Talking Quotes

Talking Quotes by Sanford Meisner, Ronaldo, George W. Bush, C. J. McCollum, Shel Silverstein, Voltaire and many others.

Acting is not talking, it's living off the other fellow

Acting is not talking, it’s living off the other fellow!!!
Sanford Meisner
I had an injury in my leg, and everybody was talking about that. I decided to cut my hair and leave the small thing there. I come to training, and everybody saw me with bad hair. Everybody was talking about the hair and forgot about the injury. I could stay more calm and relaxed and focused on my training.
I’m talking about living life to its fullest.
George W. Bush
I ended up switching over to journalism in college. A few weeks into freshman year, I realized that business school wasn’t for me. And writing stories and reading and talking to people is something that I just enjoy doing, so I figured why not try to build up a post-basketball career with that.
C. J. McCollum
Never explain what you do. It speaks for itself. You only muddle it by talking about it.
Shel Silverstein
In every province, the chief occupations, in order of importance, are lovemaking, malicious gossip, and talking nonsense.
If you take the time to bring the light of the supra-conscious into your being, then automatically all blockages will go away. These are just ways of talking, there are no blockages, schematically I mean.
Frederick Lenz
For the spiritual being, intuition is far more than a hunch. It is viewed as guidance or as God talking, and this inner insight is never taken lightly or ignored.
Wayne Dyer
Treat a work of art like a prince. Let it speak to you first.
Arthur Schopenhauer
When people give advice, they’re really just talking to themselves in the past.
Austin Kleon
So to really be able to dive into what does it mean to be broken by an experience, and I developed it just through research and talking and understanding the truth of what it means to lose everything.
Will Smith
You know, everyone is always talking about plastic surgery, or the technology, what to do. I really think it’s important to help yourself with the technology if you want to feel better, but I am absolutely against any kind of monstrous cuts of the body, lifting that is beyond recognition, this kind of stuff.
Marina Abramovic
The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch it from our neighbours, kindle it at home, communicate it to others, and it becomes the property of all.
talking too much is a far greater social fault than talking too little.
Eleanor Roosevelt
The democratic process is supposed to be one person one vote, but it turns out that money is talking louder than the votes.
James Hansen
I was an old tackle riding around talking to people about sports. Like I’ve said to a lot of people over the years, ‘I only go where old tackles go, and if an old tackle does not belong there, I’m not going.’
John Madden
The trouble with talking about irony is, it’s such a slippery thing that the second you start talking about it, you’re a better example of it than you are an analyst.
Daniel Handler
I don’t feel too comfortable talking about politics and media as I feel like I don’t sound too smart.
Andrew VanWyngarden
You can make yourself enthusiastic by affirming enthusiasm and by thinking, talking, acting enthusiastic.
Norman Vincent Peale
God has blessed me with the capacity to meditate even while I am talking.
Sri Chinmoy
On the downside, to paraphrase Thom Yorke talking about the music business, we’re still having to deal with the stench of the last fart of the dying corpse of this regressive vision that America is a white, middle-aged, male, conservative country.
Edward Norton
I’m thinking of remaking ‘Psycho’ again. Doing a third remake. The idea this time is to really change it – we’re talking about doing a punk rocker setting.
Gus Van Sant
I was in a state of shock, because I have never seen the pope talk about something as unimportant as Donald Trump. OK? And I was like, the pope is talking about me? This can’t be happening. And then I said, is it good or bad? They said it’s bad.
Donald Trump
I hate taxing my mind with analysis. I’m not a good analyst. I cannot talk about acting. I hate talking about it. I hate talking about analyzing.
Anthony Hopkins
Yes, I loved MASH. As we are sitting here now talking, it’s playing somewhere in the world.
Wayne Rogers
Don’t say yes until I’ve finished talking. – Attributed to many Hollywood executives Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny.
Kin Hubbard
If anyone was talking about journalism in the ’50s – it was Edward R.Murrow.
David Strathairn
People spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how members of the opposite sex look, but very little time paying attention to how they sound. To our unconscious minds, however, voice is very important.
Leonard Mlodinow
See, I don’t want brothers shooting. I want them talking.
Snoop Dogg
I’ve been talking about the centrality of libraries in our information society for a while now.
Matthew Lesko
Now, people when I say that look at me and say, ‘What are you talking about, Joe? You’re telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?’. The answer is yes, that’s what I’m telling you.
Joe Biden
Sonny Liston is nothing. The man can’t talk. The man can’t fight. The man needs talking lessons. The man needs boxing lessons. And since he’s gonna fight me, he needs falling lessons.
Muhammad Ali
If you write a bunch of different characters with a bunch of different opinions, you end up with these long scenes of everyone standing around talking.
Michael Arndt
People think SEALs are cold-blooded, heartless, wound-up, brainwashed killers. They imagine you can just point a SEAL in a direction and say, ‘Go kill.’ The truth is you’re talking about a bunch of kind-hearted, jovial guys. The only thing that separates them is mental toughness.
Howard E. Wasdin
You wouldn’t replace your carpet at home if you still had a hole in the roof…We’re talking about any time you start waving a carrot such as American citizenship without securing the borders, that number [of undocumented immigrants] that we have today I believe will double or triple.
Lou Barletta
The first thing I read was of my character on the phone talking to Sydney’s fiance. Though short, it was so beautifully written, and it made me laugh. I thought if I wanted to play a character, this would be it.
Victor Garber
When people start talking, things happen.
Cary Fukunaga
You can’t love what you don’t know much about. You can’t convince, stimulate, hold the attention, teach, if you don’t know what you’re talking about.
David McCullough
On a crowded bus in Israel, a mother was speaking to her son in Yiddish. An Israeli woman reprimanded her. “You should be speaking Hebrew. Why are you talking to him in Yiddish?” The mother answered, “I don’t want he should forget he’s a Jew.”
Kirk Douglas
Sometimes I get a funny feeling inside me that I shan’t be here very long,
and I’m not talking in terms of things like success.
It frightens me sometimes
Marc Bolan
Talking is good. Conversations have to be forever.
Michelle Obama
The thing I’ve learned traveling through the United States is that the people in each city are usually awesome, it’s generally the ‘talking heads’ that give us trouble.
Christopher Sieber
I do most of my business on that dirty Internet that you were just talking about, where I find there is a lot of freedom to report exactly what I want.
Matt Drudge
The aim of the poet, or other artist, is first to make something; and it’s impossible to make something out of words and not communicate
James Schuyler
With “poets dead and gone” as Keats says in “Mermaid Tavern” they are alive and talking to us and us to them.
Gregory Orr
Art is the provocation for talking about enigma and the search for sense in human life. One can do that by telling a story or writing about a fresco by Giotto or studying how a snail climbs up a wall.
John Berger
Prayer is an earnest and familiar talking with God.
John Knox
I’m heavily influenced by Edward Ardizzone, how he has people talking in little speech bubbles. I love those. And also Edward Gorey. Those are two of my favorite people.
Lynne Rae Perkins
I remember the first job I ever had was working on ‘Firefly,’ and I was talking to Joss Whedon, and he was asking if I was going to Comic-Con. He called me a loser for not going that first year.
Michael McMillian
I was a weird kid because I liked to be alone, but I craved attention. It was important for me to be cool, but I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. So I was either talking for the sake of talking, or I was curled up with a book somewhere hiding from everyone.
Anthony Jeselnik
When you work with an actor, it’s cool because they know what it’s like to be directed themselves. Jodie directed a scene with me and Taylor that was when she starts talking to me again in prison and it’s our first actual confrontation that we have, where some stuff comes out.
Laura Prepon
As to Bell’s talking telegraph, it only creates interest in scientific circles… its commercial values will be limited.
Elisha Gray
I can’t sit around having coffee. I have all these appointments, and a lot of my friends sit around having coffee talking about the jobs they didn’t get.
Eva Marie Saint
I’m going to insult a whole industry here, but it seems like TV is for people who can’t do film. I’m not talking about actresses; I’m talking about lighting people. Lighting on TV is just so… it’s sinful, it really is.
Kevyn Aucoin
[Margaret Thatcher] was always talking about what the prudent housewife should do and what the prudent housewife knew.
Hilary Mantel
I never put myself on another level and that’s done well for me. Just spending time with fans and acting normal and talking to them just like I was one of their boys, that’s what it’s all about.
Jeff Hardy
To me the Nobel Peace laureates should not be hosted by a State Department that is continuing with war, removing basic civil liberties and human rights and international law and then talking about peace to young people. That’s a double standard.
Mairead Corrigan
We want to obviously foster a relationship that we’re a partner with states; that we all share the same goals of closing the achievement gap, just as the Congress does; and that we’re practical and sophisticated enough to understand what they’re talking about.
