Six Year Olds Quotes

Six Year Olds Quotes by Louise Bates Ames, Peter Andre, Raul Julia, Brock Chisholm, Noah Hawley, Dhani Harrison and many others.

Your typical Six-year-old is a paradoxical little perso

Your typical Six-year-old is a paradoxical little person, and bipolarity is the name of his game
Louise Bates Ames
You get to live your life again through the eyes of your children. I conquered a fear the other day by going on a roller coaster, I haven’t been on one in 15 years – I felt like I was six years old.
Peter Andre
I remember I was like five or six years old; I played the devil. That was my first role.
Raul Julia
Conscience is what your mother told you before you were six years old.
Brock Chisholm
I’m thirty-six years old and I’ve been married once and he left and I don’t want to feel this way anymore. Like I can’t be vulnerable. Can’t relax. It’s exhausting, always being on the defensive, keeping my guard up. I feel like Cuba.
Noah Hawley
I was recording stuff with my dad when I was like five, six years old. I played with him on tour. I’d gone with him to Japan in ’91, played some gigs, did a couple shows at the Albert Hall.
Dhani Harrison
A six year old can probably do more on their iPad than you can do and access more. My daughter’s swiping away windows and doing all these things that I don’t know how to do.
Patricia Arquette
I have been in the music industry ever since I was six years old. I have been inspired by so many great artists and of course trying to be original at the same time. I try not to work under boundaries while I’m making music.
Asher Monroe
At one point, I was painting shells and selling them at gas stations for five cents. I was six years old or something.
Joshua Greenberg
I was probably six years old when I first sang before an audience.
Brian McKnight
I have met a couple of six-year-olds who were apparently quite excited to meet me – before they actually met me. And when they actually met me they ran behind their parents’ legs and cowered for shelter.
Tom Felton
And we will NOT let Campbell’s Soup, Old Navy, or anybody ELSE, HAMMER into the minds of girls as YOUNG as SIX YEARS OLD that they should ALWAYS hate their bodies and ALWAYS be on a diet!
Jello Biafra
Country artists, I met a lot of them when I was five, six years old. I had an uncle who was a country and western singer and I met Lefty Frizzell when I was five or six years old in those shows that would come through Toronto from Nashville.
Rick Danko
Mentioning violence to Bruce was like mentioning chocolate sauce to a six-year-old.
Robert Muchamore
The worst case scenario sees the Amazon rainforest burning, huge amounts of methane being released by Siberian peat bogs and so on – by the time today’s six year olds are 60, such a scenario would see global warming already out of control.
Mark Lynas
From the time I was six years old, I wanted to be a BMX Racer and be the best.
Donny Robinson
If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself. Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.
Henry David Thoreau
In the backseat Moose and Squirrel inhabited a pair of six-year-old-twins, and wouldn’t stop bickering and picking their noses. They were clearly in their element.
Neal Shusterman
All my life, all my life that I can, as far back as I can remember, I saw my first movie when I was six years old. And since then I wanted to do that. I wanted to be a part of that.
Morgan Freeman
I am the granddaughter of a Welsh coal miner who was determined that his kids get out of the mines. My dad got his first job when he was six years old, in a little village in Wales called Nantyffyllon, cleaning bottles at the Colliers Arms.
Ann Romney
I don’t feel any part of religion. I think the Bible is God’s gift of salvation that He gave me because I trusted in Him when I was six year-old. It was a gift and I didn’t earn it.
Victoria Jackson
One time I was at a swimming pool with my kids, a public pool. I had my daughter, my six year old, on my arm like this. She was like clamped on, and she’s kicking. … And then she got off and another random child just clamped on. It’s like a rat. “Get off of me.” “But I love you.” “I don’t know you, kid.”
Louis C. K.
My favorite random email I got was from some guy who wrote: “Mr. Max, with the hope of a six year old on the night before Christmas asking about Santa, I ask the same question: Do you really exist?
Tucker Max
You’ll get my assault weapon when you pry it out of my curious six-year-old’s cold dead hands.
Anthony Jeselnik
Well, when I was six years old I decided, not that I was going to be, but with my usual modesty, that I was a writer.
