Shots Quotes

Shots Quotes by Mark Duplass, Barack Obama, Shaun Livingston, Erin Crocker, Brian Reitzell, Sarah Dessen and many others.

A lot of it is found in the editing room and part of th

A lot of it is found in the editing room and part of that is due to some of the improvisational tactics we employ on set. Part of it is that the shot goes a little bit long and they end up coming down to fit time.
Mark Duplass
I am not in favor of concealed weapons. I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations.
Barack Obama
I think I can help push the tempo just a little bit… I feel I can get the ball after a rebound. Push the fastbreak. Push the tempo. Get guys some easy shots.
Shaun Livingston
I may think I am ready to go out there and run a Busch race tomorrow, but the reality is I have to wait, because if you go out there and stink up the show, your credibility is shot. You work so hard to get your chance, and if you blow it when everyone is watching, that’s it. And it’s just not worth the setback.
Erin Crocker
I’m not a sports fan, but I remember watching highlights with post-rock guitar instrumental music over these slow-motion shots of football players. It’s triumphant, and it’s emotional, and that’s what sports are for.
Brian Reitzell
Because if you were the problem, chances were you could also be the solution. The only way to find out was to take another shot.
Sarah Dessen
I know sometimes the shots look a little crazy when I’m taking them early in the shot clock and stuff like that.
Jordan Clarkson
I love being in the editing room and playing with tempo and with the rhythm of shots.
Damien Chazelle
I teach a lecture course on American poetry to as many as 150 students. For a lot of them, its their only elective, so this is their one shot. Theyll take the Russian Novel or American Poetry, so I want to give them the high points, the inescapable poets.
Robert Hass
I don’t like defensive shots-you can only get threes
W. G. Grace
A great discipline comes with knowing that everyone’s very focused. I’ve never shot a scene thinking, I wonder if this will make it. Every scene I shoot, I know that it’s going to make it into the final cut.
Jeremy Bolt
I had some shots that I felt like I should’ve made; I just didn’t make them. I’m not going to shoot the ball great every night.
Kobe Bryant
When things seem to be slowing down, there’s this little trick I like to play. I’d plow this virgin who’s on her period, and after I’m done I’d just run out into the living room, or the dance floor, with all that bloody goop on my junk and yell, OH MY GOD, I’VE BEEN SHOT IN THE NADS! Yeah, good times.
Zach Braff
First and fore-most, you must have confidence. Your second mental problem is concentration. Think the shot through in advance before you address the ball. Draw a mental image of where you want it to go and then eliminate everything else from your mind, except how you are going to get the ball into that preferred spot.
Sam Snead
I probably visualize myself, the shots I’m going to get in the game, how I’m going to play defense, what we have to do to stop the other team’s best player, what it’s going to take out of me, the whole aspect of the game.
Paul Pierce
When our assists lead to baskets, that’s us playing our best, and we begin knocking down shots.
Tim Duncan
There is a difference between creating something and just capturing something. And when we were using film, it was not that fast, and it was expensive, so there was incentive to make sure the shot was exactly right before we rolled. With digital, it’s fast and its cheap, and it’s easy to bypass the rest.
Vilmos Zsigmond
I will never apologize for the United States of America – I don’t care what the facts are. Said after ‘Vincennes’ shot down an Iranian Airliner.
George H. W. Bush
When the others grew tired and went home and there was no one else to play with I used to play my own Test matches on the porch of our house, using a broom handle or a stick as the bat and a marble as the ball. I would arrange the pot plants to represent fielders and try to find the gaps as I played my shots.
Brian Lara
Some nights I sleep like a baby. Other nights it’s, Oh God, I just came up with a bomb shot.
Michael Bay
I know some of these guys who are in that stalkerazzi world, and you really have to separate them from the paparazzi in our industry. This is another breed. And they have their heroes who got the big scandalous shot, and which just promotes more of that.
Brad Pitt
In the beginning, I was worried there are too many shots of me as a boy out there. Now I’m at a point where I know my past doesn’t make me any less of a woman today. I can be proud of it. I don’t have to bury it.
Andreja Pejic
I went hunting, I shot a deer, and it mortified me. I just couldn’t do it again.
Channing Tatum
Each shot is important.
Gary Player
How often we recall with regret that Napoleon once shot at a magazine editor and missed him and killed a publisher. But we remember with charity that his intentions were good.
Mark Twain
When a bishop at the first shot abandons the worship of Christ and rallies his flock round the altar of Mars, he may be acting patriotically… but that does not justify him in pretending…that Christ is, in effect, Mars.
George Bernard Shaw
Frankfurt, discussing a stuntman: He missed being killed in that shot be literally half an inch.
Guillermo del Toro
It’s an individual sport (golf), so it’s the exact opposite of baseball. If you hit a bad shot, you can’t say, ‘Well, this happened.’ It’s just you. It’s your shot. You can’t point the finger at anybody but yourself.
Albert Belle
Most of us don’t have to worry about being shot of we poke our noses outside. So we are comfortable, but the people I’m writing about are definitely not comfortable, and being shot while they’re still inside is a good possibility.
Octavia Butler
The awkward truth, according to one study, is that 90 percent of 8-to-16-year-ol ds have viewed pornography online. Considering the standard climax to even the most vanilla hard-core scene today, that means there is an entire generation of young people who think sex ends with a money shot to the face.
Gail Dines
Tennis is more than just shots. It’s about being clutch and beating the people on the other side of the net.
Jim Courier
People don’t drop me with shots on the temple.
Tony Bellew
If you want to run for president, you better be an athlete. It’s 24/7. It never ends. You give up your personal life completely and you have something of a chance to be shot.
Dick Gephardt
When I was really young, I shot a lot with my Super 8.
Danny Huston
A lot of tournaments that I can remember I made a few bad shots and I was afraid I would lose the tournament and it seemed to work, the putts seemed to go in. Just the Desire.
Arnold Palmer
If you have a game where you’re under pressure, obviously there are going to be a lot of shots on target, and you’re going to make saves, but you can’t say you played well in a game where you concede five goals. It’s ridiculous.
Wojciech Szczesny
Just because we play in the NBA or coach in the NBA doesn’t mean we are not human. We are supermen. For me, getting shot is scary.
George Karl
If you look at the careers of Philip Seymour Hoffmann, Paul Giamatti, Meryl Streep, none of them shot up in terms of fame or fortune or recognition, they laid a platform of good, solid work and became better and better.
Max Irons
The most difficult quality is to make the right decision. Because you can be quick, you can be strong, you can jump incredibly, you can have the best shots and you can be able to score goals from 50 yards, but if you don’t know when to shoot, when to run or when to jump, you’re lost.
Ander Herrera
You look at today, it’s a different situation. You have a game that has been transformed into a game where almost every shot is either an outside shot – a three-point shot – or a dunk.
Oscar Robertson
When you’re walking into the stadium, you just say to yourself, ‘the 100m is the same anywhere, the shot put is the same weight anywhere.’
Daley Thompson
What are fears but voices airy?
Whispering harm where harm is not.
And deluding the unwary
Till the fatal bolt is shot!
William Wordsworth
We just couldn’t hit shots. We had good looks but they weren’t falling and we kept turning the ball over.
Luol Deng
You can’t have thousands of people being shot in a city, in a country that I happen to be president of. Maybe it’s OK if somebody else is president.
Donald Trump
I hear about people getting shot all the time. But most of the guys you hear about getting shot pulled through.
Ice Cube
You don’t contest shots without expending energy. You don’t get deflections – unless you walk into one every now and then – without expending energy. These are the things in basketball you have to really want to do.
Draymond Green
The First World War began because one man was shot. The Second World War began because of a mad German dictator. Who knows how a third could start. There are also people who think that the war has been going for a long time.
Ronald Lauder
Not all of our movies work, but we take shots, and we’re able to do that because we really stick to low budgets.
Jason Blum
The biggest challenge is how to get people to wake up and realize this is a one-shot deal. If we fail, we are witting participants in the biggest experiment humans have ever done: moving CO2 levels to twice their value in the past 670.000 years and hoping it turns out okay for generations to come.
Nathan Lewis
The last time I saw Robert Kennedy was in an elevator by accident also, going up, one week before he was shot.
Tom Hayden
I like doing drills and when coaches take you through drills and stuff, but I don’t like counting shots and things like that. I just shoot until I feel good.
Kyle Korver
I think we’ve missed a trick there. We could develop wheat with the properties of Velcro… to catch whatever it is that’s forming those crop circles! But then the spaceship would have to have the corresponding Velcro, so it’s a bit of a long shot.
Bill Bailey
Shots came, I don’t know where they was sent from. Probably some bad hoes I’m bouta take the hint from
My golf score is really bad. I don’t know. I’m definitely not a good golfer. Off the tee box, I can drive it about 275, and I’m in the fairway about 99% of the time. It’s my next shot that needs work.
Jason Aldean
That shot moved like… I was going to say a shop, but the shop’s shut
Paul Merson
Ye generous maids, revenge your sex’s wrong; Let not the mean destroyer e’er approach Your sacred charms. Now muster all your pride, Contempt and scorn, that, shot from Beauty’s eye, Confounds the mighty impudent, and smites The front unknown to shame.
John Armstrong
I get what I desire, it’s my empire
And yes I call the shots, I am the umpire
Nicki Minaj
I hit him with body shots that would have brought down cities.
Joe Frazier
Went to 16 and hit a really bad 3 wood for my second shot and got stuck in the bunker about 70 yards from the pin. Poor execution, chunked it, hit a good chip up to about eight feet, missed it.
Trent Dilfer
If I needed advice from my caddie, he’d be hitting the shots and I’d be carrying the bag.
Bobby Jones
Making the big shot wouldn’t feel so good if missing it didn’t feel so awful
Paul Pierce
I wasn’t the brightest kid, not by a long shot. I was interested in football, in girls, in getting my work done with the least amount of effort.
Thomas J. Sargent
We always joke now like, you know, the more experienced we get making stuff, we’re like, “Never leave set without a shot of each of our lead characters driving in the car looking happy, looking moderately blank and looking sad.” Because we know we’re going to need these things.
Mark Duplass
Messi or Cristiano – Speed? Cristiano. Shot? Cristiano. Dribbling? Messi. Intelligence? Messi. Talent? Messi. Winner is Messi!
Usain Bolt
Every shot that kills ricochets.
Gilbert Parker
What I’m trying to do is play the game the right way, not force shots up. Whenever I have my opportunities, take ’em.
Kemba Walker
I don’t want to be hitting one day then not hitting my shots the next day.
Jamal Murray
I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot… when you think about the consequences you always think of a negative result.
Michael Jordan
Unfortunately, the suit is so stiff, I can’t do this with two hands, but I’m going to try a little sand-trap shot here.
Alan Shepard
We did drive them [Iran] to the negotiating table. And my successor, John Kerry, and President [Barack] Obama got a deal that put a lid on Iran’s nuclear program without firing a single shot. That’s diplomacy. That’s coalition-building. That’s working with other nations.
Hillary Clinton
Good fortune can take forever to get to you, but as it turns out, sorrow is as quick as a shot.
Alice Hoffman
life is not a race, but a shot on target: what counts is not the saving of time, but the ability to find a centre
Susanna Tamaro
Pigmentation was a quick and convenient way of judging a person. One of us, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once proposed we instead judge people by the content of their character. He was shot.
Jon Stewart
We’ve evolved from sitting back on our tripods and shooting wildlife films like they have been shot historically, which doesn’t work for us.
Steve Irwin
Some of it was shot in Berlin, but a lot of it was filmed in Hamburg, along the Reeperbahn in Hamburg in the famous red light district. Kino is obviously German and “film” and “cinema” and we were always cinematic in our thinking.
Stephen Mallinder
I like to be working and moving – the worst thing you can do to me is stick me in a room all day while you’re lighting a shot. That just kills me.
Robert Carlyle
The ABA really loosened up the NBA and introduced innovations like the three-point shot and the Slam Dunk and other competitions at the All Star Game. And we had all the hot young players.
Mel Daniels
There’s something magical still about it when I get in a darkroom, and you’ve shot a roll of film and you develop it and you look at your negatives, and there’s like imagery there. That always stuns me.
Jessica Lange
You nearly died today,’ he says. ‘I almost shot you. Why didn’t you shoot me, Tris?’ ‘I couldn’t do that,’ I say. ‘It would have been like shooting myself.’ He looks pained and leans closer to me, so his lips brush mine when he speaks.
Veronica Roth
To flight approach shots lower with the scoring clubs – what I consider my 7-iron through wedges – I stand two or three inches closer to the ball than normal.
Keegan Bradley
I’m a tennis fan, so I like Roger Federer. He’s always two or three steps ahead, so he’s hitting a shot, but he’s also thinking about the next two shots. So I try to be in that frame of mind – to always be ahead.
Andre Iguodala
I was shot in the wrist when I was a kid. Deliberately.
Sam Shepard
Genius is the accumulated wealth of our humanity–its most intense development concentrated at one point, and then with clearer expression and with mysterious power shot back to us across the galvanic lines of thought and feeling.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
There is an animated version of ‘Lazer Team,’ with all the action sequences, that exists. It’s a pre-visual fidelity, and the voice acting is terrible because it’s one of our animators doing it. But we could sit there and watch what the scene is supposed to look like while we’re doing individual shots.
Burnie Burns
To this day I over prepare. I draw storyboards for every scene – chicken scratches so crude that they amuse and horrify the crew. I send out shot lists, act out the scenes, and search for a theme that I can relate to. It’s my favorite time of the process.
Eric Stoltz
I swear to God, if I get shot again, Indigo will strangle me.
Nalini Singh
Just getting back to the essence. Even the record I put out, “1 of 1,” I went to Jamaica and shot that video and I’m singing in the song – that was different for me.
I told my doctor I think my wife has VD. He gave himself a shot of penicillin.
Rodney Dangerfield
I knew that I could vote and that that wasn’t a privilege; it was my right. Every time I tried I was shot, killed or jailed, beaten or economically deprived.
Stokely Carmichael
Bosses are the ones calling the shots, as they should in any organization. And if you think you’re above your boss, that’s not reality.
Perez Hilton
I think a shot can actually influence a scene in a huge way. For example, comedy is always better in a two-shot. What’s between the characters is what’s funny. So you learn about these things as you go along.
Emily Blunt
Even during the casting process, the pools of talent are so deep when you have a call for Latin women or black women or a middle-aged woman because they never get their shot. There’s so much talent there.
Jenji Kohan
Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba.
Hunter S. Thompson
We don’t shoot in L.A. much anymore. You know, TV and movies, most everything’s shot other places.
Billy Bob Thornton
When I think of our condition, my heart is heavy. I see men of my own race treated as outlaws and driven from country to country, or shot down like animals.
Chief Joseph
The only point in making money is, you can tell some big shot where to go.
Humphrey Bogart
Honest to god, Clare, you act like the dress is more important than you being shot!” Of course it is! It’s a Versace, you idiot! Bring help! I’m going to save this dress at all costs.” – Sam to Clare
Katie MacAlister
That’s a bust your ass shot through and through.
Joe Teti
The opposite of fear is love – love of the challenge, love of the work, the pure joyous passion to take a shot at our dream and see if we can pull it off.
Steven Pressfield
The sentiment that Punjab did not accept the Delhi leadership has been unanimously expressed by candidates and party leaders. Somewhere, the feeling has emerged that the Punjab unit should take lead rather than the Delhi team calling the shots.
Gurpreet Ghuggi
I don’t think there is any advantage to digital unless it’s in a case like Slumdog Millionaire, where you have to get a shot and a big bulky film camera is out of the question.
Vilmos Zsigmond
If you do all that work of figuring out exactly how writing is done, then it’s available to you at anytime, and you can build on it. It’s like the difference between shooting one hoop and having it go in by accident and saying later, ‘I shot a basket,’ – and practicing so much you can do it whenever you want.
Mark Salzman
It was Herzog, the man himself. He was so welcoming and kind and not at all the persona you’d seen in a magazine, or in “Burden of Dreams” for that matter. I’d shot the behind-the-scenes for “Bad Lieutenant.” It was a very normal production. Nothing like “Burden of Dreams.”
Sam Pressman
Once you have found the right shot to introduce the scene-written your first declarative sentence-then the rest flows. You’ve found the key to the whole scene.
John Huston
The art of moviemaking seems to get thrown away. The cinematography is gone, and the look of everything becomes of little importance. You lose the memorable images; everything looks like it’s been shot at night with a security camera.
Rob Zombie
You never can tell when you send a word, Like an arrow shot from a bow By an archer blind, be it cruel or kind, Just where it may chance to go!
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I’m a fast healer. I was on the air a week after I got shot.
Curtis Sliwa
The best architects feel it to be their duty to make the path to the hole as free as possible from annoying difficulties for the less skillful golfers, while at the same time presenting to the scratch players a route calling for the best shots at their command.
Robert Hunter
While awaiting sentencing, I decided to give stand-up comedy a shot. The judge had suggested I get my act together, and I took him seriously.
Tim Allen
Before every season we take the Bachelor or Bachelorette out for publicity shots and video.
Chris Harrison
Each story has a different approach for me and I try to work with lighting that will tell you visually the story better than if it was shot in available light.
Vilmos Zsigmond
Most of the time when you’re open that’s when it’s tough to make shots because you try to get some different focus than normally when some guys try to contest your shots.
Serge Ibaka
Brenna’s eyes widened. Raising a hand, she brushed his hair gently off his forehead. “Why do I keep telling you things I swore I’d take to my grave?” The contact shot electricity through his nerves. “Because you know I’ll always be your shield against the nightmares.
Nalini Singh
I am receiving as much love for ‘Four Shots More Please!’ as I got for ‘Pink,’ if not more. It’s heart-warming.
Kirti Kulhari
The director’s in charge of every single decision [in film]. It’s a dictatorship.It’s a benevolent dictatorship, but it’s true. It’s every single shot. There’s nothing arbitrary.
Matt Damon
I would love to be able to swim in the ocean in Malibu. But that is asking for a bikini shot. That’s inviting something that I don’t want to happen. I don’t need to be on a ‘Who’s Skinny, Who’s Fat, Who’s Looking Healthy, Who’s Not Eating?’ list.
Mary-Kate Olsen
Wrestling seemed like something I might be good at, so I stuck with it and gave it a shot. I ended up in a pretty good place. I was very fortunate.
Seth Rollins
The ‘Agent X’ set was never boring. During the first few days, I had to adjust to the loud noise on set, which included gun shots and explosions. After we finished filming the season, I realized I missed hearing all the noise and driving on empty freeways.
Olga Fonda
Teenagers falling off skateboards – funny. Nut shots – funny. Breaking wind – funny. The world cannot change those. Those three things are columns upon which humor is built.
