Striving Quotes

Striving Quotes by Rasika Dugal, Brie Bella, Dexter Filkins, Carolyn Wells, Mikaela Shiffrin, Zhuangzi and many others.

My general idea about my work is that it's more about t

My general idea about my work is that it’s more about the work than the things that come with it. I am constantly striving to improve on that and find new things to do there. That journey itself is so interesting is because there’s so much to do that there’s no room for doubt there.
Rasika Dugal
The retirement at WrestleMania 32 was a bittersweet moment for me. I was excited to see the next chapter of my life, which is becoming a mother, but at the same time, it was a very historical moment. It was a big part of what the Women’s Division has been striving and fighting for.
Brie Bella
It’s so jarring to go from Baghdad to Cambridge, to go from a place where people are fighting and striving and dying to a place where the biggest concern is what kind of cheese to put in your sandwich.
Dexter Filkins
I am more fond of achieving than striving. My theories must prove to be facts or be discarded as worthless. My efforts must soon be crowned with success, or discontinued.
Carolyn Wells
I get this adrenaline rush from just going down the course and feeling like I made a really great turn and I’m going to do it again and again and again. That feeling can’t be replaced, and that’s the feeling I’m striving to get every time I go out there.
Mikaela Shiffrin
Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.
Striving to make music that empowers people as opposed to making them feel like they’re being beaten down every single day is so important.
Laura Jane Grace
Mutual funds dare to be average. In fact, they dare to be lousy. They have long since ceased striving for anything resembling perfection when it comes to managing your money.
Gary Weiss
I’d love to stay in baseball, but I won’t beg. I’d love to work with young umpires. I think I could teach them, help them develop. I can spot flaws, help them get over the hump. You’re striving for perfection every game, yet you never achieve it. If baseball wants me, I’m available.
Doug Harvey
I don’t think anyone, no matter what, can find perfect happiness until they understand exactly who they are and how every little thing they do can affect the world around them. I think perfect happiness would be a world where everyone is constantly striving to understand everyone else.
John Corey Whaley
The people that make this country work, the people who pay on their mortgages, the people getting up and going to work, striving in this recession to not participate in it, they’re not the enemy. They’re the people that hire you. They’re the people that are going to give you a job.
Rush Limbaugh
I’m always striving to be the best, and that works for me, but it might not be everyone’s desire.
Denise Lewis
I’m not striving for happiness, I’m trying to get some work done. And sometimes the best work is done under doubt. Constantly rethinking and re-evaluating what you’re doing, working and working until it’s finished.
John Zorn
To think is of itself to be useful; it is always and in all cases a striving toward God.
Victor Hugo
I would just encourage my younger self to not care about people’s perceptions and to love myself fully and to keep progressing and striving for what you are going to become.
Ashton Sanders
Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving to be our best. Perfectionism is not about healthy achievement and growth; it’s a shield.
Brene Brown
There are so many aspects of the game that you can work on – you can drive it father, you can drive it straighter, you can hit your irons higher and more consistently, you can get better with your wedges, and you can always putt better. There’s never an end to that striving to get better in golf.
Matt Kuchar
Like Muse and Linkin Park, we are also striving to be the one and only to create a new genre called BABYMETAL. We hope to be as cool as them.
Suzuka Nakamoto
The idea for which this nation stands will not survive if the highest goal free man can set themselves is an amiable mediocrity. Excellence implies striving for the highest standards in every phase of life.
John W. Gardner
When you’re happy you find pure joy in your life. There are no regrets in this state of happiness – and that’s a goal worth striving for in all areas of your life.
Suze Orman
If you are striving to have more happiness in your life, it helps to guide your mind towards starting to recognize what are selfish motivations and what are constructive motivations.
Adam Yauch
Part of being an athlete is constantly striving for more. We’re looking for perfection in a world where that doesn’t exist. No matter what we do and what we accomplish or how we perform, we’re always looking at areas we can improve upon.
Tessa Virtue
We’re always striving to make Avatar look like a cinematic, live-action movie.
Bryan Konietzko
Whether it is Ujjwala Yojana, PM Jan Dhan Yojana, Swachh Bharat Mission, PM Awas Yojana or the Jal Jeevan Mission, we are always striving to create better livelihood for our citizens and to bridge the gap between the classes.
Anurag Thakur
A simple rule in dealing with those who are hard to get along with is to remember that this person is striving to assert his superiority; and you must deal with him from that point of view.
