shirt or your shoes?” “Uh,” said Jared.
Sarah Rees Brennan
Women were wearing the men’s button-downs so I added men’s touches into women’s shirts. They’re basically the same – just sexier. They’re reshaped to the female body.
Tommy Hilfiger
Theatrically, you are aware of every part of you in acting; every component of your surroundings, including the clothes you wear. Eh…in voiceover, shorts and a t-shirt and badaboom…done.
Atticus Shaffer
You gotta keep changing. Shirts, old ladies, whatever.
Neil Young
I would never talk to a girl in a bar, like a pick-up thing. But I could talk to anyone if they wore a t-shirt of a band I like.
Craig Finn
I like when people have Western style, but it’s throwback Seventies-ish. I like pearlsnap shirts and a bow-tie like the KFC man.
Kacey Musgraves
I totally take back all those times I didn’t want to nap when I was younger. – T-SHIRT
Darynda Jones
I hate wearing shirts.
Caeleb Dressel
I’ve never been a shirt-off, pants-off kind of comedy guy.
Jason Sudeikis
If I were Osama, and the United States government were actually looking for me, I’d be clean-shaven by now, crewcutted, wearing jeans and a ZZ Top T-shirt, and living in a nice little house in Lincoln, Nebraska.
L. Neil Smith
You know, being in a rock band, you can’t overdo the costume changes too much because everyone thinks, oh, that’s not a real rock band. Look how many times he changes costumes. That’s not rock. Rock’s about going on in a T-shirt and staying in it and getting it all dirty. But that’s not really my approach.
Mick Jagger
I’ve never got on with the British press because they’ve always given me such a hard time. Once they build a band up they just want to do people down. They shouldn’t concentrate on the colour of someone’s shirt they should listen to the music.
Andrew Eldritch
I may not have any skeletons in my closet, but I do have a little box of souls in my sock drawer. —T-SHIRT
Darynda Jones
Well, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow. I’m out of commission.” (he points to his shirt) “Look. Jammies.
Cassandra Clare
I’ll wear little dresses for a look and then it’ll become only shorts for a while or only t-shirts for a while. So I go through different phases but I combine different things. I don’t like things that draw too much attention. It’s usually just things that complement me and aren’t too loud.
Odeya Rush
I’m a jacket man. And if I’m without one, I am kind of seriously disabled. I don’t know how to operate in shirt sleeves.
Bill Nighy
You’ve never told me about your love life, Scarlett. You’re a very pretty girl. You must have a boy shacked up somewhere for your personal delights. I’d bet it’s a booky one, overtones of Harry Potter and a lot of black T-shirts.
Maureen Johnson
I was never NOT confident about doing scenes without my shirt – and now I’ll find any excuse to take my shirt off!
Tyler Posey
Honestly, I was such a tomboy as a kid. People were taking from their mothers’ closets – I was taking from my dad’s closet. It was the ’80s, so it wasn’t terrible, but I was wearing my dad’s dress shirts over jeans from the Gap.
Lauren Graham
A hair shirt does not always render those chaste who wear it.
Michel de Montaigne
Im boyish with a feminine twist. I definitely gravitate toward oversized things like shirts and jackets. I like a good trouser, but then I might mix it up with something more feminine, like a pointy boot or pumps.
Jacquelyn Jablonski
The linesman flagged initially because he thought I was an Oldham player. Fair enough, I did have a replica shirt on – but I also have a big furry head.
Kevin Williams
She stepped out of reach. “Go put on a shirt and get your mind out of bed.” “Impossible with you around.” “Pretend I’m holding a rifle. In fact, pretend I have you in the crosshairs.” Janvier sighed, rubbing at a jaw shadowed by morning stubble. “I love it when you talk dirty.
Nalini Singh
Everybody was wearing rhinestones, all those sparkly clothes, and cowboy boots. I decided to wear a black shirt and pants and see if I could get by with it. I did and I’ve worn black clothes ever since.
Johnny Cash
In 2056, I think you’ll be able to buy T-shirts on which are printed equations describing the unified laws of our universe.
Max Tegmark
Shoes make an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those shoes – done.
Russell Westbrook
There’s no shame in owning a New Kids on the Block t-shirt. They were my first concert when I was eight.
Zoe Lister-Jones
I could never have a threesome. This is not a threesome body. This is a turn off the lights body, leave your shirt on body – this is a tell nobody.
Felipe Esparza
The worst is when men try too hard, because it’s not very masculine. Your outfit has to look like ‘Oh, I just grabbed that.’ Not too calculated. Jeans, a t-shirt: the simpler the better.
Eva Green
I was a tough kid with the jeans, the concert shirt with the flannel over it, the comb in the back pocket and the feathered hair.
Cameron Diaz
In the early Seventies, I had shoulder-length hair, bell-bottom pants, love beads and shirts that laced up at the front. But then I smartened up.
Tom Ford
Who doesn’t have a polo shirt? Only somebody from, like, Lake Minnetonka.
Scott Disick
Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews.
Bryan Fischer
It’s two o’clock in the morning, they’re not going to get any nooky anyway, so this one guy and the guy with the t-shirt guy started sniffing the girls panties.
Frank Zappa
I start to unbutton his shirt. “Got to get these clothes off,” I mutter. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.” Smile. Lopsided. Sexy.
Rick Yancey
What I really liked about StГјssy was that it wasn’t the usual surf-culture gear or style. I think it was really inspired by labels like Chanel and Comme des GarГ§ons – like black shirts with a certain kind of buttons. I was very into it.
Hiroshi Fujiwara
My mother cared a lot about clothes. It was a point of friction because when I was a teenager, and I only wanted to wear my father’s shirts, and I never wanted to wear makeup, she would say: ‘Put on lipstick.’ That was her thing.
Deborah Tannen
Shirt collars are very important to me. Putting a very soft shirt collar with a formal suit doesn’t work for me at all.
Ozwald Boateng
I grew up in different orphanages in Israel, and if they gave me a pair of shoes, a shirt, and pair of pants every year, I was lucky. The rest was handouts, leftover clothes. So I appreciated clothes because I only had one new shirt each year.
Elie Tahari
When I want your opinion, I’ll remove the duct tape.–T-SHIRT
Darynda Jones
Jump into an open grave? What kind of idiot are you?” Butters replied. “I might as well put on a red shirt and volunteer for the away team. There’s snow and ice and slippery mud down there. That’s like asking for an ironically broken neck.
Jim Butcher
You can’t take life for granted. I am lucky to have everything I’ve ever wanted. I’ve got a beautiful wife, a job I’ve always dreamed of…and my face on my own t-shirts.
Kevin Harvick
Children born of fairy stock Never need for shirt or frock, Never want for food or fire, Always get their heart’s desire.
Robert Graves
But in some ways, I’m like an old woman – lived it, seen it, done it, been there, have the T-shirt.
Drew Barrymore
Your shoes have to match your belt. That’s rule number one for guys. You can’t put the brown shoes with the black belt. Or a brown belt with a black wristwatch. Just don’t do it! Also, I don’t like boots with suits. And when you wear sneakers, make sure they go with your shirt.