Margaret Spellings
It doesn’t matter if we grow old and get replaced by a new younger generation as long as there is still someone talking about us because they will still remember how we shone so bright.
My mom has a tape from when I was, like, 2 years old, talking with my grandma, telling her a story that’s really elaborate about werewolves and wolves.
Amanda Hocking
I analyse in my own way, in very simple, no-jargon language. If somebody is talking in very complicated way, I never like that.
Gautam Adani
In Germany, we often hear the absurd complaint that museums don’t have the money to buy paintings. Of course, I’m not talking about me and my paintings. There are, after all, more popular painters in this country.
Georg Baselitz
How many more school shootings do we need before we start talking about this as a social problem, and not merely a random collection of isolated incidents?
Jackson Katz
You have to be aware of who you’re talking to in an audience.
Louis C. K.
You have to hold your audience in writing to the very end-much more than in talking, when people have to be polite and listen to you.
Brenda Ueland
What have I got in my pocket?” he said aloud. He was talking to himself, but Gollum thought it was a riddle, and he was frightfully upset. “Not fair! not fair!” he hissed. “It isn’t fair, my precious, is it, to ask us what it’s got in it’s nassty little pocketsess?
J. R. R. Tolkien
It is a great advantage for any man to be able to talk or hear, neither ignorantly nor absurdly, upon any subject; for I have known people, who have not said one word, hear ignorantly and absurdly; it has appeared by their inattentive and unmeaning faces.
Doug Stanhope
A psychiatrists is the next man you start talking to after you start talking to yourself.
Fred Allen
I had some things I had to fix. It took me 14 years to do it. But it was never really fun back in the day to work with directors who were a lot older and were like authoritarian and talking to you like that.
Mickey Rourke
I have very vivid memories of my parents talking about Nixon, my mom watching Watergate on the black-and-white set in the living room. The mayor at the time in Philadelphia was a guy named Frank Rizzo – a Democrat, a real bully, a racist.
Jake Tapper
I’m happy to have L.A.M.B. participate in the PSP accessories show as I’ve always loved designing bags and accessories, It’s all about creativity at the end of the day, whether you’re talking about fashion, technology or music, and that’s what my L.A.M.B. bags are about.
Gwen Stefani
There comes a moment during a job interview when you’re still talking, but you might as well take off your shoes.
Bill James
Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.
Frank Gehry
Acting is our job, not talking about it. In France, they know me like I belong to their family. I go somewhere and I feel like Im sometimes the aunt, the grandmother, the mother, the sister. They all know me. But its not supposed to be that way.
Carole Bouquet
By giving our students practice in talking with others, we give them frames for thinking on their own.
Lev S. Vygotsky
Depression is real, and that really hit me hard. I was going through a phase where I wasn’t talking to no one. Only my son. Me and my son would do stuff, but I was talking to no one.
Max Holloway
You could have said ‘Excuse me.’ (Zarek) I’m not talking to you. (Astrid) Love you, too, babe. (Zarek) You really are an animal, aren’t you? (Astrid) Woof, woof. (Zarek)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
The left keeps talking about impeachment. I mean, they were talking about impeachment before Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017. And, you know, I think impeaching Obama in January probably would have been a mistake.
Ted Cruz
There are freaky talking mannequins in the Salem Witch Museum that recite the Lord’s Prayer and while they do resemble shrunken apples they nevertheless help the visitor understand how hard it must have been for the condemned to say the line about forgiving those who trespass against us.
Sarah Vowell
I think that in a family some are workers some are not. I certainly saw my mother work very hard and be in charge and never show any kind of fear about business deals. Her golden rule was you should never be embarrassed talking about money and asking for what you deserved. I take the same view.
Anne Robinson
To find out who you are is like putting yourself on a psychiatric couch, but you have nobody to help you. Really it isn’t easy. I was talking with my nephew this morning and he gave me one of the best quotes I’ve heard in years ‘Personal style is curiosity about oneself.’
Iris Apfel
I enjoy every opportunity and live every moment. And that is why I have no regrets. It’s when you are not scared of losing that you win everything. Very often I take cabs to travel during the course of the day because I enjoy talking to cabbies from different parts of India.
Shailender Singh
When you’re an artist you’re speaking about life, you’re talking about your experience here on the planet. So essentially, that’s what I do when I’m writing songs.
Chrisette Michele
I’m glad that the NSA is trying to find out what the terrorists are up to overseas and in our country. I’m glad that activity is going on, but it is limited to tracking people who are suspected to be terrorists and who they may be talking to… Yes, I am sure that that’s what they’re doing.
Lindsey Graham
The General Strike has taught the working class more in four days than years of talking could have done.
Arthur Balfour
… nothing is more human than substituting the quantity of words and actions for their character. But using imprecise words is very similar to using lots of words, for the more imprecise a word is, the greater the area it covers.
Robert Musil
There are details within details within details to anchor you in the fact that we are talking about the real world, not an illustrated children’s book fantasy world.
Joe Rohde
The thing that’s fun about the ‘Housewives’ is talking to your friends about it.
Andy Cohen
He seemed to be talking about my fears, my insecurity, and my unwillingness to see what was wonderful because tomorrow it might disappear and I might suffer. The gods throw the dice, and they don’t ask whether we want to be in the game or not.
Paulo Coelho
I have rather a strange objection to talking from the back platform of a train…. It changes too often. It moves around and shifts its ground too often. I like a platform that stays put.
Woodrow Wilson
So what if it’s risky? It’s the right thing to do. What we’re talking about is 160 people in deep pain. It only affects them.
Bill Richardson
When you’re talking to a person about something they want to talk about then it takes that frown to a smile and then it makes the interview pleasant because hitting them where they want to be hit or hitting them where they normally don’t have an opportunity to express.
Michael Bivins
Our classes were relatively small. Those small classes can feel like family. After a class in French or chemistry or whatever, we’d be talking in the halls about what we just learned.
Kurt Vonnegut
My strength is character. I’m pretty good at building walking-talking humans with brains like beehives.
Christopher Bollen
I feel I learned as much from fellow students as from the professors.
Jack Steinberger
The focus should not be on talking. Talk is cheap. It must be on action.
Howard Berman
If you remember one thing from talking to me, remember this: I am just a girl who makes noises – and I’m incredibly lucky that people happen to like those noises.
Joss Stone
If I was talking to someone face-to-face I would always be clear, but with something like Snapchat, you need to keep the flirty banter going;otherwise you’ll be staring at an empty red arrow, cringing.
Holly Carpenter
I shouldn’t want you to be surprised, or to draw any particular inference from my making speeches, or not making speeches, out there. I don’t recall any candidate for President that ever injured himself very much by not talking.
Calvin Coolidge
“Hello, Max,” he said quietly, searching my face. “How do you feel?” Which was a ten on the ‘imbecilic question’ scale of one to ten. “Why, I feel fine, Jeb,” I said brightly. “How about you?” “Any nausea? Headache?” “Yep. And it’s standing here talking to me.”
James Patterson
You can’t talk about truth without talking about learning how to die because it’s precisely by learning how to die, examining yourself and transforming your old self into a better self, that you actually live more intensely and critically and abundantly.
Cornel West
I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity of travelling across this country and enduring all the classic situations that go with talking to people.
Barbara Amiel
If you want to be a writer-stop talking about it and sit down and write!
Jackie Collins
I like talking to engineers best. They built bridges, they’re very precise, very disciplined, yet I find they have roving minds.
Ralph Richardson
I was a Jew talking about Goyim religion. If I had just stuck to Moses, everything would have been cool. But, copping to being part of the whole Christ murder conspiracy got everyone goose-stepping again.
Lenny Bruce
The only infallible rule we know is, that the man who is always talking about being a gentleman never is one.
Robert Smith Surtees
I don’t like the idea of talking down to kids. I think I was talked down to, and you rebel against that.
Simon Baker
And while I was talking, the idea of actually losing Peeta hit me again and I realized how much I don’t want him to die. And it’s not about the sponsors. And it’s not about what will happen when we get home. And it’s not just that I don’t want to be alone. It’s him. I do not want to lose the boy with the bread.
Suzanne Collins
I was talking aloud to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak to
J. R. R. Tolkien
Really, running an underdog, insurgent political campaign against an opponent many folks think cant be beat, and going out and meeting folks and talking about your ideas for America and Washington, is a lot of fun and a real privilege.
Michael Baumgartner
In our prayers, we talk to God, in our Bible study, God talks to us, and we had better let God do most of the talking.
Dwight L. Moody
Talking about performance is such a strange thing because it’s so immaterial. We are talking about soft matter. We are talking about something that is invisible. You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. You just can feel it.
