Stone Quotes

Stone Quotes by Mekhi Phifer, Elvis Mitchell, Patti Davis, Paige, Muddy Waters, Alphonso Davies and many others.

I hated how Sam Rothstein got manipulated by Sharon Sto

I hated how Sam Rothstein got manipulated by Sharon Stone’s character in ‘Casino.’ I mean, I just hate how he gets manipulated; that just gets ridiculous to me. I know it’s historic, but I hated that.
Mekhi Phifer
The world may not be ready yet for the film equivalent of books on tape, but this peculiar phenomenon has arrived in the form of the film adaptation of J. K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.’
Elvis Mitchell
My father’s body lies in a stone tomb high on a hill. People walk by, pause, think their own thoughts about him and move on, back to their own lives. I can never move on. He is everywhere.
Patti Davis
I always really enjoyed Edge’s entrance theme. Also Stone Cold. WWE once asked me in an interview, if I had to change my entrance music, whose would I choose, and I said Edge. So they created a video of me using that song, and I was like, ‘I’m in love.’
I rambled all the time. I was just like that, like a rollin’ stone.
Muddy Waters
Being able to have the World Cup in Canada, Mexico and the USA is a great honor for us. Being able to speak at the ceremony that announced they were bringing it here was a stepping stone for a young player like me. I’m happy that it’s coming to Canada.
Alphonso Davies
I really love getting hot stone massages. They really help me relax and it’s so soothing for your muscles.
Leona Lewis
We may be up against a stone wall, but we don’t have to bloody our heads against it unless we choose to.
William Glasser
Primarily, I am a prose writer with axes to grind, and the theatre is a good place to do the grinding in. I prefer comedy to ‘serious’ drama because I believe one can get the ax sharper on the comedic stone.
Gore Vidal
Virtually any pointed edifice is considered a candidate for alien engineering. After all, how could the Egyptians or Mayans have possibly stacked up stone blocks into pyramids?
Seth Shostak
I would love to see myself as versatile – I think that’s important as a player – but I think, realistically, I feel like kind of how the team sees me is probably more set in stone as a center-back defender, which is totally fine.
Julie Ertz
A cookery book should be there for inspiration. Recipes should be a guideline, and they shouldn’t be cast in stone.
Marco Pierre White
I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was 6 years old. I was literally picked off the streets of Paris… while I was modeling there. I was asked to audition for Oliver Stone’s ‘Alexander.’ I didn’t get the part, but that led to commercials and roles in South Africa.
Tanit Phoenix
My dad’s a history buff, and I spent a lot of time on Hadrian’s Wall. I became fascinated by the idea of what was so terrifying up there that the Romans built a 60-mile long, 30-ft-high stone wall to keep it out.
Neil Marshall
The proud, the cold untroubled heart of stone, that never mused on sorrow but its own.
Thomas Campbell
One of the downfalls of not being in Stone Sour was I sat at home for two and a half years, and I hadn’t ever done that since we started touring in 1999. I was really nervous and freaked out.
Jim Root
If I hadn’t spent many years trying to be as compassionate as Mother Teresa, as positive a thinker as W. Clement Stone, as prolific a writer as Stephen King, and as good a speaker as many of the legends I have studied, I would not be as successful as I am today.
Jack Canfield
I was about 14 and I was having a lot of problems with my mom at home, and she really wanted me to focus on school and basketball. But music was all I wanted to do. I felt out of time and out of step with everyone, because they were all into hip-hop and I was so into Sly Stone and Prince.
Van Hunt
I don’t think anything can prepare you for the ‘Strictly’ experience. It really is insane. I mean, I played football, rugby, American football. I go to the gym. I like to think I’d be quite fit, and I don’t have much fat on me to lose, and yet I still lost a stone and half and three inches off my waist.
Ricky Whittle
I took a musician friend of mine to a Rolling Stone concert once, and all he did was cringe. I asked him what was wrong, and he said, ‘Keith Richards’ guitar is out of tune.’ But ‘Tumbling Dice’ still sounded great to me.
Robert Hilburn
Back in the Stone Age, before there were workshops, it was a very difficult idea to get into musical theatre. Normally, you would be a chorus girl or boy and write something. People would get their start as rehearsal pianists or dance assistants.
Maury Yeston
One of the biggest disagreements between Sen. Hagan and I – I don’t believe we should be building an economy that’s founded on making ends meet on minimum wage. It’s impossible; it’s a stepping stone.
Thom Tillis
Get your education, and if you see small opportunities, take them. Each one could be a stepping stone to something bigger.
Trisha Yearwood
I guess I feel like it’s a gift to meet those talented artists like George Lucas and Oliver Stone, Spike Lee and Richard Kelly. Even if it’s a small role, it’s a gift to be working that closely with them.
Bai Ling
I think it’s really cool that there are people like Adele on the cover of ‘Vogue’ and ‘Rolling Stone,’ and like I think it’s really important that people are talking about your body, because if they don’t, then you’ll never be able to break that barrier.
Beth Ditto
The whole earth is the tomb of heroic men and their story is not given only on stone over their clay but abides everywhere without visible symbol woven into the stuff of other mens lives.
Having animals in the city is entirely different from having animals out in the country. For one thing, it’s more social. When you live on lots of acres without neighbors within a stone’s throw, your dog-walks are usually solitary rambles over hill and dale.
Susan Orlean
It’s not unusual for a would-be entrepreneur to get turned down half a dozen times before finding a willing investor – yet in most companies, it takes only one ‘nyet’ to kill a project stone dead.
Gary Hamel
I’d read Stone Cold’s biography about how he lived on, like, raw potatoes, and I thought, this is all part of it. This is what wrestlers do, and this is what I’m going to do.
Becky Lynch
I owe my mum a sense of family. She has kept our family together. I have two brothers and a sister, and they all live a stone’s throw away from each other in Liverpool.
David Morrissey
We should leave no stone unturned to protect and account for those who sacrifice so much in defense of everything this country stands for.
Ronny Jackson
I used to imitate Stone Cold Steve Austin. Identical. I literally made my own waistcoat like Stone Cold, put a little ‘3:16’ I cut out of newspapers for it.
Anthony Yarde
In all the things I’ve gone through as a politician, I have seen that in this system it is really very difficult to make any headway without being somehow tainted. And let me say, ‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.’
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
It is the city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone.
Erica Jong
My fashion is inspired by Tina Turner and Sharon Stone.
Justin Tranter
When you start a show, the plans are not set in stone. They’re really mutable, cocktail napkin sketches.
Eric Kripke
I wish to say to you that the life of an enlightened people and a vibrant nation cannot be measured by the life of an individual. A successful person is one who manages to lay down a new stone, a brick that would help firm up his nation’s existence.
Hussein of Jordan
Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before.
Jacob Riis
I done wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale; handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail; only last week, I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalised a brick; I’m so mean I make medicine sick.
Muhammad Ali
There are always people who are desperate to put you in your one camp and never let you leave. The idea that you could be interested in the Yazidi community and also in lipstick blows people’s minds. It’s a really short-sighted, Stone Age attitude; it’s boring, actually.
Stacey Dooley
I tend to regard the Coase theorem as a stepping stone on the way to an analysis of an economy with positive transaction costs.
Ronald Coase
Human brains – in terms of cognition and emotion and consciousness – are essentially the same as they were at the time of Shakespeare or Jesus or Cleopatra or the Stone Age. They are not evolving with the pace of change.
Matt Haig
I’m a huge music fan. I usually say that if I had been born with a musical inclination, it would’ve been great. The Beatles changed everything for me, and I wanted to be a journalist for ‘Rolling Stone.’ I’m a big music fan in a Cameron Crowe way, kind of in a spectator way.
Emma Stone
Man is alone everywhere. But the solitude of the Mexican, under the great stone night of the high plateau that is still inhabited by insatiable gods, is very different from that of the North American, who wanders in an abstract world of machines, fellow citizens and moral precepts.
Octavio Paz
Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and I love that. It’s cool to have different foods from all over the world within a stone’s throw of my house.
Rick Bayless
Who do you think made the first stone spears? The Asperger guy. If you were to get rid of all the autism genetics, there would be no more Silicon Valley.
Temple Grandin
There’s no point in making predictions. It’s not worth speculating because nothing is set in stone and things change all the time in football. Today there are opportunities that no one knows if they will come round again in the future.
Cristiano Ronaldo
For a novelist, the great thing about the Stone Age people is that we know virtually nothing about their beliefs – which means that I get to make it up! But it’s still got to be plausible.
Michelle Paver
In Sweden we have a jazz festival, and I would try to see all these people like Angie Stone there when I was younger.
Snoh Aalegra
If your aim is to give practical, sensible advice about losing weight – and not how to drop a stone in five days – you should encourage reasonable expectations, instead of dangerous ones, along with exercise and healthy eating.
Jo Swinson
Like a lot of films at the end of 2008, they hit a wall with financing, which is why I moved back onto ‘Stone.’ In doing so, I had to let go of ‘The Beautiful and the Damned,’ to at least give them an opportunity to move forward with somebody else.
John Curran
Jesse Stone did more to develop the basic rock-and-roll sound than anybody else.
Ahmet Ertegun
Before a show, I usually give myself two-and-a-half hours to get ready. I prepare my shoes first. New ballet pumps can sound like tap shoes. You have to take the noise out of them by hitting them against stone. It takes half an hour to do each pair, and I can go through three pairs in one night.
Darcey Bussell
It’s not like I decided to continue the Stone Temple Pilots.
Jeff Gutt
I suppose, in a way, one could say I may be less interested in my career than the audience is. Not to mean that I’m disinterested in my career, but I don’t see it in terms of one stepping stone or, ‘Now I’m going to go into my blue phase,’ or what have you.
Peter Hammill
It’s the best thing, me leaving Stone Sour.
