Uncles Quotes

Uncles Quotes by Peter Kay, Louise Rennison, Grant Show, Megan Whalen Turner, Jamie Wyeth, Dikembe Mutombo and many others.

Everyone had an uncle who tried to steal their nose.

Everyone had an uncle who tried to steal their nose.
Peter Kay
When uncle Eddie does his impression of ‘Like a Virgin’ it’s like Madonna is coming out of his body!’ Christ what an image.
Louise Rennison
I grew up in Northern California, so the hippies were still around. My father and mother were very Republican, very strait-laced and very uptight, but my uncles were hippies.
Grant Show
If I couldn’t be Eddis, I would be Attolia. If they needed to see my uncle in me, then I would show him to them. And I would take Attolia’s advice because if I identified my enemy and destroyed him, Sounis would be safe.
Megan Whalen Turner
Art was a way of life in my family. My grandfather, N.C. Wyeth, who died a year before I was born, had been a prominent painter. So was my father, Andrew. My two aunts and two of my uncles also earned a living as painters.
Jamie Wyeth
I was not very strong growing up, and my uncle used to look at me, like, This kid is not growing up, he is growing tall but he can be broken like a banana.
Dikembe Mutombo
I come from a stupid family. During the civil war my great uncle fought for the west.
Rodney Dangerfield
When Liza Minelli was a child, she used to sit on my lap and call me Uncle Sammy.
Sammy Davis, Jr.
My life’s experiences, I’ve always had, my uncle used to call it antenna. I know what’s going to happen oftentimes before it happened when it’s involving me
Terrence Howard
I used to sing songs and write with my uncle, Bill Owens.
Dolly Parton
My uncle died in 1987. I unfortunately – I saw it happen before it happened, which was really, really hard because I was 16 years old and I thought, like, Well, I’m seeing this. I’m supposed to stop this. And I couldn’t.
John Edward
What Uncle Leo XIII never suspected was that his nephew’s courage did not come from the need to survive or from a brute indifference inherited from his father, but from a driving need for love, which no obstacle in this world or the next would ever break.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
My dad’s Macedonian, mum Greek… so for as long as I can remember, my uncles have talked about our warrior blood.
Alexander Volkanovski
My uncles are always busy away acting, so I barely even see them much at all, but I always know that they are so supportive. Anytime I do see them, they always check up on it and make sure everything’s okay and let me know that they’re there for me.
Hero Fiennes-Tiffin
Being a son, brother, uncle and brother-in-law is all I care about.
Chris Burke
Didn’t Gandalf say “With great power comes great responsibility”? (If it wasn’t Gandalf, maybe it was Thomas Jefferson. Or Spider-Man’s uncle.)
Tom Angleberger
It is certain,” exclaimed my uncle in a tone of triumph. “But silence, do you hear me? silence upon the whole subject; and let no one get before us in this design of discoveringВ the centre of the earth.
Jules Verne
Let me get it straight. Your father was king. You were his only son. Your father dies. You are of age. Your uncle becomes king.” “Yes.” “Unorthodox.
Tom Stoppard
Ha!’ said the tall man drily. ‘He was in high luck. Rich old uncles who die are in shockingly short supply.
Susanna Clarke
I went through puberty really early, when I was 11. It makes you feel weird – you know, like your uncle is now hugging you a little bit longer than he used to. I think we all go through wanting to go back – you’re not sure you’re ready for that body.
Jessica Alba
My uncle developed the training philosophy. His idea of good tennis training is basically quite simple: you must try to gain time.
Rafael Nadal
The point about football in Britain is that it is not just a sport people take to, like cricket or tennis. It is built into the urban psyche, as much a common experience to our children as are uncles and school. It is not a phenomenon : it is an everyday matter.
Arthur Hopcraft
It depends who they are. If it’s Mick (Jagger) or the Old Guard as I call them, yeah, they’re the Old Guard. Elton (John), David (Bowie) are the newies. I don’t feel like an old uncle, dear, ’cause I’m not that much older than half of ’em, hehe.
John Lennon
And if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.
Tiffanie DeBartolo
One day, my youngest uncle – the other one who was first to go to college, Randy – and I were sitting out on the front porch. And he was brilliant. He ended up – he just retired from Boeing Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas.
James Earl Jones
Sure, this was where her father had planned the De Beers diamond heist when she was three. It was the very room where her uncle had orchestrated the hijacking of eighty percent of the world’s caviar when she was seven.
Ally Carter
Sure, my uncle killed himself playing Russian Roulette. But I choose to remember him as a great Russian Roulette player.
Anthony Jeselnik
For me to want to play the trumpet was a very, very odd thing for my clan as a whole. One of my uncles was a high school principal, and he referred to my trumpet as a bugle, which really hurt me.
Hugh Masekela
I first went to the Chubut valley, the colony that runs about 800km across the width of Argentina, in 2000. My uncle had been there tracing family and came back saying I had to go. So a year later I did.
Matthew Rhys
My dad worked for a generator company and then UC Berkeley, and my mom was as a dental hygienist and then eventually a history teacher. My uncles and aunts, all of them are elementary school teachers or scientists.
Cary Fukunaga
Viewers figure, ‘Uncle Willard doesn’t know any more about the weather than I do.’ They’re right.
Willard Scott
Wait. Far be it for me to say this” — Hamish looked around the compartment — “and if anyone tells Uncle Eddie I suggested being an upstanding citizen I’ll kill ’em, but aren’t there…laws and stuff? I mean, can’t you…you know…sue him or something?” asked the boy who had once stolen an entire circus, all three rings.
Ally Carter
You know, my uncle wore a lot of jewelry, a lot of gold chains.
2 Chainz
My uncles used to call me ‘Devil Child,’ or ‘Triple’ for triple six. They used to tell my brother Chris that they were going to get the demons out of him because he was also a little crazy. But to me, they’d just be like, ‘You’re too far gone. There’s no exorcising you anymore.’
Liam Hemsworth
my uncle … had the misfortune to be ever touched in his brain, and, as a convincing proof, married his maid, at an age when he and she both had more occasion for a nurse than a parson.
Charlotte Charke
Your aunt and uncle will be proud, though, won’t they?” said Hermione as they got off the train and joined the crowd thronging toward the enchanted barrier. “When they hear what you did this year?” “Proud?” said Harry. “Are you crazy? All those times I could’ve died, and I didn’t manage it? They’ll be furious.
J. K. Rowling
Three of my uncles served in the Armed Forces.
Eric Reid
My family is really, really Southern – I had two uncle Bubbas, and grandparents that we called Big Mama and Big Daddy.
Laura Lippman
There is none of my uncle’s marks upon you; he taught me how to know a man in love; in which cage of rushes I am sure you are not prisoner.
William Shakespeare
I was the youngest of four kids, and Dad, who had a garden centre before he retired, came from a large Lancashire family. Every one of my uncles had their own business, including a post office, two fish and chip shops and a painting and decorating business.
Rick Astley
Uncles and aunts, and cousins, are all very well, and fathers and mothers are not to be despised; but a grandmother, at holiday time, is worth them all.
Fanny Fern
I don’t like to be described as a Southern writer. The danger is, if you’re described as a Southern writer, you might be thought of as someone who writes about a picturesque local scene like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Gone With the Wind, something like that.
Walker Percy
My uncle and my grandfather both worked in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Dave Van Ronk
We are very close as a family. There are uncles and aunts for whom I would stand in front of a truck.
Nushrat Bharucha
Save the people you love, who cares about the rest of the world? – Uncle Jake
Michael Buckley
I pray to be a good servant to God, a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a brother, an uncle, a good neighbor, a good leader to those who look up to me, a good follower to those who are serving God and doing the right thing.