John Oliver
I am always in self-doubt… every moment of my filmmaking. I am supremely confident when the story is being written and everything is in our head. But the moment we get into the filmmaking, I start doubting myself – from the camera angle to the re-recording to getting the actors to do their shots.
S. S. Rajamouli
I am a very good shot. I have hunted for every kind of animal. But I would never kill an animal during mating season.
Hedy Lamarr
The Supreme Court ruled that disabled golfer Casey Martin has a legal right to ride in a golf cart between shots at PGA Tour events. Man, the next thing you know, they’re going to have some guy carry his clubs around for him.
Jon Stewart
I could give you a thiught sheath to put that in,”Isabelle offered. “I got tons.” “CERTAINLY NOT,” said Simon. Clary shot him an irritated look. “Thanks, but I’m not really a thigh sheath kind of girl,” -pg. 214
Cassandra Clare
The word ‘good’ has many meanings. For example, if a man were to shoot his grandmother at a range of five hundred yards, I should call him a good shot, but not necessarily a good man.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Got shot 5 times but I’m still breathing… living proof there’s a God if you need a reason.
Tupac Shakur
The storyboard artists job is to plan out shot for shot the whole show, write all the dialog, and decide the mood, action, jokes, pacing, etc of every scene.
Craig McCracken
I’ve always believed no matter how many shots I miss, I’m going to make the next one.
Isaiah Thomas
I feel like, I go out and play hard every day and I’m going to practice every day, I’m going to block shots.
LaMarcus Aldridge
In rare cases, I’ve had music before I shot the movie. I think that for ‘Good Will Hunting’ I had an Elliot Smith record or a couple of them and I just somehow felt like the sound had something to it that reminded me of the story. So in that case there was music beforehand.
Gus Van Sant
Three of them got killed. My mother was shot in the knee. But by God’s grace, she’s still alive.
Tamba Hali
If you start throwing eight or nine shots, you’re going to get caught – bang – and the fight could be over.
Amir Khan
They give me a shot and a handful of pills to swallow. I stare at the thin red wall of my inner eyelid and listen to my skin and I can’t be sure how the medication is affecting me. I can’t remember how I’m supposed to feel. I can’t remember my name. I have never seen my face.
Will Christopher Baer
I know children regress after vaccination because it happened to my own son. Why aren’t there any tests out there on the safety of how vaccines are administered in the real world, six at a time? Why have only two of the 36 shots our kids receive been looked at for their relationship to autism?
Jenny McCarthy
It’s America calling the shots in everything
Mikhail Gorbachev
When I’m playing the 1-guard, teams do a great job of just loading up and preparing for my drives and preparing for my three-point shots.
Kyrie Irving
I have literally no idea what it’s like to shoot a 2D movie. I’d only shot things that were 7 minutes long with a video camera in my apartment with friends.
Todd Strauss-Schulson
A lot of the time, people want to hear from someone like myself. They want to give it a shot. It’s challenging, and it’s driven me more than discouraged me.
Archie Panjabi
You know, I’ve carried a weapon for 10 years, never shot anybody, never robbed anybody. It has saved my life twice, but I know they’re not toys. I practice with firearms, I enjoy shooting, it’s a hobby of mine and I have a healthy respect for them.
Luke Scott
I don’t mind fans coming up in a friendly, respectful way. That’s all part of the fun of being a top tennis player. But if people take pictures without permission, particularly if my children are in the shot, I feel uncomfortable.
Roger Federer
Goalies often react quickly to shots with no regard for what might happen to their body because we are trained to stop pucks first and ask questions later.
Martin Brodeur
…Say somebody shot somebody….We…are so concerned about whether this evidence was admitted properly…(and) not recognize the intrusion into our sacred individuality that is being caused every time people turn on the faucet? …I am astounded by how much untruth has been officially promulgated (pro fluoridation).
John Flaherty
Say planet rock, it’s a sure shot.
Afrika Bambaataa
We did 356 ‘Dallas’ episodes between 1978 and 1991. The most memorable moment for me happened in 1980 when I got shot at the end of the third series. The rest is a blur.
Larry Hagman
Good shooters take the shots; best shooters take most of the shots.
Don Meyer
When I snap a good shot, I just can’t help myself.
Dana Perino
Hitchcock loved long convoluted shots that contained a lot of tracking and camera moves.
Saul Bass
My father, never chooses me for anything. Unless he needs a human shield. Thirty years and all I am to him is a hunk of meat to block buck shot. Told you dad needed me. Who’s the best man now?
Christopher Titus
For most of the movies that I’ve done, we’ve shot in a contemporary house, in contemporary clothes, speaking in a contemporary way. So, I really enjoy that. It really helps.
Eve Hewson
I made a film where nobody got shot and nobody went to see it.
Sam Peckinpah
On TV, you have wardrobe fittings, you have four cameras on you at all times, and you’re worried about your angles and your lighting and your shots.
Demi Lovato
You’ve got to be digging it while it’s happening ’cause it just might be a one shot deal.
Frank Zappa
I was 35 years old and in a position to take a shot at whatever I wanted to try. The Air Force said I was too old to fly fighter jets. I thought about becoming a fishing boat captain, before deciding that acting seemed pretty cool.
Jerry Doyle
I grew up listening to 2 Live Crew and NWA and I never went out and shot nobody.
I like video games, but they’re really violent. I’d like to play a video game where you help the people who were shot in all the other games. It’d be called ‘Really Busy Hospital.
Demetri Martin
I make big shots everywhere. I get accustomed to it. I’m not afraid to be the goat. I don’t worry about what you (reporters) say about me in the papers. In fact, I like it. It tickles me.
Sam Cassell
When we shot ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ we had special permission to film in wild areas of New Zealand that could be accessed only by helicopter. They would drop us off and we would work all day, and they’d pick us up and take us out again.
Viggo Mortensen
I would rather try a shot to win than play safe and finish second.
Phil Mickelson
The chance to interact with big shots is drawing scads of aspiring entrepreneurs to Quora, along with venture capitalists and other Valley players.
Daniel Lyons
I can’t even describe to anybody what it feels like to have my naked body shot across the world like a news flash against my will. It just makes me feel like a piece of meat that’s being passed around for profit.
Jennifer Lawrence
I’m the kind of person who if I was playing the role of someone who got shot, I’d probably want to get shot so I knew what it felt like.
Mark Burnett
When all your teammates make shots, it’s easy to get assists. Nobody feels the pressure to score. It makes the game so much easier.
Manu Ginobili
I was delighted to have lines when they came – learning lines for film isn’t a problem, but television is a little different, because we shot those shows the whole way through.
David Selby
For so many years, I was watching my tee shots slide hard to the right. I used to think I was hitting a draw at times, and the ball was still curving to the right! I still prefer to play a little fade, but I’ve had to recalibrate my visuals.
Tony Finau
If you can deliver the big shots at the right time, they hurt.
Rob Cross
With a host of proposals on the table and a President examining new ideas for health reform, we have an obligation to give real reform our best shot.
Ron Wyden
You can do weird things on TV – there are happy stories, sad stories, dark stories. But with a movie, it always has to end satisfying. Unless you’re the Coen brothers, and it ends with somebody getting shot in the head.
Judd Apatow
Life’s not a one-shot special. It’s a friggin’ on-going series. Live it!
Arnold Arre
You never know how stylish a movie is going to be and I think this movie has a great sense of style. The way that it is shot and our costumes and everything, it was just terrific.
Julia Roberts
Anyone who believes in capital punishment should be shot
I’ll tell you what I would do in a shot if I could. I would sing in the barbershop quartet in The Music Man.
Ned Beatty
By any sane definition of success, if you wake up in a pool of blood and nobody has shot you, you are not successful.
Arianna Huffington
No matter how Palestinians resist, they are shot, beaten, arrested, tortured, bombed, segregated, and collectively punished. The problem isn’t the mode of Palestinian resistance, it is the existence of Palestinians on their land that Israel takes issue with.
Remi Kanazi
When men hire themselves out to shoot other men to order, asking nothing about the justice of their cause, I don’t care if they are shot themselves.
Herbert Spencer
I have always wanted to live where one could practice (golf) shots in one’s pajamas before breakfast.
Alister MacKenzie
When I feel that confidence to do my best shots, I know I can be dangerous for all the guys.
Juan Martin del Potro
When I was in the hospital after I was shot they gave me drugs, but it was so great to get off those.
Andy Warhol
Whenever I see Tom [ Cavanagh] – we’re good friends – we just mourn that we didn’t get a longer shot.
Eric McCormack
Government: If you refuse to pay unjust taxes, your property will be confiscated. If you attempt to defend your property, you will be arrested. If you resist arrest, you will be clubbed. If you defend yourself against clubbing, you will be shot dead. These procedures are known as the Rule of Law.
Edward Abbey
When I walk with a camera, I walk from shot to shot, reading the light on a calibrated meter. When I walk without a camera, my own shutter opens, and the moment’s light prints on my own silver gut. When I see this second way I am above all an unscrupulous observer.
Annie Dillard
I’m old enough, by a long shot, to remember going to the library and spending days researching. If I was looking for a line from a poem or something else I needed, that would be the trip I would have to take.
Charlie Kaufman
You clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!
Walter White
I’ve shot films in Africa. I’ve shot in America – English is not my language.
Sergio Leone
Other effects in the show included models of the ships which were extremely expensive to make. We used to do our shots in front of a blue screen and they’d put the effects on after.
Gil Gerard
No, there are some location shoots in Vegas, maybe four trips a year. It’s shot in Santa Clarita, CA.
George Eads
We shot the movie [Waitress] in 20 days so there wasn’t a lot of time to learn. There wasn’t a lot of pie baking going on, at least not by me. But we always had pies while we were filming – we ate two different pies every day for lunch!
Keri Russell
There are basically five ways to score in the half court. Layups, mid-range, three-pointers, free throws – and then what I call ‘tough shots.’ Tough shots come anywhere on the floor, under difficult circumstances. The ability to create that shot is a special skill in the NBA.
Jamal Crawford
The main difference for the history of the world if I had been shot rather than Kennedy is that Onassis probably wouldn’t have married Mrs Khrushchev.
Nikita Khrushchev
I don’t really want to start my career again, and I don’t like Hollywood. If it had happened to me when I was young, yes, I’d be there like a shot, but I wouldn’t like to go there and hang out and go to auditions at my age.
Roger Lloyd-Pack
When I started doing television, I thought that I would change the way that I shot, the way that I blocked, and the technical side of it. You’re not going to change your relationship with the actors or how you approach the characters. That wasn’t any different.
Len Wiseman
I knew that it was my only shot to be taken seriously in the recording industry, because it’s fast and broad.
Adam Lambert
Hollis thought he looked like William Burroughs, minus the bohemian substrate (or perhaps the methadone). Like someone who’d be invited quail shooting with the vice-president, though too careful to get himself shot.
William Gibson
If you take a shot at someone, you keep firing until they can no longer return fire. Wound them, and you have an angry enemy who knows your position.
Karen Traviss
We don’t curse at Shots Studios, and we send a very positive message.
Lele Pons
I was a vegetarian when we shot the first film(Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle), and I generally eat organic as much as possible. I know this is so disappointing to the audience, which is why I don’t talk about it a lot, but I don’t smoke weed, I don’t eat fast food.
Kal Penn
I can shoot, or I can roll, I can finish inside, I can take two-point shots, I can switch on defence and I can protect the paint.
Serge Ibaka
I always have a pair of heels and flats for my back-to-back hours of live shots. I’m happiest and most comfortable wearing my boots.
Kristen Welker
The serve, I was too young and too small and… not enough powerful to have a good serve when I was young, so my forehand was always my signature shot. So I used to always run around my backhand, you know, use my forehand as much as I could, and so that’s why I think it’s my strength also today, you know.
Roger Federer
If a guy is shooting a shot in the corner 70 percent of the missed shots usually come off that other side and 30 percent hits off the front rim so just playing the percentages and kind of studying your teammates’ shots throughout the course of the game.
Tristan Thompson
I want to protect our constitutional right to bear arms in a legal and thoughtful way with background checks that also don’t want people to get shot and murdered, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t own a gun.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
Once I was in L.A., I realized anyone could act. Why not give it a shot? I started going to a ton of acting classes, and I found I had a real passion for it, probably the biggest passion I’ve ever had in my whole life.
Kellan Lutz
I used to split my time between writing, music and painting. I would work on a book and then abandon it, start a band, do an album, quit music, then do a gallery show. Eventually I decided to give writing a serious shot.
Isaac Marion
In around 2000, I became aware of a recurring problem of the ‘tightness’ around my cueing action, which somehow stops me believing that I can play the shot – even shots I could previously play with my eyes shut.
Stephen Hendry
Never put the story in the lead. Let ’em have a hot shot of ambiguity right between the eyes.
William Safire
I basically try to visualize the team doing good things on the court the night before the game. I get shots up. There’s not actually a pregame ritual that I do. I’m still trying to figure that out. I say a prayer. I go out with confidence.
Trey Burke
All I wanted was to connect my moods with those of Paris. Beauty pains and when it pained most, I shot.
Ernst Haas
Cooking for me is a way to wind down. It’s different from cooking on camera, where you have to do everything twice, for a wide shot and a close-up.
Giada De Laurentiis
I did ‘Nobody Walks’ right after ‘Dredd.’ Well, actually, I got off the plane from Capetown where we shot ‘Dredd’ and tested for ‘Being Flynn’ that same day. Then I came out to L.A. to make this film right after that so it was all very back to back.
Olivia Thirlby
The experienced fighting pilot does not take unnecessary risks. His business is to shoot down enemy planes, not to get shot down.
Eddie Rickenbacker
In horror movies today its lots of fast cut shot and lots of loud noises on the soundtrack. I tried to do the opposite. Playing with silence for instance.
Alejandro Amenabar
That’s why our TVs are brimming with so much hot man-on-pan action. You can’t channel surf for long without seeing turkey getting stuffed over and over until they finally cut to the gravy shot.
Stephen Colbert
My God! The English language is a form of communication! Conversation isn’t just crossfire where you shoot and get shot at! Where you’ve got to duck for your life and aim to kill! Words aren’t only bombs and bullets — no, they’re little gifts, containing meanings!
Philip Roth
At about 10 o’clock in the morning the sun threw a bright dust-laden bar through one of the side windows and in and out of the beam flies shot like rushing stars.
John Steinbeck
On the screen were some flashback shots of Daniel, Emma and Rupert from ten years ago. They were 12. I have also recently returned from New York, and while I was there, I saw Daniel singing and dancing (brilliantly) on Broadway. A lifetime seems to have passed in minutes.
Alan Rickman
He understood that the ghost existed first and foremost within his own head. That maybe ghosts always haunted minds, not places. If he wanted to take a shot at it, he’d have to turn the barrel against his own temple.
Joe Hill
Whoever authorized the evolution of the spiders of Australia should be summarily dragged out into the street and shot.
Mira Grant
Whoever had the bright idea of putting Indiana Jones in a leather jacket and a fedora in the jungle ought to be dragged into the street and shot.
Harrison Ford
Never try a shot you haven’t practised.
Harvey Penick
I thought men like that shot themselves.
George V
The camera can move, you can make the shots, blah blah blah, but as long as the actors are good, you have something.
Julie Delpy
As a middle-order batsman, a lot of times you have to trust your ability to play those big shots under pressure. It is also important to trust your partner at that time.
Dinesh Karthik
There are no good saves, there are only weak shots.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Even if it’s just two shots, I just want to see the ball go in the hole. That gives me the confidence to know I can make shots when I’m called upon in a playoff type of situation.
Shaun Livingston
Yes, if I had it my way I would do all the shots myself – I used to do that when I was just a cameraman, an operator – but there’s no way; you can’t do that anymore.
Dennis Muren
I made a movie where I played a girl that just got out of prison and we shot it very very quickly but very intensely-that took me a long time to get over.
Maggie Gyllenhaal
I’d say, go ahead, shoot your shot. More power to ya if you can come up with a different angle on the character.
Clint Eastwood
Here’s what I’m going to say about that: my personal thought about the brilliance of ‘Peeno Noir’ as proven by the fans’ appreciation is that, when watched back, what makes it so exciting is the random locations and the random costume changes and the multiple shots that we’ve done all over the city.
Tituss Burgess
If I can hit the ball the way I want to hit it on the range, I’d rather do that than play golf. I just love the feeling of hitting good golf shots.
Vijay Singh
A Queen, or a Prime Minister’s secretary may be shot at in London, as we know; and probably there is no person eminent in literature or otherwise who has not been the object of some infirm brain or another. But in America the evil is sadly common.
Harriet Martineau
Where I’m from, we don’t take shots over two guys. When someone is doubled, it’s the next man’s job to take the shot and make it.
Marc Gasol
It just occurred to me that there are some beautiful shots [in Rent Control] with the World Trade Center in the background.
Brent Spiner
On the offensive end you can work yourself into a rhythm, but on the defensive end you have to be aware of everything. That’s not measured by shots made or missed, it’s measured by heart and determination to get out and play somebody. That’s how you win on defense.
Ben Wallace
Technology alone isn’t enough. To really get the money shots, it’s down to being in the right place at the right time.
Karen Bass
I just – I kind of see it that way. I find the higher angles down. I do – look, you can go back to the staircase shots in “Third Man” or the staircase in “La Dolce Vita.” So I just find that visual construction in a frame.
Martin Scorsese
Most writers are not quick-witted when they talk. Novelists, in particular, drag themselves around in society like gut-shot bears.
Kurt Vonnegut
All the plants in my house are dead – I shot them last night. I was teasing them by watering them with ice cubes.
Steven Wright
The thing about being an actor is that every new job is a new challenge. Sometimes you’ll have a shot, and it doesn’t work. Sometimes it’ll work better than you expected.
Jacki Weaver
We don’t want civilians walking around who know about us. Got it? (Tee) Wow, you’re like a ferocious bunny, aren’t you? (Nathan) Worse. A bunny can be fluffy sometimes. Tee always goes for the throat. Trust me. I’m her partner and she’s shot me three times now. (Joe)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
My grandmother was an actress too. In the thirties and forties she was under contract with Universal Studios. Crazy credits, lots of them. My dad was also under contract with Universal Studios. And my first film was shot on the same stage they both worked on at Universal.
Chris Pine
She [Serena Williams] played some great shots, but so did I, and that was the only difference.
Jennifer Capriati
You shouldn’t be a big shot about your fate. I’m an enemy of Destiny, I’m not a Greek, I’m a Berliner.
Alfred Doblin
I think there would be situations that will occur on the field that would be tough for a person who is homosexual, because I know there will be people definitely taking shots at him.
Cris Carter
You cannot score 10 goals from 10 shots – that’s impossible – but I am trying.
Mohamed Salah
Being out there, I know how to play the game and know my spots. Just get rebounds, block shots, defend.
DeAndre Jordan
Golf is not about the quality of your good shots, it is about the quality of your bad shots.
