Untrue Quotes

Untrue Quotes by Margarita Simonyan, Neal Ascherson, Ira Glass, Hua Ching Ni, Robert Louis Stevenson, Quentin Crisp and many others.

When you read Western press, you probably get a feeling

When you read Western press, you probably get a feeling that all Russian press is censored, there’s no freedom at all, we can’t say whatever, which is absolutely, absolutely, completely untrue.
Margarita Simonyan
I’m always interested in debunking myths if they are untrue. But it’s also important to identify myths and how they function, what value they may have.
Neal Ascherson
I suppose I shouldn’t go around admitting I speak untruths on the radio. When I say something untrue on the air, I mean for it to be transparently untrue. I assume people know when I’m just saying something for effect. Or to be funny.
Ira Glass
Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot know the truth for yourself or that you cannot achieve yourself spiritually without being tied to a temple or church. You were not born a spiritual slave. You are the authority who distinguishes what is true and untrue, spiritual and unspiritual.
Hua Ching Ni
A proposition of geometry does not compete with life; and a proposition of geometry is a fair and luminous parallel for a work of art. Both are reasonable, both untrue to the crude fact; both inhere in nature, neither represents it.
Robert Louis Stevenson
It is explained that all relationships require a little give and take. This is untrue. Any partnership demands that we give and give and give and at the last, as we flop into our graves exhausted, we are told that we didn’t give enough.
Quentin Crisp
It is quite untrue that British people don’t appreciate music. They may not understand it but they absolutely love the noise it makes.
Thomas Beecham
Hillary Clinton spent hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads on me, many of which are absolutely untrue. They’re untrue. And they’re misrepresentations.
Donald Trump
I don’t think fake people living in a fake house in a fake suburb are any less dismissible or believable than a fake psychic attending a fake school in a fake town. Nothing’s inherently believable about any kind of fiction, because all of it’s untrue.
Heidi Julavits
I thought that, post-apartheid, there would be absolutely no interest in South Africa. That has been both true and untrue. The major writers like Gordimer and Coetzee have produced major books. But some of the more minor writers have drifted away.
Justin Cartwright
We are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right.
George Orwell
Sometimes I hear, particularly from Russia, that we simply hate Russia and don’t like to co-operate, that we are hysterical about the risks. But this is totally untrue. We would greatly benefit economically if our neighbour was a democratic, developing country.
Kersti Kaljulaid
I realize that Kenya and America are very different, but experiences like this warned me that my own favorite beliefs in the miracles of free enterprise and the boundless opportunities to be had in America were largely untrue.
Chris Coons
We’re lying ourselves into believing things are untrue, like organic food will solve all our problems, or vitamins will make us healthy, or we don’t need to vaccinate our children.
Michael Specter
The argument that all Jews have a heartfelt investment in the state of Israel is untrue. Some have a heartfelt investment in corned beef sandwiches.
Judith Butler
A lot of nasty and untrue things have been said about me.
John Higgins
When members of a certain party concoct various devious schemes to suppress votes, purposely misinform potential voters, spread vile untrue filth about certain candidates, play the race, gender and religious cards, and literally tamper with vote tallies, then we are not a truly representative government!
Richard Belzer
The belief that ‘animals’ are superior or inferior to humans because they live in an eternal now is untrue, because no being lives in a now.
Timothy Morton
I have to say, I have never watched ‘Infowars.’ I know that they say zany things that are patently untrue. But I also think that MSNBC says zany things that are patently untrue.
Matt Gaetz
When I first started comedy, me and my friends were kids. I claim – although I know that it’s a spurious and probably untrue claim – that we were the first generation of kids to act black.
Moshe Kasher
There is no overacting, only untrue acting.
Stellan Skarsgard
A lot of people have the misconception that I decided to become an actor when Lily became famous and have accused me of jumping on her bandwagon. But that’s completely untrue.
Alfie Allen
It is untrue that some are poor because others are rich. If an order of society in which incomes were equal replaced the capitalist order, everyone would become poorer.