Ashton Kutcher
The American dream is a crock. Stop wanting everything. Everyone should wear jeans and have three T-shirts, eat rice and beans.
Bill Hicks
When I found out I had to take off my shirt in Teen movie, I panicked and hit the gym. I was like, “It’s going to be on film, documented, for my children to see. I can’t be 140 pounds. I need to put on a little bit of muscle.”
Chris Evans
A clothing company is making T-shirts inspired by Bernie Sanders with messages like ‘Feel the Bern.’ They were gonna make them for Lincoln Chafee too, but no one wants to wear a shirt that says ‘Feel the Chafee.’
Jimmy Fallon
I feel like I need to start wearing a T-shirt saying ‘This is not a photo opportunity’. People are so lovely but you do find that when you’re out you spend 40% of your time posing for photographs.
Chris O’Dowd
I’d violated the primary rule of junior and senior high– don’t get people talking about you too much. This was wearing the brightest shirt on the playground. This was Mom giving you a kiss in the lobby.
Darin Strauss
Hitting a golf ball correctly is the most sophisticated and complicated maneuver in all of sports, with the possible exception of eating a hot dog at a ball game without getting mustard on your shirt.
Ray Fitzgerald
I’ve always liked simple. Growing up, I wore corduroys and Lacoste shirts, Maraolo flats, and maybe one gold bracelet.
Aerin Lauder
I wanted to go on the red carpet with a baseball cap, t-shirt, and jeans. And I still do. Because that’s really who I am.
Missy Peregrym
I think the most important goal I scored in Spain was the first one because people were wary about me coming over to Spain as a player – they thought I was just there to sell shirts.
David Beckham
I know karate, and like two other Japanese words – T-SHIRT
Darynda Jones
…I’m so over the tattoos and the T-shirts and rings through the noses. It’s not pretty, it’s not pleasant, it’s not exciting. Please stop it now.
Elton John
As far as jeans and shirts, I rock a lot of different things.
Colin Kaepernick
We start off wearing frilly shirts and britches and being good guys and the heroes. And then as time goes on, every English actor ends up playing bad guys. That’s what we do.
James Purefoy
There was nothing girlish about me. I wore clothes hand-stitched by my mother… I had only one ear pierced and preferred loose shirts and trousers. I think I was imitating my father!
Divyanka Tripathi
As astute followers of ‘Life in Hell’ will notice, Akbar and Jeff wear the same striped T-shirt as Charlie Brown. ‘Peanuts’ was very important to me.
Matt Groening
If ordinary means I have suddenly got to produce a household of kids and iron Peter’s shirts, I’m sorry, I’m not interested.
Helen Clark
I can only work hard because it is a huge responsibility to wear all of these shirts, all of these clubs that I have played for.
With the first kid, you micromanage it, making sure there’s no hair out of place when it goes off to school. But by the third kid, it’s more like, “Oh, you want to wear a splatter-painted, Hard Rock CafГ© T-shirt for seven days in a row and not brush your hair? Go for it. Be who you want to be.”
Annie E. Clark
I got my own merch company. I sell shirts, hats, hoodie, socks.
I’m a T-shirt-and-jeans-with-combat-boots guy. And if I don’t have to shave, I don’t.
Gabriel Macht
I didn’t want to wear a checked shirt and grow a mustache – that’s what you had to do, and everyone did.
Neil Tennant
Met them. Killed them. Got the T-shirt.
Rick Riordan
There’s this unspoken thing that you have to wear a tux and some kind of nice dress. There are all these ethical rules, but I’m sure if you came to the Oscars in ripped jeans and a t-shirt they wouldn’t throw you out. You would just look like a fool.
Glen Hansard
No money in the world can buy a white England shirt.
Alan Shearer
In my closet, you’d find five black shirts that look the same, 10 pairs of the same white pants, and five pairs of almost the exact same shoe. Every time I go out, I buy shoes that are very similar to my other shoes – it’s a problem.
Emeraude Toubia
You should smile more often.’ ‘Can’t.’ He grunted as he opened her shirt to expose her chest. ‘My face might freeze like that.
Larissa Ione
I have a lot of Breton striped top and silk shirts that always feel good. I also like things with a masculine edge and dislike anything too girly.
Jessica Raine
I remember the time when I met my first girlfriend. It was raining and I was walking, and all of a sudden this girl put an umbrella over my head. Then my hair and clothes were wet, and she said, “Oh! There’s something on your shirt.” And that was when I just fell for her.
I know it’s not enjoying my success to do this, but when I see too many Polo shirts, I say to myself, ‘That’s the end of that.’
Ralph Lauren
These?” Mat said, gesturing to his coat and shirt. “I really have no idea. They were just down there. I’m completely baffled.” He had been very pleased to learn that Seanchan guards-for all their stoic expressions and too-straight backs-responded to bribes like other people.
Robert Jordan
You go to the marketplace and there are seventeen consciousnesses moving in and out. Sometimes you want the same shirt that I want, and our thought bubbles collide a bit and that makes plot.
George Saunders
On the morning in question, she wore white shorts and a pink T-shirt that featured a green dragon breathing a fire of orange glitter. It is difficult to explain how awesome I found this T-shirt at the time.
John Green
In my everyday life, I’m a jeans and button-up shirt kind of guy.
James Wolk
It’s a battered old suitcase to a hotel someplace, and a wound that will never heal. No prima donna, the perfume is on an old shirt that is stained with blood and whiskey. Goodnight to the street sweepers, the night watchmen flame keepers and goodnight, Matilda, too.
Tom Waits
They have our bundles split open in museums / our dresses & shirts at auctions / our languages on tape / our stories in locked rare book libraries / our dances on film / The only part of us they can’t steal / is what we know.
The unpadded shoulders, the three-buttoned long and boxy coat, the too-short, thin pants, and the thin ties with striped buttoned shirts in dark colors-well, I suppose this may go very well with some personalities but it’s not for me. To me, all such look like TV producers. Maybe they want to.
Fred Astaire
It’s hard to explain what happens when jazz and punk fuse with a violin twist but it works. Probably because Anson Choi takes off his shirt while he’s playing the saxophone. Whoever’s not chatting up a Cadet or a girl from Darling House or playing chess with the guys is watching the band. I turn into a groupie.
Melina Marchetta
John Terry wears his shirt on his sleeve.
Ray Parlour
My personal style is bipolar. Sometimes I feel like dressing in a boyish leather jacket; other times I want to dress more elegantly. Most of the time it’s what I like to call ‘comfortable chic’: Giuseppe Zanotti flat sandals, Rag & Bone jeans, slouchy Isabel Marant shirts.
Joan Smalls
Overdone lipstick is a deterrent to men. It rubs off easily onto their skin and the edges of their shirts, so it discourages them from kissing, touching, and coming closer to you, which is what they really want to do!
Helen Fisher
I have to wear a new T-shirt every night. I throw them into the audience. One day I’m going to go around the world and reclaim all my T-shirts
Damon Albarn
After graduating from flares and platforms in the early 1970s, I started drama school wearing a pair of khaki dungarees with one of my Dad’s Army shirts, accessorised by a cat’s basket doubling as a handbag. Very Lady Gaga.
