Values Quotes

Values Quotes by Michael K. Simpson, Nathaniel Branden, Peter W. Huber, Steven Biko, Bray Wyatt, Patricia Schroeder and many others.

While I recognize the great value and importance of pre

While I recognize the great value and importance of prescription drugs and strongly support a continued U.S. focus on pharmaceutical research and development, our nation’s seniors cannot be asked to subsidize the drug costs of other wealthy industrialized nations any longer.
Michael K. Simpson
Integrity is the integration of ideals, convictions, standards, beliefs-and behavior. When our behavior is congruent with our professed values, when ideals and practice match up, we have integrity.
Nathaniel Branden
People need to buy and want to. The selling itself becomes the entertainment, the sought-after good… In the Internet world there won’t be any other way to peddle. To be successful advertising itself will have to supply real value to the consumer.
Peter W. Huber
This is white man’s integration, an integration based on exploitative values
Steven Biko
I am the colour red, in a world of black and white and if you value your ability to breathe… Don’t get too close.
Bray Wyatt
Those who declared librarians obsolete when the Internet rage first appeared are now red-faced. We need them more than ever. The Internet is full of ‘stuff’ but its value and readability is often questionable. ‘Stuff’ doesn’t give you a competitive edge, high-quality related information does.
Patricia Schroeder
Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values.
Ellen DeGeneres
There are many domestic issues that give us a lot of common ground to work on. Health, education and immigration are among the areas where we share mutual goals and aspirations. There are also many values that we share as a communities.
Bob Menendez
We need to take on the teachers’ union once and for all.
Chris Christie
Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given.
Deepak Chopra
Some of the best business and nonprofit CEOs I’ve worked with over a sixty-five-year consulting career were not stereotypical leaders. They were all over the map in terms of their personalities, attitudes, values, strengths, and weaknesses.
Peter Drucker
A book, like a person, has its fortunes with one; is lucky or unlucky in the precise moment of its falling in our way, and often by some happy accident counts with us for something more than its independent value.
Walter Pater
We ought to define a man’s income as the maximum value which he can consume during a week, and still expect to be as well off at the end of the week as he was at the beginning.
Sir John Richard Hicks
I like the values in Flicka, and I wanted to do a movie my kids could see and be proud of.
Tim McGraw
No young kid growing up dreams of someday becoming a businessman. He wants to be a fireman, a sponsored athlete or a forest ranger The Lee Iacoccas, Donald Trumps, and Jack Welchs of the business world are heroes to no one except other businessmen with similar values.
Yvon Chouinard
When we are conscious of the least comparative merit in ourselves, we should take as much care to conceal the value we set upon it, as if it were a real defect; to be elated or vain upon it is showing your money before people in want.
Colley Cibber
Men are valued, not for what they are, but for what they seem to be.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Mindful and creative, a child who has neither a past, nor examples to follow, nor value judgments, simply lives, speaks and plays in freedom.
Arnaud Desjardins
The culture in which we live stresses looking out for number one. Without adopting such a self-centered value system, we can demand the best of ourselves while we are extending our hands to help others.
Benjamin Carson
For decades engineers have stood accused that their buildings do not have any cultural value. We have attempted to liberate engineering of this accusation.
Fritz Todt
Hypocrisy is a value that I think has been embraced by the Republican Party. We get lectured by people all day long about moral values by people who have their own moral shortcomings.
Howard Dean
I don’t believe that children can develop in a healthy way unless they feel that they have value apart from anything they own or any skill that they learn. They need to feel they enhance the life of someone else, that they are needed. Who, better than parents, can let them know that?
Fred Rogers
As much as I value an union of all the states, I would not admit the southern states into the union, unless they agreed to the discontinuance of this disgraceful trade, because it would bring weakness and not strength to the union.
George Mason
Money possesses no value to the state other than that given to it by circulation.
Abraham Lincoln
I pray for that moment in which I think we can claim to the world that we are now in a different, new era of Indo-American relationship of trust, of working together, partnership strengthened both by our commitment to common values, and also the identity of interests.
Manmohan Singh
The question in brief, is whether democracy and freedom are values to be preserved or threats to be avoided . . . democracy and freedom are more than values to be treasured; they may well be essential to survival.
Noam Chomsky
Stop thinking, and end your problems. What difference between yes and no? What difference between success and failure? Must you value what others value, avoid what others avoid? How ridiculous!
The value of the goal lies in the goal itself; and therefore the goal cannot be attained unless it is pursued for its own sake.
Arnold J. Toynbee
Riches are of no value in themselves; their use is discovered only in that which they procure.
Samuel Johnson
What you find is, you have to deliver a product that has value to the customer. When you do, and I think the wind community is getting much closer to that, customers will want it.
Mike Pompeo
You have to be a little aware of the emotions of the people who have invested with you.
Walter Schloss
If you need scale in order to create value, it’s hard to get scale, because there’s little incentive for the first people to use the product.
Joshua Schachter
In any society, the way a woman gives birth and the kind of care given to her and the baby points as sharply as an arrowhead to the key values of the culture.
Sheila Kitzinger
No publisher should ever express an opinion of the value of what he publishes. That is a matter entirely for the literary critic to decide.
Oscar Wilde
It is harder to see than it is to express. The whole value of art rests in the artist’s ability to see well into what is before him.
Robert Henri
No one should expect the value of their house to appreciate quickly – counting on your home to be a significant part of your retirement saving isn’t a winning strategy – but it is reasonable to expect that prices generally will rise with at least the rate of inflation for some time to come.
Mark Zandi
If you can shape your business life or your working life, you can just look at it as another extension – you just fulfill all your values as a human being in the work place. If you are an activist, you bring the activism of your life into your business, or if you love creative art, you can bring that in.
Anita Roddick
If I were to give one piece of advice, I would say to never accept anything that you hear or see at face value. As a general rule of thumb, then the more you question, the better.
Ernest Gaines
We urge the beginner in security buying not to waste his efforts and his money in trying to beat the market. Let him study security values and initially test out his judgment on price versus value with the smallest possible sums.
Benjamin Graham
Fancy sets the value on the gifts of fortune.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
The most powerful person in the world is the story teller.
The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda
of an entire generation that is to come.
Steve Jobs
The true value of a big dream is who you must grow into to live that dream.
Robin Sharma
I think subconsciously because of my upbringing, I was very aware of values and morals and that’s why I experienced the occasional guilt with my habits.
Anne Marie Miller
My advice to whoever asks me how to make a home is to not have anything, just a few shelves for books, some pillows to sit on. And then, to take a stand against the ephemeral, against passing trends… and to return to lasting values.
Gae Aulenti
I really value unforgettable moments. Things you can tell people about. We have too few of them in our lives, and it is all too seldom that we can create one such moment for a stranger.
Gene Weingarten
The gut-check message is do we have the right balance in our culture? Or are we in a position where hero worship and winning at all costs has subordinated our core values?
Mark Emmert
The value of action is that we make mistakes; mistakes show us what we need to learn.
Peter McWilliams
I want the French people to respect values that allow each individual to practice his or her faith, but in the frame of our common rules of secularism.
Francois Hollande
We are committed with our lives to building a different model and a different future for humanity, the Earth, and other species. We have envisaged a moral alternative to economic globalization and we will not rest until we see it realized.
Maude Barlow
Humanists recognize that it is only when people feel free to think for themselves, using reason as their guide, that they are best capable of developing values that succeed in satisfying human needs and serving human interests.
Isaac Asimov
There is some humour in ‘Family Values.’ I don’t want everyone to think it’s not going to make them laugh. But there are quite a lot of poems there that aren’t funny at all.
Wendy Cope
The right to vote is a consequence, not a primary cause, of a free social system – and its value depends on the constitutional structure implementing and strictly delimiting the voters’ power; unlimited majority rule is an instance of the principle of tyranny.
Ayn Rand
We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government trying to take away our freedom. And we must always protect the environment in a manner consistent with our values
Steve Forbes
We’re each given one life, and it’s our job to make it useful, beautiful, and fulfilling. There is no value in suffering through it, doing something we hate. There’s no prize at the end for that kind of endurance. Just a spent life.
Sarah Jio
I believe in working with songs that have personal value for me.
M. Ward
If no other consideration had convinced me of the value of the Christian life, the Christ like work which the Church of all denominations in America has done during the last 35 years for the elevation of the black man would have made me a Christian.
Booker T. Washington
I want to extend my gratitude and thankfulness to all those who care and love my family and myself, and our situation, especially the American people who show their care about the quality of justice as a universal value and I’m very grateful to all of you.
Chen Guangcheng
My reasons for declaring a sexual preference had to do less with the pursuit of personal freedom than with the lust for pure shock value.
Lance Loud
One would hope that you would have a CBO director who does not let ideology get in the way of making good estimates. [Congress] values having a credible institution that they can rely on to give them the best estimates possible.
Alice Rivlin
Most men, even the most accomplished, are of limited faculties; every one sets a value on certain qualities in himself and others: these alone he is willing to favour, these alone will he have cultivated.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I would teach my child to respect what is right – the word right is a difficult word to use – I would teach him to respect the intrinsic value of things. Do you see what I mean? The true proportion of things.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
It seems to me very important to begin by an indication of the darkest values (assuming that the canvas is white), and to continue in order to the lightest value. From the darkest to the lightest I would establish twenty shades…
Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
Intrinsic value is not measured by how much money you make,
it’s measured by the size of the problem you solve.
Joe Jordan
The aesthetic of architecture has to be rooted in a broader idea about human activities like walking, relaxing and communicating. Architecture thinks about how these activities can be given added value.
Thom Mayne
The real issue relating to exclusiveness is whether or not the Christian actually has a relationship with God, a presence of God, which non-Christians do not have. Apart from Christian spiritual formation as described here, I believe there is little value in claiming exclusiveness for the Christian way.
Dallas Willard
In a lifestyle where there are no boundaries, it becomes a challenge to find one’s true self. If everything comes easily, there is no way to establish worth. And if nothing has real value, then there is no way to gauge satisfaction or accomplishment or contentment.
Tami Hoag
Freedom of mind and mind itself have been most fully developed in regions where trade developed at the same time. In all ages, without exception, every intense production of art, ideas, and spiritual values has occurred in some locality where a remarkable degree of economic activity was also manifest.
Paul Valery
I don’t want to know anything about your system of ethics. Strength is the morality of the man who stands out from the rest, and it is mine.
Ludwig van Beethoven
Childhood is not merely basic training for utilitarian adulthood. It should have some claims upon our mercy, not for its future value to the economic interests of competitive societies but for its present value as a perishable piece of life itself.
Jonathan Kozol
It is a testament to our naГЇvetГ© about culture that we think that we can change it by simply declaring new values. Such declarations usually produce only cynicism.
Peter Senge
If people want to get to know me better, they’ve got to know my parents and the values my parents instilled in me, and the fact that I was raised in West Texas, in the middle of the desert, a long way away from anywhere, hardly. There’s a certain set of values you learn in that experience.
George W. Bush
[How to train your dragon] is beautiful to look at and, again, those values that it contains about relationships, friendships, and bonding in the face of ignorance.
Gerard Butler
Our whole life is an attempt to discover when our spontaneity is whimsical, sentimental irresponsibility and when it is a valid expression of our deepest desires and values.
Helen Lynd
I naively chose a college that was almost as expensive as Stanford, and all of my working-class parents savings were being spent on my college tuition. After six months I couldn’t see the value in it. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and no idea how college was going to help me figure it out.
Steve Jobs
I spend most of my time alone, because I so value and thrive in the quiet. Heaven.
Anne Lamott
AВ good story often increases the salability of an item without increasing its actual value.
Roy H. Williams
…how engaged are your employees right now? You may consider such a question impossible to answer, but the truth is, you need to know this if you want a more profitable, ethical organization, as everyone must share the same values to make the changes genuine
Jim Craig
The Age of Reason has turned out to be the Age of Structure; a time when, in the absence of purpose, the drive for power as a value in itself has become the principal indicator of social approval. And the winning of power has become the measure of social merit.
John Ralston Saul
We must not inquire too curiously into the absolute value of literature. Enough that it amuses and exercises us. At least it leaves us where we were. It names things, but does not add things.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
If we want to produce people who share the values of a democratic culture, they must be taught those values and not be left to acquire them by chance.
Cal Thomas
In an ideal world, an individual’s institutional power would be correlated perfectly with his or her value-add. In practice, this is seldom the case.
Gary Hamel
It doesn’t matter much where your company sits in its industry ecosystem, nor how vertically or horizontally integrated it is – what matters is its relative ‘share of customer value’ in the final product or solution, and its cost of producing that value.