Ludwig von Mises
What is the appetite for truth in the Trump White House? That’s not a question about the untrue things the president says. It’s about the level of truth the system expects.
John Dickerson
I would be lying if I said the journalism doesn’t reflect my own choices as a reporter and a writer: what to say, what to emphasize, how to say it, what is true or untrue.
David Simon
I think comics has this rap of being misogynistic, and that’s certainly not untrue.
Noelle Stevenson
Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. I regret that my shame is now shared by the people I cherish dearly.
Matt Lauer
I was naive and thought we could express our feelings to each other- not suppress them and keep holding them back. Well, it was what I felt, and why should I be untrue to myself? I came to believe the importance that if you feel something strong enough then you should say it.
George Harrison
Anyone or anything that asks you to be untrue to yourself has already acted against you.
Guy Finley
The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.
H. L. Mencken
Respecting others’ opinions doesn’t mean being untrue to our own.
P. M. Forni
We limit ourselves so much. And, we limit heaven too. We think it’s a place where angels just play harps. And hell has to be fire and brimstone. But that’s very untrue.
James Van Praagh
The reason that adulation is not displeasing is that, though untrue, it shows one to be of consequence enough, in one way or other, to induce people to lie.
Lord Byron
Look, how many stories have I broken? Hundreds. How many have proved to be untrue? There isn’t one.
Jude Law
Any conversation which does not include the context of the journey of the heart is by definition untrue to who we are as human beings.
Marianne Williamson
The repeated announcements that the Russian resistance was definitely broken have been proved to be untrue.
Hjalmar Schacht
The vulgar charge that the tendency of democracies is to leveling, meaning to drag all down to the level of the lowest, is singularly untrue; its real tendency being to elevate the depressed to a condition not unworthy of their manhood.
James F. Cooper
Bush told me, he doesn’t watch TV … though it’s untrue that he doesn’t read the newspapers.
Robert Draper
I worry that people think you have to go to a university to be a good writer, which is categorically untrue. I don’t think I learned how to write at Oxford. I did not go to any creative writing classes or anything.
Samantha Shannon
They loved, and quarreled, and made up, and loved, and fought, and were true to each other and untrue. She made him the happiest man in the whole world and the most wretched, and after a few years she died, and then, when he was thirty, he died, too. But by that time Catullus had invented the love poem.
Tom Stoppard
For us there is but one crime: to be untrue to ourselves.
Francis Parker Yockey
When men no longer have the least fear of saying something untrue, they very soon have no fear whatsoever of doing something unjust.
Theodor Haecker
A strange thing, words. Once they’re said, it’s hard to imagine they’re untrue.
Lauren DeStefano
Anything that belittles or obliterates the holiness of God by a false view of the love of God, is untrue to the revelation of God given by Jesus Christ.
Oswald Chambers
It is unjust, and sometimes very untrue, though it is a common theory, to hold that it is sacrifices which make the beauty of a combination, and that the combination is prettier by the magnitude of the sacrifices.
Eugene Znosko-Borovsky
This is a choice, ladies and gentleman, between Texas and Washington. Most of Ted Cruz’s money comes from Washington, from outside the state of Texas, and they’ve run millions and millions of untrue ads against me.
David Dewhurst
I think that there have been a lot of fear-based assertions that feminism is about aggression, and that is incorrect and untrue. Feminism is about equality; that’s what it’s about.
Jenny Slate
There are many films in which minority groups are caricatured to the point where truth is all together lost. There are many more films, good in general, but untrue in their presentation of the Negro’s life as totally divorced from the Caucasian’s or the Caucasian’s from the Negro.
John Garfield
Just because something seems impossible doesn’t make it untrue.
Deborah Harkness
What is true is already so. Owning up to it doesn’t make it worse. Not being open about it doesn’t make it go away. And because it’s true, it is what is there to be interacted with. Anything untrue isn’t there to be lived. People can stand what is true, for they are already enduring it.
Eugene Gendlin
With increased awareness should come greater caution about how confessions are used at trial – and a greater willingness to overturn convictions when it becomes clear that a confession was untrue.