Jim Root
The slavery at Bufford’s was too fresh in my recollection to let me care to bind myself again. From the time that I took my nose off that lithographic stone, I have had no master, and never shall have any.
Winslow Homer
What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.
When I get old and slow down I want to look behind me and see all the fire and the wreckage and no stone left unturned.
Aisha Tyler
I have played in matches where individuals have frozen and gone into their shells: they don’t want the ball, they don’t communicate, and they don’t do their jobs. Fear turns them to stone.
Alex Scott
When we pray to Buddha, we are not praying to a piece of stone, an image of Buddha, but we pray to the soul of Buddha behind the piece of stone. The souls of the people who are dead now are still with us.
Rithy Panh
I’ve built my whole life around loving music. I’m a writer for ‘Rolling Stone,’ so I am constantly searching for new bands and soaking up new sounds.
Rob Sheffield
I’m out to prove that NXT is not to be overlooked, that it’s not a stepping stone or an easy place to compete. Every single guy and girl down there is hungry.
Tyson Kidd
I’ve never thought too much of ‘Rolling Stone.’ The first thing I’d do is look at about 50 or 60 of the drummers they have ahead of me and go, ‘Oh yeah, right!’
Butch Trucks
As a late teenager, I had some puppy fat on me, and I noticed that I could put on weight. I have always been very disciplined because my mother was very beautiful, a very pretty woman, but she was immobilised by obesity. At her biggest, she was about 17 stone. And she was always on some sort of fad diet.
Trudie Styler
The stone often recoils on the head of the thrower.
Elizabeth I
Everybody knows who Gandhi is. Who knows Jesse Stone?
Jesse Stone
When I was 15, I was about seven stone – the average weight for a kid of 11 in them days was about nine stone. I managed to keep my head down because there was about half a dozen heavies in the class and there was bullying in them days. But I stayed one step ahead of them all the time.
Alex Higgins
Humans had run barefoot for millennia, and some still preferred doing so in the modern Stone Age of the mid-20th century, when the handful of people running for exercise often wore whatever they happened to have on at the moment of inspiration.
Steve Rushin
Every garden scheme should have a backbone, a central idea beautifully phrased. Every wall, path, stone and flower should have its relationship to the central idea.
Edwin Lutyens
The A tour has always given me an opportunity to prove myself in the higher league as this is the stepping stone.
Shreyas Iyer
I don’t like things set in stone.
Vanessa Paradis
I measure success in terms of the connection with the audience, which we’ve been able to do in spades. I mean, it’s very hard to do that. You think about it, you go back in time, you can say, ‘Well, there’s, like, ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Rolling Stone’ or ‘MTV.’ I think ‘Vice’ is in that category now.
Tom Freston
I may worship the image of the Lord; but that act is worthless if it is not accompanied with devotion. In the absence of devotion, the idol will just be a piece of stone, and so shall I; and the worship will only mean that a stone is facing a stone!
Vinoba Bhave
I’m a fan of Oliver Stone. I like his movies, I like his excess, and I think he has a great capacity for empathy and it comes out more powerfully in this movie than in any of his other films, even the formal ‘I’m identifying with the underdog’ movies like ‘Born on the Fourth of July.’
Greil Marcus
Once the fired stone is out of the kiln, it is still possible to mentally reconstruct it in its original form.
Andy Goldsworthy
Bollywood is not a stepping stone to the West. I am extremely picky and in no hurry to sign a Hollywood film. I am only greedy for great roles; language and country is no barrier. And yes, I’ll always be a Hindi film star first.
Priyanka Chopra
No one should be allowed to make music as if he were made of wood. One must reproduce the musical text exactly, but not play like a stone.
Olivier Messiaen
Virtue is like a rich stone, best plain set.
Francis Bacon
Writing a film is like building a brick wall. You have a plan, and you have the blocks. Then, somebody says, ‘I think we’ll take this stone out of here and put it over there. And while we’re at it, let’s make this stone red and that stone green.’
Leigh Brackett
In business, standards establish the rules of the game, creating path dependencies as investments are made and corresponding designs are set in stone and plastic. Inferior standards can prevail due to smart marketing or industry collusion.
Evgeny Morozov
Diesel coming down with shades, being seven feet tall with an all-black outfit on and the gloves; The Rock when he was wearing $800 Versace shirts; and Stone Cold, obviously, with the way he carried himself and the way he spoke and holding the microphone – these are the things that made me want to become a pro wrestler.
Enzo Amore
Colin Powell has said over the years that Saddam Hussein is like a toothache. It recurs from time to time, and you just have to live with it. At other times, he’s compared Saddam Hussein to a kidney stone that will eventually pass. But he has never said, ‘You have to operate and take out the kidney stone.’
Elaine Sciolino
I’ve done movies with Oliver Stone and Michael Mann. And I’ve done quite a few dramas in my time, from the theatre to film work. I just think the audience is used to seeing me on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and ‘K-9,’ and ‘Curly Sue’ and of course, ‘According to Jim.’ I think that my comedies have been the most popular.
James Belushi
Book-matched marble is one of the truest ways to showcase the natural beauty of the stone and can become a statement piece of art.
Jeremiah Brent
When I’m working on a Slipknot song, it’s like a switch flips in my head. I can go there easily – it doesn’t take a lot of soul searching – and it’s a dark, almost sinister place. Stone Sour is more the way I’ve always written. It’s a different tone.
Corey Taylor
People who are offended by the Ten Commandments have a deeper problem than the stone that it’s written on, I think.
Judy Martz
People that like Slipknot that could care less about Stone Sour, people that like Stone Sour that don’t know a lot of Slipknot.
Jim Root
Traditionally, our society has always seen women as homemakers and men as bread-earners. The demarcations are engraved in stone, perhaps.
Neena Gupta
Your entire life only happens in this moment. The present moment is life itself. Yet, people live as if the opposite were true and treat the present moment as a stepping stone to the next moment – a means to an end.
Eckhart Tolle
I wanted to know the name of every stone and flower and insect and bird and beast. I wanted to know where it got its color, where it got its life – but there was no one to tell me.
George Washington Carver
The heart hid still in the dark, hard as the Philosopher’s Stone.
Paul Celan
A small species of pinus was much prized, and, when dwarfed in the manner of the Chinese, fetched a very high price; it is generally grafted on a variety of the stone pine.
Robert Fortune
Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.
Ursula K. Le Guin
Become dust – and they will throw thee in the air; Become stone – and they will throw thee on glass.
Muhammad Iqbal
By 1993, the Stone Roses had become this huge, beautiful cruise ship just floating about in the middle of nowhere with no captain.
Ian Brown
I felt that in time simple stone tools would be found in early Pleistocene in England.
Louis Leakey
It is curious to reflect, for example, upon the remarkable legend of the Philosopher’s Stone, one of the oldest and most universal beliefs, the origin of which, however far back we penetrate into the records of the past, we do not probably trace its real source.
Frederick Soddy
My personal medicine bundle is my backpack that I have at the top of the course. Each person’s medicine bundle is different and sacred and not to be spoken of. I have some goodies in my bundle. And my power stone is a quartz crystal that I love and wear almost every day.
Jamie Anderson
I would say my most disappointing moment was not competing in a match even though I was Divas Champion at ‘WrestleMania XXVII.’ Although, I did get to be a part of a fun backstage segment with Stone Cold, the Rock, and Mae Young… not too shabby!
Eve Torres
I wasn’t rapping and freestyling in high school. I wasn’t telling people I was gonna be a rapper when I was a little kid. It wasn’t set in stone that it was my dream.
Lil Xan
We love a lot of vampire fiction – both fiction in which the vampires are enemies to be battled or stone cold foxes to be dated.
Sarah Rees Brennan
Because of how I looked, there was definitely a prejudice against me. People didn’t think I could play. I could see why: I weighed about eight stone and was six foot bleeding seven.
Peter Crouch
To me this movie is about what is valuable. To one person it might be a stone; to someone else, a story in a magazine; to another, it is a child. The juxtaposition of one man obsessed with finding a valuable diamond with another man risking his life to find his son is the beating heart of this film.
Edward Zwick
General McChrystal had to go. Whatever his virtues as a strategist and commander, the ‘Rolling Stone’ interview fatally compromised his ability to represent the United States in dealing with allies and to act within the circle of people who must make decisions in Afghanistan.
Jim Talent
Auditioning is so different than doing the work in some ways. It’s very much about solving the scene, I think, and coming in with a strong take, but not having it set in stone.
Carrie Preston
When I started working for Rolling Stone, I became very interested in journalism and thought maybe that’s what I was doing, but it wasn’t.
Annie Leibovitz
I’m a career Air Force officer. We have a saying in the Air Force: ‘If you want people to be with you at the crash, you’ve got to put them on the manifest.’ And so I was always of the view to almost leave no stone unturned when you’re up there briefing the Hill.
Michael Hayden
I put weight on easily if I eat too much and don’t exercise. When I went on my honeymoon in 1999, I put on a stone in three weeks!
Debra Stephenson
I’m big into the Stone Roses.
Guy Martin
I finish so many books it’s amazing. I’m also doing Rosetta Stone, learning some French.
Kellan Lutz
Some of the guys in Stone Sour, I think they just want to be a radio band and write strictly for radio and try to be more of a poppy rock band. And that’s not really what I’m into.
Jim Root
Character is always known. Thefts never enrich; alms never impoverish; murder will speak out of stone walls.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor.
Albert Camus
In terms of style I typically veer toward a certain masculinity. My style inspirations range from images of my father in his 1970s suits, to Tilda Swinton, to Hugh Hefner, to Sharon Stone and her ferocious sexuality, to handsome men I see on the streets of New York.
Rachael Taylor
The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time.
Henry David Thoreau
The arts investigate the properties of the world by playing with materials – such as stone, paint, fabric, synthetic substances, the human body, the human voice and of course language.
