War Zones Quotes

War Zones Quotes by Henry Giroux, Amitabh Bachchan, George W. Norris, Pico Iyer, Questlove, DJ QBert and many others.

As modern society is formed against the backdrop of a p

As modern society is formed against the backdrop of a permanent war zone, a carceral state and hyper-militarism, the social stature of the military and soldiers has risen.
Henry Giroux
It’s a war zone, my body, and one which has been through a great deal.
Amitabh Bachchan
The first war zone was declared by Great Britain. She gave us and the world notice of it on the 4th day of November, 1914. The zone became effective Nov. 5, 1914.
George W. Norris
I’d spent thirty years visiting the Dalai Lama, and twenty years as a journalist going to difficult places, war zones and revolutions from North Korea to Haiti and Beirut to Sri Lanka, and the question came up: What does this man have to offer to this world which seems so torn up and so attached to conflict?
Pico Iyer
I grew up in somewhat of a war zone in West Philadelphia in 1985, ’86. It wasn’t as extreme as someone coming in the classroom and just unloading on a class, but I knew to take the scenic route to go to the grocery store to avoid certain elements.
Lots will get on the mic and tell huge audiences to pray for world peace. And there’s a scientific study that shows when everyone prays for peace, whole war zones on the planet actually cease fighting for that day!
DJ QBert
I made The War Zone when I had just given birth to twins, and my post-partum frame was very much on display there.
Tilda Swinton
Police do not belong in war zones.
Daniel Keys Moran
Its a war zone. Terrible things happen.
Eason Jordan
I never desired to go into war zones. I never had any thought about it. It sort of just happened as part of the job.
Kate Adie
I grew up in a neighborhood in Baltimore that was like a war zone, so I never learned to trust that there were people who could help me.
Jada Pinkett Smith
I had to do some emergency cram sessions with the dialogue coach on set [of the Punisher: War Zone]. But it was fun, because every actor on that movie had to do an accent, so we were all talking the whole time in our accents.
Julie Benz
The north of the Central African Republic is now a war zone, with rival armed bands burning villages, kidnapping children, robbing travelers and killing people with impunity.
Nicholas D. Kristof
Don’t kid yourself. President Obama’s decision to withdraw 33,000 troops from Afghanistan before he stands for reelection is not driven by the United States’ ‘position of strength’ in the war zone as much as it is by grim economic and political realities at home.
Ron Fournier
It’s quite a traumatic thing for a lot of our veterans that come back… You’re in a war zone, you’re dodging IED’s and bullets one day and a couple days later you’re back in society again with a bunch of people that have no idea of what you’ve been through.
Charlie Daniels
You can easily die racing to cover a bank robbery as you can in a war zone.
Jessica Savitch
The life changing moment for me what the first time I went to a war zone and that was Sierra Leone. I took two weeks, eleven years ago and I went. I wasn’t an Ambassador or anything I just asked to go and I was allowed to go. It was like someone smacked me in the face.
Angelina Jolie
War zones are dangerous, protests can be violent, also, natural disasters are difficult to cover, so there are going to be risks.
Kate Adie
[Negro] should realize that he is living in a war zone, and he is at war with an enemy that is as vicious and criminal and inhuman as any war-making country has ever been.
Malcolm X
I live in a war zone. I would never have imagined 37 years ago when I started practicing law that there would still be so much discrimination against women, so much denial of women’s rights.
Gloria Allred
When we talk about total war, and we talk about war zones, and we talk about the breakdown of the cities, when you exclude questions of race from that discourse, something disappears that’s really central to the forms of repression that we’re talking about.
Henry Giroux
If it’s just screaming – and I know this sounds so ridiculous – that gets old. But sometimes when there’s literal chaos, it’s like being in a war zone, and that’s kind of exciting. You’re just running through the crowd of people chasing after you and no one knows what’s going on.
Robert Pattinson
I was so happy that it filmed in New York not only because it’s an amazing city, but also because a lot of people across the world somehow started to think about New York as a dangerous place to be and envisioned it as some war zone after that happened.
Alicia Witt
I’ve gone to war zones before and never got shot.
Manute Bol
My prescription for women entering the war zone of the professions: study football. . . . Women who want to remake the future should look for guidance not to substitute parent figures but to the brash assertions of pagan sport.
Camille Paglia
Generally it’s not a good idea to wear Banana Republic – type khaki journalist clothes in a war zone. You might look too much like something that’s supposed to be shot, such as a journalist.
P. J. O’Rourke
I got cast in [Punisher: War Zone] and showed up in Montreal two days before the film started, and they said, “We need you to do a New York accent.” And I was, like, “What?! Why didn’t you tell me this, oh, I don’t know, two weeks ago, when you cast me?”.
Julie Benz
The artistic element of Manhattan has kind of moved to Brooklyn. Has it changed it? Yeah. Has it ruined it? I would say no. It is what it is. I say better that than an urban war zone.
Julian Casablancas
It sounds strange to say it, but you can be in a war zone and have a lot of fun. Even though war is essentially pain on all sides, human beings have the capacity to enjoy themselves. The soldiers are mostly young people, full of enthusiasm and energy, and that’s an exciting thing for an old guy like me.
Bruce Cockburn
The noise around us determines how we speak. And how we listen. Just as a conversation suffers in a war zone, art suffers in a culture built on noise. So does our enjoyment of it.
Michael Gungor
The reason given by the President in asking Congress to declare war against Germany is that the German government has declared certain war zones, within which, by the use of submarines, she sinks, without notice, American ships and destroys American lives.
George W. Norris
We are all the walking wounded in a world that is a war zone. Everything we love will be taken from us, everything, last of all life itself. Yet everywhere I look, I find great beauty in this battlefield, and grace and the promise of joy.
Dean Koontz
I can’t just go up to people standing in the snow at the German-Austrian border and ask them: “Are you an Islamist?” When people flee to us from war zones, we first have to help. But we also have to be quick to look very closely at who it is that is coming.
Alice Schwarzer
Playing music in the wake of the Blink thing was like finding love in the middle of a war zone.
Tom DeLonge
I have spent the past ten years in just about every war zone there was.
Christiane Amanpour