Mark Wahlberg
And therefore, Uncle, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that [Christmas] has done me good, and will do me good; and I say, God bless it!
Charles Dickens
He stares at me, and then leans back in his chair. “He’s ill, Jacob.” I say nothing. “He’s a paragon schnitzophonic.” “He’s what?!” “Paragon schnitzophonic,” repeats Uncle Al. “You mean paranoid schizophrenic?” “Sure. Whatever. But the bottom line is he’s mad as a hatter.
Sara Gruen
If we can believe in the Gnostic gospel of Thomas, old Uncle Jesus said, “If you bring forth what is inside you, what you bring forth will save you. If you don’t bring forth what is inside you, what you bring forth can destroy you.
Anne Lamott
My uncle Sammy was an angry man. He had printed on his tombstone: What are you looking at?
Margaret Smith
My great uncle Pvt. Tommy Rooney, USMC, was killed on Guam during the Pacific Campaign in World War II. I was named after him, so I always thought about him and wearing the uniform. The JAG Corps gave me that opportunity after law school.
Tom Rooney
My mum and dad are both really funny. My granddad’s really funny, my uncle’s really funny, everyone’s really funny. You have to be quick, otherwise you get roasted. Everyone takes the piss quite a lot. You have to be really sharp.
Noel Fielding
Mom was a smoker. My grandfather was a smoker. My aunts were smokers. My uncles were smokers. I don’t know any smokers now, not even my mom.
Jane Smiley
My parents were brutal to each other, so I slept in the basement by an old coal-fired furnace. I became a street kid. Occasionally, I’d live with aunts or uncles, then I’d run away to live in the woods, trapping and hunting game to survive. The wilderness pulled at me; still does.
Gary Paulsen
My father, my uncles, my aunts, from my father’s side and my mother’s side… they were all professional musicians. My father was a concert master, he took me to a lot of rehearsals, concerts, performances, opera, ballet. For me, that was life.
Lalo Schifrin
I think that the kinds of stereotypes that people have about Haitians or about HIV sufferers exist because we don’t realize that these are our brothers, our sisters, our aunts and uncles, our neighbors. They are us. And I don’t mean that in some metaphorical sense. They are literally us.
Kwame Dawes
Harriet Beecher Stowe was thirty-nine when she began Uncle Tom’s Cabin. She had given birth to seven children and seen one die. She wrote her book to be serialized in an abolitionist newspaper. Much of it she composed on the kitchen table in between the cooking, mending, tending to her house.
Sophy Burnham
I’m in a place in my life where I get offered parts that I didn’t get offered before – fathers and uncles and grandfathers and so on. And it took me a long time to get to that place, but I’m glad because it opens up new territory.
Christopher Walken
Come with uncle and hear all proper. Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones…you are invited!
Anthony Burgess
George Washington’s brother, Lawrence, was the Uncle of Our Country.
George Carlin
Africa does not have an uncle abroad who will come to bail it out of its political and economic woes. It is important that African countries wake up and pool whatever resources they have and jointly deal elements pulling our continent down a death blow.
Bernard Membe
My mother, my grandmother, my uncles would play Ethiopian artists like Aster Aweke and Mulatu Astatke all the time in the house.
The Weeknd
Amy Cahill didn’t believe in omens. But black snow was falling, he earth was rumbling beneath her feet, her brother was meowing, and her uncle Alistair was prancing on the beach in pink pajamas. She had to admit, the signs were not promising.
Peter Lerangis
Before me, my grandfathers, my uncles and my father were all boxers because Native Americans had to box in boarding schools. But in my time, when I grew up in Lawton Oklahoma, we didn’t have boxing. I was a wrestler.
George Tahdooahnippah
A normal conversation between my uncles about whether or not the lamb is done will come across as a shouting match between four guys all doing their best to impersonate Tony Soprano.
Chris Morocco
As competitive as I am, I want to get the best of a play and make sure to use it’s full potential even when things break down. But sometimes you need to just say ‘uncle’ and let it go and avoid a hit
Mark Sanchez
I’ll have you weak in the knees that you could hardly speak,
Or we could do like Uncle L and swing an ep in my Jeep.
Dean Martin’s great-great-uncle, Ebenezer Martin, who said to Eli Whitney, I see the cotton, but where’s the gin? Never got a dinner!
Red Buttons
I’ll tell ya this: I come from an educated family. My father was an attorney representing blue collar workers, and my uncle was a chemical engineer… on my mom’s side, all my uncles were engineers – all ten of them.
Joe Piscopo
All my life, up until that moment, I’d had a warm, protective blanket wrapped around me, knitted of aunts and uncles, purled of first and second and third cousins, knot-tied with grandmas and grandpas and greats. That blanket had just dropped from my shoulders. I felt cold, lost and alone.
Karen Marie Moning
The fridge had been emptied of all Dudley’s favorite things — fizzy drinks and cakes, chocolate bars and burgers — and filled instead with fruit and vegetables and the sorts of things that Uncle Vernon called “rabbit food.
J. K. Rowling
I didn’t come from a background where I saw a lot of loving couples. All my aunts and uncles were either split up or fighting all the time. The only healthy relationships I saw were on TV.
George Lopez
Yes, but I – you know, it’s been such a long time, I’m sure that I’ve got cousins and uncles that I’ve never met before, you know, that I’ve left behind.
Rafael Palmeiro
I’m very proud to say that Buddy MacMaster is my uncle. He gives credibility to what I do and I’m glad I can carry that MacMaster name because he has created such a good name.
Natalie MacMaster
My father was a sea captain, so was his father, and his father before him, and all my uncles. My mother’s people all followed the sea. I suppose that if I had been born a few years earlier, I would have had my own ship.
Joseph C. Lincoln
One of my uncles played in The Isleys. I went to all their shows.
Ty Dolla Sign
I can’t tell at what age I developed this love towards movies, but I’ve always enjoyed watching films. I’ve grown up watching the films of my uncles Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan.
Varun Tej
I’ve had aunts and uncles who not only haven’t read my books but could hardly believe that I was a writer.
Robert Cormier
I grew up as a kind of nondenominational Christian. I have two uncles who are Baptist ministers. I went to a Samoan church when I was younger. I went to a Catholic school, so I was actually able to experience a lot of different religions. Mormonism, as well. My father in-law, who I’m very close with, is a Muslim.
Troy Polamalu
During my youth, the idea of moving from Lebanon was unthinkable. Then I began to realise I might have to go, like my grandfather, uncles and others who left for America, Egypt, Australia, Cuba.
Amin Maalouf
When I did comedy I made fun of myself. If there was a buffoon, I played the buffoon. And people looked at me and said, “Gee, that’s like Uncle David”, or “That’s like a friend of mine.”. And they related through that. I didn’t make fun of them. I made fun of me.
Sid Caesar
My father and uncles and all their friends turned their lungs black trying to satisfy my collector’s zeal.
Edward G. Robinson
It’s our job – as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles – to find books our kids are going to like.
James Patterson
For once, Evie didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t really thought of her uncle as very human. He was more like a textbook who occasionally remembered to put on a tie. But it was clear that he was, indeed, human, with a deep wound named Rotke.
Libba Bray
I’m a guy who was born in Cincinnati and whose entire family except for my mother still lives in Cincinnati – my grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, you name it.
Tom Herman
In truth, I am a single mother. But I don’t feel alone at all in parenting my daughter. Krishna has a whole other side of her family who loves her, too. And so Krishna is parented by me, but also by her grandmother and aunts and cousins and uncles and friends.
