Summit Quotes

Summit Quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson, Mike Love, Catherynne M. Valente, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Thomas Carlyle, Mehmet Murat Ildan and many others.

There is certainly some chill and arid knowledge to be

There is certainly some chill and arid knowledge to be found upon the summits of formal and laborious science; but it is all round about you, and for the trouble of looking, that you will acquire the warm and palpitating facts of life.
Robert Louis Stevenson
I’ve always been very involved with environmental issues. I was fortunate to be one of the speakers at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero some years back, and Bruce Johnson and I served on the board of the Surfrider Foundation here at home. Locally and globally, we need to be doing everything we can to help Mother Earth.
Mike Love
At the snowy summit of all these things, however, is the fact that you simply cannot go about locking your siblings in towers when they misbehave. It is unseemly and betrays a sad lack of creativity.
Catherynne M. Valente
Great men are rarely isolated mountain-peaks; they are the summits of ranges.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson
All true work is sacred. In all true work, were it but true hand work, there is something of divineness. Labor, wide as the earth, has its summit in Heaven.
Thomas Carlyle
To see the big picture, get out of the dark valleys, climb to the sunny summits!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Between the shores of the oceans and the summit of the highest mountain is a secret route that you must absolutely take before being one with the sons of the Earth.
Khalil Gibran
Summits are best at dealing with problems, where the need for action is urgent and the range of possible actions limited. They are less good at dealing with opportunities.
David Souter
I am as one
Who doth attempt some lofty mountain’s height,
And having gained what to the upcast eye
The summit’s point appear’d, astonished sees
Its cloudy top, majestic and enlarged,
Towering aloft, as distant as before.
Joanna Baillie
Even if we stand at the very summit of virtue, it is by mercy that we shall be saved.
Saint John Chrysostom
Who, under pressing temptations to lie, adheres to truth, nor to the profane betrays aught of a sacred trust, is near the summit of wisdom and virtue.
Johann Kaspar Lavater
If you haven’t read Shakespeare’s Hamlet yet, it means that you haven’t reached the summit of the literature yet!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I am old enough to know that victory is often a thing deferred, and rarely at the summit of courage… What is at the summit of courage, I think, is freedom… the freedom that comes with the knowledge that no earthly thing can break you.
Paula Giddings
The Palestinian must stop throwing stones, and the Israelis must stop firing rockets. And in the view of the Sharm el-Sheikh summit, rockets are equal to stones.
Hassan Nasrallah
All the world lies warm in one heart, yet the Sierra seems to get more light than other mountains. The weather is mostly sunshine embellished with magnificent storms, and nearly everything shines from base to summit – the rocks, streams, lakes, glaciers, irised falls, and the forests of silver fir and silver pine.
John Muir
From this moment on, live the Eucharist fully; be persons for whom the Holy Mass, Communion, and Eucharistic adoration are the center and summit of their whole life.
Pope John Paul II
You climb to reach the summit, but once there, discover that all roads lead down.
Stanislaw Lem
Yes, I first visited Korphe village, Braldu valley, Baltistan, Pakistan, after failing to summit K2 in 1993, and met Haji Ali, a long time dear mentor and friend. My second visit to Korphe was in 19
Greg Mortenson
[T]he task of abolishing the essence of Jewry is in truth the task of abolishing Jewry in civil society, abolishing the inhumanity of today’s practice of life, the summit of which is the money system.
Karl Marx
The Rio Earth Summit in 1992 changed my life completely, turning me into an activist. From the air, you see things you can’t see from the ground – you really understand the impact of man, even in a place you know well. My work is meant to convince people we can no longer live like this.
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
The Nuclear Security Summit was President Obama’s initiative born out of his vision to leave behind a safer, more prosperous world for the future generation.
Lee Myung-bak
There is an ecstasy that marks the summit of life, and beyond which life cannot rise. And such is the paradox of living, this ecstasy comes when one is most alive, and it comes as a complete forgetfulness that one is alive.
Jack London
With a tennis racket strapped tightly to her hiking pack, Martina Navratilova began her ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro. The tennis legend had visions of celebrating at the summit of Africa’s highest peak by hitting a couple balls to see how far they might fly in the thin air at 19,341 feet.
Don Yaeger
It does seem to me, though, that the countries that gained most from World Summit on the Information Society are those that saw it as an opportunity to engage in more diverse discussion about the issues internally and to seek to raise the quality of debate (both in terms of information and understanding).
David Souter
When you go to like the Nike Hoops Summit, or the All-Canadian Game, all those really matter in your development and how people perceive you as far as how good of a player you are.
Jamal Murray
Achieving the summit of a mountain was tangible, immutable, concrete. The incumbent hazards lent the activity a seriousness of purpose that was sorely missing from the rest of my life. I thrilled in the fresh perspective that came from the tipping the ordinary plane of existence on end.