Michael Rosen
If you really want to go after something, you have to keep hammering at the stone whether or not the first hit or the 100th hit breaks the stone. You’ve got to believe that the stone is going to break.
Spencer Dinwiddie
I learned that the first technology appeared in the form of stone tools, 2.6 million years ago. First entertainment comes evidence from flutes that are 35,000 years old. And evidence for first design comes 75,000 years old – beads. And you can do the same with your genes and track them back in time.
Zeresenay Alemseged
The first time I heard Adam Feeney and Chester Stone Hansen’s ‘Vibez,’ it was used in Drake’s ‘0-100’ as a sample.
We didn’t roll credits after ‘Monday Night Raw.’ You know, it didn’t say, ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin played by Steve Austin,’ so all of a sudden people think that’s who and what you are 24/7, you know, 365 days a year.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The stone which Jacob consecrated at Bethel the generation of the living continues to anoint, paying the tithes which of old he vowed to the house of God there.
Julius Wellhausen
The brain is highly structured, but it is also extremely flexible. It’s not a blank slate, but it isn’t written in stone, either.
Alison Gopnik
My solution to the problem would be to tell the North Vietnamese Communists frankly that they’ve got to drawn in their horns and stop their aggression or we’re going to bomb them into the stone age.
Curtis LeMay
We’re closer friends in Stone Sour than I am with the guys in Slipknot and that makes life a lot easier. I’m not trying to take anything away from Slipknot.
Jim Root
I’m going to die one day. I know it’s coming for me, too. I’ll be a mountain, I’ll be a stone on the beach. I’ll be nourishment.
Mary Oliver
Rob Kalin, Etsy’s founder, never finished college. Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey – the founders of Twitter – are not college graduates. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, is another dropout. And, of course, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
Caterina Fake
If I had married someone wealthy when I was young, I would have sunk like a stone. Being skint makes life quite clear. You’ve got to take that job.
Anna Chancellor
If civilization has risen from the Stone Age, it can rise again from the Wastepaper Age.
Jacques Barzun
I had been an abject fan of Robert Stone since the early eighties, when I borrowed a copy of ‘A Flag for Sunrise’ to read on a plane to Rome. I was twenty-something, with a first novel under my belt.
Madison Smartt Bell
If I was in the gutter, and my kids lived on the kerb, I’d go and get a job in B&Q before I’d reform the Roses. I gave everything I had to the Stone Roses and ended up hitting a brick wall. I’m never going to give anyone a foothold on that wall again.
Ian Brown
I think, in today’s football, you have to have a certain degree of technology. If not, you’re living in the stone ages.
John Dorsey
Whatever you do, do it with all your might. Work at it, early and late, in season and out of season, not leaving a stone unturned, and never deferring for a single hour that which can be done just as well now.
P. T. Barnum
I try to describe how I feel about this, about being closer and closer to the top of WWE, things like Madison Square Garden and to share a beer with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and to get a win over AJ Styles it’s almost like sensory overload, everything is happening so fast.
Cedric Alexander
If you look at the Rock’s crossover, Stone Cold, my dad too, in his era, I want to do that. I want to mean that much to the industry. That’s just a matter of working harder every single day.
Charlotte Flair
And were an epitaph to be my story I’d have a short one ready for my own. I would have written of me on my stone: I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.
Robert Frost
Gout produces calculus in the kidney… the patient has frequently to entertain the painful speculation as to whether gout or stone be the worst disease. Sometimes the stone, on passing, kills the patient, without waiting for the gout.
Thomas Sydenham
God can be realized through all paths. All religions are true. The important thing is to reach the roof. You can reach it by stone stairs or by wooden stairs or by bamboo steps or by a rope. You can also climb up by a bamboo pole.
My mom and I, we have two movies that we watch every year. We watch ‘The Family Stone’ and we watch ‘The Holiday’ and that’s kind of our thing. We may watch them twice. I always know it’s Christmas when my mom and I are on the couch watching that.
Carly Pearce
Ayrton was our toughest rival. He would leave no stone unturned to get the utmost out of his car and his team.
Nigel Mansell
I used to run ten miles every other day and eat very little. I was living in London on my own for the first time and no one was checking on me. I wasn’t anorexic but lost three stone. I weighed around seven. It lasted six months until I ran out of willpower.
Honeysuckle Weeks
I love Amanda Lear, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Stone.
Andreja Pejic
Fire is the origin of stone. By working the stone with heat, I am returning it to its source.
Andy Goldsworthy
My novel ‘Wolf Brother’ is set in northern Scandinavia during the late Stone Age, so I was aware from the start of Norse influences. I used some Norse names, and the soul-eater Thiazzi is based on the Norse storm giant, Thiassi.
Michelle Paver
I have always treated golf as a job. Back in the day it was in a pro shop. That win opened another door, it was a way to jumping on the stepping stone to where I am today. That’s the mental attitude you need to keep succeeding.
Ian Poulter
I went to see Oliver Stone’s ‘Heaven & Earth,’ which I thought was a wonderful movie, but I walked out because I was so moved. It was too painful to watch.
Jacqueline Bisset
I have a little history. I met Stone Temple Pilots, and their guitar player was a huge Extreme fan. Somewhere down the road, Extreme made its statement.
Gary Cherone
If I had to name my favorite media personality, it would be a tie between Jon Stewart and Trey Parker/Matt Stone. Honest, wise, funny, and right. Sam Sifton was right up there when he was writing food criticism for the ‘New York Times.’
R. J. Cutler
At the same time the Constitution sets in stone the Stability Pact and risks preventing member States from implementing a policy of growth. So we are not able to do things at the European or the national level.
Laurent Fabius
If you’re the strongest man on the planet, you ought to be able to pick up a stone or flip a tire.
Brian Shaw
A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish.
Oliver Herford
Don’t ripen picked tomatoes in the sun. Put underripe tomatoes and stone fruits in a paper bag in cool, dark place, and magic happens. And never, ever store them in the fridge: they turn mushy and flavorless.
Andrew Zimmern
When it comes to power, God Himself is the power. God often uses foolish things to confound the wise. That is why people like me will ever be grateful to God. In terms of knowledge, education and name, I am nowhere – a neglected stone.
T. B. Joshua
All us Youngs could throw. I used to kill squirrels with a stone when I was a kid, and my granddad once killed a turkey buzzard on the fly with a rock.
Cy Young
Halas used to tell his players that football is what you make of it. It should not be what defines you, but football should be a stepping stone for what you achieve in the rest of your life.
George Blanda
Have I ever written anything that has really changed something? What I believe is that you can’t change anything without using art. I believe that the drops wear away the stone. I try to be part of that army.
Henning Mankell
Anytime you do something in this arena, whether it’s public records or ethics, it’s not like throwing a stone in a quiet pond. It’s like throwing a boulder.
Kate Brown
The electoral calendar is set in stone, by law.
George T. Conway III
Every first thing is always a miracle. The first person you fall in love with. The first letter you receive. The first stone you throw. And in my conception of the novel, the letter becomes important. But what’s more important is the fact that we need to continue to tell each other stories.
Colum McCann
It is the parent’s job to see how their child learns and to make sure that the children’s self confidence is buoyed at all times, or they will plummet like a stone.
Henry Winkler
While other stone fruits grow tender on the surface as they ripen, apricots take an alternate path to maturity, softening from the inside out.
Samin Nosrat
Shortly after college, I was working in New York City at ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine.
Lisa Lampanelli
People from Tony Stone refused to let PhotoDisc become part of the industry trade association. Then we bought PhotoDisc. There was complete shock.
Mark Getty
I’m learning Spanish – I got Rosetta Stone for Christmas.
Karlie Kloss
For newcomers, modelling is like a stepping stone to acting. The exposure and experience in modelling helps… But for acting, we have to show a lot of hard work and dedication towards it.
Rakul Preet Singh
At one point I’m doing belly-dancing, big mirror-ball in me belly button with couple of tassels and me head on fire and I thought, ‘I could lose two stone.’
Dave Myers
The most enduring Top 10 ever written wasn’t written at all, but chiseled onto stone tablets and conveyed down Mount Sinai by Moses, who introduced to the world not just a set of Biblical precepts but also a new format for starting arguments: the list of 10 things.
Steve Rushin
Novel writing, like so many things in life, is an iterative process. You come at it again and again, working at it like you would a piece of pottery or a stone sculpture, chipping away the parts that don’t make sense, smoothing over the rough edges.
Kameron Hurley
Churches need to be intentional about reaching the next generation by creating templates for young people to see that there is a stepping stone for leadership in this church.
Tony Evans
Most rules that you think are written in stone are just societal. You can change the game and really reach for the stars and make the world a better place.
Sebastian Thrun
I look at my career as a body of work, not just Queens of the Stone Age records. I’m in Eagles of Death Metal, I’m in Them Crooked Vultures; I make records with other people.
Josh Homme
What makes us human depends on what place on our evolutionary path we’re talking about. If you go back six million years ago, what makes us human is that we were walking upright. That’s all. If you go to 2.6 million years ago, it’s the fact that we’re designing and making stone tools.
Donald Johanson
Winning the Miss India Earth 2013 title proved to be a stepping stone for a career in modelling and, eventually, films, though I didn’t aspire to become either a model or an actress.
Sobhita Dhulipala
Oliver Stone might think he’s a guy who chews with his mouth open and yells at the hired help, but the George W. Bush I’ve spent nearly three hours with is a warm, funny, smart, engaged, compassionate, patriotic, decent and honorable man.
Mike Gallagher
You’ve got to turn over every stone; you’ve got to look for every advantage. You need to make sure you’re doing everything you possibly can, not just on the field but off it, to give your team an advantage – from having a sleep expert coming to talk to your team to having an independent analysis of your team done.
