Waiting Quotes

Waiting Quotes by Josh Duhamel, Johnny Carson, Cecelia Ahern, Curtis Sittenfeld, Evel Knievel, Donald Trump and many others.

I've always wanted to be a dad. I just can't wait to ha

I’ve always wanted to be a dad. I just can’t wait to have a little rug rat running around. I used to want five or six kids, but maybe I’ve become too self-absorbed over the years. I think two would be perfect.
Josh Duhamel
I can empathize with President [George Bush]. I know what it feels like having a young guy waiting around for you to keel over.
Johnny Carson
For the yesterdays and todays, and the tomorrows I can hardly wait for – Thank you.
Cecelia Ahern
If a man wants to be romantically involved with you, he tries to kiss you. That’s the entire story, and if he doesn’t kiss you, there is never a reason to wait around for him.
Curtis Sittenfeld
All my life people have been waiting around to watch me die.
Evel Knievel
Obamacare is a disaster waiting to explode. If you sit back and let it explode, it’s going to be much easier.
Donald Trump
Climate change is real. The science is compelling. And the longer we wait, the harder the problem will be to solve.
John F. Kerry
Destiny waits alike for the free man as well as for him enslaved by another’s might.
I’m not waiting for times to change
I want to live like a free-roaming soul
on the highway of our love.
Neil Young
You have to wait six months to purchase a fuel efficient automobile made from overseas.
Ed Markey
I’m not looking for a series. I love TV. I love developing characters over a long amount of time. I think for an actor it gives you so much material and every season it gives more background and interest and richness. So I would definitely do another series. I’m just waiting for the right thing to come along.
Christina Hendricks
The Messenger has seen God. He was with Allah and was given divine patience with the devil. He is willing to wait for Allah to deal with this devil. Well, sir, the rest of us Black Muslims have not seen God, we don’t have this gift of divine patience with the devil. The younger Black Muslims want to see some action.
Malcolm X
do you fix a wheel that isn’t broken, or do you wait until the cart collapses?
Jodi Picoult
Billy [Ray] is a preternatural enthusiast. He would say things to me like, “Now, let me tell you about Episode 3.” I’m a big superstitious, having done television for quite some time, and I would say, “Billy, I can’t wait to hear about it, but let’s just stay here for right now, see what happens, and enjoy this moment.
Matt Bomer
Most of us need time to work through pain and loss. We can find all manner of reasons for postponing forgiveness. One of these reasons is waiting for the wrongdoers to repent before we forgive them. Yet such a delay causes us to forfeit the peace and happiness that could be ours.
James E. Faust
I want to know what it is to build the foundation of the friendship for real, to have my best friend and not because we’re just intimate, but because we’re mentally intimate. So I’m waiting for that person to come into my life.
LisaRaye McCoy-Misick
We wanted to wait until the music felt right. We didn’t want to do it, just to do it. We didn’t want to do it for money, I guess, is the thing that would have just bummed me out so much.
Patrick Stump
The Dutch and the English, former competitors for world dominance, taught me the wisdom of waiting as well as withholding.
Lynne Tillman
Survival is an art. It requires the dulling of the mind and the senses, and a delicate attunement to waiting, without insisting on precision about just what it is you are waiting for.
Marilyn French
I can’t wait to get my memory back. It sounds like I am a really cool person
John C. Wright
People wait in line to see me, saying there’s plenty of living to be done even if you have an HIV diagnosis. People say they are 10- or 15-year survivors and still moving forward.
Greg Louganis
Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing” it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.
Fulton J. Sheen
The roles that I am attracted to are women who try to do something about their lives, and not a woman who waits for some circumstance or man to come rescue her. I have no interest in that.
Kathleen Turner
I love movies, I’ve always been interested in them, but I wanted to wait for the right time to start acting.
Claudia Schiffer
Look, we’ll have to confront the pathologies of poverty at some point. We can deal with them cheaply at the front end, in infancy. Or we can wait and jail a troubled adolescent at the tail end. To some extent, we face a choice between investing in preschools or in prisons.
Nicholas D. Kristof
It’s incredible when I’m out in these towns. I have people telling me they were waiting for hours just to meet me and get my autograph. I feel so guilty. I always feel like I have to give them more than just Kato Kaelin.
Don’t wait to be led…do it yourself, person to person.
Mother Teresa
As the season of believing seems to wind down let me gently remind you that many dreams still wait in the wings. Many authentic sparks must be fanned before passion performs her perfect work in you. Throw another log on the fire.
Sarah Ban Breathnach
I like both music and acting, and they both have a lot in common – timing, immediacy, stuff like that. But acting is more regimented. You wait around for hours, you don’t get to write the script, you get hired. Music represents me better. I’m not acting; I’m just expressing myself.
Lukas Haas
We’re the country of movie stars because the stars, like ourselves, represent a kind of extended infantilism, beauties waiting for the big chance.
Jerome Charyn
I’m going to be your grandpa! / I have the biggest smile. / I’ve been waiting to meet you for such a long, long while.
Billy Crystal
This company looks cheap, that company looks cheap, but the overall economy could completely screw it up. The key is to wait. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to do nothing.
David Tepper
Most of us are waiting. We’re waiting for something interesting to happen. And I think we’re going to wait forever if we don’t do something more interesting with our lives.
Donald Miller
O, once in each man’s life, at least, Good luck knocks at his door; And wit to seize the flitting guest Need never hunger more. But while the loitering idler waits. Good luck beside his fire, The bold heart storms at fortune’s gates, And conquers its desire.
John L. Bates
It seems like movies normally take a long time to get made. When you focus on it, and you’re waiting for something, it seems to take longer.
Michael Cera
The game has a cleanness. If you do a good job, the numbers say so. You don’t have to ask anyone or play politics. You don’t have to wait for the reviews.
Sandy Koufax
I always assume that a chick is not into me. So it’s never natural for me to be like, ‘Check out that girl in the corner. She’s waiting for me to come up to her. I’m gonna to work my six-step process…’
Dylan O’Brien
A wine is ready when you can’t bear to wait for it any longer.
Karen MacNeil
If you take one of the first flights out in the morning, typically the airplane and the crew have arrived the night before. When you’re not waiting on an inbound flight, there are fewer delays.
Chesley Sullenberger
I like Aurora, ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ because she’s just sleeping and looking pretty and waiting for boys to come kiss her. Sounds like a good life – lots of naps and cute boys fighting dragons to come kiss you.
Ariana Grande
Wait for the idea. It may not come at first, but you must be patient, never doubting, waiting in faith. It will come.
Ernest Holmes
The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.
Barack Obama
I don’t wait for inspiration. Writing is my job.
Gail Carson Levine
Bite your lips, little brother…Don’t cry. Keep your anger, your hate, for another day, for later. The day will come but not now…Wait. Clench your teeth and wait.
Elie Wiesel
I told my caddie today that I am in the position that I want to be in. That this is what I have been waiting for, to win my tenth victory. I said that I am going to do everything that I can do today and that nothing is going to stop me.
Annika Sorenstam
I am just always, always paying attention – waiting for the words, or image, or name that will be the beginning of a story.
Kate DiCamillo
It’s only because I’ve lived with brothers that I realize, after a moment, that he’s not looking outside but rather inside, wrestling with something inside himself. And there’s nothing for it but to wait.
Maggie Stiefvater
Creating my own roles, as an actor, is great. You’re so at the mercy of other people, and you’re waiting for a job. That’s just a horrible way to live, so I just decided to take matters into my own hands, find my own projects, and create them myself, and then do other stuff that people might throw my way as well.
Catherine Bell
I’d obviously never heard of the group, but my ignorance in literary matters is to blame for that (every book in the world is out there waiting to be read by me).
Roberto Bolano
Be sure that your soul is never so intensely alive as when in the deepest abnegation it waits hushed before God .
Alexander MacLaren
Waiting is the most exquisitely painful part of loving someone.
Denise Chavez
Hello, Edward. I’ve been waiting for you.
Mitch Albom
Somewhere the sense makes copper roses steel roses — The rose carried weight of love but love is at an end — of roses It is at the edge of the petal that love waits.
William Carlos Williams
In my next life I want to be a cat. To sleep 20 hours a day and wait to be fed. To sit around licking my ass.
Charles Bukowski
While waiting for a Moses to lead us into the promised land, we have forgotten how to walk.
Wendell Johnson
Listen, wait, and be patient. Every shaman knows you have to deal with the fire that’s in your audience’s eye.
Ken Kesey
The hardest part was knowing that I would have to talk about the album when I released it. I think the hardest part was waiting to see how long it would take for me to be able to get through the questions people would ask me.
Alejandra Deheza
To those who will see, the world waits.
Libba Bray
Liberals are wrong to think that opposition to health reform is a rejection of big government. If health reform consisted of extending Medicare to everyone, people would be delighted. There are millions of 64-year-olds out there who can hardly wait to be 65.
Marcia Angell
If you are really into waiting, try holding your breath for Jesus, ’cause I hear the payoff may be that much greater.
Axl Rose
There are people who are waiting for me. I can only continue living when I stand onstage.
Friends are those rare people who ask how we are, and then wait to hear the answer.
Ed Cunningham
I am sure that God keeps no one waiting unless he sees that it is good for him to wait.
C. S. Lewis
Do you want to go back to Vienna?” he said. Alec didn’t answer, just stared into space. “Or we could go somewhere else,” said Magnus. “Anywhere you want. Thailand, South Carolina, Brazil, Peru – Oh, wait, no, I’m banned from Peru. I’d forgotten about that. It’s a long story, but amusing if you want to hear it.
Cassandra Clare
I hated waiting. If I had one particular complaint, it was that my life seemed composed entirely of expectation.
Marilynne Robinson
When you hit send on a text or tweet, you lose ownership of it – but you don’t lose responsibility. Every text you have sent may have been saved and could be out there waiting to be used in ways you didn’t imagine. Even the most simple of posts can be used out of context, often unintentionally, and change your future.
Mark Cuban
God is waiting for us, to forgive us all, and what is broken, he’ll fix.
Aaron Neville
A child needs to be listened to and talked to at 3 and 4 and 5 years of age. Parents should not wait for the sophisticated conversation of a teenager.
Bob Keeshan
We have to stop meeting like this.” And that was the truest thing ever spoke. I needed to stop staring at his bicep… and chest… and tattoo. Never thought the sun could be so… sexy. Wow. This was awkward. “You running over me, me almost running over you?” Cam elaborated. “It’s like we’re a catastrophe waiting to happen.
J. Lynn
You don’t make money when you buy stocks. And you don’t make money when you sell stocks. You make money by waiting.
Mohnish Pabrai
I left him in his wheelchair, staring sadly into the fireplace. I wondered how many times he’d sat here, waiting for heroes that never came back.
Rick Riordan
Of all the adventures and challenges that wait on the vagabonding road, the most difficult can be the act of coming home.
Rolf Potts
I was taught to think the next week or month or year will only get better than it is today. So I just keep waiting to see how great it will get!
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Every relationship has tough days. Don’t let the grudge last. Be the first to try to make things right and stop waiting for an apology.
Nouman Ali Khan
My senses have been stripped, my hands can’t feel to grip, my toes to numb to step, wait only for my boot heels to be wandering.
Bob Dylan
Often in the morning I will sit in a favorite chair in my study with a cup of coffee, with classical music playing, not trying to form a prayer with words but waiting, listening, until perhaps I sense the Spirit bringing to the surface a word from God. Then I offer just a simple ‘Thank you.’
Leighton Ford
Jealousy, you know, is usually not an affair of causes. It is much more-how shall I say?-fundamental than that. Based on the knowledge that one’s love is not returned. And so one goes on waiting, watching, expecting…that the loved one will turn to someone else.
Agatha Christie
I have learned that part of the formula for success is to keep quiet about your objective until you get it. Just as the universe is filled with positive energy waiting to join your own, there is also destructive energy emanating from people who do not like you.
Sheilah Graham Westbrook
To wait is not to sit with folded hands, but to learn to do what we are told.
Oswald Chambers
Music stays in the air. / It travels at the speed of breath / at the sound of light. / It is never not heard. / It can wait centuries if it has to.
Alexis De Veaux
We got trapped in the limo during a thunderstorm on our way to the reception. The bride wanted to wait for the storm to pass before they went in. It was actually an awesome chance for the couple to have some quiet time together after their ceremony.
Julie Roberts
I have to keep reminding myself that I am their mother. Sometimes we are sitting at home and I feel like we are waiting for our mom to come home.
Ruby Wax
I’ve never met anyone who made it with a chick because they owned a Tom Waits album. I’ve got all three, and it’s never helped me.
Tom Waits
Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.
Robert H. Schuller
Kyo Sohma: angrily pointing at Yuki Just like I’ll beat you one of these days Yuki: looking bored Wait wait I think I’ve heard this one before
Natsuki Takaya
Hope sleeps in our bones like a bear waiting for spring to rise and walk.
Marge Piercy
In truth, our aliveness depends on our ability to sustain wonder:
to lengthen the moments we are truly uncovered, to be still and quiet
till all the elements of the earth and all the secrets of the oceans
stir the aspects of life waiting within us.
Mark Nepo
And I think if the president’s made a mistake here, it’s this laid-back kind of approach where he’s waiting for someone else to solve the problem. Some people say it’s a political strategy. No matter what it is, it’s not effective in solving problems.
Chris Christie
If you had told me in 1997 that even 5 people would be waiting online for me to sign my new book in 2009, I would have jumped around like Joe Carter in the 1993 World Series. I love it. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t like it. The only thing I worry about is carpal tunnel syndrome – my last tour almost caused it.
Bill Simmons
Waiting is a state of mind that says we want what we don’t have. Therefore, with every kind of waiting we produce an inner conflict between now and the projected future. This greatly reduces the quality of our life. Are you a ‘habitual waiter’?
Eckhart Tolle
Now is the time… if you want to make a difference in the world, now is the time. Don’t be fooled into thinking you should wait until you are older or wiser or more secure because it doesn’t work that way. The wisdom will come. The security will come. But first you must begin.
Ron Atchison
Inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born.
David Whyte
I do not love you-except because I love you; I go from loving to not loving you, from waiting to not waiting for you my heart moves from the cold into the fire.
Pablo Neruda
You have time. Meaning don’t use it, but pass through time in patience, waiting for something to come. Prepare for its arrival. Don’t rush to meet it. Be a conduit.
Rachel Kushner
I had a God who knew my every desire. He also knew how I would fall. And yet he was waiting on the other side of my failure and my shattered dreams with some dreams of his own.
Eric Ludy
Lesson number one: opportunity can be manufactured. Yes, you can wait around for the right set of circumstances to fall into place and then leap into action but you can also create those set of circumstances on your own. In so doing, you manufacture your own opportunities. This has helped me immeasurably.
Biz Stone
Therefore, whether the desire for prayer is on you or not, get to your closet at the set time; shut yourself in with God; wait upon Him; seek His face; realize Him; pray.
Robert Forman Horton
You try spending six months sitting at somebody’s bedside, waiting for them to die and then tell me that the happy-ending love story isn’t one of God’s good gifts.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Writing is really wonderful art. A lot of this is discovery. A lot of things are lying around waiting to be discovered and that’s our job as writers is to just notice them and bring them to life.
George Carlin
As part of our renewal – we need to fight problems, not just wait for them to take place.
Nong ?uc Manh
Waiting for the fish to bite or waiting for wind to fly a kite. Or waiting around for Friday night or waiting perhaps for their Uncle Jake or a pot to boil or a better break or a string of pearls or a pair of pants or a wig with curls or another chance. Everyone is just waiting.
Dr. Seuss
Someday I will have nothing left to lose. I can’t wait.
Frank Warren
Now I must wait and be still and say nothing I don’t know, nothing I haven’t lived over and over, and that’s everything.
Philip Levine
Confusion is a gift from God. Those times when you feel most desperate for a solution, sit. Wait. The information will become clear. The confusion is there to guide you. Seek detachment and become the producer of your life.
I found this national debt, doubled, wrapped in a big bow waiting for me as I stepped into the Oval Office.
Barack Obama
My life is light, waiting for the death wind, Like a feather on the back of my hand.
T. S. Eliot
My whole life is waiting for the questions to which I have prepared answers.
Tom Stoppard
I read it plain on his face, an implacable determination to get at the truth. C.B. Greenfield had mounted his mental charger, and he had a second horse waiting for me.
Lucille Kallen
I’ve never said this to a girl before.” I bit my lip, waiting. “Well…” He looked down. “I’m not sure how to say this.” He took a deep breath and announced, “I really like fighting evil with you.
Joan Bauer
Perhaps I’m tired of waiting for something I may never find.
Maya Banks
Filming is a funny combination of having a good time and not being able to wait until its over.
Nicole Holofcener
Always, beneath every apparent chaos, order waits to be revealed.
Dean Koontz
And I hear from time to time people say, hey, wait a second, we have civil liberties we have to worry about. But don’t forget the most important civil liberty I expect from my government is my right to be kept alive, and that’s what we’re going to have to do.
Mitt Romney
Congressmen are not evil people, they’re mostly sort of seismographs with antennae; they’re waiting – they’re more worried about losing their jobs than Assistant Deans of Men in the Ivy League.
Allard K. Lowenstein
I couldn’t wait to grow a mustache. I stopped shaving my upper lip the day I graduated from high school.
John Oates
Success is meaningless if you can’t sleep at night because of harsh things said, petty secrets sharpened against hard and stony regret, just waiting to be plunged into the soft underbelly of a ‘friendship.’
Margaret Cho
I suppose I was waiting until I was old enough to have some sort of experience to sing about. When you’re young, it’s hard to sing the blues. Nobody believes you.
Nick Lowe
I’m always just waiting for someone to cut me off; I’m a chatty guy.
Darren Criss
Kiss me, and smile for me, tell me that you’ll wait for me. Hold me like you’ll never let me go.
John Denver
Jay-Z has kind of shown that you can get to the very top without waiting, without following rules. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. People will admire you more if you break the rules.
George Packer
I had a great deal of trouble focusing. My two – I had three children, and the two that survived – boys – were very badly injured. I did my job. I didn’t miss the votes. I showed up. But I just could hardly wait to get home.