Jon Krakauer
Because I first made my name as a rapper claiming South Central L.A., people often assume I’m strictly a West Coast cat. But my family was actually from back East. I was born in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in Summit, an upscale town in north Jersey.
Ice T
I read Aschenbach’s constant desire to go beyond the works he has already produced to be the counterpart of Mann’s deep wish to surpass his previous fiction; sometimes the diaries express this in terms of a dejected judgment that the summit has already been reached.
Philip Kitcher
Our American story, for generations, is of a people who seek to move forward. A people who look at a mountain and worry not about the tough climb ahead, but dream about the view from the summit.
Bill Owens
Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the worlds resources will be negotiated.
Ottmar Edenhofer
The summit, which is set up to educate people about managing their money and protecting their income, leads to empowerment of self, for which this summit needs to be applauded.
Bill Cosby
Hundreds of scientists from around the world are gathering in Washington, D.C. for what some say could be a historic meeting. They are attending an international summit to debate one of the most controversial subjects in modern science , editing human DNA.
Linda Wertheimer
Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.
Greg Child
I don’t actually care what I climb, only how it affects me. Which means the summit doesn’t matter as much as the emotional process.
Mark Twight
The biggest thing, and what I told some of the partners in the summit, was me thanking them for their constant support with everything that I’ve been through the last couple years on and off the court.
Dwyane Wade
Each year I host a leadership summit in my district, and my biggest advice to young people is get experience. Get your foot in the door.
Aaron Schock
More than 150 heads of state attended the UN Summit, giving New Yorkers a chance to get in touch with prejudices they didn’t even know they had.
Jon Stewart
Back in 2014, at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, I shared my story of my escape from North Korea to China in 2007. I had no idea what was coming or what to expect.
Park Yeon-mi
Each and every master, regardless of the era or the place, heard the call and attained harmony with heaven and earth. There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit – love.
Morihei Ueshiba
What we need is to think strategically about development, analyzing a country’s potential role in its region and the world in search of opportunities for growth. Platforms like the Global Social Business Summit can facilitate the process on bringing about change.
Muhammad Yunus
Truth is the summit of being; justice is the application of it to affairs.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The splendour falls on castle walls And snowy summits old in story: The long light shakes across the lakes, And the wild cataract leaps in glory. Blow, bugle, blow, set the wild echoes flying, Blow, bugle; answer, echoes, dying, dying, dying.
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Nations touch at their summits.
Walter Bagehot
Ever since the morning of May 29, 1953, when Tenzing Norgay and I became the first climbers to step onto the summit of Mount Everest, I’ve been called a great adventurer.
Edmund Hillary
Life is but a day; A fragile dewdrop on its perilous way From a tree’s summit.
John Keats
And the narrative for the Taliban that they can wait us out is a flawed narrative. I think that the unambiguous international support for Afghanistan has been a very powerful message. You know, that was the message that came out of the NATO summit. We will not abandon Afghanistan.
John R. Allen
A price has to be paid for success. Almost invariably those who have reached the summits worked harder and longer, studied and planned more assiduously, practiced more self- denial, overcame more difficulties than those of us who have not risen so far.
B. C. Forbes
Be patient, my friends; time rolls rapidly away; our longing has its end. The hour will strike, who knows how soon?- when the maternal lap of everlasting Love shall be opened to us, and the full peace of God breathe around us from the palmy summits of Eden.
Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher
In my state of spiritual abstraction, I no longer belong to myself and to my eyesight. I am nothing more than a single narrow gasping lung, floating over the mists and summits.
Reinhold Messner
The summit is the mere formality, the ceremonial demonstration of what was agreed to long ago, weeks, months before the summit.
Rush Limbaugh
The summit is believed to be the object of the climb. But its true object–the joy of living–is not in the peak itself, but in the adversities encountered on the way up.
Eiji Yoshikawa
It’s no use crying over spilt summits.
Harold MacMillan
On Sunday, the president flies to the Azores islands to attend a summit with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Aznar, and here’s my prediction: Bush gets voted off.
Craig Kilborn
[To Aquinas] the intellect [stands] at the summit of … the human soul.
Anthony John Patrick Kenny
I really haven’t liked the commercialization of mountaineering, particularly of Mt. Everest. By paying $65,000, you can be conducted to the summit by a couple of good guides.
Edmund Hillary
Happiness is the summit of a high mountain; we can visit it, but we can’t stay there! We are forced to go down to the valleys of sadness.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I summited four mountains – Kangchenjunga, Makalu, Broad Peak and Gasherbrum I – in one push. I didn’t camp anywhere. Just went boom, summit, brother.
Nirmal Purja
I have a strong lead so far, and I would be proud to win it because it remains the summit for a skier. I also aim to collect several smaller crystal trophies at Are, especially the GS Cup.
Hermann Maier
No exile at the South Pole or on the summit of Mont Blanc separates us more effectively from others than the practice of a hidden vice.