Padma Lakshmi
TV tends to look for the living equivalents of squeaky-clean Kens and Barbies, but with my dial I’m more like Ken’s dirty old uncle.
John C. McGinley
Certainly when I got to medical school, I had role models of the kind of physicians I wanted to be. I had an uncle who, looking back, was probably not the most-educated physician around but he carried it off so well.
Abraham Verghese
Garrett must have sensed I was awake. “Hey Detective,” he said to Uncle Bob, who was now trudging across the grating toward us. “I think we’re losing her. I have no choice but to perform mouth-to-mouth.” “Don’t you dare,” I said, my lids still in lockdown.
Darynda Jones
Tavi looked wildly around the courtyard, and when his gaze flicked toward them, his face lit witha ferocious smile. “Uncle Bernard! Uncle Bernard!” he shouted, pointing at Doroga. “He followed me home! Can we keep him?
Jim Butcher
It [England] is a family in which the young are generally thwarted and most of the power is in the hands of irresponsible uncles and bedridden aunts.
George Orwell
For me, Duke was personal. I hated Duke and I hated everything I felt Duke stood for. Schools like Duke didn’t recruit players like me. I felt like they only recruited players who were Uncle Toms.
Jalen Rose
My parents’ names were Florian and Mabel Smith. My mother’s maiden name was Dersam. They were of German heritage and were part of a family community with my grandparents and uncles and relatives. I was an only child.
Paul Smith
Uncle Jeb,” we croaked in surprise. “You found us.” “Well, now,” he said, and his gruff voice brought back a hundred memories. “Well, now, here’s a pickle.
Stephenie Meyer
Black people don’t talk about diabetes that much. I never knew anything. I thought everyone had an uncle with a leg cut off!
Sherri Shepherd
When it came to music growing up, it wasn’t just gospel and R&B. My uncle brought rock ‘n’ roll to me when I was younger, and I loved it. I was open to all music.
Aaron Dontez Yates
More worryingly, my baby fangs were out, which usually happened only when I was perilously close to tipping over into Mr. Hyde territory. I quickly drew them back in. It didn’t help much. I still looked like Dracula’s daughter. Which was completely unfair, since he’d only been an uncle.
Karen Chance
I had a wonderful contact, especially with Uncle Bert who was an angel and led the whole group over to my side of a steep ravine I could not cross to get over to them
Dian Fossey
If only Uncle Monty knew what we know,” Violet said, “and Stephano knew that he knew what we know. But Uncle Monty doesn’t know what we know, and Stephano knows that he doesn’t know what we know.” “I know,” Klause said. “I know you know,” Violet said
Daniel Handler
My father and all my uncles on both sides served in the military in World War II and Korea.
Darrell Issa
I’ve read Reverend Kirk, in fact. My uncle’s library has quite a few books of your people. I have read Mr. Lang’s fairy tales as well. (Katherine Rae O’Flaherty) “Books are not the same as reality,” Devlin stared at her. “My world is not always kind to mortals.
Melissa Marr
It’s really important for boys to have a father around, or a grandfather, or an uncle – a man they can really relate to who loves them, and who they know loves them.
Laura Bush
Reggae was always playing at home in East Ham when I was growing up. Loud music would be coming from the bedroom, and downstairs all you’d hear was the bass. My uncles had sound systems and we used to go to Jamaica a lot as a family.
Country artists, I met a lot of them when I was five, six years old. I had an uncle who was a country and western singer and I met Lefty Frizzell when I was five or six years old in those shows that would come through Toronto from Nashville.
Rick Danko
Many massacres have happened when people yell “surprise”! Pearl Harbor. The Tet Offensive. My uncle’s 50th birthday party. I was there, man! How many more people gotta die?
Christopher Titus
My father was strict and always taught me, no matter who it is, everybody is an uncle. To me, everybody was someone I respect like family. I grew up with that.
Mariano Rivera
Don’t let two men fall in love with you, girls. It’s not the sort of thing that ends well.” -Uncle Charles
Ally Carter
Mum and Dad used to do a lot of entertaining. We had quite a nice house, so everybody descended on us at Christmas – aunts and uncles, who weren’t even aunts and uncles.
Ainsley Harriott
I remember my uncle used to work pouring concrete and as a plumber. Now, I don’t see uncles working as plumbers or pouring concrete no more. Let’s open up some trades for these youngsters that are getting out of school that are not gonna go to college.
That defining moment at my friend’s house, when his uncle looks in my eye and reads me the word of God, I have an awakening.
Paula White
The offers I get are for grandfathers, uncles – and they often die very quickly in the script.
Max von Sydow
It was my Uncle George who discovered that alcohol was a food well in advance of modern medical thought.
P. G. Wodehouse
Me and both my brothers got permits to attend Beverly because two of my uncles and my uncle’s wife all taught and coached at Beverly Hills High. But I grew up in South Central.
Spencer Paysinger
My mother adores singing and plays piano. My uncle was a phenomenal pianist. My brother John is a double bassist. I used to play the piano, badly, and cello. My brother Peter played violin.
Fiona Shaw
If you’re black, you got to look at America a little bit different. You got to look at America like the uncle who paid for you to go to college, but who molested you.
Chris Rock
I’ll not hurt thee, says Uncle Toby, rising with the fly in his hand. Go, he says, opening the window to let it escape. Why should I hurt thee? This world is surely wide enough to hold both thee and me.
Laurence Sterne
When I was 9 years old, I really wanted to be in the show business. I really wanted to be an artist. I would grab a wooden spoon and I would start singing, even if it was for my uncles and my aunts. And I would just sing any lah-lah song.
Ricky Martin
When I met Elvis, we didn’t really have a conversation. I was introduced by my uncle, and he sort of grunted my way. What stays with me is the whole scene. I had never seen a real mob scene before. I was really young and impressionable. Elvis really did look – he looked sort of not real, as if he were glowing.
Tom Petty
My family is certainly very vocal. They’re very Italian. A lot of our holidays end with people screaming at each other across the room. And everyone’s very opinionated and intelligent. A lot of my aunts and uncles are wildly educated, and their opinions reflect that. We’re all very liberal.
Chris Evans
I hate false advertising, like ‘Skittles: taste the rainbow.’ No one’s ever been like, ‘Rainbow, right you guys?’ Or what’s Reese’s? ‘There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s.’ Oh, really? Tell that to my uncle who used to put them in my underwear. Alright, maybe your uncles didn’t love you.
Amy Schumer
I’m a stand up comic and I always sit and slouch, and I got my girlfriend pregnant on my sterile uncles pull-out couch.
Bo Burnham
I don’t travel with them, but they can’t be missing in my home. There have to always be dominoes… I used to play with my family – dad, my grandpa, my uncles.
Bad Bunny
The room was quiet, the others flicking glances at me. I ignored them. After years in Sounis’s palaces being eyed with disgust by my uncle and my own father and courtier after courtier, I assure you I am unrivaled at pretending not to notice other people’s glances.
Megan Whalen Turner
All my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy. I had to fight my uncles. I had to fight my brothers. Girl, child ain’t safe in a family of men, but I ain’t never thought I had to fight in my own house. I loves Harpo. God knows I do. But I’ll kill him dead before I let him beat me.
Alice Walker
My uncle always said that I could have been a rancher.
Robert Duvall
My dear children!” Nellie whopped him upside the head with her backpack. “Ow!” Uncle Alistair curled over, cupping his hand over his good eye. “Nellie!” Amy said. “Sorry,” Nellie muttered. “I thought he was one of the bad guys.