Joe Biden
When you don’t understand what is happening, you need to wait, trust God, and rest in His care. He is always faithful to His own.
Jim George
But standing in that hallway, it was all coming back to me. Memories were waiting at the edges of things, beckoning to me.
Neil Gaiman
And God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected.
Spike Milligan
Being blocked, being uncertain, sitting there not knowing, waiting, abiding with it: this is the work. If you don’t have the tolerance for that you’re in great trouble. If you want to call it a writer’s block… that doesn’t seem a very useful name for that kind of abiding that I think is the essence of the work.
Jonathan Lethem
A sound waiting to be a word.
David Levithan
The Russians have held my title for ten years and they’re going to be in for it when I win the Championship. They’re going to have to wait and play under my conditions.
Bobby Fischer
When composing music, I just start spilling things out and then wait until they take form, you know what I mean, until I see like a common thread or something.
J. Cole
If you wait for things to be perfect you’ll just miss out on life.
Chris Pratt
In life, people tend to wait for good things to come to them. And by waiting, they miss out.
Neil Strauss
Every book in the world is out there waiting to be read by me.
Roberto Bolano
Because my life isn’t going to wait around while I figure out how to make it work.
Susane Colasanti
Don’t take the attitude of waiting for people to be nice to you – be nice to them. Don’t sit in front of a cold stove waiting for the heat. Put in the fuel. Act first.
Earl Nightingale
Sometimes we have to wait a long time to see conversions.
Mark Dever
Maybe everyone is just waiting for someone else to save them.
Margaret Haddix
They wrapped her up like a baby burrito to show to Mom. Here were a mother and her daughter and I love them both so much. I couldn’t wait for Courtney to come to the hospital so I could have all my women together.
Al Roker
Humanity does not know where to go because no one is waiting for it: not even God.
Antonio Porchia
It is impossible to pursue happiness. Nobody has ever pursued it. One has to wait for it. And it is not a right at all. No law court can force you to be happy or force happiness to be with you. No government violence is capable of making you happy. No power can make you happy.
I don’t write quickly or a lot. Well actually I write quickly, but I don’t have a store of things. I will wait for that erotic moment – like the one which struck me when someone said “have you ever heard of Kester Berwick?”
Robert Dessaix
He’s waiting for yu, young queen.’ Shocked, I stared at Seoras. ‘Heath?’ The Warrior’s look was wise and understanding – his voice gentle. ‘Aye, yur Heath probably does await you somewhere in the future, but it is of your Guardian I speak.
P. C. Cast
I know, it’s true. I’ve played these tortured teenagers. I can’t wait to shed that image.
Claire Danes
There are many persons ready to do what is right because in their hearts they know it is right. But they hesitate, waiting for the other fellow to make the make the first move – and he, in turn, waits for you.
Marian Anderson
I couldn’t wait until I grew up. I used to look at my mom’s stockings and put them on with her high heels and mess with my hair.
Florence Griffith Joyner
If you wait too long in Vegas, you end up with a chicken finger in your underwear.
Chelsea Handler
I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t do anything but think about him. At night I dream of him, all day I wait to see him, and when I do see him my heart turns over and I think I will faint with desire.
Philippa Gregory
now that she realized she had been waiting for him—she did not like that.
Paulo Coelho
I do less waiting by the phone than anyone I know in the business. I don’t wait for a job. I just go on to my own work.
Grace Zabriskie
Hell is the bloodcurdling mansion of time, in whose profoundest circle Satan himself waits, winding a gargantuan watch in his hand.
Antonio Machado
You don’t have to wait for a record company to tell you that you’re good or to sign you. You can put your music out on itunes, youtube, soundcloud, so it’s kind of a plus, I think.
If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. If it is worth having, it is worth waiting for. If it is worth attaining, it is worth fighting for. If it is worth experiencing, it is worth putting aside time for.
Oscar Wilde
Human beings cannot probe the mind of God by asking themselves what they would do if they were God. They are men and not God. And if they are virtuous men, they will wait for God to reveal himself under conditions of his own choosing.
Edward John Carnell
Jacob’s little smirk became a full-blown grin, and I knew he was picturing Charlie showing up to arrest him. This grin was too bitter, too full of mocking to satisfy me. This wasn’t the smile I’d been waiting to see.
Stephenie Meyer
My life’s ambition is to play a James Bond villain. I have the cat and the eye-patch, so I’m just waiting for the call. For some reason, though, the phone hasn’t rung.
Toby Young
It’s already years ago now, but there’s that South Korean music artist Psy, who had that hit song and it was a hit song here. I’m like, “Wait a minute. There’s a chance. There’s a way we can have language not be such an important part of comedy.”
Fred Armisen
I can’t wait until the record label feels like it’s time for my album to come out, and then just disappear.
I would love to see more women making their mark in the music that I love so much … There are so many more out there just waiting for their shot. I hope they get it!
Carrie Underwood
Because the relationship between self and world is reciprocal, it is not a matter of first getting enlightened or saved and then acting. As we work to heal the Earth, the Earth heals us. No need to wait. As we care enough to take risks, we loosen the grip of ego and begin to come home to our true nature.
Joanna Macy
K2 is not some malevolent being, lurking there above the Baltoro, waiting to get us. It’s just there. It’s indifferent. It’s an inanimate mountain made of rock, ice, and snow. The “savageness” is what we project onto it, as if we blame the peak for our own misadventures on it.
Ed Viesturs
Sometimes I know what my characters are moving away from or toward; more often I just wait and see. For instance, though I knew Sinkler in ‘The Trusty’ was going for water, I did not know that he would meet a fetching young farm wife until I got him into her front yard.
Ron Rash
To wish and wait From day to day Will never keep The wolves away.
Stephen Sondheim
If you wait for people to come to you, you’ll only get small problems. You must go and find them. The big problems are where people don’t realize they have one in the first place.
W. Edwards Deming
Do not wait for me to do something for your rights. It’s your world and you can change it.
Malala Yousafzai
The trick is to make sure you don’t die waiting for prosperity to come.
Lee Iacocca
I always wanted to be a young mom, but generations of women have worked so hard so we can have a career and wait to have children. So I say carpe diem – take advantage of that.
Brittany Murphy
You have to wait a few days in between selfies. I know people who post multiple in a day, and some of them are my close friends, and I’ll be like, “Enough!” There are only so many times in a day that I need to see your beautiful face.
Ariana Grande
I have never believed that one should wait until one is inspired because I think the pleasures of not writing are so great that if you ever start indulging them you will never write again.
John Updike
Glass really rewards risk. A lot of times with glass, you’re just waiting for the piece to cool down or for some temperature to adjust, and there’s split seconds where you’ve got a fraction of a second where you get to make a move a particular way, and you don’t get to repeat it if you do it wrong.
Jim McKelvey
Those who do not hope cannot wait; but if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.
Charles Spurgeon
Going onstage without my primary instrument is like being a guitarist and going up onstage with no guitar waiting for you. What do you do? That’s why performance is painful for me, because I feel like I am always in a strange place with a bit of a handicap.
Son Lux
Why wait for Death to mow?
why wait for Death to sow
us in the ground?
Hilda Doolittle
Most of the soloists at Birdland had to wait for Parker’s next record in order to find out what to play next. What will they do now?
Charles Mingus
I love Toronto. I love it. I love Toronto. I love Canada. I can’t wait to get back. Can’t wait to have some Timbits.
Aisha Tyler
I can’t wait to be a mum for a bit. I’m always a mum, of course, but I want to be domesticated and be in my house and do the school runs and all that.
Elaine Cassidy
But once I’d come up with it, I realized it really was the perfect plan. Instead of waiting for Maria to come to me, I was simply going to go to her and, well… Send her back to where she came. Or reduce her to a mound of quivering gelatinous goo. Whichever came first.
Meg Cabot
All the answers are but waiting for us while we, poor fools, ask questions and wait for the secrets of God to open themselves up to us: when they, all the while, are waiting for us to open ourselves up to them.
Muhammad Asad
You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born. Fear not the strangeness you feel. The future must enter you long before it happens. Just wait for the birth, for the the hour of the new clarity.
Rainer Maria Rilke
People think that they just want movies like Pretty Woman, when really they – at least the ones that I know personally – have been waiting for something that doesn’t completely insult them.
Winona Ryder
A girl can wait for the right man to come along but in the meantime that still doesn’t mean she can’t have a wonderful time with all the wrong ones.
If you’ve got craft, you got game. If you got game, you can write your way in and out of anything. Writing is the best gig in the whole business, as far as I’m concerned. It’s the only job where you don’t have to wait for someone to tell you what to do. You just sit down and make s**t up.
Robert Mark Kamen
We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence. But they hesitate, waiting for the other fellow to make the first move-and he, in turn, waits for you.
Sometimes, the person who could make you happiest is the one who waits patiently in the wings.
Tess Gerritsen
The universe we are living in is not suitable for waiting for anything! Stop waiting and leave your port!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Much of the time, as an actor, you sit around waiting. Most of your life and career, you’re waiting for your agent or your manager to call you.
Dylan McDermott
Vagabonding is about refusing to exile travel to some other, seemingly more appropriate, time of your life. Vagabonding is about taking control of your circumstances instead of passively waiting for them to decide your fate.
Rolf Potts
There’s so much craziness that comes along with being a movie star that you can get so confused. Unless you’ve spent your whole life waiting to be the centre of attention, it’s pretty terrifying.
Ali MacGraw
Remember, there are no real failures in life, only results. There are no true tragedies, only lessons. And there are no problems, only opportunities waiting to be recognized as solutions by the person of wisdom.
Robin Sharma
I can’t wait to get out. It’s been much too long, I don’t like being home. I’d rather play. This tour is going to be really big. We’re gonna have the biggest show we can have. It’s gonna be different not like the old KISS shows.
Eric Carr
Waiting for the conspiracy theorists to tell the truth is a little like leaving the front-porch light on for Jimmy Hoffa.
Vincent Bugliosi
The atomic bomb survivors… cannot wait another 50 years. Their highest hope is to see the abolition of nuclear weapons within their own lifetime. It is a steep climb to this goal, but one from which we must never relent.
Iccho Itoh
He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.
Sun Tzu
The dullest thing in the world is waiting for your scene. But the most exciting thing is seeing yourself on the screen and then getting compliments.
Casey Kasem
One of the benefits of having an audience is that it requires a regimen, a need to create on a regular basis. I don’t believe in waiting for the muse to visit.
Keri Smith
Donald Trump says he’s going to change the no-guns policy at his resorts. I can’t wait to see that.
Kevin Drum
You can think you’ve made it and yet the next day’s press will always be waiting for you, the public will always ask more of you. In short, you can always do better!
Giorgio Armani
I don’t wait for moods – you’d never get anything done if you did.
Pearl S. Buck
If I die,” he whispered in the dark, “dinna follow me. The bairns will need ye. Stay for them. I can wait.
Diana Gabaldon
You can’t deny that there’s something between us.” “No. There is. When I saw you today–I didn’t know I’d been waiting for you until you were there. And then all of that waiting rushed through me in a second. That’s something… but I don’t know if it’s certainty.
David Levithan
We are in hot haste to set the world right and to order all affairs; the Lord hath the leisure of conscious power and unerring wisdom, and it will be well for us to learn to wait.
Charles Spurgeon
They spend more time in analyzing, in collecting materials, and in hard thinking than on prayer, on seeking God’s mind, and on waiting for the power from above.
Watchman Nee
I worked at a movie theater in Tempe, Arizona, when I went to community college there. And I got fired because a sorority had rented out a theater to watch ‘Titanic,’ and they were being really rude to me while they were waiting for the movie. So as I tore their tickets, I told them the end of the movie.
Bill Hader
Poetry is ultimately mythology, the telling of stories of the soul. The old myths, the old gods, the old heroes have never died. They are only sleeping at the bottom of our minds, waiting for our call. We have need of them, for in their sum they epitomize the wisdom and experience of the race.
Stanley Kunitz
…because he had been waiting for someone to come back to him, so every time someone knocked on the door, he couldn’t stop himself from hoping it might be that person, even though he knew he shouldn’t hope.
Jonathan Safran Foer
Wherever we press beyond the thin curtain of rationalist culture, we discover the incredibly rich, erotic, scary, promising presence of this intelligent Other, that beckons us out of history, and says, you know: ‘The galaxy lies waiting.’
Terence McKenna
I want to be able to be alone, to find it nourishing – not just a waiting.
Susan Sontag
The new is older than the old;
And newest friend is oldest friend in this:
That, waiting him, we longest grieved to miss
One thing we sought.
Helen Hunt Jackson
When comics came along in the 1930s there was a talent pool waiting. And one reason is so many areas were closed to Jews. Colleges, advertising agencies, many of the corporations – the doors that were closed led to the one that was open.
Jerry Robinson
Yes I’m grown and sexy, and I’m worth the wait. Girls act like I’m the only dude on earth to date.
Donald Glover
You really don’t understand the first thing about writing…for one thing, early in the morning is the worst possible time. the brain is like a wet sponge at that hour. And for another, real writing is a question of staring into space and waiting for the right ideas.
Cornelia Funke
It is easy to carp at colleges, and the college, if he will wait for it, will have its own turn. Genius exists there also, but will not answer a call of a committee of the House of Commons. It is rare, precious, eccentric, and darkling.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
My father was often impatient during March, waiting for winter to end, the cold to ease, the sun to reappear. March was an unpredictable month, when it was never clear what might happen. Warm days raised hopes until ice and grey skies shut over the town again.
Tracy Chevalier
The soil of Palestine still enjoys her sabbaths, and only waits for the return of her
banishedВ children, and the application of industry, commensurate with her agricultural
capabilities, toВ burst once more into universal luxuriance, and be all that she ever was
in the days of Solomon.
John Lindsay
Cristal go by the cases, wait hold up that was racist
I would prefer the Aces, ain’t no different when you taste it.
A 40 ounce to chase it, that’s just an understatement.
ASAP Rocky
To do something that will just fly away is kind of special. Every time somebody tell you they love you, that “I love you” flies away, and you wait until the next one.
Jeff Buckley
Don’t wait for someone else to validate you. Validate yourself.
Steven Pressfield
I recently have gotten into juicing as an in-between-meals snack. I think the more vegetable ingredients the better, especially if they are green. I find that a good juice can really curb my appetite when I need to wait for the next meal.
Noureen DeWulf
To talk with God, no breath is lost. Talk on! To walk with God, no strength is lost. Walk on! To wait on God, no time is lost. Wait on!
E. Stanley Jones
If you wait till you’re very sure, then you’ll find yourself doing it, and when you do there’ll be an ease.
Frederick Lenz
[Lauren Ambrose’s] character [in Can’t Hardly Wait] feels real and unexaggerated and becomes sort of a heroine archetype. I think that was cool. It wasn’t in every one of those comedies.
David Krumholtz
I use a professional researcher in New York who does all the legwork, all that stuff which would take me days and weeks of calling, waiting for people to call back.
Ken Follett
In contravention of my belief that any life ending in death is essentially pointless, I needed my friends to open up that plastic bag and take one last look at me. Someone had to remember me, if only for a few more minutes in the vast silent waiting room of time.
Gary Shteyngart
If you are patient…and wait long enough…Nothing will happen
Jim Davis
Never run from what you don’t understand, as it will be waiting for you every time you come to a stop.
Guy Finley
I take a few pictures a week, but the best part is waiting for my film to be developed. The suspense is exciting, and the reward is great.
Morgan Saylor
I couldn’t have asked for a better kid. She’s our own little Buddha baby so far. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop to tell you the truth. It’s like the calm before the storm.
Ana Ortiz
I can’t wait to front my band with these new songs and play for fans, but I’ve decided to keep my day job too.
Richard Marx
It is better to love every person, than to wait for one person to love you.
Anis Mojgani
Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and waiting for the other person to die.
Marianne Williamson
For sheer excitement you can keep movie premieres and roller-coasters . An empty white canvas waiting to be filled. That’s the thing.
Pam Brown
Something about not waiting for the laugh of a laugh track allows you to take lines that otherwise might be seen as just direct jokes, and make them seem realistic.
Mitchell Hurwitz
Wait just a minute,” Ares growled. He pointed at Thalia and me. “These two are dangerous. It’d be much safer, while we’ve got them here—” “Ares,” Poseidon interrupted, “they are worthy heroes. We will not blast my son to bits.” “Nor my daughter,” Zeus grumbled. “She has done well.
Rick Riordan
Embodied courage chooses not to wait until illness or notice of death demands attention.
Jack Kornfield
At its core, meditation is about touching the spiritual essence that exists within us all.
Our spiritual essence is not something that we create through meditation it’s already there,
deep within, behind all the barriers, patiently waiting for us to recognize it.
Aaron Hoopes
For one day there will be nothing left, yet we will have something. -me- I tried to wait for my life to begin. Something has to happen. Like an amazing boy. I know he’s out there. I just have to find him.
Susane Colasanti
The joy of late love is like green firewood when set aflame, for the longer the wait in lighting, the greater heat it yields and the longer its force lasts.
Chretien de Troyes
But for now, happiness throws stones. It guards itself. I wait.
Markus Zusak
Together, undocumented people like me and our relatives, friends and allies wait for broader immigration reform, not just for Dreamers but also for undocumented workers of all ages and backgrounds who contribute to our economic security and prosperity.
Jose Antonio Vargas
So I’m just waiting until one party or the other actually gets a moral compass and a backbone.
John Perry Barlow
Youth lives in an atmosphere of energy waiting to make contact.
Hallie Flanagan
How tedious is time, when his wings are loaded with expectation!
Mary Collyer
Lose some valuable things in very different places and wait for a while! If they come back to you, it means that you are living in an honest society and in a very rare one too!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I suppose we all have a lil’ inner or outer a-hole inside of us, just waiting for the right opportunity to rear their own beautiful buttholes.
Jon Glaser
In the TV business, you’ve got to write fast, and someone will tell you, “Can you rewrite this episode before… 6 p.m.?” So that’s when you rewrite it. You can’t wait for the muse to show up.
Noah Hawley
I’m not a super-actorly actor, my-body-is-an-instrument type of person, but I do want to do fun, exciting, interesting things. I have a 2001 PT Cruiser. I saved my money so I can take my time and choose something that I think is great, and that’s what I’m waiting for.