Nick Faldo
The things that led me to run for office – trying to figure out how we create an economy where everybody’s got a fair shot and if you work hard, you can achieve your dreams.
Barack Obama
The act of seeing any film generally is you knowing more than the characters, even if its the classic Hitchcock shot of two people talking and a bomb being under the table. Part of the pleasure of it is seeing where people go wrong, and the irony of situations.
Richard Ayoade
If I ever get into the BKB, yeah, it would be fun. I never really liked the gloves in the UFC anyway. So, I think it’s better. You got to pick your shots. You got to be smarter.
Diego Sanchez
Gordon Way’s astonishment at being suddenly shot dead was nothing compared to his astonishment at what happened next.
Douglas Adams
You are a sweet man.” -“God, there it is.” He flopped back on the bed, as if shot through the heart. “Repeat that to anyone, and I will have you brought up on charges of slander.” “I wouldn’t dream of telling a soul.
Tessa Dare
God has to remind us this isn’t heaven by a long shot, so he increases the radios and lethal flies.
Sylvia Plath
If the overall quality of your film depends on what you shot it on, you aren’t ready to make a film.
Barry Green
Casual drug users should be taken out and shot.
Daryl Gates
If you show this devious little liar one atom’s worth of compassion I will have you shot.
Elizabeth Wein
Like most professional golfers, I have a tendency to remember my poor shots a shade more vividly than the good ones.
Ben Hogan
I’ve been on teams that lost a hundred games in a season. I’ve been on teams that had a shot to make the playoffs and fizzled out at the end.
Chili Davis
Amsterdam is such a fun, cool place, and it’s very Instagrammable with the canals and the boats and the flowers and the architecture. It’s amazing for outfit of the day shots.
What does it mean when a person is such a pacifist that they get shot? I can never understand that.
John Lennon
What constitutes a real, live human being is more of a mystery than ever these days, and men each one of whom is a valuable, unique experiment on the part of nature are shot down wholesale.
Hermann Hesse
I’m not better when I force shots. I’m going to take them as they come. They are really sagging in there, trying to take me out of the game. It’s my job to find guys. I want to be aggressive and take my shots, but I can’t force them.
Tim Duncan
A perfectly straight shot with a big club is a fluke.
Jack Nicklaus
And who knew?
That an unlettered man from the middle of the desert,
Would change the whole world from darkness into heaven
You may have every title, every big shot degree,
But you still can’t explain: Alif-Laam-Meem
Boonaa Mohammed
You give me enough shots, I’ll average 20. You give me a particular system where I stick close to the basket, I’ll average 10 rebounds.
Chris Bosh
Heroism’ often consists in keeping your head in an emergency and doing the best you can with what you have instead of panicking and being shot in the tail. People who fight this way win more battles than do intentional heroes; a glory hound often throws away the lives of his mates as well as his own.
Robert A. Heinlein
I did volleyball, basketball, and track all through high school. And then I went to junior college and I stuck with track because I was good at shot put and discus. And then I got a full ride to Fresno State for their track program. Shot put was my main thing. I was the five-time All-American, and I set a couple records.
Dot Jones
Swinging harder with a longer club almost always leads to bad shots.
Ernie Els
[Televised stand-up] never really makes me laugh. The only one I ever saw that I liked was Richard Pryor, and that was [shot on] film.
Norm MacDonald
Progressives are the majority; we won the popular vote by a long shot and Donald Trump and the congressional Republicans representing mainly rich old white men are a minority. If we stand up together and use the effective strategies and tactics the tea party used, we believe we can stop them.
Ezra G. Levin
Whenever I think about movies, I always look at that art process as having the best of a lot of worlds. Because if you watch a great film, you have a musical element to it, not just on the scoring, but in the way that the shots are edited – that has music and rhythm and time.
Frank Ocean
I lost interest in firearms because we had a dog that was scared to death of the sound of a rifle shot.
James Spader
If you’re a woman, just make a freaking good movie. I don’t believe in the women who say, ‘It’s too hard, I’m getting shot down.’
Katie Aselton
Birth is of course violent. Menstruation is violent. Trust me, if men’s penises opened up once a month and shot blood, we’d be hearing about the violence of it.
Lidia Yuknavitch
Jazz is like blues with a shot of heroin!
Miles Davis
After September, I’ve reflected on the campaign, and being a new father of twin boys, I really feel like I owe it to the kids in the city to give this a shot and make this district a better place.
Jeffrey O. Henley
[Alan] Dershowitz has also offered to defend Osama bin Laden in court, saying it would be an act of high patriotism. It’s kind of too bad there isn’t going to be a trial. Having Dershowitz defend him could be Osama’s only shot at not being the least popular person in the courtroom.
Ann Coulter
I just wrapped ‘Eclipse’ yesterday and the last scene we shot is probably my favorite thus far. I finally got to tell my story, in a very gentle yet elaborate way.
Nikki Reed
Shammiji is said to be India’s answer to Elvis Presley, but I say that Elvis Presley is America’s answer to Shammi Kapoor. The mark of a good actor is the belief with which he gives a shot and Shammiji gave his each shot with a strong belief and that makes him a great actor of all times.
Aamir Khan
A shot of brandy can save your life, but a bottle of brandy can kill you.
Cary Grant
I knock people out. As soon as I land my shots on him, you will see the difference between class and hype. He’s been built up and he believes the hype, but I will beat reality into him.
David Haye
Of course, with the increasing number of aeroplanes one gains increased opportunities for shooting down one’s enemies, but at the same time, the possibility of being shot down one’s self increases.
Manfred von Richthofen
To me, theater is the mecca; if you really love to act, that’s where it’s the most fun, by a long shot.
Scott Caan
I never got hurt when I was in Morocco doing all the horse riding and my own stunts. But on the last day on the last shot I slid off my horse and landed on my bottom. I did not get hurt but it was very embarrassing.
Oded Fehr
My M.F.A was in directing, and all the films I’ve made, for film school and after, I’ve written, directed and shot.
Geoffrey S. Fletcher
When i’ve done camera test, after we’ve shot and I’ve seen the monitor with the glasses (wearing a Kimono) and looking by myself in 3D. Oh my god. Especially for a Samurai film. I’ve never seen that. It’s kind of a culture shock.
Hiroyuki Sanada
The art of boxing is seeing spaces and being able to take shots. The hitting and being hit have to become one. Your reactions have to be so in the moment. There’s no time to think.
Garry Shandling
It’s not so much a question of whether we’ve shot it through 35mm or digital video; what is important is whether the audience accepts it as real.
Abbas Kiarostami
This life is full of great experiences if we only give it a shot.
Nick Vujicic
I’m basically a writer, it’s who I am. I direct and I like theatre directing very much. But I’ve done 17 movies, they don’t say ‘Let’s get Garry, he’ll make a helicopter shot,’ they say ‘Get Garry, he’ll fix the script.’
Garry Marshall
I just started writing and writing for people. And then, like I guess after (a) year of getting some placements, I kinda got a shot to be an artist. Long story short I think, yeah.
PJ Harvey
[Ocean’s Thirteen] is a great group, and it was an opportunity to work with Steven Soderbergh. But mainly? It was shot in L.A. and I want to be next to my kids. So I’ve been doing everything that has to do with being next to them, close to them.
Al Pacino
Valentine’s Day is the day when you remember that Cupid was a lousy shot.
Milton Berle
The famous are balloons far up in the sky, to be envied for their quiet freedom or shot down as enemies.
Arthur Miller
If that happens again someone’s gonna get shot…. with an arrow of love!
Emilie Autumn
Right and wrong can be like bloody snakes: so tangled up that you can’t tell which is which until you’ve shot ’em both, and then it’s too late.
M. L. Stedman
If there is such a thing as karma, let’s hope that Sarah Palin comes back as a wolf being shot at from a plane.
Bill Maher
I like working in both movies and television. Television is faster, not very much rehearsal and a lot of material is shot in a day. Big budget movies are luxurious in terms of the schedule. Independent films often shoot fast as well.
Juliet Landau
There was never any fear for me, no fear of failure. If I miss a shot, so what?
Michael Jordan
Our best shot at finding life in our solar system might be to look at the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Mars, increasingly, looks like a dead planet. But the oceans beneath the ice cover of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn may actually have more liquid water than the oceans of Earth.
Michio Kaku
The Taliban are terrible shots. At the end of some long patrols, we’d be walking through the fields and get shot at – and we’d just keep walking.
Kyle Carpenter
First I wanted to be a veterinarian. And then I realized you had to give them shots to put them to sleep, so I decided I’d just buy a bunch of animals and have them in my house instead.
Paris Hilton
It usually takes me 20 to 90 minutes to write a song because once I start, I don’t stop. I like when it’s really organic, so I try to knock it out in one shot.
On my very first show, my partners in it, Oprah Winfrey and her network, and studio, Warner Horizon, who doesn’t get enough credit, said, “Lady, we’re going to let you call the shots the way you want to.”
Ava DuVernay
The next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not, so why not think about something you have always wanted to try and give it a shot for the next 30 days?
Matt Cutts
I’d be lying if I said I never think about my female fans in certain shots and certain scenes. Like, when I’m topless, I might think: ‘This one is for the ladies.’
Jack O’Connell
Think like a photographer. Look at every vignette in your home like it’s being shot for a shelter magazine and style accordingly.
Jonathan Adler
Both Plockton and the Isle of Muck in north-west Scotland are incredibly beautiful. Sadly, Plockton has been discovered by tourists because it’s where they shot Hamish Macbeth.
Arabella Weir
Boys in their twenties are a waste of time. They have nothing to offer conversationally; they’re immature. I feel like I have a better shot with someone in his thirties.
Megan Fox
Some games I’m going to get more blocks or they’re going to do more mistakes and give up more baskets but some games I get zero blocks and I affect 20 shots.
Rudy Gobert
Let’s say you have an ax. Just a cheap one, from Home Depot. On one bitter winter day, you use said ax to behead a man. Don’t worry, the man was already dead. Or maybe you should worry, because you’re the one who shot him.
David Wong
You need all four people to be throwing well. You need to be playing the right shots. You just need to be a lot smarter.
Brendan Bottcher
Sometimes those shots I take won’t go in but I’m going to continue to take the same shots.
Donovan Mitchell
I have a feeling I’m going to wake up one day and say ‘I can’t do dirty stuff anymore, I want to go all clean.’ I’ll do clean stuff too, I like to entertain people. Then they egged me on; we shot it at The Laugh Factory.
Bob Saget
I remember, when I won at Tucson by nine shots in 1975, I would say the average iron shot I hit that week was no more than two feet off line. It was unbelievable.
Johnny Miller
Peter Falk and Denis Leary today walked into a Starbucks and shot 27 people, without any announcement whatsoever.
Denis Leary
Back in the 70s it cost 15-20$ a shot for the film, the processing, and the contact sheet, now it’s twice that.
Stephen Shore
I’ve worked on my game to the point where anything they’ve asked of me, I try to come through and do it for them, whether that’s defending, making plays, being a decoy, or knocking down shots and being a scorer.
Khris Middleton
We should all believe in something, and I believe it’s time for another shot of tequila.
Justin Timberlake
It’s harder to score well in a slow round. The tendency is to overthink shots while you’re waiting and become mentally exhausted. Instead, chat with your playing partners about anything but golf. Concentrate on each shot for no more than a minute. You’ll stay fresh.
Rickie Fowler
I found out some of the spots on the floor that I like to shoot – do my little floater shots, my pull-up shots, being able to get all the way to the rim. By me doing that, it’s kind of opened up my 3-point shot.
Kevin Knox
Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.
Winston Churchill
He sounds like Jesus. Except rich and sexy.” “Watch it, Meg. In this town joking about Jesus could get you shot. You’ve never seen so many of the faithful who’re armed.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
When you start hitting some shots, you build some confidence.
Jared Dudley
People associate clothes with actual behavior, and it’s kind of crazy. If you get shot in some Levi’s you don’t go after Levi’s. It’s not the clothes. It’s always the people.
Ice Cube
The bitter attacks I faced were far worse than any fighter I ever faced in the ring. The caustic remarks, the threats to injure me, the shots at my character-fighting those were my toughest battle.
Jack Johnson
An athlete gets paid a lot of money. And someone who is after that, a thief, a mugger or someone who steals from people, they are taking a chance with the law that if they get caught, they are going to jail or face some other problem. In my case, you are going to get shot.
Luke Scott
I just try to just roll with the punches. I mean, once the team pretty much starts closing out, just try to get in attack mode, and at the same time, try to find my teammates. It’s kind of hard, hitting the shots I was hitting, to try and pass the ball, but you’ve got to figure out a way.
J. R. Smith
Growing up, a lot of my shots came off of me dribbling and shooting it.
Lonzo Ball
I stopped thinking too much about what could happen and relied on my physical and mental strength to play the right shots at the right time.
Novak Djokovic
I personally guarantee that now that bear wouldn’t get past Dover without being shot.
David Blunkett
When I played Gollum in ‘Lord of the Rings,’ if I was climbing up the side of a mountain, which I physically did, you know, I was on every single occasion swimming through streams, all of that, that wasn’t captured. That was filmed on 35 millimeter, and for certain of those shots, it was rotoscoped and painted over.
Andy Serkis
Does Grandpa love to baby-sit his grandchildren? Are you kidding? By day he is too busy taking hormone shots at the doctor’s or chip shots on the golf course. At night he and Grandma are too busy doing the cha-cha.
Hal Boyle
TV helped me understand camera angles, close-ups, master shots.
Sushant Singh Rajput
When I plug in my guitar and play it really loud, loud enough to deafen most people, that’s my shot of adrenaline, and there’s nothing like it. That’s what it’s always been for me – to be the flame the tribe dances around.
Joe Perry
I always told my team two things: Never expect them to give you anything and always expect them to make the next shot.
Beth Daniel
The ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover was the last thing I shot. That week, I told my agent, ‘You know what, I really… I don’t want to be a model anymore. I really want to do movies.’ And I think he wanted to wring my neck at the moment.
Brooklyn Decker
It’s not about making the most shots or even dunking the ball or any of that. It’s about being consistent every day you step on the court.
Malcolm Brogdon
President Obama recently sat down with ESPN and said the NCAA should reduce the shot clock for basketball games. Then he said, ‘And while we’re at it, is there any way they can reduce the ‘being president clock?’
Jimmy Fallon
I don’t plan a lot of shots, but going into shooting and prep, I’ve got certain things that stand out to me.
Riley Stearns
I was paying attention to where Steven Soderbergh had the camera and his shots. I was blown away.
Katie Holmes
The trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources, and hence facilitate some [wealth] redistribution, because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level, to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.
Barack Obama
In a normal movie, the director controls what you look at. The shots don’t last very long because you’re getting the audience to look at specific things. An IMAX shot, on the other hand, can be twenty or thirty seconds long.
Greg MacGillivray
You try to figure out the two things that I use as the philosophy to do a golf course. The first is that most people are really interested in something being aesthetically pleasing and good to the eye. The second is that a good golfer likes good golf shots.
Jack Nicklaus
Know that a word suddenly shot from the tongue is like an arrow shot from the bow. Son, that arrow won’t turn back on its way; you must damn the torrent at its source.
Don’t wait until you are a big shot to do big shot things.
Tony Evans
I’d go down to the end of my street, to a garage that had a certain feeling about it, or a particular light; I’d take a picture of a friend who needed a head shot. That’s how I learned, instead of having school assignments and learning camera techniques.
Herb Ritts
I like to move as much as possible and look at reflections, weird angles, subjects from airplanes and cranes. I feel sorry for the Jabba the Hut types who can’t do this. Once an obese student told me that he wanted to be a war photographer. I said, “Really?” and then I shot him.
Peter Menzel
I’m pretty much able to play any style. I’m not here to demand 40 or 50 shots. But I would like 30.
Shaquille O’Neal
To me I just, I’m a geek when it comes to cinematographers . And when it comes to Robert and when it comes to someone like Roger Deakins who shot Prisoners and he shot Jarhead.
Jake Gyllenhaal
When a person tests positive for HIV, it is not a test for the virus itself but for antibodies to the virus, and the test is not able to distinguish between HIV antibodies and a multitude of other antibodies. Many conditions can lead to a false positive result, including flu shots, hepatitis, and pregnancy.
Nate Mendel
whether they’ll write the story of my life as a tragedy or an epic fantasy… I was wondering if it was going to be a kiss at the end, or sad music and a sweeping camera shot over the fields I once roamed freely. I’m hoping for the kiss, but expecting the sweeping camera shot.
Maggie Stiefvater
Its… a hard thing for a director, to think you came up with a shot, something from your mind, and someone died while doing it. Its the worst thing youll ever have to live with. It was very hard for me to get back on the horse again.
Michael Bay
I’ve been in some seriously bad places playing golf and it’s just part of the game. You’re going to hit bad shots, you’re going to be in bad spots, and each course, when you learn it, you learn where not to go.
Tiger Woods
I think everyone is just expanding, with the centers shooting 3s. I think that just opens the floor up a lot more. A lot more shots are going up, a lot more freedom of movement. It makes it more of an exciting game.
Kyle Lowry
On ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,’ I spent two or three months learning how to ride a motorcycle. I wasn’t really riding the motorcycle in 98 percent of the movie, but the shots of me getting on and off had to look like I had been doing it for years and years.
Rooney Mara
When lifting, I’m always with a trainer because the thing that makes a difference is that last 20% in your training, and he very scientifically looks after my food as well, because when I’m going for a ‘shirt off’ shot, everything changes the month before, and I’m timed down to the day.
Hugh Jackman
Marilyn Monroe and Vivienne Leigh are real icons of mine. In terms of visual culture, they are both so iconic. There weren’t any paparazzi shots of them falling out of taxis, so they will always look so incredible.
Lily Cole
For the first time I was flying by jet propulsion. No engine vibrations. No torque and no lashing sound of the propeller. Accompanied by a whistling sound, my jet shot through the air. Later when asked what it felt like, I said, “It felt as though angels were pushing”.
Adolf Galland
I’ve always wanted to call the shots because I would rather fail than not have a chance to figure it out on my own.
Jon Favreau
Every shot has its commission, d’ye see? We must all die at one time, as the saying is.
Tobias Smollett
Get a shot off fast. This upsets him long enough to let you make your second shot perfect.
Robert A. Heinlein
I’ll take the shooting. I’m used to that. I’ve been shot a few times in the past, and I guess I can stand it, again.
Joe Hill
There’s great stuff out there, but I prefer doing a TV show, going to work every day with the same people, and a lot of stuff is not being shot in Los Angeles and I don’t really want to do that because my loved ones are here.
Paget Brewster
For a while I was a completely unknown artist with no fan base and no draw in the clubs. The only people that would give me a shot were the gay clubs. Gay clubs were so open to me coming in and trying things out.
When you start thinking you’re a big shot, you wash more feet.