Jenny Eclair
I would play in any number shirt for Newcastle United, but the No 9 at Newcastle is something very special and I’ve always wanted to wear it. I mentioned it to the manager, he mentioned it to Les and Les has been very kind and given it to me.
Alan Shearer
I mind how once we lay such a transparent summer morning, How you settled your head athwart my hips and gently turn’d over upon me, And parted the shirt from my bosom-bone, and plunged your tongue to my bare-stript heart, And reach’d till you felt my beard, and reach’d till you held my feet.
Walt Whitman
Motherfucker. She leaves me no choice. Now I have to break her self-esteem, sleep with her and steal the shirt.
Tucker Max
Maybe I should drive a hybrid. I do have a shirt that says, ‘Go Green.’
Amanda Seyfried
NASA has to approve whatever we wear, so there are clothes to choose from, like space shorts – we wear those a lot – and NASA T-shirts.
Sally Ride
I like the sort of ‘nothingness’ of the jeans and the T-shirt. I feel that’s about as close as I can get to the future because it seems like something so old that will always be, so I feel it’s a safe bet for the future.
Marc Jacobs
You could have the best suit in the world, but if you haven’t got the right shirt and tie with it you could look like a bag of rubbish. I think the shirt is the most important thing – you need a nice collar with it so that you can make it look good.
Jamie Redknapp
Guys are lucky: We can wear a suit over and over, just with different shirts and ties.
Ryan Reynolds
My favorite shirt to sleep in is the one my birth mom was wearing when she died in my arms. Morbid for some perhaps but comforting to me.
Jillian Barberie
He was the kind of guy that made a woman want to rip his shirt open and watch the buttons scatter along with her inhibitions.
Sylvia Day
Pain reconciles one to existence. Infinite resignation is that shirt in the old fable. The thread is spun with tears, bleached by tears, the shirt sewn in tears, but then it also gives better protection than iron. The secret in life is that everyone must sew it for himself.
Soren Kierkegaard
I like fashion because it’s sort of my job, so I’m into it when I have to be. But when I’m not working, I wear jeans and T-shirts. I go to vintage stores all the time to find funky T-shirts.
Kristen Stewart
The three biggest fashion mistakes are cheap suits, shoes, and shirts. Spend your money on something good.
Donatella Versace
I love my work with a frenetic and perverse love, as an ascetic loves the hair shirt which scratches his belly.
Gustave Flaubert
When I see scarves or shirts, I think: ‘Why have they got my name on? They could have Pogba or Rashford or Lingard.’ When people ask for pictures, I’ll think: ‘You don’t want one of me, you want one with them.’
Daniel James
I can never tell what I’m gonna wear. I kind of just put on whatever feels right. Sometimes that’s Converse and a T-shirt, sometimes it’s Givenchy heels and leather pants.
Willow Smith
The door banged open and Eve rushed out, flushed and mussed and still buttoning her shirt. “It’s not what you think.” She said. “It was just – oh OK, whatever, it was exactly what you think. Now WHAT?
Rachel Caine
Patch stood over me, and a drop of rain slid from his hair, landing like ice on my collarbone. I felt it slide along my skin, disappearing beneath the neckline of my shirt. His eyes followed the raindrop, and I began to quiver on the inside.
Becca Fitzpatrick
I used to spill things on my t-shirts, leaving oily dark spots down the front that I would try to hide with loose-fitting dress shirts. Nowadays all I have to do is tell everyone my son did it. I skirt the ‘slob’ moniker and instead look like a dedicated father who doesn’t even have time to change.
David Hewlett
The police never find it as funny as you do.-T-Shirt
Darynda Jones
I remember from when I use to be a dancer, there is an expression among dancers, I had a T-shirt that said: SHUT UP AND DANCE.
Christopher Walken
I was once a student in a punk T-Shirt hooked on screwed-up scenarios. Thats how I became the esteemed cultural figure that I am today.
Bruce Sterling
If you try to stop all these teams and players celebrating with the fans, some of them taking their shirts off, it is part of the game and something you cannot stop. It is something important, even if sometimes you get fined.
Marco Silva
‘Motorcycle Diaries’ had the best costumes – that battered jacket and those linen shirts. I wear linen shirts in real life, too, and I have a nice, simple number I got handed down. As a father, you just stop buying stuff for yourself. It’s all for the kids.
Gael Garcia Bernal
You might be a redneck if you consider a good tan to be the back of your neck and the left arm below the shirt sleeve.
Jeff Foxworthy
My fans want my shirt. They can have my shirt. They put it on my back.
Elvis Presley
Looking at her, I thought again how beautiful she was – even in jeans and a T-shirt, no makeup, she was breathtaking. So much so that it was hard to believe she could ever have looked at herself and seen anything else.
Sarah Dessen
I don’t even have an iron. Yes, it means I can’t own crisp, white shirts – but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. My clothes simply emerge pristine from the dryer. Jeans don’t crease and, for work, stretchy Lycra holds its shape.
Susanna Reid
In their matching candy-stripe shirts, the Beach Boys were America’s biggest band of the early ’60s, transmitting utopian bulletins of summer without end to a cold and overcast nation.
Steve Erickson
Growing up in New Jersey, everyone wanted to be a tough guy. That meant baggy pants that fell down, big T- shirts, and chains. I couldn’t imagine wearing tight jeans, as I thought it was dorky. Now I look at pictures of me then and think, ‘Yeah, you looked dorky.’
Paul Wesley
People do connect me with James Bond simply because I happen to like scrambled eggs and short-sleeved shirts and some of the things that James Bond does, but I certainly haven’t got his guts nor his very lively appetites.
Ian Fleming
If people like to see me with my shirt off, it’s enormously flattering. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to take my shirt off all the time.
Henry Cavill
I took the No. 20 shirt because I’m here to win The 20th title with United.
Robin van Persie
I can deal with your judgment, because I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drummer–ever since i cut my camp shirt into a halter top.
No shame, no solution, no remorse, no retribution, just people selling t-shirts.
Don Henley
I always wear blue shirts and I like wine or purple ties.
Jim Lehrer
I’ve heard stories about me as a kid. My dad got me a T-shirt that said “here comes trouble,” and when I ask my mom what I was like, she just sighs with this weary tone and says, “Oh, you were really busy.”
Kristin Bauer van Straten
T-shirts and long pants make me easier to find in a crowd, but also easy to disappear in a crowd because if I am wearing this and suddenly I am not, it’s like a Harry Potter invisibility cloak.
Kevin Smith
We did some cool wire work in ‘The Pact’ – they had me strapped to a harness underneath my shirt so they could fling me around the house and slam me into doors. I definitely got some bruises even with all the padding!
Caity Lotz
I judge people based solely on the quality of bands on the black concert t-shirts they wear.
Lou Brutus
Mediocrity’s like a spot on a shirt—it never comes off.
Haruki Murakami
You cannot be fresh and feeling fine, wearing a washed vest under an unwashed shirt; or, an unwashed vest over a washed shirt. Both have to be clean, to provide a sense of tingling joy. So too outer and inner cleanliness is but the reflection of the inner achievement.
Sathya Sai Baba
We hope to explain the entire universe in a single, simple formula that you can wear on your T-shirt.