Alfred Adler
You change the mind and world of one individual and that’s huge, man. You reach one person and that starts a spiral effect and starts to snowball. I think that’s the one thing as an athlete we should all focus on doing and that’s striving to give back in a positive manner.
Aljamain Sterling
All that you may achieve or discover you will regard as a fragment of a larger pattern of the truth which from the separate approaches every true scholar is striving to descry.
Abbott L. Lowell
I’m always striving to lose weight. And it’s not a matter of wanting to be a size 3 again – I brought out my leotards, and a friend thought they were doll clothes. Being heavy isn’t good for you. How long can your heart take the strain? So, I never give up, but it’s hard.
Liz Torres
When I was growing up, man, I didn’t know myself. I was striving for respect. Trying to be cool for the girls. I wasn’t the biggest dude and I’m a nice guy.
Lil B
Just as our adversaries and threats continue to evolve, so, too, must the FBI. The key to this evolution lies with our greatest assets: our people and our partnerships. Every FBI professional understands that thwarting the threats facing our nation means constantly striving to be more effective and more efficient.
James Comey
I beat myself up the whole time because I’m striving for something I’ll basically never achieve. I portray this image of confidence, of arrogance, and it’s not really me. I’m never satisfied, and I’m never content. It means I’m a bit of a mess some of the time.
Victoria Pendleton
Whether you’re working on becoming a more patient parent or you’re striving to become an elite athlete, building mental strength will help you reach your goals.
Amy Morin
Whether it’s making a film or raising my children, personally I’m striving to do the right things and to learn.
Tom Cruise
Everyone is comparing lives on social media and wants the perfect body, perfect image, perfect outfit, perfect life – we’re striving for this perfection, and it’s so unhealthy because there’s no such thing as perfection.
Emily Atack
The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and to be worthy of your own approval.
Denis Waitley
I love to help people live fully – I guess because I’m always striving towards that myself!
Rekha Sharma
I think Pride, it means ultimately, finally, being able to live with freedom in some ways. Or, at least, that’s what we’re striving for.
The people on programmes like ‘Made in Chelsea’ just want to be celebrities. It’s so depressing. No proper actor has that as a goal. I’m striving for longevity in my career.
Kelly Macdonald
I don’t know if I’m striving for anything that I can put into words.
Fred Frith
People striving for approval from others become phony.
Ichiro Suzuki
It’s sort of a meat market, the whole awards thing, and I don’t think you can predict it anymore – who’s going to like what you’ve done, if it’s worthy or not. And hopefully, that’s not why you make a film, because if you’re distracted by that, or only striving for that, you don’t do it justice.
Emily Blunt
I feel very blessed to have the support I have and to have the fans that I have. I’m still striving to make it every day.
Jeremy Scott
Striving for equality and working together with people different from us is what America is all about, because beneath our differences we are bound by a common humanity we all share.
Kevin Faulconer
Arrogance sort of destroys that nervousness because you’re having a bunch of people flatter you and tell you you’re awesome, and it keeps you from striving as hard for the kind of validation you seek from a good show.
Cole Sprouse
Without any doubt, I am striving for power.
Alexei Navalny
There’s really no way to be perfect. Perfectionism is a silly trait to have, so in a lot of ways that inspired the world of ‘Divergent,’ in which everyone is striving toward that ideal and falling short of it.
Veronica Roth
Politics means striving to share power or striving to influence the distribution of power, either among states or among groups within a state.
Max Weber
Our current obsession with creativity is the result of our continued striving for immortality in an era when most people no longer believe in an after-life.
Arianna Huffington
Let us not depreciate Earth. There is no atom in it but is alive and astir in the all-penetrating splendor of God. From the infinitesimal to the infinite, everything is striving to express the thought of His Presence with which it overflows.
Lucy Larcom
I met a number of young, striving, enterprising people in cities like Aligarh and Hubli. But the mental landscape of these towns is out of sync with their reality. Many of these towns are hellholes.
Karan Mahajan
I have tried to keep on with my striving because this is the only hope I have of ever achieving anything worthwhile and lasting.
Arthur Ashe
In a competitive industry, only paranoid incumbents – those constantly striving for betterment – have any hope of surviving.
Raghuram Rajan
Infinite striving to be the best is man’s duty; it is its own reward. Everything else is in God’s hands.
Mahatma Gandhi
Because we in the mainland didn’t have a youth. We were all busy being hard-working in our youthful years. We were studying hard, working hard, getting married and buying a flat, and striving to give the best education to our children.