Andy Stanley
If I have a swing, I have a shot.
Bubba Watson
Anybody that shoots a hook shot, whatever hand, I jump up and cheer because it’s the easiest shot, it’s the best tweener shot.
Tom Heinsohn
I say this every time I get interviewed, I just try to get my shots on target. If they go in, they go in.
Bradley Wright-Phillips
I skated like it’s a sport, went for everthing and just gave it my best shot. It turned out freat. I had nothing to lose. You might be the best in your heart, but not in other people’s sight.
Michelle Kwan
Obviously, I can always get better on defense, improve intensity, my willingness to be locked in and stay in a stance, all that stuff is great, but I feel like playmaking, for myself, not only to create shots for myself but to create shots for others, benefits everybody.
John Collins
Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot.
Margaret Thatcher
It’s a matter of pride to me to get the film done fast, to get it done well. I understand the need for compromise. There is no such thing as a perfect shot, a perfect film. The purpose of film is not to make a monument to oneself.
Irvin Kershner
For me, certain shots or scenes are keys in the movie.
Sam Mendes
Pixie and Dixie just did a drive by on Donald Duck, but they shot and missed and now Bugs Bunny is getting kind of pissed.
I’ve turned down songs that would be much easier to play on the radio that I don’t think should be on the album. Maybe I’ve shot myself in the foot.
Jessie Ware
I knew that they were going to be reading actors for Manute, and I wanted to give it a shot. I wanted a shot to do it, and they embraced that and said, “All right, come on in. Let’s see what you’ve got.” So, I went in, and the rest is history. It felt good when I went into the office, and it just worked.
Dennis Haysbert
This is what I learned at the hospital. You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do, if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining.
Bradley Cooper
The more innocent they are, the more they deserve to be shot.
Bertolt Brecht
My target is to score in every match here at the 2012 Olympics. I am hoping to land on target with my penalty corner shots at crucial moments.
Sandeep Singh
You never open your mouth until you know what the shot is.
Al Pacino
It’s okay, Ig.” said Fang. “Just give it your best shot.” Sometimes the Fangster is incredibly supportive, just not with me.
James Patterson
My new long anhyzer disc and controlled fairway driver. It gets the same beautiful flippy hyzer S shot as my Surge, I just don’t have to throw it as hard. This makes it the most valuable to me on uncertain terrain where my footwork is compromised. A stand-still driver shot is now no longer a problem.
Liz Carr
If we turn to early Irish literature, as we naturally may, to see what sort of people the Irish were in the infancy of the race, we find ourselves wandering in delighted bewilderment through a darkness shot with lightning and purple flame.
Sean O Faolain
Money can be a very important form of “ammunition,” although we should never forget that when you’re being shot at the most important ammunition is real ammunition.
David Petraeus
I can work every day of the year. TV is easy. My call’s at 8:30 a.m. I’d like to break out of the comedy thing and take a shot at something serious like theater. The off-season allows me to do movies, but I’m not tired of TV yet. There’s nothing like it. I’ve got the best of both worlds.
Scott Baio
Acting was absolutely my first focus. I graduated high school in L.A., and two weeks afterwards, I moved to New York City, and I got a job in a mail room, and I got an agent, doing what actors do, with head shots and all the rest of it.
David Cassidy
I don’t wanna die, man. They’re not playing. Have you seen how many of them are out there? One just took a shot at me, so unlike you morons, I’m hiding. Hiding is nice. (Vik)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
When you’re young and you first come onto the scene, you’re fearless. You just go for your shots and don’t really think about the consequences. But as you play on through years and years, you get punished for those misses, and gradually, that leaves scars. It dents your confidence a bit.
Stephen Hendry
There will soon come an armed contest between capital and labor. They will oppose each other, not with words and arguments, but with shot and shell, gun-powder and cannon. The better classes are tired of the insane howling of the lower strata and they mean to stop them.
William Tecumseh Sherman
Anybody who doesn’t have fear is an idiot. It’s just that you must make the fear work for you. Hell when somebody shot at me, it made me madder than hell, and all I wanted to do was shoot back.
Robin Olds
Black or white good parts are hard to come by. A good actor with a good opportunity has a shot; without the opportunity it doesn’t matter how good you are.
Denzel Washington
In every squadron there were, perhaps, four or five pilots who exuded confidence. They knew that they were going out to shoot. The rest knew sub-consciously, that they would make up the numbers, mill about, and get shot at.
Lynn Garrison
I became an instant fan of the show [Underground] seconds into the opening frames of the pilot. When that drone shot carried us through the main house with Rosalie, played so unflinchingly-brilliantly by Jurnee Smollett Bell, I signed on for the ride.
Aisha Hinds
They say I’m famous for my chip shots. Sure, when I hit ’em right, they land just so, like a butterfly with sore feet.
Lee Trevino
I want my work to always be hopeful, in the end. You’re giving me two hours, and, in Shots Fired’s case, 10 hours of your life. I don’t want you to ever leave something I’ve done feeling worse than when you came in. I hope the work can be aspirational, and aspirational doesn’t have to be corny at all.
Gina Prince-Bythewood
Kerber is an incredible fighter. She redirects her shots. She can hit any shot at any time in any specific place whenever she wants.
Bianca Andreescu
And I think Governor Romney has a shot if the ‘R’ next to his name doesn’t just stand for ‘Republican,’ it stands for ‘reformer.
Scott Walker
The only shot I ALWAYS miss, is the one I don’t take!
Wayne Gretzky
When you play a tiebreaker, you dont have time to think of anything, … You have to go for your shots because one shot can make such a difference. Thats the kind of shot that can break an opponent.
Elena Dementieva
Root out the counterrevolutionaries without mercy, lock up suspicious characters in concentration camps… Shirkers will be shot, regardless of past service.
Leon Trotsky
It’s one of my obsessions to come up with ways to reimagine establishing shots in new, non-boring ways. Shots that have energy and excitement.
Lexi Alexander
If they (the young pilots) are on land, they would be bombed down, and if they are in the air, they would be shot down. That’s sad…Too sad…To let the young men die beautifully, that’s what Tokko is. To give beautiful death, that’s called sympathy.
Takijiro Onishi
It’s still the White House exploding [in “Independence Day”]. It was just so provocative, and no one had ever done it before. I remember when we shot it, how everyone was excited.
Roland Emmerich
Russia tried to introduce beer as kind of the new vodka – and it’s working with younger people in major cities – but you can have ten shots of vodka and be perfectly okay. If I had ten beers, I would be liquidated.
Gary Shteyngart
I lost money, coaching jobs, a shot at the Hall of Fame.
Curt Flood
In my Olympic history I don’t think I have achieved my potential as an athlete. That’s what I want when I look back at my career. I want to be able to say I gave it my best shot.
Paula Radcliffe
President Obama is a principled man who has worked hard to put healthcare and a good education in the reach of millions of Americans and believes that everyone who works hard and plays by the rules, should have a fair shot at the American dream.
Cristina Saralegui
Over the years, I’ve had hundreds of shots blocked. You’ve got to go in and take chances.
John Havlicek
Abraham Lincoln got shot and died,
Freed the slaves so they put him on the five.
Too $hort
The only shots you can be sure of are those you’ve had already.
Byron Nelson
Oh yeah – I watched Knife in the Water, saw the shot, and repeated it. But even if I hadn’t seen that film, inevitably the camera would’ve ended up on top of that mast, I mean if you think of it there are only so many dynamic shots on a boat.
Phillip Noyce
A good messenger expects to get shot.
Larry Wall
I don’t want to run around and look at a shot through a monitor. That doesn’t improve what I’m trying to do. I figure, once I’ve done my job, it’s none of my business.
Johnny Depp
[Keeping Up with the Joneses] is not one of those movies where people get shot and fall down and there’s no reality of what would happen if you got shot and knocked over a motorcycle. It’s meant to be a slight comedy in that sense.
Greg Mottola
You are going to hit some good shots and not get rewarded, but that’s just U.S. Open golf. It’s tough; it’s hard.
Peter Uihlein
Reverse the ball one time for a good shot, two times for a great shot, three times for a layup.
John Wooden
I don’t want to be remembered as the girl who was shot. I want to be remembered as the girl who stood up.
Malala Yousafzai
The night I turned twenty-two, I drank a shot for every year. I was so drunk, I’d just walk up to people in the bar and hit them in the balls. My friends drove me home and left me propped up on the couch holding a bucket. I woke up with vomit all over me. The bucket was clean as a whistle.
Jon Stewart
When do you think people die? When they’re shot through the heart with a pistol? …No. When they have an uncurable disease? …No. When they drink soup made from a poisonous mushroom? No! When they are forgotten! Even if I die, my dream will come true. The hearts of the people will be cured..!
Eiichiro Oda
I was watching Monster’s Ball, which is a fabulous movie. It’s just a little gem: beautifully shot, and shot in a way I never would have done. It made me feel very old, really, because it wasn’t eccentric for its own sake, it was just very original.
Adrian Lyne
Power is what calls the shots, and power is a white male game.
Ann Richards
But people find it easy to take shots on Twitter, and to use racial slurs and bullying language far worse than what you’ll see from me. It’s sad and somewhat unbelievable to me that the world is still this way, but it is. I can handle it.
Richard Sherman
Everyone must have a shot at the American Dream.
Howard Schultz
I’m willing to meet my creator and answer every shot that I took.
Chris Kyle
Your short-term memory really is shot! It must drive you nuts!!
Richard Madeley
You have to have talent to some extent – I certainly hope I have talent – but you have to have luck as well. Once you get that first shot, that will get you noticed for the rest of your books and that will give the rest of your books a better chance.
Robert Jordan
Is he a scumbag in training?” Richard glanced at the gunman. “At least have the decency to hold the gun properly, you fool. If you don’t know how, pass it to someone who does. I’m not going to suffer being shot at by anything less than a full- fledged lowlife. (Richard)
Ilona Andrews
A hook shot kisses the rim and hangs there, helplessly, but doesn’t drop and for once our gangly starting center boxes out his man and times his jump perfectly, gathering the orange leather/from the air like a cherished possession.
Edward Hirsch
Talking to animals’ isn’t a matter of words used, it is a matter of your thoughts, your expression, and above all the tone of your voice. A harsh voice from me can make my cows jump in terror. I shouted at old Queenie once and she got such a shock that she fell down just as if she’d been shot.
Barbara Woodhouse
I’ve said it before, I’m not a matchmaker, I don’t call the shots. I just prepare and fight the guys after I sign the contract.
Dustin Poirier
Young Adam Cupid, he that shot so trim, When King Cophetua loved the beggar-maid!
William Shakespeare
I loved watching AB de Villiers in the early days. I used to follow him closely. I copied him a lot, too. In the nets, I used to at least try some of the shots he played in the matches.
Babar Azam
I like finding a great shot and then just staying with it for a long time, not trying to pump things up with some kind of artificial energy by cutting.
Jonathan Demme
“Fish Tank” [my favorite woman-directed film] by Andrea Arnold. The film is so beautifully shot, and I love the raw energy of Katie Jarvis, who plays the main character, Mia. She is not a professional actress and she provides the film with a sense of realism. To me, the film feels so complete and superior.
Nicole Nielsen Horanyi
We’ve got an engaging, edgy, vibrant, fun product, … It may or may not work, but we’re going to give it our best shot.
Richard Branson
For some reason, a lot of Hollywood big shots are curious to see how they’d be drawn with bulging eyes and no chin.
Matt Groening
It is in this space of mastery over paradigms that people throw off addictions, live in constant joy, bring down empires, get locked up or burned at the stake or crucified or shot, and have impacts that last for millennia.
Donella Meadows
The cruelest thing that has happened to Lincoln since he was shot by Booth was to fall into the hands of Carl Sandburg.
Edmund Wilson
Weird stuff, for me, is not that weird. I guess if it were other people, they’d think it was weird. I eat nutritional yeast. And sometimes I take clay shots to help pull toxins out of my body. I eat weird L.A. food, so I guess that’s probably weird in other people’s eyes.
Stephanie Beatriz
I hate casual shooting. Every shot is preceded by working to get open and catch and shoot under game like conditions
Bobby Knight
You’ll still work with some directors where that doesn’t happen, and sometimes it’s out of necessity because you’re in a really complicated, choreographed fight scene and the whole thing is being prevised in a computer, so it’s been decided months before, but I think that’s sneaking into the way action scenes are shot.
Paul Bettany
You can’t say what the outcome of a competition is going to be, so now I am ready to accept any result that comes my way, if I give my best shot.
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
As I like to say, take the shot, even if your knees are shaking.
Robin Roberts
I don’t like reverse-angle shots – I find them very fake and very untruthful to the viewer.
Abbas Kiarostami
Sometimes, in Silicon Valley, there is this attitude that we know best and we can change the world. The boldness allows us to invent the future. But, we need more empathy for those who are left behind and a recognition that Silicon Valley can’t just call the shots and expect change.
Ro Khanna
The sky outside the window was changing rapidly from deep, velvety blue to cold, steely gray and then, slowly, to pink shot with gold.
J. K. Rowling
I know a doctor who can give you a shot and you’ll get over that cold you’ve got and get better in a day.
Mel Allen
Most of my shots are threes and long 2-point jumpers.
J. J. Redick
It’s such a surreal experience, being shot out of the cannon for any kind of first season show. It all seems very dreamlike.
Bryan Fuller
We cannot allow the American flag to be shot at anywhere on earth if we are to retain our respect and prestige
Barry Goldwater
An inventor fails 999 times, and if he succeeds once, he’s in. He treats his failures simply as practice shots.
Charles Kettering
I’m always trying to block shots.
Brook Lopez
Even just a normal shot I find that much more interesting because of the 3D. It’s like a shot of a couple of cars and us walking and it’s like, “Oh wow, this is 3D. I’ve never seen this before!”.
Emile Hirsch
I’m not the guy who’s afraid of failure. I like to take risks, take the big shot and all that.
Stephen Curry
I let the game come to me. I just try to read plays. I don’t like taking bad shots. I want the best shot for the team.
Tony Snell
God bless America – what other civilization would give Patrick Dempsey another shot to rule as a sex symbol, twenty years after ‘Meatballs III: Summer Job?’ His reign as Dr. McDreamy on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is proof that there’s nothing we love more than giving Eighties celebs a heartwarming second stab at life.
Rob Sheffield
What I’m really trying to say is that I believed an armed insurrection could work. After I was shot and went to prison, that ended that illusion. I had time to think.
Huey Newton
Sometimes, the best shots you can put up are the ones when you don’t shoot the ball – you gotta give your legs a rest sometimes.
Ray Allen
It should be a law. Everybody should legally own a gun. In fact, if you’re caught outside your house without your gun, you get a ticket. And you get shot in the leg. Just to prove my point.
Christopher Titus
When I dunk, I put something on it. I want the ball to hit the floor before I do.
Darryl Dawkins
the first day i shot dope
was on a sunday.
i had just come
home from church
got mad at my mother
cuz she got mad at me. u dig?
Sonia Sanchez
I took Hedo (Turkoglu) in the first game and Rashard (Lewis) hit the winning shot. I took Rashard in the second game and Hedo hit the shot. If I could clone myself, we’d be all right. But I can’t.
LeBron James
Making a good music video isn’t easy. If it were, MTV would still be showing them instead of ’16 and Pregnant,’ which I assume is shot exclusively in Utah.
Daniel Tosh
You better lose yourself in the music, the moment You own it, you better never let it go You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo
Silence Of The Lambsп»ї is a п»їfantasticп»ї film. It’s a horror film, and it’s an incredibly well-told film that is about point of view in such a unique way. The way that film is shot, the way the eyelines are so close, if not directly into camera, betrays an intimacy with the characters and the audience.
Bryan Fuller
If I remember, Russia, 20 or 30 years ago, you’d get shot trying to leave. Today, Russian tourists are all over the world. You have Russian oligarchs with big yachts all over the world.
Michael Bloomberg
Robin Hood is often seen as the hands-on-hips, archetypal, tally-ho hero. But, realistically, the one calling the shots wouldn’t be at the front shouting about it. He’d be the one you don’t expect.
Jonas Armstrong
Hey, Ethan.” “Yeah?” “Remember the Twinkie on the bus? The one I gave you in second grade, the day we met?” “The one you found on the floor and gave me without telling me? Nice.” He grinned and shot the ball. “It never really fell on the floor. I made that part up.
Kami Garcia
This week it’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, toasted. And then, I’ll put some salt on my hand like I’m taking a tequila shot and then take a bite of the sandwich.
Jessica Simpson
I’m very impatient. I am. That’s the bane of my game. I don’t think about what I’m going to do – I just go hit it, I don’t stop to wait and think. Costs me two shots a round.
Brett Hull
A monarchy is like a man-of-war–bad shots between wind and water hurt it exceedingly; there is danger of capsizing. But democracy is a raft. You cannot easily overturn it. It is a wet place, but it is a pretty safe one.
Joseph Cook
Sometimes you get nervous because you cannot make shots and then you rush your shot and then you take bad shots and then you get even more nervous.
Bojan Bogdanovic
Some of my ideas were shot down by Lucasfilm because they stepped on territory that has been reserved for the movies. I didn’t have a problem with that.
Walter Jon Williams
If you have one guy taking all of the shots, you’re obviously not playing very fast, because you have to slow it down and wait for him to get to his spot in the offense. But when you just want the best shot possible, a lot of different people are going to get the ball.
Lonzo Ball
The first time I ever saw a jet, I shot it down.
Chuck Yeager
One of the central memories of my childhood is of hunting – not well; I am a terrible shot – quail and dove and grouse on a farm on the Tennessee River.
Jon Meacham
Let’s give it up for the Secret Service. I don’t want to be too hard on those guys. You know, because they’re the only law enforcement agency that will get in trouble if a black man gets shot.
Cecily Strong
Just working on stuff off the dribble a lot more. It’s helping me create my own shot and freeing me up a little bit, being able to make plays and make shots.
Khris Middleton
A lot of journalists like to suck up to celebrities, and then as soon as they’re a safe distance away at their computers, they take shots. But that’s the way society has become, especially in pop culture.
Scott Weiland
From 1980 to 1990, I shot more films than any other actor in the Screen Actors Guild, apart from Gene Hackman.
Steve Guttenberg
I had felt the shot coming; I hadn’t realized the bow was loaded with this very quarrel, perfectly calibrated to hit him hardest. What part of me had been studying him, stockpiling knowledge as ammunition?
Rachel Hartman
It is a hard thing when one has shot sixty-five lions or more, as I have in the course of my life, that the sixty-sixth should chew your leg like a quid of tobacco. It breaks the routine of the thing, and putting other considerations aside, I am an orderly man and don’t like that. This is by the way.
H. Rider Haggard
You’ve got to be able to guard hard and then work yourself offensively to get shots.