Gary Hamel
Education no longer has a humanist end or any value in itself; it has only one goal, to create technicians.
Jacques Ellul
The company … has no rights to survive. But value systems and philosophies survive. People take them with them
Edgar Schein
No one can write their real religious life with pen or pencil. It is written only in actions, and its seal is our character, not our orthodoxy. Whether we, our neighbor, or God is the judge, absolutely the only value of our religious life to ourselves or to anyone is what it fits us for and enables us to do.
Wilfred Grenfell
As the practical value of altering consciousness becomes recognized, procedures to effect these alterations will become increasingly ordinary and unremarkable. The whole concept of changing states of consciousness will cease to have a threatening or exotic aspect.
Michael Crichton
Game balance is a really important element of Mario Kart that we look very, very closely at and place a lot of value on.
Hideki Konno
When you make giving a priority, something happens inside of you. Especially when it’s financially challenging to do so. It’s like you loosen your grip on a value system whose motto says, “Money is the key to life and happiness and safety.”
Andy Stanley
It takes time–loose, unstructured dreamtime– to experience nature in a meaningful way. Unless parents are vigilant, such time becomes a scarce resource, not because we intend it to shrink, but because time is consumed by multiple, invisible forces; because our culture currently places so little value on natural play.
Richard Louv
Parents need to nourish spiritual values in their children from a very young age.
Mata Amritanandamayi
Focusing on your values may provide you with meaning, but it won’t simplify things.
David Allen
Value investing by its very nature is contrarian.
Seth Klarman
Cultivate a deep understanding of yourself – not only what your strengths and weaknesses are but also how you learn, how you work with others, what your values are, and where you can make the greatest contribution. Because only when you operate from strengths can you achieve true excellence.
Peter Drucker
There is just no way any management with any intelligence and foresight cannot recognize the value of a corporate image. It is the best, single marketable investment that a company can make.
Malcolm Forbes
If your life becomes only a medium of production, then many of the good human values and characteristics will be lost.
Dalai Lama
Mom was a housewife; Dad was an accountant. They taught me a lot about the value of working hard.
Irene Rosenfeld
Principles are the basis for developing a vision and value system for all.
Stephen Covey
The absolute heart of loyalty is to value those people who tell you the truth, not just those people who tell you what you want to hear. In fact, you should value them most. Because they have paid you the compliment of leveling with you and assuming you can handle it.
Pat Summitt
When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, the things of earth grow strangely dim. The values of eternity grow increasingly bright.
David Jeremiah
In Nicaragua, liberty, equality and the rule of law were the stuff of dreams. But in Paris I discovered the value of those words.
Bianca Jagger
Leadership is the art of serving God by helping His people become more like His Son through the indefatigable pursuit of His vision and values.
George Barna
When you begin to give value to the world, somehow the people you affect will find a way to tell you. Even if it takes a couple of years.
Jeffrey Gitomer
Always take a stand for yourself, your values. You’re defined by what you stand for
Oprah Winfrey
We cannot shun our values as an immigrant nation. This is a wrong path. And while possibly it is a short-term political victory based on division and based on creating a wedge issue that splits people in this country, it is a long-term defeat for this Nation.
Raul Grijalva
I’m concerned about Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia that ignores Russia’s aggressiveness in its near abroad. I’m concerned about the willingness to question alliances and the value of allies, or require them to pay more, or they don’t get to play.
James Franklin Jeffrey
The Lord has given me to understand the value of at once confessing one’s sins after their commission. By so doing we are always in the state of grace.
Peter Julian Eymard
In security analysis the prime stress is laid upon protection against untoward events. We obtain this protection by insisting upon margins of safety, or values well in excess of the price paid.
Benjamin Graham
as a society emphasizes and values some aspects of the total range of human potentials more than others, the valued aspects are associated closely with, and limited to, the dominant group’s domain.
Jean Baker Miller
I do believe that freedom isn’t free – but today the corporate and political right wing is trying to cheapen this truly American value. They’ve been cynically using the word ‘freedom’ to rally the American public against its own best interests.
Richard Trumka
Some things transcend politics and policy and the lust for power. Truth, honesty, integrity, decency and fairness are immutable values. They are the ethical substance of life. They ought to be cherished. To sell them out is to sell one’s soul.
Michael Short
An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking; it involves the spiritual development of man, the enhancement of his value as an individual, and the preparation of young people to understand the times in which they live.
Maria Montessori
The true value of a gift is the sentiment behind the gifting.
Shri Radhe Maa
I feel lucky because I was a nerd, which I talk about in the book, but I had academic success, so through that, because that’s what my parents put a great deal of value on, I had a great childhood because I sort of fulfilled the expectations of being good at school.
Mindy Kaling
Now ‘pay equity’ has everything to do with pay and nothing to do with equity. It’s based on the vague notion of ‘equal pay for work of equal value,’ which is not the same as equal pay for the same job.
Stephen Harper
The fuhrer of the Third Reich has freed the German man from his external humiliation and from the inner weakness caused by Marxism – and has returned him to the ancestral Germanic values of honor, loyalty and courage.
Conrad Grober
Rollerball is an incoherent mess, a jumble of footage in search of plot, meaning, rhythm and sense. There are bright colors and quick movement on the screen, which we can watch as a visual pattern that, in entertainment value, falls somewhere between a kaleidoscope and a lava lamp.
Roger Ebert
My principal business is giving commercial value to the brilliant – but misdirected – ideas of others.
Thomas A. Edison
Our military deserves leadership that matches their service and patriotism. Getting our troops the pay raise they deserve is the very least we can do to show how much we value everything they do for us.
John F. Kerry
[A personВ’s] utmost art and industry can never equal the meanest of nature’s productions, either for beauty or value.
David Hume
England are looking better value for 0-0.
Barry Davies
There are people that appreciate the music for its musical value and there are people that will always think that it should be reserved as an expression for people who grew up with it.
Bruce Molsky
If your knowledge teaches you not the value of things, and frees you not from the bondage to matter, you shall never come near the throne of Truth.
Khalil Gibran
The complete and definitive work of art is created beyond one’s individuality… …The universal transcends such a level. Mere spontaneity has never created a work of art which possesses a lasting cultural value. The method leading to universal form is based upon calculations of measure and number.
Theo van Doesburg
In our calling, we have to choose; we must make our fortune either in this world or in the next, there is no middle way.
Being captive to quarterly earnings isn’t consistent with long-term value creation. This pressure and the short term focus of equity markets make it difficult for a public company to invest for long-term success, and tend to force company leaders to sacrifice long-term results to protect current earnings.
Charles Koch
I don’t want to transform America. I want to restore to America the economic values of freedom and opportunity and limited government that has made us the powerhouse of the world.
Mitt Romney
It’s always been a great survival value for people to believe they belong to a superior tribe. That’s just in human relationships.
E. O. Wilson
Everyone’s values are defined by what they will tolerate when it is done to others.
William Greider
Public space is for living, doing business, kissing, and playing. Its value can’t be measured with economics or mathematics; it must be felt with the soul.
Enrique Penalosa
On my parents’ scale of values, the more Western something was, the more cultured it was considered.
Amos Oz
One city can look at other cities relative to their city and learn something. It’s a matter of sharing the patterns of what exists in one society based on landscape or cultural values versus other cities.
Jack Dangermond
Regardless of what ideological twist people may have, about 90 to 95 percent of our population [in Puerto Rico] really values our citizenship. It’s of utmost importance.
Ricky Rossello
The Iranian regime doesn’t express the wishes and values of the Iranian people.
Moshe Katsav
Like art, religion is an imaginative and creative effort to find a meaning and value in human life.
Karen Armstrong
For some reason,we keep forgetting some of our experience. We look back but don’t bring the value forward. We bring the anger, the upset. We bring the fear.
Iyanla Vanzant
As an ideology – and certainly as a political identity – conservatism is less popular than the very principles and values it stands for.
Shelby Steele
The greater the potential for reward in the value portfolio, the less risk there is.
Warren Buffett
Democracy is the absolute value that makes for human dignity, as well as the only road to sustained economic development and social justice.
Kim Dae-jung
One has to weigh all of one’s values always in relative terms. On the upside, you get people who are not acting on their homosexual attraction, who are avoiding the sin of practicing homosexuality. On the downside, you have destroyed marriages, traumatized children, and dead people who have taken their own lives.
Andrew Solomon
As artists, we do the work that we do. Receiving an award or not receiving an award in no way diminishes one’s talent or value.
Phylicia Rashad
Before you come alive, life is nothing; it ‘s up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing else but the meaning that you choose.
Jean-Paul Sartre
People seldom learn from the mistakes of others-not because they deny the value of the past, but because they are faced with new problems.
Ilya Ehrenburg
When you value people, you give them freedom.
Martha McSally
Markets are designed to allow individuals to look after their private needs and to pursue profit. It’s really a great invention, and I wouldn’t underestimate the value of that. But they’re not designed to take care of social needs.
George Soros
Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of a good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.
Pierre de Coubertin
I think I’m the best candidate not just to beat President Obama, but to do what is necessary to get this country going, a conviction conservative who can rally the American public around a common set of values.
Rick Santorum
Because children grow up, we think a child’s purpose is to grow up. But a child’s purpose is to be a child. Nature doesn’t disdain what lives only for a day. It pours the whole of itself into the each moment. We don’t value the lily less for not being made of flint and built to last.
Tom Stoppard
Independence is of more value than any gifts; and to receive gifts is to lose it.
Interest in the lives of others, the high evaluation of these lives, what are they but the overflow of the interest a man finds in himself, the value he attributes to his own being?.
Sherwood Anderson
Our customs, behaviors, and values are byproducts of our culture.
Jacque Fresco
A great many of those who ‘debunk’ traditional…values have in the background values of their own which they believe to be immune from the debunking process
C. S. Lewis
In the past there were people who were not rich but contented with their living style, laughing and happy all day. But when the new rich people appear, people look at them and ask why don’t I have a life like that too, a beautiful house, car and garden and they abandon their values.
Nhat Hanh
Priceless things matter not for their value, but because they offer us an enduring reminder of stability and permanence.
Barbara Taylor Bradford
I could never find two people who are perfectly equal: one will always be more valuable than the other. And many people, as a matter of fact, simply have no value.
Pentti Linkola
The relation of photography and language is a principal site of struggle for value and power in contemporary representations of reality; it is the place where images and words find and lose their conscience, their aesthetic and ethical identity.
William J. Mitchell
There is no set numerical value you can put on a pitcher. Theyre all different.
Tom Seaver
In conclusion, the idea of direction on the part of the photographer has its greatest value when its processes are least discernible to the spectator.
Arthur Rothstein
It is the Divine Presence that gives value to life. This Presence is the source of all peace, all joy, all security. Find this Presence in yourself and all your difficulties will disappear.
Mirra Alfassa
Every improvement or innovation begins with an idea. But an idea is only a possibility – a small beginning that must be nurtured, developed, engineer, tinkered with, championed, tested, implemented and checked ideas have no value until they are implemented.
Alan Robinson
When I think of someone equating poems and machines, it makes me feel like that person would like poems to have a more obvious use value in society. They’re not happy with poetry being this ephemeral, indefinable thing. They want it to be “real.”
Elaine Equi
Precepts, conventions – above all traditions – have no value in art.
Eleanora Duse
A country, after all, is not something you build as the pharaohs built the pyramids, and then leave standing there to defy eternity. A country is something that is built every day out of certain basic shared values.
Pierre Trudeau
I should wonder what courage—which is the virtue they most value—has to do with a metal ring through your nostril.
Veronica Roth
There is this value in books, that they enable us to converse with the dead. There is something in this beyond the mere intrinsic worth of what they have left us.
Egerton Brydges
As nobody can possibly tell me whether one’s writing is bad or good, the only certain value is one’s own pleasure. I am sure of that.
Virginia Woolf
To me dogs are not the students, not the ones that need training. To me a dog is a teacher of life, who teaches us the principles of the most important moral values; honesty, integrity, loyalty, trust, respect and love.
Cesar Millan
Literature is the safe and traditional vehicle through which we learn about the world and pass on values from on generation to the next. Books save lives.
Laurie Anderson
The difficulty with big cities does not lie in skyscrapers or high-rises per se; rather, it is the values concealed within those buildings which lead to the loss of our humanity and our sense of spiritual emptiness.
Ma Yansong
I could not limit my values and pursuits to what makes others comfortable. Being possessed by a promise I live without options. I will spend the rest of my life exploring what could happen through the life of one who is willing to cultivate the God-given appetite to see impossibilities bow to the name of Jesus.
Bill Johnson
Ninety-nine per cent of what we say is about values. I firmly believe that ethical capitalism is the best way of changing society for the better.