Leon M. Lederman
Her dark-eyed glare narrowed on me. “You could have least given him a shirt, Kaylee.” “Like you’re an expert on when it’s appropriate to wear a shirt.” Sabine bristled. “This seems headed into girl-fight territory,” Tod said. “Should I make popcorn?
Rachel Vincent
The photoshoot glitz and TV studio make-up isn’t the real me. I spend most days at home in Bristol in jeans and a T-shirt running around after the kids or shopping in the Co-op.
Carol Vorderman
Boys everywhere. All seven of them plus their dad, running and laughing and shoving each other around on the front lawn, engaged in what appeared to be a full-contact, tackle version of ultimate Frizbee. They were playing shirts and skins. Shirts and might-fine-lookin’ skins.
Kate Brian
Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.
Karl Lagerfeld
Aristocrats: n. fellows that wear downy hats and clean shirts – guilty of education and suspected of bank accounts.
Ambrose Bierce
I’m not interested in thinking up the name of a band and a logo and all that. Been there, done that, sold a million T-shirts.
Sebastian Bach
All true wisdom is found on T-shirts.
Abraham Lincoln
Hi. There was a big accident, some people got decapitated, here are their names… You know what? That shirt really makes you look fat. I mean, the colour’s all wrong… I mean, who shot the drapes?
Colin Mochrie
We had very few things. I had a couple pairs of jeans, a couple shirts. And same with my mom and sister. I think my sister had, like, two toys. We were living off of instant noodles.
Brie Larson
Did you know babies are nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt?
Jeff Foxworthy
Well what I would really like is a bunch of little n***ers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties. You know, in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around. Now, that would be a true Southern wedding wouldn’t it? But we can’t do that because the media would be on me about that.
Paula Deen
If I was left to my own devices, you would see about ten T-shirts in rotation with maybe a few nice pairs of jeans – but I also like to look good. I like feeling really well put together, I just don’t have the aptitude and the knowledge to do that.
Daniel Radcliffe
The wise traveler [to Beirut] will pack shirts or blouses with ample breast pockets. Reaching inside a jacket for your passport looks too much like going for the draw and puts armed men out of countinence
P. J. O’Rourke
Surrealism is the magical surprise of finding a lion in a wardrobe, where you were ‘sure’ of finding shirts.
Frida Kahlo
Never knock on death’s door. Ring the doorbell then run. He totally hates that. – T-shirt
Darynda Jones
Different elevator music was playing since my last visit-that old disco song “Stayin’ Alive.” A terrifying image flashed through my mind of Apollo in bell-bottom pants and a slinky silk shirt.
Rick Riordan
Sex and pizza, they say, are similar. When it’s good, it’s good. When it’s bad, you get it on your shirt.
Mike Birbiglia
I changed jobs like I changed shirts. It was something I just like to do – I like trying my hand at everything.
Evangeline Lilly
Could there be anything resembling a free enterprise economy, if wealth and property were concentrated in the hands of a few, while the great majority owned little more than the shirts on their backs?
Ronald Reagan
See the child. He is pale and thin, he wears a thin and ragged linen shirt. He stokes the scullery fire.
Cormac McCarthy
If I had to choose, I would never take my shirt off again in a movie, but I guess that’s not very realistic. I certainly won’t be asking to do it, though.
Taylor Lautner
If you want to write what the world is about, you have to write details…real life is in the dishes. Real life is pushing strollers up the street, folding T-shirts, the alarm clock going off early and you dropping into bed exhausted every night. That’s real life.
Anna Quindlen
It was a great Olympics – Team USA finished the games with 17 more medals than China. China said it was tough to swallow – especially when they had to make all of our “We’re #1” T-shirts.
Jimmy Fallon
I don’t wear the see-through shirts or anything too glittery. I come from that ’90s school of rap. Fitted caps, because I got a big head, so snapbacks don’t fit me right.
Meek Mill
I feel like I’m a really artsy person. I love to tie-dye shirts and bake and just do nerdy and fun stuff.
Storm Reid
I wear the same pants, same shirt and same shoes every day. I learned it from the greats, like Einstein. It’s a uniform essentially.
Reggie Watts
I need to have a quick wardrobe. Two or three blazers with dark gray pants, two pairs of jeans, two light blue shirts, a casual shirt, two pairs of shoes, one formal one not. Small accessories like Tod’s Greca belt and our woven bracelets for a wild touch.
Diego Della Valle
Shirt Club isn’t just a series of shirts that say ‘I Love The Monarch’ on them.
Christopher McCulloch
I empathize with women in their high heels so I’ll be there in my kilt and T-shirt and I’ll walk around all day just to prove that if I can wear the shoes for 36 hours then certainly our customer can wear them.
Marc Jacobs
Nature is a rag-merchant, who works up every shred and ort and end into new creations; like a good chemist, whom I found, the other day, in his laboratory, converting his old shirts into pure white sugar.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A Mexican guy named Sam pushes Gary Frankel next to Isabel. “This guy can break your arm with one snap, asshole. Get out of my sight before I sic him on you,” Sam says. Gary, who’s wearing a coral shirt and white pants, growls to look tough. It doesn’t work.
Simone Elkeles
Girls can wear jeans, cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots, ’cause it’s okay to be a boy, but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading.
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Most of the time, I’m in khakis and a white T-shirt. I’m a total Gap girl. Super casual, hair in a pony tail and no makeup.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
I have always loved sneakers and sweaters, and I wear a lot of them. And a good t-shirt or a pair of jeans can make you feel so good.
Garance Dore
I wear my Peggy Fleming T-shirt when I go to sleep every night before I compete, and for the past four years, it’s brought me incredible good luck.
Sarah Hughes
How is it possible to find meaning in a finite world, given my waist and shirt size?
Woody Allen
Adamant,” Doren said proudly, handing over the shield. “We fished it out of the tar pit where we found the shirt of mail.” “Probably all belonged to the same careless adventurer,” Newel speculated. “Too much money, not enough talent.
Brandon Mull
[People asked me] “Where is your million-dollar shirt?” I’m like, “It’s underneath these $25 Hanes T-shirts I’ve got on.”
J. R. Smith
I intend to live forever. So far, so good. – T-SHIRT
Darynda Jones
I think I’m an abstinence symbol. If I take my shirt off, people will not have babies.
Jesse Eisenberg
I have this old worn-out, skintight T-shirt that I love. That’s sexy.
Liz Vassey
Even St. Teresa said, “I can pray better when I’m comfortable,” and she refused to wear her haircloth shirt or starve herself. I don’t think living in cellars and starving is better for an artist than it is for anybody else.
Katherine Anne Porter
I had said I didn’t mind which shirt I played in, but coming from Diego, в„– 10 is very special.
Lionel Messi
I admit I love clothes and I buy clothes. But they sit in my closet. I like a pair of comfy pants, flip flops and a t- shirt. And when we pick a restaurant, my criteria is: Where can I wear this?.
Jennifer Aniston
I’m crazily organised with my wardrobe. Everything is hung in categories: dresses, jackets, shirts, skirts and trousers are all hung in order, and they’re then hung in colour order, too, so that when I’m looking for something I know exactly where it is.