Jill Ellis
The idea of suicide is of a very set narrative, as if killing yourself is a definitive statement. But it can be just as meaningless as throwing a stone in a river.
Denise Mina
He’s this amazing ambassador for all superheroes. What we’ve made as a film not only examines that but is also an amazing adventure story. It’s been an honor to work on. As a comic book fan, Superman is like the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes.
Zack Snyder
Rituparno Ghosh and Bharathirajaa are two directors who were born to direct.They can make even a stone act.
Riya Sen
Then hast our the Red Stone perfect with less labour, expense of time and costs, for the which ever thank God.
George Ripley
My own valuation moment: When I started ‘Antiques Roadshow,’ John Benjamin looked at my engagement ring, which is Victorian. I sat there as a visitor would and he dated it, talked me through the stone, which is an opal, and which mine it would have been from.
Fiona Bruce
Never treat anything you do as a stepping stone. Do it fully, and follow it completely.
Mira Nair
A whole army, though they can neither write nor read, are not afraid of a platform, which they know is but earth or stone; nor of a cannon, which, without a hand to give fire to it, is but cold iron; therefore a whole army is afraid of one man.
James Harrington
I consider a perfect hot dog on the street to be as valid a food experience as dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.
Andrew Zimmern
It’s kind of a lost art form, the musical, in a way, so when ‘La La Land’ came around, I couldn’t believe my luck. I just felt like I needed someone to keep on pinching me ’cause not only was it a chance to make a musical but to work with Damien Chazelle, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling.
Jessica Rothe
The last resort of kings, the cannonball. The last resort of the people, the paving stone.
Victor Hugo
I have heard from many readers since ‘The Girl in the Blue Beret’ came out. The story of my airline pilot, former B-17 bomber pilot Marshall Stone, on his search to find the people who helped him during World War II has struck a chord.
Bobbie Ann Mason
After acting for four years, in five languages, theatre became my stepping stone to TV and cinema.
Rajesh Khattar
Kids are meant to believe that their stepping stone to massive money is ‘The X Factor.’
Iain Duncan Smith
Know everything about the companies and people you are going to be negotiating with. Insist on getting the names of everyone participating in the negotiations. Leave no stone unturned; find out as much as you can.
Kevin O’Leary
I carve stone. I’ve got hammers and chisels and I carve from sandstone. I just did a big mural of birds and trees.
Peter Weir
A guy that I was supposed to face – and I think that he was just plain downright scared to get in the ring with me because he was one of those guys that was on top and saw a huge threat in Brock Lesnar at the time – that’s ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.
Brock Lesnar
During the Mueller investigation, Roger Stone lied to federal investigators and allegedly pressured one potential witness. Not good. Never good.
Trish Regan
We’re chipping away at our capacity for wonder. When hologram TVs eventually go on sale, they’ll cost ВЈ20,000 and be bought only by those strange, heroic, friendless men who live in flats piled high with giant 80s mobiles and DVD players weighing eight stone.
Peter Baynham
I’ve not thought about the Stone Roses since we quit. How many LPs do I have to make to stop people talking about it?
Ian Brown
Leave no stone unturned.
I met Michael Milken for the first time with Oliver Stone at the Drexel Burnham offices in Los Angeles.
Michael Douglas
I stone got crazy when I saw somebody run down them strings with a bottleneck. My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and I said that I had to learn.
Muddy Waters
That’s what prison did for me, it isolated me, you know, it polished me up like a stone.
Jayson Williams
My first workshop was in Rome, and that was the start of House of Waris. In a little magical atelier, a goldsmith, his apprentice, his stone setter – and that was where it began.
Waris Ahluwalia
It’s tempting to look back into history with rose-tinted glasses. Most people in the Stone Age didn’t live anywhere near as long as we’re living now. Today we can enjoy a more wide-ranging diet and we have fruit and vegetables available all year round.
Alice Roberts
I think the NFL season starts with the first three or four games and all the predictions come out. You’re either great on offense, bad on defense, great on defense, bad on offense. You’re either going to have a Super Bowl chance or you won’t. And I think after that, people kind of think everything’s set in stone.
Devin McCourty
Never be afraid to fail. Failure is only a stepping stone to improvement. Never be overconfident because that will block your improvement.
Tony Jaa
The best artist has that thought alone Which is contained within the marble shell; The sculptor’s hand can only break the spell To free the figures slumbering in the stone.
The Paddy Stone dancers were all upwards of 5ft 6in and stunningly beautiful. I was stocky, tough-looking and 5ft 3in. So I became determined to create my own troupe.
Arlene Phillips
Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart. O when may it suffice?
William Butler Yeats
My input for the first 16, 17 years of my life was AM radio, FM radio – pretty mainstream stuff. Rolling Stone was probably as edgy as it got.
Trent Reznor
Everything that moved, I was kicking it. You can ask my mum and dad. A stone, a can, whatever.
Ashley Young
When Oliver Stone and Woody Allen came forward to express sympathy for Mr. Weinstein, everybody rolled their eyes at them, too.
Wesley Morris
I felt the most intense pleasure in piercing the stone in order to make an abstract form and space; quite a different sensation from that of doing it for the purpose of realism.
Barbara Hepworth
The family has been the corner stone of my success in movies.
Balachandra Menon
I dislike religion quite intensely. It’s been the cause of all the grief in the world ever since they discovered the first stone to worship.
School boards are, for the most part,made up of political wannabes who see a board seat as a stepping stone for political office, or well-meaning parents who represent an ethnic group or geography, or have some other narrow interests. Few people on them understand what governance is about.
Eli Broad
‘Stone Cold’ came in with a monster push as ‘The Ringmaster’ with Ted DiBiase. That didn’t work out.
John Layfield
I was spreading myself too thin. That was making me unhappy and that, in turn, was making the rest of Stone Sour unhappy.
Jim Root
Every large brand has franchisees and stores that don’t make it. It’s unfortunate, and Cold Stone did everything it could to support its franchisees, but some failure rate is part of the business.
Doug Ducey
People don’t understand that that’s really what it is. They’re looking for a magic phone number or something. And to a certain extent, I understand that, because comedy is treated so much as a stepping stone by a lot of people.
Todd Barry
I got a call saying that George Lucas wanted to meet me. Of all the phone calls I’ve received – Oliver Stone wants to meet you; Spike Lee wants to meet you – that was the one call I never in a million years thought was going to happen.
John Ridley
I grew up in Stoneham, a little suburb of Boston. It’s pronounced ‘Stone ’em’ because Massachusetts doesn’t bend to the will of ‘how letters are supposed to be said.’
Josh Gondelman
I can easily go up to 19 stone or so if I’m not careful.
Andrew Flintoff
Americans who visit Tuscany or Umbria love the landscape: the silvery olive groves, the fields of sunflowers, the vineyards, the stone houses and barns.
Anthony Lewis
The past is a stepping stone, not a millstone.
Robert Plant
I picked up the Joss Stone album, Josh Groban, and the new Norah Jones. I love, love, love Norah.
Deborah Cox
The time has come to stop beating our heads against stone walls under the illusion that we have been appointed policeman to the human race.
Walter Lippmann
I’ve never been a big person. I was about 14 stone when I was working, but when you go up to 18 stone then you know you’ve got issues.
Rob Cross
Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone.
Jesus Christ
As far as criticism, I don’t mind critics. I mean, I wrote for ‘Rolling Stone’ for a hot minute. I like criticism. I enjoy criticism. The thing I don’t like is cruelty for cruelty’s sake. You don’t have to be a jerk to say something negative. You can say something in the negative sense and have class.
Patrick Stump
I love Stone Cold. It’s a weird obsession, and he should probably get a restraining order.
You know, unfortunately I’m only one person. I can’t really be in two places at one time and the amount of focus that I need to put into Slipknot makes it really difficult for me to be on tour with Stone Sour.
Jim Root
My career plan at this point is ‘Ice Age 5′ through ’10,’ and even ’12,’ and ‘Spider Man’ – you know, basically I’d be Emma Stone’s dad for the rest of my career. I really don’t have any problem doing that.
Denis Leary
I have always thought of poems as stepping stones in one’s own sense of oneself. Every now and again, you write a poem that gives you self-respect and steadies your going a little bit farther out in the stream. At the same time, you have to conjure the next stepping stone because the stream, we hope, keeps flowing.
Seamus Heaney
I love songs, Patty Larkin, Sharon Stone, Mae West, and Marilyn Monroe.
Justin Tranter
It’s funny, having the same name as someone. Me, Emma Watson and Emma Stone, the amount of times I’ve been called Emma Watson or Emma Stone is so funny. It’s just ’cause we’re all named Emma. None of us look alike.
Emma Roberts
Emma Stone, I think, always looks beautiful.
Blake Lively
I’ve worked with Terrence Malick, Werner Herzog, Olive Stone and David Gordon Green, and Damien Chazelle on ‘First Man.’ When you have someone at the helm like that, they’re gonna make something great.
Shea Whigham
Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves.
Adrienne Clarkson
Don’t get me wrong – I’m still way into the metal, but I’ve been listening to different things like Radiohead, Portishead, Bjork, and Queens of the Stone Age.
Jim Root
I found many treasures in the woods over the years: shotgun shells, empty Colt 45 bottles, old railroad spikes, orange and black beetles eating a dead mouse, pebbles that looked just like teeth, old stone walls and cellar holes, a rusted out frying pan, the skull of a cat.
Jennifer McMahon
A stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories.
Andy Goldsworthy
I went on the pill when I was 16, put on four stone… so that proved to be a very effective contraceptive.
Jo Brand
The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.
With newcomers in your cast, any producer would allocate a budget of not more than Rs 5-6 crores. But the scale I wanted was big and Sardar Peshaura Singh Thind left no stone unturned in the making of ‘I Am Singh.’