Joe Harris
You can judge a country by the way it treats its prisoners, and you can always judge a show by the way it treats people coming on to do these guest shots.
Donal Logue
My father came from a very poor background, but I was very fortunate in the sense that we were never in need. My dad was determined to make sure that we didn’t want for things. He wanted to give us more opportunity than he had, a better shot at a better life.
Brad Pitt
Once the referee throws the ball in the air, it’s either your ball or their ball and you have to just take your shot.
LL Cool J
The candle burns not for us, but for all those whom we failed to rescue from prison, who were shot on the way to prison, who were tortured, who were kidnapped, who “disappeared”. That’s what the candle is for
Peter Benenson
I took acting classes in college, and once I graduated, I decided to give acting a shot when I couldn’t really think of anything else to do. It took me a couple of years to get an agent, and my first big break was The Fanelli Boys, which was a sitcom on NBC. Then I did a few television movies.
Christopher Meloni
My love for you was bulletproof but you’re the one who shot me.
Vic Fuentes
My conscience is my crown,Contented thoughts my rest;My heart is happy in itself,My bliss is in my breast.Enough I reckon wealth;A mean the surest lot,That lies too high for base contempt,Too low for envy’s shot.
Robert Southwell
There is only one Steve Jobs, but if you want a shot at being the next Steve Jobs, learn to communicate using stories, demos, and pictures.
Guy Kawasaki
It felt as if maybe the curse had lifted, the tide had shifted, but then the breeze picked up and a skeet took a very unfortunate turn. Seconds later, Angus was pulling his shot far to the right, shooting a large hole in the second-story galley not ten feet above Marcus’s head.
Ally Carter
Take a shot in front of D.L. Probing for a vein in my dirty bare foot… Junkies have no shame… They are impervious to the repugnance of others. It is doubtful if shame can exist in the absence of sexual libido… The junky’s shame disappears with his nonsexual sociability which is also dependent on libido.
William S. Burroughs
A few years ago, for my birthday, Sean Price Williams said, “I’ll give you one free day of shooting.” He shot Kati with an I and co-shot Fake It So Real. While we’ve always worked together, I didn’t want him to do it for free, so he cashed in his birthday chip and came for this one day.
Robert Greene
The land monopoly always starts with conquest. Shot and shell are the coins of purchase, as Herbert Spencer said. Except by force of arms, nobody “owns” the earth, anymore than the moon, the planets, the stars themselves.
Robert Anton Wilson
If you have a talented family, you should be shot if you don’t use them.
Spike Lee
You definitely have to do other things when you know your shot isn’t falling. You can’t just depend on knocking down the three-ball.
Chris Copeland
If you are allergic to alcohol… can you take shots for that?
Shmuel Breban
If any person has a good word for the previous government that is good enough for me to have him shot.
Che Guevara
Tuesday’s victory was big. But it did nothing more than level the playing field and give you a shot. Take it.
Charles Krauthammer
Watching two men jib and jab for 12 rounds is not entertaining for me. I want action, knockouts, big shots, and people getting up off the canvas. That’s my ideal fight.
Tyson Fury
I’ve buried six Guardian Angels who have been shot and killed in the line of duty. I was stalked myself, had a gunman go pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, five hollow point bullets, God save me. What do you think this is? This isn’t Zimmerman. But unfortunately, he’s become the face of Block Watch, Crime Watch.
Curtis Sliwa
To have not shot his friend in the face would have sent a message to the quail that America is weak.
Jon Stewart
If you’re in the public eye, people are going to take shots at you.
Blake Shelton
Usually we have pick-up shots to film after all the main work is done; sometimes we even do them after our wrap party. Just like when you’re packing up and moving, it’s the little things that end up taking the most time, and there is no romance in the clean up.
Lela Loren
I don’t like to be pigeonholed; I don’t like when people won’t see me for something because they don’t think I can do it. I always feel like, at least give me the shot.
Khandi Alexander
We both have a great loyalty to it, and I think that it’s important to give it our best shot.
Nicholas Lea
Especially on television, it’s not so much a patriarchy; it always seems that there’s a smart, strong woman calling the shots, and her doofus husband. In the sitcom world, it’s almost a cliche that the women have the common sense, going back to ‘The Honeymooners.’
Jake Weber
All I knew about shot putting was that my [older] brother could do 44 feet. I decided I wanted to beat him. . . . So I got a shot and went to work and made up my mind to do 45 feet.
Bruce Bennett
Sometimes I screw up in the game, I miss a shot or I miss a rebound, and I fight myself. I am like, ‘Why I miss that shot? Come on, what are you doing?’ I am fighting myself.
Mehmet Okur
After a few days [in Iceland] I tried to take a photograph. But with my attempt to distinguish the first shot, the place disappeared on me…. I hadn’t been in Iceland long enough to simply be there.
Roni Horn
After eight years as President I have only two regrets: that I have not shot Henry Clay or hanged John C. Calhoun.
Andrew Jackson
I have been parts of some films in the South where I didn’t expect certain shots to be shot in a certain way. I wasn’t experienced enough; I was very naive. I didn’t have the standing of an actor to say that I don’t want to do this shot.
Ileana D’Cruz
Good shot, bad luck and hell are the five basic words to be used in a game of tennis, though these, of course, can be slightly amplified.
Virginia Graham
How many shots does it take before the concept ay choice becomes obsolete?
Irvine Welsh
He (Shaithan) is extremely patient. He won’t get you in one shot. He’ll come at you and he’ll put a little bit and a little bit and a little bit until he destroys your character.
Nouman Ali Khan
One or two of these scoundrel statesmen should be shot once a-year, just to keep the others on their good behavior.
Walter Scott
I had an unbelievable experience on ’24’. We shot 198 episodes, and I was as excited about shooting the 198th as I was the first.
Kiefer Sutherland
I’ve rung my bells so many times, especially back in the day when chair shots to the head were legal. My goodness, I took so many of those.
Jeff Hardy
Polaroid by its nature makes you frugal. You walk around with maybe two packs of film in your pocket. You have 20 shots, so each shot is a world.
Patti Smith
There are shots that I had to walk away from because we had to get the movie in the theaters. There are some in “Independence Day” and “Godzilla,” but lately I got smart. I would plan it so I had enough time [to get it right]. That just comes with experience.
Roland Emmerich
I did do an American pilot, but it wasnt shot in America, it was shot in South Africa. It was called The Philanthropist, and it was for NBC.
Dominique McElligott
She was smart and funny and vulnerable and just so goddamned beautiful, the kind of beautiful that was worth being shot down over.
Jonathan Tropper
I think we shot the ball very well tonight, we just didn’t get stops when we needed to. They hit 11 3-pointers in the third quarter. Sometimes when one person gets hot, everybody’s hot.
Shawn Marion
I want you to know that I have nothing against Orlando, though you are, of course, far more likely to get shot or robbed there than in London.
Boris Johnson
The shot of Kapil Dev kissing the World Cup and hordes of Indian fans all over at Lord’s is etched in my memory. Every Indian is proud of that victory, and every Indian player who has played the World Cup after that ’83 win wants to bring the Cup home.
Suresh Raina
I’m not out there to be blocking shots or fighting guys. I’m out there to produce offensively.
Patrick Kane
I hate letting my teammates down. I know I’m not going to make every shot. Sometimes I try to make the right play, and if it results in a loss, I feel awful. I don’t feel awful because I have to answer questions about it. I feel awful in that locker room because I could have done something more to help my teammates win.
LeBron James
Anytime you got me hitting jump shots, you can’t do nothing but feed off me.
Ben Wallace
And no one drank just one shot of tequila.
Kristin Hannah
When I was 8 years old, I asked my parents to get me head shots, and they were like, ‘What are you talking about? Go outside and play!’ I’m so glad they did.
Matt Bomer
Most folks here got rules ’bout trespassing. Warning shot’s fired right close to the head. Get they’s attention. Next shot gets a lot more personal. Now I’m too old to waste time firing a warning shot.
David Baldacci
One of my favorite shots was on these, like, lava rocks – but moss was growing on it, and I was lying on it, and it was really green, and the picture was really pretty.
Lucky Blue Smith
I don’t think the idea of working in Hollywood really exists anymore. I think you work in films, and where the film is shot is where it’s shot. The studio system doesn’t really exist.
Rupert Friend
I’m not against taking shots, but I am against taking bad shots.
Henry Iba
Never try to fix other people. God does not need to do a bank shot off your lips.
Tim Cook
[Ecstasy] had its flaws, but again it was shot on a low budget, and they did well. It’s not in the same league as Filth.
Irvine Welsh
Dealing with LeBron is like a friendship. Coaching, but he understands that I am the boss, and I am going to call the shots, and he is fine with that.
Tyronn Lue
I do a little sign on the court every time i make a shot or a good pass and i pound my chest and point to the sky – it symbolizes that i have a heart for God. It’s something that my mom and I came up with in college and I do it every time I step on the floor as a reminder of who i’m playing for.
Stephen Curry
I love watching Anthony Kim play, but I’m not a fan of the way he grips down a good two inches on his full-swing shots. Choking down lightens the club’s swing weight and effectively makes the shaft stiffer. It also makes it difficult to hit the ball high enough for all situations.
Lee Trevino
Giving up is not an option if you want to succeed. If you really want to be in business, and it’s something you can’t live without, you just have to keep going. And one day that shot will be given to you.
Kellee Stewart
[when asked about what he was most thankful about]: Being alive. After heart surgery, you dig that part. Breath, family and friends are just amazing. Just to have a second shot is pretty great!
Robin Williams
I don’t know if cortisone is good for you or not. But to take a shot every other ball game is more than I wanted to do and to walk around with a constant upset stomach because of the pills and to be high half the time during a ball game because you’re taking painkillers … I don’t want to have to do that.
Sandy Koufax
You’re a chip shot away from everything you’ve ever wanted.
Robert G. Allen
We’re dodging bullets and this is right after we’ve just seen [inaudible] shot and we’re running and the woman who John accused of being out to kill us and everyone thought he was kidding. When we see her she appears and she’s after us.
Mary-Louise Parker
Who calls a shot like that? Who makes a decision like that? It’s a disturbing trend.
Sarah Palin
The green is so narrow that if you over-club, you’ve got an impossible bunker shot. If you’re short, you’re pretty much dead.
Vijay Singh
You know people exaggerate that all is wild in Jamaica. I think that sometimes people fire a shot to try to make you nervous. They are not trying to hurt you.
Michael Manley
At Pebble Beach, even on your good shots, you’ve got to hit it to the correct side of the holes to save pars.
Dustin Johnson
The only way physical comedy works is if you don’t see it coming. And the harder the fall, the funnier it is. You have to really take some shots, and I’ve walked away with some bumps and bruises.
Chris Pratt
You do realize this makes your wings even more unique.” “Are you saying you shot me as a cosmetic procedure?
Nalini Singh
Don’t be irresponsible in your risks, but as long as the project can fail without it causing the person to fail, keep trying; keep taking the best shots. Learn from them; pick yourself up.
Dean Kamen
I was next to Bobby [Kennedy] when he was shot. It was hideous. Part of me wanted to crawl away. I couldn’t… I still wake up in the night and think about it. I even remember the f-stop. It was 1.4.
Harry Benson
You wouldn’t meet a Joe Frazier down today and then up tomorrow, said hello to big shots then ignore someone on the lower level; he was the most consistent human being. What you see is what you get.
George Foreman
We just forced them into tough shots that whole overtime. It was a classic five minutes that we needed.
Stephen Curry
I shall ask you to be as quiet as possible. I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot — but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.
Theodore Roosevelt
The man at Kodak told me the shots were very good and if I kept it up, they would give me an exhibition. Later, Kodak gave me my first exhibition.
Gordon Parks
The shots had dispersed the birds; there remained only two marabous, standing between ten and twenty paces away and plunged in reverie. They were like two old men with bald heads pressed between the shoulders.
Henryk Sienkiewicz
There are a plenty of shots that I have been amazed by, but a lot of these shots are played because you have worn an iron mask. Take away the protection, and let me see if they play them. Don’t forget that the past players did not have any protection.
Garfield Sobers
2Pac wrote about life threatening situations after being shot so often, it made it seem like he was obsessed with it. He even wrote music and material that he left behind after he died that made reference to him dying already. I think the significance in that ties back to us knowing that that’s our fate.
Curtis Jackson
I usually wouldn’t be this close to you without a tetnus shot.
Cecily von Ziegesar
As a kid in Fayetteville, N.C., I played golf all day, every day, a lot of it by myself. I spent hundreds of hours around the greens at Cape Fear Valley, the course my dad owned, hitting every shot I could think of – the one-hop-and-release, the chip that lands dead, the explosion from a bad lie.
Ray Floyd
My first break was in a Hong Kong movie that I shot in China – I was going out there and working as a western stunt man, if you like, but at the same time in England I was working in daytime soap stuff. Eventually I put the two together.
Scott Adkins
I was an equal opportunity eater. Every ethnic group got a shot.
William J. Clinton
I don’t try and copy anyone in T20 cricket. My cricketing shots are inside out, behind the bowler, and other shots I have developed.
Ajinkya Rahane
When we go to different areas and look at doing period pieces and movies shot in other states and locations, even overseas, it’s hard to carry 1700 volunteers from your church with you to do that. And so, we knew that there were going to be growing pains at some point.
Alex Kendrick
I can tell you a graphic difference. In Prague, for example, big red posters were put up on which could be read that seven Czechs had been shot today. I said to myself: If I put up a poster for every seven Poles shot, the forests of Poland would not be sufficient to manufacture the paper for such posters.
Hans Frank
It was considered the most dangerous route in the Hills, but as my reputation as a rider and quick shot was well known, I was molested very little, for the toll gatherers looked on me as being a good fellow, and they knew that I never missed my mark.
Calamity Jane
As long as you gave it your best shot, even if in the opinion of others ‘you failed,’ you didn’t fail.
Al Lewis
From two ears that had grown side by side, the grains of one shot up joyfully into the light, projecting themselves into the future, and the grains from the other lay still in the earth and rotted; and nobody knew why.
Willa Cather
I didn’t have big movie offers, or any big agents wanting to work with me. I had to go grassroots, start at the bottom and go on 150 auditions before someone finally gave me a shot
Donnie Wahlberg
We have 51 golf courses in Palm Springs. He [President Ford] never decides which course he will play until after the first tee shot.
Bob Hope
Some people see ESPN. They see the long shots. They see me scoring the basketball, but they don’t show often too many assists – and I’ve been doing that my whole career, being able to get the ball to the guy at the right time.
Jimmer Fredette
Repetition acts as an enforcement mechanism: It makes cooperation achievable when it is not achievable in the one-shot game, even when one replaces strategic equilibrium as the criterion for achievability by the more stringent requirement of perfect equilibrium.
Robert Aumann
I love you.” His voice was straightforward, affectionate. “You make me remember who I used to be. You make me want to be that man again. Right now, holding you, I feel like we have a shot at beating all odds and making it together. I’m yours, if you’ll have me.
Becca Fitzpatrick
Ask yourself how many shots you would have saved if you always developed a strategy before you hit, always played within your capabilities, never lost you temper, and never got down on yourself.
Jack Nicklaus
Being an instinctive player is great but there’s time in the past where I’ve let how I’m playing at the time affect me, thinking I can play some big shots and I’d be alright.
Ben Stokes
The first year I kind of struggled to find where my shots was coming from, when to cut, where to be.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Pull and sweep are two shots which can help me score runs outside India. These are two shots that can immediately put pressure back on bowlers.
Shreyas Iyer
The first time I heard Bob Dylan, I was in the car with my mother listening to WMCA, and on came that snare shot that sounded like somebody’d kicked open the door to your mind.
Bruce Springsteen
I want to be the guy calling the shots.
Mitchell Trubisky
The realities are that, you know, as a black man, you know, Barack can get shot going to the gas station, you know.
Michelle Obama
We [me and Alex Kendrick] had our pastor’s blessing back in 2013 to launch out, and so we shot [ War Room] last year, in 2014, but we still had the church pray over us , before the movie hit theatres, and the pastor was asking God to bless the film, and so we’re very excited about what’s happening .
Stephen Kendrick
I got into pool tournaments when I was five, playing every weekend in competitions. Then one day I started playing snooker. I learnt by practising on my own, repeating the same shots again and again, and watching other players and copying what they did.
Judd Trump
I get bored with establishing shots of people getting out of cars and walking into buildings, getting into elevators and then 45 seconds later they have a line.
Dick Wolf
When my dad was young he shot marbles. When I was young I played Marble Madness on my Nintendo Entertainment System.
Kevin James
Americans are fighters. We’re tough, resourceful and creative, and if we have the chance to fight on a level playing field, where everyone pays a fair share and everyone has a real shot, then no one – no one can stop us.
Elizabeth Warren
Death by evaporation. May the saltwater wind that gets shot out of a barreling wave blow me away like an old puffy dandelion into the sky.
Anthony Kiedis
Players see shots not falling – that plays a role. That plays a major role in your confidence out there, too.
Nick Young
I know it’s not particularly tech-savvy of me to suggest a camera that doesn’t have a touchscreen, but I think when it comes to candid shots of nights out with friends, there’s nothing better than a disposable camera.
Derek Blasberg
You should quit trying only after two conditions have been met: 1.) You’ve given yourself a legitimate shot. 2.) Trying is no longer fun.
Terry Rossio
I think if you are sure of your shots, you should back them.
Ajinkya Rahane
I used to bring my books to the shoot and used to study in between the shots.
Hina Khan
I’m still trying to re-create a Ray Charles concert that I heard when I was fifteen years old, and all my nerve endings were fried and transformed, and electricity shot through me.
Boz Scaggs
I hit a lot of bad shots, but you just need to laugh about them, be able to have a smile on your face, and just keep moving.
Lorena Ochoa
I felt a splinter of guilt wedge into my heart. Charlotte had hurt me; in return, I’d hurt Rob. Maybe that’s what we do to the people we love: take shots in the dark and realize too late we’ve wounded the people we’re trying to protect.
Jodi Picoult
Think ahead. Golf is a next-shot game.
Billy Casper
Good practice, everyone,” Rusty said at last. “Light on the actual learning, heavy on the emotional catharsis, and thanks to Jared I think I need a rabies shot, but them’s the breaks.
Sarah Rees Brennan
I know it’s tough. Everybody in baseball knows its tough. I’m just going to give it my best shot.
Mark McGwire
A man may be hot but he’s not when he’s shot cause you can’t get a man with a gun.
Irving Berlin
My 2005 calendar we actually did a shoot in Lake Las Vegas. Since I had requests do some swimwear and athletic shots we tried them and they came out good so we inserted them into the new calendar.
Natalie Gulbis
As a child, I was more afraid of tetanus shots than, for example, Dracula.
Dave Barry
I get pretty pumped up when I block shots. I have good timing and I go after it pretty good.