Zhao Wei
I am a firm believe in the power of dreams, because the world is basically one giant realization of people’s collective dreams come true. We need to dream to aspire to do something that keeps us striving. But those dreams and ideas and wants mean nothing without execution, which doesn’t usually happen without a plan.
Luvvie Ajayi
There’s never been completion in my football career because I’ve always been striving for that next thing.
Ryan Giggs
To become a good cook is to know yourself, and I, at this point, know myself. I know myself, and I know the cook I want to be and the cook I am striving to be.
Marcus Samuelsson
The writers that I aspire to, like Joni Mitchell and Randy Newman, they’ll tell you that the work gets harder, not easier. And they set that bar for us where we’re always striving to do something better than the last time, whether it’s the next song or just the next line.
Christopher Cross
Well, I will be a president for Democrats, Republicans and independents, for the struggling, the striving, the successful, for all those who vote for me and for those who don’t. For all Americans together.
Hillary Clinton
Understanding why we are here, what we are supposed to be doing, relationships, and striving to do more other than play football – when you get understanding like that and apply it, it works wonders.
Eric Weddle
By the nature of fashion, you’re only as good as your last collection, so I’m constantly striving to be better, so I don’t look at it as if I’ve made it.
Jeremy Scott
I think French women are incredibly comfortable in their skin, whereas in the States people are striving more for one beauty ideal.
Camille Rowe
I always had the sense that nothing was never good enough – striving for perfection. My mother and I had a sort of typical mother-daughter relationship.
Dorothy Hamill
I feel that The American Dream is this fallacy that you come to the United States and win lotto. That’s a disservice to The American Dream because the American Dream is worth striving for. And it’s not easy.
James Gray
I love this country, but I feel like we’re losing sight of who actually holds the power and what makes us great: it’s the people, the communities, the small places that are forgotten, everyone that’s striving.
Often, when you’ve reached a very high level of achievement, you almost become paralyzed by the idea that anything you might do might be imperfect. Perfection is just the striving, the effort, the struggle, but it’s hard to remember that.
Gelsey Kirkland
Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong.
James Bryce
The second fundamental feature of culture is that all culture has an element of striving.
Johan Huizinga
Winning isn’t everything, but playing and competing and striving and going through things can be a lot of fun and really important. As long as you’re doing it in a way that’s healthy, sports can be an incredible opportunity.
Andrew Shue
I find that music makes people just sit and listen, firstly. Then, they seem to interpret their own emotions with the music and it makes them ponder their own life a lot. And then they start to question: Am I happy in my work? Am I happy in my relationships? What am I striving for?
The scientists who attack mainstream religion, rather than striving for peaceful coexistence with it, damage science, and also weaken the fight against fundamentalism.
Martin Rees
I have to keep pushing and keep striving, and also keep being me on the field.
Alphonso Davies
Admiration for a quality or an art can be so strong that it deters us from striving to possess it.
Friedrich Nietzsche
After a century of striving, after a year of debate, after a historic vote, health care reform is no longer an unmet promise. It is the law of the land.
Barack Obama
I have always been guided by striving to show the best that I could. That is what kept me going in tennis and it is the same now.
Steffi Graf
In America, we understand that a nation is only living as long as it is striving.
Donald Trump
In keeping with original Mormon teachings, much of the property in Hildale and Colorado City is held in trust for the church. Striving to be as self-sufficient as possible, the community grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and everyone, including children, is expected to help bring in the yield.
Scott Anderson
Ballet, there’s a right way to do things, and it’s black and white, and it’s all striving for perfection. Acting is not that way. It’s very gray, and the messier you can be, the better. The mistakes that you make are the gold and the beautiful stuff.
Margaret Qualley
If we are striving, if we are working, if we are trying, to the best of our ability, to improve day by day, then we are in the line of our duty.
Heber J. Grant
One kind of artist is always striving to annihilate the past, to make the world anew in each new work, and so to triumph over the dead weight of routine. I am the other kind… who only sees his way forward by standing on the shoulders of those who have already cleared the path ahead.
Steven Stucky
Our salvation is in striving to achieve what we know we’ll never achieve.
Ryszard Kapuscinski
You’re always striving to get better, and I would get in my own way sometimes or stop myself if I felt it wasn’t as good as it should be. You’re going to fall on your face a couple of times, and the lesson is to get back up.
Zoe Perry
Fans, especially ours, demand championships. That’s what we’re striving for.