Puneet Issar
My first real writing job was at ‘Rolling Stone,’ so I wrote about rock-and-roll and politics and the like. At the time, I really didn’t know what I wanted to write, and I did a bunch of investigative journalism.
Tim Cahill
I was imagining a long life of being a stone cold loser. Then I got a job, which was really nice, then I got a great agent, a great manager, which was really nice. I was doing a lot of set ups, and, you know, I got to start working in L.A.
Mackenzie Davis
I’m touched by the Beatles. I want some of the music I do to reflect that. Here I am. I love Sly Stone and James Brown and Stevie Wonder, and I want my music to reflect some of that. Here I am. I’m touched by Jon Hendricks. I want some of my music to reflect that. And when I write, you’re going to hear it.
Al Jarreau
The music I love listening to is more of the Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Dido, Jewel, Nora Jones, Joss Stone, a bit more of that organic live-instrumentation feel.
Tammin Sursok
As CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, we used a concept called ‘search and reapply,’ which meant that if we found better ways of doing something, then we would do it.
Doug Ducey
Women are allowed to exist in this very narrow lane, but as soon as you step out of that lane, people want to stone you.
Lela Loren
It is a useless life that is not consecrated to a great ideal. It is like a stone wasted on the field without becoming a part of any edifice.
Jose Rizal
Under the Timber and Stone Act of 1878, which might well have been called the ‘Dust and Ashes Act,’ any citizen of the United States could take up one hundred and sixty acres of timber land and, by paying two dollars and a half an acre for it, obtain title.
John Muir
I have watched ‘La La Land’… it’s a beautiful, magical film and I think Ryan Gosling sang like an angel and Emma Stone sounded like a goddess.
Neha Bhasin
I’ve been pretty lucky. Every single thing I’ve done has meant so much to me and has been like a stepping stone to something different.
Alexandra Daddario
The hardened mass of liquid stones had much stronger qualities than those which had simply torn. The skin remained a recognisable part of the molten stone.
Andy Goldsworthy
If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher’s stone.
Benjamin Franklin
Liverpool are not used to playing a 16-and-a-half stone striker.
Adebayo Akinfenwa
Every time you step in there with a guy who is not ranked where you’re at, it’s always a big stepping stone for them – if they’re able to get the job done.
Aljamain Sterling
I’m quite a confident person in many ways, but there’s only so much you can hear about being compared to Hattie Jacques. For the record, she was a comedy goddess, but she was 25 stone. I hope I’m right in saying I’m not in any way nearly 25 stone.
Miranda Hart
I’m excited for Christy Marx taking over ‘Birds of Prey’. I adore ‘Rachel Rising’ by the great Terry Moore. I’m also a stone cold Scott Snyder fan; the guy is a joy to read and a pleasure to work with.
Gail Simone
I’m not one of those people who sees documentaries as a stepping stone to doing fiction. I love documentaries and watch tons of documentaries. But, I like fiction films a lot, too.
Marshall Curry
Oliver Stone should be given a helping hand – indeed, a vigorous shove – into the land of forced retirement. There, in the professional wilderness where he belongs, standing on a splintered soapbox right next to Mel Gibson’s, he can preach his anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism into the wind.
Haim Saban
I have quite a bit of experience reporting on corporate behavior, both doing it with independent operations in early in my career, in the underground press, to magazines like ‘Rolling Stone,’ to regional newspapers and television, and television news programs, to papers like the ‘New York Times’ and public television.
Lowell Bergman
As far as rock groups, I really like Stone Temple Pilots. As for classical composers, it’s Bach. I love Paganini, too, the Italian composer who would break strings during a performance and finish playing on just one string. Someone I would have loved to play with is Jimi Hendrix.
Matt Schulze
I’m not going to walk around at 28 stone until I’m 48. My plan is to win the World’s Strongest Man, walk away gracefully, and live a long life.
Eddie Hall
We just want to be remembered before something is set in stone.
Bill Dana
Sly Stone doesn’t make good albums: only good records. His style is so infinite and revolves around so many crucial aspects that it has only come together perfectly on a handful of his singles.
Jon Landau
A nickname is the heaviest stone that the devil can throw at a man. It is a bugbear to the imagination, and, though we do not believe in it, it still haunts our apprehensions.
William Hazlitt
Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king born of all England.
Thomas Malory
Most ceramic plates, bowls, and cups have an unglazed rim around the very bottom, where the piece was in contact with the floor of the kiln. This unglazed ceramic is harder than metal and can be used just like a sharpening stone.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
It was a challenge, to work with Oliver Stone.
Anthony Hopkins
Frazzled and delirious, as I’ve just finished a new book of stories. I feel like Moses staggering down the mountainside with the tablets of stone.
Kevin Barry
Every Olympic athlete prepares differently. For me, I am 100 percent into the sport. And if I decide to really make a crucial career decision to say, ‘This is something I want to do,’ I want to leave no stone unturned in my preparation.
Apolo Ohno
Two young actresses I admire are Emma Stone and Emma Watson, because they are intelligent, talented actresses and have a great sense of humor. They have learned to balance what they love in life – acting, school and everything else.
Kara Hayward
Fiction’s essential activity is to imagine how others feel, what a Saturday afternoon in an Italian town in the 2nd Century looked like. My ambition is solely to get some effect, as of light on stone in a forest on a September day.
Guy Davenport
People in Russia learned English off the Beatles. People in Japan learned English off the Stone Roses. Noel Gallagher says music can’t change the world, but the Roses made him want to start a group, so it changed his world.
Ian Brown
And you can tell the writers who do it – Robert Stone, for example, who with each new novel is doing something new. I appreciate that in other writers.
Tobias Wolff
Normally, an actress has to work to bring out her male side. In our case, the dynamic is reversed. The actor playing her modelled himself on Sharon Stone.
Edward Hall
‘Rolling Stone,’ my first single, was only a hit in Portugal, but when we recorded my second single, ‘Can The Can,’ I got that hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck feeling, and I knew it would be huge. It topped the charts in the U.K. and Australia in 1973, and I got my first gold disc.
Suzi Quatro
I can never look at anything I do subjectively – whether it’s a Stone Sour record or a Slipknot record, I can never really have my own opinion of it, ‘cos in my opinion it’s all crap.
Jim Root
I feel like something magical is going to happen, and I feel like all the stars have finally lined up perfectly for Angie Stone.
Angie Stone
I’m a huge ‘South Park’ fan, loved ‘Avenue Q,’ and can not wait to work with Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Bobby Lopez, and Casey Nicholaw.
Gavin Creel
Because I was always a fat child, I got fatter and fatter, and I ended up 18 stone and with a 40-inch waist.
Rafe Spall
When I did ‘Restless,’ I felt that was a stepping stone.
I really want to work with Emma Stone; she is adorable.
Isabelle Fuhrman
‘Power’ has definitely been an immense stepping stone for me. It’s opened up doors that I could only have dreamed of.
J. R. Ramirez
Travel and society polish one, but a rolling stone gathers no moss, and a little moss is a good thing on a man.
John Burroughs
Freud was a hero. He descended to the Underworld and met there stark terrors. He carried with him his theory as a Medusa’s head which turned these terrors to stone.
R. D. Laing
I did make ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin the Million Dollar Champion on Raw. You know I saw the talent in Steve and I remember telling him – because a lot of people were telling him ‘You need to do more’ – I remember telling him, ‘Don’t do anything different, because what you do is believable, it’s real.’
Ted DiBiase Sr.
I can well conceive a man without hands, feet, head. But I cannot conceive man without thought; he would be a stone or a brute.
Blaise Pascal
Hoods are good parts because they’re always flashy and attract attention. If you’ve got any ability, you can use that as a stepping stone.
Richard Widmark
I weighed 25 stone, and I didn’t stand nine feet tall, so the weight didn’t sit well on me. As big as a house? No. I was as big as an estate.
Victor LaValle
We are material creatures who spend much of our lives on material pursuits (even building a cathedral or writing a novel requires stone and mortar or paper and ink).
Virginia Postrel
I came out out at the age of 28 and knew I’d had one loss on points, and the only reason I had that loss was that the fight was taken too soon. I lost two and a half stone in eight weeks, which was virtually impossible, but I made it, and I still got that big cheque!
Naseem Hamed
If you saw a better idea or business anywhere in the world, and you could reapply it legally and ethically and with attribution, you were supposed to do that. And I used that learning in building Cold Stone.
Doug Ducey
I really love Emma Stone. I really like her a lot.
Peyton List
We should bomb Vietnam back into the stone age.
Curtis LeMay
I want to create an economy where minimum wage is a very brief stepping stone to higher-paying jobs so people can realize their dreams.
Thom Tillis
We said we would leave no stone unturned to get to Germany and now we are applying the same philosophy towards our tournament preparations.
John O’Neill
If I was a stone mason or if I was a painter or building bridges or whatever, there’s going to be some wear and tear on your body and your brain. And that’s just the way it is.
Joe Thomas
Because of my song ‘Sam Stone,’ a lot of people thought I was interested in writing protest songs. Writing protest songs always struck me as patting yourself on the back.
John Prine
I have a show on MTV called ‘Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.’ I think that’s a secret to a vast majority of America.
Bo Burnham
Sly Stone made such a huge contribution to the good feeling in the universe, and I love him as a singer.
Boy George
‘Rolling Stone’ had started something called ‘Outside,’ and since I was one of two people in the office that liked going outside, I was pegged to work on it. The concept of the magazine was simple: literate writing about the out-of-doors. I jumped at the opportunity.
Tim Cahill
If you label someone lazy or a liar, he’ll feel like that for life. Worse, guys lose motivation to change when we feel like your perception of us is set in stone.
Matthew Hussey
While repealing net neutrality rules grabs headlines… net neutrality started as a consumer issue but soon became a stepping stone to impose vastly more common carrier regulation on broadband companies.
Michael O’Rielly
There is something liberating and defiant about going on stage and saying you are 36 and 13 stone.