Adam Cohen
Goodness knows she is too fierce for you Goodness knows she has eyes for a lord Goodness knows she yet will prove untrue Her cheek’s blush is as false as her word
Shannon Hale
People tend to believe that I want to make soul music, which is not entirely untrue but, really, I want to be like the black Tom Waits – I don’t want to make one kind of sound.
Willis Earl Beal
Trump has broken the news system because he has found ways to go out there, get attention, say a lot of things that are untrue and confuse the public.
Brian Stelter
It becomes still more difficult to find
Words at once true and kind,
Or not untrue and not unkind.
Philip Larkin
Having to respond to things that are made up or untrue tends to be a waste of time.
Gary Bettman
I feel disheartened when I see stereotypes, because it’s untrue and unfair. It just raises the level of inequality.
Sonoya Mizuno
Many of the accounts of what has happened in the Trump White House are in conflict with one another; many, in Trumpian fashion, are baldly untrue.
Michael Wolff
Knowledge and understanding are life’s faithful companions who will never prove untrue to you. For knowledge is your crown, and understanding your staff; and when they are with you, you can possess no greater treasures.
Khalil Gibran
At least since the first petals of the counterculture bloomed across Europe and the United States in the 1960s, it has been fashionable to affirm that all religions are beautiful and all are true…This is a lovely sentiment but it is dangerous, disrespectful, and untrue.
Stephen Prothero
If you don’t ask me questions, I can’t give you an untrue answer.
Oliver Goldsmith
I know people said I wasn’t selling out in America, but that was entirely untrue. We sold out all over the world, and every night I looked out into the fans and those front rows that you’re talking about, the tears, the honesty, the inability to not be completely overjoyed because they felt accepted.
Lady Gaga
A lot of horrible, unfair, untrue things have been said about me. I can only say that the best revenge is success.
Kate Moss
The news of me giving a Rolls Royce to Salman is completely untrue. If anyone should be giving Rolls Royce then he should be giving to me.
Sajid Nadiadwala
When someone writes a really nasty piece about me. I think they’re generally untrue because I think I’m a nice person.
Ian MacKaye
The most common of all follies is to believe in the palpably untrue.
H. L. Mencken
Justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought. A theory however elegant and economical must be rejected or revised if it is untrue; likewise laws and institutions no matter how efficient and well-arranged must be reformed or abolished if they are unjust.
John Rawls
The only way I hear gossip is if it’s big enough and loud enough for my friends to bring it up to me. Or if it’s, like, a big untrue ordeal from my publicist – and she hates making that phone call!
Taylor Swift
STORY, n. A narrative, commonly untrue. The truth of the stories here following has, however, not been successfully impeached.
Ambrose Bierce
The publicity I have been getting, a good deal of which is untrue, and the rest of it ill considered, has done me more harm than good.
George S. Patton
If enough things that are untrue are said about you, no one will know what really is true.
Tom Stoppard
If Christianity is untrue, then no honest man will want to believe it, however helpful it might be; if it is true, every honest man will want to believe it, even if it gives him no help at all
C. S. Lewis
The giant wave of the science has no mercy; when this colossal wave comes, it will sweep away anything untrue!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
The future of our relationship hinged on advice from a fifteen-year old girl, a probably untrue story from a one-eyed Chihuahua trainer, and me unromantically – yet skillfully – kissing you on top of silverware and china?
Richelle Mead
The psychology of adultery has been falsified by conventional morals, which assume, in monogamous countries, that attraction to one person cannot coexist with affection for another. Everybody knows that this is untrue.
Bertrand Russell
I think humanitarian organizations should acknowledge the progress more than they do. I think that one reason people are reluctant to provide more help to Africa, for example, is this sense that it’s just hopeless, in a way that I think is untrue.
Nicholas Kristof
Our lives show the accumulation of all of our varied wishes. Wanting something with all your heart will begin to slough away all of your untrue and idle wishes. Success comes from an undivided heart.