Paget Brewster
I sort of love the idea of, you know, watching something and then having to wait for the next episode.
J. J. Abrams
So much luck! I’m not putting myself down, I’m not saying I don’t have talent – I must have, to have got this far – but I honestly believe that some of the greatest actors in America are tending bar and waiting tables and driving taxis, and it will never happen for them.
John Mahoney
I’m the kind of person who doesn’t wait for opportunities to fall from the sky.
We are the new “barbarians”, forged in iron hardness in the fires of their hate and persecution. All over the world, we wait to pounce.
George Lincoln Rockwell
I am quite a slow writer. I can only work under pressure; I wait until the last minute.
James Hunter
Acting is so much about waiting… waiting for an audition, waiting for the right part to come along. It’s nice to write your own thing, write about what you’re feeling and then go out and perform them. It’s a nice thing to have and not get bored.
Emily Kinney
I have always been skeptical of medical orthodoxies, because sooner, rather than later, so many of them are turned on their heads. Or, put another way, providing you are prepared to wait it out, what was adjudged bad for you yesterday is likely to prove beneficial today.
Mordecai Richler
I don’t know if tennis players feel like that but when you have a great opponent – although I didn’t feel like he [ Ben Mendelsohn ] was an opponent – you just know your game is going to jack up and it’s just going to raise the bar. I couldn’t wait for that elevation.
John Leguizamo
I’m missing something, aren’t I?” “Brains”, he snapped. “And survival instinct. The Hawklord’s been waiting for you for three hours.” “Tell him I’m dead.
Michelle Sagara
Thanks to the gods I didn’t spend much time while growing up with my grandfather’s mistress and preserved the flower of my youth, waiting for the proper time to demonstrate my virility.
Marcus Aurelius
I can’t wait to be racing through the streets of Chicago. As a notoriously fast course, I am out there to run a PR and compete with some of the world’s best until the very end.
Amy Hastings
Keep busy while you are waiting for something to happen.
Robert Genn
One forms provisional theories and waits for time or fuller knowledge to explode them. A bad habit, Mr. Ferguson, but human nature is weak. Sherlock Holmes speaking with Dr. Watson.
Arthur Conan Doyle
Waiting is an exercise of faith that demonstrates the condition of our hearts. Waiting on God is an act of faith. And faith is what separates the men from the boys.
Steve Farrar
Everybody who know Rick Ross know that, for one, I love creating music, and one of the biggest impacts we have on the game was the fact that when we came into the game, artists was waiting two to three years to put out albums. I was one of the few that put out an album every year along with two or three mixtapes.
Rick Ross
When we surrender to His timing, He does mighty things in and for us, according to His will and His timing. God acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.
Charles Stanley
All still when summer is over stand shocks in the field, nothing left to whisper, not even good-bye, to the wind. After summer was over we knew winter would come: we knew silence would wait, tall, patient calm.
William Stafford
I was supposed to be waiting up here when you got back, only your Phoenix lot got in the way…” “Yes, they do that,” said Dumbledore.
J. K. Rowling
I really hate the creature film convention that says you have to wait until the end to see the monster. One hour and all you’ve seen is just the tip of the creature’s tail.
Bong Joon-ho
When you wash your hands, when you make a cup of coffee, when you’re waiting for the elevator – instead of indulging in thinking, these are all opportunities for being there as a still, alert presence.
Eckhart Tolle
Why do we wait until a pig is dead to “cure” it?
Steven Wright
I know this is rather trivial – I will not be very deep about this – but it’s great when you call the hottest restaurant in town and ask for a table for five at 8:00 P.M., and they say, ‘Okay,’ instead of, ‘You have to wait two months’.
Caprice Bourret
Find the best in everybody. Wait long enough, and people will surprise and impress you. It might even take years, but people will show you their good side. Just keep waiting.
Randy Pausch
You know, things fall apart. You grieve. And then you sit around and wait for things to somehow get perfect again. But they don’t. They never can. There is no perfect. There’s just different. But different can be wonderful.
Sarah Jio
I love working and writing new songs. But sometimes you need to wait, to have something in your mind, and then you can let yourself play music.
Yann Tiersen
Even when I was modelling, I never had a mom sitting on my head and a bunch of people waiting on me. I’ve always been independent. I’ll do my thing and go.
Malaika Arora Khan
There is no future in waiting for tomorrow.
Wes Fesler
It’s much easier to have a diversified career as an electronic musician than it is as a drummer. Nothing against drummers. If you’re a drummer, you just wait around for people to ask you to play drums. But if you have your own studio and can make music, you have the ability to approach music a lot differently.
I’m a bull on Berkshire Hathaway. There may be some considerable waiting, but I think there are some good days ahead.
Charlie Munger
You are waiting for something good to come; but you know, if the life is also waiting, then nothing will happen, nothing will come!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Sam gave Captain Suicide a droll stare. “How did you die again? Oh wait, I know this. ‘I can take ’em. I don’t need to wait for reinforcements. I can do it myself.’ How’d that work out for you again?
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Barack Obama says that we need to be humble toward terrorism. Yet he is the one we have been waiting for. That is humble?
Evan Sayet
There is a sweet anguish springing up in our bosoms when a child’s face brightens under the shadow of the waiting angel. There is an autumnal fitness when age gives up the ghost; and when the saint dies there is a tearful victory.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Listen. Don’t just wait to talk.
Donald Trump
There will be many cases when researchers will need to look at data to come closer to a cure, in maybe five years, 10 years, 15 years. We can help make that data analysis easier. We can’t let this wait. Dementia has potential to cripple our economy.
Jordan Banks
I want to send a very clear message to the men and women who are wearing – or who have worn – our country’s uniform and to their spouses: when you have finished your service to our nation, you’ve got 2,000 great American companies ready and waiting to bring you on board
Michelle Obama
For hundreds of years people have talked about artists having inspiration, but often, some persons would say, write us a symphony or write us a song, on commission. The artists would come up with a masterpiece without waiting to have their muse inspire them.
Tom Glazer
A democratic government that respects no limits on its power is a ticking time bomb, waiting to destroy the rights it was created to protect.
James Bovard
One of the things I’ve been taught by Native American elders is the importance of patience, of waiting to do things when the time is right. As an Onondaga friend put it to me, “you can’t pick berries until the berries are ripe.”
Joseph Bruchac
My dad always used to tell me that if they challenge you to an after-school fight, tell them you won’t wait-you can kick their ass right now.
Cameron Diaz
You shouldn’t wait for other people to make special things happen. You have to create your own memories.
Heidi Klum
And all we are waiting for is something worth waiting for.
Nicole Blackman
There lies within each person a huge reservoir of untapped potential for achievement, success, happiness,
health and greater prosperity. It’s like an ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities
waiting to be released and channelled toward some great good.
Jim Rohn
To live and let live, without clamor for distinction or recognition; to wait on divine love; to write truth first on the tablet of one’s own heart – this is the sanity and perfection of living, and my human ideal.
Mary Baker Eddy
In Hollywood, we have some of the richest unemployed people in the world. They have sun tans. Some of them have chauffeurs in Rolls-Royces waiting outside. They have their golf clubs ready in the car. There is no law that says you cannot play golf while being unemployed.
Allan Sherman
Not gray, exactly. Right before the sun rises there’s a moment when the whole sky goes this pale nothing color-not really gray but sort of, or sort of white, and I’ve always really liked it because it reminds me of waiting for something good to happen.
Lauren Oliver
Sitting on a cornflake, Waiting for the van to come…
John Lennon
I’m the kind of person to wait until I’ve gained ten pounds to start exercising.
Yasmine Bleeth
Every day can be like Christmas in its love and its peace if our hearts open up and make room for love. The holy child is waiting to be born in every instant, not just once a year.
Marianne Williamson
For me, the best places to write are on planes, trains and at airports. Not hotel rooms but hotel lobbies. I’m really happy when I’m waiting for a plane and the message comes that it’s three hours late. Great, I’ll get to write!
Jo Nesbo
One of the things that’s kind of persistent is that I am the model on the cover of Tom Waits’ album, Small Change.
Cassandra Peterson
I won’t wait until the end of my term to say I made mistakes at the beginning. That’s too late. I will try to adopt the proper behaviour, if the French give me the chance, right from the start.
Francois Hollande
And there I sat, long long ago, waiting for the world to know me.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
He that is impatient, and cannot wait on God for a mercy, will not easily submit to Him in a denial.
William Gurnall
Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms is the goal.
Build your self-esteem by recalling all the ways you have succeeded and your brain will be filled with images of you making your achievements happen again and again. Give yourself permission to toot your own horn and don’t wait for anyone to praise you.
Jack Canfield
I was waiting for my teammates to embrace me and no one came, … I told them, ‘Come hug me or the referee isn’t going to allow it.’
Diego Maradona
Autumn, in his leafless bowers, is waiting for the winter’s snow.
John Greenleaf Whittier
When I’m in the ring, I’m doing great. As Razor Ramon or the ‘Bad Guy,’ I don’t have a care in the world. But when I come back through the curtain, reality is there waiting.
Scott Hall
Please don’t miss me too much. Please don’t be too sad. Find someone else to love, because you have much love to give and it’s a gift that shouldn’t be wasted. You , Jesse, were the rose that made my life sweet.I will wait for you in heaven.
Lurlene McDaniel
We sometimes think that being grateful is what we do after our problems are solved, but how terribly shortsighted that is. How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?
Robert D. Hales
A man seldom thinks of marrying when he meets his ideal woman; he waits until he gets the marrying fever and then idealizes the first woman he happens to meet.
Helen Rowland
Oh, yesterdays are over my shoulder, So I can’t look back for too long. There’s just too much to see waiting in front of me, and I know that I just can’t go wrong.
Jimmy Buffett
My mom used to tell me when I was little, ‘When it rains, it’s God’s manifestation – a big day’s waiting to happen.’
Gabby Douglas
I would come home after school and begin to create videos, because there was people waiting to see new content from me.
Megan Nicole
Eight kids and a stepmother, and I just wanted to be out of there and so when I got a scholarship from Boston to the Schillinger House, which is now the Berklee School of Music, I couldn’t wait to get out of there.
Quincy Jones
I was a hugely unchaperoned reader, and I would wander into my local public library and there sat the world, waiting for me to look at it, to find out about it, to discover who I might be inside it.
Patrick Ness
I think that most writers who wait until they’re inspired to write are just waiting for the fear to subside.
Barry Mann
I’ll go do films for three or four months and then I can’t wait to go home to LA. And I complain about LA left and right, but then I always end up wanting to go home, you know?
Tobey Maguire
Tomorrow is in the wings waiting for you to sound her entrance fanfare.
Duke Ellington
There’s a hero in every heart waiting for the dragon to come out.
Rick Yancey
I look for a sign. Where to go next. you never know when you’ll get one. Even the most faithless among us are waiting to be proven wrong.
Jillian Lauren
I write what I see, the endless procession to the guillotine. Were all lined up, waiting for the crunch of the blade… the rivers of blood are flowing beneath our feet… Ive been to hell, young man, youve only read about it.
Marquis de Sade
I had no ambitions to become an actor, whatsoever. I was just waiting for my films to get made and some friends of mine, out of the kindness of their hearts, because I was sitting around doing nothing, started casting me in small roles and the roles got bigger.
Danny Huston
You’d better hurry up, they’ll be waiting for ‘the Chosen Captain’ — ‘The Boy Who Scored’— whatever they call you these days.
J. K. Rowling
Deep inside all of us a huge potential beckons, waiting to open us to the joy, genius, freedom and Love within.
Brandon Bays
I’m super hard on myself anytime I think of an idea for a collaboration. I will rack my brain trying to think of one. I wait for the right person. It stresses me to think that I’d do a collaboration with someone and not make it the best possible opportunity.
Lilly Singh
For those who have an intense urge for Spirit and wisdom, it sits
near them, waiting.
If but one message, I may leave behind, One single word of courage for my kind, It would be this В– Oh, brother, sister, friend, Whatever life may bring В– what God may send, No matter whether clouds life soon or late– Take heart and wait!
Grace Noll Crowell
You can do a lot things in the ensuing four years waiting to vote. You can drum up support or opposition.
Rush Limbaugh
Wait a second Why should you care what they think of you? When you’re all alone, by yourself, do you like you? Do you like you? You don’t have to try so hard, you don’t have to give it all away, you just have to get up You don’t have to change a single thing.
Colbie Caillat
God reveals himself to those who wait for that revelation, and who don’t try to tear at the hem of a mystery, forcing disclosure.
Catherine Doherty
It’s hard to say what I meant by “as we know it.” I’m not about to go up on a mountain on new year’s eve and wait for the lightening to strike.
Hunter S. Thompson
Real worship involves waiting.
Iris Murdoch
Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.
Anne Lamott
Stop waiting for what you want, and start working what you have. This can turn your greatest frustration into your greatest potential innovation. If you’ll do your part, God will begin to do what only He can do: He’ll make your box bigger.
Steven Furtick
With genetic engineering, we will be able to increase the complexity of our DNA, and improve the human race. But it will be a slow process, because one will have to wait about 18 years to see the effect of changes to the genetic code.
Stephen Hawking
Now, good digestion wait on appetite, and health on both!
William Shakespeare
I love musicals, but I find it’s just so deadening. You know, 30 takes, you do a little piece here and a little piece there. There’s hours and hours of waiting. And to me, that’s as far away from real performance as you can get.
Dick Van Dyke
If we would only testify to the truth as we see it, it would turn out that there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of other people just as we are, who see the truth as we do…and are only waiting, again as we are, for someone to proclaim it. The Kingdom of God is within you.
Leo Tolstoy
Waiting for wisdom to open the cage, we forged in the fires of the innocent age.
Dan Fogelberg
Time waits for no ovary.
Gretchen Rubin
Everything comes in time to him who knows how to wait.
Leo Tolstoy
With satanic joy in his face, the black-haired Jewish youth lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people.
Adolf Hitler
I used to get nervous just going to the stage door, seeing people waiting to talk to me. I was afraid of being caught out in some way or not being right.
Rosamund Pike
Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out and meet the bloody thing.
Barry Sheene
I’m so happy to have been a part of that process and I would go straight back into the desert in a ton of chain mail for Ridley any day of the week. He’s an amazing director and I can’t wait to see the long version.
Orlando Bloom
A lot of people describe me as chubby, which seems so easy, so first-choice. Or stocky. Fair-skinned. Tow-headed. There are so many other choices. How about dense? I mean, I’m a thick kind of guy. But I’m never described in attractive ways. I’m waiting for somebody to say I’m at least cute. But nobody has.
Philip Seymour Hoffman
In a scene [where the improvisers must interact] without the letter S, the audience is waiting for you to lose – so they can laugh at you. Don’t try to win.
Keith Johnstone
When you don’t know what to play, wait for an idea to come into your opponent’s mind. You may be sure that idea will be wrong
Siegbert Tarrasch
I think… the secret is to just settle for the shape of your life takes…Instead of you know, always waiting and wishing for what might make you happy.
Wally Lamb
In my view it is time to pass a good bill, a fair bill, a comprehensive bill … Too many have been waiting too long for fairness.
Patrick Leahy
Will you walk a little faster? said a whiting to a snail, “There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail! See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance: They are waiting on the shingle–will you come and join the dance?
Lewis Carroll
Maybe we should wait….wait for him to kill another five or six, huh?
Darren Shan
If you look at the single-payer systems, like Scandinavia, Canada, and elsewhere, they can get costs down because, you know, although their care, according to statistics, overall is as good or better on primary care, in particular, they do impose things like waiting times, you know.
Hillary Clinton
We’re defending Saudi Arabia? And with all of the money they have, we’re defending them, and they’re not paying? All you have to do is speak to them. Wait. You have so many different things you have to be able to do, and I don’t believe that Hillary [Clinton] has the stamina.
Donald Trump
I can’t go underground for a year, ten years, my whole life, waiting for freedom to be handed to me. Freedom is something you have to take for yourself.
Cory Doctorow
We don’t have to wait until we are old to gather the riches… We can gather them every day of our lives.
Susan Jeffers
Die on a hilltop… eyeing the crows… waiting for your lids to close… but you want to watch as they peck your flesh… Ironic that they go for the eyes first.
Eddie Vedder
What I’ve become convinced makes a writer are the days you hate it, the days you’d rather stick those pencils in your eyes. Sometimes I almost punish myself – if I’m not going be able to write, I’m not going be able to do anything else. I just sit there and wait.
Ron Rash
Hatred is one long wait.
Rene Maran
On those, I’ve said it before, I work free. It’s the waiting they pay me for.
Hector Elizondo
I think you’re sort of always waiting, wondering when the word “cut” is going to be said when you’re doing a scene. Like you’re there and you’re doing the scene and you’re always sort of like, ‘Okay. Are they going to call cut? How far are we taking this? Are they going to call cut?’
Ashton Kutcher
Some fighter’s waist a lot of their energy. Wait for your opportunity and when it comes, avail yourself of it. The idea of boring in and throwing punches helter skelter without reason doesn’t amount to a row of pins. Every time you miss a swing it is worse than being hit.
Jack Johnson
I knew early on that I was a nerd and that films were my refuge. Those first few minutes before the lights went off, and you’re alone in the theater waiting, were really pleasurable.
Alfonso Cuaron
I was delighted to not go to university. I couldn’t wait to be out of education.
Tom Stoppard
Love can wait to give. Lust can’t wait to get.
Jason Evert
…When we are waiting upon God to bless us, we should stir up ourselves to bless him.
Matthew Henry
I think journalists have the right to their opinions but I think their opinions should be based on history and what they see, not what they feel, how long they’ve been waiting or whether it’s raining or it’s snowing or whatever.
Marc Jacobs
My oldest step-son wants to direct or produce. As far as being an actor, I’ve already told them they have to wait until they’re 18; I won’t take them to auditions.
Elizabeth Perkins
People look at your CV and assume you jump from job to job to job. They don’t see the months in between where you’re waiting for the phone to ring, or you’re waiting to hear about things.
Chloe Pirrie
‘Made it as a writer’? I’m still wondering if I’ve made it as a writer. I’ve made it as a published writer of the type of SF that I want to write and read, but I’m still waiting for that big breakthrough.