Clay Matthews III
If you’re not striving to improve, you’ll end up going backwards.
Owen Farrell
If you’re constantly striving for questions that are never going to be answered, then you’re only being detrimental to your own mental health.
Jonny Bairstow
The lily and the rose in her fair face striving for precedence.
Nathaniel Parker Willis
In 1982, I wrote in my diary that life is motion, not joy. If the way you measure success in life is by how much joy it brings you, you’re measuring inaccurately. Life is also sadness, defeat, striving. It is many things.
Mario Cuomo
I tend to get caught up in striving for perfection and not so much the accepting excellence part.
Cooper Kupp
In everything I write, I’m always striving to hit the right mix of light and darkness, humor and pain, fun and seriousness.
Greg van Eekhout
I began working quite young, writing, growing, maturing, always striving to top myself – to make people laugh hard at things they know and believe deep in their hearts to be true.
Bill Hicks
If I’m fulfilled mentally, spiritually, and physically by my daily activities and I’m constantly striving to grow by living out of my comfort zone, then I am successful.
Kevin Olusola
I think that the things that are interesting sometimes, when you’re striving for a sound, you just get it wrong ’cause of your own limitations. That’s when you get something kind of original.
Mark Ronson
The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world. In this long vigil he often has to vary his methods of stimulation; but in this long vigil he is also himself striving against a continual tendency to sleep.
Marc Chagall
I’m still hungry. I’m still striving… You have to understand: my mum has worked hard to look after her children, but we have always been poor; we have always been at rock bottom. I want to change my family history forever.
Dillian Whyte
Man’s striving for order, of which art is but one manifestation, derives from a similar universal tendency throughout the organic world; it is also paralleled by, and perhaps derived from, the striving towards the state of simplest structure in physical systems.
Rudolf Arnheim
Success isn’t about reaching your goals; it’s about striving for things, like the joy of trying to raise a family, trying to be a successful singer, trying to write good songs, trying to be a better person. It’s that old thing about life being about the journey, not the destination.
Jimmy Barnes
Striving to tell his woes, words would not come; For light cares speak, when mighty griefs are dumb.
Samuel Daniel
We are ever striving after what is forbidden, and coveting what is denied us.
I often wrangle with myself as an actor, and wrestle with the process. In striving for authenticity I often have the feeling I am falling short.
Juliet Stevenson
Perfection is worth striving for, even if it is ultimately unattainable in this life.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
That’s what we’re striving for, making us a contender in every race.
Dale Earnhardt
Holiness through Christ’s Spirit is the accountability every Christian should be striving towards.
Monica Johnson
Keep working and saving and striving for a better future for your children, and for their children, even if you won’t be around to see it pay off.
David Robinson
I want wins and losses to matter. That is the point of wrestling, everyone is striving to be a champion and your stature in the company is marked by your win-loss record.
Tony Khan
Listen to the Beatles’ ‘Things We Said Today.’ Ringo Starr does not play a fill in the entire song. It doesn’t need it. ‘A Day In the Life’ has gorgeous fills, but there, the song needs it. When I play on any record, I’m striving to get where Ringo is. You play what doesn’t take you out of the song.
Benmont Tench
Uncertainty doesn’t make life worth living, quite, but it does make striving and gambling worth attempting.
Walter Kirn
Even though I am extremely blessed to have accomplished many of my goals at such a young age, I am still reaching, still striving.
Jennifer Hudson
But in the next world I shan’t be doing music, with all the striving and disappointments. I shall be being it.
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Trophies or no trophies, we are all just striving to do some really good art and help people’s lives with it.
No I.D.
I personally try to buy the best-quality items at the best price that do the least harm and from companies that are striving to do good – many of those companies are run by young entrepreneurs.
Neil Blumenthal
Whereas China has set about systematically striving for Olympic success since it re-entered global competition after years of isolation, India has remained complacent about its lack of sporting prowess.
Shashi Tharoor
The travel book is a convenient metaphor for life, with its optimistic beginning or departure, its determined striving, and its reflective conclusion. Journeys change travellers just as a good travel book can change readers.
Rory MacLean
Failure after long perseverance is much grander than never to have a striving good enough to be called a failure.
George Eliot
There is none to tell the rich to go on striving, for a rich man makes the law that hallows and hollows his own life.
Sean O’Casey
All lives matter, including black lives, which is a value we should be striving for rather than condemning.
Katie Pavlich
A lot of my career and my drive and my passion and my striving to be better and better was built on insecurity.
