Sturdy Quotes

Sturdy Quotes by Jennifer Dunning, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Cardozo, Criss Jami, Friedrich Nietzsche, Edmund Burke and many others.

Kun-Yang Lin is a young Taiwanese choreographer with st

Kun-Yang Lin is a young Taiwanese choreographer with strong American modern dance roots. (His) New York debut at the Cunningham studio were notable for their craft and sturdy spirituality.
Jennifer Dunning
It may well be that we shall by a process of sublime irony have reached a state in this story where safety will be the sturdy child of terror, and survival the twin brother of annihilation.
Winston Churchill
Due process is a growth too sturdy to succumb to the infection of the least ingredient of error.
Benjamin Cardozo
It’s a good sign but rare instance when, in a relationship, you find that the more you learn about the other person, the more you continue to desire them. A sturdy bond requires a degree of youthful intrigue. Love loves its youth.
Criss Jami
With sturdy shoulders, space stands opposing all its weight to nothingness. Where space is, there is being.
Friedrich Nietzsche
The nature of things is, I admit, a sturdy adversary.
Edmund Burke
Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon.
Winston Churchill
The victims of injustice in our world do not need our spasms of passion; they need our long obedience in the same direction – our legs and lungs of endurance; And we need sturdy stores of joy.
Gary Haugen
RIGHTEOUSNESS, n. A sturdy virtue that was once found among the Pantidoodles inhabiting the lower part of the peninsula of Oque. Some feeble attempts were made by returned missionaries to introduce it into several European countries . .
Ambrose Bierce
My mother always called me ‘sturdy’ and said I have big bones. A little fat is what I am.
Andy Rooney
Tis I whom children love the best; / My wealth is all for them; / For them is set each glossy cup / Upon each sturdy stem.
Cicely Mary Barker
I’m 190 pounds of rock hard muscle, underneath 40 pounds of sturdy protective fat.
John Swartzwelder
We still leave unblotted in the leaves of our statute book, for the reverence and admiration of successive ages, the just and wholesome law which declares that the sturdy felon shall be fed and clothed, and that the penniless debtor shall be left to die of starvation and nakedness. This is no fiction.
Charles Dickens
It takes just as many men to build a sturdy man, son, as it does to build a tower. You will look back on this time and remember remarkably little of it, excpt the extent to which I tried or did not try.
J. R. Moehringer
(Scottish Terriers) have all the compactness of a small dog and all the valor of a big one. And they are so exceedingly sturdy that it is proverbial that the only thing fatal to them is being run over by an automobile – in which case the car itself knows it has been in a fight.
Dorothy Parker
Behavior runs in deep channels that were cut during early childhood, and it is very difficult to alter them. In order to change a deeply ingrained pattern, you have to build a sturdy dam, dig another canal and reroute the river in the new direction. That effort is rarely successful over the long haul.
James Dobson
Large offers and sturdy rejections are among the most common topics of falsehood.
Samuel Johnson
The first time someone I loved left me behind…I didn’t know how my family would balance. We had been such a sturdy little end table, four solid legs. I was sure we would now be off-kilter, always unstable. Until one day I looked more closely, and realized that we had simply become a stool.
Jodi Picoult
How strange and abandoned and unsettled I am. Like a snowdome paper weight that’s been shaken. There’s a blizzard in my bubble. Everything in my world that was steady and sure and sturdy has been shaken out of place, and it’s now drifting and swirling back down in a confetti of debris. (p30)
Craig Silvey
Prevarication, like honesty, is reflexive, and soon becomes a sturdy habit, as reliable as truth.
Norman Mailer
unless I can shake myself free of my dog, my flag,
of my desk, my mind, I find life a bit of a drag.
Not always, mind you. Usually I’m like my frying pan
useful, graceful, sturdy and with no caper, no plan.
Anne Sexton
We are in a very strange way going back to the mentality of the time when Americans went in covered wagons. I imagine they had a piece of cloth, and the piece of furniture they carried with them meant to be a good piece of wood, and sturdy. We’re going back to that.
Emilio Pucci
The only sensible approach to disease and insect control, I think, is to grow sturdy crops in a healthy environment.
Masanobu Fukuoka
Love is a tender plant; when properly nourished, it becomes sturdy and enduring, but neglected it will soon wither and die.
Hugh B. Brown
The Lord intends us to be powerful people-mighty in optimism and hopeful of spirit, powerful in evangelistic zeal, potent in influence, sturdy in moral fiber and purity. We can be powerhouses in prayer and preaching.
David Jeremiah
Our children need strong families raising them with sturdy virtues, not to be smothered in the cold arms of the state.
Margaret Thatcher
We admire Chaucer for his sturdy English wit…. But though it is full of good sense and humanity, it is not transcendent poetry.For picturesque description of persons it is, perhaps, without a parallel in English poetry; yet it is essentially humorous, as the loftiest genius never is.
Henry David Thoreau
The key to every man is his thought. Sturdy and defying though he look, he has a helm which he obeys, which is the idea after which all his facts are classified. He can only be reformed by showing him a new idea which commands his own.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I wanna live like Arnold, Willis and Mr. Drummond…
And keep my paper sturdy, big birds and tight herbs.
Pimp C
Only love for Christ has the power to incapacitate the sturdy love for self that is the bane of every sinner, and only the grace of Christ has the power to produce that love.
Paul David Tripp
The cross of Christ is the all-sufficient ground for the salvation of sinners. It claims to be sturdy enough to support the whole weight of our guilt all by itself. Therefore, to boast in the cross properly at all is to boast in the cross alone.
Philip Graham Ryken
We are built on a structure of the freedom of religion and the non-establishment of religion. That really is a pretty sturdy rudder for the U.S.
Diana L. Eck
Body have to physically strong and sturdy. Spiritually balanced fi clean and purge me. Mentally advanced fi always urge me. Read a couple books and challenge the clergy. Read a couple psalms up in the morning early.
Damian Marley
The capacity to be overwhelmed by the beautiful is astonishingly sturdy and survives amidst the harshest distractions.
Susan Sontag
Life is not intellectual or critical, but sturdy. Its chief good is for well-mixed people who can enjoy what they find, without question.
Ralph Waldo Emerson