Eric Brown
When you really want love you will find it waiting for you.
Oscar Wilde
I’m still waiting for somebody to wake me up.
Justin Hartley
In your heart there is innocence waiting to be free.
Ray Davies
I have a notion that there’s a Star Wars out there waiting to be made, and I’m not sure it’s the next Star Wars. I think it’s something else that will be fresh and original.
Kevin Feige
The way I view comedy clubs is, people are drinking, they’re ordering food, they’re out for the night, and there’s also a person onstage talking. And with the theater, they came to the theater, and they’re waiting to hear what you say. So you’d better have something to say.
Mike Birbiglia
Never wait for tomorrow, what if tomorrow never comes?
Elvis Presley
Why do I keep performing at my age? What else am I going to do? Play golf? I tried that years ago and all I did was cuss. I can do that without the walk, cuss at Congress and let [Mark]Twain do it. “Imagine that you were an idiot. And then imagine that you were a member of Congress. Wait – I’ve repeated myself.”
Hal Holbrook
If you knew this, why did you wait to bring it before the Omegrion? (Savitar) Because I was afraid to come forward…(Zack) And now you’re all better? (Savitar)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Don’t tell girls they can be anything they want when they grow up. Because it would have never occurred to them that they couldn’t. It’s like saying, ‘Hey, when you get in the shower, I’m not gonna read your diary.’ ‘Wait–are you gonna read my diary?’ ‘No! I said I’m not gonna read your diary. Go take a shower!’
Sarah Silverman
I’ve been waiting for you forever.” “Forever’ as in several hundred years, or forever as in since my lesson began?
Maggie Stiefvater
When you lose a game or don’t play well you can’t wait for the next one, because it soon disappears, the disappointment.
Ryan Giggs
When I did that first movie, it was the introduction to all the set-up time and the waiting time that’s endemic in motion pictures, and the repetition.
Harry Shearer
I was gonna throw the first pitch at a Mets game, but there was a rain delay. So I’m waiting for it to stop, and the team’s manager, Willie Randolph, comes by. Now he’s already intimidating to begin with. But he comes over to me and says, ‘If you screw this up, they will boo you.’ And I said ‘Thanks.’
Julia Stiles
I have no regrets about not having children. I still wait for the pang of guilt, but I have none. I tune into the television show Nanny 911 occasionally which reminds me how much patience and love it take to be a good parent.
Amanda Donohoe
One needs to be on guard against expecting external powers to decide when you can take yourself seriously as an artist. It can be a long wait – and lead to endless appetite.
Alison Hawthorne Deming
Im either running from life or im just waiting to die im the supplier or fire if you chasing a high.
It simply isn’t fair for senators to cut to the front of the line when seniors around the country have been forced to wait for hours to get a flu shot.
Dick Durbin
If you wait until you have to change, you may have waited too long.
Ron Kaufman
I didn’t write ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ I’m not even sure who they all are. I can’t wait to see the movie.
Stan Lee
If we wait for conditions to go from good to perfect, we’ll just be waiting, waiting, waiting.
Bill Simon
If you jump into a market when everyone else is doing the same thing, you’re probably too late. On the other hand, if you get into a market early, when it’s fundamentally undervalued, then wait for it to become extremely overvalued, and sell once a true top has been established, you should do very well.
Michael Maloney
… you don’t have to wait for someone to treat you bad repeatedly. All it takes is once, and if they get away with it that once, if they know they can treat you like that, then it sets the pattern for the future.
Jane Green
Perfection is the natural consequence of eternity: wait long enough, and anything will realize its potential. Coal becomes diamonds, sand becomes pearls, apes become men. It’s simply not given to us, in one lifetime, to see those consummations, and so every failure becomes a reminder of death.
Ian Caldwell
Here I am, an old man in a dry month,
Being read to by a boy, waiting for rain.
T. S. Eliot
I hate Sunday, I can’t wait for Monday so I can go back to work again.
Ingrid Bergman
I’d buy myself a cabin on the beach, I’d put some glue in my navel, and I’d stick a flag in there. Then I’d wait to see which way the wind was blowing.
Albert Camus
I have a couple of dozen books on my reader: ideal for a long trip or an afternoon waiting at the medical clinic. It’s flexible.
Barbara Hambly
Chiromancy is a stupidity! No man’s fate is ever written on nowhere! In this universe, all the roads are our fate; all the stones and all the flowers are waiting for us! All the pages and all the days of the future are empty! On the roads to future, no one has footprints; we create them through walking!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I wait for the morning of my tears
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Please don’t let it be another cop. I’m outta bail money. Wait a minute…I could sell you on eBay and make a killing. (Mark) Not in my current condition. You’d have to sell Caleb or Madaug. I’m sure there’s someone willing to buy two perfectly good white boys. (Nick)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I remember that Pu La had come for one of my premieres and I was patiently waiting to hear his verdict of my acting, but when he came out of the theatre during interval, all he asked me was about my father and his well being, such was their friendship.
Ashok Saraf
If you throw me out of this house, I shall sleep on the path outside. If you return to the Continent without me, I shall follow you. I will build a willow hut at your gate; I will sleep under your window; I will be waiting for you at your own front door.
Eloisa James
Nobles and peasants marry early. Businessmen tend to wait.
David Eddings
Even after doing that TV thing, ‘Roswell,’ I’m still waiting to see my first UFO.
Kyle MacLachlan
I confess that I am a messy, disorganized and impatient reader: if the book doesn’t grab me in the first 40 pages, I abandon it. I have piles of half-read books waiting for me to get acute hepatitis or some other serious condition that would force me to rest so that I could read more.
Isabel Allende
If you always wanted to wait for something better, you’d never buy anything, right?
Trip Hawkins
I’m the girl that waits for the director to say, ‘I like that,’ or ‘Can you boost it up?,’ or ‘Can you pull it down?’ I’m that kind of actor. I started in theater, so that’s the feedback that I’m accustomed to. It’s the feedback that I really thrive off of.
Jill Scott
But the waiting time, my brothers,
Is the hardest time of all.
Sarah Doudney
Time is swift, it races by; Opportunities are born and die… Still you wait and will not try – A bird with wings who dares not rise and fly.
A. A. Milne
Biding one’s time is a very different thing from patience.
E. L. Konigsburg
I am waiting for a sign that will indicate to me what meaning I must give to my life, but right now my existence is satisfactory.
Lucy Lawless
I can’t wait for the time when curves and a little belly fat will be sexy again!
Welcome to the world Caitlyn. Can’t wait for you to get to know her/me.
Bruce Jenner
The Fiction Writer’s Co-op has 51 members, from celebrated NYT bestsellers to promising newcomers, and a waiting list.
M. J. Rose
The artist will have had his revenge for being made to wait,
A revenge not only necessary but right and clever–
Simply to leave him out of the scene forever.
Donald Justice
Therefore let the Saints be diligent in building the Temple, and all houses which they have been, or shall hereafter be, commanded of God to build; and wait their time with patience in all meekness, faith, perseverance unto the end.
Joseph Smith, Jr.
At the enchanted metropolitan twilight I felt a haunting loneliness sometimes, and felt it in others — poor young clerks who loitered in front of windows waiting until it was time for a solitary restaurant dinner — young clerks in the dusk, wasting the most poignant moments of night and life.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
I am never very forward in offering spiritual consolation to any one in distress or disease. I believe that such resources, to be of any service, must be self-evolved in the first instance. I am something of the Quaker’s mind in this, and am inclined to wait for the spirit.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
That’s the great illusion of travel, of course, the notion that there’s somewhere to get to. A place where you can finally say, Ah, I’ve arrived. (Of course there is no such place. There’s only a succession of waitings until you go home.)
David Gilmour
While out in TV Nation, under darkening skies, the resistance is just waiting to be organized.
Ani DiFranco
My parents always knew that I wanted to act, so it didn’t really come as a big surprise. The only thing they told me was that I had to wait until I was 18 so I could get my education out of the way first.
Rumer Willis
I’m not single, I’m just wait for my girlfriend to quit playing hide and seek.
Tim Walters
I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered into this world into defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepperd. I am lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny. I will persist until I succeed.
Og Mandino
If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.
Mark Twain
I will not wait to love as best as I can. We thought we were young and that there would be time to love well sometime in the future. This is a terrible way to think. It is no way to live, to wait to love.
Dave Eggers
I remember when I first wanted to act my parents were supportive, but it was that they were like please, if you can find something else in the world, don’t do this. So it wasn’t even they’re like ‘Oh we’ve been waiting for you to arrive, welcome to the family business’ kind of thing.
Troian Bellisario
Tackling challenges that are too big for you is what makes you grow as a human being. Why do you think this problem keeps coming up in your life, staring you in the face? Do you think you’re supposed to ignore it and hide from it and wait for someone else to solve it for you? If you notice it, you own it.
Steve Pavlina
This I can report from the front lines: life never calms down long enough for us to wait until tomorrow to start living the lives we deserve.
Sarah Ban Breathnach
A great wine served in fine glassware is beautiful. But it is also seductive and full of strange promise and perhaps the slightest hint of naughtiness, all waiting to be uncoiled.
Dave Chambers
The sweetest things in life were not necessarily what one strove for and grabbed. Instead, many many times the All-Merciful, the All-Generous would give His servants without being petitioned, without waiting to be asked.
Leila Aboulela
Heard someone say, ‘I can’t wait until I can finally say I’ve made it.’ The day you think you’ve ‘made it’ is the day you begin your decline.
J. J. Watt
Husband: a man who buys his football tickets four months in advance and waits until the day before his anniversary to buy his wife a gift.
Rita Rudner
When you’re standing in line at the airport, and your shoes are off, your belt is off, and your personal belongings are being closely scrutinized, and you’re standing with your hands in the air, waiting to be patted down, do you feel protected? I don’t. I feel like I’m the enemy.
John McAfee
There are more than 300,000 families in the Gulf region that lost their homes and are waiting for peace of mind. The hurricane exposed the sad reality of poverty in America. We saw, in all its horrific detail, the vulnerabilities of living in inadequate housing and the heartbreak of losing one’s home.
Harry Connick, Jr.
I don’t have a computer. I’m going to wait until that whole fad is over. I was suckered in on the Pet Rock. Not twice, people.
Kathleen Madigan
I’ll give you my worst nightmare. I’m dreaming that I’m onstage, the curtain goes up, and I have no idea what my lines are or what’s going on. I think I should know, I kind of know, I remember rehearsing… and the audience is there waiting.
Jackie Earle Haley
The world waits for you with all its beauty, but also its frights and its pain.
Meredith Hall
We are waiting for Donald Trump`s big immigration speech. There are lots of unanswered questions that remain about where exactly Trump stands on deportation forces, on what to do with the millions of immigrants who are here illegally now, and where he stands on the question of birthright citizenship.
Steve Kornacki
The people who are making a lot of money and eating at McDonald’s and watching MTV and have square eyeballs, they’re over there. And then maybe there’s like five other people left in America and I’m just waiting for them to come up with something interesting.
Chrissie Hynde
You have got to pay attention, you have got to study and you have to do your homework. You have to score higher than everybody else. Otherwise, there is always somebody there waiting to take your place.
Daisy Fuentes
While I am not saying Facebook cannot be a wonderland for marketers, I am still waiting to see the proof of it, and so should every reporter.
Kara Swisher
A lot of people, when they talk to me, I can’t wait for them to shut up. Like, shut up. you’re a moron. I have nothing to say, you know?
Billie Joe Armstrong
Fix-it jackals can’t wait to fix it, because they don’t know how to enjoy pain. And until you learn how to enjoy pain, you can’t enjoy intimacy.
Marshall B. Rosenberg
so if you love him, why keep him waiting for 13 years?” “Because I was afraid. Afraid of not being worthy, afraid of not knowing how to love him, afraid of waking up one day and not loving him anymore.
Guillaume Musso
I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.
Pearl S. Buck
It is true that Bible prayers in word and print are short, but the praying men of the Bible were with God through many a sweet and holy wrestling hour. They won by few words but long waiting.
Edward McKendree Bounds
You only got one life. You can’t sit around waiting for your next life to begin.
Melanie Griffith
No. We breathe. We pulse. We regenerate. Our hearts beat. Our minds create. Our souls ingest. 37 seconds, well used, is a lifetime.
Suzanne Weyn
In filming, you’re waiting – you’re waiting for lights, you’re waiting for people to set things up – and when you’re not waiting, you’re repeating.
Colin Firth
When we came out from the Elysee palace, there was a gigantic limousine waiting for us and four police on motorcycles. It is probably one of the few times I have experienced my fame. I thought it was so fantastic that I laughed to the point of shouting.
Ingmar Bergman
I had to wait for a long time before I could support myself with writing. However, being a writer is what I have most wanted to be, from the time I was a child.
Margaret Mahy
You have to strive every minute to get rid of the life that you have planned in order to have the life that’s waiting to be yours. Move, move, move.
Joseph Campbell
The problem with waiting until tomorrow is that when it finally arrives, it is called today.
Jim Rohn
Texas hold ’em is all about folding and waiting for that time that comes up every hour or two where you actually have an advantage and you can press it.
David Einhorn
I think I’ve always been a follow-the-leader with my career, or maybe waiting for things to happen. Now I’m like, I’m OK-I know the direction, whoever’s on board can go with me.
Robin Wright
Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we’re waiting for.
Charles Stanley
Behind every closed door might wait a thief of minds and a collector of souls.
Dean Koontz
I feel as if I’m waiting for something dreadful to happen, and then I realize it already has.
Kate Atkinson
When it comes to bringing an idea that God has given you to fruition, don’t wait for it to happen again, you have to get out there and make it happen.
T. D. Jakes
The Senate just sits and waits till they find out what the president wants, so they know how to vote against him.
Will Rogers
The original form is the contagion of fear and alarm. You’re in a flock of birds. One bird suddenly takes off. You have no time to wait and see what’s going on. You take off, too. Otherwise, you’re lunch.
Frans de Waal
Success waits patiently for anyone who has the determination and strength to seize it.
Booker T. Washington
Look, all this is about is utilizing the rules of the Senate, using a majority of the senators, to make sure that we get health reform done. We cannot wait another day.
Barbara Boxer
Can I get a fork?; There were no utensils in medieval times, hence there ARE no utensils AT Medieval Times- would you like a refill on your Pepsi? ;So there were no utensils but there was Pepsi?; Dude, I got a lot of tables to wait
Matthew Broderick
Zara [Phillips] skis very well but is happy to take it easy around me. She will often wait for me when I’m on my snowboard but she can really whizz around if she needs to. I only snowboard if I’m on my own with Zara; if we’re with other people who want to go a bit quicker, I will stick with skis.
Mike Tindall
There has been an earth for a little more than a billion years. As for the question of the end of it I advise: Wait and see!
Albert Einstein
People are just waiting around to get certified.
Frank Zappa
I’m only waiting for Lindsay Lohan’s fashion collection to come out. Ten years from now, there may be no real designers left.
Vera Wang
We haven’t developed what some have called the precautionary principle which will say look, if there’s a reason, if a product is safe, that’s fine, but it’s really the responsibility of an industry to tell us it’s safe and to make sure it’s safe. It’s not our responsibility to wait until the damage is done.
David Rosner
Let cheerfulness on happy fortune wait.
John Dryden
I wanted to wake you straightaway, but I knew I had to wait several hours to ensure you were safely recovered.” “What! How long has it been?” “Five minutes. I got bored.
Jonathan Stroud
Wait’ll next year! is the favorite cry of baseball fans, football fans, hockey fans, and gardeners.
Robert Orben
It happens very rarely, but when it happens it’s worth waiting for, that the instrument becomes part of your body.
Jack Brymer
All I’m looking for is a guy who’ll do what I want, when I want, for as long as I want, and then go away. Or wait nearby, like a Dust Buster, charged up and ready when needed.
I wish, and I wish that the spring would go faster,
Nor long summer bide so late;
And I could grow on like the foxglove and aster,
For some things are ill to wait.
Jean Ingelow
Waiting to be hired, as an actor, especially, is soul-destroying… There is always something you can do… Create something, a play reading… Anything. But don’t rely on other people to come to you. Put yourself out there.
Deirdre O’Kane
And now, dear Lord, I cannot wait Because I have a luncheon date.
John Betjeman
At a party, I am the kind of girl who will wait until the end of the night before I really get going. I’m a little anti-social at first, but I’m not immune to dancing on tables either.
Emily VanCamp
Adventure is the point where you toss your life on the scales of chance and wait for the pointer to stop.
Murray Leinster
Perhaps you will have to spend hours on your knees or upon your face before the throne. Never mind. Wait. God will do great things for you if you will wait for Him. Yield to Him. Cooperate with Him.
John Smith
In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulu waits dreaming
H. P. Lovecraft
I tell the players that the bus is moving. This club has to progress. And the bus wouldn’t wait for them. I tell them to get on board.
Alex Ferguson
If you want to hear God’s voice clearly and you are uncertain, then remain in His presence until He changes this uncertainty. Often much can happen during this waiting for the Lord. Sometimes, He changes pride into humility; doubt into faith and peace; sometimes lust into purity. The Lord can and will do it.
Corrie Ten Boom
It’s about pursuing it rather than waiting to see what comes along.
Christian Bale
Folks, tomorrow America will get to hear those four words we’ve been waiting for: “Former president George Bush”.
Jay Leno
Do you ever wait for the longest day of the year and then miss it? I always wait for the longest day of the year and then miss it!
F. Scott Fitzgerald
The great test of faith is to wait on God. . . not expecting to push a button and get whatever we want now.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
There’s no black male my age, who’s a professional, who hasn’t come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn’t hand them their car keys.
Barack Obama
I’ve noticed that girls between like 20 and 30 seem to know ‘Can’t Hardly Wait.’ I got the goth kids who know ‘Buffy.’ I got this wide spectrum of people who range from like 8 to 13 who seem to know ‘Scooby-Doo.’ Then I get the international people who seem to know ‘Austin Powers’ and ‘The Italian Job.
Seth Green
Thirty, thirty-five, forty, all had come to visit her like admonitory relatives, and all had slipped away without a trace, without a sound, and now, once again, she was waiting.
Evan S. Connell
You have to have the courage to wait, to say no, … And thats difficult. This job is very uncertain, and its frightening.