Rick Riordan
Maybe! Maybe! Maybe if your aunt had a beard, she’d be your uncle.
Alvah Bessie
Grover Norquist is a mean-spirited, humorless, dishonest little creep… an embarrassing anomaly, the leering, drunken uncle everyone else wishes would stay home… [He] is repulsive, granted, but there aren’t nearly enough of him to start a purge trial.
Tucker Carlson
I’ve got an uncle myself. Nobody should be held responsible for their uncles. Nature’s little throwbacks – that’s how I look at it.
Agatha Christie
Uncle Scrooge preferred to let the poor die “and decrease the surplus population.” Scrooge may not have had God on his side, but his arithmetic was impeccable.
Roger Rosenblatt
North Carolina right now is going apeshit in a way no state ever has. Take every crazy, angry idea your drunk, right-wing uncle mumbles at Thanksgiving, turn it into a law, and that’s North Carolina today.
Bill Maher
God is not nice. God is not an uncle. God is an earthquake.
Abraham Joshua Heschel
[I did impressions] of relatives because I heard so many different sounds. My dad was in the music business and of course my uncle was a giant [music producer], but my dad in particular had the house filled with these Dixieland jazz stars.
Billy Crystal
Grace me no grace, nor uncle me no uncle;
I am no traitor’s uncle, and that word “grace”
In an ungracious mouth is but profane.
William Shakespeare
It was my mom and I against the world. We lived in New York in this bohemian lifestyle where an extended group of artists and photographers were like my aunts and uncles.
Brooke Shields
I had a very crazy aunt and uncle who we traded my brother Webster to for a Siamese cat. It was heaven to live with my aunt and uncle because you got spoiled to death.
Rex Smith
[Moses] is obsessed with hip-hop and wanted a gold chain like his uncle Jay-Z.
Gwyneth Paltrow
You have a mother?” Only when I said it did I realize what a silly question it was! For heaven’s sake! Gideon raised one eyebrow. “What did you expect?” he asked, amused. “You thought I was an android put together by Uncle Falk and Mr. George?
Kerstin Gier
As a broad generalization, big businesses have no moral objections to being whores. Getting into bed with Uncle Sam is all a question of price, not principle.
Jonah Goldberg
A few weeks ago my uncle came over to borrow my dad’s socket set and when he asked my dad how he was my dad said oh unexceptional. Living quietly with my disappointments. And how are you
Miriam Toews
As usual, the note occupied less than a page and included neither salutation nor closing, Uncle Hal’s opinion being that since the letter had a direction upon it, the intended recipient was obvious, the seal indicated plainly who had written it, and he did not waste his time in writing to fools.
Diana Gabaldon
Uncle Junior is a criminal, which makes him a villain, so it makes people want to watch him. My whole life as an actor has been preparing for something like this.
Dominic Chianese
Several of my uncles are comedians. My father is a comedian; my grandfather was known for his jokes. It definitely runs in the family.
Charlie Murphy
I’m the only Red in our family! You know my father, my brother, my brother-in-law, my 14-year-old niece and two of my uncles are all City season ticket holders. So I’m gonna say 5-0 to United!
Ian Brown
My uncle, who was a little more flamboyant, always said the guy who dressed the best was Fred Astaire.
Andy Garcia
The great thing about getting married young like I did and having a child so young is that he gets to know all the relatives. He knew his great-grandmother, and we sat down together and tied down the stories of our uncles and aunts.
Tony Danza
I’m that crazy-ass drunk uncle that nobody wants to invite to the holidays and birthdays.
Mark McGrath
Anyone can see that to write Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the knee in the kitchen, with constant calls to cooking and other details of housework to punctuate the paragraphs, was a more difficult achievement than to write it at leisure in a quiet room.
Anna Garlin Spencer
Now, I have nothing to say against uncles in general. They are usually very excellent people, and very convenient to little boys and girls.
Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
I don’t have a creepy uncle, but I certainly have many, many uncles. My mom has twelve brothers and sisters, and my dad has two sisters and three brothers. Their maturity level is still hovering around fifteen when they all get together, but they’re not necessarily creepy.
Martha MacIsaac
If you’re referring to the incident with the dragon, I was barely involved. All I did was give your uncle a little nudge out of the door.
J. R. R. Tolkien
My uncles and my father were all in the Royal Navy. One of my uncles, as a matter of fact, was drowned in the Sea of Singapore, having been fighting for the Royal Navy behind enemy lines, Japanese lines, in the hinterland of Singapore.
Vanessa Redgrave
My father hired you to protect me,” Ahmed said, “not to go off chasing men.” Grandma leaned forward, keeping her eye on the Taurus. “We think this guy killed Fred.” “Who’s Fred?” “My uncle,” I told him. “He’s married to Mabel.” “Ah so you’re avenging a murder in the family. This is a good thing.
Janet Evanovich
I was born in love with music. My mother is a singer. Many of my aunts and uncles on my mother’s side are musical. My grandparents sang and played blues piano. It’s literally in my blood.
India Arie
Just like my Uncle Charlie used to say, just before he sprung the trap: He said, “You can’t cheat and honest man! Never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump!
W. C. Fields
A few years later, my Uncle David took me to the Earle Theatre to hear Duke Ellington.
David Amram
Folk caught up in a riot aren’t our cousins and sisters, our brothers and uncles. They are part of a big animal with many arms and claws, armed with stones and sticks.
Tamora Pierce
It was always chaos with Mom, Dad, uncles, you know; we all lived in the same building. Dinner parties with 25 people every night.
Alexander Skarsgard
I blew that clay pigeon to smithereens. I don’t know why Mum got so upset. According to Uncle Andrew she’s a crack shot herself. But she says I’m too young. What I’d like to know is how old does a person have to be before they get to do all the fun stuff?
R.L. LaFevers
The Gong Show provided me with five years of the happiest times of my life, but that’s that. And to be known as the guy who gave the world The Gong Show – listen, my Uncle George isn’t known as anything. So I guess it isn’t so bad in that context.
Chuck Barris
What happened to your foot?” “I had a little disagreement with an eagle –stupid birds, eagles. He couldn’t tell the difference between a hawk and a pigeon. I had to educate him. He bit me while I was tearing out a sizable number of his wing feathers.” “Uncle,” Polgara said reproachfully. “He started it.
David Eddings
No one can teach your child like you can. No nanny, Bible school teacher, aunt, or uncle has your authority. What a phenomenal privilege is yours.
Max Lucado
I really think I shall commence chapter forty-four,” he said, patting his hands together. “I shall commence, I think, with a slight exaggeration and go on from there into an outright lie. Constance, my dear?” “Yes, Uncle Julian?” “I am going to say that my wife was a beautiful woman.
Shirley Jackson
Sometimes you get a call and an uncle passed away that you really liked, or a cousin or somebody else. So each day becomes a little more precious then the day that preceded it.
Jamie Farr
China has been there for 3,000 years, has contempt for the barbarians, is overcoming a century of domination, and simply moves on its own. It does not get intimidated when Uncle Sam shakes his fist. That’s scary.
Noam Chomsky
I am in competition only with my father and my uncle (Mukesh Bhatt) because they taught me what I know today. I only believe in making movies with integrity.
Pooja Bhatt
My aunts and uncles were like, ‘You’ve got such a great voice – why don’t you try out for ‘American Idol?” I’d say, ‘Because I’m a songwriter, not a puppet.’ Even if I won and became really successful off a show like that, I’d be miserable.
Mark Foster
Junk runs in the family. My granddad was a junk man in St. Louis and so was my uncle.