Wendy Whelan
Forget about musical credibility. I think, unless you’re Radiohead or whatever, it’s pointless striving for that. What I would like is some respect.
Ronan Keating
Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.
Pat Riley
My No. 1 goal, and what I’ve spent my entire life striving to achieve is to win a World Cup. I want to retire so badly with that World Cup, but if I don’t, then I’ll retire knowing that I’ve done everything I could to get it.
Hope Solo
Any acting is a stretch of the imagination. That’s your job. Acting is truth in imaginary circumstances. Acting with green screen or a motion capture stage, you’re striving for absolute truth in absolutely imaginary circumstances.
Sam Worthington
I like my heroes to be imperfect; I like them to be striving. I identify with that kind of aspiration to do better.
Kelly Sue DeConnick
The torch relay is an excellent embodiment of all that the Olympic Games have come to symbolise – a celebration of the human spirit. Personally to me, it represents striving to be the best in whatever we do, never giving up despite the odds, and a commitment to health and fitness.
Lakshmi Mittal
Science may provide the most useful way to organize empirical, reproducible data, but its power to do so is predicated on its inability to grasp the most central aspects of human life: hope, fear, love, hate, beauty, envy, honor, weakness, striving, suffering, virtue.
Paul Kalanithi
Vince McMahon is one of the greatest storytellers of all time, but WWE’s not striving for the kind of innovation it’s capable of.
Gary Vaynerchuk
Observation and thinking are the two points of departure for all the spiritual striving of man, insofar as he is conscious of such striving. The workings of common sense, as well as the most complicated scientific researches, rest on these two fundamental pillars of our spirit.
Rudolf Steiner
So, I would write songs… I sort of loved it and hated it in the sense that I would be like, it’s never good enough, and I didn’t think it was that good, but I always kept striving to write better and better stuff.
Dean Lewis
I’m always focused and enjoying the journey because this life is meant for savoring every goal reached and striving for more.
Natti Natasha
In Georgia and around the country, people are striving for a middle class where a salary truly equals economic security. But instead, families’ hopes are being crushed by Republican leadership that ignores real life or just doesn’t understand it.
Stacey Abrams
I’ve watched Spike Lee’s career with interest, and he seemed to be striving for an original and moral point of view.
Saul Bass
A lot of recent comic book adaptations have gone two ways: either they’re striving for some kind of realism, like ‘Iron Man’ or ‘The Dark Knight,’ or they’re very stylised and gritty, like ‘Sin City’ and ‘300.’
Edgar Wright
Sports nurtures dreams of achieving self confidence and masculine striving for the skinny kid watching a boxer dance around the ring with sublime ease.
Armstrong Williams
If one comes across sometimes as being cold or brusque, it’s simply because I’m striving for the best.
Anna Wintour
I believe you have to keep the theological standard high; the Lord said, ‘Be perfect,’ and the leaders have to be striving for that standard with all there is in them.
Adrian Rogers
Even the striving for equality by means of a directed economy can result only in an officially enforced inequality – an authoritarian determination of the status of each individual in the new hierarchical order.
Friedrich August von Hayek
The movie – any sports movie – becomes a praise song to life here on earth, to physical existence itself, beyond striving, beyond economic necessity.
David Shields
I love being able to come in every single day and work out and watch film and practice with guys who are all striving for the same goal.
Patrick Mahomes
I’ve always been like this – insecure – because I’m striving for something that can’t be attained. I don’t just want to be OK at this: I want to be the best at it, and I’ve never achieved that in my mind.
Victoria Pendleton
I’m fully aware that Qatar are striving to become one of the leading sporting nations and they have big plans for football. Winning the honour of hosting the 2022 World Cup is the best possible proof of their intentions.
That is what great athletes can do: they give us a model of striving for human perfection.
Armstrong Williams
Love is what makes the world go around. I know it’s a big cliche to use, but it is the absolute truth. There is nothing else like it. I know that is what everybody is striving to feel: in relationships, in brother- and sisterhood, and in all of the things that we aspire to have in our lives.
Gladys Knight
You know, I think it’s so ironic that we’re calling hard work, striving for excellence, don’t blame others, you know, don’t give up, that we’re calling these, quote, ‘Chinese values,’ ’cause I always thought of them as American values.
Amy Chua
In the future, instead of striving to be right at a high cost, it will be more appropriate to be flexible and plural at a lower cost. If you cannot accurately predict the future then you must flexibly be prepared to deal with various possible futures.