Marcel Proust
Learn the ABC of science before you try to ascend to its summit.
Ivan Pavlov
We want a comprehensive package that covers export subsidies, tariffs and overall levels of support. British Prime Minister Tony Blair is making central to his summit speech that he wants to abolish all export subsidies. It is up to him to push the European Union in that direction, and the U.S. needs to reciprocate.
Kevin Watkins
Viewed from the summit of reason, all life looks like a malignant disease and the world like a madhouse.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Before climbing the summits, you must first walk in the down valleys!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I don’t think more mega-summits is the way to secure effective implementation.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Settle this in your heart: Whether I am up or down, the Lord Jesus is the same. Whether I sing or sigh, the promise is true and the Promiser is faithful. Whether I stand on the summit or am hidden in the vale the covenant stands fast and everlasting love abides.
Charles Spurgeon
It’s not just a question of conquering a summit previously unknown, but of tracing, step by step, a new pathway to it.
Gustav Mahler
I’ll be the first US president to not only visit Kenya and Ethiopia, but also to address the continent as a whole, building off the African summit that we did here which was historic and has, I think, deepened the kinds of already strong relationships that we have across the continent.
Barack Obama
Remarkable places are like the summits of rocks; eagles and reptiles only can get there.
Suzanne Curchod
You don’t really conquer a mountain, you conquer yourself. You overcome sickness & everything else – your pains, aches, fears – to reach the summit.
Jim Whittaker
Fantastic writing in English is kind of disreputable, but fantastic writing in translation is the summit.
Jonathan Lethem
[Joe] Biden countered. He was speaking at a summit for working families, and he said he had no stocks, no bonds, or a savings account. He then asked a Secret Service agent to hand him his hobo bindle, and he jumped a freight train back to D.C.
Peter Sagal
For those of you who tried, but didn’t make it, Settle down it’s never what you think. The summit doesn’t differ from the deep, dark valley, And the valley doesn’t differ from the kitchen sink.
Zooey Deschanel
The Sherpas play a very important role in most mountaineering expeditions, and in fact many of them lead along the ridges and up to the summit.
Edmund Hillary
I would never bring a flag on the summit. If somebody is climbing for a country he is not normal, he is sick.
Reinhold Messner
The only thing you’ll find on the summit of Mount Everest is a divine view. The things that really matter lie far below.
Roland Smith
Once when I looked up, I happened to see a sea eagle poised on magesterial wings above the knurled summit of the mountain behind my tent. It was a scene of peerless tranquility, tossed out in Nautre’s devil-may-care way, which says: Just open your eyes, my friend, and I’ll astonish you every minute of your life.
Lawrence Millman
Nonviolence is the summit of bravery.
Mahatma Gandhi
To have my mind racing and my heart beating fast over glorious possibilities is very close to the summit of life experience for me.
John Ortberg
How did it happen that their lips came together? How does it happen that birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds, that the dawn whitens behind the stark shapes of trees on the quivering summit of the hill? A kiss, and all was said.
Victor Hugo
Summits [World Summit on the Information Society] are meant to help governments reach a global consensus on major issues which has proved elusive in established fora. They do so through the embarrassment associated with failing to sign a summit’s final agreement.
David Souter
St. Paul would say to the philosophers that God created man so that he would seek the Divine, try to attain the Divine. That is why all pre-Christian philosophy is theological at its summit.
Hans Urs von Balthasar
What you think is the summit is only a step up
Seneca the Younger
When I reached the summit of Everest, I scooped some ice into my drinking bottle as I’d run out of water and hoped it would melt. After I got back to base camp, I decided to keep it, so I had a special bottle made with an inscription – it’s my lucky water.
Ben Fogle
Beerbohm was a genius of the purest kind. He stands at the summit of his art.
Evelyn Waugh
We live not, in reality, on the summit of a solid earth but at the bottom of an ocean of air
My U.N. five-point plan focuses on preventing proliferation, strengthening the legal regime, and ensuring nuclear safety and security – an effort that was given good momentum by the Nuclear Security Summit held in Seoul earlier this year. The world is over-armed, and peace is underfunded.
Ban Ki-moon
Only think that I am now writing in a room full of Claudes… almost of the summit of my earthly ambitions.
John Constable
Man can climb to the highest summits, but he cannot dwell there long.
George Bernard Shaw
Love a man, even in his sin, for that love is a likeness of the divine love, and is the summit of love on earth.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
A review of summit day photographs will show that I was clothed in the latest, highest quality, high altitude gear, comparable, if not better, than that worn by the other members of our expedition.
Anatoli Boukreev
Whoever climbed the Lord’s mountain had to possess clean hands and an innocent heart; otherwise the Summit would kill him. Today the doorway is deserted. Soiled hands and sinful hearts are able to pass by without fear, for the Summit kills no longer.