Marina Abramovic
I’ve spent three hours with Snoop Dogg, talking about how he loved [Peaky Blinders series]. And David Bowie loved it. The late Leonard Cohen was a fan. It struck a chord with various people that I didn’t think it would.
Steven Knight
I have a hard enough time speaking for myself – I don’t pretend I can be a spokesman for anybody. I have no interest in playing that role.
Mathieu Kassovitz
Writers from the majority can assume their audiences know what they’re talking about – they don’t have to explain things, whereas minority writers are expected to.
Nguyen Viet Thang
I’m so great even I get tongue-tied talking to myself.
Douglas Adams
Haiti itself was also photographed, some of the streets, some of the mountains, rivers, streams, etc. were photographed before talking with me about how I felt about Haiti. Then the camera went to our voodoo temple and saw a serious ceremony, a real ceremony.
Katherine Dunham
Only three things them ladies talk about: they kids, they clothes, and they friends. I hear the word Kennedy, I know they ain’t discussing no politic. They talking about what Miss Jackie done wore on the tee-vee.
Kathryn Stockett
I’ve always been quite scared about talking about race. You don’t wanna rock the boat because you want to keep working.
Wunmi Mosaku
I get a lot of kids distracted. Sometimes they got to go cover left field, but they’re over here talking to me, getting an autograph.
Pedro Martinez
While it’s absolutely important that we build housing for our low-income residents, when we are talking about opening up hundreds of sites for housing, we should be trying to build affordable housing for all of our residents struggling to pay rent. That means housing for teachers, for nurses, for janitors.
London Breed
The whole idea of comedy, there is nothing normal about going up on stage to make strangers laugh. But I’m also not an exhibitionist like other comics. I’m not up there talking about masturbating.
Jim Gaffigan
If you’re not talking, you’re not playing defense
Doc Rivers
I was always being told off at school. The teachers would say: ‘Everyone’s talking, but you’re the one I can hear.
Beth Ditto
The fact is five months ago this was an issue that people weren’t really talking that much about. Because of the president’s leadership, because he’s brought it to people’s attention, it’s now a top issue.
Ken Mehlman
The families in positions of great financial power obsessively interbreed with each other. But I’m not talking about one Earth race, Jewish or non-Jewish. I’m talking about a genetic network that operates through all races, this bloodline being a fusion of human and reptilian genes.
David Icke
I hadn’t fully realized just how powerful words could be before this. Whoever came up with the saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ was talking out of his or her armpit.
Malorie Blackman
Prince is king to me. As this half-naked, short black guy who looked like a girl in the 70s and 80s, he was talking about women in a way that was very unusual because he didn’t objectify them.
There is nothing more mysterious than a TV set left on in an empty room. It is even stranger than a man talking to himself or a woman standing dreaming at her stove. It is as if another planet is communicating with you.
Jean Baudrillard
Whenever I hang out with my female friends, I feel like context is never needed. They can just say two words about something, it’s like hearing the first two notes of a song and you can always identify the song. They can just say a word and I know exactly what they’re talking about.
Heidi Julavits
And also, I’m most comfortable with like two people just sitting and talking about their feeling, you know, in a room with like two cameras and that’s it. And I wanted to do something where there was like action and running and you know crowd scenes and big set pieces and certainly did a lot of that, so yeah.
Nicholas Stoller
I never heard Jack Nicklaus say, ‘I’m a great player,’ or Tiger Woods, as a matter of fact. They just get out and do it. And I think that’s far more appealing… than talking about how good you are.
Arnold Palmer
I think the best singers in the world, historically, are American. Britain’s got its fair share, as well, but some of the greatest singers, ever, whether you’re talking about Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey or Aretha Franklin, are from the legacy here.
Simon Cowell
You got to want to evolve. It’s something you can practice on but it just came to me. I wasn’t really sitting there like, ‘What can I do to get better?’ It just came to me, talking to my people and my crew. They just tell me what my strongest and weakest points are at.
Lil Durk
Girls are losing their virginity at 15, 16. I’m not promoting that. But my songs are talking… about me becoming a man.
Chris Brown
It’s okay if you finish cooking something easy after your guests arrive – some dishes must be prepared a la minute, as chefs say. Just remember to keep talking.
Ted Allen
I have this little neighbor next door. He comes over and tells me about playing Call of Duty, and he’s talking about, ‘Aw yeah, I slit this guy in the throat and then I stuck a grenade up this guy’s ass.’ He’s describing it in all this detail, and that makes me uncomfortable. I don’t think that’s good for him.
Jonathan Gottschall
What is it with folks always talking about where they’re from? You could grow up in a muddy ditch, but if it’s your muddy ditch, then it’s gotta be the swellest muddy ditch ever.
Jennifer L. Holm
If I wasn’t talking, I wouldn’t know what to say.
Chico Resch
No one is talking about restructuring Social Security or Medicare for current retirees or for those that are near retirement. For those under 55, the answer is let’s talk about it.
Mitt Romney
It’s very weird because the ‘It’ guy usually is not the ‘It’ guy next year or even a guy that anyone is talking about.
Shia LaBeouf
You always need to find the balance in the science, but the balance to talking about evolutionary theory is not to talk about creationism, that’s not a balance, that’s misleading and it’s just wrong.
Robin Ince
I’d like to be remembered. I’d like to think that someday two guys will be talking in a bar and one of them will say something like, ‘Yeah, he’s a good shortstop, but he’s not as good as ole Ripken was.’
Cal Ripken, Jr.
When we mention the 1 percent and the 99 percent, everybody now knows what we are talking about. It’s part of our vocabulary. How quickly these numbers jumped from the sidelines to the center.
Madeleine M. Kunin
We’re always on a tightrope. We’re trying to put together people who don’t make sense to be together, talking about issues that are sensitive and controversial. We’re mixing dangerous chemicals on a nightly basis.
Bill Maher
They know what my standards are. They know what I need and how to get it to me, and they know how to communicate with me if for some reason they can’t get it.
Thomas Keller
I’m really looking forward to both meeting with Sen. [Bernie] Sanders as soon as our campaign teams find a time that works for both of us and talking with him about how we are going to defeat Donald Trump and then how the goals that he and I share can be achieved.
Hillary Clinton
In that house, you will find my heart. You must break in, Henri, and get it back for me.’ Was she mad? We had been talking figuratively. Her heart was in her body like mine. I tried to explain this to her, but she took my hand and put it against her chest. Feel for yourself.
Jeanette Winterson
I think possibly what people working for one hate the most is indecision. Even if I’m completely unsure, I’ll pretend I know exactly what I’m talking about and make a decision. The most important thing I can do is try and make myself very clearly understood.
Anna Wintour
Truly great actors carry their characters in silence with them. They communicate without words the relationships that predate the movie.
Sam Mendes
When I do stand-up shows at colleges, girls will talk to me after the show, and that always feels good. I like talking to them.
Adam Sandler
I tried to find a character and how I would be an American actress in the 30s. But if this was a talking movie [The Artist], I’m sure she would be exactly the same for me.
Berenice Bejo
What I said yesterday didn’t mean anything! I love everyone in the flock! Plus, it was the Valium talking!” “Uh-huh. You just keep telling yourself that. You looove me.” Max: (tries to punch him) “Pick a tree. I’ll go carve our initials in it.” Max: (screams and runs into bathroom)
James Patterson
I never felt that I belonged. When I was at school… First I went to a Jewish school, when I was very little. But when I was 12, they put me in a school with a lot of traditions, and they were educated people and they were talking about Greece and the Parthenon and I don’t know what.
Chantal Akerman
Certainly I’m not saying that you sit down and patiently accept injustice. I’m talking about a very strong force, where you stand up with all your might against an evil system, and you are not a coward.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
If the reader doesn’t understand what you’re saying, you’re talking to yourself.
Nigel Hamilton
My relationship with Salman Khan is too personal to talk about. I take my work like any other regular job and what I do in my personal life is no one’s business. I’d rather let my work do all the talking.
Katrina Kaif
For the first time in history, we have the chance to change the path of a celestial body. Let’s realize what we’re talking about here. We would be slightly changing the mechanics of our solar system to enhance our survival. That is gigantic!
Rusty Schweickart
I imagine them very clearly and then attempt to describe what I can see. Sometimes I draw them for my own amusement! (talking about her characters and scenes)
J. K. Rowling
No matter how much success you’re having, you can’t continue working together if you can’t communicate.
Matt Cameron
Selling is the most important skill as an entrepreneur. I’m not talking so much about selling a product so much as selling yourself, team, and deals.
Robert Kiyosaki
I was at La Fenice opera house back in 1991 with friends, and we started talking about a conductor whom none of us liked. Somehow there was an escalation, and we started talking about how to kill him, where to kill him. This struck me as a good idea for a book.