Chuck Spezzano
All your life people will tell you things. And most of the time, probably ninety-five percent of the time, what they’ll tell you will be wrong.
Michael Crichton
There have been so many things written about me that are untrue and horrifying.
Blake Lively
The media can make anything true or untrue. So if you do 80 films and you play a bad guy ten times, then you’re a bad guy, and then the media repeats that.
John Malkovich
The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus means that one day everything sad will come untrue.
J. R. R. Tolkien
There was a story saying I didn’t like contemporary comedians, but it’s completely untrue – a lot of them are very dear friends of mine.
Ronnie Corbett
The ingrained idea that, because there is no king and they despise titles, the Americans are a free people is pathetically untrue. . . . There is a perpetual interference with personal liberty over there that would not be tolerated in England for a week.
Margot Asquith
While it is entirely untrue that Canadians lack a sense of humour, the funniest ones tend to head south: Dan Aykroyd, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox.
Simon Hoggart
To people who don’t know me I’m defined by a number of things that people know about me that are entirely untrue.
Daniel Day-Lewis
There are a lot more tabloids in England that like to report other things in your life, some of which are true and some of which are exaggerated and untrue. There have been stories where people claim to have seen me in one place and I wasn’t even in that city then. The Aussie press is more judgmental and moralistic.
Shane Warne
We may never become accustomed to untrue and unjust criticism of us but we ought not to be immobilized by it.
Neal A. Maxwell
Lying, the telling of beautiful untrue things, is the proper aim of Art.
Oscar Wilde
On “Tonight” I think I was torn dreadfully between writing what I wanted to write, but keeping it in a style that would follow up what I had just done. That’s where I feel I was untrue to myself as an artist . . . that album and, to a lesser extent, “Never Let Me Down.”
David Bowie
The true word leads; the untrue misleads.
Franz Kafka
It’s simply untrue that religion provides the only framework for a universal morality.
Sam Harris
People think that South Africa and Australia are culturally similar but, having worked in both environments, I found that theory to be untrue.
Mickey Arthur
We can’t believe what we believe to be untrue, and we can’t love what we believe to be unreal.
Peter Kreeft
Dictators have an old trick to assess the strength of their opposition: they say something patently untrue, and then look to see who mindlessly repeats it. Those who do, they recognise as their true supporters.
Barry Gardiner
It is a predisposition of human nature to consider an unpleasant idea untrue, and then it is easy to find arguments against it.
Sigmund Freud
If you put your hand into a fire, does anyone have to tell you to move it? Do you have to decide? No: When your hand starts to burn, it moves. You don’t have to direct it; the hand moves itself. In the same way, once you understand, through inquiry, that an untrue thought causes suffering, you move away from it.
Byron Katie
Emotions can certainly be misleading: they can fool you into believing stuff that is definitely, demonstrably untrue.
Francis Spufford
I used to think that having many material things would increase one’s stock of happiness. I found that to be completely untrue. The trappings don’t make the man at all.
George Harrison
I would go to the office to visit my father [Pablo Escobar] and regardless of who he was meeting, he would drop everything to receive me in his office. In the series, the priorities that my father demonstrates are completely inverted and untrue.
Juan Pablo Escobar
I know plenty of people my age that will never get married because they genuinely believe the false cultural meme that marriage has sadly become. There’s only one problem. It’s completely untrue.
Steven Crowder
When you’re young you think that you’re going to sail into a lovely lake of quietude and peace. This is profoundly untrue.
Doris Lessing
The Leave campaign claims we send ВЈ350 million a week to Europe. This is untrue. When you take into account the rebate Margaret Thatcher got for us and the money we get back in E.U. funding, the true figure is nowhere near that.
Anna Soubry
A picture is a thing which requires as much knavery, as much malice, and as much vice as the perpetration of a crime. Make it untrue and add an accent of truth.
Edgar Degas
That old saying about opportunity only knocking once is as archaic as the flat-earth theory and as patently untrue. Opportunity knocks all the time – and it rings your doorbell, calls you up, and sends you e-mails.
Victoria Moran
A safe fairyland is untrue to all worlds.