Anita Roddick
I think fashion is the best value way, the most affordable way in the 21st century, that men and women can express their personality…
Stuart Rose
The value of money comes from the private sector in the form of price for product, services rendered, what people are willing to pay for something they want or need. That’s where value happens. Government has nothing to do with that.
Rush Limbaugh
you can’t be value free when it comes to marriage
Al Gore
If you don’t know your blood pressure, it’s like not knowing the value of your company.
Mehmet Oz
I don’t feel I’m even worthy of a normal amount of value.
Todd Barry
Parenting involves two separate activities. You have to change your child in that you need to educate your child and instill moral values in them. But you also need to celebrate your child for who he or she is and make them feel really good.
Andrew Solomon
People used to complain that selling a president was like selling a bar of soap. But when you buy soap, at least you get the soap. In this campaign, you just get two guys telling you they really value cleanliness.
David Brooks
Education without direction is a one-sided social value. Direct action without education is a meaningless expression of pure energy.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
There’s a value to getting the meal on the table every night, and there’s a value to being an old-school kind of parent.
Sharon Stone
Parents wrongly assume that their daughters live in a world similar to the one they experienced as adolescents. They are dead wrong. Their daughters live in a media-drenched world floded with junk values. As girls turn from their parents, they turn to this world for guidance about how to be an adult.
Mary Pipher
The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject.
Marcus Aurelius
The value of books is proportionate to what may be called their plasticity — their quality of being all things to all men, of being diversely moulded by the impact of fresh forms of thought.
Edith Wharton
‘Upstairs Downstairs’ and ‘Downton Abbey’ appeal to people because they’re about our history, they look so beautiful, are written by amazing writers and have high production values.
Keeley Hawes
I think I was able to talk to people about values in ways that people – in ways that resonated with folks.
Barack Obama
The really tough choices…don’t center upon right versus wrong. They involve right versus right. They are genuine dilemmas precisely because each side is firmly rooted in one of our basic, core values.
Rushworth Kidder
There are all kinds of values within the films but I don’t make message films.
Hayao Miyazaki
Baby Boomers becoming Republicans while Dems become outdated.
Newt Gingrich
Modern slavery – be it bonded labor, involuntary servitude, or sexual slavery – is a crime and cannot be tolerated in any culture, community, or country … [It] is an affront to our values and our commitment to human rights.
Hillary Clinton
The quality that defines us as Americans is the courage to respond to being hit. The courage to root out and destroy the killers. And, most importantly, the courage to hold on to our values and protect our hard-won freedoms while doing it.
Nick Clooney
Sometimes something has a value, it has an instant quality to it, and that’s all it needs to be.
Erol Alkan
Science values static patterns.
Robert M. Pirsig
The idea that I have to be on the same side of the fence as Dan Quayle is cruelly depressing to me, but the truth is, I believe in family values.
Harold Prince
We value the clock for its speed and efficiency. The clock has its place, efficiency has its place, after effectiveness. The symbol of effectiveness is the compass a sense of direction, purpose, vision, perspective, and balance. But the empowerment process itself is not efficient.
Stephen Covey
Nothing raises the price of a blessing like its removal; whereas, it was its continuance which should have taught us its value. [It is wise to be grateful of what we have while we have it.]
Henry Moore
There is nothing more difficult to measure than the value of visible emotion.
Gertrude Bell
Customer-centricity should be about delivering value for customers that will eventually create value for the company.
Robert G. Thompson
The situation was, the team I was on when I got injured went down to the lower leagues. In America, they don’t have that relegation, so when the team went down to the lower region, every player has his value, and they went off and sold any player who had value.
Claudio Reyna
When you represent a club it’s about values and qualities, not about passports.
Arsene Wenger
Leftism seeks to undo most of the values that are distinct to Judeo-Christian religion.
Dennis Prager
One realized all sorts of things. The value of an illusion, for instance, and that the shadow can be more important than the substance. All sorts of things.
Jean Rhys
To love someone is not first of all to do things for them,but to reveal to them their beauty and value, to say to them through our attitude: ‘You are beautiful. You are important. I trust you. You can trust yourself.’
Jean Vanier
What’s the survival value of obsessing on a sunset?
Peter Watts
We will continue to deepen our engagement using every element of American power – diplomacy, military, economic development, the power of our values and our ideals.
Barack Obama
I don’t mean you disregard every rule of your community. I don’t go around naked, for example. I don’t run through red lights. The little things, I can obey. But the big things- how we think, what we value- those you must choose yourself. You can’t let anyone-or any society- determine those for you. ‘ -Morrie Schwartz
Mitch Albom
I had to learn to value myself before I could expect to be valued by others
Kay Hooper
The values that we talked about, the values democracy and free speech and international norms and rule of law, respecting the ability of other countries to determine their own destiny and preserve their sovereignty and territorial integrity. Things are not something that we can set aside.
Barack Obama
No poet, no artist of any art, has his complete meaning alone. His significance, his appreciation is the appreciation of his relation to the dead poets and artists. You cannot value him alone; you must set him, for contrast and comparison, among the dead.
T. S. Eliot
Interdependence is a higher value than independence
Stephen Covey
There is inherent value in sharing a billion people are doing it.
Clara Shih
There are considerable mysteries surrounding the strange values that Nature’s actual particles have for their mass and charge. For example, there is the unexplained ‘fine structure constant’ … governing the strength of electromagnetic interactions.
Roger Penrose
If we can’t have an open and honest debate about the value of ideas in a university in Glasgow, or Boston, or anywhere else in the world, then where are they going to go?
Edward Snowden
Everything depends very much on who you are, what your values are, what your commitments are, what circumstances you live in and what options you’re willing to undertake, and that determines what you ought to be doing.
Noam Chomsky
We need a president who understands the contributions and values of rural America, a president who understands the men and women who are up at 5 a.m. every day to grow the food that we put on our tables.
John Salazar
Treat everyone you meet as if they have infinite value because in God’s eyes they do
Joyce Meyer
We’ve long felt that the only value of stock forecasters is to make fortune tellers look good. Even now, Charlie and I continue to believe that short-term market forecasts are poison and should be kept locked up in a safe place, away from children and also from grown-ups who behave in the market like children.
Warren Buffett
To practice nonviolence in mundane matters is to know its true value.
Mahatma Gandhi
Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week.
Anthony Charles Richards
A technical failure that shows some attempt at aesthetic expression is of infinitely more value than uninspired success.
Cecil Beaton
For everything I do, I think about a 6-year-old girl and her mom that I saw at my concert last night. I think about what those two individuals would think if I were at a club last night. I never want to be arrested, and I never want to get a DUI, those are my moral values.
Taylor Swift
The WWII generation shares so many common values: duty, honor, country, personal responsibility and the marriage vow ” For better or for worse–it was the last generation in which, broadly speaking, marriage was a commitment and divorce was not an option
Tom Brokaw
Leaders who master emotions can rob us of our capacities to reason. If their values are out of step with our own, the results can be devastating.
Adam Grant
There seems in most countries to be either one extreme or the other. Truly a paradise could exist wherever material progress and spiritual values could be properly balanced.
Malcolm X
It didn’t take long to recognise the shortcomings of the Soviet regime and to see the values of the free world.
Garry Kasparov
An apology for America’s values is never the right course.
Mitt Romney
I’m proud that today, at 43 years old, I’ve come to value the aging process and focus on inner rather than outer beauty.
Carre Otis
The essence of community, its heart and soul, is the non-monetary exchange of value; things we do and share because we care for others, and for the good of the place.
Dee Hock
You can stick with a few clear-cut values, which are stronger than a multitude of values and will obviously yield a stronger painting. But not all subjects or light conditions appear that way… be sensible and paint with values that are appropriate and faithful to your subject.
Richard Schmid
I am an American, steeped in American values. But I know on an emotional level what it means to be of the Chinese culture.
Amy Tan
Consumers still buy products whose advertising promises them value for money, beauty, nutrition, relief from suffering, social status and so on.
David Ogilvy
A man who examines the saddle and bridle and not the animal itself when he is out to buy a horse is a fool; similarly, only an absolute fool values a man according to his clothes, or according to his position, which after all is only something we wear like clothing.
Seneca the Younger
Money should never change one’s values…. Making money is only a report card. It’s a way to tell how you’re doing.
Thomas J. Stanley
Performancism is the mindset that equates our identity and value directly with our performance and accomplishments.
Tullian Tchividjian
I suggest that those groups whose culture and values stress delayed gratification – education, hard work, success, and ambition – are those groups that succeed in America, regardless of discrimination.
Richard Lamm
The values of integrity and hard work are necessary for the development of our nation.
Yemi Osinbajo
When we measure something we are forcing an undetermined, undefined world to assume an experimental value. We are not measuring the world, we are creating it.
Niels Bohr
Under this [Bush] Administration, America’s middle class has been abandoned — its dreams denied, its Main Street interests ignored and its mainstream values scorned by a White House that puts privilege first.
John F. Kerry
I prefer to give money to the person who’s provided the good service. But I never tip at hotels, I think they overcharge anyway. But anything which is value for money will get my vote.
Geoff Capes
The leader for today and the future will be focused on how to be – how to develop quality, character, mind-set, values, principles, and courage.
Frances Hesselbein
Rather than dividing the world between good and evil, the Left divided the world in terms of economics. Economic classes, not moral values, explained human behavior. Therefore, to cite a common example, poverty, not one’s moral value system, or lack of it, caused crime.
Dennis Prager
Tradition has to be retaken by the liberal forces, so that they can show their values of tolerance and democracy not as novel western ideas but as ones indigenous to Pakistan, as a part of its very creation.
Steve Inskeep
Yeah, there are a couple of wrestling shows out there with very, very good production values in RAW and SmackDown, but I think we’re going to offer something completely different from what they offer, a very, very different kind of product that visually is going to look as good or better in a lot of ways.
Tony Khan
The peculiar value of geography lies in its fitness to nourish the mind with ideas and furnish the imagination with pictures.
Charlotte Mason
As the beauty of the picture depends not on the painter but on the picture itself, what I say must depend on its own intrinsic value and not on the authority of my attainment, nor on the authority of others.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
We do not make very full value of the opportunities provided by technology because we prefer critical to constructive thinking, argument to design.
Edward de Bono
I have come to understand that if we hope to build a better world, we must be guided by the universal human values that emphasize the kinship of the human race – the sanctity of human life and freedom, peace between nations, honesty and truthfulness, regard for the rights of others, and love of one’s fellows.
Ephraim Katzir
Most Americans in both red and blue states reject and resent the message being sent by Hollywood and some in the media that values are subjective, to be defined by the individual and not by God.
Trent Lott
A picture, to be an interesting picture, must be more than a picture, otherwise it is only a reproduction of an object, and not an object of value in itself.
Langston Hughes
To have so little, and it of so little value, was to be quaintly free.
Wallace Stegner
To measure prices by a currency that is called by the same names as gold, but that is really inferior in value to gold, and then – because those prices are nominally higher than gold prices – to say that they are inflated, relatively to gold, is a perfect absurdity.
Lysander Spooner
Your freedom is a supreme value. Nothing is higher than that. But your freedom is possible only if you are not encaged in your habits, unconscious patterns of living. Change your gestalt from unconsciousness to consciousness.
Ryan and I didn’t grow up like this at all, with this much attention. We’ll just try to keep their feet on the ground and raise them with the values we were raised with.
Reese Witherspoon
What makes a good nanny? A good nanny is someone who really wants to do the job. Someone who loves children, who really values what she does and, of course, is valued by her employer.
Robert Klein
Only, as long as we’re going insane we may as well go the whole way. A mere shred of sanity is of no value.
S. S. Van Dine
In contrast to the speculators preoccupation with rapid gain, value investors demonstrate their risk aversion by striving to avoid loss.
Seth Klarman
Chess will always be in the doldrums as a spectator sport while a draw is given equal mathematical value as a decisive result.
Michael Basman
Credit or debit cards, for starters, are nothing short of shoppers’ Novocain. Even in the age of digital purchases and virtual money, we still attach a special value to dirty paper with pictures of presidents on it. Handing some of that to a cashier simply hurts more than handing over a little sliver of plastic.
Jeffrey Kluger
Maybe there’s a chance to get back to grown-up films. Anything that uses humor and dramatic values to deal with human emotions and gets down to what people are to people.
Robert Altman
The very idea of freedom presupposes some objective moral law which overarches rulers and ruled alike…Unless we return to the crude and nursery-like belief in objective values, we perish.
C. S. Lewis
Control of senses is an important human value.
Sathya Sai Baba
How about we agree upon what our common American values are, which is let’s make this a true land of opportunity.
