Unmarried Quotes

Unmarried Quotes by Melissa Bank, Tina Fey, Arlie Russell Hochschild, Karl Kraus, Beth Ditto, Rebecca Traister and many others.

I hate weddings,' she says. 'They make me feel so unmar

I hate weddings,’ she says. ‘They make me feel so unmarried. Actually, even brushing my teeth makes me feel unmarried.
Melissa Bank
According to a new study, women in satisfying marriages are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases than unmarried women. So don’t worry, lonely women, you’ll be dead soon.
Tina Fey
Children born of married parents in America face a higher risk of seeing them break up than children born of unmarried parents in Sweden.
Arlie Russell Hochschild
Since the law prohibits the keeping of wild animals and I get no enjoyment from pets, I prefer to remain unmarried.
Karl Kraus
This archaic idea – that a woman who is unmarried and childless at 30 is somehow unnatural – will probably always exist, and, like most social standards, it is ridiculous.
Beth Ditto
I had thought a lot about unmarried life during my years as an unmarried woman – which was all during my 20s and into my 30s. I was someone who didn’t have a ton of relationships as a single person – and so I had a sharp identification with singlehood.
Rebecca Traister
Labeling people single parents, for example, when they may in fact be co-parenting – either with an unmarried other parent in the home or with an ex-spouse in a joint custody situation – stigmatizes their children as the products of ‘single parenthood’ and makes the uncounted parent invisible to society.
Stephanie Coontz
An unmarried adult who cannot navigate the welfare system has no choice but to work, but a married working parent is constantly evaluating the relative merits of staying home with the kids versus bringing home that second paycheck.
Philip Greenspun
The world is filled with unmarried marriage counselors.
Charles M. Schulz
He who remains unmarried impairs the divine image.
Rabbi Akiva
We are hidiously rich Annabelle– and I’ve got three older brothers, all unmarried. Would you consider one of them? If you like, I’ll have one shipped across the Atlantic for your inspection.” -Lillian Bowman
Lisa Kleypas
Miss: A title with which we brand unmarried women to indicate that they are in the market. Miss, Misses (Mrs.) and Mister (Mr.) are the three most distinctly disagreeable words in the language, in sound and sense.
Ambrose Bierce
I can’t see how a single man could spend his time to better advantage than in the Marines.
Dan Dailey
I was deliberately trying to express how possible it might be for unmarried men and adults not blessed with biological children to become “fathers of choice.” In an old-fashioned, traditional world, this might not matter. But I think that it’s probably going to become terribly relevant as time goes on.
Mamoru Hosoda
I would much rather have watched Jill Clayburgh in ‘An Unmarried Woman’ than ‘Star Wars.’ Even though I saw that movie when I was 11, I related emotionally to being left and thrown in a trash can on the side of the road. Her damage – I got it. I didn’t understand Han Solo at all.
Ryan Murphy
I live in Harlem, New York City. I am unmarried. I like ‘Tristan,’ goat’s milk, short novels, lyric poems, heat, simple folk, boats and bullfights; I dislike ‘Aida,’ parsnips, long novels, narrative poems, cold, pretentious folk, buses and bridges.
Langston Hughes
The stigma of being an unmarried mother was something we can’t comprehend today. It was not uncommon that you’d go off somewhere to have your child, then give it up for adoption.
Michael Ashcroft
Before motherhood, I had a feeling that unmarried women are the strongest. However, that changed after my son was born.
Navya Nair
If Miss means respectably unmarried, and Mrs. respectably married, then Ms. means nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
Angela Carter
If you’re an average married couple, you’re going to lie to your spouse in one out of every 10 interactions. Now, you may think that’s bad. If you’re unmarried, that number drops to three.
Pamela Meyer
‘Living Single’ was on in early 1990s – the show about Queen Latifah living with a bunch of friends. And then there’s ‘Friends,’ and that’s called the groundbreaking show about unmarried adults living in New York!
Rebecca Traister
My mind is pretty made up that life for Cathy Freeman will be as an unmarried woman from now on.
Cathy Freeman
Married or unmarried, young or old, poet or worker, you are still a dreamer, and will one time know, and feel, that your life is but a dream.