Donna Leon
Length of saying makes languor of hearing.
Philibert Joseph Roux
I am personally acquainted with hundreds of journalists, and the opinion of the majority of them would not be worth tuppence in private, but when they speak in print it is the newspaper that is talking (the pygmy scribe is not visible) and then their utterances shake the community like the thunders of prophecy.
Mark Twain
The vast majority of my time is traveling and talking about the issues. It isn’t really calling and asking for money.
Rand Paul
I’m a sinner just like everybody else and I have my faults and I’ve been through my dark times in my life to where I wasn’t walking the walk and talking the talk, or I may have been talking the talk, but I wasn’t walking the walk.
Josh Turner
I’m just not used to talking that much about myself. It feels strange.
Andrew Mason
But I knew – in the old days, if a song was a good song, I don’t care if it was ‘Yellow Submarine’ or, you know, or ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’ or ‘Don’t Be Cruel’, you knew it, you know? You heard that song, and you were talking about it, and you knew it.
Don McLean
Men resort to talking only when they haven’t the power to enforce their convictions upon others.
Lin Yutang
We don’t know, ultimately, if we’ll end up in San Francisco, but we’re talking about keeping the house. It would be nice to always have a place here.
Matt Cain
In terms of viewing the world in a certain way, when you’re talking about monsters and talking about the metaphor that you’re trying to create, as Black Americans, you oft times stand apart and you have to look at things from the inside out or the outside in.
Kevin Grevioux
I sometimes feel like when you’re talking to boys, they just hear certain keywords… But if you had a bubble above their head, they’d be thinking about game scores, masturbation and food.
Kate Hudson
The people who believe themselves to be on the left, and who defend the agents of Islam in the name of tolerance and culture, are being rightwing. Not just rightwing. Extreme rightwing. I don’t understand how you can be so upset about the Christian right and just ignore the Islamic right. I’m talking about equality.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
I just learned my lyrics and tried not to bump into the trumpet player. That was my philosophy.
Jo Stafford
The press keep asking me but I will stop when I stop scoring. The problem is football is very ageist. When you reach 30, they keep talking about your age.
Kevin Kilbane
I love talking about Scientology.
Giovanni Ribisi
The best example of how impossible it will be for Major League Baseball to crack down on steroids is the fact that baseball and the media are still talking about the problem as “steroids.
Malcolm Gladwell
What I felt at that time – we’re talking about ’61 – was that I couldn’t remember seeing a film that reflected the age we were living in.
Ken Adam
Expose yourself to as much as possible. Attend conferences no one else is attending. Read books no one else is reading. Talk to people no one else is talking to.
Ben Casnocha
When the green hills are covered with talking wires and the wolves no longer sing, what good will the money you paid for our land be then
Chief Seattle
Have you talked to North?” he said. “Yes,” she said. “I asked him to get us cable.” “I wish you weren’t talking to him.” “I’d talk to Satan to get cable,” Andie said.
Jennifer Crusie
In the confusion we stay with each other, happy to be together, speaking without uttering a single word.
Walt Whitman
If you must take care that your opinions do not differ in the least from those of the person with whom you are talking, you might just as well be alone.
Yoshida Kenko
I feel responsible to know what I’m talking about and to actually express myself the way I choose. We have to put those messages on a global platform period. That, to me, is inspiring.
Kofi Siriboe
One of the greatest experiences I ever had was listening to a conversation with Joni Mitchell and Wayne Shorter. Just to hear them talking, my mouth was open. They understand each other perfectly, and they make these leaps and jumps because they don’t have to explain anything.
Herbie Hancock
My parents were just constantly affirming me in everything that I did. Late at night, I’d wake up and hear my mother talking over my bed, saying, ‘You’re going to do great on this test. You can do anything you want.’
Stephen Covey
Don’t take up a man’s time talking about the smartness of your children; he wants to talk to you about the smartness of his children.
E. W. Howe
I guess I just couldn’t see standing there — alive, talking, thinking, breathing, being — one second, and dead the next. It really bothered me. Death by violence isn’t the same as dying any other way, accident or disease or old age. It just ain’t the same.
S. E. Hinton
We are talking now of summer evenings in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the time that I lived there so successfully disguised to myself as a child.
James Agee
Talking about muscles. They’re like pets basically. They’re not worth it. You have to feed them all the time and take care of them, and if you don’t, they just go away. They run away.
Ryan Gosling
My mom to this day is the hardest coach I’ve ever had. There were times when my stepdad would look at me and say ‘you had a good game’ and my mom would be like ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, you had 2 or 3 turnovers.
Zion Williamson
I’ll be giving a speech at the randomest place, like a bank or something, and a guy in a suit will say, ‘I’m totally freaked out that I’m talking to the girl from ‘Cremaster.’ For the rest of my life, that movie will be playing in a museum somewhere. I never could have expected that huge response.
Aimee Mullins
There is a difference between writing and being an author. Authors talk. I’m standing here talking now. This has nothing to do with writing.
T. R. Pearson
You are an… animal? A talking animal?” Without missing a beat, Teela said, “Of course not. She’s much, much harder to train.
Michelle Sagara
Before I begin talking about the threats we face, the vulnerabilities that we have, and frankly the courage of the men and women in uniform that stand in harm’s way on behalf of a very grateful Nation, let me first honor the sacrifices of September 11.
Zach Wamp
One of Walt Whitman’s best-known poems is this one: When I heard the learn’d astronomer,…. The trouble is, Whitman is talking through his hat, but the poor soul didn’t know any better
Isaac Asimov
Every time I talked about making a picture I didn’t do it. I had already done it – talking about it! I quit talking.
Harry Callahan
The musical is amazing. i mean,i don’t throw around that word very often unless im talking about myself. Being humble is one of my many fine qualities. IGN Interview May 2009
Billie Joe Armstrong
I’ve just had some of the worst situations with the most beautiful girls, who I just could not stand talking to anymore. The physical only lasts for so long.
Brian Austin Green
You were talking to that niche in the wall again, Gwyneth. I saw you.” “Yes, but it’s my favorite bit of wall, Gordon. I’d hurt its feelings if I didn’t stop and talk to it.
Kerstin Gier
Too much talking these days. Talk talk talk. This country would get along much better if people learned how to suffer in silence.
Neil Gaiman
My best friend Madison keeps a list on her phone of all of the different English slang that I say, so she has kind of like a translator so she can understand without having to ask me, “What on Earth are you talking about when you say ‘nackered’?”
Emma Watson
You have to assume that you’re talking to the most intelligent, tuned-in audience you could ever get. That’s the way you’re going to get the best out of people. Whether they know you or not shouldn’t matter for comedy. They should get to know you pretty quickly. and they should be having a good time pretty quickly.
Dylan Moran
Always remember, money isn’t everything – but also remember to make a lot of it before talking such fool nonsense.
Earl Wilson
My parents were kind enough to spend hours talking to me.
Gary Shteyngart
I want to make movies that people talk about when they leave the theater, that aren’t clear-cut, but effective and fulfilling in some sense.
Ryan Phillippe
Mine” he said. Adam’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t think so. She is mine.” It would of been flattering,I thought,except that at least one of them was talking about dinner and I wasn’t certain about the other.
Patricia Briggs
It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much.
Yogi Berra
I believe in communication; books communicate ideas and make bridges between people.
Jeanette Winterson
I often don’t endorse what I tweet, rather I want to throw things about to spark conversation or controversy. What I think about something is not particularly important when talking to thousands of unknown strangers.
Kenneth Goldsmith
Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking.
Clement Attlee
When your desire is to bring peace and harmony to the world, then you will have to start by finding peace and harmony within your own heart. It is a waste of time talking about peace. You have to seek and find that consciousness of peace which nothing and no one can disturb, and remain in it.
Eileen Caddy
I was just talking to Benedict [Cumberbatch] who’s got a little baby and knows his father lives in his phone. We as humans are evolving really fast, so everyday we’re hit with that.
Tilda Swinton
As a comedy nerd, I get a lot out of the podcast because I’m genuinely interested in the people I’m talking to.
Chris Hardwick
Like all food, whether you’re talking about Persian food, or Chinese food, or Swedish food, it’s always a reflection of wars, trading, a bunch of good and a bunch of bad. But what’s left is always the food story.
Marcus Samuelsson
You can’t spell Citrus without UT
Steve Spurrier
One of the great things about the sci-fi genre is that you can kind of get away with a bit more when talking politics, making social references or dealing with very hot-button topics because it is sci-fi.
Rachel Nichols
This time, we’re living in such a crazy moment in history. People still write and talk about Watergate, which was such a huge, looming backdrop when I was coming of age and when I was a kid growing up. I think we’re living in one of those times right now where, in 20 years, people will be writing and talking about it.