Edward de Bono
Winning is important in this league. Just check your ego at the door. It’s all about winning. That’s what we all should be striving for.
John Dorsey
Obviously I’m not to where Michael Jordan is, but trying to get to some level where he was and just striving for the best. That’s what got me here.
Michael Oher
I was striving to become an engineer, but something happened that made me think, ‘Maybe I can make games instead.’
Masahiro Sakurai
Striving for success is healthy – but believing you need to succeed the first time around may backfire. Mentally strong people believe failure is part of the process toward a long journey to success. By viewing failure as a temporary setback, they’re able to bounce back and move forward with ease.
Amy Morin
If you want to be the best, you can’t take the path of least resistance. Every morning, you wake up, and your mind tells you it’s too early, and your body tells you you’re a little too sore, but you’ve got to look deep within yourself and know what you want and what you’re striving for.
Antonio Brown
I’m here to be the greatest of all time, and that’s what I’m striving for.
Diego Sanchez
When you awaken some morning and hear that somebody or other has been discovered, you can put it down as a fact that he discovered himself years ago – since that time he has been toiling, working, and striving to make himself worthy of general discovery.
James Whitcomb Riley
Many leaders are tempted to lead like a chess master, striving to control every move, when they should be leading like gardeners, creating and maintaining a viable ecosystem in which the organization operates.
Stanley A. McChrystal
There’s no shame in striving for peace.
Benny Gantz
I think that if you can convey a kind of a complexity, a mystery, a truth in stillness, that, to me, is really worth striving for, and I totally agree with Michael Fassbender in that less is more. If it’s going on inside you, the camera will find it.
Gabriel Byrne
My dad was clear that it was important to start the journey from scratch and give auditions. I used to stand in long queues, where a hundred people would stand ahead of me… One thing I knew, that I must be focused on whatever I did. And that helped me to keep striving.
Sunny Singh
Mature striving is linked to long-range goals. Thus, the process of becoming is largely a matter of organizing transitory impulses into a pattern of striving and interest in which the element of self-awareness plays a large part.
Gordon W. Allport
I wanted to be a writer from my early teenage years, but I never told anyone. Writers, in my opinion, were god-like creatures, and to say I was striving to be a writer would be incredibly arrogant.
Tim Cahill
Whatever course you have chosen for yourself, it will not be a chore but an adventure if you bring to it a sense of the glory of striving.
David Sarnoff
I’ve never looked at my career as something that I was striving to get to one position or another. For me, it was one step at a time.
Karen Katz
When you’re young and you’re striving, it’s all uphill, and it’s easier to climb. Then, when you get and look around, you sort of say, ‘Wow, the altitude’s kinda thin up here!’
Ron Howard
Aren’t we all striving to be overpaid for what we do?
Will Ferrell
I had to experience many situations and emotions to develop, and I’m still striving to become the kind of competitor I want to be.
Johanna Konta
When everyone is spitting in your face and you can be nice back to society – that is the ultimate self empowerment and that’s what I was striving for.
Nick Yarris
Let our lives be in accordance with our convictions of right, each striving to carry out our principles.
Lucretia Mott
In my work, I’m always striving to be as honest as possible.
Juliette Lewis
You don’t fight injustice by asking to become part of the system that committed the injustice against you in the first place. That’s like a freed slave striving to become a slave owner.
Carmen Yulin Cruz
It is not to be disguised, that a war has broken out between the North and the South. – Political and commercial men are industriously striving to restore peace: but the peace, which they would effect, is superficial, false, and temporary.
Gerrit Smith
LeBron carries a certain weight. You feel him all the time. On the court, off the court, in the organization. I don’t say ‘weight’ in a bad way, but his presence is always felt. He is striving for greatness at all times. Because he’s such a magnetic personality and such an incredible basketball player, people follow him.
Kyle Korver
In the younger ages, maybe you can rely more on your talent, but when you get older, you see that when you combine it with hard work, you can get everything out of your potential, and that’s what I’m striving to do – to get everything out of my potential.
Divock Origi
I’ve been striving for attention my whole life. Now I have it.
Hannah Teter
I’m ambitious. I do think you have a tendency to be less happy sometimes when you’re a seeker. You can be disenchanted because you’re not getting what you want, and you’re always striving and looking ahead instead of just being in the moment.
Matt Dillon
We’ve lost leaders from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King, Jr. and countless others who have worked to bend the arc of the universe towards justice and equality. Yet, we remain undaunted, dedicated to striving for a fairer, more equal society.