Sarah Millican
Listen, there are some movies that are set in stone and the writer or the director does not want to change, but I’ve never worked on a movie, including my own, that didn’t take advantage of a rehearsal process.
Albert Brooks
You pass the old L.A. County jail, which is surprisingly beautiful. It’s got a handsome stone facade and stately columns. The new L.A. County jail – called The Twin Towers – isn’t beautiful at all; it’s a stucco panopticon the color of sick flesh.
Leslie Jamison
I’m often asked where my nickname ‘Kun’ comes from. My parents says it was a Japanese cartoon I used to watch on television when I was very young, set in the Stone Age, where the main character was a boy called Kum Kum, the little caveman.
Sergio Aguero
When I graduated, I was my biggest ever: 15 stone, with a boyfriend – my first – of just 11 stone. I was 23 years old. It wasn’t just affecting my career: it was a health issue as well.
Maxine Peake
It’s pretty crazy. I was thinking about that today, how ‘True Blood’ has penetrated so much of the cultural zeitgeist. It’s truly amazing; it’s incredible! The cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ is major. What’s next, the cover of ‘Vanity Fair?’ When I’m in a ‘New Yorker’ cartoon, then I will feel like I have made it.
Denis O’Hare
I’m lucky: whatever I eat, I’ve never wavered from just under 14 stone.
Peter Crouch
It’s a shame how a lot of actors use theater as a stepping stone to film and television work; I think it shouldn’t be treated that way. Maybe it’s narcissism or something. I think we should always go back to it. I try and do a play a year, and I think that’s really helped me.
Peter Dinklage
It is strange: I love to be in front of the audience, but I have this opposite side that is afraid of meeting people, that doesn’t want to talk. I feel it’s like having a little hard stone inside me of problems, doubts, and shyness.
Sylvie Guillem
I will leave no stone unturned as far as hard work is concerned.
Vaani Kapoor
The poets’ scrolls will outlive the monuments of stone. Genius survives; all else is claimed by death.
Edmund Spenser
I’ve always seen modeling as a stepping stone.
Tyra Banks
The unreal is more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it, because it’s only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. Stone crumbles, wood rots. People, well, they die. But things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on.
Chuck Palahniuk
Oliver Stone’s strategy is to unnerve the actors so as to make them alert and alive.
Claire Danes
It’s frightening and unnerving to watch a stone melt.
Andy Goldsworthy
My art is an attempt to reach beyond the surface appearance. I want to see growth in wood, time in stone, nature in a city, and I do not mean its parks but a deeper understanding that a city is nature too-the ground upon which it is built, the stone with which it is made.
Andy Goldsworthy
Native Americans had only stone and wooden weapons and no animals that could be ridden. Those military advantages repeatedly enabled troops of a few dozen mounted Spaniards to defeat Indian armies numbering in the thousands.
Jared Diamond
I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. To cut yourself out of stone.
Henry Rollins
I don’t feel that no big stone should be put over my head, saying he did this, he did that. Unless there’s something that I really did do. I believe I’m just ordinary. And I’d like for people to think of me that way, as just a guy that tried. Wanted to be loved by other people because he loved people.
B. B. King
When you see me on TV as Stone Cold Steve Austin, that’s definitely a part of my personality.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Labels and classifications of any type are not law, nor are they written in stone. It’s up to us to be aware of this and confront it and break through it by doing things that shock and surprise people because they thought we could never achieve at that level.
Clemantine Wamariya
Stone’s Rules exist because sometimes the truth is too painful, and the lies will land you in prison.
Roger Stone
The stones tear like flesh, rather than breaking. Although what happens is violent, it is a violence that is in stone. A tear is more unnerving than a break.
Andy Goldsworthy
Well, basically Corey and I were in Stone Sour before we joined Slipknot.
Jim Root
Leave no stone unturned to help your clients realize maximum profits from their investment.
Arthur C. Nielsen
We’ve played on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and got not even a Rolling Stone review.
Gord Downie
We think about education as a stepping stone into a higher socio-economic class, into a better job. And it does do those things. But I don’t think that’s what it really is. I experienced it as getting access to different ideas and perspectives and using them to construct my own mind.
Tara Westover
But which is the stone that supports the bridge?
Kublai Khan
It turned out that the buckyball, the soccer ball, was something of a Rosetta stone of an infinite new class of molecules.
Richard Smalley
For many young people, the minimum wage is a stepping stone to higher employment levels.
Bruce Rauner
‘Meadowland’ was the reason I got ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ and probably my experience in cinematography helped. Everything was like a stepping stone to the next thing.
Reed Morano
I was so unhealthy. I used to go to ‘Cold Stone Creamery,’ get a tub of Butterfinger ice cream, and eat it all before bedtime. And my fingers were permanently stained orange from Cheetos.
Vanessa Hudgens
Who am I to pass judgment? Judgment has been passed on me, but I adhere to, ‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.’
James Nesbitt
The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.
Bertrand Russell
The world has been set up in such a way that we don’t even realise how ingrained certain things are, like how much we live in a patriarchal society or how institutional racism is ingrained in how we see the world. We don’t realise how many things are being set in stone, in our heads.
Ncuti Gatwa
I remember when my mother pointed to a stone, and she said this was the kind of stone people used to place on the feet of the baby girls to stop them trying to climb away and unbind their feet.
Jung Chang
Men of genius are often dull and inert in society; as the blazing meteor, when it descends to earth, is only a stone.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts of Stone Mountain, Georgia, was the darkest! I mean, he could’ve been a movie villain, he was so intense! He also had the hardest finishing move of all time, the DDT.
Killer Mike
To tell you the truth, I believe everything – tigers, trees, stones – are sentient in one way or another. You’d never catch me idly kicking a stone, for example.
Mary Oliver
Joe Klein is the flower of American political journalism, a sharp raconteur who shows traces of the gonzo style that was in vogue when he was honing his craft at Rolling Stone back in the day.
Thomas Frank
At the end of the day, it’s not where you get drafted. It’s not going to set you in stone with how good you’re going to be in your NFL career. Obviously, it’s being surrounded by the right people, the right coaches, how you present yourself, how you work hard.
Josh Allen
Leadership and punching above your weight doesn’t necessarily always have to mean gunboat diplomacy and bombing other countries into the stone age. It can actually mean leading by example, and helping other countries.
Clive Lewis
I am a rolling stone, never in one place for very long.
Roz Savage
I never wanted to be a model. My modelling career was nothing but a stepping stone to my acting career and that’s all I ever saw it as. A pointless rock in the river that has to be stepped on in order to get to the meaningful oasis of acting.
Halle Berry
I wouldn’t mind working with Queens of the Stone Age, doing some guitar stuff on that. Even Arctic Monkeys. I’d like to do be a bit of guitar with them guys. I’ll play on anyone’s record to be honest with you.
Steve Jones
There may be problems we still need to tease out, but we will leave no stone unturned in our bid to make London the host city.
Sebastian Coe
I’ve had boyfriends I’ve dated whom I met as Courtney, but then dated as Shane. Courtney can certainly act as a glamorous stepping stone across the pond.
Courtney Act
Of course, Oliver Stone is not Donald Trump. But he shares with him a certain way of seeing the world and being in the world – and the luxury of persisting in this way of being, and even making a spectacle of it.
Masha Gessen
There’s a certain darkness to Slipknot, but at the same time, there’s a very strong dose of positivity. Stone Sour is the same way. There’s a certain melancholy that comes with the slower stuff, but at the end of the day there’s also that other side that is very positive. It’s all how you deliver.
Corey Taylor
I’ve been making music for a long time, but I’ve been waiting to do it right, because I don’t want people to think it’s just a stepping stone in my career. A lot of actors go that route as a way of building their careers. I don’t want it to be seen as that.
Evan Ross
‘Turn to Stone’ was written about the Nixon administration and the Vietnam War and the protesting that was going on and all of that. It’s a song about frustration. Also, I attended Kent State.
Joe Walsh
Stone Age. Bronze Age. Iron Age. We define entire epics of humanity by the technology they use.
Reed Hastings
For the scientists, they’re kind of puzzled and pleased that somebody finds their work interesting. It makes it fun for me. I feel like I’ve sort of turned over a stone that hasn’t been turned over.
Mary Roach
I think a guy who’s had just the right amount of booze can sing the blues a hell of a lot better than a guy who is stone sober.
Charlie Rich
While it’s important to accept failure and not let it bog you down, it’s also perfectly acceptable to get upset about it as long as you remember that failure is a stepping stone in your journey that is getting you to where you need to be.
John Rampton
A guy threw a stone at my head when I was eight. I told my nan, and she said, ‘Get a bigger stone.’ That’s what I got programmed into me. And sometimes I find it a struggle to get it out of me.
If you make an error, use it as a stepping stone to a new idea you might not have otherwise discovered.
Roger von Oech
Maybe Oliver Stone doesn’t lend himself well to remakes or sequels, because he does them so well the first time.
Ben Barnes
Let them not make me a stone and let them not spill me, otherwise kill me.
Louis MacNeice
I love Rome for their calzones and New York City for the variety of quality eateries, but I absolutely fell in love with Miami for the stone crabs at Joe’s just off Ocean Drive – the best I’ve ever had, and the Cajun food. The steaks out there are colossal – it’s like having a shark and a cow on your plate.
Paul Hollywood
The Alzheimer’s Association in the United States, founded by Jerome Stone, they found me because they had heard rumours that my mom was diagnosed. Jerry said, ‘We’re a small family group, and we would like to know if you’d like to join us and to spread the word about this disease.’ I said, ‘Absolutely.’
Yasmin Aga Khan
I was the illegitimate child of the legitimate theater. I had no training. I came from downtown rock and roll, and when I came in and auditioned for the Broadway revival of ‘Hair,’ I had no eyebrows – kind of a Bowie-esque glimmer kid. And it was hard representing the flower power era when we were stone cold punks.