Patterson Hood
I’d much rather be on stage talking to a couple of retards for
twenty bucks than sitting at my desk thinking up jokes for…well let’s say
a few dollars more.
Larry David
You don’t need many words if you already know what you’re talking about
William Stafford
People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint.
Walter Isaacson
The best thing is not to think about [separatism]. [People in Alberta] don’t even want to engage in talking pros and cons and why people feel this way.
Jane Jacobs
The boy I just kissed is talking to my father. The boy I want to kiss again is waiting for my mother to serve pancakes. I must fight the urge to freak.
David Levithan
What I like to talk about, and what I have very little competition in terms of talking about, is the content of the psychedelic experience.
Terence McKenna
When you work in the White House you talk to the White House staff all day, so you’re talking to the guy who handles the congressional liaison and the guy who’s handling domestic politics and the guy who’s handling the American economy and so forth.
Elliott Abrams
First sign of madness, talking to your own head.
J. K. Rowling
I hope I’m not sitting on a bench in a retirement home talking about what was: “Oh, I worked with this guy and that guy.” I hope I’m still doing it for a really long time.
David Krumholtz
For a lot of actors, our biggest fear is that we’re going to start talking about things we don’t fully understand and sound like idiots.
Matt Damon
We got the Hawks I aint talking about the Peach state
Nicki Minaj
If you go by other people’s opinions or predictions,
you’ll just end up talking yourself out of something.
If you’re running down the track of life thinking that
it’s impossible to break life’s records,
those thoughts have a funny way of sinking into your feet.
Carl Lewis
It’s probably odd for someone to read an interview where the interviewee is worried about exposure while they’re talking in an interview.
John Hawkes
People are talking about immigration like it is a disease. In fact migrants pay more in than they get out.
Liz Kendall
When I was singing about ‘All You Need Is Love’ I was talking about something I hadn’t experienced.
John Lennon
I’m done. I’m going to go to bed and read important books about theater.” “It would would be easier if you just said porn,” Scarlett said. “No idea what you’re talking about. But knock first if you need me.
Maureen Johnson
The British fans are liable to suddenly be talking to you about something that you don’t know how you got into the conversation. I think it’s something to do with the fact that they’ve been watching you for so many years sort of you telling your story.
John Cleese
Bubba was the one person who wouldn’t even bat an eyelash that Nick was talking to an “imaginary” friend. Heck, he’d probably bring one of his own out to play, too. ~Nick
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I’m always active in trying to educate people when it comes to eating animal products, testing on animals, and the health benefits of being vegan, although I’m probably not the best person to be talking about the latter at the moment.
Daniel Johns
You cannot explain to someone who comes with no idea of what you are talking about without being misunderstood.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
I always tell kids, you have two eyes and one mouth. Keep two open and one closed. You never learn anything if you’re the one talking.
Gordie Howe
A foreign correspondent, after talking to me for a while, once said: “You don’t seem smart enough to be so good at what you’re doing. Do you have an explanation?”
Charlie Munger
I like talking; I like playing with the audience.
Madonna Ciccone
America has this fascination with glorifying the villain and not talking about the trials and tribulations. We tell the story of the successful villain a lot of times, but we don’t tell the story of the people who don’t come out so successful, and we don’t tell the story of all the bystanders of that choice.
I don’t care what sport you’re talking about. What you see with great franchises is structure – a structure that doesn’t just take you from year to year, but day to day.
Jason Kidd
When [Julia Marie Pacino] was 5 or 6 years old, we were in an Italian restaurant, and these people came by the table and they would start talking to me, asking me for my autograph and she just went under the table.
Al Pacino
I do have spare time and I love to read, and I love just to go to a national park and just relax and just think. But most of the time, it’s swimming or talking.
Lewis Pugh
When I was in – at Vassar, and I came from a public high school in New Jersey, there was – that class still existed. I think it’s pretty much gone, but there was a way of talking that the private school girls had that was different than the way I talked from New Jersey.
Meryl Streep
What I’m talking about is fun. It’s every day, it’s high energy, and it gives you guidance and healing for your life. It puts a fizz of magic into the air.
Robert Moss
I dont’ like talking to horses because they are naysayers
Pat Sajak
If I were to name my favorite pastime, I’d have to say talking about myself. I love it and I think most other people do too. We need, people like us, more listeners and less talkers.
Hedy Lamarr
I don’t know why it is, exactly, but the people with the healthiest self-esteem, are also the greatest at intimacy. I’m not talking about arrogant people. I’m talking about people who know they are both good and bad yet believe at the deepest level they are really good for people.
Donald Miller
I’m really out of touch with myself emotionally. I’ve always had a hard time talking about how I feel.
Sharon Van Etten
We now have a political process, we’ve had a period of parties that have been fighting each other quite literally with bombs and bullets, talking to each other, and having sat together in the assembly and sharing government with each other.
Peter Hain
Teaching … particularly in the 1990s, teaching what is far and away the dumbest generation in American history, is the same as walking up Broadway in Manhattan talking to yourself, except instead of eighteen people who hear you in the street talking to yourself, they’re all in the room. They know, like, nothing.
Philip Roth
I never, ever update Mark Twain. I don’t modernize it. I let the audience update the material. When I go out on stage, I’m trying to make the audience believe they’re looking at this guy who died 104 years ago and listening to him and saying to themselves, “Jesus, he could be talking about today.” And that’s the point.
Hal Holbrook
Symmetry is pleasing but not as sexy. Einstein is cool but Picasso knows what I’m talking about.
Amy Poehler
Keep things informal. Talking is the natural way to do business. Writing is great for keeping records and putting down details, but talk generates ideas. Great things come from out luncheon meetings which consist of a sandwich, a cup of soup, and a good idea or two. No martinis.
T. Boone Pickens
A man who does not know how to have a relationship of friendship with a woman – I’m not talking about misogynists, who are sick – well, he’s a man who is missing something.
Pope Francis
Wine is not only a drinking: it is sniffing, observing, tasting, or sipping at and… talking about
Edward VII
Talking about my fears to others feeds it.
Sylvia Plath
Until a man can quit talking loudly to himself in order to shout down the memories of blunderings and gropings, he is in no shape for the painstaking examination of distress.
James Thurber
As I work among my flowers, I find myself talking to them, reasoning and remonstrating with them, and adoring them as if they were human beings. Much laughter I provoke among my friends by so doing, but that is of no consequence. We are on such good terms, my flowers and I.
Celia Thaxter
If what you create seems to turn out much stranger than who you are as a person, it’s probably because your heart is talking.
Criss Jami
I’ve always believed that a lot of the trouble in the world would disappear if we were talking to each other instead of about each other.
Ronald Reagan
I loved writing for kids, I loved talking to children about what I’d written, I don’t want to leave that behind.
J. K. Rowling
The mystics always say that the experience they’re talking about is ineffable, that you can’t say it. Rumi was asked one time why he talked so much about silence. He said, “The radiant one inside me has never said a word.”
Coleman Barks
In place of our exhaustion and spiritual fatigue, God will give us rest. All He asks is that we come to Him…that we spend a while thinking about Him, meditating on Him, talking to Him, listening in silence, occupying ourselves with Him – totally and thoroughly lost in the hiding place of His presence.
Charles R. Swindoll
They say, “God told me”, or “God replied to me”. And yet most of the time they are talking to themselves.
John of the Cross
The idea of going to school to be an art critic is a very crazy idea. I educated myself in public, which is a very painful way to learn – by writing and then discovering that I don’t know what the f**k I’m talking about. But you remember the lessons vividly.
Jonathan Santlofer
In order to move our self image higher on the spectrum of performance, we must specifically attack our self-talking and our self-thinking? By using constructive imagination – the eye of faith – we can change our self image.
Hyrum W. Smith
In an exclusive interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network Donald Trump said “I believe in god.” But of course The Donald was talking about Himself.
Jay Leno
No one is talking about occupying Iraq for five to ten years.
Richard Perle
I spent most of my time talking to God more than to people.
Elie Wiesel
Am I about to discover where you, Ron, and Hermione disappeared to while you were supposed to be in the back room of Fred and George’s shop?” How did you…?” Harry, please. You’re talking to the man who raised Fred and George.
J. K. Rowling
Didn’t we talk about this?” “HAIL!” “That isn’t an answer.” I planted my hands on my hips. “Was there a reason for shoving the gummy bears off the counter? Did they tell you they were suicidal? On second thought,” I raised a hand, palm out, “don’t answer that. If the candy is talking, I don’t want to know.
Mira Grant
Materia had been just six when they docked in Sydney Harbour and her father said, ‘Look. This is the New World. Anything is possible here.’ She’s been too young to realize that he was talking to her brother.