Donald G. Mitchell
Marriage functions best when both partners remain somewhat unmarried.
Claudia Cardinale
In fact, Social Security is the only source of income nationwide for 29 percent of unmarried elderly women.
Ginny Brown-Waite
DePaulo says that ‘singlism’ — a term she coined and for which we are prepared to forgive her — is not just aimed at unmarried women.
Gail Collins
I would never give artificial birth control to an unmarried person.
Judie Brown
Whenever I see an unmarried woman carrying a child, my first response is one of respect. I know she could have taken the quick fix without anyone knowing, but she chose instead to let an innocent child live.
Randy Alcorn
I am an unmarried man, as opposed to a single man. A bachelor, according to the dictionary, is a man who has never been married. An unmarried man is not married at the moment. Many of these terms have fallen into disuse.
Raymond Burr
Shirin Farhad’ is a romantic tale of an unmarried couple who feel they can live together forever. Having crossed the marriageable age, what happens to them forms the crux of the story. The movie has several comic sequences with an emotional touch to it.
Farah Khan
Perhaps there will come a time when…an unmarried mother will not be despised because of her motherhood…and when the right of the unborn to be born will not be denied or interfered with.
Caroline Norton
I’m just curious, who’s more fit to raise a child? A loving committed same-sex couple or an unmarried 15-year-old with no income and really no skills to parent?
Ellen Barkin
I do not think that marriage is one of my talents. I’ve been much happier unmarried than married.
Doris Lessing
People always assume that bachelors are single by choice and spinsters because nobody asked them. It never enters their heads that poor bachelors might have worn the knees of their trousers out proposing to girls who rejected them or that a girl might deliberately stay unmarried.
Jilly Cooper
Certainly the best works, and of greatest merit for the public, have proceeded from the unmarried, or childless men.
Francis Bacon
Every unmarried man is looking for a wife. They just don’t always know it.
Julia Quinn
Here’s the thing: the unit of reverence in Europe is the family, which is why a child born today of unmarried parents in Sweden has a better chance of growing up in a house with both of his parents than a child born to a married couple in America. Here we revere the couple, there they revere the family.
Elizabeth Gilbert
My Welsh grandmother Mair didn’t meet my grandfather until she was 28, quite old to be unmarried in the early ’40s.
Kate Williams
When I was growing up, I always read horror books, while my sister read romance novels. My sister became unmarried and pregnant during high school, and she kept saying, ‘This wasn’t supposed to happen! Why is this happening to me?’ Someone should have given her another book to read.
Dorothy Allison
I know of nobody that is coming, I am sure, unless Charlotte Lucas should happen to call in- and I am sure my dinners are good enough for her, since she is an unmarried woman of seven-and-twenty, and as such should expect little more than a crust of bread washed down with a cup of loneliness.
Seth Grahame-Smith
As an unmarried woman, I was thought to be a danger.
Grace Kelly
Married and unmarried women waste a great deal of time in feeling sorry for each other.
Myrtle Reed
All I wanted to do was write – at the time, poems, and prose, too. I guess my ambition was simply to make money however I could to keep myself going in some modest way, and I didn’t need much, I was unmarried at the time, no children.
Paul Auster
Our fathers waged a bloody conflict with England, because they were taxed without being represented. This is just what unmarried women of property are now.
Angelina Grimke
Ironically, survey after survey shows that married men are happier and healthier than unmarried men. Oh, and they also have more sex.
Michael Kimmel
Mrs. Loontwill did what any well-prepared mother would do upon finding her unmarried daughter in the arms of a gentleman werewolf: she had very decorous, and extremely loud, hysterics.
Gail Carriger
Our society teaches a woman at a certain age who is unmarried to see it as a deep personal failure. While a man at a certain age who is unmarried has not quite come around to making his pick.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I am firmly of the opinion that a large number of unmarried men, over the age of 24 years, is a dangerous element in any community.
George Q. Cannon