Daisy Lowe
….basically the sort of guy who looks entirely at home in sockless white loafers and a mint-green knit shirt from Lacoste.
David Foster Wallace
Racing shirts should be sold on big, thick rolls like paper towels.
Brad Alan Lewis
I also was a huge ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ fan. I used to have T-shirts that said ‘Dierks of Hazzard’ custom-made.
Dierks Bentley
Back home they call me the tie-dye shirt kid. Well, that and faggot.
Bo Burnham
My proposal that Fed governors should signal their commitment to public service by wearing Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts has so far gone unheeded.
Ben Bernanke
In a relationship, it’s so important that a man knows how much you physically desire him. When he wears that shirt that makes him look sexy, tell him he’s sexy! If he wears a cologne you like, say “I can’t resist that smell on you”.
Matthew Hussey
I had never ironed anything in my life. The proper pressing of a shirt was a mystery of the universe akin to black holes and dark matter.
Lisa Kleypas
When I was 13, I kind of got into the punk scene. I realized it was easier to wear a pair of combat boots and jeans and a beat-up T-shirt. I think of it as a uniform: Ya know, if you’re a Maytag man, you put on your bow tie. I still have T-shirts from when I was that age.
Justin Theroux
Natalie’s estate is handled by Global Icons, and they police the world so her picture isn’t on a T-shirt or coffee cup unless we approve of it.
Robert Wagner
I remember going foraging for breakfast in St. Louis once. I saw this one girl sitting in front of the venue, and she made this pink T-shirt with a big heart in the middle of it and a misty picture of our guitarist Mark [Potter]. She was so embarrassed when she saw me. And I was trying desperately not to laugh.
Guy Garvey
I’m sure there are people wearing Bullet Club shirts who don’t even know what it is. It’s one of those kind of things, but that’s good.
Adam Page
[My mother] once cooked a ham and later found it in my father’s shirt drawer. I am not kidding.
Dick Van Dyke
Oh my God, you’re serious. Honey, I am a six time Women’s Champion, if you get into the ring with me it will not be for a Lingerie Pillow Fight, it will not be to shoot t-shirts. If you get into the ring with me I will end your career just like that. Are you sure that’s what you want?
Trish Stratus
It’s a story of little girls who are pressed into working in sweat shops in games, who spend all day doing repetitive grinding tasks like making shirts, which are then converted into gold and sold on eBay.
Cory Doctorow
You know how people love to glamorize poverty? There’s nothing glamorous about it. But it did make me really creative. Those days, I was literally taking t-shirts in the day and sewing them back together to make dresses for the night.
Beth Ditto
I’m usually all about the tight jeans and little T-shirt, but sometimes I want to put on a black, sequined dress and be a freaking girl
Britney Spears
The most difficult thing for me is a portrait. You have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
My breath in the cold air was bleach that accidentally spilled on a black t-shirt.
Heather O’Neill
The problem is, when you come back in you’re sweating, so I wait until the very last minute before putting on my shirt so that it’s not covered in sweat.
Paul Ince
I’ve always been into fashion and obscure articles of clothing, and while this first set of Hoods Up includes beanies, shorts, shirts, leggings, sweaters and duffel bags, that is only the first tier of what we are planning.
Ronnie Radke
He does this on purpose,” Stephanie’s mother said as they sat in the car, seat belts on and ready to go. They watched him appear at the front door, shrug into his jacket, tuck in his shirt, go to step out, and then pause. “He looks like he’s about to sneeze,” Stephanie remarked.
Derek Landy
I think my father kept struggling to get us into better neighborhoods, better schools. One of the worst jobs he had was folding shirts under these fluorescent lights all day at the equivalent of a Kmart. I remember visiting him at work, thinking, ‘When I grow up, I’ve got to do anything else.’
Terry Zwigoff
[Jesus] said that they will know we are Christians – not by our bumper stickers and T-shirts – but by our love.
Shane Claiborne
I always find it difficult to dress in between seasons, but I quite like putting T-shirts on with a vest over the top and another layer so you can peel them back as the day goes on.
Poppy Delevingne
I am one who is very meridione – Southern Italian. I am proud of this. I design everything with my team, which is fantastic and small. I design by look. For example, people always comment to me, “When you do men’s shirts, you always keep them closed on the catwalk.” That’s my thing.
Riccardo Tisci
I’m most comfortable in T-shirts, but they have to have some style to them.
Giada De Laurentiis
When I was growing up, I saw the Aaliyah shirts, the DMX shirts, or the collab shirts with DMX and Aaliyah when they had a single together. Those were the dope collage shirts with their faces all over it. They were doing cool things like that.
When I listen to the complaints that follow just about every presidential debate, I’m reminded of the well-worn joke about the Jewish mother who buys her son two shirts. When he shows up at dinner wearing one, she says: ‘What’s the matter? You didn’t like the other one?’
Jeff Greenfield
Derek looked around, like he was searching for something to use. Then he stripped off his shirt. I tried not to look away. Not that he looked bad without his shirt. The opposite, actually, which is why…Let’s just say friends are really better when they’re fully clothed.
Kelley Armstrong
I took the jacket off, changed my T-shirt for a dark gray tank top, slipped on the tangle of the back sheath, and put the jacket on again. Thugs are us. Great. Just add a super-tight ponytail and loads of mascara, and I’d be ripe to play a supervillain’s evil mistress. Ve haf vays of making you gif us your DNA sample.
Ilona Andrews
The line of traffic advancing towards the rising sun looked like a procession of the returning dead. Every one of them, solitaries in clean shirts, smoking, checking mirrors to see if their reflections were still there, wore dark glasses.
Iain Sinclair
The essayist . . . can pull on any sort of shirt, be any sort of person, according to his mood or his subject matter – philosopher, scold, jester, raconteur, confidant, pundit, devil’s advocate, enthusiast.
E. B. White
So John took out of his pocket A knife both long and sharp, And stuck it through his brother’s heart, And the blood came pouring down. Says John to William, “Take off thy shirt, And tear it from gore to gore, And wrap it round your bleeding heart, And the blood will pour no more.
Cassandra Clare
I went to an all-boys Catholic school, and not only were we not allowed to wear pajamas, we had to wear dress shirts, dress pants, a tie, dress shoes… they stopped making us wear blazers, like, two years before I started there, so pajamas… you wouldn’t even get in the front door wearing pajamas at my school.
John C. Reilly
I am wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans, black shoes–new clothes, but beneath them, my Dauntless tattoos. It is impossible to erase my choices. Especially these.
Veronica Roth
I do California casual a little bit better than really small European cut, tight apparel But I can rock some Gucci when I need to. I say this as I’m wearing Adidas sweatpants and a ten-year-old Chrome Hearts T-shirt.
Carson Daly
You have to know what club you are playing for, or you just play for yourself. Every time I put on a Liverpool shirt, I know it is more than just a football game.
Fernando Torres
I knew about holiness, never having missed a Sunday-school class since I started at four years. But if Jews were also religious, how could our neighbor with the grease-grimy shirt use the word ‘damn’ about them?
Paul Engle
Black conservatives have a right to exist, but why would I want to walk around with a swastika on my shirt after the way Hitler done messed it up?
