Suburbia Quotes

Suburbia Quotes by James Howard Kunstler, Jimmy Buffett, Gaby Hoffmann, Terri Irwin, Rick Famuyiwa, Penelope Spheeris and many others.

Government at all levels in the USA right now is engage

Government at all levels in the USA right now is engaged in a quixotic campaign to sustain the unsustainable. We’re determined to run WalMart, Disney World, the Interstate Highways, suburbia, and an imperial military by other means than oil. We’ll squander a lot of dwindling resources in the process.
James Howard Kunstler
Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don’t know and I don’t care.
Jimmy Buffett
Suburbia, to me, was the most fantastical, unusual place. I thought it was Disneyland.
Gaby Hoffmann
She’s born and raised with wildlife, living with a zoo. What would be strange for Bindi is if she were in an apartment in suburbia with a goldfish.
Terri Irwin
I believe most of suburbia is unreformable and will not be fixed.
James Howard Kunstler
I wanted to try and change the idea of what we call mainstream. So many times what we call mainstream is upper middle class white suburbia. And anything outside of that is considered niche.
Rick Famuyiwa
One of the problems with the fiasco of suburbia is that it destroyed our understanding of the distinction between the country and the town, between the urban and the rural. They’re not the same thing.
James Howard Kunstler
Those movies, Decline I and II and Suburbia, are dearly loved, but they never made any money. I didn’t even have the rights for some of them.
Penelope Spheeris
When they dumped all these people out of the insane asylums they didn’t all go sleep in the street. Some of them moved into suburbia, and started writing postcards to the FCC.
Frank Zappa
Great rock n’ roll comes from suburbia.
Alvaro Enrigue
‘Jesus of Suburbia’ is such a dynamic song from start to finish; it’s nine minutes of craziness and hectic-ness and emotion… It’s one of those songs where I know that for the next couple of days, I don’t have to go to the gym, because I got my workout running around the stage and thrashing to Green Day.
It wasn’t the first film to show a kind of alternate vision of suburbia, but it left an indelible impression, I think, on everybody, and all films like that will forever be measured against ‘Blue Velvet.’
Lee Unkrich
Suburbia is the insidious cartoon of the country house in a cartoon of the country.
James Howard Kunstler
We may never find a way to live in suburbia with deer as we do with raccoons, say, or squirrels. So for this reason, it’s very important that we make sure always to save enough wild or open land so that they can live in their normal manner.
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
It’ll be interesting to raise kids in New York City. I’m from suburbia, so I don’t really have any experience with what it’s going to be like here.
Aaron Lazar
[Suburbia] represents, after all, the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world. We built it during our most affluent period of history, and in the decades to come we will be comparatively destitute collectively. In short, we will not have the resources to retrofit most of suburbia.
James Howard Kunstler
I think that the invasion of suburbia, our homes and our families, by this indefatigable, unstoppable force like zombies is frightening and personal. And it’s so much more frightening than a national park like Disneyland being invaded by Martians. I think that’s the enduring appeal of zombies.
Marc Price
I was aware that you weren’t supposed to write about suburbia, that it was undignified in some way, the subject matter not momentous enough. And so, for a long time, that kept me from writing about it. But once I began, I realized it was just as interesting as anywhere else.
Jeffrey Eugenides
Most of suburbia will end up in three ways: ruins, slums, salvage yards for materials.
James Howard Kunstler
The Twist was a guided missile launched from the ghetto into the heart of suburbia. The Twist succeeded, as politics, religion and law could never do, in writing in the heart and soul what the Supreme Court could only write on the books.
Eldridge Cleaver
I’m really the candidate who has really lived his whole life in suburbia.
Bob McDonnell
Suburbia is not going to run on biodiesel. The easy-motoring tourist industry is not going to run on biodiesel, wind power and solar fuel.
James Howard Kunstler
In my view, suburbia in general has very poor prospects. I think it will only become devalued and probably more dangerous. It’s chief characteristic was that it represented a living arrangement with no future – and that future is now here.
James Howard Kunstler
This is pretty much the answer to every problem you encounter in suburbia: plant a tree, and hope you don’t see anyone’s privates.
Lauren Oliver
People in suburbia see trees differently than foresters do. They cherish every one. It is useless to speak of the probability that a certain tree will die when the tree is in someone’s backyard . . . . You are talking about a personal asset, a friend, a monument, not about board feet of lumber.
Roger Swain
Our Congress passes laws which subsidize corporation farms, oil companies, airlines, and houses for suburbia. But when they turn their attention to the poor, they suddenly become concerned about balancing the budget and cut back on the funds for Head Start, Medicare, and mental health appropriations.
Coretta Scott King
Consider how badly-built suburbia is. Many business buildings are not designed to outlast their tax depreciation periods, and the McHouses are made of particle board, vinyl siding, and stapled-on trim. A lot of suburbia will simply become the slums of the future. Most of the rest will be salvage or ruins.
James Howard Kunstler
We struck out on our own in suburbia with parents who actually helped us get where we needed to go.
Nancy Wilson
The Twist was a guided missile, launched from the ghetto into the very heart of suburbia. The Twist succeeded, as politics, religion, and law could never do, in writing in the heart and soul what the Supreme Court could only write on the books.
Eldridge Cleaver
I came from the heart of the ghetto – there ain’t no suburbia in me.
I grew up in suburbia, so it’s a world I’m familiar with… but in my experience, all the families that I grew up thinking were the perfect families who kept it together… all their secrets would come out, and it’d be something dark and disgusting beneath the surface, so I wanted to exploit that.
Jeff Baena
I feel, am mad as any writer must in one way be; why not make it real? I am too close to the bourgeois society of suburbia: too close to people I know I must sever my self from them, or be a part of their world: this half and half compromise is intolerable.
Sylvia Plath