Edward Albee
Yara: Youre a great warrior. I saw the bodies above your gates. Which one gave you the tougher fight, the cripple or the six year old?
I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old.
Warren Buffett
You can’t write about people out of textbooks, and you can’t use jargon. You have to speak clearly and simply and purely in a language that a six-year-old child can understand; and yet have the meanings and the overtones of language, and the implications, that appeal to the highest intelligence.
Katherine Anne Porter
I muttered a swear word to myself. After I heard Angel cussing like a sailor when she stubbed her toe, my new resolution was to watch my language. All I needed was a six-year-old mutant with a potty mouth
James Patterson
Both of my parents were raised in Christian homes, which was great. They instilled in us that God came first and they showed us what it was like to have a relationship with Christ. I accepted Christ at a young age, at the age of six years old, and just tried to play hockey and balance that.
Mike Fisher
In my imagination yes, I remember, when I was six years old, I was conducting all this concert in my house. But now it’s real.
Gustavo Dudamel
I have six-year-old fans that weren’t even around for ‘Genie in a Bottle’ or even ‘Fighter.’
Christina Aguilera
Came out my mama’s pussy, I’m on welfare. Twenty-six years old, still on welfare.
Ol’ Dirty Bastard
I started skating when I was six years old.
Nancy Kerrigan
Why would twenty-six-year-old “teenagers” care about political ramifications if their backs are not up against the wall? But if their backs are against the wall they may be plucked to fight in Iraq, and all of sudden they become politicized real quick.
Chuck D
I create books for six-year-olds. I don’t know why that time of my life was so important to me, but no matter what I draw, it always looks like it comes from a children’s book. I can’t resist. I’ll set out to paint a serious picture then think, “Well, maybe there would be a little bunny in that corner.”
Jan Brett
It’s been a dream for me since I was six years old to go to the Olympic Games and to finally have that dream realised is something massive for me.
Natalie du Toit
I’m fifty-six years old – I’m as old as rock ‘n roll.
Don Letts
My daughter’s wanted to be an actress since she was six years old, but I didn’t want her to go through the same experiences as I did as a child actor.
Ricky Schroder
I was six years old when my parents told me that there was a small, dark jewel inside my skull, learning to be me.
Greg Egan
There were so many ways to be twenty-six years old.
J. Courtney Sullivan
I grew up in church. That’s how most young African American musicians learn how to perform. You could be six years old and playing organ or drums in front of thousands or hundreds of people.
Robert Glasper
Learning lines is hard for me because I have the attention span of a six year old. That’s why being on planes all the time is so useful – I’m forced to learn out of boredom.
Eddie Redmayne
For me, it’s been liberating to put myself in the mind of a fictitious six year-old each day, and rediscover my own curiosity. I’ve been amazed at how one idea leads to others if I allow my mind to play and wander.
Bill Watterson
Can you giggle while racing for your life and protecting a six-year-old? I can.
James Patterson
So you’re six years old, you’re reading ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,’ and it becomes rapidly obvious that there are only two kinds of men in the world: dwarves and Prince Charmings. And the odds are seven to one against your finding the prince.
Emily Levine
I started writing little short stories and poems as soon as I learned to read and write. I think I was six years old. And then when I got to be eleven, twelve, and into my teens, I was just listening to records all the time, and I got a guitar. I started to take guitar lessons when I was twelve.
Lucinda Williams
I’m just like any other regular mum; cooking, cleaning, wiping butts, picking up after kids, being a wife and helping the kids with their homework. Mind you, I’m terrible at maths. I can’t even do my six-year-old’s maths homework with her.
Gwyneth Paltrow
When a man is small, he loves and hates food with a ferocity which soon dims. At six years old his very bowels will heave when such a dish as creamed carrots or cold tapioca appear before him.
M. F. K. Fisher
I’m thirty-six years old. I’m just getting started!
Marilyn Monroe
Six-year-olds are very wrapped up in their own lives, and that’s the way it should be.