Dick Gregory
On the other hand it was bad manners to look a gift horse in the mouth. Even if you’re getting it from an overweight cracker in a fringe shirt.
Ilona Andrews
Why are we, as a nation so obsessed with foreign things? Is it a legacy of our colonial years? We want foreign television sets. We want foreign shirts. We want foreign technology. Why this obsession with everything imported?
Abdul Kalam
Everywhere I go I buy new music shirts.
Shaun White
The suit does not represent the businessman anymore. Nor does the loud shirt represent the rock star. The same man can now wear both.
Donatella Versace
The ultimate goal of physicists is to arrive at an equation that explains everything and could fit on a t-shirt. That may happen but the t-shirt would have to be 10-dimensional.
Lawrence M. Krauss
I would like to see the Pope wearing my T-shirt.
Madonna Ciccone
I’m a private person so wasn’t the type of person who could talk to people and be like this is going on at home, I want this shirt, this girl don’t like me, etc. I just rap about it!
Kirko Bangz
I have a ridiculously beautiful wife who’s super sexy, and as long as she’s happy with me, I don’t need to look in the mirror and think, “How do I stack up next to Bradley Cooper? Would Cooper rock this shirt?” Doesn’t matter. He does not have your wife. You do.
Nick Offerman
You said he was a soldier. You don’t suppose…?” “Oh, Gods.” Ignata blinked. “You think something could be wrong down there?” All of them looked at William, who chose this precise moment to slide the wet shirt back on his back, which required him to flex, raising his arms. “That would be a shame,” Cerise murmured.
Ilona Andrews
We don’t sell a watch to give time. We sell a piece of art. We sell an object that represents something to you, you know. It’s like you have a nice shirt or a nice jacket. It’s like a luxury accessories that can be considered like shoes or like handbags for ladies.
Ricardo Guadalupe
I can’t tell you how much money I waste on plaid shirts, whisky that I hate the taste of, and Moleskine notebooks that I never write in.
Mae Martin
I’m quite tactile, so I like fabrics that feel good. I try to avoid fabrics that crease – especially with my son. When you have a child, that’s important. A great pair of a jeans, a t-shirt and some loafers, that’s what I always wear.
Miranda Kerr
I can wear a suit, sweatpants, a long tee shirt, and a denim jacket all at the same time.
Tinie Tempah
I have followed Newcastle my whole life. I had two Newcastle shirts when I was little. It was unusual; most people choose a team like Manchester United or Barcelona, but for me, it has always been Newcastle.
Aleksandar Mitrovic
Niall: Help! Louis: Did anyone hear that? Niall: Help!! Louis: SOMEBODY NEEDS HELP! RAAH! (Pulls open shirt and has Superman shirt underneath) Superman is here!!
Louis Tomlinson
[Virginia Madsen] big part in that movie [‘Class’] required her shirt to get ripped off, and looking back, it couldn’t be a more egregious, vintage, lowbrow, 1980s Porky’s-esque, shoehorned-in moment. Like, you would never have that moment in a movie that aspired to be what that movie did today.
Rob Lowe
If I was a male, I had the right to, when I stepped out the door, take off my shirt. It’s not right for the state to ask me to be both male and female. A choice needs to be made. They cannot hold me to both standards.
Andrea Jones
People don’t ask Jay-Z to take his shirt off when he rhymes.
Janelle Monae
I’m a virgin. But this is an old shirt. –T-SHIRT
Darynda Jones
Britons still commemorate the Battle of Cable Street in London. There are still pop songs in Britain that reference Sir Oswald Mosley and his black shirts.
Rachel Maddow
Wearing the same shirts doesn’t make a team.
Clay Buchholz
I remember my mom bought me one of their shirts for Easter so that I could wear Helmut Lang for Easter. That was my first piece.
Travis Scott
Well, fluffy shirts are, by definition, very comfortable.
Hugh Dancy
She was wearing a purple T-shirt, with a skinny black dress over it that made you remember how much of a girl she was, and trashed black boots that made you forget.
Kami Garcia
She call me the referee cause I be so official. My shirt aint got no stripes but I can make that pussy whistle.
At home, off-duty, I wear T-shirts from Fruit of the Loom – but I have them tailored.
Tom Ford
I know dead. I’ve been there, done that and got the freakin’ T-shirt.
P. C. Cast
I exchanged my flannel shirt for a Rangers jersey and zapped the television on. Probably I should make more phone calls, but the Rangers were playing and priorities were priorities.
Janet Evanovich
…I’m not going to be able to make things that I can call Kanye West just by making T-shirts.
Kanye West
The South has more of a disproportionate amount of irony on T-shirts than any other region in the country.
David Cross
Remember, Lady Godiva put all she had on a horse and she lost her shirt!
W. C. Fields
The happy man’s without a shirt.
John Heywood
So I wanted to show what I did with the money. So I got red silk shirts, beautiful hats, wonderful saddles, a great horse, and two gold teeth. So that was the way I did it.
Eli Wallach
this blue shirt i have is practically the same color as my jeans, and looking all-blue is something only cookie monster can pull off.
David Levithan
Many of the male faeries had their shirts unbuttoned and chests bare. (How’s this for freaky: no nipples or belly buttons.)
Kiersten White
I’m almost thirty and my day job is folding shirts at the Gap. Have you seen my room? I’m not messy. I’m rebelling against folding.
Tiffanie DeBartolo
Do not rush into a business just because you have the capital. You’d lose your shirt if you jump into it recklessly. Do your homework first. Study the market and look for that golden opportunity. Whatever business you choose to go into, it must be something that you can pursue with passion.
Andrew Tan
It sounds like something on a very trite T-shirt, but life is what happens.
Nigella Lawson
Sometimes it’s things that take the joy out of life, like a blowout when you’re hitting sixty or a button coming off of a shirt when you’re in a hurry, but usually it’s people.
Rex Stout
Today he wore a burnt-orange shirt, black pants, and a tie that looked like a street fight at the south end of the color wheel.
Kathy Reichs
Imagine what our culture would be like if Americans sold ideas, words, and books with the same creativity we use to sell designer jeans, shampoo, and rock stars. Why, we might end up with people whos attention span for the printed word is longer than the time it takes to read a T-shirt.
Jim Trelease
It’s a special club. It’s got history. When I slip on the Manchester United shirt, it’s like I’m wearing its past. So you have to sacrifice yourself for this club.
Patrice Evra
Since I was little, my father always bought me a Santos shirts.
Andreas Pereira
I expect a time when, or rather an integrity by which, a man will get his coat as honestly and as perfectly fitting as a tree itsbark. Now our garments are typical of our conformity to the ways of the world, i.e., of the devil, and to some extent react on us and poison us, like that shirt which Hercules put on.
Henry David Thoreau
She sat one of the fluffy cats in my lap and stuffed the other down my shirt. She turned and left. ‘There,’ said the large man. ‘The kittens will make your sad go away.
David Wong
right’ i said. ‘but first, we need the car. and after that, the cocaine. and then the tape recorder, for special music, and some acapulco shirts.
Hunter S. Thompson
From the season I did the butterfly faux tattoos on the models on the runway, every collection we do has to have a butterfly t-shirt or trim or print. People come to me for butterflies!