J. R. R. Tolkien
This would have been less annoying had it been untrue.
Robert Charles Wilson
We are discovering today that several of the premises which are deeply ingrained in our way of life are simply untrue and become pathogenic when implemented with modern technology.
Gregory Bateson
Lipstick on your collar said you were untrue. Bet your bottom dollar, you and I are through.
Connie Francis
Many business leaders still believe that time on-task equates to productivity. Even in the industrial era of rote factory work, this was untrue. It is a misguided fallacy, and an expensive one, too. Every key facet required for business success will fail when sleep becomes short within an organisation.
Matthew Walker
In the most polarized and passionate, the most angry and aggressive news environment in recent memory, my job as a journalist requires me – often – to push back in live interviews against comments that are unfair, untrue, or leave me thinking, ‘Is this seriously happening right now?’
Brooke Baldwin
All knowledge is local, all truth is partial. No truth can make another truth untrue. All knowledge is part of the whole knowledge. Once you have seen the larger pattern, you cannot go back to seeing the part as the whole.
Ursula K. Le Guin
People think I’m just an old Luddite, but that’s untrue. I buy every new gizmo as it comes out, play with it until I understand how it works, and then give it away.
Felix Dennis
It gets embarrassing to say something untrue because you put it online and everyone knows about it, so it’s better to tell the truth.
When it comes to snowing people, one effective technique is to get a whole bunch of verifiable facts right and then add one or two that are untrue.
Daniel Levitin
There are a lot more tabloids in England that like to report other things in your life, some of which are true and some of which are exaggerated and untrue. There have been stories where people claim to have seen me in one place and I wasnt even in that city then. The Aussie press is more judgmental and moralistic.
Shane Warne
Some contend that, by fulfilling our promise to the American people, we’re somehow trying to go back to the way things were before ObamaCare – which we all know is untrue.
Mitch McConnell
The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
All statements about the hydrides of boron earlier than 1912, when Stock began to work upon them, are untrue.
Alfred Stock
People forget that stereotypes aren’t bad because they are always untrue. Stereotypes are bad because they are not always true. If we allow ourselves to judge another based on a stereotype, we have allowed a gross generalization to replace our own thinking.
George Takei
Anyone in any walk of life who is content with mediocrity is untrue to himself and to American tradition.
George S. Patton
Mostly it’s lies, writing novels. You set out to tell an untrue story and you try to make it believable, even to yourself. Which calls for details; any good lie does.
Anne Tyler
We tend to regard history as true and ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ as untrue. That’s always puzzled me.
Tim O’Brien
If a statement is untrue, it is not the more respectable because it has been said in Latin.
A. A. Milne
I’m not going to sit here and tell anybody I haven’t had difficulties in my life, haven’t made any bad decisions. But to sit back and consider myself a bad person or not doing something positive, it’s so untrue.
Shawn Kemp
It’s not fair. It’s not fair,” she cried, knowing it was a child’s argument but not caring, because being childish did not make it untrue.
Kristin Cashore
It is simply untrue that all our institutions are evil,… that all politicians are mere opportunists, that all aspects of university life are corrupt. Having discovered an illness, it’s not terribly useful to prescribe death as a cure.
George McGovern
Spent way too many years hating myself, thinking I was less valuable because I was different… which is just untrue.
Keiynan Lonsdale
Of all false assertions that ever went into the world under the banner of a great name and the mail armor of a well-turned phrase, Locke’s comparison of the mind to a blank sheet of paper appears to me among the most untrue.
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Living in Pakistan, you didn’t have a sense of how huge and varied America was geographically. I had visited once. I thought of it as this crazy, happy, exciting place where everybody’s rich, and there’s stuff everywhere. Compared to Pakistan, it’s not untrue. Compared to Pakistan, the streets are paved with gold.
Kumail Nanjiani
I thought of America as this crazy, happy, exciting place where everybody’s rich and there’s stuff everywhere. Compared to Pakistan, it’s not untrue.