Annie Golden
We’re trying to leave no stone unturned, to push forward in every aspect of what it means to be a band. Because this really matters to us. Metal matters to us. And we know exactly how much it means to kids out there, too.
Synyster Gates
I love telling stories, but I also am more aware now of how complex reality is and how difficult it is to really explain what happened or how I felt. Maybe that sometimes makes me a little bit vague, because I don’t want to really put my finger on anything or set it in stone.
A molcajete is a stone mortar and pestle from Mexico. They’re great for grinding spices and making salsa and guacamole because they give everything a nice coarse and rustic feel. I’ve never collected anything, but I think I might start collecting these because each one is decorated differently.
Bobby Flay
Stone Mountain Memorial is the greatest project of its sort ever conceived. It should be finished, because it represent an idea as deep, as basic as the rocks on which our wonderful continent rests.
Gutzon Borglum
In a nine-piece-band is one guy gonna call up eight guys and have a 45-minute discussion about every decision? No. So things are a lot more democratic in Stone Sour. Plus, we’re closer and it’s a lot easier to communicate. In Slipknot that’s the big problem – communication.
Jim Root
The first money I ever earned was for drawing stone tools.
Mary Leakey
I see The Stone Roses in ’89 as Technicolor: we were all about joy and possibilities of life.
Ian Brown
White diamonds can get boring, so I love a colored stone.
Erika Jayne
When I’m wearing too-high heels and swaying my hips, I do that Sharon Stone kind of thing – she has the sexiest walk, a New York cool thing that throws you back.
Queen Latifah
Christ hath instituted Baptism as a bath, to wash away the anger, and hath put into us the Noble Stone, viz. the water of eternal life, for an earnest-penny, so that instantly in our childhood we might be able to escape the wrath.
Jakob Bohme
‘Dance to the Music’ was just Sly Stone being his natural crazy self right from the beginning. The man was an original and his first AM hit was nothing if it wasn’t the example per excellence of the Sly Stone music machine.
Jon Landau
Every church is a stone on the grave of a god-man: it does not want him to rise up again under any circumstances.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I’ve become so earthy. And I never was earthy. I’m doing all kinds of different roles which are not at all like the intellectual and the legal mind of Ben Stone.
Michael Moriarty
I grew up in rural Oregon in a log house with bark left on inside and out. We had no electricity, a massive stone fireplace, a grand piano, and tons of books.
Virginia Euwer Wolff
The music I was really listening to in 1968 was James Brown, the great guitar player Jimi Hendrix, and a new group… Sly and the Family Stone, led by Sly Stewart from San Francisco.
Miles Davis
I would say that Emma Stone and Emma Watson are two very talented young actresses who are very intelligent and have a great sense of humor and have learned to balance what they love with their acting career, and I think that’s really a great thing.
Kara Hayward
Census data is used to determine more than $675 billion in federal funding; it is a demographic Rosetta Stone that is referenced in the drawing of congressional districts, each states number of Electoral College votes and the application of civil rights laws, including the Voting Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act.
Alex Wagner
I get more work when I’m thinner. I was playing Alice Cooper, and I had to lose a stone, so I wasn’t eating sugar. You can’t just get straight back onto sugar, as it’s quite a powerful thing.
Noel Fielding
As a girl I wanted the Cyndi Lauper hairstyle, with the shaved side of the head, or the Sharon Stone perm from ‘Total Recall.’
Malin Akerman
My background was always more soulful pop. I was named after Ella Fitzgerald, and when I was a kid, I was listening to Lauryn Hill, Etta James, Joss Stone. For me, it was always about the voice.
Ella Eyre
Once I came up with the ‘Stone Cold’ thing, it was like a snowball rolling down a hill; it just kept getting larger and larger, and I wasn’t afraid to push the envelope.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
I began my career as the switchboard operator at ‘Rolling Stone.’
Chris Connelly
I happen to have an expensive clothing habit, so, for me, designing clothes is a way to kill two birds with one stone.
Nick Wooster
I can remember I lost three and a half stone weight loss. It was painful, it was excruciating, it was hell. I had to exercise eight hours a day. It was very tiring, very exhausting. I came away seeing exercise as punishment.
Gemma Collins
We considered all sorts of names – everything from Tarantula Bomb to Superego to Section 8. Some of them were already taken, and some of them were kind of campy sounding. So we just decided to stick with Stone Sour. After all, what’s in a name?
Jim Root
I only halfway paid attention in high school Spanish class, and it may be too late now to catch up, no matter how many levels of Rosetta Stone I order.
W. Kamau Bell
My grandfather was the king of a region in western Nigeria, where I had the privilege to live for seven years while growing up. But what we think of as royalty in the U.K. is very different to royalty in Nigeria: if you were to throw a stone there, you would hit about 30 princes.
David Oyelowo
No better way is there to learn to love Nature than to understand Art. It dignifies every flower of the field. And, the boy who sees the thing of beauty which a bird on the wing becomes when transferred to wood or canvas will probably not throw the customary stone.
Oscar Wilde
You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.
Johnny Cash
In the West there has always been the attempt to try make the religious building, whether it’s a Medieval or Renaissance church, an eternal object for the celebration of God. The material chosen, such as stone, brick, or concrete, is meant to eternally preserve what is inside.
Tadao Ando
There’s nothing wrong with the screaming style of singing, and I’ll be the first to admit that it conveys an emotion. But I’m getting older, and I can’t scream and shout about the same things anymore. The songs I’m writing with Stone Sour call for a lighter, different approach.
Corey Taylor
Actually, diamonds are a very common stone. I prefer emeralds.
Barbi Benton
I don’t live as ‘Stone Cold.’ I live as Steve Austin. I was ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin back in 2003, then I rode off into the sunset.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
My biggest moment was me beating Stone Cold Steve Austin to win the championship.
Faith in reason was the foundation stone of the United States.
Anthony Lewis
Two of my favorite bands, Blackberry Smoke and Black Stone Cherry, I just think both of those bands are a good new progressive kind of Southern Rock that’s a little different than us but still has a rootsy thing going on.
Johnny Van Zant
I’ve had my ups and downs, and I definitely have a sense – in America, especially – that once you’ve made your mark and gotten your Rolling Stone piece and your Grammy nomination, that they’re on to the next piece of meat, and they don’t necessarily like to follow the twists and turns of an artistic career.
Rufus Wainwright
Men admire the man who can organize their wishes and thoughts in stone and wood and steel and brass.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
One of those Rolling Stone Greatest Guitar Player lists came out and there was no Albert King. That’s impossible! There are 10 people on there who wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Albert.
Derek Trucks
If we can by any method establish a relation of mutual trust between the laborer and the employer, we shall lay the foundation stone of a structure that will endure for all time.
Mark Hanna
I feel that Miss India is a stepping stone for anything you want to do, not just Bollywood.
Manushi Chhillar
My dream kitchen would have a massive island with some beautiful slab of stone, a huge fridge, possibly even a walk-in – I just want it to be a plethora of fruits and veggies. I would have a nice bar area, too.
Antoni Porowski
Nature teaches more than she preaches. There are no sermons in stones. It is easier to get a spark out of a stone than a moral.
John Burroughs
Usually my Easter reading consists of ‘Who Moved the Stone?,’ which gets dusted off annually and read, often in one sitting, to remind me of the miracle of redemption, resurrection and life after death.
Ann Widdecombe
I would happily help to turn the stone being thrown at me into a boomerang.
Peer Steinbruck
Mike Tyson was probably – positively or negatively – the most recognizable face on the planet: the ‘baddest man on the planet.’ And you had our new resident baddest man on the planet, Stone Cold Steve Austin, whom fans were just gravitating to in a way they’d never done before, walking out and flipping off Mike Tyson.
Triple H
Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space.
Ansel Adams
What cursed spirit of falsehood moveth priests to close themselves within stone walls for all their life, since Christ commanded all his apostles and priests to go into all the world, and to preach the Gospel?
John Wycliffe
All my racks are the same between Slipknot and Stone Sour. The only thing I’ll do is switch out pedals in the GCX system. But it’s the same heads, same wireless, same GCX.
Jim Root
Before I was humiliated I was like a stone that lies in deep mud, and he who is mighty came and in his compassion raised me up and exalted me very high and placed me on the top of the wall.
Saint Patrick
A movie like ‘La La Land’ would be just great. I just cant get over this musical love story. I loved Emma Stone and wish to do a role like that in future.
Shriya Pilgaonkar
The Attitude Era was so great because you had the best collection of superstars of any one time period. You had The Rock, Stone Cold, Undertaker, Mick Foley.
Big Show
That’s one thing I loved about coming up when we came up. When you had groups like Mandrill and Earth, Wind & Fire, Sly Stone, and on and on and on, the Brothers Johnson, whatever. Everybody, Ohio Players. Groups wanted to be just themselves.
Philip Bailey
Our horizon is the creation of a noble society to which, like the medieval builder of those glorious cathedrals, you will have added your conception, your artful piece of stone.
Adrienne Clarkson
When I went out and did what I did in the world of professional wrestling as Stone Cold Steve Austin, pretty much anything and everything thing I said was ad lib, on the spot, just let it fly and go for it.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
I pride myself on leaving no stone unturned as far as being the most prepared that I can be.
Benjamin Watson
I bike ride and swim but I don’t exercise ‘cos I like it. I do it because I’ve got a thyroid problem that can balloon my weight up to 20 stone if I stand still for five minutes.
Shaun Ryder
I want to be host of ‘SNL.’ I want to work with Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, J.J. Abrams, Emma Stone and Tim Burton, Sean Penn, Cameron Crowe. I want to work with Adam Sandler – he is so funny – and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
David Mazouz
Kids are meant to believe that their stepping stone to massive money is ‘The X Factor.’ Luck is great, but most of life is hard work. We do not celebrate people who have made success out of serious hard work.