Shawn Bradley
Every single frame, every single shot in the movie, has a digital effect.
Rick McCallum
I see these college kids taking these crazy shots, and it’s like, taking that shot is going to leave you without a job. You’re not Steph Curry.
David Robinson
We are the kind of people who obsess over one word… but we have only one shot to get it right in concert. It was hard the first time I practiced with them. I was so nervous that my vocal chords were paralyzed for about a half-hour.
Amy Tan
Get shot down cuz your over zealous, play hard to get and females get jealous.
Young MC
All that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. For a minute I had fear. [Then] I went into the [dressing] room and shot my fear in the face.
Lady Gaga
I danced in a Lifetime film. We shot in Canada and I got to work with a lot of the dancers who do So You Think You Can Dance, Canada.
Joan Chen
Devolving APD to Scotland is merely tinkering with it. We have to get shot of this hated tax right across the country to ensure all of our airports are competing on level terms.
Brian Donohoe
And me having kids, with my family history? My mom: mentally ill, shot and killed her last husband. My father: six ex-wives, four heart attacks. Both of my parents think alcohol is a food group.
Christopher Titus
It’s definitely particular to each situation, but whether it is a long history, or someone that you’re intimidated by, or someone that you didn’t think you ever had a shot at, at the end of the day, I think we’re all living through high school, every day.
John Krasinski
Make your own decision, based on your deepest intuitive wisdom and knowledge. You may make the right decision or the wrong one, but whatever happens, it is your best shot, and you will strengthen your capacity for future action.
David Deida
[Martin] Scorsese says one of the great things he loves about it is how Mark can’t get the right shot and he’s killing people because he can’t get the right shot. It’s an example of what film-makers are like.
Thelma Schoonmaker
I’m just happy that ‘Idol’ producers gave me a shot on the show and to be able to show who I really was, because I feel like I’m every single woman.
Nicki Minaj
There’s two facets of this game. You know, if I’m not making shots, OK, then I have to do something on defense. So if I’m missing shots or making shots, it doesn’t affect my overall game.
Rasheed Wallace
When you play guard, you’re not going to block a lot of shots. Inside, you’re going to block shots.
Oscar Robertson
I usually work in music videos, where we shoot, like, 10 to 12 setups and 60 shots or something.
Hiro Murai
Don’t take your bad shots home with you.
Tony Lema
We also shot at a location that was an Aboriginal sacred ground for the shots coming up the cliff.
Christopher Atkins
If you design something pretty with good golf shots in it, then I think that’s the combination that creates a really nice golf course.
Jack Nicklaus
One of the terrorist who was shot dead last week led us today to the hide out of the other 3 suspects.
Joseph Ole Lenku
I hear you have abolitionists here. We have a few in Illinois, but we shot one the other day.
Abraham Lincoln
I’ve always shot on film, but the times are changing.
Richard LaGravenese
I don’t get tripped up in technology. I use technology as a tool. ‘Oldboy’ we shot Two Pro 35mm. For ‘Da Blood of Jesus,’ we shot digitally. We shot the new Sony F55. It’s a 4K camera.
Spike Lee
I’ve been feeling really comfortable on clay because I have more time to set up my forehand. I can use a lot of different shots – drop shots and high balls. You can mix up a lot of shots, so it’s actually more fun to play on clay.
Kei Nishikori
If you hit a bad shot, just tell yourself it is great to be alive, relaxing and walking around on a beautiful golf course. The next shot will be better.
Al Geiberger
If you can take pride in what you’re doing on defense, it’s going to be pretty hard for that offensive opponent to go by you or make a shot over you.
Jason Terry
Look at Google. They are re-organizing their businesses ,even renaming it with Alphabet, so they can be bolder and make strategic mistakes and then learn from them. But most companies aren’t Google in that they make incremental changes and don’t go for the moon shot.
Kabir Sehgal
My weapon isn’t my shot. It’s me.
Alexander Ovechkin
I think I’ve actually been saying from the beginning, I think Paulie [Calafiore] has a good shot. That’s the only one I’ll say right now and on the girls’ end, I’d say Michelle [Meyers].
Allison Grodner
Take life with a pinch of salt
A shot of tequila and a wedge of lime
Do nothing at all
But take your time
John Walter Bratton
The reason we shot it was that the script was geared to Las Vegas and it was something commercial that we wanted to have in the can in case Butterfly was a success and we needed a follow-up.
Pia Zadora
It’s only when I have to do some bare body shots that I cut down on fat.
Rana Daggubati
In the school of boxing that I come from, that’s frowned upon, giving up free shots, cos we know what those kinda shots do to a man’s career, regardless of whether it shows up now, or shows up when you least need it. It takes a toll.
Andre Ward
I want free life, and I want fresh air;
And I sigh for the canter after the cattle,
The crack of the whip like shots in battle,
The medley of horns, and hoofs, and heads
That wars, and wrangles, and scatters and spreads;
The green beneath and the blue above,
And dash, and danger, and life and love.
Frank Desprez
Are you looking into Joe Biden’s supposed botox shots in his forehead?
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
I’m a head-shot photographer. I have people come to my apartment, and I take their head shots.
Colman Domingo
There’s a hard shot to LeMaster, he throws Madlock into the dugout.
Jerry Coleman
I had great faith in Irish actors, that they’d be hip to the whole theatre thing, and they are. I had no illusions of coming over here as some kind of big shot. It’s been a learning experience for me too.
Christopher Meloni
The learning curve is ‘The Hobbit’ is being shot in 3D.
Andy Serkis
There’s so many different styles to it. I use my athletic ability to create shots for open people, I run the floor, then also space the floor as well. That’s what I try to do.
Zach LaVine
So they caught Gadhafi in a storm sewer and shot him. Or as they call it in the Middle East, an orderly transfer of power.
David Letterman
There is nothing better than getting shot at and missed. It’s really great.
James Mattis
Four More Shots’ Please wanted to show a bunch of women who have agency, are fierce but not apologetic about their life.
Sayani Gupta
We were shooting this movie called “Hardball,” with Keanu Reeves. We shot in the city, and I just remember I couldn’t really do too much. At 13 or 14, you couldn’t go out to any nightlife.
Michael B. Jordan
Every aspect of filmmaking has lured me. Although I’m an actor now, one day, I’d like to direct a film. It’s not as though I’m all set to take the plunge; I cherish this dream of calling the shots, but only after I groom myself with the right kind of preparation and the technical know-how.
Nivin Pauly
I got rabies shots for biting the head off a bat but that’s OK – the bat had to get Ozzy shots.
Ozzy Osbourne
When I was twelve, I went hunting with my father and we shot a bird. He was laying there and something struck me. Why do we call this fun to kill this creature [who] was as happy as I was when I woke up this morning.
Marv Levy
I also want to try acting – give it a shot – maybe take some lessons, I think that could be fun. I feel like that could even help me with modeling, because in a way you have to act.
Jacquelyn Jablonski
For forty days he went out into the desert – and never shot anything [on Jesus]
Osbert Sitwell
You watch Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight, Floyd can just throw a few punches, or he can do a lot of defense; he can slip a few punches, let Conor get a few shots in. You can’t really do that in wrestling without getting scored on or putting yourself at risk.
Jordan Burroughs
My players on defense must have a hand-up on every shot. If not, they run sprints.
Rick Majerus
A sound of cornered-animal fear and hate and surrender and defiance . . . like the last sound the treed and shot and falling animal makes as the dogs get him, when he finally doesn’t care about anything but himself and his dying.
Ken Kesey
At the end of the first Halloween, when I shot 6 bullets into Michael Myers, John Carpenter said, Let’s get a shot of you looking out of the window and seeing no one lying there.
Donald Pleasence
I know I am bad-tempered and unruly, so I like calling the shots.
Sammo Hung
You’ll get them tomorrow. You gave it a good shot. Keep your chin up.
Ted Alexandro
The shots that hit me are the last nails to the coffin of british rule in India.
Lala Lajpat Rai
Your job is always the same if it’s a juggernaut or if it’s just one of these little jewels of a film that’s gonna wind up at the Laemmle or something, so your job doesn’t change whatsoever… give it your best shot.
Morgan Freeman
We’re trying to work on Sami to get through that and shoot the puck. MacInnis shot the puck all the time. If there was a fool who wanted to stand in front and break an ankle, tough luck.
Alain Vigneault
Shot Gun Boogie, I wanted wedding bells. I’ll be back little gal, when your pappy runs out of shells.
Tennessee Ernie Ford
Make the basic shot-making decision early, clearly and firmly, and then ritualize all the necessary acts of preparation.
Sam Snead
You can’t sell a book in America if you don’t dump on Bush. That’s the cheapest shot in the world. You cannot get an advance, and you can’t sell a book because the publishers are all people who hate Bush and hate Republicans.
Roger Ailes
I shot this wonderful picture called American Saint a couple of years ago, which is still looking for release.
Vincent Schiavelli
When I think about it, it’s kind of weird, but I do take shots without looking at the rim sometimes.
LaMarcus Aldridge
Yes, I shot my wife because I thought she was Bigfoot, but I’m from New Jersey.
Paul Rudnick
I’m not wild about hand-held shots.
Claude Chabrol
I created ‘Dinner: Impossible’ with a guy named Bryan O’Reilly and I shot the pilot as a 30 minute show and we sold it.
Robert Irvine
It’s always the captain’s team and it is the leader who calls the shots.
Ravi Shastri
I never planned to be at the height of my career when I was 30 years old and going to my fourth Olympics. I watched the 1998 Olympics when I was 14 years old. That’s what I wanted to do with my life. I thought I might have a shot at three Olympics max. This is way beyond the parameters of what I set out to do.
Kelly Clark
I shot “Footloose” nearby and we used to hike. Very fond memories.
Dianne Wiest
It was a cheap shot. They won the game, move on. My thing is, I don’t ask for a lot, but I demand my respect, especially from a guy like that.
Shaquille O’Neal
The environmental assessment should give us the answers to all the issues that have been raised: potential lead migration, endangered species, noise abatement and proper disposal of shot, shells and things.
Steven Hall
I’m not really into beer, but I like tequila shots.
I trust that the president will try, just give it one more shot, some revolutionary way of not doing this, of bringing all those kids back home safely.
F. Murray Abraham
Confidence is when you stand over a shot and know you’re going to make it because you’ve done it time and time again.
Jack Nicklaus
Jenny McCarthy was the one I thought could turn me straight. I thought that if I could just get my shot with her, it could happen.
Andy Cohen
You don’t knock Ray Mercer out with one or two shots. You have to make him quit.
Tommy Morrison
When your shot has to carry over a water hazard, you can either hit one more club or two more balls.
Henry Beard
I think it affected me physically and emotionally, yes. I did have my ups and downs, but I actually had more ups and downs after the shots were finished and she was pregnant because of the reality of being pregnant with twins.
Cheryl Tiegs
Beautifully shot, impeccably paced, it was a clear, unrelenting look at the National Trust, its friends and enemies, and it makes you want to burn your passport and beg the Luftwaffe to have another go.
A. A. Gill
I thought he had been shot.
Joe DiMaggio
He only shot one person,” Nick remarked. “But the night is young.” . . . Forgive him, he has no manners.” I get by on good looks,” Nick said.
Sarah Rees Brennan
I finished Edson Barboza in a d’arce choke. What else do you want? He’s very hard to take down. Spinning heel kicks, spinning kicks. I took some of his most powerful shots and I just kept coming forward. I’m the Boogeyman out there.
Tony Ferguson
I’ve storyboarded for things other people have shot. So thinking in shots and orchestrating shots is not foreign to me at all.
Brad Bird
A producer is someone who actually calls the shots. An executive producer is just a guy that eats more food at craft service.
Ryan Reynolds
I don’t believe in guys waiting for title shots.
Max Holloway
I probably have about four or five cups of coffee a day. I make myself an espresso macchiato when I wake, which is a shot of espresso and just a dollop of steamed milk. Then, if I’m going to do some work at home, I would make myself a French press. It’s the best way to make conventional coffee.
Howard Schultz
I don’t like movies that are shot on green screen much, you know. I mean, I know that’s the thing to do, and I know that it’s getting. I’ll put it this way; David Lean would probably kill himself, you know, again if he knew that people were watching Lawrence of Arabia on a telephone.
Billy Bob Thornton
Romantic Egoist What’s better, an idiot who never tries… or an idiot who at least takes a shot?
Bisco Hatori
When I first was on Big Time Rush, the TV show, I did a lot of silly things. Among the first episodes that came out, my buddies wanted to have a viewing party, so we turned it into a drinking game. Every time I did something dumb, we took a shot. We were hammered!
James Maslow
Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important. Capture the good times. And if things don’t work out, just take another shot.
Ziad K. Abdelnour
Can you see the deaths, divorces, job losses or changes, disappointments, surprises, and successes on people’s faces? Have they been happy, sad, disillusioned, or gratified? I have been trying the single, vertically shot portrait with my 8 x 10 since 1985 and never felt I succeeded in finding what I was looking for.
Tina Barney
I am unarmed. But Butler here, my …ah…butler, has a Sig Saucer in his shoulder holster, two shrike-throwing knives in his boots, aderringer two-shot up his sleeve, garrotte wire in his watch, and three stun greanades concealed in variouse pockets. Anything else, Butler?
Eoin Colfer
I’m a point guard, I’ve always been a point guard, I’ve played point guard all my life. Personally, I feel the best point guards make other players look better and create their own shot. I fit in that category.
Chauncey Billups
I actually didn’t even think about “Josie and the Pussycats” . I was like, “Oh yeah we kind of took some shots at MTV,” but I think everyone had a good sense of humor about it. People either got that movie completely, or completely missed it and dumped all over it.
Deborah Kaplan
You must talk to me, Caravaggio. Or am I just a book? Something to be read, some creature to be tempted out of a loch and shot full of morphine, full of corridors, lies, loose vegetation, pockets of stones.
Michael Ondaatje
My father was an amateur filmmaker who shot 8mm color documentaries.
Lasse Hallstrom
Even back in the ’90s, I shot certain things on something that wasn’t digital then, but it was on VHS with a smaller camera and we would up it to film.
Barry Levinson
Golf is not a game of great shots. It’s a game of most accurate misses. The people who win make the smallest mistakes.
Gene Littler
They say that art comes from the soul. The more drama in an artist’s life, the more he can draw on for his art. Van Gogh and Picasso had troubled souls, but poor Steve Kaufman has been shot once, stabbed 3 times – all by women. That is a lot of drama for great art.
Robin Leach
I was shot down by a fifth ball, which struck me squarely in the face, and passed out.
John Brown
Secretary of War Stanton used to get out of patience with Lincoln because he was all the time pardoning men who ought to be shot.
Elihu Root
I enjoy that atmosphere, because you play golf all the time but you don’t get to play in front of this many people and feel the energy of the crowd.You hit a bad shot, they boo; you hit a good shot, they cheer you. It’s awesome. So I love it.
Stephen Curry
If there’s anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now.
Douglas Adams
Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay 75 pounds to see them should be shot.
Elton John
Whatever power there is in the urban pictures is bound to the closeness with which they skirt banality. For a shot to be good — suggestive of more than just
what it is — it has to come perilously near being bad, just a view of stuff.
Robert Adams
Filmmaking, at the end of the day, is really – in addition to the story and all of the equipment and the actors, it’s really about time management. And so the smartest filmmakers are the ones who sort of pre-visualize the film in their head and are literally shooting the shots they need to cut the story together.
Jay Chandrasekhar
The right shot at the right moment does not come because you do not let go of yourself. You do not wait for fulfilment, but brace yourself for failure.
Eugen Herrigel
I am the person you’ll see everyday training when everyone else has gone home. I live for the one moment of glory when I save that goal or sink that 3-point shot and score the winning basket. I am the sport, I am the glory, nothing can change that. I am an athlete, no one can forget that.
Alexa Wilkinson
Question every assumption and go towards the problem, like the way they flew to the moon. We should have more moon shots and flights to the moon in areas of societal importance.
Sebastian Thrun
Whatever it is that you’re passionate about… try to figure out a way to make money at it and give it a shot.
Dana White
So you have you price,” I said with a mouthful of crumbs. “Your soul for a cookie.” Fang made sure Dr. Martinez wasn’t looking and then shot me the bird.
James Patterson
Theatre is difficult. It’s not that I’m afraid of doing ‘one takes’ or shots, but it’s about being able to live one character for several hours on a daily basis!
Nushrat Bharucha
It’s hard for women who make a lot of money and make decisions all day long, then they have to come home and be ‘Stupid Sally.’ Men need respect, and they need to know that they can lead in the relationship, so even if they don’t make the most money they need to be able to call the shots.
Patti Stanger
The drop shots and lobs are very effective in senior tennis.
Bobby Riggs
It was just this crazy craziness, and the fact that it was shot in Paris, and it had these incredible people in it. It was an easy thing to say yes to.
Dianne Wiest
I’ve fallen for you like a blind roofer.
Charlie Sheen
I think once you see a couple shots go down, and when you’re getting shots in rhythm, the game flows.
Tyler Herro
I had a great time making the last movie, ‘Eclipse.’ We shot my back-story stuff from the 1930’s. But I was waiting for ‘Breaking Dawn’ because I love the relationship Rosalie has with Jacob and the rest of her family and Bella. She also provides comic relief.
Nikki Reed
The weird thing is, if I’d made ‘The Incredibles,’ shot-for-shot – exactly the same script, same timing, same shots – in live action, it would be perceived very differently, and somehow more adult than me doing it in animation. I find that fascinating and frustrating.
Brad Bird
I’ve never been in this position where I’ve had to take an ‘X’ amount of shots, where I’ve had to focus on scoring. All of my career has been being a defensive player just running the floor.
Jeff Green
It is always tough to miss shots.
Andrew Wiggins
With the recognition comes additional responsibility, because then we’re no longer a one-shot. We’re now part of the environment.
Jerry Garcia
I miss 100% of the shots I don’t take.
Wayne Gretzky
If you make the effort to address the moves that cause a slice, you can straighten out all your shots. It won’t happen overnight, but if you’re systematic about it, the process will work.
Tony Finau
Editing yourself is like an irksome coin toss. You’ve got to strip yourself of super ego and operate from the id. Maybe I’ve got my Freud mixed up. It’s just hard to trade a beauty shot for the performance with truth and a brightly lit zit.
Vera Farmiga
The reason I wanted to do a webcomic was that I could be my own boss, and I could call the shots myself.
Noelle Stevenson
I never start editing a film until it’s completely shot; I don’t edit along the way, ever. When it’s finished I come in here [screening room] and we start with reel one, scene one and start editing shot by shot by shot until we’re finished.
Woody Allen
So I thought if I stopped being so, you know, wounded, we could take a shot at just being friends. – Peeta Mellark
Suzanne Collins
I really enjoy the iPad because you can multi-task: I can watch a movie, read, look at pictures that I shot – because I’m into photography. It serves a lot of purposes for me.