Redd Foxx
If I could write a story that would do for the Indian one-hundredth part what ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ did for the Negro, I would be thankful the rest of my life.
Helen Hunt Jackson
I am further back, surrounded on all sides by wailing men, their faces shiny with tears. Uncle Al promised three dollars and a bottle of Canadian whiskey to the man who puts on the best show. You’ve never seen such grief– even the dogs were howling.
Sara Gruen
I was possessed with a wonderful example of my Italian American family. They would come over and join us every Sunday, all my aunts and uncles and nephews and nieces, and I would sing for them.
Tony Bennett
We cannot reform the world…. Uncle Sugar is as dangerous a role for us to play as Uncle Shylock.
John F. Kennedy
Our main thing we’d have to entertain us: All my uncles would come over, and we’d sit around the living room on a weekend night, and we’d play. That was a big event for me, getting to play. We never did have any percussion.
Dickey Betts
But, Dad! We can’t leave. Uncle Jake is hurt!” Daphne said. “Besides, that’s Pinocchio. I want to get an autograph.
Michael Buckley
You deliver 2,000 babies or better – 3,000 by that time. And that’s, you know, at minimum, three people each. And then if you take grandparents or grandparents of siblings and aunts and uncles, you know, you get – a 100,000 votes outta that
Tom Coburn
The closer the genetic relationship of the family members, as for example father-to-son, as opposed to uncle-to-nephew, the higher the degree of cooperation.
E. O. Wilson
I come from an enormous and very close family. I have over a dozen aunts and uncles in Pakistan, dozens of cousins. I have many close friends. I have received so much love in Lahore that the city always pulls me.
Mohsin Hamid
My mother is a singer, my sisters all sing, my uncles are incredible singers and guitar players, so it’s just kind of been like my habitat.
Bruno Mars
Someday you will know that the heart is not always as wise as it is strong. – Uncle Eddie
Ally Carter
I call on those that call me son, Grandson, or great-grandson, On uncles, aunts, great-uncles or great-aunts, To judge what I have done. Have I, that put it into words, Spoilt what old loins have sent?
William Butler Yeats
I shared a room with my parents until I was 7, and I lived with my uncles and aunts and my cousins and my grandfather… so the house was always full of people.
Dichen Lachman
I came from somewhat of a musical family. I had an uncle on Broadway. My dad kind of knows how to play instruments. Although, I always find it annoying when he does play an instrument.
Nate Ruess
They told me I had been sick twelve days, lying like dead all the while, and that Whirlwind Chaser, who was Standing Bear’s uncle and a medicine man, had brought me back to life.
Black Elk
My uncle, who’s an art teacher, took me under his wing and gave me a really strong foundation in art. I spent summers with him, and he taught me how to draw, how to see, how to mix colors, how to use different mediums and perspective, and so forth.
Kadir Nelson
It is necessary for the welfare of society that genius should be privileged to utter sedition, to blaspheme, to outrage good taste, to corrupt the youthful mind, and generally to scandalize one’s uncles.
George Bernard Shaw
You can tell your uncle stuff that you could not tell your dad. That is kind of the role of an uncle. I feel very much like a father sometimes but sometimes I feel like a teammate.
Dusty Baker
The name ‘Chuck Jones’, according to my uncle, limited my choice of profession to second baseman or cartoonist.
Chuck Jones
Do I look stupid?” snarled Uncle Vernon, a bit of fried egg dangling from his bushy mustache.
J. K. Rowling
My uncle, Mr. Stephen Maple, had been at the same time the most successful and the least respectable of our family, so that we hardly knew whether to take credit for his wealth or to feel ashamed of his position.
Arthur Conan Doyle
My parents didn’t really understand too much about sport. At that time, we were in a Polish community in the inner city of Chicago, and I was the youngest of a bunch of cousins. Polish families are real big, with cousins and aunts and uncles.
Mike Krzyzewski
Christmas a humbug, uncle!” said Scrooge’s nephew. “You don’t mean that, I am sure?” “I do,” said Scrooge. “Merry Christmas! What right have you to be merry? what reason have you to be merry? You’re poor enough.
Charles Dickens
I spent a long time away from my parents when I was younger. I would go hunting and fishing with my uncle, and we would go for weeks at a time. I also spent a lot of time in Texas with my grandparents.
RJ Mitte
I got a lot from my uncle who is a really good ska guitarist. Very ragged makeshift rhythms and intricate lines.
King Krule
Mom was a single mother. So three aunts and three uncles and all of mom’s friends pitched in as weekend warriors.
Rory O’Malley
I think a lot of [“Cosmopolitans”] is marked by [Jerome David] Salinger. Salinger wouldn’t allow his works to be adapted for film after his experience with “Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut,” and I think that’s great for us because then we have to do our own Salinger stories.
Whit Stillman
Where have you been?” I stepped into my apartment and met Uncle Bob’s glare with one of my own. “Out trying to pass myself off as a movie producer to get hot guys to sleep with me. Where have you been?
Darynda Jones
I was offered a job on Wall Street by my uncle. But I wanted to get out. Make-it-on-my-own kinda thing.
George H. W. Bush
Neither my great-grandfather an NAACP founder, my grandfather Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. an NAACP leader, my father Rev. A. D. Williams King, nor my uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. embraced the homosexual agenda that the current NAACP is attempting to label as a civil rights agenda.
Alveda King
My uncle played rugby, and my dad played football, and they used to argue which game was the roughest – and everybody agreed rugby was. It’s a great team sport, and to be successful, every person has to play in the same level.
Clint Eastwood
When I read the pilot for Married with Children, it just reminded me of my Uncle Joe… just a self-deprecating kind of guy. Hed come home from work, and the wife would maybe say I ran over the dog this morning in the driveway. And he would say Fine, whats for dinner?
Ed O’Neill
Harriet Beecher Stowe thought Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written through her by Another Hand, so little did she know what was going to happen from moment to moment in the book. She herself was amazed at what she was writing.
Sophy Burnham
Both my grandfathers were in the Navy, and I have cousins and uncles in the military, so it’s something that I’ve always respected.
Brad Marchand
Why should [Uncle Sam] send 20 billion dollars down there [South America], which is going to go down the drain every time you have a racial in – incident in this country?
Malcolm X
You know how everybody has that one weird creepy uncle? Well, Seth Green looks like he got raped by all of them.
Anthony Jeselnik
My uncles were all funny. My dad wasn’t funny, but my uncles were all funny. Now I go back and I like him better than them, they were manipulative funny.
Louis C. K.
I was brought up to look after my parents. My family were Polish Jews, and we lived with my grandmother, with uncles and aunts and cousins all around, and I thought everybody lived like that.
Anita Brookner
I wasn’t what you would envision for the son of an Army man. I liked doll baby clothes and twirled a baton. But my aunts and uncles tell me how much he loved me.
Leslie Jordan
If we are enforcing what should be the rules around Medicare and making sure the people are getting the bang for the buck, it’s not going to be possible for insurance companies to simply pass on those costs to Medicare recipients, because ultimately it’s Uncle Sam that’s paying for those services anyway.
Barack Obama
My dad and my uncles used to always be in the studio at my house.
Lil Romeo
My whole family is very artistic – my uncles are all actors and theatre directors.
Morena Baccarin
I Hated Duke. I Felt Like They Only Recruited Black Players That Were Uncle Toms.
Jalen Rose
China’s Premier Zhao Ziyang, for all of his billion constituents, seemed in the evening’s lovely flow like a favorite uncle, smiling a little too much, wanting to be a bit American, talking about peace and pork chops.