Ralph Northam
We are in a situation where we can have a developing backup quarterback because of the excellence of Tony Romo. We can have that behind him. To me, that’s what you’re ideally striving for.
Jerry Jones
I’m striving to be the best ever.
A. J. Green
Being famous is not something that would make me feel successful – unless one was striving for mediocrity.
William Hurt
The longing for peace is rooted in the hearts of all men. But the striving, which at present has become so insistent, cannot lay claim to such an ambition as leading the way to eternal peace, or solving all disputes among nations.
Alva Myrdal
I worked hard and made my own way, just as my father had. And just, I’m sure, as he hoped I would. I learned, from observing him, the satisfaction that comes from striving and seeing a dream fulfilled.
Sigourney Weaver
It is only through raising expectations and striving for excellence that our children can reach their full potential.
Brad Henry
It’s a constant progression, and as long as you’re constantly striving to be better, you’re headed in the right direction.
Christian McCaffrey
Ideas, dreams, and goals morph as we experience life, so I’m not sure I can look at it like there’s something I haven’t yet achieved since I will always be striving for something more.
Jessi Combs
As an actor, I’m constantly striving to find the darkness in the lighter characters and the lightness in the darker characters.
Joel Edgerton
‘Selma’ is a story about voice – the voice of a great leader; the voice of a community that triumphs despite turmoil; and the voice of a nation striving to grow into a better society. I hope the film reminds us that all voices are valuable and worthy of being heard.
Ava DuVernay
A budget should be judged by whether it creates a foundation for the success of American working families striving to buy a house, or to send their kids to college, or to save a little for retirement and, if they’re lucky, a vacation.
Jeff Merkley
Business and growing jobs is about taking risk, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, but always striving. It is about dreams. Usually, it doesn’t work out exactly as you might have imagined. Steve Jobs was fired at Apple. He came back and changed the world.
Mitt Romney
America is nation of people striving to make life better for themselves and for their families.
Kevin McCarthy
I was pretty rubbish when I first started dancing. I didn’t understand the discipline of working on one step over and over again. If you look at it from the outside, you’d think, ‘Why would anybody want to do that?’ But you just want to get it perfect. It is that constant inner striving that you fall in love with.
Darcey Bussell
The world is becoming very black and white. People are striving for perfection where only the best is acceptable. If we continue down this road, then we will lose everything that is human.
Madeline Stuart
Dancers are always striving for perfection. A great dancer never achieves it: you always want to do another turn, a higher jump,a more difficult acrobatic jump.
Abby Lee Miller
When there is life and mankind, a person will live striving for good deeds, liberty and a bright life, and wish that goodness and justice will reign in the world.
Islom Karimov
The best progressive policies are constructed by learning from past experiences while striving toward a more equitable future.
Eric Adams
I think when you begin to think of yourself as having achieved something, then there’s nothing left for you to work towards. I want to believe that there is a mountain so high that I will spend my entire life striving to reach the top of it.
Cicely Tyson
If you’re gay and you can’t hold hands, or you’re black and you can’t catch a taxi, or you’re a woman and you can’t go into the park, you are aware there’s a menace. That’s costly on a psychic level. The world should be striving to make all its members secure.
Tony Kushner
By striving to do the impossible, man has always achieved what is possible. Those who have cautiously done no more than they believed possible have never taken a single step forward.
Mikhail Bakunin
Architects always have a feel for time – the generation they live in – as we do, and they are always striving toward boundless adventure.
Issey Miyake
I do write about people who are complex and are striving with something and can’t quite get past their own stuff, which would be a proxy for myself because that’s what the deal is with me.
Eric Bogosian
When you’re a young actor, and you’re really fighting to have your place in the world – for me, anyway – it took a mental focus and energy and striving. It took a long time. And it was my whole life.
Mark Ruffalo
It is in the failures of our striving that we find ourselves, and it is then, in the rising above them and trying again, that we carry ourselves to the next level. If the runner stumbles, they get up and run again.
Rick Tumlinson
I have that thing in my stomach where I just need to keep striving for things. In my mind, I want the fairy tale.
January Jones
If you suddenly go striving for different things from what have stood you in good stead over a period of time then you’re searching for something that you are probably not going to find.
Jonny Bairstow
America isn’t Congress. America isn’t Washington. America is the striving immigrant who starts a business, or the mom who works two low-wage jobs to give her kid a better life. America is the union leader and the CEO who put aside their differences to make the economy stronger.