Nikos Kazantzakis
The world can no more have two summits than a circumference can have two centres.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
The planet is under pressure and our choices have never been more important. The Food Revolution Summit is an informative and empowering platform which highlights ways to set a new pattern for the future of the planet.
Paul McCartney
Since his arrival, the new secretary of state has not held a single press conference. On his first big trip to Europe last month for the G20 summit, Rex Tillerson said less than 50 words in total in response to press questions.
Rachel Maddow
It’s easy to look down from the summit you’ve reached, or even the summit I’ve reached, and talk about the responsibilities of the artist, but most people are just trying to get their foot in the door and make a living.
Leonard Cohen
Happiness is like the mountain summit. It is sometimes hidden by clouds, but we know it is there.
Helen Keller
I am alone so I dream of the being who has cured my solitude, who would be cured by solitudes. With its life, it brought me the idealizations of life, all the idealizations which give life a double, which lead life toward it summits, which make the dreamer too live by splitting.
Gaston Bachelard
The Summit of the Americas is an excellent platform to raise awareness and secure commitments from heads of state and different sector leaders regarding Early Childhood Development.
Success is not just the crowning moment, the spiking of the ball in the end zone or the raising of the flag on the summit. It is the whole process of reaching for a goal and, sometimes, it begins with failure.
Erik Weihenmayer
Mountaineering isn’t as solo a sport as one may think. While the main goal is to reach the peak, one also keeps an eye out for others on the way. Nobody is left behind, and until everyone in the group reaches the summit, the mission isnt accomplished.
Arunima Sinha
I’m doing more of my U.N. work and doing the African Union Summit and things like that.
Angelina Jolie
I have for some time urged that a nuclear abolition summit to mark the effective end of the nuclear era be convened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 70th anniversary of the bombings of those cities, with the participation of national leaders and representatives of global civil society.
Daisaku Ikeda
Whatever is most abstract may perhaps be the summit of reality.
Pablo Picasso
Ambition becomes displeasing when it is once satiated; there is a reaction; and as our spirit, till our last sigh, is always aiming toward some object, it falls back on itself, having nothing else on which to rest; and having reached the summit, it longs to descend.
Pierre Corneille
The only zen thoughts you can find on a mountain summit are those you brought yourself.
Robert M. Pirsig
Live each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance toward the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point. So climb slowly, enjoying each passing moment; and then the view from the summit will serve a more rewarding climax for your journey.
Fulton J. Sheen
I was born in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in Summit, an upscale town in north Jersey. There was this tiny area of Summit where most of the black families lived. My parents and I lived in a duplex house on Williams Street.
Ice T
Riding a bicycle is the summit of human endeavour – an almost neutral environmental effect coupled with the ability to travel substantial distances without disturbing anybody. The bike is the perfect marriage of technology and human energy.
Jeremy Corbyn
It may take us a little longer to reach the summit, but never fear, we will get there!
Barbara Mertz
We hope that the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates will help us to promote Seoul as a symbol of peace beyond war and division in order to attract global attention to peace on the Korean Peninsula.
Park Won-soon
Technology has already opened the door a bit wider for filmmakers, with smaller digital cameras making production less cumbersome. Social media is allowing self-distribution, and girl groups like Spark Summit are leading the way in calling for fewer Photoshop image alterations of girls in print media.
Sharon Lawrence
Joy must be one of the pivots of our life. It is the token of a generous personality. Sometimes it is also a mantle that clothes a life of sacrifice and self-giving. A person who has this gift often reaches high summits. He or she is like sun in a community.
Mother Teresa
Life is like topography, Hobbes. There are summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine and valleys of frustration and failure.
Bill Watterson
Truth is the summit of being.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Yes, I first visited Korphe village, Braldu valley, Baltistan, Pakistan, after failing to summit K2 in 1993, and met Haji Ali, a long time dear mentor and friend. My second visit to Korphe was in 1994.
Greg Mortenson
Those who found nothing on the plains will find nothing on the summits of mountains!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
With American Morons, Glen Hirshberg confidently shoulders his way through the generational pack to claim his rightful place on the summit. These stories are smart, challenging, ripe with feeling, expansive in every way: Horror as it should be writ, and as only the best and most expressive can write it.
Peter Straub
It will be undertaken, of course, in the June or July summit, and then to bring NATO closer to Russia or vice versa is a way to move toward integration – toward the integration of Europe.
Warren Christopher
Alpinism means you go by yourself with your own responsibility, knowing that you could die. But Everest now is more like ski tourism: preparing the piste, helping people go up, setting oxygen bottles near the summit.
Reinhold Messner
When I give talks like the one I’m going to give at the Changing Advertising Summit, one of the points I often make to the audience is that I’m not one of those speakers who stands in front of the audience and pontificates – everything I talk about I’m actually doing myself. I’m living it.
Cindy Gallop
Happiness is the struggle towards a summit and, when it is attained, it is happiness to glimpse new summits on the other side.