Juliette Binoche
I grew up on Nintendo. Mario was my best friend. I can’t wait to get inside and play Nintendo GameCube.
Mandy Moore
Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.
Rainer Maria Rilke
We are co-creators with God, not puppets on a string waiting for something to happen.
Leo Booth
My sense about Greta is that people ought to wait and see and see if she doesn’t indeed turn out to be as balanced as we hope and expect she will. But there you are.
Brit Hume
I’m not good at just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that the perfect role is going to turn up.
Ed Speleers
Somehow I got a place at Bristol University. I’m still waiting for the phone call to say that they made a mistake and got the wrong person.
Will Poulter
The good ones go, if you wait too long. So you should go, before you stay too long.
We know next year was suppose to be our year, but we didn’t feel like waiting when we think we can win now.
Paul Konerko
Waiting and hoping are the whole of life, and as soon as a dream is realized it is destroyed.
Gian Carlo Menotti
Our enemies can deal a blow to us any time they wish. They did not wait for permission to do this. They do not deal a blow with prior notice. They do not take action because they can’t.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Don’t become a victim of yourself. Forget about the thief waiting in the alley; what about the thief in your mind?
Jim Rohn
The journey has been a parody of my life recently: rushing, waiting, wandering, feeling lost and losing sleep, wondering if I’m getting anywhere.
Lynn Austin
The present moment is nice but it does not last. Living in it is like waiting in a junction town for the morning limited; the junction may be interesting but some day you will have to leave it and you do not know where the limited will take you.
Bruce Catton
Come back again, old heart! Ah me! Methinks in those thy coward fears There might, perchance, a courage be, That fails in these the manlier years; Courage to let the courage sink, Itself a coward base to think, Rather than not for heavenly light Wait on to show the truly right.
Arthur Hugh Clough
I know that’s an endorsement I’ve been waiting for,” Skye added. “Perfectly adequate in bed. They should make that into a T-shirt
Susan Mallery
Sometimes waiting is the hardest thing of all.
Luanne Rice
Live an inspiring life. I don’t do anything if I don’t have a passion for it. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and start the day. I just have such a passion for life and everything I do.
Rob Dyrdek
In two or three hundred years life on earth will be unimaginably beautiful, astounding. Man needs such a life and if it hasn’t yetappeared, he should begin to anticipate it, wait for it, dream about it, prepare for it. To achieve this, he has to see and know more than did his grandfather and father.
Anton Chekhov
In the arts, people are always waiting for someone or some movement to “fulfill her/its/his promise.” Then, half-a-dozen or a dozen years on, others begin to realize that, really, something extraordinary was actually happening.
Samuel R. Delany
I loved literary science fiction. In fact, as a kid, when I was reading science fiction, I thought ‘I can’t wait for the future when the special effects are good’ to represent what was in these books by Arthur C. Clarke, Alfred Bester, Philip K. Dick, J.G. Ballard, Jack Vance.
Matt Groening
I am the King’s Fool. He is the King-In-Wating. Let him wait.
Robin Hobb
I’m too impatient to wait for things to happen to me. If I should be out of work for two months I would go crazy. So as soon as I’m free, I start writing. While it is necessary for me to write, I know that if I go too long without acting on the stage I don’t feel well.
Erland Josephson
The main aim of education should be to send children out into the world with a reasonably sized anthology in their heads so that, while seated on the lavatory, waiting in doctors’ surgeries, on stationary trains or watching interviews with politicians, they may have something interesting to think about.
John Mortimer
A golfer should never make a mental mistake because the ball is just sitting there waiting for you to hit it.
Tiger Woods
I’m lost. I’m going to find myself. If I return before I get back, please ask me to wait.
We always tend to distrust geniuses about genius, as if what they say didn’t arouse much empathy in us, or as if we were waiting till some more reliable source of information came along…
Randall Jarrell
I’m humble enough to wait and just chill. I’m having fun just working with these good people, man.
Mike Epps
I pay a lot of attention to box office because I understand it. TV ratings? I don’t know how to interpret them, since I’m new to TV, so I’m just going to wait for somebody to tell me.
Oren Peli
Who grasps with his fist one who has an arm of steel injures only his own powerless wrist. Wait till inconstant fortune ties his hand, then … pick out his brains.
Bill Vaughan
bite me. oh wait, you can’t from way out there.” – eve
Rachel Caine
You must wait until the end, and at the end of the season you can say it was a good or a bad season.
Rafael Benitez
And if you decide not to read anymore, hey, no problem, because you’re not the one I was waiting for anyway. But if you decide to read on, then guess what? You’re my kind of time being and together we’ll make magic!
Ruth Ozeki
I’ve figured out what to do so far, but it’s always the next thing you come to where the man with the bucket of ice cold water is waiting – whoosh! in your face. That’s why you work with directors who know what to tell you to do.
Judi Dench
If you desire to become a more generous person, don’t wait for your income to change. Change your heart.
John C. Maxwell
…If I don’t have twenty or thirty books right here, waiting to be read, I start jonesing. That’s my compulsion.
Nora Roberts
You know what that reflects? Unsatisfied lives. Unfulfilled lives. Lives that haven’t found meaning . Because if you’ve found meaning in your life, you don’t want to go back. You want to go forward. You want to see more, do more. You can’t wait until sixty-five.
Mitch Albom
Do you wait for things to happen, or do you make them happen yourself? I believe in writing your own story.
Charlotte Erickson
The best thing to do if you start thinking such things (falling in love) is to lie down and wait for it to pass. It always does.
Anne Stuart
One of the most valuable things you can do to create higher levels of trust is to trust others more. Don’t wait for them to prove themselves to you. Trust them.
Karl Eikenberry
Surfing teaches patience . On land, surfers cannot will a swell to appear. They have to wait for nature to make the call. So surfers wait . They keep their eyes on the horizon and they wait.
Shaun Tomson
You have to wait for people to program you. The only difference is the amount of people that you’re going to reach but that’s going to even out in the next two or three years anyway. Computers are being bought faster than televisions right now.
Chuck D
I don’t want sunbursts and marble halls. I just want YOU. Sunbursts and marble halls may be all very well, but there is more ‘scope for imagination’ without them. And as for the waiting, that doesn’t matter. We’ll just be happy, waiting and working for each other—and dreaming. Oh, dreams will be very sweet now.
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Waiting on the World to Change.
John Mayer
Fantasy was always only a reality waiting to be switched on.
Joe Hill
If people are taking my book seriously and organizing, getting into office, caring about the constitution, and not waiting for someone else to lead them, I think, God bless them. All of us should be doing that. The left should be doing that.
Naomi Wolf
I have a hard time waiting for things to happen.
Zoe Lister-Jones
Waiting on God requires the willingness to bear uncertainty, to carry within oneself the unanswered question, lifting the heart to God about it whenever it intrudes upon one’s thoughts.
Elisabeth Elliot
Man makes one journey all his living days, Down through the realms of music and of art; Down through the halls of fame and glorious praise; Down through the tears and triumphs of the heart To some sweet woman waiting some place there. For her he builds his cities and makes war, Seeks gold and glorious wealth to store.
John Updike
The Jews have always been waiting for a Messiah, but their Messiah is for them only, not for us, a Messiah ho will give them mastery over the Christians.
No matter what you do in life, a part of you still sits at a curbside, still hearing the drumbeat of a distant parade, still waiting for it to turn the corner.
Robert Breault
Waiting for a long-term solution to immigration reform will not make Americans safer.
Bruce Braley
She had lived her early years as though she were waiting for something she might, but never did, become.
Marguerite Duras
She was afraid, but she couldn’t just sit around waiting for someone to save her. She had to try to save herself, try to figure it out.
Melissa Marr
Often, in the Ruy Lopez, one must be patient, wait and carry on a lengthy and wearisome struggle.
Boris Spassky
You have lines of people outside Apple stores waiting for the latest iPhone, which adds to the hype around new product launch. So scarcity has value not just in its own right, but as a basis for free PR – it can become a story on the nightly news.
John Quelch
Sometimes, upon waking, the residual dream can be more appealing that reality, and one is reluctant to give it up. For a while, you feel like a ghost — Not fully materialized, and unable to manipulate your surroundings. Or else, it is the dream that haunts you. You wait with the promise of the next dream.
Craig Thompson
The ocean was waiting with grand and bitter provocations, as if it invited you to think how deep it was, how much colder than your blood or saltier, or to outguess it, to tell which were its feints or passes and which its real intentions, meaning business.
Saul Bellow
Having people wait outside of my house sort of gives me a panic attack. I’m a believer in the concept that people should not be followed and photographed everywhere.
Nikki Reed
Life is not too short… we just wait too long to begin it.
Joel Osteen
When I ask President Marcos for two million dollars, at worst he wants to know whether he should bring the money straight away or whether I can wait for a cheque in the post.
Florencio Campomanes
I tend to avoid writing music about initial reactions to situations, like frustration or anger. I’d rather wait till I go through the problem, and write about the learning that took place.
I watched a rose-bud very long
Brought on by dew and sun and shower,
Waiting to see the perfect flower:
Then when I thought it should be strong
It opened at the matin hour
And fell at even-song.
Christina Rossetti
At synods, I usually wait about a week before I speak. First I listen. I feel the temperature. I listen to what has been said, what has not been said, and what I think needs to be said at that point.
Godfried Danneels
Milionaria’ is the first song I’ve composed and I published in Catalan, it’s also the first song I do inspired by Catalan rumba. I started it in Seville while I was waiting at the airport and I finished it in Barcelona.
If you can’t pay for a thing, don’t buy it. If you can’t get paid for it, don’t sell it. Do this, and you will have calm and drowsy nights, with all of the good business you have now and none of the bad. If you have time, don’t wait for time.
Benjamin Franklin
Wait to start a startup until you come up with an idea that you feel compelled to explore.
Sam Altman
The truth can wait, for it lives a long life.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Don’t wait to be sure. Move, move, move.
Miranda July
I hear many condemn these men because they were so few. When were the good and the brave ever in a majority? Would you have had him wait till that time came?–till you and I came over to him?
Henry David Thoreau
Don’t let not knowing how it’ll end keep you from beginning. Uncertainty chases us out into the open where God is waiting.
Bob Goff
My kids always perceived the bathroom as a place where you wait it out until all the groceries are unloaded from the car.
Erma Bombeck
But if she’d realized that nine desiccated zombie nymphs would be waiting for her, she never would have come down here.
Rick Riordan
Don’t wait until life has given you an expiration date to live.
Jennifer Aniston
The Colombians are good-tempered people. They are used to waiting for buses that are late, used to riding buses and trains that do not arrive.
Paul Theroux
When I went to my parents I was at the University of Wisconsin, and I just couldn’t wait anymore to go be an actress.
Gena Rowlands
That may prevent us from getting a deal done, It is there to be had. Whether ultimately Iran can seize that opportunity – we will have to wait and see, but it is not for lack of trying on our part.
Barack Obama
You know, if I tell the press that I like long blonde hair, the next day there will be girls with long hair wigs outside waiting for me.
Andy Lau
In the creative arts you draw a special power. The discipline required is awesome to be an actor or an actress, to be really good, not just another one waiting tables.
Frederick Lenz
I will wait and watch till the day of David at last shall be finished, and wisdom no more fox-faced, and the blood gets back its flame.
D. H. Lawrence
The longer you wait, and this is true, the slower the hands will move.
Jay Asher
I’m going to wait for the confirmation hearings. I’m familiar with General [John Francis ] Kelly because of my work on the Armed Services Committee. I think he is a fine general and I want to make sure that he has a handle on some of the complicated issues that are contained within Homeland Security.
Claire McCaskill
You can learn so much from bad things. I feel boring. I feel like, Why is everything so easy for me? I can’t wait for something crazy to f***ing happen to me. Just life. I want someone to f*** me over! Do you know what I mean?
Kristen Stewart
Wait, Wikipedia isn’t working? Why hasn’t someone invented a paper version of it? A set of books organized alphabetically by topic?
Ben Shapiro
For some reason, being on time in this industry can be a lost art form, especially for actors! It’s important to remember that other people are always waiting for you on set, and it’s really unfair to make them wait.
Becca Tobin
..we were always taught, instead of waiting to be swept off our feet, to ‘expect little, forgive much’.
Helen Fielding
It’s about pursuing it rather than waiting to see what comes along. That’s partly because I found myself getting typecast, as everyone does unless they pursue roles that are very different from what they’ve done before.
Christian Bale
I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours forever.
Robert Browning
You will need to find your passion. Don’t give up on finding it because then all you’re doing is waiting for the Reaper.
Randy Pausch
There was no child oncology in Uzbekistan and in Russia you don’t have a chance because there are already so many on the waiting lists.
Oxana Chusovitina
Some women wait for themselves around the next corner and call the empty spot peace but the opposite of living is only not living and the stars do not care.
Audre Lorde
You must treat a work of art like a great man: stand before it and wait patiently till it deigns to speak.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Patient waiting is often the highest way of doing God’s will.
Jeremy Collier
Getting old is the most the beautiful thing. I can’t wait until I’m 60, to be honest, reading the newspaper. I don’t know what I am going to do. I’ll probably keep on being a novelist and maybe some theater piece, some dance piece, some music for films. It’s exciting to grow.
Mauro Remiddi
Half the audience gets where I’m coming from and half the audience is like, “Wait a minute. What does that mean?”
Malcolm D. Lee
When I was born … the doctor came out to the waiting room and said to my father … I’m very sorry. We did everything we could … but he pulled through.
Rodney Dangerfield
In these days when science is clearly in the saddle and when our knowledge of disease is advancing at a breathless pace, we are apt to forget that not all can ride and that he also serves who waits and who applies what the horseman discovers.
Harvey Cushing
I have to make beats every day. Wherever I go, I got a keyboard waiting for me.
I love doing short films because they’re much more intimate and there’s far less waiting around than on the bigger films.
Natalia Tena
If you could eavesdrop on everything said about you, you’d spend most of your time waiting for the subject to come up.
Robert Breault
Do I look like a Jonas Brother? Then why is everyone waiting for me to lose it?
Lisi Harrison
At present the globe goes with a shattered constitution in its orbit…. No doubt the simple powers of nature, properly directed by man, would make it healthy and a paradise; as the laws of man’s own constitution but wait to be obeyed, to restore him to health and happiness.
Henry David Thoreau
If you don’t listen deeply, the connection won’t take place…. [You have to be] willing to be changed by the person you’re listening to, where you’re not just waiting for a pause so you can say your thing, but you’re actually letting them have an effect on you if they can.
Alan Alda
I’m making records, my fans they can’t wait. They write me letters, tell me I’m great.
Joe Walsh
Just at the turn of the tide, nature held its breath – no bird sang, everything seemed to be waiting and waiting. And then, sure enough, as if someone had flicked a switch, everything started in motion again.
M.C. Beaton
As soon as I get my car I think I’ll be going to the cinema more. Since I don’t go very often, there are no films that are a must see at the moment. I usually wait till they come out on DVD.
Tom Felton
I was always fascinated with the idea that an imaginary friend was the perfect friend that a child created, and I wanted to play with the idea of a role reversal where the imaginary friend is waiting to find that perfect someone but has doubts about whether that day would ever come.
Dan Santat
If you hang around waiting for the right answer, you’re going to be waiting all your life.
Tanya Plibersek
In the Members’ Dining Room, the Conservatives eat at one end, the Labour Party at the other, while the Liberals wait at table.
Gyles Brandreth
When I had a child, everyone was telling me that I was going to see the world through her eyes, and everything was going to get this nice gloss to it. I kept waiting for that to happen, and thought there was a real problem with me that it wasn’t.
Eddie Vedder
It doesn’t seem as if there’s that much of a difference between a big production and a little production, other than you have a smaller space in which to get dressed and you have a shorter waiting time.
Jennifer Beals
You can’t make decisions if there are no charges or issues to deal with. So it’s quite normal to wait until there is some reason to react.
Bernie Ecclestone
The essence of success is that it is never necessary to think of a new idea oneself. It is far better to wait until somebody else does it, and then to copy him in every detail, except his mistakes.
Aubrey Menen
If I wait for someone else to validate my existence, it will mean that I’m shortchanging myself.
Zanele Muholi
On the wall of our life together hung a gun waiting to be fired in the final act.
Mary McCarthy
You’d be waiting 30 or 40 years for me to build a table. I have more than two left hands.
Jurgen Klopp
Sometimes, when something really great happens to me, I like to wait two weeks before I tell anyone about it, because I like to use the word ‘fortnight’.
Demetri Martin
Most people start claiming benefits within a year of when they become eligible, although benefits increase substantially if they wait.
Richard Thaler
Critics of the Wall Street protesters claim that they have old ideas, nothing new, and they’re never going to work. Wait a minute., that sounds like this show.
David Letterman
Those who are waiting for an epiphany to strike may wait forever. The artist simply goes to work, making art, both good and not so good.
Chuck Close
His avenging angel had come to call him home. A suicide was waiting for him back in his own world, and by now he ought to have learned enough to get through it successfully.
Gregory Maguire
Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.
Napoleon Hill
Don’t wait until people are dead to give them flowers.
Sean Covey
By being an elite athlete a lot of people think that you can go away or go places and get away with things. I’m more of the laid-back person. I don’t have to go and skip the line. I don’t have a problem waiting.
Andre Johnson
In Britain, you know there are people waiting to tear your stuff apart, so it’s important for me to know that my music has subtleties and depth to it.
Calvin Harris
We have been moving along at such a fast pace that we no longer know what we are doing. Now we have to wait until our soul catches up with us.
Paulo Coelho
My first professional gig was ‘Once Upon a Mattress’ at the Drury Lane Oakbrook… I was in the ensemble. I was one of the ladies in waiting, and I covered Winnifred.
Jessie Mueller
When a performer goes out on a stage, they may feel the audience is judging every aspect of them and their life. In fact, all that poor audience is doing is waiting to be entertained a little.
Suzanne Falter-Barns
I lie in an early bed thinking late thoughts, waiting for the black to replace my blue. I do not struggle in your web because it was my aim to get caught. But daddy long legs I feel that I’m finally growing weary of waiting to be consumed by you.
