Support Systems Quotes

Support Systems Quotes by Sean Mackin, Rita Ora, Lauren Mackler, Tony Harrison, Eric Ries, Allyson Felix and many others.

I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful support system

I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful support system and I think in those low moments, I could never thank them enough.
Sean Mackin
I don’t know what it feels like not to have a great family support system – I was lucky to have that.
Rita Ora
You’re more likely to slip up when you’re trying to accomplish your goals by yourself. It may be that you don’t have an outer support system in place to help you maintain focus and provide the external encouragement everyone needs.
Lauren Mackler
I have always disliked the idea of an arts ghetto in which poetry is kept on a life-support system.
Tony Harrison
The biggest start-up successes – from Henry Ford to Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg – were pioneered by people from solidly middle-class backgrounds. These founders were not wealthy when they began. They were hungry for success, but knew they had a solid support system to fall back on if they failed.
Eric Ries
There are moments that aren’t great. And I think it’s amazing for people to be able to have some insight, to be able to see the support system and what really happens.
Allyson Felix
Finally, be kind to yourself and have a good support system.
Nikki DeLoach
My work is a support system for people to feel good about themselves.
Jeff Koons
I don’t have family members calling me and saying, “Is this rumor about you in the newspaper true?,” because they know it’s all bullshit. I already have that support system, and it’s actually been really helpful. My parents have been in the entertainment business for so long that they really know what not to do.
Eve Hewson
The threat to free television. The reason television is free is because it is a life support system for commercials. That fundamental aspect is about to change.
Dick Wolf
Sustainable development is a process which enables all people to realise their potential and to improve their quality of life in ways which protect and enhance the Earth’s life support systems
Sara Parkin
I try to surround myself with a good support system. Whether that’s other creators or my family or my friends, or even my viewers, who encourage me just as much as I might encourage them and they’re just as much a part of my life as they let me be a part of theirs.
Tyler Oakley
You have to rely on your support system. Growing up, I always thought it was a sign of weakness to ask for help, but now I realize it’s really a sign of strength to say, ‘I need help, I can’t do it all.’
Kerri Walsh
It is incumbent upon all of us to build communities with the educational opportunities and support systems in place to help our youth become successful adults.
Ruben Hinojosa
I don’t see much of a future for this planet. I think it’s a cursed planet. The boundaries we’ve drawn between nations and the profit motive – those two factors have, in my opinion, brought us to the point where almost nothing can stop the utter destruction of the environment and all our earthly life-support systems.
George Carlin
I’m lucky to have a great support system in my friends and some of my family. If you have those people that you trust, go ahead and fall back into them and let them be your hammock and cocoon and let them embrace you.
Joanna Noelle Levesque
Overcoming the obstacle of my diabetes diagnosis was something that forced me tackle the challenge head-on and, with an amazing support system, eventually come out stronger.
Charlie Kimball
Obviously, my daughter keeps me motivated, but I’ve got a really great support system. Having my husband and my mother and my family really support me, so that I can not only provide for my daughter, but I can set up a future that creates a better life for her.
Jamie Lynn Spears
Life isn’t a support system for art. It’s the other way around.
Stephen King
My friends and family are my support system. They tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear and they are there for me in the good and bad times. Without them I have no idea where I would be and I know that their love for me is what’s keeping my head above the water.
Kelly Clarkson
I have an amazing wife, Tia, and an amazing son, Cree, and I’m a family man first and they keep me grounded. They’re my support system, so they make me stronger.
Cory Hardrict
We can build an economy that does not destroy its natural support systems, a global community where the basic needs of all the Earth’s people are satisfied, and a world that will allow us to think of ourselves as civilized. This is entirely doable.
Lester R. Brown
Any astronaut can tell you you’ve got to do everything you can to learn about your life support system and then do everything you can to take care of it.
Sylvia Earle
Get into the relationship for the right reason because it’s a great support system, because it’s a great compliment to your life, because it’s someone that actually fulfills you and makes you happy.
Wilmer Valderrama
Treat your body like a temple, not a woodshed. The mind and body work together. Your body needs to be a good support system for the mind and spirit. If you take good care of it, your body can take you wherever you want to go, with the power and strength and energy and vitality you will need to get there.
Jim Rohn
We’ve got a support system that gives our players a wonderful opportunity to graduate. If they go to class and give good effort, they can graduate from this school, and I believe that’s important when you go out recruiting.