Fridtjof Nansen
I really do hope that the Millennium Summit gives new impetus to the work of the United Nations.
Harri Holkeri
Humanity starts at the level of the human consciousness and makes its deliberate way to the summit, which is God Consciousness.
Harold Klemp
As one of the participants in the Aqaba summit, I can testify that Israel fully expected the Palestinian Authority’s newly reorganized and trained security agencies to take harsh action against the rejectionists who sought to wreck the peace process.
Ehud Olmert
Ever since I lost my limb and started walking with a prosthetic leg, I had been working only on my goal of conquering the 29,000 feet summit. Now that it has been achieved, my next goal is the Seven Summits.
Arunima Sinha
I think tremendous change has taken place since the World Summit for Children in 1990.
Carol Bellamy
There is no royal road to science, and only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of its steep paths have a chance of gaining its luminous summits. (Preface to the French edition).
Karl Marx
Summit meetings tend to be like panda matings. The expectations are always
high, and the results usually disappointing.
Robert Orben
To ask for power is forcing uphill a stone which after all rolls back again from the summit and seeks in headlong haste the levels of the plain.
At the ‘Vanity Fair’ New Establishment Summit, I asked Alibaba CEO Mike Evans – who has nine kids! – how he does it, as well as Didi President Jean Liu, a mother of three. Evans said he couldn’t do work well without the support of his family and vice versa.
Emily Chang
God’s slavation is not a purchase to be made, nor wages to be earned, nor a summit to be climbed, nor a task to be accomplished; but it is simply and only a gift to be accepted, and can only be accepted by faith.
Hannah Whitall Smith
When you get to the summit and you push the watch, first you try to breath a little bit and get some oxygen in your lungs. When I saw this time I was like, ‘Ah, that’s not possible.’ Yeah…that was a good moment.
Ueli Steck
Man is the summit, the crown of nature’s development, and must comprehend everything that has preceded him, even as the fruit includes within itself all the earlier developed parts of the plant. In a word, Man must represent the whole world in miniature.
Lorenz Oken
At the economic summit in China, Vladimir Putin is being accused of flirting with the first lady of China. Then again, Putin does have a history of not respecting boundaries.
Conan O’Brien
I remember Adrian [Maben, director] had lots of problems with red tape and dealing with stuff. I think we lost two or three days. Maybe those were the days we had to walk around the summit of Vesuvius, and we went around to the sulfur pits where the ground is bubbling. It’s near here. It’s fantastic.
David Gilmour
We never do what we wish when we wish it, and when we desire a thing earnestly, and it does arrive, that or we are changed, so that we slide from the summit of our wishes and find ourselves where we were.
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
If the going is tough and the pressure is on, If the reserves of strength have been drained and the summit is still not in sight, then the quality to seek in the person is neither great strength nor quickness of hand, but rather a resolute mind firmly set on its purpose that refuses to let its body slack or rest.
Edmund Hillary
He was justifying his existence, than which life can do no greater; for life achieves its summit when it does to the uttermost that which it was equipped to do.
Jack London
Even if we have thousands of acts of great virtue to our credit, our confidence in being heard must be based on God’s mercy and His love for men. Even if we stand at the very summit of virtue, it is by mercy that we shall be saved.
Saint John Chrysostom
Everybody wants to reach the top of the mountain, but there is no growth at the peak. It is in the valley that we slog through the lush grass and rich soil, learning and becoming what enables us to summit life’s next peak.
Andy Andrews
The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life
Pope John Paul II
I think the funds that have been pledged at Euro Summit combined with the outcome of the private sector involvement process should be sufficient in order to support financially the Greek economy.
Lucas Papademos
At a recent education summit, President Obama admitted that he can’t rap. When they heard, Americans said, ‘Good!’
Jimmy Fallon
I think the funds that have been pledged at Euro Summit, combined with the outcome of the private sector involvement process should be sufficient in order to support financially the Greek Economy.
Lucas Papademos
It’s not easy to reach the summit of your career by the age of 24 – and for the years after to be a humiliating scrabble downhill.
Allison Pearson
Life always gets harder towards the summit – the cold increases, responsibility increases
Barbara Taylor Bradford
On the one hand, the financial projection is on the agenda – we will see if this problem can be resolved or not. I think it is a right idea to stage a special summit, which would deal with the question of priorities of European politics.
Angela Merkel
At G-20 summit, I worked with US and other countries to bring black money back.
Narendra Modi
The KPMG Women’s PGA Championship provides a fantastic platform for us to demonstrate our commitment to elevating women in business and the sport of golf through the Championship, KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit, and KPMG Future Leaders Program.
Lynne Doughtie
When I have reached a summit, I leave it with great reluctance, unless it is to reach for another, higher one.