Fiona Apple
The thing I learned is that the work is getting done by people who dig in and work on a particular project: the people who spend 20 years sustaining a theater for black teenagers in Chicago; the people who reintroduce sticklebacks into Strawberry Creek in Berkeley and then wait patiently for the first egrets to show up.
Robert Hass
Owl explained about the Necessary Dorsal Muscles. He had explained this to Pooh and Christopher Robin once before and had been waiting for a chance to do it again, because it is a thing you can easily explain twice before anybody knows what you are talking about.
A. A. Milne
North Korea is creating its own time zone. It’s going to push the country’s time back a half hour. So it’s not bad enough that they don’t have food and they’re ruled by an insane dictator. Now they have to wait until 8:00 to watch ‘Wheel of Fortune.’
Conan O’Brien
But I will tell you that I didn’t go to Washington to sit around and wait for Congressional action. Never done that before, and don’t plan to in the future.
Gina McCarthy
A slave is someone who sits down, and waits for someone to free them.
Frederick Douglass
Waiting for the horror is almost more frightening than actually seeing it. Just the pending dread.
Matthijs van Heijningen, Jr.
I stare out the window and wait for spring.
Rogers Hornsby
Amateurs wait for inspiration. The real pros get up and go to work.
Harvey Mackay
Australia is breathtakingly beautiful, and I can’t wait to visit again.
Joe Nichols
There ain’t nothing good that don’t got real bad waiting to follow it.
Patrick Ness
He that waits upon fortune, is never sure of a dinner.
Benjamin Franklin
The holy, all-loving, all-powerful, all-mighty, perfectly peaceful and joyful Life of God is waiting to be ours. It is a priceless gift that comes with only one condition: В His Life can only be had in exchange for our own.
Eric Ludy
I never know tomorrow what I might be doing. I just ask God to lead me and show me and direct me and help me and support me in it. So I just wait to hear the call.
Dolly Parton
I regret waiting until my mid-twenties to really start seeing the world. I think I should have taken more risks when I was younger and worried less about being ready to grow up.
John Corey Whaley
I would never be in a film just for the sake of being in a film, so I am waiting for the right role to come along.
Condola Rashad
At the touch of this divine light, the mountains seemed to kindle to a rapt, religious consciousness, and stood hushed like devout worshippers waiting to be blessed.
John Muir
I have been sitting around waiting for an opportunity to get to do something that matters for so long. Not just that matters in the world, which I think that season, in particular, had a very important meaning for a lot of people, but for me, as an actress.
Sarah Paulson
Some of the shells brought my heart into my mouth; lying there waiting for them was intolerable. I was sure I was going to be blown to pieces.
Hervey Allen
Then I thought, boy, isn’t that just typical? You wait and wait and wait for something, and then when it happens, you feel sad.
Sharon Creech
If you will change everything will change for you. Don’t wait for things to change. Change doesn’t start out there, change starts within….All change starts with you.
Jim Rohn
Unfortunately, it’s not that it’s not impossible for us to develop Final Fantasy 7 for mobile. It’s that currently, space will be an issue. Phones won’t be able to contain the space it takes. It’s over a gigabyte. People are probably going to have to wait a few years.
Takashi Tokita
When you follow your bliss a kind of track opens up, that’s always been there, waiting for you. And the life that you should be living, is the one that you will be living.
Joseph Campbell
I was really nervous, intimidated by the whole thing-all the people and all the buzzing, and all the sitting around waiting. I felt really small in this huge place.
Kate Moss
Kitten, you still haven’t told her? Blimey, what are you waiting for?” “The Second Coming of Christ!” I snapped.
Jeaniene Frost
While waiting for my visa, I got a job in the music industry, which was so exciting, it changed my life and stopped me moving.
Nicki Chapman
The time to talk about it [genetic engineering to improve a baby’s genes] in schools and churches and magazines and debate societies is now. If you wait, five years from now the gene doctor will be hanging out the MAKE A SMARTER BABY sign down the street.
Arthur Caplan
Patience, he thought. So much of this was patience – waiting, and thinking and doing things right. So much of all this, so much of all living was patience and thinking.
Gary Paulsen
ignition! blast off!!! the vessel needs a new name! something more appropriate to a starship. apollo? gemini? enterprise. already taken. millennium falcon. trademarked. all rights reserved. no! wait, i have it! dragin star! thats it! dragon star!
Margaret Weis
If you’re squeezed for information, / that’s when you’ve got to play it dumb: / You just say you’re out there waiting / for the miracle, for the miracle to come.
Leonard Cohen
Lonely men seek companionship. Lonely women sit at home and wait. They never meet.
Abraham Lincoln
There is nothing a worker resents more than to see some man taking his job. A factory can be closed down, its chimneys smokeless, waiting for the worker to come back to his job, and all will be peaceful. But the moment workers are imported, and the striker sees his own place usurped, there is bound to be trouble.
Charles M. Schwab
If somebody takes the parking place you were waiting for, I tend to kind of let it roll off my back. Maybe I’m harboring a lot of something and it will all explode somewhere down the road, but I tend to just let it slide off my back.
Steve Carell
Some things go better than you expected, other things go worse, so I’m… I think the only sensible thing is just to wait and see and what I’m doing when I’m writing books – I’m not doing science so much anymore.
Freeman Dyson
Although love unreturned can drive you to despair, trust that somewhere out there, someone is waiting just for you.
Laura Ramirez
Wait until the end, like the last two or three minutes of cooking, to add barbecue sauce, so it cooks into your meat. But if you add it too early, it will make your fire flame up. You don’t have to slather on the sauce. Just lightly paste each side.
Johnny Trigg
Nick! Wait!” – Kyrian ‘Wait, my gluteus maximus. Vampire was shy of a few quarts of blood if he thought Nick had any intention of not going Casper on him.’ – Nick
Sherrilyn Kenyon
For everyday diners in Manhattan, cracking the waiting list at Nobu is said to be harder than getting courtside tickets for the Knicks.
David Chang
The roots of the grass strain, Tighten, the earth is rigid, waits-he is waiting- And suddenly, and all at once, the rain!
Archibald MacLeish
I’m the only one who can stop me.. I’m the one who’s been sitting at the stoplight all these years, waiting for the light to turn green.
Terry McMillan
The Indian race is waiting and praying.
Chief Joseph
If you’re waiting with God, waiting is okay. If you’re always waiting on God, you’ll be frustrated. God never seems to work at the speed that we want Him to.
Louie Giglio
I came up with this really crazy idea, this really small personal story that takes place in a universe that we are familiar with. Rocky is retired, kind of set adrift. He’s very lonely in his world. His life has gone by waiting for the inevitable. It’s not ‘Rocky 7.’
Ryan Coogler
We are so busy telling God where we would like to go. We wait with the idea of some great opportunity, something sensational, and when it comes we are quick to cry, ‘Here am I.’ Readiness for God means that we are ready to do the tiniest little thing or the great big thing, it makes no difference.
Oswald Chambers
I needed to do my current job well, keep preparing, and wait on God’s timing. I needed to trust His leadership rather than try to force an outcome I wanted.
Tony Dungy
Waiting for the end, boys, waiting for the end.
William Empson
“I’ll be your family now,” he says. “I love you,” I say. He stares at me. I wait with my hands clutching his arms for stability as he considers his response. He frowns at me. “Say it again.” “Tobias,” I say, “I love you.”
Veronica Roth
Look, you’re here to see me, and I can’t go on until my dealer is here, and he’s waiting to be paid, so give me some money so I can fix up, and then you’ll get your show.
Iggy Pop
Don’t wait for the last judgment – it takes place every day.
Albert Camus
We’re all waiting for the opportunity to do big films but you have to wait your turn – unless you get offered something like Twilight when you’re 20! Otherwise, you just have to keep slogging away.
Adam Rayner
Of course, I thought I was badass at sixteen, too. Wait, I was badass at sixteen. Oh, yeah.
Rachel Caine
To make someone wait: the constant prerogative of all power.
Roland Barthes
Never tell a secret to a bride or a groom; wait until they have been married longer.
E. W. Howe
You can wait for things to happen for you or you can make things happen for you.
J. B. Smoove
There are those of us who are always about to live. We are waiting until things change, until there is more time, until we are less tired, until we get a promotion, until we settle down / until, until, until. It always seems as if there is some major event that must occur in our lives before we begin living.
George A. Sheehan
I watched, along with all of you, as the tens of thousands of our people stood patiently in long queues for many hours. Some sleeping on the open ground overnight waiting to cast this momentous vote.
Nelson Mandela
Let the snake wait under his weed and the writing be of words, slow and quick, sharp to strike, quiet to wait, sleepless. – through metaphor to reconcile the people and the stones. Compose. (No ideas but in things) Invent! Saxifrage is my flower that splits the rocks.
William Carlos Williams
We are the people that we have been waiting for and no one else is coming.
T. D. Jakes
Just can’t wait to get on the road again
Willie Nelson
During the night we must wait for the light.
Saint Francis de Sales
Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.
Mother Teresa
To speak of the Blessed Sacrament is to speak of what is most sacred. How often, when we are in a state of distress, those to whom we look for help leave us; or what is worse, add to our affliction by heaping fresh troubles upon us. He is ever there waiting to help us.
Mary Euphrasia Pelletier
A good film to me is like lightning in a bottle. I used to think that meant hit and run. But then I’ve changed my definition about what lightning in a bottle means. I think it means that you wait for that surprising moment that you really didn’t expect would happen, as good as it may have gone in rehearsal.
Don Scardino
It’s definitely an honour and a dream to be able to go out there and have all the people in the stands cheering for you it’s a great feeling and I cant wait to get the Olympics started.
Meghan Agosta-Marciano
I have no idea what to do with myself. And while I wait for my epiphany, I feel the toxins collecting in my body.
Inio Asano
Love is a publicity stunt, and making love, after the first curious raptures, is only another petulant way to pass the time waiting for the studio to call.
Louise Brooks
It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a shipwreck.
Charles Caleb Colton
There’s no such thing as failure – just waiting for success.
John Osborne
You have to wait for your mind to catch up with whatever it is it’s working on; then you can write a novel.
James M. Cain
You have a great road map when you play somebody that exists. That’s the amazing thing. But then you have great limitations from that road map. It’s hard to deviate from it creatively as an actor. It’s like, “Oh wait, he’d never do that.”
Jeremy Renner
It’s a tough path to citizenship. You’ve got to pay back taxes. You’ve got to learn English. You’ve got to have a clear record. You’ve got to get to the back of the line behind other people who have come here legally or even waiting legally.
John McCain
If something anticipated arrives too late it finds us numb, wrung out from waiting, and we feel – nothing at all. The best things arrive on time.
Dorothy Gilman
He that always waits upon God is ready whenever He calls. Neglect not to set your accounts even; he is a happy man who to lives as that death at all times may find him at leisure to die.
Owen Feltham
It’s only terrible to have nothing to wait for.
Erich Maria Remarque
If we wait for the U.S. to do something, we will be waiting for a very long time. It’s Europe, it’s Australia, it’s the other developed and middle developing countries that have got to do the job.
Susan George
Luck is very important. Of course you can’t wait for luck, because it won’t come. While you start a journey, luck may eventually come to you.
Jack Ma
I was standing in the schoolyard waiting for a child when another mother came up to me. Have you found work yet? she asked. Or are you still just writing?
Anne Tyler
Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.
Regina Brett
He who waits for the sword to fall upon his neck will surely lose his head.
Stephen R. Donaldson
I’ll be at the table, as I’ve been, willing to talk to any Republican who says, ‘Look, my country is more important, this pile of bills is not going to go away, the challenges that we have is not going to disappear, we need to cross that divide.’ I’m ready. I’m waiting.
Patty Murray
Normal birth to me should not be numb from the waist down and waiting for the doctor to tell you to push. There’s a reason we feel it. There’s a reason we need to feel it.
Ricki Lake
Sometimes if you wait too long, it’s too late.
Sarah Strohmeyer
A lady with whom I was riding in the forest said to me that the woods always seemed to her to wait, as if the genii who inhabit them suspend their deeds until the wayfarer had passed onward; a thought which poetry has celebrated in the dance of the fairies, which breaks off on the approach of human feet.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Bakery air is that steaming hot front of thick, buttery fumes waiting for you just inside the door of a bakery. And I am just going to tell you straight up: That is some fine air!
Neil Pasricha
You choose happiness. You don’t wait for it to choose you.
Bethenny Frankel
If you create you will also wait, and while you’re waiting you will want to be patient but not idle… responses from the world often take a long time.
Eric Maisel
He who walks alone, waits for no-one.
Henry David Thoreau
When you’ve toured for about 10 years like me, you end up feeling like you’re always waiting for somebody or something. The whole day is a drag
Ritchie Blackmore
Venice is a place where the past is still hanging around, waiting for an appointment with the future; but the future hasn’t shown up. In the meantime it is a kind of no man’s land, given up by default and occupied by irregulars and their dogs.
Jack Smith
All good things arrive unto them that wait – and don’t die in the meantime.
Mark Twain
Think for a minute, darling: in fairy tales it’s always the children who have the fine adventures. The mothers have to stay at home and wait for the children to fly in the window.
Audrey Niffenegger
Somehow I think that if Toronto had been forced to wait a decade [from 80th], it would be a better looking city.
William Gibson
We are little flames poorly sheltered by frail walls against the storm of dissolution and madness, in which we flicker and sometimes almost go out…we creep in upon ourselves and with big eyes stare into the night…and thus we wait for morning.
Erich Maria Remarque
We must work tirelessly to make sure that every boy and girl in America who is up for adoption has a family waiting to reach him or her…This is a season of miracles, and perhaps there is no greater miracle than finding a loving home for a child who needs one.
William J. Clinton
I don’t have to wait for nobody, I move when I wanna move.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Every human being has talents that are just waiting to be uncovered.
Tom Rath
A waiting person is a patient person. The word patience means the willingness to stay where we are and live the situation out to the full in the belief that something hidden there will manifest itself to us.
Henri Nouwen
Seek to learn constantly while you live; do not wait in the faith that old age by itself will bring wisdom.
Death, it seems,” Garp wrote, “does not like to wait until we are prepared for it. Death is indulgent and enjoys, when it can, a flair for the dramatic.
John Irving
No matter how great you are, the next great one is already sitting there waiting to take your place.
Joe Theismann
All too often, we spend our days waiting for the ideal path to appear in front of us. We forget that paths are made by walking, not waiting.
Robin Sharma
The world is waiting for a practical demonstration of the Gospel of the grace of God!
Leonard Ravenhill
A lot of young writers wait for inspiration. The inspiration only hits you at the desk.
Robert Anderson
It was as though I had one map inside my head and it led to the man who was waiting for me. Someone who was alone – maybe even more alone – than I was.
Alice Hoffman
Oh yeah, waiting sucks.
Emma Stone
If you have work to do, don’t wait to feel like it; set to work and you will feel like it.
Henry James
You can often help others more by correcting your own faults than theirs. Remember, and you should, because of your own experience, that allowing God to correct your faults is not easy. Be patient with people, wait for God to work with them as He wills.
Francois Fenelon
True worship doesn’t put on a show or make a fuss; true worship isn’t forced, isn’t half-hearted, doesn’t keep looking at its watch, doesn’t worry what the person in the next pew is doing. True worship is open to God, adoring God, waiting for God, trusting God even in the dark.
N. T. Wright
Mrs. O’Hair died horribly, a victim of the world she helped to shape. Without the Deity she fought so hard against, there is no right and wrong, increasingly people are ruled by their passions and humanity is a tragedy waiting to happen.
Bill Murray
If you think customers are impatient in New York, wait to you see how impatient they are here in L.A.
Gordon Ramsay
I don’t determine the singles. I believe the record company sends a bunch of CDs out to people that they trust in the business, and wait for their response to determine which songs will become singles.
Flora Purim
I hope that the feeling of making poetry is not confined to the people who write it down. There is no luxury like it, and I hope we all share it. … I am sure that the great glory of poetry in one’s heart does not wait on achievement.
Stella Benson
During Christmas time, on German television they show films with three or four episodes, and I quite like the feeling of waiting for the next episode.
Volker Bertelmann
I am the worst at keeping secrets. I am the kind of person that the second I buy someone a Christmas present, I tell them what I bought them. I don’t wait until Christmas. I’m not good at it.
Jessica Chastain
I wasn’t ready for this, but then I probably never would be, and this year, like so much else, wouldn’t wait. I had no choice but to get out of my car, with everyone watching and begin in earnest, alone. So I did
Sarah Dessen
The concept of even having fans is still kind of weird to me. I really just feel like a filmmaker that is only just finding my foot in and is beginning to participate in Hollywood and making films. So the idea of any kind of fandom or people that are waiting for something that I may release is very distant in my mind.
Neill Blomkamp
I wait and take on projects that I think can work.
Kevin Costner
Uncertainty is where things happen. It is where the opportunities – for success, for happiness, for really living – are waiting.
Oliver Burkeman
I spent a lifetime giving my power away, assuming that everybody knew better what was right for me than me. And then there comes a point in your life you go, Oh, wait a second! There’s an a-ha moment when you realize that the only person that can delegate your future is you.
Mariel Hemingway
When people are self-entitled for no reason, just with anything, that bothers me. It’s like waiting for someone to cross the road, and they walk slower because they know you’re waiting. I like all the credit due in the places that it’s supposed to be due.
Holly Holm
As slippery as smooth grapes, words exploding in the light like dormant seeds waiting in the vaults of vocabulary, alive again, and giving life: once again the heart distills them.
Pablo Neruda
I like to be in waiting rooms with people as they’re auditioning, because their terror calms me.
John C. McGinley
I am often asked by would-be entrepreneurs seeking escape from life within huge corporate structures, ‘How do I build a small firm for myself?’ The answer seems obvious: Buy a very large one and just wait.
Paul Ormerod
The pilgrims on the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock. To my knowledge, they didn’t wait around for a return trip to Europe. You settle some place with a purpose. If you don’t want to do that, stay home. You avoid an awful lot of risks by not venturing outward.
Buzz Aldrin
Don’t wait for perfect. Don’t wait for something to be fully formed in your head to start on it. Just start, and then work it out as you go.
Brandon Stanton
Cam was already on his feet, waiting for me. I arched my brow at him. “Following me?” “Like a true serial killer,” he replied.