Laurene Powell Jobs
Unless you have a sense of values that’s shared by people and turns them loose to do certain things on their own within those sets of values, the organization, whether a nation or corporation or citizen group, just doesn’t work very well.
Alan Cranston
The United States-Israeli relationship is based on the broadest conception of American national interest in which our two nations are bound forever together by common democratic values and traditions. This will never change.
Colin Powell
Today, I would like you to pause, ponder, and think of the value of an immortal soul, especially the ones entrusted to you as parents. Where are your priorities? Have you committed yourself to give the sufficient time necessary to train your children?
L. Tom Perry
Any power, of course, depends upon the values of the person exercising the power.
Mark Pellegrino
Understand the value of work and know that you get out of life what you earn. Some things have to be taken, its not given to you, they are not handing out multimillion dollar contracts or degrees, you have to use your brain!
Eric Thomas
Experience has taught me that you cannot value dreams according to the odds of their coming true. Their real value is in stirring within us the will to aspire.
Sonia Sotomayor
We have shared those values, we continue to share those values and obviously, we will continue to cooperate with the new administration [of the U.S].
Angela Merkel
These [Arab] youth who have been inspired by universal values are idealistic enough to imagine a magnificent future and, at the same time, realistic enough to balance this kind of imagination and the process leading to it – not using violence, not trying to create chaos.
Wadah Khanfar
Wisdom considers not only the cost of a choice, but also its value.
Wes Fesler
We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.
Thomas Fuller
Stories about food are stories about us-our history and our values.
Jonathan Safran Foer
I am obsessed with story. I had a late awakening in life. In college was the first time that I understood what you could do with a story and what a good novel is – literary value and subtext and irony and everything.
Shane Carruth
Architecture is an expression of values.
Norman Foster
Especially when it comes to something like the awards, I find it kind of baffling that ‘True Blood’ has been snubbed so many times given the incredible range of acting they have on there; I mean, incredible storytelling and the incredible production values.
Denis O’Hare
Foreign policy that is obviously guided by interests, but that is very much also committed to shared values, so we have a platform, democracy, freedom, respect of human rights that we would like to see respected all over the world and also, a peaceful world order.
Angela Merkel
The flag represents all the values and the liberties Americans have and enjoy everyday.
Bill Shuster
As we lose our vagueness about ourself, our values, our life situation, we become available to the moment. It is there, in the particular, that we contact the creative self. Art lies in the moment of encounter: we meet our truth and we meet ourselves; we meet ourselves and we meet our self-expression .
Julia Cameron
If you value the world simply for what you can get out of it, be assured that the world will in turn estimate your value to it by what it can get out of you…If you pursue truth, people will be true to you.
Arthur Twining Hadley
In order to become soundly virtuous, it is advisable to make good practical resolutions concerning particular acts of the virtues and to be faithful in carrying the out afterwards. Without doing that, one is often virtuous only in one’s imagination.
Vincent de Paul
Veblen once asked a religious student the value of her church in kegs of beer.
Robert Heilbroner
I’m interested in getting John Kerry elected President. And then I’m interested in doing whatever I can to see that Democrats retain Democratic values. And the thing I’m most interested in is health insurance for everybody. We’re the only country in the industrialized world that doesn’t have that, and we need that.
Howard Dean
To relive the relationship between owner and slave we can consider how we treat our cars and dogs – a dog exercising a somewhat similar leverage on our mercies and an automobile being comparable in value to a slave in those days
Edward Hoagland
Reality is only a term, based on values and well worn principles, whereas the dream goes on forever.
Ian Curtis
There’s no such thing as a value company. Price is all that matters. At some price, an asset is a buy, at another it’s a hold, and at another it’s a sell.
Seth Klarman
I value mothers and motherhood enormously. For every inattentive or abusive mother in my fiction I think you’ll find a dozen or so who are neither.
William Trevor
We get real picky about frequencies. Put it on a tape, start on tape, and it’s kind of locked to how it sounds. Which would have been a very interesting thing to have done, but we were very aware that we wanted a bizarre kind of production value on the record.
Adam Faulkner
If we value so highly the dignity of life, how can we not also value the dignity of death No death may be called futile.
Yukio Mishima
How much truth can a spirit bear, how much truth can a spirit dare? … that became for me more and more the real measure of value.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Sacrifice is the surrender of that which you value in favor of which you dont
Ayn Rand
Good hearts carry weighing balance that measures others’ values based on the character merely than ever with their attire, wealth, rank or position.
Nothing of value comes without being earned.
Michael Jordan
I think you should live your moral values. But the last thing, the very last thing that government should do is have laws that would punish women who make reproductive choices. And that is the fundamental difference between a Clinton-Kaine ticket and a Trump- Pence ticket that wants to punish women who make that choice.
Tim Kaine
I’m making entertainment, but I’m making art. This is my art. Hopefully, it’s profitable, hopefully it makes money, but at the end of the day I want it to be remembered for its artistic value as well as its entertainment value.
Morgan Spurlock
Maybe we all need to leave our children with a value legacy, and not a financial one. A value for things with a personal touch – an autographed book, a soul-searching letter.
Lakshmi Pratury
You never realize the value of coaching until your children play for a coach
Don Meyer
People who add value to others do so intentionally. I say that because to add value, leaders must give of themselves, and that rarely occurs by accident.
John C. Maxwell
I am convinced that the majority of American people do understand that we have a moral responsibility to foster the concepts of opportunity, free enterprise, the rule of law, and democracy. They understand that these values are the hope of the world.
Richard Lugar
If we are not to abandon values such as peace and equality, or our commitments to science and truth, then we must pry these values away from claims about our psychological makeup that are vulnerable to being proven false.
Steven Pinker
Each photograph is read as the private appearance of its referent: the age of Photography corresponds precisely to the explosion of the private into the public, or rather into the creation of a new social value, which is the publicity of the private: the private is consumes as such, publicly.
Roland Barthes
Design adds value faster than it adds cost.
Joel Spolsky
I’m proud of my triumphs. I’ve dreamed of being world champion, I’ve had some difficult times and they’ve made me value the good times.
Sete Gibernau
Artists change how we see the world – and that can have value in the way people do business.
John Maeda
All scholarship, like all science, is an ongoing, open-ended discussion in which all conclusions are tentative forever, the principal value and charm of the game being the discovery of the totally unexpected.
Hugh Nibley
Love is often nothing but a favorable exchange between two people who get the most of what they can expect, considering their value on the personality market.
Erich Fromm
AIG would be doing fine today. It was one of the ten largest companies in the United States in terms of market value, over 200 billion, the most respected insurer and everything in the world.
Warren Buffett
Being traditional is a choice for me. South Indian families bring up their children with a sense of freedom, self-respect and self-value. We do whatever we have to with earnestness and honesty, including being uninhibited. Yet we hold onto our roots.
Vidya Balan
Every man stamps his value on himself… man is made great or small by his own will.
Friedrich Schiller
When your goal is to bring together the country in a substantive way to say that we’re united by values and more – that are – you know, stronger than the things that divide us. That could be a moment.
Michael Gerson
I think if you live in a country, basically you share the dominant values of a country although you may disagree on issues all the time.
Peter Temple
It is truly regrettable that a person will treat a man who is valuable to him well, and a man who is worthless to him poorly.
Hojo Shigetoki
You need to find a way to live your life, that it doesn’t make a mockery of your values.
Bill Ayers
Life does not acommodate you, it shatters you. It is meant to, and it couldn’t do it better. Every seed destroys its container or else there would be no fruition.
Florida Scott-Maxwell
If a man’s free will to adopt ideas and values is inalienable, his freedom of action – his freedom to put these ideas into effect in the world – is not in such a fortunate condition.
Murray Rothbard
You see, that’s the fun of Buddhism. We do have a wild card in the deck that can’t be explained, that changes value continuously, and that’s enlightenment.
Frederick Lenz
The only thing which separates man from child is all the values he has lost over the years.
Poul Henningsen
Men did not make the earth… It is the value of the improvements only, and not the earth itself, that is individual property. … Every proprietor owes to the community a ground rent for the land which he holds.
Thomas Paine
Jesus announced a great reversal of values in His Sermon on the Mount, elevating not the rich or attractive, but rather the poor, the persecuted, and those who mourn.
Philip Yancey
I think he’s [Louis Brandeis] a great model for progressive justices today who want to answer the originalists. It’s not that the original paradigm cases are irrelevant, but you have to focus on the values the framers were trying to protect, not on the means with which those values were invaded in the 18th century.
Jeffrey Rosen
You just decide what your values are in life and what you are going to do, and then you feel like you count, and that makes life worth living. It makes my life meaningful.
Annie Lennox
Value is not determined by those who set the price. Value is determined by those who choose to pay it.
Simon Sinek
Capitalists behave like capitalists wherever they are. They pursue the expansion of value through exploitation without regard to the social consequences.
David Harvey
Love is our response to our highest values. Love is self-enjoyment. The noblest love is born out of admiration of another’s values.
Ayn Rand
He that plaies his mony ought not to value it.
George Herbert
You have to have core values. What do you believe in? Do you believe in hard work? Do you believe in discipline? Do you believe in conditioning? Because those are the things I know that do work.
Tom Thibodeau
It should feel genuinely good to earn income from your blog – you should be driven by a healthy ambition to succeed. If your blog provides genuine value, you fully deserve to earn income from it.
Steve Pavlina
We’re emphasizing the knowable by predicting how certain people and companies will swim against the current. We’re not predicting the fluctuation in the current.
Charlie Munger
We live in a world of shifting values. The family is falling apart. Parents failing in what they ought to do.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.
Ayn Rand
[On culture] It’s living the core values when you hire; when you write an email; when you are working on a project; when you are walking in the hall.
Brian Chesky
Everyone of us plays ‘tapes’ from our parents until we die. That’s why it’s so important to talk good values to your child
Dennis Prager
What men value in this world is not rights but privileges.
H. L. Mencken
Men can be very stupid. We cease to value what we have until it’s gone, and only then do we realize the gold we glimpsed in distant hills pales as dross compared to treasure we had in hand.
Ann Aguirre
He sighed. It had come to this. He was a responsible authority, and people could use terms like “core values” at him with impunity.
Terry Pratchett
If freedom led to wider inequality, I would prefer that to a world in which I got artificial equality at the expense of freedom. My objective, my god… is freedom of individuals to pursue their own values.
Milton Friedman
First and foremost I feel I am a child of God ….Today I think that everything matters, but like a nice game of relative importance and value, certainly not absolute like conversion.
Augusto De Luca
The one thing in the world, of value, is the active soul
Ralph Waldo Emerson
For businesses to be successful, they need to constantly ask the question: how can we provide value to our customers? At the end of the day, that is what matters.
Eli Broad
I am not in favour of hierarchies that grant privileges to members who fail to uphold those values – there are plenty of those – but the monarchy is really the Queen, who is of unimpeachable integrity and the longest serving head of state in the world, and who never puts a foot wrong.
Richard Coles
We will take all appropriate actions based on the results of the investigation to ensure that the integrity and values of the SeaWorld organization are upheld.
Joel Manby
If a community values its children, it must cherish its mothers.
John Bowlby
If one were truly aware of the value of human life, to waste it blithely on distractions and the pursuit of vulgar ambitions would be the height of confusion.
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Americans who value freedom had better be more concerned about the gun control crowd than the criminals. The criminals want your money. The Neo-Totalitarians want your freedom.
Charley Reese
Tonight, more Americans are out of work and more are working harder for less. More of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. More of you have cars you can’t afford to drive, credit card bills you can’t afford to pay, and tuition that’s beyond your reach.
Barack Obama
I want children, but at the moment the liberty I have now finally, has a far too high value.
Gabriela Sabatini
‘The Godfather’ illustrated the family values – the reality that it was really a family thing, honor and tradition. It wasn’t just a single-dimension thing.
Frank Vincent
By offering an education centered on values, the faculty in Catholic schools can create an interactive setting between parents and students that is geared toward long-term healthy character and scholastic development for all enrolled children.
Mark Foley
My parents really raised me with the value that it’s important to give back, and I’ve always gravitated towards non-profits and charities that work with children.
Danielle Panabaker
Ethics is a code of values which guide our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our lives.
Ayn Rand
They can get married. They can marry a man if they’re a woman. Or they can marry a woman if they’re a man… there are no special rights for people based upon your sex practices. There’s no special rights based upon what you do in your sex life. You’re an American citizen first and foremost and that’s it.
Michele Bachmann
I want the kids who watch ‘One Tree Hill’ to know that it’s all pretend, and that the person at the core of that character values morals, honor and things like that. You want to inspire them to look beyond what is superficial and try to find that greater thing.