Gustav Mahler
Over the summit, I saw the so-called Mono desert lying dreamily silent in the thick, purple light — a desert of heavy sun-glare beheld from a desert of ice-burnished granite.
John Muir
Comedy keeps the heart sweet; but we all know that there is wholesome refreshment for both mind and heart in an occasional climb among the pomps of the intellectual snow-summits built by Shakespeare and those others.
Mark Twain
President Obama hosted lawmakers Thursday saying he wanted bipartisan input on health care reform. Nobody’s mind was changed. At the summit’s end he threatened to go with the nuclear option, showing he’s tougher on Republicans than he is on Iran.
Argus Hamilton
Once you reach the top of the mountain and you want to climb the next one, you have to slowly make your way down that first mountain. Trying to jump from the summit would get you hurt or killed.
I believe that living on the edge, living in and through your fear, is the summit of life, and that people who refuse to take that dare condemn themselves to a life of living death.
John H. Johnson
The summit of pleasure is the elimination of all that gives pain.
I want you to know that I don’t have any right, Malawi has no right to stop any president from coming to an African Union summit because that is an African Union meeting.
Joyce Banda
If by some fiat I had to restrict all this writing to one sentence, this is the one I would choose: The summit of Mt. Everest is marine limestone.
John McPhee
Man may be excused for feeling some pride at having risen, though not through his own exertions, to the very summit of the organic scale; and the fact of his having thus risen, instead of having been aboriginally placed there, may give him hopes for a still higher destiny in the distant future.
Charles Darwin
Gradually, very gradually, we saw the great mountain sides and glaciers and aretes, now one fragment and now another through the floating rifts, until far higher in the sky than imagination had dared to suggest the white summit of Everest appeared.
George Leigh Mallory
When we come to the sundown road, we need all the love we have managed to take with us from the summit of the hill.
Myrtle Reed
Spiritual power is the eternal guide, in this life and the life after, for man ranks supreme among all creatures. Led forward by spiritual power, man can reach the summit destined for him by the Great Creator.
Haile Selassie
Now an American president like [Ronald] Reagan wouldn’t have a meeting, wouldn’t have a summit. He’d give ’em a warning and then – or [Gerge W.] Bush would give ’em a warning and then – whatever would happen. Because you don’t allow the murder of American citizens. You just don’t permit it.
Rush Limbaugh
President Bush left for Canada today to attend a trade summit. Reportedly, the trade summit got off to an awkward start when the president pulled out his baseball cards.
Conan O’Brien
If I am building a mountain and stop before the last basketful of earth is placed on the summit, I have failed.
What I realized the moment I got to Oxford was that someone like me could not really be part of it. I mean, I could make a success there, I could even be perhaps accepted into it, but I would never feel it was my place. It’s the summit of something else. It’s distilled Englishness.
Stuart Hall
The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.
Conrad Anker
Once you have conquered your profession and are standing at the summit, it is all very well to look back down the slope and indulge yourself with regrets.
Katie Hopkins
Books are really, really hard to write. They represent a kind of a summit of grappling with what one really has to say
Jaron Lanier
In 1992, India launched the India-Asian partnership and by 2005 we were members of the East Asia Summit.
Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
Both my parents worked at the Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company, with my dad eventually being hired by another company called Summit Laboratories that made chemical hair straighteners.
A’Lelia Bundles
When you reached the summit, you will see that you are still tiny!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Purposes, plans, and achievements of men may all disappear like yon cloud upon the mountain’s summit; but, like the mountain itself, the things which are of God shall stand fast for ever and ever.
Charles Spurgeon
With all the infinite possibilities of spiritual life before you, do not settle down on a little patch of dusty ground at the mountain’s foot in restful content. Be not content until you reach the mountain’s summit.
J.R. Miller
In the mythic tradition, the Mountain is the bond between Earth and Sky. Its solitary summit reaches the sphere of eternity, and its base spreads out in manifold foothills into the world of mortals. It is the way by which man can raise himself to the divine and by which the divine can reveal itself to man.
Rene Daumal
You think this is going to work? This peaceful summit thing?” “Sure,” I said. After a second, I added, “Probably.” “Probably?” “Maybe,” I said. “We’re down to maybe now?” I shrugged. “We’ll see.
Jim Butcher
Faith is the summit of the Torah.
Solomon Ibn Gabirol
You definitely need a really decent bomb-proof summit suit, because that’s what you wear in these extreme conditions and at extreme altitude.
Nirmal Purja
There is no greater feeling in business than building a product which impacts people’s lives in a profound way. When we look around at the thousands of people who have attended Summit gatherings, it makes us smile to see the new friendships, business partnerships and philanthropic initiatives that each event produces.
Elliott Bisnow
The western nations of Europe, who now so immeasurably surpass their former savage progenitors, and stand at the summit of civilization, owe little or none of their superiority to direct inheritance from the old Greeks, though they owe much to the written works of that wonderful people.