Anna Sui
He wore sweatpants and a T-shirt and had stopped in the middle of the hall, furiously scratching one bare forearm. “Fleas?” I said.
Kelley Armstrong
Yesterday people were going past my window in t shirts and dresses. But that’s the men at the BBC for you.
Eddie Mair
I am very fond of sports apparel so I used to visit the mall often and get some good shirts or shoes and even have a nice meal with my physiotherapist.
Neeraj Chopra
At school, there was an annual school disco and I’d be standing in my bedroom wondering what to wear for hours on end. Eventually I’d arrive at a decision that was just the most ridiculous costume you could have ever devised – I think it was probably knitted Christmas jumpers on top of buttoned-up white shirts.
Guy Berryman
I will put on my shoes and shirt and get out of here – it’ll be better for all of us.
Charles Bukowski
All my bloody pants look the same; all my sweaters look the same. The shirts change; they’re all blue.
Sergio Marchionne
Wearing a Hawaiian shirt, you don’t ever come across as offensive. Nobody sees you as a threat. You see someone in a Hawaiian shirt, and you are like ‘this guy is ready to party.’
Gabriel Iglesias
The boys and girls in the clique. The awful names that they stick. You’re never gonna fit in much kid, but it you’re troubled and hurt, what you’ve got under your shirt will make them pay for the things that they did!
Gerard Way
Amy, listen to me. What I do. The choices I make. They’re mine. Only mine. The consequences of those decisions—mine. “Mine,” he repeated when she sighed heavily. “No one else’s.” Silence. Only the warm wetness of her tears dampening his shirt. It broke his heart.
Cindy Gerard
Each morning the day lies like a fresh shirt on our bed; this incomparably fine, incomparably tightly woven tissue of pure prediction fits us perfectly. The happiness of the next twenty-four hours depends on our ability, on waking, to pick it up.
Walter Benjamin
When I was in high school in the ’50s you were supposed to be an Elvis Presley, a James Dean, a Marlon Brando or a Kingston Trio type in a button-down shirt headed for the fraternities at Stanford or Cal.
Robert Hass
I have found people on both sides of the aisle, white and black, that’ll give you the shirt off their back. And I’ve also found people that won’t give you a piece of bread if you’re starving to death.
Al Green
Kenny Dalglish is a hero of mine and is the best player to ever wear a red shirt.
Steven Gerrard
He had on a funny T-shirt, as usual. Today’s featured acartoon figure running from a giant T. rex, and it read EXERCISE: SOME MOTIVATIONREQUIRED.
Rachel Caine
The shirt thing just started one day when I bought one with a really interesting pattern, and people laughed at it, so I thought, ‘I’ll keep buying daft shirts with flowers on.’
James May
I guess there is no two races of people in worse repute with everybody than the international bankers, and the folks that put all those pins in new shirts.
Will Rogers
I drank some coffee and my outlook improved immensely. I was ready to write some poems and, I don’t know, get drunk, run around, take my shirt off and get kicked out of someplace. You know, live a little.
Michelle Tea
I hate formal stuff. I love looking like a doll and all that stuff and playing dress up, but when I’m home, sweat pants, t-shirt. When I’m in the studio, sweat pants, t-shirt.
Nicki Minaj
From a man who fights like crazy, arouses me like no other, is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. From the man who plays me sexy music, gives me his t-shirt to sleep in, protects me as fiercely as a lion, and yet won’t take me when I’m naked and trembling in his arms.
Katy Evans
When my dad needed a shirt ironed, he would yell downstairs to my mother, who would drop everything and iron his shirt.
Hope Davis
Put yourself in their shoes before you decide on the best way to take their shirts.
David Sklansky
I find vacuuming very therapeutic, but I hate ironing. I usually have no shirt on while ironing, because I’m ironing it, and I end up burning my chest.
Warwick Davis
I hate short hair on men – the ‘real’ man is something I don’t know. My dad was always playing with hairbands, making rings, while the women were wearing jeans, white T-shirts and Converse. That was the uniform at home.
Lou Doillon
Now I’m in real trouble. First my laundry called and said they lost my shirt and then my broker said the same thing.
Leopold Fechtner
I’m a sucker for good black skirts and pretty little shirts and kooky tops. I have to admit that shopping satisfies my craving for immediate gratification.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
If Elvis is alive, Tupac is alive. I saw Tupac on 46th Street selling Biggie t-shirts 2 for 10 dollars.
Donnell Rawlings
Jack jumped off the couch, pulling his shirt back on. “Next time,if you’d like, I’ll just come without one,” he said,grinning at me.
Kiersten White
Or why you are wearing a picture of Santa Clause on you shirts, but-” “It’s Herman Melville.
Daniel Handler
The number 7 shirt is an honor and a responsibility. I hope it brings me a lot of luck.
Cristiano Ronaldo
There’s a young man in a T-shirt listening to a rock and roll station. He’s got greasy hair, greasy smile, he says, Lord this must be my destination.
John Mellencamp
I’ve been offered ‘Celebrity Fit Club’, where you have to take off your shirt and get on a scale. I got kids, man. I’m not going to humiliate myself. I’d rather drive a cab.
Steve Schirripa
Come on, Ella. Sleep green.’ Ignoring him, I got into bed wearing a T-shirt and boxer shorts printed with penguins. I reached over to the nightstand and flipped off the lamp. A moment of silence, and then I heard a lecherous murmur. ‘I like your penguins.
Lisa Kleypas
I know exactly what I want to buy and I spend very little time, maybe 15 hours a year, buying stuff. I’ll go in and out of Dunhill in 45 minutes and pick out a few suits. Boom. And I’m gone. I get my shirts at Charvet. I go in there – woosh – and buy 12 shirts and some ties; once a year and that’s it.
Edward N. Ney
My old geometry teacher called me and he was like yo man you need to start wearing a shirt. You’re ruining my marriage.
Drew Chadwick
I’ve had the zeroes since junior high school. We didn’t have enough numbered shirts to go around, so my shirt was called double zero. I liked it, so I kept it.
Robert Parish
I never cared about buying things for myself, like clothes. And then all of a sudden I realized how great it is to be very precise about the shirts that I wear and all the things that are a part of my closet. So the ritual of fashion and shopping became very personal to me.
Marc Jacobs
She heard Adrian say to Christian, КєYou know, your shir

She heard Adrian say to Christian, КєYou know, your shirtК№s kind of grungy-looking. Seems like you could put in a little more effort since youК№re dating a princess.Кє
Richelle Mead
It was never about having a Mohican haircut or wearing a ripped T-shirt. It was all about destruction, and the creative potential within that.
Malcolm Mclaren
As far as ‘Windup Girl’ becoming a hit – none of us expected that. ‘Night Shade’ was just hoping not to lose their shirts, and I had grown up hearing from everyone that science fiction didn’t sell, so all of our expectations were very low.
Paolo Bacigalupi
It is a merchant’s nature to quibble over coins. It is how we become rich and buy satin shirts. The problems of who governs this area is one for another day.
David Gemmell
Most little children’s obsessions are robots and Barbie dolls. My obsession as a kid was the Versace house. I used to save up my pocket money to buy Versus shirts. I was that obsessed!