Hilarie Burton
Some kinds of stocks are easier to analyse than others.
Walter Schloss
There’s one thing you don’t put in a trap, if you’re smart, if you value your continued existance, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there is one thing you never ever put in a trap. And what would that be sir? Me
Steven Moffat
I grew up with a good set of values, but it was never too strict. I was always encouraged to be a free-thinking individual.
Justin Vernon
Pick three key attributes or features, get those things very, very right, and then forget about everything else… By focusing on only a few core features in the first version, you are forced to find the true essence and value of the product.
Paul Buchheit
My values are not based on violence. My values are based on courage, which you see time and time again in my books. A warrior isn’t somebody like Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger. A warrior can be any age. A warrior is a person people look up to.
Brian Jacques
Every single human soul has more meaning and value than the whole of history.
Nikolai Berdyaev
Reason is not like the goods sold in the market places–the more plentiful they are, the less they are worth. Reason’s worth waxes with her abundance. But were she sold in the market, it is only the wise man who would understand her true value.
Khalil Gibran
The classical error of historical Christianity is that we have never started with the value of the person. Rather, we have started from the ‘unworthiness of the sinner’, and that starting point has set the stage for the glorification of human shame in Christian theology.
Robert H. Schuller
Age acquires no value save through thought and discipline
James Truslow Adams
To be a value investor, you have to be willing [and able] to suffer pain.
Jean-Marie Eveillard
It’s only after their death that people are truly appreciated. It’s because they are true to values.
Mary Robinson
Better to die in the pursuit of civilized values, we believed, than in a flight underground. We were offering a value system couched in the language of science.
John Polanyi
It is easier to exemplify values than teach them.
Theodore Hesburgh
I know of nothing that I feel is of so great value in life as to be obedient to the counsel and advice of the Lord, and of His servants in this our day.
Heber J. Grant
The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion […] but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.
Samuel P. Huntington
A frame of references consisting of learning patterns of behaviours, values, assumptions and meaning which are shared to varying degrees of interest, importance and awareness with members of one group.
H. Ned Seelye
Aristotle can be regarded as the father of logic. But his logic is too scholastic, full of subtleties, and fundamentally has not been of much value to the human understanding. It is a dialectic and an organon for the art of disputation.
Immanuel Kant
A great man knows the value of greatness; he dares not hazard it, he will not squander it.
Walter Savage Landor
Weapons are not proper instruments for gentle people; they use them only when they have no other choice. Peace and quiet are what they value. They do not glory in victory.
The quality of life, values that go down to doin’ that, that’s the issue.
Cecil Taylor
The beauty of our democracy lies in the American value of equality: if you vote, you have a seat at the table. If you speak, you have a chance to persuade others. A billionaire and a minimum wage earner have the same power at the ballot box.
Christine Pelosi
The big thing in life is to focus on providing more value to people than they expect. The rest comes then.
James Altucher
We have the chance to build this new energy economy in ways that reflect our deepest values of inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunity for everyone.
Van Jones
Most of us know someone who would say, ‘If you want to be my friend, you’ll have to accept my values.’ A true friend doesn’t ask us to choose between the gospel and his or her friendship. … A true friend strengthens us to stay on the strait and narrow path.
Robert D. Hales
[Obama’s] roots to basic American values and culture are at best limited. I cannot imagine America electing a president during a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and in his values.
Mark Penn
The power of ads rests more in the repetition of obvious exhortations than in the subtle transmission of values.
Michael Schudson
I believe that I’m a hillbilly in my values and in my attitudes, and I don’t want to lose that. I think it’s possible to maintain a big chunk of that identity so long as you’re self-reflective and meaningful about it.
J. D. Vance
All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.
Marshall McLuhan
An artist must first of all respond to his subject, he must be filled with emotion toward that subject and then he must make his technique so sincere, so translucent that it may be forgotten, the value of the subject shining through it.
Robert Henri
What is technically called the ‘fungibility’ of money, is its chief value as an article of commerce; and this fact could not long remain recognized, even by such a conservative class as legal officials.
Edward Jenks
As time goes on, the more I value doctors and plumbers. Doctors a little more. I can fix my own toilet but I still can’t operate on myself.
Bob Saget
Storytelling is my currency. It’s my only worth. The only thing of value I have in this life is my ability to tell a story, whether in print, orating, writing it down or having people acting it out.
Kevin Smith
Before you can pick a social-media strategy, you have to think of your customer and what the value proposition is for them. Social media is a way to engage customers, not to give your business a ‘shout out.’
Carol Roth
There is a lot of pain still to be had in the equity markets, particularly aimed at the risky end of the spectrum. We think the fair value on the market is about a third lower in the U.S. . .
Jeremy Grantham
You’ve got to learn to work with others. One of my main values is, you learn this system of mutual benefit. That is, if you shirk and you try to make the other guy do more, he’s going to do that to you.
Charles Koch
What is the empathy deficit? The inability of people to stand in other folks shoes. It’s hard to empathize with people who have different values than you
Barack Obama
I can take $15,000 a year and raise kids on that. Later, they’ll figure out I’ve got millions, but hopefully they’ll have the values to say, ‘So what?
Bode Miller
Listen to the pregnant woman. Value her. She values the life growing inside her. Listen to the pregnant woman, and you cannot help but defend her right to abortion.
Ayelet Waldman
I think it’s important that kids have responsibilities and understand the value of things, but I think it’s great I get to travel the world with my daughter.
Salma Hayek
I like to call the ethos I grew up with ‘Oklahoma values.’ But you’d be just as accurate if you said ‘American values.’ Except for our lack of a seacoast, Oklahoma has a little bit of just about everything that’s American.
J. C. Watts
Let a man (as most men do) rate themselves as the highest Value they can; yet their true Value is no more than it is esteemed by others.
Thomas Hobbes
It was about a girl who helps an ugly old woman who turns out to be a good fairy in disguise. Inner values versus shallow appearances.
Connie Willis
The Human Values should be regarded as basic requirements for every human being. In spreading the message of these values to the world, you should all cooperate with each other and act in harmony.
Sathya Sai Baba
You shouldn’t change your behavior because a government agency somewhere is doing the wrong thing. If you sacrifice your values because you’re afraid, you don’t care about those values very much.
Edward Snowden
It’s certainly easy to mock some things … Oddly enough though I’ve never found it easy to mock anything of value. Only things that are tawdry and fatuous – perhaps it’s just me.
Stephen Fry
Only a prisoner who has been confined for long behind high walk can appreciate the extraordinary psychological value of these outside walks and open views.
Jawaharlal Nehru
If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover these precious values – that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
With biobanking there’s just another tool available to make sure that the land we actually conserve has better biodiversity values. It’s usually more contiguous. You see, just because you preserve two dozen trees at the end of a development site doesn’t mean that’s a great habitat.
Frank Sartor
If we want our children to value education, then we must show our appreciation for knowledge.
Brad Sherman
The Jews generally give value. They make you pay; but they deliver the goods. In my experience the men who want something for nothing are invariably Christians.
George Bernard Shaw
The true value of a leader is not measured by the work they do. A leader’s true value is measured by the work they inspire others to do.
Simon Sinek
In economics, you always want to ask ‘And then what?’
Warren Buffett
Football changed my life and it gave me a platform to get out my aggression and it gave me a sense of value.
Dwayne Johnson
Don’t buy on tips or for a quick move.
Walter Schloss
Great necessities call out great virtues.
Abigail Adams
If man limits himself to a satisfied animal existence, and asks from life only what such an existence can give, the higher values of life at once disappear.
Christopher Dawson
A modern teacher educates children to value their emotions.
Haim Ginott
A new era doesn’t come from nothing. New thoughts, values and methods will be established after overcoming various hurdles on the way.
Park Won-soon
I have many debates now with friends on the changes, and the continuing confusion over bringing up your children, instilling values, letting them make the right choices.
Olivia Williams
It is about time that the religious and environmental faithful joined forces. No one wins when divisive politics pits the right to human life against the sanctity of biodiversity, or family values against ecosystem services. There are infinite compatible reasons to love, cherish and steward Earth.
Alex Bruce
Over the last 25 years, the American free enterprise system created the most diverse video programming on earth with the best value for the customer. It is disappointing that the updated report relies on assumptions that are not in line with the reality of the marketplace.
Kyle E. McSlarrow
If a brand genuinely wants to make a social contribution, it should start with who they are, not what they do. For only when a brand has defined itself and its core values can it identify causes or social responsibility initiatives that are in alignment with its authentic brand story.
Simon Mainwaring
I mean just look at haiku, the idea of it. We want to focus on that singularity, on that simplicity, but we still want to add features and add value, but we want to do it in a way that fits in with that mentality of simplicity. You have to spend a lot of time thinking about it.
Biz Stone
Everything worthwhile, everything of any value, has its price. Everything anyone has ever wanted has come neatly wrapped up in its penalties.
Loretta Young
As a student of conservation biology, I believe that characteristics with survival value will ultimately prevail. There is no survival value in pessimism. If you think failure is inevitable, that view will probably become self-fulfilling.
Denis Hayes
Disregarding the value of religion and believing in egalitarianism are two misconceptions that cause America much trouble today.
Charley Reese
I always tell my Western friends that it is best to keep your own tradition. Changing religion is not easy and sometimes causes confusion. You must value your tradition and honor your own religion.
Dalai Lama
No writing has any real value which is not the expression of genuine thought and feeling.
Eleanor Roosevelt
In order for us human beings to commit ourselves personally to the inhumanity of war, we find it necessary first to dehumanize our opponents, which is in itself a violation of the beliefs of all religions. Once we characterize our adversaries as beyond the scope of God’s mercy and grace, their lives lose all value.
Jimmy Carter
A short story relies on those values that make poetry and jazz what they are: tension, rhythms, inner beat, into unforeseen within foreseen parameters
Julio Cortazar
The best thing in life aren’t things.
John Ruskin
You have to invest the way that’s comfortable for you.
Walter Schloss
The greater the value of what we want, the greater the sacrifice we will have to make.
Jane Powell
This is where each individual must decide for himself. The essential thing is the decision to challenge the modern state, which without this small group of protesters will be checked by neither brake, value, nor reason.
Jacques Ellul
I look for kindness, honestly, integrity, intelligence, humor and good values, and of course, a fun, loving guy! And yes, I believe he exists!
Shamita Shetty
The function of good journalism is to take information and add value to it.
John Chancellor
We must be firm but not rough in our guidance and avoid an insipid kind of meekness, which is ineffective.
Vincent de Paul
We might as well reasonably dispute whether it is the upper or the under blade of a pair of scissors that cuts a piece of paper, as whether value is governed by demand or supply.
Alfred Marshall
In a large country like the United States or India, families differ significantly on their own education values, and I don’t believe it is necessary to put everyone through the same curricula and assessments.
Howard Gardner
I don’t think a true company – one that builds sustainable value – can ever only exist online or remotely.
Margaret Heffernan
Businesses can lead with their values and make money, too. You don’t have to simply be purely profit-driven. You can integrate social and environmental concerns into a business, be a caring business, be a generous business and still do very well financially.
Jerry Greenfield
Public service has allowed me to put values my parents taught me into action.
Tom Perez
The feeling that “I am enough” does not mean that I have nothing to learn, nothing further to achieve, and nowhere to grow to. It means that I accept myself, that I am not on trial in my own eyes, that I value and respect myself. This is not an act of indulgence but of courage.
Nathaniel Branden
The uncommitted share many of our core values, but if we do not live out those values in a compelling way, we will not awaken a thirst for their ultimate Source.
Philip Yancey
Never go for the money. You have to match the job and your values so you can bring your whole self.
Aylwin B. Lewis
At base, the ugly meaning of collaborator carries an implication of treason: betrayal of one’s nation, of one’s ideology, of one’s morality, of one’s values.
Anne Applebaum
I am not promoting Buddhism. I am promoting human values.
Dalai Lama
When I hear traditional family values raised, I hear that effort once again to re-establish the man as head and master of his family. Who had the, not only the right, but the obligation to discipline his wife and children to keep them in line?
Patricia Ireland
To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there.
Kofi Annan
Even if you forget everything else I want you to always remember that you are a person of value, and you have a friend who loved you enough to give you his most valued possession.
Bette Greene
Nobody values your time but YOU.
Brian Tracy
I have values. But morals are Christian. There’s no religion here. Values. Don’t hurt when you don’t need to, but don’t let anybody step over that line – it’s an invisible line, but it’s respect for somebody’s space.
John Lydon
I don’t want to be embarrassed when I go to see something on the screen. I don’t want to listen to foul language, watch a lot of violence or see something immoral. I prefer stories with sensitivity and family values; films that strive to lift you up to a higher place in life.