Tyson Chandler
Scale is very easy actually. Put a camera on a jib or a drone and get bloody big shots on big sets, it’s very easy. But then you’re distracted. If you’re looking at the shot, you aren’t following the story any more.
Rajkumar Hirani
I’ve seen a lot of highlights of Steve Kerr knocking down the big shots … when a legend, Michael Jordan, trusted his teammate and passed it to him. He might have played two minutes, but he was ready to knock down the big shot.
John Wall
All worship is shot wrong that is not directed to, and conducted by, the thoughts of the power of God, whose assistance we need.
Stephen Charnock
Trust me, … I know where my heart is and my heart’s right here. I’m going to keep doing everything because I love to do it, but I will never sacrifice my time between the ropes. That’s no shot to anybody. Everybody’s got different career paths. This is mine.
John Cena
I’m passionate about capturing amazing snowboarding action. I get so much out of the artistic endeavor of even getting one amazing shot in a pristine environment, using specialist cameras to showcase how fun and dynamic snowboarding is. That’s what I live for.
Travis Rice
If you check your ego at the door when it comes to comedy, you’ve got a pretty good shot at making a great movie that you can commit yourself to, you can jump off the proverbial cliff with, and have a great time, and the audiences respond to that.
Dwayne Johnson
My eyes are a little blood shot from crying, and my hair’s messy. But other than that i don’t look like someone who’s world is falling apart.
Lauren Barnholdt
Patriotism is a passion which induces hot youth to rush forth to get shot and half shot, while sober, conservative age waves the flag and corrals the contracts.
Joseph Smith, Jr.
So that day, in music assembly, the teacher asked who knew the valley song. Your hand shot right up in the air. She stood you up on a stool and had you sing it for us. And I swear, every bird outside the windows fell silent…and right when your song ended, I knew – just like your mother – I was a goner.
Suzanne Collins
On the road to the GOP nomination, Trump earned the reputation as a good debater by slandering and bullying his opponents, knocking them out with cheap shots and lies. On a crowded stage, Trump got away with these deplorable tactics.
Bob Beckel
I shoot too many shots in the summer to worry about my shooting.
Kenny Smith
Basketball is a game of sacrificing yourself for the next guy, being a team that takes good shots, and taking the right shots
David Blatt
I care desperately about what I do. Do I know what product I’m selling? No. Do I know what I’m doing today? No. But I’m here, and I’m gonna give it my best shot.
Owen Wilson
I wish that Prince Charles had been shot. I think it would have made the world a more interesting place.
Steven Morrissey
I shot a couple of movies in jail, but I was never in jail.
Tom Sizemore
Being quick off the ground helps you block shots.
Jrue Holiday
In ‘Bunny,’ I have got my dialogues – almost 80 per cent of my shots were okayed in a single take. I did put in effort and did a lot of homework.
Allu Arjun
News reports stand up as people, and people wither into editorials. ClichГ©s walk around on two legs while men are having theirs shot off.
Karl Kraus
I always talk about, like, with end-of-game situations, making and missing big shots, I know I can shoulder that. I can live with having the success of the playoffs and having a huge failure. I know I can deal with it.
Damian Lillard
As every golfer knows, no one ever lost his mind over one shot. It is rather the gradual process of shot after shot watching your score go to tatters – knowing that you have found a different way to bogey each hole.
Thomas Boswell
Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King are great examples of fantastic nonviolents who died violently. I can never work that out. We’re pacifists, but I’m not sure what it means when you’re such a pacifist that you get shot. I can never understand that.
John Lennon
Wolves and those who see them are shot on sight.
Peter Straub
For instance, they [The Federal Narcotics Bureau ] give out that marijuana is a harmful and habit-forming drug, and it simply isn’t. They claim that you can get addicted to opiates with one shot, and you can’t. They over-estimate the physical bad effects, and so forth.
William S. Burroughs
As each brigade emerged from the woods, from 50 to 100 guns opened upon it, tearing great gaps in its ranks; but the heroes pressed on and were shot down by reserves at the guns. It was not war, it was murder.
Daniel Harvey Hill
Gah, some chicks should be shot. Put out of everyone else’s reproduction pool.
Karen Marie Moning
I think as he gets older, Quentin [Tarantino] is growing more and more into his directorial side, but the writer in him won’t stop the pen. I don’t think he deserved a directing nod. Like I said, it’s beautifully shot – it’s cinematography, obviously, deserves a nomination – but he’s not the camera man.
Bun B
Until that moment comes when the ball comes to me every time, I have to find a way to be effective with offensive rebounds, play hard defense, blocking shots.
Kristaps Porzingis
I think everybody from Philadelphia been shot at before.
Meek Mill
A friend of mine told a story about a date with a guy she was really excited about: He stood her up. He then called her, begging her forgiveness and giving some excuse. She told him to get lost, telling him that he only gets one shot with her, and he blew it.
Greg Behrendt
I was always trying to get in the paint and get the easiest shots I can.
Ivica Zubac
Fuuuuuuuuuuck.” Kynan scrubbed his face. “I could use a double shot of whiskey right now.” “I’m sure Flicka keeps hard liquor behind the bar.” “Flicka?” “I don’t want to say her name.” “So you’re calling her horse names?” Ky coked a dark eyebrow. “I can’t wait to see how she reacts to Mr. Ed.
Larissa Ione
The score is high and very brutal but does not reflect what we saw on the pitch. The first shot on goal was a goal. The second was an own goal. The third was straight after half-time. They defend like mad and they catch us on the break.
Arsene Wenger
The first person who really showed me the ugly spirit was Brion Gysin. “The ugly spirit shot Joan because . . .” and I never found out why. This Brion wrote out on a piece of paper in a sort of trance state.
Allen Ginsberg
When your team questions your competence, your ability to influence is shot.
John Fairclough
I personally believe the film turns out better when shot in one short schedule, plus it doesn’t stress the actors.
Shahrukh Khan
I quite enjoy cooking but I’m not consistent. I can’t follow the recipe book. If something goes well, I’ll never make it again, which is completely stupid. It’s a one-shot kind of deal.
Rebecca Hall
I would love to end the nuclear ambition of the Iranians without firing a shot, but you have to know who you’re talking to and what they actually want, this is North Korea in the making.
Lindsey Graham
My job is to get my shots up, to come to work, to watch film and get out of there. I don’t get into the management and coaching side, that’s their job – that’s what they get paid for.
Kyle Lowry
What team’s supposed to win – that doesn’t mean anything. You’ve still got to go out and play. You’ve still got to go out and hit the shots and make the putts.
Dustin Johnson
One of the jobs of a manager is to instill confidence, pump confidence into your people. And when you’ve got somebody who’s raring to go and you can smell it and feel it, give ’em that shot.
Jack Welch
My bones are brittle, my heart weak and erratic, my esophagus and stomach riddled with ulcers, my reproductive system shot, my immune system useless… I’m not going to have a happy ending.
Marya Hornbacher
He must have been an incredibly good shot.
Noel Coward
Play every shot so that the next one will be the easiest that you can give yourself.
Billy Casper
Summer blockbusters are very expensive to make. They have things that have to be expensive, such as 600 effects shots or CG characters that have to go a certain way, or a film design that is different but expensive.
Ang Lee
A lifevest protects you from drowning and a bulletproof vest protects you from getting shot, and a sweater vest protects you from pretty girls.
Demetri Martin
His parting shot to me had been, “I don’t want to love someone who is more at home with the monsters than I am.” What do you say to that? What can you say? Damned if I know. They say love conquers everything. They lie.
Laurell K. Hamilton
I think it is always a long shot getting a book made into a film. Making that book into a film is going to be quite a challenge.
Alan Lightman
I don’t have one role that I want to play. I guess… I want to be a producer. I want to be an activist. I want to be proactive in bringing about work for men, women, boys, girls, everybody who is good at what they do and deserve a shot at it.
Octavia Spencer
I feel sorry for people who do not have a Bible to lean on.
Adrian Rogers
Yeah, we shot ourselves in the foot right out of the gate. The guy who ran it at first misled pretty much everybody about how much capital we had. He said we had enough to go three years without making money, and we had enough to go three weeks.
Al Franken
One fine day, in the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other. They pulled out their swords and shot one another. One deaf cop, on the beat heard the noise, and came and shot the two dead boys.
Holly Black
By the rude bridge that arched the flood, Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled, Here once the embattled farmers stood, And fired the shot heard round the world.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
At 7:45 p.m. I was shot in the left arm by a friend. The bullet was a copper jacket 22 long rifle. My friend was standing about fifteen feet from me.
Chris Burden
Focus. Focus. Focus…on your burning priorities. Say no to everything else. Life’s short. You only get one shot at great.
Robin Sharma
This year I guess I decided in the bigger matches to take it more to my opponent instead of waiting a bit more for the mistakes. Yeah, this is I guess how you want to win Wimbledon, is by going after your shots, believing you can do it, and that’s what I was able to do today.
Roger Federer
The dubbing of the music and effects is really incredible today. You’re feeling gun shots. I mean, it’s not the way people say it is, but the gunshot sounds real. And cars sound real. Among the many things in the evolution (of movies) is to make the sound in the movie incredible. That’s what you feel.
Joel Silver
I don’t fear stopping a 100 mph slap shot. I fear not stopping it!
Roberto Luongo
So now 20 years later people want us to get together so they can take shots at all these old babes trying to get back some youth. I mean come on; I’ve been there. I know what the press would do.
Joan Jett
Don’t praise your own good shots. Leave that function to your partner who, if a good sport, will not be slow in performing it.
Harry Vardon
I love the dynamic contrast between the spontaneous shots and the more formal, pro-rock-star photos.
Bruce Pavitt
Helmut Newton shot the ad campaign [for Bad Influence]. It’s [James] Spader at the top of his game, right after Sex, Lies And Videotape. It’s sexy. It’s weird. It’s dark. The characters are great.
Rob Lowe
I’ve always intended to eventually make films. I’ve always been very aware of tone and shots. But documentaries are a great proving ground for me.
George Ratliff
I believe that good defense embodies seven cardinal principle: reduce the number of your opponent’s shots; force your opponent into low percentage shots; control everything within 18 feet; eliminate second shots; no easy baskets; point the ball on all long shots; and prevent the ball from going into the pivot man.
Adolph Rupp
In an interview with a journalist, you look petty taking the pot shot but in a slick ad you can really do damage – including unfair damage – from afar. It is not that much different than waging a war by a drone than by hand-to-hand combat.
Greta Van Susteren
How could I have not known about Ume? An Austin trio fronted by a whirling dervish of singer guitarist who in the standard PR band head shot looks like she wouldn’t hurt a fly; yet give her a guitar, a Marshall stack and a mic and stand back, way back. She shreds. File under – Do Not Overlook and Go Tell Your Friends
Dave Allen
Every year the hunters shot cows and horses and family pets and each other. And unbelievably, they sometimes shot themselves, perhaps in a psychotic episode where they mistook themselves for dinner
Louise Penny
With ‘Call Me by Your Name,’ they locked off the camera and let scenes play out in long, wide shots to make them feel almost voyeuristic.
Geoffrey Rush
I have seen children shot in El Salvador, Algeria, Guatemala, Sarajevo, but I have never before watched soldiers entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport.
Chris Hedges
Playing music for as long as I had been playing music and then getting a shot at making a record and at having an audience and stuff, it’s just like an untamed force… a different kind of energy.
Eddie Vedder
After directing the first film it feels kind of tricky being back to being in front of the camera, because I’ve always got one eye over there, kind of thinking of what they are doing, and how the shot is being composed. I think it takes a couple of films to just get back to just being an actor.
Denzel Washington
Because of the grass and open face, I take one more club for shots from the rough, unless the ball is sitting on top of dry grass. Then, I use more loft and swing softer, trying to hit it about 70 percent to avoid a flyer over the green.
Ernie Els
Contrary to what those in power would like you to believe so that you’ll give up your pension, cut your wages, and settle for the life your great-grandparents had, America is not broke. Not by a long shot. The country is awash in wealth and cash.
Michael Moore
Then what are you like, Annabel?” he shot back. “A liar, like you told me that first day? Come on. That was the biggest lie of all.
Sarah Dessen
The game’s finest mistakes were perpetrated by Djimi Traore, who interrupted his general competence with one air shot, one slice over his own head and a foul so telegraphed that even the lenient referee seemed to have his card out a couple of seconds before contact was made, to show the first yellow of the game.
Phil Cornwell
I absolutely love you, Briony, and I am on my knees. So we’re getting married – right? But say it fast before we get shot.” Only Jack would ask – if you could call it asking – in the middle of a battlefield, with a man lying dead at his feet.
Christine Feehan
Why does soldiers leave the protection of his trench hole in the ground and go forward in the face of shot and shell? It is because of the leader who is in front of him and his comrades who are around him. Comradeship makes a man feel warm and courageous when all his instincts tend to make him cold and afraid.
Bernard Law Montgomery
As long as I can take open shots or good shots, I’m going to take it.
Nikola Jokic
I had an instinct before and maybe now I don’t have that instinct as much as knowing what to do, what shots to hit, where to place the ball, things like that.
Jennifer Capriati
Who shot him? I asked. The grey man scratched the back of his neck and said: Somebody with a gun.
Dashiell Hammett
Needles. No needles for me, brother. I can’t even watch when they get put into somebody else. I don’t even get flu shots, none at all.
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein
When you look at a character and you’re like, “Wow, that’s really unexplored terrain for me and there’s a lot happening here and different angles to him,” and you’re not sure what his motives are, you’ve got a good shot at working towards something interesting.
Hoon Lee
Golf is social. It brings a lot of people together. And the great thing about a scramble, there’s less pressure because you don’t feel like every shot has to be your shot.
Mia Hamm
I’m not perfect, but if there are any points given for caring about people with every fiber of your being and giving life all you’ve got every day, then I suppose I have a shot.
Jack Welch
I’ve been learning when to block shots against who I’m playing. I’m not just going to leave a shooter to go block shots.
Serge Ibaka
I don’t particularly enjoy watching films in 3D because I think that a well-shot and well-projected film has a very three-dimensional quality to it, so I’m somewhat sceptical of the technology.
Christopher Nolan
Without discipline, no matter how good you are, you are nothing! One day, and I might not be around; you’re going to meet a tough guy who takes your best shot. He’ll keep coming because he’s tough. Don’t get discouraged. That’s when the discipline comes in.
Mike Tyson
If you directly try to write about an idea, it will never be what you imagined. But if you’re imagining through the building of sentences, through the characters, and paying attention to avoid ease and comfort yet still thinking about making the sentences work, you will get a shot at some real interesting stuff.
Dana Spiotta
My style of play won’t ever change, because I enjoy that aggressive style of golf. It allows me to play my best. When I attack pins, I stay more focused. I get more into the shot and, consequently, I get more out of the shot and out of my game by playing aggressive.
Phil Mickelson
I made a killing on Wall Street a few years ago…I shot my broker.
Groucho Marx
A man who has been shot at is a new realist, and what do you say to a realist when the war is a war of ideals?
Michael Shaara
When I write a screenplay – and I think it’s one of the reasons why it was frustrating for me just to be a screenwriter – I’m not thinking of it in terms of words on a page; I’m thinking in terms of visual images – basically, a comic book. I’m thinking of it in a series of shots.
James Gunn
If you have to tell someone they call the shots, they’re not really calling the shots.
Lisa Kleypas
It is the photographer’s decision at the two levels of seeing the picture – when it is shot and when it is chosen and printed that determines his personal style.
Alexey Brodovitch
The only idea they have ever manifested as to what is a government of consent, is this – that it is one to which everybody must consent, or be shot.
Lysander Spooner
I used to fish the Border rivers, but nowadays you have to queue up for a shot and I can’t stand that.
Norman MacCaig
Don’t drink too much.” “When I can spell out your name in shot glasses, I’ll stop.” “I’ll have to get a shorter name.” “I’ll have to forget how to spell it.
Richard Kadrey
My making it is a combination of grinding, grinding, grinding and being lucky enough to finally get a shot.
Busta Rhymes
I think that Paul Gasol is the most skilled big man in the NBA today with his ability to post on either block, the way he runs the floor, and the way he can shoot the mid-range jump shot.
Doug Collins
The stats suggest that I’m not a dasher. It doesn’t mean I can’t play the shots, but when you find a method in four-day and Test cricket that works for you, you stick with it.
Alastair Cook
I sort of feel like my job is to be a conduit to opportunities, to maximize the creativity of the day itself – because that’s when the cameras are running. That’s the important thing to me. Some of these shots you need to think about in advance; you need to have some ideas for them.
David MacKenzie
How about you, Mockingjay? You feel totally safe?” “Oh, yeah. Right up until I got shot,” I say.
Suzanne Collins
The subject matter itself lends itself to the black side because the kids are drug dealers and kids that are getting shot by police and getting shot by themselves. People automatically associate that with blackness because of the news.
Steven Caple Jr.
Oosthuizen’s red spot is a classic example of what’s known in sports psychology as a process goal-a technique by which the athlete is required to focus on something, however minor, to prevent them from thinking about other things: in Oosthuizen’s case, all the ways he could possibly screw up the shot.
Kevin Dutton
I’ve got one shot going through this life. I want to make sure I do as much as I can.
Jim Rogers
You should never tell someone they have a nice dimple, because maybe they were shot in the face with a BB gun.
Mitch Hedberg
I realize that was becoming a contradiction in terms, especially after my friend Alison Krauss was shot and killed in Kent State in 1970 on campus by the National Guard.
Surya Das
I’ve been around golf my whole life. My father did it all the time, and I resented him for it. But a couple years ago I picked up a golf club and I understood the physics of it. If anyone knows anything about golf, it’s that once you hit a few shots, you’ll become addicted.
Fred Durst
Earlier today I shot my old partner, a friend of mine, because he tried to stop me from doing what I have to do. Don’t think for a second that I won’t do that to you.
Jack Bauer
One lucky shot deserves another.
Shaquille O’Neal
I am not a great fan of computers. I do watch videos and analyse which batsman is playing how. Batsmen can play different shots on different days. A batsman may not play cover drives well, but if he connects with two such shots, he starts playing the drive well on that day.
Harbhajan Singh
It didn’t make you noble to step away from something that wasn’t working, even if you thought you were the reason for the malfunction. Especially then. It just made you a quitter. Because if you were the problem, chances were you could also be the solution. The only way to find out was to take another shot.
Sarah Dessen
There is an old saying: if a man comes home with sand in his cuffs and cockleburs in his pants, don’t ask him what he shot.
Sam Snead
Yeah, I like that idea. Maybe he’ll shoot at us again. I was hoping someone would shoot at me today. That was the first thing I said when I got up: Boy, I hope I get shot at today.
Janet Evanovich
I was born on the day Lincoln was shot and the Titanic sank.