Ann-Marie MacDonald
In stand-up it really helps to play yourself and talk about your own feelings. You cannot fail to be original if you’re just talking about what you think about X, Y and Z. Unless you’ve got a twin brother who’s also a stand-up.
Eddie Izzard
In all fairness to Secretary [Hillary] Clinton, when she started talking about this, it was really very recently. She’s been doing this for 30 years. And why hasn’t she made the [trade] agreements better? The NAFTA agreement is defective.
Donald Trump
Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be, become one yourself!
Marcus Aurelius
I think we should SHUT UP, stop talking about negotiating anything, just be quiet and let things sort themselves out a little bit, and see what happens. Maybe there will be one or two other countries that think what Britain’s done, we can do, and it seems the right way to go.
Bernie Ecclestone
The two best subjects for conversation are talking shop and making love.
Phyllis Bottome
The most hopeful thing in the stories, I hope, is wit. I make it up. If I make up a world in which we’re ruled by big talking turds, it doesn’t mean that we are. So you shouldn’t feel depressed.
George Saunders
Lucas: I wanted to talk to you after class, but you disappeared. Me: I have another class right after. One of those profs who stops talking, stares at you and waits until you get to your seat if you’re late. Lucas: I would probably just walk to my seat even slower. 😉
Tammara Webber
Every one in this world has as much as they can do in caring for themselves, and few have leisure really to think of their neighbours distresses, however they may delight their tongues with talking of them.
Hester Lynch Piozzi
The first thing you have to do if you want to raise nice kids, is you have to talk to them like they are people instead of talking to them like they’re property.
Frank Zappa
I grew up in an environment of jokes and sarcasm and puns. I talk that way, so I write that way.
Allan Sloan
You never want to make a “message movie,” but you always want to be talking about something that you care about.
Rian Johnson
Sometimes I’d like everybody who is stuck, or lost, or vacant to stay that way and keep silent for as long as it takes, but that’s the critic in me talking.
David Toop
I tried the plan of talking incessantly myself, so as to hide the fact I didn’t hear anything they said, the result was nobody paid the slightest attention to my (doubtless brilliant) remarks.
Susan Hale
Reading aloud and talking about what we’re reading sharpens children’s brains. It helps develop their ability to concentrate at length, to solve problems logically, and to express themselves more easily and clearly.
Mem Fox
Is my paranoia getting completely out of hand, or are you mongoloids really talking about me?
John Kennedy Toole
Biologically speaking, if something bites you it’s more likely to be female.
Desmond Morris
It was in Warwick Castle that I came across the curious stranger whom I am going to talk about. He attracted me by three things: his candid simplicity, his marvelous familiarity with ancient armor, and the restfulness of his company–for he did all the talking.
Mark Twain
If you’re talking to a man who wouldn’t fight with you under any circumstances whatsoever, then you’re talking to someone for whom you have absolutely no respect.
Jordan Peterson
Sometimes that’s the only way I exist, talking to people through pop culture.
Dev Hynes
I enjoy just being cocooned in production and it’s completely different to your other life that you have. I enjoy that. I enjoy being on the set and hanging out and talking to whoever we’re working with and just being in the moment.
Eric Bana
I was talking to my father via phone from my hotel room when he said “I will call you right back” before he hung up. 10 minutes pass and the phone rings again. I thought it was him but it was a journalist telling me my father had died.
Juan Pablo Escobar
Feminists don’t honor successful women. You never hear them talking about Margaret Thatcher. Take Condoleezza Rice. She’s a remarkable, successful woman. You don’t hear the feminists talk about her or Carly Fiorina or Jeanne Kirkpatrick.
Phyllis Schlafly
I would drive home and see people wearing my No. 34 jersey and wonder why, because I didn’t feel worthy of that. And all the time I just knew people were staring at me, talking about me everywhere I went.
Ricky Williams
I started talking about things that everybody could relate to. And that’s not to say I deserted my roots, I just found a way to talk about things in a broad way.
Gabriel Iglesias
The work is more important than the talking and the writing about the work.
Dorothy Day
Men are capable of talking hours on end over only one subject; women do it and don’t even require a subject.
Curt Goetz
I was gonna put him on the bus…I got tired of him talking, it was time for him to go home.
Michael Lewis
when men don’t like another man everyone assumes he’s no good and that the men know what they are talking about, yet when women dislike another woman people just think they’re being catty.
Ilka Chase
We’re talking about the struggle to drag a thought over from the mush of the unconscious into some kind of grammar, syntax, human sense; every attempt means starting over with language. Starting over with accuracy.
Anne Carson
In the late 60s and early 70s, I did get interested in voices, and in narration and embodying the voice, making the poem sound like a real person talking.
Robert Morgan
Everyone knows of the talking artists. Throughout all of the known history of the world they have gathered in rooms and talked. They talk of art and are passionately,almost feverishly, in earnest about it. They think it matters much more than it does.
Sherwood Anderson
If everybody would just stop talking, my job would be a lot easier.
Tatjana Maria
So to overcome the problems of personality the best thing is to witness, practice witnessing everything: before talking, practice witnessing, before giving any comments, just start witnessing. It’s a very, very satisfying attitude.
Nirmala Srivastava
What Richard is talking about is instead admitting to the existence of negative thoughts, understanding where they came from and why they arrived, and then – with great forgiveness and fortitude – dismissing them.
Elizabeth Gilbert
I feel like I’m kind of faking something if I’m talking as myself and putting on an accent.
Melanie Lynskey
If I’m in the country, my big idea is to do nothing. It means talking, it means cooking with the leftovers in the fridge – l’art d’accommoder les restes – it means gardening.
Christian Louboutin
I was never bitter because I believed in the man upstairs. I continue to do my best. I let someone else be bitter. If I was bitter, I was only hurting me. I prefer to remember Bill Veeck and and Jim Hegan and Joe Gordon, the good guys. There is no point in talking about the others.
Larry Doby
On set is where I feel comfortable. The red carpet stuff, talking about the film, explaining your own life, it doesn’t come naturally. It’s all necessary stuff I suppose but it’s not my strength.
Naomi Watts
I don’t mind solitude. I love talking to other people, but I do need my space.
Iris Chang
I had people in ‘Entertainment Weekly’ talking about how they wanted to throttle me because they thought I was too disgustingly cute, as if that were my fault, you know, as if that was my fault, not the fault of directors and producers and such.
Mara Wilson
Well, usually when you talk about a mandate, you’re talking about an overwhelming win. I don’t think by any measurement the 2004 election was an overwhelming win.
Lincoln Chafee
People have to start talking to know more about other cultures and to understand each other.
Martin Scorsese
A good rule for discussion is to use hard facts and a soft voice.
Dorothy Sarnoff
Different artists are talking about the laws that exist and how they need to be fixed so that compensation does happen to a far fairer level. And I agree with that.
Stevie Wonder
The Patriot Act is certainly a concern; all of those things are dangerous. I think more important than me preaching is that we as a nation have to have the debate. I don’t know what the answers are. I just know that if the idea is to say talking about it makes you unpatriotic, I’ve got to call your bluff on that.
George Clooney
Hollywood is like being nowhere and talking to nobody about nothing.
Michelangelo Antonioni
I only storyboard scenes that require special effects, where it is necessary to communicate through pictures.
John Boorman
Misquotation is, in fact, the pride and privilege of the learned. A widely- read man never quotes accurately, for the rather obvious reason that he has read too widely.
Hesketh Pearson
No matter who I’m talking to, I always talk like I’m doing an interview.
Julian Casablancas
It took us five hours to reach Tokyo, but I was really happy. I kept talking about myself, and didn’t hear anything about Nana. But now that I know you better; I know you wouldn’t say anything.
Ai Yazawa
It goes back to the starfish. That’s when the light bulb really popped over my head. We’d found one on the beach, and I was struck by what astonishing creatures they are, talking with Dad about how they regenerate.
Nick Sagan
For me to even be talking about bikini confidence is crazy. If you had asked me a couple of months ago, I probably would have been like, ‘what are you talking about…’ so it’s actually huge for me to even feel okay with putting a bikini on.
Jordin Sparks
I walked around my apartment with food in my mouth asking myself: “How do I come up with this voice?” Then I found the voice. I called the director and said on the phone: “Guess who you’re talking to Chris? Sid, that’s right Sid!” And that’s how I came up with the voice. That’s a true story.
John Leguizamo
Like I’m dragging bundles of old clothes? I’m carrying artifacts that breathe fire. I’m talking about a language of smoke. These are three-dimensional creatures that can mate. I’d no more leave them go by the side of the trail than I would my child. I’ll carry them until someone amputates my arms.