Debra Paget
Best part of my job is fulfillment. When I see that, that we’re creating value, that we’re helping improve people’s lives, and we benefit from it, so it’s a system of mutual benefit. Our philosophy’s working. That’s what turns me on. That’s what keeps me going.
Charles Koch
I value very much the time before the show, when there is nothing else but to concentrate on the show, and it’s just purely design.
Marc Jacobs
Diversity is power on the Web. Big sites may be bigger, but smaller sites will keep scoring higher for specialized topics, both in terms of their connections with users and in terms of each visit’s commercial value.
Jakob Nielsen
Man must become comfortable in flowing from one role to another, one set of values to another, one life to another. Men must be free from boundaries, patterns and consistencies in order to be free to think, feel and create in new ways. Men have admired Prometheus and Mars too long; our God must become Proteus.
Luke Rhinehart
Society is a kind of parent to its members. If it, and they, are to thrive, its values must be clear, coherent and generally acceptable.
Milton Sapirstein
I was introduced to lots of great music through my local record store. It was a place where people knew music and they knew me, and could make great suggestions and discoveries. Whether it is in the physical world or on-line, the value of a great and knowledgeable record store has not gone away
Peter Gabriel
There is something inherently valuable about being a misfit. It’s not to say that every person who has artistic talent was a social outcast, but there is definitely a value for identifying yourself differently and being proud that you are different.
Daniel Radcliffe
A budget should reflect the values and priorities of our nation and its people
Mary Landrieu
Ah, Meese has brought us her finest goblets! A moment, whilst Kruppe sweeps out cobwebs, insect husks and other assorted proofs of said goblets’ treasured value.
Steven Erikson
Problems are just businesses waiting for the right entrepreneur to unlock the value.
Jay Samit
Far from creating a new formalism, what these can yield is something far transcending surface values since they not only embody form as beauty, but also form in which intuitions or ideas or conjectures have taken visible substance.
Max Bill
Well, I think that there’s a value to comedy in and of itself.
Al Franken
If we knew the value of suffering, we would ask for it.
Mary Ruefle
The Tea Party, which is pretty darn clear on its main focus, which is fiscal restraint, financial restraint, economic restraint, and return to Constitutional values and Founding Fathers’ principles, had been impugned as racist, violent, homophobic, and all their motivations have been impugned.
Andrew Breitbart
The music of the soul is also the music of salesmanship. Exchange value, not truth value counts. On it centers the rationality of the status quo, and all alien rationality is bent to It.
Herbert Marcuse
I invest because I love helping entrepreneurs and watching them learn and succeed. In my opinion your motives are driven by self serving factors around ego satisfaction and “making a buck”. My motives and values are very different.
Ron Conway
All space must be attachedВ to a value, to a public dimension. There is no private space. The only private space that you can imagine is the human mind.
Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Unsoundness in a slave, as well as in a horse, detracts materially from his value. If no warranty is given, a close examination is a matter of particular importance to the Negro jockey.
Solomon Northup
Together let’s defend the shared values that already make America and Israel great.
Hillary Clinton
The requirements for our evolution have changed. Survival is no longer sufficient. Our evolution now requires us to develop spiritually – to become emotionally aware and make responsible choices. It requires us to align ourselves with the values of the soul – harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life.
Gary Zukav
I value those artists who embody the expression of their life.
Wassily Kandinsky
My luck has always been how I’ve had a family of women around me, and I have women who are very close to me – for example, Mariacarla Boscono, Carine Roitfeld, Marina Abramovic. I have different women whom I adore and value.
Riccardo Tisci
Virtue is not a chemical product…it is a historic product, like language and literature; and this means that if we cease to care about it, cease to cultivate it, cease to transmit its funded values, a large part of it will become meaningless, like a dead language to which we have lost the key.
Lewis Mumford
The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.
Carl Jung
Herein lies the real value of education. Advanced education may or may not make men and women more efficient; but it enriches personality, increases the wealth of the mind, and hence brings happiness.
William Lyon Phelps
Stopping thought also involves shifting your values. Thought is stimulated by ideas that we have about life and the world.
Frederick Lenz
The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely.
William Osler
Since the 1970s, we have witnessed the forces of market fundamentalism strip education of its public values, critical content, and civic responsibilities as part of its broader goal of creating new subjects wedded to consumerism, risk-free relationships, and the destruction of the social state.
Henry Giroux
The basis of action on love, the brotherhood of all men, the value of the individual… the humility of the spirit.
Richard P. Feynman
Passion is what adds so much value to life. And if you think about the things that you do, there’s so much juice potential for them if you do it.
Mario Batali
The English, of all ranks and classes, are at bottom, in all their feelings, aristocrats. They have some concept of liberty, and set some value on it, but the very idea of equality is strange and offensive to them. They do not dislike to have many people above them as long as they have some below them.
John Stuart Mill
Wellbeing is a notion that entails our values about the good life, and questions of values are not ultimately scientific questions.
Julian Baggini
As an atheist, I think there are lots of things religions get up to which are of value to non-believers – and one of those things is trying to be a bit better than we normally manage to be.
Alain de Botton
In poetic language, in which the sign as such takes on an autonomous value, this sound symbolism becomes an actual factor and creates a sort of accompaniment to the signified.
Roman Jakobson
When Proust urges us to evaluate the world properly, he repeatedly reminds us of the value of modest scenes.
Alain de Botton
I should like to suggest to you that the cause of all the economic troubles is that we have an economic system which tries to maintain an equality of value between two things, which it would be better to recognise from the beginning as of unequal value.
Paul Dirac
As we advance in life, we acquire a keener sense of the value of time. Nothing else, indeed, seems of any consequence; and we become misers in this respect.
William Hazlitt
In the past, children learned their values at home, reinforced by organizations such as the Boy Scouts and, of course, their church or synagogue, but in all too many families that is no longer the case.
Paul Weyrich
The value we provide most to others is the same value we appreciate most from others.
Simon Sinek
That Britain today is a liberal society is largely because of the philosophy and outlook of the Anglican Church, which did so much to shape our core values in the past few centuries.
Robert Winston
I support allowing gay couples to marry because of – not in spite of – my values. And many of those values are the same ones deeply held by those who do not believe in gay marriage.
Mark Udall
You can only get really unpopular decisions through if the electorate is convinced of the value of the environment. That’s what natural history programmes should be for.
David Attenborough
Faith is important to me. It’s important to millions of Australians. It helps to shape who I am. It helps to shape my values. But it must never, never dictate my politics.
Tony Abbott
Consult the wisdom of your heart as well as your mind.
Stephen Covey
Blockbusting fiction is bought as furniture. Unread, it maintains its value. Read, it looks like money wasted. Cunningly, Americans know that books contain a person, and they want the person, not the book.
Anthony Burgess
Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles and values and in no other way.
Stephen Covey
When you tell women that they are, and you train them to actually believe that their value is involved with, the commodification of their sexuality, then you open the floodgates to this kind of absurd sort of reductive view of a human.
Kamala Lopez
Yes, many immigrants cherish the value of choice and opportunity and the value of education more than 7th or 8th generation Americans.
Malcolm Wallop
The Virgin brand is not a product like Coca-Cola or Famous Grouse whisky. it’s an attitude and a way of life to many. That attitude is about giving customers a better time and better value in a fun way that embraces life and seeks to give the customers something new.
Richard Branson
Practically and commercially speaking, a dollar is not necessarily a specific thing, made of silver, or gold, or any other single metal, or substance. It is only such a quantum of market value as exists in a given piece of silver or gold.
Lysander Spooner
The value of a promise is the cost to you of keeping your word.
Brian Tracy
Mankind may amuse themselves with theoretic systems of liberty… but we can only discern its true value by the practical and wretched effects of slavery.
Mercy Otis Warren
Forgiveness unleashes joy. It brings peace. It washes the slate clean. It sets all the highest values of love in motion.
George MacDonald
A penny saved is of more value than a penny paid out.
Martin Luther
The US is a business-run huckster society, and its primary value is deceit.
Noam Chomsky
With my new venture, Club Mom, we want to empower moms to feel their value and also build their collective power to make their lives better and easier. We want to bring them together as a community to share experiences and information.
Andrew Shue
Value them; they are pearls of great price
P. C. Cast
Principles are guidelines for human conduct that are proven to have enduring, permanent value.
Stephen Covey
Interestingly, many of the organizational characteristics that have been identified as conducive to effectively managing diversity and as conducive to fostering innovation and creativity in the workplace are also important for enabling employees to voice their values.
Mary C. Gentile
Americans want our leaders to defend our values, our culture our legacy of liberty and our way of life, not apologize…
Christine O’Donnell
The value of teaching without words and accomplishing without action is understood by few in the world.
Philosophy, most broadly viewed, is the critical survey of existence from the standpoint of value.
Sidney Hook
Most people believe, more or less, that the value of a human life is the same, irrespective of where on the planet it happens to find itself. But, of course, not every life has the same value for us.
Julian Baggini
You should remember that though another may have more money, beauty, and brains than you, when it comes to the rarer spiritual values such as charity, self-sacrifice, honor, nobility of heart, you have an equal chance with everyone to be the most beloved and honored of all people.
Archibald Rutledge
I have found in every word a certain musical value, a melody in every thought, harmony in every feeling, and I have tried to interpret the same things with clear and simple words to those who used to listen to my music.
Hazrat Inayat Khan
Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives them value. Nothing else constitutes quality.
Peter Drucker
For every day we don’t unlock our own value, we remain plugged into our other identity.
Chris Brogan
Love is our response to our highest values.
Ayn Rand
One’s life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion.
Simone de Beauvoir
The need for values is inbred. Their content is not.
Alan Greenspan
I’m really close to my mother. She sacrificed a lot for me and my sister. She gave up her career. Whatever I am today is due to the values my mother instilled in me.
Ranbir Kapoor
I happen to think that a book is of extraordinary value if it gives the reader nothing more than a smile or two. It’s perfectly okay to take a book, read it, have a good time, giggle and laugh – and turn off the TV. I love that.
Barbara Park
Home is the bottom line of life, the anvil upon which attitudes and convictions are hammered out the single most influential force in our earthly existence. No price tag can adequately reflect its value.
Charles R. Swindoll
Traditional values are big in my life.
Jennifer Hudson
No man who believes that all is for the best in this suffering world can keep his ethical values unimpaired, since he is always having to find excuses for pain and misery.
Bertrand Russell
I think the thing that I admire about Rick Santorum is that he hasn’t backed down or apologized one bit for his personal religious views, for standing up for social conservative values.
Michelle Malkin
I think the educational value is what comes first. I’ve always thought that the most effective tools we have for disseminating information, i.e. education, is television and film.
Morgan Freeman
If you focus only on yourself and neglect others, you will lose; but you will gain if you value others as much as you cherish yourself.
Dalai Lama
Nothing that is of real value can be lost, only the false dissolves.
Eckhart Tolle
In many Asian households, to not go on to higher education, that’s like a big no-no. I know my parents’ discouragement was for my own protection, and I’m really close to them now, but they didn’t understand that there is value in this. That’s because they didn’t know.
Sandra Oh
I grew up in a very politically aware family. My mother always taught me to question everything, never believing anything simply at face value – especially the nicest, most adamant politicians.
Dave Matthews
Europe clearly is the only place where people can speak up critically, and this is a unique cultural value.
Shirin Ebadi
The language of labels is like paper money, issued irresponsibly, with nothing of intrinsic value behind it, that is, with no effort of the intelligence to see, to really apprehend.
Paula Fox
The value of the personal relationship to all things is that it creates intimacy and intimacy creates understanding and understanding creates love.
Anais Nin
Pity on the person who has become accustomed to seeing in necessity something arbitrary, who ascribes to the arbitrary some sort of reason, and even claims that following that sort of reason has religious value.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
O God, my God, the night has values that the day never dreamed of.
Thomas Merton
A great leader has brains, vision, soul, values and a heart.
Klaus Schwab
You don’t achieve greatness in life being surrounded by mediocre people with mediocre values. Choose your company wisely.
Amy Chan
I’m really kind of boring – I’d rather go to bed early and get up early because I really value my time off, my time away from work.
Mandy Moore
Successful people understand the value of time. Once they commit to doing something, they would never cancel.
Raymond Arroyo
As things are, and as fundamentally they must always be, poetry is not a career, but a mug’s game. No honest poet can ever feel quite sure of the permanent value of what he has written: He may have wasted his time and messed up his life for nothing.
T. S. Eliot
I promise you, if you reach that point where you are not afraid to figure out who you are, what you want and what your values are, you will not fear that anymore. You will not do it, you will be smarter.