Barack Obama
I always think that you should be striving to write your best song.
Alice Cooper
How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.
George Washington Carver
If you don’t want to be number one, then I don’t know what you are striving for.
Brian Cage
If you’re a Freshman, it means you’re ’boutta take off or you’re at the point where you’re already there. Now that I’m a Freshman, I’m gonna keep workin’, keep gettin’ to the top, keep striving for greatness.
Lil Mosey
I don’t stress about the outcome because I know the only thing I have control over is my own hard work. So long as I’m being honest about that and striving to be the best version of myself, I’m happy.
Kiara Advani
To be reverent is not just to be quiet. It involves an awareness of what is taking place. It involves a divine desire to learn and to be receptive to the promptings of the Spirit. It involves a striving to seek added light and knowledge.
L. Lionel Kendrick
I did take part in a couple of Vishy Anand’s training camps. The experience has truly been invaluable. I saw from up close the level of preparation that I should be striving for.
Anish Giri
My life changed completely. It’s crazy now. It’s kind of gone from striving and wondering and being confused and being lost to just feeling like the most blessed person in the world – just happy to wake up every day, happy to get on a plane every time. Just couldn’t be happier with life, really.
Becky Lynch
I didn’t set out wanting to be an actress. That’s not what I did. I didn’t go to class striving to become an actress. I just basically – honestly, I didn’t have anything else going.
Rene Russo
All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today.
Pope Paul VI
For a really relaxing time, you want to go to a place where the work ethic hasn’t taken hold, where the culture hasn’t been taken over by the western values of constant striving.
Tom Hodgkinson
I always feel that I have missed some good fortune if I am away from home when my bees swarm. What a delightful summer sound it is! How they come pouring out of the hive, twenty or thirty thousand bees, each striving to get out first!
John Burroughs
France will always be France no matter what, but America involves striving toward an ideal.
Rich Lowry
One day in God’s grace is equivalent to a thousand days of striving by your own efforts.
Joseph Prince
Cultural variety is always worth striving for, but must never precede the declaration of human rights.
Bjorn Ulvaeus
A woman caring for her children; a woman striving to excel in the private sector; a woman partnering with her neighbors to make their street safer; a woman running for office to improve her country – they all have something to offer, and the more our societies empower women, the more we receive in return.
Queen Rania of Jordan
I have an ambition to write a great book, but that’s really a competition with myself. I’ve noticed that a lot of young writers, people in all media, want to be famous but they don’t really want to do anything. I can’t think of anything less worth striving for than fame.
Zadie Smith
I feel like I made it already, because I got already what everybody on the corners of the neighborhood I grew up in is striving to get.
Lloyd Banks
Be it jewel or toy, not the prize gives the joy, but the striving to win the prize.
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
Nothing good ever happens by itself – it is achieved through striving, though this sometimes bears a high price.
Antonio Munoz Molina
I’m striving toward this acting thing. I’m definitely gonna work hard on that, whatever comes my way, I’m gonna work hard on it.
Mary J. Blige
Wealth often takes away chances from men as well as poverty. There is none to tell the rich to go on striving, for a rich man makes the law that hallows and hollows his own life.
Sean O’Casey
Outwardly, I may look quiet, but deep inside, I’m full of this sense of challenge. I’m always striving to work harder, to improve by learning, to do better and keep dreaming.
Henry Sy
We’re in a world and a society where we’re all striving for this perfection that doesn’t exist.
Tessa Virtue
I want players who are always striving to improve.
Gordon Strachan
People who become ‘elite’ at what they do aren’t striving to be ‘elite’ just to join some special club. They take great joy and satisfaction in the pursuit of mastery, and they compete against themselves, not others.
Justine Musk
Cultural dominance of middle-class norms prevail in middle-class schools with a teacher teaching toward those standards and with students striving to maintain those standards.
James S. Coleman
I love all of my books. They were labors of love; I was striving to create something well done, and I do feel I succeeded.
Lynn Flewelling
Conservatism is rooted in preservation; progressivism advances alteration. These are different love languages. These languages turn on your view of change itself: When you think of America, do you see a country struggling to be maintained or one striving to be made better?
Charles M. Blow
The Commonwealth is a vital and positive partnership between countries striving to develop trade relations and promote democracy and human rights, united by shared values.
Douglas Alexander
Many people think of perfectionism as striving to be your best, but it is not about self-improvement; it’s about earning approval and acceptance.
Brene Brown