J. Lynn
The biggest part of painting perhaps is faith, and waiting receptively, content to go any way, not planning or forcing. The fear, though, is laziness. It is so easy to drift and finally be tossed up on the beach, derelict.
Emily Carr
I imagine the ones we’ve lost as ghosts who prowl about the edges of the light, waiting for us to join them. Sometimes that’s terrifying, and sometimes it’s reassuring, a promise of homecoming.
Ann Aguirre
Time waits for no one.
Yasutaka Tsutsui
Sometimes you have to sacrifice because you see what the end goal is. When you have a dream and you want to get it done, you can’t wait on other people.
Reagan Gomez-Preston
I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and listen to music in order to try to find something to work with.
Girl Talk
Leaning back against Cam’s chest, I tipped my head back and I reached up, cupping his cheek. I drew his mouth to mine and kissed him softly. “Thank you.” His lips curved up on one side. “For what?” “For waiting for me.
J. Lynn
The thin and precarious crust of decency is all that separates any civilization, however impressive, from the hell of anarchy or systematic tyranny which lie in wait beneath the surface .
Aldous Huxley
When you think about the passion that’s involved wth Jamaican culture, it’s like, they’re not sitting around waiting for things to get all pretty: they want it raw and dutty.
Kreesha Turner
A woman waits for me, she contains all, nothing lacking.
Walt Whitman
When I started out, I was a television writer, and we wrote a television show that was on live every week. And you didn’t have the luxury of coming in and waiting to be inspired. You came in and you had to write. And you wrote, because it was going to be live on the air. So I can do that.
Woody Allen
You cannot wait until everything becomes better before you decide to have a good attitude. You have to be the best you can be right where you are.
Joel Osteen
Dogwoods are great optimists. Daffodils wait and see, crouching firmly underground just in case spring doesn’t come this year, but dogwoods have faith.
Barbara Holland
Don’t wait for change. You change.
Earl Nightingale
I liked you the first time I saw you. You were sitting on the floor surrounded by books, and you looked up when I opened the door and smiled right at me. It felt like you had been waiting for me, like you were welcoming me home.
Josh Lanyon
One good deed dying tongueless Slaughters a thousand waiting upon that. Our praises are our wages.
William Shakespeare
Smart recessionary marketing means not waiting for business to return to normal. Instead, you should cash in on this invaluable opportunity your more cautious competitors may be creating for you. If they pull back, your media investment works much harder.
Sarah Carter
There are occasions when you can hear the mysterious language of the Earth, in water, or coming through the trees, emanating from the mosses, seeping through the under currents of the soil, but you have to be willing to wait and receive.
John Hay
You can’t avoid fear. No magic potion will take it away. And you can’t wait for motivation to get you going. To conquer fear, you have to feel the fear and take action anyway.
John C. Maxwell
Everyone else is waiting for eternity and the shamans are saying, ‘How about tonight?’
Alberto Villoldo
But, someone, please give me—who is born again but still so much in need of being born anew—give me the details of how to live in the waiting cocoon before the forever begins?
Ann Voskamp
Standing up here 10 in a row, you know, like a bunch of seals waiting for somebody to throw you the next fish, is not necessarily the best way to impart your information to the American people. I’m not above acting like a seal every once in a while and waiting for the next fish, I just don’t want to do it all the time.
Fred Thompson
Don’t wait until the moment of crisis. Plan ahead, hide God’s Word in your heart, and pray in advance for victory, holiness, and a life pleasing to God.
David Jeremiah
You’re going to be my grandmother.” “You silly child. In my heart, I’ve been your grandmother for years. I’ve just been waiting for you to make it official.
Julia Quinn
Incidentally, why was it that none of all the pious ever discovered psycho-analysis? Why did it have to wait for a completely godless Jew?
Sigmund Freud
Anybody can get chewed out. It’s the rare person who says, oh my god, you were right. As opposed to, no wait, the reason is… We’ve all heard that
Randy Pausch
I’m standing in the desert, waiting for my ship to come in.
Sheryl Crow
Women take so long to get ready, but when they get out of the bathroom, they look smokin’ hot. That’s the struggle of men throughout history, waiting by the door. The wait is so worth it. Always.
Andy Grammer
Don’t be precious about anything-much less a certain guitar sound. There is always another interesting sound or effect just waiting to be discovered.
Robin Guthrie
Remember this, classics never make a comeback. They wait for that perfect moment to take the spotlight from overdone, tired trends.
Tabatha Coffey
To be unforgiving is like to drink poison and wait for someone else to die!! Rev. TD Jakes (have I said how much I love ya!)
T. D. Jakes
All good things to those who wait.
We’ve been waiting since 1918 for the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series, and … if I had a choice between the White House and the World Series this year, I’m going to take the White House. How’s that?
John F. Kerry
Cameras are simple tools designed to capture images. Images that tell us more about ourselves than we realize. They remind us of the long journey we’ve taken. The loved ones who traveled alongside of us. Those we lost along the way. And those waiting for us on the road ahead.
Mary Alice
The venerable dead are waiting in my library to entertain me and relieve me from the nonsense of surviving mortals.
Samuel Davies
Don’t fall into the trap of having to have everything perfect to write or wait until the mood strikes you. If you want it as a job, treat it like a job, and just as you don’t go to work only when you feel like it, you have to condition yourself to sit and write even when the ideas don’t flow.
Kim Harrison
Wait, I’m deciding to be my own individual self. And it looks nothing like what anyone else is doing.
Alicia Keys
Before Katrina, it was a longstanding tradition in our country for political officials to wait until the last minute to warn, to take action, to evacuate. No more. With Irene, you had mass evacuations – mandatory ones – issued days ahead of time. That was the right thing to do.
Russel Honore
In this place of gracious uncertainty, we wait. For the broken places to be brought back together. For the meaning of our suffering to be revealed in his. For the righteous reign of a mighty God, whose goodness we will spend all eternity celebrating. We wait – with open, expectant hearts.
Paula Rinehart
I’m afraid to look in the mirror. I’m afraid I’m going to see an old lady with white hair, just like the old ladies in the park. Alittle bundle in a black shawl just waiting for the coffin.
Paddy Chayefsky
If you ask an introvert a question, wait until she thinks about it. Introverts think before speaking, not through speaking. If you want to get to the good stuff, you need to slow down.
Laurie Helgoe
My greatest life lesson has been to not wait for the opportunities to come to me. I realize how important it is to be proactive and to create the opportunities myself.
Agapi Stassinopoulos
We mustn’t be in a hurry to fix and choose our own lot; we must wait to be guided.
George Eliot
Biblically, waiting is not just something we have to do until we get what we want. Waiting is part of the process of becoming what God wants us to be.
John Ortberg
Much of the time, as an actor, you sit around waiting. Most of your life and career, you’re waiting for your agent or your manager to call you.
Dylan McDermott
Cause’ I don’t wanna’ spend my life jaded, waiting to wake up one day and find that I’ve let all these years go by wasted. Oh I don’t wanna’ keep on wishing, missing, but still every morning the color of the night, I ain’t spending no more time wasted.
Carrie Underwood
I think part of growing up is not actually finding a fixed idea of who you are, but rather being like, “Oh, wait. I’m different all the time. I’m going to change every second and grow and be fluid.” And that’s okay.
Amandla Stenberg
Girlfriend, if you’re waiting for a fairy godmother to show up with a dress and a ride, you’re not going to make it to the party.
Lisa Kleypas
Expectant waiting is the foundation of the spiritual life.
Simone Weil
That was the truly horrifying thing about it: the sense of time as an enemy, to be fought tooth and nail–but there was so much of it; you killed an hour, but what good did that do when there were thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions more hours just waiting to take its place?
K.J. Parker
That was the one thing she knew now. Some chances came and went, and if you missed them, you could spend the rest of your life standing alone, waiting for an opportunity that had already passed you by.
Kristin Hannah
There are certain people who seem doomed to buy certain houses. The house expects them. It waits for them.
Peter Ackroyd
One must wait till it comes.
Arthur Conan Doyle
The latest incarnation of Oedipus, the continued romance of Beauty and the Beast, stand this afternoon on the corner of Forty-second Street and Fifth Avenue, waiting for the traffic light to change.
Joseph Campbell
Investment decisions and personal decisions don’t wait for the picture to be clarified.
Andy Grove
I do not think it worth while to wait for enjoyment until there is some real opportunity for it.
Jane Austen
There’s loads of eyes and expectations. People are almost waiting for you to make a mistake so they can say, ‘Oh, she’s a one-hit wonder!’
Ella Mai
We can’t have it both ways. We can’t expect God to protect us in a crisis and just leave Him over there on the shelf in our day-to-day living. I wonder if sometimes He isn’t waiting for us to wake up, He isn’t maybe running out of patience.
Ronald Reagan
Power either goes up or down. Your thoughts are the harness of power. It is necessary to think positive thoughts, not just wait for them to occur, but to introduce them.
Frederick Lenz
Even as the Sun doth not wait for prayers and incantations to rise, but shines forth and is welcomed by all: so thou also wait not for clapping of hands and shouts and praise to do thy duty; nay, do good of thine own accord, and thou wilt be loved like the Sun.
The world is full of genies waiting to grant your wishes.
Percy Ross
Now it is not everybody, even amongst our respected friends and esteemed acquaintance, whom we like to have near us, whom we like to watch us, to wait on us, to approach us with the proximity of a nurse to a patient. It is not every friend whose eye is a light in a sickroom, whose presence is there a solace.
Charlotte Bronte
The last point that I’d make. I had a hearing. I had all of the veterans groups in front of me. And I said to them, tell me when a veteran gets in to the V.A., understanding there are waiting lines and real problems, when a veteran gets into the system, is the quality of care good?
Bernie Sanders
Things are always different than what they might be…If you wait for them to change, you will never do anything.
Henry James
I have liked many but loved very few. Yet no-one has been as sweet as you. I’d stand and wait in the world’s longest queue. Just for the pleasure of a moment with you.
Abhijeet Bhattacharya
We’re all worm bait waiting to happen. It’s what you do while you wait that matters.
Kinky Friedman
We eat the year away. We eat the spring and the summer and the fall. We wait for something to grow and then we eat it.
Shirley Jackson
I cannot think of a better way to spread the faith. No thundering from a pulpit, no condemnation from bad churches, no peer pressure, just a book of scripture quietly waiting to say hello, as gentle and powerful as a little girl’s kiss on your cheek.
Yann Martel
Meet me where the sky touches the sea. Wait for me where the world begins.
Jennifer Donnelly
I know you have been waiting on hold for 40 minutes, but I can’t answer your question.
Jon Jones
Don’t you know yet that men are full of words that mean nothing? The silence of a woman is a thousand times weightier. You must learn to trust silence. To load it with truth, and to wait.
Sharon Maas
You can’t wait around for destiny to give you what you think you deserve, you have to earn it, even if you think you’ve paid your dues.
The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those that got there first.
Steven Tyler
Don’t crave fame, do what you do and just apply. I don’t think many of them here today are that interested in fashion. Perhaps it’s because there’s not much going on. No punk, no reaction to something. I think we are in a waiting period.
Louise Wilson
A certain columnist has been banned from all Shubert openings. Now he can wait three days and go to their closings.
Walter Winchell
When you’re on a series, it’s tough to go on and do something else afterward. If you’re smart, save your money and you can wait out the bad times, until something else comes along.
Michael Dorn
I had been so mad at him when I left, I’d given them back. All except for the one that stuck to the bottom of the jar. He smiled. “They’re at home, waiting.” “For what?” His eyes glittered. “That, I cannot say.
Kiera Cass
I kept thinking I was always going to meet the right man, but I never did. Kept waiting for this knight in shining armour. ‘When’s he coming? He’s taking a long time, isn’t he?’
Samantha Fox
The moon’s closeness is a huge advantage: To make it habitable, we would first have to bombard it with water-ice comets, a tricky endeavor best attempted with the many resources waiting on and near Earth.
Gregory Benford
Dammit, Dresden, if you want to know about me, wait for the autobiography like everyone else.
Jim Butcher
Many contemporary painters feel that their landscapes come from within and are brought to the surface and given form as a result of various stimuli. The artist’s internal world is waiting to be evoked by whatever means the artist finds most productive, and… this world is just as important as the outer, visible world.
Edward Betts
Some part of me knew he would show up, that if I stood in one place long enough he would find me, like you’re taught to do when you’re lost. But they never taught us what to do if both of you are lost, and you both end up in the same place, waiting.
Nick Flynn
Waiting is a period of learning. The longer we wait, the more we hear about him for whom we are waiting.
Henri Nouwen
Wrinkles and bones, white hair and diamonds: I can’t wait.
Truman Capote
The indie world changed when the economy went south. I was frustrated with doing something, then waiting for it to come out, and sometimes it never did, or would just play in New York for 50 people. So I really wanted to try something else.
Jeff Daniels
A lot of people write books not at the end of their career. Why you gotta wait until then? When you’re momentum’s going, that’s when people really want to get to know about you.
David Ortiz
This whole time, I wasn’t waiting for something in particular.
Just someone who wanted me.
Not sex.
But me.
Diana Peterfreund
When people ask where I studied to be an ambassador, I say my neighborhood and my school. I’ve tried to tell my kids that you don’t wait until you’re in high school or college to start dealing with problems of people being different. The younger you start, the better.
Andrew Young
My parents have raised me with a sense of what’s really important and have given me decent values, and I’m comfortable, but I haven’t lived an excessive lifestyle in the least. And I’ve kept my expenses to a minimum so that I have the freedom to wait.
Adrien Brody
The thing with making your art your business is: It’s a business. You can’t sit around waiting for the muse, especially when you run a show, and you’re in production, and an outline is due, a script is due, and a reshoot is due. No. You look at the calendar, and you go, ‘OK. I can write from 4 to 6.’ So you write.
Noah Hawley
Everyone focuses on the earthly state, but how cool might death be? I believe in spiritual rebirth, and I can’t wait to experience that.
Barry Zito
Deconstruction: peering suspiciously at the text, I wait for it to make a slip and betray itself.
Mason Cooley
The first eight years in Mumbai were specially tough. I knew during the first two months of my stay that there’s no point waiting for hours to meet producers. They won’t meet you and definitely won’t give you a role.
Abhimanyu Singh
Do not wait for a change of environment before you act; get a change of environment by action.
Wallace D. Wattles
Half an ear cocked, something in me, all night, every night, is waiting for you to come home.
Lionel Shriver
Travel is the discovery of truth; an affirmation of the promise that human kind is far more beautiful than it is flawed. With each trip comes a new optimism that where there is despair and hardship, there are ideas and people just waiting to be energized, to be empowered, to make a difference for good.
Dan Thompson
Damn, I can’t wait until it get dark,
So I can light these fireworks up at the park,
And celebrate my independence,
It’s the 4th of July, but I ain’t got 10 cents.
The world is just waiting to be skated.
Ryan Sheckler
It’s better to be one who is told to wait than one who waits to be told.
John G. Miller
I think I approach all of my writing in the same way. I mean, it’s my job, and I’m committed to it. I don’t just float around and wait for some muse to call.
T Cooper
If you want to do something and you have a goal, do it, don’t wait, because your channel might change sometime soon – and quite unexpectedly.
Sean Swarner
People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.
Rogers Hornsby
If you genuinely want something, don’t wait for it — teach yourself to be impatient.
Gurbaksh Chahal
A prison cell, in which one waits, hopes…and is completely dependent on the fact that
the door of freedom has to be opened from the outside, is not a bad picture of Advent.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
You might have a warrior spirit in there somewhere, and it’s just waiting for the opportunity to come out. If you do, you might be a candidate for the pathway to enlightenment.
Frederick Lenz
Being on set is a hard thing. A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, you get to make a movie, and it’s all fun.’ But the reality is, it’s a lot of hours. It’s a lot of reshoots; it’s a lot of waiting. And you can become increasingly agitated by the amount of time that you are waiting. But that’s real.
Jill Scott
I’m not saying dating is sinful, and I’m not saying a guy and a girl should never spend time alone together. I’m saying let’s wait until we can be purposeful, so there’s a reason behind our relationship, and we’re not just stirring up passion for the sake of a good time.
Joshua Harris
I’ve been waiting for someone to sign the permission slip for me to write about sex. In the meantime, I’ve written about sex in all my books anyway.
Meg Wolitzer
On each side of the war against war, hopes soar, hopes dive, hour by hour now. Resignations abound, timetables slip, and the world waits, mesmerised. I’m off to Melbourne to record an arts chat show.
Margo Kingston
I am waiting for the lost music to sound again in a new rebirth of wonder.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Strangers are just friends waiting to happen
Rod McKuen
The last thing he ever said to me was, ‘Just always be waiting for me, and then some night you will hear me crowing.
James M. Barrie
Waiting, waiting, waiting. All my life, I’ve been waiting for my life to begin, as if somehow my life was ahead of me, and that someday I would arrive at it.
Camryn Manheim
I worked with my coach to develop some new spiral variations to make my program more interesting. Each one is different and you’ll have to wait until January to see them.
Sasha Cohen
The mind travels faster than the pen; consequently, writing becomes a question of learning to make occasional wing shots, bringing down the bird of thought as it flashes by. A writer is a gunner, sometimes waiting in the blind for something to come in, sometimes roaming the countryside hoping to scare something up.
E. B. White
I am not to speak to you, I am to think of you when I sit alone or wake at night alone, I am to wait, I do not doubt I am to meet you again, I am to see to it that I do not lose you.
Walt Whitman
Selling is nothing more than asking questions and waiting for an answer.
Jack White
Jews wait for the Lord, Protestants sing hymns to him, Catholics say mass and eat him.
Walker Percy
Give up waiting as a state of mind. When you catch yourself slipping into waiting…snap out of it. Come into the present moment. Just be and enjoy being.
Eckhart Tolle
I don’t know exactly where ideas come from, it’s just a matter of us figuring out how to receive the ideas waiting to be heard.
Jim Henson
You got an all-out prize fight, you wait ’til the fight’s over, one guy’s left standing and that’s how you know who’s won.
David Mamet
Waiting for the implosion [of the government of Romano Prodi] is risking to turn into Waiting for Godot.