Christi Paul
It’s the only way that YOUR life is gonna have any value to you. If you’re just living the same life that everybody else is living what’s the point?
Todd Rundgren
Really, the values under which my generation was raised in the ’50s were immigrant values even though we weren’t immigrants. The greatest thing you could be was a college-educated Negro.
Henry Louis Gates
I believe that kids as well as adults are entitled to books of no socially redeeming value.
R. L. Stine
Mr. Rochester, if ever I did a good deed in my life — if ever I thought a good thought—if ever I prayed a sincere and blameless prayer — if ever I wished a righteous wish — I am rewarded now. To be your wife is, for me, to be as happy as I can be on earth.
Charlotte Bronte
If we value ourselves, we value trees; if we treat our environment right, we treat ourselves right.
Greg Reitman
The very wealthy and the very famous have a much closer affinity with the indigent street person than with the rest of us. There’s the narcissism, the addiction, even the outlandish dress. Often they don’t put great value in relationships.
Drew Pinsky
For radical white writers wishing to forge interracial movements of poor and working people, whiteness has also long been a problem, with Alexander Saxton and Ted Allen making especially full efforts to understand whiteness in order to disillusion whites unable to see past the value of their own skins.
David Roediger
We already have an annual wealth tax on homes, the major asset of the middle class. It’s called the property tax. Why not a small annual tax on the value of stocks and bonds, the major assets of the wealthy?
Robert Reich
I have come to value liberated minds as the supreme good of life on earth.
J. Frank Dobie
I had turned personal validation into my primary source of meaning and value, so that without it I was miserable and depressed.
Tullian Tchividjian
The whole value of the dime is in knowing what to do with it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A world without delight and without affection is a world destitute of value.
Bertrand Russell
BBJ customers value long-range capability and cabin size, and this product offering enhances both.
Steven Hill
Most of the photographs people take with their cameraphones are of little value in terms of documentary.
Martin Parr
We are now living in a completely digitalized world and a completely globalized world, so we have to find some new mechanisms and values to deal with this post-digitalized and post-globalized world.
Klaus Schwab
It is my contention that value does not mix so well with debt.
Hugh Hendry
Snobbishness, like hypocrisy, is a check upon behaviour whose value from a social point of view has been underrated.
George Orwell
Value change can change our pathetic capitulation to consumerism, which will help us psychologically as well as environmentally.
James Gustave Speth
The gospel assures you that your value is not dependent on your looks or material possessions.
Elaine L. Jack
What difference would a clear vision of my principles, values, and ultimate objectives make in the way I spend my time?
Stephen Covey
The problem with the emotions is not that they are untamed forces or vestiges of our animal past; it is that they were designed to propagate copies of the genes that built them rather than to promote happiness, wisdom, or moral values.
Steven Pinker
Society doesn’t have values. People have values.
Milton Friedman
I turn the tables and challenge our people, our scouts, and they respond. We had a meeting with our scouts this week and told them [we] will use and value their opinions. That perks them up.
Doug Melvin
The media challenged me. `You’re not going to bring atheists into the government? How dare you maintain that those who believe the Judeo-Christian values are better qualified to govern America than Hindus and Muslims?’ My simple answer is, `Yes, they are.’
Pat Roberts
As for literature, thefts cannot harm it, while the lapse of ages augments its value
Marcus Aurelius
The value of being silent: I never miss an opportunity to say nothing.
Garrison Wynn
When we love something it is of value to us, and when something is of value to us we spend time with it, time enjoying it and time taking care of it.
M. Scott Peck
I want to lead the Progressive Conservative Party, a party that will promote true conservative values and principles. I can tell you right now, I am not the merger candidate. I am not interested in institutional marriages with other parties.
Peter MacKay
To think justly, we must understand what others mean. To know the value of our thoughts, we must try their effect on other minds.
William Hazlitt
Integrity in all things precedes all else. The open demonstration of integrity is essential.
Max De Pree
Thus they went on living in a reality that was slipping away, momentarily captured by words, but which would escape irremediably when they forgot the values of the written letters.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Out of fear, out of the desire for approval, out of the misguided notions of duty, people surrender themselves-their convictions and their aspirations-every day. There is nothing noble about it. It takes far more courage to fight for your values than to relinquish them.
Nathaniel Branden
I think that we’ve made great moral progress in the second half of the 20th century in many respects, and particularly in relation to human rights but I think that we are losing sight of some of the values of concern for others, and self-respect and respect for others.
Alexander McCall Smith
When life takes away, something of greater value is always given in return.
Michael J. Fox
In domestic life the woman’s value is inherent, unquantifiable; at home she exchanges proven values for mythological ones. She “wants” to be at home, and because she is a woman she’s allowed to want it. This desire is her mystique, it is both what enables her to domesticate herself and what disempowers her.
Rachel Cusk
You have to continue to believe in yourself, know your value and continue to work on honing your skills. I was rejected by everyone but here I sit. So you have to stay in the game, you can’t just fall apart. Hopefully those challenges will make you stronger, it did for me.
Debbie Allen
Part of knowing ourselves is also being able to accept who we are and to value ourselves regardless of our flaws. Accepting who we are allows us to value our worth without conditions or reservations.
Diane Greene
I’m very, very lucky in that I have a partner who is willing to do it with me in a really collaborative way. Fortunately, even though we couldn’t stay in a romantic relationship, our values are very much around the importance of family and the importance of those relationships.
Gwyneth Paltrow
An artist is either good at color or good at value but rarely good at both. I focus on the tonal range, the dark-light effects, rather than the full color range of bright colors. I just don’t know what to do with all those cadmiums.
Thomas S. Buechner
One thing evangelicals want is a reprieve from intolerance against their beliefs, values, and practices.
Ronald H. Nash
The value of the space program is beyond science, it’s beyond military; it’s a cultural shift in how we think of our place in the universe.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I don’t want to change Islam, but if there is to be a European Islam, it must incorporate European values.
Wolfgang Schauble
Market price, while used exclusively to value our investments in minority positions, is not a relevant factor when applied to our controlling interests.
Warren Buffett
Men generally pay for all expenses on a date … either sex, however, may bring a little gift, its value to be determined by the bizarrness of the sexual request to be made later that evening.
P. J. O’Rourke
Our citizens will lose their confidence or trust in the values and principles of the international community, especially if our personal identity is denied.
Boris Trajkovski
Almost anything can be dealt with if people are of good will and light hearts and strong values.
Robert Fulghum
There are libertarian values which say private property is the overarching value, the sanctity thereof, and there are egalitarians who say health care should be shared and so on. That’s fair enough.
Uwe Reinhardt
Leadership is defined as authentic transformative energy that adds value to others
Kevin Cashman
But work that’s got real substance does make people feel, “There’s someone else out there who relates to my experience, or who just helped me understand my own experience a little bit better.” And I think that’s still got enormous value.
Edward Norton
The only thing you can never change is your values.
Michael Johnson
If you look at great human civilizations, from the Roman Empire to the Soviet Union, you will see that most do not fail simply due to external threats but because of internal weakness, corruption or a failure to manifest the values and ideals they espouse.
Cory Booker
The educative value of manual activities and of laboratory exercises, as well as of play, depends upon the extent in which they aid in bringing about a sensing of the meaning of what is going on. In effect, if not in name, they are dramatizations.
John Dewey
A cantankerous press, an obstinate press, a ubiquitous press must be suffered by those in authority in order to preserve the even greater values of freedom of expression and the right of the people to know.
Murray Gurfein
Living capital, which has the special capacity to continuously regenerate itself, is ultimately the source of all real wealth. To destroy it for money, a simple number with no intrinsic value, is an act of collective insanity – which makes capitalism a mental, as well as physical pathology.
David Korten
The genuine values in America arose from rational thought and breaking with tradition, not from blind allegiance to dirt and cloth.
Stefan Molyneux
What we value determines what we do.
Craig Groeschel
God loves us for ourselves. He values our love more than he values galaxies of new created worlds.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
True success is reaching our potential without compromising our values.
Muhammad Ali
Slowly and painfully man is learning that he must do unto others what he would have them do to him.
Anthony Eden
Real investors should never feel bearish because the time to buy value is when markets go down!
Irving Kahn
Our innate, built-in human value is the reason we have binding duties or obligations towards each other that we don’t have towards any other kind of thing. It’s also the reason we have unalienable human rights. If man’s God-given, special value falls, then unalienable human rights fall, too.
Greg Koukl
Absolute honesty is as absurd an abstraction as an absolute temperature or an absolute value.
George Bernard Shaw
In the colonial context the settler only ends his work of breaking in the native when the latter admits loudly and intelligibly the supremacy of the white man’s values.
Frantz Fanon
It’s good to stand for something, to believe in something and base your business on values.
Jerry Greenfield
Marketing of art is, and to my mind has always been, trendy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean there is any real long-term value. As an artist I do what I like. As a collector I collect what I like.
Oliver $
You play, you win, you play, you lose. You play. It’s the playing that’s irresistible. Dicing from one year to the next with the things you love, what you risk reveals what you value.
Jeanette Winterson
If humanity has made some headway in realizing that the ultimate value of every institution is its distinctively human effect – its effect upon conscious experience – we may well believe that this lesson has been learned largely through dealings with the young.
John Dewey
Dreams can be of value even if you don’t have an opportunity to turn them into reality.
Henning Mankell
I value people with a conscience. It’s like a beeper from God.
Robert Orben
The value of all things contracted for, is measured by the appetite of the contractors, and therefore the just value is that which they be contented to give.
Thomas Hobbes
We get trapped and configured in patterns of consumption, patterns of social organization, of education and value systems that don’t seem to be feeding that sense of our original being. We fight ourselves, repeating other people’s games and being fed their appetites and their amusements.
James O’Dea
Suffering… We owe to it all that is good in us, all that gives value to life; we owe to it pity, we owe to it courage, we owe to it all the virtues.
Anatole France
I am extremely energized to be in the Senate, because the Senate is the only emergency brake on the Trump train right now. And we have to use that emergency brake in a smart way to keep him from hurting our country, our reputation, our values, and our citizens.
Tim Kaine
Life is short, and therefore, one thing being certain, death, let us take up a great ideal, and give up the whole life to it. For what is the value of life, this vegetating little low life of man? Subordinating it to one high ideal is the only value that life has.
Swami Vivekananda
I don’t have to be making something to feel like life has value.
Kelly Reichardt
There are nature and nurture components to virtually every behavior a human experiences. The research effort lies only in finding the relevant percentages, not on some absolute value. That’s one of the reasons behavioral scientists have to be really good statisticians.
John Medina
A photograph has no value unless it looks exactly like a photograph and nothing else.
Edward Weston
We do not spend a great deal of time talking to management.
Walter Schloss
Government cannot provide values to persons who have none, or who have lost those they had. It cannot provide inner peace. It can provide outlets for moral energies, but it cannot create those energies.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
With the coming of television, and the knowledge of how it could be used to seduce voters, the old political values disappeared. Something new, murky, undefined started to rise from the mists.
Joe McGinniss
When we invoke the soul we move from the realm of information to the more vital realm of wisdom, the attainment of which is the only true value of learning.
Edmund Fuller
Every man who loves peace, every man who loves his country, every man who loves liberty ought to have it ever before his eyes that he may cherish in his heart a due attachment to the Union of America and be able to set a due value on the means of preserving it.
James Madison
Finally, we might decide that civilisation itself is worth preserving. In that case we have to work out what to save and which people would be needed in a drastically reduced population – weighing the value of scientists and musicians against that of politicians, for example…
Susan Blackmore
On TV, talking heads wrung their hands over a lack of traditional feminine values and wondered if girls’ sports were to blame. Then they cut to a commercial featuring a sexy college coed vacuuming her dorm room in her underwear.
Libba Bray
I think we have a bubble in the US in government bonds, because of the quantitative easing and the negative real interest rates, and to some extent, that increases asset values across the board, including in startups.
Peter Thiel
There is no such thing as a value trap. There are investing mistakes.
Mohnish Pabrai
We get a feeling, if we can, about what we think the company is worth.
Walter Schloss
I really value people besides parents who nurture kids.
Dar Williams
Stupidity is an attempt to iron out all differences, and not to use them or value them creatively.
Bill Mollison
What gives life its value if not its constant cry for self-transcendence?
Sri Chinmoy
Promise yourself to make all your friends know there is something in them that is special and that you value.
John Wooden
The greatest legacy is that which benefits the widest number of people for the longest period without limit to value. No one but the Prophet Muhammad was given that role as the seal of God’s message.