Charles Darwin
Perhaps a great love is never returned. Had it been given warmth and shelter by its counterpart in the Other, perhaps it would have been hindered from ever growing to maturity. It “gives” us nothing. But in its world of loneliness it leads us up to the summits with wide vistas – of great insights.
Dag Hammarskjold
We have not wings we cannot soar; but, we have feet to scale and climb, by slow degrees, by more and more, the cloudy summits of our time.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
There is no summit in art; there is only continuous climbing!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Remain true to yourself, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and greater love! At the summit you will find yourselves united with all those who, from every direction, have made the same ascent. For everything that rises must converge.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
In 2009, at the Vancouver Peace Summit, I met a supporter of Free the Slaves, an NGO dedicated to eradicating modern-day slavery; weeks later, I flew down to Los Angeles and met with the director of Free the Slaves; thus began my journey into exploring modern-day slavery.
Lisa Kristine
It is not that we love to be alone, but that we love to soar, and when we do soar, the company grows thinner and thinner until there is none at all. …We are not the less to aim at the summits though the multitude does not ascend them.
Henry David Thoreau
The poverty fighters resent the climate-change folks; climate folks hold summits without reference to biodiversity; the food advocates resist the biodiversity protectors. They all need to go on safari together.
Thomas Friedman
When I was invited to return to the 2015 One Young World summit in Bangkok, I knew that I had to make it back. One Young World had given me a platform, and for me it was vitally important for new delegates to hear about North Korea.
Park Yeon-mi
The highest summit of spiritual perfection is knowledge of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
President Obama is in China now for an economic summit in Beijing. The president wore a traditional purple silk shirt along with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. That’s after they taught Putin how to put a shirt ON.
Jimmy Fallon
A dispassionate white sun shone at the summit of the sky. I wanted to hone myself on it till I grew saintly and thin and essential as the blade of a knife.
Sylvia Plath
Each moment of every one of my relationships serves as the secret path to the summit of myself.
Guy Finley
It is the curse of talent that, although it labors with greater steadiness and perseverance than genius, it does not reach its goal, while genius already on the summit of the ideal, gazes laughingly about.
Robert Schumann
I finally found something that can stop the fox. The fox cannot summit Strawberry Hill.” – Takumi
John Green
I got an email from the Crown Prince of Norway asking me to talk at a summit for young Norwegian entrepreneurs. I ran to my wife and was like, ‘Hey! I got an email from the Prince of Norway!’
Nick Woodman
After the ignominious collapse of the Copenhagen global climate change summit in 2009, Bolivia organised a People’s Summit with 35,000 participants from 140 countries – not just representatives of governments, but also civil society and activists.
Noam Chomsky
The use of EU summits to frame political victories or defeats is an annoying habit.
Jean-Claude Juncker
People think this is easy to be a football player. They only see the summit but they don’t see the ascent, which is far longer and tougher than the career peaks. And there are so few of us to reach the summits. Some might earn €305,000 per month but there are a lot more for whom life is hell.
Robert Pires
Propaganda must appeal to mankind’s better judgment and to the necessary belief in a better future. For this belief, the valley of the shadow of death is but a war station on the road to the blessed summit.
Christian Lous Lange
Summit of the well is the bottom of the ground! Man who has climbed up from the very low thinks that he did climb up to the very top!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
So, on the eastern summit, clad in gray, morn, like a horseman girt for travel, comes, and from his tower of mist night’s watchman hurries down.
Henry Kirke White
The leaders of the world’s largest economies agreed during the November 2008 G20 summit not to create barriers hindering global trade and capital flows. Russia shares these principles.
Vladimir Putin
Each year, it is necessary to respire, to take breath again, to revive ourselves at the great living sources that forever keep their eternal freshness. Where can we find them if not at the cradle of our race, on the sacred summits from where descend the Indus and the Ganges….?
Jules Michelet
I went whenever I could, and always my eyes lifted to the hills. I was to find a spiritual and physical satisfaction in climbing mountains and a tranquil mind upon reaching their summits, as though I had escaped from the disappointments and unkindness of life and emerged above them into a new world, a better world.
Alfred Wainwright
To neglect the common ground with other primates, and to deny the evolutionary roots of human morality, would be like arriving at the top of a tower to declare that the rest of the building is irrelevant, that the precious concept of “tower” ought to be reserved for the summit.
Frans de Waal
The White House announced that President Obama will attend a summit in Kenya this July. When asked if he’s ever been to Kenya, Obama said, ‘Of course. I was born – no, bored – over there. There’s nothing to do in Kenya.’
Jimmy Fallon
If you wish strongly, have courage and endurance, then you can get to the summit of your dream.
Yuichiro Miura
Living a life is much like climbing mountains-the summits are always further off than you think, but when a man has a goal, he always feels he’s working toward something.
Louis L’Amour
You climb to the summit and there is nothing there.
