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Wall Street Journal Quotes by Dalia Mogahed, Nathan Myhrvold, Jim Ryun, George Stephanopoulos, Donald Trump, Maureen Corrigan and many others.

I thought the Wall Street Journal quote, they got a guy

I thought the Wall Street Journal quote, they got a guy in Iowa to say I think exactly where I think this race is right now for a lot Republicans. He said, “Nobody in Iowa wants [Donald]Trump for president. But everybody in Iowa wants somebody like Trump for president.” That’s what you need.
Dalia Mogahed
In market research I did at Microsoft Corp. in the early 1990s, I estimated that the ‘Wall Street Journal’ took in about 75 cents per copy from subscribers, $1.25 at the newsstand and a whopping $5 per copy from ads. The ad revenue let them run a far bigger newsroom than subscribers were paying for.
Nathan Myhrvold
In a polling conducted by the Wall Street Journal, 11 out of 12 Americans said they oppose the taking of private property, even if it is for public economic good.
Jim Ryun
[Donald] Trump suggesting to “The Wall Street Journal” that he would stop aiding the rebels fighting [Bashir] Assad.
George Stephanopoulos
I read on the front page of the Wall Street Journal that NATO is opening up a major terror division. And I think that’s great. And I think we should get – because we pay approximately 73 percent of the cost of NATO. It’s a lot of money to protect other people.
Donald Trump
According to a Wall Street Journal article some 59 percent of Americans don t own a single book. Not a cookbook or even the Bible.
Maureen Corrigan
If you are looking for a kindly, well-to-do older gentleman who is no longer interested in sex, take out an ad in The Wall Street Journal.
Abigail Van Buren
Despite what The Wall Street Journal says, our awards are the best-kept secret in America, with the possible exception of what George W. Bush did in the ’70s.
Billy Crystal
The great thing about having money is that you can actually just get on with your life and not have to think about paying the bills or crouch over The Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times and look at the stock figures and things like that. That bores me rigid.
Peter Mayle
As the Wall Street Journal called our economic plan, supply-side economics for the working man, is resonating in Minnesota and here in Missouri and across this country.
Rick Santorum
I don’t think I’m an angry person. I think I’m a person who’s angry. I’m angry at the Bush administration; I’m angry at the right wing media. And by that I don’t mean the media is right wing. I mean, there is a part of the media that’s not the mainstream media. That’s Fox, that is ‘The Wall Street Journal’ editorial page.
Al Franken
Obamacare is woven into the fabric of health care. It’s very hard to just rip it out, as Donald Trump sort of acknowledged with The Wall Street Journal.
David Brooks
As was noted in the Wall Street Journal, last March 21st, FDA approval of drug labelling, ‘…requires seven to ten years, and costs each applicant an average of $70 million.’
Orrin Hatch
I became a larger than life figure for one reason only. When you’re quoted in the ‘Wall Street Journal,’ the ‘New York Times,’ constantly as the expert in the business people assume you’re a lot bigger than you are. And then I had to run like hell to catch up with my own image.
Barbara Corcoran
Monica Langley of the “Wall Street Journal” is reporting that Donald Trump’s strategy is essentially two-pronged. that he’s trying to use the split in the GOP to rally his base and trying to depress Democratic turnout.
Anderson Cooper
Right after 9-11, as far as I know, one newspaper in the United States had the integrity to investigate opinion in the Muslim world: the ‘Wall Street Journal.’
Noam Chomsky
Oh, look at this. NBC/Wall Street Journal: “Thirty-eight percent of the American people say [Donald] Trump’s comments about women disqualify him from being president.”
Rush Limbaugh
The largest newspaper in the United States is only reaching 1 percent of population. We are kind of assuming that ‘Wall Street Journal,’ ‘USA Today,’ and other newspapers are very important. Yes, they’re extremely important, but only to 1 percent of the population on a daily basis.
Yuri Milner
I really like to read when I’m eating – ‘The New York Times’ or the ‘Wall Street Journal,’ paper version.
Kevin Nealon
My goodness, why is this woman [ Hillary Clinton ] at 46%? She’s like the magic 46. She’s 46% in the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, she’s 46% in a lot of these swing states.
Anderson Cooper