Kumail Nanjiani
Every Left-wing hysteria of my lifetime has turned out to be untrue. Every single one
Dennis Prager
After the temper subsides and one has a moment to calmly reflect, it isn’t uncommon for declarations shouted in a fit of rage to strike one as untrue, and because they may have been hurtful to family, friends, lovers, husbands, or wives, one wishes them unsaid.
Frank Beddor
I believe that this whole question of some photography being true and some untrue is a non-question. Photography is not objective; it never was objective.
Tibor Kalman
When we learned about Salem at school, the whole thing was confusing. Because the idea of the witch hunt is used as a symbol to describe people searching for something that’s basically untrue, it cemented in my mind as a kid that witches weren’t real.
Robert Eggers
One hears a lot of talk about the hostility between scientists and engineers. I don’t believe in any such thing. In fact I am quite certain it is untrue… There cannot possibly be anything in it because neither side has anything to do with the other.
David Hilbert
Whatever you have read I have said is almost certainly untrue, except if it is funny, in which case I definitely said it.
Tallulah Bankhead
I wish, naturally to prevent the possibility that someone may write an accidental, superficial, incomplete and perhaps untrue picture of me.
Conrad Veidt
Bush is good at stating the obviously untrue.
Eleanor Clift
I think that Donald Trump just loves to say anything he wants no matter how crazy or untrue it might be and just keep repeating it. And he thinks that that’s going to be fine. And for a lot of people, it is, so it seems to be working for him.
Jolene Ivey
When I started meditating, even doing yoga, I felt like it was hard to allow myself to develop any other kind of practice [outside of Judaism], like I was somehow being untrue to my heritage, and that was something I had to get over and was probably the greatest revelation to me.
Dani Shapiro
To the untrue man, the whole universe is false- it is impalpable- it shrinks to nothing within his grasp. And he himself is in so far as he shows himself in a false light, becomes a shadow, or, indeed, ceases to exist.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Do not take the yardstick of your ignorance to measure what the ancients knew, and call everything which you do not know lies. Do not call things untrue because they are marvelous, but give them a fair consideration.
Wendell Phillips
The speed of communications is wondrous to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue.
Edward R. Murrow
Sayings designed to raise a laugh are generally untrue and never complimentary. Laughter is never far removed from derision.
The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.
The World Trade Center site will forever hold a special place in our city, in our hearts. But we would be untrue to the best part of ourselves and who we are as New Yorkers and Americans if we said no to a mosque in lower Manhattan.
Michael Bloomberg
I believe politicians should aim to be accurate and truthful in what they say at all times. You can be truthful and inaccurate but what you shouldn’t be doing at any time is saying things that are untrue or making commitments that you have no intention of honouring.
Malcolm Turnbull
I have been accused of so many things that are so untrue. Some of those accusations persist despite their being entirely false, but I’ll just continue preaching the Gospel.
Paula White
Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue.
Billy Joel
Faith … that faculty which enables us to believe things which we know to be untrue.
Bram Stoker
A thought, once uttered, is untrue
Fyodor Tyutchev
The great argument used now against any theological proposition is not, that it is untrue, or unthinkable, or unedifying, or unscriptural, or unorthodox, but simply, that the modern mind cannot accept it.
Ronald Knox
I never listen to calumnies, because if they are untrue I run the risk of being deceived, and if they be true, of hating persons not worth thinking about.
Baron de Montesquieu
Art is a reality, not a definition; inasmuch as it approaches a reality, it approaches perfection, and inasmuch as it approaches a mere definition, it is imperfect and untrue.
Benjamin Haydon
It is indeed a million times better to appear untrue before the world than to be untrue to ourselves.
Mahatma Gandhi
A lie cannot live.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
I will say again that I have never, and would never, harm a child. It sickens me that people have written untrue things about me.
Michael Jackson
I wasn’t allowed to use people’s real names, such as my siblings and my children’s father, but there’s nothing fabricated or untrue in my autobiography.
Kola Boof
One might point to the great illumination that has resulted from Freud’s analysis of the abracadabra of our dreams. No one can any longer dismiss the fantasy because it is logically inconsistent, superficially absurd, or objectively untrue.