Yvon Chouinard
The light that shined upon the summit now seems almost to shine at our feet.
Woodrow Wilson
I think my first thought on reaching the summit- of course, I was very, very pleased to be there, naturally – but my first thought was one of a little bit of surprise. I was a little bit surprised that here I was, Ed Hillary, on top of Mt. Everest. After all, this is the ambition of most mountaineers.
Edmund Hillary
The rise of the Soviet school to the summit of world chess is a logical result of socialist cultural development.
Alexander Kotov
The summit is not the only place on the mountain.
Laurence Gonzales
The hardest climb for me was Kangchenjunga, at 28,169 feet the world’s third-highest mountain. The first thing that made this summit difficult was the speed that I climbed and summited two 8,000-er’s, back-to-back.
Nirmal Purja
I did get upset once, when we were hiking between pitches 15 and 16. Two women and a dog were trying to find their way down through the maze of trails below the First Summit and they asked us: ‘Are you on the trail?’ I let my indignity show: ‘NO, we’re on a CLIMB!’
Andy Cairns
We will host the Asean summit in November this year. It will be an occasion to reflect on our achievements collectively and to look at how Asean can maintain its leading role in regional and international cooperation.
Hassanal Bolkiah
Heaven is not reached at a single bound. But we build the ladder by which we rise. From the lowly earth to the vaulted skies, And we mount to its summit round by round.
J. G. Holland
In the summer of 2007, Roger Goodell, the new NFL commissioner, convened a meeting in Chicago for the first league-wide concussion summit. All thirty-two teams were ordered to send doctors and trainers to the meeting.
Jeanne Marie Laskas
A mountain has no need for people, but people do need mountains. We go to them for their beauty, for the exhilaration of standing closer to mysterious skies, for the feeling of triumph that comes from having labored to reach a summit.
Earl Hamner, Jr.
I offer my expertise and experience for hire in order to help a group of people reach the summit.
Anatoli Boukreev
I had gained the summit of a commanding ridge, and, looking round with astonishing delight, beheld the ample plains, the beauteous tracts below.
Daniel Boone
My father blamed me for my brother Gunther’s death, for not bringing him home. He died in an avalanche as we descended from the summit of Nanga Parbat, one of the 14 peaks over 8,000m, in 1970. Gunther and I did so much together. It was difficult for my father to understand what it was like up there.
Reinhold Messner
The pond-lily is a star and easily takes the first place among lilies; and the expeditions to her haunts, and the gathering her where she rocks upon the dark, secluded waters of some pool or lakelet, are the crown and summit of the floral expeditions of summer.
John Burroughs
I’m deeply satisfied with the decisions that were taken by Warsaw NATO Summit in 2016, where the presence of the military forces of NATO in Poland was guaranteed.
Andrzej Duda
Surfing and climbing are both useless sports. You get to be conquistadors of the useless. You climb to the summit and there is nothing there. And you could hike to the top from another direction. How you get there is the important part. It’s the same with surfing.
Yvon Chouinard
There have been summits of civilization at which heretics like Socrates , who was killed because he was wiser than his neighbors, have not been tortured, but ordered to kill themselves in the most painless manner known to their judges. But from that summit there was a speedy relapse into our present savagery.
George Bernard Shaw
Labor, wide as the earth, has its summit in heaven.
Thomas Carlyle
Trees that, like the poplar, lift upward all their boughs, give no shade and no shelter, whatever their height. Trees the most lovingly shelter and shade us, when, like the willow, the higher soar their summits, the lower drop their boughs.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
I was at Earth Summit in Rio 20 years ago… I was only 12 years old. And when I was speaking to the U.N. I was fighting for my future.
Severn Cullis-Suzuki
The main drawback, of course, was cost. Participating effectively in World Summit on the Information Society was very expensive for both developing countries and (especially) civil society.
David Souter
Where two nations are gonna have a summit and a joint agreement’s gonna be announced, the joint agreement and the language is all decided before the summit ever happens.
Rush Limbaugh
Of course I climbed Everest without oxygen, but it’s not the end of the story for me. The summit itself is not what counts. It’s how’d you get there, what’d you climb, and there are really great opportunities to climb on this mountain. It’s a beautiful place.
Ueli Steck
I looked back at the summit of the mountain, which seemed but a cubit high in comparison with the height of human contemplation, were in not too often merged in the corruptions of the earth.
The various estimates of the height of the true summit vary considerably, but by taking an average of these figures it is possible to say confidently that the summit of Rum Doodle is 40,000 1/2 feet above sea level.
William Ernest Bowman
I have reached the summit of my ambition.
Andrew Johnson
But now that I was finally here, standing on the summit of Mount Everest, I just couldn’t summon the energy to care.
Jon Krakauer
I don’t think that there is a beer summit in the cards for me at the White House.
Rick Santelli
Every time you do goodness, you rise to the summit of humanity!
Mehmet Murat Ildan