Pete Rose
Newlyweds shooting budget: 5k for actors, 2k insurance, 2k food and drink. 9k in the can. We only shot 12 days. That’s how to make an independent film.
Edward Burns
You miss every shot you don’t take.
Wayne Gretzky
I think against Cub I get it done. He comes in, he’s very open, he throws wild shots, and he has never, I promise you, in his life felt power that I have.
Artem Lobov
I compare the pressure of a golf shot with making an extra point in basketball. The player starts from a full stop, and that rim doesn’t move.
Harvey Penick
But after Mr. Evers got shot a week ago, lot a colored folk is frustrated in this town. Especially the younger ones, who ain’t built up a callus yet.
Kathryn Stockett
I’m just not interested.” “Do you have ovaries?” Jacob asked. I shot him a look. “Yes.” … “Then how are you not interested.
J. Lynn
The Big Valbowski is a lot like a Hakeem Olajuwan, either he’s taking the hook shot from the outside or driving down the lane on the inside, he always scores!
Val Venis
They said Reagan was too dangerous. It was Reagan who ended the Soviet Union without firing a shot.
Rush Limbaugh
Sometimes the shots serve as homages to other movies and other directors, like Hitchcock.
Vilmos Zsigmond
Given a full summer to practice basketball, and especially my jump shot, I know that I could play in the NBA and do well.
Tony Gonzalez
What I love about New Hampshire and what we have in common is our extreme love of liberty…You’re the state where the shot heard round the world in Lexington and Concord.
Michele Bachmann
I think you can tell when a New York show isn’t shot in the city. It’s so iconic and has such a specific energy.
Theo James
My mind was blown by how much I felt I was like Peeta. We shot in the forest near Asheville, North Carolina-a lot of fight scenes, very physically demanding. Jennifer and I totally hit it off. We’re both crazy people-we don’t hold anything back.
Josh Hutcherson
Everything has already been done. every story has been told every scene has been shot. it’s our job to do it one better.
Stanley Kubrick
I kept a chart each day so I had an idea of how many shots I took and how many I made. Looking back on it now, I can appreciate the work ethic I put forward.
Erik Spoelstra
I had the most expensive haircut you can get, and I was walking around with my hair in rollers backstage, and my hair still came out looking like I was shot out of a cannon and I had just gotten out of bed.
Kelly Cutrone
Before you marry, you have to get shot by an arrow and fall in love,” the boy explained. He paused thoughtfully. “But I don’t think the rest of it hurts as much as the beginning.
Lisa Kleypas
When I’m editing, it’s such a tough call, and I get challenged on it all the time. You’ve got to go with your gut – sometimes when you look at a photograph, you just know it’s the shot. Sometimes it’s about the connection, or about the simplicity of the composition.
Russell James
Runs are runs, even if they are coming off playing cut shots or in front, but it’s not like T20 can only be played with big shots.
Babar Azam
This enraged the other Nazi so much that the next morning he came to our house and he shot my father.
Bruno Schulz
I’d go to a more civil party just to socialize, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I drank a shot of tequila. And then I drank another one. I probably had four or five shots. I was like, “Tequila! It wakes you right up!” But no.
Kurt Vile
Too timid to talk back, I shot my adversary.
Mason Cooley
The important thing to note is that it is not important whether Malala was shot or not – Malala is not asking for personal favors or support. She is asking for support with girls’ education and women’s rights. So don’t support Malala, support her campaign for girls’ education and women’s rights.
Malala Yousafzai
Luckily, I didn’t get too beaten up before someone gave me a shot, but there were times when I was living on friends’ couches and eating five-dollar subs from Subway almost every meal.
Robbie Amell
Those people on daytime TV talking about how their parents never gave them the positive feedback they needed and that’s why they shot them- those are not Minnesotans.
Garrison Keillor
It is crucial that civil liberties in this country be preserved, otherwise the terrorists will win the battle against American values without firing another shot.
Russ Feingold
If I can break one out of every three return games, I’m going to give myself a shot in a lot of matches.
Andy Roddick
Making shots counts, but not as much as the people who make them.
Mike Krzyzewski
The Knicks left me open a lot of times the last time we played them, and I was just making sure I took the shots that were there.
Reggie Lewis
I tried heroin. I shot up in high school, but I just thought it was so dreary: puking and nodding.
John Waters
Too many people believe in that [Alfred] Hitchcock thing that he only shot exactly the shots he needed for the dialogue he needed and I think that’s bullshit, even if that was true for that singular filmmaker.
Jason Reitman
A year ago, my approval rating was in the 30s, my nominee for the supreme court had just withdrawn, and my vice president had shot someone. Ah, those were the good old days.
George W. Bush
The attention from the fashion world is something that I didn’t expect. I’ve shot with Bruce Weber and met Karl Lagerfeld. Having that kind of attention is really exciting.
Emily Ratajkowski
Hey, get a nice shot of the brand-new Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley!
Triple H
This “knowing what to do”… is a matter of having the right purpose, the purpose appropriate to the situation in hand… The one who “knows what to do” is the one on whom you can rely to make the best shot at success, whenever success is possible.
Roger Scruton
You’re kind of numb after 50 shots to the head.
Jim Harbaugh
Why waste good shots in practice when you might need them in a match?
Walter Hagen
Down by the river, I shot my baby dead.
Neil Young
I’m not a guy that’s going to shoot 10 3s a game – I like to get to the basket. But some of those shots I do gotta take. Some of those shots I gotta let fly.
Jaylen Brown
That’s life (that’s life), that’s what all the people say
You’re ridin’ high in April, shot down in May
But I know I’m gonna change that tune
When I’m back on top, back on top in June
Frank Sinatra
So why you pushin’ it? Why you lyin’ for? I know where you live,
I know your folks, you was a sucka as a kid.
Your persona’s drama that you acquired in high school in actin’ class,
Your whole aura is plexiglass.
What’s-her-face told me you shot this kid last week in the park;
That’s a lie, you was in church with your moms.
The only reason I lost, the only reason I failed to get what I want, is because the monster is me, there’s no difference between us. It makes all the moves, calls all the shots, while I’m just along for the ride, with no idea how to pull the brakes or get off.
Alyson Noel
Dear Religion, This week I safely dropped a man from space while you shot a child in the head for wanting to go to school. Yours, Science.
Ricky Gervais
A great shot is when you pull it off. A smart shot is when you don’t have the guts to try it.
Phil Mickelson
Ranger sent us to check on you,” Hal said. “We just got here, and we heard shots.” “Some moron ate my jelly doughnut,” Lula said. “So I shot him.
Janet Evanovich
I suppose that there are endeavors in which self-confidence is even more important than it is in writing — tightrope walking comes immediately to mind — but it’s difficult for me to think of anybody producing much writing if his confidence is completely shot.
Calvin Trillin
‘She’s Gotta Have It’ was shot in twelve days and two six-day weeks.
Spike Lee
Mom was bossy. Even in print I could hear her tone, smugly congratulating me on already earning the prince’s affections and telling me firmly to keep up whatever I was doing. Yeah, Mom, I’ll just keep telling the prince that he has absolutely no shot with me and offend him as often as I can. Great plan.
Kiera Cass
I mean, defending isolations is easy, but it’s hard at the same time. I think I’m a pretty good defender, but when you go against guys that can make tough shots, it makes you feel so bad, like, ‘Oh, man, these guys just made a tough shot on me.’
Bradley Beal
I never saw myself as a director. It’s certainly a second language but making movies for 40 years, you pick stuff up. However, this style of making movies, this documentary style, is easier for me because I gather a lot of material and with an editor, write it on screen. You try to write based on what you shot.
Al Pacino
I was there in Washington in the `90s. It was pretty bad then. It`s much worse now [in 2015]. And that vicious cycle is you`ve got again big corporations, executives, Wall Street, very wealthy individuals in both parties who are calling the shots.
Robert Reich
I win and succeed only ’cause I fail so much. I fail all the time. I wrote 70 songs just to have 12 good ones. For the video I shot 60 hours of footage. 60 hours! To come up with an 8 minute video. So really I only win ’cause I fail.
Jared Leto
I had to groan a bit on the couch when my brow was mopped – as it is when you’ve been shot across the chest.
Anthony Head
You can never prepare yourself enough to see your mug shot and DUI.
Tracey Gold
Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting.
Christopher Morley
Well, honey, a shot never does a coke any harm!
Tennessee Williams
There’s never been a boxer better than Joe Louis. You’d take one shot from him and you were sure he’d have seven or eight more coming for you. Certainly Muhammad Ali was the greatest man ever to fight, but not the greatest boxer.
George Foreman
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran … in one shot on his website he appears to be dressed only in flowers. Oh – here’s the page, you’ll see what I mean.
Eddie Mair
What a creature he was! Never have I felt such a horse between my knees. His great haunches gathered under him with every stride, and he shot forward ever faster and faster, stretched like a greyhound, while the windbeat in my face and whistled past my ears.
Arthur Conan Doyle
There is something fascinatingly awkward about an author photo. I’m drawn to those glossy shots in the back of books, mostly because the subjects never look happy to be there.
Pamela Ribon
Every scene is a lesson. Every shot is a school. Let the learning continue.
Martin Scorsese
I can rebound, block shots, push the ball – basically, anything you need from a guard. Off the court, I’m humble.
Markelle Fultz
Father, thy hand
Hath reared these venerable columns, thou
Didst weave this verdant roof. Thou didst look down
Upon the naked earth, and, forthwith, rose
All these fair ranks of trees. They, in thy sun,
Budded, and shook their green leaves in thy breeze,
And shot towards heaven.
William C. Bryant
I like to get on the court three hours before the game. That way, I can get out of everybody’s way, and I can do what I need to do for me and get up the shots that I need and then be in the locker room and getting my stuff taken care of physically – if I need treatment or whatever may be.
Ray Allen
I just want to fly under the radar, because when you start to make yourself into a big deal, that’s when you get shot down.
John Green
I’ve made over 250 pictures and have never shot a guy in the back. Change it.
John Wayne
For a movie actor, the biggest challenge on TV is the number of close-up shots.
Sonali Bendre
I refused to be a fool dancing on a string held by all of those big shots. I don’t apologise, that’s my life
Marlon Brando
When I was briefed on the shots of ‘Kabhi Yaadon Mein,’ all I could think of was Darjeeling as the perfect scenery to shoot the soulful track and the entire team instantly agreed upon this.
Divya Khosla Kumar
My mind immediately shot to South Africa the moment I sat down to think what I was going to write, what I was going to say. There was no other choice.
Wole Soyinka
It was a morning when all nature shouted Fore! The breeze, as it blew gently up from the valley, seemed to bring a message of hope and cheer, whispering of chip shots holed and brassies landing squarely on the meat. The fairway, as yet unscarred by the irons of a hundred dubs, smiled greenly up at the azure sky.
P. G. Wodehouse
I’m human. I’m going to miss shots, … When I miss four (in a row), I’ve got to feel I can make the fifth one.
Raymond Felton
I have a tendency to do the epic kind of long shot and put in everything that you need to know. And that’s by design; that’s the kind of approach I take to it.
Jim Lee
A camera is a camera, a shot is a shot, how you tell the story is the main thing.
Christopher Nolan
I don’t practice yoga, but it’s on my list of things to try again. I gave it a shot, but the class was too advanced for me, and I felt overwhelmed and a little embarrassed.
Mike Colter
Slander, whose whisper over the world’s diameter, as level as the cannon to its blank, transports its poisoned shot.
William Shakespeare
Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies.
Bobby Jones
I shot that sucker right in the gumpy.” Grandma Mazur
Janet Evanovich
The first time I smoked weed was with Demi [Lovato] and Miley [Cyrus]. I must have been 17 or 18. They kept saying, ‘Try it! Try it!’ so I gave it a shot, and it was all right. I don’t even smoke weed that often anymore.
Joe Jonas
All of my life people have thought of me as Bing Crosby’s daughter. Now they’ll remember me as the person who shot J.R.
Mary Crosby
There is something strangely determinate and fatal about a single shot in the night. It is as if someone had cried a message to you in one word, and would not repeat it.
Isak Dinesen
Since I was shot, everything is such a dream to me. Like I don’t know whether I’m alive or whether I died. I wasn’t afraid before. And having been dead once, I shouldn’t feel fear. But I am afraid. I don’t understand why.
Andy Warhol
If I have to score baskets then I have to try to score baskets and stop missing shots, but even if it’s not going, I need to be able to have another phase of the game and not let my offense take away from my defense or rebounds.
Larry Johnson
Suppose by chance you do get picked up. What have you done? You shot a horse; that isn’t first degree murder; in fact, it isn’t even murder; in fact, I don’t know what it is.
Stanley Kubrick
Six good guest shots on top shows during one season are more than enough and any producer who wants to make me happy could offer some floating guest dates for discussion and panel shows. It’s generally agreed that I love to talk, so shows of this kind are right down my alley.
Nipsey Russell
I got jumped into a gang, but I never shot anybody or anything. I might have been in the car when something happened, but I was involved in the gangs just for the drugs. After a while, I just became an outcast of the gang because I just liked the drugs. I just wanted to do more drugs, anything you put in my hand.
Felipe Esparza
You trust your work. You understand throughout the season everything isn’t going to be perfect, stay confident, continue to take the shots you’ve been taking and whatever happens, happens.
Trevor Ariza
The engine roared to life. He ran toward her. She shot our of her parking space. He rushed to the side of her car. “Stop it, Kristy! You’re overreacting! Let’s talk about this.” That was when she did the unthinkable. She rolled down the window, thrust out her hand, and gave Reverend Ethan Bonner the bird.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
It’s often necessary to hit a second shot to really appreciate the first one.
Henry Beard
Our inner cities are a disaster. You get shot walking to the store. They have no education. They have no jobs. I will do more for African-Americans and Latinos than Hillary Clinton can ever do in 10 lifetimes.
Donald Trump
People want to hear the gossip. They don’t want to hear about the shots.
Jamie Kennedy
I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn’t ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog.
John Steinbeck
It’s been 50 years since I was on the roof of my parents’ house shooting Hag in a Black Leather Jacket when I didn’t even know there was such a thing as editing. I thought you just shot the film and showed it. That’s exactly what I did. I’m not that different 50 years later.
John Waters
I don’t think any studio – it was a long shot at the time – but I don’t think any studio in a million years would make ‘Thelma and Louise’ right now. But there’s so many other kinds of movies they won’t make right now.
Callie Khouri
I can’t stand a ballplayer who plays in fear. Anybody who has a good shot has got to take it and keep taking it. So he misses…so what?
Red Auerbach
If you believe that saying no will get you shot, well, what a fine way to go.
Peter Block
Two years ago, I shot ‘Pillars of the Earth’ in Budapest – it was a big part, but I had a lot of time to sit around and visit cafes.
Eddie Redmayne
Then he kissed her, not just a brush of lips as she’d done, but a kiss a kiss that scalded her tongue. The tree burst into full blooms. The garden fluttered around her. A riot of flowers shot out of the earth. She was mud-covered as he pulled back.
Melissa Marr
I remember thinking when I set out to direct my movie that it was all about lenses and the shots you were going to get. Really, directing is about tapping into what makes us the most human, telling stories, emotions, and managing a group of empathetic people.
Marielle Heller
Pacquiao has been stopped a ‘couple of times by body shots and has been knocked out and I don’t think there’s anything you can do to improve your ribs or chin.
Ricky Hatton
A fool’s bolt is soon shot.
William Shakespeare
I don’t take any of the medications I took when I was younger: antibiotics, antacids, aspirin, asthma inhalers, ulcer medication, allergy shots.
Alicia Silverstone
A jump shot can get you a shoe deal, a big house, a supermodel, fancy cars, a bunch of yes men, a Swiss bank account. But none of these things can get you a jump shot
Allen Iverson
To achieve longevity you will have cycles. No one gets there in one straight shot.
Rob Lowe
My rhymes are like shot clocks,
interstate cops
and blood clots,
my point is your flow gets stopped.
Talib Kweli
I’ll tell you what, our inner cities are so, so bad right now. The danger, the crime, the lack of education, no jobs. African Americans are living in hell in our – in the inner cities. I mean, they’re living – they’re living in hell. You walk to the store for a loaf of bread; you get shot.
Donald Trump
When you’re setting up your dating profile, choose the photos according to who you are today. A variety of recent shots that are a true representation of your character.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
And all of the big shots of the car industry are there, strutting their stuff. And that year, they’re feeling especially good because cars were selling more than ever before.
David Maraniss
Only one thing is ever guaranteed, that is that you will definitely not achieve the goal if you don’t take the shot.
Wayne Gretzky
Think of golf as chess. You have to think two or three moves ahead every time you hit the ball. Over every shot, you should be thinking, ‘Where do I need to put this ball in order to make my next shot as easy as possible.
Gary McCord
Bubba shot the jukebox last night, said it played a sad song and it made him cry.
Mark Chesnutt
And I meant to tell you: that was a one-in-a-thousand shot.” She raised her hand. “Don’t.” “It was awesome,” George confirmed. “It really was,” Jack said. “His head exploded.
Ilona Andrews
Dad’s tiny – his passport picture is a full-length shot. He looks like he just hopped off a key ring. Mum is a different matter, she’s a bit of a handful to say the least. I love her more than anyone on this Earth. But she’s a monster.
Ricky Hatton
The goal is to have to do the shot again because the camera guy shook a little bit as he was laughing. Without that happening, I’m not happy because there’s nothing better for me than a world that everybody’s just trying to make each other laugh.
Matthew Perry
When I was getting overly ‘droppy,’ that’s when I was hitting shots left and right. That’s what we were doing, so maybe if my swing was a touch flatter, I wouldn’t drop the club as much.
Lydia Ko
I think that, on the one hand, our audience, our culture is so savvy now to an assumption that teaser effects are not fully representative of the final product. But in the same breath, I would say there’s no shot in the teaser that I’m not really happy with.
Shawn Anthony Levy
While the human gaze becomes more and more fixed, losing some of its natural speed and sensitivity, photographic shots, on the contrary, become even faster.
Paul Virilio
I shot a vein in my neck and coughed up a quaalude.
Lou Reed
Air warfare is a shot through the brain, not a hacking to pieces of the enemy’s body.
J. F. C. Fuller
We shot on location in our very first weeks, in our very first shows. I would like to go on location again, Hawaii would be good!! But normally, we tape five days a week in the studio starting at about 8:00 a.m. and continuing until about 8:00 p.m.
Juliet Mills
You’re trying to play an archetype on one hand and a character on the other, so I felt insanely frustrated, right up until the last shot, and then it ended.
Robert Pattinson
Once I started working with the Polaroid, I would take a shot and if that shot was good, then I’d move the model and change the lighting or whatever… slowly sneaking up on what I wanted rather than having to predetermine what it was.
Chuck Close