Hugh Sidey
My uncles, who are farmers in Minooka, Illinois – I grew up with them and their pickup trucks and mustaches, and to me that was masculinity: big hairy sweaty guys who could pick up a bus.
Nick Offerman
I only hope to do well enough before I die to have a house as big as my rich Uncle Ed and Aunt Carole.
Pat Conroy
I was terrified that the wild boar might be attacking my father, and so I prayed to God – if he existed – to protect him and to direct the boar against my uncle instead, who believed in heaven, and therefore was more willing to die.
Marcel Pagnol
My uncles listened to rock and roll like Led Zeppelin. We had MTV, so I saw Adam Ant and Boy George and Def Leppard.
Tech N9ne
Uncle Sam is forcing integration only because he’s trying to impress the people of – abroad that he’s morally qualified to be the leader of the world.
Malcolm X
My mum was a bookies’ runner at nine years old and my dad’s uncles were Peaky Blinders and gangsters.
Steven Knight
In other words, science tells us that Adam and Eve are fictions. That Saint Paul or Uncle Tom Cobley and all thought otherwise is irrelevant. They were wrong.
Michael Ruse
I was born in love with music. My mother is a singer, many of my aunts and uncles on my mother’s side are musical, my grandparents sang and played blues piano. It’s literally in my blood. My mother wrote an original song to teach me the days of the week.
This is his uncle’s teaching, this Worcester, Malevolent to you In all aspects, Which makes him prune himself and bristle up The crest of youth against your dignity.
William Shakespeare
My uncle’s a lawyer and I remember going to see him in court and thinking, ‘That’s cool, too bad I could never be a lawyer.’
Lena Dunham
The emancipated woman has to fight something worse than the crusted prejudices of her uncles; she has to fight the bewilderment in her own soul.
Walter Lippmann
My grandad was a miner. My father, brother, and uncles all work in industry.
Faye Marsay
I feel like the most human among us are the weirdest among us. Those voices can be the most creative and the most special. You look around at your parents, your friends, your aunts and uncles, and you realize nobody is normal.
David Harbour
She sees ghosts,” said Samuel, impatient with my whining. I see dead people,” I deadpanned back. Oddly, it was Uncle Mike who laughed. I hadn’t thought he’d be a moviegoer.
Patricia Briggs
I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be one of so many, to have not just parents and siblings but cousins and aunts and uncles, an entire tribe to claim as your own. Maybe you would feel lost in the crowd. Or sheltered by it. Whatever the case, one things was for sure: like it or not, you’d never be alone.
Sarah Dessen
My sister’s expecting a baby, and I don’t know if I’m going to be an uncle or an aunt.
Chuck Nevitt
At Easter the family got together and we were giving one of my uncles a hard time about watching scary films because on the boat leaving Vietnam, when we were attacked by pirates, he wet his pants.
Anh Do
I feel terrible for a Palestinian child who dies. But, if it’s your father, your brother or your uncle who was firing those rockets into Israel, whose fault is it really? Do you really expect the Israelis not to retaliate?
Bill Maher
Al Capone’s my uncle. The old days were a lot different. The Latin Casino was the big time. When I got there I figured that I was doing pretty good, because remember, I started in nothing but after hours joints. I can’t even name them now, but that’s how I got noticed.
Don Rickles
My mother was Welsh and I loved going to Wales every summer, where Uncle Les had a farm. My mother had seven brothers and a sister and they were all very close. There would always be food on the table and uncles coming in and out. My father’s family were English and lived in London, and we didn’t really see them.
Keith Allen
The press is like the peculiar uncle you keep in the attic – just one of those unfortunate things.
G. Gordon Liddy
My working poor parents told me that I could do better. They taught me that I was as good as anybody else. And it never occurred to them to tell me that I could just rest comfortably and wait for good old Uncle Sugar to feed me, lead me and then bleed me.
Mike Huckabee
My uncle was a cop, a career cop, on the beat in downtown Chicago. He was my hero when I was growing up.
Mike Pence
Joel Chandler Harris, who created a multi billion dollar industry, everything from his books, to Disney’s “Song of the South” based upon the Uncle Remus stories. He got his start by transcribing the stories of slave Informants. I’m sure that none them got a dime.
Ishmael Reed
A guy comes home from college to find his mother sleeping with his uncle, and there’s a ghost running around. Write it good, it’s Hamlet; write it bad, it’s Gilligan’s Island.
Lorne Michaels
i remember we all cried like the Missouri when my Uncle Sol’s coffin lurched because somebody pressed a button (and down went my uncle Sol and started a worm farm)
e. e. cummings
When Mary Lennox was sent to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her uncle everybody said she was the most disagreeable-looking child ever seen. It was true too . . . she was as tyrannical and selfish a little pig as ever lived.
Frances Hodgson Burnett
When I was a boy, one of my uncles had a cabin on a lake in Wisconsin. My family went there for parts of three summers, and I loved it!
Kevin Henkes
I’ll say my dad couldn’t act to save his life and nor can my uncle and they’ll say I’m the worst actor in the world.
Laurence Fox
One of my uncles was actually a sapper who cleared land mines for Anzacs, Australian soldiers, and we had to flee Vietnam. There were 40 of us on a 9-meter fishing boat. We were at sea for five days, a very perilous journey. We were attacked by pirates twice.
Anh Do
I AM NOT PAYING FOR SOME CRACKPOT OLD FOOL TO TEACH HIM MAGIC TRICKS!” yelled Uncle Vernon. Hagrid seized his pink umbrella and whirled it over his head “NEVER -” he thundered “- INSULT -ALBUS -DUMBLEDORE – IN – FRONT – OF – ME!
J. K. Rowling
Our family was like no one else’s. My schoolfriends had fathers and grandfathers and uncles who did things, but in my family, women had been the doers.
Sue Hubbell
I’m actually not making fun of my real parents. I’ve taken stereotypical traits of my real parents, my aunts, my uncles and parents of every race and put them into these two characters, who are just over-the-top ridiculous and super-alpha parents about everything.
Lilly Singh
I didn’t want to become a pure mathematician, as a matter of fact, my uncle was one, so I knew what the pure mathematician was and I did not want to be a pure – I wanted to do something different.
Benoit Mandelbrot
Ralph Stanley is like an uncle to us and now that all my uncles are gone, Ralph’s singing is even more precious. This album of classic folk songs is one of his best.
Garrison Keillor
In those days, the late 1970s, one of the leading politicians was a soon-to-be uncle by marriage of Arnold Schwarzenegger, named Ted Kennedy.
Michael Kinsley
The cheesecake was smooth and lush, with the personality of a warm and well-to-do uncle who knows a hundred dirty jokes and will die of sexual exertions in the arms of his mistress.
Don DeLillo
A handful of works in history have had a direct impact on social policy: one or two works of Dickens, some of Zola, ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ and, in modern drama, Larry Kramer’s ‘The Normal Heart.’
Tony Kushner
You’ve got a problem. Part of what you own isn’t yours. It belongs to Uncle Sam. May I show you how much belongs to Uncle Sam?
Ben Feldman
Johnny Mercer was my father’s best friend and became mine as well. And Harold Arlen, whom I would call Uncle Harry, and Harry Warren: those were ones who I really became close to.
Margaret Whiting
You could say that evil is contagious in that we have this mesmerizing mentor in Uncle Charlie who comes into your life. Every person has a seed of evil inside them, and when you come across such a mesmerizing mentor, he is able to successfully turn it into a flower of evil.
Park Chan-wook
It’s good to see you, little one.” He (Uncle Eddie) scanned her short skirt. “I only wish I were not seeing quite so much of you.