Steve Carell
I mean, in 1979 I was seven. I do remember punk, though, as a playground phenomenon, and remember that it was exciting to us. It really was, to a five- or six-year-old, quite a thrilling enticement to revolt. The anarchy sign scratched in desk tops, and so on.
Quentin S. Crisp
Acting is something I’ve done since I was six years old, performing for my mum and my family in the living room, and I do it because my heart’s in it.
Lily Cole
A person dies every second, but there’s also a six year old somewhere, every second, trying to move an apple with his mind.
Craig Stone
I am six years old and instead of celebrating with birthday cakes, I chew on a piece of charcoal.
Loung Ung
I became a Christian when I was a little six-year-old boy.
Larry Gatlin
I got my first trumpet when I was six years old, from Al Hirt. My father was playing in Al Hirt’s band at that time.
Wynton Marsalis
A three-year-old is not half a six-year-old.
Ken Robinson
For whatever reason I just remembered being six years old and my parents leaving the house and trusting me to be alone. I had an older sister, I think she was supposed to babysit me but she immediately ran across the street to her friend’s house.
Kathleen Hanna
I can go back to when I was six years old. I was always getting in trouble for dreaming, and the things I got in trouble for dreaming then are the things I’m doing today.
Michael Flatley
I didn’t really have the entire high school experience. I’ve been working since I was six years old, so I didn’t go to the classic high school.
Thomas Ian Nicholas
I’ve been acting since I was six years old, but not professionally.
Jacqueline Emerson
Well, since I’m six years old, I’ve been playing the violin, the piano, I’ve been singing. It’s always been a dream of mine, but I really never had the courage to actually go and do it professionally.
Paris Hilton
I started when I was six years old. My first coach was my granny, she was the best player in Slovakia.
Daniela Hantuchova
Katsa now sat calmly on the stomach of her vanquished foe. “He was handsome,” said said. Po moaned. “Was he beat-to-a-pulp handsome, or perhaps just push-down-a-flight-of-stairs handsome?” “I would not push a seventy six year old man down a flight of stairs,” said Katsa indignantly.
Kristin Cashore
A lot of my fears and anxieties are the fears and anxieties of a six-year-old boy. When I finally confront them, they’re really small.
Bill Burr
Artists are kids. I feel like I’m six years old.
Sergei Polunin
I’ve always hate child stars, starting from way back when, when I was a child. The first child star I saw was Shirley Temple. She was six years old, two foot six and the biggest star in Hollywood. She wore ribbons in her hair, and frilly little pinafores and shiny patent-leather tap shoes – just like the boys in Glee do.
Joan Rivers
I was sixty-six years old. I still had to make a living. I looked at my social security check of 105 dollars and decided to use that to try to franchise my chicken recipe. Folks had always liked my chicken.
Colonel Sanders
When I was six years old my friend was auditioning for ‘Annie,’ and I decided I wanted to audition with her. My mom was worried I would fall flat on my face because I’d never opened my mouth to sing, so she sent me to vocal lessons. I did the audition and fell in love with the entire process of a show.
Jacqueline Emerson
I often meet adults in their 30s, 40s, or 50s who, as soon as they recognize me, suddenly become six years old again.
Clayton Moore
I never met a white person till I was a grown man. I never went to school with a white till I was twenty-six years old, at Harvard Law School. The insult of segregation was searing and unforgettable. It has left a great scar, and will be with me for the rest of my life.
Randall Robinson
We tell our kids that policemen are good and God protects us and our country is noble, and at a certain point – and for some it comes quite early, five or six years old – we start to realize that it’s all a facade.
Harold Ramis
When I was six years old, my mother died; and then, for the first time, I learned, by the talk around me, that I was a slave.
Harriet Ann Jacobs
Life begins at six–at least in the minds of six-year-olds. . . . In kindergarten you are the baby. In first grade you put down the baby. . . . Every first grader knows in some osmotic way that this is real life. . . . First grade is the first step on the way to a place in the grown-up world.
Stella Chess
I never had a chance to play with dolls like other kids. I started working when I was six years old.
Billie Holiday
Asking liberals where wages and prices come from is like asking six-year-olds where babies come from.
Thomas Sowell