Kate Braverman
The first thing that matters: I am a child of the eighties. I grew up in a neon wonderland of talking horses, compassionate bears, hair that didn’t move in a stiff wind, and the constant threat of nuclear war.
Seanan McGuire
Half the issues they – are so polished they’re talking about – are dead by the time they get into the office, and into the midst of their tour where they’re really productive.
James Stockdale
It’s dark already and I’m out here again, talking, telling the story to the quiet night.
Tim Winton
Talk to me about sadness. I talk about it too much in my own head but I never mind others talking about it either; I occasionally feel like I tremendously need others to talk about it as well.
Anne Sexton
There are different rules for reading, for thinking, and for talking. Writing blends all three of them.
Mason Cooley
New York became the first state to ban talking on hand-held cell phones while driving. First-time violators could receive a fine of $100, with an additional mandatory six-month jail sentence if your ringer plays a Latin-themed novelty song.
Jon Stewart
Whether we’re talking about leadership, teamwork, or client service, there is no more powerful attribute than the ability to be genuinely honest about one’s weaknesses, mistakes, and needs for help.
Patrick Lencioni
When we talk about stem cells, we are actually talking about a complicated series of things, including adult stem cells which are largely cells devoted to replacing individual tissues like blood elements or liver or even the brain.
David Baltimore
What I do see is the right from the beginning that [Donald] Trump had an interest and was very persuasive in terms of talking about the veterans and needing to make changes there.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
From Shane’s Point of View: Jester talking to Shane: “What’s the matter? You afraid you’d bite your skinny little girlfriend?” Jester laughed. “She’s already someone else’s, you know. I can smell the bite on her. He’s marked her.” Myrnin. “Shut up,” I said, and kicked him in the face.
Rachel Caine
Military deployments have never been something to enjoy, but the consequence of the actions, the shared nature of the sacrifices, and the nobility of the cause are invigorating. To be clear, I’m not talking about the killing and the death; rather, the sense of purpose that pervades every action, reaction, and outcome.
Pete Hegseth
I actually like talking.
Denis Leary
Because I’m a doctor, I know when you have an injury it will heal if it’s clean enough to heal; if your injury is dirty, it won’t heal. And so when you are talking in societies, we are also talking in healing processes, and for a good healing process, you need to make things right.
Michelle Bachelet
When people are talking about cyber weapons, digital weapons, what they really mean is a malicious program that’s used for a military purpose. A cyber weapon could be something as simple as an old virus from 1995 that just happens to still be effective if you use it for that purpose.
Edward Snowden
I can tell from the tone of his voice and the thought processes in getting to where he’s at that there’s no point in talking to him further. He wanted to make that decision independent of all other factors and we respect that. [on Damien Martyn retiring
Ian Chappell
Love is the miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives. I am not talking about vanity or arrogance . . . for that is not love. It is only fear. I am talking about having a great respect for ourselves and a gratitude for the miracle of our body and our mind.
Louise Hay
… there could be talking bunny rabbits, spiders who write English messages in their webs, and for that matter, melancholy choo-choo trains. There could be, I suppose, but there aren’t-so my theory doesn’t have to explain them.
Daniel Dennett
When religion stops talking about animals it will be all downhill.
Carl Jung
I don’t know why I’ve spent over half of
My life talking about dying
Wesley Eisold
You know I think that going into therapy is a very positive thing, and talking about it is really helpful, because the more you talk the more your fears fade, because you get it out.
Fran Drescher
Guys come to play against Brazil and want to intimidate, putting their hands on us, talking, wanting to hit us.
People are already talking about the next presidential election. There’s stories all over about who might run. At a recent speech, a prominent Democrat said that Hillary Clinton should not run because she can’t win. Immediately after the speech, Hillary told her husband to shut up.
Conan O’Brien
In the traditional urban novel, there is only survival or not. The suburban idea, the conformist idea, that agony can be seen to and cured by doctors or psychoanalysis or self-knowledge is nowhere to be found in the city. Talking is a way of life, but it is not a cure. Same with religion.
Jane Smiley
I’m a conversationalist. I came out of a town with only 300 people. I didn’t have anybody to talk to. I didn’t want to talk about farming. So when I came out in the world, I started talking. Never stopped.
Jim “Dandy” Mangrum
I’m always talking to people. It’s not that complicated. I just find somebody and say, “Do you have any ideas.” If they do, we just start thinking things around.
Judd Apatow
I remember that. I was talking to him and I said how great it would be if actors had a tail because I have animals and a tail is so expressive. On a cat you can tell everything. You can tell if they’re annoyed. You can tell whether they’re scared.
Christopher Walken
I always tell young people: When you meet someone successful, ask them as many questions as you can. Because there’s nothing more successful people love – nothing more – than talking about their successes, and you can learn a lot in that.
Maverick Carter
If you don’t like your wrinkles and you think Botox or surgery is going to fix it, do it and shut up. But don’t keep talking about it.
Linda Gray
My problem with all forms of fundamentalism is that the position is fixed. This is like talking about a fixed position as seen from a moving jet: it’s disappearing over the horizon with or without your permission.
Frank Schaeffer
Why are we talking about this good and evil? They’re just names for sides. We know that.
Neil Gaiman
Street politics is what happens in our everyday life, living in the bando. It’s the environment around us and what we doing in the streets. We [Migos] talking about how many snakes there are in the grass and talking about how people can hurt you, and talking about how that can help you gain knowledge.
I’ve been talking about retiring for years. It’s my standard answer to the question, ‘What are your future plans?’ The truth is, I’ll always want to do things that are worthwhile or fun.
Dick Van Dyke
This war has been motivated by pride or arrogance, by a desire to control oil wealth, by a desire to implant our programs. (talking about the Iraq war)
Jimmy Carter
If the restoration did anything it shattered the age-old myth that God has stopped talking to his children.
Russell M. Nelson
We spend countless hours talking about people’s feelings and issues that aren’t going to change anything.
Cleve Jones
It’s funny looking at yourself. You know how it is when you look back at old pictures? It’s just funny looking back at yourself walking and talking at age 14
Jennifer Connelly
I remember listening to Sugar Free and Jay Z and I never really understood some of the stuff they used to say until years later. Then you hear it again like, Damn that’s crazy. I just got what he’s talking about.
Schoolboy Q
Tennis lets you talk while you’re playing.
Jane Kaczmarek
I was just talking to Bono the other day, and he was like, “Are you doing shows?” I’ve just been off the road for a month-and-a-half, and he was like, “You lucky girl.”
Alicia Keys
I’m not about talking and finger-pointing and complaining. I’m about getting things done.
Christine Quinn
I was on Oprah’s show recently talking about the people who impacted me the most. One was a teacher and one was my soccer coach. I didn’t even go into my family, who had the most influence.
Andrew Shue
And while I am talking to you mothers and fathers, I give you one more assurance. I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
I’ve always been quite mature because of the way my parents brought me up. They were very good at talking to me like a person rather than a baby, and I was around so many actors and directors from such a young age because my dad is an actor. I was more comfortable with adults rather than actually being an adult child.
Saoirse Ronan
Cricket makes no sense to me. I find it beautiful to watch and I like that they break for tea. That is very cool, but I don’t understand. My friends from The Clash tried to explain it years and years ago, but I didn’t understand what they were talking about.
Jim Jarmusch
You happen to be talking to an agnostic. You know what an agnostic is? A cowardly atheist.
Studs Terkel
Brokeback Mountain’ just blew me away. I’ll always remember talking to Heath Ledger just after he finished that movie and he was going on about working with Ang and how incredible he was.
Emile Hirsch
Physical elegance, which is what I am talking about here, comes from the body. This is no superficial matter, but rather the way that man found to honour the way he places his two feet on the ground.
Paulo Coelho
Sitting down and sharing a meal together combines two of my favorite loves: eating great food and talking about great food.
Homaro Cantu
Money has lost its narrative quality the way painting did once upon a time. Money is talking to itself.
Don DeLillo
How would you know a Cork footballer? He’s the one who thinks that oral sex is just talking about it.
John B. Keane
I would say the world’s in terrible shape, but I’m afraid the world would say, “Look who’s talking”.
Cass Elliot
Why are people saying it’s too soon? Like the people on that flight, we need to agree about what to do about terrorism. And I think we need to have that conversation now.
Paul Greengrass
I think the whole world should try not talking for a day.
Julianna Margulies
It’s created a very real chilling effect among our sources. They’ve become nervous about talking with us. They don’t want their phone numbers associated with us. And government employees who previously routinely talked to us, now won’t.
Gary Pruitt
I might just stop talking again and not do interviews.
Give lab rats oxytocin and, according to that meme, they get better at talking about their feelings and sing like Joan Baez.
Robert M. Sapolsky
You can’t better the world by simply talking to it. Philosophy
to be effective must be mechanically applied.