Iain Duncan Smith
Victor Stone’s story is one of acceptance – of self and others. Also, accepting his father for the person he once was, absent from his life until he turned him into Cyborg. And acceptance of oneself in that he is both Cyborg and Victor Stone simultaneously.
Ray Fisher
The real sustains the same relation to the ideal that a stone does to a statue – or that paint does to a painting. Realism degrades and impoverishes.
Robert Green Ingersoll
These people that worked with my dad doing landscaping were in a grunge band so the music on the cover of Rolling Stone was in a very real way connected to people practicing in the woods near my house while I was home doing my homework.
Phil Elverum
I love the way my weight fluctuates in the newspapers. It was 18 stone and then people look at a bad picture of me and add a few more stone on. I think the highest was 22 stone.
Johnny Vegas
I did two episodes of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and it was enough to have time to get in there and really get the meat of it, but also then move on and take that experience and bring it into the next one. It was a great stepping stone.
Juliana Harkavy
At some point around ’94 or ’95, ‘Rolling Stone’ said that guitar rock was dead and that the Chemical Brothers were the future. I think that was the last issue of ‘Rolling Stone’ I ever bought.
Scott Ian
In ‘Casino,’ there was this scene where Bob De Niro tape-records Sharon Stone’s phone call. Then he asks her about where she’s going, and he catches her in a lie. It was a great scene, especially for Bob’s work, but we found that, in light of the whole film, it wasn’t needed.
Thelma Schoonmaker
Think of the imagination as a giant stone from which we carve out new ideas. As we chip away, our new ideas become more polished and refined. But if you start by editing your imagination, you start with a tiny stone.
Brian Chesky
I love Roger Stone. He’s very provocative, and I like that about him. He’s not afraid to take risk, and he’s not afraid to say things.
Laura Loomer
I’ve been trying my whole life to get to this point, and it’s finally here. It’s an amazing record, and it happens to be with Stone Temple Pilots. I mean, what could be better than that?
Jeff Gutt
Success is not like a cake that needs to be divided. It’s more like a heap of stones – a cairn. If someone is successful, they add a stone to the cairn. It gets very high and can be seen from all over the world. That’s how I see it.
Maeve Binchy
I hate ‘Rolling Stone’ – because I loved it so much. I had the ‘Cheap Tricks’ cover and the Clash cover on my wall for years, and I just hate what happened to it. It just became the smarmy grad student that sits next to you on the bus.
Greg Gutfeld
When I first started YouTubeing, the idea was, ‘Oh, YouTube is going to be a stepping stone to get to other places,’ and I just totally don’t agree with that. I think YouTube is amazing. The digital space is amazing.
Lilly Singh
The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.
Bertrand Russell
I feel nervous when the script is set in stone, and I feel nervous when I feel the script is written for mass consumption because I don’t see myself that way.
Jenny Slate
The movie I made with my friends in my hometown based on a dream becomes a stepping stone to ‘Spider-Man.’ I wish I could say this was an amazing, calculated path but… It’s so weird.
Jon Watts
We recorded our first CD, Sixteen Stone, with a small budget and never dreamed that we would enjoy such a high success. It was simply fantastic.
Gavin Rossdale
Everybody wants to be on the front cover of ‘People’ and ‘Rolling Stone.’
Peter Frampton
Gethsemane – the word is Hebrew for olive press – is just across the valley from Kidron, which in turn is a stone’s throw from the Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock.
Carol Drinkwater
We take five, one-week vacations a year, and those dates are set in stone.
Tom Joyner
You know what I liked about ‘The Condemned?’ It’s Stone Cold being Stone Cold, and that’s what was awesome to me.
Michelle McCool
At the very least, you must make the Internet free in areas that are poverty-stricken. Without the Internet and access to information, poverty-stricken households will never catch up to households above the poverty line – throwing the African-American community deeper into the stone ages.
Byron Allen
Thank God I have the seeing eye, that is to say, as I lie in bed I can walk step by step on the fells and rough land seeing every stone and flower and patch of bog and cotton pass where my old legs will never take me again.
Beatrix Potter
I love Sly Stone and James Brown and Stevie Wonder, and I want my music to reflect some of that.
Al Jarreau
A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections, – a mere heart of stone.
Charles Darwin
I came along with that crowd of singer-songwriters who were able to make their own statements in such a personal way that it changed the industry: Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Sly and the Family Stone.
Al Jarreau
In mid-life the man wants to see how irresistible he still is to younger women. How they turn their hearts to stone and more or less commit a murder of their marriage I just don’t know, but they do.
Earl Warren
I read ‘Sabella or The Blood Stone’ by Tanith Lee, which was hugely influential to me. I love Tanith’s writing. She’s just really lyrical, beautiful use of language.
Holly Black
One time, when I was really young, my dad and brother were watching ‘Team America,’ the Trey Parker and Matt Stone movie. I walked in and they didn’t know I was there, but I got really freaked out by the marionettes – just the look of them, their mouths, those grins. That cemented in my brain.
Finn Wolfhard
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a canonizing institution. Jann Wenner has worked to make Rolling Stone the keeper of the canon since 1970. I don’t like that, because he uses institutional power and he uses economic power to enforce those standards.
Robert Christgau
As much as I hate his movies, Oliver Stone has an aspiration I admire, and that is that he wants his art to be part of what makes and changes public policy and cultural practice.
Tony Kushner
Nobody makes movies like Oliver Stone.
Shia LaBeouf
Nothing is built on stone; all is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone.
Jorge Luis Borges
Back in the day, in ’91 or so, I tried to interview Fugazi for Rolling Stone, which the band felt stood for everything they detested about corporate infiltration of music. They said, ‘We’ll do the interview if you give us a million dollars of cash in a suitcase.’ Which was their way of saying no.
Michael Azerrad
I would have written of me on my stone: I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.
Robert Frost
I’ve always loved War’s Low Rider and Sly Stone’s Thank You, and I just wanted to put my take on them.
Barry White
Before there were any sort of ‘recordings’ there was performance. If we are devolved back to the Stone Age tomorrow, there will be performance.
Todd Rundgren
I think I constantly refer back to some of the things that I learned in New England and throughout my career. It was a great stepping stone, and it also gave me time to mature as a player and as a quarterback.
Matt Cassel
I had a great deal of pressure to move to LA after Romancing the Stone came out and I’d become very popular. But people came to me anyway.
Kathleen Turner
Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, and Silverchair are taking the simplest elements of Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam and melding them into one homogenous thing.
Chris Cornell
Here in Georgia, we continue to grapple with our own vestiges of hate. The image carved into Stone Mountain, like Confederate monuments across this state, stand as constant reminders of racism, intolerance, and division.
Stacey Abrams
No amounts of stone and bone could yield the kinds of information that the paintings gave so freely.
Mary Leakey
A fool can throw a stone in a pond that 100 wise men can not get out.
Saul Bellow
If someone’s gonna pick between me and Emma Stone, they’re gonna pick Emma Stone.
Margot Robbie
‘A’ tours can be considered as a stepping stone to getting into the national team, so they are really important.
Shreyas Iyer
With the Stone Roses, I always thought we’d be successful because we had some great songs.
Ian Brown
I honored the fallen enemy by placing a stone on his beautiful grave.
Manfred von Richthofen
The stuff I write I’m very proud of, but I’m smart enough to know I’ll never get on the cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ next to Elvis Costello.
Dan Hill
My favorite novel ever is Abraham Verghese’s ‘Cutting for Stone.’ It takes you so many places. I stayed up to 4 in the morning to finish it.
Beth Macy
The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization.
Sigmund Freud
As a father and a provider, no stone goes unturned.
Ian Ziering
It’s been an incredible experience, playing with Twisted Sister, Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold, jamming with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, and the list goes on and on and on.
Mike Portnoy
If Beethoven could write his ‘Eroica Symphony’ stone deaf, then William Wyler can do a musical.
William Wyler
I was offered the role of the Reverse Flash on ‘The Flash’ by Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, who co-created the series with Andrew. I said ‘yes’ immediately because I had worked with those guys before on the show ‘Eli Stone.’
Matt Letscher
When you look down in history, whether it was The Rock or Stone Cold, they are the perfect example that you can be given the ball, but you then have to run with it.
Jeff Jarrett
We carved it in stone: no matter the place of your birth or the hue of your skin, you can live in California in safety, dignity, and, yes, sanctuary.
Kevin de Leon
I’ve always loved black culture; I don’t know any other way to put it. Since I was a kid I loved music and early jazz, Sly and the Family Stone. I’m older – I’m in my early 50s – so you’ll have to excuse me. That was always very exciting to me to connect to the culture on that level.
Robert Greene
My weight can swing by four stone.
Alison Moyet
I didn’t get into comics as a stepping stone.
Jason Aaron
The dream of those who come to Genoa is that they use it as a stepping stone towards a big club.
Krzysztof Piatek
There are loads of actresses that modelled. They just weren’t famous. There weren’t a lot that were really known as models that became actresses, but there are hordes of them that did modelling before such as Anjelica Huston, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and Geena Davis. There are loads of ’em.
Andie MacDowell
You don’t have to label yourself, because it’s not set in stone. It’s so fluid, and there’s so much pressure on kids to label themselves and say, ‘This is what I am; this is what I like.’
Lily-Rose Depp
I recognise why I have such a strong inability to forgive certain people who betray me. It’s chiselled in, like a name on a tomb stone.
Amy Tan
My father was a stone mason, and a talented amateur pianist and vocalist.
John E. Walker
I was feeling like a real misfit in middle school, but when I saw ‘Wicked,’ it made me feel really cool for being different… and you can carve that in stone!
Jennifer Damiano
New York is the great stone desert.
Israel Zangwill