Cat Stevens
What was the self-sacrifice?” I jettisoned half of a much-loved and I think irreplaceable pair of shoes.” Why was that self-sacrifice?” Because they were mine!” said Ford, crossly. I think we have different value systems.” Well mine’s better.
Douglas Adams
Be proactive. Ask yourself, “Are my actions based on self-chosen values or on my moods, feelings and circumstances?”
Stephen Covey
I’ve always felt like every note of a song is of equal value.
Vince Gill
A new and speculative idea, which although it may seem trivial and almost laughable, is nonetheless of great value in quickening the spirit of invention.
Michael J. Gelb
Taxation of private property, or the regulation of such property so as to reduce its value, can become in effect a form of servitude.
Mark Levin
It is almost impossible for the poetess, once laurelled, to take off the crown for good or to reject values and taste of those who tender it.
Louise Bogan
A certain degree of neurosis is of inestimable value as a drive, especially to a psychologist.
Sigmund Freud
I think I’m actually quite a materialistic person, I value what it takes to make a car or build a nice house. Money does change things, but how it changes people depends on how they react to it.
Roland Gift
Whatever things you go through, you stay true to who you are and your core values.
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
You cannot approach people who think differently with reason and logic if they don’t know what that means. First, you have to appeal to their values to start with. If you attack them, you lose them.
Jacque Fresco
President Bush is endangering our safety, hurting our vital interests, and undermining American values.
George Soros
Many stock options in the corporate world have worked in exactly that fashion: they have gained in value simply because management retained earnings, not because it did well with the capital in its hands.
Warren Buffett
Our world is in profound danger. Mankind must establish a set of positive values with which to secure its own survival.
Richard Matheson
Strategy is indeed about choosing what not to do as well as what to do. A business unit needs to decide what need it aims to satisfy in what group of people and with what value proposition that distinguishes the business from its competitors.
Philip Kotler
I am continually trying to find meaning in the world. If we cannot find some ultimate significance or value in our lives, we fall very easily into despair.
Karen Armstrong
The truth has never been of any real value to any human being – it is a symbol for mathematicians and philosophers to pursue. In human relations kindness and lies are worth a thousand truths.
Graham Greene
Leadership is not about executive position or title. It is about connection and influence. At its highest, leadership is all about adding value to the world and blessing lives through the work you do.
Robin Sharma
There are many ways of supporting gender equality, from something as simple as paid sick leave and flexible work hours to attributing an economic value to all care-giving, and making that amount tax deductible.
Gloria Steinem
By positional play a master tries to prove and exploit true values, whereas by combinations he seeks to refute false values … A combination produces an unexpected re-assessment of values.
Emanuel Lasker
May be you had to come close to losing something before you could remember its value.
Jodi Picoult
I was a litigation lawyer, working in downtown Toronto. I was successful, yet I was very unfulfilled. I had the sense that I really wasn’t living according to my values, and I didn’t have the passion or sense of mission I was looking for.
Robin S. Sharma
Most of all, Creation must be protected for its own sake, even if we currently assign no value or an incorrect value to it.
Klaus Topfer
There are two principles of established acceptance in morals; first, that self-interest is the mainspring of all of our actions, and secondly, that utility is the test of their value.
Charles Caleb Colton
Traditional credentialing really doesn’t have a lot of predictive value to if people will be successful.
Gabe Newell
Honesty is the recognition of the fact that the unreal is unreal and can have no value, that neither love nor fame nor cash is a value if obtained by fraud.
Ayn Rand
Market prices for stocks fluctuate at great amplitudes around intrinsic value but, over the long term, intrinsic value is virtually always reflected at some point in market price.
Warren Buffett
The game of life is the game of everlasting learning. At least it is if you want to win.
Charlie Munger
I think testing films are a great tool. And I think showing them to people that you value their opinion is important, but once you give over to what reviewers think, that’s tricky. You don’t know what their agenda is; it’s so subjective. You have got to make sure you are asking someone’s opinion who you know.
Bradley Cooper
South Dakota is a great state because of its values, not because of dependence on government.
Laura Ingraham
Fine phrases I value more than bank-notes. I have ear for no other harmony than the harmony of words. To be occasionally quoted is the only fame I care for.
Alexander Smith
The value of life is not in its duration, but in its donation.
Myles Munroe
Some critics have challenged what the return on investment is for engagement in social media. Others have complained that the metrics don’t exist to demonstrate value.
Simon Mainwaring
A core value is something you’re willing to get punished for.
Patrick Lencioni
Parents walk a fine line between discipline and grace – values have to hold even when circumstances change or call for compromise or compassion. It’s the ultimate challenge to be both firm and fluid, soft and strong, yielding yet rock solid.
Kristin Armstrong
If human values were relative, all laws-whether those based on revealed religions or those devised by man-would become meaningless.
Anwar Sadat
With the help of pressure groups, government now has crossed over into the final frontier of bigotry, what writer and Catholic theologian Michael Novak calls ‘Christophobia .’ Traditional Christians and Jews are the new counterculture – aliens in a land their forefathers’ beliefs and values established and built.
Cal Thomas
When we try to find our sense of security, value, worth from our work, we’ll find ourselves anxiety-ridden and burdened.
David Kim
One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.
Jim Rohn
In the wilderness, God’s covenant people struggled with a choice between feeding their bellies and nourishing their souls. God provided manna-a breadlike food that fell to the ground during the night-to sustain the wandering Israelites and to teach them how to value His Word more than physical fulfillment.
Charles R. Swindoll
I grew up in a very artistic, cultured home, but without any kind of spirituality. My parents were secular materialists, so I saw art as having an alternate value.
Daniel Pinchbeck
More things to remember:
7) The value of time;
8) The pleasure of working;
9) The obligation of duty;
10) The power of kindness;
11) The wisdom of economy;
12) The virtue of patience.
Marshall Field
Virtue and learning, like gold, have their intrinsic value: but if they are not polished, they certainly lose a great deal of their luster: and even polished brass will pass upon more people than rough gold.
Lord Chesterfield
I am inclined to think that nothing could matter more than what people love. At any rate, I can think of no value that I would place higher. I would not want to live in a world without love.
Daniel Dennett
Good citizenship and defending democracy means living up to the ideals and values that make this country great.
Ronald Reagan
The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” Ray Kroc “If some of today’s leaders don’t relearn the value of a smile, they’ll be unable to fire up others’ ability to find real enjoyment in their work.
Ken Blanchard
Excellent value relative to the week investment of time….To my mind, this is the definitive course on leadership.
William Wrigley, Jr.
Of what value is a civilization that can’t toast a piece of bread as ordered?
Haruki Murakami
We know our lands have now become more valuable. The white people think we do not know their value; but we know that the land is everlasting, and the few goods we receive for it are soon worn out and gone.
A commodity has a value because it is a crystallization of social labor. The greatness of its value, or its relative value, depends upon the greater or less amount of that social substance contained in it; that is to say, on the relative mass of labor necessary for its production.
Karl Marx
I always loved my mother, felt loved, but she was judgmental. Her father in Ireland didn’t approve of women generally, and she took on his values. She believed her own mother was foolish.
Julie Walters
I liked the results of the profits in the markets.
Walter Schloss
An author values a compliment even when it comes from a source of doubtful competency.
Mark Twain
Managements, you know, often think of themselves.
Walter Schloss
Churchgoers feel righteous, responsible, and obedient to God’s will. They view anyone unlike themselves as devoid of values, and therefore unworthy of God’s love. By denying God to all those who have strayed from the path of righteousness, the devout are unwittingly taking on themselves a role that belongs only to God.
Deepak Chopra
We reap in age what we have sown, in our values, all along the way.
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Ram Dass
Madrid reacting with the forceful protection of bullfighting as an art form is an example of the survival of the old values.
Bette Ford
Customers want good value, but they care more than ever how food and clothing products are made.
Stuart Rose
Money hasn’t any value of its own; it represents the stored up energy of men and women and is really just someone’s promise to pay a certain amount of that energy.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Approval is a greater motivator than disapproval, but we have to disapprove on occasion when we correct. It’s necessary. I make corrections only after I have proved to the individual that I highly value him. If they know we care for them, our correction won’t be seen as judgmental. I also try to never make it personal.
John Wooden
The racist rhetoric that extends all the way to the top of the AfD shows that one must assume that an attitude is prevalent – not just in the grassroots, but also among party leadership – that is not consistent with the basic values reflected in our constitution.
Martin Schulz
A much larger value is consumed in lettuces than in pineapples,throughout Europe at large; and the superb shawls of Cachemere are, in France, a very poor object in trade, in comparison with the plain cotton goods of Rouen.
Jean-Baptiste Say
It is the height of professionalism to be able to make an ordinary piece of music sound good. When playing routine melodic studies the player must treat them as if they are musical value.
Howard Snell
The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make to them; a man may live long, yet get little from life. Whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years, but on your will – Montaigne, Essays
Barbara Taylor Bradford
I value comedy. I value somebody who can be funny.
James L. Brooks
Sure, sometimes guys pass you up in salary, and maybe it’s a lesser player, but it’s all based on what a team has as far as value in that person.
Brett Favre
Every true man, sir, who is a little above the level of the beasts and plants does not live for the sake of living, without knowing how to live; but he lives so as to give a meaning and a value of his own to life.
Luigi Pirandello
Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks: it gives us immediacy, direction, a sense of clarity and value as an individual.
David Amerland
Every new social structure strives to come up with some kind of mythology of divine origin for its values and aims.
Zsuzsanna Budapest
Positive Thinkers get positive results because they appreciate the inestimable value of a day, this day, not the next day, but this day, and every day. Today offers at least sixteen waking hours that may be crammed FULL of opportunity, joy, excitement, and achievement.
Norman Vincent Peale
A friend to me has no race, no class and belongs to no minority. My friendships were formed out of affection, mutual respect and a feeling of having something strong in common. These are eternal values that cannot be racially classified. This is the way I look at race.
Frank Sinatra
All that is worth seeing in good boxing can best be witnessed in a contest with soft gloves. Every value is called out: quickness, force, precision, foresight, readiness, pluck, and endurance. With these, the rowdy and ‘rough’ are not satisfied.
John Boyle O’Reilly
To the extent I can, I try to maintain a laser focus on what needs to get done from a priority standpoint. And not just from an urgency standpoint, but from a value-added standpoint. So where can I add the most value? Where is my time best spent?
Ivanka Trump
What greater value could you possibly have than to be delighted in and sacrificed for by the Maker of the universe.
Timothy Keller
Nothing in science has any value to society if it is not communicated, and scientists are beginning to learn their social obligations.
Anne Roe
The commitment of giving your best at all times, in all circumstances and under all conditions, can enable you to find value in, and lend value to, every experience.
John Templeton
To a person in love, the value of the individual is intuitively known. Love needs no logic for its mission.
Charles Lindbergh
Taxes are a universal burden in moral as well as in civil life. There is not a pleasure, social or otherwise, which is not assessed by fate at its full value!
Alfred de Musset
smile, It increases your face value
Robert Harling
As far as socially redeeming value, I hope I don’t have any.
John Waters
To prove that the Americans ought not to be free, we are obliged to deprecate the value of freedom itself.
Edmund Burke
The value of love will always be stronger than the value of hate. Any nation or group of nations which employs hatred eventually is torn to pieces by hatred.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
There must be right and wrong answers to questions of morality and values that potentially fall within the purview of science. On this view, some people and cultures will be right (to a greater or lesser degree), and some will be wrong, with respect to what they deem important in life.
Sam Harris
I will create value for society, rather than extract it.
John C. Bogle
Prudence supposes the value of the end to be assumed, and refers only to the adaptation of the means. It is the relation of right means for given ends.
William Whewell
When you are older you will understand how precious little things, seemingly of no value in themselves, can be loved and prized above all price when they convey the love and thoughtfulness of a good heart.
Edwin Booth
Capitalism is a system for determining objective value.
Matt Taibbi
The dominant factors affecting control valuations are earning power (past and prospective) and asset values.
Warren Buffett
We would betray our values and play into our enemies’ hands if we were to treat Muslims differently than anyone else. In fact, to cave to popular sentiment would be to hand a victory to the terrorists, and we should not stand for that.
Michael Bloomberg
Truly I say to you, a single number has more genuine and permanent value than an expensive library full of hypotheses.
Robert Mayer
I think that sometimes the Democrats have to run upstream or swim upstream because we’ve got the Republicans making it out as if we don’t care about these things, and we should be able to engage and be willing to engage in the discussion about morality and values.
Barack Obama
If we don’t uphold our Constitution and our values, that over time, that will make us less safe and that will be a recruitment tool for organizations like Al Qaeda. That’s what I have to keep my eye on.
Barack Obama