R. Buckminster Fuller
Actors and preachers are people who stand up on stage and have no problem talking and they have no problem saying, “Listen to me. Follow me. I know what I’m talking about.”
Patrick Fabian
I believe that animals have been talking to human beings ever since we were all made and put into this world.
Barbara Woodhouse
Listening is not merely not talking…it means taking a vigorous human interest in what is being told to us.
Andrew Miller
Talking about the future, like we had a clue. Never plans that one day, I’d be losing you
Katy Perry
You’re talking to someone who has been married to various people for the last 40 years of her life. Dating is not really something familiar. I’ve never really been a dater.
Stockard Channing
I was talking and playing pranks and skipping school, failing pretty much every class I took.
Tig Notaro
Most of my writing friends are working in academia. Most of my business school friends are always talking about bringing companies public, and money, and making money, and lots and lots of money. It’s just a different environment.
Victoria Chang
Listen to the trees talking in their sleep,’ she whispered, as he lifted her to the ground. ‘What nice dreams they must have!
Lucy Maud Montgomery
The last thing I want to become is one of those talking heads where everything is satiny smooth and you know what the next question is going to be
Isaac Mizrahi
Words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone.
William Albert Allard
Whatever you do, whatever you’re working with, whether it’s manual work or talking to people or buying or selling, every little thing encompasses the power and simplicity of presence.
Eckhart Tolle
Technically, ‘Kukla, Fran and Ollie’ was a kids’ show, but adults watched almost religiously – and we’re talking adult adults, celebrated adults – including James Thurber, Orson Welles, John Steinbeck, Adlai E. Stevenson and lyricist Stephen Sondheim.
Tom Shales
Rule number one is, make sure that you face the person with hearing loss when you are speaking to them.
Marion Ross
It’s not foreign for me to be talking about my problems in circles.
Matthew Perry
My movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt – now, when I say “corrupt,” I’m talking about totally corrupt – political establishment, with a new government controlled by you, the American people.
Donald Trump
My parents broke up when I was six. Before, I was a very active, naughty child, but after my father left me, I stopped talking. I became very good at hiding my emotions. I felt so ashamed of telling others that I didn’t have a father, because that was not common in the 1960s.
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
Books are dead men talking.
George R. R. Martin
When I hear women talking about how their wedding is going to be/was the best day of their life, I can’t help but think, You just haven’t taken enough MDMA in a field at 3 a.m., love.
Caitlin Moran
You can never turn the clock back and, since we’re talking about mental health, I would stress that.
Peter Shilton
There were times when I was so sick of talking about the Bible.
Karen Kingsbury
I think the act of talking about something – with a friend, or someone in your family, or someone you care about, and you’re discussing something that you both admire – can often sharpen your thoughts about what you’ve read or seen and help you think more clearly about it.
Paul Auster
The amazing miracle of death, when one second you’re walking and talking, and the next second you’re an object.
Chuck Palahniuk
The reason child care is such a loaded issue is that when we talk about it, we are always tacitly talking about motherhood. And when we’re talking about motherhood we’re always tacitly assuming that child care must be a very dim second to full-time mother care.
Anna Quindlen
I’d like to go to New Society Village someday and find out exactly how far I can walk before people stop talking like me.
Maxine Hong Kingston
Sometimes I’ll be fifty, sixty pages into something and I’ll still be calling a character “X.” I don’t have a very clear idea of who the characters are until they start talking. Then I start to love them. By the time I finish the book, I love them so much that I want to stay with them. I don’t want to leave them ever.
Joan Didion
I’m a walking, talking enigma. We’re a dying breed.
Larry David
If you forget about the money issue for just a minute, if it’s possible to do that – because these are people’s livelihoods we’re talking about – and you look at Internet in terms of the most amazing broadcasting network ever built, then it’s completely different. In some ways, that’s the best way of looking at it.
Thom Yorke
I like playing guitar I don’t like talking about it. I like writing riffs, I don’t like explaining them.
Jeff Hanneman
Early on when I started talking about my weight, it was self-deprecating; everything was a joke.
Gabriel Iglesias
Barack Obama now says he is open to offshore oil drilling. So, apparently, when he promised change, he was talking about his mind.
Jay Leno
Singing is the love of my life, but I was ready to give it all up because I couldn’t handle people talking about how fat I was.
Stevie Nicks
A lot of people think this is a goodie two-shoes talking. But we do have a tendency to complain rather than celebrating who we are. I learned at my mother’s knee it’s better to appreciate what’s happening… I think we kind of talk ourselves into the negative sometimes.
Betty White
I think it’s hypocritical and inconsistent for us to attack this one group of people over any other group of people that are within our churches today. If we were talking about one of their sin issues we wouldn’t have addressed this at all. I find that hypocritical and inconsistent.
Alan Chambers
Sometimes, you like to let the hair do the talking!
James Brown
That’s another thing about Noise. Everything that’s ever happened to you just keeps right on talking, for ever and ever.
Patrick Ness
When I talk about the realm of spirit, happiness, nirvana, enlightenment, I’m not talking about something ideal or imaginary. There are realms of light that exist, that have always existed and will always exist. They’re much more solid than the transient perceived reality that you’re currently experiencing
Frederick Lenz
I find it sad that by not talking about who I sleep with, that makes me mysterious. There was a time when I would have been called a gentleman.
Kevin Spacey
The idea of Judaism as a flower, it a message for Jewish people, talking about the future. Many people associate Judaism with old and dry laws, and the Holocaust. But with this metaphor, Judaism for me is useful, pleasant, and fills me with good feelings.
Csanad Szegedi
To play a lawyer and have one year of law school under your belt, you sort of know what you’re talking about! I’m able to memorize the legal courtroom stuff a lot faster than I would have been able to otherwise.
Jerry O’Connell
You know, in the sentence of humanity this place needs to be a parentheses. And when I say parentheses I mean I’m talking like you go around it. Leave it alone. Let it exist. And what I want people to see with this film is not only a respect for this place from the bottom of my heart.
DJ Spooky
I don’t know why I always end up talking about my relationships. I try not to.
David Arquette
Mediocre founders spend a lot of time talking about grand plans, but they never quite make a decision.
Sam Altman
I know if you talk faster and use more ten-dollar words than everyone around you, you convince half of them that they should shut up because you know what you’re talking about.
Robert Downey, Jr.
You are born with a sound; everyone is, less or more. And this sound has to be developed. I am not talking about vocal technique; I am not talking about how to sing. I am talking about how to produce a sound.
Montserrat Caballe
I think we don’t need to be talking about hyphenated Americans, because we are all Americans, and we all want the same thing.
Rafael Cruz
We probably spend more time talking about individual players in our coaching sessions than anything else.
Hayden Fry
I would never cheapen my relationships by talking about them.
Kristen Stewart
In talking about a genius, you would not say that he lies; he sees realities with different eyes from ours.
Constantin Stanislavski
And what happens a lot of times when – let’s just speak specifically white and black – when white or black people feel misunderstood when it comes to talking about race, they immediately get defensive.
Regina King
If someone starts talking about pride today I’m going to vomit… The Apache nation had pride and look where they are. The bushmen of Kalahari have pride and look where they are.
George Hook
We have a society that is going through life not talking about what’s really hard about life and trying to pretend like everything’s great when it’s not. As a result, people feel more and more isolated.
Deborah Reber
I would probably creepily follow my kids around, see how they act, see what they talk about. I record my daughter just talking because the things she says are so funny. I could watch her talk all day.
Kim Kardashian
When you are stuck in a group of people who merely trade turns at talking about themselves instead of actually conversing, it could be a matter of their not really knowing how to converse as opposed to being too small-minded or excessively Facebooked.
Carolyn Hax
For months, Republican Party leaders have been talking about the need to unify the GOP, in part because of Donald Trump and his criticism of the establishment, which created such big divides.
Rachel Martin
I write a lot from instinct. But as you’re writing out of instinct, once you reach a certain level as a songwriter, the craft is always there talking to you in the back of your head…that tells you when it’s time to go to the chorus, when it’s time to rhyme. Real basic craft… it’s second nature.
Janis Ian
Mr. Powell raised an eyebrow. ‘I’m a librarian,’ he said. ‘I always know what I’m talking about.
Gary D. Schmidt
I talk to my typewriter and that is what I’ve been working on for 40 years-how to write for talking.
Alistair Cooke
On average, Australians watch more than three hours of television a day, compared with 12 minutes a day spent by the average couple talking to each other.
Hugh Mackay
I actually love talking about taking pictures, and I think that helps everyone.
Annie Leibovitz
Without question, purity is beautiful. We’re not talking about repression or prudishness, but about having a confident and serene sense of your dignity and worth.
Jason Evert