Victor Quotes

Victor Quotes by Emmitt Smith, Ronnie Corbett, Mellody Hobson, Kharaj Mukherjee, Ivanka Trump, Gustav Stresemann and many others.

There's a lot of dancing in football. You can see Victo

There’s a lot of dancing in football. You can see Victor Cruz doing a little bit of a cha-cha or samba move in the end zone. You can see Terrell Owens getting his popcorn ready. You can see Ochocinco doing the riverdance. But not so much when it comes to ballroom.
Emmitt Smith
I have been trapped in some posh toilets, including those in Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, and at Victor Spinetti’s memorial at St. Paul’s Covent Garden, I got locked in the loo.
Ronnie Corbett
I don’t want to be a victim. I want to be a victor.
Mellody Hobson
In Surojit’s film, ‘Pagol Hawar Bodol Din,’ I am a villager. Victor Banerjee is also part of the film. The uniqueness of ‘PHBD’ is that the whole film is like a poem.
Kharaj Mukherjee
Oftentimes, the best negotiations result in a deal that benefits both parties. There are times when you simply want to go for the jugular, but often, you want the other person to feel pleased with the outcome, even if you are the clear victor.
Ivanka Trump
If one seeks to analyze experiences and reactions to the first postwar years, I hope one may say without being accused of bias that it is easier for the victor than for the vanquished to advocate peace.
Gustav Stresemann
Tom Hooper did an amazing job in capturing the feel of Victor Hugo’s book. I thought some of the performances were incredible. I thought the Bishop would be a nice part to play, and they all made such a fuss of me being there.
Colm Wilkinson
The greenhorn is the ultimate victor in everything; it is he that gets the most out of life.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
I went to the Sorbonne in Paris for two years and read all the classics by authors like Victor Hugo and Guy de Maupassant. I was supposed to read them in French but I cheated and used the English versions instead.
Prue Leith
I often find myself quoting from Victor Hugo after one of my theatrical ventures. ‘Now that my play is a failure,’ he once said, ‘I find I love it all the more.’ I first quoted that after ‘Square Rounds’ at the Olivier in 1992.
Tony Harrison
I used to wear sneakers with those nice suits because I wanted Victor Sifuentes to have a bounce in the courtroom.
Jimmy Smits
Victor and vanquished never unite in substantial agreement.
Victor Mature was a big man; he had a great swagger. I liked him and I knew we’d be good together on screen.
Esther Williams
For the victor peace means the preservation of the position of power which he has secured. For the vanquished it means resigning himself to the position left to him.
Gustav Stresemann
There’s been a lot come through at Everton: Wayne Rooney, obviously, and lately, Victor Anichebe has made it, James Vaughan, and the likes of myself.
Jack Rodwell
The two books I’ve re-read more than any others are Guenter Grass’s ‘The Tin Drum’ and Victor Hugo’s ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’.
Paul Kaye
My roots and Victor’s are jazz, basically, but these two young fellows that we have with us come out of rock bands. And they’re tremendously exciting players.
Chico Hamilton
We often know only one version of the story… the version portrayed by the person who wins a war and lives to tell the tale, and the one who loses a war is always remembered as the ‘Antagonist’ making the victor the ‘Protagonist.’
Puneet Issar
Victor Stone’s story is one of acceptance – of self and others. Also, accepting his father for the person he once was, absent from his life until he turned him into Cyborg. And acceptance of oneself in that he is both Cyborg and Victor Stone simultaneously.
Ray Fisher
Victor Saville was bad news because he wanted money just to do one big picture.
Mickey Spillane
And, as I have said, it’s made me think twice about the imagination. If the spirits aren’t external, how astonishing the mediums become! Victor Hugo said of his voices that they were like his own mental powers multiplied by five.
James Merrill
Science has produced such powerful weapons that in a war between great powers there would be neither victor nor vanquished. Both would be overwhelmed in destruction.
John Boyd Orr
I’d rather be a victor than a victim.
Robert Kiyosaki
I think a ‘no’ vote is giving the victor, whoever that may be, the win without your participation.
Cory Gardner
The competitions between fiction and nonfiction, short and long, electronic and paper, are not battles in which there can be only one victor. After all, we exist in a world where more kinds of writing than ever are greeted with interest and enthusiasm.
Celeste Ng
He who refuses to stoop, who cannot be bribed by the promise of success or the fear of failure – who walks the highway of the right, and in disaster stands erect, is the only victor.
Robert Green Ingersoll
The courtesy which most becomes a victor was denied to Germany for a long time.
Gustav Stresemann