Walter Lippmann
All of their horrific allegations of abuse, threats and purported misconduct by me against Kesha are completely untrue and deeply hurtful.
Dr. Luke
When I say something untrue on the air, I mean for it to be transparently untrue. I assume people know when I’m just saying something for effect. Or to be funny.
Ira Glass
Hillary Clinton said there was no marked classified information on her server. The FBI Director said that’s untrue.She said that she did not email any classified information. The FBI Director says that’s untrue.
Chris Christie
Of all lies, art is the least untrue.
Gustave Flaubert
The planet is asleep and it’s the fault of musicians who are untrue to themselves.
Sun Ra
I think it is quite untrue that it is standard journalistic practice to name the interviewer when quoting from an interview.
Fareed Zakaria
Anything you can say, think, feel, trust or feel is untrue – is an illusion. The fact that there are these things is an illusion.
Frederick Lenz
Some of my most neurotically fierce bitterness is the result of realizing how untrue people have become.
Jack Kerouac
For some reason, we are truly convinced that if we criticize ourselves, the criticism will lead to change. If we are harsh, we believe we will end up being kind. If we shame ourselves, we believe we end up loving ourselves. It has never been true, not for a moment, that shame leads to love. Only love leads to love.
Geneen Roth
We never fully grasp the import of any true statement until we have a clear notion of what the opposite untrue statement would be.
William James
Gandalf! I thought you were dead! But then I thought I was dead myself. Is everything sad going to come untrue? What’s happened to the world?
J. R. R. Tolkien
Truth is man’s nature; to be untrue is to be false to one’s nature. dharma (Right Action) is the practical application in real life of the ideal of truth. Shanthi (Peace) is the result of Dharma and Preme (Love) is the sffulgence of Shanthi.
Sathya Sai Baba
Half the lies our opponents tell about us are untrue.
Boyle Roche
I am as firmly convinced that religions do harm as I am that they are untrue.
Bertrand Russell
But it is also untrue that I have nothing specific in mind. As with my landscapes: I see countless landscapes, photograph barely 1 in 100,000, and paint barely 1 in 100 of those that I photograph. I am therefore seeking something quite specific; from this I conclude that I know what I want.
Gerhard Richter
Michele Bachmann says God made the earthquake and hurricane to punish us. Untrue – he made Michele Bachmann for that.
Andy Borowitz
I have never experienced a stressful feeling that wasn’t caused by attaching to an untrue thought. Behind every uncomfortable feeling, there’s a thought that isn’t true for us.
Byron Katie
All religions are both harmful and untrue.
Bertrand Russell
My play Safe Sex was picked apart because critics thought it was untrue. It was a play in which no one had AIDS, but the characters talked about how it was going to change their lives.
Harvey Fierstein
In Morocco, there is an insistence on authority. Children are not encouraged to speak up in front of their parents. My parents were not like this. I was the kind of girl who could tell her father, ‘No, what you are saying is totally untrue, and I don’t agree with you.’
Leila Slimani
Any concept of biology is not only sterile and profitless, it is distorted and untrue, if it puts its primary focus on unnatural conditions rather than on those vast forces not of man’s making that shape and channel the nature and direction of life.
Rachel Carson
Here, loved be God, is all well and truly determined for to resist the malice of him that had best cause to be true, the Duke of Buckingham, the most untrue creature living; whom, with God’s grace, we shall not be long till that we will be in that parts and subdue his malice.
Richard III of England
What I had said was that as a cricketer, you have to take care of your body and look after your fitness levels, and someone altered that statement and quoted me as saying that I wanted to quit playing Test cricket. It’s totally untrue, and as long as I am fit, I want to play in all formats.
Mohammad Amir
Any thought of discomfort or stress is an alarm that lets you know you’re believing an untrue thought
Byron Katie
The difficulty is to try and teach the multitude that something can be true and untrue at the same time.
Arthur Schopenhauer
That economics is untrue which ignores or disregards moral values.
Mahatma Gandhi