Ally Carter
I may drink too much and play too loud, hang out with a rough and rowdy crowd. That don’t mean I don’t respect my mama or Uncle Sam.
Tracy Byrd
My dad and my uncles owned a bar outside of Cincinnati. I worked there growing up, mopping floors, waiting tables.
John Boehner
When I was a child, our whole family cooked. All my cousins cooked. All my aunts and uncles cooked. It was part of our heritage.
Mario Batali
Music has always been in my family down to my dad through my uncle. I’m just the next generation, since it’s always been around me when I was younger when I looked up to my mom and dad, to Michael Jackson, and B2K was my favorite band growing up.
Jacob Latimore
I was swimming in art day and night. There were always parties being thrown, with artists from every medium (my extended aunts and uncles), living as boldly as they want to be.
Michael Hyatt
My grandfather and my uncle both died from colorectal cancer, my dad almost died from it and I have the gene for it.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
My dad and uncles listened to a lot of rap. My dad is a big fan of LL Cool J. Driving in the car with him, we’d listen to Jay-Z and Nas. My sister listened to a lot of No Limit, so I listened to Master P. and Cash Money – Lil Wayne and Juvenile. They had jewelry and nice cars. I was drawn to them.
Errol Spence Jr.
But I had no plans to end my own life, and accidents couldn’t be predicted. Neither could murder, unless my aunt and uncle were planning to take me out themselves.
Rachel Vincent
My family has always had Cape Verdean pride but I don’t think it was something the kids in the family necessarily understood. However, I was very conscious of the fact that both sides of my family were drastically different and my aunts, cousins, and uncles varied in different shades of brown.
Aeriel Miranda
My dad lived till he was 78, my mum was in her 80s, and I’ve got two uncles who are in their 90s now.
Ronnie Wood
Among liberals and Democrats, there is this notion that the poor – especially the black poor – can do no wrong. If you criticize any poor and black person who displays inappropriate, boorish or egregiously bad conduct, you’ll be dismissed as a racist if you’re not black. And as an Uncle Tom or sellout if you are.
Gregory Kane
We don’t run out of stories, because of the characters. But also every year, the NFL, like a crazy rich uncle we never see, just drops some stories off at our door.
Jeff Schaffer
On Veterans Day, I can’t help think of my uncles who volunteered for the service after fleeing a brutal regime in the Dominican Republic. They hadn’t been in America long, but they were already so grateful for its opportunities that they were eager to serve.
Tom Perez
Me? Robin Goodfellow, a family man? He, not likely, ice-boy. I mean, think of what that would do to my reputation. Glamour shimmered around him, and he gave us a wink. Later, lovebirds. Gimme a heads up when the kid arrives. ‘Uncle Puck’ will be waiting.
Julie Kagawa
I wish everyone would stop crying, Tom. Uncle Joe would be so angry about it.” But she’s crying herself now. “He’d be so angry at us, Tom, for crying so much when all he did was laugh.
Melina Marchetta
My mother came from an Irish family of 11 kids and, of course, had a sister who was a nun, so I spent time at a convent and with an aunt and uncle who lived in New York and took me to the theater.
Ellen Pompeo
I’d sort of dabbled in Black Magic, not practicing it, but I was interested in it. All these horrible things kept happening to me – a lot of my aunts and uncles started dying and I was seeing all these bloody things visiting me during the night.
Geezer Butler
I didn’t shoot any guns then or when we did the scene with Uncle Charlie [Matthew Goode] and Evie [Nicole Kidman] in the hall. I sort of pressed the button but there were no blanks or anything in there because I think it was always going to cut.
Mia Wasikowska
When I was young, an eccentric uncle decided to teach me how to lie. Not, he explained, because he wanted me to lie, but because he thought I should know how it’s done so I would recognise when I was being lied to.
Brian Eno
My father and uncles all encouraged me to play football: every present I ever got would be boots, kit, or a new ball, and that was just how I liked it.
My uncle was a hero, Lewis Roundtree. He was not even related to me really, but he was always called my uncle. He was like a father to me. I was closer to him than I was my father.
Ed Bradley
“Another relative?” Valek asked.
A broad smile stretched Moon Man’s lips. “Yes. I am her mother’s uncle’s wife’s third cousin.”
Maria V. Snyder
Dumbledore raised his finger for silence, a silence which fell as though he had struck Uncle Vernon dumb.
J. K. Rowling
Long ago, in a burst of friendliness, Aunty and Uncle Jimmy produced a son named Henry.
Harper Lee
Music just runs in my family. My dad and my uncles are a gospel quartet, Latimore Brothers. They’ve been doing their thing ever since I was a kid, so I just kind of grew up around that.
Jacob Latimore
Do you hurt uncle Kisten’, he asked.(…) but Kisten beat me to it. “Only my heart, Audric,” he said. “Ms. Rachel is like the sun. See her sparkling there with the wind in her hair and fire in her eyes? You can’t catch the sun. You can only feel its touch on your face. And if you get too much of it, it burns you.
Kim Harrison
I think some of my inspiration came from just being around music. My family was into music. My uncle had his own band and my father use to sing in my uncle’s band. If you want to go to the music influences we could be here all day. That’s everybody from Michael Jackson all the way up to people in the game now that inspire me.
My mom had me at a young age, like 20, and she was the oldest child. All her brothers were seven and 10, so I was like a younger brother more so than the oldest child. I was the younger brother to all my uncles, so they were going through their childhood and their teenage years, and I was right there.
Freddie Gibbs
My wife had an uncle who could never walk down the nave of an abbey without wondering whether it would take spin.
Alec Douglas-Home
An uncle gave me a side drum and my mother decided I should have lessons.
Humphrey Lyttelton
My uncle who helped in a big part of raising me from when I was young, had moved from California, and would just tell me these legendary stories of these motorcycle clubs that he was around and that he used to ride with.
Theo Rossi
One time I semi-wrecked my uncle’s truck. He told me to back it up into a ditch, but my foot slipped and I gunned it a little too much. But now I use one foot, and I do not run into stuff – at least I try not to.
RJ Mitte
If I could only see one miracle, just one miracle. Like a burning bush, or the seas part, or my uncle Sasha pick up a check.
Woody Allen
Both my uncles were in bands, my grandpa was a comedian who wore clown makeup on stage.
Ava Max
My grandfather was a lawyer, my dad was a lawyer, my mum was a lawyer, I got an uncle who’s a lawyer, I got cousins that are lawyers.
Benicio Del Toro
I come from a family with a really strong work ethic – not just my parents, but my aunts, uncles and cousins. It rubbed off on me. I have a cousin in The Bronx who says I’m like the longshoreman of actors. I am a worker.
Kerry Washington
Until I discover the meaning of this sentence, I will neither eat nor sleep. “My dear uncle-” I began. “Nor you either,” he added.
Jules Verne
[Reviewing a production of Uncle Tom’s Cabin] The dogs were poorly supported by the cast.
Don Herold
Got a house on the hill, cost a couple of mill, Juicy J got bank like Uncle Phil.
Juicy J
I come from a stupid family. My uncle heard that most deaths occurs within ten miles of the house…so he moved.
Rodney Dangerfield
My favorite lie was the online rumor that Bruce Willis was my uncle. That’s hilarious.
I grew up in a house that was always happy, and my family was always music, music. I started playing percussion very young, because I had some uncles who were musicians and all my aunts were singers.
And I will not be beaten by that jackass.” “Jackass?” said Foaly, wounded. “My favorite uncle is a jackass.
Eoin Colfer
Parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles are made more powerful guides and rescuers by the bonds of love that are the very nature of a family.