Steve Spurrier
I’m trying to set up opportunities for myself so that I don’t only have one outlet to go through and rely upon as far as a support system financially, emotionally and mentally.
Busta Rhymes
America had taken my father from me. And over most of the years of his illness, I gradually started feeling this support system from this country who-people grieving along with us.
Patti Davis
We do not get to this age to be written off. Older people can act as a support system, which is what happens more in Mediterranean countries. People become much wiser as they get older and we should value that.
Susan Hampshire
The music industry has changed drastically and that damages young artists. They don’t have the same support system that we had. They wanted us to be happy. Today I would have been dropped after the first flop.
Cliff Richard
A lot of emotional stress that people go through, some people figure out a way to handle it. They have a strong enough support system to keep going and keep moving forward. And some people, they feel like they don’t have that outlet.
Terrell Owens
The bad thing about living in a small town was that everything became a personal issue. The good thing about living in a small town was that everything became a personal issue. During times of trouble, the support system was massive.
Linda Howard
When you act, you’re being asked to pretend in a very rigid, controlled environment. It’s very un-childlike. So a lot of times, when you put kids in that situation, you hope they have a better support system outside of what they’re doing to bring them back to reality at the end of the day and to keep them well-rounded.
Patton Oswalt
Our problems are solvable if they are clearly defined. To do so, we need to monitor our planetary life support systems the way doctors monitor a patient’s vital signs and then use that information to protect ecosystem services as though our lives depend on it, because they do.
Edith Widder
I’m so lucky. I have such a great support system. All I have to do is run.
Cathy Freeman
Um, I have an enormous faith in God. I have an enormous support system that also has that same belief.
Katey Sagal
For ISIS, the answer is to cut off their food, their water, their armaments, you know, and their funding. I don’t mean literally their food and water. What I mean is cutting off their life support system.
Jill Stein
I know firsthand how critical support systems are.
Amanda Lindhout
Today, more than ever, we need political leaders who can see the big picture, who understand the relationship between the economy and its environmental support systems.
Lester R. Brown
There are big questions about the sort of skills you need in modern government today. You put politicians in charge of billions of dollars with absolutely no training and very little support system around them. It’s an extraordinary thing.
Tony Blair
I have health. I have a wonderful support system. I have the admiration of millions of strangers, which I do not underestimate
Kathleen Turner
We depend on this planet to eat, drink, breathe, and live. Figuring out how to keep our life support system running needs to be our number-one priority. Nothing is more important than finding a way to live together – justly, respectfully, sustainably, joyfully – on the only planet we can call home.
Annie Leonard
The life of a model isn’t easy. But I try to keep a good head on my shoulders by staying close to my family and old friends. They’re my support system.
Constance Jablonski
The ocean is our life support system. No blue, no green. It’s really a miracle that we have got a place that works in our favor.
Sylvia Earle
Each of these strategies-get a little better at it, design a support system, use one of your strongest themes to overwhelm your weakness, find a partner, and just stop doing it-can help you as you strive to build your life around your strengths.
Donald O. Clifton
I always had a strong support system. My parents always supported the stuff that I did.
Jenna Ushkowitz
To me, family is everything. I want children to realize how important their families are and what a support system a family is.
Patricia Reilly Giff
Like most men, I’m a life support system for a phallus.
Tibor Fischer
My support system, in my surgeon, my P.T., my pilates, my weightlifting, everything that I’m doing to make my body and my mind stronger is just, you know, has been on point. So I feel very prepared for the journey to qualify, and the journey to wear the gold medal.
Kerri Walsh
I think one has to say it’s not just simply a matter of capturing people and holding them accountable, but removing the sanctuaries, removing the support systems…
Paul Wolfowitz
And I want to thank all the women that support me. I have wonderful support systems from women of all types who seem dedicated to the notion that Terence McKenna can always be improved. I’m extremely grateful for that. The frontiers are enormous in that dimension.
Terence McKenna
Trying to achieve something in the spiritual world is just as foolish as trying to achieve something in the material world. There’s nothing to achieve. There’s only letting go. As we let go, more and more, of ego identifications, desires, and support systems, bliss will arise.
Ayya Khema
I took my grandmother to the emergency room. The doctor said that she was on an artificial life support system, and that although her brain was dead her heart was still beating. I though, “we’ve never had a democrat in the family before”.
Emo Philips
If I’m ever stuck on a respirator or a life support system, I definitely want to be unplugged — but not until I’m down to a size eight.
Henriette Mantel