Well Educated Quotes

Well Educated Quotes by Dave Eggers, Helen Keller, Alfie Kohn, Bell Hooks, Chanakya, Carl Rogers and many others.

There are many Saudi women doctors, and there are many

There are many Saudi women doctors, and there are many wealthy and powerful and well-educated Saudi women who circumvent the restrictions put upon them, quietly or otherwise.
Dave Eggers
A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers.
Helen Keller
To be well-educated is to have the desire as well as the means to make sure that learning never ends.
Alfie Kohn
There will be no mass-based feminist movement as long as feminist ideas are understood only by a well-educated few.
Bell Hooks
Education beats the beauty and the youth.
The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.
Carl Rogers
I’ve passed on a number of bills. I’ve studied the Constitution myself. I am reasonably well educated…
Dianne Feinstein
Without thinking highly either of men or of matrimony, marriage had always been her object; it was the only honourable provision for well-educated young women of small fortune, and however uncertain of giving happiness, must be their pleasantest preservative from want.
Jane Austen
Is he well educated?” “Yes, I think so, as far as he’s gone,” I answered. “Of course he will go on being educated every day of his life, same as father. He says it is all rot about ‘finishing’ your education. You never do. You learn more important things each day.
Gene Stratton-Porter
If you are well educated, and especially if you are a health professional, you will have to unlearn much of what you’ve been taught and start afresh with the rather disruptive thought that natural healing may actually work.
Andrew Saul
What horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age.
Sylvia Plath
The only thing they [government] want is better data. But data doesn’t tell people someone is well educated. It’s a vicious circle. There is some myth involved. Some of this attitude has a long history.
Deborah Meier
I count myself well educated, for the admirable woman at the head of the school which I attended from the age of four and a half till I was thirteen and a half, was a born teacher in advance of her own times.
Catherine Helen Spence
Going to college is neither necessary nor sufficient to be well-educated.
Alex Tabarrok
I would love to be a well-educated black, because I believe they do have an actual advantage.
Pope Francis
I like all the families in the U.K. But what I like about the idea of the royal family is… they seem like they’re well educated and there’s something admirable about them. And the Queen… she reminds me of my grandma.
Misuse of the Koran to provide legitimacy for violence is common, particularly in Europe, where terrorists tend not to be well-educated Muslims.
Mia Bloom
Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.
I’ve learned so many things and a lot of things I’ve learned the hard way. I look at failure as education in that respect I’m very well educated.
Kathy Ireland
We are not to give credit to the many, who say that none ought to be educated but the free; but rather to the philosophers, who say that the well-educated alone are free.
It is precisely because it is fashionable for Americans to know no science, even though they may be well educated otherwise, that they so easily fall prey to nonsense.
Isaac Asimov
I am not well educated or bright enough to be politically clued in, but I hope in the film that I’m going to shock a few people, win a lot of people over.
John Lone
If you grow up in a WEIRD society, you become so well educated in the ethic of autonomy that you can detect oppression and inequality even where the apparent victims see nothing wrong.
Jonathan Haidt
Far from creating independent thinkers, schools have always, throughout history, played an institutional role in a system of control and coercion. And once you are well educated you have already been socialized in ways that support the power structure, which, in turn, rewards you immensely.
Noam Chomsky
One of the benefits of being a mature well-educated woman is that you’re not afraid of expletives. And you have no fear to put a fool in his place. That’s the power of language and experience. You can learn a lot from Shakespeare.
Judi Dench
We no longer live in a world that is neatly divided between rich and well-educated countries, and poor and badly-educated ones.
Andreas Schleicher
Too much of what passes for design now is theater. It’s one thing to be eccentric- and by the way, most eccentrics tend to be rather well-educated people – and quite another to be a faddist, by which I mean someone who tries to conjure a totally foreign aesthetic in a misplaced environment.
Albert Hadley
I wasn’t God’s first choice for what I’ve done in China…I don’t know who it was…it must have been a man…a well-educated man. I don’t know what happened. Perhaps he died. Perhaps he wasn’t willing…and God looked down…and saw Gladys Aylward…and God said, ‘Well, she’s willing.’
Gladys Aylward
You may be a well-educated, clever and virtuous person, but those qualities will not necessarily make you a successful businessman. You must give your best to each and every task you take on, and reflect on your performance with an honest and unprejudiced eye.
Konosuke Matsushita
While I did complete high school, I would have to say that it was by the skin of my teeth. My education ever since then has been one that I got “on the job” and I consider myself a very well-educated person at this point!
Lewis Schiff
I am suspicious and disillusioned about the uses and misuses of photography in the art world, the press, and the world of entertainment. And to make things more complicated, I don’t think that the general public is well educated regarding images. Generally we are taught how to read, but we are not taught how to look.
Alfredo Jaar
The collapse of communism in essence added tens and tens of millions of people to the world labor supply, and the people who were added had previously been getting very low income, but they were not unskilled. Many of them were fairly well educated.
Milton Friedman
I have a deep respect for musicians, and I feel like I would want to be so prepared and so well-educated and deep in the process before I ever release anything.
Rashida Jones
Don’t have a high school diploma? You’re in my Cabinet. Why? For 200 years, a lot of Cabinets have existed in our government. Powerful men. Well-educated. So let’s try something totally new.
Dick Gregory
The notion that every well educated person would have a mastery of at least the basic elements of the humanities, sciences, and social sciences is a far cry from the specialized education that most students today receive, particularly in the research universities.
Joseph Stiglitz
One of the things people are fleeing when they leave the city is the need either to reject people who are less well educated than themselves, or to accept them with all that implies for their children’s education and future placement in the society.
David Riesman
I think most of [people] are not very well educated themselves to understand the Winston Churchill line – democracy is the worst of all governments until you consider all the other ones.
Reid Hoffman
Women have a better chance to secure freedom and protect themselves from violence, from abuse, from injustice, if they are well-educated and know their rights.
Laura Bush
Going to school is not the same as going shopping. Parents should not be burdened with locating a suitable school for their child. They should be able to take their child to the neighborhood public school as a matter of course and expect that it has well-educated teachers and a sound educational program.
Diane Ravitch
Joe Paterno was a well-educated man, and he was also a man from a different time.
Joe Posnanski
We want to avoid pain and have pleasure, so if our early attempts to achieve our dreams fail, we want to avoid the pain of future failure and rejection, so we stop trying and write it off with a broadbrush, “I’m just not driven enough, not well educated enough, not attractive enough, not smart enough.”
Tony Robbins
No one, however smart, however well-educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom.
Tony Abbott
You cannot be both sane and well educated and disbelieve in evolution. The evidence is so strong that any sane, educated person has got to believe in evolution.
Richard Dawkins