Henry B. Eyring
My martial arts came a lot from my uncle, who actually taught martial arts through the military. He was a black belt in tae kwon do, but also, he used a lot of military-style fighting where it’s not the high kicks or anything like that. It’s basically defeat your opponent as fast as possible.
Brian Tee
Inheritance taxes are so high that the happiest mourner at a rich man’s funeral is usually Uncle Sam.
Richard Miller
At this point I feel like I could go out and accomplish anything. I’d just love to see Will Smith’s face if he found out I, Z-Braff, have the number one rap album in the country. That’d show that no-talent uncle tom.
Zach Braff
It’s healthy to say uncle when your bone’s about to break.
Jonathan Franzen
Mickey Rourke’s character in ‘The Wrestler’ – that was my dad, that was my uncles, that was so many members of my family. It was the only thing they knew. And then they would end up wrestling for a hundred bucks, go to autograph signings for two hundred bucks.
Dwayne Johnson
Why were you lurking under our window?” “Yes – yes, good point, Petunia! What were you doing under our windows, boy?” “Listening to the news,” said Harry in a resigned voice. His aunt and uncle exchanged looks of outrage. “Listening to the news! Again?” “Well, it changes every day, you see,” said Harry.
J. K. Rowling
A man is reputed to have thought and eloquence; he cannot, for all that, say a word to his cousin or his uncle. They accuse his silence with as much reason as they would blame the insignificance of a dial in the shade. In the sun it will mark the hour. Among those who enjoy his thought, he will regain his tongue.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
As a young kid, I had a great background. My grandfather was a minister; I have two uncles that were ministers, and so I had that spiritual background. I accepted Christ early as a kid.
Tony Dungy
And you couldn’t control who you loved, even if you wanted to. That had been Genevieve’s problem with Ethan Carter Wate. It had been Uncle Macon’s problem with Lila, Link’s with Ridley. Probably even Ridley’s with Link. Love was how all these knots started to unravel in the first place.
Kami Garcia
Growing up in Georgia, it was sort of the last place to jump on the bandwagon of the integrated frontier. I have aunts and uncles and grandparents that experienced the ‘whites only’ and segregated schools.
Elijah Kelley
It reminded him of his Uncle Seamus, the notorious and poetic drunk, who would sit down at the breakfast table the morning after a bender, drain a bottle of stout and say ‘Ah, the chill of consciousness returns
Molly O’Neill
When she lives at his palace, the maiden niece of a bishop can pass for a respectable woman because, if she has a love affair, she is obliged to hoodwink her uncle.
Honore de Balzac
You can’t be Eazy-E and not move a certain way, basically. So, I studied the culture of it, and also, one of my uncles is from L.A., and he’s great. He was like my performance coach. He helped me get the lingo down pat. He helped me get a lot of things down pat because I would talk in that accent for 10 hours a day.
Jason Mitchell
In primary school when I was 6-7 years old, I always go to theater with my uncle, and I don’t know why I like the atmosphere, dark only. The screen has some lighting, that kind of things, you can see the movie star and so that’s why I like movies.
Andrew Lau
Everyone always says, Does it bother you that Italians are always portrayed as Mafia characters? No, it doesn’t bother me. First of all, not everybody in my family is in the Mafia. I have one uncle who’s clean.
Dom Irrera
(My proudest moment as a child was the time I beat my uncle Pierre at Scrabble with the seven-letter word FARTING.)
Tina Fey
The anger that Uncle Junior has comes from my background. My father was the son of an Italian immigrant, and I’ve seen the fire of the Italian temperament. It can be explosive sometimes in ways that are both funny and tragic.
Dominic Chianese
My father came to Britain in search of a better life. My aunts, uncles and cousins fled here in search of safety as Cyprus’s Greek and Turkish populations fell into open hostility.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
The voyage of the Beagle has been by far the most important event in my life and has determined my whole career; yet it depended on so small a circumstance as my uncle offering to drive me 30 miles to Shrewsbury, which few uncles would have done, and on such a trifle as the shape of my nose.
Charles Darwin
I think everyone’s had a brother or a father or a cousin, uncle or grandfather who’s had health issues because they’ve neglected things. I think that’s almost been part of Australian culture, which is why I think Movember is really important. We need to change that outlook.
James Magnussen
In our family, and not just us but even with my cousins, uncles and aunts, we celebrate every festival – be it Christmas, Easter, Eid, Diwali or our birthdays.
Ananya Panday
There is nothing on earth so easy as to forget, if a person chooses to set about it. I’m sure I have as much forgot your poor, dear uncle, as if he had never existed; and I thought it my duty to do so.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
The thing that I think a lot of guys need to know how to do is not take your mother’s advice about honesty being the best policy. Listen to your cool, drunk uncle who tells you to lie. Those are the relationships that last.
Adam DeVine
I was at a ballpark as much as I was in school. I was on a basketball court or football field as much as I was in school, so I definitely was receiving mentorship when it came to coaches, my father, my grandfather, and my uncles.
Omari Hardwick
Taylor Sheridan I think wrote a very good script. It reeked of authenticity. He seemed like a guy who knew what he was talking about and it turned out that Taylor’s uncle is a Marshal, so he knew things from that side.
Jeff Bridges
I definitely appreciated ’60s music. My uncle and I used to take long road trips to visit my grandmother when I was going to NYU. We’d listen to Petula Clark and other 60’s music and sing at the top of our lungs the whole time.
Erica Schroeder
There were days when you would get the TV listings from The Globe and The Herald. Video was out, but nobody could afford it…expect for my uncle George, who was a second father to me, and had every film in the world, and every book.
William Monahan
My father played in high school. My uncles played. From age five or six, I remember watching all the games. And I remember saying to my mom and dad even then that I was going to play in the NFL, and buy them a house and a car.
Thomas Jones
For a child, it’s not so much scary, it’s surreal; there was a lot of fighting in my great-grandmother’s house; you’d go there and then someone would meet up and there’d be a fight; I’ve seen my uncles fight in the street, I’ve seen my grandmother fight in the street, it becomes normal.
My uncle’s dying wish – he wanted me on his lap. He was in the electric chair.
Rodney Dangerfield
The term Big Brother is from George Orwell’s book 1984 – where everyone’s watched over by a network of cameras called Big Brother. I’ve never understood why Orwell chose that phrase for somebody watching you all the time. Isn’t that more like Creepy Uncle?
Craig Ferguson
My uncles and other relatives are against encouraging girls in every aspect, and that includes sports. I hardly interact with them. My parents are more open. They back me all the way.
Saina Nehwal
I received my Greetings from Uncle Sam in May 1943. I applied for the Air Force.
Desi Arnaz
And do I look like the kind of man that can be intimidated?” barked Uncle Vernon. “Well…” said Moody, pushing back his bowler hat to reveal his sinisterly revolving eye. Uncle Vernon lept backward in horror and collided painfully with a luggage trolley. “Yes, I’d have to say you do, Dursley.
J. K. Rowling
Does Uncle Bob have anything?” “I heard he has an STD.” “I mean on the women.” “Oh, I have no idea if they have any STDs.
Darynda Jones
We all remember where we were and we all remember what we were doing. I had a brother in New York, an uncle, lots of friends in New York. It made me angry, it made me sad; what could I do.
Timothy Bottoms
It’ll be with me like it was with Uncle Ned’s ole ox, I reckon; he kep’ a-goin’ an’ a-goin’ till he died a-standin’ up, an’ even then they had to push him over.
Alice Hegan Rice
After I was in an ambush, my uncles were happy – it was almost like a baptism.
Hyder Akbar