Riccardo Tisci
Prostitutes go to jail. Their customers go home and read the New York Times. In this country you’re allowed to buy anything. If you need a shirt, you have a right to buy it. If you need sex, you don’t. What’s more important, sex or a shirt?
Jackie Mason
I mistrust the term graphic novel because it sounds like a good thing to put on a tee-shirt. That’s why the French like them.
Terry Pratchett
If, in making a portrait, you hope to grasp the interior silence of a willing victim, it’s very difficult, but you must somehow position the camera between his shirt and his skin. Whereas with pencil drawing, it is up to the artist to have an interior silence.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Honestly if a girl’s wearing, like, a Gucci shirt with a Gucci belt and a purse and a visor, that’s not cute at all. You can’t get away with that – with me – but you can always sprinkle it in there with your own stuff and it’s all good.
I’m really more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of a girl.
Katharine McPhee
When my dad was badly weakened by the flu and my mom wanted to call an ambulance to take him to the emergency room, he wouldn’t go unless he could shave first and change into a nice shirt and a pair of slacks.
Rich Lowry
Belts with potbellies are pretty bad. I mean, what about an oversized shirt and a trouser? What about an oversized button-up shirt in linen and a trouser? Do us all a favor.
Kelly Cutrone
Guys don’t use the word pretty enough. Like, hey Mike, did you get that shirt at the game? Looks really pretty on you.
Dov Davidoff
The real goal of physics is to come up with an equation that could explain the universe but still be small enough to fit on a T-shirt
Leon M. Lederman
When I first met Jeff Bezos back in the late 90s, the only automated thing in his office was a rotating fan, gently blowing across a pair of identical blue shirts he’d hung on a water pipe behind his desk.
Marc Randolph
Amos clapped his hands. “Khufu!” I thought he’d sneezed, because Khufu is a weird name, but then a little dude about three feet tall with gold fur and a purple shirt came clambering down the stairs. It took me a second to realize it was a baboon wearing an L.A. Lakers jersey.
Rick Riordan
Technology has allowed the world of men in our society to separate itself from the sight and the sounds of killing; from the horror of it, but not from the killing. It must be easy to kill from a roomful of fluorescent lights and wash-and-wear shirts.
Caryl Rivers
I’ve never worn a dress shirt that’s been comfortable. I’ve always just worn dress shoes. On more than one occasion, I’ve heard that a champion should dress like a champion. But I’m a champion because of who I am. Who I am is not that guy. If everybody wears three-piece suits, everyone looks the same.
CM Punk
Many thanks for all of the love and good wishes sent our way from my friends out there in cartoon land… the only place where a nine month pregnant woman can still play a hot goth chick in a belly shirt!
Grey DeLisle
I heart abortion. Where’s the shirt for that, urban outfitters?! And it won’t be a normal heart. It’ll be a dead infant heart. Y’know what the back will say? Problem Solved.
Daniel Tosh
Let it be clearly understood that the Russian is a delightful person till he tucks in his shirt. As an Oriental he is charming. It is only when he insists on being treated as the most easterly of western peoples instead of the most westerly of easterns that he becomes a racial anomaly extremely difficult to handle.
Rudyard Kipling
Politics is everywhere.. it is in your shirt.. in your pants.. everywhere.
Rahul Gandhi
I put on the Hank Williams and the Patsy Cline and the Rosemary Clooney on vinyl – I’m not trying to be some cool indie-rock person, I just love the way it sounds – and throw on a T-shirt and jeans. In Texas, we practically come out of the womb in jeans.
Kelly Clarkson
My overcoat is worn out; my shirts also are worn out. And I ask to be allowed to have a lamp in the evening; it is indeed wearisome sitting alone in the dark.
William Tyndale
The door slammed open. Vivenna jumped, putting a hand to her chest. Vasher walked in. ‘Start reaching for that sword when you’re startled,’ he said. ‘There’s little reason to grab your shirt, unless you’re planning to rip it off.
Brandon Sanderson
A lot of my wounds have healed. They have left scars, and I can either hide my scars, put a long sleeve shirt on, and cover them up. Or, I can show them off and say, “Yeah, it happened.”
Juliet shook her head. The thought of eating anything made her feel nauseous. “No thanks, I’m not hungry.” “Oh yeah, the heartbreak diet,” nodded Trudy sagely. “Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.
Alexandra Potter
The combination of a blazer over any T-shirt with a pair of jeans is foolproof.
Ryan Seacrest
Shevchenko was always the favourite player for me. He was my idol. When we met, we exchanged shirts and talked for a while. It was great.
Edin Dzeko
Asians are nice people, but they burn a lot of shirts.
Don Rickles
If one little old general in shirt sleeves can take Saigon, think about 200 million Chinese comin’ down those trails. No sir, I don’t want to fight them.
Lyndon B. Johnson
I hope everyone will feel good about supporting a worthy cause that helps educate people and saves lives while wearing a cool looking shirt that aims to SLAM Diabetes!
Dean Haspiel
I like comfortable clothes. Most men in the world wear T-shirts every day and jeans. I wanted to always put my street style to the high fashion looks and just make it comfortable and make it look stylish.
I hope we get pulled over, he says. I’d like to see how the cop responds to a black man wearing a Confederate T-shirt over a black dress.
John Green
I love to shop at one of my favorite stores, Levi’s. They have the best button down denim shirts and jeans that are reasonable priced.
Skai Jackson
Where did you get that?” Jace looked down and saw that the spider demon’s poison had eaten a hole in his shirt, leaving a good deal of his left shoulder bare. “The shirt? At Macy’s Winter sale.
Cassandra Clare
The keynote of American civilization is a sort of warm-hearted vulgarity. The Americans have none of the irony of the English, none of their cool poise, none of their manner. But they do have friendliness. Where an Englishman would give you his card, an American would very likely give you his shirt.
Raymond Chandler
Even when I was just designing T-shirts people really gravitated to them.
Fred Foster
It’s like all guys want to do is make a dunk, grab their shirt and yell out and scream – they could be down 30 points but that’s what they do. Okay, so you made a dunk. Get back down the floor on defense!
Oscar Robertson
Also, I used to think that one day I might get someone to iron my shirts, but the truth is I really like doing them myself.
David Sedaris
The worst thing about television is that everybody you see on television is doing something better than what you’re doing. You never see anybody on TV just sliding off the front of the sofa, with potato chip crumbs all over their shirt.
Jerry Seinfeld
I am always personalizing tees to fit my personality, cutting off rocker shirts, debunking the mold of what traditional ‘work wear’ means, and always wearing my cause.
Yael Cohen
When I was a kid, I had THE biggest crush on Helen Reddy. I mean like for REAL crush – like ‘spend some time in the bathroom thinking about her’ crush. I blme Pete’s Dragon. There she was – flushed, singing, clas in a tight wet plaid shirt. Judas Priest she was fabulous.
Corey Taylor
The biggest enemy of an artist is apathy… A kid gets killed by the police and I buy a T-shirt and before I can wear that one, there’s another kid (killed) and I’m running out of closet space.
Dave Chappelle
I feel sexy in my jeans and wearing my boyfriend’s T-shirt.
Jennifer Aniston