Gianfranco Fini
All things come to him who waits – provided he knows what he is waiting for.
Woodrow Wilson
The next time she comes back, no matter what she says, listen to her well. If she cries, give her a handkerchief and wait until she’s done crying. If she curses me, curse with her. And if by any chance she asks about me, tell her that I’m sorry.
Kim Do-Jin
I guess show business is a lot like baseball: “Wait until next year!” You just never know. Some of the shittiest shows I’ve ever seen run forever, and some of the best things never get a chance.
Kurt Fuller
When you were a kid, it [work in IBM] seemed like an awesome job. I’d get to go to work and have a briefcase. I loved how Dad wore a tie and got a car. I didn’t know if all those things came together. I’d see my dad go off to work and we’d wait for him to come home, and we’d all be excited to see him.
Jimmy Fallon
That’s the funny thing about old hurts- they just wait for new heartache to come along and then show up, just as sharp and horrible as the first day you woke up with the world changed all around you.
Lilith Saintcrow
Tomorrow is an assumption; it is just a theory! We must wait for tomorrow to see whether tomorrow is real or not!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
When we dwell on the past, we tend to want to live there. When we dream of the future, we want to go there. Our dreams are where God paints a picture of a life waiting to be created.
Erwin McManus
Hillary Clinton is the problem; she is not the solution to Donald Trump. We are the solution. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. This is our moment. Together, we do have the power to create an America and a world that works for all of us.
Jill Stein
Seth moved behind me, his presence steady and reassuring. Waiting to catch me, even though I refused to fall just yet.
Richelle Mead
The bigger the show, the better I’d play. It was what I was waiting for, and I’d never get nervous.
Johnny Ramone
The worst part of directing is always seeing the first assembly. It’s devastating. It really is. It’s like going into the delivery room and you can’t wait to see your baby, and it’s a crocodile.
David Ayer
Sometimes I regret waiting so long to have a child, but I don’t make the rules. The universe decided it was going to take me a while to get to be a mom!
Constance Marie
Nothing primes inspiration more than necessity, whether it be the presence of a copyist waiting for your work or the prodding of an impresario tearing his hair.
Gioachino Rossini
Time – whether you are burning it up or falling in love or spreading it out thin in a dentist’s waiting room – is a commodity that cannot be weighed out and measured by clocks.
Joan Lindsay
I’m always waiting for you, hoping that you’ll be really interested, that you’ll try completely. In every life I wait for you. I’ve always been waiting and I always will.
Frederick Lenz
If I wait for the genius to come, it just doesn’t arrive.
Ian Fleming
Men have a lot less to write about, unless you’re somebody like Tom Waits or John Lennon. And the female voice is much more suited to melody. Men have this barky thing – we’re domesticated apes with a microphone.
Brandon Boyd
I think everything I do is my early work. I can’t wait to get on to the later stuff.
Joseph Fiennes
I thought I was writing for a fairly hip, intelligent crowd; I just thought there were more of them out there. But they’re not. They’re not out there waiting. They’re not gonna use their intelligence on your book.
Barry Hannah
No one is waiting for me. In this story, I’m the girl no one is waiting for.
Jennifer Egan
nothing yet. I’ve been waiting.” “for what?” she made no response. she could not tell him that she had been waiting for him.
Milan Kundera
What we wait around a lifetime for with one person, we can find in a moment with someone else.
Stephanie Klein
Each American embassy comes with two permanent features – a giant anti-American demonstration and a giant line for American visas. Most demonstrators spend half their time burning Old Glory and the other half waiting for green cards.
P. J. O’Rourke
It angers me that sick people have to wait for everything and everybody – doctors, nurses, callbacks, lab results, prescriptions, medications, technicians, treatment rooms. If illness is the embodiment of powerlessness, which, believe me, is true, then waiting is its temporal incarnation.
Letty Cottin Pogrebin
True stability results when presumed order and presumed disorder are balanced. A truly stable system expects the unexpected, is prepared to be disrupted, waits to be transformed.
Tom Robbins
It’s the easiest thing in the world to know God’s will. You just wait and see what happens, and that’s it.
Lawrence Block
Some things are worth the wait.
Tyler Hoechlin
I am very honored and excited to be part of UFC 100, it’s going to be the hardest challenge of my career so far and it’s going to be pretty tough, I can’t wait.
Georges St-Pierre
I am excited to get on tour, if I’m speaking to the Phish fans. I can’t wait.
Trey Anastasio
Don’t wait for the storms of your life to pass. Learn to dance in the rain.
Steve Rizzo
Mr. C. Klackner has for sale four etchings etched by myself, at the expense of two years’ time & hard work – ‘The Life Line,’ ‘Peril on the Sea,’ ‘Eight Bells,’ ‘Mending Tears,’ – all of which are very good and should have been put forward long ago, but C. Klackner is waiting for me to die, is my idea of the matter.
Winslow Homer
I rarely cry. I save my feelings up inside me like I have something more specific in mind for them. I am waiting for the exact perfect situationand then BOOM! I’ll explode in a light show of feeling and emotion – a pinata stuffed with tender nuances and pent-up passions
Carrie Fisher
I think it’s very comforting for people to put me in a box. ‘Oh, she’s a fluffy girlie girl who likes clothes and cupcakes. Oh, but wait, she is spending her weekends doing hardware electronics.’
Marissa Mayer
To turn off your phone when you go to your country house or you’re on vacation for a few days is important. I turn off my phone and just check it once a day. I turn it on and, if it’s an important message, I’ll call back. Otherwise, it can wait.
Alexander Skarsgard
There is a God of awesome grace who meets his children in moments of darkness and difficulty. He is worth running to. He is worth waiting for. He brings rest when it seems like there is no rest to be found.
Paul David Tripp
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
Joseph Campbell
I’m just waiting to be 85 and be in a pajama community. Everyone’s welcome to join me.
Lena Dunham
One must wait until the evening to see how splendid the day was; one cannot judge life until death.
Charles de Gaulle
That’s how it is: some people are content to wait till you ask, while others jump right in with the whole story.
Barbara Kingsolver
There’s a million more pros than cons, for sure. Obviously, the privacy thing is a little different. It’s not normal to wake up and have 12 paparazzi cars waiting outside to follow you to Starbucks in the morning. But, there’s a lot more pros, and I’m willing to put up with those cons, for sure.
Taylor Lautner
On the roads, I can see truth revealed whole without thought or reason. There I experience the sudden understanding that comes unasked, unbidden. I simply rest, rest within myself, rest within the pure rhythm of my running. And I wait.
George A. Sheehan
I wait for death and journalists.
Jeanne Calment
I don’t count on the boy who waits till October, when it’s cool and fun, then decides he wants to play.
Darrell Royal
If I dismiss the ordinary—waiting for the special, the extreme, the extraordinary to happen – I may just miss my life.
Dani Shapiro
I can’t wait to continue traveling and do as much as I can possibly do.
Jake Hecht
We are the change we’re waiting for.
Ted Cruz
I have a passion for modern and contemporary art. I spend a lot of time in museums; I particularly like the Guggenheim, MoMA in New York or LACMA and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, for example. I cannot wait for the Louis Vuitton Foundation to open.
Delphine Arnault
Only when we have done all we knew to do can we wait by faith for God to do what only He can do.
James MacDonald
I just wait for something to present itself, and then I consider it.
Rene Auberjonois
Jerusalem is a time bomb that I fear is just waiting to go off.
Abdullah II of Jordan
Who knows the end? What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men.
H. P. Lovecraft
The great composer does not set to work because he is inspired, but becomes inspired because he is working. Beethoven, Wagner, Bach and Mozart settled down day after day to the job in hand with as much regularity as an accountant settles down each day to his figures. They didn’t waste time waiting for inspiration.
Ernest Newman
The Holy Spirit’s power cannot be harnessed. His power cannot be used to accomplish anything other than the Father’s will. He is not a candy dispenser. He is not a vending machine. He is not a genie waiting for someone to rub His lamp the right way. He is holy God.
Charles Stanley
I’ll wait for you. Come back. The words were not meaningless, but they didn’t touch him now. It was clear enough – one person waiting for another was like an arithmetical sum, and just as empty of emotion. Waiting. Simply one person doing nothing, over time, while another approached. Waiting was a heavy word.
Ian Mcewan
I dont like any of them, because they don’t read the books. In Kiss Me Deadly my story is better than his story. Anthony Quinn played in The Lond Wait and he didn’t read the book either.
Mickey Spillane
You know I’m getting a little tired of waiting for you to catch on.
Veronica Roth
Three of the ten principles governing the City of Joy are (a) tell the truth, (b) stop waiting to be rescued, and (c) give away what you want the most.
Eve Ensler
Be patient and wait. Your mud will settle. Your water will be clear.
James Frey
You can wait your whole life for the right moment and it might never come, so I’m a big believer in making now the right moment.
Logan Henderson
Read at every wait; read at all hours; read within leisure; read in times of labor; read as one goes in; read as one goest out. The task of the educated mind is simply put: read to lead.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Beneath the surface of your ego’s insatiable cravings, your authentic desires are waiting patiently for you to acknowledge, claim and express them.
Debbie Ford
I never sit down to write or say, “Today, I have to record something.” I wait to hear it and then I go for it.
Lenny Kravitz
I tend to like to write a song and then think about it for a while. I record a demo of it and then put it away and wait until I’ve gotten more thoughts on it or get sure exactly how to approach it.
Christopher Owens
Create your own path and stop waiting for things to come your way. The longer you wait, the further others go.
Behdad Sami
Once you decide to gut a fish, there’s no use waiting till it rots.
Robert Jordan
We have been waiting for you so that we could turn over the government.
Duong Van Minh
In the hacking world, security is more of a response than a proactive measure. They wait for hackers to attack and then they patch, based on the attacks.
Michael Demon Calce
Japan is quite weird because they wait for you to say something before they respond. You can literally hear a pin drop, they don’t make a sound until you say something to the crowd.
Kelly Jones
Prayer allows us to wait without worry.
John Ortberg
All that you are seeking is also seeking you. If you lie still, sit still, it will find you. It has been waiting for you a long time.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
You know, I must really work hard. I’m in the last stage of my artistic life. But I’m so busy that I can’t even think of dying. I fly all over the world, drive everywhere, and when I get home, I find interviewers and photographers and TV shows waiting for me. No wonder I’m so busy.
Yayoi Kusama
We wait for the fulfillment of our desires. We wait with hope, apathy, resignation, belief. We become despondent, elated. We wait
Frederick Lenz
Miracles occur, If you dare to call those spasmodic Tricks of radiance miracles. The wait’s begun again, The long wait for the angel, For that rare, random descent.
Sylvia Plath
If we say I love you, it may be received with doubt, for there are times when it is hard to believe. Say I hate you, and the one spoken to believes it instantly, once for all. … Love must be learned, and learned again and again; there is no end to it. Hate needs no instruction, but waits only to be provoked.
Katherine Anne Porter
Hazel Grace,” he said. “Hi,” I said. “How are you?” “Grand,” he said. “I have been wanting to call you on a nearly minutely basis, but I have been waiting until I could form a coherent thought in re An Imperial Affliction.” (He said “in re.” He really did. That boy.)
John Green
I have read for countless people on innumerable subjects and the most difficult thing to understand within the cards is always the timing. I knew that, and still it surprised me. How long I was willing to wait for something that was only a possibility. I always thought it was just a matter of time but I was wrong.
Erin Morgenstern
We can’t wait around for Superman to come in here and save the town, save the team. It’s up to us to get it done.
Jermaine O’Neal
I’m automatically attracted to beautiful women – I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.
Donald Trump
It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning.
H. G. Wells
In another universe I probably came out OK, ended up with mad novias and jobs and a sea of love in which to swim, but in this world I had a brother who was dying of cancer and a long dark patch of life like a mile of black ice waiting for me up ahead.
Junot Diaz
Pardon me, Highness, a women waits whithout.” “Whithout what?
Jonathan Stroud
At the back of my mind I had a sense of us sitting about waiting for some terrible event, and then I would remember that it had already happened.
Ian Mcewan
Why don’t you ever wait a second and see what I’m planning, or thinking, before you burst in with your opinions and ideas? You never even give me a chance.
Sarah Dessen
The camera was waiting for me by predestination and I took to it as a musician takes to the piano or a painter to canvas. I found that I was master of the elements, that I could work miracles.
Alfred Stieglitz
I know there’s a creative side to artists to – pardon me – there’s a creative side to scientists already, but there may be an artistic side, too, waiting to break free.
Alan Alda
When things are difficult, smile by faith. Don’t wait until you feel better.
Joel Osteen
Wait long enough and people will surprise and impress. When you’re pissed off at someone and you’re angry at them, you just haven’t given them enough time. Just give them a little more time and they almost always will impress you.
Randy Pausch
I was just like a 21st century person waiting to be born, and this is the medium that I thrive in. And I feel stronger now than I did any time since I’ve been a teenager – I mean, musically, creatively.
Daryl Hall
My mom never taught me to be waiting for some prince on a white horse to swipe me off my feet.
Tyra Banks
When my daughter was born, I said: ‘I feel like I know what I’ve been waiting my whole life to be.’
Corey Johnson
You can Google everyone now, you don’t have to peek through a window or wait till she leaves her house. You can look at her Instagram, she’s takes selfies, posting images of her body parts for everyone to see. She seeks followers and craves attention to define her self worth. It’s a dead end addiction to fame.
Pamela Anderson
Visualize what you want out of life and think big. Don’t feel undeserving. We’re all deserving of living our dreams—some of us realize it and some don’t. You’re not doing anyone any favors by living small. Embrace these truths and step up. The world is waiting.
Jillian Michaels
After the ‘X Factor,’ there were opportunities everywhere. It was all there waiting for me to enjoy. I didn’t understand business.
Rebecca Ferguson
On climate change, we often don’t fully appreciate that it is a problem. We think it is a problem waiting to happen.
Kofi Annan
All who have travelled through the delicious scenery of North Devon must needs know the little white town of Bideford, which slopes upwards from its broad tide-river paved with yellow sands, and many-arched old bridge, where salmon wait for Autumn floods, toward the pleasant upland on the west.
Charles Kingsley
If you knew where your happiness came from, it gave you patience. You realized that a lot of the time, you were just waiting out a situation, and that took the pressure off; you no longer looked to every interaction to actually do something for you.
Curtis Sittenfeld
Mental disorders don’t really live ‘out there’ waiting to be explained. They are constructs we have made up – and often not very compelling ones.
Allen Frances
I sometimes look at the careers of other… I guess I could call them contemporaries or maybe close artists; you know, the 4 or 5 guys who go to New York City and get a loft and work together and use each other as models and that sort of thing and wait for years and years to get married. Maybe I just wasn’t that definite.
Mike Royer
Look, if the picture you get instantly is as beautiful as the picture you get by waiting seven days, then it is absolute madness to say that there is virtue in waiting.
Edwin Land
At the age of five, Skagra decided emphatically that God did not exist. This revelation tends to make most people in the universe who have it react in one of two ways – relief or despair. Only Skagra responded to it by thinking – ‘wait a second. That means there’s a situation vacant!
Gareth Roberts
Love must be learned again and again… Hate needs no instruction, but waits only to be provoked.
Katherine Anne Porter
Surely the best way to meet the enemy is head on in the field and not wait till they plunder our very homes.
Oliver Goldsmith
It is men who wait to be selected, and not those who seek, from whom we may expect the most efficient service.
Ulysses S. Grant
I approached photography the only way that I knew how to approach anything: as a job. I would get up, photograph all morning, stop and have lunch, and then, photograph all afternoon. I didn’t think that I had to wait for some inspiration.
Thomas Roma
My readers at that time were still men of letters; but there had to be other people waiting to read my poems.
Salvatore Quasimodo
I don’t know what’s waiting for us when we die–something better, something worse. I only know I’m not ready to find out yet.
Charles de Lint
You look like a puppy. Like I’m jingling my keys and you’re jumping by the door waiting for your walk” “Woof.
Maggie Stiefvater
I like my coffee the way I like my women: after waiting impatiently in a long line.
Dana Gould
Anywhere you want. Thailand, South Carolina, Brezil, Peru– Oh, wait, no, I’m banned from Peru. I’d forgotten about that. It’s a long story, but amusing if you want to hear it.
We live trapped, between the churned-up and examined past and a future that waits for our work.
Anna Freud
He loved her beyond all reason and didn’t expect her to love him back. He was just waiting for her to wise up.
Patricia Briggs
There are moments that stop the heart, that catch the breath, that halt the beat of blood in your veins, and you are suspended in time, held between life and death, and you wait for something to bring you back again.
Robert Cormier
Explore your mind, discover yourself, then give the best that is in you to your age and to your world. There are heroic possibilities waiting to be discovered in every person
Wilferd Peterson
As an actor sometimes we sit and wait for projects to be handed to us and we don’t really work. We expect our agents and managers to know who we are and to see who we are and offer us a part or send us out and submit us.
Navid Negahban
The servants must wait like ninjas for me to leave so they could render this place spotless again.
Jeaniene Frost
I spent eighteen months as a graduate student in physics at Columbia University, waiting unhappily for an opportunity to work in a laboratory and wondering if I should continue in physics.
Sidney Altman
There’s just a feeling, when you’re just an actor – I have great admiration for people who are just actors. I don’t understand it, the idea of waiting to get cast, being at the whim of others. I find it incredibly powerless and frightening, so that’s why I’ve been constantly trying to create my own content.
Nick Kroll
As long asthe audience or the public perceives you to be sincere in your approach and not petty, they will think it’s fair and they will wait for the other person’s response. But if they sense it’s petty or the slightest bit unfair, they’ll turn on you right away.
Roger Ailes
It is a pain in the ass waiting around for someone to try to kill you.
Roger Zelazny
Your father calls you to his court. You need not pack. You go garbed in glorious raiment. He waits eagerly by his palace doors to welcome you, and has prepared a place at the high table, by his side, in the company of the great-souled, honored, and best-beloved.
Lois McMaster Bujold
Before you, I believed love was making love. Waiting only makes me love you more.
Ellen Hopkins
I’m not very charismatic or telegenic. I feel bad for the kids waiting three hours in line for their book to be signed.
Jeff Kinney